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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the key, as we look at economy and see what is going on. [closing bell rings] what the fed is doing as we close on the bell. connell: well-done, tom. we close it up for the day. the closing bell on wall street. david asman and melissa francis picking it up on "countdown to the closing bell." david: unsettling presence. this is fair bet to say. making easy one. dow is down after another fed -- melissa: we have you covered on all big market movers. this is what else we have for you coming up this hour. donald trump currently holding a rally in the key battleground state of florida. the republican nominee slamming the mainstream media as wikileaks another round of emails from the hillary clinton campaign. new details after deadly plane crash in connecticut. why investigators are calling it quote, an intentional act.
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abandoning our heroes. the latest scandal rocking the department of veterans affairs. later this hour we have taya kyle. widow of navy seal chris kyle. she will sound off on this. david: she is real good. back to the markets, the dow holding on to gains after the federal reserve announcing plans to increase, rates, quote, relatively slow, whatever that means. phil flynn, price tures contributod watching action from of oil and gold from the floor of the cme and ashley webster from the floor of the new york stock exchange. ashley, more headlines, all talk, let's face it. >> all talk, very little action, david. we were supposed to have four rate hikes, david, remember that? it could rain but there again it may not rain. that is basically they said. traders frustration same old waffle. there is still believe the december rate hike could very well be on. it is almost priced in. we've seen the dollar get stronger. seen treasury yields go up.
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still no belief that the december rate hike is still coming along. this was through the afternoon. we have the fed minutes released at 2:00 p.m.p hardly any reaction. blip when first headlines came out and more of the same. david, this means that the next jobs support could be bigger than some of the others, really good, much better chance of a december rate hike. vice versa, other way around. the interest sensitive stocks today, getting a little bump from what the fed had to say. real estate, utilities are just a couple of those. overall one of those days but after yesterday's big selloff, we'll take it. david: face it, it was a flat market because the fed didn't move the ball one way or the other. >> i should have said that. david: ashley, thanks. melissa. >> you're welcome. melissa: oil seeing largest two-day decline in one month. phil, what is the deal on that one?
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>> today was about opec and the report about demand. they slightly lowered demand forecast for oil. this comes against the backdrop of historic agreement to cut opec production. they're also predicting that the production that they're growing to do is actually going to rise next year, not fall. as we expect with an opec production cut. that put the market down. production numbers came in higher than anticipated. over 33 million barrels a day. there is a lot of skepticism by traders. they think they're lying about how much oil they are producing. why? because they will freeze production at current levels. you better lie to the upside so you can lock in a higher production level for next year. take a look at gold today. gold really ended up squeezing higher despite the weak dollar. fed minutes gave it a pop and a drop. back to you. melissa: i love it. pad it exaggerate now and have more room later when you're lying then as well. perfect. david: bottom line you can't trust them at all. melissa: no. david: congressional insiders
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think it is possible democrats could take the house, the senate and the white house. bring in today's panel. jonathan hoenig from capitalist pig hedge fund. he is a fox news contributor. jason rotman from lido isle advisors. jonathan, markets generally like when there is divided government. the idea of one party takes them all scares them, doesn't it? >> it does, david, when that party essentially rests economically on more taxes and more regulation. certainly if you have a democratic sweep you see that for sure. i also think there is a lot of fear, even if donald trump victory comes out because he is of course promised more protectionism like trade tariffs. big risks in the market, lack of liquidity. you're seeing gold stocks and bonds move together. people want to be on the sideline given election uncertainty. it is still up in the air. david: jason, for a moment take trade off the table. the clear policy of both
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candidates is, trump wants to lower tax rates, lower regulations. hillary wants to raise rates, more regulations, she would raise taxes. clearly the market would not like it if democrats took everything. >> i agree. as jonathan said it is pretty straight-forward. higher taxes and higher regulation is typically not good for the overall economic environment. however briefly, that is one of many headwinds for the market heading into next couple quarters. that adds fuel to fire of higher rates potentially happening. we're in a multiquarter earnings slump. market at all-time highs. there will be rowcation into emerging markets out of u.s. that is my thesis going forward. melissa: kroger is under fire after a cashier in texas store allegedly refused to check out a customer because she was wearing a police lives matter, all lives matter. shirt. this is coming only after a week after louisiana police officer reported that a kroger cashier
