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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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the release of those lewd, vulgar comments on that video tape. he needs to essentially apologize to american women and pivot to the issues that matter most in this election. national security and economy. stay tuned. we got special coverage all night. here is lou. lou: good evening, everybody. we're coming to you live from washington university in st. louis, the site of the second presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. in just under two hours donald trump faces off against hillary clinton and it is safe to say this is the most consequential debate in the campaign of 2016. both candidates have been forced to respond to bombshell developments attacking their candidacies over the past 48 hours. these two candidates face off tonight in a town hall format. they will be fielding questions
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from moderators and 38 uncommitted voters who have no candidate preference or so they say, or they have, they say, a preference but say they could vote, would vote for the other candidate. all are registered voters who plan to vote on november 8th. we do not know what party they are registered under, but we do have the best political analysis for you and among our guests tonight, the interrim leader of the uk independence party, nigel farage joins us. he led the anti-establishment revolution in the uk to the united kingdom's historic exit from the european union. former white house political director ed rollins, rnc rules committee member, randy evans, they also join us. the director of the rnc
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african-american campaign joins using. so-called hot mic comments on video 11 years ago. trump calls the videos nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we face tonight. trump apologized over the weekend and he discussed the difference between words and actions when it comes to the clintons. >> i've said some foolish things but there ask a big difference between the words and actions of other people. bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary as bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. lou: the trump tape released conveniently timed to head off damaging revelations about clinton emails and other files released by wikileaks. clinton admits she takes two positions on documents on policy issues one in private and one in the public.
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clinton sharing her true political vision in closed door remarks to brazilian bankers in 2013 when she stated this, quote, my dream is hemisphere rick common market with open borders sometime in the future, end quote. joining me copost of "the five" on fox news channel, juan williams. great to have you with us. >> thanks. lou: your reaction what we've seen, wikileaks dump on friday night, then the video from 11 years ago on donald trump. your reaction. >> i have two reactions to the wikileaks thing. i think julian assange is suspect. i don't like the idea of people digging into other's emails but it is out and you have to deal with it as political reality. right now the political reality would suggest hillary clinton is the person she was before bernie sanders pushed her to the left. she is someone who supports free trade. i think that is what the quote you read, lou, directly speaks to. no question.
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lou: the construction of a common market in this hemisphere. >> right. she is someone in terms of immigration, much more of an open borders person than you would have ever guessed but this is the person we know. lou: whoa. she is much more of a open borders person? >> yes. lou: really? >> clearly she had to respond to donald trump and donald trump's says build a wall. so hillary clinton has had -- lou: what do you do with these positions that you recited here when she says to wall street, i have a private position, i have a public position? which of these positions are you most persuaded by? the. >> i'm persuaded by the idea that you and i have known her in public life for quarter after century. we know that she said the tpp is the gold standard before the announcing her opposition in order to thwart bernie sanders's appeal to his constituents. lou: this, sr. with i should say, it gets complicated. i'm also joined now by
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"washington times" online opinion editor, fox news contributor monica crowley. monica, juan and i are going through the difficult matrix of public and private opinions and how they relate to the public record, which is which and which one should we believe? >> in this thick document dump we got on friday about hillary clinton, i think lou, the most damaging revelation was the statement well i take a position in public and a position in private because it underscores her greatest vulnerability, which is that the vast majority of americans consider her untrustworthy, a liar and dishonest that speaks to that. but i think if we had all of these revelations during the primary process, when she was telling the democratic base one thing, okay, to try to stave off bernie sanders, this would have been an entirely different race. i think the fault line everybody is talking about donald trump. but fallout --
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lou: i want to project this, monica, into the debate tonight. and that is you're going to have two candidates who have been severely wounded by the efforts of wikileaks in the case of hillary clinton, on the part of the clinton machine, campaign, in the case of donald trump. how do they respond and how can they meet the damage that has been done to them by their opponent? >> well, they both have clean-up missions to do tonight with the american people. in the case of donald trump i think this gives him an opportunity to look modest, humble and contrite, which are three characteristics you don't necessarily associate with donald trump. i think in the past when you have seen richard nixon -- lou: or hillary clinton, for that matter. >> barack obama with jeremiah write -- wright tape.
