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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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margaret thatcher's birthday. maria: dagen. dagen: red necks rule. [laughter] >> "varney & company" begins right now and i'll send it over to stuart. stuart: i'll take it, thank you very much indeed. we're not done with leaks and allegations, how i wish we were. good morning, everyone. more women have gone public i should say with allegations that donald trump kissed or touched them aggressively. he's issued a forceful denial and threatens to sue and he has renewed his attacks on paul ryan. it is a sharply divided republican party this morning and their candidate, donald trump is under intense media attack. for the democrats, more revelations about hillary clinton. in paid speeches to bankers she praised them and called anti-banker sentiment just
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political. and financial reform political. step back a moment. the media knew about the trump allegations and trying their relief for maximum damage. is this a coordinated attack on a candidate they despise and no response to the collusion with the clinton campaign, clearly shown in the leaked podesta e-mails, 26 days to the election. other news, tom ahawk missiles fired by a u.s. destroyer and took out three installations in yemen raising the stakes after attacks on u.s. navy vessels earlier this week and there's a stock selloff coming this morning, more warnings of an october surprise for wall street. oh, what a day. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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>> i want to get right at it, overnight, trump lawyers sent a letter to the new york times saying the allegations the paper present r -- printed today are an attempt to smear donald trump. they lend a libel suit. is it a possibility that it would stick? a libel suit? >> it's very difficult. donald trump is what the law characterizes as a public figure and he has made himself a public figure the way he injected himself into the campaign. if he alleges he has been libelled, he has a high bar to meet. his lawyers would need to show that the new york times published the statements from women with knowledge of falsity, showing and believing them to be false or reckless disregard whether they were false or truthful.
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that bar is intended to encourage the press to foment open wide, robust controversial debate and to insulate the press from the consequences of any mistakes that they make. stuart: judge, look, not great sound quality, thank you for taking time out for being with us. what you're clearly saying is a high bar for trump jump over to make that libel stick. >> it is indeed. stuart: ashley is with us, i want you to tell us exactly what the latest statements from women are all about. ashley: four women, new york times highlighting a couple of these women. 74-year-old jessica leads says three decades ago she was assaulted, she says, by donald trump on a plane ride. they were in first place. 43-year-old rachel crooks says when she was a 22-year-old receptionist he forcibly kissed her on the lips.
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and that repeatedly groped her at an event in florida and a people magazine writer says that trump also forcibly kissed her 11 years ago while she was doing an interview with him at his florida resort. >> that's four. there are others, but those are the four that you've detailed for us. to recap. we have new charges against donald trump, his threat of a libel suit against the new york times and a divided republican party and a media storm over donald trump. that's the lead story. let's get to the markets. because that's another big story. we're going to have a lower open for wall street today. very weak trade numbers out of china. their exports down 10%, their imports down 9%. >> and strong job market and lowest level since 1973 raises the specter of a rate hike. and i think that's the momentum. >> 100 points down from the dow.
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how about oil at 50.22. maybe a rising global glut expanding, let's read how much oil we have in storage, at 11:00. oil today 50.25. now, the leaks, they continue. hillary clinton's paid speeches show her praising wall street. here is an excerpt from a speech she gave to goldman sachs in 2013 talking about the blame wall street faced or which it received after a financial crisis, quote, there was a lot of campaigning about dodd frank, the financial report. and there was also a need to do something because for political reasons if you're an elected member of congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs and the press says it's because of wate. at political angle of views of wall street. james freeman is with us, with the wall street journal
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editorial page. welcome to the program. >> good to be here. stuart: is this another case of hillary clinton saying one thing in private and something very, very different in public? >> people are wondering which is the truth. maybe neither one is the truth, but it's striking. this is basically the caricature that barack obama gave of the bush years, it's hillary clinton in her own words. essentially saying to wall street in some of these conversations, we need your help to write financial reform. and these are the-- very smart people and so, it's a question for people to figure out, depending on which view you have, which group she was telling the truth to or maybe neither. stuart: i don't know what her policy would be as president. what is her policy vis-a-vis wall street. tighter restrictions? what does she want? or loosen up on dodd frank, does she want open door? >> i don't know. >> the immigration, the trade
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issues, i think that's another puzzle for voters because she said i'd like open trade in the americas, but she said it when she was speaking, i'm sure for a very large check to a brazilian bank. which is side, it's very difficult now. you have documented evidence that she has not told the truth with her views on finance and you've got to figure out which one was the lie. stuart: and yet, that whole story, one thing in private, another thing in public, completely overshadowed by the latest revelations about donald trump. you can't deny it. >> you mentioned the timing. it-- these stories coming out now. i don't think this is necessarily news that trump has character problems. this is a guy when you know the personal history, various episodes of the howard stern show over the years,'s not the sort of normal candidate for conservative voters and i think they just have to figure out what is going to be the outcome
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on policy from two very flawed characters we have to choose from. stuart: and i don't know, quite frankly. james freeman, stay there. i want to hold you until the opening of the market. and more back to james later. back to donald trump and the new york times. former prosecutor, big picture, date katie, are we looking at a new era between the law and trump is threatening a lawsuit. >> we know the publication said it would go to jail to print donald trump's tax returns. defamatory statements are heard orally. it's huge, we heard from judge nam tan no--
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napolitano, he would have to prove that the statements were false. the new york times must act with malice. the important analysis is this, what are his damages. like any lawsuit, stuart, you've got to have damages, what are the injuries to his reputation. if he himself admitted he has no problem groping women and their lady parts and other nonconsensual contact he's kind of damaged his own reputation already. stuart: could the threat of a lawsuit and he's not filed that lawsuit yet. could the threat of a lawsuit shut up the new york times and others and con strain them from releasing further material which they might not be so sure of? >> well, you always have that first amendment and the first amendment is what these publications hide behind, but frankly, stuart, again, donald trump, as a plaintiff, would have to prove that the statements are false. one the two women, one reported it to her boyfriend and other
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recently told. it's left to see if you're a smaller publication, maybe it would have a chilling effect on you. when you're the new york times, you don't care at this point, you're going to run that story. stuart: yes, you are. katie, thank you for joining us as always. thank you. now this, wells fargo ceo, john stumpf is out because of that phony account scandal and maybe also because of his poor, weak performance in front of congress. liz, you've got numbers on his parachute. how golden was it? liz: 134 million. more than 134 million. and since 2000 when he started doing acquisitions from the bank. he's earned about a quarter billion dollars, 250 million dollars. the bank has grown seven-fold in assets to be 1.85 trillion and helped to steer the banks to a financial crisis, the collapse of 2008. but elizabeth warren is tweeting out, it's not right and walk away to enjoy his millions in retirement.
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and she's demanding a doj probe and return every nickel. stuart: she wants him to do a perp walk, a penniless perp walk liz: a rare one. we haven't seen. stuart: a hurricane, we've got another one, this is hurricane nicole and it's bearing down on bermuda. it strengthened to a category 4 overnight. it will pass over bermuda today. winds, rain, batter that island. and it's the first since 2003. nicole is not expected to affect the united states. more bombshells from the clinton campaign e-mail leaks. hillary's top advisors caught blasting catholics and there may be more to this storiment we, by the way, have the back story on this one. fascinating. the patriots quarterback, tom brady, holding a press conference yesterday. he was asked a question about donald trump. all right, watch this. >> how do you respond to your
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>> this is a worthy news alert. donald trump taking to twitter again, going right after the new york times. here is the tweet. the phony story in the failing new york times is a total fabrication written by same people as last chris discredited the woman. you're looking at oil at $50 a barrel. that's not the news. the news is about china and impact on our stock market. it will be down. china's exports dropped 10%, imports 9%, bad news on trade. the dow industrials will be off about 100 points below 18,000. suicides in the news this morning. two. syrian terror suspect jaber
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al-bakara dead in his cell in normal and a plane crash appeared to be a suicide. we start to germany. ashley: the 22-year-old suspected terrorist committed suicide. he was tracked by german authorities. he was a syrian migrant, came to germany last year. he was suspected of trying to put together a suicide vest and believe he was close to doing that when they raided his apartment and found explosives as part of a suicide vest. stuart: and connecticut. ashley: a student pilot in a cessna twin engine plane with the instructor. the instructor survived, the pilot, a student originally from jordan, been in the country since 2012. here were was this some sort of terror linked accident. investigators don't believe so. he got into an argument with the instructor, disgruntled about the progress, there was a
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struggle with the controls and the plane crashed, but the instructor, who was badly burned, did survive. stuart: he did, okay. all right. now, we brought you the story about the left. i'm going to say condescending insulting attitude towards catholics. there's more to this than meets the eye. get at it, bill, what's the back-story? >> we know it's way beyond bigoted comments, disparaging remarks to catholics and evangelicals. we now have positive proof that john podesta is in conversation with a left wing activist, sandy newman. the conversation is this, how can we create a revolution in the catholic church. what kind of needs need to be planted and podesta said we've been working on that catholics alliance for the common good and catholics united, two phony groups funded by george soros.
