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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 11, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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trish: it is hard to do when
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paul ryan and others give zero support, he sent this -- get ready, folks. and within the hour, he tweeted, the very foul-mouthed senatojohn mccain begged for my support during his primary, i gave you one and dropped me over locker room remarks, and as a discord within the party reaching a very heightened state after a video surfaced which donald trump made pretty lewd, awful comments about women. many top republicans, including speaker paul ryan quickly began to distance themselves from donald trump following the release of the video. joining me is the son ever the late ronald reagan, he is the author of lessons my father taught me, michael reagan, good to have you here. welcome. >> good to be with you. trish: we're seeing a pretty big split here between the traditional conservatives and the base supporters of donald trump. in your view, has donald trump really changed the republican party forever?
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>> i think, yes, he has changed the republican party forever, i think the republican party has to regroup on november 9th to find out who they are. the party of trump or go back to the party of reagan. i would like to see it go back to the party of reagan. real conservatism at that point instead of going down the road of the party of trump, but i think at this point, yes, he has, in fact, changed the party. trish: you say go back to the party of reagan, and so many of his supporters are people that did support your dad. >> yeah, i know that, and i get dismayed at times when they try to equate my father to donald trump. i think i quoted -- or tweeted out a few months ago if donald trump were anything like ronald reagan or ronald reagan like donald trump, nancy never would have married him it's like two different people. there is nothing the same. nothing they had that was, in fact in common.
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and so the party needs to say who they are. are they the party of trump? be the party of trump and get on with it, don't try and be on both sides of the reagan-trump train, if you will. i'm on the reagan train. you want to be on the trump train, be on the trump train. trish: that said, one of the gifts your dad had which donald trump also has is he was able to communicate to people and inspire them and strike a chord in the heart of the american voter, and we really haven't seen anybody catch the american voter's imagination in quite the same way, frankly since your dad, michael. with that in mind, one of the thing trump has done well that your father did well, he didn't create the image of republicans being the elitists, rather they were out for the working man and woman, and this is something that no matter what the party does and no matter who's running it, don't they need to continue with. in other words, get away from the elitist message and stay
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true to core which is economic prosperity for all? >> but they need to also understand that the republican party is the minority party. never been the majority party. my father and i talked about that on numerous occasions, he knew in order to get elected, you had to get democrats into the party to get you elected. you had to have a message that was inclusive, not exclusive. and at this point, donald trump really only speaks to his base, and jugets the base excited. if he wants to win, he needs to get past the core issues that people are concerned about and get off of hillary and get off of bill clinton and off of bringing -- trish: you don't think that played so well? >> in the 90s. trish: michael, there are a lot of people that say, some ways, one, he showed he's willing to
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go nuclear, he's willing to playsa hard as he needs to play, and two, yeah, his war of words and bill clinton's actions were actions, and there is a difference. >> yeah, but we fought that battle 20 years ago and we lost that battle 20 years ago. republican party did. and so right now people aren't sitting at the dinner table worrying about what bill clinton did 20 years ago, they're worried about what they're going to be doing about their jobs, where they're going to go? what's going with isis? what's going to keep them safe? that's what they're talking about at the kitchen table. they're not saying bill clinton did this 20 years ago and hillary stood up for her husband at that point in time and brow beats the women. trish: point taken. we need to get back to the issues, indeed, you're right, michael, an economy that is barely growing, the threat of isis for all of us, and these are the policy decisions that
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need to be made in the next several years, so this is why this election is so critical. you're right. michael, good to see you again, always a pleasure, thank you. >> thank you. trish: for more on the future of the republican party i'm joined by republican strategist, author of gop gps, evan sigfreid and trump campaign national spokesperson katrina pierson as well as the executive editor of the weekly standard fred barnes. i think about this, this is an election which there are two choices, donald trump, hillary clinton. one represents the free market driven economic prosperity model, lower taxes, less regulation and the other represents a nanny state, we got more news from her in terms of tax deductions she's going to be offering those who are low income with basically incentives that will encourage people not to work, and will penalize those who do through higher taxation.
