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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 4, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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october 4th, the count down is on for the first and only vice presidential debate tonight. mike pence and tim kane will hit the stage in farmville, virginia and comes after the attacks on the campaign trail keep heating up. >> trump was taken away from america with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill. >> i knew a lot but my understanding of the tax code gave me a tremendous advantage for those who didn't have clue. now they are gone and i'm here and i'm ready to tush things around for our country. maria: very latest on the race including poll numbers coming out straight ahead. hurricane matthews heading to to the state. the state could see worst disruption in decades. 145 miles an hour. we will bring you there for the latest. startling new details this
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morning in the robbery of kim kardashian. we will tell you what the thieves really wanted. morgan stanley with details. google gets into the smartphone business. we are expecting a took on big event on smartphones. we have gains across the board in europe this morning. take a look, the british pound following to a 31-year low overnight. that's driving stocks in london. the other major averages in the euro zone two-thirds to 1% higher. in asia overnight also giens to tell you about. shanghai composite closed. coming up this morning fox business network dagen mcdowell.
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jon hilsenrath and fox news correspondent lea gabriel. >> nice to see you. dagen: good morning. i hope the fine folks in virginia are being nice and surrounding area. [laughter] dagen: i grew up right near there. maria: i know you did. the daughter of the first female presidential candidate is with us. murray energy founder presint and ceo murray is with us and eric trump joining us as well. lots to talk about so do join us for a big show. election day now five weeks away. the nominees in the spotlight tonight.
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quarterbacks to go in. the goal to go in and none of them end up in major headlines. both have been preparing immensely to debate tonight. tim kaine has been going through winders worth of information. he has been holding mock debates and and mike pence treating this, preparation wise a lot different than running mate donaldlast he gave a preview aso
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what to expect on this night. >> well, i expect we are going to be talking -- talking about the visions and the choice the american people face at the top of the ticket. i kind of hope we get to talk
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moderated by elain of cbs news. back to you. >> we are all watching and waiting. maria: joining us right now pollster lee carter. >> clinton polls are ahead nationally after first debate performance. this debate is supposed to be about policy on national cnn poll. >> i think that the polls have been showing in the moment and so changeable. we have been seeing week by week one goes up and one goes down and the reason people support is so soft. only 37% of voters are enthusiastic of who they are supporting. when that's going on, your mind can change if you see somebody coming out really strong, overcoming doubts that you have about them and so i think that's
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why we are seeing the big shifts bayed on -- based on events. however f this is the kind of thing that if you need something to overcome your benefit of the doubt and that's really what donald trump needs, someone that's going to help people, maybe he's reasonable, maybe he's going to do the things that i want him to do and mike pence can do him tonight and swing a little bit. maria: it is important because it could give support backing donald trump or hillary for that matter frankly. i like what you said. the support is so soft. we knew that. people are voting against the other person. jon: do we start to see opinions hardened, does does the moves start to matter? all right, i have seen debate and back and forth in all of these weeks and now i'm get to go where i need to be in this decision in. >> in a usual year, yes.
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by now people would have been 100% sure what they were going to do. this year we are in a very, very different election. two of the most unlikable candidates that we have ever had running for president of the united states. there are doubts on both sides, do you trust hillary clinton, is it dangerous. donald trump, people think he's tearnlings and unpredictable. they're not sure what they're going to get. this is a moment in time where we are not necessarily voting for a person as much as an ideal, with hillary clinton it's more of what we already had and that's we assuring to come people. there are some people that are looking for a change. the i'm going to vote for the person who is not that. dagen: does mike pence represent trump in that sense because he's a career politician, he's been in congress and he's the governor of indiana, at least
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the background does not dove tail with donald trump. >> in many ways, he seems like an establishment conservative and that's going to speak to the base, you know what, if donald trump -- mike pence wouldn't be running with donald trump if he were all that crazy. i hate to say that, but there are moments in time where people say i think donald trump is a little bit -- i'm not sure what he's going to do. the debate performance did not help him. usually vp debates you're either using to attack the candidates, are not going to seead guys themselves or the vp's are trying to reassure you they are of sound mind. if you remember dan qayle, sarah palin. dagen: does mike pence get into trouble that he has to start answering for donald trump's bad
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behavior? jon: they want to score points against trump. >> the more it attracts viewers then they start throw zingers, what do they do as far as moving and driving voters? >> the zingers is what we are going to see in the next 24 hours, a lot of people are not going to tune in tonight where we h almost 100 million viewers, 5 to 10 million viewers. jon: there's a baseball game today. maria: dagen mentioned dancing with the stars. >> i do think that the goal in typical preparation the goal to come out of no news out of the vp debate. maria: how house his defense of the taxes yesterday. "the new york times" reporting the story that he may not have
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paid taxes because he had a billion dollar tax. do you get a sense from polling or from sentiments out there how people view how his response was? >> you know, i haven't yet polled on response yet but i do think that donald trump has an act into leaning criticisms and doing it really well n. this instance he's been look, this makes me brilliant. maria: what did you expect after losing a billion dollars, not write it off? jon: the bigger question is how did you lose a billion dollars? dagen: democrats are using being outnumbered yesterday with julie to poke him with. it's the fact that he had a billion dollar loss on taxes and potentially didn't they tax for 18 years and also how did he lose the money.
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they tried to hammer him on that. maria: hillary said that yesterday. dagen: you start hearing it. we talk about this very coordinated attacks by the -- all the liberals, all the democrats. maria: they all get in line. dagen: they really do. >> they have the strategy that really is intend today get under donald trump's skin. his job is to turn off criticisms and focus on his message. he doesn't need to be reacting to this stuff. for the most part his supporters don't necessarily care about this but at the same time this is coming out, hillary clinton has news that some of her top aides agreed to release their computers and they get destroyed. maria: house judiciary committee sources with immunity deals to two top clinton aides including arrangement for the fbi to destroy devices, cheryl mills, heather samuelson and also
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limited the e-mail search to january 21st, 2015. why such accommodation? it means investigators could not review documents after the e-mail server became public preventing fbi from discovering any evidence of obstruction of justice. trump responded. listen to this. >> they said it's okay, destroy your laptops, get rid of them. what is going on, right? what is going on? clinton is the ring leader of a criminal enterprise that's corrupted our government at the highers levels and the american people have one chance to stop it and that is with their vote. maria: this is getting worse and worse and worse. >> this whole corruption politics deals not on the side of people, this is something that hillary clinton symbol is and it's a big problem for her and so it's really going to be, i mean, we have one attack on one side about tax returns and the other we have more going on.
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maria: mainstream media is helping hillary. dagen: there are a lot of voices on hillary's side. you look at the people that were on the campaign trail who will be, vice president biden, president obama, the first lady, all of her different surrogates, her own running mate. if you're a republican with a secret, it's coming out. that was the mistake that he made. >> the only thing i can say mainstream media's trust is at all-time low. people are seeking their own information. people are trying to get their own sources online. ey are getting social media feeds. the question is are people going to be able to get this. maria: we will leave it there. lee carter. fox business network will bring you live coverage of the vice presidential debate tonight kicks off with lou dobbs and niel cavuto. please join us.
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that's going to be big. coming up hurricane matthew barrels through the caribbean, could be heading to gulf coast next. how florida and north carolina are bracing. that's next across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. maria: welcome back, hurricane matthew in crib inteab and haiti, threatens with light wind and rain. the storm is gaining momentum and sitting sights on the u.s. cheryl: yeah, maria.
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the dangerous storm is closing on the caribbean this morning with haiti directly in its path. catastrophic to the island nation is eminent. hurricane responsible for at least one death, a fisherman that drown in waters. this will also hit cuba. the governors of florida and north carolina have declared a state of emergency in anticipation of a hurricane expect today arrive into the week and weekend. cheryl: kim kardashian is back in los angeles this morning. sources say five robbers stormed into her room at the no address hotel early monday morning, they held 35-year-old star at gunpoint, left her in bath tube and stole two phones and $10 million worth of jewelry
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including a 4 million plus ring that her husband gave to her. a source told people magazine that she staid quiet out of fear of being raped. she screamed for help. investigators the robbers escaped on rented bikes that are common fixtures. they have not been captured as of yet. yesterday the committee on oversight and government reform letter sent the letter to the company why ceo only committed the information to calculate profit from the life-saving drug. mylan is under fire for raising price. finally this, maria, google expected to unveil successor. a leaked picture.
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there is it is. two different sizes, also several colors including blue. the xoan holding a big event. that's at 9:00 a.m. this morning. noon eastern time, maria. the new phones expected to -- pricey, cost more than $600, same price as an iphone. they have not had a lot of traction with the devices, they are trying to catch up to iphone and galaxy. maria: coming up next, wells fargo hitting from both sides, hillary clinton slams the bank's practices, plus a less than glowy review from obama from a surprising critic. what former president had to say about the healthcare system that's raising eyebrows. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, more problems over sales practice for the banking sector. morgan stanley accused to use contest to drive up sales after wells fargo loses a major customer, the state of illinois, the state treasurer will suspend with wells fargo because of misconduct. >> wells fargo predatory and illegal practices require a strong response, wells fargo is a big financial player in illinois and i hope to send the message that their unscrupulous practices are unwelcomed and will not be tolerated. maria: joining us right now dick.
