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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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absolutely the aggressor. jerry fall well, jr. will be with us tomorrow. thanks for being with us. miss a moment of lou dobbs, he is here, he is next on fox busines business. lou: good ove evening. wikileaks, exposing more material. damaging e-mails about hillary clinton, releasing a second batch of e-mails from clinton presidential campaign chairman podesta. new release features over 2000 hacked e-mails, e-mails that show campaign insiders, feared that bill clinton's extra marital affairs could damage hillary's chances at winning the white house, coming a day after former president's sorted past played a big role in the second presidential debate.
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>> if you look at bill clinton. far worse, mine are words, his was action, his was what he has done to women, never anybody in history of politics in this nation that has been so abusive to women. so, you can say, anyway you want to say it, but bill clinton, was abusive to women, and hillary clinton attacked these same women. attacked them viciously, 4 of them hero night. lou: most on-line poll show donald trump won the debate last night, by a wide margin. among our guests tonight, david bossey, deputy campaign manager for donald trump. and republican strategist edrollins, pulitzer prize winning columnist are in "new york post" michael goodwin, further congressman to endorse donald trump, chris collins, we have a lot to talk about. donald trump right now, holding a rally this very
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hour, in pennsylvania. we'll be going there live when trump does take the stage. and our top story tonight, clinton campaign, in damage control after latest wikileaks revelation. , e-mail released today reveal more turmoil within the clinton campaign. a december 2011 e-mail for example, said clinton foundin ing a chief operating officer laura graham was going to commit suicide, she called me to tell me the stress of this office crap with the wjc, and cvc, referring to bill and chelsea clinton had driven her to the edge, and she can't take any more. and another, bill clinton's sexual sorted past could hurt hillary's chances.
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quote -- another e-mail to podesta reveals, top democrat frustration about hillary's lying about bernie sanders during the primaries, hillary should stop attacking bernie, when she says things that are untrue, she often does the e-mail are said. e-mails also show univision owner, coordinating with a clinton campaign, on the relentless attacks on trump, and clinton allies concerned about possibility of joe biden running for president. here to assess these scandals. and how donald trump stands to benefit. deputy campaign manager for donald trump, david boss bossey. your boss had quite a night last night, there have had to been a lot of sighs of relief? >> thank you. yeah, you know.
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we had a good night. donald trump exceeded even his own expectations. he dominated the debate. a enormous victory, for his america, he was able to communicate with the american people and prosecute the case against hillary clinton. look, you know, i have been around the clintons for a long time. since the '90s, i have -- -- reporter: are you bragging in. >> well, i don't know. but i have not seen anyone beyond donald trump prosecute the case against hillary clinton as effective as donald trump did last night. what he did, in talking straight to the american people, about her, about the issues that are important to the american people as well as how she treated those women. was devastating. lou: let's go to, that the idea of putting those women on screens everywhere before the
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debate, gave the trump campaign, donald trump, command of the evening whether people acknowledge it or not. he set the agenda. the national liberal media, chose not to want much of it as a result. but, nearly every wobbling was carrying -- every one was carrying that story. the presence of those 4 women who are victims of bill clinton. whose idea was it? >> i'm not going to get into that. lou: we'll have to wrap it up, i want to get into it, i thought it was brilliant. >> i just -- we -- it was a time coul effort, mr. trump wanted to make sure that american people were introduced to these women, who fought throughout '90s to be able to tell their stories,
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never given the opportunity by liberal mainstream media. this an opportunity, for us to break them and raise them up. 3 of them were victims of li bill clinton, one a victim of hillary clinton, in while she was a lawyer. this woman, michelle, a 12-year-old little girl raped by a 41 year oil ol 41-year-old man, and hillary clinton got this man off the that rape change. it was a devastating case, devastating to this girl who was there last night. lou: each of the women there, you know, have terrible stories. that national liby liberal media found it inconvenient it appears to show the pain and suffering these women have gone through at hands of the clintons, whether it is bill clinton aassaulting and
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harassing them or hillary clinton, carrying out politicians of destruction against them who have already been victims. what are you expecting next here? quickly, we're out of time. where does donald trump go now? literally. >> we'll be spending day in around florida next several days, north carolina. maine, new hampshire. we'll going to be all over. barnstorming this great country, talking to american people, bringing the issues to them, i think that is what people care about. lou: that is what people care about, they care about paul ryan, real quickly. get your comment on paul ryan. and i have to say, you to, what is your comment, i'll give mine later. lou: you know, i'm disappointed that speaker, had to go out and say something. look, we're disappointed in any republican who will ll not walk arm and arm with mr. trump. lou: disappointed? really. you are disappointed?
