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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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lauren: thank you, have a great weekend. nicole: we say good morning to you maria bartiromo. maria: good morning, everybody, happy friday, i'm maria bartiromo, it is friday october 14th, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump hitting hillary clinton on the latest round of wikileaks emails and first lady michelle obama slams trumps about his comments about women. >> to dismiss this as everyday locker room talk is an insult to decent men everywhere. the men that you and i know don't treat women this way. >> the hillary clinton documents released by wikileaks just a little while ago make it more clear than ever just how much is at stake on november 8th. the corruption of the clintons knows no limits. maria: meanwhile new fox new polls show hillary clinton
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extending lead over donald trump but private e-mail server back front and center after clinton says she does not recall information 20 times in written answers in a lawsuit over her emails. a headache for travelers to report a computer outdrainage united airlines, delayed hundreds of flights and causes long lines at airports across the country. things seem to be back in order now. we have the latest for you. samsung takes new action to get recall phones out of users hands, now airlines are adding fire containment bags due to threat of overheating phones on flights. got those details coming up. investors highing banks this morning. jpmorgan, citigroup and wells fargo. take a look at what we are looking at right now. future indicating higher opening. nasdaq also in positive territory. later this morning we will get the september reading on retail sales.
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that's an important one. it does typically move market. in europe chinese inflation lifting markets there. including in asia, take a look. higher across the board. let's look at asia and how markets closed there and it was modest gains across the board. from tracks to treasure, the high-popping amounts of money in coin it is americans throw away, what one company wants to do with the cash and how to cash in for you. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, wall street journal assisting editorial james freeman with us and fox news contributor cat. >> good morning. maria: democrats continuing to attack trump afflecked video tape of describing sexual advances towards women. the republican nominee tries to get campaign back on track, listen. >> we don't even think that most republican politicians actually
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really believe donald trump is qualified to be president. they're like, man, this is really bad. [laughter] >> i said last june he was classified and unfit to be president and commander in chief and believe -- [cheers and applause] >> we will not let these lies dye extract us from our campaign and it's a campaign of truth. it really is. maria: joining me right now former new york lieutenant governor betsy and richard fowler. >> good to be here, maria. maria: hillary clinton leads now by 7 points, 7% among likely voters this coming aflaced video tape and democrats having a field day and voters taking it
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to heart. betsy, your thoughts. >> the american people deserve a fair election and donald trump has denied the allegations and in this country everyone gets fair trial, unfortunately when the major media run the story in the front page of "the new york times" and run it continuously on network, that's predetermining donald trump's defeat without a fair trial. that's what's really in one case it's an accusation by a woman that she was groped on a plane and neither cnn nor "the new york times" has been able to confirm that donald trump and this woman were ever on a plane together. to put it on the front page of the times it makes me wonder, for example, i look back at how many young men had been thrown off college campuses accused of
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sexual assault and later turned out that they weren't or the duke lacrosse players or uva. all i'm saying let's wait for the truth to come out. >> don't you think accusations against the presidential candidate, i mean, that's news, right? maria: is she lying? >> i have no idea and i would never accuse her of lying. i am not going.-- maria: you want to confirm. >> we moderate things until that point. so let's try to be fair. maria: trump is threatening to sue, richard, he wants to sue "the new york times" for allegations of sexual assault against them. [laughter] maria: you're laughing. "the new york times" attorney released the statement and he says, we published news worthy information about a subject of deep public concern. if mr. trump disagrees we welcome the opportunity to have a court set him straight. is trump doing more hurt than good by suggesting he will sue "the new york times", what is
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this suit add to this? >> i'm laughing at this frif louse threat made by donald trump and to answer about the question, i completely agree with you, there's times where there's false academy stations of rape or assault but what makes this more damming for donald trump is that video where he is on the plane -- he's on the bus talking to billy bush about what he -- what he's done to women, what he would like to do to women, that doesn't make it so problematic, because donald trump has not answered the video the multiple times asked the video, that created fire storm for the campaign. maria: he did answer it. he apologized. >> yeah. maria: i'm embarrassed by it. a long time ago. he did say all of that. >> this is why all the cases might have some truth to them. like people say where there's smoke there's fire, maria. you have this video, right, you have a couple of -- you have a couple pageant folks coming out
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how he's been in dressing rooms. he admits he's been in dressing rooms. this is a slippery rope. maria: he makes a good point. dagen: particularly who are on the fence of donald trump are less likely to make excuses -- for him period because of the way he's talked about women for a really long period of time. i warned people when he declared candidacy looked at how he's talked about women and the name-calling. what he did to megan kelly. all those months -- he literally, it was over and over and over again and to this point, politically from a campaign perspective, listen to the clips from the rally yesterday, one of his problems half of the rally talking about the new york times, talking about these allegations and say we have evidence that these
