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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 3, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> hold on tight. lou: i'll have to leave it at hold on tight. >> i'm going to yell like hell about it. thanks for being with us.all arl for it, and thankful, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs could obama administration adding to its long list of foreign policy failures united states today announcing it is suspending bilateral talks with russia, those talks undertaken to end syria more than 5 year long civil war, a conflict that left roughly a half million people dead, a state department spokesman blaming russia saying that russia failed to live up toes had own commitment to suspend bombing in civilian areas and quote unquote, facilitate humanitarian aid shipment, we'll take unthe failure of secretary kerry's year long effort to negotiate a political end to the syrian civil war.
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which is also resultd in the displace am of 5 million refugees. pentagon official ktmcfarland is joining us. and attorney general leslie rutlidge of arkansas. and the 5 co-host. kimberly, and mike huckabee. there are now 36 days remaining until election day, we can all hardly wait, donald trump campaigning hard in key battle ground states, republican nominee holding events in virginia and colorado, where he lashed out at "new york times" for illegally publishing a portion of his 1995 tax returns. the times article was remarkable in that is was likely despite being a big
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beneficiary of the laws, but i am working for you now, not are in trump. >> i have legally used tax laws to -- my benefit. and to the benefit of my company. my visitors, and my employers, i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly used these laws. lou: a bombshell report finding every of widespread voter fraud, hard to imagine, in critical swing state of virginia, a watch dog -- group saying over a thousand illegal immigrants registered to vote in two thousanin the 2000 say the and 2012 elections.
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joining us the author of that report. we call them the voting dead on this broadcast. hillary clinton today caught up leeching a blistering attack against bernie sanders voting bloc. clinton's couldn' contempt, listen to mrs. clinton, and millions of democratic voters. >> some are new to politics, they are living in their parent's basement. they feel that they got their education and the jobs are available to them are not what they envisioned for themselves. and they don't see much of a future. if you are filing that this is
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time to be a abou a -- barista or a job that does not pay alot, then the idea that maybe just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is appealing. lou: also, pretty good insult to obama administration and this president's two terms in office. thanks to a cyberattack on the dnc by hacker. we know that dnc conspired gains those millions of democratic voters, and their preferred candidate, senator sanders, we know they depray -- betrayed those voters and insulted them, leading donald trump to tweet, bernie should pull his epullen dorsment of croo crooked hillary.
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he seems to have adjusted to clinton insults and the betrayal of hi his voters and supporters. i am not suggesting there is a relationship between his quick adapttation to insult and trail and his comfort level of the new lakeside house. joining me, co-host of the 5, kimberly guilfoyle, good to have you mere. >> great to be here. lou: donald trump leading in ohio, everyone predicting there would be a -- that resulted from debate. we're moving on. and at same time, she is out doing a pulling an obama. insulting in a fundraiser, bernie sanders' supporters, by millions. >> and no surprise, would you love to hear those speeches
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get transcripts of her speeches on wall street banks as well, it would be more of the same, she says whatever is convenient to crowd of which she is speaking, now this comes out, okay fine. but the in for dncand dems and bernie sanders will be a good stupe for them, a good -- a good student for them and a good pupil to get hillary across the goals line, instead of saying enough is enough. a bit to show hypocrisy overall of her platform. lou: you know what i don't understand, every serogate of donald trump every republican official elected official, every public and politician is not talking every day about the fact that dnc had to fire its 3 top officials because they deployed 12 million, they betrayed democrats by the millions. >> why don't people care, it is unbelievable, it is fine you cut my arm off, i didn't need it any more.
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lou: they are clintons they don't have to be honest or straight forward. >> a separate lane, besides the hov lane that is clin -- clinton lane. >> they are after trump because at one point he lost a billion in a year. >> and he made it back and more besides. >> he is saying, i have been there.
