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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  October 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> there's never been so many lies, so much deception. there has never been anything like it and we are going to have a special prosecutor. >> i never questioned their faith is to serve. donald trump is different. lauren: a slugfest in same usb at the second presidential debate gets per most donald trump hammers hillary clinton on her e-mails and downplays his remarks about women in a raucous debate. we will have the highlights and a look at who won the debate. i am lauren simonetti. nicole: good morning.
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i am nicole petallides. let's check in u.s. stock market futures. reduces them that there is. temperatures of 30, markets in tokyo and hong kong are closed for holiday. lauren: oil prices going three and a quarter% and a mere 50 bucks a barrel rate at just below $49.49 a barrel. nicole: and a germanic escalation, iranian troop raffles fired two missiles at the destroyer off the coast of yemen. both missiles miss the shed. lauren: north carolina 18 people dead and the united states from that. samsung also production methods galaxy note seven smartphone following report that new versions of the galaxy are also catching fire. >> toronto blue jays swung the texas blue jays and take down the dodgers to even their series
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in the national league. in football, the green bay packers and eli manning and the new york giants derek third straight loss. 5:01 a.m. in new york monday to return. we welcome you to your first look at today's markets, latest freakiness in what to expect that ahead. >> donald trump and hillary clinton exchanging sharp attacks enmeshed presidential debate all started with the two candidates not shaking hands at stick it to the town hall debate. >> the debate came two days after audio and video restaurant made the remarks about women and mechanics release the excerpts of clinton's wall street speech. here are the highlights from last night's clash. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it.
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i was embarrassed by it, but i have tremendous respect for women. and women have respect for me. >> he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it is clear to anyone who heardt that it reesents exactly who he is. >> mr. trump, i want to get to audience questions it on my questions. >> she's a lot to do but i'm not allowed to respond. >> you can right now. >> oakland, far worse. and worse. my robertson has this action. there's never been anyone in the history of politics in this nation has been so abusive to women. >> when i hear something like that i'm reminded for a friend, michelle obama is to sell. when they go well, you go high. >> when you talk about apology, the one you should be
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apologizing for everything you should be apologizing for either 33,000 e-mails that you deleted invite you acid wash. i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies. >> everything he just said is absolutely false but i'm not surprised. it's awfully good as someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail? >> there's no evidence in the classified information ended up in the wrong hands. >> and yet, she didn't know the word or letter c. in a document. >> it's just not true. the personal e-mails, not official. returned over 35,000. >> can carpool with that? health care.
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>> where she bringing the e-mails? it hasn't been finished at all. >> 193. we have a divided nation. she has tremendous hate in her heart. when she said deplorable is, she meant it. >> he lives in an alternative reality and it is amusing to hear somebody who hasn't paid the girl income taxes in 20 years talking what is going to do. >> "born bright: a young girl's journey from nothing to something in america" masculine isis, russia is killing myself and those three have lined up because of our weak foreign policy. she doesn't quit, she doesn't give a. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she is a fighter. >> trump is scheduled to -- lauren: so who was the overall winner last night second
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presidential debate? gop strategists who worked on the mccain pail and campaign joining us from washington right here in our studio is democratic strategist. we are saying good morning to both of you. it was an exciting debate. who do you think won? >> was a fire rocketing down right ugly debate at time. particularly over the e-mail scandals in taxes if you have to understand before this debate before the pitch where he was being written. he found a way to resuscitate his campaign and that's why donald trump on. he's still behind hillary clinton in the polls. easton is a game changer but is back on track. >> the republicans are voters may be on the fence.
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dozens have been calling for them to step aside. did he speak to them at all? >> these people are unwavering about him anyway. he seemed like a has been throughout the campaign. msnbc said if you're calling for your opponent to be jailed, there's no way you can win a presidential debate. >> i thought he was the overall winner because the expectations are so low in the pivot it very quickly away from his half apology. he made accusations, went after bill clinton which is interesting because we w interesting because the sideshow for us to work with than 70 dead assault her. it's interesting bill clinton was the only one who's done that. i think he did well for himself considering circumstances. nicole: you're the democratic strategist the democratic strategist here and it's interesting you are acknowledging that you believe trump took this one.