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allegations are false, he's literally spending his rallies talking about that instead as maria has brought up since the campaign started last year the issues, the things that should matter to voters. >> you are so right. in fact, even this week when wikileaks came out and mrs. clinton was quoted assaying she wanted a single hemisphere common market, open borders, open trade, and i thought, this will kill employment in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin because we've already seen in the last year jobs held by foreign-born workers of 5%. job held by americans only 1%. a lot of job displacement going on. foreign workers taking american jobs. >> i think trade is what works in the economy and i think that would probably help us. but just to get back, he is having to address this. i think a lot of voters are
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wondering too and they have seen this before, it is, i think, it's difficult for a voter when this guy has been in for public eye for a long time. a few weeks before election day all of this stuff comes out. new york times several months ago did a long piece on relationships with women and pointed out that he actually was kind of a trail blazer in hiring women around the construction projects in the new york city area. i don't know if they missed it then or maybe -- maria: they waited for the time that it would have more impact. let's face it. >> two biographers each of whom had written a biography of donald trump. thousands of footnotes, neither one of them had any allegations in these very critical books of donald trump assaulting anyone. dagen: betsy, my point is -- my point is if you ignore the
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mainstream media coverage, if you ignore what has even happened in the last week it's his own voice and actions. >> that's absolutely it. >> the timing is so odd. maria: isn't this the strategy, richard? let's face it. he does have a simple straightforward message on the economy. most small business will say they're desperate, good message on economics, she doesn't have as cohesive a message on the economy. we don't know what her economic plan, come on, we don't. she has to take him off message. other thing is the timing of all of this. hillary clinton used 21 different variations of the statement i do not recall when answering questions about private e-mail server in court papers revealed yesterday. richard, i'm not taking anything away from the argument against trump. that's not what this is about. >> fair. maria: when you look at hillary
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clinton she's accused of permanently erasing emails from server and comments are being sucked up by donald trump. >> two minutes, donald trump is doing this to himself over and over again. you can't blame the media, you can't blame hillary clinton or her campaign. you have to blame donald trump for not being a good messenger of his own message. number two, wait a minute, number two on hillary's e-mails over and over i talked about emails, hillary spent 11 hours on capitol hill talking about emails. don't get me wrong, americans find her not to be trust worthy but that doesn't seem to matter on fox poll. the american people know about it. what makes the donald trump news damming is the timing might be the timing. he said those words on the bus and that's making all of the stories probable. maria: it's incredible.
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>> you have to bus story, you have ivana, his wife talking about being raped in the marriage and he set it up himself. i'm sorry, it's his words. maria: you're right. >> what do you think? look at her. >> politically correct or do we want an election -- >> i'm sorry. betsy, betsy. i have to stop you right here. you cannot talk about political correctness. rape is not politically -- rape is not politically correct and every american agrees with that so let's not have that conversation. this is the argument that's used over and over again by the trump campaign and trump surrogates, political correctness, the media, i'm sorry, that doesn't excuse what he said on the bus, he doesn't excuse what he has said over women in the past year. >> but hillary clinton has endangered american security and turned the state department into
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a -- her own atm machine. that is much worse. maria: it's incredible to me. >> i don't think so. maria: hillary clinton was so beatable. two-thirds of the people do not trust her. she was so beatable. and here we go. >> you look at all of the problems, all of the mistakes she's made and yet she still cannot hit 50% in just about every poll and i think that's why if you're a trump supporter you hang on to the hope that basically we have here two people with pretty big character flaws, we don't know all the allegations and which ones are true and which ones aren't and it comes back to who is going to lead the country and the only person who has layed out the plan for economic growth is donald trump. maria: we are going to get into the polls. great conversation, richard, betsy, good to have you both on the program. thank you for getting the issues on the table. maria: fox business network will take you live. we will be there moderated by
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fox news chris wallace, our special prime time coverage around debate begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern on wednesday night, october 19th, join me for that special program and next morning mornings with maria will be live from vegas next week, october 19th and 20th from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern. we will be right back.
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fixed computer issue three hours ago. 30 flights were delayed yesterday and just over a dozen were canceled. glitch backed up lines in airports across the country specially along the west coast. the problem forced to issue paper tickets. well, families across bermuda are cleaning up this morning after taking a direct hit from hurricane nicole. it hit the island yesterday as category 3 storm and heavy rains. the hurricane flooded roads across the island and knocked out power to more than 27,000 people. thankfully no reports yet of any deaths or serious injuries. and in business this is morning, verizon may renegotiate its $4.8 billion deal to buy yahoo following the company's massive data breach.