9:18 am
stuart: these leaks reveal that john podesta set up two front groups supposedly representing the catholics to get inside the catholic and-- funded by? >> george soros, we know george soros, have been funding for years and a lot of different organizations and phony groups out there. we didn't know who exactly the point man was. now we know who was running offense for him, john podesta. john podesta needs to go. the day before i said all they need is sanctions against these people because i'm not in the business of people should be fired because you make some bigoted remarkses that's a throw away, this is not a throw away, this is an orchestrated calculated attempt on the part of hillary clinton's campaign chairman to undermine the catholic church. if this was any other religion,
9:19 am
it would be on the new york times front page. they won't run the story. stuart: inside the catholic church to reform the church. >> they have catholic in their title. stuart: change policy on gay marriage or abortion? >> and to manipulate catholic and public opinion. they'll come out and trot out a poll and include nonpracticing catholic, okay, see, they're okay with this idea. the idea is it to sew the seeds of revolution, their words, not mine. i have that up on my website, if people think i'm exaggerating. stuart: i do not think you're exaggerating. thank you, sir. mercedes benz, self driving car, everybody is developing them, including mercedes. the car will do everything it can to protect the passengers. what about pedestrians? that would be pedestrians who get in the way? details coming up, i promise you that. you can run an errand.
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>> how about this for a headline in today's business insider. why mercedes plans to let its self-driving cars kill pedestrians in dicey situations. >> that's strongly worded, ash.
9:24 am
ashley: that's one of the questions. you're driving out in the road, a child runs in front of you, do you a, run over the child or swerve into the tree threatening your life or anyone in the car. if you don't tell anything, mercedes says it's the life of the driver and those inside is more important than anything else, a difficult question though. stuart: it's an interesting legal question. katie phang is still with us, former prosecutor. i don't think that they've established liability with self-driving cars. who do i sue? >> oh, you're still going to still sue mercedes benz. it will be a product defect at that point. i think that mercedes benz says safety first is being replaced by driver first and program the cars with algorithm that basically say protect the passengers of my autonomous first.
9:25 am
from a liability standpoint or damages standpoint i'm suing that corporation, like i said, for product defect. pause for liability to attach, it'd have to be a liability act or intentional act. i would say mercedes benz you intentionally programed that vehicle to mow down the vehicle. remember, the government is not going to let that happen. they're going to heavily regulate the autonomous vehicles. stuart: if you get that case in front of a jury you're going to win big time. and that's a third to you plus expenses. contingency-- i didn't mean it. >> audi says they'll take full legal responsibility if they're sued over their level three self-driving cars. interesting. stuart: the story of the day on amazon, there is one every single day and here it is. one wall street firm says
9:26 am
amazon is going to $1,000 a share. and a red alert for a market selloff, the likes we haven't seen since october of 1987. we will be down on the opening bell, which is next.
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stuart: a second video, we are down on "the opening bell" maybe 100 points and that will carry the dow below 18,000. it is not oil on the market today, it is china reporting a sharp drop in exports and imports. it is 9:30 thursday morning. i expect to see a lot of red on the left-hand side of the screen as the dow 30 opened up. almost all of them are down in the first couple seconds down 70 points. the s&p 500 brought are based for a second, down 1/2%, the nasdaq a very broad indicator, that is down even more, 0.7%. the price of oil no real impact on the market, $50 a barrel. wells fargo, john stumpf out after the phony account scandal, stock is barely budging, 45 on
9:31 am
wells fargo. the investment firm of kant or fitzgerald, $1000 price tag of amazon stock where you think it is going to go, amazon down $6, apple's rival samsung, note 7 phone owners up to $100 to return that phone. apple is down a fraction, ashley webster is here, liz mcdonald, james freeman, a fool screen was october a risky month and now hsbc, big bank warning about the imminent big time selloff. is it going to happen? are you worried? >> for this particular issue it is a technical call, some really esoteric stuff and i don't buy into the other one in a lot of ways, we don't have an imminent
9:32 am
selloff. we have a reckoning for all this said stuff but not this year. stuart: it is october, imminent selloff, yes or no? >> depends if they raise interest rates, we know that will happen in a december a couple weeks before. it is an imminent rally. stuart: a lot of people say to me and i am sure to you we have a big selloff in october, how do you answer that? i will ask that question, james freeman, imminent selloff, here we go. >> you will see an imminent selloff if market start to expect a clinton victory along with democratic control of the house and senate. that will change expectations, what the expectations have been until now and where you get the big october selloff. you don't have to get too
9:33 am
esoteric, people paying a lot for earnings, those earnings are not growing, declining in some ways but there is not a lot of fundamental case that stocks keep rising. stuart: good answers all around. wells fargo stock, $44 per share as we speak. the ceo's john stumpf is out, didn't give a great performance in front of congress but a parachute. liz: $134.1 million after the clawback, earned a quarter million dollars after helping the bank, a lot of acquisitions, the bank, several times in assets, jpmorgan, elizabeth warren said give it all back stuart: i can feel the outrage.
9:34 am
>> this is vested stock, money he earned already, giving up any unvested stock, he grew the value of the bank by $100 billion, this compensation is not crazy and we are talking about they had to fire 1% of the employees from retail banks for creating phony accounts. if only 1% of the officials in washington were corrupt we would take this bargain. watching the onslaught against the bank is the big -- the political media reaction -- stuart: that stock -- in serious danger. the fool impact over the past year. >> close to a cell point or by point, i have to say my brother is a successful commercial banker so he is on the other
9:35 am
side of this. stuart: full disclosure, not wells fargo yet. look at amazon. as we reported there is one investment firm going to $1000 per share, down 828 as we speak. you think in my lifetime is it going to hit $1000? >> the numbers, growth is 20%, already up this year. if they have this year's performance again which would be unusual to have that kind of performance but in the next 18 months we will see for one very big reason it will finally hold up their sleeve and tell us how many prime members they have. the same report said they thought about 40 million prime members, i will take these on that, tell us they had more and that will be big news.
9:36 am
liz: if it hits 1000, jeff bezos would be the richest man in the world. stuart: would you buy amazon now thinking it might go to 1000? >> i would. i might go a little lower before the close but it went to 120,000 new workers for the holiday season, they are cutting from last year, a 20% jump for amazon. it is a big stock, you might have to buy low. stuart: look at the dow industrial, we are down 116, barely holding the 18,000 level. we have less money coming and at delta airlines, the new york stock exchange. >> shares are down by a large market, remember the power outage delta suffered resulting in thousands of flight cancellations. worth mentioning the profit was
9:37 am
lower than last year but still better than expected, helping to soften the blow, fuel prices down 10% from this time last year at delta announcing a plan that a glut of seats in the third quarter, looking to prop up prices by mimicking that capacity. 6% as well is 10 $.48 billion. stuart: that is an interesting story. another one on tesla, they say luxury sedan sales in america, they say bmw and mercedes aren't even close. >> that is what they say. stuart: more teslas being sold. ashley: quarter over quarter sales, by 50%, how does this breakdown? third-quarter tesla's share of the market was 32%, mercedes
9:38 am
17%, bmw 13%. stuart: no comment. how do they define the luxury car? ashley: us large luxury. it is a weight class. 7 series is what we are talking about. stuart: a little skeptical. >> how can you say they are dominating with the government healthcare? they are losing money on what those other companies do. >> skepticism is well warranted because these numbers were leaked, they were leaked and it doesn't matter because it is about the valuation of tesla is about the model 3, not the s. stuart: next story, the full benefit of larry 11, virtual
9:39 am
reality for the masters. sony has released a $400 playstation virtual-reality head set, releasing it today and guess what? larry is bought on this, you bought one last night. >> yes. the release date is today. and available at midnight last night, that is where i was, it was available midnight eastern time so i am a little tired. stuart: did you use it? do you get seasick? >> i didn't get seasick. i am a big virtual-reality guy. i love it. some people do get sick. it is the wave of the future, the way everyone will be educated, nothing wrong with trading with it. your viewers got to try it. playstation will make it easy to do that but i do own sony stock. stuart: who knew larry was a the
9:40 am
are a fiction auto? new respect. i want to buy one of those myself. >> you should. stuart: we don't like to discuss the fed much but it was a close call on raising rates at the last meeting. here is my question for everybody. if the fed raises rates in december, what happens to the stock market? >> we take a drop in the stock market, the s&p 2100, 2150, well below 2100 if that happens. stuart: thanks, it was an active morning. one and all, thank you very much indeed. one more check of the big board, the low of the day, down 130 odd points, close to breaking below 18,000. more trouble for donald trump. four women, a few more than that
9:41 am
saying they were inappropriately touched by donald trump. his lawyers are taking action and we are on it. minnesota's democrat governor sounding off on obamacare saying the affordable care act is not affordable. more varney after this. hey nicole. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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stuart: we are down 141 points, china's trade problems, earning problems and worries over the fed if they raise rates in december. i want to go to donald trump's problems with women and
9:45 am
conservative radio host tracy washington, very new to the program, first time on the air, great to see you. more revelations about inappropriate touching, can he get over this? >> i think he can. these allegations are coming forward three weeks after the election. and decisions made about his guilt or innocence on november 8th, and talking about that he may have done, and they would at zero. unemployment is horrible so is this what the american people want to be focused on when they make a decision who is the next president? stuart: this is where they are
9:46 am
focused, look at social media today, they are all over the latest trump revelations, nothing to do with the economy or open borders, do you think donald trump can win 40% of the women's vote in november? >> every minute we spend talking about the allegations is another minute we don't talk about the open border. especially for the black community as a black person we need serious change, we had 7 years of economic malaise and horrible unemployment rates. especially education in the black community, there is a lot we could be talking about and hillary clinton doesn't have a leg to stand on. her policies are horrible. stuart: we had several black folks on the show who are conservatives like your self. pretty much they say the same thing, get off this women problem and get on to the issues of the day especially school choice. that is a huge issue in your
9:47 am
community. let me ask you this about the black vote on november 8, '26 day the way. what proportion of those black folks who vote will go for hillary clinton? it was 90% when barack obama in 2012, 2008. what is the proportion now for hillary? >> i think she is looking at 80, 85%. there is a huge phenomenon going on. it is anecdotal so i can't say this is what he is going to get but there is a groundswell of support for something new, something different and hillary clinton -- especially with her comments about bringing blacks to heal, that is a term that is resolved and blacks are predators, natural born predators, another animalistic generalization and her emails, blacks are not immigrants because no matter what country they immigrated to they don't do well. stuart: i saw that.
