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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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outside extent i could be helpful to move that ball. governor weld, thanks very much. i apologize pushing things back with breaking news. libertarian vice-presidential candidate, former massachusetts governor bill weld. trish regan a lot going on. trish: trump firing back. some of these claims go back decades. so why now? just 26 days before the election, are we learning bit? timing has a lot of people wondering whether or not this is coordinated attack by the clinton campaign i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." donald trump moments ago denying he ever assaulted anyone, call this is big media conspiracy, watch. >> these vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct
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with women are totally and absolutely false. [cheering] and the clintons know it, and they know it very well. these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fiction and they're out right lies. these events never ever happened, and the people that said them meekly, fully understand. trish: now again this is all coming after now six women have said he kissed or talk touched them inappropriately. he is so enraged, threatening to sue. he has done that a lot throughout his life, threatened to sue, when he has gotten enraged like this. meanwhile breaking moments ago, "the new york times" issuing a statement saying they will not retract the story and would be happy to see donald trump in court. joining me right now, from the
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trump rally in west obama beach, florida, is our own adam shapiro. well, i guess he wasn't kidding when he said the shackles were coming off. there he is, insisting that he is innocent and the crowd went wild, adam. tell us a little bit about what you heard. reporter: this crowd is obviously very passionate about donald trump. they believed donald trump when he says that the articles in the "new york times" and "people" magazine are total fabrications. and they cheered when he said that his campaign is preparing a lawsuit against "the new york times." but let's get into the specific issues because his speech today was as well being about policy, was a big attack on the media. he said that the clinton machine is determined to achieve the destruction of his campaign, with the help of the media. let me listen to you, let me share with you what he had to say. let's take a listen. >> these lies come from outlets,
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whose past stories and past claims have already been discredited. the media outlets that not even attempt to confirm the most basic facts. they were very embarrassed. it will be part of the lawsuit. we are preparing against them. [cheering] reporter: so you heard the crowd cheering.% we spoke to trump supporters about these latest allegations. some of them tell us they don't believe it. others say it doesn't matter. here is what they have to say. >> i don't believe them. reporter: why not? >> can you do that on a plane? can you walk up to me on a plane like that. no you can't do it. all the people in there, come on. >> we're behind him no matter what. we don't care what comes out, what everybody says. he is good man and make america great. reporter: trish, that is what is kind of resonating with these
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supporters, when mr. trump says that his policy is america first, and that the horror show of lies, deception and malicious attacks must come to an end. trish? trish: thank you very much, adam. all these controversies hits trump in the polls. new poll out today in the swing state of pennsylvania showing hillary clinton has taken a nine-point lead. she had just, had just a two-point lead 10 days ago. meanwhile, michigan, her five-point lead widened to 11 points in the latest polls. joining me right now, former bush advisor, brad blakeman, as well as gina loudon, joining us as well. brad, starting with you here, what is your sense why all of this is happening right now? one, two, three, four, five, six, women coming out after that tape was released. do you see this as coordinated attack? >> there is no doubt about it. why do you think they call it october surprise? clinton people in cahoots with the media, have joined together,
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i think have to knock donald trump out. that is what is so disturbing to me. media is supposed to be a fair player. this is chicken and egg scenario. if the women had come out earlier and much earlier told story of video, instead of video coming out and women playing off video, it is totally incredible. trish: is that convenient? >> in other words. no question. trish: they have what he said and now they're saying yeah, yeah, that is exactly what happened. he did x, y and z. >> you heard in the prior report, trump supporters will support donald trump next three weeks. guess, what if you didn't like donald trump you will not certainly like him this week. very polarized electorate. trish: here is the thing, brad, he is playing for middle ground and independent women. the challenge here is, in some ways, you know if you're hillary clinton, this is the perfect attack because you kind of damned if you do.
