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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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ran for the senate and you know upstate new york is a disaster for jobs. she said i'm going to bring back 200,000 jobs. guess what? right down the tubes. worse today than ever before. homany watched the debate last night? how many of you? [cheering] we did good? it was amazing. it was a lot of fun. we had a lot of fun. and i would say that hillary is highly overrated, highly. [cheering] it was fun watching television. i mean most of us gave us like unanimous decisions but, oh, some of these people they were so pained, it was like a painful experience. but we're fighting for you. what is good for me is good for you, and i mean that totally 100%. [cheering] and we're going to talk about a lot of things today but i always want you to remember this above all else.
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we are going to bring back your jobs to pennsylvania. we're going to bring back steel. your steel has been stolen from you in this area. [cheering] natural gas, the epa is killing you and killing your companies and you're losing your jobs. let me tell you, that is going to be turned around on day one if i win, on day one, your jobs are coming back to pennsylvania and they're coming back to this area. that means we'll take care of our steelworkers and take care of your miners, believe me. we'll take care of them. [cheering] we laid out a bold, uplifting vision for america. lower taxes, better trade deals. how can you have worse? and millions of and millions of new jobs, but all "crooked hillary" could do was talk about small, petty things last night. during the course of 90 minutes she was exposed and her failures
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were exposed. she had no defense. all she could do was lie. she lied so much last night. [shouting] they don't like to catch her on the lies. i explained how hillary clinton oversaw the disasters in libya, including the drawing of the infamous red line. remember, she said i, turned out she was there by the way. remember she said she wasn't there? [shouting] the red line was actually drawn in august of 2012. she was there. she lied about it. she said she wasn't involved in that catastrophe. but that was just one of many. of course the moderators didn't call her out, and they didn't call out this lie that she told. hillary clinton said she didn't delete her emails after a congressional subpoena but she did. that was another lie. that was a hard one to believe. how did she say no to that one?
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[shouting] the, well the subpoena was sent on march 4th, 2015. "crooked hillary"'s emails were bleached and destroyed -- nobody bleaches them. you know what? bleach something very expensive process. when you bleach them it pretty much they're gone. i always heard you can't. you wonder if the nsa has her emails? you think? you think? i don't think they looked too hard for her emails? what do you think? [booing] i don't know this for a fact, but i bet within the fbi, you have some of the greatest americans in the world that are so proud of the fbi and i bet they're sick to their stomachs what is happening. [applause] anyway, her emails were destroyed somewhere between march 25th and march 31st,
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after the congressional subpoena was received. you know, if you're suing somebody privately, and they delete and get rid of all your stuff that you subpoena, you got a very big consequence. you know what the consequence is, right? here's the united states congress, united states congress subpoenaing her emails and other things and they're gone. now by the way did you read yesterday, two boxes of materials and emails are now missing, okay? [shouting] >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! >> very, very sad.
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special prosecutor, here we come, right? if i win we're going to appoint a special prosecutor. [applause] because we can not allow this to happen to our country, we can't. we're like a third world nation. hillary had no defense for her contract and didn't even try to defend the ridiculous plan that these were 30,000 emails about yoga and wedding planning. [booing] let's see. 30,000, 33,000 emails deleted, right? i would bet she had three for yoga and maybe five for the wedding, right? what about the rest? she had no defense when i brought up her failures in iraq, syria, and libya. she had no defense when i brought up her failures as a senator from new york promising to create the 200,000 jobs for upstate new york but instead the jobs were shipped to mexico and other countries.
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she had no defense for calling on millions of americans and then saying that they were deplorable, that is you, deplorable, me, all of them. [booing] you know what is worse? irredeemable! which is worse? would you rather be deplorable? irredeemable means you have no chance, right? deplorable and irredeemable. i don't think so. i think we have the greatest people on earth. the smartest people. [cheers and applause] we have the most loyal people. that is one thing. every poll points out that, boy trump's people, it is like the most loyal ever. one thing i know, we'll get out and vote and we're going to be voting and, you remember the primaries? donald trump is behind. voting begins tomorrow. should be very interesting but it looks like mr. trumwill not be able to win this state.