9:48 am
i thought a big deal was made of that. you don't say things like that but that was what was said. i thought it would be a headline but it wasn't. last 20 seconds to you. >> it is not true. if you look at haitians and people from the continent of africa, if -- they do extraordinarily well in the united states. her comments are someone bigoted. everyone she accuses trump of is really her. stuart: i have a feeling he will be back on this program because we like you. thanks for being here, thank you very much. not quite the low of the day for the dow but pretty close, 129, 28 of the 30 dow stocks down. a sharply divided republican party, donald trump keeps attacks going against paul ryan. next congressman peter king says a civil war is brewing within the gop.
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stuart: on the campaign trail donald trump has embarked on a vigorous attack on paul ryan because paul ryan will not support the trump candidacy. peter king from new york is with us this morning. it is almost an open civil war within the gop. do you think donald trump is doing the right thing by vigorously attacking paul ryan? >> i understand why he is doing it. and you take that it is counterproductive. what you should be doing, i would like everyone to support me, the candidacy is not based on the party or anything political but the people and i will go forward. if they want my support fine, if not i am going ahead.
9:54 am
stuart: if he stays where he is attacking the establishment republicans and being attacked vigorously by the media where do you think this is going? >> i was on a conference call, one thing, trump supporters were asking he not attack other republicans. it is not out of the goodness of your heart, serves no purpose, one targeted hillary clinton, she is the one he has to defeat, the more he talked about paul ryan or john mccain, diverting attention and giving the impression of a diverted party. i wish more republicans, these guys who bailed out, lost their nerve in the first 24, 48 hours, after friday they panicked, that is one thing, members of the house, he has to ignore them. they are not the nominee for president. should not be worrying what
9:55 am
every congressman or congresswoman is saying. stuart: is that your phone ringing? the trump campaign? i don't know. just speculating. if it is a relative you might want to answer that. looks like this morning the media is ganging up on donald trump, looks like hillary clinton and the media versus donald trump, donald trump versus just about everybody else. this is not a healthy situation in 26 days to the election. >> it is more important that donald trump -- folks and hillary clinton, the new york times turning into the national enquirer, no idea what is true
9:56 am
or not true about the allegations. people at the new york times focusing this much attention trying to find every case over the last 30 years and ignoring the allegations that are much more serious. anti-catholic remarks made by her staff people, trump has to realize, the enemy is hillary clinton, the ideological enemy is the mainstream media and we have to focus on this. got to go straight ahead. stuart: there is a big sharp selloff on wall street, one of the reasons we are told, investors are worried about the idea of hillary clinton becoming the next president and democrats from the house and senate that is a concern for wall street at this moment. the problems within the republican party are spilling over and a problem for investors.
9:57 am
thanks for joining us on a busy day, appreciate you joining us. >> thank you very much. stuart: we have another potential problem for the trump campaign. the wall street journal reports problems with the economic advisory team. they call the team decentralized, freewheeling, they barely if ever speak to trump himself. we will get the full story from one of trump's economic advisers, the market is down 66 points, below 18,000.
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> in any election these days, both parties gather the dirt on their opponent and use it. this election is different. this year the medias had a been used by one political party to
10:00 am
coordinate the dirt distribution. the democrats. they have used a friendly media to their advantage. the media is only too willing to oblige. take nbc, tmz reports they knew about trump's locker room tape for a long time and released it right before the second debate. very damaging timing and quite deliberate. surely you report news when you get it. that's what makes it news. today there are new allegations about trump aggressively and inappropriately touching and kissing women. we are told this news has been released today because trump had denied this behavior in sunday's debate, but there's still the same problem for news people. publish when you know it not when it's politically convenient to hillary clinton. and by the way, we are still waiting for a response to the podesta leaks which clearly showed nbc, the new york times, the boston globe and univision working for the clinton campaign.
10:01 am
this may be the election where the media had more impact than ever before. they have not done us a favor. they have done a disservice. 26 days to go, it's trump versus the world and the media, all in for hillary. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> this is the low of the day. we're down 176 points. that's the lowest for the dow and the s&p since about july, early july. a couple of problems with the dow, bad trade numbers out of china. the possibility that hillary makes a clean sweep, the presidency, the senate, the house, not going down well with investors. look at it go down, we're way down. how about the home builders. the latest mortgage rates liz: up slightly.
10:02 am
3.-- below 3.82 a year ago. stuart: i think the market can take that, the mortgage rate is incredibly low. back to politics and what i just said: i said the media is biased towards hillary clinton. jessica, pollster is here, you're not going to disagree with me, are you. >> i'm afraid i am. no, obviously-- >> and in the tank. >> i'm not sure about in the tank. the media has covered-- >> i am. >> you're always sure, which makes this dynamic fantastic. most journalists are liberals, this is not hidden. and donna brazile she sent with the question was not actually sent and we'll see, but either way, we know this, but we also know that donald trump has gotten over $3 billion in free advertising and he likes the media himself. he calls into every show. he knows he can always co-op the news cycle, done it through
10:03 am
the primaries and the presidential election. stuart: there's nothing wrong with that, donald trump is using his fame and tv ability to generate publicity. >> right. stuart: hillary clinton is falsely, in my opinion, using the media in a form that they're not supposed to be used for. they're supposed to inform the people not be part of a political campaign. >> no, no, i wouldn't say they are part of a political campaign. stuart: but, they are. >> yes, i know that's what you think, but that's not what i think. stuart: they are. how on earth can you have the new york times, one of their top reporters calling up the clinton campaign and saying, gee, do you think i can use that quote. >> how can you you have corey lewandowski and-- >> this is what the times has done. one of the premier newspapers, one of two in the united states and that's what they did. >> they're the ones who broke the uranium story. "the washington post" first to call the clinton foundation saying that the clinton foundation that they should step down and bill and melinda gates run it.
10:04 am
when you have sex assault charges that's obviously the front page story and the first story off the top. it is here as well and i think that's important. and we've also seen a disturbing trend this morning people saying why are these women coming out now, the timing three weeks before the election. do we forget that juanita broderick waited 21 years before she talked about the fact that bill clinton allegedly raped her when she was ag. stuart: come on, she didn't make a formal charge of sexual assault way back one and it was hillary clinton who suppressed her quite deliberately on two occasions that i know of. wait a second, i'm running out of time. i want an area where you and i can agree a. >> okay. stuart: i think we can agree on this. i do not like the influence of assange, for example, on our election. i don't want anybody else from any other country coming in here and messing around with our election. >> especially russia. stuart: okay. but together-- >> from the e-mails down to whatever the tampering in the
10:05 am
machines is going on in florida and other states. stuart: and do not intervene in our election, i don't like it. >> absolutely. and both campaigns should be decrying this. it doesn't benefit anyone. stuart: jessica, i can't believe it, breaking new ground, full agreement as we leave this. >> yes, quasi full agreement. stuart: thanks, appreciate it. thanks a lot. a new potential problem from donald trump this time coming from his economic team? a new wall street journal report says there's a divide among his economic advisors. let me give you the quote, advisors describe mr. trump's economic shop, free-wheeling and speaks infrequently with the candidate himself in fleshing out positions, live-- what's that-- live-- i'm not sure what that means, but i think you get the point and the quote even if i can't read it.
