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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 12, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: amazing how fast three hours goes and it is almost gone. we have three seconds left before neil is with us. it is yours. neil: the last interview was fantastic. he has to extend that 15 minutes. just saying. you want to make money on this thing, come on. in the meantime we are looking at a donald trump rally which will be starting -- and donald trump is making a pitch for what is -- prowling a lot of prominent places but it is not
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out of reach. we will get the latest on that. you can tell this is a battleground hillary clinton and our, the pitch right now for third-party voters, florida disproportionately to vote for such a third party candidate, ralph nader big beneficiary, 100,000 floridians voting for him and the message from our gore, ralph nader robbed him of the presidency, we will check in with ralph nader on that. also, we have a battle going on that go beyond the white house, concerned that the house or senate could flip, south carolina gop chairman looking at the landscape and it seems to be the worry, hard to prognosticate with the presidential election but the latest uncertainty is what happens with the house and senate. >> donald trump needs to realize congressional endorsements don't mean anything. if they did jeb bush would be
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the nominee. he needs to focus on his message which is a powerful message but an uphill battle for democrats, they have got to win 30 house seats. that is a mighty tall order. on the senate side most of the experts have said for some time democrats would pick up four to six seats because of the seats in play but one ing that is interesting that gives republicans hope that you told me a few months ago evan by would be the nominee in indiana, that is a pickup for the democrats. right now the latest poll, he is in a real fight for his political life so that one seat could hold the balance of power of the senate. neil: who is getting the short end of the stick in paul ryan and donald trump, i know the establishment for want of a better term because they are not just establishment figures were appalled by that but what is done is done, the nominee,
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shocking to use this language, having said that are they hurting themselves or is trump hurting himself by constantly going after them? >> probably hurting each other and if they take a look, the polls coming out now show the impact of that debate on sunday. the wikileaks stuff. let me tell you this confirms what donald trump is saying about a rigged system and right now this is important, majority of the american people regardless of the philosophy or party have integrity. if donald trump would just say i have flaws and imperfections that i am going to give you a government that is open and honest, if he will do that he can win this race because the more people still believe president harry truman was right when he said you can't get rich in politics unless you are a
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crook. neil: you mentioned harry truman, he and ronald reagan are the only candidates this past century who were trailing in the polls going into the final few weeks before the election. harry truman was trailing by 5 points back in 1948 and ronald reagan down by 6. at this point in 1980. what are the odds of donald trump? >> he should study harry truman and ronald reagan, two great presidents. stuart: using insulting language. >> he connected with the average americans, wikileaks has got out now, hillary's folks don't like the phrase every day americans. donald trump needs reminding of that. he is for forgotten americans and is a powerful message. focusing on that who cares what
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are member of congress, who they are voting for or endorsing, stay focused on that message. a powerful message. we have to keep this country safe, bring jobs back home. he will stand up to the establishment. neil: one thing that makes this go away is improving poll numbers come all the naysayers won't vote for him, all that will go away. if it doesn't, stay away. we will see. >> victory has 1000 followers. neil: one of the smartest political developments i know, this lady is watching to an examiner, the investigative reporter, there is this rock is in the party, we chat about it many times, the dynamic at play here that hurts republicans if they are not careful, one week voter registration extension in florida despite rick scott's -- to extend it, something
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benefiting a democrat with disproportional late registrants tend to be democrats and al gore appearance with hillary clinton, if florida were this testing ground what do you think it is telling us? >> it is a risky strategy for anyone in congressional leadership to walk away from donald trump. marco rubio running for senate in florida has stuck by donald trump because it is hard for down ballot candidate to outperform the top of the ticket by more than a few points. the best interest to help donald trump stay in the hunt and stay competitive with hillary clinton so he doesn't lose in a landslide so if he does end of losing it is by the smallest margin possible and that is the only way the house and senate. neil: they are worried about their own political rear end and when they saw that video come
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out, we have to disavow and separate, people forget the momentum's change, he did well, donald trump in the debate, came closer to hillary clinton in the polls so they might have acted prematurely, and wedging their way back here, how are they going to handle it? the next 30 days. >> i get the video is indefensible and republicans are looking to preserve the reputation but there are millions of trump supporters looking for someone to blame if donald trump does lose rather than preserving their reputation paul ryan and his ilk might be inviting the blame of the republican party and further dividing the party to come. neil: i can't blame them for acting the way they did, they are in a conundrum. i understand that. politics is politics,
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evangelicals said we will talk to a few later in the next few hours, he is our nominee, we don't like everything he says but we like his policies more than her policies. do you think from your read of the landscape, that is what will win out? just talking republicans. >> the damage has been done by the republicans that over the weekend walked away from donald trump and gave the democrats more ammunition to convince republicans to stay home and that hurts republicans up and down the ticket so even if some are starting to walk back their initial criticism of donald trump they have given democrats what they need. neil: i think you are right but that comes back to bite them. in their heart of hearts, they were clinging to an excuse to disavow trump because they don't like trump. some of these people fear him winning more than losing the cause it would be a very different world and they don't
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want that world. they would prefer hillary's world. >> that is true. republicans especially the ones he targeted like john mccain and paul ryan fear what four years of donald trump would do to them. he would take aim as he did on the campaign trail but remember donald trump after he loses this election is not going to fade into the mist, he has a legion of followers who will continue beating the populist drum and they have to figure out a way to continue the republican party governing in the context of this new reality that trump commands a wing of the republican party. neil: just an assumption, we have no idea. a reminder, 1948, 1980, harry truman on the one side, ronald reagan on the other side, the only candidates of the last century who were trailing by roughly this amount came back to win against very prohibitive
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odds. we will see if it happens again, too early to tell, 27 days to go. apple continues to rally keep an eye on that. it is on track for the longest winning streak in close to a year and a half. we are on top of that because samsung rose with its canceled phone benefiting apple so the question is for how long? right now, it is the wind at apple shareholders backs. you wouldn't know it given the up session of the media covering what donald trump said about women in 11 years ago but there has been a new wikileaks document, there is some news in there. at any other time, you would think this would be an media obsession. the same media presumed to be upset are in the emails being dumped, kind of weird. after this.
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or go online to enroll in aarp medicarecomplete. >> turns out this was not an accidental plane crash yesterday. it looks like it might have been an intentional act, the pilot was a jordanian national on a student visa, a nefarious background so a lot of this is and adding up but it is concerning a lot of people as to whether there were some shenanigans going on or if this was a deliberately timed even terrorist attack, we will keep you posted. more on this, 1200 new john
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podesta emails, how would you like 10 years of your life, be that as it may. peter barnes digging through that. >> additional insights in how the clinton campaign used to bite bernie sanders particularly on the issue of clinton and wall street, clinton's policy advisor, quote, my concern on this continues to be bernie gets to whack her around, and that is not really credible. we need to prove we are okay. why is it less credible he has done plans for wall street, then this email from nancy parrish in
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2015 forwarded to podesta and circulated among clinton advisers, compared to the election of 2000 for the swift voting of democratic nominee john kerry and clinton's vulnerability, the family foundation of use of private email, this election is more like 2004, swift voting-foundation, email, there is so much more the campaign can do to combat attacks on her character which are affecting her rating on trust and honesty, this is in august of 2015. donald trump tweeting again, from the dishonest media, provided by wikileaks, on this rigged system but we are reporting on it. no comment from the clinton campaign, denying the authenticity of these emails.
