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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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u.s. military strikes back with cruise missile attacks in yemen. we've got the latest coming up. on to the campaign trail. chaos there. donald trump is threatening to sue after new allegations this morning in new york times. leaked emails show campaign chief asked her to equal, quote, needy latinos, yesterday trump and clinton on the attack. >> not only women that he has disrespected, he's insulted practically everybody. >> the hillary clinton documents, have you been seeing what's going on, released by wikileaks make more clear than ever just how much is at stake in november. the election of hillary clinton would lead in my opinion to the almost total destruction of our country as we know it. maria: wall street reacts to
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presidential campaign. we've got the numbers. two boston police officers in critical condition this morning following a shooting in boston with the suspect wearing armor. we are following their condition. we will bring it to you. in business this morning wells fargo ceo is out and details on the exit and phoney account scandal coming up. markets this morning looking low e. -- lower. that's due out later this morning. in europe stocks were lower across the board. that set the tone. the cac quarante down a quarter percent. weakness also in london two-thirds of one percent. in asia overnight, hang seng top loser. other majors mostly lower with the exception of china. the 8carat blue diamond that could be yours. we will bring it to you and tell
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you about the gem. those stories this morning. joining me to break it down dagen mcdowell, steve hilton is with us and pollster lee carter. big stories today, dagen. dagen: big stories. i was going through a lot of the headlines it's like anticatholic, groping, touching, you can't imagine that these news items are about a presidential election. hacked emails, you name it and it's all about the two people running for the white house. astonishing. maria: we have an amazing lineup. stay was. former speaker of the house newt gringrich is with us. sebastián goerka will weigh in. laura ib gram is with us, don't miss a moment of it. we have a show coming up this morning. breaking overnight. u.s. launching missiles on
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yemen's red sea after iranian rebels targeted missiles at u.s. navy warships. radar site has been destroyed in the missile strike, marks the first time u.s. retaliated against the rebels in yemen's civil war. we will bring you the latest developments as we get them as the situation unfolds, more twists and turns on the trail while donald trump stumping in florida before heading into ohio. hillary clinton goes to california. this is coming after donald trump denies this morning that he touched two women inappropriately. hillary clinton capitalizing on this to sway voters, watch. >> i am tired of all the devisions and the barriers. i want to bring people together across party lines that divide us not just people that vote for me, i want to be the president, yes, for democrats but also republicans and independents and i am very
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grateful for all of the republicans who are supporting me. i want to give you something to vote for and not against. maria: donald trump threatening to sue. to reach back decades in attempt to smear mr. trump, sexual assault and sets new low for where the media is willing to go in efforts to determine this election. i want to bring in former kasich senior adviser and republican strategist. thanks so much for weighing. in -- the american people is watching reality show. every night a tape drops and wikileaks comes out.
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it's not a great place for dem dem ri or nominees. it's almost a sad state of affairs. maria: it's also quite specific timing, isn't it? when you look at these big stories that have come out, they -- they coincide exactly to the wikileaks dump. >> that's a detraction. it's politics. that's the way it's done. there's not a lot of time here to come back and try to make a play for the middle or suburban women. that's already happening. more than raw third of the electorate would have been already voted. maria: let's talk about the allegations, what do you see it. dagen: with the allegations is a pileon of what we already know.
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i don't know how much more damage it does but what is -- what could be more damaging to the trump campaign is the fact that -- there's legitimacy does not cover with the same headlines, with the same vigor. i'm not comparing what he's been accused of to anything on the clinton side, but i think that it bears attention. check out trump tape how democrats are using the hot mic fiasco. the seven oddest things that donald trump thinks. rnc tv ad spending for trump is zero dollars. maria: not a word about what the religious comments. maria: christians and catholics are outraged this morning. dagen: clinton campaign they
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won't confirm or deny authenticity. repugnant comments about c cathalocism and in relation to man who founded news corp. in addition to robert thompson, jim paul mary and one of the guys from center for american progress. the things that they say in emails are repug in and about and this is a window into the intolerance secular soul of the democratic establishment and describes why it's done so little to accommodate request for religious liberty. maria: not a word, correct? not a word in washington post? dagen: the only thing that came ap story in the search. maria: they do have allegations from a woman 30 years ago and how republicans are behaving in
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the aftermath. dagen: two main stories. maria: you were involved in britain exiting the eu and the ground swell, they wanted change do you see similarities. >> the clinton campaign and media are desperate for it to be about anything other than the big change that america needs, anything other than that because thu know that they lost the argument so the only way to win election is making it personal stories. dagen: let me just add the john podesta telling to call needy latinos. where's the front page. maria: that's not political either. dagen: i couldn't find it. not in the top stories. >> the judgment and distaken for people is to clear coming out of
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the clinton campaign and media and yet they're claiming that donald trump and his supporters are such by gots and intoll reabt and yet on the other side look at all the people they center called idiots, deplorables, belittled. daug daig bill clinton calling trump supporters a bunch of red necks. donald trump is trying to reach suburban men. we are looking at a real-life train wreck. what are we going to do about it? maria: isn't it partly because the party refuses to stay
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together? where was john kasich when it was in ohio? he has been proven right in where he has been. we have a nominee here who is being accused every day of sexual assault. that's not a party that i want to be part of myself. i'm more word about paul ryan and house majority. i would say localize races because the tsunami is coming against you. >> could i jump in? i don't understand why the party can't get together behind the policy agenda that trump is putting out. i just can't understand why that -- maria: he signed a pledge. >> thepolis are certainly important but i also don't think people where he is going to go with the policies.
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in the 90's we were all against bill clinton. character counts here too. the reality is we are facing a train wreck and if we are not doing anything about it, we will lose house and senate and we have to do anything to preserve. maria: are you worried about losing the presidency? >> i think it's already done. i don't know how he can rebound with suburban women and also with suburban men too. i think this race is almost over. >> you -- it's more important to you that the person is there than the policies. you're dismissing -- >> no, no. that's not accurate assessment matters. we are talking about the presidency of the united states. hillary clinton is an awful candidate. she should not be president. there's no doubt about it. this is the problem for a lot of us republicans out here and people who have worked in the
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party. there's not one person that we believe that's qualified to be president. but we have an opportunity to save the senate and to save the house and i'm trying to send a wake-up call to people, let's do that. maria: you have 30 days left, 21 days left to try to save the presidency as well. that's where you are right now. let me ask you, jay. >> i wanted to say to jay, you talk about the 90's, i remember very clearly hillary clinton and bill clinton sitting there talking about personal behavior and him saying what really matters is policy. i think the people will be wise enough to ignore personal behavior. hillary clinton nodding along and if it was okay in the 90's to ignore the personal behavior and mow cus on the policy, what's changed now? >> no, no, look. i think i'm on record saying character counts, you want someone with good character with -- maria: what you're saying hillary clinton's character you
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want to see in the white house? >> no, no, please don't say that . maria: there are two choices in this election. >> we have to try to save our house majority and save our senate. that's what i want to do. i don't deal in places where i want to go. i'm a republican operative and i want to win the races and i'm sending signal around the country because we are hitching a wagon to a train that's going off the cliff right now. maria: good luck to you. >> thanks for having me. maria: live to the third presidential debate moderatorred by our own fox news chris wallace. coverage 6:00 p.m. october 19th. mornings with maria will be live from vegas october 19th and 20th
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their life this morning. cheryl: city commissioner is calling this a domestic incident gone bad. >> we have shots fired. >> i think we have an officer down. >> we need an balance. cheryl: you heard the call, first responders rushed the two officers to the hospital, both in critical condition. we don't have an update right now. that's all we know. boston pd eventually killed the suspect at a later shootout, the man was wearing body armored and nine other officers were treating for minor injuries or stress. again, we will bring you details when we get them. a week after matthew, bermuda is baring down the hatchets. the storm strengthened into a cat 4 in just hours. nasa released incredible images yesterday of the storm.
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this is nicole from space. the hurricane center urges anyone in bermuda to prepare for powerful rain and wind, expect today pass over sometime today. business headlines this morning, toyota launching a global recall for 3,402,016 and b2011 2016 and 2017 preus. toyota is reporting crashes, injuries and even deaths but they won't give out details, we should say. auto maker notifying owners in november and repair the problem for free. finally, maria, a blue diamond expected to fetch a lot of green. the 8 carat ring 15 to
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$25 million. the sky blue die moan is -- diamond. back in may sold for 57.6 million, most expensive gem ever sold at option. i think it would look lovely on you. maria: beautiful there. in the wake of worsening phoney account scandal. ceo is out and more what's next for the bank following john stumpf's resignation. hillary clinton talking trump in the campaign trail but leaked emails shows a much cozy sentiments. back in a minute this man creates software, used by this bank,
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maria: welcome back, the fallout of a wells fargo phoney account scandal continue to go grow with the company announcing ceo john stumpf will step down effective immediately. jon hilsenrath, john, a lot of people were expecting us to happen because we haven't heard anything anything from warren if you -- buffet. what's your take? jon: this is the accountability that people we wanted to see after the financial crisis, eight years too late. basically we have a ceo here who had $41 million of compensation called back and he lost his job and people were saying, why didn't that kind of thing happened to the ceo's of banks that got bailed out during the financial crisis. i would say this is a step in the right direction in terms of how banks are overseeing and how
6:24 am
their boards are managed. maria: you're talking about tim sloan coming in. he was the ceoer for a long time. how do investors need to see this, it's in the like an outsider coming in. is it the same culture? >> it's still the top guy who lost his job and when tim sloan comes in he has to understand that his neck is on the line if the problem persists in the place. >> that's exactly right for the need of accountability and i think this is a really good example, but i think you're right. the culture is more important than the personnel, than the way policies are made, it's about what really is expected behavior. that is what really needs to change and someone from the inside doesn't send signal. jon: 9 and a half million dollars for the way it's
6:25 am
managing information disclosure and equities unit, people look at that and they say nine and a half million dollars for a bank like that, that's -- that's a couple of months of compensation for somebody's top executives. i don't think that cuts it in this day and age. maria: go ahead. >> thinking about how elizabeth warren railed on the ceo of wells fargo, what -- what do you think is going to happen now with the relationship with financial institutions? we know that there was just such a disdain, does this refer us back to institutions? jon: we saw the same thing happen with jpmorgan when the london whale trading incident happened.
