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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 10, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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cut production, that's pushed up oil, and the energy sector is leading the markets higher, trish. trish: thank you so much. >> sure. trish: all right, everyone, liz claman's going to take you into the close of trading. we'll see if this rally lasts, back here tomorrow, same time, same place. liz: always, trish. right after trish, it's the liz show. trib and liz, the team here. the day-after drama continues. at this moment we are awaiting both presidential candidates. they're going to be making their first live public comments since last night's second presidential debate. is let's take a live look at detroit, michigan, where hillary clinton is expected to take the stage on the campus of wayne state university. that's going to happen at any moment. and in the meantime, donald trump is also expected to speak at this hour. he will appear at a high school in pennsylvania. that's supposed to happen in about 0 minutes. pennsylvania -- 30 minutes. pennsylvania and michigan, key battleground states, and a new poll showing hillary clinton with a double-digit lead
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following the leak friday of tape on which trump spoke about women in a demeaning manner. last night mr. trump called the revelation simply locker room talk, he apologized, but the epic mud-slinging debate now has republicans worried about down-ballot wins. on wall street, call it the russian-driven rally as vladimir putin says to opec, it's time to turn down the spigot. dow up 102 points. we're getting you a live update on rescue efforts at this hour in the wake of deadly hurricane matthew. did mylan try to bury bad epipen news on friday, and charlie gasparino on twitter's slow motion sales crash. we're less than an hour to the closing bell. you're in the right place, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: breaking news, the bulls are charging today, and we want you to specifically look at the nasdaq.
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just a few points away from another lifetime intraday high. we are up 4 points -- 44 points, and mylan is surging dramatically here. look at mylan, it is moving significantly higher after the embattled epipen maker quietly settled one issue with regulators, we're going to have more on mylan's move straight ahead. also leading the nasdaq, tesla. ceo elon musk has put out a bombshell teaser saying a week from now the electric vehicle giant will announce a brand new product that's, quote, unexpected by most. the sag go of the ex-- saga of the samsung galaxy 7 phones goes on, it struggles to manage a massive recall of more than 2.5 million smartphones which are catching fire. on top of that, three major carriers have boy dotted the
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device, they're shutting down all sales as well as verizon. we've got all of those names moving higher by anywhere from half a percent to two percent. but samsung's loss is apple's gain hitting the highest level since december on samsung's fire crisis, up about 2% for apple. it stands at $116 and change. twitter getting slammed at this hour despite making history. here's the history. last night was the most-tweeted presidential debate of all time. now, twitter plummeting nearly 13.5%. why? well, charlie gasparino's been out front on the story of the sort of exodus of anybody who wanted to buy this company, any of the big names. he's got more on twitter coming up. in the meantime, so we've got the race to the white house, hurricane matthew's water-choked rivers and the market's team fox business coverage. adam shapiro, jonathan serrie watching rising riverses and multiple rescues many south carolina post-hurricane, and
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ashley's on the floor of the new york stock exchange where the putin trade on oil is pumping up the markets. but first, let's take a live pickture right now. this is detroit, michigan. wayne state university specifically where democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton will be speaking at any moment. ry willthese are the first have made since last night's highly contentious presidential town hall debate in st. louis. now, as we await clinton, donald trump's running mate, mike pence, already out in charlotte, north carolina, defending trump amid the political firestorm surrounding his open mic conversation about women. >> you know, it takes a big man to know when he's wrong. finish and to admit it. and to have the humility to apologize and be transparent and be vulnerable with people. and donald trump, last night, showed that he's a big man. [applause] liz: so both candidates launching a swing state blitz. fox business' adam shapiro standing by in a very important
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swing state, that would be florida. sunny south beach, miami. adam, florida, no doubt, is this crucial state in the election as well, but what was the reaction to last night's debate? >> reporter: well, the reaction here is crucial for both candidates, liz, because 29 electoral college votes, florida definitely in play although clinton holds a slight lead according to the real clear politics polling average. but when you speak to people about last night's debate performance and a lot of them used that term, performance, neither candidate appeared to score the knockout blow. we spoke to one man today who told us this: >> it made my head hurt because the questions that i wanted to be answered weren't exactly answered. it was more going around it and trying to find a way to make him look better at the end of the day instead of answering the questions directly. >> reporter: and, liz, not only are voters paying attention to this, but you get a good idea of what people outside the united states think of this
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campaign. we spoke to international tourists who are right here in miami beach. they think it's all kind of a joke. here's what they told us. >> most people don't even understand. germany, it would have been impossible, a candidate like trump would have forced, would have been forced to resign after two weeks or so. >> i thought it was reality tv political show. it was almost like two hours of stand-up comedy -- [laughter] from one of them. what do you think? >> well, i mean, i wasn't particularly impressed with either of them. and i don't like trump, so if i was a u.s. citizen, i would vote more clinton. >> reporter: and, liz, just to give you an idea of how so many things are in flux here in florida, the land builders' association, a very large, usually conservative organization here in miami, miami herald's reporting they are enforcing hillary clinton. that's how things are upside down, topsy-turvy in the sunshine state.
