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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: fox business, we'll be bringing you the latest updates on hurricane matthew starting a the 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. remember to stay safe this evening. we'll see you tomorrow. "making money" with charles payne is now. charles: hurricane matthew is bearing done on florida. the state bracing for massive destruction and power outages. the florida governor has ordered 1.5 million residents to evacuate. joe, tell was you expect. >> this storm may intensify to a category 5 before it reaches the florida coast. it's tracking further east than what i thought this morning. it looks like it will go for freeport, the west end of the grand bahama in the next couple
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hours. then does it move true northwest or north-northwest. once it gets to palm beach the coast bends. right now we feel the most likely area of the landfall is around cape canaveral. it remains a page all the way to daytona beach. if it hugs the coast, that's exactly what will happen. i thought this morning it might come in further south. in any case it's a devastating storm. let's say it's a category 4 or 5, it's just as nasty as if it was on land. that area from port s. lucy. and it will be the worst hurricane that has struck that area.
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that area, 50 miles north or south of that, according to the records since 1851 has never been hit by a category 3 or greater hurricane. charles: you mentioned category 5. i know andrew was a category 4. $25 billion in damages. the amount of devastation a 4 or 5, could you even calculate that? >> that's an interesting question. it will be damaging a lot of areas, devastating where there is a lost property value. andrew was reclassified as a category 5. the pressure in andrew went to 921 millibars. but it looks like it's fighting off this dry air that's been limiting it. and it's starting to expands now. and there is wickedly warm water
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in the way over the gulf stream and an ideal upper air pattern for development. when you get a feedback where everything is lined up perfectly between the ocean and the air, you can see them drop 18 to 25 millibars in 10 hours. the bottom line is this is a very serious situation. charles: whenever these things happen, we become am europe meteorologists. but as it moves north, are you suggesting it would be better for this to hit land and diminish as a storm rather than ride up the coastline as it remains stronging. >> absolutely not. if it's just offshore the winds are focused at the center. pick your poison. if you come inland to the south and ride the coast, a category 2
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or 3 hurricane is devastating. but what i have been telling people, cape canaveral, the space coast area, i know you have ridden out hurricanes. but you have receiver then one that could threaten you the way this would could. this is a level or two up. charles: i want to go to adam shapiro who happens to be on the ground for us in port orange. report require want to you take a look of what's south of me. that's the area joe is talking about. brevard county. you can see how dark it is. the wind keeps picking up and dying down again. this area, as he said, the hurricane seems to have slowed down a bit. they are saying where we are the
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worst would begin at 2:00 a.m., they said now it could be between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. you can see the houses over here. this house is boarded up. people left the house next door. they have left. they are not taking any chances. the evacuation order, it was because hurricane andrew that hit florida in 1992 which hit southeastern florida killed 5 people. people don't want to take chances like that and they haven't ridden out a storm like that. we spoke to a police officer and he told us one of the major concerns is some the building here may not have the same kind of construction that buildings south of here that went through hurricane andrew, they don't adhere perhaps to the same code in this part of florida. that's troubling to police officers who will be out all night as this storm hits.