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if donald trump give as heartfelt apology and pivots to attacking hillary clinton's ideology and beliefs i think he can survive this. he has to handle it right way. mrs. clinton has to speak directly to the base what she truly believes on open borders and open trade and nobody quite really knows what she believes. lou: that sounds like a tall order for any candidate, juan. give us your judgment on what has to be done by these two candidates. >> wells, first of all such a big order for donald trump. i think he has a bigger mountain to climb tonight. now we were talking a moment ago whether or not you know, lou, you and i were discussing whether the empire striking back, mainstream media, leak at this crucial moment, is it october surprise? and the question is how donald trump deals with it. all day donald trump has been tweeting about bill clinton and some of the women that bill clinton was involved with. juanita broderick, kathleen willey and others. apparently breitbart brought together a number of these women.
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they have a piece up and they're talking about how these women are afraid of hillary clinton. if trump decides that's the pivot that monica was talking about, i think he walks in to a real grinder here. lou: monica? >> i don't think that donald trump, yeah, i don't think donald trump is going to raise bill clinton unless he is provoked. and i also think that donald trump understands it is not about bill clinton's infidelities, it is about allegations of rape and sexual assault. mrs. clinton who is actually on the ballot, her role and effort in trying to smear and destroy women involved with him or who raised the allegations of serious crimes against her husband. if donald trump is provoked you are almost certain he is going to go there. lou: i want to go here. that is the republicans walking away from donald trump. a handful really, but it is interesting to see the national liberal media talking about as if it's a growing movement when
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in fact it is the establishment was brought slowly to his side over the course of this campaign. how much impact, juan, do you think that has? and how will he handle it tonight? >> there is one key point, lou, from a political, strategic angle and that is, is it true that reince priebus and republican national committee are pulling money back in terms of the ground game, get-out-the-vote effort for donald trump? right now it looks like it is suspended. i don't know. doesn't look like the big donors are pulling back. we've seen people like mccain but i don't think -- lou: i have to say, they are standing up more than just staying with donald trump. they're raising little of their support and their aggressive public posture. >> i saw something similar from foster friess. but the question is about the party, because he has not built structure and he needs it to get the vote out. lou: what role will that play? monica, we'll have to jump here very quickly.
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we're out of time. monica crowley, thanks so much for being with us. juan williams, good to see you. >> thank you. lou: up next donald trump says the uproar over his vulgar comment on an 11-year-old video is distraction from the very real issues facing real americans. >> i pledge to be a better man tomorrow and will never, ever, let you down. let's be honest. we're living in the real world. this is nothing more than a distraction from the important issues we're facing today. we are losing our jobs, we are less safe than we were eight years ago, and washington is totally broken. lou: nigel farage, interrim leader of the uk independence party who knows a, quite a bit about anti-establishment politics and how to prevail joins us. we're coming to you live from washington university in st. louis. we're awaiting a beginning of the second presidential debate of what has been to this point a
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fascinating presidential campaign. stay with us.
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lou: we're coming to you live from washington university in st. louis. tonight the second presidential debate.