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yahoo ri valed that hackers got information for more than 500 million users, yesterday it's reasonable to believe the breach enough to take the terms. americans throw away estimated $61.8 million worth of lose change each year. that's according to new york report from bloomberg. company behind the study runs generator from burning garbage, $360,000 worth of coin from the ashes, imagine how much money in all the couches of our viewers right now. maria: i have piggy banks all over my house. really. i always try to teaches my
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maria: welcome back, big day for earnings on wall street. we are just beginning the third quarter earning season and this morning we will get reports from jpmorgan, citigroup, wells fargo, all due up before the opening of trading. james, you have written a lot of the banking sector. what do you expect this quarter because of stocks being down because of regulation? >> look, it's a bad economy, so banks tend to rise and fall but then on top of that, you've got this still huge overhang of the dodd-frank reform passed six years ago where banks -- the politicians tell us they are safer now but they also have less ability to earn money and that's why the markets say they're not as safe because they're not strong institutions that can weather a storm. maria: so the financials, i guess, have not been getting killed the way health care has been getting killed. when you look at the trading in
6:24 am
the last couple of weeks, there was a feeling that we would see a sweep democratic house and senate as a result markets get sweeped but it was interesting. >> relatively better results. i think you will see this quarter. we heard from the fed yesterday, business loans are down so it's another -- it's part of the sluggish environment and specially on banks, been limited to a lot of ways that it can make money. i don't think you're going to see any great news there. what's interesting is wells fargo, that scandal has been a big media event, a big political event. obviously it hit the stock price. i think you're going to see in terms of the costs of that -- in terms of the bank's bottom line, probably not much. dagen: also -- but the banks are pretty much public utilities and they answer to the federal reserve and the likes of elizabeth warren as to what everything that they do with
6:25 am
their capital, some guy in washington has to sign up on it. maria: the guy with an office at the bank. they have offices at the banks. dagen: the bank is a pretty good gauge of consumers. we were talking about retail sales. there's been some strain in lower quality credit. what does the world look like? what does the american consumer look like? >> i think you were talking about in the first segment, when are we talking about the issues in the campaign that affect the country. this is where you have a huge donald trump. donald trump saying repeal dod -- dodd-frank and hillary clinton saying she's going to do the obama plan and more regulation, more aggressive enforcement trying to throw bankers. >> i will take your money. [laughter]
6:26 am
>> during the debates just flat out saying that and people aren't paying attention to that as much as you think. dagen: that's not what she said in the private speeches. we don't know -- >> she will say what she feels like the people listening at the time want her to. maria: let's not forget elizabeth warren in her side. elizabeth warren is going to be pushing -- the bernie sanders supporters will be pushing her to go all the way to the left. he is going to walk away with $130 million. i wonder who elizabeth warren has to say about that and hillary clinton. >> elizabeth warren would like to have his head on a pike. i know it looks bad, it seems like a lot of money, i would say in the defense that the value of the bank grew by $100 billion while he was in charge.
6:27 am
these are basically vested stocks, stock ownership. maria: this is vested. promised him a long time ago, is what you're saying. that's a very important point. >> he's not getting a package. this is a money he already earned and based on financials of the bank, it's hard to argue with it. dagen: opens up a pandora's box of problems in terms of all executive compensation. maria: i don't think it's right. if you had proms over the years and you have these options or restricted stock, look at senator elizabeth warren. >> her calling it a massive fraud is misleading because basically this was employees ripping off the bank. it was not a fraud by regardless fargo. the bank did not benefit from these accounts being --
6:28 am
maria: bonuses went up. >> they would have ended up paying more bonuses to employees. 1% of the employees each year they were firing for this in retail bank. maria: it's a good point and important point. take a short break. when we come back hillary clinton and donald trump clashing over faith, when evangelicals heard that, they had something to say, what they think of campaign twists and turns. how the company is trying to make up for exploding galaxy note phones with cold cash, back in a minute i take to the open r. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: happy friday, october 14th, top story 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, 25 days until election day comes, focusing on swing states, hillary clinton facing new questions over her private email server donald trump is focusing on the religious vote. >> the latest evidence of the hatred the clinton campaign has for faithful people in our country, faithful americans, hillary clinton thinks you are deplorable and irredeemable and irredeemable might be worse, you can't help yourself. i call you hard-working american
6:32 am
patriots. maria: support from evangelicals, we take a closer look at that and the alleged new york new jersey bombing suspect pleads not guilty, ahmad khan rahami makes his first appearance from his hospital bed. the latest development coming a. new details in the new jersey train accident when investigators learned from the train's conductor, samsung doing what it can to get exploding phones out of the hands of users. more on that and what airlines are doing to protect flyers from this device, indicating a higher open, and dow industrials expect to open up 85 points, we get the september reading on retail sales which could be a market mover. stocks are higher across the board, chinese inflation overnight, throughout asia, major averages in london, up in general from 1.5 to 2%.
6:33 am
they are up 1/2% to 1%. it is going to duke it out with kevin hart's new comedy. the full preview for the weekend. new fox news poll so trump support, and 68% of the controversial recording making lewd remarks about women. against hillary clinton for campaign's disparaging comments about catholics. >> new emails show members of the clinton team viciously attacking catholics and evangelicals. hillary clinton thinks you are deplorable.
6:34 am
maria: pastor robert jeffers on the advisory council -- your response to all of this happening in terms of trump's comments about women in terms of allegations and sexual assault. >> evangelicals are unwavering in their support, a number of conference calls with evangelical leaders. evangelicals voted for a man who had been a noted womanizer in hollywood and would be the first divorced president in history, his name was ronald reagan. the reason evangelicals supported him was not because they endorsed womanizing or divorced, they endorsed reagan's policies. that is what we have here. most evangelicals see this race as a binary choice between one candidate who is pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-conservative justice on the
6:35 am
supreme court, donald trump and the other candidate, hillary clinton who holds the opposite views on all those issues and that is going on. dagen: i want to point out students at liberty university in the wall street journal today more than 1000 liberty student in lynchburg, virginia had this statement online essentially denouncing donald trump and this is 24 hours after it was publicly released and in fact it criticizes gerri falwell junior who was a well-known backer of donald trump criticizing him for backing trump even after the video from 2005 was released. the largest christian university in the country, it is worth noting. >> i have spoken there before, 12,000 at the convocation i spoke at a year ago, 1000 students, that is understandable, 10% feel this way.
