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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 7, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. well. good night from new york. kennedy: the battle for st. louis three days away. how are donald trump and hillary clinton preparing for the critical debate sequel? the party panel is here to discuss. the presidential election ain't the only game in town. we'll look at the congressional races that could swing the balance of power. dr. ron paul is here to clarify why he's leaning away from gary johnson in favor of jill stein. sunday night's debate in solution ra --debate in st. loue for donald trump. the on way to shift the debate
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back into his favor is to have a different performance than he did in the last debate. trump seemed to run out of gas. but now he knows the pace he has to keep for a 90-minute super bout. children upon got him emotional and defensive while he held back from attacking her. women he should say, who would you rather have in the white house, a politically incorrect politician or a super predator like bill clinton. he should say i build things, sometimes they fall apart. but i put them back together. what did you build, hillary other than a sham foundation that allowed you to allow
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corruption in our government. when hillary hits him with one of her eye rolling canned lines. address the line without addressing the issue. if hillary wants to win, she'll have to sprout a soul and sense of humor. he gave her way too many paths to victory from the last debate. if he fractionally shores up his performance she'll have to work twice as hard in this informal town hall setting. she is a robotic lawyer so it does not naturally suit her as angry voters have gotten under her pants suit in the past. we are told donald is taking a day off to figure out a robust strategy. that brings out his worst. if he wants a shot at the presidency, now is the time for that all important and prominent pivot.
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with governor pence's strong performance tuesday night, the 1-2 punch could be enough to shift momentum and the electoral win in his favor. grab the sticks, i'm kennedy. the next presidential debate slugout is nearly upon us and i can't wait. hillary clinton prepping in see collusion. donald trump is still out on the campaign trail, including a town hall tonight in new hampshire. presumably as practice for sunday. what should we expect from both candidates. my partly panel joins me now. catherine timpf joins us. and rick unger, senior political
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editor at "forbes." welcome to thursday, everyone. i think we'll hear more from him, i think that everyone thinks of hillary clinton as policy heavyweight on the women issues she has not unrolled that much. neil: >> i think you are right, when kaine was pressed, i don't think he had a good answer either. this and i really important issue.
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i don't know they have been pushed by moderators. >> neither side has been pushed. good news for trump he does not have to win just not lose. he has to stop erosion, my issue with him on policy, i don't think he has confidence on policy. you are afraid to put ford a point of view. >> that made him seem defensive. kennedy: what was he worried about? >> explaining himself, when he was pressed on something, he got mad even the calling miss universe fat thing, you just brush. kennedybrush. kennedy: off, any time in lif
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life. i think this is why he has an advantage that is politics is personal. that is natural to him. it does not come natural to hillary clinton. i can think she is taking these days to figure out how does it work. >> to your point, i think she is a better debater, because she is wooden and robotic, because all she does it practice. but your point about donald trump. he is relate able. they are like that it my kind of guy, but he is reaching them, if he can do that and talk to those
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52 and connection with them it will be a different dynamic, election still very much a nail-biter. fighting for every square inch in the battleground state, yesterdayesterday's monmouth uny poll had ohio split. they suggest that clinton is making gains with millennials and undecided voters. there are a lot of people out there who say, what are people waiting for to make up their mind. a quick stat in 2008. millennials 24% said they would vote, drawn into the race by the passion of barack obama. and the thought of our first black president. now, same age group, only 47%, say they are likely to vote. why is it lower? >> they are not that excited.
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what is interesting is what is happening in high, last poll from monmouth had trump ahead by 5, that is a big swing. the question. is what hillary needs turn out is dicey, we don't know if she will gain with voter turn out issue they are not excited. she also needs the black community to turn out in big numbers at least in certain states. we don't know if it translates to votes. >> and people leave the house. >> you can make the argument that millennials are least served by the two candidates. >> absolutely. obama, he was likeable, he -- she is trying to do the things he did, making himself -- herself relevant in pop culture, and the jokes. she is not good at it, you can't fake it. the "pokemon go" to the polls,
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that is get out of my face. >> i think for a millennial they have grown up in a world of cost amization, their -- customization, they can have groceries delivered to their door. and a stylist, and she is opposite, shy is a one size fits all generation. >> that is one of the best points i heard this is a generation of cus customizationu are right, it is immediate, and taylor made just for you, a bespoke culture and she is -- with her when you talk about free college, talk about health care, and you talk about one size fits all policies that is all she has got. >> a great point, but that is all anyone who vunnin -- runninr office has. >> not necessarily. >> who customized. >> calvin coolage. >> is he running? >> i wish.