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liz: a bloc that trigally votes republican. -- traditionally votes republican. adam shapiro, let us take to it to the fact that most of south florida dodged hurricane matthew's wrath. to the latest numbers. nearly one million people are still without power because of that on your screen from north carolina to florida. the wake of category three hurricane is still being felt. the devastating storm is responsible for at least 21 deaths in the u.s. early estimates say matthew caused between $4-$6 billion in property damage, but we need to warn you that number may rise because the estimates are still coming in. the worst is not over for states hit the hardest. they're now dealing with rising rivers, flooding and the potential for dams and levees to break. jonathan serrie is in myrtle beach, south carolina, where residents are trying to return after the evacuation order was lifted earlier. jonathan, a city spokesperson has said the city's open for business, but there's debris, we hear about flooding. what else?
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>> yeah. it depends on where you go. there are some portions of the area, and we're talking about myrtle beach and the surrounding county which is where we are right now that look completely unscathed and others that have been completely disrupted. right now in this community you can see these huge sand piles here. the strong storm surge carried this sand from the beach and then scattered it across this road here. you can see in the distance heavy equipment has been removing the sand and then creating these big piles, and then they're going to move the sand down back onto the beach. now, when you look at these smaller coastal communities, when you get away from the big high-rises, most of these coast alcottages, many of them are vacation rentals, they're actually built up on stilts so that the livinquters begin at the second level and that there's not much to the first level, maybe minimal storage, a
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place to park your car. and that's so when you experience these extreme cases of storm surge, the water just runs underneath the residence, and it mitigates the damage. if you look at the sides of the walls on this one, they look unscathed. some of the other homes appear to be missing some shingles and some minor damage to the siding. but by and large, the residential levels of these homes were, managed to escape unscathed. but the main issue here is just all of this sand in the road that the heavy equipment that you see on both sides of me is removing, creating these big piles and then eventually shoving back onto the beach. beach erosion a huge issue, liz. liz: steve, thank you very much. steve harrigan. so the problem still not over there yet. well, you don't have to speak russian to move oil markets, but if you're the president of russia, that's a different story.
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look at oil prices leaping. this is the aftermarket price, up nearly 3% to $51.20. west texas intermediate hit a four-month high today. russian president vladimir putin announced his country is ready to join opec in curving crude oil output to stabilize the price. the cartel is looking to slash production by about 700,000 barrels per day ahead of its november 30th meeting, and putin's words certainly gave some street cred to that actually happening. and it started moving a bunch of stocks. let's get to the new york stock exchange. a ashley webster's got a breakdown of, quite frankly, all the oil subsectors that are on the move today. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, the whole sector and everything associated with oil, liz, has started to move higher. and, of course, vladimir putin says we can freeze or cut production, his own economy is in tatters. he needs more money, so why not push the price of oil up? but let's take a look at the big oil names, exxonmobil up
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nearly 2%, chevron also fueling this rally in the dow, but it goes on from there. look at some of the energy stocks in the s&p moving nicely higher, devon energy up 3%, pioneer natural up 3, chesapeake also up nicely on the day. and then you look at oil and gas equipment. i can go all the way down the line, anything associated with oil, halliburton up more than 2%, national oil well also up more than 2, transocean up nearly 2% as well. all it takes is for vladimir putin or one of the saudi oil ministers to say, hey, i think we can get a deal. i can tell you the traders say once we broke through 50, 53 is the next support level, so there'belief it can quite easily move on up to 53 where it will meet the next level of resistance. we'll have to wait and see, but whether opec and non-opec producers can actually get a deal done, we'll have to wait and see. but certainly, the market responding to what mr. putin had to say.