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but he is put up a good fight. next day, donald trump wins by 22 points. [cheering] crazy deal. mr. "brexit." mr. "brexit." remember i said "brexit" is going to happen. i have a lot of property over there. they all laughed. donald trump said "brexit" is going to happen. isn't he ridiculous? anyway, three days later they vote, "brexit" happens. they never said anything. they never said anything. that's all right. this is like "brexit," folks. we want our independence backs. we want our borders strong. we don't want people coming in from syria that we have no idea who the hell they are. [cheering] as i said last night, and i mean this.
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she has got hatred in her heart. she wants to divide america. i want to bring us together as one people. [cheering] and by the way, we have thousands and thousands of people outside, you know that, right? you know how lucky you are? you know how lucky you are? [cheering] and i guess they're not allowing them in, i don't know why because there are thousands of people. where is the fire marshall? let some more people come in? i see seats over there. fire marshall, we need your help [. [cheering] where is our fire marshall? let them come in. we have 3 or 4,000 people standing out there. see i guess they figure you folks have taken the seats in the very back. we ought to let some more people come in.
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i always get a kick, i know a lot about fire and fire marshals. you have a room, four walls and a roof, nothing to burn, let the people in. [cheering]. hilly also had no defense for for obama care which is total disaster. i will repeal and replace your disasterous obamacare. much cheaper, much better. [cheering] hillary had no defense for her secret speeches to wall street and international banks that she hid from the public and which were exposed by wikileaks! [cheering] and by the way, just as i'm walking on to the stage, mayor giuliani said you will not believe this. look at this. we have all these new charges, just same down today. wikileaks, some new stuff. some brutal stuff. i may not read it to you, but to hell with it, result me, it is real bad stuff.
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the speech transcripts contain scandalous revelations about hillary clinton that disqualify her from speaking public office. [cheering] and she is. she is disqualified with the fact she did that with her emails. think of it, deleting 33,000 emails, think of it? how can you do it? these transcripts also shine a spotlight how this corrupt establishment works where politicians meet in secret with the big banks, collect massive sums of money and then betray the american worker which is you, me, sort of all of us. we're all workers. we all work, just work differently. you know i tell this to people. >> donald trump the day after appearing first time in front of a crowd in public since last night's second presidential debate, once again going after hillary clinton calling her a
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liar saying she lied last night and can not defend her comments or her handling of her emails and also taking a swipe at the moderators. all this on the same day that the republican leadership getting together on conference call to discuss their next steps. hello, everybody, i'm cheryl casone. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." let a little reaction from former senator scott brown. fred bouncer, jessica ehrlich they are all with us now. senator brown, what happened the past 24, what happened the past 72 hours is extraordinary. focus on the past 24 hours. in the debate last night donald trump pulled out all the stops with the press conference with ladies that claim they were abused or used or both by bill clinton. they went on with the debate itself, direct charges of hillary clinton enabling bill clinton. will we continue to see that style throughout the campaign?
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>> well certainly i was there. it was exciting and it was a little bit uncomfortable with the press conference before but i think it set up nicely because the moderators obviously hammered donald trump relentlessly in the first 15 minutes. he was almost like a boxer, just hanging on for dear life. once he got through that, struck back against hillary as enabler and bill clinton for all of his indiscretions he really got positive stride and i and others thought he clearly won the debate with the one-liner i think will go down as one of the best, yeah, you'd be in jail. david: play the actual exchange. i want to get fred barn arrest reaction. plain the tape. >> awfully good that someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> yeah. because you'd be in jail. [shouting] david: that certainly wasn't the prettiest exchange i ever seen
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in a debate but was it effective? fred. >> of course it was effective. >> look, i think it was, i laughed. my wife laughed and then i thought about it and i thought you know, donald trump needs to be saying things that are going to appeal to voters he does not already have. i think that appealed to his people already and you know, they're all those sub bausch ban, college-educated women he will have to cut into that in order to win. i don't think that helped, that comment helped with that group which is critical. david: we know by the way, that the polls that have come out "wall street journal" has a poll that just came out since the announcement, since the tape from access hollywood, donald trump is way down. clearly it has affected him but did he make up any of that? how much did he make up with the debate last night? >> he survived. that was the most important thing.
