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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> do you understand that. >> i didn't say that, i don't think you understood what was said, this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of this. i apologize to my family and american people, i am not proud of it, this is locker room talk. we have a world where you have isis chopping off heads. can you imagine the people that are doing so well against us, with isis. and they look at our country, they see what is going on. i am embarrassed by it, i mate iti hate it, it is locker
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room talk, it is one of those things. neil: donald trump responding to that 11-year-old videotape. we should let you know as the clinton family leaves, they are all getting into the same suv. but you might have heard in back of me, a little bit of uproar. some of the so-called clinton accusers, including jua juanita broderick. and paula jones, seen talking to reporters in scrum. their presence was to sort of take heat off of the tape. if will goal was not to make 90 minutes talking about
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donald trump, what he said about women 11 years ago, he did do that i can't say that for sure, i know all your were invited. all 4 of the accusers were allowed to sit in watch debate, they were meant to unnerve mill clinton that appeared to do the trick, they were walking in bill clinton appeared agitated. that i was a sudden development. party leader, region -- he councils in an unofficial way, donald trump on issues. when i was chatting with him yesterday, he said. stick to the issues that matter to you issue he pounded them, i don't know where invite could these other women fit into that. but it did take the argument
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quickly off of the harassment issues and what he said about women 11 years ago. what do you make of it? >> look, first 10 or 15 minutes was difficult to watch, there was a race to the bottom going on. i guess in the end, they canceled each other out with a draw, important thing. is that very quickly, the debate did nov on from that. and did move on from that, we did talk about policy. i thought when trump was talking about security, world about america's place, frankly, i thought he dominated that debate. so much so, that hillary clinton never really got going tonight at all. neil: now, much has been made by -- particularly women, but, i don't top disregard it. a lot of women e-mailing on particular sites, saying that he was menacing, never
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sitting, and they found that offensive. >> oh. >> it kept coming up what do you make of that. >> i mean,l leahy he is a silver-back gorilla isn't he. there are good things that go with that and bad. the fact that he prowls the room the way he did, that are not designed to be intimidation. only time was a shock she walked in other side of room and stood in front of him, i don't buy into that. neil: what happens now. knee-jerk right now, many saying, he won that is don to know won this debate. -- donald trump was on his debate. he was much more on his game than last debate. these things sort out in next 24 hours, maybe people feel different. but my own self, i thought he
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lost first debate, and i thought he had edge in this one, he stuck to his issues. relentlessly so. that is what added pressure on las vegas and final debate. >> when trump -- that debate last time it is first time he had done something like that. against an opposition party leader. i remember my first big debate, how nervous i felt. what you saw tonight, you know was a guy who has done a lot of reality tv over the years, he is comfortable with cameras, and funny, he got a laugh, i think how going into that las vegas, psychologically, trump now has i believe quite a big edge. neil: what do you think, nigel, of the republicans that left him, and seeing hearing
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this tape, 11 years old though it is, who could not support him, did he stop that? or did he just temporarily pause it? your thought? >> sometimes in life when the going get tough, people who call themselves colleagues head for the hills. i had it happen to me once or twice this happened to trump over last 48 hours. i think one or two of those individuals will now be feeling perhaps a little bit silly. because perhaps gross, ugly, though the come comments were we saw tonight someone that dominated that set, would have reached out to a lot of people could. and given impression he is kind of guy that could be in charge. that could be the governor, and -- might be feeling a little bit silly. neil: you know, you raise a good point. not many people were talking about what he said on tape 11 years ago tonight.