6:26 am
i think the congress played a major role in driving him out in this case. you could argue about whether that's the appropriate role for congress to play or not but the fact of the matter they are in the public. their necks are on the line. maria: s&p 500 earnings expected to be down 1% in the third quarter. we have a list here. rich peterson, emergency -- energy going to be down and what's priced into this market, jon? >> well, you know, we see the strange thing when energy prices rise we see s&p 500 stock rise because energy shares are under so much downward pressure because of weak oil prices. when opec a few days ago said that they were going to cut protection, energy prices rose.
6:27 am
the stocks rose and now that's all reversing itself. maria: we will leave it there. great piece in the journal about technology. good to see you. jon hilsenrath joining us. investors eyeing election day but it's not just about the race of the white house. implications of a democratic sweep of the senate and house and markets, we have been seeing markets trade lower. politics having a lot to do with it. investing from millennials, app that's getting the support of jared and snoop dogg. back in a minute ? i'm hearing d things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much.
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appointments available now. maria: good thursday morning, i'm maria bartiromo. october 13th, 6:30 a.m. east coast. hillary clinton will head to california while donald trump will continue to campaign in florida. both candidates encouraging voters to get out to the polls. >> we are competing everywhere and the polls are tightening because i think americans want to turn out in as big a number as possible to reject divisive campaign that's being run by my component. >> all young people, believe me, the young people like me better than bernie. go out and register and we are going to go an awfully big -- i tell you what honestly, we are
6:31 am
going to have a big four years, eight years, we are going to have a big great future for our country. maria: meanwhile hillary clinton praising wall street during speeches. the fbi investigating small plane crash in connecticut. the crash was caused by jordanian national with student visa and that it was intentional. the startling details coming up. plus deploying drones, how drones are the newest weapon against fight against zika virus. then robin hood to the rescue, the hit new stock trading app that targets millennial investors has added premium services. we will discus that with the company's cofounder. futures indicating a lower opening, investors eyeing this morning. all due out later this morning, but seems to be politics weighing on the markets. last week in europe all the
6:32 am
major indices are in deep red. take a look. declines across the euro zone. the hang seng top loser, down as you see there one to two-thirds percent. wikileaks, 80-page document of clinton speech excerpts. joining us right now gfi group john, john, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: we want to look at markets and politics with you. in a 2014 speech clinton said this, when i was a senator of new york i represented and worked with many talented principled people who made living in finance. i did all i could to make sure they continued to prosper. while campaigning hillary clinton is warning against the excesses of wall street, though, but the speech excerpts show her offering platterring words when
6:33 am
she's in front of a financial firm. so what does wall street think about hillary clinton? is she going to believe flattering, is she going to be helpful or make things more difficult? >> i don't think she's going to make things more difficult. she's probably going to make things more difficult for health care, that's why we saw health care fall 3%. she actually came out and said i have a private speech and i have a public speech. so when she's with -- add the cocktail party after the speech or before the speech she has certain things to stay to constituents and obviously during the speech she has things to say and when she's in public she has even other things to say . [laughter] >> she's from new york, she knows wall street, she knows bank, jamie diamond is here, we have goldman sachs, those are big power players, without wall street the country doesn't work.
6:34 am
if we don't -- we have the greatest capital markets in the world. we are not in a situation where europe finds themselves where the only access through credits is banks. that's a problem. maria: you said something unnerving and a lot of people out there, she says things publicly and things privately. we are trying to figure out what she is actually going to do in terms of policy and we know health care traded down but what about financials, oil, with the epa regulations, how do you see it? >> i think -- first of all, i am astounded right now that people are saying that hillary clinton is going to be the one that's going to rally the markets. i heard so many analysts say that when hillary clinton performs well in the debates, the next day the market rallies, when donald trump performs well it goes into a decline. yet she's promising more
6:35 am
regulation, higher tax codes. so i do not understand -- maria: uncertainty. dagen: the rates in the 70's. >> if we look historic democratic presidential candidates and administration, the market does better than republicans for whatever reason you want to say. so whether they're coming off allow base and higher -- maria: you had the reagan boom. >> we had clinton. i'm talking about historically since -- >> why is that? >> it's a combination. the market was already down one thing, it could be also the fact that depending on when you take office whether it's a split house, if you have congress, if you don't, you know, what do you say about bill clinton, he was able to get both sides together, he had gringrich and republicans and contract with america and he was able to get bipartisan things through. i think hillary probably may also have that ability to bring
6:36 am
people together. obviously for the last eight years we had nothing but divisiveness and it really comes from the top. the president has to get people in the room. so trump -- that's the art of the deal, the whole thing whether you think it's a myth, reality, he's able to get people together. that's what the president has to do. dagen: the money issue. if you look at the securities and investment industry, it has given hillary clinton almost $59 million, far and away more money than any other candidate. maria: they haven't given trump anything. dagen: $585,000. he is still below ted cruz, scott walker lindsey graham even carly fiorina. >> he's running as an outsider. dagen: maybe they have given a bad bet. she could easily go after a whole host of industries
6:37 am
including them if she's -- buddy, buddy with elizabeth warren. maria: look what happened to health care this week? the smart money is saying, wait a second, hillary did well in the debate, hillary is -- may win the election, i better sell all my healthcare holdings. dagen: one of the first thing she does is negotiate drug prices on behalf of medicare. >> the democrats take over the senate and right now there's ten -- ten democratic seats up for reelection and 24 republicans and president obama's approval rating is 55. so there's basically a swing that the really only need six seats and when the approval rating that the president is that high there's a probability that they're going to win top nine and average of five. the republicans are teetering on losing. maria: markets have been down in
6:38 am
triple digits now. >> that's one of the reasons since the weekend that they're worried about the democrats taking both obviously the presidential election and the senate. >> in specific sectors there's a threat from clinton but generally the economy would do better if you had a republican in the white house and house. >> we are going to get positive things for growth. maria: you're not going to get tax cuts. >> when i talk about tax cuts, i think you're going to get corporate tax cuts. maria: she hasn't said one peep. >> it doesn't matter. you're going to get all the money. we need to get people to work, americans to work. they want to get the people from the bottom up, right, they're not going to be doing a lot of things that are going to hurt the bottom. they want to put people -- construction workers, all the people hurt since the great recession, we need to get jobs back. >> is that the difference between public and private
6:39 am
positions? >> yeah, i mean, that's -- that's what we are hoping that all the money that -- the trillions of dollars that all the central banks have pump intoed the markets really has not worked because there's no -- there's nothing that's going to put that money to work. so now we need something on the fiscal side to give a push. maria: clinton is not talking about corporate tax cuts but raising taxes. >> not on corporations. there's a difference overseas money which is both democrats and republicans want and it's really up to the president to get that money back. >> she's doing that through punishing companies and trump is bringing money through lower tax rate. >> she did not say -- i don't think she wants to raise taxes on corporations. dagen: $250 billion.
6:40 am
1.4 largely on welfare america. >> that's a private, right, you have private and public. but the fact of the matter is that we need to get the middle ground. that's what the president is really supposed to do. you have circles and you need to find out where we could get agreement. >> remember the pressure that would be on her. let's imagine she wins, all the pressure on her will be coming from the left, from bernie sanders wing. maria: elizabeth warren. >> she responds from that pressure. >> the pressure worldwide globally so to get fiscal spending going and for those countries who have the ability to cut taxes and to get deficit spending to do it. that is what we are facing now because central banks are basically impitent.
6:41 am
we cannot pick up anybody when we have -- maria: right. >> the only -- regardless of who the president is, regardless who the president is, we need to have better growth worldwide. so the new normal is one and a half percent. nobody is going to be lifted out of poverty at one and a half percent. maria: that's why we are trying to see where the growth is. what's your feeling with the market right now? >> last night we had a bad china -- that's why the market is down, s&p down, technical level that is we broke, down 21, 20. the fears have gotten the upper hand right now. they're fearing democratic sweep and also a little bit of rate hike fears after the minutes came out. maria: global story of china. china weakness there.
6:42 am
>> weak exports. maria: thank you so much, john. information at risk after hack attack. details on the data breach theft. why your boss may be to blame for your unused days off. back in a minute when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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maria: welcome back, take a look at futures. the dow industrial expected down 100 points. vera bradley following a data breach, the handbag maker announcing that payment system was hacked putting customers' credit card information at risk. disney set to release the much anticipated trailer for the star wars, set to be released before christmas but merchandise is hitting sales before the movie. connecticut plane crash that killed one man. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: investigators are saying that the crash appears to be a suicide.