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what he has just done will probably tear the republican party to pieces, if he is not stopped in his nonsense. >> we want people to reach out to speaker ryan to explain to him why it is important for him to walk with us toward election day, because, elections are about addition not subtraction, paul ryan is not allowing to us gain the spied that we need -- speed that we need to head toward election, he needs to be held accountable for it. lou: i have a few thoughts to share later, david bossey great to see you, continued good luck. >> thank you. lou: we're awaiting a trump rally in pennsylvania, we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> trump delivers crushing blows against clinton. >> she is blaming the lie on the late great abrah hai ablincoln.
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>> someone good with temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. lou: chris collins with the look at his debate performance . >> next we take up those g.o.p. elites and paul ryan's betrayal of the party. betrayal of the party. we'ryou owned your cark.
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lou: speaker paul ryan, facing a pac backlash from his own caucus, ryan informed gop lawmakers he will not campaign along mr. trump or defend him. donald trump was quick to respond. he tweeted -- paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal ill immigration, not waste his time on fighting the republican nominee. joining us tonight, congressman chris collins, first member of congress to endorse donald trump. that right. >> good to be here yeah, great to have you here. >> i'm going to put you in a difficult position, what paul
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ryan has done here, to me is contemptible. i think this millions of republicans, it represents an out right betrayal of primary process, those voter who cast their vote for donald trump, those who are now supporting him, for this to come from highest place republican in our government to me is cowardes, he cut and run it disgusting. i think he is last thing whose name should be associated with something called leadership your thoughts? >> well, lou paul ryan does have a difficult job in representing the majority in congress, his focus has always been should be on making sure we have 247 seatses we have now when we come back after the election. it has been his focus. it was a month ago it is today. let's face the other thing, he has never been a strong supporter, that is putting it
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3450eu mildly at donald trump, he has always been reluctant. lou: well the poor darling, the fact of the matter is, he is not the nominee, he expected support of the party, and donald trump i would assume -- he may not now, expect support of the party. >> good news is that donald trump is running against the establishment, in doing that he energized that movement that crossing party lines, when part of the establishment does not support him, that does not hurt donald trump in the least. so, i will say, paul ryan focused on keeping our majority in the house, we need to do, every member is running his own race, every race is a little bit different, that is in this election year keep that in mind.
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i'm saying that paul ryan is doing a job, he is over in been a strong supporter of donald trump, i would not want somebody standing there, who is luke warm, paul ryan has never been anything but luke warm. he has his own job, i have to report that. right now i think that donald trump is better off with the movement he has distancing himself from the establishment, not worrying at all whether paul ryan standing with him or not. it is always only been luke warm. lou: it does speak to some necessary changes i think in washington. i think you are right. you have come up with a perfeca per -- perfect rational, i think that probably donald trump is comfortable running you know,
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the hell against someone like ryan, who would want to be in a fox hole with a guy that precious anyway. i take your point. this is the changing, the change agent is donald trump. and -- >> no question. he will turn washington upside down. >> and one of ways in which he has to do so by running against not only the republican establishment, and elites like ryan, like mcconnell. you know. all of those nonsense. but also against the liberal mainstream media. and yes, as after after thought, hillary clinton and her cartel. it is an extraordinary task. how successful do you think he is being right now after last night's debate? >> last night's debate he did just what he needed. he did apologize to american public for something he said on an open mic 11 years ago,
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you can't defend what he said, it was as he said locker room talk. he was right in contrasting that to bill and hillary clinton's actions, actions speak louder than words, that was a very good contrast, as he pivoted to point out to america, after 30 years in public sector, hillary clinton, has accomplishinged nothing, promised and made a promise after another, including 200,000 jobs in new york, none of which happened. then she defends nafta. she now in michigan talking about devastation of that state. because of nafta. you know that takes you know, certain amount of the -- lou: you know the big thing i got a kick out of. she focused on an accomplishment, one that is healthcare for children. it was a program, for folks, she did participate in it.