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they are not talking about it right now. maybe, to your point he at lift changed context of the debate we'll see how long that lasts, nigel forage thank you. >> thank you. neil: connel, i think, that is an important point to hit on. whether people like or dislike donald trump or hillary clinton. he -- they are not talking so much about that tape from 11 years ago. they are talking about issues raised much cynically a lot of folks do not think those issues would get a chance to air with the soap oprah before the debate -- soap opera before the debate. reporter: i think a lot of people were surprised with how quickly that issue was taken care of and out of the ways. a lot of social media react. start with donald trump's running mate, from governor mike pence, given questions that were raised before. about congratulation to my
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running mate on a big debate win. proud to stand with you as we #maa ga, make america great again. he will be back at it. looking at twitter itself, what other people are talking about, we know what we're talking. we do have, what once was most tweeted debate of all-time. topic in the debate. trump disagreed with mike pen opence on syria. number two. trump a back and forth about who would speak, said she is a gentleman. and three, trump early on said that hillary clinton would be in jail if he wor were the president. now, from other officials
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there seems to be a story taking shape. you may hear more in spin room. complaining about interception from moderators. saying, as of 9:50, moderator have interrupted trump 14 times, clinton just three. jason with trump campaign, said something to donald trump himself, said during, three on one, that seems fair to me. sarcasm there. and response from time clinton from her running mate, look at what tim kaine tweeted, trump keeps whining to moderators about how much time he getting on his answers, thin-skin. and nile as i go back, what governor scott walker said, to us, what we were missing, funny. looks like he may not are been watch, touchdown packers. said governor walker.
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go you go. neil: that was playing on nbc. which could limit identify all audience -- limit the identify all audience, i thank you collin, kennedy in the scrum right now with a clinton accuser who was a guest kennedy. kennedy: juanita broderick, kathline willie, and paula jones issue they came ou jones. hshe lift, we're lifted, we're trying to get a question in to kathline will. we have several questions to ask. what is it like being in same room with bill clinton, and whether she feels prop or pawn. >> we're on live with neil cavuto, what it is like being in same room with bill clinton.
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>> not easy. kennedy: how closer you with some other women part of the press conference. >> juan eat appalla and i are close, i just mit met kathy, i have gotten to know all women who were assaulted and almost raped and raped by bill clinton, they are still atrade to come forward. kennedy: how important is it to you to be a part of this election? >> i came here for one reason. one reason, is to point out, that these are not infe fell -- infidelities, sexual assault, rape, and sexual harassment are crimes and felonies, hillary clinton is a fake feminist.
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a champion of women does not attack victims of sexual assault and rape. kennedy: what do you think of people saying this is olds. >> >> i don't think it is old news, maybe he his affairs are -- are old news. but i don't think this is old news, these are important issues, these are women's issues today. younger women, millennials are paying a whole lot more -- than they did before when i was growing up, when i was young, it was men will be men, deal with it young women today don't put up with it a lot of them do not -- were too young -- not yet born when all this happened. i think this is special they hear these stories. kennedy: now scrum will takeover with their barrage of questions for miss willie. neil: amazing thank you kennedy. whatever you think of that, it was sort of a counter move on part of donald trump to
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address all controversy that erupted, since revelation of this tape. 11 years old, he said, to putt -- put it mildly dispar disparaging things about women, he later apologize apologized. what could have beena kno an issue that dominate is this debate, did not with this counter checkpoint of donald trump to bring the clinton accusers into the room, have them sit in, unnerve the clintons with no advance warnings on them.
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a lot of people look at this, on inviting these clinton accusers, say, bad move, some not do that at a debate. what do you think? >> a little bit like high school with an ecasion they cancel each other out. neil: i think that was goal. get back to the policy. get back to what is going on. >> and i think he hit all of those different things. her record for 30 years. i thought she had a good debate too. she was on message for most. neil: they were both on message. you can agree or disagree with style. >> this is why i think he did win, a level about him you have to admire, not a programming, they asked him about what he liked about her, he said she is a fighter, not a good mother, that. -- like that interview question, what is your weakness. neil: i never had one. >>, not that is why you are
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super star. i want to clear something up, he said during debate about a -- he did not talk to governor pence that was a misstatement, you will hear a response he talks to governor pence all of the time, he is super happy with the debate. it was related -- one issue. neil: tweeted something i think. >> i saw that. neil: but we did not hear prior to that, it raised issues it pence like a lot of establishment republicans who back off. >> he all in. neil: that is the case. >> 100%. i just got off myself messaging before i got on her -- got on here with marty. it very clear they are super tight, he is a stupor loyal guy. neil: what about the other republicans or -- they saw this. >> unfortunate. neil: a lot from john mccain and others who are never use
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fans, said we can't support him. we should find another nominee. >> that is what politicians do. a lack of jellyfish substance there should be a spine. >> do you think he arrested that party revolt. >> i hope so. it will be a tit-for-tat on those things. he probably is right on policy, i think he is. if you can get that quadratic equeae equation to cancel itself out, i think he wins the election. neil: we'll see. again, these are hard to tell, as an to bey said. -- anthony said that is news that if there was any talk that governor pence, was going to leave, and sca scott walker with the comment on packers game was that necessary. >> i don't think it was rally
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necessary, let's bring it back together. a big election to win. neil: there was a debate. on fox, what the heck are you doing? i can give you the score. all right, whatever. dr. ben carson coming up. staying loyal to donald trump through all of this, he has a couple of things he wants to get off of his shif chest about republicans bolting after this. >> it is good that someone with temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work
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>> just for record though, are you saying what you said on bus 11 years ago, you did not kiss women without concept or grope women without consent. >> i have great respect for women. >> are you saying. >> you hear these things they are said. i was embarrassed by it, i have tremendous respect for women, women have respect for me. >> have you ever done. >> i have not.. neil: that was it. donald trump apologizing for the tape to came to let from 11 years ago. he apologized to his family, and his wife. moving on, he brought 4 of bill and hillary accusers, maybe to zero this out, allow him to get on to other issues, which he did.
