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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> we've been on the set heroes and people who made great sacrifices and i think that everything should get out and vote. maria: dagen. dagen: my final word is amen. maria: leave it there. thanks for the show, that will do it for us, see you tomorrow. take it away, stuart. stuart: i'll take it. civil war out in the open for republicans, barely suppressed for democrats. wait until you hear what the elite media has been up to. i'll teach them, says trump. he's gone after republicans who have withdrawn support and he's now unshackled and says that the establishment within his own party is now off his back and he's coming on strong. and now, we know about the war between bernie sanders and the clinton campaign. top democrat brazil fed a question to hillary in advance
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of the town hall debate with sanders. she knew what was coming in, the fix, the civil war with the democrats are know. now from the media, from leaked e-mails, we have a treasury trove of leaked media embarrassment. guess what, cnbc, the boston globe, univision, they worked hand in glove with the clinton campaign. the elite media was offering advice and covering with hillary's side. they had become secret partners with her campaign. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ now we've got great stuff for you, including the stock market which will be down a little bit at the opening bell this morning. remember, it was off 200 yesterday. some big companies might not be reporting the best profits. alcoa started it, didn't help
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the market and by the way, one market watcher says stocks are nearing a tech bubble level. watch out. we've got more on that coming up. promise you. how about the price of oil. still sitting right around $50 a barrel. let's not forget samsung. they slashed the profit forecast over the galaxy note seven crisis and, yes, it is a crisis. e-mack, their profits are going to drop by a third liz: yes, that's coming out from wall street only li-- analyst. and the profits could go up next year because they make chips and displays. when it switches to apple. when samsung users switch to apple. 95% loyalty rate. people are really, really loyal to apple. that's where samsung could get hurt. stuart: we'll take that. if i could buy stock in samsung i probably would.
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bounceback theory. to politics, please, it's civil war in the g.o.p. here is donald trump from o'reilly calling out speaker ryan. roll tape. >> well, we've been having a problem. we have millions and millions of followers. we set records in the primaries, we have a group of people that want to see america be great again and paul ryan, you know, open borders and amnesty and lots of other-- and bad budgets, by the way, very, very bad budgets, frankly, the only one that obama negotiates well with is paul ryan. the shackles are some of the establishment people that are weak and ineffective people within the republican party, senators and others, and paul ryan, led to a certain extent by paul ryan, being nasty to the nominee. stuart: that was pretty strong, wasn't it. trump economic advisor peter navarro is here with us. peter, this is a civil war. you're right in the middle of it. >> i am indeed. and it is-- >> you are. >> it's teresting. i'm the economic and trade
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advisor and every time i go to talk about economics and trade we get wikileaks and hillary clinton and something else. stuart: that was my point, peter. you're the economic advisor. you came up with and you helped come up with the trump economic plan and tax cuts and deregulation, that's now all in the background because of this fight within the g.o.p. >> i think it's a broader fight between simply the politics and economics of hillary clinton and that of donald trump, and if you go to the economy, which is what we should be concerned about, you look at the futures, they're down. yesterday was a bad day. it's been going side ways, you know, my view is, we have this structural problem that the federal reserve cannot solve, okay? the structural problem here in america is a large trade deficit, which reduces our gdp and companies like ford and gm, which instead of investing in
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michigan, go to mexico because we have high tax rate, because we have too much regulation, because we drive up our electricity prices and what donald trump wants to do is reverse that and he's got a great plan. look, if we keep going. stuart: he has to get it out there. >> if we keep doing what we're doing we won't have enough money to fund our pensions, we're not going to have enough money to pay for medical, social security, national security, and so we need to have this conversation about the economy, this is a great place to do it. stuart: donald trump's got to do it. he's got to bring this out. he's going to pound the table about growth and prosperity. >> where is the outrage about hillary clinton going into a wall street audience and saying i'm telling you one thing and lying to the public? where is the outrage when you have a disaster in haiti, this one to me this is like, wow. that disaster in haiti and the next thing we know is all the donors to the clinton
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foundation are knocking on hillary's door as secretary of state and getting these lucrative projects? i don't know if you've ever been to haiti, that's like one of the poorest places on this planet and to take-- this is how we get off on that stuff because it's just so disgusting, but it is about the economy and jobs and i'm here to tell you unless we change what we're doing, unless we get off of obamanomics and clintonnomics and go to trumpnomics, we're not going to move. stuart: and we'll get your comments more then. a treasury trove of leaked e-mails from the clinton camp. i'm describing as disgraceful collusion between the clinton campaign and the media. ashley: let's kick off how the
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media worked hand in hand with the clinton campaign group. podesta talking with the chairman of univision television, he says hines thinks we're underreacting to trump/hispanics or attacking republicans for not condemning. there's tips passed on, this is from the head of univision. stuart: the spanish langge media. ashley: telling the clinton campaign aides. cnbc yesterday, john harwood bragging, really, about the way he brought the questions he asked of trump during a campaign debate. he says, i imagine, and this is to john podesta, obama felt some sad demonstration of years long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. i certainly am feeling that way with respect to how i
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questioned trump at our debate. that's when he said are you running a comic book campaign, mr. trump. this one from the boston globe, the op-ed editor to john podesta, talking about submitting an op-ed, the democrats submitting an op-ed. it would be great to get it on tuesday, that's hillary clinton, and on wednesday with the news story. please let me know. so apparently podesta is editor in chief. stuart: you've got a lot more. ashley: one more, donna brazil, cnn, talking to-- from time to time i get questions in advance, it's about the death penalty. and guess what, hillary clinton was asked about the death penalty during that debate. stuart: hand in glove with the
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clinton campaign. ashley: it's absolutely shocking. stuart: i want more on this. elizabeth harrington. i'm calling disgraceful collusion. i could be accused of going a bit far. >> i think what the e-mails confirm, what we already know, is that the media is biased and practically an extension of the democratic party. and-- >> elizabeth, have you ever seen this at the upper levels, of american journalism, this flat-out collusion between the journalists and the campaign? they're like this. i have never seen-- well, i don't know the inside story for every election in the past, but never seen anything like this. >> no, i haven't either and it's not just this cozy relationship that we already know about, it's actually working hand in hand. and what you see here, one example that wasn't mentioned, which is one of the worst i think is the new york times changing hillary clinton's
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quote, giving the campaign veto power over what she had said in a profile interview. that, now the new york times is saying this was an off the record arrangement. off the record is not changing quotes from taking out a reference to sarah palin when she's talking about how she eats moose stew. off the record doesn't start halfway through a sentence so their explanation for this didn't meet the smile test. what we see here is on all levels, you have cnn, boston globe, new york times, at every level, just huge, not just bias, but working to amplify and promote hillary clinton campaign. stuart: you know, i was the first person to broadcast for cnn on day two of the network, june 2nd, 1980, we were down in the old world trade center. i opened up the new york bureau at 6:10 a.m. for cnn day two of that network's existence. i could not believe that we're going to come to this, but we've come to this.
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it's really extraordinary. it's the clinton news network, but that's just my opinion. elizabeth. thank you very much for joining us and for taking the full throttle of my wrath here because i'm upset. >> no problem, it is upsetting. stuart: it really is. now this, the fbi is investigating whether a small plane crash yesterday in east hartford connecticut was intentional. there's a back story here. ashley: there is, the pilot was a jordanian national. he first entered the u.s. in 2012 on a temporary student visa at a flight school. there are suggestions from other instructors in this place, in hartford, connecticut yesterday afternoon. they say the plane was intentionally crashed and that's why the fbi has been brought in. the cessna took off and it was landing crashed. the pilot, by the way, this mr
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his instructor-- >> tim tebow, signing autographs after the game. saw a man in the stands had a seizure, comforted him, prayed over him, until the ambulance arrived and the man recovered there. tim tebow. more from the clinton leaked e-mails, her campaign is contemptuous of catholics, did you know that, and she dreams of a hemispheric market with open borders. we've got that for you. a new threat from isis reportedly flying small drones strapped with explosives toward their enemies. we've got details coming up. you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. >> well, look at this. do you remember? this is the baby trump or tiny
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trump, whichever you prefer. baby trump was in the building and got my picture with him. and he's a mini celebrity and sent that out to my grandkids. and trump noticed his outfit and said on cue, trump. as nice young man and shook my hand. how about amazon, the story of the day, amazon story of the day launching a new music service, we'll have more on that. the stock is going up a little bit. students pick google chrome book laptops over apple devices for back to school. did you know that? that stock is going to be up, too. earlier this week, we told you that hillary admitted it is impossible to vet every refugee coming to this country. we found that out in an elite e-mail. she wants open borders. i'm going to give you the full quote. my dream is a hemispheric open market with open trade and open borders. i think we have to have an increased plan to increase
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trade already under the current circumstances. steve hilton is here, from strategist for minister. what would america look like? >> what this reveals is that mrs. clinton wants to recreate in america the bureaucratic, technocratic, centralizing unaccountable eu mess. that's what this quote specifically says. stuart: because they let in an unlimited-- not unlimited, millions of migran migrants. they've got a neo socialist economy, virtually open borders. >> free movement of people around country. she's talking about a hemisphere, from venezuela, from colombia. a anyone can move where they like, where do you think they're going to move and the direction.