10:06 am
and what's your response to? >> hi, stuart, good morning. i wasn't consulted for the story. what my response is, trump is speaking every day with major policy addresses and going well. you think about the way you've got to do that, free-wheeling as the article describes is a good way to do it. think about what's going on. there's a need to have an upheaval in the federal government, hundreds of thousands of people who have been going this way and getting them to do a different way. don't you want a free-wheeling spirit to get that done. stuart: you want a lot of interaction and discussion. how big is the-- >> you have to be decentralized in order to get enough done. and trump on ten different policies in real-time. meaning a continuous policy development. look the a the policies, they're strong. stuart: that's the point. david. >> tax cut, regulatory reform, energy reform, these are vital.
10:07 am
trade reform. obamacare, how are you going to get that done if you have a buttoned up kind policy operation. stuart: fair point, how are you going to get the messages in front of the american people? you've got 26 days to go and we're talking about a sex scandal and videotape and what hillary says behind closed doors and out in public. we're not discussing growth and prosperity. how do you do this? >> and that-- you need more weight in every speech and every public appearance on the growth benefits of had his program versus hillary clinton's. she's going to raise taxes a lot. the economy is going to be slower. they've almost accepted, you know, cbo's forecast out the next ten years is 1.8% growth. how can we accept that? >> look at the dow industrials now. i think that part of the problem for the investors this morning is the possibility that hillary clinton wins the presidency, the senate, and the house for the democrats. do you think that's a factor today? we're down 107. >> i think that would go lower
10:08 am
if that were the actual prospect. i think there should be confidence that republicans will hold the house. the positions are much stronger. >> trump is under attack this morning. his numbers in the polls are in freefall. and i think the possibility of hill which with a clean sweep is out there and i think that's part of what investors are reacting to. >> my concern is that you would get a lot of anti-growth policies under that scenario. stuart: you would. >> and we're at a point where markets are very high. the one difference in that article that was brought out is the need to realize the fed is independent and so, i want to underscore that. but to me, the results that the fed is achieving in terms of growth are just not constructive. so, the real complaint from the campaign should be on the results from the federal reserve. >> david malpass, trump economic advisor. >> shu. stuart: we do now know the topics for the third and final presidential debate.
10:09 am
chris wallace is the moderator and announced the topics. ashley: next wednesday at 9 a.m. six topics, and 15 minutes per topic. debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, scotus, the supreme court. foreign hot spots and fitness to be president, which should be entertaining and those are subject to change based on anything new that develops between now and wednesday. those are the six basic subjects. stuart: i think that chris wallace is brilliant. i hope, i think he will be able to control this debate. >> it's going to be so tough. stuart: in those areas. >> just even in what's going to happen the day after, no matter what, you know? so-- >> well, chris wallace moderates the debate and they're going to try to get everything in. stuart: it's in las vegas. it will take place next wednesday, october 19th in las vegas, fox business will be live until midnight.
10:10 am
with maria, lou dobbs and it's the last one in the series. liberal candidate gary johnson continuing to struggle. you remember his first mistake, what is aleppo. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about-- >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo. you're kidding? >> no. o is in syria. it's the -- it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay, got it, got it. stuart: now, there is another issue that's involved an e-mail, liz. >> well, it's a statement by his campaign about the allegations of inappropriate behavior trump forward moman, there's a typo, he meant to say
10:11 am
women. what is funny on social media, momen water too, and he's saying dozens of reaching out to him to support his candidacy and not donald trump, but it's a funny typo. >> need mowmen for smoking weed. >> and there is bill clinton, suggesting that trump supporters are red necks. a lot of people are upset about that. more varney after this. ♪ .
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> the king of thailand has died at a hospital in bangkok, he was 88 years old. he reigned for 70 years. now britain's queen elizabeth is now the longest reigning monarch in the world. she's been on the throne for 63 years. >> and the dow is below 18,000. now, look at the stock price of wells fargo, $44 a share, and chief said he was resigning after the phony account scandal. >> 134.1 million and that's even after the $41 million clawback following this scandal that erupted on the bogus accounts, some two million of them. this is his vested stock, what he earned. he's giving up his univested stock and everything else and
10:16 am
his performance at wells fargo, at least from the balance sheet point of view is strong. you can argue that he earned that money, but in the face of the scandal and the way he performed in front of those panels in congress, there are a lot of people saying, hey, give that money back. stuart: and what is elizabeth warren saying liz: she's saying just that, that he should return every nickel and face a department of justice and sec probe. she's been doing a mini tweet storm that banks should not allow the ceo to walk away and enjoy millions in retirement. stuart: the stock is up $44 a share. and bill clinton taking shots at trump voters basically calling them rednecks. listen to this. >> look, man, the other guy's base is what i grew up in. you know, i'm basically your standard redneck.
10:17 am
stuart: that has not gone down well with everyone. and fox news radio included. why do you find this offensive? >> because bill clinton is no redneck, stuart. i was born in tennessee. stuart: false identity. >> that's right, raised in mississippi and i know rednecks, and you are no redneck. stuart: it's pejorative. >> it's not nice, and just like president obama talking about people toting guns and religion. i am-- hillary clinton when she was throwing in the basket of deplorable, rednecks and good church going people. the basket of deplorables are the everyday americans she has a problem with. stuart: that's the way the elites and i'm going to put the clintons in the elites and other people, too, that's the way that they look down on so many other people.
10:18 am
>> i think they do and frankly what they need is it less ivy league education, and cudso education. it grows in the south. and wikileaks e-mails and john podesta was going on southern women, why beauty queens come from the con federal states of america, i'll tell you why, southern women are strong, intelligent and good looking and know how to use a cast iron skillet and a .12 gauge. they want to put down folks and i'm glad the e-mails are coming out to expose this kind of nonsense. stuart: what do we do? what happens to the country if hillary wins? i'd like to know. what happens to the country if donald trump wins. >> to quote charlie daniels, what the world needs now is more rednecks.
10:19 am
>> i'm going to leave you, we've got more leaked e-mails from john podesta, this one was to hillary clinton, it was the subject line of an e-mail, watch that and look at it, needy latinos and one easy-- call. >> it's urging her to make two calls. one to pena and about podesta is feeling a bit cut off from the clinton world and i suggest you give him a call and butter him up and suggest you appreciate his-- i think it's-- >> so what. >> it goes on to say you've got to call bill richardson, the former governor of new mexico and describes bill richardson in not very nice terms, notwithstanding the fact he
10:20 am
could be a d blank, blank k. endorse him because he's on enr univision a lot and should be worth your while. i don't see there's anything wrong with it, this is what you do when you're running for office, trying to get support. stuart: this is what happens when a behind the scenes look at a campaign comes out in the open. it would be-- i think it would be true of many, many political-- and this, the governor of minnesota, he is a democrat, he is slamming obamacare and says it's now unaffordable and it's a serious problem and people in his state can't keep up with the cost. and hillary clinton under fire for comments her campaign made about catholics. calling it backwards faith. and prominent catholics and republicans demanding an apology. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good...
10:21 am
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10:24 am
>> lots of politics in the news today and lots of market news, too. look at that, we're down 156 points, below 18,000 and that's the lowest level for the dow and the s&p since july. now this. >> former house speaker john boehner says he's voting for donald trump, but it's for one specific reason. watch this. >> do you plan to vote for trump. >> i'm going to vote for him. the only thing that matters over the next four years or eight years is who is going to appoint the next supreme court nominees. i just believe that the next president's going to appoint two, three, maybe four justices to the supreme court. you have to understand, you know, the supreme court justices today will serve 20, 30, 40 years. the biggest impact any president will have on american society and economy is who is on that court. i believe that donald trump's view of who these judges should be is much closer to where i am
10:25 am
than the judges that hillary clinton will appoint. stuart: the single issue, the supreme court. he's critical of trump in the past barely republican, but that hillary clinton would be worse because her proposals are more of the same that we've seen from the obama administration. all right, next case, another blow and a big one to obamacare. now, democrats are turning against the program. listen to what minnesota governor, he's a democrat, mark dayton had to say. >> the reality is, the affordable care act is no longer affordable to increasing numbers of people. the magnitude of this program, minnesota is not the only one, many other states experienced significant increases. it's a very serious problem, the escalation of the cost of insurance under the affordable care act for others besides individuals, but there is more severe. stuart: he says it's not affordable. give us numbers liz: he's essentially saying
10:26 am
people are seeing 50% increases and he's got a half million dollars from the state to issue a new study supporting single pairer. he wants to change the obamacare exchange to have a giant pool for everybody and we don't know what the rate increases would be for that or how much the taxpayer cost would be. stuart: obamacare is not affordable. ashley: that's exactly what it is-- >> it's not affordable and you hope for single payer. ashley: you take the government and run it, my goodness. stuart: let's move quickly along. this, i've got this for you, a man arrested in germany alleging found plotting to blow up an airport is found dead in his cell. he was found with explosives in his apartment and police say that death was a suicide. the clinton campaign criticizing catholics in an e-mail, backwards and a bastardization. those are words that the
10:27 am
clinton campaign used. catholics see it as an assault on their religion. >> this is classic, classic, classic anti-catholocism which, let's face it, is anti-americanism.