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i got it back. >> october surprise is upon us kimberly, what can we expect, any sense. >> trick-or-treat e-mails for you to eat. that is it. let's see. let's see. you know tomorrow is a big day, now is it just like another sampling or advertiser or entree. that is what people want to know, you heard trump hinting of hillary being unfaithful, who knows, more about the dnc is it enough? lou: spectacular, we have a history of that in october. good news is that people who had foret e -- forgotten that assange had an assassination
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attempt against him. he had back off we'll have a video conference tomorrow early, morning. so we'll find out. one other you know issue that is the big debate tomorrow. from virginia. what do you make of it. tim kaine versus i'm pence. who has advantage there. >> you know just going to rai really deputy on debate -- depend on debate style, hillary clinton imagine they will do more of the same with tim kaine. i expect great things from mike pence, i think a little bit of a prelude to trump coming up in weekend against hillary clinton. hopefully, he takes this opportunity, the debate between biden and paul ryan was quite interesting, it held people's attention there was news. i liked it. lou: saw that i did not have the same opinion. >> he did not share my enthusiasm.
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curb your enthusiasm. lou: i got to tell you, it has that potential, we'll see how it works out. >> a big week. lou: i hope they have full 360 degree cameras of all of the you know, the le lecterns so we can see what is being taken. >> mystery, podium, foiledder, robot -- folder, robot wire, earpieces. lou: that fascinates me. >> they talk in your ear too. lou: i'm sorry. i was just -- kimberly guilfoyle. >> thank you, lou. lou: we'll see tomorrow. supreme court today dealing a final blow to the president's plan to give amnesty as many as fifth million illegal immigrants, justices for a second time, declining to hear a lawsuit brought by 26 state attorney's general that challenges the executive order that leaves in place a lo a lower court ruling that block
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mr. obama's amnesty fiat, it may still return to supreme court at a later day, but most certainly not while mr. obama remains president. >> we're coming right back with a lot more to cover, tonight, and we're getting ready for tomorrow's big debate, stay with us. >> trump's minding american voters where hillary is unfit to serve as come mander and chief. >> she supposed to fight all these different things. she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. lou: arkansas attorney general rally wesley rutlidge will join me next. >> tomorrow is the big debate for the vita my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing.
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things around for our country. >> joining us now, attorney general, great state of arkansas, and donald trump's serogate, leslie rutlidge, great to have you with us, and. let's start with the release of the portions of 1995 tax returns of timothy cardina donald trump, illegal, editor of times say he would go to jail he felt so important of it, i looked, i have to be honest, i did not see much. >> let's take him there, if he is interested and wants to go to jail, i don't know many people that are, but, why not, let's -- we had "new york times" who is -- >> you sound a lot like a prosecutor attorney. >> you know, it is not often i am shocked that someone would say, that take me to jail, okay we will. you have "new york times" who illegally obtained this, and illegally, i have -- shown these documents and
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distributed them, this is a shame, it showed that donald trump followed the law as a businessman. lou: you know, i want to remind everyone in 2008, during bush administration, fellow, barack obama running for president, his personal passport information was examine by the bush administration's state department, two employees were fired, one disciplined. this "new york times," thinks it should be a moment of exaltation for their fierce journalistic initiative. quite a difference in attitude here? >> well, this is individuals whether those that "new york times" or others, that just like the clintons, think they are above the law, we have secretary clinton who thinks she is above the law, no surprise a newspaper who has been in tank for hillary clinton for so long, and written so many horrible
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stories, untrue with misleading facts about mr. trump, would illegally distribute documents. lou: do you think there will be any consequence for the times legally? >> i don't know. i hope there will be, we don't want for an organization, or anybody to go down this road of distributing and violating american's is a vasey -- privacy, whether they are running for president or your phoenix doo next door neighbor this shows the extent that liberal left will go to, to put someone in office they want, that they can control, that is hillary clinton, that right out of the clinton playbook that the law does not apply to us. lou: right out of that playbook, eric schneiderman, new york attorney general, the ledges he is going to be to a ignorant nuisance, as he attacked donald trump whether
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a settlement ordealing with his small private foundation, the truc trump foundation, what is the deal? that looks like raw pedestrian ignorant col politics by a man who should more class and more regard for the taxpayer dollar. >> well, as a attorney general, here in arkansas, and for eric schneiderman to be my colleague, i am sorely disappointed in him, using office of attorney general for political gain, as an arm for democratic party and clinton campaign, and clinton machine. why isn't he investigating the clinton foundation, for example who took in hundreds of million of dollars. lou: he is scared to death of what he will find. >> that okay i agree, lou but they are in his backyard, why is he going after donald trump, and not secretary clinton? the american public is so much smarter than people like eric snid schneiderman and hillary
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clinton give them credit for, the american public can see right 3 this. lou: attorney general leslie rutlidge, thank you fo being with us, quite a campaign. >> it is. lou: breaking news, three u.s. official tell fox news that for first time, russia deployed an advance missile system to syria. components of the system, have arrived over the weekend, at the dock of the russian naval base along coastal city of -- tartus. >> move comes after united states caught off direct talks today with russia on ending
