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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> you know what, jessica? i tell you why we can't go there. the american people don't want to hear about it. >> that's not true! >> he apologized about it. the issues are national security and economy and quality of life. charles: please keep watching because the man himself, lou dobbs, is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton's campaign has another fire to extinguish. wikileaks released another batch of nearly 1200 e-mails to and from clinton campaign chairman john podesta. this is the third release of documents in five days. and these documents show colluding the democratic with the clinton campaign against senator bernie sanders. we'll have a full report on all that it does entail here in just moments. also tonight, donald trump
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declared war on establishment republicans. the republican nominee lashed out at them, those including such figures as house speaker paul ryan, who have publicly turned against him. trump tweeted this -- evangelical leader jerry falwell, jr. is among our guests. he says establishment republican leaders have been conspiring for weeks to bring down donald trump and may have leaked the 11-year-old video of trump making vulgar comments about women. also with us tonight, former presidential candidate and media mogul steve forbes. the washington examiner byron york and kelly riddell join us. top story tonight, more bad news for hillary clinton. wikileaks claiming they have as many as 50,000 e-mails from
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clinton campaign chairman john podesta. latest release coming today already proving embarrassing for the democratic nominee, but also raising new questions about collusion between the clinton campaign, obama's justice department, and even his white house. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen has our report. >> reporter: lou, good evening. today's wikileaks posting of hacked e-mails to and from clinton campaign chairman john podesta lays bare what too many eyes appears to be collusion between the clinton campaign and the head of the democratic committee against the sanders forces during the democratic primary and between the clinton campaign and the department of justice during the clinton e-mail investigation. >> let's welcome senator bernie sanders of vermont. reporter: when bernie sanders stepped on stage for the cnn-tv
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1 town hall event in march, he probably didn't know the evening before donna brazile, then a cnn comment chair and vice chair of the democratic national committee sent an e-mail captioned from time to time i get the questions in advance, here's one that worries me about hrc flagging a question for hillary clinton on the death penalty. the question noted since 1976. >> executed people in this country. >> reporter: jen palmieri says -- donna brazile was dnc chair in july after a wikileaks dump of dnc e-mails revealed collusion between debbie wasserman schultz and the clinton campaign against the sanders forces. today brazile supported both candidates and, quote, often shared her thoughts with both
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as it pertains to the cnn debates, i never had access to questions and never would have shared them with the candidates if i did. except the event in question was not a cnn debate but a town hall. >> all you have to do is looking at wikileaks and see what they said about bernie sanders. he never had a chance. i was so surprised to see him sign on with the devil. >> reporter: the podesta e-mails show brian fallon formerly a spokesman for the department of justice getting a heads-up from unnamed d.o.j. official on the night of may 18th, 2015 -- 14 minutes later fallon e-mailed cheryl mills saying -- this will be a thing tomorrow, and she is in front of the press. neither the clinton campaign more the sanders campaign
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responded to our requests for comment. for those keeping count since friday, wikileaks posted 5326 hacked e-mails from the account of john podesta, lou. lou: incredible. james, there is also considerable energy behind comments from the campaign and others that wikileaks is using the work product of the russian intelligence agencies, russian hackers. in doing so emphatically without qualification, have u.s. intelligence agencies made such a connection? >> reporter: from the obama white house. from the director of national intelligence and other sources there have been intimations that the postings have been from russians or hechings who reside in russia and have the benefit of government protection but never given us definitive evidence the
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hackings originated from russia. nothing like the hack of sony picture, sony entertainment and the obama administration was clear in pointing the finger at north korea. lou: and oddly, we don't know definitively who hacked the office of personnel management, absconding with data of 30 million federal employees present and past. james rosen, we thank you so much. much more to cover in the days ahead, i'm sure. thank you, sir? >> thank you. lou: james rosen. ten most significant wikileaks relations of our judgment in the last few days are these. the wall street speeches that mrs. clinton has tried to bury and has been successful absent the efforts of wikileaks. clinton admitting she has a public and private position on critical. she dreams of open borders and unchecked free trade despite saying she doesn't support the tpp. state department coordinates with her campaign, we suspected as much.