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liz: isn't it amazing that a non-opec member has more power than opec members? >> it is. risch risch but then the -- liz: but then the iranians will say, we're not in, and the price might fall again. we've got apple leaving the dow, you know why, and walmart is a laggard here. et is ready to phone home. does anybody know the area code for beijing? director steven spielberg does. the deal that's got phones from hollywood to hunan ringing off the hook. that's ahead. and we are awaiting hillary clinton and donald trump. both will be speaking in this hour. hillary in detroit, trump in pennsylvania. will trump address house speaker paul ryan's announcement that he's off the trump support train? he's already tweeted about it, but will he comment about it? former new hampshire congressman, senator and governor judd gregg along with missouri governor bob holden on the down-ballot republicans jumping off the bandwagon, but
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liz: well, there's hollywood, there's bollywood, and now hooray for chollywood. steven spielberg has inked a
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deal with alibaba boss jack ma to bring more hollywood to china. spielberg's amblin partners will produce, distribute and finance new movies for chinese audiences, and alibaba will become a larger part of hollywood production and distribution while also acquiring a minority equity stake in amblin. the chinese market has become a key factor for u.s. films that perform poorly at u.s. neaterer ares -- theaters, huge hits many china. i liked now you see me 2. mark ruffalo. what? he's a good actor. shares of alibaba are jumping on this news by two and two-thirds percent. live to detroit, not a film but real life here, hillary clinton gearing up to speak for the first time since last night's second presidential debate this st. louis.
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but with 29 days left, a major battle is brewing on the gop side that's taking center staging at this hour. house speaker paul ryan hosting a conference call with house republicans late this morning where he announced he will not defend, nor campaign with trump any longer, and he also guided members who are facing tough races, quote: you all need to do what's best more you in your district. -- for you in your district. trump took to his favorite vehicle to respond be, that would be twitter, tweeting, quote: paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on tighting the republican nominee. there's hillary clinton. she is taking the stage right now. should we take it a little bit? i'm sorry, i can't hear you. okay. all right. so as we're waiting for her to speak, standing by we have former democratic governor from missouri bob holden and former republican governor and senator from new hampshire, judd gregg. let's listen in to hillary clinton, and then we'll have the governors' comments. [cheers and applause] >> thank you.
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[cheers and applause] >> thank you! thank you so much, wow. [cheers and applause] sounds like we've got some wayne state warriors here today. [cheers and applause] i am so excited, so thrilled to be here. [cheers and applause] did anybody see that debate last night? [cheers and applause]
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well, you never saw anything like that before. [laughter] it is great to be here with so many wonderful officials. i want to thank them. i know they've been out to talk with you. i appreciate the introduction that jim allen gave me, and i'm proud to be introduced by the president of the steelworkers. [cheers and applause] i want to thank your senators, debbie stabenow and gary peters. [applause] be your members of congress, john conyers, debbie dingell, brenda lawrence and sandy levin. [applause] i want to thank -- liz: all right. as we are waiting for the meat of the matter here, let me bring in governor bob holden of
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missouri and governor judd gregg of new hampshire, also a former house and senate member. gentlemen, thank you very much. do you think, governor holden, that she will address this new tranche of e-mails that were released today? they have not yet been verified, at least not the ones i have been looking at here, but some of them pretty much are a little disturbing because they have people like hill staffers saying in them that often what hillary clinton says is untrue. >> this is a democratic hill staffer. so do you think she even brings up the e-mails? >> i don't think she'll bring it up much because e-mails are everybody's purview. she's out there campaigning. she had a good debate last night. she's picking up strength in the swing states across the country. so she's looking strong, and i think she'll continue to focus on what we need to be doing about creating jobs in this country, being more competitive in a global economy and improving our educational