10:28 am
.. this
10:29 am
10:30 am
dream to still way down on that gal about 170-point p. at well below the 18,000 mark. back to politics please. hillary clinton campaign e-mails the most recent show in the campaign continuously criticized i'll give you the direct quote. many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all-caps that. it is an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attract to the systematic force and severely backwards gender relations.
10:31 am
donald trump held a college prominent catholic leaders to discuss all of this yesterday. america's conservative union chair was on the call. what was said and what was decided? >> i think what was said is that the congressman and the catholic leaders on the call from a former ambassador and others complete outrage or mystery. this has been a campaign has accused donald trump and his supporters of every kind of hatred imaginable bias, prejudice. what this shows is they've got no authority to be able to look at anybody and say they are deplorable or irredeemable or now we learn we are backwards. on the call, what was explained as republicans who are catholic and catholics who are leaning
10:32 am
toward supporting donald trump are looking at these e-mails and it's making them say what the policy questions are on the table and why they are for donald trump. stuart: early on the program this morning, we had will donahue from the catholic league. he gives what he thinks is the back story to this e-mail leak. his back story is that a couple of fake catholic groups were set up by john podesta with the idea of putting them inside the catholic movement to reform the catholics have catholicism. i just want to roll some tape because this is bill donohue on who paid for the state groups. >> we now have positive proof that john podesta's in conversation with sidney newman. the conversation is that spirit how can we create a revolution in the catholic church? what kind of seeds need to be planted? podesta says we've been working on that. catholics in alliance for the common good and catholics united. too funny groups which by the
10:33 am
way are funded by george soros. stuart: i think that is dirty pool. >> absolutely. we had occupy wall street and not the radicals are trying to get inside the church. i'm chairman of the american conservative union but their prejudice. what is more is what this all comes down to is how will a catholic or christian worker. they believe they have to sue none because they have to purchase contraception. how foolish is that. they are trying to buy christians away from the full expression of their faith in christians and catholics and all people of faith need to wake up to what he says state. it's all going to be about what hillary clinton will do as president. >> the problem is this kind of thing is outrageous is overshadowed by revelations of trump and women from years ago or what he said last night. the whole thing is overshadowed
10:34 am
by this distraction. how do you get over that? >> the first thing as this whole campaign seems to be not about issues of importance and that hillary clinton with allies and liberal media. to drop revelations when we are getting focused on some important. the women coming forward should be listened to in the most recent example and they should be respect it. we all understand when something comes out in a coordinated fashion when multiple women who all support hillary clinton literally three weeks before the election all saying the same thing, you've got to put that into the equation as well and what or what is going on here. stuart: you are saying for the first time something i've known about that elite media operations are actually working with and are part of a political campaign for the presidency. that is what we are seeing good
10:35 am
it's an awfully difficult thing to get over. >> it's an illegal corporate contribution. there are real issues with the corporation. stuart: thank you for joining us. thanks a lot. continue not donald trump, he is still slamming house speaker paul ryan because ryan is not supporting him. look at this. "the wall street journal" from dan hemminger op-ed. drums party of one. that's an interesting concept. wouldn't you know dan hemminger is here with us now. you better explain yourself because you are saying trump a party of one is better for him. >> indeed. i'll trump superstar. let me preface this. let me preface this by saying i am not criticizing trump with these remarks. but i'm trying to do is describe simple reality, which is donald trump and republicans were never made for each other.
10:36 am
trump is a superstar. he's a mega-celebrity. one of the most famous people in america. those people at that level exist in their own atmosphere. it is all about then. they are always alone in some sense. they are just larger than life. it was never to my mind likely donald trump would integrate his needs with the pedestrian political needs of the republican party. if you think you supposed to be campaigning in new hampshire and mention calley a outcome of donald trump superstar has got nothing in common with the daily needs of kelley ayotte senate campaign. he comes into the state and all you can do was watch him mks and not. i think trump and the republican party should get over this plug-in just run their separate campaigns. he's doing what he always wanted to do, run alone. stuart: i get your point. house and senate candidates will be tarred with donald trump's brush and if that rush a sexual
10:37 am
assault and that's a strong expression. if that's the brashear tarring candidates with common to have a price to pay. >> conceivably they have a price to pay. this is something the voters have to come to grips with. i was drying my support of the senate candidates because they're not blind with donald trump or the independency say i can't vote for trump and i'm not going to go for the consequences are a senate controlled by chuck schumer and elizabeth warren and possibly a house of representatives controlled by nancy pelosi. we were called two years ago the republicans elected the greatest senate class in a long time. cory gardner, tom cotten, joni ernst. are voters saying you're done, go home? it got to come to grips with the consequences of not voting for that down ballot slate of candidates. stuart: you're absolutely right. the presidency, senate and the house have some need to do with
10:38 am
the dow industrials lunch today. >> is beginning to look like that. stuart: to journey me. let's take a look at amazon. we concentrated on the plot good why not. right now it's down eight bucks to a 25. i've got to tell you there is one analyst whose a bank or investment firm. they are talking about a thousand dollar per share for amazon. come on in. what's that all about? hi there, guys. analysts upgrading price targets to a thousand dollars a share from $885 in his citing the delivery program same customers who are prime subscribers tend to order twice as many as nine prime subscribers. you've got a broad selloff. the dow was down 142 but also valuations. the very same analyst is pointing out that amazon right now is trading at 19 times next
10:39 am
year's projected earnings and that is tremendous compared to other e-commerce here. he points out even that amazon has 1% market share, it is growing at twice the rate as other e-commerce companies. >> i got it. a 25 not yet a thousand bucks a share. thank you very much. a headline from today's is this insider. direct quote. why mercedes plans to let it self driving cars kill pedestrians in dicey situations. you better explain this one. >> it's an ethical dilemma about people who program self driving cars. for instance, driving down the road and a young child runs out. all of a sudden in front of you to have to program the car to decide what to do. obviously it will stop. does it run over the child would be her for endangered killing yourself killing yourself. in this instance they will have
10:40 am
you not veer in history. they have to decide the safety of the driver who becomes before everyone else. other programmers have to have the same question. what you do? a survey of two dozen people were this amazed that i'll may want to buy the cars may safety is put first. therefore the programmers for situations like that have to put the driver emphasis. >> a robot car can't recognize a child in its path. that's amazing. stuart: we are all ethically challenged. we'll show you footage out of yemen. the u.s. navy launching a missile. they are launching tomahawk missile strikes into gemini territory. colonel oliver north. i was amazed when i heard this. bob dylan has won the nobel
10:41 am
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stuart: "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. >> is this another case of hillary clinton saying one thing in private and something very different in public. >> people are wondering which one was the truth. maybe neither one was the truth. this is basically the caricature that barack obama gave up the bush years. it is hillary clinton in her own words essentially saying to wall street and some of these conversations we need your help to write the financial reform. >> you are very smart people. it's a question for people to
10:44 am
figure out depending which view you have description is telling the truth to our maybe need --
10:45 am
stuart: this happened earlier.
10:46 am
the u.s. navy launched a missile attack. not just any missile. tomahawk missiles in yemen after their american ships were attacked by iranian allied forces. retired marine lieutenant colonel oliver north is with us now. war story sosa and counterterrorism coordinator for ronald reagan. welcome back to good to see you again. >> good to be with you. >> tomahawk missiles -- what's the significance of this? >> the guided missile destroyer this morning with three different radar sites held by the iranian supporters north of the many headed straight down the red. according to the u.s. statement, as a self-defense strike at the two protector personnel and ships freedom of navigation. it is a counterattack.
10:47 am
unfortunately, it takes three days to get a counterattack authorization from the white house which is not good news. stuart: forgive me. what did the president has to sign off self personally before those tomahawk's relaunch? >> in the old days, no. ronald reagan when he was president of the united states in vessels were attacked at the libyan regime, their line of death as they call it with a counterattack in the middle of the night and the president has given instructions to wake me up unless we lose the plane. in this case it took three days till wednesday night. i find that to be inexcusable. it is because of the rules of engagement set by this administration that required less you've got somebody under fire that can pull a trigger going after these radar sites, obviously had to be cleared at the white house.