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he had her on her heels. what's interesting is he really had the issues as it goes to the comments from 10 years ago, it is the issues in the seems to be what people care about. the e-mails had been tougher abroad on isis and really sticking it to her. what does she need to do? it's amazing how he resuscitated the campaign. >> i don't think this is a magic bullet. i agree with ford about that. he watched mike pence last week and saw what he did to make this about change versus status quo. he said a lot of time she's been office for 30 years and what is just to show for it. the issues that do matter to voters. he made sure to do it tonight. i don't think this is the nato and the gop establishment --
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>> is a conference call at 11:00 this morning about why gop members can do about donald trump. >> anywhere in the gop wants to abandon donald trump because split ticket voting to submit beyond 10%. you need to support donald trump wholeheartedly all the way through and abandoning him will cost massive losses for the gop in senate gave donald trump is the one who's generating all the bcs and in a lot of gop members need to understand he made a big stand last night. he has a chance to win this. clinton is still a slight favorite. i may come down to the third debate. >> 80% for her. >> that is a slight favor. you're talking about $350,000 potentially spread across four or five states. 70,000 in florida, 100,000 ohio.
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this thing can change because you have to understand of 120 how many people can thought they presidential election. they've got to keep a foot on the gas and have a strong debate when chris wallace underrated. true to most people you speak with feeley took this one. he had her on the heels about so many things pertaining to e-mails, painting her as a liar, bringing in someone 12 years old. so he really dug deep and interacted with honest abe and you should be in jail. but if you think of that dial? the thing apart to dissuade voters to his side? >> a lot of the voters that donald trump is having a problem with their suburban white affluent college-educated voters. they may give them a second click here. that's a big point here. the town hall debate style for
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very well because they displayed humor. it was a great moment he was able to triangulate off the audience. he was basically down three to one in terms of debating the moderators and hillary clinton was absolutely right in madison and the republicans don't like because they see the mainstream media is pond. lauren: it seems like we all need we all made at that final moment of the debate. can you say something nice about your opponent? >> they shook hands at the end. they started off super. i thought they both have good answers for disinterest in donald trump's answer as he goes all the time hillary can't be here. she's sleeping. she's resting. his answer was this woman is half inches of a lot of stamina. i thought that was interesting. trade two of the state she said something nice about him.
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he only said something nice about her children. >> he said she should be in the jail, called her the devil. nicole: i wish we had a whole hour for this discussion. we are going to see everybody back at 5:30. we will be back in the second half-hour to continue duking this one out. >> coming up, more on the presidential debate. the second presidential debate. both candidates landed close. >> i've never lied. that's a big difference between abraham lincoln and you. >> my argument is not with the hateful and divisive campaign he is running. trade two highlights of the life report. check in on how stock index futures are up 44 points. you are watching "fbn:am".
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nadia lopez monday morning, 5:15 a.m. in new york. the gloves come off last night at the presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton hammering each other's carrot or for more than 90 minutes. trump again forced to apologize for his comments about groping women and a late 2005 audio. clinton meanwhile had to defend her remarks that politicians and public and private positions in making deals. a devastating storm matthew has been downgraded from a hurricane
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but effects are being felt in the carolina in particular. several communities are under water. people have died in the state so far. a setback for stance on halting productions of his troubled galaxy notes that in. the move in response to the new reports of the new fun sketching fire. they've recall 2.5 million of those devices. we are seeing some up there is paid to have features of 44. s&p futures up six. lauren: thanks, nicole. let's turn it back to the big news of the morning. the debate from last night. click vermin joining us live from st. louis, missouri with more. good morning, blake. reporter: good morning to you as well. not on the friendliest terms at all. both lucky not to the debate stage and did not shake hands and did not get any cozier.
5:17 am
clinton has tremendous heat in her heart. he also said his administration would prosecute clinton. the night began with one might expect. a discussion at the 2005 trump tapes. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it to apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. certainly i'm not proud of it. certainly this is locker room talk. >> it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents who he is. he seen this throughout the campaign. we've seen him in so women. >> very, very little last night in terms of policy discussion. when they eventually got non-too many of the issues, one of the issues they went back and forth with less taxes and specifically what to do with. entries. >> i've been in favor of getting rid of carried interest for years. starting when i was a senator from new york.