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the syrian civil war, vote in our poll, question, do you believe donald trump is too politically correct, to hit clinton hard on the clinton cartel's corruption, and her record of public policy failures. cast your vote on twitter. if you think that donald trump is taking it too easy, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook, links to everybody at, across call in texas this driver nearly mows down a group of spectator, lost control turn a corner, slammed into a curb, nearly missing a crowd, no one was hurt, i mean that is a clothe, close, close call. >> donald trump vowing to secure our southern border. >> there are over 2 million criminal aliens in this
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country, and we are going to get them out and get them out fast. >> to the cartels, the gangs, the drug dealers, i have a simple message for you. your days are numbered. and your rein of crime will soon come crashing to an end. lou: border security, and the democratic nominee it give amnesty to all illegal u amnesty to all illegal u immigrants within first is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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lou: a few thoughts on this administration's encouragement
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of illegal immigration and the deadly drug trade where they are crossing the border with impunity. the border patrol is reporting a surge in illegal immigrants crossing the border. the total number of illegal immigrants apprehended with a family member is up almost double from a year ago. 8,000 individuals in the month of august, the you be accompanied illegal immigrant minors sparking up to 54,000. but that's not the complete picture. we already know the obama admini it can to deerch revelations of -- to defer the truth about the southern border. the department of homeland security was accused of holding
11:28 pm
back a damning report that showed roughly half of the illegal immigrant dates trying to cross the border into this country succeed. a far cry from a dhs claim only 20% make it through, 80% are apprehended, so said the border patrol report. a separate reporter this year showed illegal immigrant criminals reoffend at a far higher rate than estimates from immigration and customs enforcement. the obama administration has lied about border security and immigration for 8 years in the almost two terms in office. there is no need to secure our border with mexico at this late date in this lame duck's term. leave all of that to obama's successor. if you care about this country
11:29 pm
and the next generation's juneture, you may begin hoping and praying if you haven't already, that donald trump gets an opportunity to build the wall he promised. the quotation of the evening from governor mario komo. he said if you can manipulate news, the judge can manipulate the law. a smart lawyer can keep a killer out of jail, a smart accountant can keep a thief from paying taxes. a smart reporter can ruin your reputation unfairly. the "new york times" doing all it can to cover those bases. and generally speaking all of that seems to be at work in yet another clinton election season. we are coming right back. the left-wing "new york times" likely broke the law to publish trump's tax returns. >> fixing our broken tax code is
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>> isn't this the gardennest election ever. donald trump is beset by adversaries from all quarters to take him down. now he's asking his supporters to be vigilant. >> watch your polling booths. i hear too many bad stories and we can't lose an election because you know what i'm talking about. go and vote and check out areas, because a lot of bad things happen, and we don't want to lose for that reason. >> joining me, mike huckabee. let's start with this call that donald trump i think has been wise to issue for several weeks
11:35 pm
now, for volunteers to be observers at polling places all around the country. your reaction? >> i think it's a great idea. if there is no fraud going on, terrific. these people who are follow watchers will be able to affirm that. let me tell you something. we had a state legislator in my home state of arkansas buying votes for $5 a vote. he ended up confessing and pleading guilty. we had a city councilmember who was caught with 125 absentee ballots on his kitchen table. i hear voter fraud doesn't happen very often. but fit happens once, it's stealing votes. i think poll watchers are a great idea. lou: people don't understand that every 700,000 illegal
11:36 pm
immigrants in this country disturbs the congressional proportional representation and dilutes the votes of millions of americans along with even a further discussion in virginia, they are voting the dead, they are registering illegal immigrants with impunity. >> one of the reasons that i have been a christian believer my adult life is i have seen the resurrection. i see it every election day. dead people coming out of the grave to the go vote. in arkansas we used to say vote early and vote often. this is a real serious concern people ought to have. lou: the supreme court says, common, if you try to have voter i.d., you want to have a picture on your license or whatever to
11:37 pm
vote, to register, they say, not's constraining -- >> but, lou, if you go to the extreme court as a visitor, guess what, you have got to show a photo i.d. or they don't let you in the building. think about the hypocrisy of that. it's utterly absurd. >> there is only one way out of this deal. only one person who has the capacity to disrupt the clinton cartel and the general corruption of washington, d.c. and that's donald trump. he's being pilloried by the national media. we didn't know necessity would couple this kinds of muster and energy to attack viciously 24/7 without stopping. >> like the end of the debate, he had to debate hillary and the moderator. he has to know every day the new
11:38 pm
york slimes and the washington compost will come after him with everything they have and that will be part of the next 36 days. but it does not shake his supporters. it tomorrow makes them madder. makes them more committed, moral determined and more in energetic. so bring it on. lou: there is the prospect of an october surprise. apparently thanks to julian assange for doing so, do you have any sense of what you expect -- might expect of them tomorrow morning? >> well, you know, it's been pretty apparent the emails that have been leaked out of the dn exrrks cost debbie wasserman-schultz her job. and the strategy to steal the election from bernie sanders, no matter how many voter he were able to compile.