10:48 am
they are in remote locations. little risk of civilian casualties and they could not fire these missiles about the help of the iranians. the whole thing about this. that's the bottom line. stuart: i do want to change subject. i want to talk about russians and their hacking into our insight to a process. i resent this. i don't think any foreign power should be effected our elections. i want to know what you think we should do about this and what you think president obama will do about it. >> first of all, i'm not surprised. the soviets to do for years starting in 1946 and 47 in italy and greece in latin america and africa during the 80s. i'm not surprised goodness that do the same thing. they would do it through newspaper ads and things like that. now they are simply using the
10:49 am
means that eddie snowden gave said. >> he opened the door for this russian hacking? >> he showed them how to do it. they showed them how to protect themselves and to show them how we do it. this is the kind of stuff nsa exists for and we don't do it because the administration is afraid of making somebody angry at us. all again going back to this administration and now they are trying to pin things that come out against hillary clinton just on the charm campaign. it's inconceivable. the russians are doing this because their hacking then enduring with the assistance. >> war stories house with ollie north. new this sunday 8:00 p.m. on fox business. thank you very much indeed. we appreciate it.
10:50 am
breaking news regarding governor crist christie and his alleged involvement in the closing of the george washington bridge september 2013. what's going on? >> new jersey has alleged misconduct complaint for his alleged role in this to go forward. in other words on it to defeat. what this means is now the urban county new jersey prosecutor's office will get a seven side by the judge. they have to decide whether they want to go forward and that mr. christie. new development for chris christie. stuart: footage of the new york city election official missing on tape to the existence of voter fraud in minority communities. the undercover act to this to a video. more transfixed in a moment. -- more transfixed in a moment. ♪
10:51 am
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want - and so does your partner - for the best sleep ever. it's the final days of the columbus day sale, with the queen c4 mattress set now only $1399.98. plus 24-month financing. learn more at ashley: let's take a look at the market of the top 101 points and on the left of your screen the 30 dow stocks to in a positive, the rest losing ground today. how about this? an election official essentially admitting voter fraud that they boss people around multiple times. we have the man who exposed the story the next hour.
10:55 am
minnesota's governor, a democrat says obamacare is no longer affordable. if the republicans fault. not the presidents. we are on that story. expected in an eastern time donald trump building a in florida and remember he's unshackled. the party of one. fox business will take you there live. stuart with congressman peter king. stuart: do you think donald trump is doing the right thing by vigorously attacking paul ryan? >> well, i can understand why he is doing that knowing his ringing in mentality. i grew up in the same borough he did in queens. if somebody takes a shot at you come me take a shot at. what he should be doing is saying i'd like everyone support me. my candidacy isn't based on the party. it's not based on any people and i'm going to go forward. they want to support me fine, if
10:56 am
they done going ahead. stuart: if he stays where he is attacking the establishment republicans and being attacked vigorously by the media, where do you think this is going? >> i was in a conference call yesterday and it's our strong trump supporters asking that he not be attacking other republicans. it serves no purpose. hillary clinton is the one she has to defeat in the more he's talking about paul ryan and john mccain, all it does is divert attention and give the impression of a divided party. i wish more republicans were more loyal to turn. a lot of these guys go out because they lost their nerve after friday they panicked. that is one thing. i'm talking about the members of the house. but again, he has to ignore
10:57 am
them. he's the guy who made it to the top and he shouldn't be worrying about whatever worrying about what a great congressman, congresswoman is saying around the country. (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. stuart: good morning, everyone. but start with the state of play, shall we? new allegations that donald trump touched women inappropriately. two women spoke to "the new york times." he was like an octopus once said, hence everywhere. threatening a libel suit against "the new york times." hillary clinton, new revelations about what he said to bankers behind closed doors. it is not what she's been saying in public. the real hillary clinton please stand up? move on to the political parties. the republicans split.
11:01 am
harsh words from speaker paul ryan. many republicans are not happy with trump's attack on him. the democrats. no response to the wikileaks revelations that the elite media worked for and with the clinton campaign. sum it up. its clinton and the media versus donald trump versus paul ryan. greg bear is next and he says this is an election for the ages. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. tree into the latest read on how much oil they've got it in storage at 4.9 million barrels. a lot more in storage than expect it and not has ably pushed the price of oil down below 50 bucks a barrel. the dow go down about 170-point
11:02 am
yes because jobs a little bit. i will start with politics. donald trump continues to hammer house paul ryan after ryan stated he has done defending drug. trump versus a world. by spring and brett bair, host a special report. i copied your expression. this is an election or the ages. you used that the other night. tell me about the state of play within the republican party. looks like civil war. >> it is. there is no hiding it. there was all this talk about the award for several years and through the primaries and pushback from republican leaders saying it will all come together in the end. it is here and there is enough in civil war. donald trump spent a day and a half gone into paul ryan's lack of support saying it wouldn't campaign is a treasure trove.
11:03 am
notably he did horseman. that sat on a lot of republican walking away from donald trump and bad in turn set up donald trump. it is an open civil war. i don't think these allegations, a series of them help obviously the trump campaign and it is an avalanche of bad news in what has been nodded her a few days. stuart: i'm not going to ask you what the outlook is for the election but i have to draw your attention to what's going on on wall street. a great big stock market decline down about 170, 180 points. one of the reasons that some investors fear hillary clinton please leave the presidency in the democratdemocrat s retake the senate and the house. that is a concern to investors. is that a remote concern that moment? >> no. the house is still a little bit
11:04 am
out of reach. there is a firewall that house republicans condescends seats that seem to be structured the republicans are pretty good at holding. however, if we see this start developing over the next week and a half, you could see the house go. the senate is in a precarious spot where republican leadership. they conceded privately on capitol hill and they will tell you that there are a lot of races within the margin of error that if they go to point the other way it could be a democratic majority. stuart: it is indeed an election for the ages and that is a fact. we will be watching at 6:00 tonight because you got the release of the latest fox news poll )-right-paren 6:00. >> new polls nationally and all postdebate taken immature as you please. stuart: thanks for joining us. we'll see you. the final debate takes place
11:05 am
next wednesday at over 19 than las vegas. fox business five until midnight with maria, lou and neil cavuto. watch it right there. how much oil they've got in the barrels of storage at 4.9 million euros. more than expect it. in the oxford area estimate a short report. stephen, it looks to me like the blood is growing here and overseas yet if accurate question or >> that seems to be accurate. as is today's weekly report those who have to bear in mind it is just one week and 4.9 million a vacuum is a large bill. when we look across seasonal averages, seasonal norms that this point, 4.9 falls right in there. certainly what we've seen now over the last couple weeks especially going back to that sunni shia love in where they
11:06 am
sat around and alters them saying that they were going to maybe think about 107, 100,000 arrows we've had numbers come out and said you know what, we are still producing not around for quite some time now. stuart: most of our viewers are stuck market investors as opposed to oil future investors. when they look, they thank goodness me. is the price going to go down significantly? if it does the stock market goes down significantly. they are tied. what is your forecast for a price. mind you just told us this collecting going away. >> exactly. from an economist and point, people should take to heart it's not an oil situation. it's an industrial commodity. industrial commodities have been in a bear market since 2014 and quite bring industrial commodities don't want to bear markets because of good economic
11:07 am
times. so that is certainly the sword as it were hanging over the market had right now. going forward where we are now low 50s coming into today i think it's pretty much the top of the range. can't see it going higher common we are now in a week demand scenario and certainly in 2017 all say the the same for her second team as a set for 16 of 15 and that i said beginning and 14. oil in the 50 to $55 range seems on the high end. certainly i expect us to hold within that range through the next year. stuart: you're an honest man giving his honest forecast. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: multiple women have calmed out and accuse trump of touching them inappropriately. released by "the new york times," two women in "the new
11:08 am
york times" front page this morning. this is days after nbc released a tape of trump's locker room banter. joining us now with monica crowley "washington times" on line opinion editor. bearing in mind these new revelations that have just come out looks terrible for trump. goodnight donald trump turned around and caught a pure fiction and is pursuing possible legal action against "the new york times" and the women making us. we combated from a political angle. trent and i don't mean to interrupt you. when you call it peer fiction in all these people coming forward, that's a tough road. that is a tough defense, isn't it? >> donald trump never goes on defense. he's on offense from the beginning and he will stay on offense. a lot of voters look at this at this point. they were shocked by the tape that came out a week ago. now you have this mound and what it smells like to a lot of people is this looks like a classic little hit job coming as
11:09 am
it is three weeks before the general election. we know from wiki makes disclosures that there is very tight pollution between the mainstream media including "the new york times" and the hillary clinton campaign. stuart: you think he gets over this? >> the other side. "the new york times" and the clinton campaign have to be careful for two reasons. i think he can survive this because the dynamics are completely different and i predict the ball. because he's a nonpolitician, donald trump has had more running room to make mistakes and rebound the next thing his way out of things than a traditional politician way. my point about this is the other side needs to be careful going forward with this stuff for two reasons. bill clinton and mrs. clinton's role in attacking the women, but more importantly if voters start to look at this as a massive
11:10 am
media pile on donald trump, you have a point of diminishing returns for donald trump now becomes of it done in a lot of voters size. that he becomes a sympathetic figure. stuart: monica, you are with me for the hour. i won't interrupt you again. i'm going to call this a bombshell video. a democrat election official admitted voter fraud in new york city. the people who made the video are with us and have since had their twitter account shut down. just watch this. >> people don't realize in particular their boss people around. >> minority neighborhoods, black neighborhoods in hispanic neighborhoods.
