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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 13, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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wouldn't do it. can we do anything at this point? >> lot of things, symmetrical and asymmetrical. one you stand up to the russians over aleppo, if you don't have a taste for that, for god sakes stand with european allies with putin. charles: we got to leave to there. thank you. lou: good evening, everybody, wikileaks today published a new round of nearly 2,000 damaging e-mails from the head of the clinton cartel campaign chairman john podesta. one of the e-mails suggests more clinton pay-to-play. campaign manager robbie mook writing -- donald trump today talking about the systematic corruption seen in those e-mails at a rally at west palm beach florida. the republican nominee telling supporters hillary clinton does
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belong in jail. >> honestly she should be locked up. the clintons are criminals, remember that. they're criminals. this is well documented and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover-up of widespread criminal activity at the state department and the clinton foundation in order to keep the clintons in power. this election will determine whether we're a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy. lou: and we'll be taking all of that up with house oversight committee member congressman mark meadows. it is now 26 days until the election, and donald trump has some work to do in the polls. brand-new "fox news poll"s show hillary clinton's lead expanding to seven points in a four way race. 45-38%. clinton had been up two points last week before the second
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presidential debate. in the two-way race, clinton leads by eight, 49-41% up from a four-point advantage a week ago. we'll be analyzing the state of the race with republican strategist karl rove in moments. top story tonight, more than 9,000 e-mails have now been released by wikileaks, and there's more evidence that the clinton campaign worked with party officials, including debbie wasserman schultz at the dnc to rig the primary process against senator bernie sanders. in november, 2014 campaign manager robbie mook was e-mailing about the pressing need to move the illinois primary from march to april or may to make it more favorable for his candidate. even though the dnc was supposed to be entirely neutral in the process, mook writes about sweetening the pot for illinois by giving them a bonus of 10%, extra delegates if they
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move to april and 20% if may. mook added of illinois party officials, quote, they don't really care about being helpful and feel forgotten and neglected by president obama. key point is that this is not an obama ask but a hillary ask, and the clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them. in the end, the illinois primary remained in march and clinton carried it over sanders by 25,000 votes. clinton campaign chairman john podesta under fire for e-mail entitled needy latinos in one easy call released in yesterday's batch. the needy latinos podesta refers to are former new mexico governor bill richardson and mexico secretary federico pena and received a generous donation from the country of qatar, this e-mail stating, quote --
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what a nice birthday present. the qataris are interested in suggestions for how to spend the $20 million they donated as part of the haiti earthquake relief. our next guest says that trump has talked effectively about how the latest wikileaks dump of clinton e-mails showed her to be untrustworthy and out of touch with ordinary americans. joining us former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush, republican strategist, fox news political analyst, karl rove. great to have you with us. today i thought honestly i thought donald trump had found his stride and measure. he sounded like he was focused
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on the issues, and as he put it unshackled. your thoughts? >> well, i think that the most important thing to think about as we enter the final stage of the campaign is that the people who are up for grabs in this election, the undecided voters or the swing voters who moved away in recent days, the polls aren't good, but interesting inside them is that he has lost more than she has gained. meaning there haven't been magnetized all the way over to her. the question is what are the things that are going to win them back? and he has got to have a very clear idea what the sentence, the phrase, that idea is that he wants to belay forth each day. i'm not certain getting caught up in the discussion of groping and kissing and sexual advances and so forth is helpful to anybody but particularly not helpful to him. he's got to get through with something more powerful than that. lou: my guess is donald trump would willingly forego any
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reference to the phrases you just suggested. but what is karl rove's idea about what he should say that will move the independents, those folks who are undecided or decided to move aside? >> i think he's got to stop talking about all that stuff. he's got to say i've said what i have to say. he can't excoriate the media. that makes people feel good but isn't going to bring people back to him. lou: but what could he say? >> he's got to figure out something each and every day that's about the issues they care about. like we got tomorrow, he ought to play off of the fact that one of the strongest advocates for the affordable care act, for obamacare, the democratic governor of minnesota says it's a disaster and doesn't work, and tomorrow ought to play off of that and say this is a reminder that the failed policies of the obama-clinton administration don't deserve a third term, and i'm the one candidate who says we ought to get rid of the affordable care
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act and replace it. he's got find something like that. playing off the news of the day to make it sound fresh and new and say this is what the race is really about, and that's why i'm going to keep talking about this and all this other stuff, you've heard my response already, i'm not going to add to it. i'm focused on this. lou: what about paul ryan? what about reince priebus, the rnc, the rnc hasn't spent money on advertising. >> i'm glad you raised that. i'm glad you raised that. lou: let me finish the raise and you can dole out. the fact is that the rnc has been quiescent, it's been passive and it is not delivering the ground game that it promised and looks like it won't have it available. one. two. >> glad you asked that. >> the second part of this is paul ryan needs to get thrown the hell out of the republican party, doesn't he?
