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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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show. >> a lot going on, donald trump in florida but breaking now we are waiting on the federal reserve minutes at the september meeting, everyone looking at where they will head, welcome to the intelligence report, let's get to peter. >> weight for the data, the key paragraph, members agreed for an increase in the policy rate strengthened which we know from the september meeting with slack waiting from the meeting and inflation rising, the fed's objective a majority of numbers, the fed should for a time await further evidence of progress toward its objectives, a reasonable argument could be made for increase at this
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meeting are waiting for additional information on the labor market and it says last meeting was a close call, got the november meeting in december meeting most analysts think december is the most likely time for the rate increase. trish: ashley webster joining us as well, we have jonas max ferris joining us from the wall street journal, fox here, first to you, you heard what peter said, feels as though the fed wants to have it both ways, they are just waiting on more data. >> talk about flip-flopping around, you could make the argument about raising rates or further evidence, either way the market is moving up a little bit now, doesn't sound like they are committed to that rate hike. there is a 70% chance they will
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go ahead in december and raise it but you raise some points, stacking the labor market is one of those issues they mentioned, well under the 2% goal. we are up 50 points was mo complaints from the fed. we talked about this for so long they continue to waffle. trish: will they continue to -- our friend jonas, do you think they will continue on in this no man's land and not raise rates or will we get them? >> we were going to get an increase, it was looking like inflation was picking up and the job market was looking pretty good but i think this is not trying to cause the problem to get worse.
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all-time lows against currency and if all rates go up too soon all the money will come over here and drive the dollar stronger, it can be bad for europe and the uk and the fed watching that and the job market and inflation rate you would think their main job, other jobs to take into consideration. trish: $1.10 for the euro. it will continue to move lower and you could see the euro, europe is in such a bad spot. how difficult they thought for the federal reserve knowing our currency could continue looking stronger relative to everyone else's. >> a tremendously difficult situation for the federal reserve. the dollar is up more than 1% against other currencies. big companies that export overseas will be a problem for them so there is a sense no one -- the markets have settled on
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this december date and it will shape things up if we don't get it as mentioned, markets forecasting better than even odds, economists think it is better than that and central-bank policies are not working. trish: they are not working, we know that for sure. what the market continues to do well because of this effective sugar high we have not seen anything in the way of fundamental economic growth, it looks good on paper, it isn't all that healthy, because so many jobs are part-time, so many jobs not paying, wages not going anywhere. the realization they don't have the ability to affect fundamentals. >> we are living in an
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artificial world. all based on the fear the earnings season, third quarter earnings season will reveal the problem with growth in this country and companies trying to get going in an economy stuck with 1% growth despite trillions of dollars pumped in. the fed, we said month after month, year after year, they should have done this rate hike years ago, and to the guest's point there is a sense they will do this in december. if they don't, what does that say about the state of the economy? trish: we will keep watching this market, it has been up 40 after the news and trading 32, thank you so much. breaking news, and national transportation safety board
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announcing moment ago the deadly plane crash in east hartford, connecticut was an intentional act. this was an initial finding but there are questions about the motive behind the crash but authorities saying this was intentional so the fbi taking over the investigation. we will bring information as soon as we get it. our other big story donald trump going unscripted at a rally in florida. there he is moment ago speaking about many topics but certainly went after hillary clinton harder than ever before. listen to donald trump. >> wikileaks emails so the department of justice had information. did you see this? to the clinton campaign. we have a person that has committed crimes running for the presidency. this is unbelievable. it tells you the inner heart,
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you got to read it and maybe get it because they are not putting it out. they want to put it out but can't do that because without the media and without the press hillary clinton would be nothing. >> this on the heels of thousands more emails from the hillary clinton camp, the website published these, more than 1000 of these emails belong to hillary clinton's campaign, we are going through those as we speak. there has been a ton of information and a lot of it has been alarming especially given concerns about the coziness between the state department and the clinton foundation. in particular it is damning. in this exchange when looking for assistance in haiti after the 2010 earthquake a senior