5:18 am
that's not the point here. because i was a senator with a republican president. >> if you are in effect gave senator, reporter: amid much of the talking downright speculation about mike pence but do what he said that donald trump is running mate going forward, penn st. it out last night after the debate his congratulations to donald trump and we do expect parents to be back out on the trail today for its previously scheduled event. lauren, nicole back to you. nicole: coming up, more analysis of the second presidential debate. >> i do support the effort to investigate for crimes, war crimes committed by the syrians and the russians. >> she talks really tough
5:19 am
against putin and against assad. she talks in favor of the rebels. she doesn't even know who the rebels are. nicole: will talk to buy tomorrow about who won the debate on terror. following the markets where we see how appears this morning. dow futures up 44. s&p and nasdaq the same. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ your insurance company won't replace
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so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. >> russia has decided that it's all and in syria and they've
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also decided today once they become president of the united states come at you. that's not made it a step to russia, taking on food than others and i would do that as president. >> as secretary of state for the so-called line in the sand. >> now, i wasn't. i was gone. >> you in total contact with the white house. obama draws the line in the sand. it is laughed at all over the world would have been. train to national security is one of the topics last night no doubt in the debate. are they responded to questions about terrorism as ryan morrow. the counterterrorism at liberty university. we want to protect our country at home and abroad. which candidate do you think did a better job of making not evident? >> or someone looking for commander-in-chief
5:24 am
stylistically, it came off more knowledgeable. if you go behind that and say what is it that people are talking about the homeland and attacks on the united states commit donald trump returned the area of extreme that he because they started talking about bringing in refugees and immigration in general and donald trump not just appear strong but were very tough about with that in based on their values. that resonated with a lot of people in hillary clinton's response was in some of the thread i'm not going to let them in. obviously that not addressing it. people that are threats to us are coming into the united states. he has the edge in that area even if overall she came off more as a commander-in-chief. >> we saw a disconnect between him and his running mate mike pence on the question of aleppo in syria. how do you protect civilians have not area? mike pence previously said
5:25 am
striking military targets but the assad machine. that could create tensions with russia. that is what donald trump is concerned about. he said i disagree with mike pence. he's on the ticket. >> this is kind of a big deal. it has a split within the ticket is a big deal. mike pence's military strike the assad machine in order to eliminate their ability and try to bring and contain the situation a little bit. donald trump says focus only on cases. one thing donald trump says that it can serve me as russia is going after i says. and so was his son. it's making it sound like some type of partnership fair and that is a misunderstanding of the situation. jesus existed in syria is positive. nicole: he always makes it known he has generals and girls who are back in him and his
5:26 am
strategies and we are a little too forthright with their plans. and then you have martha say that actually is psychological warfare. >> he has every right to mention military personnel supporting him. i don't know, but it's worth embracing the issue. one weak area when he said if you're going to attack mosul, they will move out of the area. that was late because that is of such significance. great. nicole: ryan morrow, thank you for the inside look at terrorism and protecting our country. lauren: coming up, more highlights in st. louis from last night. >> his plan would give the wealthy and corporations the biggest tax cuts they've ever had. >> though clinton was abusive to women. hillary clinton attacked the same way men.
5:27 am
lauren: will take a look at who came out on top with jessica karloff admitted republican strategist fort o'connell. keep it here, "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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>> there has never been so many lies, so much deception. there's never been anything like that. we are going to have a personal prosecutor. >> i never questioned their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. nicole: breaking news this morning. a slug fest in st. louis, second presidential debate gets personal as donald trump slammers hillary clinton on emails and down plays remarks in a a debate. lauren: i'm lauren simonetti. we are watching for reaction on columbus day.
5:31 am
banks closed and markets open. markets in tokyo and hong kong are closed for holiday. nicole: checking out oil prices. 49.54. down a half percent. lauren: in a dramatic escalations iranian rebels fired u.s. ship but both missiles missed the ship. nicole: 18 people dead from that hurricane. lauren: samsung hauls production of galaxy, the new versions of the galaxy note 7 are also catching fire. nicole: big night in supports toronto blue jays surprise
5:32 am
rangers. lauren: it's 5:31 a.m., it is monday october 10th, got this for you. monday october 10th. welcome to fbn:am, first look at morning markets, breaking news and what to expect for the day ahead. a long night last night. nicole: exciting one. hillary clinton and donald trump exchanging sharp attacks, started the town hall debate without shaking hands. lauren: all this, of course, two days after the bomb-shell release of 2005 audio remarks and video ahead of wikileaks and video. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologized to my family and i apologized to the american people. certainly i'm in the proud of it but this is locker room talk.