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neil: it is sort of a drip drip drip, the house of representatives, emmanuel cleaver, thank you for coming. what do you make of these as they come out in waves like this? >> two issues, one, john podesta or others have email exchanges, prefer not to have public domain. something is happening as americans, what mister trump said was despicable but think
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about this, he was in a private conversation on a bus, they were talking privately. some of this is unconstitutional, we have a right to privacy or we are supposed to have. the political leadership, we need along with federal agencies try to figure out are we going to have a society where a man and woman could be in a bedroom talking and somehow if somebody could pick it up through some new technology that we have a right to write it in the newspaper or put it on television? i am concerned, politics aside we have a serious problem in this country. neil: never heard it framed that way but you raise a good point. the prominent national figure,
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democratic congressman and a methodist minister, what i am asking now is about trust and veracity, forget the tapes about donald trump, nancy from leaked emails to support the view, i definitely see what you are talking about. maybe, just maybe this confirms people's worst suspicions that politicians say one thing in front of rabid audiences and quite another behind closed doors, you get that impression of hillary clinton, with private groups paying a lot of money, she has free access, the same going after wall street, zealously doing so on the stage debating with bernie sanders, not so much when talking to the same wall street firms behind closed doors so i guess what i'm getting at is what you talk
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about, what is real? what is acceptable, does it confirm our lobar estimates of politicians in general? >> absolutely right. this entire campaign is doing enormous damage to a number of institutions, one, the institution of us government, the media, banks, everything is being torn apart. what was said in the transcripts is not something we like. i wish some of those things hadn't been said. nobody is going to win on this. neil: you are a straight shooter. people don't like what you say but i heard you say them often on air, you let the chips fall where they may.
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what has happened and what worries me is politics is like professional wrestling. everyone has their parts and their role they play but they shake hands, afterwords we will fight this out a little later, you know what i mean? >> i do and we have to write a book, absolutely right. i was in the committee hearing, financial services, and freddie mac. and leaned over to me and nothing would happen as a result of the hearing. he is right. we are playing roles, the american public, democrats and media trying to figure out how
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to change the tone. diminished trust and at the same time continued to erode privacy and all that is dangerous. neil: privacy notwithstanding we are all human beings but as human beings we are cynically exposed to politicians who don't seem to be what we think they are. >> any time a politician says one thing and you have evidence he received says something differently at further damages everybody. neil: like tv anchors are obsessed with their carrots. how is mine? always good having you. he makes this thing and use a lot more of that. donald trump trying to ease a lot of wall street jitters,
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something he is doing that only charlie gasparino is reporting. this woman owns this house,
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with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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neil: donald trump putting a lot of his marbles getting ready to make a big speech, crossing the state on the heels of some polls showing a slight lead has gone to a slight decline against hillary clinton where depending what paul you read is a prohibitive lead or small lead in a state that fox put in the blue column, don't know how that goes but from whatever it was to blue, we have a paul from charlie gasparino. part of what is going on here is getting his base back.
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part of that as well is a separate plan the trump campaign is on to bring wall street back. charlie here to update us on that. we for bringing where he big money donors back, two places to do that, dallas, texas, the finance money where he was last night. on friday, he is going -- we are breaking it here, a fundraiser at the midtown at 8:15, mike pence will be there. neil: who is there? charles: they are all being invited. the guy who told me about it has not rsvped toed to. the trump campaign says they are raising money and it is not an
12:28 pm
issue, the controversial tape comments donald trump made but when you talk to the money guy that is having an impact, not that they are prudes or anything, they work on wall street but coming to the realization of the chance that donald wins, the election, is getting low. neil: narrowing a little bit. the republicans think he could pull it off. charles: they don't buy it. it is interesting, if you look at the polling numbers this is what annoys them. she stuck around mid 40s, he is going down. the trend is down. kind of odd, what gets them mad, they come to the conclusion he is least likely, anybody else could have beat her and he is the one that couldn't beat her. neil: veering off course, why
12:29 pm
isn't he doing what michael bloomberg did when he was having trouble in the polls in new york, he did a blitzkrieg and spent his own money, their are different definitions for how many billions donald is worth, forbes says under 4, if he has the money, when doesn't he have the money or is he not quite confident he can get over the hump? charles: i don't think he has got the money. i don't think he is liquid. if you talk to real estate people they add up buildings, it is not $4 billion, they calculate it. thing that michael bloomberg has is very liquid cash, he has worked something -- donald trump
12:30 pm
is not worth $10 billion, the forbes estimate, he spent very little, and it is liquid, why put his name to trump university, the branding things are creating liquidity and that is the problem, and the other thing, a friday thing will be key, we should camp outside 42nd street at 8:15 in the morning. neil: you need my olive garden part. charles: i thought it was chads for you. and who shows up, the wall street guys show up in this
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thing, maybe you and i should get up early, get steak and eggs and go, is it a date? neil: thank you, charlie gasparino. sometimes you don't want to use that. they target an individual, few individuals targeted here but congressman steve king, and unlikely target of a lot of folks, almost like a badge of honor. i will explain.