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state department official tells foundation staffers they, quote, need when people are friends with wj c. at one point when the foundation forwarded a request from a woman looking for medical supplies, wrote, quote, is this an fo be? if not, she writes she should go to the government website. you got it? if you are a friend of bill's the state department will help you out. if you are not, good luck, go through the normal channels. from clear politics, marian repn joe walsh. why on earth are friends of bill being treated differently by the state department? >> all those people have been
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helping haiti for ten years before that not only with president clinton but george hw bush so they have been in their providing services, supplies, everything you could imagine was haiti has another crisis, the hurricane. everyone seems to be ignoring facts right now but -- trish: this woman saying is it an f ob? if it is not, go to the government in an emergency. >> if people know how to provide help, if you know how to provide services and help, that is helpful to the folks in haiti. trish: that is not what is coming across. one guy in particular, a billionaire from ireland, dennis o'brien had taken advantage of some lucrative contract deals in haiti in which he was able to
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build a cell phone empire in haiti, he had one point needed to get some employees out and for whatever reason, going through the normal channels, what does he do? he sends his friend of the clinton foundation, sorry to bug you, no problem and then tells people at the state department to get on this. it seems that there is a sense that clinton helped those who helped the foundation and her husband. >> it is sad because the media obsessed over this private conversation donald trump had 11 years ago engaging in 30 talk. the media is focused on that. this entire wikileaks thing, what you just said, how mrs. clinton used her position as secretary of state to give
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favors to other people, the other is how the media was -- >> howard kurtz, our media critic, he spoke to donna brazil and has more information from that conversation, the cnn contributor that was allegedly providing the questions hillary clinton was going to get in a town hall format. we are going to get to that. let's stay on this coziness of the relationship here between the state department and the clinton foundation. this is something donald trump says he will go after, here he is in florida moment ago, watch. >> this corruption and collusion is just one more reason why i will ask my attorney general to
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appoint a special prosecutor. trish: in other words if he wins he is not going to let this go. some people said that is threatening to hillary clinton, sounds like a third world dictator when going after the former regime, what is your reaction? >> it is pretty unsettling. just because donald trump's rallies, lots of people cheer lock her up, donald trump resisted those calls previously and now has been encouraging them. if you look at the broader implications of what these emails mean, hillary clinton is ahead in the polls, facing the next several weeks with some momentum at her back. what this does is present a challenge. if you are not supporting trump, hillary clinton's challenge -- trish: this is interesting to me.
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i hear the concerns, a third world dictatorship, it sounds like a third world dictatorship when someone gets away with this. you cannot delete emails when you are protested by the government, what is she thinking? >> every email including this minute was stolen from a private american foreign government likely russia provided to wikileaks to help donald trump. >> i keep hearing this. >> that is the crime. why don't you secure the server in the first place? >> the government position, that has to be looked at. and trump is bringing this up
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every day. >> it has to be looked at. if you are in a corporation and there is an investigation, you can suddenly get rid of them. that is serious stuff. you could wind up going to prison for something like that. she is playing by a different set of rules and that is the question. >> and it is stolen. >> they were hacked into potentially, we don't know. all the more reason -- >> the fbi, extraordinary, extraordinary, never should have been operating on. good to see all you guys, one week from the final debate showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton, we have the latest fox news electoral snapshot showing trump needs a
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>> look. we love being here. i love being with you. i love the state. i am here all the time. in 27 days, we are going to win florida and we are going to win back the white house. trish: moment ago that was donald trump declaring he will win the election but he is trailing hillary clinton in the