6:36 am
i am not diminishing these comments trump made. they are lewd, they are obscene but not enough to make me vote for hillary clinton and that is what the issue is. what will it take for people to say i am going to directly or indirectly support hillary clinton and allow her to be president? maria: not just a sexual assault, whether he did or didn't do it, what he is describing is the definition of sexual assault, didn't just say some bad words. >> it is very troubling. there is one noted christian female leader this week who said this represents an assault against the dignity of women. i understand that viewpoint. the answer is the answer to that is to put into office the woman who supports the greatest assault on women of all and that is murdering them in the womb before they have a chance to be born. that is the binary choice a lot of evangelicals -- maria: the truth is if this were anybody else this would be easy
6:37 am
but she is so disliked that it is still a tight race. >> i give you credit, you are on the right track it. saying that despite his past he is a great christian guy? that might be a tough sell to people but to put it in terms of the outcomes of this election and how hostile we have seen, i was wondering your thoughts on how that might affect 14% of evangelicals who are supporting hillary clinton, what is the impact of those emails with your staff basically openly contemptuous of christians? >> that is the whole point. these emails were in hillary's were deplorable not only because they were insulting but showed the antipathy of future clinton administration would have toward people of faith. they would consider the
6:38 am
hostility obama has now. it was obama who said and described christians as those who, quote, bitterly cling to their guns and religion. these emails reveal clinton has the same attitude as well. i was on a conference call this week with catholic leaders and the trump campaign and these leaders were very disturbing. maria: such a hard time, problem with the word, clinton's team says about catholics but not the words trump says about women. i don't understand why one and not the other. >> i am never one to defend those words, you will have to find somebody else. that is what it comes down to for me. it is a binary choice and that is why evangelicals are supporting donald trump right now. maria: thanks for joining us, we
6:39 am
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maria: we got the jpmorgan numbers better-than-expected on earnings and revenue, the company reporting $1.58 on 24/7, the estimate was 23.9 alien dollars revenue, better than expected, jpmorgan is a dow component, broader open for the averages, banks set the tone for markets and that is what we see this morning, 86 points higher on dow jones industrial average. a couple names we are watching, hewlett-packard under selling pressure the company announcing another round of layoffs from 3000 to 4000 jobs cut, those
6:43 am
cuts over the next three years, hp issuing a cautious forecast, the ceo says the market is volatile facing uncertainties. watching mcdonald's the wall street journal reporting the company making a major social media push hiring 200 workers from amazon and paypal. mcdonald's looking for ways to boost sales to millennials with a recent study said the only one in 5 millennial's have tried a big mac. have you tried that? >> i do know after ie when i don't feel good about myself emotionally. why did i do that? liz: chicken mcnuggets are more uplifting to the system. >> sometimes i like the big mac, it is moral about the sauce. i am big on those. maria: thank you for that. dagen: mcnuggets our delivery
6:44 am
vehicle for those sauces. maria: new investigation into the deadly train crash in new jersey, cheryl casone he. cheryl: the conductor of the train, telling the train was very crowded, fares could not be collected and the overcrowding, the train was traveling with four cars, usually has five, that crash killed one person and injured 110 others. the new york new jersey bombing suspect pleading not guilty to charges he tried to kill police officers. ahmad khan rahimi made his first court appearance, from his hospital bed he was injured during a police shootout that led to his capture last month, he is accused of detonating a bomb in manhattan injuring 31 people. this is the headline, samsung trying to make good with customers, it's failed note 7. it will give $100 in credit to customers who turn in their note 7 for another samsung device.
6:45 am
they discontinued the device because of complaints replacement devices were catching fire. 2.5 were recalled in august. if you turn in and get an apple iphone you get $25 in credit. the note 7 has inspired airlines for fired entertainment bags on their planes. delta, virgin and alaska to act, the faa says there are 23 incidents of laptops and other phones overheating or catching fire. those are your headlines. maria: kevin hart bringing the last of the big screen, how will it fair at the box office and in case you missed it check out this week's top moments from "mornings with maria". >> i am happy to stipulate donald trump in the past, this is not the donald trump --
6:46 am
donald trump in the past, willing to stipulate hillary's vote corrupt and dangerous. >> no one has overcome the margin, behind 8 or 9 points, no clear politics, a massive number to make up, no one has ever done it before. >> it is unacceptable, disgusting and happy he apologized and asked people for forgiveness and wants to focus on the issues. >> think about the level of gravity given to the 11-year-old, disgusting, lewd comments of donald trump. no one is defending him including donald trump, versus the fact we have an incredible, revealing dump about hillary clinton's speeches that proves she is nothing but a shill for wall street. maria: your opinion trump changed at all post video? so many people throughout the weekend news that he had to make a concerted contrite and humble apology because who is he going after? not his base, he got them. he is going after educated, college educated women. >> are they going to allow the elite liberal media to decide
6:47 am
this election or will they decide the election on the issues and records of those individuals in business and politics? i hope it is the latter. >> i can tell you clearly if hillary clinton is a leftist president americans will be in more danger than they have been since september 11th. >> do you agree she is dangerous? >> i won't say dangerous. not being willing to identify the enemy, call them what they are, know why they are doing it, she mentions the room she was in, the room she wasn't in, where everyone in the picture, hillary clinton can't thank us. in that room. we have real people asking questions, these debates go around the world. people in other countries have emerging democracies, really amazed we let real people stand up and question future leaders of our country. >> if you have capital to invest, you are in a stock