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the clinton campaign's coordination with the liberal national media is now documented. bill clinton losing it during the new hampshire primary worries that bill clinton's sex scandals could turn off hillary voters. that has proved to be somewhat found. internal turmoil in the clinton campaign and clinton foundation. clinton's lies about bernie sanders, and finally the admission, ignorant and apathetic voters are key to hillary clinton winning. those, the words revealed by wikileaks. it is strange, wikileaks honoring the public's right to know, americans' right to know, more energetically than any other news organization or outlet. new charges tonight that president obama and his justice department have gone extraordinary lengths to protect hillary clinton's campaign for the presidency. the obama department of justice has dropped its case against an arms dealer in possession of
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damaging evidence and intelligence against hillary clinton. marc turi says he's been investigated for fiveyears now by the obama administration in order to keep him quiet. and with less than a month to go trial, the justice department, after all those years, has abruptly dropped the case altogether, fearing, perhaps, the discovery of evidence. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has our report. >> all of this happened under hillary clinton's watch. it would actually be secretary clinton. >> reporter: in his first television interview since criminal charges were dropped against him, licensed arms dealer marc turi says the obama administration with the cooperation of hillary clinton's state department tried to make him the fall guy for 2011 covert weapons program to arm libyan rebels that spun out of control. >> i would say 100% i was
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victimized to somehow discredit me, throw me under the bus, do whatever it took to protect their, you know, next presidential candidate. >> reporter: five years into the investigation, turi says the justice department dropped the case to avoid public disclosure of the weapons program designed to force the ouster of libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. >> those transcripts from current as well as former cia officers were classified. if any of these relationships would have been revealed, it would have opened up a can of worms. >> reporter: in 2011, the administration wanted to a-libyan rebels. u.n. sanctions blocked direct sales, working with the u.s. government and capitol hill, turi came up with a solution. turi's plan was to have the u.s. government supply conventional weapons who would supply them to libya. turi was cut out of the plan
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and clinton's state department used its own people with weapons flowing to libya and syria. >> that's how they lost control over it. >> who got the weapons? al qaeda? ansar al-sharia? isin its end? >> all of them, all of them. >> reporter: turi with the libyan opposition and chris stevens a day after the application to sell weapons, clinton wrote this e-mail to a. jake sullivan -- do you believe the e-mail exchanges are a coincidence or connected? >> when you look at this timeline, none of it was a coincidence. it was all strategically managed, and it had to have come from her own internal circle. >> reporter: since telling his story to fox news, turi lost everything in his legal fight with the justice department. >> catherine, it's completely un-american. >> reporter: in washington,
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catherine herridge, fox news. lou: catherine herridge, reporting, our chief intelligence report. four weeks until the presidential election. donald trump is embroiled. fighting furiously a war on three fronts, against hillary clinton, the mainstream liberal media and the republican elites. trump today blasted house speaker paul ryan on twitter after ryan said he will no longer defend or campaign for the party's nominee. trump taking to twitter to say this -- and trump continued -- trump also saved some of his fire for hillary clinton. his campaign put out this ad saying clinton is a failed
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secretary of state. >> our next president faces daunting challenges in a dangerous world. iran promoting terrorism. north korea threatening. isis on the rise. libya and north africa in chaos. hillary clinton failed every single time as secretary of state. now she wants to be president. hillary clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world. she failed as secretary of state. don't let her fail us again. lou: tough stuff, and donald trump tonight campaigning in florida where the real clear politics average shows clinton has a three-point lead in the all-important battleground state. trump will be holding a rally in panama city beach later this evening. on the democratic side, hillary clinton campaigning as well in florida. she held a rally in miami, and with her, al gore, who didn't endorse clinton during the primary, and didn't attend the democratic national convention in philadelphia.
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campaign's thinking is that gore will help hillary win over millennials worried about climate change. back in 2006, just checking the record, gore declared unless we took dramatic, drastic measures, the world would suer a planetary emergency in ten years. those ten years are long gone. no sign of the apocalypse that gore has repeatedly predicted. and while the campaign would like us to think that a huge crowd, there you see behind gore and clinton came out to see gore and clinton, they squeezed the crowd behind the two. there were only 750 people in attendance for the rally. we thought you'd like to know. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. trump says the mainstream liberal media is more corrupt and more crooked than even hillary clinton.
