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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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best, i think you will be rewardedded with quality and much better shape next year. liz: barry james. $7 billion man. [closing bell rings] over at james investment research. glad to have you here. you could still call this a comeback because at the lows of the session the dow was down 184. we're set to close down just 42. let me get it over to david asman and melissa francis for "after the bell." david: stocks coming back from big losses as liz said. looks like we were go to the flat line or maybe positive but pulling back at very end. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the market movers but first here is what else we have for you at this hour. donald trump lashing out at media and his accusers, threatening to sue "the new york times" and calling the latest sexual assault allegations are outright lies. he has evidence to prove it. wikileaks continues to release emails from the clinton campaign and details from clinton
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speeches praising wall street and million dollar birthday check to bill clinton from one arab nation. really amazing. more coming up on this. what are the odds of republicans losing house of representatives? we'll look at that break down as well. david: back to the markets first. the dow staging a come back late this afternoon. but then it ended day down about 40 after dropping 114 points this morning. energy ending in the green, with a big jump in natural gas. phil flynn on that and other commodities at price futures and a fox business contributor. he is watching action from the cme. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, we saw this broad recovery after stocks hit a three-month low this morning. what happened? >> so, david, it was really a tug-of-war all day between the bulls and bears, with bears maintaining upper hand threw the duration of the session. as you mentions, closed to the downside. dow was down 184 points. weakest point on the industrial
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average. there were a couple things setting tone early with disappointing trade data out of china. that reignited concerns of slowing economic growth. you know that really translates into talk of the fed interest rate timeline. i don't want to dwell on that. talk about the airlines. this is one of the outstanding sectors today. delta reporting third quarter numbers before the bell this morning. it was easy beat the street on earnings. but they also talked about a strategy to reduce capacity. there was glut of extra seats. they're trying to streamline that to prop up profits. declining fuel prices actually helped delta too. that had a nice knock-on effect as you see the green arrows on your screen. on the other hand show you financials. we show you these real quick, because big banks report before the bell. here is how they are poised. jpmorgan down 1 1/2 of 1%. we're expecting decline of profits in jpmorgan in this low interest rate irrelevant environment. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you.
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natural gas at highest level since september 2014. what is behind that move, phil? >> mainly the energy information report once again missed five-year average injection at 79 bps as opposed to 89. what is more disturbing about the report which is short term energy outlook showing a major drop in u.s. natural gas production. we're seeing a situation where demand is getting very, very strong, production is falling. that will tighten supplies going into this winter. we could see prices go up a lot more. what is more fascinating this oil market today. we started off weaker. we looked at headline number on crude. almost 4 million barrels draw down. market goes down but u.s. energy information says the global market is in balance. if you look at the global right now, production over demand is only 80,000 barrels, tightest it has been in over 10 years.
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the market is back in balance. back to you. melissa: there you go, phil, thank you for that. david: red alert. hsbc issuing a warning that stocks are heading for a freefall citing how similar current trading patterns of today's major indices are to the major stock market crash of 1987! here to weigh in scott martin, kingsview asset management, fox news contributor. and veronica daguerre of "wall street journal." scott, i remember '87. times are very different back then. do you make a parallel today? >> i don't, david. i was playing a lot of nintendo entertainment system back then. i too had my problems in '87. thank you, super mario brothers. there are some parallels, not a ton i don't think we have black swan event like major market crash. i think something holding up equity prices which has been low interest rates and massive central bank intervention. if that goes away, and fed hiking in december and further
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on downed road, that is the big risk to equities not '87 crash. david: veronica, people say this election is big black swan. >> a lot of people are worried what will happen in november. that is huge uncertainty for the market. they're pricing in certain things, but still you never know. you have the got the fed. you have got the election. you have china slowing. investors sitting there what is going to happen? if you're average investor sitting at home, getting worried, near retirement you may want to think having 10% of your portfolio, 10% of your expenses in cash. if we do see a big market dip, you're prepared to pay the bills without pulling out money at the bottom. david: good advice. melissa: that is good advice. senator elizabeth warren back in september demanding that wells fargo ceo john stumpf resign. >> so you haven't resigned. you haven't returned a single nickel of your personal earn. you haven't fired a single senior executive. you should resign. you should be criminally investigated. this just isn't right.