5:33 am
i was embarrassed by it but i have tremendous respect for women. >> have you ever done -- >> no, i have not. >> he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is, but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> mr. trump, mr. trump, i want to get to audience questions and online questions. >> so she's allowed to do that but i'm not allowed. sounds fair. sounds fair. if you look at bill clinton, far worse, mine are words and his was action, he's what what he has done to women, there's never been in the history of politics that's been abuse i have to women. >> when i hear something like that i'm reminded of what my friend michelle obama, when they go low we go high. >> i think the one that you
5:34 am
should be apologizing for are the 33,000 emails that you deleted and that you acid-washed. if i win, i'm going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies. >> everything he just said is absolutely false, but i'm not surprised. it's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> like i said, there's been no evidence that any classified ended up in the wrong hands. >> okay, we are going to move on. >> yet, she didn't know the word -- the letter c on a document. >> it's just not true and so please go to -- >> allow her to response, please. >> 33,000. >> we turned over 35,000. >> we have a question here about health care, ken. >> why aren't you bringing up the emails?
5:35 am
>> you brought up the emails. >> it hasn't and it hasn't been finished. one on three. we have a divided nation. she has a tremendous hate in her heart. when she said deplorables, she meant it. >> it is sort of amusing to hear somebody who hasn't paid income tax in 20 years. >> i don't like assad at all but assad is killing isis, russia is killing isis and iran is killing isis and those three have lined up because of weak foreign policy. she doesn't quit, she doesn't give up. i respect that. i tell it like it is. she's a fighter. nicole: donald trump is scheduled to campaign in the battleground state of pennsylvania today while clinton is visiting michigan and ohio. lauren: which candidate came out on top on the second
5:36 am
presidential debate, back with us, hello. with us right now is democratic strategist is jessica. >> good morning. lauren: i know who you think won the debate, jessica i'm going to start with you. did donald trump convince republicans that he's the guy? >> establishment, probably not. as you said before, what he did effectively, is i'm the outsider guy, i'm not the guy that they wanted but you wanted. lauren: i can't believe i'm calling myself at a politician at some point. he should do better. >> i really think that donald trump overcame a major hurdle. you have to understand -- nicole: this is the second time. >> political oh obituary was
5:37 am
being written. nicole: you have less than a month left. >> exactly. that is the entire communication's the two teams are playing. in trump can find a hail mary and people being okay in the white house, he would be the 44th president of the united states. lauren: can he do that, jessica? >> this is the beginning of the tapes and we know the clinton research team is pretty good and mark said he would sue any employees and they would pay legal fees. this is just the beginning and someone said to me, imagine what would have been released if she
5:38 am
had deny downsized. he can say all he wants that he isn't that guy, but he is that guy. >> understand what's going on here -- >> i understand what's going on. >> let me make a point to a lot of people who don't understand this. when you have a strong message what donald trump has about change, what you do is you don't attack the marriage for hillary clinton. this is all about donald trump, whether or not he's fit to be president. the problem he walked into her traps and the second one he didn't. he might be up by two or three points. he's playing from behind because he caught up how to beat hillary clinton. >> a man who doesn't answer issues. putting aside behavior, whether it's okay to touch women because he's rich and powerful, said last night russia and assad are going after isis.
5:39 am
this is foreign policy 101 right now that's wrong. mike pence and i haven't talked about this. what he's saying about health care, 25 million people will lose their insurance. >> it obviously have another 80 million of people that are very unhappy about the fact that everything has gone up doubled and coverage is in half. you have to be honest, obamacare is a disaster. >> no, i don't have to be honest about that. listen, premiums have gone up and cost have been rises. she's going to support the public option on the state level. nicole: you talked about more tapes to be leaked about comments pertaining to women. how about wikileaks? >> that's funny about it. i think the wikileaks has become moot at this point. the revelations that she's two-faced is in her numbers.