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are republicans right now that are dissing trump forgetting that? do you have issues at stake right now in all of this. >> well, they're dissing trump lately over that sxrooshgs that will go away. i think it already has gone away. that was very good advice from michael reagan, by the way, and that is that the trashing hillary and bill and all his women, those are great issues, and they've gotten a big base for donald trump. up to 40% or more, but he does need to reach beyond that, and i think the issues are exactly the way to show people that he has thought through some of the issues and is eligible to be president as a result. i don't think he showed that in the debate. explain these things. you, for instance, explained the difference between hillary's economic plan and the
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trump economic plan much better than he does. trish: but i'm on television for a living. this is what i do. although given his reality show background, we should hold him a little more accountable. he should be able to deliver this message. katrina, you and folks like you are helping him to hone it, deliver it. what's lacking right now? why is it america is so distracted by things that are not going to influence our future as opposed to the policy that will? >> well, it would help if the party would stop helping hillary clinton and the media keep these types of things out there. mr. trump apologized for that video, he said he was embarrassed by it, and continued to try and move on from it, even in the debate which the moderator continued to want to talk about that. the party has not been the party of reagan since ronald reagan, that is a big part of the problem, and the party needs to understand that 14 million voters supported trump for a number of reasons. none of which had to do with him being an altar boy or
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someone they wanted their kids to look up to. they wanted a fighter, someone who was going to take on hillary clinton in the way she needed to be taken on. they wanted someone to fight the media. republicans don't do that because as we're witnessing today at the first hint of controversy, they tucked their tails and run. trish: they're all running away from him. evan, you've been running from the beginning. you have said all along that you don't think that donald trump represents you as a conservative or conservatives as a whole for that matter. but as i just explained, you get two choices, higher taxes or lower taxes. you got the supreme court issues coming up. you've got the threat of isis which is very real. immigration, she wants more syrians, he wants fewer. i mean, in some ways, why aren't you looking at these issues in that black and white policy approach? >> well, as katrina said, donald trump is a fighter. unfortunately, he's fighting other republicans, and that's a
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big problem for him in three different ways. one, in the campaign he needs the republican national committee by his own admission to provide field, get out the vote and data operations. if they keep attacking him, he'll pull out and they have nothing. two, he's going to need the members of congress to pass his conservative agenda and move things forward, especially conservative justices on the supreme court. and three, if hillary clinton wins, the more he's attacking these republicans, the less we will have who are elected and then hillary can push for radical agenda. trish: you didn't answer my question. there are all the policy issues at stake, and yet you can't support donald trump. so you're echoing effectively what so many in the republican party have said. >> last night took the liberal position, it was yesterday afternoon in pennsylvania. he attacked hillary clinton for being in favor of entitlement reforms. when has a republican ever attacked someone for reforming
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entitlements? never. that's not a conservative. that's a liberal democratic position. trish: katrina, how do you respond to that? >> he should have said he was not telling the truth. hill sear not for entitlement. trish: we'll give katrina a second, go for, it fred! >> he should have said that she's not for entitlement reform. i think trump really is. he says he hasn't said that in the campaign, he said the opposite. he'll have to be for entitlement reform, i don't think hillary will. what he needs to do is look, all that stuff about being a fighter, he's been a great fighter, he's been in the primaries, he did well, he won the nomination, he's a tough guys, but he needs to get that last five or six or seven percent support and can't get it by fighting. he needs to show himself as being someone who can be president, and that's talking cogently about issues. take obamacare. he needs to say not -- he
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wandered off on that during the debate. he needs to say, look, your insurance will cost less and you'll get better coverage and you get to see the doctor you want. >> he wandered off on a few of them. the islamophobia question, where he could have been a little more blunt and said, look, the onus is on the islamic community to really start to sniff this stuff out and get rid of this extremism. he also could have done more on the syria question. katrina, he's still got time, the big fox debate coming up. tell us what he's doing to bone up on some of the issues as fred says he needs to? >> he is doing what he said he's doing. that is talking to advisers and bone up on the issues. most of the topics is syria, islamophobia, all of the things that are important moving forward. and mr. trump does support entitlement reform, he believes in prioritizing those reforms,