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melissa: hmmm. john stumpf, tendering his resignation as both chairman and ceo yesterday. that did not stop warren from continuing her attack tweeting today, a bank ceo should not be able to oversee a massive fraud and simply walk away to enjoy his millions in retirement. scott, i'm going to you first. i mean this is we predicted this is what was going to happen, that he was going to retire and with that he get as huge package. depending how you calculate the stock options and like what it is trading at, between 120 million and $134 million after the clawback of the 41 million. what do you think about that? >> not a bad chunk of change and i think optics on this are tough because you're right, melissa, he did walk out the backdoor so to speak here. that is really tough thing if you're at home thinking about wanting to get with elizabeth warren, saying somebody should be criminally investigated and somebody should go to jail which we didn't see much after the 2008 financial
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crisis. this is much different but similar kind of optics. it is interesting wells fargo allowed him to do, he was clearly in line of some sort of culpability here. melissa: veronica, what make this is one tougher for me, with the housing crisis there was a lot of blame to go around, even people took out loans and bought houses they couldn't afford, you argue back and forth, they knew what they were doing, with this tellers and banks all have been fired. so many people have been hurt by this. all this incentive structure this really seems unfair, veronica. >> this is tough situation as you said so many people have been impacted by this, not only shareholders because that stock is down 10% since the scandal broke but employees and top executives. melissa: yeah. >> what you want to look at if you're thinking about investing in the stock i would wait until tomorrow because we're going to get some commentary from the company. melissa: yes. >> we want to know how much money they're putting aside to deal with this scandal.
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we also want to see if there are accounts shut down because of this. are investors or consumers walking away? not to mention, what's ahead? how are they going to keep their profits up? so much of profit engine was driven by cross-selling which is very aggressive. they will not do that anymore. how will they make their money? listen for that tomorrow. melissa: great points, veronica. thank you. david: new "wall street journal" poll of economists finding better than even chance of recession within the next four years. you know what that means. the next president is going to have one. how will the next president deal with recession? veronica, the past president, this president, president obama dealt with recession i think very poorly. we've had the poorest recovery i think since the great depression. a lot of people say it is because instead of lowering taxes and regulations he did the opposite, making it more expensive for businesses to come back from the recession. so it really matters who is in the top seat. >> it does matter a lot. like you said this comeback
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hasn't been so blockbuster comeback by any -- david: worst since the depression. it is terrible. >> if you look at people sitting in different parts of the country they're not making more than they did back in 2007. some people's wages still haven't come back. there are plenty of people still underemployed if you look at labor participation numbers. so who gets in the white house? also in congress makes a big difference in november. david: yeah. >> further taxes and regulation though isn't going to help growth though. david: of course it won't. it will make things more expensive. scott, the key here, we have somebody as president never had any business experience and hillary clinton is kind of similar. whereas the other candidate who has been through a lost recessions as businessman, he knows business better. >> i agree, david. hillary i think though is still somewhat of a known quantity to wall street. maybe that helps her a little bit. david: that's true. certainly helps wall street a little bit. >> one thing government can and may not do because as veronica
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pointed out, congress seems to be up in play in fall election, senate and house seats up for vote, that is big wildcard. david: that is great point. >> if they get tough, that will be hard on businesses. david: the down-ballot races are very key in this coming election. scott, veronica, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: so iran scrambling warships off the coast of yemen after the u.s. trades fire with rebels there. how the white house is now responding. david: making us a all a little nervous. a split in the ranks of the fbi over its decision to let hillary clinton off the hook over her emails. many agents and investigators we're told now believe that clinton should have faced charges. more on this story, straight ahead. melissa: plus donald trump, ripping into "the new york times." the latest woman accusing him of sexual assault at a rally this afternoon. trump said these accusations are lies. he has evidence to prove it. >> these attacks are orchestrated by clintons and media allies.