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stuart: i know the answer to the question. >> it's not just immigration, she's talking the free trade area and what that means is the bureaucracy that goes with that because that's how the eu started. they said it's just a common market. it's going to be good for trade, but then what happened? bit by bit, they start asserting the idea that there's a common government for the whole of the continent and that's what-- that's where this is headed and that's why it's such a remarkably stupid thing for her to have said. stuart: i don't think she would have so many people coming into the country if the migrants voted republican. it's a straight forward-- i know you're laughing, but you know, it's a play for more voters, isn't it? >> i think it reveals, yes, that, but also reveals this incredible faith in the ability of centralized government to make these plans and create these utopias that would solve every problem and reveals a real arrogance about the impact
9:19 am
of that on working people and the difference it will make to their lives. because we've seen over the last years, both in the european union and here, the impact of globalization and the kind of impact on real people. incomes are down, losing their jobs, this is just not the answer to the problems of today. stuart: do you think there's a parallel between what hillary clinton said behind closed doors about open borders and the brexit vote earlier this year in britain? parallel? >> yes, it shows the same out of touch ruling class that is casual about the impact of great changes that they are so wedded to on real working people. stuart: steve hilton, short, sharp, very much to the point. we like that. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. stuart: bill clinton campaigning for hillary in florida, taking a shot at trump voters. wait until you hear how he described them. more varney after this. month here.
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>> and now, this wednesday morning, we bring you two quotes from the campaign trail and we'll start with hillary who has linked hurricane matthew and climate change. roll tape. >> we've always had hurricanes,
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they've always been destructive and that's true, but hurricane matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. stuart: now, let's remember that was al gore sitting there on the right-hand side of your screen. next case, husband bill taking-- i think this is taking a shot at trump voters. roll tape. >> the other guy's base is what i grew up in. you know, i'm basically your standard red neck. stuart: okay, i'll get to that in a second. first, i want to look at climate change and hillary clinton. you're laughing. >> i'm laughing, the climate change we knew it was coming, al gore with hillary campaigning in florida just after the hurricane went by, we all said, here it comes and it did. i was reading an interesting reaction from meteorologist professors, calling a hurricane
9:25 am
climate change, you can't point to one storm and say that's climate change. but makes for a good line. stuart: wonder how the climate change is it in florida. we'll find out at some point. and next case, bill clinton calling trump supporters, not going to try the accent, red necks liz: wish you would. deplorable red necks -- didn't say-- >> and 15 years ago in recession, and what bill clinton is talking about. bill clinton is being trucked out to appeal to the democrat base which is looking more elitist by the day with these comments. stuart: well said. all right. now we got to amazon and check every day because they make news almost every single day. and here is the headline today. they are pushing into college campuses. they're offering half price prime memberships for students. sounds like a good idea to me.
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another bearish call on the markets. one analyst says the entire market is now starting to look like tech bubble levels. uh-oh. we'll get into that. the opening bell, four, five minutes away.
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. . .
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stuart: we have about 20 seconds to go before the market actually
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opens for trading. it is wednesday morning. we are looking at a slight decline for the dow industrials. the price of oil is down slightly. down about 40 cents at 50 bucks and $30 -- 30 cents per barrel. here we go. it's 9:30 now and we are running. where are we going in very early going, up 3 points. that might change. up 2 points, that will change. i'm waiting. [laughter] stuart: can't wait forever. thank you. that was the dow, how about s&p? up, up tinny fraction. nasdaq is also pretty much flat this wednesday morning. yes, it is up .02%. how about oil? down, not that much. still holding above $50 a barrel. let's get to amazon. full on demands streaming music service launches today. apparently it's a bit like spotify, with spotify you pay 8 bucks a month, you can pretty much stream any song you want
9:31 am
and that's without paying about a buck to -- a dollar per song to i tunes, a lot more on amazon in a moment. they have a big push for prime customers on college campuses. we check apple every day. why not? high for calendar year or close to get it. they are getting a pop from samsung's problems. how about wells fargo? the phoney account scandal will not affect their bottom line very much. wells fargo bouncing now to $45 a share. who is with me on a wednesday morning? full screen, ashley webster, michael murphy and peter navarro. one market watcher says stocks looks like they are at tech-bubble levels. i'm going to go around the block with this. tech-bubble levels, what so you? >> my biggest concern isn't the
9:32 am
current price of stock is where we are with earnings. stuart: peter navarro makes me worry when people say tech-bubble levels. i presume there means a selloff coming, what so you? >> they jump into stocks. it's just a phoney false obama and it's going to crash. stuart: you you would think it's going to crack down? >> it has to. growth isn't moving it. it's a bond market money that can't get a return so what do they do, they throw some of it into stocks and it goes up and it's as simple as that. stuart: this is your turf, what do you say about a tech h-bubble look aligning now? >> i don't think we are quite at
9:33 am
a tech-bubble level. we are a very high valuations for all the reason the previous guests have said. the earnings aren't catching up with what's going on. we had a little bit of a pop this past month but we are not seeing any consistent growth. levels are too high, would it fall back drastically, i'm not sure. 5 to 10%, most certainly. >> i think we are in a bubble but not as bad as the .com and the top 10 nasdaq holdings make five times the earnings of the stocks of the top 10 back then. i think we are in a tinny bubble that could busker and it's bad. stuart: all right, we hear you. amazon, the stock has gone straight up. it's making a big push on college campuses. it's offering students half-priced prime and they are setting up pickup lockers on campers, you go online to order
9:34 am
it and you pick it up at your locker. what is it? they're trying to save students money on textbooks? >> half a million will take advantage -- students will take advantage of amazon's lockers at places like perdue and the university of pennsylvania but you get them young and early and how are you doing it? 80% on used textbooks. 70% on rental textbooks. i mean, textbooks are so expensive and they slam parents' pocketbooks. get them young, keep them forever. stuart: i was paying an arm and a leg for textbook. amazon 830. what do you think? >> expensive stock here, stuart. look at what they are doing. they are going after sales force. they are going after netflix, they are going after grociers, ups, fedex. if they can keep growing -- they
9:35 am
have growth, they have real growth amazon, although it's expensive, tough to bet against, though. stuart: this is an amazon-related story. the luxury goods maker lvnh, their brand luís -- louis vuitton, no way they are selling products on amazon.azon would le high-end brands. they have what they have luxury brands. the french-based companies are saying, no thank you. they reported earnings today and they were pretty good, lv and mh. they don't need the amazons of the world. stuart: upper-class british accept to describe activities of the eliteist maker.
9:36 am
[laughter] >> check the big board. five minutes into the trading session. i'm calling a fairly flat open. do you remember erikson? the world biggest maker of mobile network equipment? you're shaking your head. you've heard of them, i know you have. big deal actually. they have a 94% plunge in profits and the stock falling down 17%. how about yahoo? you know the hacking scandal, apparently that's not going to stop verizon from buying yahoo, however, at a lower price. not much reaction. still at 42. google's chrome book, it's a laptop, torouncing apple. nicole: what we are seeing here is the chrome book made by
9:37 am
google and some others roughly about 200 bucks continues to outpace apple and pc's overall. that seems to be the bright spots for schools in particular from k, kindergarten to 12th. that's not good news there overall for apple. stuart: difference in price. 900 bucks for the apple and 300 for the phone book? >> that's exactly right. big deal going back to school. stuart: mcdonalds, they are down playing ronald mcdonald the clown because of the rash of creepy clown incidents across the country. go ahead, ash, keep it short. ashley: phenomena around the world but going to put ronald in hiding for a little while based on pranks going around the country. ronald mcdonald is being fazed out but he does show up for
9:38 am
events and right now is probably not a good time. >> what about the the burger king? >> it's a king. >> thank you for that clarity. stuart: moving on. the british pound. take a look at it, please. it hit a record low of about 120. i think it balanced back. peter navarro is with me now. does it have to do with brexit. a dollar 21 on the pound. accommodation with the european continent there. donald trump gets elected the first deal he's going to cut is with britain and that's going to be our great allies, but serious things. but to me, europe is in much more trouble than britain to be honest. if you look at deutsche bank and the u.s. -- bringing down deutsche bank and maybe bringing down europe, that crisis is far more serious.
9:39 am
stuart: that problem doesn't hurt us. keep it over there, please. >> they buy exports and if they are down, we are down. stuart: i haven't been in london for 20 years. i'm inclined to go back now. it's much cheaper at a dollar 21, that's much, much cheaper. i'm a financial kind of guy. >> now is your time. [laughter] stuart: camera operator laughing at me, i can tell. one of our market watches said the stock market is finally reacting to the election. i want to go around the block. is our market reacting to the election at all? >> no, i still don't think they are. there's still more belief that hillary clinton is going to be the next president and the market hasn't fallen apart yet. i don't believe that it has much effect right now. stuart: okay, peter, i'm sorry, mike murphy.