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polls nationally, struggling in all the important swing states. does he have a path to victory? how is it looking between the house and senate? connell mcshane is following it all in joins me with the electoral map which we should point out that this data you are about to show us does not include polling from after sunday night's some would say successful debate for him. >> the only poll in the 2 wall street journal poll where hillary clinton was up 9 as opposed to 11 this does not include that. we will get more numbers on that soon. what will go through here does he have a path to victory? the short answer is yes he does but we will see why that is a difficult path for donald trump so if we start the map, we start with the state we see as solid so that gives a number of neat -- 21164, according to polling data hillary clinton has a solid 201 and donald trump has 164 but
2:20 pm
as we get closer to the election numbers are weaning one way or the other and georgia would be one of them and iowa the other. leaning red. as i switch those states instead of 201.64 we go to 201-186. this is difficult for donald trump. when i started this map we had 13 battleground states, two fewer, down to 11 we are battling over. a number of other once the data has been clear on have been leaning blue, the likes of virginia, pennsylvania, new hampshire all leaning blue. michigan, wisconsin, leaning blue. we are up to 264 getting us very close. that is why when we look at prediction sites like where they aggregate the data they have hillary clinton at 89% chance of being president, 11% is a
2:21 pm
chance, going down because these other states even out west, colorado is one, nevada, 273, nevada is another one leaning blue. that leads us to florida, mister trump and mrs. clinton have spent a lot of time, trump has another event, in the way of the data we have here, that gets to 308. that is where the race is today and it could change. the funny tweet yesterday from one of our viewers paying close attention, like a 10%, 11% chance donald trump wins, the new york mets baseball fan, in mid august the mets had a 7% chance to make the playoffs, they were on a great run and made the playoffs so there is a chance this is where we are. trish: you never know. thank you so much.
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we will get more data, fox news poll at 6:00 pm tomorrow so we will be watching that and we will be watching connell mcshane at 3:00 pm in sitting in for liz claman. the ntsb just announced moment ago the deadly plane crash in east hartford, connecticut was an intentional act. we have a live report for you next.
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trish: breaking news the initial investigation into that deadly plane crash in connecticut shows the wreck may have been intentional. the badly burned pilot says the crash on a busy road was not an
2:26 pm
accident. rob schmidt has the latest on this breaking story. what are investigators thinking at this point? >> the ntsb says this was intentional. it is considered a crime, fbi taking the investigation on this and working on that answer. the reason this is getting so much attention is the possibility this was some kind of failed terror plot with whitney, and the defense contractor filled jet engines, you see what kind of motive there could have been, the twin-engine plane went down in east hartford, connecticut on main street, 200 yards, slamming into a huge fire, two people were on board. a pilot in critical condition burned taken to the hospital and
2:27 pm
a student pilot was killed, nobody else was hurt. the pilot told investigators in the hospital from his hospital bed the crash was intentional but no word whether this was terrorism. could have been a suicide attempt. nothing has been ruled out. the fool name of the student pilot is ferris mohammed, 28 years old according to published reports from jordan in the middle east, licensed to fly small planes, nothing else we researched pops up on this man. he lives in illinois, whether that is current or not. at a news conference not a lot of information came out. this is held close to the vest. whitney saying they are assisting authority as needed on the investigation. it does appear the fbi think something sinister may have been going on. trish: back to the campaign
2:28 pm
trail, new reports on voter fraud this time in colorado and new york. the latest, fox news senior correspondent eric sans, this is something that is very scary, every four years. don't understand why new york doesn't have for my drivers license or my passport but such as it is. >> new york state is not a voter id state. new hampshire and wisconsin had voter id, the highest turnout according to the secretary of state of new hampshire. gardner, you mentioned voter fraud, alleged voter fraud investigations in indiana, this has to do with voter registration fraud. indiana state police raided the group, the indiana voter registration project. investigation of alleged voter registration fraud in 56 counties. officials discovered phony
2:29 pm
names, false addresses and misleading information on applications turned in by the group. the result, could be -- >> i am worried about voter confidence, every voter in indiana, what they can catch, won't be canceled out. >> allegations is acorn, the activist group that flooded election offices across the country with fake voter registration starting with 2008 presidential race. and patriot majority you as a. and state officials are blamed saying, quote, part of a partisan effort to rig the election by suppressing the rights of tens of thousands of african-americans to vote this november.