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you're damned if you don't, if you're donald trump. if you're a man in this situation and someone is alleging a sexual assault, forget it, if you admit it you're toast, if you say she is crazy, lying, it is all made up, you're toast with a lot of women, wait a second you're supposed to believe the victim in these cases. so, for hillary clinton in some way you could say sort of a brilliant strategy, especially in this pc environment which we live now? >> there is no doubt that this has hurt donald trump. the question is, how can you pivot and pivot immediately? donald trump needs his own october surprise now on hillary in order to get this behind him. but more importantly, he needs women surrogates out there. he needs his daughter out there. he needs women who believe in him out there to tell the story of who donald trump is. trish: they have to tell the story and counter stuff like this. let me share with you, i think we have audio. checking with our producing team right now. this video from entertainment tonight, cbs news stumbled upon
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this one. this is back in 1992. there he is, being seen, you can, okay, you can see they're showing the script there below. he is caught on a hot microphone, looking at a 10-year-old girl, asking her if she is going up the escalator. look, to the report whoever he is talking to, says, boeing to be dating her in 10 years. . . really bad things and admitted to that, he claims he is a new person and i will give him the benefit of the doubt but in this
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election you couldn't have two more polarizing figures, and equally -- >> two candidates that are flawed. and a 10-year-old girl, about the escalator thing, and don't know if these other are true. when it comes to hillary clinton that is bad, all these concerns of a pay to play scandal, just the appearance of that is pretty bad. what happened to the system with two polarizing people? >> 300 million, this is the best we got and we have to shake our heads but after this is over the republican party need some soul-searching, we need to revamp our party, find better candidates. trish: even if they get her
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elected, they ought to take a soul-searching exam and say can't we do better as well? we all as americans, good to see you. in addition to taking on media reports, donald trump taking aim at the republican party and political establishment. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt and when i say corrupt i say totally corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people. trish: accusing the party of examining -- abandoning the public and presidential nominee and kind of the point when it comes to money. that is what the are in c has said in terms of dollars on donald trump's tv ads until he
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got the nomination, spent millions of dollars supporting mitt romney and john mccain when they were the nominees, joining me now is the chairman of the great america pro trump packed. good to have you here. you are working hard to raise money, working hard for the campaign. what do you make of the fact the republican party refuses to spend a nickel on these campaign ads? >> pretty unfortunate but our pack spend $18 billion on air and ground, hopefully the rnc will present the candidate on the ground but the notion of last week in terms of republicans abandoning them will backfire and we have been seeing that. trish: those republicans -- >> we have seen a surge of donations to our pack and we will see that with the campaign, the note they had, we are
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opening here, i am running against a corrupt political system for republicans and democrats, that is a message starting in the primary and the question, has there been any talk about five major issues? big discrepancy between him and hillary clinton, and being the status quo, another plan on immigration, never had to lay out a plan, she is for open border, and make sure she defends her in accuracies. trish: there is a tape from access hollywood and another from entertainment tonight, where you say hillary will they do 10-year-old in we 10 years, eric, i get it. you want to get back to the policy and issues that matter but why didn't anybody vet him?
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>> people have vetted him. we had a primary where there were 19 other candidates. he was vetted during the primary. you have to overcome. trish: a new report, you are supposed to do opposition research. every campaign manager, wanted to do opposition research and donald trump said no way, wouldn't allow this to be done. don't campaigns need to understand where a candidate's vulnerabilities are? >> he is with the american people. in the primary had 9 to 12 well-funded candidates that could have used this research against him. his passion for these issues and because he is not a politician allow him to overcome, you mentioned women's issues, women are not looking to have special treatment, they wanted fair and equal pay in the united states and he is shaping policies that don't allow women to benefit whether it is financial or
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protecting the homeland and resonating with the american people. trish: the republican party, these numbers polled, suggests he will not win. what you tell conservatives if you need someone like donald trump, he is a phenomenal messenger in terms of resonating with people, but you need someone without the baggage we are seeing now. good to have you here. looking at the market, you can see we are off the lows of the session but we have seen pretty good swings. going to laurie rothman on the floor of the stock exchange. lori: it was gut wrenching this morning. with markets worried trade data out of china concerns of global growth and what that could mean for the timeline on interest
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rate hikes but since the energy was released midday, things have come back, oil above $50 a barrel, that is critical levels, natural gas is up, overall the sentiment, we could see that with the sectors but utilities are the best performing sectors today and on the downside, we have financials, jpmorgan, citigroup, wells fargo reporting earnings, outperforming sectors turning around today is struggling the most. trish: donald trump talking up his comments about women, locker room talk but in light of recent allegations, inappropriate touching, can he still be seen that way? we are asking someone who knows about locker room talk, curt schilling, boston red sox pitcher and trump supporters joining me on all this and more next.