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it is now less than two hours away. senator jeff sessions earlier slamming hillary clinton, saying she lied to voters after leaked documents revealed the democratic presidential nominee told wall street bankers in those private speeches behind closed doors that she dreams of open trade and open borders. >> hillary clinton said on those secret speeches that she believes in open borders, flat-out. the american people are sick of this kind of one statement to them and another thing in election day. he has run against that all the way through. that issue has legs, that will go to election day in my opinion. lou: joining me tonight interrim leader of the uk independence party, member of the european parliament, nigel farage who led the successful "brexit" movement for the uk's exit from the european union. nigel, great to have you with us
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and i just got to ask you, what you're witnessing in the run-up of this debate other course of the last 48 hours, what are your impressions, your thoughts, your emotions? >> well, it is pretty dramatic stuff, isn't it? i guess tonight has the potential to be like the gunfight at the o.k. corral. what have we learned in the last 48 hours? we learned donald trump makes lewd and pretty ugly comments about women when he is in male company and what we've learned is that hillary is much more deeply tied in to the wall street banks than we ever imagined before and that she has a vision, she has a dream. the very thing that i have spent 20 years fighting against, namely the european union, this giant common market of free movement of people and loss of national sovereignty, and what we learned in the last 48 hours sees the european union as prototype for virtually a form
7:17 pm
of world government which america would be a part. and i, you know, i know that trump has got his problems. i know he upset many in his own party but if he can get this debate to move on, to hillary's views about open borders, hillary's views about perhaps your own supreme court not being supreme because you're part of some big super national government, if trump can take it there she could be in a real trouble with a lot of voters. lou: that really his amongst his several challenges. that really is primary. if he can carry a broad and clear discussion of anti-globalism, the importance of restoring sovereign borders, working in the national interest than working in cosmic global interest, he could achieve lot here, couldn't he? >> let me be frank and let's be straight.
7:18 pm
he does need to apologize and needs to be seen actually meaning it. lou: without question. >> that he has got to do. he has to get that out of the way. she will then spend rest of the debate attacking him personally. she did it in debate number one. attacked him on his record virtually everything, as a proud man he felt he had to stand there and defend himself. frankly what he needs to do is cast aside, push away her brickbats, talk to the american people about he is the guy that believes in nation-state democracy, border control, you know, and actually giving smaller, medium-sized businesses and ordinary american workers a better chance. what we're living in is a world dominated by the corporates, very people that paid the clinton foundation tens of millions of dollars. if he gets those messages out, he will emerge in a much stronger position. lou: you know, i would be curious, nigel, what you think of this.
7:19 pm
in this moment, if he can capture this moment in the structure that he has been debating, the anti-establishment policies he is putting forward, his rebellion, status quo for the benefit of the corporate tivities, for the -- corporatists, benefit of the one percenters, focus of his campaign over last year-and-a-half, it is about middle class and what kind of country we're going to have and whether we continue the status quo that shriveled the middle class and suffocated opportunity for generations of americans. >> what it has, and what it has also done, this status quo is taken your country and my country into an endless series of wars in the middle east and elsewhere where frankly after much money and much blood, i think you could argue we made the situation worse, not better.
7:20 pm
that i think is an angle that should not be forgot. hillary supported all the wars including libya. none of them actually worked. you know what trump needs to do, look, like me or loathe me i accept i'm completely imperfect human being. i'm not running to be pope. i'm not here to be the highest moral officer in the land. i'm running to be your president. i'm a human being, you know what? i'm on your side and i believe in america. lou: nigel farage, well-said. we thank you for being with us to say it. thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, former new york mayor rudy giuliani saying a few things including hillary clinton's actions speak far louder than trump's words. >> so we have two hillary clintons, which says we have a person who is liar because that's what she is. i mean over and over again. i can go three or twos and martha stewart was prosecuted for one lie.
7:21 pm
i could prosecute her for 10 in 302s, like she didn't know c meant confidential. common, hillary. you can put that over on somebody, but not me. lou: former presidential candidate, governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, joins me here next. round two of the presidential debates are set to start very shortly here at washington university in st. louis and sometimes we say this, sometimes it is more true than others. you don't want to miss a moment of this. stay with us. you're looking at the debate hall here at st. louis, washington university. we're coming right back. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix.