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david: donald trump is threatening to sue "the new york times" because of a piece saying he sexually assaulted women. "the new york times" for its part refusing to retract the story. adam shapiro is live in florida with the very latest from the trump campaign. adam? reporter: at the rally here before 3,000 people mr. trump called "the new york times" story a horror of lies and misconceptions. and he rallied his supporters to chant against the media because of it but here's mr. trump in his own words denying what "the new york times" reported today. the.
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>> these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fiction and they're outright lies. we already have substantial evidence to dispute these lies, and it will be made public in an appropriate way, and at an appropriate time very soon. reporter: mr. trump's attorney sent a letter to the "new york times" demanding they retract the article and take it off the website but "the times" responded saying nothing in our article has had the slightest, has had slightest effect on reputation that mr. trump through his own words and actions already created for himself. the first part of their letter said, quote, the essence of a libel claim is of course protection of one's reputation. mr. trump has bragged about his non-consensual touching of women. "new york times" is ready for a fight, david. david: both sides are, it is clear trump and "the times" are. adam, thank you very much. melissa: here to relax a trump campaign senior advisor and
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former "apprentice" contestant. julie roginsky, democratic strategist and fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. let me start with you. the problem with this is kind of what "new york times" said in their statement, it is basically what he said on "access hollywood" tape. also what he said on "the howard stern show," what these women are saying? >> well americans know the difference between fact and fiction and this is clearly fiction. i mean -- melissa: how is it fiction? it is what he said on the tapes. he said on howard stern that he would go back behind stage and sigh these women and said on the, access hollywood tape he can't help himself but kiss women and grab them. so, it is what he said. >> well, i'm talking about the ladies. their claim is fiction. "the new york times," they have become the new "national enquirer." this is hearsay. these, yes, the same -- the
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tapes, mr. trump said the same thing. he apologized to the american people. the media won't let it die. the women making allegations. mr. trump said he did not do that "the new york times" is distracting voters. melissa: let me give you a challenge as a strategist. other than totally calling them liars and saying it didn't happen and denying it, what is another strategy that he could use here? i mean, when i heard, this is challenge to you as political operative. if he were your candidate? mea culpa? i have seen a new way, i mean what can he do other than go out and deny and attack the women? >> i wouldn't attack the women. i would deny it and move on. attacking women is counterproductive. if you want to talk about the "national enquirer" only newspaper in the country that actually endorsed donald trump. i'm not so sure they should be bogeyman in any trump supporters argument here. i will say, if donald trump truly believes this is not true, if he thinks "new york times" is libeling him he should see.
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we'll see in discovery what happens, what comes out. but i don't think he will ever have the guts to do that. i think he understands he doesn't want to go through discovery on this if he wants to prove these women wrong, he did not do to them what he claims they said he did -- melissa: i like your advice. if you're candidate, deny it quickly. >> turn the page. melissa: that is the most effective strategy right now. >> absolutely. melissa: why do you think he is not doing that? >> we are turning the page. we have women for trump coalition. i'm part of it. we're going across the country letting female voters know that donald trump empowers women. i'm one of them. he has promoted as female business leader. i'm one of the leaders in the campaign that is female. and he has promoted me. he mentored me along with many other women. he has a strong record of hiring female executives. he is doing that. we are going across the country, to the battleground states and other states. letting female voters know who he is. melissa: julie, is there any
4:19 pm
chance that all the piling on, now people are coming out with tape. he said something to a young girl who is going up an escalator. you know, many years from now i will date you in 10 years when you're 18. kind of like piling on with everything they can possibly find anywhere. is there a chance it backfires after all. it didn't work against bill clinton? he did still get elected. >> big difference. bill clinton had a woman coming out saying they had consensual sexual relationship very different from what these women are saying. >> none of these women claiming he had sex with them. they are different in lot of way. >> they are saying he non-consensually attacked them and groped them not work. melissa: no chance it backfires. no way the all piling on -- >> no, no. nobody will feel sorry for donald trump for following reason. he was never a paragone of virtue. his words speak for themselves in tape that you saw. consistently said to women privately and publicly not
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resonated. frankly if he is empowering you so much, talk to him and ask him to release the apprentice tapes. -- >> he was an actual professional who never ever -- >> other people dispute that though. >> other women dispute that. >> i will say this, bill clintoned had affairs with intern until oval office. those were actions. trump words versus bill clinton's actions. a vote for hillary clinton -- >> people are alleging. people are alleging words, right? melissa: we've got to go. thank you. stay tuned to fox business, we have new fox news polls that will be released tonight at 6:00 p.m. on "making money with charles payne." it will provide an in-depth look how the controversy affecting female vote. you don't want to miss that. david: we do not. details inside the hillary clinton campaign. wikileaks continuing its assault. what is hidden in new round of emails released today. we have some ideas.