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>> thank you. don't miss fbn special live coverage of second presidential debate, sunday night, trish regan at 6 p.m., and lou dobbs at 7:00, neil cavuto at 8:00, i am joining them in the lou, nickname are in st. louis. obamacare is a top campaign issue. is donald trump use the failing healthcare plan to his advantage over the next month? and why would ron paul try to divert voters from fellow libertarians, in favor of the greenspan party, i will ask him, coming up. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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kennedy: rising cost of obamacare becoming a issue. now donald trump is attacking hillary clinton, blaming her for costly insurance premium. >> and i think that hillary clinton should apologize for pursuing obamacare, and she wants to make it even worse than
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it is right now. we're going to repeal it, we're going to replace it with much less expensive, and much better care. kennedy: all right. you know, hillary care, gave birth to obamacare, after it had a baby with romneycare. easier said than don, -- done. but we feel you, how does obamacare play out. the party panel is back, we're in an apoll jettic universe, every has a safe space, and everyone has to apologize, i can't stand obamacare, i have been a victim of obamacare, for years now, and i despise it, what say you. >> i don't. kennedy: should they apologize. >> i don't think so. kennedy: do you love obamacare. >> there are things that need to be fixed a long discussion, but bill clinton a comments were so bizarre he told the truth this was number one. kennedy: that is true, he should
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get credit for that. >> i do, but not for stupidity of the timing it was -- i thought we were get through this even though we're hitting open n enrollment season, people are freaking out about premium rate. kennedy: now insurance company are leaving the exchange. >> for donald trump to blame it on hillary is hysterical. kennedy: when was she doing in 1993, oh, that is right, crafting single payer health insurance. >> we got heritage foundation reaction to hillary clinton's plan in 1993, that is the fundal basis of obamacare. >> interesting. kennedy: interesting.>> we're fe clintons, nothing is said casually, i think she is setting up, taps into frustration, and he will say but my wife has a solution. >> he did not say that. >> no more -- >> that is it, that is it, the one size fits all nonsense thatt
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sabine rah was talking bi want to bring, mcqueen, into this. what is worse for hillary, if donald trump plays this right, what is worse, failure of the aca or benghazi? >> man oh, man, some of us don't like letting benghazi go ever. depends on what network you are watching, i think this is bad but it did you not matter what bill clinton said, people forget about it, they don't talk about, they talk more about trump is crazy, and sexist, and she is still connected to obama, no matter what bill says, and obamacare, people don't understand health care, they just know when premiums go up. kennedy: that is what, if trump is going to handle this issue, that is what he has to hit omy question, was this is a way that bill clinton hand -- he using to be subtle polished and great, was this his way of divorce from
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obamacare? >> i don't think so. i don't think it is possible to do that. because of obama going out every day, and being like, you know, campaigning for hillary. they are very connected. the same administration, that would be too hard to separate. >> before you get too excited about damage obamacare can do, we're talking about and bill clinton was talking about a narrow strata, people get their insurance through work that most americans. kennedy: i don't. >> you don't most do. kennedy: what sucks insurance premium going up 40 percent that is more typical than -- >> i understand but you are part of a narrow group. most people do get their insurance through work they are not focused on it people on other scale about better with medicaid expansion, they are happy. kennedy: 10 seconds. >> i buy mine on private market, but the saying that republicans and conservatives have been advancing a idea of separating your employment from our health
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insurance, you own and control the dollar that is something that would resonate, this is a complicated issue, trump has to. kennedy: is sabrina shaper is right, we need control over our own health care and block grants medicare, give money to state individually, you don't have medicare. >> medicaid. kennedy: i'm on medicare. >> i love it. kennedy, you do. >> i do. >> you . but we contribute all play that banjo. >> why not. >> we're not of age. >> why not lower the age of medicare? >> because i don't have wanted to have pay for everyone else's health insurance. >> but you are not. kennedy: that fantasy is another conversation for another day. let private market handle it we'll return with panel later, but first did mike pence do too well in vice presidential debate, will some republicans say his performance has uncovered some uncomfortable
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kennedy: all right, if you listen to polls and pun pun it pundits, mike pence beat tim kaine. hhe exploited topics by when the republicans disagree. some i saying that the ticket would be stronger with pence at the top. heidi welcome. >> let's guess let's discuss