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neil: in the latest leaked emails from the clinton campaign, all these republicans running for the presidency year there was an obsession over one iowa republican congressman, steve king, at the time concerned about anchor babies and a lot of illegals coming in and thought it was time to change the constitution to end birthright citizenship, i am oversimplifying things to get to the point that guy, the hillary campaign and everyone associated with it, the debate back and forth, should they aggressively go after steve king, they
12:36 pm
thought better of it, john podesta, i stick with bush/rubio. the guy igniting all that attention on the phone, congressman steve king, what do you make of the fact they were essentially wanting to make you the story? >> that has been going on for some time but i was surprised about the profile in the clinton camp. in the past, if i make a statement, clinton for president, launched a fundraisingattack, when that happened i had other democrat operatives and much of the mainstream media would turn around to help them so it goes to show where the brain trust is and where these ideas come from, they don't pay much attention to me and might be living in their breathing space and that pleases
12:37 pm
me. neil: we are learning what hillary clinton was saying on a number of issues including illegals who could slip into this country and whether we are letting those in syria and saying something different in public. whether there is worry going on here. and what is saving them as much of the mainstream media has not been devoted to covering it because so many reporters are caught up in these email exchanges but what do you make, 11-y >> whether you are just for the relative importance of the position, hillary clinton's activities, they are policy and she has duplicity, donald trump's statement 11 years ago,
12:38 pm
he apologized, i don't have 2. we have to get this back, or something else that came out with the duplicity was her attention and her goal was to establish free trade zone, when you think about what that means, the north american union writ large. neil: that is big stuff, the language donald trump uses, policies she seems to be implying, equally big stuff for the media to pursue but whether you are part of 3 dozen or so congressional republicans who are concerned enough to meet with kelly and conway, you guys
12:39 pm
should cease and desist, and whether you are part of that group. >> paul ryan's opinion, and they are advocating donald trump for defending him. if you carry out that issue, what you pledge to all of us, no one will notice different. and in 20 minutes -- neil: could have gone ahead, not to campaign but not make a federal case of it. >> what it did, it tipped the balance to donald trump's decision over hillary clinton with three knockdowns, took the bounce away, 9:00 my time and
12:40 pm
the dialogue is about division in the republican party instead of resurging republican nominee that stands for the republican platform and stands for almost everything i want to see. i had a different candidate in mind. neil: i am beginning to think paul ryan doesn't want donald trump to win. >> maybe it is not that plain in his mind but i can't believe paul ryan wants to see donald trump win. neil: he wouldn't say what he said if he didn't feel that way. i could be wrong but to your point it would be better to say nothing and do nothing for donald trump than to say something and tell the world you are doing nothing. >> that drove a wedge between the conference both against the idea of walking away from donald
12:41 pm
trump, like it or not i have been tied here and an example was in 2012 i was in a tough race, todd hagan made the statement in missouri that caused national fury, we were up 12, mitt romney was up 12, that was before it kicked in, monday night we were even, tuesday night we were down 12 points in three days, lost 24 points, could only have been tied to the statement in missouri, mitt romney and i were joined at the hip, nothing i could do to separate myself from him. it was an issue that was not presidential and not my issue. we are tied with donald trump like it or not, i think if he is president we will move the agenda that has been pushed by the very people who decided to walk away from him. neil: if he were to win he will have more trouble from folks in your party.
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connell: i am connell mcshane and we received an update on the hurricane matthew-related floods in north carolina, two additional deaths have been confirmed, evacuate low-lying areas at risk, the water continues to rise. the tar river is expected to crest by early friday, 25 feet. with two death, 19 of the 36 matthew-related deaths in the country in the state of north carolina. 16,000 do not have power. and goldman sachs says all told, $10 billion in damage, matthew ranked as the 22nd worst storm
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>> videos keep coming in. the galaxy node 7s exploded and on fire. many more coming like this, samsung is saying enough, the node 7 is gone, we don't know
12:47 pm
what his next, even if you got one of the new ones or original problems with the old ones send it back but is it too late? what happens whether it is node 80 whatever they pulled the next incarnation, mobile editor on this. >> samsung is in a tight spot, they will have a hard time recalling all these phones and getting them returned properly, samsung sending out explosions for boxes, so we don't have them catching fire, fedex or ups. neil: the box itself exploding. >> pretty crazy, they don't know which ones will explode or when and the recall process has been messy so far. neil: a lot of people think of that and distinguish node 7 and a new phone that has nothing to
12:48 pm
do with that, people who love samsung products gravitated to one of the older phones but now there might be a problem with people saying i don't -- how much they will do. >> we actually did an unofficial poll on facebook where thousand people responded and it was 50/50, people were defensive whether to go back to samsung or not. a lot of people are feeling a little bit secure that these were exploding and samsung took longer to address the issue. neil: they love samsung products and various galaxy phones which tend to have more features than apple phones but having said that, that might not be enough anymore, they settle the lesser
12:49 pm
camera or phone, fewer bells and whistles, what do you think of that? >> bad time for samsung. they have this problem, the iphone 7 having two cameras on their and google has its own phones which are strong performers in the camera area and they may not have the bells and whistles but they have security, samsung is in danger of losing the problem. neil: thank you. mallory. back in florida donald trump is at a rally being introduced by rudy giuliani and trying to get the surge that is relatively strong debate performance in st. louis and whether he can keep that going, the final one in las vegas. ♪
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go long™. ♪ neil: looking at rudy giuliani introducing donald trump at a rally in ocala, donald trump in public speeches to site paul ryan, not as much of you think he would, we will see if he keeps on message, some people say those who agree or disagree with paul ryan, we can still win this, terry willis has been focusing on big issues including both of their respective plans. what have you got? gerri: none of these plans make to me. these are political documents more than they are actual
12:54 pm
budgets, they are mirror images of each other so trump's plan would cut taxes by $6.2 trillion, hillary's would raise taxes by one$.4 trillion opposite of each other and when you look at trump's plan, when you see what happened to the benefits of those cut taxes would go to the 1% and they would say -- save $214,000, that is the tax-cut for the 1%. on the flipside hillary would charge, taxes would go up, the 1% would pay $117,000 more so two plans, two very different things and hillary has a long shopping list, we have a lot of federal debt, she doesn't care, she wants to buy more things, forgive college debt but trump wants to lower tax rates dramatically. the advantage is that would probably create jobs out there while hillary's plan would kill 700,000 jobs over ten years, all these numbers are over a ten year period.