6:46 am
remember yesterday it appeared intentional, authorities say student pilot was flying plane when she -- he no longer we wanted to fly and struggle to regain control of the plane but obviously instructor unable to do that. well, federal government has decide today support two companies that plan to use drones to fight zika. help developing drones that can drop off zika fighting mosquitoes or lab samples. americans have a reputation of being workalcoholics workers say
6:47 am
that management send negative messages about taking time off, maria. americans were hard workers, how many years have you left your vacation on the table? i bet several in your career. maria: no, i actually take vacation. dagen: i do now. maria: you feel taking time off has a negative -- >> to some people being busy equals, you know, being important and i think certainly in different generations it means different things but we are seeing millennials and young people say it's more important to have quality of life than crazy, crazy hours. dagen: being the daughter of people who owned a small business, my parents never not worked, any parents never took a vacation ever, maybe we would go to the beach for a weekend, but we they never took vacation till i was an adult.
6:48 am
to this day my father is why aren't you working saturday or sunday. i saw niel is on live, why weren't you live. maria: i get to call at 9:05 when i'm not on. dagen: it's not are you okay, why aren't you at work? it's never are you sick. it's why are you at work? maria: funny. dagen: true. >> the culture is really different. it's very much about the quality of life and balancing, not working all hours, it's interesting. i'm a founder. we don't. i'm older than most founders but we definitely have that culture too. dagen: y'all got lazy, didn't you?
6:49 am
>> totally different philosophy on life. maria: in china they work and live in the same building, there's a big trend where you have house and office in the same building so you never take off. >> no, thank you. maria: robinhood are giving the app an upgrade, back in a minute across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley,
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maria: welcome back, a brokerage company attracting client base, millennials. robinhood allows access to commission trading for u.s.
6:53 am
stocks and exchange traded funds through smart phones. joining mel right now vladimir, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having. maria: you have a million users already? >> yes. buy and sell stocks commission free. we are mobile first so we are available on iphone and android phones and it's been tremendous since we've gone live a little bit over a year ago, more than a million people have signed up and more than 12 billion that is been transacted through the platform. maria: you released a more advanced version of the app called robinhood gold. >> robinhood gold is a sweep of premium features that includes access to extended hours trading, premarket and post
6:54 am
market as well as margin trading and access to a feature which we call instant deposits which allows people to use funds from bank account to buy and sell stocks immediately after initiating deposit. maria: how do you make money on it? >> robinhood is a premium service starting at $10 a month. very simple and easy for users to understand. you get billed monthly and it's -- maria: i'm trying to figure out how robinhood, how are you monetizing this. >> robinhood gold is premium service. the base robinhood app for people that don't upgrade to gold is always free. maria: you have high-profile celebrities, snoop doggs, what was the draw for getting celebrities involved. >> i think they were interested
6:55 am
in the concept. you look at our space stock brokerage, nothing has changed in 30 years. there's not a lot going on and we set out to reinvent that and that mission resinated with lots and lots of people around the world specially young people and, you know, a lot of our investors found it really compelling that this new product was resinating with a lot of the same people that listen to their music. maria: so interesting. your background, let's talk about your background, you graduated from stanford, you previously worked in finance familiar with the industry. in terms of overall experience it's just buying and trading stocks, it's not like you're getting resurge and other things the broker charge for? >> that's correct. all of our trades are free.
6:56 am
your typical brokerage charges you 7 to $10 per trade. even though there's no sort of typical classroom education or analysis content in the app, robinhood allows people to learn by doing, smarting with small amounts of money and we see a lot of customers creating mini diversified portfolios with even just a handful of shares and that wouldn't have been possible with any other brokerage if you were paying 7 to $10 per every single transaction and you have account minimums of hundreds of several thousands of dollars. maria: what's the risk? you basically buy and selling trading stocks from your phones, should i be worried that, you know, the transaction is not safe? >> i think a lot -- a lot of people, security is something we take super seriously. we, you know, use bank-level
6:57 am
security, best practices. that's something we spend a lot of -- a lot of effort on. maria: we will leave it there. good to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. maria: we will be watching ro binhood app. trump fires back against new allegations this morning. former speaker of the house nut gringrich will join us in the next hour. coming up mornings with maria. stay with us i'm jamie foxx for verizon, introducing lte advanced powering america's largest and fastest 4g lte network ever.
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maria: good thursday morning, everybody, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday october 13th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. chaos on the campaign trail. donald trump threatening to sue after sex allegations this morning. hillary clinton's campaign asking her to call, quote, needy latinos and mocking catholics. yesterday trump and clinton on the attack. >> donald trump is taking a different tone. his campaign is saying that they're going to use a scorched strategy. that just shows how desperate they are. >> there's never been a time like this in our country and congress in all fairness and i'm so disappointed in them and i mean both sides, i'm not talking republican, i'm talking everybody. this is crime at the highers level. she shouldn't be allowed to run for president.
7:01 am
maria: tom brady asked about his good friend donald trump's locker room talk. response coming up. cruise missiles attacks in yemen after failed missile attacks on a u.s. destroyer. plus a major recall to tell you about. warning customers about cooking doug bars, listeria concern. chipotle strategy with win back customers, will the strategy work? we will tell you about the coffee and beer combo. take a look at futures. drop at 100 points. investors are watching for earnings and import prices that's due out later this morning. of course, earnings expected to be down for the third quarter overall. in europe the major indices are deep in red as you will see.
7:02 am
down three quarters of a percent. in asia stocks ended mix. indicate vestors are eyeing weak data out of china. the hang seng top loser, down over one and a half percent as you see there. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to break it all down dagen mcdowell and steve hilton is with us and pollster lee carter. great show so far, you guys. >> great to be here. maria: joining us this morning the author of defeatingihad sebastián georka and talk show host laura engram and federal reserve president patrick, big show this hour. do stay with us as we continue watching watching the new headlines fast and furious. in the race to the white house hillary clinton is campaigning in california this morning while donald trump is trying to regain ground in florida. trump is on the defensive once again, threatening now to sue "the new york times" over
7:03 am
accusations this morning that he sexually assaulted four women. the campaign spokesperson released statement yesterday saying for "the new york times" to launch a complete false character assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. joining us right now is the former speaker of the house and author of the new book treason. good to see you. >> good to see you. maria: first let's talk about this scandal and whether or not this is going to have legs? >> well, "the new york times" goes back 30 years to find somebody with a bad airplane flight. i'm happy to stipulate donald trump in the past. donald trump in the past may have been crude, if you're willing to stipulate that hillary clinton is corrupt and dangerous. maria: we were talking about how coordinated this has all been earlier. when she got pneumonia and she
7:04 am
collapsed on 9/11 ceremony, the next day we are talking about the birther issue. when debbie wasserman schultz was pushed out on day one of the democratic national convention, suddenly we are talking about russia. now we've got, you know, trump battling back from a scandal last week and now all of a sud tennessee new york times has this -- >> think about the other things that they could be covering. apparently there's a growing story that the fbi agents all believed that she should have been prosecuted. comey sold them out for political reasons. dagen: fox news reporting and no where else. >> of course. she says in her secret speech her dream, big word, her dream is a western hemisphere with no borders. none of this mean 600 million people come to the u.s. but
7:05 am
ms13, the murdering gang in el salvador, the mexican drug cartels, the colombian cocaine dealers could all come in. if trump would just slow down and focus on referendum, she has an open border for 600 million people, vote for hillary. if you think we should actually control border, vote for me. if he would just stick -- dagen: can i just add and say something, though? since the republican convention, that is actually the phrase that we have heard over and over again if trump would just dot, dot. the problem is trump -- if trump hasn't just done -- it's a traditional politician but he continually hurts himself and his own campaign. >> yes. dagen: and his supporters, newt, speaker. >> i think this is a guy who is
7:06 am
riding a wave of extraordinary hostility to washington. people who think the city is corrupt, which is it is. people who think are being soldout, which they are, a huge base -- i have been doing a lot of book signing, people who turn out are overwhelming anticlinton and overwhelmingly for trump and if he could understand. he's a very gifted amateur who has come a long way but allows his personality to get in the way of his election and that's candidly a mistake. maria: when you the mainstream media basically supporting the narrative that -- that he's so bad and she's the only one qualified, speaker, wikileaks just put out another 80 pages worth of clinton speech excerpts of her praising wall street but we are not seeing a lot of backlash this morning. we are not seeing any coverage of this and the wikileaks emails -- >> starting with somebody going up to elizabeth warren saying, now that you know your nominee secretly for amounts of money was praising wall street, how do
7:07 am
you feel about her? elizabeth warren would be the leading person -- at least half of the sanders' voters. this is a simple of trump focusing, driving the message, at least half of those voters i think would suddenly be shaken for support for clinton because she's a total liar and in there's a secret hillary who is coming out in various los angeles, frankly a very frightening person. >> in her own words she said that. >> yeah. >> we were just talking about this. when donald trump is pulled out loud over the telephone, he has a different result than when you do an online poll. when you talk to people on focus groups and out loud versus what they where down in private. totally interest result. donald trump is outperforming his polls by about 6 points. why is that? >> the elite media -- it's not
7:08 am
that they are for hillary. the elite media is hillary. they are the left. they are the establishment. you lived through this with brexit. they are doing anything they can to suppress the vote. luckily we have a secret ballot. we will see trump run ahead. the last cnn poll who over sampleled democrats was taken over the debate. his support comes back dramatically after the debate, yeah, she is a liar, she stands for terrible policies. you are seeing in the article this morning which didn't make page one, the afghan army is crumbling. the clinton-obama strategy in the middle east is
7:09 am
disintegrating in our eyes. >> how in the very few days left do you feel that he can get to that big question of delivering the big change that the country needs and getting rid of thishe? how does he do that when you have day after day have stories coming out? >> part of the wall street journal editorial today about the anticatholic democrats -- dagen: i actually read from last hour. >> again, goes back to wikileaks which is, you sudden realize that top people in the clinton campaign are deeply anticatholic and antichristian and you say i wonder what kind of -- dagen: antifaith, regardless. if those remarks had been made about muslims, president obama would have a press conference about it condemning what had been said if it was a republican who made those remarks.