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starting with government corruption, cronyism, fraud, waste and abuse, and let's not hurt the people, go after the cronyism and the republicans were pushing the export, import bank, giving tax dollars to billion dollar corporations and telling mothers, we can't help you. we need to govern with common sense. trish: thank you so much. on that note, we got a market selling off heavily. down 230 points. straight down to ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange with more on it. >> reporter: the third quarter earning season getting under way with a thud. alcoa coming out missing the street's estimates on revenue and profit, also giving a weaker outlook with regard to revenue. that set the scene, if you like, the dow off 229 points. we've seen oil too, come back a little bit. we had a report out of paris, monthly report from the international energy agency, that shows supply is growing, which, of course, is not good
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for oil prices that dropped down more than 1%. a strong dollar to throw into the mix as well. very strong dollar. we've seen the yield on the ten-year treasury move on up, around 1.76, 1.77. up three basis points, and on top of all of this, trish, yes, the specter of a fed rate hike in december of 0.25%, just adding to that sentiment, if you like here, on the floor. third-quarter earnings, very important, always the first two quarters were tough as we know, but looking to the third quarter to see things picking up. if alcoa is any indication, it may not be, if it is, we're in for a rough earnings season. trish: thank you so much, ashley. with the market as bad as it is, we thought we'd show you a light moment regardless of where politics are, you can't help smiling when you see a little one like this, a mini trump, totally stole the show during the rally in pennsylvania.
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take a look at this. >> he's supposed to look like donald trump, but he's actually much too good looking. you are really handsome. where's your daddy and your mommy, right? do you want to go back to them or do you want to stay with donald trump. >> trump. [cheers] . trish: right answer, kid. cute stuff. wikileaks releasing another 1,000 e-mails of hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta and has the "new york times," cnbc, cnn pretty embarrassed as they should be. we've got the e-mails for you next. a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands
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just this morning wikileaks released a third batch of e-mails belonging to john podesta and the latest e-mail dump reveals the curtain behind hillary clinton and the staff. blake burman is standing by. >> reporter: more than a thousand e-mails in the third document dump from john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chairman. three items that caught our eye starting with may 2015, that would have been month two of the clinton e-mail story. campaign spokesman the e-mails show, he e-mailed a top campaign aide he had been given a heads-up from someone within the department of justice about a filing for a proposed production schedule for clinton's e-mails to be released. a call from the d.o.j. to fallon, according to that e-mail. second, fast-forward a few months to august 2015, clinton's top campaign aides were e-mailing about the best way to reveal clinton's server
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and thumb drive handed over to the department of justice. jen palmieri appears worried that clinton wasn't taking the matter seriously. quoting here -- and third, trish, the coziness, you could say between the clinton campaign and some media outlets including the "new york times," cnbc, univision and cnn. donna brazile, then of cnn, she is the interim democratic national committee chair, she was shown to have e-mailed the clinton staff ahead of a cnn debate a question she says she saw beforehand, that question then appeared pretty much spot
2:21 pm
on in that primary debate, trish? trish: unbelievable. no chinese law there. donna brazile finds out what questions the anchors ask and hands them to the campaign. my gosh, they should be ashamed. blake, thank you so much as always. joined by charlie gasparino who's got breaking news for us right now. getting reports that an anti-paul ryan pac has been formed. where is this coming from? what are you hearing, charlie? >> i'm getting this from donors that gave money to donald trump that as we are talking about right now are getting canvassed by people that purport to be part of an anti-paul ryan pac want and to raise money from these donors to fund this pac to do what they claim is transparency, create transparency, that word was used. trish: here's the war within the party we've all been talking about. >> i'm giving you the
2:22 pm
microversion, the macroversion is the civil war inside the republican party. trish: full on. >> have you trump supporters and maybe advocated by donald trump. we don't know that. we have calls into the trump campaign. the pacs are separate, arm's length, sometimes less arm's length than others. donald trump made no bones about his displeasure about paul ryan, after the reaction of the entertainment -- whatever the tape was. trish: access hollywood. >> and the contents and didn't campaign with him. there's a big war between those two. it's boiling to defcon levels. donald has a bad temper, my guess is he's being really specific in this. they're going after paul ryan. paul ryan had a tea party challenger for -- he's up this year, he's got nominal
2:23 pm
democratic opposition in his -- he's got a safe seat, so to speak, but i think they're going raise money for the future, and i will say this, though, this is where it becomes an interesting business issue. i think if donald really wants to go war with the gop establishment, he should think about the business implications going forward. trish: i said that all along, you said maybe he was doing this for publicity. this is not the publicity you want, it's going to hurt your brand if you don't win. >> going nuclear against the gop establishment which basically, these are people that are -- trish: going to prove your next deal. >> prove the next deal. rent out your trump apartments, go mar-a-lago. he's going to kill himself. if he loses, which i think if you look at the polls now, he's probably going to lose, and it's a shame, we'll get into that. trish: if you look at electoral map, they're putting her at 308 right now. all you need is 270.