12:55 pm
neil: they don't know what will happen next week. having said that donald trump, dynamic accounting, from tax cuts and robust growth, the jobs market, might not have been with all these dire reviews of his plans. neil: dire reviews, what they say is his plan would raise 15% less in tax revenue and you wouldn't be able to pay defending the country so the analysis is pretty dire. neil: studies say the argument he creates, all those people may pay more taxes, whoever analyzes this -- gerri: the tax foundation takes into account dynamic accounting. neil: don't by the numbers. gerri: donald trump says he will create 25 million jobs over ten
12:56 pm
years which seems like a stretch to me but that seems like a big number. i think both these plans, the technical word and accounting circles, doggie do. neil: i know you're going through a lot but i think that is going too far. anyway, thank you very much. gerri: i will say that again. neil: i will say it repeatedly but she is right, they are not worth the paper they are printed on. numbers don't add up. big old government folks getting bigger and no one seems to care but i care, gerri willis cares, that is what it takes. rudy giuliani, the third hour introducing donald trump. >> tell that to the people of san bernardino. go tell that. ♪ (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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1:00 pm
forth between republican leaders and rank and file republicans, many of whom have been urged, the campaign manager of donald trump, let's cease and desist on the attacks of paul ryan. of course, the campaign has come back and said, well, he started it. you know how this goes. arizona chairman robert graham on all of that. where do you think this is going? i guess we'll find out soon enough whether donald trump can and will do that. he largely did it last night. he's angry and sees himself as the nominee and now they're finding a new excuse, maybe a powerful one, with the release of this 11-year-old tape, but a new excuse to disavow him. what do you think? >> i think what is ultimately happened, i think a lot of our lawmakers reacted quickly and reflexive after the tape came out. they should have taken a deeper breath transitioning into the debate and afterwards. now you say, elections are emotional
1:01 pm
and you've got a guy who hasn't been a politician. he's a-- >> you said why not wait for the debate. you're incensed, privately angry about it, donald trump did okay in the debate. >> you're seeing that right now. people now retracting their comments and giving back their support. neil: not all. >> not all. i think a lot in your party, many in your party don't want him to be the nominee, i'm sorry, don't want him to win that they actually would rather have hillary, but they just don't want him in there. maybe i'm overstating it, but especially for those who left on th -- leapt on this tape. but they were looking for reasons to disavow him and this was their opportunity. >> and to me, as a chairman of the arizona republican party, a
1:02 pm
member of the rnc, our mission is simple. as we get our nominees elected and there's no contrast. there's a-- and calculating different for president of the united states, and for the rnc, and the calculus is simple. the job description is to get them, and he's representing all of the people in arizona and the republicans and democrats. >> he's thinking like maybe paul ryan to give them the benefit of the doubt here, but i see where you're coming from, that the presidential calculus doesn't look good for you guys, and that could change. but you don't want to jeopardize congress. and so that is-- that's the separation. what do you think? >> yeah, and i think at this particular junction, look. senator mccain.
1:03 pm
a leader when you're in a situation like this and the president makes. i mean, you've got the supreme court, the doj and the department of education and on and on with the epa and irs and this is where the whole discussion has to go above, with one person and start thinking about the texture of our nation and make sure of the best outcome of the people of the country. and that's where we're trying to nudge, encourage, help, to try to keep people unified and bring everybody together. it's going to be possible to get everybody together. it's the republican party, we believe in individualism and doing all we can to ignite the fashion that's happened in our state and seeing it in all the other states right now, when trump talks about a movement, it's true, happening across the country right now. >> i don't think it goes away, win or lose after this and you're dealing with some
1:04 pm
practical issues. neil: very good chatting with you. robert graham. we're waiting for donald trump, compressed to address more problems in the clinton camp, and wikileaks coming to life. and what do you think of inviting the republicans, the media, did it myself focuses on that, do you think it's beneficial because not as many focused on the e-mails, in a way, that soap opera is saving you guys from some nasty examination of what seems to be controversial e-mails? >> first of all, thanks for having me, neil. it's a pleasure to be here. on the e-mails, what i think is more of concern is the fact that we have the media not know cussing on the fact that the fbi is actually investigating these hacks, that we had paul mant manford and john podesta
1:05 pm
and the e-mails come out. is there collusion with the trump campaign. neil: they got a heads up. right now, no one has corrected the veracity or argued about that. so, i guess what i'm worried about or here is whether you and other high ranking fegs are being honest with yourself, that hillary clinton might not be honest with the american people, what do you think? >> well, first of all, i think that secretary clinton, whenever she's in office, whenever she has an official position actually becomes extraordinarily popular and those born out by the polls. when she was secretary of state. she was more popular than president obama and vice-president biden. with respect to the honesty the e-mails reveal, there's no issue there-- >> i'm sorry i wasn't clear, but she desurprises trade deal in public, behind closed doors and in some speeches she doesn't seem to and rails against wall street in debates
1:06 pm
with bernie sanders and quite the opposite. that's why donald trump who is getting ready to speak in florida, says you can't trust her. what would you say. >> i would say the country's moved to the left and people are understandably angry at the system and secretary clinton like any person tries to reflect the view of the electorate. neil: some of the e-mails are from a few months ago, it's not as if it was a big change over the last, like, year. >> and i'm not familiar with the e-mail that you're referring to, of course. but i would suggest that if e-mails were released on the trump campaign or frankly, business, government, entertainment, no one would like to read all of those e-mails. when people say on an e-mail isn't necessarilyindicative of what their official posture is in life. neil: you find an odd-- we're going to donald trump and going to be a little late to him, but i want to finish with you. do you think the fact that so many media types are included in the e-mails some going as
1:07 pm
far as as giving advice, that almost assured of coverage. >> that's not the most positive spin, his ascent into the abyss in terms of character assassinations may have to help the clinton campaign not having to focus on this. neil: you have a crazy schedule. the finance team member. thank you, over to the aforementioned donald trump. see if this comes up. >> look, we want to have the cameras, circle around and show this crowd. would you do that, cameras? go ahead, cameras. they never do it. they never do it so we won't waste our time. it's just the dishonest media.
1:08 pm
look. we love being here, i love being with you, i love this state as you know, i'm here all the time. in 27 days we're going to win florida and we're going to win back the white house. and that's what's happening, folks. that's what's happening. we're going to bring back our jobs. we're going to end illegal immigration. we're going to renegotiate our totally disastrous-- i mean, these deals, the trade deals the worst. we're going to renegotiate those trade deals, reduce surging crime, you saw what happened the other day. murders in the united states. the highest level in 45 years. you don't hear that from the press. we're going to cut taxes, big league, crooked hillary is going to raise taxes. we're going to cut taxes and regulations. we're going to reduce the cost of education.
1:09 pm
by the way, we're going to end the common core and bringing our education local. >>. [cheers] >> we're going to lift the restrictions on american energy and deliver real change for our great american people. it's time. and when it comes to international government, to massive trade deals and to america's borders, we're going to defend the freedom and sovereignty of the united states of america like never before. and we are going to once again put america first. . [cheers]
1:10 pm
>> the deadline for voter-- who is not registered? is there anybody in here not registered? if you're not registered get the hell out of here, okay? there's a nice looking young guy, listen, leave right now and go and register. they just extended it for a little while, so, right after-- raise your right hand, do you promise you're going to register after this? if you like what i say, okay? if you like what i say. seriously, i'm curious, who is not registered in this room? okay, all young people. and believe me, the young people like me better than bernie, i'm telling you. . [cheers] >> because with me when you graduate from college you're going to come out and you're going to have a vast array of jobs, right? okay.