9:40 am
mike: there's a concern that not only hillary will win but the house and take control and that's spooking the market. stuart: that's what is hurting. navarro. >> if hillary wins we get 1% growth, high taxes and markets going down. stuart: we hear you. last word. ashley: healthcare stocks yesterday in fear of democratic sweep. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. we are pretty much flat on the big board, down 37 points below 18.01. saudi air strike in a funeral in yemen using bombs supplied by america and now our state department is worried about a lawsuit possible war crime violations. napolitano on that in a moment. san antonio police officers put out a video while wearing donald trump make america great again hats while in uniform. they will be punished. we will bring you up to date on
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stuart: here we go.
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nonstop. another hillary clinton wikileaks e-mail different. [laughter] >> who is that? stuart: this time with bernie sanders. it sounds like the judge's laugh. ashley: bernie sanders says hillary clinton is friendly to wall street, so what we are seeing is the emails in the clinton camp on how to respond to this. we have a clinton aide, okay, why is it not credible that he has really dumb plans for wall street. talking about bernie sanders and
9:45 am
adviser mandy says, agree with you, bernie wants to fight on wall street, we should not give them one, our polling shows this is one of our weakest areas. so they really believe that hillary was a vulnerable on the issue of wall street and her ties to it. stuart: how to say what in public as opposed to how to maneuver in private. there's nothing wrong with that. all politicians do it. come on. [laughter] stuart: high moral horse. big board shows a last -- lost 40 points. the grocery score kroger say it's a backlash after police supporters say they were refused service because they were wearing blue lives matter shirts, okay. that's an interesting case. separately, san antonio police officers face discipline, why? because they were wearing make america great again caps while in uniform.
9:46 am
joining us now milwaukee county sheriff david clark. sheriff, i don't think any police officer should be wearing any kind of political whether it's hat or a badge or anything else. i don't want to politicized police force, are you okay with that? [laughter] >> not at all, we've been dragged into this political fray with this war on cops, everything that we do now is examined through the political lens. stuart, there was a time when police officers eep your head down on politics, stay out of it but now that's no longer a position. every time police officer engages in use of force, all of a sudden the political witch hunt begins. 's custory after a candidate leaves or candidate visits that the candidate shakes hands with officers. that's a high-risk job. something is symbolic, it's not that big a deal. it's nit-picking. i will tell you this as well, if those cops would have been
9:47 am
wearing black lives matter baseball caps or t-shirts, same people complaining or this full outrage wouldn't have had a problem with it. stuart: i'm not sure i want to see politicized police force. that's not america, is it? come on, that's not america. >> cops can still do their jobs and still do it, you know, eachly across the board. they still have political feelings. they'll still vote. it's like saying they shouldn't vote because as long as they do it secretly, we are okay with it. well, no, teachers union engage in this all of the time. if a teacher reports to a school that says i support hillary and goes in and teaches all day with the public and school children are walking past the cars on a public school parking lot, that's the same thing but nobody seems to have a problem with that. i don't want teachers engaged in that either.
9:48 am
we live in a political world right now and i do have a problem with that. stuart: i disagree with you on that. a federal judge has said you have been profiling, you could go to jail. that's what he's facing. quick comment from you, sheriff on sheriff joe. >> if the justice department is going to seek any criminal investigation on anything they should start in-house, they should start with the attorney general who met before bill clinton before the scam was in to not indict her for the emails in the secret service and they should also investigate eric holder who was found in contempt to congress. they should investigate lewis lernelr, clean your house up before you start cleaning others. stuart: we will see you again soon, thank you, sir. check out markets. pretty much dead flat. we are down exactly 40 points. about a third of the stocks are
9:49 am
up and about two-thirds are down. now, coming up a funeral in yemen bombed by saudi arabia using u.s. supplied weaponed, now our state department is word about a lawsuit. judge napolitano on that. next
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about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ stuart: the gift that keeps on giving the wikileaks dump. a top spokeswoman for the hillary campaign mark and evangelical christians. >> yeah, basically political conservative catholics for their catholocism. rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. two groups of people of christians they mocked here. here is a danger zone for the clinton campaign on alienating catholics. they have picked since 1972,
9:54 am
every winner. the catholic vote has picked the winner from nixon to obama. so you can't risk alienating the catholics out there, however much you disagree with catholic-thinking is. stuart: now this. a saudi air strike killed 140 people saturday in yemen. this is a scenario some american lawyers are have been worried about under international law. judge napolitano is here with whom i disagree on this issue. now, i said that president obama was right and harry reid was right to stop victims of suing saudi arabia. it would open a padora's box. this is an example. pandora's box is office and i think is wrong. >> that is not the state department's fear.
9:55 am
the state department's fear is the american armed sellers and the state department which authorizes the sale of arms could be indicted for war crimes because of a recent decision that says providing the arms that were used in a war crime can bring you in as a defendant in the case. stuart: it has nothing to do with the 9/11 ruling? >> i don't think it has anything to do with the 9/11 ruling. the saudis bombing a funeral in yemen. the bombs that came down were made by american arms dealers and authorized by the state department for sale to saudi arabia. question, is that the same as providing material assistance to a war crime? there's a case that says, yes. stuart: i've got another side of the coin, what about the people who supplied weapons and/or explosives or whatever to isis and terrorists? who supplies their weapons? is isis itself going to get
9:56 am
charged? >> it's a very interesting argument, stuart. mrs. clinton may bare liability for this. when she was secretary of state and ran secret war to destroy gadhafi's government in libya, she authorized the sale from american arms dealers of heavy military grade weaponry to a group's asthma lit -- malitias. stuart: i can't fathom us bending to the so-called world caught or world international government but it's totally one-sided. >> may have been a mistake but we did sign the treaty. stuart: who signed it? how long ago? long time ago? >> yes, before the modern day war on terror. i don't know who signed it. but it's -- it's an unfortunate
9:57 am
situation where we now have to watch to whom we sell arms because if they use the arms in an improper way, we can be liable. stuart: all right. we do not have a disagreement. [laughter] >> great finding common ground. i'm shocked about that necktie, though. [laughter] stuart: i'm moving on. we broke the news to you on this program, leaked hillary campaign emails which show the mainstream is in the tank for hillary clinton. you're going to get my take on that at the top of the hour and san francisco quarterback kaepernick continues to take a knee and this week he will get a start with the buffalo bills, this coming up on sunday. now about that
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
the new york sometimes itself allowed hillary to veto certain quotesment if she dependent like them, they were out. this is the new york times giving its rights over to a candidate. donna brazile told her about a question. and maximize her presence in the paper. where would you like to be? how could we make you more prominent. univision, offered campaign suggestions, hit trump hard they said. at least they're honest, they
10:01 am
hate trump. the establishment is anti-trump. that's fine with editorial pages, but it's not fine when they clued behind the scenes and claim they're fair. they have, dare i say, ruined american journalism. no wonder they're held in virtual contempt by so many americans. i shall calm down for the second hour of "varney & company" which is about to begin. ♪ >> all right. we're ever so slightly higher now. dow industrials up 8 points. do remember, we get what's called the fed minutes at 2:00 eastern time this afternoon. don't worry though, you'll get no fed navel gazing. how about the price of oil, holding around $50 per barrel. the big tech names, let's have a look at them all. there's talk of a tech bubble of stocks being near a tech
10:02 am
bubble level. we have that this morning. well, facebook, alphabet. they're mixed bag this morning. they're lofty levels. >> bank of america, merrill lynch, basically they're approaching 2001 levels. she's talking about the s&p 500, the tech sector is only a fifth of that index. basically if you look at the valuations back then for tech stocks, they're trading around 107 times earnings and today trading around 25 times earnings, median. >> okay. so it doesn't feel like bubble territory just yet, but certainly some individual stocks feel very bubbly. >> yeah, getting close, close for sure. thanks, liz. i want to get back to it. you heard my take, i say the media is totally and completely biased in the tank for hillary clinton. bret bozell is the research media president, he's here. i'm sure you heard my list of how they are in the tank with various news organizations.