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system, our health care system. that's what the american people want to talk about. and i think that's the direction she should go. liz: governor gregg, there's a huge discussion right now going on that whereas republicans held the house by 30 seats, now you have speaker of the house paul ryan -- do you look at it as a concession that he's concerned some of those seats may be lost considering he came out today and said that on the back of last night's performance by both of these candidates but specifically donald trump, that he's concerned and he's going to put all of his energies into helping the down-a ballot race people? >> i think that's absolutely true, liz. i mean, there's -- you can't gloss over the fact that donald trump is a big problem for a lot of republicans who are runni. hillary should be a problem for a lot of democrats run, but she doesn't seem to be falling into the same situation. some of the things donald trump has said simply are unsettling to republicans and in districts which are close districts,
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they're going to cause them issues. so i think what paul ryan is doing is absolutely right. the speaker of the house's job is, number one, to be for the nation, number two, to be for his constituents but, number three, to help his members get reelected so he can remain speaker and the republican party can stay in charge of the house. so it's, you know, if hillary wins this election -- and she appear to be moving in that direction -- it's going to be important to have balance in this government because it could move left very fast if the house or senate went democratic. liz: to that point, if you were running a re-election campaign right now, would you, i suppose, put distance between yourself and donald trump? because you ran for the house. you've been a member of the house and the senate as well. >> yeah. well, i put distance between myself and donald trump for quite a while, and our senator up here, i think, showed great leadership and integrity, senator ayotte, when she yesterday or the day before said she certainly couldn't support donald trump after what he had said, the implications for women
3:24 pm
and especially for her own personal family. and she said she was going to write in mike pence. she's the type of independent, strong voice we need in washington, and she's a classic new hampshire representative, in my opinion, because of that. liz: governor holden, governor gregg just made the point that really some of the issues that hillary clinton has should be affecting some of the down-ballot races, but they are not. you know, some of these candidates have to at least look and say i don't want to be a party to somebody who says one thing and then behind closed doors as some of these e-mails have revealed says a completely different thing. >> well, she didn't say a completely different thing at all. what she's really talking about and the role of being a president or the role of being a governor, you have to bring as manyple and as many different view points to the table and try to find what is the best solution for everybody involved. and i think people in the senate or the house -- and i understand five of the six female u.s. senators that are republican are backing off of donald trump --
3:25 pm
they understand that to pass legislation and get things accomplished in a democracy, everybody has to be involved in that process. that's the reason hillary's talked about the whole campaign stronger together, both nationally and internationally. that is what we need to be doing to continue to maintain the growth in our economy and the improvement in what we can do globally in the years ahead because our children's future is at stake about the decisions and the people we elect this year. liz: i was watching the debate with my 12-year-old, and there was some of it i really didn't want him to see, the tone, everything on both sides here. governors, thank you very much -- >> that's for sure. liz: we're continuing to monitor hillary clinton's speech, but we thank governor bob holden and judd gregg. we'll monitor this speech. right now hillary clinton is saying get out the vote. we've got 34 minutes before the closing bell rings. we will be right back with much
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♪ liz: breaking news. after plummeting more than 13% all day on reports that all suitors were pulling out of the bidding war for twitter, the stock is suddenly moving up off of its floor right now. it is down 11 and 2/3%. charlie gasparino tweeted out news that is moving the stock. >> it is moving the stock. we know other wire services are picking it up. i want to put this in context because i always cautioned against investors trading off these things when it comes to twitter because this is problematic company in terms of user growth and there are reasons why people backed off the stock. here when we know about bankers that bank the sector talked to twitter and talked to the potential suitors, everybody from google to verizon, disney, comcast, at&t, they're all there, there is still to this day remains interest in twitter, the question is at what price.