11:22 pm
dr. ben carson on that strategy. with us right now. one of nicest people in politics. doctor, i do think there was a strategy to this, you are the expert, this neutralize that argument and allowed him to move on to these other issues. some are going to say in press . veryy tacky to did mr. trump, dr. carson says. >> a lot of people wanted him to lay down, and not fight back, surrender. he is not going to do that. it was important to bring them women out, here, so you could have leverage, saying i can push just as hard as you can.
11:23 pm
he really wants to talk about the issues. there is no way that hillary clinton, come up with anything that makes sense on how she will revive the economy. there no way she has anything to say about jobs. her tax proposals are absurd. regulations, what is she doing about immigration? she condition arg you on those -- she can't arg yo you on those, i would do the same thing. >> are aware of noise prior to tonight. all of these republicans saying, you got to go, donald trump. many of them saying, up to 24 now, who are arguing we need a new nominee. >> i think that demonstrates they probably are being affected a little bit by the media. media is very powerful. neil: the comments are powerful? >> they were, and they were wrong.
11:24 pm
neil: were you offended. >> i would not engage in that kind of banter. neil: he called it locker room, a lot of guys use that. >> i have heard much worse than that in a locker room. neil: really? >> much worse. neil: really. >> much worse. neil: what locker rooms are you hanging out. >> people trying to magnify how macho they are. neil: another neurosurgeons. >> not neurosurgeons, remember, i grew up in detroit in a rough area. and by same token, this was done at a time in his life, when he was sort of a billionaire playboy. playboy. >> different from -- all over the country talking to people. neil: we can go back and forth on this. to your point. it did neutralize this argument. will it neutralize returns
11:25 pm
saying you sound awful here, you sound like a sexist pig, how do you prepare donald trump to deal with that. >> there will be other stuff, they knew about this particular tape for a long time. they brought it out strategically. neil: do you know this. >> there will be more stuff. there modus op rand us. only way they can win to keep focus on donald trump. neil: let's say we get a new batch, then again we don't know but, i heard rumors too. ahead of la lag debate, what show we do. >> he should begin to prepare the people. and say, i have not throughout my life not been running for pope. there is a lot of things that i did, that are probably not a
11:26 pm
pope yeah, the, but i had a -- appropriate, but i have a moment where i realize that skills and experience that i have, could potentially be helpful for this country. i am changed, i am focused on making america great again. neil: do you think he would have more success getting that message to men and whatever you say, it stops? >> well he -- i think a lot of women are offended, they should be. a lot of men should be. everybody should be by what was done 11 years ago that was wrong. but, i think a lot of people are offended by mary magdalene in the bible, they were ready to stone her. ana weisman wh a wise man, who was jesus came along and
11:27 pm
said let him without sin cast the first stone. kennedy: anstone. >> and the same thing with alec ange alec alec -- he said i did it. neil: i saw that. it comes up, people say what else. >> people need to say, what happens in we continue with the accumulation of national debt. and what happens, if we continue not to develop all of our people we have to compete with china. what happen if we bring in people who are infiltrated by terrorists who want to destroy us. neil: in other words get back to issues that matter. >> if we're smart, and i believe in the american people, i do believe when push comes to shove, that's will be sable tbe able to see through this.