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>> yeah, well, let's take first of all the rnc, get our facts straight. rnc is spending enormous amounts of money in the ground game. they haven't spent anything on television. that's because the only money they can spend on television is in a fund that in essence the trump campaign controls. we did this, they spent $14 million in advertising in 2000 or 2004, the rnc did, at the direction of the bush campaign, that's the money that the rnc can spend in coordination with the campaign. now my understanding of it is that the trump campaign said we'll take care of whatever media is necessary, you focus on the ground game which is why they are spending enormous amounts of money on get out the vote activity with field operatives, absentee and mail ballots. >> we have seen everything on this network, in new york, on advertising, secondly responding to our request for
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feedback in any state on get out the vote, early activity. >> i don't know if you have reporters you can send out there. lou: we're using social media? >> i was recently in ohio, there's a huge ground game under way. florida, a huge ground game under way. north carolina, a huge ground game under way. when the eastern part of the state was disrupted with a hurricane, they kept the activity under way in the western part of the state and in order to make sure they didn't fall behind the quotas. there's a big ground game. the question is did the trump campaign say to the rnc we want you to spend money on tv. i haven't heard they've done that. i heard the opposite. i heard them say you go spend money on the ground game, we'll take care of their game, and remember, trump said he was going to spend $100 million on tv, we're not seeing that kind of money out of the trump campaign being spent on tv. i find it hard to believe they'll be able to place $100 million between now and the
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election. lou: all right, karl rove. do you believe the latest fox poll. >> i believe it's in that range, maybe bigger. he has lost more than she's gained. if he gets his act together, he has time. lou: does he have time in 26 days? >> neither one of these speech particularly popular. he has time to bring it back. but stop talking about things except magnettize his own people and instead focus on bringing people back. lou: you forgot to answer about paul ryan. >> if you have a moment, talk about it. lou: quickly. >> i think ryan made a mistake by saying i'm not going to campaign or defend trump. he should have left that unsaid, but what he did need to say to nervous house republican caucus is i understand my responsibility as your speaker is to put every bit of energy, effort and resources at my disposal to make sure you get returned. lou: let me just say something to you.
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>> let me finish my thought. if trump wants to be a successful president, he wants a republican senate that will approve his appointees in a republican house to pass his agenda. let them do what is necessary to get themselves re-elected. he wants to be a successful president. lou: if he wants -- that makes perfect sense. now you tell me what the hell the republican senate and the republican house has accomplished while they've been in power without a republican president? this is a fiction. this majority has not done a thing for working men and women, the middle class in this country. >> i disagree. i disagree. lou: you may disagree, this is my turn to talk. >> can i give you -- lou: not until i finish my sentence. we worked out a deal. i get to talk, you get to talk. is that the deal? >> go ahead and talk it's your program. lou: it is. i'm trying to stay with the deal. the point being that the house and the senate haven't done anything, anything in this
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country for the constituents and that is primarily middle class, small business men and women, their families, and that's a damn shame, and we've got to get the conversation on a level and straight field. go ahead. i disagree, i disagree. they stopped some of his spending programs and returned discretionary spending to the level it was in 2008 by saying no to more spending. they passed measures like the keystone pipeline that he vetoed. they passed measures -- lou: i don't want to hear ishgsdz they didn't do anything. >> yes, they did. lou: why don't they repeal obamacare, karl? how many times, 60, 70? it didn't mean anything! nothing has been substantial or meaningful. >> i'm glad to say -- to hear you were not one of the voices they should continually try and repeal obamacare as long as there is a democratic president. you missed one of my important points, they cut discretionary
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domestic spending, they cut it back to the level it was eight years ago, that is a huge success and ought to applaud them for it. they went to court and successfully in the 5th circuit -- lou: i tell you what you do, package that up, put it on the field and see how many republicans get returned to the house. it's going to be ugly. >> i bet a lot of republicans get returned to the house and senate. lou: i'll make you a bet. >> grassroots level they understand. lou: the leadership of the gop fighting the nominee, they're going to lose control of the house. >> and if the nominee of the republican party continues dumping on the people who are supposed to be his allies when he gets into office, our losses are going to be worse. lou: if he gets into office -- >> let me finish, name me one member of the u.s. senate -- lou: did you say please? >> pretty please. name one member of the u.s. senate or u.s. house that is a republican running behind donald in his district. they are running ahead of him. he needs their coattails to