6:24 am
when this first broke, this is hardly over. this is just the beginning. should we be questioning the business models of the banks and i want to get specifically on wells? >> absolutely, basically what the banks are being told is they cannot cross and can't give incentives to employees to go out and cross-sale products. that would make banking the only industry in history of the united states that's not able to take practices now. the government believe that they are predatory practices and are going to take moves to stop the banks from doing this. how much worse can the situation get for wells fargo? >> oh, it's going to get a lot worse. basically what we need to see is -- the wells have taken the appropriate steps by briing in chairman sterling to take a look at practices but once it comes up with decision, it's going to see that the human resources
6:25 am
department are going to be revised with new procedures and policies, underwriting has to be changed and change in control system that allows them to monitor accounts in addition to which management is going to change and i would not be surprised to see more than one person removed from the top executive crew of the company. dagen: dick, is dagen mcdowell, the democratic lawmakers in the senate and congress also want wells to toss out mandatory arbitration clauses that are kind of the customer contracts so the customers can sue wells more readily. what's the financial impact potentially of that? >> well, you know, the financial impact will be relatively moderate because think about it, if you lost 25 bucks to wells fargo because they opened an account, how much money you are willing to pay a lawyer to sue? i mean, what was the material harm that you received. the issue is you will now probably join some type of group
6:26 am
of people who will sue and that will go to court and stay in court five to six years and at some point some fine will be paid. i don't think that's the major issue that's really going to harm wells fargo here. what's really going to harm wells fargo is it has to change selling practices simila morgan stanley case. if they have to change selling practices, it will reduce revenue growth, it will hurt their earnings. jon: you said you expected senior people to lose their jobs over this. what about ceo john stumpf, is he going to stick around? can you give us a sense on how he's being seen on wall street aside from practices which everybody agrees is deplorable, was he doing a good job leading the bank in the view of the market? >> yeah, i liked john stumpf. i think his availability to steal wachovia away from
6:27 am
citigroup and acquire it and turn around wells fargo and make it wachovia and make it profitable i thought it was a huge achievement. i thought the ability to move capital market arena was a big achievement. i thought his ability to get control of the cost of the company was another major achievement. i think john stumpf was doing a good job but this thing, i think, is going to kill him. it's too difficult all of what the media feels about him, it suggests he won't be able to lead the company. i think that warren buffet has turned his back at wells fargo at this point. maria: it's interesting because we are wait forking that shoe to drop. you do think that john stumpf will be forced to resign. what happened to warren buffet? if you heard the reputation of
6:28 am
my investments, i will be ruthless. do you think he will sell the stock or push for john stumpf? >> whether he likes it or not he has to tough it through the situation. i think that he has turned his back on john stumpf, he's livid with what is going on in the company because he's put his reputation up against the fact that this was the best bank in the united states and clearly it had not been. the net effect is he's not going to assist john in any way. maria: would you sell banks under a hillary clinton presidency? >> actually i think hillary is going to wind up to be favorable to banks. she was the senator from new york, she was -- spent six years or so supporting whatever the banks wanted, so even she's been pushed way to the left in terms of her very -- particularly yesterday, i think once she's
6:29 am
president all that goes out of the window and her relationships with the banks go back to what they were historically. maria: interesting. dick, great to see you, thanks so much. >> thank you. maria: coming up the vice presidential feud already heats up before the candidates take the stage more on what to expect when pence and kaine go go ahead to head on policy tonight. plus disney gives netflix boost on the rise and could be interesting in acquiring netflix, back in a minute it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer.
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday october 4th. top stories here 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. 35 days until election day mike pence and tim kaine will square off tonight in first presidential debate. hillary clinton is focused on pennsylvania. yesterday they hit each other on foreign policy. >> she's empowered the enemy. and i think she possibly means it, i'm not sure if she means it or not, she should never admit that. you have to leave all your options open and if you don't leave your options open, you're a fool. >> he gets confused between leadership and dictatorship, he has a hard time remembering who our friends are and who our adversaries are. maria: very latest on the campaign trail. trashing obamacare, former president bill clinton takes a shot at signature legislation
6:33 am
while campaigning for hillary yesterday. hear what he had to say coming up. fed, drugs and an apology. sorry for new marketplace which was supposed to be a friendly craiglist. markets are higher across the board. this is, of course, a holiday shortened, lighter week in terms of volume because of jewish holiday plus holidays in germany as well as in china. in europe gains across the board. the british pound the story this morning. falling to 31-year low. stocks in london higher. in asia overnight, markets were high. shanghai composite as i mentioned closed for holiday in china but the nikkei average in japan up almost 1%. governor mike pence and senator tim kaine to square off. policy would be a key focus tonight specially on national security and foreign policy. plenty of shots were fired
6:34 am
yesterday and pence took aim at hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton's record on foreign affairs alone could take up the whole 90 minutes. [laughter] >> it wouldn't be a pretty picture. >> her policies have brought death overseas and poverty at home. >> he has a hard time remembering who our friends are and adversaries are. >> i have never seen a candidate who knows so few facts. [laughter] >> on foreign policy. maria: the director of the instate for policy and institution and hoover institution research fellow. >> thas for having me. >> what are you expecting tonight? >> i'm hoping that governor pence talks extensively about secretary clinton's time at state department. he hasn't mentioned yet, neither have donald trump the asia pivot
6:35 am
which she announced her during time at the state department while he was trying to move american military and diplomatic assets to asia, isis was coming online and the middle east began to blow up even more with the arab spring and then beyond, and so just the failure of our attempt to move out of the middle east underscored by the cease fire between u.s. and russia and syria have fallen apart. really, i think it needs to be grappled with. the global chess board of the u.s. trying to kind of end wars in the middle east and focus on political economy in asia really hasn't worked. i hope he talks about that point. maria: what about the great point of the asia pivot. >> we see china reclaiming islands in the south china sea which ultimately impacts the u.s. navy and impacts our ability to strategically hold assets and locations around the
6:36 am
world and impacts shipping, china team lg up with russia, north korea and china. china has biggest influence on north korea which conducted a nuclear test. even though the rise of isis is happening, they are playing the long game, we are talking into a much more bipolar world including russia and china. >> i agree in part that the world is becoming dominated by great powers that are adversaries that were better friends maybe a decade ago or soon after the cold war ended, but it's been donald trump who has talked about of really putting the pressure militarily on china both on south china sea and diplomatic pressure on china to deal with north korea. and so he's been talking a lot about asia but not this idea of pivoting away from the middle east but to say there are multiple fronts of which we've got to operate with adversaries
6:37 am
-- jon: how is an american relationship with china play out under a donald trump administration beside méxico china has been at the center of his cross hairs in terms of our trade relationship with them, management of the currency, how does this evolve if donald trump is president? >> he's going clarify for the chinese america's concerns currency manipulation, about dominance in the south china sea and i think he will make the navy stronger and he's talked about it. you know, it's the u.s. navy that protects commerce around the rld, take the u.s. navy out and we don't have free commerce. that's a huge global ripple effect on economics from almost every nation in the world and i think the chinese will understand that we are really back and clear in terms of our interests and objectives. >> at the same time the idea of the pivot was in terms mostly of bringing assets towards asia and china and focusing on those free
6:38 am
shipping lanes around the world. >> right, the pivot was also about trying to become a greater trading partner with the asian economies because most of them are tied to the china economy. it did have that component but i think it had to be together with a stronger grand strategy and that's what donald trump was talking about. dagen: that's why she turned on it. jon: neither one of them are in support of it. >> we just heard joe biden say that donald trump is really unfit and have no foreign policy background, but when you think about it, really it has been trump that has set the national conversation about some of the biggest foreign and domestic issues including trade and many critics say, well, he's against free trade. that's not what he has talked about.
6:39 am
he's talked about fair trade and pushed hillary clinton more in his direction on tpp and nafta. this has been surprising. i think between trump and bernie sanders, we see her shifting but we see trump really dominating the conversation and staying exactly where he's wanted to be, and in fact, many americans agree with him. he's been able to sense into the issues that are so important for many americans. it's been really surprising. maria: you make so many great points. thank you so much for joining us. dagen: you have to come back more often. maria: the asia pivot we haven't touched that at all. karin skinner there. vice presidential debate tonight kicks off at 7:00 p.m. with lou dobbs and followed by niel cavuto. this sunday night we are live, 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network.
6:40 am
still to come wall street is on the appetite for olive garden and facebook's new marketplace less than a day old and already getting in trouble. what users are selling that's causing backlash, back in a minute.
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6:43 am
maria: welcome back, markets are looking higher this morning, fractionally better. the dow jones industrial average looking at a gain. 8 points or so. it is job's week. we will get the last month's job report out this friday so markets will be geared up for that report. handful of names to watch, netflix, investors that are
6:44 am
ahead of streaming market. wall street watching restaurants this morning. reporting ahead of the opening bell today. improved first-quarter results compared to a year earlier. good window into what's happening in the broader economy today. russia stepping up military support for bashar al-assad, here is cheryl with the headlines now, cheryl. cheryl: getting more tense over there. russia has deployed advanced antimissile system to syria for the first time. it could be used against an american cruise missile attack all of this happening after a collapse of cease fire and cutoff between direct talks and russia has suspended deal in the u.s. on the disposal of weapon's grade plutonium. no one announcement from
6:45 am
wikileaks founder this morning. was expected to make a majormand involve hillary clinton, instead wikileaks will publish one million documents relate today three governments before u.s. election and was specifically aimed at damaging hillary clinton. well, bill clinton calling the obamacare a system that does not make sense, listen. >> so you have this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people held health care and the people are busting, 60 hours a week wind up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's a craziest thing in the world. cheryl: well, the former president was in flint, michigan, this happened yesterday. he said the affordable care act doesn't work for small businesses and individuals who make a little too much to get government subsidies. one day after launching marketplace, facebook is
6:46 am
apologizing for some of the things that facebook users were selling on it that violate the policies of the company. the list includes drugs, animals, weapons and several different types of adult services. a facebook executive is blaming a technical issue that prevented the company from spotting posts that should not have gone up on the site. some of the things i can share with you, a lot of them i can't. a lot of them a bag of weed for $30, baby hedgehogs. they were tamed. tamales, two bucks each, maria. maria: incredible. by the way, didn't hillary said she we wanted to build on obamacare? and her husband says it's a crazy plan that doesn't work. dagen: yes. jon: maybe that's a sign that she's willing to do some work. maria: she didn't say it. dagen: she's also antinafta which he pushed through.