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lou: rudy giuliani, one of donald trump's top advisors defending republican presidential nominee today. he said trump remains this country's best choice for
7:26 pm
president. >> if you get to the issues he is the candidate that is much better suited to run the country than hillary clinton, who has her own set of flaws. who has her own set of flaws and problems. lou: joining me now, former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate hike huckabee who knows a thing or two about the national mainstream media which we're going to talk about here tonight as well. great to see you, mike. this is a tough time for two candidates. they have been unloaded on. i find it interesting already, that you're seeing a shift on the part of the mainstream media to only focus on trump's issues that arose from this video that is 11 years old versus the wikileak tapes which poses a set of props for hillary clinton that are as fresh as this campaign. >> well, lou, i think we can all say it is kind of like, we have a clean-up over in the dairy case. milk is spilled everywhere. look we understand. this is not been a good weekend
7:27 pm
for donald trump but if you look at significance of the impact of the presidential race, what the controversy is with hillary clinton is far more damaging because it has to do with her basic dishonesty about public policy. what donald trump did 11 years ago is, is disgusting. we've all agreed to that, but we're talking about who is going to make decisions for this country for people's jobs, for people's future, for national security, for trade. and hillary clinton has consistently and now been caught again, yet in another lie when it comes to what she is saying to the american people. that makes the country at stake. lou: yeah, i wonder though, how receptive the country is right now? because the mainstream media, and you know this very well, is a closed feedback loop. the focus has been as we've seen over 48 hours. about the vulgar obscene remarks of trump toward, specifically
7:28 pm
one woman but of women, of 11 years ago. there is no dissection on "the wall street journal"'s front pages or that of "the washington post" or "the new york times" of a candidate who is not only a certified liar by the director of the fbi, but, who is also caught in these statements before goldman sachs in her speeches saying she is a public person in one instance on a position and a very private person with the truth in another position. how does she, how does donald trump deal with that one? >> well, he has got to just get this issue off the table as quickly as he can, doing what he did in part the other night. fully acknowledging what he said, what he did was absolutely wrong. he owns it. he deals with it. and thin he says, but let's talk about what's happening to america. what hillary clinton did, i think the significance of it,
7:29 pm
and i don't want to dismiss anything about trump because we're all just squeamish about what he said and did, we get that, but here's the difference. nobody died because he said some really disgusting things. nobody lost a job over it. but with hillary clinton, four people are dead in benghazi. if she is president, abortion gets even easier, even partial-birth abortion funded by taxpayers. we have a national security problem. we have a situation where she, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the elitist of wall street, will do more damage to main street than already has been done. and just isn't much more than can be suffered there. lou: governor mike huckabee, as always, good to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. good to talk with you. lou: good to talk with you. up next, the first presidential debate handed hillary clinton a slight up bump in the national polls but the race hat been slipping away previously.
7:30 pm
can donald trump do something similar? can he regain his momentum tonight? we'll talk with ed rollins, randy evans, both who are expert at such analysis. savants i would say. they're with us next. we're coming to you live from washington university in st. louis, the site of the second presidential debate, now approaching an hour 1/2 away. stay with us. th ♪ because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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lou: well the start of the second presidential debate here in washington university in st. louis, now about an hour 1/2 away. cnn's anderson cooper and abc's martha raddatz moderating town hall-style debate, and some questions being raised about, well, bias if you will. the clinton global initiative previously listing cooper notable past member on its website. his politics not in much dispute president obama attendedded wedding of raddatz to julius genachowski so there is clear bias surrounding their roles tonight. joining me, randy evans, a member rnc rules committee. former senior advisor for newt gingrich campaign in 2012.
7:35 pm
great america pac strategist, fox news contributor, ed rollins. great to have you gentlemen with us. ed, let's begin with you. this is going to be a, well a dramatic moment that is going to last at least an hour 1/2 tonight. what do you expect, do you think that there will be balance on the part of these moderators? there hasn't been to this point. should we expect departure or different strategy on the part of trump himself. >> before we start i want to say, very fond memories of washington university. i spent three years of my life there, my young life. i was assistant vice chancellor of student affairs. i left there in june 1972. was a democrat i went there. went back to california and registered as a republican to work for richard nixon. lou: that may, that may for tell changes of alls here in the debate. >> buildings burnt down, rotc buildings, library, great institution.