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win. stop knocking the people by turning out the vote at their level. lou: isn't there a mutuality in that? you are surely not suggesting it's a one-way deal. and aren't you calling paul ryan and saying knock it off and start acting like an adult. >> my feelings are hurt, did you not read my column in the "wall street journal," which is what i said. he made a mistake saying what he said and trump made a mistake saying what he said. lou: did you call paul rye span and tell him that? >> i don't have his phone number. lou: we'll send it to you. >> instead of calling him, i wrote it in my column in the "wall street journal." how's that? lou: sthae that's sending a signal and washington-like, i'm partial to the old-fashioned straighton head-to-head combat. like with you. karl, thank you so much. enjoyed talking with you. >> thank you. lou: come back soon. we'll be right back with much more, stay with us. donald trump says the corrupt liberal mainstream
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media will stop at nothing to propel hillary to the white house. >> and their agenda is to elect crooked hillary clinton, at any cost, at any price, no matter how many lives they destroyed. lou: house oversight committee member congressman mark meadows, one of the investigators into the clinton cartel joins us here next. and wikileaks exposing the clinton cartel corruption. another document dump today. new damaging e-mails that put the clinton campaign on the defensive. and we'll take up the lies, deceit, scandals and corruption revealed today up next. a lot more straight ahead. we're coming right back. stay with us. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
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. lou: hillary clinton tonight refusing to answer just about every one of the questions asked by judicial watch about her e-mails and private server. her attorneys wrote objections to the 25 questions, wrote objections 36 times. of the questions half answered, the attorneys wrote that this is as good as it gets, folks, that clinton does not recall any details by refusing to answer, clinton has effectively
7:20 pm
pushed the issue past election day because judicial watch will now, should they so choose have to file a motion to the judge demanding more specific answers or answers at all. this again the clintons flaunting the judicial system and the rules, using the rules to their advantage, of course very american of them. the state department, by the way, will not be releasing thousands of pages of clinton e-mails sought by citizens united for at least another two years. i did the math on that, that would be just about two years after the election. that's right, the public right to know, best being served right now by judicial watch, citizens united and wikileaks. joining me now congressman mark meadows, serves on the house oversight and foreign affairs committee, and it is great to see you. i have to say, this is really remarkable where we are with your party, your house leadership.
7:21 pm
i mean, when does the joke end? >> we've got to really focus on what you were just talking about, lou, that's the fact that we have hillary clinton, secretary clinton not answering questions, essentially taking the fifth saying she can't recall and seems to have unbelievable recollection of other facts and events. she's her own fact checker, and here we see with the very fundamentals of what is truthful and what is not. we need to focus on that. get behind our nominee and make sure that message gets out there because the american people are tired of a double standard, lou, they're tired of one for the well-connected like secretary clinton and one for guys on main street that would go to jail for doing the same thing. lou: or are going to jail. you know, it's stunning that the house leadership, the senate leadership, the party's leadership don't comprehend the
7:22 pm
threat to the house majority and to the senate majority by refusing -- betraying and point of fact, gop primary voters who selected ultimately the party's nominee, and challenge everybody to go to hell and do it just as paul ryan. i've never seen a man more arrogant, less confident and gifted yet so sure of his political ambitions. >> i can tell you my phones are ringing off the hook. and my constituents are telling me, if the jury was out they came back with a verdict. everybody said they would support the nominee, we need to get behind the nominee and make sure with a unified voice that we do that and put someone who will not use that pen and the executive order in the white house to accomplish an agenda that is not representative of the will of the people. lou: we're 26 days from the election. paul ryan is behaving like a
7:23 pm
petulant -- whatever. my debbie says don't call people names. >> your debbie is well-spoken to not call someone names, but as we look at this, i think he made a political mistake, without a doubt he made that. lou: is he ever going to fix, it congressman? are you all going to fix it? is the party going to demand that this speaker, the so-called leader, act like a grown-up, a man of his word and get behind the nominee or step the hell down? >> i think you are seeing over the last 48 hours since that infamous conference call, a number of people including leaders, leader mccarthy coming out with a very strong statement in support of donald trump. members like myself who are saying i'm willing to go home -- lou: if the speaker is not willing to do it. third most powerful person in government. the man who pledged to support
7:24 pm