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the bridges over -- this is the healthcare river. the healthcare river which has been rising as water has been rising, the bridges and the causeways which will take you out to the barrier islands and beaches, they were supposed to close at:00 p.m. but they are saying they are going to keep them open for anybody who changes their mind and wants to get off. but they will shut the bridges because it's not safe to go over the bridges. but you can see the winds have started to kick in and here it comes. charles: i want to point out at this moment south carolina nikki haley is giving a press conference and update on the storm. >> we want them to evacuate as soon as possible due to storm surges. we'll probably stop the lane
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reversal tomorrow on i-because the storm is starting to move in faster. we need to reposition our men and women on the ground so they are safe. we need to reposition the equipment to get ready for post storm. so you will see a stop, tomorrow if you want to drive 2 east or west you can. but we are hoping that everybody is headed this way. in terms of the ease of that lane reversal. you only have until tomorrow to use that. everybody has made record time, everybody has been pleased with the lane reversal. please take advantage of the fact that it's there now. we can't promise what you will have after we go forward. as of 3:00 p.m. today, we had 280,000 people who have evacuated. that is up from 175,000 this morning. we appreciate the south carolinaans who are listening to
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the guidance we are giving and being careful in terms of that. we hope to see stronger numbers. but we are at a $80,000 number right now. we'll be closing our high-level bridges once we hit the 40-mile-an-hour winds. thyou will see that happen soons the winds come in sooner than we thought. our law enforcement and national guard members are transitioning over into the security phase. so you are going to start to see them move off of the traffic side of things and get ready for recovery. and so with that, if they are starting to move out, that means you should already been moved out. if we are already moving them out, that's a big sign we need to make sure you are moving out quickly. we do have 4 shelters open from
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38 this morning. we have 1,305 residents up from 62 this morning. we now have which i'm pleased to say three pet-friendly shelters. we had two in the low country and we have one in spartanburg as well. we have three special need shelters open and five additional on standby. charles: that's south carolina governor nikki haley. she had an ambitious goal of moving 1 million people inland. so far the number is 280,000. >> i'm concerned about the flooding. we have a significant pump system we put in because of sea level rise concerns. but these get overwhelmed. flooding for us in miami beach
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is our prime concern. charles: our governor evacuating 1.5 million people. have there been any evacuation efforts taken place in your city. >> there have been no evacuations. what we did of course is prepared our residents in the last couple days. we made sure they had food, water, medicine, evacuation shelters were open around the county. our emergency operations centers were in full effect. so we have been on this 24/7. and we are hoping for the best. stronger winds coming throughout the night in miami beach. but our hearts and prayers go out to the floridans in the path of the terrible storm. we are all floridaians together.
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that's the most important message for miami beach. >> i do want to ask even with respect to flooding and perhaps these things have a tendency to change course. are you concerns that if that's a possibility, and anne also with respect to shelters and taking folks from other parts of the state, are you prepared for that? >> i know our community feels this way. we are all together in this florida. i want to get involved in other floridans which will get devastation from this hurricane. of course, we know that these changes can happen. we were prepared for this to potentially move westward. but we have been spared. but they are talking about it hooking around and we'll be very village lengths with this dangerous storm. charles: the miami dolphins are
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scheduled to play if south florida. but the nfl released a statement saying we are in close contact with local and state authorities about the hurricane. our overriding concern is for public safety and not do anything that will divert important resources away from community that may be in distress. we have contingency planning for sunday as well as monday's tampa bay@carolina game.
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charles: hurricane matthew is in the process of making landfall in florida. what will the political fallout from this be? of course there will be some. joining on the phone is former advisor to florida governor jeb bush. in the past florida needed tremendous assistance from the federal government. the government lobbied for the state of emergency declaration from the president. ultimately this will probably make its way into the conversation sunday, certainly when people make the choice for president in november. >> that's appropriate.
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when you have a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, at that point it's appropriate for state resources first, then beyond that if necessary, national government and federal government to assist. that's why we have a country and we are all in this together. florida is one of those states that's an important political state. i won't be surprised fit comes up sunday. jeb bush has cautioned people to be sensitive to the needs of floridaians. charles: hillary clinton planned to run ads on the weather channel of all things during the storm. this is where president obama who probably goes down there next leak say i told you so. let's not forget what happened in the last election in new jersey and the infamous hug. this is an ideological right
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down the middle. it's a chance this could play a role in november. the hug was a sign that both parties were coming together and it turned out very badly for governor chris christie who was viewed as palling around with president obama and leaving his party in the dust. that was a terrible political moment for christy. let's hope this storm selves bipartisan aide and support. even this year twice already president obama has stiffed governor scott show is one of his fiercest critics and not offered federal assistance, one for an algae bloom and another for a flooding problem. in this case scot scott made it clear he expected the government to step up. charles: will hillary clinton make the case, i know you are for limited small government and no taxes but we need it particularly for emergencies.
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>> i think she'll. this is the time she'll say big government has a role to play. both candidates have an opening to talk about extreme weather strategies. this not much on the websites on what to do as we see the extreme weather increase. charles: you are going to climate change. what does donald trump say to counter that or dose -- particularly fit comes up sunday. >> george bush was scorned for his treatment and behavior during katrina. but the truth is fema at that time encompassed 26 different federal agencies and it was most live all those government agencies tripping over each other that caused the problems in response to hurricane katrina.
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there is an argument to be made for smaller, more targeted state-run emergency management with federal assist. and trump can go there. if palm beach gets hit hard, cancel the debate, open up mara lag oh to victims of the -- mar-a-lago. charles: he went down and delivered supply to the victims of louisiana. the clinton foundation under fire yet again. we have new details for you next.