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>> you called what you said locker room banter, kissing women without consent, grabbing genitals, that is sexual assault, you bragged you sexually assaulted women. you understand that? >> i didn't say that. i don't think you understood, this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologized to the american people. i am not proud of it but this is locker room talk. trish: that donald trump at the presidential debate earlier this week apologizing for the crude comments he made ten years ago after a storm of criticism from -- brushed it all aside saying it was locker room talk is now six people have come forward all saying that he in some way
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assaulted them, sexually, physically assaulted them. my next guest has been in and out of locker rooms his whole life, billionaire's comments are inexcusable. joining me is professional baseball player and radio talkshow host curt schilling. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. trish: we will get to the women and allegations in a minute but tell me your thoughts on what you heard on that tape because you spend a lot of time in locker rooms and you know what locker room talk is. what is your reaction when you heard that? >> i want to back up because i have been listening, i am taking it you are a conservative like i am. trish: i am independent. i don't like taxes. >> the conversation you are having about the 10-year-old girl remains at the heart of why
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this is a problem. how many times, i have three boys and a daughter. how many times have you looked at a young man and said he is a beautiful young man or a gorgeous young man and that man was 12, 13, 14, 15. that is -- there is no way you haven't seen -- he is beautiful. trish: am i going to be dating him? >> not on my own on this one. my youngest son is a gorgeous young man and i heard women say he is a beautiful young boy. to jump to the point you are insinuating pedophilia or molestation is where you are going with this because he is joking about when he gets older i am going to date her. how do you get from there to being that? trish: don't look at a young boy and say in 10 years i am going to date him. that would be pretty sad if i
2:21 pm
did. you tell the you see a 10-year-old girl and think yes, going to date him. >> my daughter, i have seen my daughter's friends, she is a beautiful young lady. doesn't mean i am molesting her. trish: you need to follow that up, you need -- cute little girl, follow it up with i am going to date her in 10 years? >> i won't ask how old you are but i guess in your years of life, you have gone over the edge, shouldn't have added that. trish: i will give you that. he has a tendency to do that a lot. the questions, this is his vulnerability, this is where hillary clinton, to exploit this wedge, saying a lot of crazy stuff, do you want someone who says this crazy stuff being the president of the united states?
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>> very simple answer. you want someone who talks in a way that makes you uncomfortable and says things you think are despicable and reprehensible or do you want someone who has done those things. from benghazi to haiti to the clinton foundation, and the lester or whatever you call them, he is not a politician, never been a career politician, different from the establishment. why the establishment faith -- hated gust. i am not a conspiracy theorist but i don't have to regulate to know the news media made it clear they want hillary clinton in the white house no matter what. trish: we will get to that because i agree with you. it looks like allegedly some pretty bad stuff. >> not allegedly. trish: we don't have exact proof so we have to be careful how we
2:23 pm
phrase it. >> you do. trish: the pay to play scandal raises a lot of eyebrows and there is much more and we will get to that through the rest of the show because hillary clinton has a lot of answering she needs to do, tough thing for the country, we are now in a situation with someone who is potentially a criminal, it would be criminal to delete emails after they have been requested in an investigation. i hear you there but at the same time, counting him as well. let me ask you something. i'm hearing rumors about your political future. is it true? will you give elizabeth warren a run for the money in massachusetts? >> i made up my mind as something i want to do, but i need to check with mrs. schilling, she will make the final decision. trish: i missed that, the director is asking me. you are going to?