6:47 am
he also relaxed the tax regulations that allowed for carry forwards that donald trump uses and she's standing by her hub. jon: she can't go out and attack it because she worked for obama and maybe that tells us what the direction -- maria: he's trying protect legacy. >> she's trying to maybe taken base and it's hard to have such a widespread when it comes to policy. maria: we are left with what is it, are you telling me now, lying now or lying now later. dagen: what about the crime bill and predator bill. maria: hillary clinton rolls out another celebrity endorse meant but faces an uphill challenge from voters. what millennials wants from the next president. we have a millennial panel
6:48 am
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maria: hillary clinton rolling out celebrity endorsement to secure millennial vote. a group now the same size as the baby boomer generation. here is the democratic nominee lotting endorsement from nba super star lebron james. it's a great day to be here in ohio for a lot of different reasons, one is i am so thrilled that lebron james has endorsed me and joined our campaign. [cheers and applause] maria: joining me right now a panel of millennials this morning, attorney, caroline and
6:52 am
kristin. is the celebrity push helping with the young vote? i know it is something of a broad stroke brush to ask three people who are in this age group what all millennials think, but let's do that and give me a sense of what the millennial priorities are right now, kristin? >> like everyone else, millennials really care about the economy and because they came as age during great recession, a lot more nervous about the state of the economy right now so that really matters but let's not fool anyone the majority of our generation are liberal so they're more likely to vote for someone like hillary clinton. it's frustrating to them that you're going to see more millennials voting by not voting rather than voting by a hillary. maria: you think people are going to stay? >> absolutely, stay home or vote gary johnson is a real hit among
6:53 am
millennial voters even with the aleppo comments and all that because he's not hillary or donald trump. maria: carolyn, what do you think? >> we found in our survey that we -- 80 person believe outcome of election is going to significant impact their career and day-to-day lives and with millennials becoming the largest group in the workforce and 75% of the workforce during the term of this next president it's a really, really big set of issues that need to be addressed. maria: do you disagree that they won't stay home? >> i disagree that they'll stay home. maria: you think they'll come out and make their vote and they will make their priority known? >> what we are seeing that 93% of the respondents said they were going to go out and vote which is very different from the impression that people have of the millennial generation. maria: okay, good. that's good.
6:54 am
>> a survey that came out that only 47% of millennials were going to come down which is down 74% than obama was running. if they don't come out to vote it's also a vote. you're giving it to somebody. do you think the celebrity endorsement matters like lebron james? has that resinated. >> i think that one is going to be a big one. everyone in ohio is obsessed with lebron james. if he says something, i think that will definitely affect a lot of people. maria: and she's winning -- he's winning in ohio, donald trump is. we will see if that throws a wrench into things. listen to this, i want to get your reaction. >> children of the great recession anthey are living in their parents' basement and maybe you're part of a revolution is appealing, it's a false promise but i don't think you tell idealistic people
6:55 am
particularly young people that brought up into a false promise. maria: the whole idea of living in -- people found that to be insulting, what did you think? did you find that to be insulting, caroline? >> well, i don't live in my parents' basement and i am a very optimistic and my perspective on our generation is through the lens of being responsible for solving a lot of the issues. maria: so you didn't care? >> i think she's absolutely right. a lot of millennials are cynical enough to look at themselves saying, she was right too. they liked bernie sanders because of his message not necessarily like the personality around bernie sanders, right, as long as i think they feel she's willing to take up the helm and she has, you know, championed all kind of progressive issues
6:56 am
as well as keeping on with the free college thing, on messaging she's on board. maria: look, there's no question being in your 20's is hard because you don't have the job, you don't have the money to get your own apartment. there's nothing wrong with that, but i wonder if as a generation people look at that and say, well, that's really, you know, making a statement about a broad group of people that may not necessarily be true. how do you feel about it christy? >> i think a lot of millennials get easily offended, so i'm not surprised that people felt offended by it. we have crazy student loans and a lot of people -- i still live with my parents and helped me pay off student loans. maria: i lived with my parents for a long time before i decide today get my own apartment. some people did get annoyed at the reference, so we will see. guys, we want get your opinion about a lot more.
6:57 am
we will see you right here at the 8:00 o'clock hour. still to come, first female to appear in presidential ballot. lessons from historic presidential run in the next hour. mornings with maria back in a moment.
6:58 am
6:59 am
maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday october 4th. top vicar -- stories right now
7:00 am
7:00 a.m. on the east coast. tonight mike pence and tim kaine will face off in virginia. meanwhile trump's taxes were in the spotlight yesterday. the republican presidential candidate vowed he can fix the tax laws that helped him so much. >> i am, you're more important than i'm being a beneficiary. we are going straightened it out for everybody and make it more fair. i understand the tax laws better than anyone which is i am the one who can fix them. >> i didn't pay any federal taxes possibly for more than 18 years, he said that makes him smart. what does that make the rest of america? maria: very latest on the race to the white house coming up including a look back at the most memorable vp debate moments. hurricane matthew barreling toward the u.s., florida governor rick scott is warning the state, could see the worst destruction in decades. massive storm striking the caribbean. details this morning in the
7:01 am
gunpoint robbery of kim kardashian in paris. we will tell you about her night of terror ahead. we have the details. a major change amazon reports, banning something and we will tell you why. plus the dry for success, find out which fast-food was awarded fastest, most accurate and most polite, burger king did not make the list. futures indicating a fractionally better opening for the broader averages. dow industrial expected to be up 15 points, nasdaq in green. that is driving stocks higher in london. as you can see one and three quarters percent on the ftse 100. in asia overnight markets were higher as well. we are still looking at a holiday in china. the shanghai composite closed, but the nikkei average in japan up almost 1%. the strongest gains there. out of this world we have a sneak peek for you this morning
7:02 am
at new guardian of the galaxy ride. all those stories coming up this morning. joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, the wall street journal correspondent jon hilsenrath and lea gabriel. that was interesting with the millennial panel, you guys. did you learn anything new from the group of millennials this morning? jon: maybe they're not going to be as we tend they are. maria: everybody makes a brush stroke about millennials but it's an important group. it's very hard to say one thing about 69 million people. jon: you're group is engaged in this election. >> and none of them living in their parents' basement apparently. maria: daughter of the first female vice presidential candidate is with us. donna joining us. president and ceo murray is with us and executive vice president of the trump organization eric
7:03 am
trump is joining us today. coming up. stay with us. election day five weeks away. vice presidenta nominees in thee pence. these two were use today debating, kaine, of course, is current senator from virginia, the former governor, pence governor of indiana and congressman there but no doubt this will be the biggest political moments of their careers for each of them tonight they have similar but different goals that they will try to accomplish. for tim kaine he will try to make mike pence account for controversial comments that donald trump has made over the last 15 to 16.
7:04 am
for pence he has said that he wants to make kaine try to answer for some of the foreign policy decisions that hillary clinton made when she was secretary of state. for both of them the goal though is simple, just get th arizona today, he will be campaigning in that state. a state that's normally solidly red but one that has been force today defend in this election cycle. hillary clinton will be in pennsylvania and there the campaign is saying once again, she will be talking about donald trump's taxes. it is an issue here over the last 48, 72 hours that trump has been forced to defend. >> his campaign was bragging that it makes him a genius. here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion
7:05 am
dollars in a year? >> i'm a big beneficiary.rator . nine different topics, we are told, they are expected to get to tonight. maria, thank you. maria: blake berman with the latest there. we want to take a look back this morning as how the vice presidential debate has been a game-changer or not. first vice presidential debate. >> thanks, maria. maria: we wanting to through some of these.