7:10 am
>> i would imagine remarks about gays andless -- lesbians. >> she goes high when everybody else goes low. >> 800 people in brooklyn consciously propping her up and giving her the next talking point, the next clever language. but the challenge she faces in the end, all coming out, in the end she is a liar and in the send she is corrupt and policies are a nightmare and in every case for the wrong things. maria: i was happy to see paul ryan come out aggressively against comments on catholics. let's talk about the current speaker of the house. you were in the seat. i want to know what you will be doing at this moment. paul ryan is continue to go slam trump -- he's being slammed for wavering support of trump.
7:11 am
listen to this. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going. in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country, so, you know, you would think they say great going, don, let's beat this crook, no, he doesn't do that. there's a whole deal going on. i mean, you know, there's a whole deal going on and we are going to figure it out. i always figure things out but there's a whole sinister deal going on. maria: what's the deal, speaker? >> first of all, let me say about trump who i admire and try to help as much as i can. there's a big trump and a little trump. he's mad over not getting a phone call. i mean -- maria: he's not getting the support 27 days left.
7:12 am
>> listen to the whole package there. donald trump has one opponent, her name is hillary clinton, her name is not paul ryan or anybody else. it's hillary clinton. donald trump makes the case because the elite media won't and has to make a clear that's unified, simple the people in the staff. my advice to paul ryan, yesterday he took a step in the right direction. focus on defeating hillary. i would say focus on defeating hillary. you don't have to focus on trump. dagen: on that point, we had a former adviser on the 6:00 o'clock hour and said it's over and donald trump won't win. >> he helped kasich to get through one state. i love advisers who have no clue about america. you look at consequence of hillary presidency which end america as we know it, you look at the radical on her court, her dream of open borders, et cetera, be hillary. if you happen to get trump as president in passing because you
7:13 am
beat hillary, fine, don't spend any energy spending trump. spend energy beating hillary and if ryan would do that, trump would be happy. maria: do you think he could still win this? >> trump? >> iyeah. >> it's very much like brexit, austria election. all around the world, no, i'm not going to vote for establishment thug that's corrupt. maria: newt gringrich, former speaker of the house. newt is coming back because we are going to taug about his new book called treasn maria: moderated by fox news chris wallace, special prime time coverage that week will be at 6:00 p.m. eastern and we will be live on mornings with maria
7:14 am
on wednesday and thursday next week. isis eyeing a new weapon, drones, that's next.
7:15 am
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not just insured. chubb insured. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. maria: welcome back, the new york-new jersey bombing suspect set to be arraigned today. cheryl: ahmad hearing will be in new jersey today. he's still recovering from injuries sustained during police
7:17 am
shootout on september 17th that lead to capture. rahami charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer and also accused of detonating a bomb in manhattan that injured 31 people. well, another headlines this morning, hooters is suing owner of franchise restaurants for damaging its reputation, the company alleges in a lawsuit that the owner of a franchise in new jersey closed the restaurant without its permission. the company went to investigate, found the restaurant in deplorable condition. the restaurant failed a food safety test. well, nutri subpoena cm voluntarily recalling -- nutrisystem bar. the product was sold at stores and dozen states that include pennsylvania and new york. it was also sold online through
7:18 am
amazon and finally breaking news out of europe a few moments ago. 75-year-old music legend bob dylan has nobodyel prize for, quote, having created new poetic expression with the great american song tradition, end quote. the statement released from the swedish academy. first american, maria, to win prize since 1993. kind of some exciting news for bob dylan and american fans as well. dagen: i had quick advice for everyone. there's album by the band called live at the academy of music 1971 that was a series of shows they did at the end of '71 and bob dyla, in the band was backing band originally and comes out on stage and sings like a rolling stone, it's live, with horns and it's the best
7:19 am
thing you'll do today. maria: love. >> great. maria: still to come the debate over locker room talk, how some of the names in biggest sports are answering about talks. coffee and beer, the new every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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maria: welcome back, former house speaker newt gringrich is the author of 28 books. latest, newest, hard-pounding political thriller, dances line of fiction and reality. it's called treason.
7:23 am
newt's wife is an accomplished children's book author. the best-selling authors join us this morning to talk about latest releases. good to see you both. how fun for you to be working on books together. >> it is. remarkable. maria: let's talk about the books. speaker gringrich let's talk about treason. >> we realized that they had many as 500 influence in the united states. i ask myself what if there were two or three people in key positions say at the fbi or homeland security who actually favored isis who had been converted, one reason or another they decided that they on the other team and how dangerous would that be and complicated it would be and so a very fast-moving action pack at what could happen at the u.s. and
7:24 am
that the war that we are in is real. this is not some game and that our enemies are spreading by internet, they are spreading by migration, doing a lot of different things that we don't understand and as a result you saw it in orlando, the hearing today, arrangement today in new jersey, i mean, there is a growing threat of something real happening and it's a real contrast with the wikileaks report from -- that hillary clinton said, she wasn't worried about terrorism in the united states. she really ought to be worried about the terrorism in the united states because it can back dangerous. maria: it's extraordinary what's happening in the political season right now. image you can get incredible story lines. but this is a sequel, right? >> a sequel of a book called duplicity. you have a somalian american who is patriotic, his brother is the number two leader of somalia and the tension in the family
7:25 am
between the two very different paths and how that works out that with the presidential campaign, congressional campaign and violence in somalia is really remarkable and that led us into treason. we have our chief action person that is a female marine major and she plays a very key role all the way through the book in trying to deal with what's going on. maria: you're also working real-time distribution like the internet? the way that they're soliciting people online today is also part. >> sure. let me just say the story this morning about them using drones to deliver ied's. we are not up against stupid people. they are very different from us. some of them went to mit. you are dealing with people that are fully able to access the moderate world and they don't have our bureaucracy. they can go to amazon and buy immediately whereas we have to
7:26 am
go through government that takes six months to a year. maria: fascinating. i love children's books and the illustration is absolutely beautiful. tell us about the book. what can kids learn from this? >> it's a volume. this is a series that offers guided story. it's so important for our kids today to understand some of our greatest presidents, to understand what the presidency means and to do that you learn historical leaders. eli has lots of adventures. >> it's not the first adventure. he's always looking forward his next adventure and next year we will take a look at the first ladies. maria: i love that idea. in terms of what is happening in
7:27 am
the real-world today, i mean, a child may not necessarily be learning everything at 4 year's old, 5 year's old, this is a good way for a child to understand really how government works at a very simple level. >> it's so important for kids to learn history and today many kids aren't learning history but revisionist or political history. we owe it to them. maria: i love it. dedicated to our american presidents who have led this exceptional nation. the illustration is beautiful as well. what kind of reception are you getting? >> a very good reception. we've had great book signings this week and i have a lot of el ice the elephant.
7:28 am
maria: do you have separate offices doing your own books? >> we have separate offices in our company but at the same time we talk on airplanes, sunday lunch, we are trying to think through the next thing. maria: what a great collaboration. great to see you both. thank you so much. congrats. >> thank you. maria: escalating tensions in the middle east. game on in chipotle, how you can score a free burrito. joining us next se goerka cominp guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers.
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♪ . maria: good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, october 13 top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, 2 days to go, until election day, hillary clinton will head to california today, donald trump is continuing to campaign in florida. yesterday trump warned isis will take over, if americans vote for clinton. >> they are hoping and they are praying they are hoping and praying that hillary clinton becomes president of the united states. because they will take over not only that part of the world, they will take over this country. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump treats women,
7:32 am
and what he thinks of women, and -- -- and he is doubling down on his excuse that it is just well locker-room talk. maria: tom brady is asked about his good friend donald trump's lud comments here what quarterback had to say about that breaking news overnight u.s. military struck back, with cruise missile attacks in yemen the move in retaliation to failed missile attack on u.s. navy destroyer and saddam hussein's dark seating revealed details on torture dungeon computation chamber no new york city near central park coming up chipolte giving free burritos to win customers will it work we will talk with that toasty for starbucks the coand beer combo markets under pressure futures indicating a decline better than expected 100 points this morning worry wall street couple days there could be a democratic sweep the president senate and
7:33 am
house, that is really unabout nerving aub in of sectors health care biotech eyeing earnings from jobless claims earnings as well as reports on jobless claims import prices later this morning in europe major nis in the red down 1% in any original asia ended mixed investors eyeing weak trade data out of china set tony hang seng top loser down as you see there 1 and 2/3 per went in hong kong overnight u.s. launched missiles on yemen's state after houthi rebels targeted missiles u.s. inactive confirms sights destroyed in strike marks fissure time u.s. retall yaitsdz against houthi rebels, dr. sebastian gorka good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your reaction to developments? >> well it is just one more piece of evidence that the deal brokered in desperation
7:34 am
by obama white house with iran has not paid any dividends, we have released more than 150 billion dollars, we have made ransom payments, again and again and, again, and not only has iran not started to behave brt they are behaving worse iranian naval vessels too close to our ships, whether it is iranian proxies such as in this case, actually firing missiles against our vessels the middle east is on fire, and the white house doesn't know what it is doing. maria: incredible we did this deal with iranians since only gotten worst and worst they retaliate try to come at us, and what is our response? >> well, like the response to iraq where we deploy a few more marines here a few more soldiers there pinpricks.