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this how does this change things, let's assume that pence had a better debate than kaine, if donald trump has a miserable night sunday night, what does that do to ticket and the dynamic in the race. >> neithery you want your -- in theory, you want your candidate to have go out and win, that is what months financ mike pence mt if donald trump comes ut and does not do a good performance that reminds the republican base of the election that could have been, pence did all of thins that donald trump failed to do in his. namely keeping calm, cool, collected exps expa landing tho- and landing those punches on hillary clinton. he stay the very focus on the void that had been left in iraq and libya that lead to the
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spread of isis. which is really one of main argument that donald trump has been trying to make all along, did not land that punch, this comes down as well to temperament, side, which again, plays into the key umbrella point that hillary clinton has been making, mike pence came off as one with even hand the temperament. don dop didonald trump did not,e this different format and venue. kennedy: town hall tends to favor donald trump's personality. hillary clinton risks coming off as robotic, we'll see, this is such an emotional race, i know you have been covering it and scrutinizing it and i think it is fair to get into psychology a little bit, and motivation of the candidates. now, on some level you have to know that donald trump as, a capable businessman, if you give him, that he is -- he can easily prepare for one of these debates it appears in first one he chose
12:25 am
not to. is there some reasons do you think, that he is maybe sabotaging his debate -- >> oh, god, yeah that is getting to psychology, everyone is -- there is some internet speculation about that. i think he doesn't to win, it may be just more stylistic. kennedy: do you think that he will make a drastic enough change in second debate, and prepare enough to win? >> it depends. that is a good point does donald trump really believe he needs to change, right, because he stumbled into same trap twice, after this debate, and after effects of taking that machado bait and rolling in the poison for five-days that is same thing he did after convention with the fight with khan. it well, you know say first step to solve a problem is realizing have you one, it comes down to donald trump. he is not going to be mike pence
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overnight should he, he has a still in great part, got him to where he is, question is, does he acknowledge, and understand. that hillary clinton, is coming into debate, no surprises here, he will try to bait him again with a contractor, names and faces that he rolls out. she is prob wel probably stuff s him with on taxes, the question is how he responds, from what i understand he is going back and looking at footage of his and said privately maybe he could have done better, maybe he realizes he needs to rein himself in a little bit. kennedy: we're hearing he is taking the day off tomorrow, to prepare. we'll see, if that is enough, and what kind of a difference it make, we'll be catching up on your reporting heidi thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up libertarian
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over lord ron paul will jot endorse gare johnson, i will ask the good doctor, what is holding him back. please, stay with us.
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kennedy: welcome back, dr. ron paul is quite the chameleon. he threw caution to wind, cozied up to jill steyn. >> if you are interested in expressing yourself you can vote for green party, you can say i like a lot of what she says about civil liberty, probably the best on foreign policy at moment. kennedy: dr. paul has come to gary johnson's defense on aleppo and other pop quiz foreign policy questions, but he has stopped short of endorsing him, yesterday, i asked johnson's
12:31 am
running mate, about ron's relicktance. >> gary johnson and i can't whine, say we want help from someone else to put us over the top, this is something to do old fashion way, one voter at a time, doing it yourself. kennedy: what is holding ron paul back, the good doctor is joining me now, welcome back dr. paul. >> thank you. kennedy: we talked about this kicket a lot on the show, and you know, i think that you and i might have some differences, i believe in gary johnson's ideas, he is a man of principle and smart, and has a good executive track record, he may not be perfect, i do have issues with his running mate william weld who seems to be cozying up to war monger hillary clinton, campaigning again donald trump, he has a political history with
12:32 am
the clinton, i think he is a libertarian in name, he made a lot of promises at the convention, and has since gone back on them, if i off base going 5 too hard to him. >> have you to put some responsibility on gary for picking him. he would not be there if gary had not picked up, when i talk -- on my staff, i said can you imagine me picking somebody that had views that were different than mine, and had them in congressional office and trusted them to research, and to come up with ideas, i never had that problem. but i don't know how there could be so much difference, and you know gary, doesn't have a good grasp on foreign policy, that in itself is not enough, what about this whole idea that federal government, has a right to intrude on who makes a decision about what kind of cakes are