2:24 pm
he wants to start a donald trump tv network. what private equity firm is going to finance that? because you do need that. who's going to advertise on that. he's playing with fire with his kids' business future, not just his. trish: interesting, charlie gasparino reporting exclusively according to his sources -- >> they're being called, listen, they're being called. trish: to get the story about paul ryan. >> they're being called, no doubt. trish: evacuations in north carolina after major flooding from hurricane matthew stranded more than a thousand people in their homes. look at this unbelievable video. you've got floodwater that's expected to rise further here as well as the death toll unfortunately. we have a live report. and later on hillary clinton engaging in a little class warfare. why not? more of it revealing her new details on tax plan which is going to cost you, the taxpayers, bigtime. don't worry, she's assuring us she's going to make the rich pay for it all.
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trish: all right. right now thousands of people in north carolina are being told to evacuate as flooding from hurricane matthew begins to intensify. the death toll here in the u.s. is now at 30. half of those people died in north carolina with four more fatalities just reported today. rescue teams are out en masse as at least three rivers are forecast to hit record levels this week. i want to go to steve harrigan from fox news in lumberton, north carolina, the area hit the hardest by these floods. steve, fill us in on the latest. >> reporter: i'll step out of the way and show you what it looks like here. we are 80 miles from the coast, but despite that and despite two days of really nice, sunny weather, things are getting steadily worse each day, the water is rising. that's because that storm, hurricane matthew, dumped 15 inches of rain on this area, so
2:29 pm
rivers are hitting their historic crests. we have seen throughout the day today, throughout the morning rescue teams, and they've been going door to door in small bolts and rafts -- boats and rafts pulling people out of their houses, some holding onto their pets, others plastic bags with whatever belongings they have. this has killed 15 people here in north carolina, the governor determined no more people will die. most of those who died died in their cars trying to drive through flood water. there were early threats this morning that a dam could break, and he really was hard on the people who had not evacuated yet. right now 300,000 people here still without power, and we see a lot of people walking around this neighborhood who have been evacuated from their homes not sure where they're going to go next. trish: thank you so much, steve. meanwhile, incredible video captured by the drone in the state there of north carolina. a man who saw this video online recognized one of the homes belonged to his brother who was trapped in the house with his dog, and the man then got in
2:30 pm
touch with the videographer and asked for his help. he successfully got a rescue crew into the home where the man and his dog were found safe. the market continuing its major selloff, we are off nearly 250 points. so, you know, quite a turn around from some recent days here. health stocks seeing some downside today, and you've got threat, of course, of the interest rates from the fed moving up by three-quarters -- no, forgive me, one-quarter of a percentage point, and that has everyone on edge. hillary clinton, meanwhile, engaging in, what do you know, a little more class warfare. she's revealing new details on her tax plan which -- surprise, surprise -- is going to cost you, the taxpayers, bigtime. don't worry, she says, oh, i'll just make the rich pay for it. yeah? how's that going to work?
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next. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. trish: all right. we've got disappointing earnings out from the likes of alcoa, stocks deeply in the red. the dow off 252 points right now. health care and energy companies are really a takinit on the chin. you have got the price of oil also falling, none of it good for investors. ashley is at the nyse with more. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of doom and gloom, perhaps. it's a tough day, as you mentioned, trish.