7:35 am
>> a few missile strikes makes no difference to yemen what that has been in civil war more than 20 years, where you have nations from the region such as saudi arabia, and iran, funding and arming proxies to take over that country, it is it is just -- it whistling past grave yard. >> donald trump keeping national security front and center said isis would prefer president clinton at a rally report shows isis deploying small commercially available drones pg twoochg explosives to drones how concerned should we be about this. >> very concerned commercial drone market accelerated rapidly, larger drones you can put pay lodz on several reports confirmed by dod one
7:36 am
of a drone being used to attack outpost, the other one, wrartdz to kurds who shot down a drone taking it ain regard to was a bobby trap an explosive payload did is antagonized as a better killed two kurds this is something you can buy anywhere you know terrorists will use them. >> you are such expert in all these i love to know how you would summarize the difference between trump and clinton on this crucial issue how would you put it really simply when you boil it down, in last few days to the election. >> having met mr. trump having spoken to him written him papers on national security, i can tell you very, very clearly, if hillary clinton is elected president americans will be in more danger than they have ever been since september 11th this is not a woman who cares about the nation she cares about the cup clinton corporation.
7:37 am
just watch clinton on youtube if mr. trump is elected i do believe jihadis will be running scared mr. trump knows one thing, and is adamant about this, we are a nation at war, against a global conspiracy gjihadist motivate there trump wants to win not going to lie who they are not going to would i using language that may offend somebody will use words jihadist radical islam what it is when it comes to national security choice could not be clearer 2010 these two chdz. >> they are trying to tarnish trump clinton campaign with hacked e-mails that are being released, the clinton campaign won't confirm or deny they issue actual e-mails but say russia donald trump in bed with russia russia behind hacking what do you say? >> it is a joke.
7:38 am
it is did eflefks in one politician in the pocket of vladimir putin it is hillary clinton remember she was secretary of state when she had to sign off on a deal that would sell 20 percent of machining's uranium to russia sold it off, at the same time, that her husband bill clinton received 120 million dollars from the russian kremlin front companies that were buying ukrainians, uranium who do you think is in pocket of vladimir putin. >> there is no evidence, whatsoever of this relationship between russia and donald trump, yet they go into narrative get behind it media as well. >> yeah, it is incredible, so mr. trump has business investments all around the world, golf courses hotels name it where is the one place he doesn't have them? russia. so if he was such big buddies with kremlin don't you think would he have a casino or two
7:39 am
in moscow i doesn't what does that tell you? >> to be fair the language talking about vladimir putin doesn't help him. >> look. this is a man who likes alpha males sees himself as alpha male looks at vladimir putin when he is a bad one evil one but i think that is where similar thee lies nothing more than that are. >> not a positive -- >> brilliance just you know, that was ego. >> i think ---would of the big questions i have is there is so much donald trump is not hillary clinton when it comes to national security what is one thing that voters should be most concerned about, or focus on that donald trump is going to do differently. >> okay, it is what made him a candidate. it is wall listen to the speech recessed by wikileaks hillary clinton says she wants a borderless hemisphere no borders in hemisphere wants
7:40 am
completely open movements of individual across the american continent, really? how do we think that is going to make americans safe look at this crimes committed by illegal immigrants in america in, sanctuary cities this is a woman says she wants more of that, do you want less crime? in america? or more, it is really that simple. maria: let me ask you this sebastian this cover "new york post" today "new york post" reports that saddam hussein had a secret torture chamber inside the mission of iraq building in new york city a did he tension room similar to other iraqi embassies around the world are you surprised they have one in the united states new york city dr. gorka. >> not at all if you look what -- saddam hussein rain,ed up there with adolf hitler, mao, he was evil evil manive seen videos from abu ghraib before
7:41 am
they invaded wives raped in front of them by saddam hussein secret police does not surprise me at all he had a torture chamber in new york to put pressure on and to do away with dissidents iraqi dissidents living in america. >> always a pleasure thanks for joining us. >> sebastian gorka, why new episode will rimmed you of one presidential nominee. >> star brukz brewing coffee a new combination of caffeine and beer. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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7:44 am
. . maria: welcome back, showing you pictures of this starbucks setting up unusual drink with schol the details. cheryl: do you know what a boiler maker is. maria: no. >>. cheryl: like a beer then a shot in it. maria: college -- cheryl: can i have what this
7:45 am
is i bring up brand-new from starbucks calling this espresso club ipa cocktail with coffee and beer, serves a shot of espresso with the beer recommending, that customers pour into beer like boiler maker a video from starbucks, by the way, it needs to be explained took a year to develop this cocktail, they are going to put on starbucks evenings menu available only a few locations now across country serving later in the day but a lot of buzz about the drink food and beer chipolte playing games with customers figured free food is one good way to bring back customers, going to send you a coupon to phone if you play newest medical game using this to highlight use of fresh ingredients, that is another food story finally
7:46 am
this one, nbc law and order the series sparking controversy one of its episodes is titled unstoppable, features a donald trump-like character by gary cole running for president, has been hit by a scandal with several women go public with damaging accusations against him episode is set to air on wednesday, october 26. before election, show has long history of basing episodes on real life events variety is reporting a lot of back-and-forth when episode was going to air caused controversy and disagreement among writers of the show back to you. maria: they wanted it to air when. >> to a. cheryl: they -- second week of october then moved to after election, and, finally, now airing before the election it will have zero impact. dagen: it is the last -- the last law and order an television original is gone criminal intent is gone, this is the last one, the old
7:47 am
shows, but i am saying, the possibly impact of this is -- >> this was a zero its some je obscene gesture i made. >> when does it air this -- they knew all of this holding it until the right time. >> right. >> even there. >> -- >> the whole of the media establishment, in their way whatever show they control whatever outlet they control, about those playing their part to try anded a to the volume against trump. >> they are. , athletes stepping out of the he locker room to weigh in on controversial remarks do not see it the same way as mainstream media what tom brady and lebron james are saying next.
7:48 am
bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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7:51 am
♪ maria: welcome back, sports dragging to the middle of the trail donald trump so he called locker-room talk even star athletes cannot escape the election fox news headlined sports reporter jared max with highlights good morning. >> patriots quarterback tom brady asked how he would respond if kids heard donald trump version of locker talk. >> tom brady basically said, thank you. and that was it. nfl most recollectable about
7:52 am
face did not take but lebron said we don't did is republican women in no shape or fashion in our locker room what that guy was saying according to lebron i don't know what that is he said trash talk. >> jackson accepts punishment fined 6076 dollars will not appeal when he wore cletes look like yellow caution tape said to raises awareness of police brutality and violence. >> -5 vote nevada senators approved a bill will allow hotels in clark county nevada to raise hotel taxes to help fund a dome stadium bring oakland raiders there, would become about potential home for raiders room taxes increased 88/100 of a percentage point would help create 750 million dollars in
7:53 am
fub funding nhl opened last night 19-year-old austin -- matthews from scottsdale arizona makes record scored four goals in nhl debut first to a three shots scored then scored out for one no player had four goals in debut. >> played for canadian team. >> they lost, 54-o to the away kids from scottsdale arizona young american star how often do we see the person supposed to be the big cheese produces the best, he did it last night. >> arizona producing -- hockey star growing up in south not a lot of hockey. >> if kevin kelly were here would jump up and down he is from scottsdale. >> hockey player last night watching over and over and over again gives kids a dream to see something like that happen, 19-year-old. >> 1 years old. >> thank god baseball is winding down.
7:54 am
>> come on just heating up. >> tonight -- >> all about football, hockey, and --. >> basketball. >> fox sports one 8 welcome whoever wins plays cubs in championship series. >> cubs, my pick. >> all right. >> i know nothing but hockey except one claim to fame my do aed a played hockey for hungary parents from hungary he played for national team. >> really. >> hockey connection that is all i know. >> that is my genuine surprise -- really? >> [laughter] >> you have didn't play. >> no. >> i grew up in england not a sport that goes on very much ther there. >> wondered why not? >> not enough space for rinks, a small island. >> probably. >> that is my excuse. >> just made that up. >> thanks, maria.