7:06 am
some of them really resinate. let's start with then vice president george h.w. bush and here is a snipped. >> let me help you with the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. >> let me just say first of all that i almost resent your attitude. maria: why this didn't tip the scale for the democrats in the election? >> because we are looking at it through a 21st century lens. i can tell you, you can see how women have come. george h. w. bush had treated her gently and walked tight rope and he got high marks. maria: really interesting how
7:07 am
the time has changed. today that wouldn't be the case. in 1988, senator benson questioned dan quayle's qualification. >> senator, i served jack kennedy, i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. [cheers and applause] >> that was really uncalled for, senator. >> you're the one that was making the comparison, senator. maria that were that was probably one of the most infamous exchange, right, doug? what lessons with mike pence and tim kaine take from that? >> two schools of thinking, political operatives say never use a line from trump speech in debate because it's going to be smashed and quayle had used to
7:08 am
to compare to kennedy. oh, no, the problem was that quayle froze with a deer caught in the headlights. they got you the nomination, they're popular, it's almost subconscious how they have come. you have to use the lines from your stump speech. you have to be able to prepare and they would have suggested, yes, i'm young, the revolution has turned the economy around, we don't wanting to back to the old days of double-digit inflation with jimmy carter. if the democrats don't want the young people, the republicans will take them but instead he froze. maria: yeah. >> there's a double lesson there and a debate of what's the best way to respond. maria: there was a three-way debate twine incumbent vice
7:09 am
president, al gore, independent candidate vice admiral stockdale. watch this. >> who am i? why am i here? [laughter] >> i know how governments -- how american governments can be -- can be courageous and how they can be -- that's so important. maria: should candidates be trying a new phrase for the first time on such a huge stage. maria: that was weird. >> if he had used lines and paragraphs on the stump starting in the kitchen into the auditorium, the audience would have helped correct him and
7:10 am
helped practice him and helped him see that the lines were going to be misinterpreted. you don't do something new in the debate and that's a lesson taken away to that awkward moment. >> you don't want to take anything from the stump speech. i want to get the panel involved after this one because this is a good one. vice president joe biden and governor sarah palin meet in a highly anticipated faceoff in 2008. let's listen. [cheers and applause] >> nice to meet. can i call you, bill? thank you. thank you. maria: can i call you joe? >> well, she disarmed everyone. the media expectation was that she was going to be slaughtered and when she didn't live up to those expectations, when she acquitted herself quite well,
7:11 am
they were savage. when you compare the 1984 debate with bush and ferraro to the savagery against sarah palin, you can see we've come a long way, baby, women now can fly jet fighters, they can fight in the army and if they're liberals they can run for president, but sarah palin acquitted herself very well, highly attacked, even her child, media reports that she wasn't the mother of her own child. it was vicious so we have come a long way, baby. maria: it was incredible. we have one of the fighter pilots onset today, lea gabriel. we are so happy that you are here. >> they let me fly the planes for men and not the ones for women. that's a joke, by the way. maria: vice presidential debate, jon hilsenrath, how important is it? >> i want to hear what doug has to say about the tone of this thing. my suspicion is the two
7:12 am
candidates are going to use podium to try to score points against nominees. pence against hillary and kaine against trump. is that the way you see it or do you they they're actually going to talk about polls ji? >> i think a little of both, but you make a very, very good point. the debate between biden and pa lender -- palin is the most watched in history. the driver said what are you talking about the vice presidential debate and he said, when are those, so we will see. i will be watching. the one thing about the vice presidential debates is they make a lot of noise and usually they are gasps. some people say they will do no harm tonight and they will try to get to it without a gaffe. >> the sarah palin and-joe biden
7:13 am
debate, the average rating of presidential debate according to wall street journal. maria: wow. jon: everyone we wanted to see how sarah palin did. dagen: john mccain and barack obama were plenty dynamic, the fact that they -- maria: that was. >> do you see vice presidential debates really move the needle, though? i think the democrats still lost 40-50 states. >> the selection of the vice president doesn't move a needle. only john kennedy in selection of lbj made a difference. it definitely did. other than that, in a close election with hanging anything can happen. maria: thank you so much. gate analysis from you. we appreciate it. still to come this hour, first
7:14 am
female vice presidential nominee's daughter is with us. fox business will brif you live coverage of the vice presidential debate tonight. be back here in a minute. shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me... with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do...
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decreased appetite and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may make existing kidney problems worse. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. maria: welcome back, hurricane matthew down the caribbean and haiti, the storm is gaining momentum over the atlantic right now and setting sights on the u.s. cheryl with the debails. cheryl: waiting on another update from the hurricane sister, maria.
7:17 am
the dangerous storm is closing in on the caribbean. haiti is directly in the path of the catastrophic hit to the island nation is eminent. category 4 storm. battle the island with 140-mile per hour winds and relentless rain. the hurricane already responsible for at least one death, a fisherman who drowned in rough waters. this storm is also likely going hit cuba before it starts to swirl towards the united states. the governors of both florida and north carolina have already declared states of new emergencies in case. new details emerge from terrifying robbery in paris, five robbers stormed into her room at no address hotel monday morning, that's when she arrived to new york, we should say. they gabbed her with duck tape and left her in a bath tube and stole two phones and $10 million
7:18 am
worth of jewelry including a 4 million-dollar ring that her puz gave her. she stayed quiet out of fear of being raped. once they left, kardashian got free and screamed for help from a balcony. she and her husband kanye west children were not there at the time of the robbery. investigators say guys escaped on rented bikes, the common fixtures, city bikes here in new york. and finally, maria, i know you ask yourself, which fast-food chain has the best drive through service. dagen: i can name these, by the way. >> need for speed, dagen, wendy's has the fastest drive throughs. that's number one. jon: is that because nobody goes there. dagen: windies -- wendy's is popular. be quiet. [laughter]
7:19 am
>> and then chick-fil-a has the most polite employees. dagen: yeah. they're a southern-based chain, of course, people are polite. jon: this is coming from the one that told me to be quiet and southerners also speak their mind and when it's sometime to stifle, we stifle. maria: british pound fell to 31-year low. what the fallout could mean for your money. jon hilsenrath is all over it. what hillary clinton could learn from her? still to come, back in a moment
7:20 am
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maria: welcome back, checking markets this morning. also the highing but nonetheless 20 points higher expected on the dow jones industrial average. driving the british pound, concern about britain's exit from the european union. we haven't seen moves like this, jon, since after the vote in june. jon: right the government is moving toward initiating talks, illegal immigration over maintaining trade advantages over the european union and the market is react to go that. the other thing that's going on here that the bank of england is going to be cutting interest rates again at a time when the fed is still talking about raising interest rates and the interest rate disparity puts downward pressure on the currency. good news here from the british perspective is stock
7:24 am
market is rallying. maria: all the hysteria, things are going pretty well. jon: they are going pretty well and the real estate markets are on fire. maria: exactly. jon: that's actually a problem in london because it's so unaffordable. maria: okay. >> do you think it's an initial fluctuation or something that will come back, big drop and then come back? jon: i think it's a persistent problem. the economy -- they do face concerns about investment, concerns about consumer spending. you see real estate markets very strong, but they are talking about going into a recession, so, you know, i think this stays with them for a while. dagen: a multiyear overhang, is
7:25 am
it not? jon: yes. dagen: what about the federal reserve and our dollar in the months to come? there's no way in a hot hell that the fed raises rates right before the election? jon: they're not going to do anything before the november election, but it looks like they're going to move in december and we are talking about an environment where the european central bank could be extending buying program and the bank of england could be cutting interest rates and bank of japan to ease monetary policy. maria: india cut rates. jon: that's a good one. we have a stronger dollar and people have different opinion whether that strong dollar is good for america or bad for america. it hurts our trade position, but it makes it a little bit easier for more thans to travel overseas. maria: we have to talk about deutsche bank, jon, we still have not gotten a confirmation that they are doing a much better deal with the department of justice, $5.4 billion
7:26 am
settlement versus $14 billion which scared everybody a couple of weeks ago. where are we on that? jon: that's going to play out. the market rereaction -- reaction to that 14 billion-dollar number got everyone scared. ironically the deutsche bank stock has given negotiating leverage with the department of justice because they don't want to provoke a financial crisis. dagen: it most certainly does, right. i can't imagine that there haven't been phone calls traded between germany and washington, d.c. in the last two weeks. maria: exactly. real quick on jobs. we have the job's number on friday, 172,000 jobs expected to be added in the month of september. is that a real -- do you think that's doable? jon: what i'm watching in the job's report the unemployment numbers. we haven't seen any improvement on unemployment this year.
7:27 am
it's stuck just below 5%. maria: 4.9%. jon: you can see good news in that. more people coming from the sidelines rejoining the labor force and being counted as unemployed. we are seeing labor force growth which is good news for the economy because it shows that people are encouraged about the environment. but if that unemployment rate doesn't move, if it stays stuck it gives the fed incentive to stick interest rates right where they are right now. dagen: janet yellen likes the unemployment number? jon: 4.9 number is fictional. maria: you agree with it? jon: certainly. they're watching that very carefully. maria: whether or not we see temporary hiring into the holidays, right? jon: we are always going to get that. maria: all right, friday --
7:28 am
jon: temporary hiring, the problem is so much hiring, so much selling is going on right now online that we might not see as much temporary hiring and physical brick and mortar retail stores. maria: amazon is eating everybody's lunch. jobs in america kicks off at 8:00 a.m. eastern right here friday morning, stay with us for that. coming up next changes coming to you. the reviews on amazon, why the online retailers is giving discounts to viewers. learning from trail blazer square off with george h.w. bush, we will talk to her daughter next it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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and so does your partner - for the best sleep ever. the columbus day sale is on now with the queen c4 mattress set only $1399.98. plus 24-month financing. learn more at maria: thanks for joining us, here are your top stories on the east coast, ready for the mainstage mike pence and tim kane will face off in their first and only vice presidential debate and yesterday pence slammed kane's record and kane prepped for their matchup. >> talking about visions the american people face at the top of the ticket. i hope we talk about our records.
7:32 am
while tim kane was governor of virginia, it doubles and while i have been governor in indiana we prep moment in half. maria: donald trump will campaign is hillary clinton focuses on pennsylvania. slightly leading trump with 35 days until election day. markets moving higher, expect a high opening for the broader averages fractional move but looking at firmness. the british pound a 39 year low, as a result that is sending money into stocks. and the shanghai composite closed in china. celebrating selena, the makeup line by the iconic singer sells out in one day.