3:31 pm
when you talk to bankers what they're saying is this thing still has to drop somewhat more. it is trading at 17. the magic number i hear is $14 or $15 a share. that becomes these companies show interest to buy. $14 a share, $15 a share, tap on 20% premium on it, it becomes sort of buyable at $14 billion, 12 billion-dollar market cap. that is what bankers are saying. liz: it is 12 right now. >> it is 12 right now at 17. it goes down a ltle bit, tap on 20% premium. what people say at current level, you have to pay a premium for these things. liz: right. >> the premium would have to be in the stock price. what you would see a deal as it goes down to 15, 14. liz: 15, 14, dollars per share? the market cap to be clear is 12.4 billion right now. >> listen to what i'm saying. these are bankers that bank this
3:32 pm
thing all the time, what they're saying the stock will have to drop from its current level at 17, to a level when you add about 20% to it, as a premium, it is about at 17, which makes it a 12 billion-dollar deal. that is where people think it is not expensive, it is expensive enough or, it is affordable to buy. now we should point out why did all these companies back away from it? they have been rolling backing away from this for the past year. the notion that this was a new story, that all of sudden gazillion bidders i think was wrong. people have been looking at this for a long time. what they're looking at is, they like the service. they think it's a, it is a hard sell in terms of making money. only way you buy it if you don't overpay for it. the current pricing levels is well overpaid. i would say the market reaction to my story, as much as i like it is wrong. because i think in order to get these players back in the bidding -- liz: it has to be cheaper.
3:33 pm
>> it has to be cheaper. liz: let's go back to the intraday chart. it comes off down 13%. >> it was on my headlines and my tweets. i'm being very clear here. i'm trying to be intellectually honest. my report is this, there remains interest. maybe some people think there is someone dumb enough to buy at this level. liz: it was the most tweeted debate of all time. twitters has been around since 2006. >> remember what i'm saying, there is tremendous interest still in this from all these players. they're interested in it, but, but, what the bankers are saying that talk to both sides, twitter side, the acquisition side, what they're saying is, the stock has to get cheaper for them to get to it. there may be some nut out there, maybe mark benioff will wake up tomorrow, screw it, i will buy this thing at seven teen a share or $20 a share and put 20%
3:34 pm
premium on current levels and pay $18 billion, whatever that is. that is always a possibility. that is not what you're hearing from the market. you're hearing interest as it always has been, company is still too cheap, doesn't make enough money for it to justify current levels, unless of course they do a facebook and show some growth and do something. i mean one of the things about facebook it did make money. now everybody wants to be in it. this has to start making some stuff and maybe you can sell at a decent premium. liz: this is why you have to follow charlie gasparino on twitter after the all places @ cgasparino. >> i come on here after twitter. it is instantaneous. liz: charlie, thank you. we're 17 minutes away when this news broke at 5:00 p.m. yesterday, the political media was in shock. donald trump held the news conference with former accusers of president bill clinton. it unfolded almost as if it were
3:35 pm
scripted moment by moment by a hollywood producer. coming up, the conservative hollywood producer who predicted nearly word for word exactly what unfolded right before america's eye, just hours before the debate. there is just one problem. that hollywood producer joins us next in a fox business exclusive to tell you what the problem is. "countdown" coming right back.
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>> take you live to pennsylvania. these are pictures where donald trump is about to take the stage. we are awaiting his first comments since the second presidential debate last night. and unless you live under a rock you know that mr. trump kicked off the debate coverage by holding a press conference with a group of president clinton's accusers who said that bill clinton had assaulted them many years ago.
3:40 pm
but what you don't know is that my next guest wrote that is exactly what trump should do. he wrote it 24 hours before it even happened. rob long is cofounder of conservative site,, the former executive producer of "cheers." he advised trump on saturday, the day before it happened, find somebody smart and competent to sit with accusers, three to five mini speech what happened to them, what bill did, what hillary did. take the lecturn, thank the victims, no hugs and applaud them as they leave the stage. have someone shout out from the crowd in spontaneous outburst, we love you donald, laugh, i love you too. that is why i'm running. i love america. it all unfolded just how rob long wrote it would a day before. >> i don't know how i'm supposed to be proud of that. i just wrote it as i thought he should do. liz: you are a conservative hollywood producer who is the executive producer of the show "cheers."
3:41 pm
you have the site ricochet. what made you write that before it happened? >> full disclosure i'm not a fan of donald trump's but i kept thinking this was a chance for him to appeal to an audience that isn't going to vote for him or is not planning to vote for him. liz: undecideds? >> undecided but a lot of women. one way to do that is tie in he wants to the acts that bill clinton, alleged acts of bill clinton when he was president and his statements and his feelings about women now and to ask, second part of that, is to ask the women in his life for forgiveness publicly. humility is not his big thing. not something he is very good at. not something i thought he should really do. i'm not sure he should accomplish that. like all writers write the script, if the actor said what i wrote he would get an oscar. liz: do you know if he took some of this. >> trump tower right now is like closed fortress.