10:03 am
i woke up the headlines and that is not there. it's just not there. >> why am i surprised? >> it just proves your point. you know, i just can't add much to what you said. you hit the nail on the head. stuart, it's everything you and i have been talking about for a year now. it's simply documented and really, shouldn't surprise too many people. once upon a time, i used to ask retorically, is there a conspiracy between the left wing press and the democratic party to get conservatives. now we know it's a mindset. then they changed it in the last couple of years and i said, yes, it is a conspiracy and this proves it. this is a collusion where the democrats-- the media are nothing, but the spin control for the democratic party. now, i would have no problem with that if they would admit that that's what they were doing and stop calling themselves news outlets, but they have no credibility, none whatsoever and the public understands that if you look at
10:04 am
the gallup poll, trust in the media is at an all-time low, but i think the public needs to understand that every time they listen to cnn, they watch cbs, nbc, read the new york times, the boston globe, it's not just that they are left wing, it's that they are colluding with the clinton campaign in this election. stuart: why is it that virtually throughout the western world, the elites swing left? slightly left of center. why is it so universal and why has it been going on for so long. can you explain it? >> sure, power, power, they want to be at the seat of power. when the democrats, when the left control washington d.c., they want a seat at the table. so they-- this is how is works, the head, in the tank completely for hillary clinton. he gave her $10 million has given her $10 million. he has given her an open forum,
10:05 am
in 2014, to project the clinton foundation and the work they wanted to do. guess what also he's done with univision. he took a $25 million government grant to promote obamacare on their news programs. so it's not a bad investment. he put up 10 million he got 25 million dollars back, but it's all to promote hillary clinton and her campaign. and now you understand why, when jorge ramos, their top reporter, comes out and calls on reporters to go against donald trump, univision had no problem whatsoever with that. stuart: you know, brent, i said at the top of the show that it's time for me to calm down and handle the second hour of "varney & company." i think i calmed down, but i fired you up. you're a great guy. brent bozell, everybody, good stuff. relax, son, relax. blood pressure. all right, i've got another revelation for you from wikileaks. campaign staffers were coaching hillary, wait for it, wait for
10:06 am
it. to smile. ashley: everything is literally scripted, even down to smiling. these are e-mails between john podesta, the campaign chairman and campaign aides. some say she had a hard time using the phrase "everyday american", and one e-mail says i knew she has begun to hate everyday americans and she was too scripted and smile before she makes another point. in other e-mails, also interesting, hillary felt that voters might be too ill-informed to understand her lofty language. in other words, she was worried she was simply too smart for them. >> americans too dumb liz: did she hate the phrasing everyday americans. ashley: i don't think she said i hate everyday americans liz:ed phrasing of it. ashley: she's uncomfortable. >> she's worried about spontaneous combustion, i'm sure. stuart: we should make the
10:07 am
point it's not the media coaching her how to smile. it's the campaign, legitimate and interesting to read about it frankly. let's get back to trump. several of the g.o.p. establishment members have withdrawn their endorsements of him and at least say they're not going to support them anymore. and now he says the shackles are off and he is attacking right back. watch this. >> frankly the only one obama negotiates well with is paul ryan. the shackles are weak and ineffective people within the republican party, senators and others and paul ryan and they don't give the support that we really need. i think we should get support and we don't get the support from guys like paul ryan. stuart: it's an all-out brawl. tammy bruce is here. that sounded and the last couple of days he sounded a lot like the old trump, primary trump. >> yeah, he needs to sound that way about the opponent who is hillary clinton.
10:08 am
he can go after senator-- representative ryan and any senator he wants when he's president. it's going to be meaningless if he doesn't win this battle. the person opposed to us, the person who's going to ruin the future of several generations, is hillary clinton. not even paul ryan, could be adjusted by a good president and i believe mr. trump would be that person. when it comes to the fickleness of senators, senator deb fisher to called for trump to step aside a few days ago reinforced him. we see this fickleness, he should be above it. we need to concentrate on hillary clinton, a new ad out that's very important and it's hard, but it's true. so, this is where i understand what he's doing, but we really need-- we've got 27 days. hillary clinton is the problem here. paul ryan will be put into his place by president trump, but we've got to get there first. stuart: and you really don't approve of being unshackled to attack republicans in the republican party.
10:09 am
what you want is unshackled to attack hillary clinton. >> yeah, we all want him to be himself. i support him for the nature of his commitment to what he's doing. his commitment to us. but it is about a certain kind of discipline, about what americans are listening to. people are not going to run out and understand hillary and the problem that hillary is by us hearing more about paul ryan. we know there's an issue. he can blend it. he can complain about that, but the fact of the matter is our problem now is hillary. maybe they don't believe that they're going to be able to get more voters for mr. trump. i disagree with that, but in this case i loch what -- i love what he's doing, i want him to put that energy into the person who is going to destroy our lives, that's hillary clinton at this stage. stuart: and i'm going to light up the phone with this guy. most remember this guy from the debate, ken bone, an internet star after his debate performance, watch this. >> what steps will your energy
10:10 am
policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time reminding environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for power plant workers? >> that man, ken bone will be a guest in our next hour. he is saying he's more undecided than ever which surprised me. ashley: oh, boy. >> it's interesting to some agree when you get attention in a certain way, but i also think he's being honest and fair about that. let people be one, but that's exactly the kind of person that hillary clinton thinks is deplorable or maybe irredeemable. individuals who maybe she thinks don't understand her. donald trump understands this man. that man, i think we love him because he's us and i love us. and i think that that's what maybe threatens the elite to some degree is a guy like ken. it will be interesting to see what he has to say. stuart: he's on the show and we'll cover him. hillary clinton and al gore in florida, linking hurricane
10:11 am
matthew to climate change. they say climate change is the most urgent issue facing our country right now. not terrorism, not the economy. we're on that one, obviously. tim tebow, minor league baseball player for the mets now called a hero saying he saved a sick man. we'll tell you exactly what he did. then there's this. a bridge in little rock, arkansas, it will not fall despite several attempts. we'll see that when we come back. ♪ you can run an errand.
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. stuart: i've got another leak for you involving afl-cio about richard trumka. ashley: this is podesta the clinton chairman about the afl-cio chairman richard trumka. and this trumka line about joe biden annoys me whenever i hear him say it that biden has been working for people, implying that hrc is not, hillary rodham clinton, or give her an example of fighting for the first responders after 9/11 or something? it's behind the curtains stuff. stuart: they just don't want that guy. ashley: praising joe biden. stuart: no, praise our lady,
10:16 am
please, hillary rodham clinton. goes on in every single campaign, i'm sure. i want to give you the tim tebow story, he prayed over a sick fan. he had a seizure in the stands. ashley: a n epileptic-- he was signing autographs and the fan fell to the ground and was having a seizure. tebow got in there and calmed him down and prayed over him and medics turned up and fine. in the game he went 0 for 3, but crediting him with a safe. >> oh! . stuart: very good. and how about this one, san francisco 49ers q.b. colin kaepernick is going to start the game on sunday. he's the q.b. and he's heavily criticized for taking a knee. the nfl has seen the ratings drop. i wonder if there's a connection. the author of liberalism or how
10:17 am
to turn good men into whiners, weiners or wimps. that title says it all. do you think -- ini think you're opposed to kaepernick taking the knee as they say. do you think that's responsible for the small drop in ratings of nfl games? >> i'm hopping so, stuart. i'm proud of americans standing against socialists and that's actually what we're talking about here. we're talking about not a race issue, but an ideology issue and if the men across the country and mothers and fathers and mothers and taking them and pulling away from the television set to stand up against this i'm very proud if americans are doing that, absolutely. stuart: so it's a good thing then, you agree with this. okay. don't watch that game, don't go too the game if they're going to do that kind of thing. you're in favor of this, right? >> absolutely. take it further and i mentioned this is an ideology not a race issue. we've had a black president for
10:18 am
eight years, not once has a black president, n achaacp say things like pull your your pants, respect your women, take care of your kids, not once mention that we should be the real men and fathers. we're fighting an ideology and if america to see and understand, if they cared, message would be different. stuart: all right. if you say that we should be teaching our kids to respect women, treat them right and say the right things, how do you feel about donald trump? >> well, donald is, again, we're debating the head of the party. let's look at the heart and history of our part. the democratic party has been anti-black over 150 years. it was the republican party, the party of lincoln fought
10:19 am
against slavery, jim crowe, kkk, and all i'm asking for americans, give black conservatives a little bit of time. give us four years to get our message out through our youth. we'll mentor them, educate them, hire them, teach them to dream big which the socialists, the democrats have not done. go to ferguson, charlotte, wallet baltimore, every place you see, failure you see the misery of the democratic party. give us the chance and we'll make it happen and proud for the black race to stand up for principles and-- >> your point-- forgive me for saying this, your point is nothing to do with race. you're articulating a conservative christian point of view crosses all races and all points of time. >> stuart, that's the american way. the reason why my race did so well we led the country--
10:20 am
in terms of the middle class, we had the most men committed to marriage, we had the most percentage of entrepreneurs. we were the race before liberalism took over and that's what we're talking about. let's get back to the christian values regardless of our ideas and the way we worship or not to be free and do and grow and vision big the way our country is designed to do. it's not about race, it's about ideology. stuart: burgess owens, thank you for coming on the show. you'll be back. >> thank you. stuart: more revelations from the wikileaks dump. e-mails to the clinton campaign slamming catholics, referring to that faith as backwards, a bastardization, those are the words used. father jonathan morris is with us in just a moment. then there's this rod stewart
10:21 am
knighted by prince william and he's now to be known as sir roderick stewart. ♪
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>> you know, breaking news is coming thick and fast. tmz reports that nbc deliberately timed the release of that locker room bantered videotape for release right before the second debate. ashley: yeah, tmz citing what they say multiple sources close to nbc executives saying they've had this tape for some time at least through early august.