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>> and this crooked media, talk about crooked media, they are worse than she is. lou: the battle against hillary being the mainstream liberal media and the republican elites. the question comes down to this, will voters fight as hard for trump as he fights for them. kelly riddell and byron york with the answers. they join me here next. and trump's rallies attracting thousands of all ages, including this little fella. he's a great campaign mascot and he provided a great campaign moment. you don't want to miss it. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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. lou: donald trump getting a bump in the latest polls after sunday's debate, and it's an interesting way he got it. the latest "nbc news-wall street journal" poll conducted saturday through monday shows clinton leading by nine point, 46-37, but that is a much narrower lead than the 11-point advantage she had just yesterday in the same poll because they released the poll, a three-day poll and released it with two days, the third day showing a clear and significant improvement as a result.
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real clear pol map shows clinton with a 95-point advantage now. 260 to trump's 165. only 10 points short of the 270 needed. that tally, however, doesn't take into account the debate, political experts say we don't see those changes in possible polling until friday at the earliest to get true sense of the public's judgment. joining me washington examiner chief political correspondent, byron york and washington times columnist kelly riddell. thank you, both for being here. and kelly, start with the narrowest advantage that clinton had, was 23 points in the electoral vote. it's widened as we showed you to 95. what do you think we're going to see? do you think we're going to see a continuing return to narrowing or what? >> well, depends on donald trump's actions as well as what's revealed with the wikileaks as we continue on look at hillary clinton's and
7:20 pm
john podesta's back and forth e-mails. i tell you what, the polls swinging rapidly from week to week. so a lot can change in one week by all means, hillary clinton, the mainstream media would like to believe that hillary clinton has run away with the contest. that doesn't seem to be true. when trump pivots back like he did on the debate. he learned some things, when he pivots back from, doesn't take things personal and puts back in the policy, he wins. lou: how did you react, byron, when you heard the republican nominee say he's going to take the shackles off? >> he is who he is, i'm not surprised he's doing this. doesn't seem like a good idea to attack the leadership of your party this way. lou: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. since you used the word fair, i have to interject. paul ryan started attacking him again. >> i said it doesn't seem like a good idea to do.
7:21 pm
this trump should just go ahead. lou: you said started, you didn't say it was fair. >> i'm sorry, i thought i said i didn't think it was a good idea to attack the leadership of the party. the situation for trump is dire right now. he is behind about five points in the real clear politics national average of four way polls and real clear politics pulls out ratings or polls from 14 key swing states and he's behind in 12 of them. if you look at the average of the national polls over the last year, there's a pattern that happens over and over again, clinton goes up, trump goes down, she has a big lead and they meet, he goes up, she goes down, and goes over and over again. lou: something i want to get to. he has the national liberal media working against him, and in concert with the democratic nominee, are you kidding me?
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what is he supposed to do? take it? he's the guy representing the people. the fight in the republican party is the voters as they elected him as the nominee and the gop leadership. the fact they can't come to terms with it, specifically the weak kneed paul ryan, a creature of fiction right now. what do you want him to do, byron? just tell me, what would you have him do? i woulhave ryan by the nape of the neck and tell him t talk about unity and act like a leader instead of a weak kneed cut and runner. >> what we've seen in the campaign is trump does best when she on his issues, immigration, on trade, on americans who have been left behind in this economy not only for the last few years but for many, many years, very, very strong. >> what would have you him do? >> paul ryan can do what he wants to. and trump as a matter of fact could -- lou: the committee has money, they're supposed to provide the ground game and they're
7:23 pm
betraying him, byron, is the rnc going with the comment? >> the rnc is trying to stay with him. there was the scheduled meeting in wisconsin, reince priebus wanted to do it. certainly paul ryan wasn't volunteering for it. lou: byron, paul ryan shouldn't be leading anything other than perhaps a procession of some unimportant event, which i can't think of right now, but it sure wouldn't be, very quickly, kelly, we gotta run. >> paul ryan let people down, the never-trumpers never want to abandon trump out of principle. lou: i'm glad about that. >> he's let down the trump supporters who wanted him to show loyalty and continue on with that. this is not great leadership. lou: no, by the way, it's not even close to leadership. kelly, thank you so much. byron, thank you. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight --
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cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs and follow me -- links to everything found at on wall street, stocks today lower on disappointing beginning to third-quarter earnings season. the dow tumbled 200 points, the s&p down 27, the nasdaq down 82 point. do you remember we're already to tuesday. yesterday the market rallied 80 points and we were told that's because hillary clinton's numbers were improving? we lose 200 points today and it's because of earnings. go figure. 3.3 billion shares traded. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. a special moment at trump's rally at wilkes-barre,
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pennsylvania. a trump impersonator. >> where's your mommy and daddy, right? do you want to go back to them or stay with donald trump? >> trump. [cheers] >> the young fella's name is ned, and yes, he wants to make america great again too. up next, donald trump promising political retribution -- revenge for republicans, why the gop elite is embarking on a suicide mission, that's coming up in the commentary, i'm going to get out all the complicated words i might have difficulty announcing during this commercial break. stay with us. ♪ i'm going to make this as simple as possible for you.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on this election. donald trump today not only slammed the democratic nominee as unfit for this office that they're both seeking, but also
7:30 pm
declared republican leaders as far more difficult than clinton because of their weakness and their disloyalty to republican voters and the republican nominee. some 67% of republican voters said republican candidates for congress should back trump before sunday's debate. that number rose to 74% after the debate according to the new "wall street journal/nbc news poll." speaker ryan and dozens of gop lawmakers are at war now with republican voters, and make no mistake, it is an open war between those gop elites and the rank and file of their party because they're the ones who nominated donald trump. ryan in particular, seems to be in the death grip of morbid envy and petulance towards his party's presidential nominee, and supporters, and, of course, voters. the latest "fox news poll" shows 70% of trump backers strongly support him compared to 57% for clinton.
7:31 pm
trump is the leader to turn this country around, to restore prosperity, to build a better future for all americans. he is about the future and hillary clinton is simply a continuation of the status quo. the gop establishment is scared to death that trump's election would mean the end of their status quo and they're right, and sadly interests don't align with the nations or those of the american people. trump is on the right side of history in this campaign, and voters should ensure that the elites are history. we're coming right back. stay with us. paul ryan and the republican establishment betraying the will of voters. ryan tells fellow republicans in the house to just do what they must. my next guest says they've been plotting against their own party nominee all along. i'm joined next by the president of liberty
7:32 pm
university, jerry falwell, jr. and this group of wingsuiters racing through the sky over dubai. exhilarating and dangerous. we'll bring you the twist and turns in the video up next. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us.
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. lou: joining me tonight, the president of liberty university, jerry falwell, jr. are you shushing me, jerry, i'm
7:36 pm
just welcoming you to the broadcast. >> good to be with you, lou. no somebody in the studio was talking, sorry. lou: that's all right. i don't know that i've been greeted quite that way by a guest. i appreciate it. and i promise not to -- >> i would never shush you. lou: it's all right, you're at liberty to do so, if i make a bad pun. this business about a conspiracy among the gop elites to disenfranchise millions of voters to betray them, to betray the principals of the party, the traditions of values and betray the nominee is just about, i would think as much as most people can stomach in this country, is the republican party trying commit suicide in the person of the leadership of paul ryan in particular? >> well, the whole story just fell in my lap about six or eight weeks ago. i got a phone call from someone very close to the top
7:37 pm
establishment candidates in the republican party. people who wanted to be president four or five years, and said, jerry something strange is going on, they're meeting regularly and tell me it's a stharnt donald trump will not be the nominee on november 8th on the republican party. and i called one of trump's attorneys, told them about it, no more details than that, nothing anybody could do. when i saw what happened this weekend and i saw how quickly all of usual suspects jumped on it and started calling for trump to step down as the nominee. lou: the suspects. who are the usual suspects? paul ryan? >> the establishment. the establishment candidates. he was one that disinvited trump almost immediately. almost like he knew it was coming, too much of a coincidence, others were tweeting nasty things about trump immediately.
