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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 4, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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>> hold on tight. lou: i'll have to leave it at hold on tight. >> i'm going to yell like hell about it. thanks for being with us.stian . that's it for tonight. we thank you for being with us. tomorrow senator jeff sessions will be among our guest live from farmville, virginia. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight tax cheat or financial wizard. the fallout over donald trump's tax returns. the vice presidential nominees gearing up for tomorrow night's big debate. wait until you hear how many people have never heard of mike pence or tim kaine. crooks steel $1 million in valuables from kim.
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if you are broke and hopeless, hillary clinton hates you. speaking to a group of democratic donors in february she was discussing the bernie problem, mainly why so many millennials were drawn to the socialist promising free college, because they are poor and desperate and stupid says hillary. >> some are new to politics completely. they are children of the great recession. they are living in their parents' basement. kennedy: so con desending. like baskets of deplorables. they were led by their valiant general and the revolution. bernie totally had their backs, don't? >> what she was saying there is absolutely correct. you have got millions of young people, many of whom took out loans to go to college, hoping to go out and get decent-paying good jobs. and they are unable to do that.
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kennedy: bernie, bernie, bernie. >> they are living in their parents' basements, and that's the point. kennedy: bernie has become a political eunich. if you are out of a job, out of hope and voting for donald trump, according to hillary you stands a good chance of being a racist, exen foik, homophobic and deplorable. and she wants you wholly demen don't on her so she can control and he malls cue late you like she has bernie sanders. clinton claimed to be neither center left or center right.
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she used the term pro greltsive so much, i not -- she used the term "progressive" so much i thought she was selling insurance. kennedy: if trump was smart he would points out her personality disorder that leadser to kickize those who don't like -- that leads her to characterize those who don't like her. trump needs to own his choices. without overexplaining them and instead put her on the defensive over hypocritical comments that show what she is truly made of. welcome to it. i'm kennedy. half our country is a baskets of
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deplorables. this of course is according to madame secretary. does hillary clinton have even elitism problem. juan williams is also here, chris barron, the founder of lgbt for trump. juan, first time on the party panel. kennedy: i say she is an elitist who disspices people in need who don't need her. >> amen, sister. look how much of the country she has caused off. half of trump's supporters are a basket of deplorables and hillbillies in desperate need. half the democratic voters are living in their parents' basement. who's left?
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her elitist friends in new york. that's who's left. kennedy: she never understood bernie supporters. she never understood the truks of their argument and frustration. this only goe goes to show thate is con desendin -- she is con s scending. >> i think your comments are after this evening. kennedy: little children who need a pat on the head who don't have any life experience. >> i love your show because i love your mockery. but these are people getting out of college. so they are 21, 22 years old. look to for jobs and opportunities.
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if you got out of college at that time, you hit a wall in terms of the american economy. kennedy: what do they have in common for people who don't venture into politics who are supporting donald trump. i have always said this. i think there is so much in comparison with bernie sanders and donald trump. they have so much in common. >> let's talk about the populist ager in the country. also people who feel left behind in a moment of tremendous change in society with regard to the economy. kennedy: she doesn't understand it it's parts of an assistant she created so the fish doesn't know it's wet. >> you are off base on this one and i regret it. bairlts's important that people in that situation be understood and not looked down upon. kennedy: there are plenty of people who had to move back in with family members.
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>> it ties in to some of the populist anger on the right. kennedy: the bernie sanders supporters aren't just people pulling shots of espresso at starbucks. i also think bernie sanders blew it by rushing to her defense. >> definitely. i would say bernie sanders supporters were much more about his ideas and populist anger we are talking about than it is a cult of personality like the is with trump. even though bernie sanders came to her aid, it didn't mean the comments didn't hurt. but i think the election will come down to who doesn't vote. do white suburban middle class moms not show up. it's the middle grounds who doesn't show up. i agree with your comments about hillary. but at the end of the day her elitism isn't new.