10:25 am
nbc says we haven't known about this tape for a little more than a week. according to tmz they wanted for time for maximum impact for releasing it, 48 hours before the second debate. but, hurricane matthew complicated things. they were concerned that that storm would take away some of the headlines of this released tape and they were going to release it on monday, yesterday, but the story goes, according to tmz, it was ultimately leaked to the washington post in its entirety and how it got out. they were looking for whatever they could do to sink donald trump. stuart: maximum damage. ashley: maximum damage. stuart: they timed it for maximum damage before the second debate and they succeeded, what a disgrace. now this, hillary clinton and al gore together in miami. they say climate change is the most urgent issue facing our country. and they linked climate change to hurricane matthew. roll tape. >> some will say we've always had hurranes.
10:26 am
they've always been destructive and that's true, but hurricane matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. >> you look at the floods and the droughts and the mudslides and fires and incredible downpours. as secretary clinton just mentioned, hurricane matthew just recently, it spun up from a tropical storm into a category five hurricane in just 36 hours. the reason that happens is the climate crisis is trapping so much extra heat. stuart: it's not climate change, it is the climate crisis, ladies and gentlemen. tammy bruce? >> yeah, look, these are individuals who can't know and don't understand what's causing terrorism, but they know for sure it's kind of heat bubble that created matthew. two things are going on here, they're trying to appeal to the bernie sanders type base obsessed with these issues and
10:27 am
trying to gather up their base and need to look as though they're hawkish on something. everything else in the world is going into a basket. stuart: never thought of that. >> and they need to look like, oh, we've got an enemy and we're going to go get that mother nature for sure. it is absurd, i love they're talking about it, reminds people what the problem is. the fact of the matter is, i think most people would enjoy if you weren't dead by terrorist attack a hot summer or a cold winter. when you're dead it doesn't matter so much. this is the kind of fantasy that the democrats have been promoting for so long. the kind of thing that distracts people from the real issue that ruin the future, that deal with the issue of violence and deal with the issue of sovereignty and security and it's a shame, but this is what the democrats do. stuart: all right, tammy, thank you very much indeed. how about that big board? we've turned around and we were 13 close to the open and up 33. we've regained 18,100 and this
10:28 am
man, ken bone, an uncommitted voter. he's a coal plant operator, a devoted family man and, yes, an internet sensation. this man is everyone. not until he's on our show and he's on our show in the next hour. ken bone. here we go. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements.
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10:31 am
>> we are above 18, $50 a barrel for the price of oil. mcdonald's is playing down ronald mcdonald, the clown because of a rash of these creepy clown incidents. i have had enough of this.
10:32 am
>> these creepy clown sightings have been taking place, ronald mcdonald was shelved for a while, 13 states putting police incident involving creepy clowns. stuart: i am not surprised at mcdonald's actions but i'm disappointed in this nonsense was moving on, this poll was taken saturday through monday meaning it includes the fallout from trump's comments on women as well as partly the debate. as you see it is 4637 clinton over trump, trump addressed this dip at his rallies. >> disappointed because hillary hasn't created a job and i have created thousands of jobs in florida, thousands. i have over 1000 people working at this area itself, trump international, many jobs, along
10:33 am
the beach in miami, we created a lot of jobs, florida, you guys don't vote for me i will be very angry at you. stuart: the story is trump says the shackles are off, he is on the attack against speaker of the house paul ryan and senator john mccain. is he reverting to the old trump, nasty trump going after him with vigorous language, i give you a clue. >> he is reverting back to what got him elected in the primary, the outsider of washington, the republican establishment strategy worked in the primary election but in the general election, one thing democrats don't do is stick together, republicans are not doing well this election season is trying
10:34 am
to eat each other up alive, a defeatist attitude, for donald trump and paul ryan to sit in a room to hash out the problems. stuart: most of that contact, paul ryan walked away from donald trump, that is not a popular move among republicans who said you got to let hillary clinton into the oval office. >> republicans have lost the primary goal here which is to defeat hillary clinton. if donald trump is a flawed candidate, yes. i am sure many republicans wanted another nominee. they don't stand together to defeat hillary clinton, i don't want to hear from republicans they are mad at hillary clinton
10:35 am
put in several liberal justice supreme court pics or federal courts i don't want to hear from republicans when they say hillary clinton is pushing a radical leftist agenda i don't want to hear it because now the infighting, unhealthy relationship is causing a lose to presidency and even lose the senate. stuart: a lot of our viewers are very much with you on this one. thanks for being with us this morning. totally different subject, a lot more fallout from the emails released by wikileaks, hillary clinton supporters criticizing catholics calling that religion backwards. i am going to call you our resident catholic. what did they say? >> the email exchange with a group she worked for,
10:36 am
conservative catholics basically practicing an amazing bastardization of the faith, severely backwards, totally unaware of christian democracy but however you feel about it, i don't think you should alienate the catholic vote. the catholic voter picked the popular vote, any president who won the popular vote since 1972 is how gore. stuart: many powerful element in the conservative isil element are all catholic. it is an amazing bastardization, and severely backwards agenda relations. if that is not contemptuous of catholicism i don't know what is. i just read it out there. that is contempt on the part of the clinton campaign. >> the last sentence i found to be shocking, they say -- talking about catholics, specifically rupert murdoch and robert
10:37 am
thompson, they say they must -- they must be totally, because they are catholic or because they are raising their children catholic, talking about their kids here, unbelievable, they must be unaware of christian democracy because they are raising their children catholic. they must be ignorant of christian tomography because -- where is that? people came to the united states of america because of religious freedom, the ability to be catholic and other religious backgrounds. stuart: when you heard this is it surprising? >> not surprised but it reveals the incredible bigotry, take if we were to substitute catholicism and christianity and islam.
10:38 am
imagine -- i don't have a horse in this race but if donald trump's people were talking about islam in this way. it would be the number one story, breaking in, nbc, cbs breaking into their soap operas, bringing breaking news to the united states. stuart: you don't get that. >> classic classic classic anti-catholicism which is anti-american. stuart: i think you are right and i am shocked, new york times, washington post, i really looked hard. i don't see any mention. maybe i have not looked hard enough which i have not seen any mention of this contempt for catholicism and catholics as existed in and released email. >> making fun of evangelicals, the reason why some of these
10:39 am
powerful conservative catholics, they would be too embarrassed to be evangelical. stuart: the elites looking down on everybody, that is what it is. >> anti-religion of any sort am a be clear about that too. stuart: you have a big enough heart and soul to forgive them. >> there has to be some contrition, to be forgiven by the one that matters. stuart: father jonathan, welcome back to the show, good to see you. look at apple stock, it has been going up ever since samsung's exploding phone problem. how far has samsung fallen? nicole: we have seen falling day after day and the apple stock moves to the highest lev o 2016 up 10% during that time. in the meantime we have seen
10:40 am
samsung selling off as quickly recalled load 7 and send it back in a fire retardant box, triple layer box with a shielded bag to return it and who gets to be the beneficiary? apple is the prime beneficiary but we have seen samsung hit a 1-month low and cut its outlook. stuart: that doesn't help. thank you very much. let's check a particular piece of video from windsor, north carolina, a region flooded by hurricane matthew. a father with his son fishing on his front porch. they hook a fish, we decided to make the best of a bad situation, fishing lines on the porch. we thought we would bring you that. donald trump facing criticism over his talking points on african-americans and inner cities, next, a democrat voting for trump responds.
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern. >> it was an unwritten rule on politics, and it is no longer a tenable position when law enforcement officer engages in
10:43 am
some use of force and all of a sudden the political witchhunt begins. and the president shakes hands with other officers it is a high risk job. and if those cops had been wearing black lives matter based or t-shirts, the same people complaining or outrage when they have a problem with it. from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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10:45 am
stuart: a health warning on pacemakers. ashley: a warning saying 350,000 defibrillators can fail because of the batteries contained in these devices, they short-circuit, they shock the heart back into rhythm. they say if you are concerned you may have one of these batteries you should go to a doctor to get checked out, these batteries came from an outside vendor, st. jude medical stock lost 4%. stuart: back to politics, trump is being criticized for his
10:46 am
comment about african-americans at the recent debate. watch this from sunday. >> i would be -- african-americans, the inner cities, i want to do things that haven't been done including fixing, african-americans, 45% poverty in the inner-city, i want to help with the inner cities. stuart: the media has jumped all over this, many inner cities doing great. washington post headline donald trump gets a basic fact wrong about black americans. why does trump think inner-city is synonymous with black people? the trump national diversity coalition is here with us now. what do you make of this
10:47 am
criticism of donald trump for saying the situation in inner cities is not good, therefore the situation for black americans is not good? >> god bless you and god bless america. what i would say is donald trump is speaking to that 25% of african-americans that are living in abject poverty in our inner cities. and so many african-americans in the state, the hurt and cry of our youth that are not working, getting the best education, devastating. that is terrible. stuart: why are they critical of a man who says this group of people could use a little help and i have different kind of help, why are they critical of that approach?