5:40 am
can i just say something? when donald trump comes out of hillary clinton, you're two different people, wall street speech you say that your dream is singer payer and common market, which by the way she admits that's why it's a dream. the counter to that, if that's who i am the real me who is the real you of who is talking in that tape. you and billy bush is the donald trump. that's why the apology was a total crap. >> whether it's more video tape or more wikileaks, turnout is depressed. donald trump is going to wind up winning presidency. if you that night hate hillary clinton, hillary clinton is going to be in treal trouble. >> good news that they can hate donald trump. >> i don't know, you were talking about two candidates that have unfavorable in the 60's.
5:41 am
jessica, you are on unchattered energy. >> is there an argument to be made and we saw this in the focus group from the pollster that perhaps americans while they are completely offended by what donald trump said in that 2005 tape that they are getting past that and they want to talk about the issues and that's why in the focused groups people picked donald trump overwhelmingly. >> yes, that's the whole point. 43% of americans feel comfortable with donald trump presidency.
5:42 am
he has 29 days to make that happen. lauren: thank you for joining us. thank you. nicole: excellent. a lot of topics covered in last night's presidential debate, but this was the top moment on twitter. >> what would you do about syria and the humanitarian crisis in aleppo and i want to remind you what your running mate said. >> he and i haven't spoken and you disagree. >> you disagree with your running mate? nicole: we will take a look at how the debate played out on social media. and so you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news
5:43 am
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lauren: grng to you, it's 5:45 a.m. in new york. the gloves came off at last night's presidential debate. two of three, donald trump and hillary clinton hammering each other's character for more than hour and a half. trump force today apologize about groping women and hillary clinton had to defend remark that is politicians need public and private positions in making deals. the devastating storm matthew has been downgraded from a hurricane but its effects are being felt in the state of north carolina, rivers continue to rise with several communities under way. eight people have died in the
5:46 am
state so far. five others are missing. another setback for samsung, halting production of note 7 phone. the move response to new phones catching fire. the company has recalled 2 and a half million of note 7. we had a down week last week. the first time in about a month but this morning dow is up 46 points. nasdaq up 13 points in the premarket on this day. that's a look at what's happening now, nicole. nicole: fiery faceoff last night between hillary clinton and donald trump. social media exploding with reaction including this talked about moment. >> that first one goes to hillary clinton, you started out the last one to the audience. >> if he wants to starts, he can art. >> i'm a gentleman, go ahead.
5:47 am
nicole: we are joined by fox victoria craig. >> lots of reaction and chatter on social media. people calling it divisive and nasty and, indeed, the gloves came up between donald trump and hillary clinton. the candidates attacked each other on a range of personal issues from donald trump's treatment of women and hillary clinton's policy. all of the -- all of the chatter set a record for twitter, a couple of records, the most tweeted events and the most tweeted debate for twitter. i want to walk you through the biggest topics through the night, top three on facebook and twitter. all the same. trump disagreed with
5:48 am
mate mike pence on how to deal with the situation in syria. that led to a lot of chatter about whether there was more division at the top of gop tickets and many maybe have thought before, but pence later tweeting after the debate his support and congratulations for trump and what he said that he won the debate. also that moment that you played at the top of the segment, trump calls himself a gentleman as he and they get out about who would answer questions from the audience. trump said hillary would be in jail if he were to make it into the white house over her use of private e-mail server and debate over her e-mail. as far as topics, differed on whatever social media channel you were watching last night. on facebook the five topics were isis and trump's tapes and treatment of women, government, ethics and health care. on twitter totally different topics. we saw conversation around
5:49 am
terrorism, foreign affairses and the economy which didn't get a lot of play nearly as much for sure as it did in the first debate. also health care and guns were front and enter on twitter as far as the conversations. and as trump has through campaign season he dominated on social media throughout the night even though he himself wasn't tweeting, he certainly got the bulk of the mentions. he took up 64% of the conversation to clinton's 36% although she gained more twitter followers as we went through the debate. on facebook, trump leading with 76% of the conversations to clinton 24%. so certainly there was no shortage of things to talk about as the campaigns ramped up and the rhetoric becomes more heated, that's for sure. nicole: you broke it down for us very well and we enjoyed all the topics. this was the most tweeted about in the 2016 campaign overall so
5:50 am
i wonder if that will actually resinate and bring it back to the polls for the voters. reporter, thank you so much. lauren, not too much talk about the fly that landed on hillary. presidential fly. lauren: she really moved on from that, that was amazing. twitter fly. how did this second presidential debate stack up in history, was it the first personal debate ever. we will take a look, which presidential historian and let's check index futures. nasdaq futures up 14. you're watching fbn:am, first look at morning markets and breaking news what powers the digital world. communication.