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she was a contributor to, that ofor the, do -- effort, she was not elected office at that time, she was first lady, her only achievement is when she is not in office. you wonder if she would not be pore productive not in was on the, that is a question. >> last night she said she was not as secretary of state what barack obama drew that red line in syria, that is opened up doors for isis. she was the secretary of state when that happened. so, her memory of facts has always been suspect. with the straight face she said things that are not true, she lies to the american public. she is befuddled what call 0 called on it. lou: she has had trouble with her memory of late, as you know, in particular with fbi. >> thank you, lou. lou: vote in our poll. do you believe paul ryan's
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refusal to support republican nominee should mean his expulsion from republican party forthwith? we'll like to hear from you, cast your vote @lou dobbs. >> roll the video. thrillseeker taking a ride through history. it begins, this dare devil scaling a ancient stone call in estonia. he swerves from side to side on a long board along narrow edges of an ancient building's crumbling roof. he said it was scary but the rush made it worth the anxiety. this does not seem particularly wise thing to do for him or that great structure of antiquity. up next, rinse wi reince priebus said he and republican
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national committee stan firmly behind donald trump. but some have cut and run. i'll have a few thoughts about one of them, and many of them. coming up next in my commentary. commentary. stay with is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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lou: this is a crazy time, this is after all an opinion, and advocacy show, here we go. a few thoughts on why some g.o.p. elites, and establishment types are having trouble with a successful businessman. donald trump, as their party's nominee. first, he is only presidential nominee ever whose never before been in public or military service, never sought any other elective office. and he was once a playboy billionaire. he made his money before not after seeking office. the opposite of reserves
11:26 pm
generally guarded be leaders, because of his very public life for decades, he has been a media darling for decades. and he turned his billions of dollars to his political advantage in this campaign, claiming those billions mean me can't be bought by special interests, wall street, or cooperate america's lobbyists, not only that, once dismiss by elites of boein both parties, he is a full on threat to the american establishment. whether political or business media or academia. the status quo. they hate him. the result is, he is far too close for further lax edy among the elites they are now taking him serveious look so seriously they mean to kill his candidacy out right. that is why donald trump is fighting an all but impossible war on three fronts now.