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his campaign is alive. it is not completely well. remember he is not as strong as he was a week ago. and he needs to claw back some of that territory, some of that ground. i think the debate will help him a little bit but then he has got to do more so he can really get within range of hillary clinton. he is not there yet. david: he is not there by a long shot, jessica. looking at "wall street journal" poll, 46% for hillary clinton. 35%, double-digit behind hillary clinton. is there any danger, jessica, that the democrats may get a little complacent now? >> i don't think so. i think people are so energized by everything that has been happening on both sides here. i mean it is really just, i think devolved into something spectacle no one has seen before but given the tenor of this campaign that has been going on since the primaries, it is not unexpected. i think it is just actually really disappointing and particularly disappointing for
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the voters you spoke about, independents, for those suburban women and mothers, for you know, just average american. i find it really sort of disheartening that was a lot of the questions. it is interesting yes, last night, was a good effort on trump's behalf. i think we're seeing that in his rallies today, to try to make up for what was missing from the first debate in terms of romney to get his base behind him. david: right. >> but it was a town hall. it was an opportunity that i think was hugely missed for him to even interact with the people in the room. david: clearly people who think he won that debate, senator brown, but he has not won over people like paul ryan. the fracturing of the base of the republican party continues. everybody thought that was under control last week until this tape appeared on friday and the debate, despite the raves he is getting in some quarters for his performance have not done anything to get the party back together again.
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>> listen, unfortunately i respect the heck out of speaker ryan but i have to respectfully disagree once again. if you take away the tape and obviously very serious, he apologized. this one factor that the american people need to take into consideration, and they're going to compare that to also the wikileaks and that is also one factor that they need to take into consideration. when you break down those things that obviously are very important, but you focus on higher taxes, sanctuary cities, loose borders, more regulation, and you deal, obviously with trump, strong border, building up our military, no sanctuary cities, it is still far outweighs the hillary-trump. people i think will go for trump when it comes to the very, very important issues. >> i think it is very confusing. david: we had breaking news. we're way over limit timewise. senator brown, fred barnes, jessica ehrlich. good to see you all. appreciate it. cheryl? >> thousands are stranded.
4:17 pm
a million without power. north carolina struggling with out power in the aftermath of your main. michael brown with details. david: emails highlighting concerns about hillary's lies, about bernie sanders on campaign trail and bill clinton sex scandals. austan goolsbee will weigh in on that and economic affairs coming up. >> donald trump you saw him there live, he is still talking. today he took to twitter to fire off at house speaker paul ryan, latest member of the gop elite to announce he cutting ties with the candidate. how does trump stop them from leaving to unify theories of the republican party? >> my hope is that people across the country including elected officials believe in redemption as much as i do. believe in second chances as much as i do.
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comcast business. built for business. david: pretty healthy gains on wall street today after the second presidential debate. the mexican peso advancing against the dollar which some analysts believe think a drop in donald trump's chances of winning the white house. let's bring in today's panel. liz peak from the fiscal times and james freeman from "the wall street journal." good to see you both. liz, we have had a couple days from the market trading, this could be reaction either to good news for trump last night's debate or bad news for trump, release of the ""access hollywood"" tape. what do you think? >> i think traders are deciding hillary clinton has the edge at this point. certainly the tape released on friday gave them cause to double down on the bet. trump staunched bleeding last night. he definitely put in a strong performance.