11:39 pm
i think there could be a serious october surprise that could upset the apple cart for hillary clinton. i don't know what it is. i have no idea, but i'm looking forward with interest to see what comes out of the barrel of that gun with julian assange comes forthwith his information. lou: the backdrop was an assassination attempt on his life. there always serious discussion, a broad discussion about the body count associated with the dnc. it is and their nominee, in point in fact. this has immense potential as you suggest. governor, we appreciate it as always. thank you. governor mike huck go fighting off a cold. we appreciate him doing so for our benefit. roll the video. one daredevil up close and
11:40 pm
personal with the clouds in dubai. what's that? jumping through the clear blue sky. that's a woman jumping out of an airplane. as the plane without a canopy jumps out of her seat. she free-falls before opening her parachute safely back to earth. up next, donald trump says hillary clinton put the entire nation at risk with her email scandal. >> the fact that a former senator and secretary of state claimed not to know what the letter "c" means is just one more example of why she is totally unfit to hold the office of president. totally unfit. lou: we take up national
11:41 pm
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lou: the navy dispatched three warships to the southern coast of yemen after a united arab emirates ship was hit and sunk. iranian-backed houthi claiming responsibilities for the attack. the u.a.e. part of a saudi-led coalition fighting the iranian backed houthis. joining me former pentagon
11:46 pm
official, fox news foreign policy analyst k.t. mcfarland. we have three warships on station in the strait. what is going on here? this is a very unobama-like move, is it not? >> absolutely. where we are is in the middle of a proxy civil war in yemen where it's saudi arabia versus iran. the last several years obama has been in the beta dog position and iran has been in the alpha dog position it has gone the if the nuclear deal and the money. now all of a sudden president obama is standing up to iran. i think in pair it's because he's trying to show the saudis he's still our friends. but what worried me is the opportunity forness calculation on our side goes way up. he's not acting true to form.
11:47 pm
lou: i can't think of anything where he reacted this way. the rocket that almost sunk this ship was presumably iranian, was it not? >> an iranian shoulder-fired missile. whatever happened to all of qaddafi's shoulder-fired missiles. those are the things that one guy can use, maybe two guys, they can take down a helicopter or low-flying aircraft. that's what we think took down that was fired at the uae ship. i'm concerned those will start showing up throughout the middle east. we know they have been on the international black market and they haven't been taken -- haven't been used yet to take down aircraft.
11:48 pm
lou: kerry said the talks are over on the issue of russia with syria. half or more displaced beyond the region, syria and europe. the russians we are no longer going to talk with. this is to me absolutely extraordinary. what do you make of it? >> i think you are absolutely right. the thing about secretary kerry negotiating with the russians. they don't care about him. the russians gave him a photo-op so he could pretend he was doing something. the russians are shaping events in the middle east. the russians are deciding assad is going to stay, america get out of the way, everybody else is getting out of the way. we are bombing aleppo, too bad, everybody. when secretary kerry says we are not going to have negotiation
11:49 pm
with the russians, the russians could care less. they are already calling the shots. lou: a third term of this in prospect. >> thanks were lou. lou: a state of emergency being declared in florida and north carolina because of the expected influence of hurricane matthew, a category 4 hurricane now. it had dropped down to a 3, now it's back to a 44. 4d it's back down to a 4. it could hit the coast at a category 3 with heavy rain and 130 miles an hour winds hitting residents of haiti and gentleman maka today.