7:33 am
we have a sneak peek at disney's guardian of the galaxy ride, although stories coming up this half hour. mike pence and tim kane gearing up for the vice presidential debate at the heat of the contentious and divisive election year. first nominee of a major party, we take a look at a trailblazer who became the first woman to be on a presidential ballot and that is geraldine ferraro, she took the stage when she squared off with vice president george hw bush at the vice presidential debate. the daughter of former vice presidential nominee, and the documentary, geraldine ferraro paving the way, thanks for joining us, what an exciting moment in time. watching your mom, and move forward, what is that like for
7:34 am
you? >> thrust into the limelight. they don't have that ramp up of campaigning at the presidential, no one knows who you are, and a three term member of congress and first woman to be in that position so she felt a tremendous amount of responsibility not just for the ticket, walter mondale, her running mate but representing women, she has a show she was credible and women could be considered for the highest role in the land. neil: has to be tough in that moment. we have come a long way from then. how far, what changes have you seen in that regard? >> no one is questioning hillary clinton's credentials, they were questioning my mother's prudential's, she is a teacher but a three term member of
7:35 am
congress, moving into a leadership role in the congress, but if she wasn't secretary of state, she wasn't a senator, and worked her whole life, and civil rights that hillary clinton has. i don't think anyone is questioning hillary clinton's credentials, there are different issues involved in what they are trying to portray. maria: your mother had an incredible resume and has to prove herself, hillary playing that woman card. that was when geraldine ferraro pushed back on george hw bush's message. i want your reaction. >> let me show you the difference between iran and the embassy in lebanon. >> let me say i almost present
7:36 am
your patronizing attitude that you have to teach me about foreign policy. maria: that was incredible, she had a good response. >> your fox viewers know having watched her she is someone who didn't let anyone push her around, she found what he was saying patronizing, that he was going to teach her about foreign policy, she knew just as much as he did. maria: it sounded patronizing. what does hillary clinton have to do to learn from your mother is first presidential nominee of a major party? >> to some extent she needs to not look patronizing towards donald trump, and she does or does not have knowledge about things like foreign-policy or even hasn't worked in the domestic policy. it is almost role reversal. maria: she has that unlikable
7:37 am
issue. they find she lied, what about the female vote, the woman card thing works against her. females don't like that. >> even though i don't think that is why people should look for her because she is a woman, i do think being a woman will make a difference. when you have a woman as president, little girls and women and little boys too can see you don't actually know that you can be that until it exists. i don't remember, and -- >> throughout the campaign donald trump faces backlash over this miss universe winner. what does trump do to get more
7:38 am
favor. >> don't know how he will overcome being likable to women given what he said about them. and what he needs to do in the next debate, to be successful, proof that he has some substance on the issue. >> that will go a long way for men and women. tell me about the film. >> i wanted to continue her legacy. and share the lessons of her life. and they still have relevance, worked across the member of congress, and in the film, became close to president bush.
7:39 am
and there could be civil discourse and get along and like people you don't agree with. maria: congress would go, both sides of the i/o have a drink. not going to deal with one another socially. >> if you look at tip o'neill. looking at jack kennedy -- maria: thinking of -- >> thinking of ted kennedy. hillary clinton, someone working across the aisle, her adversaries. maria: the vitriol is worse than what do you expect? >> their lawyers, parts of
7:40 am
congress, and tim kane, governor pence was a member of congress. it will be civil and different roles, trying to show if they stand in what the nominee needs for each party. maria: congratulations. thank you so much. the vice presidential debate picking up at 7:00 pm tonight, and the second presidential debate this sunday starting at 6:00 pm eastern. celebrating selena is next, the late singer selling out in hours what is going on, the details, making changes to the review section, making the more honest.
7:41 am
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maria: welcome back, amazon banning incentivized reviews. maria: dagen: you can finally trust what you need when you get that television a pair of earrings. someone gets free merchandise sharing thoughts about the product, and excellent review of the television. amazon says enough is enough. they will allow reviews and exchange goods as part of the amazon buying program allowing trusted reviewer's at opinions about new and pre-released items. if you don't like your television and bought it on amazon you can still go and review the television. there is the stock. the last trade last night on amazon. many fans got frustrated after
7:45 am
the selena collection, and a lot of buzz on the web about it. this was the selena collection dedicated to the life of the singer, came out last week, there was a movie about her. the product are expected to arrive thursday but looking like a huge hit but fans can't get a hold of the things they want. disney giving us a sneak peek at the guardian's of the galaxy ride, a new one in california. looking at a set in california, that will replace the tower of terror inspired by the 2014 blockbuster movie, bradley cooper, vin diesel, new pictures of it. the ride will open up next summer. there is disney, it is down 12% or so this year. maria: disney replacing the tower of terror ride.
7:46 am
what does everyone think of that? dagen: it was really fun. have you been on it? maria: i'm not a ride. >> does anyone know what this new ride does? which way it goes? dagen: last time i went to disney world i don't think i was wearing a brassiere. i have not been to disney world as an adult so i am the wrong person to ask. i need to get back to disney. i was little i think. maria: when we get back indiana football, johnny mandel might looking to keep his nickname. back in a minute.
7:47 am
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♪ maria: four weeks in the books, three teams left with perfect records, monday night football highlights, and jared mack. >> that is the power of purple. denver broncos got it on sunday, minnesota vikings arrived last night, third quarter in minneapolis, minnesota up 14-3, eli manning has a
7:51 am
miscommunication with odell beckham junior on this attempt intercepted by xavier rhodes who kept beckham in check, one hand catching giants receiver held three receptions and career 23 yards. the second quarter, 15 yards for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. beckham was penalized, vikings player rhodes was not which is why after the game beckham told reporters if i sneeze the wrong way there will be a flag, if i tie my shoes the wrong way there will be a flag or fine. viking lead 24-10. a man who attended sunday's game between the baltimore ravens and oakland raiders is fighting for his life because he was assaulted by these men at m and t bank stadium, joseph bauer, the two men arrested among the group of raiders fans, joseph bauer's sister told the baltimore sun my brother is in critical condition on life support over a football game. she said her brother was given a 30% chance to survive.
7:52 am
racecar driver scott tucker ruled by a federal judge in nevada to have been, quote, specifically aware people he gave payday loans to did not understand the terms of their loans and tucker must pay the federal trade commission numb one.2 $7 billion for systematically deceiving customers, this being short-term loans but high end interest rates, it is prohibited in 18 states. remember johnny football, despite the fact, johnny mandel -- johnny manziel has yet to appear, filed paperwork with the patent and trademark office, to retain the right to his nickname, johnny football. he lost legal ownership to the
7:53 am
name. >> does he play in the nfl? >> still hanging out? you wonder his father said a few months ago, excessive partying, suddenly everyone is rooting for him. dagen: brown's have the worst record. eagles, three weeks in, forgetful. dagen: denver. >> philadelphia, minnesota. baseball tonight the orioles and blue jays, a 1-game playoff, taking on the texas rangers and tomorrow the national league division series on fox sports one, we will be watching that. >> what will get better ratings tonight? baltimore, toronto or the vice presidential debate? >> i will raise you this one. >> got my money on baltimore.
7:54 am
>> the world series boston red sox against the chicago cubs, two oldest parks through the most storied franchises could that be the nfl? dagen: no. maria: with everyone getting on their knee maybe. >> maybe game 7. >> buffalo wild wings worried about business because decreasing ratings in the nfl, 10% of their business comes from the nfl so there is concern because ratings are down. >> the racecar driver. dagen: never heard of him. he doesn't race in any series, it is not indy, it is not anything, not nascar. he started out in private equity if memory serves, he is a is this guy who made money and started raising in some instances what happens because you need to race, get it from somebody else or self fund. i don't know who he is but they
7:55 am
throw out -- a sudden race in a series i would ever watch and i watch a lot of races, stream some dirt track racing on my computer on the way down but never heard of him. maybe i am missing out. maria: no comment about the supreme court, taking up the redskins case. >> washington redskins are a loss for the redskins, still far away from the deck of the redskins would have to change their name. scotus weighed in on a couple issues, this one being one of them. the ncaa players won't get paid for use of their likeness. the redskins, small defeat for the team yesterday but let's see what goes forward. they say it will cost $30 million to rebrand the signage that goes with it.
7:56 am
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7:58 am
york. maria: goad fuse morning i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, october 4 top stories 57 on eastbound countdown on for first only vice presidential debate tonight mike pence tim kaine scare off at longwood university in farmville virginia yesterday ring inmates donald trump and
7:59 am
hillary clinton think a aim at one another on the economy and foreign policy, watch. >> hillary clinton has never created a single job in her life or added a single dollar of value to the american economy. hillary clinton has been made hasn't made honest dollar in her live. >> when trump basically signs off for putin's wish list that is bad enough. but then when he is cavalier -- >> latest from the campaign trail coming up including a closer look at the millennial vote coming up hurricane matthew slamming haiti as u.s. prepares for massive evacuations florida governor rick scott is warning the state could see worst destruction in decades plus terror for kim kardashian details are released in the gunpoint par business robbery of the reality star, first it was wells fargo, now morgan stanley maybe in trouble details on high pressure sales
8:00 am
tacts that is everybody in arms, sex drugs apology facebook saying its sorry for new marketplay supposed to be friend l friend. >> craigslist a blue pixel smartphone futures showing markets higher dow jones industrial average to open 20 points gains across the board starting in europe seeing gains money into european stocks as british pound is lower, it is falling to a new 31-year low overnight driving money into stocks in london ft 100 up almost 2% right now that is high of the morning right here, in asia overnight markets higher shanghai composite closed continues to be a holiday in china but japan nikkei average posted strongest gain out of asian markets, as you can see, stories coming up this morning join me fox business network dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" chief economic correspondent jon hilsenrath.