10:48 am
>> they know hillary clinton needs the black vote in order to get into that office and anyone coming for the black vote is considered a threat and that would be donald trump. the interesting thing is school choice is such an important issue in the black community, there are people putting the wrong address n go to better sc what donald trump is saying, school choice back in your hands. stuart: that is the most powerful message donald trump could deliver to minority parents. school choice. >> jobs are important. i am listening. i am ready. you are fired up. stuart: you used to be a bernie sanders supporter, he lost to hillary clinton, it has come out the system seemed rigged against him. donald trump addressed this.
10:49 am
>> emails show the democratic national committee, rigged the democratic election, the primary process, to take it away from bernie and give it to hillary clinton. the vice chair was caught feeding information about bernie sanders's plans to the clinton campaign. in all fairness bernie made a deal with the devil and a big mistake. he made that deal, he sold out. stuart: i think you are trying to sway bernie sanders supporters coming over to the trump side, mister trump just gave you some ammunition. >> the thing about it is look at the voter fraud in all these counties with the democratic party, all of it is to divide the nation and people are sick
10:50 am
and tired of being divided. we want healing and i have a message for the republican party. when two elephants fight the grass suffers. when donald trump and the establishment republicans fight, the people who put this nominee in play are suffering. what i will tell you, we are family. we all want the same thing for our nation which we want the supreme court pics to be conservative, we want cold water, we want immigration, we want school choice, we want to be safe and loved in our country again, we want america to be first. just like all good families at the end of the day you have to hug and kiss and get ready to vote, we don't care if it is a sad vote, crying vote, make sure you vote for the candidate who put america first. stuart: did you know that you -- hold on a second.
10:51 am
did you know you are one of the more popular guests on this program? did you know that? >> you got to be kidding me! always gets the glory out of my life. stuart: come back soon, we will see you again. >> god bless you and thank you. at the top of the hour, katrina pearson with donald trump unshackled can we expect more of the old trump, the off teleprompter trump and the overnight celebrity debate question, bone will be on the program. how does he plan to make money off of his extraordinary savings? we are a financial program, we ask that kind of question.
10:52 am
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10:56 am
he is an internet sensation who joins us next hour. katrina pearson from the trump campaign joins us to talk about trump unshackled. >> establishment people, week and ineffective people, senators and others and paul ryan led to a certain extent by paul ryan being nasty to the nominee. ashley: john harwood emailing john podesta about attacking trump while he moderated a republican debate. remember this? >> make americans better off because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others, let's be honest. is this a comic book a version of a presidential campaign? >> not a very nice lead when you ask that. ashley: one of our media watchdogs on that. brand-new video showing a new york city election official admitting on tape existing voter fraud in minority communities.
10:57 am
>> discounted because it is darker to vote. i take my vote seriously. i don't want other people coming in negating my vote and voting for the other candidate when they are not registered to vote.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
have sigh creditly secretly
11:01 am
colluded with and helped the clinton campaign. they did all of that. it has been revealed in another email leaks. all you see in the media this morning is trump. always seen in a negative light, always. we need a lot of time to go through all of this, and we have the time. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> the media are nothing but the spin control for the democratic party. the public needs to understand that every time they listen to cnn, they watch cbs and nbc, read "the new york times," read "the boston globe." it is not just that they are left-wing. that they are colluding with the clinton campaign. >> when the left controlled washington, d.c., they want a
11:02 am
seat at the table. stuart: brent bozell in our last hour. you heard him on the media coverage, or lack thereof of these email leaks. now take a look at this. donald trump notices this lack of coverage, perhaps he is watching us, i don't know. he tweeted last hour. very little pick up by the dishonest media of incredible information provided by wikileaks. so dishonest, rigged system. now, ashley, you have more headlines on the media stuff this morning. >> start with the "washington post," always a good place to start. clinton campaign chairman ties hack to russians. says trump may have had advanced notice of leak. so there you go. stuart: it is russian asphalt. ashley: how about this from "the new york times," poe desstray, hillary clinton's campaign manager, russian spies hacked his emails to sway election. so that is their focus. stuart: they're not denying what was in the emails. ashley: they're not talking
11:03 am
about it. stuart: they don't deny collusion between clinton and campaign. >> they say russia got briefing from intelligence officials but in delate he denied, he says he doesn't know if russia is doing hacking. that is where the story is. stuart: i'm not going to dismiss that, but that to some degree a diversion away from the real story, which is the media colludes with the clinton campaign. that is what i'm saying. i agree with you. i don't want to see anybody influence an american election whether assange or russians but don't distract from what is a fundamental -- dishonest media story we'll have more on media and wikileaks, michael goodwin, "new york times" columnist, pulitzer prize winner. that is ten minutes from now. let's get to donald trump. he says the shackles are off. he is on the attack.
11:04 am
listen what he said about senator john mccain last night on o'reilly. listen to the tape. >> he has never heard, give me a break. he has never heard salty language before. john mccain, who has probably the dirtiest mouth in all. senate has never heard, talked about lewd. i wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people, that i can tell you, especially ryan. >> i got that. stuart: katrina pierson, donald trump national spokesperson. katrina, welcome back. >> good morning. stuart: this is the old trump. this is the primaries trump. this is the trump unshackled. my question is, do you approve of that? are you comfortable with this? >> you know this is trump and i'm absolutely comfortable with it. he definitely wants to go with his gut. he doesn't want to be maneuvered and criticized by these republicans. and he has every right to defend himself. and i do think that does make him appealing to a lot of voters
11:05 am
out there who are tired of some of these establishment republicans always tearing down their candidate. stuart: i think, we have heard from quite a few republican this is morning who are saying look, establishment people, you get on board. because if you don't get on board, you are going to give hillary clinton the oval office but it is a line of attack. it is a civil war within the gop. do you think it can come to an end fairly quickly? >> it will come to an end when the election comes and mr. trump does win this election. this civil war that everyone is calling it, did not start with donald trump, stuart. this started a very long time ago with the uprising of the tea party movement, when there were a lot of republican primary voters out there who wanted the establishment to begin governing as republicans again. they simply refused to do that. they would pat the voters on the head and send them home. they would tear down their candidates with horrible ads, exactly what we're seeing today. we're looking at leadership here.
11:06 am
you know a strong leader doesn't tell everyone to go and fend for themselves. they go out there, come together, take the team an fight until the bitter end. that is all mr. trump is asking for. stuart: we're a financial program. we really, we are very, i personally am very enthusiastic about donald trump's plan to grow the economy, cut taxes, deregulate and get things moving again. but that whole point of view is completely overshadowed by what is going on with this internal war between be republicans. th in. the tax plan is hardly mentioned. we're talking about sex tapes and internal civil war and wikileaks. when are we going to get back to issues which for people like me really count? >> well i think it would help if many of these republican was stop running to the media microphone. just as i heard you mention earlier about the media colluding with the clinton campaign, makes you wonder what the real motives are here.
11:07 am
it a very large choice as you talked about the economy, which is extremely important to people, but since the other republicans won't let us stick to that, at the end of the day there won't be two choices. hillary clinton is cheater. we know this for a fact now. we know the media has been working with her. they have been giving her questions prior to town halls. we know she talks about having a public opinion versus a private opinion, particularly when it comes to wall street. she wants open border, open trade. she admitted to doing her best to keep wall street prosperous, not main street. she admitted openly on the state department youtube page that she thinks iraq is a business opportunity, not detroit, not philadelphia. iraq. this is a very serious problem with the collusion of the department of justice with the clinton campaign about her illegal private email server. there are some things we should be talking about if republicans could come together and talk about those issues. stuart: just get to mr. trump if you can and tell him we would
11:08 am
love to return to prosperity. katrina, i won't envy your job. i don't know how you do it. but great to have you on the show. katrina pierson, thanks very much indeed. >> i'm proud to represent mr. trump. stuart: yes, you are. all right. we're about an hour 1/2, hour and 37 minutes into the trading session. can you say flat? you can spell it too. f-la-at -- flat. we're bringing him in. keith fitz-gerald. we like him actually and happens to be pretty good. analyst this morning a market watcher who says, from b-of-a, bank of america merrill, he says, you know, there is, this looks likes a tech bubble. we're worried about it, are you worried about a tech bubble? >> stuart, these things always sound a he he will whole lot moe ominous than they actually are. what you have got to look at, why is there a bubble condition that they're concerned about. the fed continues to pump lots
11:09 am
of money into central bankers in all over the world. against that backdrop, what you have got to look at is investor, do i want to have stuff, or do i want quality. quality matters. so don't stop buying. history says change what you buy. go with quality stuff we talk about all the time because that is the stuff that gives you defense if the bubble talk is correct. stuart: let's be clear now. you're saying do not just dumbingp everything. don't do wholesale selling just because the election is coming, just become some people are talking a bubble, don't do that? that is your message today, keith? >> that is absolutely correct because doesn't matter. we've had two world wars, recession, assassinations, geopolitical conflict, we've had an election makes a circus look like polite undertaking. history always comes back. it is worse and more expensive for an investor to sell out and try to second-guess the market than it is to manage that risk appropriately and stay in.