11:28 pm
neil: have you been recruited to win these nervous republican vote back or evangelicals. >> i talk to all kinds of people. neil: like who. drop a name. >> this friday, where were we? so many different places. but we were speaking to a conservative group in texas. yesterday, i was out in california. with five. neil: trying to win these people over. >> yeah. neil: do you think after tonight you will have an easier time. >> i do believe so, i think he prosecuted his case very well. neil: better than first. >> much better. neil: one and one. >> 30 wil 33rd -- and the third will be better. neil: they have great breakfast buffetts there, not that i can have them any more.
11:29 pm
>> they are cheap. neil: thank you dr. ben carson. we have more coming up from spin room, i've side will spin it for their candidates, beforehand they say other guy is favored to do well, our candidate is pathetic will be out classed. afterwards they come back to say, we're pure geniuses. it is on. hashtag stuffy nose. hashtag no sleep. hashtag mouthbreather. just put on a breathe right strip. it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. a used car, truck, suv.
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neil: you get a subpoenaa, after that. you delete 33,000 e-mails, you avid watch them or bleach them, we'll get a -- prosecutor, we're going to look into it people's lives have been destroyed for boeing ondoing one fifth of you have done, it is a disgrace, you ought to be ashamed. neil: all right that went well. i am telling you it was pay-per-view events. rudy guliani joining us, a big backer of donald trump. unlike a lot of people getting weak kneed. with video of 11 years old, mayor stuck by donald trump. and had choice comments over republicans who are bolting, he was on virtually every single sunday morning show,
11:34 pm
including all cartoons, that is unusual, i did not know they had a political bench. good to see you. first off, donald trump today, on how he handled himself verse last debate. >> he won hands down tonight, when msnbc says it was a draw, we won by a knock out. neil: is what what they said. >> that was key moment, for me. he laid out was she destroyed 33,000 e-mails after getting a federal subpoena. that is a federal crime. this is 33,000 federal crimes. she had no answer for it. if you lessen, it was gobbledygook. bobbitty boobitty boop there neil: would you want --
11:35 pm
>> i think that everyone violates the law should be handled the same way. the clintons have gotten away, i'm not going to say murder, but just about everything else. rape, attacking rape victims, taking advantage of interns, lying. under oath. neil: he is not bs-ing thing, you would pursue that. >> whole clinton foundation investigation has not even been done yet. let's talk one easy thing to understand. she said she did not understand that the c, on a sensitive government document meant confidential. if she did not understand that, and she is our secretary of state, she is either too student stupid to be secretary of state or lying. i was -- first, you know c was
11:36 pm
confidential. neil: do you think she did better or he did better here. >> i would say he dominated this debate, she responded to him. neil: let's talk about what at stake, with all reports if people were offended by this videotape that came out on november of 11 years ago there will be thors, that might be drama ahead of next debate. if. >> is the case, we don't know, how should he respond. >> first of all, i don't know what is going to happen, there could be e-mails, that whole tape thing dwarfs the wikileak e-mail with tha abraham lincoln thing it is a bunch of you know what. i read th transcripts. >> let's listen this. >> she got caught in a lie,
11:37 pm
her papers withi going out to her friends, she said things that wikileaks just came out, shshe lied, now she is blaming the lie on the late great be abraham lincoln. honest abe never lied. that is the difference between honest b abe and you. neil: it is -- >> there was nothing in the wikileak document suggesting any reverend to lincoln, she says, this is what i really believe she said to goldman sachs for $200,000 they are paying her, i have to say different thin things to beat
11:38 pm
bernie sanders, i say different things in public than in private, that is called lying. neil: you hear that, and she tries to assure bankers, she meets with them, i am -- >> you could keep you're carried interest, she never answered that. neil: did he address whole tax situation. >> he did. >> after this audit is done. >> release the tax returns. i can gleam more information from his financial disclosure, than you will be able to get out of his tax return. neil: this is first time i heard him say in public venue that, suspicion he did not pay taxes is a large loss for many years were accurate. it is legal. >> he said -- he said he paid taxes, hundreds of millions, he said he took advantage of the law. neil: and all that. >> he could have made that up in one year.