2:35 pm
the dow off 250 points. we know that alcoa came out with poor third quarter earnings which is raising concerns, but you mentioned oil. oil off, well, down 56 cents. we had a report out of paris from the international energy agency saying supplies are growing again and, of course, that's not very bullish for oil at all. also some officials in russia saying we're not really interested in cutting or even freezing production. so if you put those two statements together, the report and the statement from russia, this is what you get. the price of crude down only 1, only 56 centss, still hanging above that $50 mark. also let's take a look at the energy stocks, the big ones you know and how they're performing. exxon down maybe 1, not a huge drop, 87.64. chevron too down just about 1. also you mentioned the health care stocks, trish, certainly the worst performing sector in the dow, and this tells the story, merck off 3%,
2:36 pm
unitedhealth group off 2.5%, j&j, johnson & johnson, off 2%, and and pfizer down 1.75%. so it's that kinof day. as i mentioned earlier awell, we still have the prospect of a fed rate hike this december. the dollar extremely strong, just adding to the downward pressure on the commodities. just one of those days. we'll see whether we can get some better third quarter earnings, trish, to give more jump to the markets. trish: all right. don't go anywhere, ashley, keep watching it. once this thing starts to accelerate, we're going to want to go back to you, if it does. hillary clinton pledging not to raise taxes on the middle class. meanwhile, watch her here. >> i have made a prejudice, and you can hold me to it -- a pledge, and you can hold me to it. i will not raise taxes on the middle class. nobody who is working hard to get a ahead should be asked to pay more in taxes when we have so many people who have done so well and are not paying their fair share. trish: perhaps that her
2:37 pm
borrowing from bernie sanders, right? that's one of the things we have learned through those leaked e-mails. she's trying to change the conversation here as she tries to really embolden more of his platform, and right now she's offering a new plan to provide tax relief for families with small children. her plan doubles the child tax credit and gives low income family more in the way of refunds. the plan would cost upwards of $200 billion, something she discloses, by the way. what's she going to do to make up for that? how is she going to pay for all that? usual answer, you can always expect this one, she's just going to make the well with think pay. -- wealthy pay. i'm joined by jon hilsenrath from the "wall street journal" and trump economic adviser steve moore. great to see you, guys. jon, you've been looking at some of the math, how does it add up? >> well, you know, what doesn't add up is how this affects economic growth. i mean, this is basically redistributing income away from the wealthy and towards the
2:38 pm
middle class. you know, i think what she's trying to do is appeal to suburban moms, you know, perhaps who have been turned off by some of trump's comments in the last few days. but what you don't get out of this and, you know, we asked some people about this in our story today, how does this boost economic growth, and this isn't a tax policy that really does much on the economic growth front. and with an economy growing at less than 2% a year, that's really what we ought to be hearing out of politicians right now, is what are they going to do to boost economic growth. trish: they just want to boost their own bottom line in terms of the revenue they can possibly get for government and perhaps the way she sees best to do that, you just keep taxing people who are prosperous, who are working hard. you just keep taking more of their income, right, steve moore? at what point, however, do they no longer have any income because they're saying i don't want to work this hard the if you're going to take it all? >> hi, trish. well, a couple things.
2:39 pm
there is a plan that is geared toward economic growth, that's the plan that larry kudlow and a couple others and i put together for donald trump. we're going to cut taxes more wizs, for -- for businesses, for families so they have more money to keep and invest in business, and we think that's going to increase economic growth by one or two percentage points a year. that's huge. but you played that -- i had déjà vu when you played that tape of hillary saying i'm not going to raise tax for anybody in the middle class, because i bet you go back in the archives back in 1992, and bill clinton said exactly the same thing. exactly, i mean, almost to the word. i'm not going to raise taxes on the middle class. and the first thing he did the first few months he was in office, you remember? he had that giant tax increase plan, and it had gas tax increases, fact taxes all aimed at -- tobacco taxes all aimed at the -- trish: so this is just a political stunt. she's trying to get elected. >> you're never going to get enough money out of the 1%.