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>> i made up my mind it is something i want to do but i have to go to mrs. schilling because she will be the one that says yes or no. trish: you work on convincing her. good to have you. appreciate it. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. philips sonicare.
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trish: another day another wikileaks email revelation, posting packed emails, john podesta, unflattering details how the clintons do business. blake berman has more on this. >> a couple thousand emails you mentioned thomas several days of
2:28 pm
this show hillary clinton's campaign manager, concerning the lead up to clinton's candidacy that she would be held accountable for the clinton foundation and also worrying debates surrounding the transpacific partnership could make going awkward presidential launch. among many thousands of emails released over the last several days, we have gone through them, we have gone through several themes including apparent coziness between the clinton campaign and some in the media, after a cnn reporter, a tweet involving refugees and email showed top clinton aide cheryl mills asked others on the campaign are we going to try to have the liberal media respond to the suspension the way conservatives would if reversed? another rate instructed to find out if that reporter wants, quote, backup. in the past hour in florida donald trump went on a diatribe
2:29 pm
against what he called the, quote, corporate media and he said the wikileaks email so many factions of the media are out to elect hillary clinton. >> the only thing hillary clinton has going for herself is the press. without the press she is absolutely zero. >> reporter: in a speech trump single that one of the emails released earlier this week showing new york times reporter ran content via clinton aide after interviewed clinton and that is a journalism no-no. trish: we are still digging into all this because thousands more today, one of the biggest bombshells i will tell you about happens to be transcripts from hillary clinton paid wall street speeches. on the one hand hillary clinton
2:30 pm
opposes wall street access, openly campaigning tough regulations, but in private she speaks in favor of the big banks, in 2013 according to these documents clinton suggested wall street was treated unfairly and blamed for the whole financial crisis, she said, quote, a lot could be avoided in terms of politicizing what happened with greater transparency and greater openness on all sides. how to prevent it from happening? is hillary lying? what does she believe? senior strategist steve cortez, a wall street guy himself, why is she saying one thing to
2:31 pm
banker types like you, and entirely different things on the campaign trail? >> easy explanation. and she didn't tell us openly, she has to have a private physician and public physician and her private physician most of the time, to enhance the bottom line which and she is receptive to foreign government by saudi arabia so the public position, republicans waging war on women, and tens of millions of dollars from saudi arabia from the foundation and take hundreds of thousands of dollars on speaking fees was the most interesting quote revealed by these transcripts she admitted because of fortunes, she admitted she used the term
2:32 pm
fortune, the connection she has 2 middle-class people are memories of her childhood. that was very telling and she was truthful because the elites whether they were in business or media or washington dc, i don't think they have ever been more disconnected from the fears and aspirations of working-class americans than they are today. donald trump has resonated as well as he has and he could still win. trish: i agree with you the elites have become so divorced from what is happening out there, and look at the influence of wall street in the campaign, they heavily contributed to hillary clinton and in a lot of ways, people thought she was a middle-of-the-road am a good for business politician, one of the reasons she saw such success in
2:33 pm
terms of raising money on wall street, yet now she is singing a different tune because of bernie sanders's influence, elizabeth warren and her influence. the people have had enough. and potentially start to merge in areas you didn't think were possible. >> you bring up a great point. of these wikileaks were public during the primary, we would not be facing hillary clinton is the nominee, we would be facing bernie sanders. if i were a bernie sanders of what i would be livid, it was a rigged system. we know now there was collusion between the democratic party and the clinton campaign which is a giant ethical no-no during a primary and even worse for all americans, that is more the democratic party problem but a problem for all americans is there was collusion between the dependent of justice and the clinton foundation. trish: we only have 30, you are hispanic yourself on the trump