4:21 pm
plus yet another leading democrat, this time democrat governor sounding alarm about obamacare, calling it unaffordable. next donald trump economic advisor steve moore is here to respond. >> [inaudible]. find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do.
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melissa: bill clinton's huge pay day. the latest wikileak document dumb that arab nation wanted togy him one million dollars for his birthday. blake burman with the latest. i never get a million dollar check for my birthday. what am i doing wrong? reporter: i want socks for my birthday. that is all aever asked for, melissa. you're right, add 2,000 more emails to the wikileak release filings around hillary clinton's orbit. in one email you have to go back
4:25 pm
to 2012. someone with a clinton foundation email address writing that qatar wants to give bill clinton a one million dollars birthday gift. saying of a qatari ambassador, quoting here, would like to see wjc for five minutes in nyc to present one million dollars check that qatar promised for wjc's birthday, william jefferson clinton 2011. it is unclear if it was ever given or cashed. hillary clinton campaign team grappling in august of 2015 how to fine tune her position that she never sent or received classified materials. campaign spokesperson brian fallon writing in email chain, quoting here once again, our position is no such material exists, else it could be said she mishandled classified info. we need to clarify we need to make clear, fine to perform redact shuns today, in doing so
4:26 pm
it doesn't mean to identify the material as classified when it was sent. clinton said she never sent or received material mark classified at the time. additionally, within thousands of documents that were released throughout the week here, there have been many from wikileaks, some appear to show what were later identified by her speakers bureau, clinton speaker bureau, speech flags from the paid speeches including to wall street firms. in one occasion clinton said at a goldman sachs symposium the blame the bankers took for the financial meltdown and misunderstood and politicized. as we know clinton had much tougher talk towards wall street for months on the campaign trail. melissa: it was so clear she was parsing words and here they are discussing how they would parse the word on classified documents and they look you in the face say, no. and then here's all the emails. like we're stupid. reporter: read through the emails there were draft after
4:27 pm
draft after draft. melissa: oh, disgusting. blake, thank you. david: here now is steve moore, donald trump campaign economic advisor and fox news contributor. steve, when you read those wikileaks stuff on what hillary was saying in front of the banks or behind closed doors, to the banks and what she says on the campaign trail, how do you think she will govern? will it behind closed doors or person on campaign trail? >> who knows. i think this is her fundamental weakness this whole campaign is, even though donald trump had considerable troubles in the last week, you still see voters just not trusting her. you see that reflected in the polls. that in all of these wikileaks stuff, just, reflects that she does. she says one thing to one group of people, one thing to another. that is what politicians do. it undermines her case of having credibility. david: sometimes it undermines to a lot of people the whole idea of wall street versus main street. the fact that people like
4:28 pm
hillary clinton who come out and in public say how anti-bank they are, behind closed doors she says i'm one of you. if we're writing new regulations, a lot of people suspect they had a hand in writing some financial regulations. that is why they have been doing so well the big banks, since the regulations. >> there is related point. remember in the debate last week hillary kept attacking trump for you know, special, we've got to get rid of the citizens united. remember she said. so hypocritical. she says she wants to take special interest money out of the politics. you've been following politics for 30 years. i never seen anyone who collected more special interest money than hillary clinton. david: absolutely, no question. hypocrisy is beyond belief. move on to something else. very interesting, another democrat following bill clinton's lead criticizing obamacare. it is democrat governor mark dayton much minnesota. play the tape. >> reality is, the affordable care act is no longer
4:29 pm
affordable. increasing numbers of people. david: steve, this is an interesting development, is it not? all the democrats coming out against obamacare? >> the democrats that i talk to in washington are just praying, they're saying their prayers at night this thing holds together until election day. obamacare is really truly falling apart. they're using masking tape and staples to keep this thing afloat so they can get past the election. it is a debacle. people like bill clinton and mark dayton, mark dayton is big liberal he is not moderate democrat. david: he is a very liberal democrat. >> he says it is not working. you know where they want to go, david? their solution is, get rid of insurance companies and have single-payer. david: that is their ultimate, a lot of people say that was the goal from the get-go but why haven't we seen more and nancy pelosi tape just a second, juxtaposing what she said about affordable care act with reality what the democrats are saying