11:27 pm
no one more shocked that mainstream liberal media, clinton cartel and g.o.p. elites have not been able to destroy him already, most powerful among those in government, speaker paul ryan, republican extraordinary. those to betray millions of trump voters and supporters, abandon any common sense it seems he might possess, and turn his back on his party's presidential nominee, saying he will not defend or campaign with trump, telling lawmakers to quote, do what is best for new your district. not only is ryan's behavior selfish, but we're getting used to it. his intellect betrays him on occasions he does my to employee it he seems hell bound to destroy the republican party, trump a candacey and now house majority, ryan appears to have
11:28 pm
no concept of the power of unity, his responsibility as speaker, the institution at importance of hid part his party and duty to the nation, he is a laughing stack leader, a small man dressed up in a big job, capable of dreariest cliches, and forlorn looks of mead oc karate. at least 40 republicans in congress, have denounced trump now, i am sure donald trump tonight is shaken. as they pull their support, or ask him to step aside after his hot mic comments from 11 years ago. well some of these folks, we might say are well intendstioned and we will, even if we will. to prove the point, ryan leads them, from sure victory in
11:29 pm
hole holding the house, senate and winning white house to cowardice. their constituents should be voting them out of office, ryan should be no more speaker of the house than hillary clinton should be president of the united states, futures of though two are intertwined. democrats today, seizing on ryan's cut and run opportunity and ambition, interim head, interim dnc chair, donna brazile saying that, donald trump is not fit to become mappedder i-- come manner in commander in chief. brazile has more guts than republican leaders and let's not discuss the very unfair advantage that dnc chair has over republican leadership. ryan and the rest of the republican leaders should call
11:30 pm
trump, tonight, they should apologize. and publicly promise to never again be such vulgar cowards in their duty to the nominee, the party, and the nation. it is not easy making america great gain, it is clear to do so would require trump's leadership. and a movement committed to vote to vote in unprecedented novembers on november 8, it call enthusiasm. intensity. and it is spurred by true leadership. fortunately the republicans have it now quote of the evening from general j pat op wh patton. lead me, follow me, or get out of my way. that is our way. we're coming right back. trump takes on clinton, and the clinton cartel. >> we'll get a special prosecutor we're going to look into it. you know what, people have
11:31 pm
been -- their lives have been destroyed for doing one fifth of what you have done. you out to b ought to be ashamed. lou: trump apologized for his vulgar remarks made 11 years ago, but hillary clinton has not apologized for her conduct in her career. >> this massive whale, making freedom. one nation in all of human history was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, but it can only last if you and i choose to act as people of character. forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪
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lou: let's go to township in pennsylvania, look at that crowd. i look at these polls, i think that trump is right. this is in wilkes berry township. with us now, though, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, great america pak strategiest, ed rollins. and michael goodwin. two of savviest minds of american politics and presidency. >> one and a half. lou: i'm not going to ask. >> you know what i meant. lou: good to you have.
11:36 pm
the debate. how di big was his performance. >> i think the -- i would divide it to two. first the "shock and awe" opening with bill clinton winston-salem an women and that. then have you second hour or final hour, i think he brought much better preparation on substance, he used every question to contrast himself with secretary clinton position. i thought overall he did a good job, he stopped the bleeding, it thought he did, paul ryan surprise me today. lou: a surprising fellow that ryan. >> i think you have to put it in proper perspective, after 10 days from first debate to this disaster on friday. he wassed di dead and gone saturday morning, he was
11:37 pm
looking into abyss, his party was abandoning him, and stories that month mike pence might drop, he went to that debate with potential. he rose to the occasion, he did things that his die hards wanted him to do for a long time, he gave himself an opportunity to fight on. we'll see a week from now when polls show, today he is back in the game. lou: clinton right now leading 11 points, in the "wall street journal." >> let me question that poll, poll was done. lou: a barely got it done. >> not done. it was done friday, and saturday. and sunday. it will be another night tonight. but they rushed to put it out today, still another third to come. lou: you see why ed is here every night, i can get him to get here. >> -- it may a teller, the
11:38 pm
worse day after the tape, did not really reflect what happened. we'll see today, tomorrow. >> good test of the debate, what the impact was. lou: i was going to say before so rudely interrupted. >> sorry about that. i want to make you correct. lou: i appreciate the help. 11 points, after this lewd tape, as it is being called or whatever it is. i have never seen, my thought was, i just, i had to ask myself, do americans understand, when they take these polls, there is one person in the race, only one person who will take a curt i cut in pay if he or she were to win the race, donald trump, he is only one that takes a cut in pay, he built a fortune before going into it. i know, at some point is, there anyone going to pay attention to what he is giving up to campaign for a year and
11:39 pm
a half for a job that results in tapes from before years of his past from all of nonsense and nastiness, i'm not trying to throw a pit part pity party but how about perspective. >> probably not. people are asking, what is in it for me. that tape, i think for a lot of women problem in particular, said he is not for me. that tape, i -- >> in all due respect that is the national media narrative. i think that there are women who speak crudely and vulgar, i think by the way, if i may, there are few women who never heard those words, there are few people who have not said things they regret. they just down have to have them showered over them. by the national liberal media, by you know, corporate interests, and by perhaps the elites of his own party, and the campaign opposing.