8:01 am
>> lea gabrielle great show. >> on facebook -- selling drugs, and animals and adult services -- >> you know happening? dagen: they didn't know what they were doing weren't monitoring it shows up on craigslist the now that i would know people tell me. >>. maria: i will get that story coming up. dagen: got it. >> people have told me. >> wild west of the internet. >> it is. >> never mind. >> giddy this morning, we were talking about we need you know energy high energy, my energy goes in that direction, with a giggle. maria: a big hour coming up on "mornings with maria" trump organization executive preponderance eric trump with us stay but ahead of the vice presidential debate tonight how his father is preparing for next sunday night the big event the second s presidential debate governor
8:02 am
mike pence senator tim skain squaring off coal country only debate has a chance to clarify running mate policy aftthe gaff a few months back. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miner and coal miners out of business. >> she said i am going to put miners the mines out of business then comes over tries to explain her statement that is a tough one to explain, wouldn't you is a i. >> there is a lot of families that are hurting going without right now we are not worried about down the road we're worried about what we're going to do for families now. maria: notary publicing us robert murray good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> vice presidents coming to you jobs atish at forefront of election what a do voters need to hear tonight in your view sir. >> i think that -- governor pence will continue the strong
8:03 am
record that he has given where he cares about people, about mining people, it is a tragedy as to what is happening in the coal fields, with the destruction of lives by barack obama who is a greatest destroyer america has had and mrs. clinton says i will expand on those policies. and the reason maria she is saying that she is going to put a lot of coal miners out of business getting millions of dollars in manufactures of wind mils solar panes has nothing do with environment maria, it is all about money. and she said these people need this government help. these are the richest billionaires of the country that are kicking in to the clinton foundation, to the clinton campaign to distort build wind mils solar panes
8:04 am
because it requires a subsidy, coal stands in the way of that. 4 cents a kilowatt hour compared to 26 cents a kilowatt hour or wind and solar so these people are after government money clinton is all about monday once again. i am not a politician but i am an expert on electricity and reliable electricity and this is what i see she is doing and a subject that i know very much about. maria: we know that you do that is why we are inviting you on dagen. dagen: what do you couple to hear from governor tim cape governor of state of virenque southwestern part of the state some counties definitely coal mining counties what would you want to hear from him tonight. >> i would like to hear him support coal he hasn't in votes, in the senate. maria: how he can't support coal can he -- >> now but he represents the state of virginia, and that was the that is an industry in
8:05 am
the state, i am curious do you expect him to say anything tonight? >> well it will be hard for him to support a coal or low cost about reliable loefkt in america his voting record is against coal industry, you know the lowest property level 25 medical families in america today, pay out 22 cents of every dollar they bring in, for energy, we need to be worrying about these people who can't pay of their electricity bills this single mother trying to support a family on one income, this -- push for wind and solar and against coal the lowest cost electricity is really hurting lowest income families more than anyone else. maria: how many jobs had been lot of in your industry this year would you say. >> there have been 60,000 jobs. maria: wow. >> totally lost the this year, about 35,000 maria. maria: jon.
8:06 am
>> in addition to regulations its had obviously effect on coal industry china a big affect glut of oversupply there what do you see happening in china right now? do you see any sign that the china glut is easing that demanded is picking up. >> it is china burning 4.0 billion tons of coal a year. the u.s. coal industry, for thermal coal was one billion tons before election of barack obama. now it is down to about 600 million tons so he is destroying the united states coal industry all these jobs and all these lies right there in western virginia no environmental benefit at all because the chinese industry is building more coal fired plants and they are billing 4 billion tons a year six times more than what we burn in the united states. maria: dagen: . >> in terms of moving towards cleaner energy what is right
8:07 am
message for people who'slize, paychecks depends on mining coal. >> have i think the best energy policy this country is all about policy we need coal we need natural gas nuclear some renewables. what i say to these people is hang in there, obama is temporary destruction he cased hopefully will not lead to the destruction of reliable low cost electricity totally in this country, and remember our poorest families are paying higher percentage of the cost of this electricity. maria: then you know then you have you know like hollywood all in with president obama, and hillary clinton's plan you got president obama, leonardo dicaprio disengage up against climate change event on white house lawn yesterday look at this. >> scientific consensus in
8:08 am
argument now over if you do not believe in climate change you do not believe in facts or scienceo or empirical truth therefore in my humble opinion should not be allowed to hold public office. maria: robert americans looking for jobs we know this is number one issue but the president and all his celebrity are supporters pushing for clean energy who is out of touch here? >> i think mr. obama should have played another round of golf rather than meeting with mr. dicaprio mr. dicaprio not very bright moon not knowledgeable has been created by the public, not necessarily a man that i would spend time with if upper developing policy i think mr. obama should have played a round of golf. >> so i mean in terms of policy, do you want to see new policy for example from donald trump. >> yes, i do. >> what should policy look like. >> all the above policy. a policy that will get the
8:09 am
lowest covet being electricity which is the staple, for those folks on incomed incomes for manufacturers of product for the global marketplace all types of fossil fuels renewables nuclear all the above that is what mr. trump will endorse that will get strong america and make america great again, as he says. maria: well we will see about that, i mean. >> go ahead. >> opec is talking about cutting back on oil production as much as 700,000 barrels a day do you see any release in energy markets, oil prices, from -- from that development? >> yes, i do, sir. u.s. oil and gas prices have already risen some it will not affect the coal industry however, sir. maria: all right we leave it there good to see a you thank you very much so much for joining us this o morning. >> thank you. >> we will watch developments robert murray joining us there. >> hurricane matthew making landfall in haiti could be
8:10 am
handed out to gulf coast next how florida income are bracing for impacts president bill clinton going off script what he said about object carrier raising eye browse we bring it to you next back in a moment. ♪ ♪ this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect ts customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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8:12 am
hilsenrath. maria: welcome back hurricane
8:13 am
matthew making landfall in haiti slamming island with life-threatening winds and rain setting sites on united states fox news meteorologist with the latest in the fox news weather center hi, janis. >> hi devastating impacts stagger forget haiti storm making landfall right now, 70% of the aisle nation is living in poverty, and homes are not well constructed this is going to be a catastrophic situation no doubt about it so looking at the sea surface temperatures storm not expected to walken very much because we are dealing with hot tub temperature going to continue to give us a fuel that it needs as it makes its way into in towards bahamas hurricane warnings for eastern cuba now hurricane warnings up to bahamas i think going to see hurricane watches up for florida as the track has now shifted, to the west, a very different scenario than forcing yesterday, so if you are just waking up you need to be prepared for east coast potential impact not only for florida but maybe even
8:14 am
northeast so there is the track right now still a major hshg maria i want to point out u.s. is not had a major hurricane make landfall in 10 years so i am worried about complacency avoided people not preparing you don't know hurricane evacuation plan need to make it especially florida as we get close models stroepding westward several potential land land falls across u.s. cone of uncertainty i showed you very good agreement outsides of bahamas going to hug coast or make landfall we need to be prepared especially from florida towards carolinas into later part of the week into weekend the euro model one of the reliable forecast models very close to the gsf american model and again coming very close impact from florida towards carolinas georgia as well then perhaps, landfall off cape hatteras then going do have to watch the possibility for landfall
8:15 am
across the northeast, now let's take a look at the gfs, euro to show you good agreement, friday so very close offshore, florida maybe onshore, over the carolinas georgia, and then hopefully scooting off to the north and east on monday but you know the uncertainty five days out, is a little more spread out but what we can tell you is the east coast needs to prepare for the possibility of a land falling hurricane at some point friday into weekend we are hoping it is offshore maria, but right now we need to prepare, people know what they are going to do if and when matthew on your doorstep. back to you. maria: janis thank you. we will watch no announcement from wikileaks founder julián assange cheryl casone with that. cheryl: yeah despite anticipation no october surprise from as sang this morning expected to make major address many believed involved hillary clinton instead he says wikileaks will publish about presidential election
8:16 am
every week for the next 10 weekends denied release specifically aimed at damaging hillary clinton. >> term from president bill clinton calling obamacare at do make sense, listen to this. >> so you've got this crazy system all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care the people -- sometimes -- 60 hours a week wiped up with their premium doubled and coverage cut in half craziest thing in the world. maria: former president was in flint, michigan for campaign inventory for his wife yesterday, also said the affordable care act doesn't work for small businesses, and individuals who make a little too much to get those government subsidies. well, kim kardashian in los angeles this morning details merge from terrifying robbery in paris you are looking at restrictively in new york city yesterday after scary event sources say five robbers stormed into her room at no address hotel early monday
8:17 am
morning held 35-year-old reality star gunpoint gagged her with duct tape left her in bathtub stole two phones 10 million dollars of jewelry including 4-million-dollar plus ring us have gave her source telling people magazine she said quiet out of fear being raped once they left they got free screamed for help from balcony two children not there at the time of the robbery investigators say at the escaped on rented bikes common fixtures on streets of paris so no won arrested yet in this. >> listen to this massachusetts is charging morgan stanley with dishonesty unethical conduct state officials say bank ran high pressure sales contests in massachusetts and rhode island brokers could earn thousands for selling so-called security base loans those sold to high net worth clients backed by portfolio holdin of the
8:18 am
client one vume shot up morgan stanley is denying the allegations today, the bank says it will defend itself there is the stock the one-year chart, up 4/10 one percent for the year maria this is on heels of wells fargo back to you. >> thank you so much jon hilsenrath banks coming under microscope again. >> the wells fargo case, as we see congress is paying attention to this. it is hard to get away with something like this, and morgan stanley could be next. >> we will see about that kim kardashian story has been flaunting that ring dagen they knew that she -- they harder her say the ring the ring the ring, show this. >> instagram photograph they new. >> have how four middle ring on me there you go. >> wow. >> we know in new york city -- make sure it is a fake. >> right if you are taking public transportation -- >> 10 million dollars in jewelry?