12:33 am
baked. that is an afron a-- affront to libertarianism. kennedy: all right, when you compare two third part candidates, and assume, majority of people are still uncomfortable with idea of trump or clinton presidency, comparing jill steyn and gary johnson side by side, how do you council people who got into libertarian movement because of you? how do you council them to vote? >> i think they didn't listen to her or hear second half of what i say, i said if you lean toward progressivism, take the votes away from this shar charade of e bipartisan that means nothing, if you are a progressive you should vote green, if you have rib tearian view -- libertarian views like you kennedy indicate,
12:34 am
and sympathy for johnson, i say vote for him. you know, i don't want to say -- >> who are you voting for? >> i have not decide i may write your name in for all i know. i'm not going to believe that it makes a difference on to whom i vote for. but, i do think though that. if the libertarian party got more votes than they got before, and that it is clear, that what they stand for is nonaggression principle it will be beneficial, anyone that shrines that way, they seem to be sick and tired of two major candidates this always anti. so i think it is worth while, i did this afternoon the 08 campaign i tried to bridge a coalition of antiestablishment we try to encourage people to vote for that party closer to their beliefs issue but their
12:35 am
believes are serious, i don't think they have any basic principles on two party major candidates. kennedy: that is why do you not back bob barr in 2008. >> i did not believe he had a principle possession either. kennedy: quickly, about obama obamacare, i know these exchanges are failing and insurance company are pulling out. and you know, a lot of people who believe in limited government see too much government has crippled our health care system, you know that because you are a doctor. so if you were from the, what would you do, to replace obamacare? , for people whose premiums are up by 60% in some cases some states. >> i would return the delivery of medical care to private sector, it would take care of itself, you could gradually reduce different programs, and that is what should be done. but to say you want to replace
12:36 am
it with somebody else, the fact that there is a lot of information now about insurance companies, failing, maybe that is falling into lap of those who went one party payment, that might be the tape jere, but -- danger, but you know it is obamacare, we condemn him for it democratic congress but think who supreme court justice was that upheld that. some made sure it would be secure legally, that is why i'm not too excited about voting for a candidate because he is going to appoint a supreme court justice, because, all keeps of things could happen. kennedy: dr. ron paul thank you for your endorsement of me. >> there you go. kennedy: i am very excited to have one vote in presidential race. >> there you go. kennedy: thank you so much. >> all right. kennedy: coming up a wave the spooky down sites sparked chuckle hunts allest on country. real clowns are organizing a push
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kennedy: i am so glad you are hire, have you opinion following this crazy clown thing, clown sightings like this one in tacoma, washington, spreading over as t a dozen states, prompg frenzied phone calls to police. with a few exceptions the phenomenon is pretty much a hoax. but the professional nice clown are fed up, seeing their image is being tarnished in arizona they have organized a clown lives matter march for october 15. party panel is back. so, cat, you are a political contrarian, you buy into market when it is done, is this the time t love clowns. >> i sort of dated a clown, more of a fling, he was a student in a clown college.
12:41 am
kennedy: tell me more. >> maybe later some, clowns will be terrifying and pad, they will put look just like real nice clowns, people are like that too. kennedy: like skid els. >> ted bundy was a cutey pie and he was a bad guy. >> kennedy: kamofie & co came -- we first. >> i don't know. >> i wore that one of good clowns will get linched. >> i grew up inner av steven king, my brother read every book, and movies, i just can't separate clowns from like, there are no good clowns in my world. >> open your yourry eyes. >> steven king, master of horror had to tweet to people, saying don't hurt the clowns, now it is
12:42 am
out of control. >> i don't like to talk about this very much, it sensitive. kennedy: you are a clowny. >> i was born half clown, my mother was normal, my father of a real clown, i don't practice, i put the nose on for holidays, and clowns are people too, you said was down right clownish. >> i am -- >> what about clou clown college economy that would collapse. >> are right, how would the economy absorb the big shoes. >> wayward clowns. >> control the economy we get 20 clowns in a car. if that is not efficiency, i don't know what is. kennedy: thank you panel. >> we're about to put a clown in the white house. kennedy: and her name is -- >> not what i was thinking.
12:43 am
kennedy: thank you so much. coming up, so much more, you know, that i have your viewer mail. here is a taste. michael said, move over. more on clowns, in congress, which party will control after the election.