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>> just awfully good that someone with donald trump is not in charge of the country. >> you'd be in jail. >> if they go low, they go high. >> bernie sanders said she had bad judgment, she really did have bad judgment. i'm surprised he signed on with the devil. >> that's something i said about abraham lincoln. >> honestly, i have never lied. that's the difference between hillary clintonon and you. >> i know that you're into big diversion tonight, anything to avoid to talking about your campaign and the way it's exploding. lauren: fireworks exploding at the second presidential debate last night. gloves were off as donald trump and hillary clinton wasted no type in snubbing each other, was it the most personal
5:55 am
and vicious debate ever? we have doug from washington to find out where this debate stacks up in history. doug, good morning, have we ever seen anything like that this. [laughter] >> i don't think we've ever seen a debate like this before but we have seen an election like this before. in 1884 the american people thought, what have we got, they had to choose between a corrupt politician that took bribes and the new york misogynist and law partner shared sexual favors who became pregnant. nicole: who won that one? >> well, i tell you the new york misogynist won that wasn't and when one out the law partners, he raised the daughter when she became a teenager she fell in love and when she turned 21, she married in the white house.
5:56 am
she was the first american history and that was rover cleveland. nicole: we are going back to 1881. lauren: good story. [laughter] nicole: i don't know if you're trying to make some sort of correlation between hillary clinton and trump there. trump would win based on that. when you talk about last night and what we saw, what more modern times in the 60's and 70's, what comparisons can you make that, doug? >> the second debates really matter. that was the debate where ronald reagan hit his home rub on the age issue, that was the debate where gerald ford challenged the soviet of eastern europe and failed badly and that was the debate that barack obama came back against mitt romney. i saw a great comeback for donald trump.
5:57 am
lauren: you did? >> my daughters were going away in their iphone going up hillary, what's the charge of the 12-year-old. they looked it up. that's not true. they found the actual audio. they go for it. i have that audio right at the top because the news media is not reporting that. they're saying that is a fact-check -- nicole: that she was laughing when she protected that rapist. >> that's right. >> as we go out and think about the second debate, what's the take away? >> this was a tough debate. the take away that the pundits were all wrong that donald trump was right to counterpunch. he needed to do that to put it into focus. it was the difference between words which were horrible and deeds which also had not been apologized for.
5:58 am
you think about it, all paula jones all ever wanted was an apology. she didn't even want an apology for what hillary clinton had don't. she wanted an apology for his campaign accusing her of wanting something that she hadn't wanted. nicole: i wanted to ask you quickly. jessica she's a democratic strategist, she talked about the far how far aahead hillary is at this point and you said the second debate is important and trump gained some ground. how likely it is that someone is behind that they take it over and win the whole election. we are 29 days away? >> well, it happened in the car -- carter-ford election where carter was ahead. carter was stunned and didn't believe he had lost.
5:59 am
that's how quickly it can turn. lauren: john kennedy says, nothing just happens, people make it happen. use that statement for this election right now? >> well, the fact that all of the things that are coming out in october. i mean, it is amusing to hear the clintons and hollywood teaming up to lecture the american people on how not to objectify women, so it's not an accident that access hollywood happened to find that tape now and there will be more things that we will find on both sides that will come out. that's politics. kennedy is right. they're made to happen and there's going to be some things made to happen in the coming days. so a lot of excitement ahead. lauren: indeed. thank you so much, doug. nicole: most exciting since 1884. we appreciate that you're watching fbn:am. lauren: yes, indied.
6:00 am
we are going to hand it to mornings with maria to take us through the next couple of hours. great debate last night, maria bartiromo. maria: happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday october 10th, columbus day, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. flood fest in st. louis, the presidential candidates did not shake hands as the debate got underway fireworks from the very start. hillary clinton reiterated her position that donald trump is not fit to serve as commander in chief. >> we have seen throughout the campaign. it's awfully good that someone with his temperament is not in charge of the country. >> bowz you'd be in jail. maria: her foreign policy record.


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