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declined to ring up her groceries because she was in uniform. jonathan hoenig, i mean we're talking about this is public company. we're looking at the stock. i don't know if you can hold a whole chain responsible for attitudes of its checkout clerks who are making minimum wage there but, it is not good for them. >> i think you hold universities and schools culpable here, melissa. this is where the whole "black lives matter," hatred for the police, hatred for society attitude has come from. i think this, this is inexcusable. these people should be fired and shamed immediately. i mean, to not serve the police officers? believe me, melissa, if that store was broken into or held up the police would be the first person these people would call. melissa: jason, i mean should the store do something about this? you know i think they said they're disappoint the. we have a statement from them. there it is. we want our customers around associates in the law enforcement community how deeply we appreciate and honor our
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police officers and other first-responders that put their lives on the line to keep us safe. what more can they do? >> it is really about public relations at this point. i mean they could, you know, how good is their pr team? that we'll see next week. they can make big donations to police found days. hold events advertising what they're doing. they really can't do much else. what is done is done. obviously a person is hired to do the job, ring up people at register. that's what they have to do. if they don't do it, they're gone. david: time and again this season hillary clinton has been dinging trump about his losing money running a casino. take a look. >> how anybody can lose a dollar, let alone a billion dollars in the casino industry is kind of beyond me, right? david: well, guess what? the fact is a lot of casinos are going under. atlantic city, which is the a town of casinos may soon be going into receivership. jason, did trump get out just in time?
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>> you know i think the theme with donald trump and, i'm not going to get too political, the surface thing that i see he gets into these big messes. then he just kinds of let them slide off himself without really owning what he is doing. this could be a slight, not a major, slight negative against his campaign amongst other things happening. i don't think he got out too early. i think he needed to get out, well, jonathan, the fact there is a piece in "national review." casino gambling is the apex of american crony capitalism. highly regulated. highly-taxed, licensed and dominated by politically powerful, democratic aligned labor unions. that is why people are not making money there. >> that is where donald trump big success supposedly come, david. he brags in part about influencing and being a part of that crony system. david: jonathan, there is a limit to everything, even for donald trump who is used to going through wild waters. this was too much and he got
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out. >> well, you know what? they couldn't save 3,000 jobs in new jersey. we'll see if he saves millions more in america. david: he still created 40,000 jobs elsewhere. that is a pretty good record. thank you both for joining us today. melissa: the new "deplorables." the hillary clinton is exposed for mocking catholics and evangelical voters. the controversy causing donald trump to call on religious leaders. we'll speak to one pastor on the conference call. david: interesting. we're breaking down mainstream media bias for the clinton campaign. it is now out in the open. you can bet trump had something to say about this. we'll tell you how he responded today. melissa: new allegations that hillary clinton is politicizing the raid that killed osama bin laden. coming up lieutenant colonel oliver north. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
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david: another day, another round of hillary clinton campaign emails being released by wikileaks. our own peter barnes is digging through the emails in d.c. peter, you got to dig and dig because we have thousands more coming. what do you have today? reporter: another 1200, david. these gave us additional insights how the clinton campaign was trying to fight bernie sanders early on in clintons and sanders campaigns, particularly on issue of clinton and her closeness to wall street. in an email in january clinton's policy advisor jake sullivan reportedly wrote to out side pr advisor mandy grunfeld, that he is concerned that sanders gets to whack her around on wall street and purely positive to him in reply. she responded we don't need to prove he is bad on wall street. that is it not really credible. we need to prove we're okay. most of all we don't want this
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fight. sullivan wrote back, why is it not credible that he has really dumb plans for wall street? asked for his folks for a comment? got nothing on that. another exchange from may of last year, clinton's closest aide, huma abedin asking john podesta, whether the campaign could quote survive not taking questions of the press first part of the campaign. podesta responded if she thinks we can get to labor day without taking press questions, i think that is suicidal. we need to some stream, i think he meant steam out of the pressure cooker. shows dishonesty and corruption in the clinton campaign. the clinton campaign is not confirming authenticity of any emails but not denying they're not authentic either. clinton spokeswoman saying bryan
4:15 pm