2:30 pm
and the probe is not racially motivated. >> the question of race or ethnicity on voter registration, and we are not discriminating against voters. >> reporter: to be safe voters should register themselves. >> most people are groups doing these voter registrations, doing the right thing but too close to the election. >> they are nonpartisan, with voter empowerment among other issues, attacking mike pence on this issue, not only donald trump's running mate but sitting governor. trish: scary stuff, thanks here comes donald trump, the unshackled version. we heard from him today. he was on the attack going after the woman he calls crooked hillary, but his target was paul
2:31 pm
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or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. . trish: donald trump unshackled and on the attack. he says he's going to do things his way from now on, and part of that means going right after people like house speaker paul ryan. watch.
2:35 pm
>> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country. you'd think they'd say great going, don! let's go! let's beat this crook! he doesn't do that. there's a deal going on there. i mean, you know, there's a whole deal going on, we're going to figure it out, i always figure things out. there's a whole sinister deal going on. >> i'm tired of nonsupport and i don't want his support, i don't care about his support, what i want to do is want to win for the people. i wouldn't want to be in a fox hole with a lot of the people. >> mccain is a brave man, he's a brave man, mccain. >> including ryan, especially ryan. trish: my favorite part of that interview is he said i'm unshackled now, and bill o'reilly is saying, well, what were you before? get ready, could be interesting four weeks. fox news has confirmed 35 congressional republicans loyal
2:36 pm
to trump are asking his campaign manager today for the candidate to lay off ryan. is the republican party coming apart at the seams? >> what you see is a party that has growing pains because it is an expansive party that represents different viewpoints. i think this party was dangerously close tock the party of the elites and yet donald trump is giving voice to the workers. i think because he's given voice to as he says the forgotten man, forgotten woman, he's been able to expand the party in many ways. trish: that is trump's campaign manager there, kellyanne conway. he is going to need to expand the party in some ways if he wants to win. back with me caitlin huey-burns and joe walsh. joe, he needs to expand the party, but all indications are that he just wants to make a stronger play for his base. i'm sure there is some strategy to that, how do you think that
2:37 pm
benefits him right now? >> trish, here's what i think the strategy is. look, he should go after paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and john mccain. donald trump has been out for months, trish, campaigning all by himself. think about this, the republican party doesn't support the nominee, the republican nominee that the voters support. look, trump's secret is he's running against the establishment. republican and democrat. trish: in fairness to those establishment types, they were supporting him, paul ryan was campaigning with him. he was willing to do all that and defend him on television, and that changed with the release of that tape, joe. >> but trish, i love you, but baloney, paul ryan, up until last week, paul ryan had never campaigned for him or with him. for months, donald trump goes into arizona and john mccain leaves the state. none of these republican party officials -- trish: their heart wasn't in it
2:38 pm
is what you're saying to begin with, and using that as an excuse. >> absolutely. >> okay, but that said, don't -- you need still the people in some way, caitlyn, what happens here going forward? are we looking at a republican party that has just completely changed seemingly overnight with this election cycle? >> absolutely, the republican party at war with itself, and there are things they have to figure out right now, and things they have to figure out in the longer term. right now, donald trump needs to expand his base of support. we know that. the people who are fueled and excited by him going after paul ryan, they're going to be with him anyway, that also fits his message but going to be with him anyway. by turning off people in your own party, when you also need to expand beyond your own party, that makes it difficult. what's especially difficult is the down ballot races. there is a concern this could drag down the ticket by saying i'm not supporting paul ryan.