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everyone knows that. kennedy: that's a good point. since it's such an emotional election. you have republicans hoping enough people despise hillary clinton that they will fast passionately vote against her. and the same thing on the left. they are hoping to make such a caricature against donald trump, that they will vote against him. there are so many people put off by the election who feel completely judge serviced that they may just stay home. >> and millennials. she is having both camps having to cobble together coalitions that are not traditional for their parties. kennedy: juan, you shake your head when i say african-americans. the president had to come out and implore the african-american community to vote for hillary
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clinton. the passion is not there for her. >> not acne voter group. but when you look at her poll numbers they are pretty good with african-americans. kennedy: we are saying the same thing. there is a risk of them staying home because they are not passionate about her. they came out for barack obama twice. >> the problem with your analysis, donald trump. if you are african-american, and if you are gay, if you are latino and you are a woman, oh, my god, donald trump? >> that's what the left wants people to believe. >> that's a fact. >> that's not the fact. >> i'm the one tweeting at 3:00 in the morning about a woman's weight. that's the left. >> hillary clinton is trying to destroy women's lives. did you read the "times" story
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about hillary clinton, her involvement in destroying the women out there? kennedy: that is certainly on the docket. coming up, brian brenberg is going to walk us through
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kennedy: democratic veep hopeful and democratic fill cane will lock knuckles tomorrow. it's the only time the two will square off in this election. here is the problem. a new fox news poll shows registered voters say they never heard of pence or kaine. the party panel is back with discussion and advice. juan, i will start with you. mike pence has been practicing. he has been doing mock debate sessions with wisconsin governor scott walker has been playing the part of tim kaine. he's a traditional politician. do you think that will change
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the tenor of the debate. >> with what we saw with trump and hillary clinton? i don't think there is any question. mike pence is a real conservative. he comes out of a box of other dock. he's known to the republican brand. kennedy: he's pro free trade and pro nato. >> he got into trouble on the gay issue. >> that's a reason why i'm not quite so sure how this vp debate will turn out. mike pence looks like the stoll i'd traditional republican, the voters donald trump is going after are much more moderate in social conservatism. there is a lot of middle of the road republicans that aren't fans of mike pence. so giving him that public platform, and if he gets pressed
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on it, it might turn those voters off as well. kennedy: are these the most boring vice presidential candidates in history? >> yes. people ask me as a gay person, what do you think about his position? i don't care. i care about trump's position. is anybody going to decide if they are voting for hillary or mr. trump depending on what happens with pence or tim kaine? i don't think so. kennedy: maybe we should pay attention because of their age and who is healthy. >> you mean who is going to die?
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statistically it would be trump because women live longer than men. kennedy: unless they have an underlying neurological issue. >> men of that age getting up in the middle of the night. we have seen him behaving as a cranky old guy. kennedy: who is more presidential between the two? >> mike pence looks for presidential. he could play a president any day of the week. tim kaine is boring and awkward. this is about optics. i don't think a lot of people will tune in to watch the presidential debate. tim kaine will come across as this awkward trying to impersonate people. and mike pence will come across as presidential. and everyone will forget about it by the time the second debate. kennedy: don't miss live
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coverage of the presidential debates starting 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. the party panel returns to answer which is worse, clinton's i fidelity or what hillary i fidelity or what hillary clinton did to squash the women is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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the paper finally admitting for far too many people the affordable care act has made health plans too expensive and too hard to access. it goes on to say the next president will have to clean up the whole mess. guess who's here to talk about it and talk about the circus. it's tim carney. he joins me now. welcome back, tim. let's talk about obamacare. the "new york times" is saying the aca has essentially failed. and a lot of people will go, maybe that's good news for conservatives. but i can hear giddy glee coming from progressives. because i any they assume this puts us on a fast track to single payerdom. >> the next step for the left is there is a public option. the problem with obamacare is when you have the regulations and the way the exchanges work
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where high-risk patients can get a le rate, the insurers are pulling out of many of the markets so there is not enough competition. you know and i know competition tends to limit competition. so the competition isn't making things better. they want the go an insurance company, the public option. that's their next step. that's what they always said. once you insert the government, it creates more competition. but the problem is the government is the entity creating the regulations they have to abide by. according to kaiser, the cbo projected 21 million will be part of the exchanges and it's only 16 million. part of aca promise is you would have a certain ratio of the
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public that would sign up for these exchanges making it somewhat profitable. was obamacare set up to fail? >> certainly obamacare was set up with the expectation they would get to revisit it later. i was in the room when you had the staffers on ted kennedy's committees. one of them was explaining, this is to get more people covered and we'll address the costs later. as you are pointing out, it's not even getting more people covered. the problem is missing $5 million are the healthier low-risk people who the insurers promised would jump into the pools. so obamacare sneaks in these bailouts for the insurers. so in all these ways, it's a leaky ship. it's a badly built building.