fallon is saying cyberattack is on the modern day watergate. what did donald trump know and when did know it? melissa: good effort. david: the clinton campaign did not want these to come out. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: clinton campaign getting slammed for blatant media bias. a "boston globe" editor sent following email to the campaign following a primary with bernie sanders. it could be to get in on tuesday when she is in new hampshire that would give her a big presence on tuesday with the piece. and then on wednesday with the news story. what a nice offer he was making there. another leak, donna brazile emailed the clinton campaign ahead of a democratic primary event on cnn saying, from time to time i get the questions in advance. hmmm. we know what happened after that. one of those criticized instances when john harwood, you remember this guy, surrounding his questions to donald trump at the cnn debate. remember this? >> make americans better off
4:16 pm
because your greatness would replace the stupidity and incompetence of others. >> that's right. let's be honest. >> is this a comic book version after presidential campaign? >> it is not a comic book, but not very nicely-asked question the way you say that. melissa: what a pompous guy, right? are harwood sent clinton campaign about that exchange. i imagine obama feels sad vindication that his demonstration of his year's long point about the opposition party veering off the rails. that is my pompous voice, i certainly am feeling that way with respect how i questioned trump at our debate. here is me patting myself on the back. i'm john harwood. trump is wasting no time blasting the clear bias earlier today in florida. >> the emails show "the new york times," "the boston globe," univision, who i sued, i sued univision. you know john harwood, this lightweight, came out he was shaking so nervous.
4:17 pm
asked me the first question. mr. trump, could you answer this question? what a lightweight. melissa: oh, his impression was so much better than mine. oh, well. here now are james freeman from "the wall street journal." kirsten haglund a conservative political commentator and steve murphy, a democratic strategist. james, let me start with you. you know, is john harwood work at cnbc? no one knows because nobody watches. that is not my question. are you surprised by any of this? this avalanche of evidence of just really pompous reporters over there kissing up to the clinton campaign? >> i don't know, surprised but it really would have been nice last year, last fall, when that cnbc debate occurred and mr. harwood was really out of bound, so rude and so unprepared in terms of the tax plans of the various candidates, would have been nice to know, maybe some disclosure that he's all-in with
4:18 pm
team clinton. that's what you get from these emails. melissa: yeah. kirsten, tucker carlson made a great point last night saying that most of these reporters, like john harwood, have more in common with the average presidential candidate than they do with the average voter. they feel more comfortable. they identify with them, and especially on the left and that's, part of what we're seeing here. this chummy, chummy relationship. >> right, i think everyone knows that most people in the media do have a left-leaning bias. i think most americans know that as well. and especially journalists and students know that when they're in journalism school. they learn this there. i mean thank goodness fox is here to cover this story because it hasn't been being covered to that same extent in other news media. what i just fear this is going to increase the polarization in this country, right? a lot of people suspect there is bias but don't want to see it in front ever their faces as emails are revealing. the american electorate so so
4:19 pm
divided and so discouraged, so cynical where they can find the truth. this emphasizes all of that yes, donald trump has seen a real sinking in polls last couple days, if this continues, he has real opportunity to you know, really take advantage of that enthusiasm gap. melissa: i have a little bit of a different take, steve. i think everybody who is engaged has a point of view. if you're engaged you're passionate about the topic, passionate enough to be a journalist. you have a point of view. it is about being forthright for it and resetting yourself and being confrontational with your subject no matter what side they're on. what do you think about that? >> i believe that the news media is being forthright about where they're coming from. you know donald trump is a despicable, unqualified candidate for president. the news media was not unbiased about the civil rights movement. when fire hoses and police sled were loosened on civil rights demonstrators, walter cronkite made it clear where he stood. i think media is doing same
4:20 pm
thing with donald trump. melissa: so who, which character is donald trump in that? is the dog? is the hose? like what is the analogy? >> closer to the fire hose i think. closer to the fire hose. >> also we have to look where we've gotten, right, how we ended up with hillary clinton and donald trump. donald trump who is representing voice of people who have not been represented, how did we get here? by the fact media are in two such strong camps right, where people don't feel like their vice is being heard. so you get a successful candidate like donald trump. this election should cause a lot of introspection on everyone, recognize people have their own viewpoints. but you are so right, melissa, making sure you challenge. media is supposed to be the gatekeepers and watchdog. they should be playing role. >> that is the role they're playing. melissa: there you go names james. that was my point. >> probably good to know, may see john harwood playing a straight reporter on tv. now you can't really buy that
4:21 pm
anymore. melissa: you know what the real deal is. david: we have seen the man behind the curtain, remember that from the wizard of oz? melissa: it wasn't much of a curtain, no. david: new corruption charges about the clinton foundation. new allegations of pay-to-play politics as cash poured into organization. department of veterans affairs, talk about a place needing a shake-up? it is letting down our nation ace heroes again. taya kyle, widow of american hero sniper chris kyle, is sounding off on the va.