11:11 am
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11:14 am
[inaudible conversations] >> like minority neighborhoods, black neighborhoods in hispanic neighborhoods? why do they do that? >> your vocab discounted. i take my vote seriously and i don't want 10 other people coming and i'm voting for the other candidate. >> maybe you won't vote for hillary. i don't know. stuart: that you just witnessed was the new york city democrat lord of the election commission to his senate voter fraud.
11:15 am
broder is a bus from one polling station to another times. that is what you just talk. here is that the commissioner to say about voter i.d. laws in new york's day. roll that tape. >> new york doesn't have voter i.d. laws. [inaudible conversations] >> yeah, i made my night. you have to show an i.d. of everything else. democrat commissioner. so if you think there is voter fraud and there should be voter i.d., why don't people listen to you? >> there's a lot of absentee
11:16 am
ballot. >> i know where they came from. >> that's the thing. for the clinton doesn't support voter i.d. laws. >> i'm not crazy about everything the democrats to be there. stuart: this man on your screen right now is james o'keefe, founder and manage our two shooting of video. take me through this, james. the gentleman is explaining that essentially the best people to a polling station. they ferried them inside, get inside. there's no voter i.d. just walking and though come to get back on the bus ,-com,-com ma go someplace else and vote again. >> as simple as that. he's the elections commissioner. he's the top guy and if the democrat and is angry how the system works at his unwilling to do anything about it so he's become an unwilling whistleblower telling us they can't say this publicly.
11:17 am
before we get into all of this, we could go back to back, wall-to-wall about a sex comments made a decade ago. the elections commissioner talking about a rigged election. they should be wall-to-wall on every media station by the not. stuart: when they walk into the polling station there is no address. nothing like that. >> you don't have to ask her i.d. in fact, we went in a burqa and why men and they offered us an absentee. they don't require i.d. in new york. this guy says it's outrageous. the powerful thing as he's a a democrat. he's not a right conservative. he is a whistleblower. unbelievable. stuart: have you any idea, any understanding in new york city are you doing that day. hundreds of people, hundreds of those several times over, thousands?
11:18 am
>> he says thousands. new york inspector general did find that people's outlets offered to anybody in brooklyn. there's been a lot of voter fraud and people shouldn't be allowed to go to earl the borough envelope or they don't live. we've been reporting in other states it if you are deceased or name is still on the rolls. you can just walk up and say anyone name. in new york city they give out all these i.d. cards. you're not allowed to ask for it. it is absurd. i cannot emphasize how important this is for everyone to see this. just yesterday ,-com,-com ma twitter banned me. twitter blocks me because the media won't release these videos. i have to get out their twitter and facebook. stuart: you wanted to put those videos on twitter and they said no. >> i tried logging in last night at 9:00 p.m. they said your truths have been
11:19 am
harassment. my investigative reporting. not just this man, the people inside hillary's campaign saying we can record voter registration forms. they have been made from twitter right now. they are trying to remove every mechanism. thank you for bringing me on. stuart: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. how about this one. gun sales on the right set another record last month more background checks for gun purchases conducted last month in september since they started keeping records. president obama has been the best gun salesman there ever was. jeff flock at a gun range in illinois. they are sold out of membership because of high demand. we will be back your insurance company
11:20 am
11:21 am
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11:23 am
call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: is a told you earlier, gun sales are soaring. another record last month that president obama the best gun salesman of all time. look who happens to be standing outside a gun range last time we
11:24 am
saw he was in at the gun range. it is our own jeff flock is at a gun range. there's no bar memberships available because demand is so was gone. is that it? >> they have sold the year already about their annual memberships. this is the middle of the week and the place is near pact. this is the fellow that runs it. but if you got there? what weapon is in your hands? >> this is billions worse arms warrior. these guys are though, illinois. >> go ahead and fire it off to show what it looks like. people that come you are concerned about this presidential election. >> anytime we have a political event come as some sort of a catalyst for they taught gun control, they certainly get concerned. stuart: just in terms of safety.
11:25 am
>> of course. there's a lot of potential ramifications from a supreme court appointment and there have been some discussion of second amendment rights. >> datasets part these sales. people continue to fire off. stuart: you can't hear anything going on. jeff flock at a gun range where they sold out because demand is so strong you thank you or imagined it is good to see you. two items will do at the moment. transfers is telling fox news trump is strongly considering suing the nader tends in response to the inappropriate touching tories emerged today. if a file soup which he hasn't yet done, does he have a leg to stand on? we'll get into that.
11:26 am
taylor's private versus public persona and policy. in public she sends wall street and big corporations. new e-mails show her praising wall street. watch this. >> the tax code rewards corporations for outsourcing jobs. it is wrong that corporations and the super wealthy play by different edibles. heart of the problem is large corporations are amassing so much power in our economy. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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11:30 am
sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. >> let's be honest, the tax code rewards corporations for outsourcing jobs and their profits overseas instead of investing in the united states. it is wrong that corporations and the superwealthy play by a different set of rules. we will make wall street corporations and the superrich pay their fair share of taxes. we won't let corporations like wells fargo use these fine print gotchas to escape accountability. part of the problem is large corporations are amassing so much power in our economy. stuart: that was clear talk, hillary clinton in her public appearances slamming
11:31 am
corporations and wall street. new wikileaks emails reveal hillary praising wall street and the banks. here is an excerpt from a speech to goldman sachs talking about blaming wall street after the financial crisis. there was a lot of complaining about dodd-frank, there was a need to do something because for political reasons if you are an elected member of congress and people in your constituency were losing jobs anybody in the press saying it is your fault, wall street, you can't sit idly by and do nothing. leslie marshall is with us, skewed to the left. hillary clinton is saying one thing in public and another thing in private. how do i know what her real policy, you are laughing but i am confused.
11:32 am
what is her real policy on immigration? open borders or restrictions? what is her real policy on wall street? let them do what they want? will you restrict them some more? what is it? >> open borders don't mean unprotected borders, doesn't mean extreme getting processes. with regard to wall street i was thinking of talks i have given. i am very honest but she has proposed the wealthy need to pay their fair share, she called it the buffett rule and i don't think it contradicts comments to goldman sachs, she is not saying you can't get rich but she certainly is -- pay more if you are wealthy. stuart: dodd-frank which is the financial regulation rule we put in place after the crash, politically necessary, doesn't necessarily agree with it, just
11:33 am
politically necessary done for political reasons. >> there are people on the right that didn't agree and people on the left that didn't agree, there were still arguments about dodd-frank and whether that was the best way to go and people who want to scrap that entirely. i don't think that means she is being hypocritical. stuart: i don't know where she stands. >> can i give this example? if i were running for office and i were against settlements being built in israel and i'm speaking to a pro-israel group i won't lie about it but i may not mentioned that if elected for such legislation to restrict or stop those settlements that i don't support. is that fair? stuart: i understand your point but let me raise a point.
11:34 am
many democrats on the program often ask a question when you talk about fair share. i want to know what you think is a fair share of someone who makes a lot of money. someone makes $1 million per year, what do you think is a fair share that the government in income taxes should take off of that million dollar a year person? >> you have asked me that before. you have asked about percentages. one of the issues as you know, the richer a person -- i won't give you a percentage. it is not fair because one of the issues, they don't pay that percentage when -- stuart: that is not the point. >> when you have someone -- you are not paying that percentage. stuart: what do you think is a fair share? give me the tax rate? what do you think is fair?
11:35 am
>> i think without having the tax loopholes and all the deductions and you are actually paying 80% to 40%, that is fair. of the one no change in other words. >> that would be a change because if you are very wealthy, donald trump is an example you are not paying because what you do is you hide money and have companies overseas and you don't pay that 30%. stuart: individual taxes and taxing wealth. there we have it. 35% to 40% should be the top rate of tax. that is 43.6% at this moment. >> they are not paying that, you know that. stuart: you are okay with the tax-cut for wealthy people. >> i am not okay with a tax cut. i am okay with people paying the percentage they should. stuart: my eyes have been opened.
11:36 am
hillary clinton won't give me that. i'm being facetious and sarcastic and that is a low form of with. you know how i am, thank you very much. breaking news on those clinton/wikileaks emails, conversation with two linton foundation workers. ashley: met with ambassadors from calcutta, brazil, peru, malawi and rwanda. calcutta would like to see bill clinton put 5 minutes in new york city to present him with a $1 million check, that his birthday in 2011, they would welcome suggestions for investments in haiti. pretty interesting, nice birthday. million dollar check. stuart: 5 minutes with bill clinton, that is all. ashley: pay to play. stuart: what do you get from that meeting and what will bill clinton put pressure to get what you want?