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charles: president obama signed an emergency declaration for south carolina. the clinton foundation is facing two questions on two fronts.
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a tbasm emails shows deep connections between the clinton foundation and the state department during hillary clinton's time there. critics continue to press the foundation on what they say were broken promises from the organization. joining me now to discuss, sarah, you had a good article on this. gives the detail, particularly with respect to the haitian situation. we are reminded of that. there has been massive loss of life because of hurricane matthew. >> the clinton foundation connected the their donors with investment opportunities and were shroud in the guise of being aid. and nowhere was that more apparent than haiti. the clinton foundation pulled $60 million directly into haiti and they brought their investors there to engage in deals that were questionable. and there is nothing to show for
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it. the most glaring failure of the clinton foundation was scene industrial park that was supposed to create 60,000 jobs, there is 2,000 jobs that were created there, and the land that was taken away from farmers to create that trim complex ended up displacing hundreds of families. charles: there is the controversy with hillary rodham clinton's brother. he asked for $1 million from the clinton foundation, when that went away he was part of a mining consortium. people still in haiti wonder what happened. their plight and suffering was used for political and economic advantage. >> we are talking about hillary clinton's brother who met the ceo of the mining company at the clinton global initiative which
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is their pay-to-play of davos in new york city an ended up president of this company in haiti. it fits the narrative of hillary using the 7th floor of the state department. you recall when president obama first came into office. president bush's predecessor and president obama said it would be different this time than after haiti's last disaster. charles: the clinton foundation came up briefly in the vp debate. and tim kaine rat manied off a lot of their accomplishments. i think this is one of those issues that will continue to dog her until november 8. >> the most important thing to think about is how much good clinton foundation has done around the world. it engaged in thousands of
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projects making a real and tangible difference for people in depressed areas. we can look at examples where it hasn't been as successful as it wanted to. but the allegations this was pay-to-play and the state department was some sort of concierge service has no tbhearg fact. this has been asked and answered. certainly the clinton foundation in its size is always going to draw attention. but it will draw attention in significant part because it was so effective and has done so much good for millions of people around the world. we shouldn't lose sight of that. charles: the coincidences and other things that coincide with each other won't go away. hillary will have to make the case perhaps more forceful than you just did. charles: we'll talk about practice. donald trump and hillary clinton, they are gearing up for the second presidential debate
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charles: tonight donald trump practicing by participating in an event, invitation only town ham style forum in new hampshire. adam, you are the gop communications strategist. there is a different finesse needed in these town hall events it's a good thing perhaps donald trump is doing this. how do you think it will help? >> it's always nice to have a dress rehearsal before opening night. this should play to his strengths. where he's less cautious, more spontaneous and more what you see is what you get. the way they are preparing him is different this time. let donald trump be donald trump. number two is probably coaching
6:33 pm
him to treat this like it's a press conference which he has done well with where he says basically gift your best shot. what's opposite your mind. let's get everything out in the open. i think it should play well to his strengths. secretary clinton will go back and repeat what was a good performance in round one. but this is a different stage where they will be closer together and the chips will be on the table. >> it's more recommend any sent to that commander in chief forum which most people felt donald trump won. for hillary clinton, it's easier for her to have talking points and slings and arrows prepared for donald trump, but dissing somebody asking the question especially if it's on benghazi, they are sensitive topics she has been able to avoid. >> the first forum-style event
6:34 pm
like this was in 1992. bill clinton insisted on it because he was able to work the crowd and the camera better than bush. he had no events scheduled today. last day or two told his staff he didn't want to sit around and prepare. he wanted to get out with the people. it will get him comfortable with the format. he's very, very congenial. he's comfortable with people. he can be very well prepared for this debate, charles. charles: this should play well for donald trump. i think the big thing is how they vet the potential town hall questioners. there are a couple people in there -- there are peopleionally clinton.
6:35 pm
i'm not how she comes back if somebody's mother gets up and says what about benghazi or somebody gets up and she says you called me deplorable. >> that's the challenge, and she is not quick on her feet. she is practiced the a lot more. she won the last debate because she practiced more. the average improvement in a candidate when they practice is 20-30%. i think this town hall debate is brilliant. if he can turn to the audience and almost ignore her and make the case to the people, then he makes progress. charles: in the up mortal word of allen iverson, practice. tomorrow is the big jobs report. the street looking for 15,000 jobs. what does -- for 175,000 jobs.