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it wasn't saying i don't want the government doing that. they are saying these won't work. i have objections to some styles of architecture i think are ugly. those aren't strong enough i-beams and the home thing will collapse. ke -- kennedy: that's a good metaphor. you could see it was practically untenable. if there weren't enough healthy people signing up, there was no way the insurance companies would do anything but go broke. a third counties in this county will have one understand company. that's ama monopoly and that is a recipe for horrible healthcare. we only have 10 seconds left for tim carney. >> i think you saw from the beginning they were always patching the rules. obama was doing executive action
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that showed this bill was being held together with duct tape, and even the duct tape is starting to rip right now. thanks very much. coming up, an armed robbery. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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kennedy: donald trump upping his game lobbing gossip grenades at his rally. >> i don't think she is loyal to bill tbub wants to note truth. really, why should she be. right? kennedy: i'm not a meteorologist, but i don't think
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that was on the teleprompter. will the tactic sway any voters his way or does he risk alienating undecided voters? is this bad strategy for him, insinuating hillary clinton has been unfaithful because bill is so yucky. >> i don't understand it. i'm not a trump fan, but i would say, donald, that's not smart, indianapolis not political. kennedy: george receiv stephanos wrote in his book all the reaction hillary clinton displayed when she would hear about a new woman coming forward. the "new york times" laid out she was aggressive going after these women. >> destroying these women. there are accusations of sexual
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assault and rape. this is not just how dare trump raise the question of bill's infidelity it's not about bill's affair with jennifer flowers. it's about hillary clinton's response seeking to destroy them. can you imagine what she would have done to ma chad oh i -- hae done to ma chad o -- had done tf she had had an affair with bill clinton? kennedy: i think some who is crass and uses bad terms to describe women and a sexual predator. >> i think it was trump being funny. we can't be so delicate about stuff. >> i would totally agree with you fit weren't for the fact that i speak on college campuses
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every day where a man is standing on television fat shaming people. both candidates have treated women horribly. let's just get out there. the bottom line is i don't like to the way either of them have. but character is not the number one issue for voters. the economy matters more to them, they are more passionate bother issues. for at the end of the day i wish we would, okay, they both treated women like crap. kennedy: the personal attacks will get lower from both sides which distracts us. >> i don't think both sides treated women badly. women clearly have a preference here.
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let me make a point to you, kennedy. i think a lot of women think he was saving her marriage. people don't think that's a bad thing. kennedy: you are save your marriage and destroy women's lives at the same time. >> we are talking about women as a group of americans versus women she said were having affairs with her husband. >> it's okay to destroy required women's lives. >> it was a political act. >> oh, my god. >> she was -- >> she was destroying people who got in her way. kennedy: i have great sympathy for her. we got to get to this very quickly. a scary night for america's real first lady, kim kardashian.