11:10 am
stuart: really fast, do you think that the election and all this backwards and forwards between trump and clinton, do you think it is beginning to have any impact on the stock market at all? >> absolutely i do. beginning with sunday's debate. for the first time people are really beginning to understand that the gop is becoming unhinged. the internal bickering and fighting i think is making traders nervous because, statistics show, again history is a big, big thing here. it doesn't repeat but it rhymes. history shows when you have a congress that is conflicted it is great for investments. when you have a one-sided house, republican or democrat, doesn't matter, investments tend to do worse. stuart: we shall remember that, keith. thanks so much for joining us as always. thank you, sir, good stuff. much more ahead on this hour. ken bone, you remember him from thpresidential debate? he became an internet sensation because of his performance and maybe that red sweater. he is with us, he is on the show today. this bombshell video, we
11:11 am
caught a democrat official on camera admitting his knowledge of voter fraud in new york city. we're going to play you the full clip in this hour, but first, listen to this --
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
>> let's be hop evident. [laughter]. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> it is not a comic book. and not a nicely-asked question the way you say that. >> it talked to economic advisors served presidents of both parties. they said you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms?
11:15 am
>> then you have to get rid of larry kudlow who sits on your panel, who is great guy came out the other day, inlove trump's tax plan. >> since you're the champion of the americans living paycheck to paycheck, don't you have that backward. >> you're wrong. in fact the largest after tax gains is for the people at lower end of the tax spectrum under my plan. are there is a bunch of things my tax plan does r does to help them. >> tax foundation to be clear. >> you wrote a story on it and corrected it. >> i did not. >> oh you did. >> leading republican candidate you look at average of national polls right now is donald trump. when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? stuart: i think you've seen enough. john harwood from cnbc, going right after trump during october's republican primary, okay? and it is revealed that he has an association with, a liaison with, the clinton campaign. in fact a treasure trove of emails leaked by wikileaks are
11:16 am
links between media and clinton camp. describes what i'm calling a disgraceful collusion between the campaign and the media. look who is here. a pulitzer prize winner, real journalist, michael goodwin, columnist with the "new york post." let me just go through this a little bit. harwood, offering advice, he was debate moderator, offering advice to the campaign. "new york times" allowed clinton to veto certain quotes. "boston globe" coordinated to maximize hillary's presence in the paper. donna brazile leak ad question to hillary before a cnn town hall. she knew what the question was. >> right. stuart: what is the standing of american journalism after this kind of revelation? >> well, look it is something that we've all been saying for a long time, and now we have the absolute proof in their own words. harwood in particular, after that debate which was, widely panned everywhere as biased moderators, and little did we know he was actually secretly
11:17 am
giving advice to the clinton campaign. he was approving her appearances to john podesta, the campaign chairman. we have it in writing now, in his own words. so i wonder what is the fallout from these news organizations? what is the fallout from the "new york times"? not only that, one of it is columnists, sent his questions in advance to, before a bill clinton interview. everybody in podesta's circle is filling in possiblanswers for clinton to give in the subsequent interview. so we have this fundamental corruption and bias shown in emails. stuart: that is exactly what it is. now, you have got a new piece out today, i think it is titled, what is it "the new york times" abandoned its integrity just to bash donald trump? >> right. the editor of "the new york times" in an interview with another publication says that donald trump has forced the paper to change the way it covers politics. my argument is, no, trump didn't do this, you the editor of
11:18 am
"new york times" did this personally by authorizing your reporters to abandon the standards of fairness and give their personal opinions in every article. and that is what you see in the "new york times" every day on the front page and on the last page. opinion, opinion, opinion. all of it liberal. all of it helping hillary clinton. all of it demonizing donald trump. it is an absolute disgrace, end of american journalism as we know it. stuart: strong stuff. i'm glad you agree with me. michael goodwin. that was strong stuff. we like it. thanks very much, michael. come here anytime you like. >> my pleasure. stuart: now this. we are going to play you all of that new bombshell video, going to play it for you in full. a democrat official on camera, admitting knowledge of voter fraud in new york city. it is a little hard to hear it. so read along the bottom of the screen. this is very important stuff. roll tape. >> i think there is a lot of voter fraud.
11:19 am
people don't realize certain neighborhoods in particular -- bus people around to vote. >> like minority neighborhoods like black neighborhoods and hispanic neighborhoods? >> chinese too.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: this is dine dynamite stuff and we're getting back to this, this is a video captures democrat board of election, one of the commissioners admitting to systemic voter fraud. he said voters are bused from one polling station in order to vote multiple times. listen to this, read the subtitles along the bottom if you can't hear properly. roll tape. >> i think there is a lot of voter fraud. right. people don't realize, certain neighborhoods in particular they bus people around to vote. >> like minority neighborhoods, like black neighborhoods and hispanic neighborhoods? >> and chinese too. >> oh. i don't do they do that? just to get more votes for democrats or? >> more votes for themselves. they're all running for office. your vote gets discounted because they come in and can vote. people think, you know liberal
11:24 am
thing to do, but i take my vote seriously. and i don't want 10 other people coming in negating my vote, my vote for the other candidate and they're not even registered voters. >> maybe you won't vote for hillary, i don't know? >> i would. i have no choice. stuart: well, well, well. now hear we have this, you just herd that. ashley: yeah. stuart: why can't we have i.d., voter i.d. is required to stop things like that from taking place? liz: the commissioner says i think there should be voter i.d. he actually said it. later on in the tape he said it repeatedly. so you know, there is this line from the democrats that say that voter i.d. laws are racist. they're basically saying, don't look what we're doing, that wepe strings behind the scenes to pad the votes. stuart: the argument is, if you have to have government i.d. to vote, it is more difficult for minority people to get that i.d. so they vote less. but that is not borne out in
11:25 am
numbers, is it, liz? liz: that's correct. we were talking about in states with voter i.d. laws, african-american vote did come out strong. stuart: record numbers. liz: didn't suppress the vote to have voter i.d. laws. ashley: two things came out, a, they're voting multiple times, the old chicago way but they're unregistered. how can you vote multiple times without being registered? despite the i.d. thing, how can you vote if you aren't registered. stuart: he just said it. liz: he endorsed voter i.d. similar note out of news on florida. a federal judge extended voter registration in that state for another week. goes through next tuesday. as a result of hurricane matthew. democratsed asked for extension and they got it. we have this from west virginia. bill clinton says he and hillary given up on that state. wait until you hear why. he also called trump voters, typical rednecks. they really have a negative view
11:26 am
of trump supporters don't they. who could ever for get this. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of "deplorables." the ci, sexist, homophobic, seen folk -- xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship.
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>> we have been having a problem, millions of followers, we set record in the primaries, we have a group of people who want to see america be great again. paul ryan, broken borders, amnesty, and the only one obama negotiates well with is paul ryan but the shackles, the establishment people i weekend in effect of people in the republican party, senators and others and paul ryan led to a certain extent by paul ryan being nasty to the nominee. stuart: you heard it live last night, paul ryan and others, the shackles are off, that is what he says about himself, he is on the attack. our next guest says gop leadership is gutless, that is his words, for abandoning trump.
11:31 am
republican, we found a republican in california and that man is a republican from california. just making a little joke, you are a dying breed on the left coast. you are saying the establishment republicans should fall in line and back trump, the nominee. >> that is it was fall in line with whom? the republican voters in the primary process, donald trump, our champion, our nominee, the republican leaders should recognize instead of thumbing their nose at the republican voters for whom they. stuart: ryan, and john mccain and others, most in the
11:32 am
republican party giving the oval office to hillary clinton. >> number one, supporting trump, giving the election to a disaster for the country and because trump, they knew it, his language level in certain instances, in a private conversation versus hillary who basically suppressed information, intimidated the victims, no comparison here but leadership is using vulgar language with an excuse to give it to the clintons again. i believe that is cowardice on their part, and panicked, you don't panic if you are a leader,
11:33 am
history is being made. stuart: last time you were on the show we asked about the christian genocide bill, your attempt to get christians categorized as victims of genocide, coming from the middle east. >> that is one of the reasons perhaps paul is so panicked he acts immediately and distances himself from trump but other things we could be working on we could have brought up that would have been in tremendously important to identify ourselves, where we are politically and doing the right thing morally. saving christians from genocide, what we have not had the bill out of committee, will not do the job. stuart: who kept it in
11:34 am
committee? >> chairman good luck -- goodlatte who i talked to on a number of occasions, either one could put a real bill on the floor, they said we are giving priority to anybody who is a minority religion who has been attacked by a majority religion but that means she night and sunni could come here and the shiites and sunnis and shiites could come here and the christians would be left out as this administration is doing, 10,000 refugees from syria, 55 of them were christians. a tragedy. they are murdering these people and we are playing games like that. stuart: don't give it up. we are interested in this bill, keep pushing this bill, orange county, california. is that correct? thanks very much, see you again soon.