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self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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melissa: breaking news. hillary clinton campaigning in pueblo, colorado. she is taking aim at donald trump. big surprise. let's listen in. >> he has doubles down on his excuse that it is just quote, locker room talk. [booing]
4:25 pm
well you know what happened? it just kind of happened, spontaneously. a lot of athletes and coaches started posting on twitter and instagram and facebook. i mean, the national basketball association, major league baseball, the nfl, and more, they are coming together and they're saying, that doesn't happen in our locker rooms. [cheering] but of course you know it is not only women that he has disrespected. he's insulted practically everybody. he went after a distinguished federal judge, judge curiel. who was born in indiana. and trump said, well he couldn't be trusted because his parents were mexican.
4:26 pm
[booing] he has targeted immigrants, african-americans, latinos. he has targeted p.o.w.s, people with disabilities. muslims and some others. and, every time he does that, i get somebody who is worried or scared writing me a letter, or talking to me. and especially children. it is really who donald trump is, but when you scare children, you know, like a little boy, his mother wrote to me. she had adopted him from ethiopia when he was a toddler. there were a lot of children in ethiopia that were no longer able to live with families. their parents, their grandparents were not around.
4:27 pm
and a lot of americans have adopted children in need like that. this little boy named felix is now 10 years old. he is only lived in the united states and his mother wrote me, and she said after hearing donald trump, he turned to her and he said, mommy, will he send me back to ethiopia? that's the kind of fear and anxiety that i hear from immigrant families who are scared to death, especially the children. that donald trump is going to put together a big deportation force, go door-to-door, school to school, business-to-business, home to home. [booing] it is hard to explain to children and so i hope that if you know any children who are listening and watching and hearing some of what is said, you will reassure them, i want
4:28 pm
every boy and girl to know, the american dream is big enough for you and there is a place in america for you. [cheering] and that in this election we will demonstrate that america is better than what donald trump says and represents. [cheering] but here's what i also want you to know. we have a big difference about how best to get the economy going. you know, trump wants to give trillions and trillions in tax breaks to medical nays and billionaires -- millionaires and billionaires. that is called trickle-down economics but as with anything when it comes to trump, he wants to have the biggest tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations than we have ever, ever had. so i believe differently.