7:36 pm
back to your question, the media is very biased. natural instinct. ever poll you ever see, eight out of 10, nine out of 10 reporters are, vote democrat. i'm not going to cast any aspersions or martha or anderson cooper. lou: they're not aspersions. they're fact. they're liberal, right? >> they're prejudiced. the key thing is not about them but donald trump's performance last night. donald trump has to basically start, not being on the defensive even though he has a lot to be on defensive this past week and 10 days, certainly after friday. he has to put forth his case and why he is a better leader to take this country in a different place. he probably has to answer the first question doing maya -- mea culpa, apologize for activity last week and go on. lou: ed, you have to be saying somebody he is never been before. you're talking about a pretty dull fellow after he gets through the apology and mea culpa. you don't really think that will work, do you? >> i think it will help him
7:37 pm
immeasurably. ought to see his running mate mike pence had superb debate and lot was performance as much as substance. trump basically is salesman. he always has been a salesman and marketeer. he has 30 days to sell his case why he is the better president and he will start tonight. lou: randy, your thoughts? >> well my thoughts are, we've got to get away from this fundamental misunderstanding about the role of being a president. this idea that offensive words a decade ago somehow going to dictate the modicum, could you even imagine margaret thatcher spending 10 seconds on what winston churchill may have said in locker room a decade ago, golda meier whenwhat her opponents said about her religion. the media is making this central issue, the truth the president gets attacked every single day, and kind of attacks they have
7:38 pm
pales in comparison what goes on, level of viciousness. so the mere suggestion thatmeho- lou: the viciousness, most of that viciousness, randy, is coming from the republican establishment. i mean, my god it is breathtaking what -- he, donald trump is not only contending against the national liberal media, hillary clinton, the clinton cartel, the clinton campaign, but the republican establish mane, my gosh, the mormon mafia and, you throw whoever you want in there, attacking him. the american people working men and women, the people who are voting are watching this campaign play out in dramatic terms. they're watching this as, real terms a fight between the establishment and those who actually give a damn about our middle class and working men and women and their families. >> well, just proves how little they know about just how hard the job is. the job isn't about insults, lewd behavior, things that happened decades ago, it is
7:39 pm
about problems we have to deal with today. trust me, every time you try to take on the liberal elite, they are going to fight back, they're going to fight back viciously. every time you push back, it will be victimhood. why i say true leaders, regardless of gender, don't hide behind it margaret thatcher would have swept this off, let me tell you how -- lou: translate that into hillary clinton and donald trump tonight. i got golda, and margaret thatcher, who i knew for a long time and very much respect. she would have slapped people silly. i don't know these two candidates have her rhetorical profession. >> republican establishment did not want donald trump from get go. beat republican establishment. beat 16 candidates. it has not been comfortable marriage.
7:40 pm
any bump along the road or he made a few mistakes here and there caused them deep disturbance. randy, you're critical member about committee, the critical thing, this committee and republicans have to behind this president. we have to get 93% or 94% of the republican vote. can't lose anybody. we need the money that the national committee put in there bit trump supporters, basically finish the mission. lou: randy, got to roll. randy, your answer to what ed's saying. is the republican national committee going to support the nominee? >> absolutely. there is no movement afoot whatsoever to republican national committee to invoke any rule, rule nine or rule 12. lou: no suspension of funding to the trump campaign? >> no. the because the field ground operation helps all candidates, not just donald trump. it helps portman win, rubio win. none of that is going on. lou: bold support of the rnc? >> they have a field operation that is designed to help every republican candidate including donald trump.
7:41 pm
lou: just asking a simple question, randy, full support of the nominee? >> full support of the nominee. lou: thank you, sir. ed rollins, thank you. appreciate it, gentlemen. take care. thanks, randy. hillary clinton has a lot of explaining to do as well tonight. leaked emails show her embracing free trade and open borders as she says. she is against the tpp. will the republican nominee shift the conversation, the debate to her statements that she has private positions and public positions? trump advisor, omarosa joins us next. we're coming here live from st. louis. you're getting the sense this could be a volatile, exciting, interesting evening. the second presidential debate awaits us. stay with us. we're coming right back with much, much more. if you're taking prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath.