11:40 pm
what -- you know is there any sustain stard. >> there is not, i say, like on a food product or what have you a warning label. getting into a race, this may be hazardous to your reputation. lou: well hillary clinton and donald trump would sign an affidavit to that. >> that was brutal last night they both took a pounding. lou: i thought, this is a nation growing up. i say this, thank god for social media, it is hard to hideout. >> also changed the dynamics. lou: yep, ed rollins, michael goodwin thank you. >> thank you. lou: roll video pretty please. a group of snorklers treated to a incredible display, a humpback whale, breaching out of the water. and landing just a few feet from the snorklers.
11:41 pm
these folks have their snorkels on out in the water, that is what they got. note, to wife, up next, donald trump said he is not perfect, but he has changed, over last decade. >> my travels, to places that i have been, people that i have mitt met, they have also changed me, i'm not proud of everything that i have done in life, who among us is. is everyone -- anyone brought of every element? lou: pastor robert is joining us next, we're awaiting trump a arrival at rally in pennsylvania. pennsylvania. stay with us, we're coming
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lou: we're going to talk about hypocrisy, just a little conduct. a foreign policy spokesman for hillary clinton a presidential campaign was forced to apologize for tweeting an expletive last night to donald trump, tweeting, quote, hey -- do we have that video? there we go. hey, real donald trump, regarding your climb that captain khan would be alive if
11:46 pm
you were president, go -- expletive yourself. #debate, later apologized but, did not delete it. without taking a note of hillary's own potty mouth, as well of that of her staff, american thinker, composed a lot of 9 times she used vulgar language, she said to a, can mutual fun,a k-9 handler to get that e expletive dog out of my way. then to a air force one pilot -- joining me now, member of faith advisory count for donald trump.
11:47 pm
pastor first baptist church in dallas. before i get your reaction, your thoughts on debate, and how did it make you feel? >> i think that donald trump redeemed himself politically last night. he did what he needed to do. he apologized for his comments, she had have then -- which he should have then he prosecuted hillary clinton relentlessly, and he showed that quality that all leaders have to have resilliant resil resiliency. he bounced back against the stiffest opposition, that should make everyone feel good about having him as commander in chief, i thought it was a reset of the election. lou: right, turning to vulgar records. from hillary clinton, one of her campaign staff members, i mean. i think of that as sange -- a
11:48 pm
man of god to get's sense of some perspective. >> lou, look, the bible said here all sinners, we need christ's forgiveness, i have said that donald trump's comments were lewd, they were offensive, but not enough to make me vote for hillary clinton. and these people, who want to say that hillary has a superior character to donald trump? i mean, give me a break, a woman who deleted 33,000 e-mails, assaulted the victim of her husband's sexual advances, and she supports partial-birth abortion, a horrific practice, how can anyone say she possessing superior character to donald trump? lou: what about tall paul ryan, what is he trying to do? what is this man. >> called self serving, he is
11:49 pm
trying it save his own neck, paul ryan is the reason that donald trump is the republican nominee. people are sick of the establishment including the g.o.p. establishment that is more interested in retaining its own power than helping country. and i really think, a ryan has made a determination he would rather see hillary clinton as president, he thinks he could regain power in republican, under a clinton presidency, than they could under a donald trump presidency. trump broke the back of the republican establishment, and for them that is the unconditional and unforgivable sin. >> pastor robert jeffers thank you. >> thank you. lou: on wall street, stocks closed higher, dow up 89, s&p you of 10, nasdaq 36 up. volume on big board almost 3 billion shares, listen to my reports three time a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. up next, donald trump said
11:50 pm
hillary deserves blame for not stopping her husband a sexual behavior. >> inch stid o stead of trying to -- instead of trying to stop it he made it possible of him to take advantage of morwomen, then she says a love women, i'm going to help women, she is a hypocrite. >> stay with us we'll be rightht i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study
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lou: there is donald trump on the stage holding a rally in the battle ground state of pennsylvania. real clear poll is shows hillary clinton with a 9-point lead there now. he's in wilkes-barre township. >> universal healthcare coverage, single payer system. she wants it to be like canada. but the people in canada with money, when they have an operation they come down to this country because they have a lot of problems in canada. forget it. sidney blumenthal, you remember what ambassador stevens in benghazi was calling and writing and they were desperate for help. they say like 600 times.