2:40 pm
the math just doesn't add up. trish: yeah, but that's her answer, right? over and over again, jon, she just keeps saying we're going to make the wealthy pay their fair share. >> for top earners it takes the top rate well over 40%, so that's certainly an important part of her plan. you know -- trish: can i jump in and ask a question here? for top earnersthey're paying more than 40% and then they get state and local like you'd have in new york city, a 4% local, and i don't know what state is now, somewhere around 9%, i mean, at the end of the day, you're kind of working for the government, right? i mean, steve, you'd wind up actually paying the government more of your income than you'd have the chance to keep. what's wrong with that equation? [laughter] >> well, look, you know, if you live in states like new york and california and you have the hillary clinton tax increase, you will have more effective tax rates above 50%. what's interesting is, you know, she's saying all these rich people are taking advantage of loopholes and not paying their fair share. here's the point though.
2:41 pm
if you raise their tax rate, that's not going to affect how much taxes they pay if they're taking advantage of the loopholes. what we do is get rid of the loopholes so the rich do pay their fair share. there's nowhere to hide their money. we lower the rate and broaden the base. trish: jon, just looking at this objectively politics aside, is there a sense that one of these plans offers more growth than the other? >> well, you know, i think what really matters is what's happening, what's going to happen in the house of representatives. you know, what's going to happen in that part of these elections, and that's something that's really come into focus in the last couple of days in terms of the two plans, you know, i think the hillary plan is one that she would say focuses on tax fairness, and the trump plan does focus on growth in particular by focusing on corporate tax rates and bringing down corporate tax rates, trying to get companies to bring, you know, to bring more output, more employment here in the united states. >> that's right.
2:42 pm
trish: well, if you look at the house and the senate, that might help also explain the trepidation we're seeing on wall street today with the market off 250. i've got to go, but real quick, steve. >> okay. oh, a new report just came out on census bureau data that in 2016 for the first six months real median household income fell. so, you know, it rose in -- trish: people are getting hit. >> it's going back down again. trish: they're getting hit. thank you so much, both of you, jon and steve. again, this market off 245 points right now in part because of some disappointing earnings reports out of the likes of alcoa. you're seeing a bit of a bellwether, oil trading down today, that's not helping. and, of course, as we've been saying, perhaps the threat of the democrats taking the oval office, taking the senate, taking the house, well, that has people a little bit nervous too. samsung, meanwhile, pulling the plug on its galaxy note 7 smartphone after battery problems let the phone catch fire. what do you do if you own one? and what does it mean for
2:43 pm
iphone sales and shares of apple? that's next. plus, later, take a look at the studio here. this is just awful. this is not from a movie, folks. this is real. it is the syrian city of aleppo blasted to smithereens after years of war. this crisis taking center stage during the trump/clinton debate, but, if anything, what could our country do about it? stay with us. i'm back in two. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro.
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♪ ♪ trish: all right. let's check out neat markets which -- these markets which have been under siege, we are just off the lows of the session, but the dow is off 1.3%. alcoa really dragging things lower here, seeing its biggest percentage drop in five years. shares of the aluminum producer are tanking amid the company's quarterly revenue and profits falling short of expectations. and "the wall street journal"'s reporting that amazon is set to build brick and mortar grocery stores for fresh subscribers. it's all part of amazon's push to compete with walmart and other discount grocerses. okay. we're going to be right back here on "the intelligence report" with more on the fallout of samsung finally pulling the plug on its galaxy note 7 smartphone. see you here. ♪ ♪
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[phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. trish: all right. samsung's galaxy note 7 is no more. the tech giant permanently halting production and sales of the smartphone after more reports of the phone batteries spontaneously catching fire, this time from its replacement phones. the news coming just hours after samsung warned customers to stop using the phone causing its shares to tumble 8% on the south korean market and wiping out
2:48 pm
about $17 billion from samsung's market cap. i want to go to jeff flock, he's outside an at&t store in edison, illinois, where, jeff, i imagine they're probably not selling so many samsungs these days. [laughter] i don't know, you tell me. >> reporter: people coming back to these locations because they need to return their phones, and if they do, they get their money back if they want their money back, also a $25 gift card if they think that's a good thing. in addition to your money back, if you swap it for another samsung phone, they'll give you the cheaper phone, but they'll give you the difference in price as well. this is a huge hit, as you just pointed out, not only in the market cap of samsung, but in potential sales. this was a hot phone, pardon the pun, very popular. they thought they were going to sell 19 million of these galaxy note 7 phones. that would have been about $17 billion in revenue, all of it lost. who does it help? no kidding, it probably helps apple. it may also help google because
2:49 pm
they've got that new pixel phone coming out in about a week or so. so that could benefit as well, trish. trish: thanks so much. jeff. take a look at this video here, everyone. you know, as i was saying as we went to break here, it's not from a movie, this is very real are. it's the syrian city of aleppo which has been blasted and blasted after years of war. this crisis taking center stage during the trump/clinton debate, but we're asking right now what, if anything, should we be doing about this? that's next. s us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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2:53 pm
factions. it has left hundreds of thousands dead, it has left century-old cities in ruins like aleppo which you're seeing here in this unbelievable video. this is drone video, and this once-thriving city has been reduced to something you would see in, you know, some kind of movie scene. but it's very real, and the candidates have very different strategies in terms of how to approach this, though neither has a very clear plan especially with russia so involved. watch. >> i advocate today a no-fly zone and safe zones. with -- we need some leverage with the russians because they're not going to come to the negotiating table for a diplomatic resolution unless there is some leverage over them. >> assad is killing isis. russia is killing isis. and iran is killing isis. and those three have now lined up because of our weak foreign policy.