11:39 pm
neil: hillary, and campaign right now -- she is responding post debate to questions. >> were you surprise snrd we'll taksurprised. >> we're going to take off. >> were you surprised by that. >> nothing surprises me about him. really, dan. i was surprised by the avalanche of falsehoods, i really. find i it almost unimagine able that someone can stand and tell falsehood after a falfalsehood. do you remember littl he was the most untruthful candidate, about 70%. i think he exceeded that tonight. >> how did president clinton
11:40 pm
feel after that. that. neil: hillary clinton did not think that donald trump won the debate. i don't know, you heard the tail end, she was talking about truth fullness -- truthfulness. back with me mayor guliani. donald trump was aggressive tonight. how do you think it worked to win over john mccain and others who said we can't support him, we should look for another nominee. >> you don't bother. he gave a great performance tonight. he dominated. that is person i would rather have as my president protecting me. neil: too you think he stopped that bloodletting. >> i believe, at a is time in which we're undergoing -- largest increase in murder in 41 years, we're undergoing more islammic terrorist attacks in last 9 months than any other time. neil: how did he answer that question to the muslim woman
11:41 pm
did he answer? >> honestly, he did not pander to her like hillary did, hillary pandered to her. he told the truth, there is -- we need the honest muslims to turn in people who are criminals, i would have said the same thing with mafia. you. i would say, i am offended by accusation of mafia, i would have say, you should turn them in. hey kill people, i thought he gave an honest answer, the kind of answer i want out of a strong leader, she pandered to her. i thought she was going to get down on her knees, come on. this is difference between. a person, who can handle a country that right new is in fear, a strong leader, and a woman who is serial liar who belongings in prison. neil: you better get that
11:42 pm
message out to the republicans. >> i am getting on it. >> you think that starts. >> i think stops tonight, democrats don't top put a serial liar in the white house, that woman, in martha stewart went to jail, she comb itecommitted considerably more lies to the fbi than martha stewart by factor of 30. neil: and bringing the 4 accusers of the women into the room was that a good idea. >> absolutely, shook the heck out of her, they called. debate commission,er, said don't put them in the first row. neil: really. >> absolutely. neil: he did look serious. >> maybe he should have gone over and ac apologized too them. neil: well, we have a lot
11:43 pm
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>> look at wikileaks, see what they said about bernie sanders, she is deborah wassermann schultz had in mind, because bernie sanders, between superdelegates and deborah wassermann schultz never had a chance. neil: i don't know if that was donald trump's way of win over bernie sanders supporters who might still be disgruntled over that campaign, jeff is here to announce he supporting
11:47 pm
donald trump. trump. [ laughter ] that not true? >> no. >> i have to get my notes up to sink. >> look at the teleprompter. neil: what do you think? >> i think he will fall on deaf ears, if you look at donald trump stands for and bernie sanders stands for, there could not be two candidates who were more on opposite ends of the spectrum. he wants to continue mining coal, not dealing with climate change, and dismantle opponent care. neil: you mentioned bank stuff, your candidate was big. now we're getting word, through some leaks, she said what you thought she might
11:48 pm
have said. that she behind closed-door with them was supportive of them, not at all like what she was in the debates. >> well, look, where we are right now, two candidates, one will be president. hillary clinton or donald trump, hillary clinton is far superior, on record, highly publicized presidential race, on record supporting move progressive democratic platform. you know she has -- >> do you believe that, do you think she will stick to it. >> i think she has to. neil: many don't. >> right, but you know given highwahow invested she is, they will help her win presidency, she will have little choice but to stick with them. neil: do you know, bernie sanders when he hears this stuff, and what she said to donors in february about his supporters. baristas in parent's basement did that tick you off? >> taken in best possible
11:49 pm
light, she was talking about frustration that many young people feel, at lax of good jobs. neil: right. when you hear that. and you hear what she said, and it confirms the worst suspicions some sanders supporters had about her, what she felt about them, no grudge. >> it is not about a grudge, it is about moving the country forward, hillary clinton or donald trump, donald trump would be a disaster. neil: if hillary clinton loses would bernie sanders run again. >> i don't know. neil: are you done advising campaigns now. >> i am never done. neil: there you go. bernie sanders campaign manager, a gentleman throughout the process, a rare breed, left or right. >> thank you, neil. neil: i mentioned go governor pence was quiet, they had a nice postdebate phone call.