6:48 am
buyback, the least risky thing to do for many terms is the stock buyback. >> robin hood is the best way for people to buy and sell stocks commission free, more than 1 million people have signed up and 12 billion have been transacted through the platform. maria: people taking too many prescription drugs? >> that might be the case. the issue is taking appropriate meds, overprescribing, as physicians we want patients to be on the medications they need and more more. maria: a man having a seizure, he was signing autographs, tim tebo stayed with the fan until paramedics arrived. >> a country that is up in arms, crucified literally, and open intended, tim tebo every time he kneels on the football field, that same group of people stand up and shears for a guy like colin kaepernick, what is wrong with us? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
6:49 am
healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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6:52 am
>> make it that much better. maria: a clip from comedian kevin hart. what now? joining me, great to see you. giants in broadcasting. happy friday. maria: michael hart had success, what do you think? >> this is his third movie this
6:53 am
year, half $1 billion so far, this will come around $15 million and already made the money, hit philadelphia where he sold the football stadium. maria: people made a little comity. >> who doesn't need a good laugh? maria: i want to talk about the new thriller opening this weekend, the film cost $40 million to make but the buzz around ben affleck have starring role could gross $20 million. >> and original screenplay, something you don't see very often in hollywood. the reviews are mediocre. it will do fine. maria: it is a good story. >> he plays someone who is autistic and has a penchant for event of the -- vigilante is him. maria: then we have max steel, a
6:54 am
sci-fi film based on the mattel toy action figures. >> no buzz at all, $4 million for the weekend at number 3. i am nervous when toy companies team up with hollywood. battleship game, that was awful. the thing really hurting this movie as it didn't get the pg rating it wanted for kids. really going to sort of -- maria: that does have impact. let's go to tv, the new fox show gotham in full swing. you will talk to the star. >> i sat down with them, season 3, all about that. >> you are so gotham, where do we pick up in season 3? >> we fast forward toed the six months. >> we have all been there. >> at the end of these 2,
6:55 am
basically running amok in gotham city, can't exist in the same city together, he is afraid she is coming for him, something to focus on after everything that happened. >> the next decision, very carefully. >> what surprises you most in terms of development of the seasons? >> they embodied all the qualities outside themselves, all the darker personality traits, a person outside myself telling me i could do these things and learning to embrace that person is me and becoming whole because of that. that was a really exciting way of developing edward into a whole person. >> the way our writers and communities do that on the surface could look conventional.
6:56 am
finding humanity in these iconic characters is continually exciting and surprising to me. whenever i think the character can't get more complex a new story comes in and blows my mind. changes my preconceptions about the character. >> catch gotham monday night only on fox. maria: that looks good. >> no one knew who they are. the craft -- maria: monday on fox, good to see you, before we take a break let's get to dagan mcdowell. dagen: i have a big crush on robin taylor. thanks, biotech stocks the biggest losers this week, nasdaq biotech etf down 5% since friday and on track for its biggest weekly decline in four months,
6:57 am
getting hammered and growing expectations for hillary clinton's victory in next month's presidential election and questions about the control of the house and senate, hillary clinton repeatedly drug pricing will be a priority in her administration meaning cracking down on drug companies, cracking down on innovators with heavy losses this week, more "mornings with maria" coming back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good friday morning, i am maria bartiroma, it is october 14, 7 am on the east coast, 25 days until election day, candidates focusing on crucial swing state vote and on the campaign trail the tone of the race front and center. >> i never knew it would be this vile, that it would be this bad, that it would be this vicious. nevertheless i take all of the slings and arrows gladly for you. maria: >> hardly any part of america he
7:01 am
has not targeted. it makes you want to turn off the news. it makes you want to unplug the internet or just look at cat gifts. maria: the latest on the race for the white house including hillary clinton's newest email controversy coming up, taxpayers on high alert, details on a new irs email scam hitting in boxes you need to know about. and emergency line operator in texas facing criminal charges, outrage after she hangs up on a collar seeking help, the dallas police officers on it last night have the dallas stars pay tribute to those heroes and we will as well. been and gerri's boycott, probably screwed is furious with the popular ice cream coming up and jpmorgan shares up ahead of the open, the comedy reporting better-than-expected earnings and revenue for the court,
7:02 am
reporting $1.58 better than the estimate and $25 billion in revenue. stock looking higher, dow component helping the broader market. futures indicate a higher open for the broader market, we moved higher, dow jones industrial average at his high of the morning of 91 points. a rally at the opening of trading but the september reading on retail sales at 8:30 a.m. we will see what that says about the consumer, stocks higher across the board, lifting markets there and in asia where major averages are up 1.5 to 2% in europe and asian markets gaining across the board, modestly nonetheless. orange juice, breakfast staple being called a scam, disappearing from american tables with all those stories coming up. joining us is dagan mcdowell. assistant editorial page editor, and great to show you guys.