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hurricane matthew intensifying and heading towards southeast florida. we are tracking it. ic playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. i just saved thousands on in less than a minute, i found out how much home i can afford. i like how you shop for loans the same way you shop for flights online. i didn't realize that lendingtree you can save money on almost any sort of loan. i consolidated my credit card debt with a personal loan. i found a new credit card with 0% interest for 15 months. you just shop, compare, and save, and it's all free. go to lendingtree right now and start saving.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. charles: the market showed little change after opening under pressure. for the most pair it was very boring -- pore the most part it was very boring. stocks now changing hands near the lowest point since the 2011 period. talk of a major deal brewing. the whole foods stocks seem oversold. the u.s. dollar moved higher because of the wave of better than expected economic data.
6:40 pm
but the atlanta fed marked gdp down 2.2%. just about every economic release the last two months they took that number lower. the british crown crisis has moved lower. i think we can see something that's more reaction to domestic influences more so than a hard british exit. buy yields are getting to the point where higher interest rates are in order. you will see a lot of things change and see it break out. the main reason the market couldn't change traction is the jobs report. conventional wisdom says we'll see 175. i think stocks will go north.
6:41 pm
the fact that monthly jobs reports peaked is evidence of full employment. to that i say that's absolutely preposterous. thanks for joining me. the conventional wisdom is the fed are hike rates. if the number is good, that could make the next fed meeting before the election a possibility. >> we have been wrong for so long with this data dependents feckless fed policy we could never figure out. i think growth is slowing. and around the world. not only did the fed lower third square but fourth square went down to 1.2. i think a hike would be a great relief. and i think the jobs number has a chance of coming in higher thanks to what we saw in the i.s.m. employment index. charles: the service side of the economy happens to be on fire. but the month before was an
6:42 pm
extraordinary low. how do we reconcile this. the economy is slowing but jobs are robust and we'll get wage gains? if you fit a puzzle, and you are a lay person, it don't make sense. >> i don't think a lot of it makes sense. i think we watch tomorrow for wage growth and we see if that's beginning to take off. it should. charles: if all the things you think about, all the anecdotal stuff, it seems like that should be a big number. >> i think it might be a pleasant or unexpected surprise. but we have to keep in mind the participation rate is so low compared to what we have seen historically. if we can create growth and cut taxes. >> how do you stands on the market between now and the rest of the year? >> we are up 6% year to date. if earnings season doesn't disappoints dramatically --
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6:47 pm
any changes? tell us about its strength. >> it has actually. a bits after change charles in that over the last hour or two you could see it's fiepght off that dry air was talking about. and the cloud pattern sphanldsing with it again. it's 15 miles southwest of grand bahama island. nassau may have been devastated stand free fort freeport looks t will be devastated. the movement is west-northwest towards the central atlantic coast. this is something if you look at the hurricane tracks back to 1851, we have never seen a major hurricane impact that area directly.
6:48 pm
whether it makes almost or not. the thing that's bothersome to me, the dry air was keeping a cap on it, the pressure is low, 938 millibars which is a solid category 4 hurricane. but the next 12-18 hours before it makes landfall, the next 12 hours, this thing may deepen to a category 5. that's not out of the realm of possibility. what happens with this? a lot of folks don't understand. how can it get that strong that fast? if everything lines up, it's like an ice skater pulling his or her arms in and accelerating. and that air comes in and goats straight up and lowers the pressure. that's what goes on. charles: joe bastardi, thank you
6:49 pm
very much. blue collar white men without college degrees are falling further behind compared to white men with college degrees. to put it all in perspective and talk about the implications. ryan * let me start with you. this is something we know and something donald trump talks about. but it's a devastating -- you look at drug addiction with heroin and suicide rates with white working class. it's epidemic proportion it's as high as aids was in the african-american community in the early 90s. i think honestly if they weren't white men we would talk about it more and have solutions for it. this is what is propelling his campaign and this is why democrats are focusing on the
6:50 pm
sunbelt and rust belt as far as election victory. charles: the idea of a trade war with china, bringing back factory work, is that going to be the solution? 54% have college degrees. >> this disparity between the wages that men with no education or high school education and men with college education have is created by the problems donald trump is addressing with his campaign. one is unrestricted immigration. that reduces the number of jobs available for white men without a college degree. those types of jobs used to be the ladder out of poverty and into the middle class for a lot
6:51 pm
of people and those don't exist anymore. charles: when we looked at brexit we thought it was about the anti-immigration of the middle easterners. but when you have a person from slovakia willing to do a plumbing job for half what was expected in the u.k. you have a problem. >> who is going to pick your strawberries, build your roads. a robot is in the future. that's the solution for everything. how do we address the concerns now? how do we move into the future and make sure americans can get the few jobs remaining left in this country. >> november of this year people, particularly white men without
6:52 pm
college degrees have put all their faith in donald trump. >> absolutely. first it was ross perot. '2 was the fires year white working class men turned out in a higher percentage than before. charles: coming up, the situation in syria is deteriorating. russia has sent another warship to the region. what is kerry and obama going to do? can they do anything?