3:42 pm
like one of those "game of thrones" places where you surrounded by skulls and snow, right? there is no way in. who knows what is getting in there. i think he was cornered and cornered in a place he didn't expect to see. he need ad way out whether he -- is somebody else's decision. liz: some of his big supporters, heather higgins. she makes posts. maybe she saw what you wrote. the title was, donald trump please read this. you go on to give other pieces of price, he didn't take, get ivanka, tiffany, melania, a bunch of women. >> all the grandchildren, granddaughters should be there. all the women in his life, as many ex-wife as possible. marla could he could get it. not omarosa, you can leave omarosa. we didn't need to see her on stage. no employees really. women in his life who forgive him and can vouch for him.
3:43 pm
he has a lot of women in his life. the fact ivanka is supporter, a lot of guys ex-wives are not supporters. liz: but he is still lagging terribly. >> oh, it is disaster. liz: terribly, it's a problem because you're not really getting any women of certain groups here. hearing, senator jeff sessions is up there speaking at the moment. this is the preamble here. we can put up some other ones that rob suggested at the end. keep in mind he is comedy writer. can we go back to those? some of them that we had. the family leaves the stage. this is important. the family must to entirely silent. you donald must shut your mouth and stop tweeting. pence does the spin room. finally, writes, either way, folks, it ain't going to work, he will probably still lose the election. why? >> this guy has enormous negatives, bigger than hillary clinton. goal for candidate like that to enlarge your base, right, to go over people who don't like you,
3:44 pm
aren't going to vote for you. he chosen whatever reason not to do that the same people he is behind with, hine with for a year he is still behind with. "wall street journal" nbc news poll says he is 11 points behind. that is fatal. this guy will not win in november. liz: you're a hollywood conservative. >> yeah. liz: you wrote for "cheers." nonetheless. hollywood is lot more open politically than american university and certainly half the television networks. liz: you mean they don't to warn people before they say things you might disagree with? >> they know my politics. they're happy to talk to me. it is amazing. >> rob, great to meet you, see you. please come back. >> anytime. liz: rob long, who worked with the great david lloyd. >> lion of writers room. one. greatest tv writers ever. liz: his son chris taking up mantle. >> another one. liz: thank you so much. rob long, check out the site. he is the cofounder.
3:45 pm
keep it right here for all your election 2016 coverage. there will be all over the third and final presidential debate a week from wednesday. maria bartiromo kicking it off with a special at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "lou dobbs tonight." then "cavuto: coast to coast." live from las vegas october 19th. vegas, baby. >> yeah. liz: the dow gaining 19 points. please, don't go away. hould start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires.
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or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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3:50 pm
packed with juicy headlines. mylan, was mylan hoping to bury one critical epipen development by slipping it out there late afternoon on friday? well, they didn't slip it past team "countdown." it was good for the stock, to pay $465 million to settle claims that it overcharged the u.s. government for the life-saving drug by classifying epipen as a generic when it's not a generic. what happened today? look at this, mylan's stock is jumping 8%. skyrocketing. what does it mean? does it mean the worst is over for mylan? not really. ceo heather bresch and company are still under investigation by the minnesota and new york attorney general's office. plus a number of potential class action lawsuits are still in the works. one from mylan shareholders. one from the people that invested in mylan securities. one we told you about, filed by a cincinnati lawyer carl lewis,
3:51 pm
on batch of -- on behalf of the mom who requires life saving drug. we called lewis, the lawyer. he had been on our show a month ago. he told us the case has been since moved to federal court. his side is awaiting a response from mylan. he said it would be better obviously to settle than go to trial but we'll see. bombshell statement from russian prime minister vladmir putin that could have oil price bubbling up beyond today, that putin says russia is ready to freeze and cut production in crude in cooperation with opec. saudi's oil minister claims that oil could rise to $60 per barrel by the end of the year if they cut the output. crude is $51.21 a barrel. gasoline prices have been on a steady rise lately. they are still lower than one year ago. i don't want to very any kvetching.