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lou: donald trump just moments ago holding a press event with women who have accused former president bill clinton of sexual molestation and assault. paula jones, kathleen willey,
7:46 pm
juanita broderick. this happened moments ago. he called women courageous. this is giving us some suggestion direction tonight's debate is going to go. we're coming to you live from washington university, in st. louis for the second presidential debate. as you see, it is promising to be quite historic occasion. senator ted cruz today questioned nbc's timing of these trump tapes release. he called it another example of liberal media bias, tweeting this. quote, nbc had tape 11 years. "the apprentice" producer says they have more and worse. why not release it in 2015, in march? why wait until october? #mainstream media bias. joining me trump campaign senior advisor for african-american outreach, omaha rose can manigal. she has known donald trump for
7:47 pm
13 years. appeared in fact on the first season of apprentice. great to have you here. >> hi, lou. lou: we knew the debate would be dramatic. to have this iaea vent occur less than an hour 1/2 ago with these accusers. bill clinton says, well, a softball evening. >> well, nor should it be. they call it an october surprise. for a reason and the clintons every day release some kind of garbage, some way to kind of throw off the american people from the fact that she doesn't have a really clear passion for the american people but she is just out for herself or her wall street friends and you know, the wall street people who she has been addressing and talking one way with, and talking to the american people another way, it is all going to come out but you know, october surprises go two-ways. as you can see with this presser.
7:48 pm
lou: well in this instance, two-ways and we also of course, it is interesting, listening to the mainstream liberal media this weekend, would you have thought only donald trump had a problem because the mainstream media largely dismissing the wikileaks document dump that absolutely raised questions about the democratic nominee's integrity, a public position, a private position, and as she put it. her support of free trade, as she says. she is against tpp. >> open borders. lou: open borders. >> talking about african-americans. about muslims. it is all in there. lou: your reaction to, to the wikileaks dump and how important it should be in this debate, not how important it may be because we have two very liberal moderators. we've seen what happens with moderators and in two previous debates. >> shows you can't trust her. she is two-faced. she is a two-faced terror. you don't know which one of her is going to show up tonight. whether one speaking to wall street, talking about she wants open borders and she has
7:49 pm
to have public position and private position or one that will come and say oh, he is being too aggressive or donald trump is a bully. you don't know. because you don't know, you don't know what you're going to get if she makes her way to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. lou: with her would go the former president, we're seeing now protesters yelling out bill clinton is rapist. these women are bringing their stories to the forefront. liberal mainstream media has been absolutely indifferent to their stories and in its coverage of their charges against the former president. her role as his wife and, various charges that accompany her, some say is persecution of several of these women. we are watching a liberal media that is being foisted, in large measure, has the potential to be
7:50 pm
foisted on their own pitard tonight, dealing with salacious charges against donald trump and bill clinton. >> here is the thing, lou. the american public, they are so smart and they are so intuitive. they know when someone is selling them some bs. they know she can't be trusted. i saw a poll you put up about the odds against donald trump and that means that people are betting against donald trump but they're also betting against the american people who believe that he can make a change. and they're going to show up and they're going to push back. lou: omarosa, we know you will every time. >> every time. lou: good to have you with us. donald trump doing so. yet to be heard from. hillary clinton, we will, up next, supporters of donald trump are standing by him. evangelicals strong. they say it's the republican leadership that deserves to be shamed. joining us, lee carter and guy benson next. we're in washington university, right here in st. louis. counting down to the second presidential debate. do you think this is going to be an exciting night in
7:51 pm
presidential politics? >> absolutely. lou: i think you're right. i think you're right. you're looking at the debate arena. an arena it is. what powers the digital world? communication.