4:30 pm
about it now? play the nancy pelosi tape. >> affordable, affordable. there is a reason. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. affordable. david: show that, and i think she said it about another 10 times with what bill clinton said about obamacare. my god, that shows you the way things are, promises as opposed to how they work out in real life. >> really doesn't actually matter what bill clinton says about it or mike dayton says about it. the truth is i'm feeling it in my pocketbook. millions and millions of americans. you can't fool people. they see premiums going up. they see how much health care costs are going up. it is real financial strain on families. instead of saving $2500 a year, several families paying several thousand dollars more a year and paycheck are not going up. doesn't matter what the politicians say. by the way, women at kitchen table are ones paying these bills.
4:31 pm
david: say affordable, affordable. melissa: yeah. david: you will feel a lot bert, steve. >> i do feel better. melissa: yeah, if you just say it comes true. david: it's a mantra. melissa: fallout continuing over the clinton campaign's harsh comments about catholics which were revealed in the latest wikileaks dump. it has religious leaders outraged. david: here why an inside source to the fbi saying staff who worked on the clinton investigation are disgusted with the outcome. >> when you are allowing witnesses who happen to be lawyers, who happen to be targets, to sit in on an interview, that is not the fbi that i used to work with. >> i hope some day when this political craziness is over you will look back again on this, because this is the fbi you know and love.
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david: more flak against the clinton team for remarks they apparently made in hacked emails concerning catholics. now the trump campaign holding a conference call with catholic leaders to discuss those leaked emails. >> it is important for voters to understand that the clinton campaign in private expresses breathtaking anti-catholic bigotry. hillary clinton likes to tell us that she likes to go high, but this is an example that she and her campaign are as low as a snake's belly. david: that was matt slap -- schlapp on the call. american conservative union
4:36 pm
chairman. you're a catholic who is for trump. a lot of catholics are for hillary. do you think what happened or what was revealed in the emails might change their mind? >> i hope it would. i know that catholics, might have some diverse opinions on politics but there is not much diversity when you're made fun of. when you're called backwards. when people mock the way you might baptize your children. when they make fun of saints of the church. it's, it is reprehensible and hillary clinton has run a campaign where her central theme is not about any policies. it is about those of us who support donald trump are irredeemable, are deplorable. now we're backwards. it's a lot of name-calling for somebody who is saying the person she is running against is the person who calls people names. david: the problem is, matt, for a lost catholics for a lot of people of religion -- a lot of catholics, people of religion, what we know donald trump said
4:37 pm
in private because of the tape is pretty deplorable. that is kind of deplorable. and that has a lot of people saying i'm not going to voight at voight -- vote at all someone writing in "the wall street journal" saying they won't vote saying lesser of two evils is. they say that is rationalization designed more than anything else to assuage our consciences, do you agree? >> i think what catholics care about, practicing catholics that go to church and believe in the teachings of their church, when they see nuns being forced to purchase contraception in their health care coverage, and blunt force is coming from the obama-clinton policies, it is reprehensible. we have a first amendment in this country, david, and the idea that americans can practice the faith they choose or practice no faith is woven into what our country is all about. when you see supreme court
4:38 pm
sitting there 4-4, with the 9th justice to be very first decision this next president will make, these issues, issues of do we fund abortion with our taxpayer dollars are front and center. david: quickly,down ballot votes for senate and house of congress, if people do stay out because they're dissatisfied both with trump's ethics and hillary clinton's ethics that means senate and house may go way of democrats which you say what? >> look i think presidential race looms large in these down-ballot races david, but i would say the polls are going to jump around and they're going to look pretty dire for conservatives for a while here because of all this noise. but we're going to see the trends, i think mostly the down-ballot races are unattached. those republicans are unattached to donald trump they will win or lose based on the fact of races that they run and most of the news out there is pretty positive. david: matt schlapp, good to see you, thank you very much.