3:52 pm
there is gallon of unleaded regular gas, $2.26. a year ago it was $2.32. jeff flock standing by in chicago, what it means for the cost of what it takes to fill up a tank of gas? reporter: might want to fill up your car right now, liz. absolutely right, double punch today on oil. look at intraday, because we opened down. the market was skeptical earlier about the opec deal. in comes putin saying he is on board. and then the saudi oil minister gets on board. it was what, five years ago we were over 100? today we got not only 50, we got over 51. we're down from the high. we were up to 51.60 at one point, down from the high. but the saudi oil minister at the world energy congress in turkey saying, and i quote him now. it is not unthinkable we could see 60 by year end. oil stocks as well, jumping on board with that the market is up
3:53 pm
right now about 40, about half a percent? well oil stocks today, bp exxon, chevro royal dutch/shell, up between percentage 1/2 and 2%. the oil field stocks up even more. baker hughes up today. haliburton, national oil well. tesco up 6% today, huge. i leave you with the gas prices. it is typically a time, liz, during the year when we see a fall in gas prices because of a switch to the winter blends. in last week indiana up double digits, michigan up double digits, west virginia, florida, up all over a nickel in the past week. i think more may be to come. liz: okay. i'll take it. listen, i much prefer cheaper gasoline. i know it hurt as lot of stocks involved but hey, i'm speaking for many -- >> you about you take a cab anyway, there you go. liz: no, i drive my car. i'm from l.a. all we ever do is drive ourselves. jeff flock, seven minutes to go
3:54 pm
before the closing bell rings. the dow is still gaining. we had been up more than 120. we're watching nasdaq very closely, not just the dow. the nasdaq is extremely close, 12 points away from a new record close. the number to watch, 5339.52. we may see it. leaving nasdaq a few minutes into the close, twitter. while twitter is down, it is well up off the floor after a report charlie gasparino just made in this hour that bankers are telling him twitter will be sold even though we have a complete exodus of many of the big names that were expecting to buy it. right now twitter which had been down more than 13%, is down 10 and 3/4%. america celebrating columbus day, the man who searched the world for exciting new opportunities for rules offer spain. time to set sail with lido
3:55 pm
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♪ liz: we need to take you right now to pennsylvania, to the high school of ambridge area because donald trump is about to walk out. in fact rudy giuliani just finished speaking. now we have donald trump taking the podium. the cheering crowd, just as crowds on other side were cheering for hillary clinton, we are now going to listen to donald trump. >> thank you. thank you. [cheering] we love big ben. big ben is a friend of mine. [cheering] we play golf together. he once hit a shot that went dead right into a tree. it was a massive tree like this. the ball hit the tree so hard, i swear, been when two years that tree would be dead. you know what? two years later i shouldn't say this because we have a lot of tree lovers here, but two years
3:59 pm
later that tree was dead. he is a strong guy. he is a good guy too. big ben. [cheering] so i'm thrilled to be back in pennsylvania. great place. i went to school in pennsylvania. november 8th. we're going to win this state. [cheering] and we're going to win back the white house. [cheering] we're going to take on the special interests, the corrupt media and it is corrupt. and the career politicians that are stolen your jobs, your wealth, and stolen our middle class. they have stolen our middle class. we're going to make pennsylvania rich again. we're bringing back our jobs. [cheering] going to bring back our jobs. and hillary clinton doesn't have a clue about how to bring back jobs, that i can tell you, folks. she doesn't have a clue. if she wanted to, she couldn't
4:00 pm
do it. you know in new york state she ran for the senate and you know upstate new york is a disaster for jobs. she said i'm going to bring back 200,000 jobs. guess what? right down the tubes. worse today than ever before. homany watched the debate last night? how many of you? [cheering] we did good? it was amazing. it was a lot of fun. we had a lot of fun. and i would say that hillary is highly overrated, highly. [cheering] it was fun watching television. i mean most of us gave us like unanimous decisions but, oh, some of these people they were so pained, it was like a painful experience. but we're fighting for you. what is good for me is good for you, and i mean that totally 100%. [cheering] and we're going to talk about a lot of things today but i always want


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