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lou: joining me now, political editor, fox news contributor guy benson. guy, great to have you on the show. and lee carter, i'm talking fast
7:55 pm
because we've got a lot to get in. we have just seen donald trump at a press event with many of the accusers, the women who say that bill clinton molested them this some way, in some cases assaulted them. this means, i would think, lee, that we're not going to see -- i think we may see a contrite and a apologetic trump, but we're going to see a fierce donald trump. >> i think that he's going to go out swinging right now. look, there's no question if this is his strategy, he's going in there and saying, look, we're flawed. we're flawed people. he can admit he's imperfect, but look, i'm not the only one here. i think he has to come across contrite and humble, but at the same time, he can point out there's more than one candidate that is flawed. lou: and in real trouble. guy, your thoughts? >> i think there are two things. first, he has to tread carefully. i think bill clinton's history is relevant in this campaign, especially since hillary clinton
7:56 pm
has made trump's treatment of women a centerpiece of her attacks existence him. part of it has to be not just bill clinton though, but mrs. clinton's aiding and abetting this process of smearing bill's accusers consistently, and that's a needle that he has to thread and drive home. not about the sins l exclusively, it's about mrs. clinton going to war and sliming these people in realtime as she has for many years to save her husband's political career. lou: let me ask you both, why has the liberal mainstream media refused to el these women's stories -- to tell these women's stories? we're talking 16 years. >> i can't imagine -- lou: it's insane. >> there's definitely one side to the story right now, and it's to paint how bad is donald trump. st unfortunate because there's a lot of stories -- lou: there's one story that follows what you're saying and, guy, see if you agree with me. how bad is the mainstream liberal needed ya that they
7:57 pm
select truth -- media that they select truth and refuse to hold accountable their favored ideological travelers when they're even facing these kind of charges from these women? >> yeah. lou: i mean, it's a history for bill clinton. >> there is. and is, again, it goes to how hillary clinton was involved in the damage control when all of this stuff played out. and what the mainstream media would say is, oh, this is old news. but it's fascinate, lou, looking at my twitter feed right now before we came on the air, the number of people in the liberal media who are aghast that donald trump would meet with these women, are they that upset about the allegations that they have consistently made about bill clinton? i thought hillary clinton said we ought to believe every accuser? lou: isn't it interesting that the mainstream liberal media can differentiate on the basis of the age of the news event when it is bill clinton. that's old news. when it's 11 years ago for donald trump, well, that is new.
7:58 pm
you know, that is preposterous. the hypocrisy of it all, the poisonous to nature of it all for the american public. we're watching, by the way, i truly believe, lee, guy, as well, we're watching a liberal media that's trying, it's being forced to grow up. they're using dirty words, they're coming to terms with the fact that not a word on drudge -- by the way, a book that contained those words 50 years ago in this country would have been banned in every classroom, every library. that says more about our society than it does donald trump. we've got to see some people grow up and start being honest in this liberal media. it's preposterous. >> and i think we need to start focusing on issues that are most important. we have two flawed candidates. nobody expected donald trump to be a perfect candidate. nobody expected him to have a perfect track record with women. these are things that we knew. the bottom line that people need to be asking themselves is who am i going to forgive, and who's going to make life better for me? lou: yeah, and who in the world,
7:59 pm
guy, would want a candidate who admits that she has a public position -- well, doesn't admit it, acknowledges to her donors on wall street that she has a public position and a private position, that she is for free trade in private with wall street but is against it on the tpp? i mean, this is -- this goes to her -- you talk about a character issue, this is true, relevant, current -- >> right. lou: -- question. >> yeah. and donald trump -- lou: what do you think? >> what donald trump said in that audiotape is terrible. there's a reason why he's apologized, why his wife denounced it. he should be candid and, again, very sorry at the beginning of this debate, but there is so much material to come after hillary clinton on including on some of the specifics and actual issues that you just raised. before i came on the air, lou -- lou: guy, i've got to, i've got to cut it. we're out of time. >> all right. lou: guy benson, a lot to talk about tonight, and we'll get to it tonight, for sure.
8:00 pm
guy benson, thanks very much, and lee carter, thank you. >> thank you. lou: stay tuned for our special coverage of this second presidential debate. it is going to be historic, it's going to be, i am sure, epic. neil cavuto takes us there next. ♪ ♪ >> this is fox business network coverage of the second presidential debate live from washington university in st. louis. here is neil cavuto. neil: all right. welcome, everybody. well, donald trump has just deployed the nuclear option, what some people said was not in the makings has, indeed, just happened. minutes ago donald trump at a table with paula jones and juanita broaddrick and blasts from the past that seemed to say i might say offensive things, that is donald trump, these people have witnessed bill clinton doing far more offensive things.


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