7:55 am
>> coming up one dating app setting sights on forever how something is a lot longer term next in "mornings with maria". stay with us. ♪ upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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7:58 am
on campaign trail donald trump threatening to sue, after knew sex assault he allegations in "new york times" new leaked e-mails show hillary clinton's campaign asking her to call quote needy latinos, mocking catholics, yesterday trump and clinton on the attack. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night that history of the country. >> so you know you think that they would say great going don let's go beat this crook she is a crook. let's beat her we got to stop her, no, he doesn't do that. a whole deal going on. >> i want to give you something to vote for not just something to vote against. >> locked and loaded how election comaktdz gun sales a democrat backing away from obamacare we tell you who said
7:59 am
that affordable care act is not longer affordable kiz to me owned company on "star wars" set find out how much we've got trailer coming up, first on markets this morning looking lower futures indicating a decline of about 100 points this morning, investors eyeing earnings as well as reports on jobless claims prices due out 30 minutes from now, in europe all major down, stocks ended mixed investors eyeing weak trade dad out of china one negative going into opening on wall street, the china data also the hang seng as you see there down, one and one half percent more than one and one half percent, are you looking for o love we discuss a dating app whole knew approach ditching flings for long term relationships start-up has more than 20 million dollars in funding we will check it out stories coming up joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, former advisory to david cameron in uk with us
8:00 am
pollster lee carter good morning. >> good morning. >> great to be here. >> a lot going on joining the conversation -- late -- editor chief radio talk show host laura ingraham with us, patrick with us as well don't miss a moment stay with us we've got more twists and turns from campaign trail donald trump threatening to sue the "new york times," this morning, after the times reported that he touched two women in appropriately adam shapiro west palm beach florida with latest. >> i want you to see line behind me these trump supporters point out two women in the "new york times" are hillary clinton supporters question this sincerity of stories in the times but as you take a look at video of mr. trump campaigning, he has made a full-court press here in florida he was in lakeland ocala yesterday, he will be in west palm beach today i want to reed thank you statement from the trump campaign, regarding that article, in the "new york times," this is from
8:01 am
jason miller trump spokesman says quote for the "new york times" to launch a completely false coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on up to like this is dangerous the trump campaign is considering filing a lawsuit against the "new york times." this as republicans who disavowed mr. trump last weekend have come back into fold, endorsing mr. trump, but a former senator here in florida, says that could be the wrong thing to do, and he still says, he does not want to vote for trump here is what he told us yesterday. >> i don't like -- republican i always supported republicans even when against my own personal interests to do so but at this point, many people like me, who who are in republican party can't support him anymore don't feel he is exit for office really think he should do right thing step asi aside. >> maria i want to introduce you to linda polls inner diane
8:02 am
launched women for trump in florida, linda i have to ask you you have republicans saying don't vote for trump what would you say to those republicans. >> mr. lemieux and republicans not supporting mr. trump, all i have to say you are also not supporting the 14 million or republicans and democrats who supported mr. trump in primaries, and who are ready to vote for him on not have been 8. >> diane i am curious these allegations in "new york times" the trump campaign is threatening to sue the "new york times," how do you respond to allegations what should mr. trump do. >> we think mr. trump should keep doing exactly what he is doing millions of women stand firmly behind eliminate he stands for everything that women went, safety, and security. good economy and jobs. getting rid of common corps so kids have a good education. >> in west palm beach we are here all day reporting on the rally already drawing a very
8:03 am
large crowd doesn't start till noon one other thing florida has extended voter registration until tuesday, next week, because of hurricane matthew, and that is sure a plus for both campaigns as they register voters to support their cause back to you. maria: thanks so much, with the latest there joining us right now to weigh in on is latest allegations possible lawsuit laura ingraham good to see you -- >> good to see you. maria: thanks for joining us what is your reaction first to this scandal surrounding donald trump as the "new york times" reports this morning, laura. >> i think we have initially answer it had realm of the absurd the same "new york times" that lionized ted kennedy endorsed bill clinton twice is now going to try to shape public opinion on the issue of these types of -- you know interacts between trump and various women over three decades i guess. >> what is clear is that there
8:04 am
did he provided how to turn this economy around what it means to have, a entire group of americans, distrust the police, and what people get rid of donald trump, whether they defeat him or not, all those problems are going to be there, on november 9. still going to be there as far as i can tell, the "new york times," and washington post, and most of the major networks are not interested in actually having a real debate on issues the actual issues that affect our children, that will affect our grandchildren, that will affect our security safety economy, those issues are generally to decide as press runs to -- swept to side as prez runs to whatever victim will share a story from years back, i think the country is being poorly served, by a media that is distrusted a country has to decide are they going to allow elite liberal
8:05 am
media to decide this election or are they going to decide on issues and records of both individuals both in business and politics i certainly home the latter. maria: that is what we have been talking about this morning the fact there was no mention, of any of the e-mails from the wikileaks dump in so many of the mainstream media sights all about negative attacks on trump there is no concentration whatsoever on the other side in terms of negative stories there. >> maria when they mention wikileaks like "new york times" the title of the piece above fold leaked e-mails about clinton, heart and restrictively no substance about e-mails, e-mails out there donald trump is going to try to take advantage of them versus, how -- well we have interviewed five women went back tried to find witnesses so really interested doing digging on trump dirt interested in glorifying over
8:06 am
all wikileaks revelations. >> details are yint catholic anti-catholic antifaith liberal disdain for peopdevoted what about needy latina e-mail how not covered the top stories on "politico" this morning, seven order of the things donald trump thinks check out trump tape how democrats are using trump's hot mic, and then inside clinton's fragile relationship with democrats. those are -- >> story of the four -- >> -- essentially a super pac for hillary has been entire election season all left wing everyone should know should be called liberal politico not politico we know that you are right, the disdain and the arrogance and the revulsion
8:07 am
expressed by jefferson palmieri separatelyly john podesta about catholic church evangelicals we know what they think about them redneck idiots right catholics the same thing going to require voters to think beyond headlines headlines are not telling the story journalists are not doing their job i talked about this in my convention speech got a pretty good reaction when i did people know what is going on, they are trying to shape public opinion, beyond the abysmal economy abysmal foreign policy years after obama america in decline china on the rise, they do not want to debate that. >> i want steve in here for a second he was really in the whole middle of the brexit situation in britain, voted to leave eu you make such good point laura because people are on to it we just got a tweet from one viewer from he calls
8:08 am
himself so deplorable, thanks, writes seriously what is next did trump kill jfk help nasa fake moon landing people are on to this so much it is almost, helping donald trump certainly with his base because they don't believe a word of what comes out of "new york times" and "washington post" at this point. >> i think, trump has to broaden out obviously, from the base and that is what they are trying to kill off here with the excessive coverage the singular coverage of the trump scandal of the day whatever that is going to do that if they don't they have to say my gosh we're getting a downgrade on gdp forecast next year by oecb or looks like another diplomatic crisis with russia eu we have no ability to control any of that anymore it is a power in delinquency not going to cover those going to cover salacious stories hope there are enough women gullible enough to say donald trump is terrible can't run the economy well or hillary
8:09 am
clinton is this aggrieved but has great ideas about economic growth hiding, from barack obama for the last 8 years i mean it is kind of obviousness who has better approach to growth and prosperity number one problem facing our country today it is with those trump no doubt about about that. >> what is interesting to me about all this you look at the way the political establishment and media establishment and corporate establishment are lining up behind clinton reminds he me they are the ones who can if you are a a clinton presidency not incomes going down not schools that they send their kids to, that are failing, it is not their opportunities that are declining, i know their life is going to be fine you can imagine, if clinton wins would be enormous sigh of relief in washington, with all the insiders and lobbyists, and the hangers on the sleazebags saying that is fine life will go on exactly as
8:10 am
before what we saw in uk, is that actually, those people underestimate the real angry that people have with the way things are going the desire they have to change. >> they have no answer for people the elites have zero solutions for the people and that has been obviousness last several years with president obama, he is a master comparison, a about terrific communicator so many ways no doubt republicans wish they had is one the legalitied politically as president obama when they have not been able to do you move kneeled for average american worker the same people don't trust these megatrade deals that are 5,000 pages same people say look we love immigrants, but we've got to control this border it is dangerous more dangerous in our communities our schools are overburden we have 17 languages in public schools northern strira not conducive to learning for average kid trying to figure out am i getting into college can i afford a college what am i i
8:11 am
going to do the after college elites are fine take care of friends we see that in wikileaks dominate dump the regular people left to pick up scraps throne after they have sumptuous meal where we are going to be if we keep going the way we are doing. >> laura what about the republican establishment distances from donald trump what do they think is going to happen? do they care about policies -- >> pivoted back, by the way. >> all right they turned and then came back, within less than a week. >> what are they doing. >> i can tell you the i will by on radio 40 minutes, and i have been getting hammered from listenerers coast to coast say they have been asking for white house saying they can't do anything if they don't have white house now for years now they have a chance someone actually defeating the clinton machine, and they are doing everything in their power not to help not to campaign, not to put your arm around candidate say win for america, disgusted by it some
8:12 am
people are crawling back i think paul ryan got really bad advice here he is not a dumb person he is smart he got bad advice on thats conference call should he not have done that he sent the republican conference into a if you afury making up grassroots of this party want trump to win, so why aren't they fanning out across the country, to help their candidate? i don't understand that it is democrats never do this we always do it it is infewer eighthing. >> talk about that we heard paul ryan denounce comments about catholics that is as far as he has gone, in terms of pushing back. >> strike up the band maria strike up the band, i am thrilled about that. >> -- maria, one thing, do you remember the day that bill clinton was impeached? and we have a piece on this, he is impeached, in 90 -- 80,
8:13 am
09 democrats came to white house held a pep rally for him on day of intree., thof impeach sand disgrey democrats rally to their guy what do republicans do, they spit all over their guy, so -- >> great up and down the. >> really is a good point. >> they cannot get on the train together. >> we have seen it happen over and over and the dems no matter where they are all get in line all the time even if creating a narrative that doesn't exist pretty extraordinary. >> laura thank you. we will listen to you in 40 minutes on radio, thank you before we go to break we have gotten a lot of comments this this morning on twitter regarding what is going on behind me lights behind us on 6th avenue in new york look at live picture being told it is a possible electric fire in basement of building 51th and 6th avenue in new york city that is lights behind me sitting on set shot behind me
8:14 am
live of 6th avenue outside that is activity happening we are going to follow this and bring details as they come. >> wells fargo ceo john stumpf out, fallout from phone account scandal we will talk about it coming up. mart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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maria: welcome back two boston police officers fighting for lives this morning after shoot-out cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: trying to get update on officers' kwn two officers
8:17 am
responding to a the domesticdance call police say things went horribly wrong, listen. >> we got shots fired, every officer available to make -- 136 gladstone. >> -- officer down -- >> we need ambulance. >> first responders rushed two officers to the hospital both in critical condition boston p.d. eventually killed suspect in shoot-out officers say man wearing body armor assault rifle on him nine others treated for minor injuries investigators have not released the names of injured officers or condition update or on the suspect as well we are looking for details for you, stunning will fallout from the fake account scandal at wells fargo bank chairman ceo john stumpf has quit he was under mounting pressure following accusations bank traded two million unauthorized accounreplacing.