1:11 pm
so go out and register and we're going to have an awfully big, i tell you what, honestly, we're going to have a big four years, eight years, we're going to have a big, great future for our country. also, you could request an absentee ballot and you can vote by mail if necessary. so, register, request a ballot. thank you, i love you. i love you, too. the hillary clinton documents, have you been seeing this, what's going on? released by wikileaks, make more clear than ever just how much is at stake in november and how unattractive and dishonest our country become. the election of hillary clinton
1:12 pm
would lead, in my opinion, to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. she would be the most dishonest and the most corrupt person ever elected to high office and i don't think it would be close. the wikileaks e-mails showed the department of justice fed information, did you see this? to the clinton campaign. so, think of this, the department of justice, you remember that whole deal with wild bill getting on the back of an airplane, just happened to be in arizona, he was going to play golf, it was 110 degrees. but he gets on the back of the airplane to meet with the attorney general to talk about his golf game and to talk about his grandkids. he was there for 39 minutes. i think most of us know what happened. so fed information. the department of justice fed information, think of this, to
1:13 pm
the clinton campaign about the e-mail investigation so that the campaign could be prepared to cover up her crimes. now, did you ever hear? did you ever hear anything like that? and by the way, these dishonest people, mainstream media, they don't talk about this. they don't talk about this. now, if i see-- if donald trump sneezes today, it's a major story. here you have department of justice coming to see them to brief them prior to their interview, folks, this is out of control, and the fbi, unbelievable people. you have incredible people in the fbi. i would be willing to bet that they are so ashamed of what's happened at the upper level. i would be willing to bet that they don't even sleep at night.
1:14 pm
these are great people. these are great americans and they can't believe what's going on. this corruption and collusion t will ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor. . [cheers] >> our country has never been so low. in addition to a special prosecutor to look into what happened and all of the corruption and all of the-- we'll say so-called crime, but
1:15 pm
look, when somebody deletes 33,000 e-mails after getting a subpoena, but we have to also remember this, remember this, this is maybe in a sense even more important, we have to investigate the investigation. we have to investigate the investigation. we've never had a case like this. and even congress, you know, is sort of-- they've never had this before because there's no event like this that ever took place. normally congress, you know, she lied to congress. she lied to the fbi. and remember, he said she was negligent. she was all the things you needed to be, but she lied to congress, she lied to the fbi, she lied to everybody, she even lied in the debates about the gold standard, right? she said i never said gold standard and remember what i said line-- she said i wasn't secretary of
1:16 pm
state. even the press said she was secretary of state. so she lied about that, but think of this, think of this, there's never been a time like this in our country and congress, in all fairness, and i'm so disappointed in them, i am so disappointed in congress, i am so disappointed. and i mean both sides. i'm not talking republican-- i'm talking everybody to allow a things like this to go on, this is crime at the highest level. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president. you know that. other people's lives have been ruined, destroyed, for doing a tiny fraction of what she did. you saw the man with the book he had to give back all the royalties and went through hell. you saw the man with the picture of the submarine, his mother goes around and she's devastated. devastated. took pictures of a submarine.
1:17 pm
and you take a look at this. so we have to investigate the investigation and congress, and i speak to congressmen, they don't know what to do because normally they vote and they hand it over to the fbi and the justice department, but the fbi and the justice department won't do anything. so they don't know what to do. now they do make laws. maybe they have to make up a law for a case like this, but they take these criminal acts, in my opinion, criminal acts, hand them over to the fbi, the fbi actually acknowledged that even frankly, could have gone-- that speech could have been ten times longer, but all of these things, yes, she did this, yes, she did that. yes, she did that, yes, she did that, but we're not going to do anything, right? what do you do when you hand them over to the fbi and the justice department and that's the end of it? we have never been in a position like this. i'm so embarrassed by what's taken place and i'm very, very disappointed in congress
1:18 pm
because our people, our politicians, i don't know do they make a deal where everybody protects each other in washington? maybe that's it? i really believe it. i really believe it. i almost say, listen, we're going to leave you alone, but when it's our turn, you have to leave them alone. do they make deals like this? this is the most heinous, the most serious thing that i've ever seen involving justice in the united states, in the history of the united states. we have a person that has committed crimes, that is now running for the presidency and she has the justice department where she essentially told the ag in the speech or a talk that she'd appoint her ag again and this is the person that is supposed to be ruling? folks, whether i win, lose or draw, i'm ashamed of what's happened to our country and so are you. .
1:19 pm
[cheers] >> hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 e-mails. and did you see, two days ago, boxes of e-mails and other things were missing. they were missing. so she deleted 33,000 e-mails and bleached them. by the way, nobody bleaches. nobody-- i have people that are sophisticated in this world, they've never even heard of it. they called it acid wash, meaning you can never retrieve them although i have a feeling that the nsa has them. they don't want them.
1:20 pm
they don't want to get them. i have a feeling. so then she did this after, not before. before it would be bad. she did this after getting a congressional subpoena. now, if your friend is suing you in a regular lawsuit and you do that, you go to jail. here is the united states congress subpoenas her e-mails and other things, and she deletes the e-mails, saying that 33,000 e-mails, you remember? for the wedding and for yoga classes, 33 e-mails. and then -- and then after all of that, now they're missing two boxes of perhaps the most important of the group. and what about her law firm. she's using a phenomenon law firm, i know the firm. phenomenal law firm. they're the ones that did all of this stuff. remember, they said we made a
1:21 pm
ruling they're work related. you can't do that. if they're work related you show them, you show them and you get them-- the law firm never everybody mentions, the law firm is unbelievable, very powerful. okay? obviously they've done a great job, but that law firm should be implicated in this crime, okay? they're the ones, they got rid of all of this stuff. the law firm got rid of all of this stuff and they should be implicated because they have committed a crime. they are not suppose today -- not supposed to say that that we got rid of it. that law firm, i know of, total professionals, total insiders. they got rid of 33,000 and much more than that. it's one of the great miscarriages of justice. so then she destroyed her phones. some with a hammer to cover up her crimes. now, how many of you people have gotten rid of cell phones and you start whacking them with a hammer.
1:22 pm
please raise your hand, please. one-- what business are you in? i see two hands, we have 15,000. two hands. anybody else? it is so disgraceful. it's so embarrassing. by the way, we'll go through some of the wikileaks stuff, the press hardly reports it, hardly report it she did a big number on catholics, horrible number on catholics, a horrible number on evangelicals through her people and they hardly report it. while she was secretary of state, she lost or disappeared almost six billion dollars. does anyone know that? how do you lose $6 billion? even chelsea clinton, in the wikileaks e-mails where it shows expressed quote, serious concerns about conflicts of interest at the clinton
1:23 pm
foundation and the state department. americans have had it with the years and decades of clinton corruption. it's corruption. whitewater, cattle, never ends with these people. remember years ago, most of you are too young to remember, remember the cattle? she bought some cattle and she had the greatest return like almost in the history of cattle deals? and some of these professional cattlemen and cattle women they say, boy, she's really good at this stuff. they've been doing it all their lives and never had a return like that. corruption, folks, it's corruption. they understood that, by the way. they're smart and they got it very quickly. this will finally be the year the american people say enough is enough. during a recent trip to florida, i had a chance to
1:24 pm
spend some time with the incredible residents of little haiti and you see what's going on in haiti, it's a horrible thing and you see what's going on with clinton, it's a horrible thing. these are not fans of clinton, i can tell you. they despise the clintons for what they did to the haitian people. new e-mails revealed by abc news just yesterday show that during the deadly earthquake in haiti, which killed over 150,000 people the clintons couldn't stop cashing in. they kept cashing in. as people were dying in haiti, clinton insiders were separating out requests from friend of bill or william jefferson clinton v.i.p.'s so that their business interests or contracts would receive very special treatment. while those who are not special friends would be put permanently on the sidelines. and remember this, hillary's
1:25 pm
brother running a gold mine put on the gold-- tony, you saw tony. tony, anybody want to hire tony? he's put on the board of a big gold mine company, having to do with haiti. it's so bad. look, we're in a rigged system, folks, this is a rigged, rigged system. you saw it, you saw so many of the things. i tell you this wikileaks stuff is unbelievable. it tells you the inner heart. you've got to read it and maybe get it because they're not putting it out. they want to put it out, but they can't do that because without the media and without the press, hillary clinton would be nothing, she'd be zero. . [cheers] >> and by the way, did everybody see this debate the other day, yes?