11:50 pm
but, it would be first time since a lot of old dust up erupted i've the tape . republican colleagues who wanted to find an alternative to donald trump after the emergences of this tape. >> look, i think trump had a very good night tonight, a dram at beli better night than first debate. for those who tuned in to see whether or not he would survive, almost impossible to argue he did not do well
11:51 pm
enough to survive. for all practical purposes there will be no dump trump movements. always a fantasy, fanned on by elite media. neil: there were a lot of names. you know john mccain. and senator -- >> many of them not big fans anyway. but this move you think that is you don't think it gets any bigger. >> i think first of all there is no product cal practical legal way to change of head of the ticket ino, you already have over 2 million ballots out in florida alone, and state after state sending out ballots, as a practical matter, donald trump is the republican nominee, the donald trump tonight gave a solid performance, in some ways she started low key, he had to go through a period of
11:52 pm
apologizes, he did it in the right way, she showed he was fully prepare, better then first debate to slug it out. he gave better than he got. her case, got weaker the longer the evening went on. i think of this a good night for trump. should satisfy most republicans, that he i think will satisfy a lot of independents, particularly as we shift toward wikileaks and things she said in secret speeches. neil: all right. newt gingrich, always a pleasure thank you, my friend. >> good. neil: all right, collin and trish with us. connel, many will be scoring this thought, all sorts of ways, but most of what you -- now one and one battle two debating down could i don't know if that will hold true, in next 24 hours, but that
11:53 pm
puts added pressure on both candidates for october 19 in las vegas. >> that means we all get to go to las vegas. a lot of people are looking at , within an hour of debate to watch story lines take shape, and remember that conversation that we're having before, suddenly so much different than after, but before so important that donald trump was in a lot of trouble coming into this debate. now you have this story line, in particular among his supporters, newt gingrich is fairly measures in his reaction, putting it that he did better, maybe well enough that he keeping had race going, and keep its interesting. and hillary clinton was not able to deliver the quote unquote knock out blow. neil: if that is case trish regan, he might have to wait until las vegas, big issue did he make any ep roads with -- inroads with women who were turned off by comment over a decade old. >> i think that is hard, he
11:54 pm
has a very steep hill to climb right now. okay, i get it locker room talk, and he reverended that. it is for women that care about, the economic issues taxes, for example, jobs, the outsourcing of america, these i think they are going to be willing to overlook wh some of his locker room talk, a lot of women are voting on emotion, when emotion gets wrapped up, they say, i don't know if i can trust this guy. because i don't trust rhetoric comes out of his mouth. he is going to continue to have a hard time with independent women, this is why it is so critical, he did a good job tonight, he needs to continue in las vegas, he needed to pivot back to the issue, that is what women will care about, if he can get them there. otherwise just my gosh did you hear what he said?
11:55 pm
neil: you know, connel, you requestk look at this -- you can look at this, then come to conclusion we was able to put to bed this issue, about does he do to counter that. reporter: that was a big fear, today, that there is more to come, and more of the tapes. coming out. neil: yeah, that is a suspicion. reporter: we don't know, a lot would depend on what is on the tape. but idea of how far it went, i think surprised a lot of people, i don't think we know until we get it. you know, so. neil:io don' i don't know. kennedy your thought on what happens now? kennedy: las vegas debate, i mean that is the super bought. the thriller in manila. that is the flegas in vegas if
11:56 pm
you will. it i is 1:45 at the bar which closes at 2, you have a lot of hangers on. neil: they are not done. >> the bottom of the barrel. neil: all right. thank you kennedy. i want to thank trish and connel, we're not done, this was a rubber match here, we'll complete, all eyes on vegas, then you can say that this is following a theme we've seen in prior years. one and one, now what? one and one, now what? donald trump, pulled this out. now what does he do in vegas? we'll see. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work
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