8:18 am
>> minnesota democratic governor says obamacare no longer affordable mark dayton says plans facing double-digit increases after all ensures threatened to exit next year under affordable care act obamacare only democratic governor to publicly suggest obamacare not working as intend plus maria there is this, listen. >> rebellion all that remains to push back the empire. >> i think he might be able to help. >> when was last time you were in -- >> what is this. >> this is big. knew star wars trailer out this morning we got it in, this is "rogue one" going to come out in december fans can't get -- can get a sneak peek starting day with trailer
8:19 am
production company fined 2 million dollars, for causing harrison ford to break his leg in "star wars," 2014 we did that story, he ended up injured on set again, two stories crossing -- showing you "star wars", thank you so much, coming up gun sales on rise major impact election is having on gun industry, then the big business of love. the dating app wants to be into the long haul, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ a combination of see products.. and customers.
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8:23 am
shooting range in bowling brooke illinois this morning, good morning to you. reporter: -- maria good morning from range at 355 as y5 morning from range at 355 as y5 in chicago perhaps you hear live firing in the weekend, as hillary clinton -- in the polls show does -- gun sales, i've got pete manager here -- people are -- [gunfire in beco background]. >> politicians calling fr -- >> take a look, at the numbers, inside another -- has been 15 consecutive months increases pete who are you seeing more women? >> our -- good job of being
8:24 am
inclusive, growing sects of our industry seeing a big -- in women some groups, at their members meet --. >> what is the fear out there? if there is there a fear "gunz" will go you a away no any time -- politician talks gun control, it is scares people they want to try to come and buy weapons before they believe that the ape rights are going to be taken away from them. >> range at 355, gun about enthusiasts exercising constitutional rice hoping that continues. maria: it was hard to hear with shooting behind you obviously, thank you so much, dagen, your thoughts on this. dagen: i am a redneck inclining to bible inclining to my gun although i can't
8:25 am
really own a gun living in new york city anymore, as completely impossible, but you have seen that you have seen the number of permit applications with fbi through roof 8 years in terms of the desire for people to own guns in this country you harder bill clinton talking about trump supporters, being a bunch of rednecks he said i am a redneck i know i am a redneck guess what by calling himself a redneck bill clinton insulted every redneck in this country. >> do they not understand this is after the deplorable comment basement adversely. >> irredeemable. >> idiots. >> it is people plays that they are not for people, they don't even like the term working americans, hardworking americans. >> if you don't agree with them you are one of those categories. >> it is so condescending, you
8:26 am
cannot say you want to lead the american people whether you are republican, democrat or independent and yet talk about -- >> i feel like i am a redneck for the last almost 25 years has been living in new york city fighting the liberal elite look down noses at me i am dammed proud of it. >> living in new york -- you know complete disdain for anybody of faith anybody doesn't sound like them. >> behind the people getting mad. >> -- the -- >> the more that they keep chucking people into basket of issue deplorables in the end i don't know who is left apart from her and huma abedin. >> who is left? >> twitter. >> deplorables i lover it, still to come a december to remember philadelphia federal reserve president up next on whether the fed will act their
8:27 am
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>> good thursday morning, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. it's thursday,october 13th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. 26 days until election day, hillary clinton will head to california and donald trump is continuing his campaign in florida. yesterday the candidat were on the attack. >> donald trump hasn't paid a penny in federal income tax. he calls the united states military a disaster. the only disaster is somebody who can get away with paying no taxes and have the gall to run for president. >> why the hell is obama allowed to campaign for hillary clinton? he's always campaigning, then he's doing his little thing and having a good time. he ought to be in the white
8:31 am
house, not there long, he ought to be there working and fixing some of these horrible trade deals and bringing jobs back to our country, not campaigning for a crooked person. maria: plus, the halloween costume for an unlikely person from the debate. and a storm taking aim at bermuda. the maker of dove shampoo unilever is blamings cost on the u.k. leaving the european union. get into the spirit. if you love jim beam, you may want to buy extra bottles. the kentucky union workers are threatening to walk off the job. we've got the strike threat. an an opening for the broader average, down 100 points. investors are looking at jobs numbers hit the tape moments ago and import prices.
8:32 am
initial jobless claims unchanged at 246,000, just on the tape. import prices up 1/10 of a percent. in europe the major indices are in the red, 1 1/2% on the cac quarante and solidly negative. investigato investors are mixed. and the weak trade data set the markets because indicates again evidence of a slow economy in china and that's in many cases going to impact the rest of the world. the hang-sang was down. and the policy meeting showed that a rate increase may be coming soon. peter barnes is in philadelphia, with the president of the federal reserve bank of philadelphia, that's patrick harker. over to you, peter. >> hey, maria, thank you, and pat harker, thank you for joining us on fox business. i want the first question out of here, the news today is about the resignation of the
8:33 am
head of wells fargo, john stumpf. bank said that its employees opened 80,000 phony accounts here in the state of pennsylvania. your reaction. >> well, first, welcome to the philly fed. >> thank you. >> so, i think it ultimately falls into the hands of board of directors of any corporation to make the decision that's right for them. we as a regulator. what we care about is companies, organizations, banks, have the proper risk management and property audit capability and their board is fully engaged. in this case they made that decision and i believe that decision was right for them. let's move on to monetary policy. you went through the september meeting. fomc, the policy committee chose not to move the benchmark fed funds rate. got another meeting in november, another one in december. you've all talked about probably trying to have one more rate hike this year. but you also have a data point which is the jobs report last
8:34 am
friday of 156,000 new jobs. with that in mind and the other economic indicators, where is your head at right now, as far as the next rate move? >> so, i was supportive in september of a rate move and i am still supportive by the end of the year of having one rate move for a couple of reasons. one, the labor market, as you mentioned, continues to be strong. some say 150,000 jobs is not strong. but it's well above what we need to maintain the unemployment rate at or near the rate. we're seeing signs of range increase and core pce starting to move towards 2%. so i'm supportive of a rate move this year. >> could that mean november for you? >> it could be. i won't take any meeting off the table. >> you're not a voting member of the fomc, and you start in january for the first time as a voting member. so, the economy to you seems where? is the second half stronger
8:35 am
than the first half? what numbers are you looking at and how do you think the economy is progressing? >> for the second half, i believe it's stronger than the first half. generally, things are going well. the labor market continues to perk along. not everything is perfect, but it's strong. if there's one weakness, it's business investment and that's an area that we continue to monitor. >> you have also been concerned about the issue of the labor force participation rate, which is still at kind of 40 year lows and ticking up. you're giving a speech later today about the labor force participation rate. what are you going to say? >> we're not going to see a tick up any time soon. if anything, we'll see another 2 percentage point decrease, we, the baby boomers are retiring and not reentering the work force.
8:36 am
>> what about in the labor market, the wage growth is starting to pick up, but it's not been as strong as say, janet yellen, the chair, has been looking for. we also saw a little bit of soft -- inflation is still under your 2% target, but where do you see those going? >> i think we're seeing some wage pressure, we're seeing that anecdotally throughout the third district. one hospital in the district 9% increase in wages for nurses, can't find nurses so we're starting to see that pressure build up. >> what is your forecast then for gdp growth this year going into next year and where do you see rate hikes going into, say, 2017? >> our best estimate is that gdp growth will be about trend this year. >> 2%ish. >> maybe higher than that comb given the third quarter. going forward.