11:35 am
got to get back to the wikileaks dump. a spokeswoman for hillary's campaign marked, conservative catholics, marked catholics period in a 2011 email exchange. who said what? >> she is the campaign spokesperson. let's show the quote, she is saying the conservative roman catholics thinks their rich friends would not understand if they became evangelical. that is the part where they slam socially conservative catholics and evangelicals. conservative catholics think roman catholic is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. stuart: did they call it a bastardized view? >> they call conservative catholicism a bastardization and they are not christian democrats, unaware of christian democracy. if you don't agree with birth control i get it. i don't agree with the catholic position on birth control or gay marriage but there is contempt and you don't want to alienate
11:36 am
the catholic voter. stuart: it will be exposed. private emails. it is not going to happen but i must move on. emails joe clinton's state department gave special treatment or attention to friends of bill clinton after the haiti earthquake, judge andrew napolitano is here. i'm not familiar with the details. judge napolitano: it is relatively new, not the worst thing the state department did but during and right after the haiti earthquake the clinton foundation claimed it was providing assistance to people in haiti. whether it it is a matter of great dispute. the medications they distributed, whether they got fda approval is a matter of great dispute but what is not disputed is the state department let these people in without
11:37 am
going through ordinary customers procedures in haiti because of exemptions the secretary of state is allowed to grant and grant those exemptions, friends, colleagues, workers were her husband. not sure this is a horrible thing, life and death of people in the streets injured by the terrible infrastructure in haiti which was assaulted by the earthquake but another example of when you dealt with the clinton state department you couldn't tell if you were dealing with the state department to the clinton foundation. stuart: that was not right at all. another one, federal appeals court has ruled the consumer financial protection bureau is unconstitutional. judge napolitano: in part. the head of this bureau, currently occupying by the name of richard cordray, appointed by
11:38 am
the senate can't be fired. the president can fire anybody he appoints except a member of the judicial branch, he can fire a cabinet member, other than cost so a president trump in january would still be stuck with president obama's appointee which regulates all the banks. and can't make rules on his own. he has got to make's, staggered terms, some of the commissioners, and other commissioner republicans likely fda. a rule enforcer, and -- stuart: another example of the administration exceeding its power pushing people to do things they are not constitutionally allowed to do. judge napolitano: who or what funds the commission. not the congress but the federal
11:39 am
reserve. so a republican congress would have great difficulty turning off the funding. nancy pelosi's idea. stuart: you are all right. donald trump is getting ready to hold a rally in florida. he will be there at 12:00 noon. and who does not this man, he is with us in a moment, do you think he is going to cash in on how that started? we are a financial program and i will answer that question. >> to meet our energy needs and reminding environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss or fossil powerplant workers.
11:40 am
11:41 am
nicole: i'm nicole pedallides, stockton wait and see mode as we wait for fed minutes to find out what the fed is thinking and when they might raise interest rates, the dow at 15 points, the s&p up two come in as that gaining, stocks on the move. you can change your phone.
11:42 am
alcoa remains under pressure, down 13%, humana a lag or. ken bone grabbed the heart of america during the debate sunday night and his question was on energy policy. let's look at energy stocks as oil is 50-12 for this week, we see energy stocks coming under pressure, conoco phillips, transocean and baker down 1% each. keep it here on foxbusiness, "varney and company" talking to ken bone coming up next. ned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™.
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stuart: how about this? donald trump will conduct a conference call with catholic leaders to discuss criticisms leveled in the podesta email hack. absolute contempt was shown for people of faith, catholics in particular, and brought in evangelicals in a released, hacked email we got hold of last night into this morning. liz: marking conservative catholics. stuart: a smart move, you get the catholic vote. liz: catholics won by popular vote as for our gore.
11:45 am
since 1972. stuart: i don't want to flatter ourselves, i wonder if mister trump watches the program because we have been hot on this all morning and consider it an insult to catholics and -- a conference call with catholic leaders. >> if you want dialogue to move your point of view far it -- forward but i don't agree with their stance on birth control or gay marriage but i would rather have a dialogue and not say they are committing a bastardization of the faith. that is just not reaching out to be tolerant of different points of view and changing hearts and minds. stuart: the word catholicism, the word islam is inserted, there would be a full-page expose a on the front of every newspaper in the united states, every broadcast, look at what they are saying about islam.
11:46 am
double standard. on the left town side of the screen, this is florida, ocala, florida, he will be speaking at 12:00 noon and neil cavuto will handle that. that is the warm-up crew. i am very sorry, those other speakers are warming up the crowd. i think it is a big crowd, donald trump attracted a record crowd throughout his campaign, hillary clinton was there in florida as you know from watching this program, she was speaking with al gore, mister climate change himself. another of the warm-up speakers for donald trump, the camera panned out, see how big the crowd is, you won't see the whole thing but the camera man is listening, pool it back, how
11:47 am
big is this crowd? he is still pulling in crowds and that is a fact. wherever he goes he has a big crowd. bill clinton taking shots at trump voters like what you see there, called them rednecks sort of. watch this. >> the under god base is what i grew up in. i am basically your standard redneck. stuart: kind of deflecting a little bit. ashley: he calls obamacare the affordable care act crazy system, now he alienates so many people, another version of the deplorables where he is saying they follow donald trump, they are rednecks -- berries the meeting. liz: don't know how you get voters in by talking like that.
11:48 am
stuart: the elites feel that way. ashley: the emails revealed that the same that they have for large sections of this country. stuart: another clip this time insulting west virginia. >> she made me go -- i went down to west virginia to talk about this because she said there is no way i can carry it, no way. first of all they only watch fox news. stuart: let's not forget it was hillary clinton who said she would put a lot of coal miners out of work. no wonder they got a problem with west virginia but don't talk down to them like that. liz: even eleanor holmes norton out of washington, said hillary clinton was wrong to use the
11:49 am
term deplorables, hillary should not have done it and the word deplorables was written down she pointeded out, she read it, had it scripted which was really bad. ashley: with the word smile next to it. stuart: where is ken bone? he is on the show, red sweater, where is he? we are having technical difficulties with the studio where he is appearing from, we are working on it, every expectation of continuing to work on it and we will be back after this. ♪
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the
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exact firmness and comfort you want - and so does your partner - for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the columbus day sale, with the queen c4 mattress set now only $1399.98. plus 24-month financing. learn more at >> what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time reminding environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil powerplant workers? stuart: that was ken bone, great question about energy policy. little did we know or he, that experience would turn him into an internet sensation, red sweater and all. he is with us now. there is ken bone. if i can put it like that, welcome to the program, good to have you with us. >> greatto be here, thanks to
11:54 am
the studio crew, the digital communication center. i have never seen such staff work and i have seen it for three whole days. stuart: you are an internet sensation, red sweater and all. i wonder why you think you have become an internet sensation? i was watching fox yesterday and you were described as so honest, so authentic, mister rogers kind comforting personality. why do you think you are so popular? >> this election cycle, which you and your compatriots have been forced to cover for two entire years, half of president obama's second term we could have been talking about policy, people are forcing us to talk about all the mud they want to throw it each other. it has been a negative campaign from both sides, here i am with
11:55 am
midwestern smile and a mustache, poking gentle fun at myself and putting a positive face on it. make sense people are reacting. stuart: humidity sells big time. >> i haven't sold anything yet. stuart: this is a financial program. we are fiery very financial people, you are a very famous guy. would you want to turn your fame into an endorsement of some sort to make some money out of this? plans to do that? >> i am not searching for endorsements or media. when this is over it is over. a 15 minutes thing is great. if it goes on of your weeks that is great. i'm not looking to change my career or anything like that. if brands that i believe in contact me like they have been and i'm working on properly letting them and able to give a portion of my proceeds to
11:56 am
charity, we committed 10% of everything my wife and i could earn for the rest of the duration, going to local homeless groups and voter registration so that makes me feel good about capitalizing on opportunity. stuart: that is why people like you, you are a decent person and that is an important thing. hold on a second. can i persuade you to vote for donald trump? i am suggesting this on the grounds that trump has an energy plan, hillary clinton restricts domestic energy production. that was your question basically. why will you not commit to voting for trump? >> that is the crux of what, based on hearing your feed for a a while, a lot of voters and people contributing to your show are stuck on. i honestly think donald trump is not only better for the economy in general, he is much better for my personal economy, my
11:57 am
ability to pay my mortgage, my career opportunities in the industry that i love and have chosen but at the same time if he gets the next supreme court choice, what if we lose marriage equality? my cousin is marrying her sweetheart on friday. what if we lose marriage equality? and no longer married because of my vote. stuart: that is a done deal. i won't get into the politics of the supreme court but i don't think you can reverse marriage equality, i don't think you can do that. >> not sure of the legality but that is part of the platform. stuart: have i convinced you on energy policy alone, your personal finances alone, you are a trump guy? >> i announce live on your show for the first time ever that i am still undecided. stuart: you are going to miss fame, let me tell you, but you are a great guy, thanks for
11:58 am
being with us. >> it has been a great time. stuart: more varney after this.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: amazing how fast three hours goes and it is almost gone. we have three seconds left before neil is with us. it is yours. neil: the last interview was fantastic. he has to extend that 15 minutes. just saying. you want to make money on this thing, come on. in the meantime we are looking at a donald trump rally which will be starting -- and donald trump is making a pitch for what is -- prowling a lot of prominent places but it


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