this nominee, behaviors like this, what is a party going to do about it, i gotta tell you, this is despicable behavior. contemptible. do you not agree? >> i do agree that we need to be with the american people, the american people have spoken, we have a nominee, we need to make sure that he gets elected and he has all the resources necessary. lou: sure and everything after that. i so stipulate, congressman, everything after that is a candy rock mountain but a mountain that's got to be climbed. >> without a doubt, we do. lou: appreciate it. come back soon and we'll talk other things. this happens to be caught right straight in my craw. >> as it should, as it should. thank you, lou. lou: thank you, congressman. appreciate it, congressman mark meadows. by the way, the man who started moving the power structure in the house a couple of years ago. on wall street, stocks fell slightly. the dow falling 45, the s&p
7:25 pm
down 7, the nasdaq dropped 26. volume picking up to 3 1/2 billion shares. disgraced wells fargo ceo john stumpf leaving the bank with a big payday as you might expect. he walked away with a little over $133 million despite presiding over a massive fraud scandal, having to fire 5300 employees and creating a fraudulent culture within the bank. i said stumpf had no business leading wells fargo and i'm still disappointed warren buffett didn't take the public lead in his removal. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, donald trump railing against the political establishment and doing a pretty good job of it. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt, and when i say corrupt, i'm talking about totally corrupt, political establishment with a
7:26 pm
new government controlled by you, the american people. [cheers] >> would that not be nice? the subject of my commentary here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on what has become the dirtiest, the nastiest, knockdown dragout presidential campaign in memory, and my memory goes back to 1976. the democrat won that year because the nation was looking for a leader of pure heart. what they got was georgia's former governor, jimmy carter, not the nixon and tarnished stained incumbent president gerald ford. keeping ford around probably wouldn't have helped. i believed he was a good man and arguably the better choice for the country. more goes into the election of a president than reason and good sense of our national interest.
7:31 pm
now with 26 days remaining until election day, there is a clarity that is building about this election that i've never quite seen before. we know what both candidates really are. we know who they are. after almost a year and a half of campaigning and debating and all sorts of media coverage in which the two have called each other seemingly every name possible, insulted one another and their supporters dredged up dirt from distant past and, well, the most recent week or two. they've left little room for doubt that the candidates, whatever their deepest flaws and warts aplenty, well, they're now known as candidates have never been known by the voters. the left-wing national media owned lock stock and barrel by all sorts of establishment elite have decided in this election, at least to this point, nothing so much needs protection as their own moneyed
7:32 pm
interest and the stagnant swamp to which most americans are consigned. that swamp of course are society and our economy. that swamp generally referred to at the status quo because the elites think that sounds a heck of a lot better than stagnant swamp. one candidate has set himself apart, running against the status quo, against the establishment, running the elites out of town. trump had the courage to take on the establishment, the elites of both parties, the national media and fight like hell for the middle class and working men and women and families. he has been betrayed by his miserable allies, the leaders of the republican party. this is a battle that can still be won by the american people and i believe it can be won by no one else, and if this republic is lost, we will have
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ourselves only to blame. we're coming right back. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's time to go for business, book on and get a free night when you stay with us two times. book direct at
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. lou: joining us tonight the host of chris plante's show, none other than chris plante, and attorney and fox news contributor eboni williams. good to have you both. great to have you both here. eboni, start with you, the
7:37 pm
"washington post" has endorsed clinton. breaking news. >> i don't think anybody cares about the media endorsements at all. not the atlantic, not the times, not the "washington post," no disrespect to them. lou: why not? a little disrespect might be good for them. >> not for you, lou dobbs. the media poll is less than a cockroach in this country, no one cares at all. lou: chris? >> i agree. not exactly shocking the "washington post" coming out for hillary clinton. literally hundreds and hundreds ofer. >> pieces, front page editorial page, attacking donald trump with some of the most insane claims you've ever seen, for them to come out in favor of hillary clinton, and i agree with eboni also, who cares who the "washington post" endorses? who even reads it anymore? . >> i read it, because i have signed a quota to them that obviously is consonant with the fact that their owner jeff bezos assigned them. i look for six to seven hit
7:38 pm
pieces, assassinations, attempts each day and always a delight to see the numbers sustained day in and day out. >> i think the endorsements hurt more than they help. almost like getting an endorsement from goldman sachs or something. it reestablishes the notion that she's the establishment candidate. we all know this election has certainly been, you know, an indictment of those types, and effect is harmful. lou: the religious bigotry demonstrated to wikileaks, the sordid corruption of that campaign and the tentacles that reach out, and i'm not talking simply in a figurative way, there are strong relationships between the obama white house, the obama justice department, my god, the state department still appears to be owned lock, stock and barrel by the clintons.