1:26 pm
right. so they had nine unlined polls, some of us had us 90-10 and 80-20. and time, not that they're a friend, but they put me on the cover so much, and the next morning she walks in, did everybody see the debate, yeah, yeah. did we beat her or what? i look so forward-- i do, i look so forward to the next one in las vegas. as haiti's death toll from hurricane matthew is on the rise, we should never forget how bill and hillary clinton handled haiti the last time. to all our friend in little haiti, great people, i mean, i spent a long time -- these are
1:27 pm
people incredible, the warmest feeling, the warmest heart, but to all of our friends in little haiti, your day of justice is coming, believe me, and it arrives on november 8th, get out and vote november 8th. the new e-mails also show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. they attacked catholics and evangelicals. viciously. and that won't be tolerated, but it won't be tolerated by the voters. tell you what, anybody of religion, i really think you have to vote for donald trump to be honest with you, i really do believe that. and in the-- in all of the primaries, you saw that, i wasn't expected to win with evangelicals, but once we got started and once they heard my message as opposed to other people's messages, we really--
1:28 pm
we won big with evangelicals. they're incredible people and remember the johnson amendment. we're going to get rid of that johnson amendment, just remember that. these e-mails are just the latest evidence of the hatred that the clinton campaign has for everyday faithful americans. true. the wikileaks e-mails show that hillary clinton's staff even has to give her secret notes on when she needs to smile. smile, hillary, smile. hey, folks, we have to get back to work, our country is in trouble. we can't play games anymore. smile. do you believe it? smile. and how about where it said to the public you say this, but to the others that give you the money, you say that, i tell you it's so revealing, somebody's going to do a great book on that because the press is-- little tiny stories, big, big things, and getting answers for
1:29 pm
debates and questions for debate, before the debate takes place, how about that? i tell you what? can you imagine me if any of this stuff pertained to me? front page headlines all over the world, donald trump. oh, well, we've been there and seem to be doing well. hillary clinton, commonly referred to as crooked hillary, thinks that you, you, all of you are deplorable and totally irredeemable. i actually think irredeemable is worse. i don't know. i'm the only one. deplorable and irredeemable. irredeemable meaning you can never ever come back. i call you hard-working american patriots and together we are going to save this country and we are going to make america great again.
1:30 pm
. [cheers] >> and it's hot as hell in here, but i don't care. it's called florida, right? florida. e-mails also show that the dnc vice chair was feeding information, so much information to the candidate. oh, man, i want that-- why can't the republicans do that? why can't reince feed me information prior to a debate? i'm so angry at the republicans. i want to be fed information like hillary gets.
1:31 pm
and we still beat her badly, right? so, i mean, what's the big deal, but i want information. the republicans are not doing their job. they should be able to get me all of the questions prior to the debate. this all comes after a secret tape that shows hillary clinton calling bernie voters-- now, look, bernie, i feel sorry for bernie, he made the deal with the devil and he blew his reputation, but he called bernie voters basement dwellers. to all of the bernie voters out there join our movement like all of these young people. we're going to fix our trade deals and get special interest out of government. and by the way, by the time this ends, i'll have over $100 million of my money of this thing, right? which means that's $100 million of people that don't have to give me money and say donald
1:32 pm
will you do this, do that, do this? that's a lot of money. and i asked her the other night, i said i have over 100 million in that's a lot of money. if i lose i'm going to be so angry at florida. oh. i'll still love you, i think. maybe not. you know, one of the pundits said, you heard me say this maybe, they said mr. trump doesn't matter whether you've won or lose you've done the single greatest job, nobody's done a thing like that. everywhere we go it's like this. but they said it's the single-- bill o'reilly said it, but many people said it, it's the single greatest political phenomenon i've ever seen. i said you're wrong if i don't win on november 8th, i will consider this the single greatest waste of time, energy and money of anything i've ever done because we're not going to be able to reduce your taxes. we're not going to be able to
1:33 pm
save your second amendment, appoint supreme court judges, take care of your vets. fix up your depleted, very depleted-- the greatest people on earth, but our military is so depleted. we're going to take care of a lot of things, including getting the drugs out. the vote for hillary is a vote for for reckless foreign invasions, what a mess-- does she go down as the all-time worst? wall street, and as wikileaks shows she wants to cut your medicare and social security bert benefits. see? i'm not going to. the press doesn't report that she wants to cut your social security and she wants to cut your medicare and one of the big advantages of me having a rather large microphone, meaning a lot of people are listening, is that i can talk
1:34 pm
about wikileaks and look it, it's on the television networks live, we're live. amazing. and i think they're just turning them all off now. watch, you go home and they'll say why did it end so abruptly? a vote for trump is a vote for america first and is a vote to protect medicare and social security. and lower your taxes. big, big tax-- we're going to lower your taxes. wikileaks also shows something i've been warning about for a very, very long time. the media is simply an extension of the clinton campaign. it's one of the biggest ways that our system is rigged and i was the first one to use that term when i was running in the primaries, when i won louisiana, and i got fewer
1:35 pm
delegates than people i beat easily and my people says no, that's the way the system is. i said the system is wrong. how do you win a state and get less delegates. i said the system is rigged. and it was, we figured out how to win, that's what you need. won in a landslide, more votes than anybody in the history of republican party inthe primary system. by far. wasn't even close. reporters who work for these outlets, like "the washington post," or the new york times, may think of themselves as journalists, but they're actually cogs for a corrupt clinton machine, that's the clinton machine. e-mails show the new york times, the boston globe, univision, who i sued. i sued univision and i was very happy with what they did, and this light weight, you know, john harwood this lightweight, guy coming out and shaking so
1:36 pm
nervous and asked me the first question, mr. trump could you answer this question. what a lightweight. they should have fired him for what he did. john harwood. i hate to make him famous because nobody heard of him before, but a total lightweight of cnbc doing favors for the clintons and reporters smothering the clintons with praise. the new york times even gave clinton a call to give her veto power over her quotes in a story that was already written. nobody ever called me and said, hi, mr. trump. we wrote a story would you read the story and please give us feedback. would you like us to take anything out? this is system is rigged. this was in e-mails. she had veto power in what she said. i tell you what, i want to have that, too. i want to have veto power. i used to get such good
1:37 pm
publicity, folks, now i mean, it's like-- it's incredible. i used to get-- my life was so simple. my life was so simple. i had a beautiful simple life that was going-- i built an unbelievable company and then i decided to do this and my life became slightly more complex. you know, we have people in this audience right now that 18 years ago had one great job, they were making more money 18 years ago than they're making now and now they have two and sometimes three jobs. in other words, they're older and working harder and making less. not a good -- not a good assembliage of facts. here is the only good news. i'm also older and working harder than i've ever worked before, okay? that i can tell you. . [cheers] >> including being in this wonderful arena at 114 degrees temperature.