2:34 pm
campaign, hillary clinton in those emails referred -- podesta returned to that. >> she insulted latinos, catholics and most latinos are catholic. she is showing her heart, there is unfortunately hate in her heart. trish: thank you so much. we will take a quick break, we will be right back. just like that, a moment turns romantic. so why pause to take a pill? and when you're having fun why stop to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved
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trish: bombshell email discovered in the latest wikileaks done. top official at the clinton foundation sent an email to foundation staff is that in part reads qatar would like to see w jc, william jefferson clinton, for five minutes in new york city to present a $1 million check for w jc's birthday in 2011. why give the former president $1 million? national security expert and author of the best-selling book defeating jihad, doctor sebastian is about air, time for allegiances, pretty sketchy places, haiti came up very much in the news yesterday, enough then, the access of people doing business in haiti with the clinton foundation had -- to the state department and now we are getting this information, 5 minutes with w jc and $1 million
2:39 pm
from qatar? >> if you read this in a novel about the mafia you wouldn't believe it. this is like chicago in the 1930s. people need to watch the video on youto called clinton cash. every day wikileaks is dumping more evidence that hillary and bill will do whatever the highest bidder wants them to do. the most egregious ones you just mentioned, how they personally profited their foundation profited and their friends profited from the disastrous earthquake in haiti. if any millennial watches 5 minutes of that film they will be vomiting at the lack of moral spine these people have. trish: doesn't it strike you as not just being immoral, but if this turns out to be true and they were selling access to the state department, that is
2:40 pm
illegal. >> it is if we had rule of law. if we didn't have a case in which a woman is charged, suspected of mishandling the highest level classified information and she is interviewed while another suspect in the room acts as her legal counsel the fbi agents investigating not to make note of the interview and the laptops, the evidence of what was breached, are destroyed. trish: that is pretty bad. the destruction would be evident, i don't know, do not know how that plays out. let me get to another story, the background in military issues and the middle east. i want to ask about the situation off the coast of yemen which is getting more intense, you have a us warship which launched cruise missiles into
2:41 pm
yemen after rebels allied with iran launched a missile an american destroyer this week, now we have learned iran dispatched two warships and those warships appear to be headed right now to the red sea. what is going on? >> the middle east just when we thought it couldn't get worse is getting worse. the gulf of aden is the alleged destination of the iranian military vessels. what we know is the shia crescent like the jordanians refer to it is growing. the influence of the mullahs don't just control iran. they control baghdad, damascus, beirut, the shiite extremists are using the sphere of mobility we provided by leading from behind, pulling out and
2:42 pm
facilitating the transfer of $150 billion so they are making hay while the sun shines with america is not leaving of the people who want to destroy america, we are the great satan, that is what they say every friday iran. they are undermining our interests and endanger us service men and women and our allies. trish: good to have you here. gun sales have been pouring ahead of this election which is happening 26 days from now. gunfire, a good reason to get out and buy them when they can in case hillary clinton gets to the white house, that story after this. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can commute. (man on radio) ...40! no flags on the play! (cheering) (announcer vo) or you can chest bump. yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. trish: let's check markets, 40 points, the trade data, the health of the globe are all overall economy with pressure on stocks which are slightly lower, worries over china having affect on financials, let's take a peek here, traders waiting for financial join jpmorgan chase, and wells fargo to report quarterly earnings, trading down after a that. 10 week low with anticipation the fed will hike interest rates in december.
2:45 pm
we will be right back with a look at why gun sales are suddenly soaring, 26 days to get them. what does this tell us about who might win? see you back here after this.