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kennedy: a house divided against itself looks like the norm for congress. predicting republican will barely hang on to house. real clear politics predicting a 50/50 split that means in the events of a tie, the vice president calls all the shots, peter welcome back. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: so what happens in the house? what is your predict. >> some additional handicapping from other shops. crystal ball and gonzalez littlt possible seat losses for house republicans at low double digitting, as low as 7, democrats need 30 to take control. one republican fears that donald trump would be a drag on ronald
12:48 am
reagan in house races are dissipating for now, many voters is distinguish the house candidates and their position from trump and his position, a great champ nel senate race -- example is in the senate race in ohio, early on analyst thought that rob portman was post this year, thanks to a smart campaign, backing away from his old free trade position is now crushing his latest democratic challenger in latest roll, up 17 in a poll out yesterday, a state where trump nearly leads hillary clinton. if anything trump may ride portman's coattails there. kennedy: yes, let's talk about the rest of the senate. how it could go down, could we
12:49 am
see a 50/50 split? >> we could, 5 races are too close to be called. they could do it in 4. if senate goes 50/50, and hillary clinton wins, then tim kaine is president of senate providing 51st vote for democrats. kennedy: that is more likely that hillary clinton wins and tim kaines is the vp . what happens to his senate seat. >> this is where it gets interesting, demographic governor of virginia. kennedy: a clintonnite. >> yeah. would appoint a democrat for temporary one year appointment to seat, then a special election in november, of 2017. right, the virginia holds governor's races in off years, including next november. in 2017, so they do the special
12:50 am
election at same time, and guess what? in virginia, the off year elections, they favor the republicans. kennedy: interesting. >> we could have to wait for a year to figure out what party controls the senate, because tr if i -- if is 50/50. kennedy: race, landscape, dc getting crazier by the day, thank goodness you are there virginia is for lovers, thank you peter barns. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, is flying away on a jetpack the
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kennedy: let's celebrate friday eve with hate mail, and nighttime cruise. this is the topical storm, topic
12:54 am
1. what i'm about to show you is so personally upsetting, because i didn't think of it first. tyler fisher dressed up as a journalist, hit the street the new york. to tell people hillary clinton had just dropped out of presidential race. because she was diagnosed with zika. how did they take it? >> >> really. >> oh, my god. >> donald trump will be likely next president. >> you are kidding. >> no. >> yes. >> i knew this would happen. >> i knew it. >> i knew it would happen. >> after this thing, i knew it. >> it has opinion confirmed she has zika there zika? >> very careless, and sick. and sick. >> and a woman. >> and a woman. >> no. i don't agree with being a woman. kennedy: not a woman.
12:55 am
come on. what is a journalist, other than someone that asks questions and pushes boundaries, i say, he is so good give him lester holt's job, if donald trump is president, i predict the reaction will be like, that but 14,000 times worse with mass emigration and riots thrown in that is fun, less traffic and more spree stuff. >> topic two. >> what? hey. united states on verge of inflicting its next president on world, candidates are campaigning like crazy. in wake of vice presidential debate, donald trump is meeting constituent to set record straight to key issues, like whether or not he is actually orange.
12:56 am
>> orange. kennedy: i told you he wasn't orange. i love that kid. >> trump spend over 9 consecutive hours, meeting and terrifying elementary school students. he is on his way to a meet and greet in quebec. topic three. >> l.a. clippers forward blake griffin, is a real renaissance man, smart, handsome he is juggle. his teammate judge mall crawford -- jamaal crawford lost his shoe, in the play, blake, picks it up,s toes it, throws it. hitting in the face, corey is stunned. paul is -- and griffin can score
12:57 am
65 points on a single possession i believe. and you could see joseph he is upset, calls foul. because that shoe smelled nasty it is, tank . >> >> in great britain, inventors unveiled what they say first worlds commercially available jetpack, over the river thames, he is flying, he is reallyg tha. man has loosed surly bonds of earth to soar into the heavens and touch the face of god. i just hope he does not let all of the fame and glory ge to his
12:58 am
-- go to his head, remember what happened to the rocketeer. >> have you been directorring a little bit. >> i had a few cocktails at my friend's better birthday party. >> don't look at that. >> oh, boy. sometimes. too close. to the bar. topic 5. >> don't worry your face-off, your mail has not been kidnapped. let's start with her man. there you go. whether political correctness. clueless, good old penelope, she is at it again, there is more going are in cat owners than raw intelligence, cat people are freedom lover, dog people are
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control freaks, that is why we borrow are dog's collars and leashes because we're kinky and we love control. >> judy said, you are such a loser, i switch fbn as fast as i can when you come on but i was slow tonight. because i'm in control, put this leash on. >> you are burt's doppe doppel r from burt and ernie. there you go, you caught me, thank you for watching, you can follow me on instagram and twitter. watch fbin special live coverage of the sending if the presidential debate, with trish regan, and lou dobbs and neil
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