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several armed thieves apparently broke into her apartment at gunpoint and tide her up at gunpoint and stole $10 million in jewelry. this is the first time i have ever felt any sympathy for car dashian. >> she talked to police and then skedaddled out of pair race. this was a very nice part of paris. all over social media and instagram. kanye was pulled off stage and stopped the show and said family emergency. people were mad at kanye. this is legitimate. i think it was good on his part. >> i was so curious she would have that much jewelry and no bodyguard. kennedy: the bodyguard was out with courtney. kim retired earlier. good thing her kids weren't in
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kennedy: is donald trump a tax cheat or a tax genius. i guess it depends on who you ask. hillary clinton supporters say the "new york times" reports trump may have spade zero income
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tax for 18 years proves's a greedy conmoon. and supports essay it prove he's a skilled businessman who did nothing wrong. let's ask brian brenberg pro feelsor economics here at the king's college in new york city. donald trump, is he a tax cheat or tax genius? >> i think neither is appropriate for him. we have no indication he's a tax cheat. and i wouldn't call him a tax genius. it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. it takes someone with the time and money to pay an army of accountants and tax lawyers. i think both sides are wrong on this. the biggest issue is he's playing this totally wrong. he's made it too much about himself. you are lucky you are able to used the tax code to your advantage. it's a tax code that works for
12:39 am
wealthy people but not americans. that simplification, bringing rates down. you can't get on to that narrative. he's stuck on it's all about me. it's such a behemoth, if you have time, money and the man power. you have so much ways to shelter that money. they used the tax system to their advantage an also needs to shift that narrative. i'm one of these peopl i feel taxation is theft. i feel like you have a very low return on your investment when you have pay taxes. that's another case he can make. when you wake up and go to the post office, what do you see? you see overwrought federal bureaucrats is. people are paying income taxes
12:40 am
and gas taxes and if they are an employer, they are paying employer taxes. mark cuban said it's patriotic to pay tax. but i think it's more patriotic to build businesses. but he could also be talking about the best way to increase tax avoidance and evasion is to raise income taxes. that's what his opponent is talking about doing. don't like the, that's he's missing the right narratives. he's getting killed by it. coming up, wicky leaks will reportedly drop its latest
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kennedy: a document dump that could boot kick hillary clinton's campaign may be just hours away. julian assange is set to release a batch of documents in the wee hours of the morning after cans thing a press conference where he was going to be eva per per n on the balcony.
12:45 am
let's talk about julian assange and what he could possibly disseminate. what could he leak that could actually hurt hillary clinton's campaign? i don't think there is anything that could shock people or change their mind. >> it's whatever the kremlin is feeding him. because we know wikileaks is a front for putin's fsb. that's why assange specific think requested russian bodyguards in the ecuadorian embay three years ago. keep in mind the kremlin affected the democratic party right before the convention by getting debbie wasserman-schultz fired by dumping the emails. they did it right before to build outrage. here we are less than 35 days from the election?
12:46 am
is that right? it's either private emails about her parkinsons, maybe, that some say she is hiding, or some other affliction. and this is far more likely. diplomatic emails from her private server communicating directly with heads of state about contribution to the clinton global initiative which we know happened for convenience sake. they conflated classified government work with pimping for donation for the foundation. bill has been keeping his pimp hand strong on the foundation. obviously they were a tandem set on this. kennedy: she has had as much involvement with russia as her campaign saying donald trump has had. and, you know, her assertion has been donald trump has these
12:47 am
shady disdealing with all sorts of russian interest its and the kremlin is favoring him and trying to torpedo me. she has the russian reset and not to mention the our iranian deal that favored the russians. why wouldn't they be doing the opposite trying to tank trump's campaign? >> hillary knows what kind of a guy putin is. this is that moment in "diehard" where hillary is bruce willis on the phone and trump is the slick business guy who is about to get his head blown off. this is detective mclean saying i know what kind of a guy you are, and he doesn't. yeah she sold our our rain a.m. to the state our rain yakima monopoly in russia. but she knows what kind of a guy he is and so does bill. trump has no clue. he never met anybody like vladimir putin.