11:37 am
ashley: the rate -- >> the important point is cutter is the seat of the muslim brotherhood, the government funds the muslim brotherhood and the previous wikileaks disclosure, they are supporting isis and yet they are handing bill clinton and the clinton foundation millions of dollars. ashley: now we know the going rate is $1 million for five minutes. >> what are we sitting here for? stuart: trump senior stores tell fox news he is strongly considering drafting a lawsuit against the new york times in response to the inappropriate touching story on the front page this morning. a lawsuit has not been announced. you know a thing or two about lawsuits.
11:38 am
>> this could cost you $1 million. stuart: if a libel lawsuit was laid on the times by the trump people, what success does it have? >> difficult to sue the media. strong first amendment protections, not dealing with anonymous sources but real people who came forward and identified and gave a statement but if you were to find it was defamatory, baseless allegations, he is a public figure, you have to show malice. that is where it gets interesting. stuart: i think i know what you are going to say. with all these leaks in the media about collusion, going after donald trump, no question about it. >> difficult to make a case of
11:39 am
malice, reckless disregard, intent to hurt, when you have wikileaks reducing examples of reporters across, the clinton campaign, you get very close when the case can be made they are acting maliciously against donald trump assuming they could show allegations are false but otherwise very difficult. stuart: if you lay down that lawsuit that does not expose you -- >> don't think we will see that lawsuit because you open the door to discovery and they don't want to give positions about sexual whatevers, not that i know he has had any but i don't think he wants to be exploring that. stuart: highly unlikely that the lawsuit will be laid and that it will be successful. >> and collect my million
11:40 am
dollars. stuart: appreciate it. civil war in the republican party is not an exaggeration, donald trump continues attacks on paul ryan. we will deal with that in a moment. tom brady held a press conference, look what happened when he was asked a question about donald trump. >> how do you respond to donald trump's version of locker room talk? >> have a good day.
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> good morning, laurie rothman with your foxbusiness brief, the dow up 126 points, dreary economic news out of china and good news on the jobs front, the us signaling a december rate hike.t what is raining the dow, jpmorgan reporting earnings, tomorrow's shares down 1.5%. american express financial formed the market-leading the market lower today. dupont and goldman sachs round out the leading recliner's at this moment. a bright spot the gold miners, the dollar is down, more dollars, price commodities give
11:43 am
the boost to companies today, you see them up almost 3% and the cosmetics company giving up pretty outlook giving the s&p and nasdaq, back to "varney and company". ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. ashley: tents up there, serious stuff. stuart: headline from today's business insider, quote, why mercedes plans to let it self
11:45 am
driving cars kill pedestrians in dicey situations. ashley: a dramatic statement but when you are programming a self driving car it won't do anything unless you tell it what to do so a child runs out in front of a self driving car the decision is do you veer, running the risk of hitting a tree and killing the driver or someone else in the car or do you keep moving forward assuming you can't stop in time. always put the driver first. in other words the child would be hit in that situation which is a horrible ethical situation but the same question every programmer of every self driving car, not a thinking thing, you have to tell it what to do and these are the situations no one talks about but mercedes is. stuart: bring in the lawyers, they will be all over this. next case, donald trump slams paul ryan, he says never congratulated him on a good
11:46 am
debate performance. he says republicans should move on to defeating hillary. watch this thing. >> wouldn't you think paul ryan would call and say good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the history of the country? so you think they would say great going, done, let's go, let's beat this crook, she is a crook, let's beat her, we got to stop it. no. he doesn't think that. stuart: it really is civil war within the republican party. i don't know why this man is laughing because he is a republican, welcome to the show. >> the two sides going at it like this. stuart: a disruptive fashion. it is not a good thing, what say you? >> it is not. you have a united party, the democratic party behind a pathetic candidate, hillary clinton but they are united.
11:47 am
you have a republican party divided and trump is making it even worse. he is not helping himself by attacking paul ryan and disloyal republicans. he needs to be going after hillary clinton on specific issues, so many issues on which she has the advantage. stuart: why is he doing it? we didn't play the whole bite but he comes on real strong with paul ryan, real strong. >> he does. it is counterproductive. i don't understand why he attacks republicans for being disloyal when he became a republican himself just about yesterday. he hasn't been around a long time. he seems to expect them automatically to pay fealty to him no matter what he does. that is not the way politics works. to the extent he focuses on republicans and pounds them he is not going to win. stuart: what about the other side of the coin?
11:48 am
will paul ryan on saturday withdraw his support? >> the problem with paul ryan, i am not going to be involved, he didn't -- he said i wasn't involved, i will concentrate on winning house races and keeping house republicans, what he what to do anyway. the problem was his decision along that line was leaked as it was found to be leaked it became public and trump responded and so on. all paul ryan was doing is what mitch mcconnell is doing in the senate and it is the right thing for both of them. once word leaked he wouldn't defend trump or campaign with him, not that he was campaigning with trump anyway, trump responded as he always does. stuart: all the revelations coming out now about trump, is
11:49 am
he done? >> i would never say that about donald trump but he is close to being cooked. four times in this race over the last year, he was 5 or 6 points behind hillary clinton and always clawed his way back into a tie. it is almost impossible now, but it is not impossible. stuart: okay. we will leave it with that, thank you very much. look what i have got now. china's and you will rich list just released, once again has more billionaires than the united states, the gap is widening, more billionaires there, we are not catching up. who is number one on china's billionaire list? liz: a property tycoon who worked $31 billion stuart: made his money and property.
11:50 am
liz: took over sony pictures in hollywood. stuart: who is never 2? >> jeff ma worked $30.6 billion. both are the level of walmart airs the walton family airs, singularly. china has more billionaires, 594, the us has 535 billionaires but there billionaires are worth more, $82 billion. stuart: monica crowley have any comment on chinese billionaires? >> the irony of communist china founded by mousy tongue to all these billionaires, capitalism is the national state of affairs. stuart: set free on a semi-capitalist road since 1978-79. >> started with agricultural reform. now you have chinese billionaires. stuart: democrat governor of minnesota mark dayton admitting obamacare is no longer affordable, not blaming the
11:51 am
democrats. >> the reality is the affordable care act is no longer affordable, increasing numbers of people. >> affordable, affordable, affordable, affordable. i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro.
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11:55 am
stuart: another problem for obamacare. the governor of minnesota, mark dayton, a democrat, made a stunning admission, listen to this. >> the reality is the affordable care act is no longer affordable. increasing numbers of people, the magnitude of this problem, minnesota, and many other states, significant increases, a very serious problem, the escalation of the cost of insurance under the affordable care act for others besides individuals. stuart: 250,000 obamacare people in minnesota will be paying 50% higher premiums because of this collapse of obamacare. monica crowley is with us. how does obamacare fit into the election. >> donald trump should be talking about it more, not just
11:56 am
conservatives or republicans who have been warning we were heading into a death spiral, we are all there. now we have democrats saying this is an unworkable program. their prescription is single-payer, donald trump is repealed and replaced with market solutions, he should be talking about this more because everybody is affected by the collapse of obamacare one way or another, very strong issue for him with all the other economic issues and his strongest moment was when he was talking policy and specifically obamacare. >> bernie sanders never brought up how single-payer failed in vermont, the cost swamped the state budget. stuart: we should explain to our viewers the governor of minnesota thinks obamacare is no longer affordable. he wants to move on to something else. what he wants to move on to is single-payer like the british
11:57 am
healthcare system or canada's system. does he have half $1 million set aside? >> they came out with a 30, 43,000 insurance industry workers would have to be laid off in the state of minnesota but vermont went down the same road, cost savings swamped the budget. stuart: obamacare is a trojan horse. >> in my book published four years ago i have a long list of nancy pelosi, tom harkin, saying this is just a starter home and they built the collapse into the system. it is all by design so it would collapse. >> we got to go. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: big drop for the dow over 100 points. i want to know why. ashley: chinese data port, global economy week. of the one reasonable 2. >> that hike with fears of
12:00 pm
china's rate hike. stuart: reason number 3 from the, a clean sweep by hillary clinton, the white house, democrats take the senate and the house, investors not happy with that. >> don't give up 5 minutes before the miracle. it is not over yet. stuart: monica crowley, took your time. neil: i made note of that, 3 seconds i will never get that, thank you very much. we are monitoring donald trump, first opportunity to respond to the latest allegations from women during the last debate who heard him, you are telling anderson cooper you never did anything, he did. they are coming out saying this. here is the issue for a lot of trump supporters. why now? why are you saying this now? these allegations are 30 years old. a retraction on the part of the new york times donald trump wants to see, mit


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