7:03 am
got a lot to talk about. 25 days left. >> now it is getting interesting. until election day donald trump's kids hitting the campaign trail to win over undecided voters, a drop in pennsylvania, if uncle trump had no idea what her family was getting into when her dad decided to run for president. >> i thought i cut my teeth in new york real estate and take some punches, but this is another mudslinging for politics. maria: trump surrogate and former apprentice contestant aaron elmore, thanks for joining us. you were with ivanka trump yesterday. i moderated all the discussions with her. >> 6:00 in the morning until
7:04 am
8:00 at night. maria: the subject is what trump has said about media, women, ivanka trump, someone people like a lot, the tone, is that the strategy, get her out there in the face of all this talk about trump's comments about women? >> it was planned for several months, we knew it was coming, i was excited for, traveling across the philadelphia region, ivanka is so well-liked but pennsylvania is fired up for donald trump, transcends both parties being such an inspiring working mother, philanthropist, businesswoman, the political campaign so well-liked and a lovely individual, so down to earth, meeting people from the state, i will bake my son a birthday cake, how real of a
7:05 am
woman is that? maria: hillary clinton said she liked her kids. i want to get her ladies take at the table, according to the latest fox news poll trailing clinton by double digits with women, the same poll found 44% of voters do not believe trump respects women. what is the strategy and what do you think of that? dagen: one thing speaking at rallies is one thing, those people at the rally getting out there, doing more interviews, a tricky position to be put in but i think donald trump needs to speak to people who are not on board with his campaign. i want to bring up the polls. with independents he had a 12 point lead with independents in late september, he is tied with hillary clinton in terms of independents and the enthusiasm
7:06 am
advantage he has is gone, 70% of his backers supported him last week, that has fallen by 7 percentage points. there is concern in these poll numbers, fox news poll, about what has happened. maria: not just speaking to his base but use a different strategy than the one he used before like when these allegations came out like i mentioned earlier talking about that woman from people and what do you think? that is something he might say was funny in the primaries but when you have that much of a problem with women can you not see how that would be a bad idea? come on. maria: what do you think of that? >> i have a lot of thoughts but i believe the discourse, whether it is the liberal media, social media, when you are walking down the street people are so vitriolic and so angry i feel a lot of independent voters and republicans and democrats are crossing to the republican side have gone into hiding. poll numbers might be down but
7:07 am
there are a lot of closet supporters for donald trump because it is so vitriolic and all the things hillary clinton is doing wrong whether it is insulting catholics, the scandals over her emails keep growing and growing, how you can vote for her is almost crazy and those are swept under the rug, instead we talk about alleged comments donald trump made 11 years ago. maria: we will look at the other side. what did you want to say? >> if they weren't alleged, they were on an open mic. dagen: those -- this is an something someone said he said that and repeated it. >> alleged allegations, allegations of all these women are certainly alleged. maria: wikileaks released a batch of emails from the clinton
7:08 am
campaign. one of them highlighted a speech clinton never gave in summer of last year on her email scandal. took a much more apologetic tone than she had previously taken saying, quote, i can't do it all again. i can only tell you it was a mistake, regret it, explain it and help fix any challenges it caused. your thoughts on this email scandal. >> people look at this differently today if she had been honest in march of 2015, if she didn't say this is about convenience, if she didn't make a lot of claims that turned out to be false. even though to call it a mistake is misleading because it was a very complicated, willful effort to keep her information, our information, the american people, to keep that information private. maria: your own private server
7:09 am
in your basement you don't want to share your emails. that is not a mistake, you do that intentionally. >> we have seen a big reason she did not want the public to have normal access to her information, she did not want them to see close connections between the clinton foundation which was raising money before the state department and her state department and that alone i would think would be disqualifying. >> he promised not to even give the appearance something like that would be going on. she can't stick to her own standards. maria: what about paying bill clinton so they could get guns? is that no big deal either? this is so corroborating in pay for play, it is insane. maria: it is obviously incredible what we learned from these emails but the question is 25 days to go is that going to resonate as much as it has been
7:10 am
resonating with these new allegations around donald trump? what does he need to do to keep the message and keep the focus there? >> spending the day yesterday with ivanka and seeing how people are reacting she is an amazing person to have out there campaigning for him, absolutely wonderful and resonates with both parties and independents and donald trump has to stay on message and continue to discuss his policies and how hillary clinton had nothing to stand on the last 30 years other than scandals and pay for play and lies and lies. >> i couldn't agree more. ivanka is a perfect surrogate for suburban working moms he is having trouble with, you meet her, she is very impressive. i'm not big on her tax ideas but -- maria: maybe because you are not
7:11 am
a working mom. >> given her skills, talents, presentation she makes are we going to see more of her? you have a month here, is part of the plan to get her out there in those counties around philly more come out to suburban areas in different states? >> i hope to be spending more time, and they are also impressive. maria: thanks for joining us. we are covering the debate live presidential debate in las vegas, chris wallace, special time coverage begins at 6:00 pm eastern, wednesday night october 19th, "mornings with maria" live october 19th and 20th from 6 to 9 eastern.
7:12 am
still to come, 911 operator refuses to take emergency calls, the outrage ahead. new zika threat, the areas affected. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. this man creates software, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician,
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back, florida suffering a setback in the fight against the zika virus. cheryl: health officials have announced a new zika zone in miami, five people have been infected with zika in a one square mile of the city north of the little haiti neighborhood, the third miami area neighborhood where mosquitoes transmitted the virus to people, one of those areas has been cleared of the virus following aggressive mosquito spraying but a new area for zika in miami. a 911 operator is under fire after allegedly admitting she hung up on scores of callers. christiana williams facing criminal charges, nobody had time for this. horrified people coming forward accusing this woman of doing just this coming hanging up on them. thousands of times. listen. >> i started describing the situation as before i finished my first sentence the phone call was disconnected. >> i thought my phone had dropped the call.