11:55 pm
the only one she was speaking to was sidney blumenthal who is a sleaze. obama wanted her restricted so they couldn't speak. that's probably one of the reasons she wanted her private server. she promised obama she wouldn't be talking to sleazy sydney. blumenthal writes a quote. one important point has been universally across knowledged about the nine previous reports of benghazi. this is sidney blumenthal. she wasn't talking to ambassador stevens. even 600 calls. the attack was certainly preventible. clinton was in charge of the state department and failed to protect the united states personnel and american could that in libya, he meant benghazi. if the gop wants to raise that
11:56 pm
as a talking point against her, it's legitimate. he's admitting they could have done something about benghazi. this just came out a little while ago. lou: donald trump going after hillary clinton with some of the material from the latest wikileaks document dump. i'm sitting here with my radio show host mike gallagher. and tammy bruce. i'm excited because i'm watching donald trump with notes. you don't see him do that. last night in the debate, nets was writing things down. somehow it gave him an even stronger presence to be doing that. do you disagree?
11:57 pm
>> i a of people were worried using notes or a teleprompter would ruin him. his nature is overcoming all of this. what i love about what we just saw is he's sticking with the issues. this will be key for the 29 days. i don't know what's going to happen. he saved himself last night, showing a remarkable level of leadership. lou: how far do you think he beat her by? >> it wasn't univision's numbers. they say she won 92-8. as a private citizen all of his life he has never run for dog catcher. so what he did this year for history will be one of the most remarkable stories of one american citizen in the history our country.
11:58 pm
>> she gave it to him. without that attack for 48 hours, he never would have been able to show how he moved through it and not just survived, but prevailed. this is the on the way could it have been done through extraordinary pressure. it's the law of unintended consequences and he delivered. lou: who would they want in the white house, what they have seen of donald trump the last 48 hours or hillary clinton the last 48 hours, or paul ryan folding up like a cheap lawn chair and taking his marbles. >> what a leader. do what works for you in your own district. lou: that will go up there with churchill's words. donald trump is energized. despite being up very late last night, working hard to get done what he needed to. >> success is the best re
11:59 pm
vehicle. he sees what works. he sees it in the numbers. he knows he's back, and he knows what he needs to do. this is what we need, for him to win this battle so we can win the rest of the war. lou: the establishment has to be overturned. we have to see this for the benefit of the men and women working every day to raise their families. thank you both, mike gallagher. we appreciate. tammy bruce, thank you so much. we take time to give you one comment on last night's presidential debate. donald won the debate, he was
12:00 am
absolutely the aggressor. jerry fall well, jr. will be with us tomorrow. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: tonight, trump's female problem versus hillary's email problems. we have campaign advisors from both sides. did trump turn the corn kerp with his performance in last night's debate? a new poll shows how much the leaked audio hurt him. the real star of the night, ken bone. grab your receipt sweater? that was entertaining. no one knew what to expect from the royal rumble. donald trump went into t


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