4:39 pm
>> thanks, david. >> i think she was extremely careless. i think she was negligent. that i could establish. what we can't establish is that she acted with necessary criminal intent. melissa: hmmm. well, now we have the emails. that was fbi director comey testified as they decided not to recommend charges for hillary clinton. but anonymous fbi insider is saying many people involved in the case believed clinton should have been charged. fred tecce, former federal prosecutor joins me now. let me read you part of the quote. this is from the source on the case saying no trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed with the decision not to prosecute. what do you think? >> what i think, i think this is absolute travesty. melissa you may have heard me say this. the proudest day of my life i put my left hand on the bible and raised my right hand and blame a federal prosecutor and agreed to defend the laws of the constitution of the united states. it is unbelievable job. it is an honor to have it.
4:40 pm
to see what these people have done and basically turned the united states department of justice into a political circus, makes me sick. when you hear that no trial level attorney agreed with the decision not to prosecute, those are the foot soldiers, those are kind of enlisted soldiers out there working 100 cases ace understood, day in, day out, sifting through the elements of the crime, making determination whether or not there was probable cause there is enough facts to support each element, in order to return an indictment. as i understand it they were unanimous in determination that mrs. clinton violated law and she should have been indicted. it is outrageous. david: how do you feel now that you see emails? he hung idea there was no intent. the emails are disgusting in their content what should we give them, keep to the side, what do we do with the server? the intent is there, clear as day, although we're seeing it because those emails were
4:41 pm
stolen, which is crime in of itself. i don't know, how do you feel about it? >> well it's a crime in of itself, interestingly under the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and seizures, as long as government, it wasn't the government's idea for wikileaks to steal these, obviously it wasn't, ultimately those emails could have been used. to answer your question, how do i feel? i'm not surprised in any way, shape or form. in my opinion based on evidence i saw there was sufficient evidence to establish intent. when you hear of computers being wiped out with bleachbit, basically a system that goes through to obliterate information, under the law, destruction of evidence is consciousness of guilt. melissa: yeah. >> when you hear stories servers were destroyed and emails were deleted and things were done, that is compelling evidence of guilt. what i'm seeing from wikileaks doesn't surprise me at all. melissa: how do you think all these people will feel he is is president and top of the law and
4:42 pm
order food chain after having done all this. >> part of my frustration with all of this, ultimately if she becomes president, i see four more years of gridlock. i see stuff not getting done because depending whether or not the democrats take both house and senate, i mean you know there will be investigations. there will be efforts to impeach. and ultimately the american people, i'm not political expert, the american people will suffer because the job of taking care of america is not being taken, not being undertaken because these people are fighting over whether or not this woman should have been indicted. >> i think gridlock is the best-case scenario. >> if we're lucky. melissa: if she has a government completely agrees with her, that is whole another situation. fred, thank you. >> i will take the gridlock over that. melissa: exactly. that was my point. thank you. david. david: the man accused of planting bombs in new york city and new jersey is pleading not guilty to charges that he tried to kill police officers before they captured him. ahmed khan rouhani appeared from
4:43 pm
video from his hospital bed with a plea through his lawyer. he has been hospitalized since the police shootout that led to his capture last month. he is accused of detonating a pipe bomb in a new jersey town and pressure cooker bomb in new york city that injured 31 people. melissa: high seas showdown. iran sending warships to yemen after the u.s. military retaliateed for american vessels. new details. look at that. category 3 storm, that's next.