4:29 pm
we're going to invest in the middle class. we're going to invest in you and your jobs and your future! [cheering] [shouting] well, you know, you do, you do have to feel a little sorry for them. they have had a really bad couple of weeks. [cheering] but you know, part of the difference in how we see the economy, i think comes from our experiences. you know donald grew up the son of a millionaire. he got started in business by
4:30 pm
borrowing $14 million from his dad. so it is not a surprise he wants to keep giving back to the wealthy because that is his own experience. i grew up differently. my father was a factory worker. my, my grandfather was a factory worker. my father was a small businessman. i know how hard they worked and i am grateful for the middle class life that they gave us. that is what i want to make sure everybody gets. [cheering] melissa: so that was hillary clinton saying there is a big difference in how she wants to deal with the economy and donald trump. yep, there certainly is. she is talking there in pueblo, california, taking direct aim at donald trump. send it over to david. david: not just the economy. the veterans administration has become a symbol of government inefficiency and ineptitude. the latest is news that a woman was hired at a va facility in phoenix after she had been fired for abusing patients at a va facility in chicago. those who risked their lives protesting our freedom clearly
4:31 pm
deserve better. so which candidate would do a better job shaking things up at the va? here is taya kyle, author of american wife, widow of legendary navy seal chris kyle and fox news contributor, i'm happy to say. taya, year after year we got to change things at the va nobody seems to be able to do it. how can we? >> unfortunately there is such a systemic problem in the va the only really way to fix it to severely limit it and really get rid of it. that will be sensitive for some people that get good care. usually people getting good care from va are active duty, healthy people. there are some, there are some retired guys who meet at the va clinics and have comradery there. they could get that at vfw. david: you're for the voucher system. essentially all the money we're spending, a lot of money we're spending on va goes to bureaucracy, the same bureaucracy made the snafu i talked about. get rid of bureaucracy and give veterans a voucher and go where
4:32 pm
they need to help. >> they hired another division to police va. they employ the va and employ the other division to help veterans fight va. military members can't fight it on their own. david: fight a organization designed to help you. it is crazy. >> i don't only believe in vouchers. i think they give them private insurance, ppo plan, donald trump said opt out. that is more more realistic to a plan to revamp it. that is not going to happen. david: which candidate will do better job shaking things up here? >> based on clinton reign bill or hillary as secretary of state, donald trump's plan in this situation, giving people option to opt out of the va medical care, that is the better option for veterans. if you want to talk pay, just a little fun fact here, $84 million in food stamps were spent at commissaries two years ago. that tells you they're not being paid enough. i don't have faith hillary clinton will increase their pay
4:33 pm
to help those problems either. whether it is medical or just pay, she has some of her plan is to throw money at committees that will help, veterans, their spouses be employed. that is whole other issue i have a lot of problems with. give them their money. they're trustworthy. pay them more. let them make their own decisions. david: certainly can do it better than government bureaucrats. >> amen. david: taya, thanks for your service. nobody works harder than somebody who is a wife of someone in the service. >> appreciate it. david: melissa: donald trump holding a conference call after new emails show clinton campaign making fun of catholic voters. they're speaking with someone on the call next. plus we have shocking details about a plane crash in connecticut. why officials are saying the crash may have been intentional.
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david: faith under attack. a top spokeswoman of the hillary clinton campaign mocking catholics in an email exchange. center of american progress initiated the discussion, writing quote, amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted, speaking of conservatives to systemic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of christian democracy. to which clinton campaign honcho jennifer palmieri responded, think roman catholicism most
4:38 pm
socially acceptable, politically conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. here to react, ewtn managing editor, the global catholic network. raymond, this looks like religious bigotry to my. what does it look like to me? >> i tell you, my phone messages, emails, david, all day long are filled with irate viewers and my audience who can not believe this. they are offended by what was here. if you call catholics, evangelicals, backhanded slight at them as well, call catholics backward -- david: anti-democratic. that was the thing that struck me. >> you're right. david: i have to ask, raymond, 24% of voters in america are catholic, that is huge, 1/4 all voters are catholic. evenly half of them are for donald trump. the other half are for hillary clinton of the might that change as a result of this? >> well, it you all depends.
4:39 pm
i don't know why the clinton campaign didn't get out in front of this. we're having a national conversation about words and being respectful in your words coming out out of the billy buss scandal. david: right. >> now you're dealing with campaign leaders, thighs are chair people, communications director, jennifer paul my airy, in the clinton campaign. i don't know why vice-presidential candidate, tim kaine, himself a catholic, like mike pence distanced himself from this. put a little apology out there. then maybe either relieved some people or suspended them of their current positions. that would go a long way to put this down. why you would let this inferno burn when catholics are making up their minds, i don't understand. david: final question, we bottom to do it quickly, paul palm says she is catholic, that excuses things? >> we can all be bigots and loathers, that doesn't blunt the
4:40 pm
defense. shadow groups creating sack o sabotage in the catholic church, that these are fighting words to a lost catholics. there is great resentment about these comments. clinton campaign has to say something formally. i think they have to. david: raymond, thank you very much. >> thank you david. >> donald trump taking aim at controversy earlier today. >> the new emails also show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. these emails are just the latest evidence of the hatred that the clinton campaign has for everyday faithful americans. melissa: trump campaign holding a conference call with catholic leaders in response. pastor robert jefris, trump campaign councilmember and fuse news contributor joins me now. i understand you are were on the call, is that right? >> exactly right. melissa: what happened? tell me some. content. >> there is much concern about the emails.