1:38 pm
which is great 'cause you go home and you lose weight. you go home and say i feel great, i lost a lot of weight. by the way, let hillary clinton stand up here for an hour and talk the way i talk and let's see how long she lasts, folks. what a joke. what a total joke. our country's in such trouble. that's why-- it's just so ridiculous. the corporate media can't report on the establishment because the corporate media is the establishment, such a big part of it. we're going to break up the special interest monopoly and we're going to win this country back for the american people and we're going to do it, too.
1:39 pm
the e-mails also reveal that hillary clinton believes in global government, unlimited immigration, unlimited, much more than obama, from the middle east, come right in, come right in. 550% more than president obama, who is grossly incompetent. he doesn't know what the hell he's doing. and why is he campaigning? we just had a horrible jobs report. we have no growth. you saw a gdp at 1%. we have no growth. we have a horrible jobs report. china is ripping us off. japanese is ripping us off with the cars. mexico has an unbelievable deal with us, both on the border, i mean, look at our trade deficit with mexico and china, and vietnam and everybody.
1:40 pm
last year our country had a trade deficit of almost 800 billion dollars, $800 billion. who the hell negotiates these deals? i mean, can you believe it? so i say, why the hell is obama allowed to campaign for hillary clinton? he's always campaigning. and he's doing his little thing and having a good time. he ought to be out in the white house, not there long, he ought to be there working and fixing some of these horrible trade deals and bringing jobs back to our country, not campaigning for a crooked person, for a totally dishonest and crooked person. speaking in secret to a foreign bank, hillary clinton said my dream is a hemispheric common market. that's not good for your jobs, with totally open trade and open borders.
1:41 pm
600 million people could pour into the united states. you'll have nothing left. tell you, if that happens, i know the real estate here, i love the real estate here, sell fast. behind closed doors when she thought no one was listening, she pledged to dissolve the borders of the united states of america. this all came out. she says she wants to dissolve the borders and here i am saying we want strong borders, we don't want drugs coming in, we don't want crime coming in. i don't know, maybe i'm wasting my time. am i wasting my time? i don't think so. she doesn't want to have any borders, total amnesty. tell you what, folks, this is the last time you'll ever have a chance to save our country. it's not going to happen anymore. the numbers will be too great. already the republican nominee
1:42 pm
has hamas-- a massive, massive disadvantage and especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind the people. they're not putting their weight behind the people. instead of calling me and saying congratulations, you did a great job, you absolutely destroyed her in the debate like everybody said, you know, pat buchanan wrote a big article, today you saw it, i'm not bragging just saying-- maybe a little bit, but here, he said it was the single greatest debate performance in the history of presidential politics. so wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of
1:43 pm
the country. so you think they'd say great doing going, don, let's beat this crook, she's a crook, we've got to beat her. he doesn't do that. a whole deal going on there. i mean, you know. there's a whole deal going on and figure it out. i always figure things out. but there's a whole sinister deal going on. crooked hillary wants to end forever the american independence that our founders gave us, our great founders are spinning in their graves, our founders are spinning in their graves. like douglas macarthur, like george patton, like our generals, they are spinning in their grave and by the way, general flynn and all the generals, over 200 admirals and generals have endorsed donald trump, 200. over 200. 21 congressional medal of honor
1:44 pm
recipients have endorsed donald trump. neil: we'll continue to monitor this. we have on the phone with us right now, so indulge us here, ralph nader. you may say why ralph nader interrupting donald trump, it's interesting it put this into perspective. this is happening in florida. less than 24 hours after hillary clinton had al gore talking in part, of course, al gore lost the 2000 race, largely, he says because of what happened in florida, saying that every vote counts and without putting the words together, saying ralph nader is what did him in in florida. ralph nader was a third party candidate in 2000. close to 100,000 votes in the sunshine state and that, the argument goes, robbed al gore winning that state and ultimately the presidency. ralph nader with us right now. first off, what did you think of that, what al gore was claiming, what hillary clinton
1:45 pm
was saying about every vote counts, counting and that i guess, by summation, they were saying that votes for you, back 16 years ago torpedoed democrats. you say what? >> you're smarter than that, neil. obviously, every vote counts, but what al gore didn't say is that over 300,000 registered democrats in florida voted for george w. bush and not for al gore. thousands of people in florida were misidentified by jeb bush's secretary of state in tallahassee as ex-felons and prevented from voting. the shenanigans with the butterfly ballot where people ended up voting for buchanan when they wanted to vote for al gore, so, let's not scapegoat. you know better than that. you've interviewed a lot of people who engage in scapegoating. neil: that's what they're saying and i want to hear your response. i want to get your sense of
1:46 pm
what hillary's campaign seems to be saying about these other outside party candidates, that they're a wasted vote. what do you say, when you hear that? >> they're not a wasted vote at all. they get things underway. the two parties are ignoring taking off the table. the liberty party in 1840 went out against slavery. women's right to vote parties in the mid 19 he century. the former labor parties and never won the national election, but pushed the envelope of these justice pathways on to the table of one or two of the major parties. dissent is the mother of ascent in the american history. if you try to stifle it, degrade it, call it spoiler, you're acting in an authoritarian manner. we all have an equal right to run for election under the constitution, to get votes of one another. we're spoilers of others or none are a bigoted term directed to third party candidates trying to give a broader agenda and give more voice r choice to the american people.