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4:47 pm
fox news's kevin rork with the latest on this. kevin this is a serious situation. reporter: no question about it, melissa, you're right. keep had in mind. we were talking about what happened last week. this is clear escalation. as you point out a pair of iranian warships off the yemeni coast. they have been deployed there. they can add obviously more vessels to the region this is of grave concern to the u.s. this is direct response you point out to the battery of fired u.s. tomahawk cruise missiles that destroyed three coastal radar sites in yemen. they described those as limited in scope. secretary eric shults said this is self-defense action to deter strikes against u.s. assets in the contrary. that is sentiment echoed by pentagon spokesperson peter cook a short time later. >> those who might threaten u.s. forces should recognize we will not tall rate threats to our
4:48 pm
people. we will respond to if our forces come under fire. reporter: for the folks at home who is trying to figure out who is against whom in this sort of region, there are some conflicting stores you get, we talk ad great deal about russia, backing assad regime in syria. when it comes to iran, they're on the ground backing the houthi rebels in yemen. >> they could not fire missiles without help of iranians, that is about this thing. that should be driving everybody nuts. houthi rebels wouldn't be able to do it. reporter: the colonel clear anyone who attacks u.s., obviously is attacked back, even a threat possibility could raise stakes very quickly in that the past world. not the iranians who are messing up the works there. we're talking about the chinese in those waters, the russians over the red sea and of course the u.s. tried to protect our allies and our interests in the region, something we'll be watching carefully here from the
4:49 pm
white house, melissa. melissa: this is one of those proxy wars gets bigger and bigger involved and more and more people. very dangerous. kevin, thank you. reporter: you bet. david: trouble in paradise. a severe storm battering bermuda hurricane nicole, category 3, ripping roofs right off structures. the storm knocked out power to more than 20,000 there. hurricane force wind expected to continue into the evening. the storm is so big, this is look at it from space last night, geographically bigger than the last storm we went through. this is bigger than matthew. melissa: amazing. look at those pictures. from russia with love. new allegations that the kremlin is trying to sway the u.s. election, that's next. ♪
4:50 pm
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4:54 pm
it and has russia's fingerprints all over it. david: i listened to gary kasparov, knows russia very well and knows putin's mind and knows how it works. his whole intent he wants to disrupt the u.s. system. i would think if you want to disrupt the u.s. system, you would disrupt the voting system. at that would be the ultimate way to disrupt the system, wouldn't you say? >> it might be, again, when you do something like that, now we're talking cyberspace and cyber attacks and actually physically to be there. there are fingerprints all over it. putin is in place to have plausible denial. same way we give you're leadership that they didn't know about it. once you take the next level of action we get to another level of attribution. dhs watching this, fbi watching this. we found out earlier u.s. army and cyber command from a perimeter standpoint. david: he is a little worried about the counter attacks, that would be obvious, fingerprints were clear. >> i doesn't do it absolutely.
4:55 pm
david: what about the charge by, the charge by some in the clinton team, podesta in particular, john podesta, the emails have been doctored, any way to tell if that is true? >> that will be much tougher. look at volume. for them to do that, you make a change one place. you have to find all threads of information where it has been changed and forwards and replies. much less likely they have been doctored as much as look, these are the folks that are complaining, they didn't have problem somebody committed a felony to release donald trump's tax, yet they're complaining the fact emails were hacked. don't put that stuff in emails. have better security. that the easiest answer. david: watch what you say. russia, we should finally mention russia done this before. state of estonia in the baltics complained of a similar situation, right? >> right. no doubt russia has exerted influence regionally. estonia, ukraine, black energy
4:56 pm
attacks there. lithuania, no doubt they exerted influence in many so of those and may be trial runs for this. i think there is less likely of a chance russia will do it. i think more chance of malware or some bozo wants to influence the election inserting ran someware. that could be option. david: may have to go back to the hanging chads. >> no, no hanging chads. david: no hanging chads. melissa: some other bozo. i like that. the times they are achanging. the new honor for legendary musician, bob dylan. that's next. ♪ te down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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prize winner to long list of accolades, wow.
5:00 pm
>> awarding the singer/songwriter the 2016 prize in literature for having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition. comes with a lot of money. he didn't need it. >> he doesn't, but he is a poet. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> you know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. liz: hillary called millions of americans deplorables, irredeemable, from catholics to ti


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