8:37 am
we still have a problem in that the neutral rate, it's low, but that's not what monetary policy can affect. we can create the environment for healthy economy, but ultimately, that is-- to move that productivity has to increase, right, and other things have to happen which is really outside the realm of monetary policy. >> fiscal policy and-- >> immigration policy. think about the labor force, we're starting to run out of people in some ways, right? and many people entered the work force, we've seen if you think about the course of recent american history. women entering the work force going from 35% labor participation to 60% labor force participation. there's no other big group that's going to show up in the labor force and we're retiring. so, i think immigration is a critical component, especially high skilled immigration, a critical component of continuing economic growth in
8:38 am
this country. >> and back on rates. i did ask about your outlook for 2017, 2018, the latest fed forecast for september showed that you and your colleagues are projecting a couple more rate likes next year and a couple more after that. does that sound right to you? >> you talked about making sure the fed does not fall behind the curve here. what are your concerns about that? >> as we know through history. when inflation starts to take off it, takes off quickly. i'm concerned about a gradual path, i think that does less damage and various organizations and industries and companies can adjust to that over a slow pace. if we try to do it rapidly, i think we can cause some damage to the economy. >> well, we heard from your colleague bill dudley in the new york fed say yesterday that he thinks that this economic expansion, we've heard this term, room to run, has a lot of room to run and he's talking maybe five more years of
8:39 am
economic expansion before the responsibility of recession, what do you think about that? >> it's always hard when a recession will happen and i won't even attempt that. is there more room to run? probably, we need more outside of a monetary policy to make that happen. >> what about financial stability issues? are you concerned about bubbles anywhere or the equity markets, the bond markets, your colleague is worried about commercial property values. >> we're worried about that, too, we are starting to see cooling off in the development of multi-family units and i think that's a healthy sign. >> one more for me and back to maria for a possible question. we saw home sales, existing home sales seemed to play plane off a little bit. is the housing recovery over or how do you see it? >> i think a lot of that is due to supply and what we're hearing from all of our contacts is there's just not enough supply.
8:40 am
>> maria, do you have a question for pat harker. maria: yes, i want mr. harker's commentary on the business segment. we're seeing businesses sit on cash and obamacare, what's holding business back from spending? >> yeah, what's holding business back from spending? businessing the kind of investments you were talking about. what's the problem? >> i think there are many factors, two that come to my mind is uncertainty. 18 months ago i was on two corporate boards. in uncertainty you're going to hold off until you take a prudent risk ap there are a variety of risks out there. secondly, i think, and there's evidence to suggest that given how low the rates are, if you have capital to invest, either
8:41 am
in plant and equipment or in an acquisition or in a stock buy-back, the least risky thing for many firms is the stock buy-back. while it's rational for the firm, it doesn't help economic growth in the long run. >> or the dividends, return shareholders. maria, anything else? do don:. >> let me ask one more question, there's a question every day about the chance of recession. what are the chances of recession in 17 or 18? >> maria wanted to know what you think at least in your outlook for the economy and the prospect of a recession, do you see any signs of the economy weakening down and any possibility of recession in 2017 or 2018? >> no, nothing beyond what we see in any year. >> slowly, plug along? >> exactly. >> patrick harker, thank you for joining us on fox business today. maria, we'll continue our conversation with pat harker for a little bit of our web
8:42 am
exclusive content which will be posted to a little later today. so, look for more commentary from pat harker in that, back to you. maria: and peter, my two cents there would be what is the most important economic data point that he looks at? i know there are a lot out there. we'd love to know what's most important. >> if we have a minute, what is the most important economic data point for you that you look at? >> the one that we have the firmest grip on is labor market. inflation is always a little difficult and a lot of our staff here has done a lot of work on mismeasurement of inflation and so that one, i always take with a little bit of a grain of salt. what we know is, for example, a rapid increase in health care expenditure. that's not always reflected in some of our inflation numbers so that you take with a grain of salt and same thing with gdp numbers as they get revised over time. the labor market numbers are fairly significant. and one. conundrums we have is with low productivity. why do firms keep hiring people?
8:43 am
are they hiring unproductive workers? that's unlikely. all right, so, there's probably a little bit of mismeasurement there. how much, we don't know. >> the economy changing that. there you go, maria, got your question in, back to you. maria: thank you so much, peter barnes with pat harker. bermuda is it bracing for hurricane nicole. and ken bone and his red sweater and his highlight at the debate. a company is looking to cash in on the craze. we'll look at that. guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50%
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>> welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a thursday. take a look at the markets here. we have worsened over the last hour. the market is expected down 130 points. earlier we were talking on the show, made the point that there is some worry in the market that politics is the issue, that we could see a democratic sweep, president, house and
8:47 am
senate and policies that see with it, that's why you see health care fall out of bed and biotechs and shares of unilever down 3% after a pricing dispute with the u.k.'s largest grocer. and the exit from the european union, causing the british pound to plummet. and they're pulling unilever products off its shelves. and stocks are falling on the airline's guidance, decreasing passenger revenue, the massive technology outage in august, send that go lower. a new north america -- a new hurricane is baring down on bermuda. >> hurricane nicole churns toward that island and it's strengthened into a cat 4 in hours after an empty stretch of the atlantic.
8:48 am
that warm water creating that storm. >> nasa did release images from the storm. the national hurricane center urged everyone in bermuda to prepare for powerful rains and wind, it's expected to pass over the island sometime todayment well, union workers at jim beam in kentucky voting overwhelmingly in favor walking off their jobs with the largest bourbon producer with a contract dispute. the current contract through friday and the classic american whiskey brand owned by a japanese beverage company. okay. remember that movie "minority report", tom cruise, billboards were monitoring him and talking to him and calling out people by name. we may kind of get that now. yahoo! filed a patent for a billboard that would show a particular advertisement based on the people passing by. yahoo! says the billboard will watch and listen to people near the billboard to set a sense who they are and tell what it
8:49 am
shows them and hack into your phone. this is coming for halloween, debate sensation ken bone it making more headlines. take a look at the picture. this is the sexy ken bone hospital for halloween. red sweater, shortened version obviously, and mustache and glasses. ken bone became an internet sensation almost instantly when he took part in the debate and asked about policy. the price tag not cheap, it's $100. if you want to be sexy ken bone for halloween. maria: do you think that people will know what that costume is. >> he's not sexy. >> why do women dress like that on halloween? >> i noticed on my start-up on the website, a crowd funding policy, i've literally seen overnight, someone created a crowd funding campaign for ken
8:50 am
bone for office, the leader that america needs. >> a very nikable guy. >> remember the joe the plumber. >> he's neither joe nor a plumber, right? don: we want your take on what's going on. you saw so much in britain. donald trump drawing a parallel between himself and britain and withdrawing from the european union. steve hilton weighs in in a minute. ♪
8:51 am
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8:54 am
happened and they never say anything. this is like brexit, folks, we want our independence back, our borders strong. maria: in the race for the white house, donald trump is drawing inspiration from britain's decision to exit the european union. steve hilton is with us, you're a former david cameron advisor, and the u.k. voted for independence and trump wants the same in the united states. parallels. >> to make clear i was a david cameron advisor and broke with him and decided to go back and campaign for brexit so we're not close anymore. to put it mildly, there are two similarities, the underlying issue, what you saw with brexit and what you're seeing here, the reality more than a decade now you've had many, many millions of people who are on the losing side of the big changes in our economy through globalization and technology, and they feel they've been completely ignored. whoever gets elected, nothing
8:55 am
seems to change in their lives and they've had enough of it. that's the underlying reality. in terms of the campaign, the parallel, the way it's not socially acceptable here to say that you're supporting trump because of the shaming that's been going on from the media and elsewhere and exactly the same in brexit. if you were on that side of the argument, i got this personally, you're described as a racist, a xenophobe, you want to pull up the draw bridge and shut the world out. it was different from the reality, but that's what the establishment did to people who were on that side of the argument. dagen: steve, there's a difference, they were voting for a concept. voting for a leader, you're voting for an individual and that's where some of trump's comments and different here versus brexit. >> i believe that's a big mistake in making, saying we're about taking donald trump down. it's not just a man. this is a movement. and while it is true that
8:56 am
ultimately you have to vote for the person, i think most people here are reacting to the idea, more than they are to donald trump. maria: the supporters are looking at his policies and were the polls as tight as they are here in britain when you were getting close? >> it was-- there was very similar and very fluid. towards the end, it got really tight and those of us who wanted brexit suddenly felt more encouraged and the dramatic event, you remember the terrible murder and that kind of stopped all campaigning and felt that the momentum had changed, but in the end, the polls right at the end were showing a clear win for the onces that wanted to stay, brexit would lose and then on the night it was shock to the markets in particular who had been given this polling information that brexit was going to lead.
8:57 am
maria: when were you with david cameron. >> until four years ago, and we were friends until i told him i was for brexit. maria: that was a conversation. we'll be right back with final thoughts from our all-star panel. shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at >> it's been a great show this morning with steve hilton, dagen mcdowell and lee carter. final thoughts. >> donald trump has got to stop reacting and start if they. >> today would have been
9:00 am
margaret thatcher's birthday. maria: dagen. dagen: red necks rule. [laughter] >> "varney & company" begins right now and i'll send it over to stuart. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. we're not done with leaks and allegations, how i wish we were. good morning, everyone. more women have gone public i should say with allegations that donald trump kissed or touched them aggressively. he's issued a forceful denial and threatens to sue and he has renewed his attacks on paul ryan. it is a sharply divided republican party this morning and their candidate, donald trump is under intense media attack. for the democrats, more revelations about hillary clinton. in paid speeches to bankers she praised them and called


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