4:41 pm
to hillary's word they're deplorable, they're insulting, more than that they're frightening they reveal a clinton administration would continue antipathy of, marginalization of christians really begun by barack obama. remember it was obama who called people of faith es, those who bitterly cling to their guns and bibles. i think these emails show clinton and her officials if she is elected will have the same attitude towards people of faith. melissa: to be fair, it wasn't written by her. it was written by jennifer palmieris a top lieutenant in her campaign. in her part, when she was cornered about it, she doesn't quote, recognize the email. it kind of plays to the whole theme that we've seen in all of these emails where there is the private hillary clinton, hang on, who thinks one thing and then there is public person who says something else like that she is tolerant of all religions? >> that's exactly right and that's the hypocrisy of all of
4:42 pm
this. look, this is a part of a bigger narrative that is disturbing the catholics and evangelicals. remember it was a year ago that hillary clinton said at the women in the world conference that quote, for people to have unfettered access to abortion, deeply held religious views of some people will have to be changed. now you have john podesta in the emails suggesting the beginning of a catholic uprising, a catholic spring. these liberals believe that christianity is the greatest barrier between them and their secular agenda. they say we're either going to change christian beliefs or contain them to the church alone. melissa: real quick on the call, were there people saying we'll go out, talk to our community, we're going to motivate voters? what happens actionwise in terms of this election? >> i think that is it still to be determined but the single greatest concern on the phone call today was, appointment of conservative supreme court justice. this is the stark contrast between clinton and trump. i moderated a meeting between
4:43 pm
trump and religious leaders in which trump committed to appoint conservative justices to the supreme court. he said he will appoint people like antonin scalia who was a catholic. that is what concerns catholic and evangelical leaders. melissa: we're out of time. pastor, thank you for your time. david: what a firestorm. investigators investigate trying to learn more about the plane that crashed in connecticut. as the crash appears to be no accident. wait until you hear who was piloting the plane. more on that to come. this week's btv spotlight features thunder energies under
4:44 pm
the symbol tnrg u.s. president obama calls nuclear terrorism "the single most important national security threat that we face" current xray technology makes it difficult to detect nuclear components as they appear as ordinary metals. thunder energies, lead by italian born nuclear physicist, dr santilli who's been on the faculty of harvard, mit, and
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melissa: new evidence, as if we needed more of the pay-to-play politics. hillary clinton's state department gave favorable treatment to quote, friends of bill clinton. after devastating haitian earthquake, according to newly-released emails that we're seeing. donald trump taking aim at the democratic nominee earlier today. >> as people were dying in haiti
4:47 pm
clinton insiders were separating out requests from friends of bill or william jefferson clinton vips, so that their business interests and contracts would receive very special treatment. while those who were not special friends would be put permanently on the sidelines. melissa: here now is bernard -- former president of the haitian senate. so i want to read to you you the emails that we're talking about here, at least some of them. it says, quote, you need to flag people who are friends of wjc, that is william jefferson clinton of course. this is senior state department official who is juggling incoming offers. to funnel assistance from the state department over to these companies that were going to come in. she says most i could probably i.d. but not all. this is an fob, with a exclamation point, an forwards a note later with a woman's offer for medical supplies. if she is not, she should go
4:48 pm
directly to this is the regular government website the way other people would enter and make bids for these products but if you're a friend of bill you could come in, what we learned later was they were not competitively bidding contracts. they were just given contracts. in some cases there was outright fraud of people came in through the clintons. what is your opinion of that and what did that do to haitians so desperately in need of help? >> it has an entirely crushed haiti. in 2010 we had an earthquake that killed 315,000 people. that is really a deadly earthquake. millions were left without shelter. president obama named bill clinton as one should be in charge of reconstruction of haiti. in that process the clinton foundation through u.s. taxpayers money, and people