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
. charles: you're looking at scenes ahead of donald trump's town hall in new hampshire tonight. we're awaiting the republican nominee, he's expected to address hurricane matthew before the event begins. tensions escalating in
6:56 pm
syria as russia reportedly sends another warship to the region. the obama administration argues there is no military solution, but here's what the white house press secretary josh earnest had to say today. >> there was a concerted effort on the part of the united states to try to work effectively with the russians to reduce violence inside of syria, and time and time again, the russians did not live up to the commitments they had made. charles: joining me former green beret ben collins and christian whiton. christian, dan heninger said obama is the syrian aleppo. he is a serious wimp, we're not going to do anything, can we at this point? >> both sides are wrong here, there is a valid criticism of john kerry and obama.
6:57 pm
kerry said we weren't going to consult the russians because they broke their word on syria and 48 hours later, consulting the russians again. it makes us look pathetic and silly. we don't have strong interest in aleppo. there is going to be humanitarian tragedy, yes, but we're at the point we might want to let assad and the russians gain the upper hand as they inevitably seem to be doing along coastal syria. enemy in syria is isis. not assad, assad is not a nice guy. we've lost traffic the real objective, isis, and not trying to prolong a war. if we intervene on behalf of the people in aleppo, we would be prolonging the syrian civil war. lou: ben, a lot of people are saying keep assad, we've learned a valuable lesson about the dictators, better to keep the ones in place rather than have them go away and leave the vacuums that create the al qaedas and isises of the world. would russia have amazing strategic beach head that
6:58 pm
threatens europe and other parts of the world? >> charles, russia has a strategic advantage, there's a reason for that. they have a lot greater national interests of their own, russia does. but, look, i will say that the reality here is it's all about lever age and think that's what we've seen certainly with the uptick in what russia's been doing and the escalation of the airstrikes. look, putin knows, he's dealing with an economy that's been fractured because of the economic sanctions. so he can only stay that long in terms of on the footing he is i think in syria. so it's in his interest to essentially make asaad as powerful as assad can be and the rebels as weak as they can be for the eventual political solution. he's looking to back his interests much further than ours. for the u.s., defeat isis, humanitarian crisis and remove assad, we've got decide which one is more important to. me it's the humanitarian crisis
6:59 pm
because this really isn't a civil war. it's a proxy war. if it was a civil war, it would have been over a long time ago, and it's going to keep going when have you 80% of a population that doesn't want assad. charles: you know, there's also a thing here, christian that the white house working to weaken sanctions on syria, russia and iran, what is that all about? >> right, well, it's again this policy of basically -- it's meant to be soft on iran, basically. the thinking that, you know, taking tensions down, there aren't that many tensions left. we pull all of our punches on iran. this is appeasing iran strategy. we're trying to do the opposite, it seems in syria if we're talking tough on russia in assad and extension iran, iran backs assad and it's the usual sort of unclear foreign policy that has no real strategy or guiding light behind it. charles: i guess the days of america being the sheriff of
7:00 pm
the world riding to the rescue in a white hat are long gone. gentlemen, thank you very much, appreciate it. all right, guys, thank you at home for watching, and remember, donald trump has an event in new hampshire but he's going to speak before the event. we want to make sure you see that. also, here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. two major stories we're following this hour. a trump town hall set to begin shortly in new hampshire, and hurricane matthew taking aim at florida's atlantic coastline. we start with the threat of hurricane matthew tonight. two million people from florida to south carolina have been ordered to evacuate as the now category 4 hurricane tears across the bahamas and has begun lashing southern florida. 140-mile-an-hour winds and a storm surge about 15 feet above normal.


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