7:16 am
then i found out i was hung up on. maria: police saying one of those dropped calls in question ended up in a murder. blue lives matter calling for a nationwide boycott of ben and jerry's ice cream after the company announced its support for the black lives matter movement, blue lives matter issued a statement saying in part, quote, ben and gerri's will anger most americans who don't agree with political causes that they are supporting. blue lives matter made of current and former law enforcement officials and supporters. if you are sitting at breakfast right now, you're not drinking any orange juice you are not alone. as awareness grows over nutritional value of oj sales are plunging. a 12 ounce glass of orange juice contains 150 cal, 35 g of carbohydrates and 27 g of sugar. to give an idea what that means, the same amount of carbohydrate it as much sugar as eating a bag of m&ms. orange juice sales dropped 13%
7:17 am
over the last we 4 years. i went to the nutritionist and first thing he told me, do not drink juice. >> orange juice has an incredible amount of sugar. dagen: it is natural sugar, orange juice, you don't drink orange juice -- i am a huge orange juice drinker, a huge fan of citrus, for vitamin c, people eat packets of vitamin c to avoid getting sick. maria: do you do it your self? dagen: i buy a glass of green orange juice not everyday but it is delicious and i know it has calories but compared to a bag of m&ms give me a break, that is full of fat, orange juice isn't. >> is it healthy? seems over-the-top. >> never calories of any kind.
7:18 am
dagen: my favorite thing in new york city is to see someone morbidly obese smoking a cigarette and drinking one of those big green juices, happens all the time. >> i will get a read on chips and a diet coke. dagen: kale juice and cigarettes. >> you need carbohydrates. maria: president obama set to meet with his advisers as the situation in syria gets worse with his options as russian jets pummel the region. a battle in the nation's capital last night, highlights from the dodgers big victory, stay with us. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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maria: the la dodgers with a huge win in the nation's capital, 24/7 sports reporter jared max. >> the longest 9 inning game in playoff history, the seventh-inning lasted more than an hour. it began with the nationals leading the dodgers 1-0, 66 minutes later, and a four run off of sean kelly, one of six pictures used by the nationals, washington would get back that merit bonds, a two run pinch-hit home run against the nationals within one run and washington left with bases-loaded, bottom of the ninth inning, clayton
7:23 am
kershaw, 110, he would get the dodgers to advance with a numfour-3 victory, first appearance in 7 years. the nationals have never won a playoff series, game what is at wrigley field and the entire series be shown on fox sports one, we begin tonight in cleveland. week 6 nfl kicked off in san diego, philip rivers will connect with hunter henry for a 5 yard touchdown, the color rush jerseys, and cool uniforms, philip rivers for the most passing yards in team history. charger score 21-13 victory against denver. a classy night in the national hockey league, a night to honor lost heroes, they honor 5 slain police officers. family members of two slain
7:24 am
offices dallas police urged michael smith, participated in the pregame ceremonial puck drop. the panthers war jerseys honoring josé fernandez who died september 25th in a boating accident, they worked number 16 on their helmets. there is outrage. we see a protest of a protest because pennsylvania high school cheerleaders in the cornell district september 30th protested the national anthem when military veterans were visiting. the schools responding, it is a little protest, football game was scheduled for tonight, they are moving the game to today and only -- the parents come into this one, military outrage on this case and we have seen it a couple times when cheerleaders, fayetteville, carolina where they decided to do the football
7:25 am
game, cheerleaders are protesting, to see this again, pretty disgusting. >> that particular one in honor of the military. what do you think? dagen: i won't get in the way of free speech but there are inappropriate ways of expressing yourself. this is a head shaker completely. >> say classy. that is where i wonder, where are the values and if we don't condemn it are we saying it is okay q >> they think it is cool. you think about it that much, cool and edgy to do. >> having no clue where they came from or what the country was built on or what these military members have done to allow them -- maria: they need an education.
7:26 am
>> i was going to digress. >> it is basically an issue i don't agree with everything our government does but it doesn't mean you disrespect people who sacrificed so much to allow us to have these disagreements and that is disappointing. dagen: one of the bigger issues is the country pays no federal income tax or support our military with one red cent of their tax dollars, it goes to the greater picture, people are not connected with service and don't know how people sacrifice unless you have a family member or loved one, if you grew up in an area like where i did where you have large military installation and you see the suffering and sacrifice up close. >> there is no sense of what is the protest for, just to be cool? we would all protest something if we said this is not right.
7:27 am
that is what is happening by saying, today or tonight. >> i think colin kaepernick is getting his start, i wonder how the team reacts to that and fans will have their say. maria: we will see about that. >> raising all this as a backup quarterback and you wonder, that is something we say now, monday will be here soon, does colin kaepernick become a target? >> stakes went higher because of his actions, stakes got a little higher. coming up next escalating tensions in the middle east, the latest as iran deploys ships off the coast of yemen, mcdonald's special foskett head to a store near you, they are packaging it back in a minute.
7:28 am
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stop taking cialis and get mand the returns i get out are i'vemeasured in reps,n this game huddles,bright lights, competition and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you. >> good morning i'm maria bartiromo it is friday, october 15 your top stories right now, october 14 rather at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, hillary clinton private e-mail investor front apt career said she did not recall 20 times in written answers in lawsuit over e-mails on campaign trail donald trump targeted his attacks on clinton, especially on foreign policy record.