4:49 pm
giving money worldwide to the clinton foundation for relief effort to haiti, contributed about $14.3 billion, we're talking about billion dollars. okay? and, the haitian people have not seen even 2% of that money. melissa: 2%? >> nothing was done in haiti. melissa: and "the new york times" has investigated this. lots of other people have and found it was donors to the clinton foundation were then given these contracts and they went in. >> exactly. melissa: go ahead. >> exactly. and actually they were given those contracts. they were given millions of dollars from that money and nothing was actually done in haiti. melissa: yeah. >> haiti just like everything the clintons have done is pay for play, and think control haiti and they have been controlling haiti since 1994 when they invaded haiti. myself, i can tell you that back in, in august of 1994 our,
4:50 pm
always in contact with u.s. officials and one of the persons that came to see in haiti and talked to me about four hours was former congressman bill richardson. i explained to bill the exact situation that was happening in haiti. a week later, messenger from the u.s. embassy came to me with a message from bill clinton. offered to buy me out. make me the richest man in haiti. melissa: okay. >> i refused. i said tell mr. clinton i'm not for sale. a week later visa, at that time i was not citizen of the united states. residence visa was revoked by executive order from bill clinton. what the clintons have done in haiti is unbelievable and the american people should know about it. melissa: yeah absolutely. we're up against a hard break. it will cut us off. i hope you will come back an
4:51 pm
tell us more about your story this is so important. >> oh, definitely. david: we have to have him back. melissa: their work focused on helping people of haiti in time of urgent need. you disagree with that. david: what a bombshell. we're coming right back.
4:52 pm
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4:55 pm
host of "war stories" and former u.s. government counterterrorism coordinate under president reagan. ollie, her taking credit the way she did when you read these transcripts is awful. she is not the one who went and hunted them an pulled the trigger. >> furthermore, this is not surprising given her very well-documented disregard for classified material. david: exactly. >> i heard donald trump say in that debate, he wants to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her after he is elected. i'm no fan of special prosecutors but stories like this ought to have her worried because these emails disclose content not just to wall street bankers. it was also given to people in canada and brazil. david: specifically, ollie, forgive me for interrupting, specifically she talked about how they to the this bodyguard, former bodyguard of osama bin laden apparently tapped into his phone. that is hoe tracked down the information. that alone reveals a lot what we do shouldn't have been given out. >> it is different than the story told to bin with.
4:56 pm
i have to wonder, at this point, david, what she said in these speeches is one of the reasons why what happened to that poor pakistani doctor, dr. fridi, sentenced to 31 years in prison for espionage because the pakistanis found out things that led them to believe at least that he participated in the information that led to his arrest. now this is the kind of thing for which, you know the clinton-obama-kerry administration has done nothing to get him out despite their secret deals and ransom payments to the ayatollahs in tehran. david: got to leave it there. >> tell you what. this is criminal. david: loose lips sink ships and also kill people. >> every time. david: colonel north we appreciate it. melissa: we'll be right back. when it comes to healthcare,
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
. >> breaking news, law enforcement officials confirming earlier reports that the deadly small plane crash in connecticut yesterday was intentional.
5:00 pm
>> wow, officers refusing to comment why they believe the crash happened on purpose, dating the investigation is ongoing, the federal aviation administration is involved in the investigation. >> right next to pratt whitney, the corporate headquarters that makes jet engines. that might have been involved. "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: pick up on the breaking news. the fbi joining a plane crash investigation by a jordanian national in connecticut. the national transportation safety board just moments ago confirming it was an intentional act. questions swirl whether this was an act of terror. we will have more on that in a moment. first, a fourth wikileaks data dump over a thousand new e-mails with more breaking details from hillary clinton's campaign. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. from deplorables to irredeemable, now a top clinton campaign spokeswoman caught mocking conservative catholics


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