7:38 pm
ted cruz, who i do not consider to be part of the establishment. he, on the other hand, said this should have been released 15 months ago. lou: he was a little annoyed about the timing, it seems. >> exactly. exactly. but tells me he wasn't part of it, but i really think there was a conspiracy, and you know, i haven't practiced law in about ten years, i remember from when i did, conspiracy is when two or more people engage in a scheme to harm a third person. the harm doesn't have to be illegal, and so i've gone to the proper authorities with what i was told and hope -- it's probably too late to prosecute anybody. lou: can you share names with us about who is making these statements? >> i wish i could, i wish i could, the person who called me said -- he couldn't reveal his identity, so i can't, but it was just, it's not only despicable, maybe rises to the
7:39 pm
level of criminal behavior. lou: let me ask you this, if you can't tell us the namis and was not asking to you name your source. i was thinking more are these people associated with the rnc, with the leadership on capitol hill of either the senate or the house? how high does it rise? >> very high, but not necessarily the people you just mentioned. i think it's people who were candidates at some point in the last year or four years or five years, and so it's very high level. lou: let me ask it this way, one of the people involved in this scandal was a guy by the name of billy bush, who is a cousin of george w. and jeb bush. is it a coincidence, there would be a bush involved in the cast of names? >> there's too many strange coincidences in this whole episode that happened this
7:40 pm
weekend, in my view. and may be nothing to it, but it did fall in my lap and i told wabc radio about it the other night at midnight. lou: as we have to wrap up here, we're out of time. is it your sense that the republican national committee, that the leadership of both the senate and the house are prepared to just simply commit political suicide, at least? it's as if they don't understand if supporting donald trump they will be supporting a lower level of interest in returning republicans to the house and to the senate. this seems like it is on its face. >> i agree completely. i think certain establishment republicans in the party who don't care whether clinton's
7:41 pm
president as long as trump is not. it's how you expect the establishment to react because they have so much to lose. my opinion. lou: then, i'll tell you this, everybody else in the country better start fighting like hell for donald trump and voting, sharing a broad voter turnout. >> i couldn't agree more. i think he's going to win. i think one more good debate performance and the polls will be our way. lou: all right, jerry falwell, jr., always good to talk with you, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: thanks so much. and this is where i get to say roll the video. you've never seen a wingsuit fly quite like this. you're thinking yes, i have. watch this. watch as four daredevils drop out of a plane and whiz through dubai's sparkling skies. wow. i mean these people. i can't quite figure them out. i admire courage and ts is
7:42 pm
certainly one form of it as they weave in and out of the narrow spaces between skyscrapers and showcase their impressive aerial skills, choreography, and yes, a pretty dog gone good videographer as well. whoa! how do you do that? how do you do that? thanks for doing that. up next, donald trump says november 8th is going to be like brexit. >> this is like brexit, folks, you watch. we want our independence back, our borders strong, we don't want people coming in from syria that we have no idea who the hell they are. lou: my next guest agrees with donald trump. david cameron's former director of strategy, steve hilton joins me here next.
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. lou: joining us tonight, steve hilton, he served as adviser to former british prime minister david cameron, advocate for britain leaving the european union, he's the ceo of crowd pack, a silicon valley political crowd funding and data site. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> the connections today, donald trump says november 8th is our brexit. do you agree? >> i think there's such a strong connection, and i think
7:47 pm
actually it goes to economics in the end because i think the central story of this election is the catastrophic economic failure of the ruling elite of both parties of a decade now. the statistic that explains so much about the election is one we saw published the american median income is lower today than 1999. that means in plain english is half of all americans are earning less today than 17 years ago. lou: and the upper class is shrinking, it has shrunk, continues to shrink. >> and you saw that in the brexit vote where you saw so many people left out from the economic growth. rich have benefitted from the benefits of global technology and they've had enough of it. whoever they vote for, nothing changes, the rich get richer, literally the poor get poorer. that's not a slogan, it's the facts, they've had enough and want someone who will shake things up.