8:19 am
>> i know they life omnibus me, i am glad she is okay but we are left talking about this for weeks right i mean that is exactly what she wants. coming up facebook debuting with a was supposed to be a safer version of california is -- of craigslist. >> governor pence's turn to debate stage, i talk with eric trump about the preparation still to come a back in a moment. ♪
8:20 am
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back do you have a lot of stuff around the
8:23 am
house that you want to sell? if so you are sure to like facebook new feature social media giant unveiled marketplace yesterday setting sights on craigslist ebay, each month more than 450-million-dollar visit buy and sell on social network marketplace will make it easier to get connected the chief correspondent editor at large lance, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank for having me. >> explain how marketplace works. >> straightforward you have surgeon general lying around probably we have a lot of stuff around you take a picture of it write something up on facebook on the other side, people will be seeing this marketplace button on facebook click that can see local officers, now that is important, because these are not necessarily people you know on facebook, these are people in your area, selling something you might want. so it is classified ads, essentially, facebook has nothing do with transaction no
8:24 am
money exchanged just kind of interesting a bit of a dead-end you have to do everything else after that you have to make contact, you have to decide how you are going to pay, you have to decide how you are going to get whatever it is, maybe arcade game you've got to go to place pick it up. >> have on you -- >> just like thank you know good old-fashioned classified ads. >> strength and power of ebay where it starring right. >> right, started with. bay going strong but ebay is big, can be overwhelming, it also obviously, does handle all transactions there is gaming going on because you are obviously competing with other people to get something. this is a a little bit different kind of person-to-person, you see that something is for sale in your area reach out investor real person click on profile of look at that back to keeping track of this make approximating sure no one is spamming it making sure real
8:25 am
people not on. >> how does facebook monetize if not charging for the service. >> everything that facebook does is about keeping you on the service watching because they don't monetize, through marketplaces they monetize through ads, third party ads that flow into facebook relates to everything else you do including this one thing to think about here if you showed an interest in certain thing i don't know if they have categorization eventually will if you should interest you might see ads that are based on what you are were looking at in marketplace how they make money keep them in facebook. >> how much more interviruceives facebook going to be they are pushing at you? >> pushing because they have to keep you engage the goal. >> you know, so they have kind of maximized growth in u.s. right flattened out now about engagements what they worry about is losing people, you
8:26 am
know generational thing going on certain generation plugged into facebook tends to be older may be like 25, to 50. whereas you have snapchat generation trails down from 25 down into like 13, those people are not going into facebook so facebook is really got to hold on to people it has, and try and where i in people from the rest of the world that are not even online that are not on taboo k. >> technology like this tend to pull people more towards having more public proiflz, private and public proiflz but will this open them up. >> really good question a strange thing to me, that when you are looking at stuff on marketplace you are not looking at stuff -- sold by friends the reason people like facebook it starts as private, you are dealing with people you no, you invited them in, but now you are walking into an open marketplace with people you do not know, the only relationship you have is that they happen to live nearby. >> do they have to control what is being sold this are restrictions what you can sell on marketplace but users are
8:27 am
ignoring the rules right? they are selling stuff that is not allowed. >> of course, that is going to happen. >> adult services -- >> yeah, this is -- [laughter] >> this is the -- how it always happens in facebook kind of puts it out there, see what those sponsors figures out what controls, controls simply you have to be 18 don't sell stuff we say you should not they will they have no all way tracking things that will happen they will probably put some filters that will basically look at what you are doing, and say thumbs-up thumbs-down. >> what is next frontier for them what do they have to they wish they bot snapchat they couldn't get their hands on it, so they are trying to build snapchat-like features into message and may be build there is a tool put out in poland that looking a lot like snapchat, so you know, of course, you've got instagram has instagram storage expanding that way what they're trying to do.
8:28 am
>> thank you so much joining us there, governor mike pence taking spotlight eric trump will go up next, with what is at stake at tonight's vice presidential debate we will preview next presidential debate with eric trump joining me live young voters could be more than ever in this election how millennials are changing the political game our millennial panel comes back ♪ ♪ i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data, reliability, text and call and speed. yeah! and you're gonna fist bump to that? get out of my sight. don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get 20 gigs and 4 lines for only $160. with no surprise overages on america's best network.
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8:31 am
. maria: good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo here are top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. ready for the main stage, mike pence tim kaine face off tonight in first only vice presidential debate at longwood university in farmville virginia, yesterday pence slammed can i's running mate hillary clinton on foreign policy kaine prepared for the matchup. >> i am looking forward to it. i can't wait. >> been hillary clinton record on foreign affairs alone could take up 90 minutes. >> it wouldn't be a pretty picture. maria: donald trump will campaign in arizona today as hillary clinton focuses on perns new polls show clinton slightly leading trump nationally but trump trounced her in all important battle state of ohio wrecking down results coming up with eric trump, and at the amazing amazon the power of u.s. technology giant millennials
8:32 am
coming up the millennial group is back, plus never ending possible returns and profits darden restaurants on the move we tell you coming up futures right now broader rally start of trading fractional movers really dow jones industrial average expected to be up 10 points, that is off the best levels of the morning, richmond federal reserve president lacker saying there is a quote strong case, to raise interest rates in a speech this morning, and he went further to say rates should be much higher than they are right now. in europe gains across the board, the british pound is story to aring morning european bourses down to 1 year low overnight driving money into stocks in london ft 100 off one and two-thirds percent sim in asia markets higher there is a holiday going on in china shanghai composite closed take a look at nikkei in japan up nearly 1% overnight, on to race to the white house we go vice presidential candidates face
8:33 am
off one and only debate joining us to talk is eric trump republican nominee donald trump son executive vice president of the trump organization thanks for joining us how is governor pence preparing for the big tonight. >> first of all, amazing guy i know him his wife karen very well, they areing amazing, amazing people but we picked him for objects reason does everything my father has talked about did in home state can you tell taxes every year governor unemployment went from 8% when he got in in 201, to you roughly a little under 4% now i mean done amazing job rebuilt all infrastructure, had largest school spending bill in indian state history tremendous amounts, he is he is our model on local basis, he just solid as a rock. maria: are you want eliminate to focus more on that, on his record and what he knows about the economy, that will move the needle on jobs? or is it more about trouncing at a competition making sure to sxut spotlight on hillary clinton record.
8:34 am
>> certainly -- hillary's record quite frankly horrible, has been horrible, horrible horrible kaine has done opposite went into virginia became governor of virginia anonymity was 3 1/2% went to 8% every single year he proposed 4 billion dollars, worth new taxes, on virginia residents a disaster seems two of them all they do is money i mean spend, spend, spend we are the opposite running kind of they are spending massive amounts of money more debate on american people i think there is a stark contrast between two candidates. >> we know that snairesonates i want to talk to you about that next debate next week, because now, your father donald trump is trailing hillary clinton by about 5 points in latest cnn poll what is he he doing to regain upper hand into next debate. >> i thought some polls l.a.