4:22 pm
today he is following up on that. he has a lot of work to do to come back. i think traders are assuming two things. that the house of representatives stays with republicans. there is no reason to think there won't be continued gridlock in washington. that basically favors the status quo which markets like. and third, they don't really think hillary means what she says. when she attacks banks and when she talks about single-payer systems -- david: james, isn't it funny, this wall street's expectations hang on the hope that hillary is lying to the public? >> yeah. this is really the question raised by these emails which group is she lying to? insiders who pay her a lot of money for the speeches or the public and sandersistas that she is trying to win over. david: what do you think,quickly? >> it is really tough to tell. there are times i read email, i get optimistic she is talking about more trade in the americas
4:23 pm
that would be very positive but, remember, that was when she was getting paid by at brazilian bank to say that. so, can you believe it? cheryl: another big issue came out last night was obamacare. donald trump and hillary clinton trading responses last night on how to fix obamacare. listen to this, guys. >> in '17 it implodes by itself. their method of fixing it to go back to ask congress for money, more and more money. we almost right now $20 trillion in debt. obamacare will never wok. >> so let's fix what is broken about it, but let's not throw it away and give it all back insurance companies. >> let me follow up -- >> that is not going to work. cheryl: liz, who is right? >> well, hillary clinton makes out the insurance companies to be the bad guys of course but the uth is, the system is set up so the insurers are doing very badly and basically trying to get out of this system as quickly as they can. look, she wants to to to a
4:24 pm
single payer system, or so she says even though a year ago she said it was impossible, would never happen. pretty hard to know where she stands. cheryl: james, 10 seconds, do you dill obamacare completely? >> yeah this is another area where trump really impressed did a lot better than the first debate. surprising given this is they were area of expertise she couldn't deliver. cheryl: it's a mess, someone has to fix it. hopefully the next president. liz, james, we appreciate it. david: mean while there is another document dump. more leaked emails coming out from clinton campaign chair john podesta. what is in the emails and how will it impact the campaign going forward? we're getting austan goolsbee take on it next. >> honest abe never lied. that is the big difference between abraham lincoln and you. that is a big, big difference. we're talking about some difference.
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cheryl: wikileaks releasing a
4:28 pm
new dump of more than 2000 emails today from hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. he also served as chief of staff to former president bill clinton, counselor to president barack obama. peter barnes standing by with details what the emails say and why they're so important. i know you have had time to go through them, peter. reporter: going through them all this afternoon, cheryl, and one is from a writer brent, a progressive democrat in january to podesta. in it he warns podesta that bill clinton's sex life could be damaging to hillary clinton. we saw how trump tried to make that an issue in the debate as one example. he wrote, quote, i had a multiemail exchange with someone in the media this morning, a name you would know, who was telling me people close to the clintons who says wjc, that is william jefferson clinton's sex life could be damaging to her. i responded that i totally disagree with that, that wjc's
4:29 pm
presidency and personal appeal are huge assets. he said adding that some people were saying the less wjc the better. it appears podesta did not respond. in fact another email to clinton aide cheryl mills, podesta referred to him as lefty with no following. i actually reached out to him who called me immediately and he authenticated the email. he said he wrote columns about this issue because he was worried about it and how it would affect secretary clinton. and added, what i write privately is 100% consistent with what i write publicly. another podesta email with other clinton aides show apparent feud in 2011 between doug band, an aide at the clinton foundation, and chelsea clinton. in one email band writes, quote, she is acting like a spoiled brat kid who has nothing else to do to create issues to justify what she is doing, because she, as she said, hasn't found her way and has a lack of focus in
4:30 pm
her life. interesting stuff. like reading diaries. some of it is so uncomfortable. >> it is. more than maybe you wanted to know. peter barnes, thank you for that. appreciate it, peter. david: here now, austan goolsbee, former obama economic advisor. austan i will do you a favor. we'll not deal with the sexual emails. don't worry about at that stuff. we'll keep you on economic stuff which is your specialty. >> okay. i appreciate it. david: there is one interesting email from lani davis who is a pretty straight-shooter -- lanny davis, who complained about the fact that hillary was not being forthcoming with her speeches, the transcripts of her speeches n that email he says to john podesta, who of course works for hillary clinton, hope there is no debate about full and immediate release, this is back in february. it didn't come full or immediate at all. do you think that was mistake? >> i don't know. i don't think it was. my experience with presidential
4:31 pm
campaigns is that if you're unilaterally providing things not like the other side will reasonably say, ah, they disclosed transcripts of her speeches so we disclose transcripts of donald trump's divorce records or his own foreign dealings. david: fair enough. >> they used it as ammunition. david: there was stuff being in there being used as ammunition by donald trump. he used some of it last night. no doubt he will use more. the key, thing that stands out she was saying one thing in private to bankers and one thing in public to other people. and one of the things, i mean, why else would bankers pay her millions of dollars for a speech? >> no. david: tell me, explain, why would bankers, bankers are pretty tight with their money, even when they're billionaires. what did they get for paying her -- >> why did they pay ronald reagan? david: because they're hoping to have a seat, they're hoping -- david: okay. you asked me the question.