7:48 pm
that's what brexit is about and what trump supports. lou: he is without question the disrupter here to put it in silicon valley's terms and he is the agent of change, and the choice seems perfectly clear to me, and that is either looking at a continuation of a third term of the obama administration, the status quo's preserved or you talk about change. real change as he styles it, restoring prosperity for all americans. >> all of them, not even the obama administration continuing. it's the whole insular ruling elite. you have to imagine. lou: bush at yale and harvard. >> imagine d.c. if hillary clinton wins, there will be the most enormous sigh of relief. they'll have dodged a bullet, all the lobbyists and insiders who failed so badly will think phew, we don't need to change. >> i think one of the
7:49 pm
strangest, most absurd moments is listening to campaign managers, brian fallon accusing wikileaks of being a product of russian intelligence and hacking, which would mean that he was crediting vladimir putin with preserving americans' right to know in the most energetic and successful of ways. this is madness. >> it's madness. if it is true, they really are trying to disrupt the election, why don't they do something serious about it, instead of giving the leaks and briefings. lou: instead of continuing to inform voters. if that's somebody's idea of subversion, i'm all for subversion. let me tell you right now. i want as many americans to know as much of what's going on. >> the truth of what people suspected and now they can see what goes on. lou: it's a rancid truth in the democratic campaign documents and e-mails. >> yeah. i mean, you don't know where to start, really, you can look at
7:50 pm
the policy aspect of it where we saw that whatever clinton says publicly, she dreams of open borders, not saying that on the campaign trail. lou: against tpp but for everything else. >> right there for the collusion and the corruption between the insiders who moved from jobs in campaigns to government to big business to lobbying, it's all just one insular elite, and that's what's been exposed. lou: steve hilton, thanks for being with us. come back soon. >> thank you. lou: up next, we'll be talking about colin kaepernick. stay with us, we'll be right back. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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lou: colin kaepernick the starting quarterback for the nfl raiders. this is the same nfl who was quick to us spepped tom brady over a silly nonsense called deflategate. i could say the nfl, but mostly it's rajer goodell and their little knowledge gang. they seem to think the nfl under their leadership is bigger than their fans, bigger than the game. it will be interesting to see what the reaction is to capper
7:55 pm
next number one spot on the 49ers roster. four question do you think ryan's refusal to support trump means his expulsion from the gop? 85% said yes. are you seeing those signs? are you seeing ads for the nominee in your state? if you will, if you will, send us what you are seeing and let us know. are you volunteering to be a poll watcher on november 8, tweet me at lou dobbs. joining my now. steve forbes. great to have you with us. paul ryan, let me ask you. this is i think outrageous what he's doing to donald trump and
7:56 pm
the millions of voters who supported him and the republican party. should he be thrown out? >> he will decide that after the election. the thing is. it's not doing trump a lot of damage. in fact quite the opposite. trump scored well in the debate sunday night. the key thing is going after hillary and these tweets which are coming out with more and more damage. lou: we can't keep up with it. we have over 5,000 tweets since friday to go through. we are getting a lot ohelp. but it is a picture of absolute corruption. there is no line in the white house, the campaign, the justice department, my god. >> this is where trump started to do it in the debate when he threw in the zinger hillary, you have $250 million illegally as secretary of state, why don't you use some of that money to finance your campaign.
7:57 pm
that was a very clever way. if he pursues that line in the next debate. the corruption, do we want four more years of clinton drama and focused on the pro tax cuts, cutting taxes for the american people as he started to do in the second debate, i think you will see a change. hough i guess i'm echoing in large part what you are saying. i would like to see him focus on the middle class. talking about true interest and then aligning the national interests putting america first, and americans first. job creation, restoring prosperity for all americans. i think people are starting to understand, he means what he says. it's novel and for almost any office, but certainly for president. >> security, too. is america safer today than it was 8 years ago? no one believes it. he hammers security, he hammers taxes.
7:58 pm
he hammers the other things he wants to do. she is not a status quo candidate. she's worse than the status quo. lou: what did you think of the performance of anderson cooper and martha raddatz who wanted to be a participant in the debate. >> in my tweet sunday night i awarded her the lester holt award. hough donald trump stunned them as they sat there. and he said, aleppo is lost. he couldn't be more correct. it's absolutely devastated and destroyed. this administration and this candidate who is a former secretary of state and causal agent in the chain events that led to this point, they are responsible for 10 million people being displaced, homeless and refugees, a million at least. >> he also has an opening now
7:59 pm
since she wrought it up in -- brought it up in that debate. she says she wants safe areas in syria. what about her power in getting that. russia today is putting in more and more sophisticated air defense system. are we going to be able to do it? he has an opening there. she undermined national security. >> it's frightful what we are seeing as a result. wikileaks. the public right to know honored not by this administration nor by the democratic candidate, but by wikileaks. it's an extraordinary moment in american history. more to follow. >> no surprises about the pattern behavior. lou: none whatsoever. i think you are talking about a deficiency of character. >> that's a polite way to put it. >> that's who i am. mr. polite. that's it for us. we thank you for being with us.
8:00 pm
join us tomorrow, we'll have author of "clinton cash." peter schweizer. good night from new york. kennedy: anarchy, the gop lawmakers are instructed to do what they might. whatever happened to unity. some say if he' elected he will appoint a prosecutor to make sure hillary goes to jail. >> it's time for order in this court. >> a confident hillary clinton is challenging hillary clinton to comb through her record to


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