8:35 am
times has us up 5 points, right, polls up 5 points polls down a couple points, i look at enthusiasm i go across the unk, and literally everywhere i go, i look at yard signs in lawn i look at volunteers people making thousands and thousands of calls knocking on thousands and thousands doors everywhere i go the love you he feel is tremendous in the enthusiasm you feel is -- tremendous, and people don't want a career politician hillary and say all the time hillary has been politicians longer than i have been alive what has she accomplished is the world better place in any way because she has been in office. >> libya a disaster syria is a disaster iraq a disaster, you know those wars cost 5, 6 trillion dollars, thousands of people have died, you look at the clinton foundation, one of the largest ponzi schemes in history of charitable giving benghazi lies deceit there everything those two have done made a quarter of a billion dollars for themselves, on the backs of hardworking
8:36 am
americans, and america deserves a lot better american citizens deserve better. >> i think you make good point when i travel around the a then is theity has snaitdz guy working in gym, they feel that their separate for donald trump economics package yet when you look at larger business the globalists multinationals don't like what you are father is saying about trade small business wants donald trump. >> big business wall street killing it based on free products in u.s. cheap lobby making a fortune small businesses killed having highest taxes as a run of any developed nation around the world obamacare isolate disaster premium causing companies to have to lay off employees because you know health care costs have risen so much, about regulation, that hand custody of businesses to the point they
8:37 am
can't conduct business the reality is more small businesses in united states ever year are closing, than opening that is a scary proposition, i mean it the average small business maria, 15 months to open in this country, our government is impediment we pay taxes so government can help not so government can be impediment to american people, and american business, it is just not right. maria: you mentioned the clinton foundation, and there is so much rich material there, for your father to be talking about at next debate i got to bring up trump foundation because why i had new york attorney general schneiderman ordered the trump foundation to cease funding in state what do you make of allegations from eric schneiderman i know little about it what i find ironic trump permission to zero employees zero overhead zero this zero that clinton foundation every one of their friends has jobs every one of their friends children has jobs you look at half major networks news outlets, the people who reason i networks
8:38 am
children work at clinton foundation did work -- i mean the web of twistedness is unbelievable, really, really bad web of corruption is really terrible, and you look at haiti, where that money was misappropriated you look at clinton foundation taking 35 million dollars, from saudi arabia, one of the largest abusers of women minority in the world and three days later getting weapons deals from state department the level of corruption there was unbelievable. and i mean, the clinton foundation was on piggy bank bill and hillary's payingy bank. >> that senates with american people not what eric schneiderman is looking at you are facing fighting against other side media on hillary's said to against eric schneiderman attorney general on hillary's side what is strategy there is a very clear strategy on the clinton camp let's get donald trump off message, let's get him to talk about birther issue get him to talk about tax returns is your father going to stay in sort of circle of what is most
8:39 am
important to american people sunday night. >> he will the message is america first this is really david and goliath i am glad you said it people rarely say this you are fighting hillary you are fighting liberal media they are melt melting down don't know what to do with themselves we are neck and neck in polls hitting him hitting him hitting him means american people voices matter for the first time in lock time, and that is part of discontent that you see on street people no longer feel like voices matter, people love his message, right to your point, america first, we have to start putting america first again we have to put american people first again we have to put the military and jobs, and health care, in education, we have to put that first again. maria: since started a political campaign, he has been talking about the tax code, being unfair, you know there was a tweet earlier from jack brewer a regular guest on this show, a great athlete
8:40 am
said donald trump wvens supposed to write off-billion-dollar loss using tax story not paying tags to advantage i think your father handled it as well as he could have handled it how do you tell the average guy out there who is you know getting just sucked up by paying all taxes, look, a billionaire he didn't pay taxes. >> you can't take legal -- i think you are right "new york times" did a big story may as well be extension of clinton campaign at this point it is really, really sad you look back at 2014 took 30-million-dollar tax deduction in a year about about profitability. >> legal tax deductions as person you take them do that for your business any business own other small business owner individual takes tax deductions as legally allowed to take is that a fair statement my father has come out said our tax system is rights in this country ridiculous, a, a two complicated only people making money tax lawyers people can't figure out how to fill out
8:41 am
returns the end of the year why not make tax returns fill them out on a postcard as mafy it so we don't have craziness in you are legally allowed to take a tax deduction you take a deduction. >> of course, the strategy to poke holes in everything your father says at all times your father has been very clear succinct message lower taxes roll back regulations that is going to move the needle on the economy, she doesn't have that much of a cohe'sever message in that regard has to attack him on other things. >> she has been in government 35 years she you know, i am a millennial probably tail end of it she has been government employee longer than i have been alive hard to believe what has she done she came upstate new york promised 200 now, new jobs, when senator, left the senate and guess how many jobs created nonnew york state, was 8,000 jobs worse off she promised 200,000 net effect negative 8,000 now saying i am going to create 10 molineaux jobs never created a
8:42 am
skrob in her life never signed front of a check only signed back has been in government employee, her entire life, you know our taxes, have funded her entire career. and that is very, very, very sad, you need somebody out of the political realm never been a politician has been amazing business success, you need somebody like that to go in unwind the system because it is trouble horrible running our country into the ground. >> there is a big portion of people out there want a risk on donald trump there is no doubt about it they feel they woobt shake-up give o your sense of swing states going into that first debate, donald trump is winning a lot of important swing states, what is the priority in terms of of the campaign right now is it pennsylvania is it ohio we know he is winning in ohio! do you roll back, and not you know go double down in ohio, and focus more pennsylvania is that important one. >> florida amazing. >> i spent four days pennsylvania all over pennsylvania a democrat come
8:43 am
up to me democratic my entire life my family steel washz coal miners law enforcement military, hardworking people, i have been democratic entire life i am one hundred percent voting for your father, i am one hundred percent i hear it all the time, i haven't voted ever i am embarrassed to say i haven't voted ever i am voting for your father. >> we are hearing. >> all over pennsylvania, ohio, i was in north carolina last week -- >> swing states -- i feel really good level of enthusiasm, i show up at event have 500, 600 people show up unbelievable it not the candidate i am the civilian in this process. >> what did you think about your "snl" mention do we have a trip eric trump on "saturday night live", sart right your reaction let's role that. >> may i ask my brothers for help? . >> they not here.
8:44 am
[laughter] yes, we are. >> go. >> this i am donald, jr., the brain. >> i am ivanka the beauty. >> you mean eric. [laughter]. >> that has to make you laugh. >> great, honestly do a great show if you are on that show you've done something right i say, they do mega job they are truly funny going back to trump skits from years past, legendary ones -- the -- >> they really do a great job, and a lot of fun. >> it was a lot of fun i think good to not take yourselves too seriously we will watch tonight and next sunday night trump, we'll be right back. guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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8:48 am
expectations driven by strength at olive garden lifting profit forecast as you see there, amazon ask expected all time hi when market owns later the company powering powered by millennials and gaining momentum joining me now is host of "varney & company" toaway in. >> maria as you he know i am obsess with amazon, i am astonished by it for all kinds of reasons, today we believe it is going to open above 840 dollars per share. if you remember, 10 days ago it was 789. whenever you see -- when have you seen a stock of this size a company this size go up so fast, i've got a couple reasons here first of all, amazon is unique it is a very different business model, plows back vr sent in profit into expanding the business i guess you can see pe ratio is -- invalid irrevant there is a multiple businesses they dominate many businesses that
8:49 am
they go into, they dominate online shopping, there is a forecast they will get one quarter of all hollywood online sales this year. and i think they are one of the big five, technology companies that dominates technology worldwide. apple google facebook amazon we are putting money into stocks that are going up, i find it incredible maria i follow it every day, on our program. maria: it is incredible actually just a monster you see eating everybody's lunch not just retrial groceriws dron. >> they are going to work with garage door opening companies. so that you can order from amazon open garage door for you leave package inside garage you are in not home a tiny thing that is typically amazon. >> big deal because you usually you get -- between and 2 pm then ruins your day see
8:50 am
you in 10 minutes thanks so much "varney & company" begins every day 9 km eastern after "mornings with maria." >> donald trump may trail in polls but still has one huge advantage over hillary clinton one puts him closer to president obama than mitt romney back in a minute with that. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at for the best deals on electronics, travel, even shoes. so why not loans? visit today and get up to five free loan offers from competing lenders in under two minutes. then pick the best deal on mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, and a whole lot more.
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. maria: welcome book donald trump began court diagnose supporter of the young bernie sanders movement almost immediately after securing republican nomination, using his stance on fair trade, to make his pitch to bernie voters back with manual of millennials this morning attorney general christie, with us, caroline with us, conservative commentator christian with us good to see you want to talk about trump message, and that trade message, is that resonating with young voters? we are basically he is saying look, the economy is the
8:54 am
number one issue, trade and these details that we've had with places like mexico china, have taken jobs from americans, is that something that you believe millennials think about. >> i mean i this i they really care about jobs, and future, in the economy, but i feel a lot of young people don't really identify with kind of that blue-collar worker who would be more affected by nafta trade deals losing manufacturing jobs overseas they sea in the -- i don't know if they connect that way populism antiblasht fervor they definitely do. >> you have respond lavo a big portion mothers. >> the young professionals we have an average age 23, and one of the things that is fascinating today is that if you look at millennials as a whole, really important voting bloc in this election 46% millennia women are mothers you look at number one issue
8:55 am
that they care about in context of this you are jobs, they care be gender equality in workplace as breads winners able to earn a for children to support them i would focus more on those issues context of jobs krrz next few weeks. >> christie you made comment i think resonated that is student debt issue front and center with millennials we'll. >> definitely is i think that is why bernie sanders took off with them because he addressed that, but i think that trump dealing with trade issues also addresses it really gets millennials to focus on it because they get rid of entry level jobs millennials would fill, that are now going overseas, and not here for millennials to repay student debt. >> we're not talking about with trade automation, that is also taking away so many of these jobs not only for millennials but for minority communities, for low income low net worth communities i wish donald trump would talk about more focus yes identified the problem so what
8:56 am
is the solution, and he is very innovative a businessman let's talk about some innovative solutions i think millennials will jump on border. >> strategy to make sure people have right skill sets they need. >> absolutely. >>ui do you think bernie sanders sports will come out for donald trump or hillary clinton what do you think. >> now that he is backing hillary clinton i think that some will go for her i think the other ones stay home do nothing. >> what do you think carolyn. >> i am more optimistic about millennials voting we had this conversation earlier, so in our research we found 97% of millennials polled were going to vote i would follow that logic, but i would not agree that as many will stay home. >> you think go for bernie or you think for hillary or don. >> i think they physical you look at research. >> they will go for hillary this election up for grabz i think for future young people fiscal year more conservative socially more liberal i think republicans have a chance to something that more in the future. >> good to see you. thank you so much, we'll be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer,
8:57 am
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8:59 am
. maria: welcome back, final thoughts from all-star panel jon hilsenrath. >> you know, we have not talked much about the economic data the last the last couple of hours, but looks like the economy is not snapping back the way a lot of people expected it to, inth the third quarter, slower growth same story, fed might not raise rates if they keep going. >> taking them down a lot. maria: lea. >> i hope people watch the debate i think that it is really important that people know who vice presidential
9:00 am
candidates are i think pence should raise policy issues focus on that i think kaine should speak span goish after -- >> spanish okay. dagen: -- in the crowd that is what i say. >> welcome back to hometown. >> is it zplees have a great day see you tomorrow here is "varney & company." stuart: as in stuart varney good morning. how you doing have a great show my friend. stuart: clinton attack machine in high gear but it amazing overboard good morning, everybody. is it did he say federation democrats create technique of trump harsh yes, it is also a stretch do you really believe he trump called veterans weak? you really believe that? this morning in, media some guilt of hate speech roger culin in "new york times" called trump a thug talks jibberish lies cheats there is more like that the establishment looks to me to be rattled, here is what donald trump said


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