7:39 pm
>> and the justice department which is obviously terribly corrupt at this point. even the fbi has fallen pray to this administration and the slimy clinton campaign, and yeah, it's the collusion with the "new york times," with the "washington post," and we're just scratching the surface here. a little peek under the kilt. see how things work in washington, d.c.? sure we're reading other people's mail. lou: by the way, it's more than a -- i'm not sure i want to say that. [ laughter ] >> it's a hell of a lot more than a peek! wikileaks has dropped 9,000 documents in the last, since last friday. we're looking with a broad panorama what has happened and it is sickening. and honestly, clinton says why isn't she ahead by 50 points? i can't imagine why she is even in this race after you look, and the american people look at
7:40 pm
what she is doing? >> no doubt she's super flawed. i said a long time ago. lou: super flawed. >> hashtag super flawed. she was a christmas gift to the gop as the nominee but certainly i have got to point out the problems with the current gop nominee is the only reason that she's even in this thing, lou. lou: there's not a thing he's done that rises to a remote quarter of her affront against public service, her abuse of trust of the public trust, do you not think, chris? >> sure, it's good for her and other politicians like her to have one position in believe and a completely different one in private, which means every time i go in public, i lie to you, this is not what i really think. if you were a republican, that could be detrimental to prospects in effort to achieve the presidency. but for democrats, it's good to be a democrat because the corruption in the news media is unparalleled. >> why are you bringing up lincoln, chris?
7:41 pm
bringing up old stuff. [laughter] >> yeah, old stuff. lou: i thought that is one of trump's greatest moments. it was terrific. let me ask you very quickly here. any chance if paul ryan will come to his senses, or is he a complete hostage to his own ambition and sorry shallow self? >> i think probably closer to b, and, look, he's also got a mission or responsibility to hold onto -- lou: come on. he's got a mission to get a nominee elected. a responsibility with the party. >> i told him through the tv not to take the job. this is not the job for paul ryan. i said it for many different reasons. >> well, it has been a different row for everyone to hoe. lou: you have zingers tonight, chris. chris, great to have you here. eboni, thank you, both. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, can you imagine why
7:42 pm
anyone would vote for hillary clinton? just questioning the possibilities here. a candidate who it seems has hidden the truth from the american people for an entire public life. just asking. cast your vote on twitter, we'd like to hear from you. follow me on -- please roll the video now. a group of daredevils showcasing jaw-dropping stunts encouraged high above the streets of london. look at this. amazing athletes scaling off walls, leaping off blocks and sprinting along the dangerously narrow ledges of city rooftops. sport is known as park our, they have garnered millions of youtube views for gravity defying, amazingly courageous acrobatics. wow. up next, the united states
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firing tomahawk missiles at rebel held sites in yemen. retaliation after houthi insurgents targeted navy ships. former ambassador john bolton will be here with me next to say, what are we doing? (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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. lou: iran has deployed two warships off the coast of yemen, amid growing tensions in the region. the move comes after our navy fired tomahawk missiles into an area controlled by the iranian-backed houthis, destroying three radar sites. the houthis have fired missiles at our radars twice in as many days. joining us tonight former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton, also fox news contributor. great to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: this response, we backed into it, the two warships moving into the coast off yemen, are we going to sink them, or are we going to watch them float by? >> i'm afraid we're going to watch them float by. the houthis didn't get the missiles on their own. like hezbollah in lebanon,
7:48 pm
hamas in the gaza strip, the missiles were supplied by iran. although i don't know if we know for sure, i would be amazed if they weren't accompanied by officers from the iranian revolutionary guard score and would amaze me less if they didn't fire them at the ships. it's a clear example the nuclear deal not only hasn't changed iran's behavior more broadly but iran has obama in the trap. it's not obama that's got iran in the trap, it's the other way around. when you see the iranian ships come into the same area, they're basically saying, obama, you try that again and your nuclear deal could be in trouble. lou: that would be a shame. think all we would lose, as a result? >> if we get the right president after november 8th, i would agree. lou: well, the danger here is that as iran moves the warships into position, that this president does nothing.