2:39 pm
trish: okay, mary ann, one of the things the republicans have gotten so wrong in recent years and mitt romney is somebody you could put on a pedestal how not to do things, they lost touch with your working class americans, and you know, lower taxes, economic prosperity for all. these are pillars of the party that they need, and somehow they couldn't find the right candidate to capture the imagination of the working class american. donald trump changed all that. so if he does not succeed in getting to the oval office, mary ann, how do they continue moving forward with the mantle? because i don't think they're going to succeed if they don't. >> i have a little different take on this. i think donald trump had to consolidate his republican base after the tapes on friday. he lost with republicans where
2:40 pm
he would be almost be able to match clinton with and he lost women. he has to consolidate the base. next for the next two weeks, a scorched earth attack against hillary and bill clinton in an effort to drive down women's voting. he can't win if all women vote. fewer women that vote, the more negative a campaign, is a lot of women throw up their hands and say i can't vote for either of them, i'm not going to vote. trish: interesting thought. joe, final thought to you. what happens going forward, however, the republicans, it's a mess. it's a mess. the establishment types that have gotten lobbying money for years, haven't done a darned thing, and the american public feels they've been completely cheated? >> trish, you nailed it. donald trump is running against the elites and the average american, when he goes after paul ryan or hillary clinton, it's like going after the same career politician. he's got to stay on this note.
2:41 pm
it's us against the elites. i think that's his only path to success. trish: it will be an interesting four weeks. we can count on that. thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: major mainstream media outlets, places like cnn, the folks in new jersey, cnbc, and the "new york times," feeling a little embarrassed today. and they should after the wikileaks released of hacked campaign e-mails show their very cozy relationship with the democratic party. we're going to talk about that. also breaking today, allegations that nbc news sat on that video of donald trump making the lewd comments in order to exact maximum damage on the campaign at this very time. your favorite media critic and mine howie kurtz is joining us next.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
. trish: all right, everyone, check out the markets, up 39 points, stocks higher after the release of the fed minutes indicating the fed just wants to wait and see and see what the next data point look like as to whether or not they'll raise a quarter point. crude oil closing up after opec reported september outlook is at its highest level. the group can keep pledge to get the oil oversupply under control. deutsche bank greed to pay $9.5 million in penalty fines to the sec for failing to
2:44 pm
properly safeguard research analyst information. the german bank is negotiating a multibillion-dollar settlement with the u.s. justice department over misselling of mortgage bonds in 08. we'll be back with a report of how the leaked clinton campaign e-mails show a cozy relationship between the mainstream media and the dems.
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>> the media is simply an extension of the clinton campaign. john horowitz, i hate to make him famous, a total lightweight. cnbc all doing favors for the clintons and reporters smothering the clintons with praise. trish: that was donald trump blasting the mainstream media just moments ago in florida after a new bunch of e-mails leaked by wikileaks shows a very cozy relationship between some of the mainstream media outlets and the clinton campaign. and get this, also an e-mail from dnc chairwoman donna brazile indicating she may have shared a cnn town hall question with the clinton campaign before that event. for more on all of it, i'm joined by the host of "mediabuzz" howie kurtz, good to see you. >> hi, trish. >> i hear you spoke to donna brazile herself, how is she defending herself in all of this?
2:47 pm
>> to set it up, an e-mail to the clinton campaign while working at cnn also vice chair of the dnc, from time to time i get the questions in advance, and describes a question about the death penalty, asked a day later almost verbatim at a town hall. she said contributors to cnn get nowhere near the process, i was not involved. i find it flabbergasting. these kinds of issues come up. trish: is that the problem? should cnn not have had someone on their payroll that was on the dnc payroll? >> i don't think donna brazile was paid at the time. now she is acting chairman of the i am old-fashioned, if you want to have somebody who is clearly liberal or conservative, that's fine, but being a party official doubling as commentator for you undercuts what they say. trish:un, having moderated two
2:48 pm
of the debates here at fox business, how critical it was, we had a very, very, very small group of people that got access to the questions, that saw the questions, and for example, if anyone had previously worked at the rnc, they were not allowed to have any access to seeing what the questions were. it was a very tight group, and people were extremely careful about that. perhaps cnn should work in a similar way going forward because you need to be especially careful to make sure that people do not have a bias one way or the other. let me ask you about the john harwood thing, he asked the infamous question at first cnbc debate where he said mr. trump, are you running a comic book version of the campaign? that's something that struck every american on both sides of the aisle as just being a little bit over the top, and the debate fell apart from there. but it now turns out, howie, that john basically was trying
2:49 pm
to take a victory lap with john podesta saying, look, i understand how the president feels when he thinks -- here's the quote -- thoughts? >> and there were other e-mails between harwood and clinton campaign chairman john podesta, which harwood said he didn't believe hillary clinton was hiding anything nefarious after the private e-mail scandal work. in fairness, reporters and journalists try to get scoops and interviews and harwood did ask podesta if he will give an interview for cnbc. are they doing the same thing with the trump campaign? are any of these doing the same with the trump campaign? trish: in fairness, john is a nice guy, we used to work together at cnbc. good to see you, thank you so
2:50 pm
much. don't forget to watch howie on "mediabuzz" on the fox news channel at 11:00 a.m. eastern every sunday. he's covering this issue every weekend for you. supposed coziness between the media and the dems. we're going to be right back.