12:48 am
kennedy: you think because of his political naivete that's reason for vladimir putin to be interfering with the american election through jewel yawn assange and wikileaks. the russians, the ability to do this today overwhelms what happened in 2000 when it involved people mistakenly poking out the chad. inas loathe some a person has hillary clinton is. the loathe some individual, her one strength is that she does know what kind after guy vladimir putin is and she doesn't have anyone surrounding her like trump has with general michael flynn who was on r.t., russia's payroll and carter page, his other foreign policy experts. he has people who enriched
12:49 am
themselves with fsb money. kennedy: it's as though tom clancy were reading jackie colins novels. people roll their eyes and say they want the cold war back. there was a small ca cadre of people who miss the old days. and that's vladimir putin. kennedy: he wants his cabbage soup. >> he got to go to kgb supermarkets and movie theaters. he didn't hang out with the little people. kennedy: no, he
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kennedy: when your bagpipe is clogged and your trombone rusty, stop by, this is the "topical storm." topic number one. "saturday night live" has always been a political oasis where you can drink from the political well. alec baldwin gave donald trump the what-for in what has bent best and most brutal trump impression of the season. >> this man is clearly unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> wrong he's a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther movement. >> you did. >> there are still 88 minutes left. it's a 90-minute debate.
12:54 am
>> my microphone is broken. >> secretary clinton, what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be president. kennedy: it was well written and executed and this show had way too fodder from the debate. thank you both candidate. if trump can do marginally better in st. louis he won't have to worry about that pesky old alec baldwin. topic number 2. it's october and haunted houses are opening their doors to scare visitors. in ontario, canada, the nightmare's fear factory is snapshotting visitors at peak startlement. they are so scared. there is some high quality fear
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mongering. are they sewn together at their bits. there at nightmare's fare factory. now all the good fear factories have moved to mexico or in this case, canada. maybe we can fix that with a tariff on scariness. all this is reminding me of the scariest horror film i have ever seen. want to take a peek? >> i see her, too. kennedy: topic number 3. when people get pets from animal shelters they usually say they rescued them. i'm such a good person, i
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rescued my pet. 20 or 30 times. every single time the dog is brought up you can rescue other animals, too. like bears, apparently. look at this. that's jimmy the bear with his owner. jimmy is 9 feet tall. he weighs 1,400 pounds. he's 20 years old and still lives with his parents. if hillary is right, the bear probably supports bernie sanders. but there is clearly a lot of love there, and jimmy has never mauled jim. that being said, please remember to always treat bears as wild and dangerous animals, not snuggle columns. even if they appear curious and friendly. recently a young man nearly died in a bear attack in a local
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park. it's a bear-infested area. and the bear got him. now the bear has a stick to ride which means he's even faster than usual. don't worry, i managed to run over that bear later at a crosswalk. topic number 4. autumn is upon us and with the change in seasons come a big old batch of sneezing and coughing fits and a myriad of method to spread your disease-ridden germs all over the place. but if someone sneeze on you, a cold isn't the only thing you could spread. >> seriously, would you believe it. that's crazy.
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how does that work? >> that's not a duck dynasty intern. that's a snapchat that puts beards on anyone. beard kept flying at the man nell was completely covered in hair. the good news is his family still treats him with love. topic number 5. a new report from carol university said cat lovers are smarter than dog lovers. yeah, right. that means people who own these things -- are allegedly smarte than people who own these things.
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look at that snuggley muffin. so everyone should go out and buy or 7 cats to bump up their i.q. points. i still have my doubts, what if people who own dogs aren't determine than cat people, they are just too busy hang gliding and recovering from raging parties to study as much as a person who has to resort to living with an evil barn animal for company. my guess is the sort of people who love tabbies are more likely to get a thrill out of taking tests anyway. whereas dog people show up late to the exam because we have been making out in an elevator. true. all right. thanks for watching the show. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. email
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