2:54 pm
trish: trump also says he disagreed with his running mate, mike pence, who said last week he would support military action. then again the libertarian candidate didn't even know what aleppo was, remember gary johnson's fiasco on that one? do any of these candidates have a real approach? joining me right now is lieutenant colonel ralph peters. good to see you, colonel. >> hi, trish. trish: it's horrible when you see that video and think about that image of that little boy, and i don't want to show it because it's so tragic, and every time i see it, it turns your stomach, but that little boy who's left in this devastating place after it's just been bombed. aleppo is a tragedy. what do we do? >> well, it's very, very difficult. first thing you have to do is recognize the situation as it is right now. and both candidates get it wrong in different ways. mr. trump is utterly wrong that assad and isis and -- rather, that assad and putin are
2:55 pm
fighting isis. they're fighting the moderate rebels that we quipped and letting us pay the bill to fight isis. mrs. clinton's idea of a no-fly zone would have been great four or four and a half years ago, but we -- president obama has let this go on so long, he's been so apathetic, so lethargic that it's gotten to the point where russia dominates the skies, and putin has warned us explicitly that any attempt on our part to ground, to militarily ground syria's air force will lead to a military confrontation with russia. and you know president obama doesn't have the guts for that. now, hillary clinton talks about a no-fly zone, and it'd be great if we could do it at no cost, but are we really going to confront russia militarily in the skies? are our aircraft going to be dogfighting russia? i'm not saying we shouldn't or we should, i'm trying to lay out the problems here, because obama has let it go on so very, very wrong. so trump is wrong utterly about
2:56 pm
the situation. i think hillary clinton is four years too late in the solution. trish: it's alarming that you've got two people running for president -- well, we can't really even count the libertarian there, because he doesn't have a shot at all. he doesn't even know what aleppo is, and then the other -- >> which may be the least destructive -- trish: -- misguided views. thank you so much, as always. we're continuing to watch a selloff here, down 225. we're back with more intel on it next.
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
trish: breaking right now, the hollywood reporter is reporting that billy bush -- he was the one caught on tape with donald trump seemingly egging him on, trying to get him to make some of these lewd comments -- well, right now he's negotiating his exit from the nbc news. we'll keep you posted on that. also breaking right now, hillary clinton is set to
3:00 pm
campaign with former vice president al gore in miami just moments from now. clinton and gore, anyone else having a '90s flashback? sources are telling us that al gore will be talking about, well, among other things climate change, his favorite topic. liz, over to you. liz: you know, we're going to get that the minute it happens. in the meantime, wall street awash in red right now. health care, technology, oil, materials, those are the main sectors dragging down your money in the markets after alcoa got the earnings season a off to a disappointing start. you can see that while the dow and the s&p are down by percentages, the nasdaqing and the russell are getting slammed. forget texas hold 'em, we've got a full house in florida at this hour with exactly four weeks to election day. hillary clinton and donald trump going all in on the sunshine state. to miami-dade college, this is a live picture where in just moments we expect the former secretary of state to be joined


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