1:47 pm
neil: you think about it, ralph, too, i mean, if al gore had such a tough time improving the economy backed by a popular president, he has to take some responsibility for that, and not blaming others. but as you look and listen to donald trump, before we got to you, he's got an uphill battle in florida and trails in a lot of polls. although he had trailed more, he had been in the lead. these polls seem volatile more so than in 2000. what do you think is going on? >> well, i think he's destroying himself and the party, as a candidate. he's-- the party is turning into a trump dump and a lot of republicans are bailing out on him and that's going to reduce his vote turnout. when you have republican candidates in states like arizona and elsewhere, bailing out on him, that's going to reduce the vote for his candidacy. he's like the chief circus barker, it's just a-- it's degrading to the country. he pre var kates, exaggerates.
1:48 pm
makes wild statements and the press corrects him and the next round makes wild statements. no experience at all. if want an ee-electrician and a plumber, they want someone who knows what he's talking about or she's talking about. and brags about it. neil: you had no government experience when you were running yet you got a lot of vote. >> i knew a lot about government and-- >> you had no role in prominent office. by that definition a lot of people should never attempt running. >> i know, i like citizen candidates. i like candidates from all parts. but he brags about his ignorance, he doesn't know this and doesn't know that incredible blunders. neil: but oddly competitive for hillary clinton for all of the problems and embarrassing things that come out. what do you make of that? >> because she is his best asset and he is her best asset. they're people in this conduct who intensely dislike hillary clinton or who intensely dislike donald trump.
1:49 pm
to have the highest unfavorability ratings in american electoral history in 60, 65, 68% in this country think that hillary clinton or donald trump are dishonest, this is where we're at. don't the american people deserve better? >> who are you voting for? >> trump scarce the business community and hillary scarce the general. that's where we're at. neil: who do you dislike less? >> there's the libertarian gary johnson, green party, dr. j ill stein, i've always said that the green party platform is the best one for america. neil: you're for dr. stein. >> i don't endorse anyone, but say good things about politicians when they deserve it. that's what is in my new book, breaking through power. it's easier than we think. we've got to reassert ourselves as citizens, neil, otherwise we're looking at a circus that
1:50 pm
can turn into a tragedy for us in washington d.c. neil: let's get a sense of what is happening now. one of the things that donald trump said in the first debate and that went off the rails in the second debate, but they're considering one and one in these debates. i don't know how you feel. one thing he mentioned was this market, this economy is on a precipice, that it's supported by unrealistically low, zero percent interest rates that couldn't r can't be sustained. that come down. what do you make of argument that house of cards is about to fail. >> speaking as a true failed gambling czar and should know what he's talking about-- >> wait a minute, now, people taken the bankruptcy code and use it to his advantage and first that many companies has. >> he does it as a business practice, anywhere from four to six and jumped ship with what's gold is left and strands his
1:51 pm
businesses and creditors and. neil: so, you raised an important point. he argues what should be more offensive taking about his bankruptcies is a couple in the case of bill and hillary clinton gotten very rich based on public office and that's even more offensive. >> well, as someone who has demanded the release of her transcripts besides, you know, before closed door banking convictions and other business conventions, i don't disagree with her. they're paying her $5,000 a minute and she required closed door, no press, no neil cavuto, and a transcript only in her possession. so, that wikileaks released some of them and you can see how she talks with a forked tongue. she says one thing, sweet talking business officials in closed door conventions and then she tries to mimic bernie sanders. neil: it comes down to trust and like you say, a lot of people despite the third party
1:52 pm
candidate and green party candidate you seem intrigued, it's going to be one of those two, either trump or hillary, and i guess what i'm asking you, who would you trust more if the white house? >> well, you mean between the two? >> between those two? >> oh, why should we be forced to take a choice? >> i understand, but let's say we go on the polls right now, that they've got the best shot. >> you're talking about someone who believes in a vote of conscious, a dissenting vote, vote for a third party, or decide not to vote at all. if they don't have the choice. neil: and ralph nader, who calls it like he sees it and defends both parties, doesn't care, and you had a choice between just those two and a chance to gauge how each would do in the white house, who do you think would do a better job. >> i think hillary clinton is certainly knows the ropes, she's not going to be on the job training. whether she has good judgment or experience is another thing.
1:53 pm
he doesn't know the ropes, he's going to blow steam hour by hour and he's going to so alienate the republicans in congress pan put them in a conflict of interest for their own skin and survival in 2018 elections, that i think he could be the fastest impeached president in american history because when it comes to politicians who it's either their skin or the president's skin, they'll take their skinny day. neil: you know, a lot of republicans have been breaking with donald trump. and there's this issue, i think it was mike huckabee who raised the possibility, forget them worrying about donald trump losing, they're worried about him winning. he's going to have much more trouble should he win the presidency with republicans than he is with democrats. what do you think of that? >> well, i think so, because he embarrasses his own party. i mean, when is the last time, neil, you heard someone attack his own party leaders again and again? he's attacking paul ryan.
1:54 pm
he's attacking mccain, and you know, you don't get away with that. these are bitter feelings and these politicians want to survive and they will have a powerful conflict of interest against trump himself. that's why i think he's behaving in a way where you begin to think whether he even wants to be president. he just wants his brand name. he wants to go to the trump hotel near the white house, have a big extravaganza, he's not a serious candidate. if he was, he wouldn't behave the way he is. going after miss universe at 3 a.m. in the morning. saying she's too obese. i mean, this is unstable psychological performance by him. neil: we're learning, ralph, i do want to bounce this off you, switching dramatically, bear with me. the national transportation board is reviewing this plane crash was intentionnal and that
1:55 pm
it might, might, might be an act of terror. >> bye-bye. neil: if that's the case, that's a pretty big deal, it changes the dynamics, right? i apologize. he dropped out. but that's probably on our end, maybe not his end. i do want to alert you as i said there, that's the n.t.s.b. now saying that this crash in hartford, connecticut yesterday that looked like a small plane accident that's crashed into a store front, just narrowly missed a gas station, was intentional. now, the next step is, what were they up to? we have a lot more on this because this changes the dynamics no doubt later on as candidates continue to campaign. donald trump still speaking in ocala, florida later on and hillary clinton in colorado, this issue of terror just emerged as a front and center one, we'll have more after this.
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>> i apologize about the snafu with ralph nader. connecticut yesterday, hartford, one of these small plane accidents, the national transportation safety board based on initial investigation of that crash says it was an intentional act. and they will take over this investigation, a criminal act and one that might have had serious undercuts, the pilot was from jordan but a whole lot of questions are being raised. and trish regan, you have a busy
2:00 pm
show. >> a lot going on, donald trump in florida but breaking now we are waiting on the federal reserve minutes at the september meeting, everyone looking at where they will head, welcome to the intelligence report, let's get to peter. >> weight for the data, the key paragraph, members agreed for an increase in the policy rate strengthened which we know from the september meeting with slack waiting from the meeting and inflation rising, the fed's objective a majority of numbers, the fed should for a time await further evidence of progress toward its objectives, a reasonable argument could be made for increase at this


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