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2:53 pm
. trish: the pentagon confirming today that isis fighters have successfully used drones rigged with explosives to kill two kurdish soldiers in iraq. if that's not alarming enough. military officials say isis fighters are using very simplistic drones like the ones that can be purchased easily on the internet. for now analysis on this, i'm joined by four star retired general and fox news military analyst general jack keane, general, good to see you as always.
2:54 pm
fill me in on what these are, drone explosives? >> yeah, isis has been using small surveillance drones for some time. they would look like a model airplane, so they're that small, and buy them on the commercial market literally through the internet. but now they began to put some small explosive devices, they used that three times in the last month, and two kurds were killed and two french military assisting the kurds were wounded in the attack. they were trying to examine the drone and see how it was put together when it went off, unfortunately. but clearly, we've got a change in tactic here, for sure. and listen, other radical islamists are using drones both for surveillance mostly, but also beginning to use them as explosive devices. i'm talking about hezbollah, hamas, offshoots of al qaeda.
2:55 pm
trish: using technology to their advantage. let me jump in with a rather simplistic question, you can get explosives that are small enough to put into the actual drones? they can actually kill people? >> absolutely. what will happen, i think, they'll continue to use the small drones for surveillance, for obvious reasons, they won't be detected but they'll probably try to increase the size of the drones they're going to use for explosive devices because they can do far more damage, and where this will eventually head, and this is what makes it more serious is not just in the combat zone, but outside of a combat zone where the radical islamists can use a drone inside a population center, inside a stadium, you know, we can all make a list of the places that would be available to do that as opposed to using vehicles, ied's
2:56 pm
strapped to their bodies, et cetera. this technology is out there, available to them, and certainly we know for a fact they take advantage of whatever technology they can get their hands on. trish: brings new meaning to the need to police this better in the way of actually having perhaps laws for the drones that are up there, you know, in the airspace. general keane,as always, thank you so much, sir. we're going to be right back.
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2:59 pm
. trish: breaking right now, we're waiting at donald trump who's going to speak at another rally in lakeland, florida. he spoke in a different part of florida at a rally, now he's on his way to another one. this is what he means by donald trump being unshackled. quite a heated criticism of hillary clinton and policies.
3:00 pm
also went after paul ryan, criticizing him for abandoning him, and this is the divide that clearly is not going anywhere. this is a real problem for the republican party, as many feel they have been deserted by the elites in the republican party, anyway, connell mcshane is taking you through the next hour. we're going to go him now. >> a number of things going on today. and trish hit on a few of them there. the religious war is another. donald trump's camp wrapping up a conference call with catholic leaders. the trump campaign accusing hillary clinton of being openly hostile to practicing catholics, so we do expect as trish pointed out to have mr. trump arriving at the rally. he should arrive at any moment. we'll keep an eye on it for you from the lakeland regional airport. trump trying to rally support from catholics after one of hillary clinton's top aides denigrated the religion in an


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