4:32 pm
they want a seat at the table, austan. they want to be there when they're writing new regulations. there will be new financial regulations. there were a lot of bankers at the table when they were writing dodd-frank, you know it. i know it. >> that is nonsense. david: you say that is nonsense? you are saying no banking lobbyists at table when dodd-frank was being written. you know that is not true. >> do you want me to answer, or do you not want me to answer? david: go ahead. >> if you have someone who takes a position, who votes for and helps draft the regulation that is in dodd-frank, and then you say they're giving speeches to organizations that are touched on by dodd-frank. david: right. >> the question is, do you want the person who's advocating a policy to get tougher on those groups, or the person who is taking money from the groups and advocating ripping up dodd-frank, which is what donald trump is doing? david: the point is, they had
4:33 pm
influence on dodd-frank. >> that is nonsense. david: concentration of banking in the united states has increased, not decreased since dodd-frank. >> she is advocating -- david: let me ask the question, austan. let me ask the question if i may. the point is, is that banking concentrations has gone exactly the opposite direction as it was planned to go because of dodd-frank and a lot of people say it is because the bankers were at the table when it was being written. >> that wasn't the question, a. b, that is not. david: is it true or not? >> the point of dodd-frank, it is not point of dodd-frank to reduce the concentration of deposits. the point of dodd-frank is to make banks less dangerous and able to read their damage to other parts of the financial system. david: didn't work with wells fargo, did it? >> hillary clinton is advocating even more. why do you keep ignoring that? david: because the fact i think she and bankers have worked together in the past and they think they can work together in the future. it is as simple as that. she was once a senator from
4:34 pm
state of new york in which financial industry is huge, austan. that is the point. they know they can work with her and like to work with her again. >> so does it bother you then that donald trump is taking money from financial figures and he is advocating getting rid of the regulations that they want gotten rid off? does that disturb you? david: no, the question is how much influence -- >> why not? david: financial regulation and concentrating the banking industry even more than it already is. quickly. >> she is advocating being tougher on banks and financial industry, not less so. that is what i don't understand. david: austan i love arguing with you, but the satellite will go down. please come back here and at "forbes on fox" as well. we like you there too. >> okay. david: thanks, cheryl. cheryl: all right. donald trump taking a victory lap from a rally in pennsylvania after a strong debate last night. not good enough for some republicans still realing from comments he made about women 11
4:35 pm
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s. cheryl: a bombshell from paul ryan. the house speaker telling republicans he won't defend or campaign with donald trump for the remainder of the election. trump responding on twitter today saying paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and stop wasting time fighting republican nominee. former massachusetts senator
4:39 pm
scott brown back with us. this is about the down ballot at this point. seems like paul ryan, congress member, senator, protect yourself for what you need to do with your district. he did say that today. does he have a point. >> i don't think it is anything new. they will do what they have to do to keep their jobs anyway. if they haven't been preparing for presidential battle unlike any battle i've seen in my lifetime. i don't think they're doing their jobs and trump is right. cheryl: a lot of leaders were behind him until the tape came out on friday? >> i said what he said was despicable and deplorable and the fact that he apologized and did quite effectively, one factor people, not leaders, people in america will put, that one factor does not turn me on obviously about donald trump. and then you're going to look at wikileaks and look at all the negatives. they don't like her.