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2:47 pm
>> hillary clinton, by executive order, and imposing manufacturer liability. that is here. the clinton presidency would impose gun-control, one of the big reasons we see gun-control sales or gun sales set a new record last one. take a look at what we are showing you on the screen, a boon to gun stocks as of late and small businesses that sell guns, might as well get them while i can. jeff flock joins us from illinois, so much demand, sold out of its annual membership. jeff: it is amazing. the gunfire. we are looking at a woman, just started shooting in the last
2:48 pm
three months, part of a group -- a group that says they -- she is worried when she reloads her pistol. concern about this presidential election, and what you are doing now. >> i couldn't hear you. jeff: it is loud here, you are concerned about the loss of your life to do what you are doing. >> i'm concerned about losing my right to defend myself and my family. jeff: will influence your vote? >> it will affect my vote. jeff: look at the numbers. look at the numbers. in the last month we have 11% increase year over year, 15 straight months of increases in folks buying guns. the managing partner of this gun range, seeing tremendous increase.
2:49 pm
>> a lot of people might not traditionally be involved, we see a lot of women coming and. jeff: the political situation catalyzing events that spike up. >> a lot of anxiety, people are afraid they will lose second amendment privileges, to enjoy the sport. jeff: the question, hillary clinton says i won't take away people's guns, but regulate more. something that is not reasonable. >> in the appropriate manner, a law-abiding -- and they don't abide by the laws.
2:50 pm
jeff: folks still exercising their constitutional right. the range of 355 in chicago. trish: don't go sneaking up on anyone. we will take a quick break after this. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at across new york state,
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ trish: john stumpf sticking down as ceo of wells fargo on allegations the bank created 2 million fake accounts without knowledge of customers and reportedly walking away with $134 million. elizabeth warren doesn't like that. she has been fuming all along. i am joined by charlie gasparino
2:54 pm
and kevin kelly, i think so much blame to go around, look at the banks, what they did is not forgivable but at the same time hasn't washington in some ways enabled the bank to do this? charles: when i think of unbreakable -- unforgivable i think of bernie madoff, $16 billion ripoff. at the most this is a 21/$2 million ripoff, create one false account that is bank fraud and it is bad and they cross sold but let's put this in context and one other thing, the consumer financial protection board was inside their offices every day and missed it. trish: they miss everything.
2:55 pm
they were in lehman brothers. charles: that is the creation of elizabeth warren who wanted an extra monitor on the banks. trish: they couldn't catch it but she figured putting more regulation, maybe a lot more regulation, it will be okay. in some ways you got to get back to what we were. why not bring back glass-steagall and say enough? gigantic banks doing aggressive things, why not just change -- charles: easy to monitor. >> they keep putting on more regulations, we know about criminal activity, nothing has happened and the problem is setting sites on this 21/$2 million number, that is what they found going to 2011. going all the way back to 2005 it is more pervasive but guess
2:56 pm
who it targeted? the elderly, the poor. >> put it in context. we have seen a good ceo, very good as far as the bank was concerned, very well run. there was no systemic problem, not a big blowup destroying the financial system. let me make this point. we just got rid of him over a scam that might if you are lucky reach $10 million and i will say this. i'm not excusing it, what you have is people in washington demanding heads for stuff that, yes he did bad, needed more monitoring, there is always bad stuff. trish: the danger is washington is getting too involved and that is a slippery slope. >> look at the share price.
2:57 pm
trish: we are up against a hard break. i will be right back.
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trish: all right. let's check out these markets, you can see we're back up to the flat line, down just 13 points. we had been down 184 at the low of the session, but we're coming back. not bad. liz claman is going to take you to the close. liz: trish, thank you so much. hey, we have got a comeback in the works on wall street and a comeback on the campaign trail, perhaps? the dow trimming its losses, down earlier by 184 points. need to tell you that while we are down 15 points, just a minute ago we were down less than 6. oil is also reversing. it had taken an earlier hit. it's trying to move higher right now. in florida, the self-described king of the comeback facing sexual assault accusations head on. donald trump wrapping up in west palm beach more than an hour ago where he called the latest accusations by four women, quote, totally and absolutely


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