11:50 pm
stocks pulled back after friday's rally. the dow down 54 points, the nasdaq down 11. car sales fell sheetly last month despite generous labor day holiday deals. sales historically strong. but dealerships are reporting a cooling after six years of strong growth. a reminder to listen to my reports coast to coast on the salem radio network. hillary clinton chose tim kaine as a running mate to help her
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which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? lou: we asked in our online follow friday would you preer that donald trump create a no-tweet zone between the hours of midnight and 8:00 a.m. 62% said no you would not. i think in that regard you are thinking about what in the world we began with and where we are now. i think it's very interesting report. there is a shocking new report now detailing how virginia's
11:55 pm
election officials are enabling illegal registration and voting by foreign citizens. the vatd votedders' alliance legal foundation documented 1,000 non-citizens who were allowed to vote based on official voting records. and 31 non-citizens that cast a vote. let's get to the author of that report. our next guest helped write that report. he said the numbers are just what you would expect. a small portion of what's happening nationwide. christian adams its the president of the public interest legal foundation, author of the book "exposing the agenda of the obama justice department." great to have you here. there should be no surprise for any american that the democrats
11:56 pm
are registering illegal immigrants. they are registering foreign nationals to vote. in my judgment that has bent purpose of much of the illegal immigration this country experienced over the past two decades. >> well, of course not. that's why they understand the process brings them power. so when they have in virginia as we have found over a thousand people who were aliens got registered to vote. that's only in 8 counties. we don't have all the information because the virginia board of elections is stonewalling our public information requests. lou: you mean mcauliffe isn't giving everybody free and transparent access to the records? >> no, and we had to sue the city of rim mond in court to get it. over 1,000 illegals are
11:57 pm
registered in vote and casting ballots. each one of those registrations is a felony. where is the attorney general, why aren't they prosecution. lou: why hasn't the republican party been working on this issue for ther at least the last 10 years? >> you will have to ask them that. we did ask. lou: the answer is dollars. they haven't had the energy or the direction or strategy to do it. >> we got the list of the aliens. you can read the names of the aliens in the report. lou: what's going to be done about it. you know come november 8 there will be every kinds of swirly deal, folks going to vote, you are going to see more people voting than they got citizens in the county or the district. it's going to be a mess. where are we headed? >> it's not good.
11:58 pm
the integrity of the elections relies on law enforcement officials enforcing the law. in virginia the state board of elections won't even tell us what's happening. they won't reveal the extent of illegal registration in the commonwealth of virginia which is a big swing state. lou: what are you going to do? you can't say we got cheated because they were smarter and outfought us at earn turn. the republican party is almost getting darwinian. if you haven't gone the drive and principle to win, you will die. >> we'll take them to court if they don't reveal the information. i hope lots of people get involved. our nation this crisis with the process rules being corrupted by these individuals who crave power and are willing to bends the rules. lou: i'm reminded of that
11:59 pm
commercial where they are showing a bank robbery and there always security guard and he says he's just there to monitor the bank robbery. at some point republicans have to actually do something. and republicans haven't done anything in this country for a very long time about electoral fraud, voter fraud, except cluck, cluck and say, i tks, ts. there has to be a reaction that's physical in nature. you have got to do something. who is going to do it? >> republicans can call for this information to be released. they own the legislature in virginia. republicans and people who care about the process could monitor the process and do all they can to make sure this corruption doesn't become normal. lou: is there anything that can be done about this election or are we going to watch another election stolen?
12:00 am
>> hold on tight. lou: i'll have to leave it at hold on tight. >> i'm going to yell like hell about it. thanks for being with us.stian . that's it for tonight. we thank you for being with us. tomorrow senator jeff sessions will be among our guest live from farmville, virginia. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight tax cheat or financial wizard. the fallout over donald trump's tax returns. the vice presidential nominees gearing up for tomorrow night's big debate. wait until you hear how many people have never heard of mike pence or tim kaine. crooks steel $1 million in valuables from kim.


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