4:40 pm
they don't trust her. intersection of money and politics with hillary, they add that up. if you look at core issues i care about, building up military, supporting law enforcement, strong border, no sanctuary cities, lowering taxes, lowering regulation, donald trump still trumps hillary clinton in that area. i know he will surround himself with good people to offset that. cheryl: did that message get out last night, scott? i'm not sure it did. i mean this is the, the rhetoric. >> at one point, it was, cheryl. at one point it was in the beginning. i think that was started really quite frankly by martha. if martha wants to run for political office and be up on the debate stage and should stop what she is doing and go run -- cheryl: martha raddatz, one of the moderators. look at these ads. i don't know what you will see showing our viewers. hillary clinton came out with bunch of brand new ads today, showing all republicans who are leaving the party to vote for hillary clinton.
4:41 pm
republicans that support hillary clinton. it is senators. it is hank paulson and it is michael chertoff. this can't be good for donald trump and his campaign, scott? >> well of course, not. when you have republicans not voting for the nominee, it is not good. you have amazing amount of people who checked out of the process who are coming back into the process. people who are hardcore reagan democrats, blue-collar democrats who feel left out because not obviously bill clinton's party anymore, it is not jfk's party anymore,, radical environmental eights and george soros that basically manipulated bernie sanders and millenials are not supporting hillary clinton because of a lost things she is doing and saying. thee will stay home or vote for third party candidate give trump all a shot. i believe a lot of minority voters will well. cheryl: i do want to ask you real quick this is coming down to the college educated female undecided voter and independent.
4:42 pm
did he reach out at all to those voters last night, in your opinion? >> well, what i think showed initially was, he was remorseful and embarrassed. he has spoken to his family. i know for a fact that he is embarrassed about it. listen, everybody makes mistakes. he made a very big mistake. so thats with the first step. he is talking about things that are important. obamacare is crushing families and individuals. we know that for a fact. he is going to replace it with something that works and eliminating the border, ability to go over the border is good first step. i and others have a lot of suggestions on that. dealing with isis, dealing with the trust factor and kind of the two sets of rules for the clintons and others in power -- cheryl: so much to talk about. we've got to get back. we like to get back to the issues and get out of the gutter. senator scott brown, we're out of time. great to see you, we appreciate it. david: hurricane matthew has gone out to sea but the southeast is still suffering.
4:43 pm
new details on the storm's aftermath. former fema director michael brown with his take on what those most affected need right now. that is next. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong. if you then you'll know howuth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too.
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biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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cheryl: north carolina under water. the tarheel state realing from wrath of hurricane matthew that left 22 dead in the u.s. southeast and thousands more stranded as glad waters continue to rise. here is michael brown, former director of fema. michael, you know too well this is only the beginning in particular for those in north carolina. many without power, businesses still underwater. what are the next steps for the state? >> this is always the frustrating part to me when these hurricanes or for that matter these tropical storms move through is the floodwaters always follow behind and people are going to learn several things. one they will learn, maybe if they didn't actually have flood insurance they will not have coverage for the structural damage, loss of personal property and everything else.
4:47 pm
the same is true of businesses. and i think the other thing is, there is a misperception or a misconception, i'm not sure which word, that fema or the federal government is going to swoop in and make those people who didn't have flood insurance, make them whole again and that is simply not the case. fema will provide some stopgap measures, give people temporary housing, maybe some temporary costs to replace personal items. but they can't and frankly we never have made people whole. cheryl: what ability does fema have to help the folks at lumberton, north carolina? you have a levee that broke. 1500 people right now trapped this is just because the sky has clear that does not mean these folks are out of danger. can fema help them? >> that's right. that is a different situation. in that situation where you have, disasters are divided up into four different phases but there is the response phase and what is going on in north carolina right now with the levee broke is indeed a
4:48 pm
response phase. fema can help the state in that regard by providing additional department of defense resources. additional monetary resources in the state. to get those people out of harm's way. to the larger picture though, those things will happen. fema has been doing and will do what it is supposed to do in the aftermath and during the storms. what i always worry about is in the aftermath, when the power was out and look these, utilities will come in and do everything they can to get power restored as quickly as possible. >> right. >> but too many people think that, well as soon as the power company comes in they can get the power restored to my block. it takes time to get to their block. you you might be the last block somebody gets to. they aren't prepared for that. cheryl: it would be weeks and it could be months. we've gone up there it with sandy in this area. >> that's right. >> we saw that in new orleans when you were running fema.