7:49 pm
the other danger is that he does something because in either case, he does not have a strategy for dealing with iran, its responses or broadly the middle east, what should be done? >> well, i think the fact that first the missiles were fired and second we see iranian warships shows we have lost the structures of the deterrents we spent decades trying to construct in the middle east. under a real president, iran or anyone else wouldn't have thought of doing that. so i think it's very important, i don't think obama will do anything. i think from now until january the 20th we're at the deference of heaven that something bad doesn't go wrong. but a real president would make it clear that these mifrls are unacceptable and taking out three radar sites was the first hour of the attack and go on from there. lou: turning to wikileaks, the primary source of knowledge what is going on in our own government and on the campaign trail.
7:50 pm
it's truly remarkable. but wikileaks documents revealing the actions of qatar, the saudi arabia, in financing the islamic state. we find out today that qatar presenting wjc as he is so affectionately referred to, william jefferson clinton getting a million-dollar birthday present. your reaction to it all? >> look, i think this highlights the central point of all these e-mails that i've seen leaked that john podesta, the clinton campaign manager made is you need a public position and a private position to be a successful politician. that goes right to the heart of duplicity. that is the key aspect that trump needs to pound on, and the rest of this that shows that the state department was turned into an adjunct of the clinton foundation or maybe the other way around, the clintons
7:51 pm
have no guidance what separates their public responsibilities from private quest for wealth. if you thought it was bad at the state department, wait until they get the white house. that shows to the average voter they really are two standards. not only does hillary not get indicted for breach of national security or get penalized for failures at benghazi or elsewhere, she does what she wants without regard to the standards everybody else has to comply with. lou: by the way, i don't think it has a thing to do with standards. it has everything to do with corruption. i believe that both clinton and obama are corrupt to the bone in the relationships they have formed between the current administration, the state department, the department of justice and the clinton foundation itself, and i think it's all documented in and there for anyone to see, by the way, apparently 150 fbi agents saw it all and thought there was no way in which the fbi director could refuse to recommend prosecution, but he
7:52 pm
surprised them and disappointed them and stained the fbi as an institution for years to come. ambassador good to have you with us. ambassador john bolton. >> thanks, lou. lou: thank you, sir. up next, my guest says republican establishment elites are betraying americans trying to sabotage donald trump's campaign. gold star mother karen vaughn joins me next. stay with us, we'll be right back. e. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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lou: on your online poll we asked what matters most, who leaked the emails or ways in them. 95% of you say what is in them. karen vaughn, it's great to have you on the broadcast. good to see you. i know you have turned for donald trump. he sounded today like his message was never clearer. it was so straightforward. your reaction? >> he's delivering the message so many of us americans want wanted to hear for so long.
7:57 pm
he's delivering a message of strength, security, borders, of being patriots and proud of our country again. i have not felt this inspired by a candidate since ronald reagan ran in 1980. he's inspiring the nation. i heard you talking earlier, i think it's so important. i heard you talking about the sabotaging by the republicans. i know we'll get to that. i want to say to the republican elitists who are sabotaging donald trump. you are not sabotaging donald trump. you are sabotaging we the people. it's a critical point that needs to be made. >> i think there are millions of people who agree with you, the reaction has been stark. it has been explosive in point of fact. i have condemned the actions of the house speaker and everyone else in the republican party who
7:58 pm
are broken their absolute duty to support the party. they can do what they want as individuals, withdraw from the party, resign, get out of the way. but to absolutely subvert the nominee, you have got to be lower than a snake's belly. to do that. and this is what they are doing. and i know there is going -- i have said, i believe the republican party will lose control of the house and senate if they continue on the path they are on. they have a chance to win his election and have a chance to help this nominee across the finish line. i think he will do it on his own, but if they will stand with him it's a certain proposition he will win. >> you have to believe at this point they don't want that. i had an elitist republican say
7:59 pm
we need to lose this election to save the republican party. that's the most insulting thing to say to a mother whose son died for this country. we believe in the sacrifices of our founders. what these elite republicans are saying to a person like me whose son's body is now in arlington cemetery, what they are saying is the country was never important to us. what was important was our power and position, and our mesh of the circle that we are entwined in d.c. and this tour structure. this entire -- this entire election season is like a soft revolution because the people are tired of this. we are tired of it. lou: we'll find out if we have got enough energy to throat bums
8:00 pm
out and bring in people who do care about the country far more than their party or own pitiful ambitions. thank you for being with us here tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: brace yourself. we have new fox news polls. plus drama ain't over. more groping accusations against donald trump and more damaging clinton campaign emails. how low will it go? let's get ready to muck rake with dana perino. how are we supposed to get through the election, let alone this evening? this election is officially so gross. we thought it was a four-way


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