4:49 pm
it will be a while sadly for those folks. michael brown, former fema director. thank you for insight on the story. >> thank you, cheryl. david: we have breaking news. pro golfing legend tiger woods no longer making his return to golf. he backed out of the safeway open slated to begin on thursday. this would have ended woods's 14 months absence from the game. quote, i practiced last several days in california, but after a lot of hours i knew i wasn't ready to compete against the best golfers in the world. cheryl: tough career for that man. an october surprise for both candidates. donald trump trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton and keep his campaign alive. ♪
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
both sides. how dot nominees prepare for more crises as we're less than a month from election day? bruce turkel, turkel brands ceo, all about them author. great to see you. what about donald trump's, i got to ask about his press conference he had with the women that claimed they were abused by bill clinton beforehand. was that a smart move or not? >> i don't see how it was a smart move. it did play up his desirability to his base. they like those antics but he already got his base. what he needs are undecided women. and putting those women out there didn't make anybody feel good. if you're against him yo suggest that he was even abusing those women by making them do that. if you support him, you could say why would he do that to them. i don't think it was very smart move. david: was it not though a counter he was abusing women or had the potential of abusing women what he said in that tape? >> by saying i did this terrible thing but so did you, david you
4:54 pm
and i used to do that in great school. i know you are but what am i. no, it didn't. david: bruce, this is the one point think i you're wrong on this bill clinton is going to be part of the hillary clinton administration. she has said so. she said he is going to be in the room helping me to make economic decisions. he will be living in the white house. so because of the fact that this guy is part of a team, that is going to be taking over in, if she wins the presidency, aren't we concerned about his character as well? >> well, i appreciate that. you beat me to it. i was going to say, yes, bill clinton is not running for president. so you answered that one. on the other hand, i believe, and i think most polls would show if bill clinton ran for president today he would win. so going up against bill clinton, i don't see that as very smart strategy, what does he do? what does donald trump do to gain back some momentum that he totally lost on friday? >> he has to do one thing. he is not going to do it, david. he needs a contrite apology.
4:55 pm
not i'm sorry if. david: specifically how would it be different from what he said. >> i am sorry if you were offended but bill clinton done much worse. any apology that follows with a i have or but is not apology. he once again firing up the base but remember this, thousands of people cheer for him but 125 million americans vote. he needs them. not just his faithful. david: clearly looking at polls, "the wall street journal" poll is devastating when it comes out. very quickly, 10 seconds, could he come back, yes or no? >> he could come back but he is not going to. david: bruce turkel, author of all about them. great to see you, bruce. thank you very much. cheryl. cheryl: there you have it. well, a star is born. last night's debate dominating the discussion of today but the buzz on social media has been focused on a participant other
4:56 pm
than donald trump and hillary clinton. we'll tell you who that is and there he is coming up next. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at just like that, a moment turns romantic. so why pause to take a pill? and when you're having fun why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. >>
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4:58 pm
when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
4:59 pm
>> what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly? >> audience member ken bone is a new rising star. dave rrp twitter has gone crazy over bone's deneenor and style. one user wrote that he looks like the human version of a hug.
5:00 pm
another, i want ken bone to wrap that beautiful cable knit sweater around our divided nation. only his warmth can save us now. ken bone, thank you. that does it for us. "risk and reward" starts right now. liz: whistle blowers. wikileaks released thousands of new emails that threaten clinton's campaign. julian assange's website releasing 2,000 emails between clinton and john podesta. insiders fearing fallout from bill clinton's extramarital affairs. and calling chelsea clinton a spoiled brought.


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