7:31 am
>> hillary so is radical in immigration as secretary of state. she refused to make foreign countries take back their criminal aliens the countries would say very intelligently we don't want them let me say this as clearly and nicely as i can. i can going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country! [cheers and applause] maria: very latest on presidential race escalating tensions with iran the country kiss go deploying warships off yemen, after u.s. transpired with houthi rebels irs e-mail scandal to tell you about taxpayers should be on high alert when checking in-boxes this morning, what you should watch out for, coming up. and a gorilla at london's zoo escapes, details how animal got out, and where he went coming up. october month that has pumpkin
7:32 am
everywhere turns out beer drinks are -- the flavor done we tell you about it mcdonald's special because coming to a store near you perhaps, details ahead check out markets the bank companies, today, issue going to be reporting earnings we have already heard from j.p. morgan, we are looking at higher opening for the broader averages as a result stronger bank stocks overall earnings above expectations that is behind what seems to be a pretty good rally under way j.p. morgan post earnings of 1.58 and revenue 25.5 billion dollars. that was above expectations. next hour we will get at the september reading on sales this morning, in europe stocks are higher across the board we have up beat reading on inflation out of china, that listed markets in europe as well as asia cac quarante in paris up almost 2% asian markets like this he henning length best there up almost 1% in hong kong, no more swipe required left for hinge dating
7:33 am
app is ditching the function in hopes for better relationships results, check out hinge tell you about it first syria today president obama, is expected to meet with his top foreign policy advisories to discuss their military options as syrian russians aircraft continue to pummel aleppo, top u.s. officials consider it unlikely that obama will order strikes on syrian government targets, realtored army lieutenant colonel, rafael peters got a to so a you colonel thanks for joining us. >> morning. >> your reaction to what is happening what is biggest danger in this situation now? >> well biggest danger is obama tried to get another middle of the road get off cheap solution. if he tries to act in syria, and recurrence putin live up to his promise to shoot down american aircraft if we take action, i am afraid that obama would fold that he just would
7:34 am
absolutely just give up that would be absolutely devastating, so the meeting today with top advisors obama's question what is least i can do here the danger again trying to find that that weak middle ground you are better off doing either nothing, or going full or bore facing down russians, but trying obama always does to modulate get a nice answer in between that doesn't hurt anybody, that is the greatest danger putin would eat us up. >> pretty incredible what russia has been able to do entered the themselves in this in response to what was crumbling economy as oil prices were plummeting went into crimea gary on this show a number of times said look this guy needs to trade currencies war, he needs to look like a big guy in front of the russians, this is how to do it now, he has a gone
7:35 am
direct in request conflict with u.s. >> all of a sudden the administration, hillary clinton carry about russian concerned about russia seems years colonel where there is a history here of united states not responding when putin has been going into ukraine crimea now here in syria. >> well, putin -- again, he is playing this we can so absolutely brilliant but he has got a willing tool, in barack obama. and obama is so weak, and has been so trusting of repute so i know trusting of his abilityt putin's country bankrupt filled with aides tuberculosis failure 11 times -- over nothing a military has a core that is pretty competent but greater military is incompetent russia cleaning our clocks, and, you know,
7:36 am
putin is also not just using the military aggressively, in ukraine, of course, and syria, but he knows how to use subversion he knows how to use threats, he knows how to bribe, and that is a real art form the way bribed european political parties tragically one presidential candidate associated with a failed russian policy, and another presidential candidate has a man crush on vladimir putin. god help us all. >> is that really the political solution, because -- colonel, it is dagen what happens when the next president takes office you can't continue to ignore a growing grave threat can you? >> well you can, you can ignore it a long time until you get world war ii -- i mean it is stung to me that obama who pretends to be humanitarian imagines a humanitarian has watcheder up to half a million people
7:37 am
literally without lifting a finger obama the key to understanding him, putin understands it, is obama is a fearful man, he doesn't think about what we can do to change things. rather he thinks about what might happen if we try to take any action at all he takes, counsel of fears and it is a travesty zbraest superpower on earth can't do anything under obama has not done anything. >> how much do with legacy he ran as obama with -- peace sign on bumper stickers remember that? >> did not turn out that way. >> it didn't, of course, it has to do with his legacy, but also i have used this before it has to do with coward ice memo cowardice physical cowardice i am not a believer everything has a military solution not bomb them to the ends of europe kind of guy but if you use our military when it is appropriate when you are
7:38 am
compelled to send he focuses aproceeded you've got to use them decisively to want to win otherwise you squander american lives you have heard american people are tired of war, american people are tired of having their sons and daughters lives weighted for political mediocrity. >> in response to two missiles that targeted u.s. war ship off yemen on sunday u.s. fired back at the sights that allegedly about whommed to houthis alliance, deployed a fleet of we areships denying ships are going to intervene in the confiber-optic what is next your take on that? >> justice as putin is calling our bluff on everything, so are iranians, now that is important point maria. if you really former intelligence officer i was -- what happened with exchange of missiles putin rebels backed by iran do not have you
7:39 am
sophisticated antiship missiles if they had them wouldn't know how to use them i am convinzed those missiles delivered by iran were fired by iranian technicians what is response bill clinton response do as little as possible fire at radar station declare victory meanwhile, obama is prshdz said to his stop attacked iranian backed, and to call our bluff, but you cannot rule out the chance, that iran, is so overconfident now that they might do something desperate. so these are perilous perilous times and just as at the end of the clinton presidency clinton was unwilling to respond to attack on uss cole led in next administration in 911 i am afraid that obama's apathy lethargy is going to face next president whoever
7:40 am
that may be with a wave of crisis. >> now that fighting what i guess almost call proxy war against iran, in that region, did we declare the obama clinton nuclear deal a failure now? >> well, the obama -- be fair to object kobama kerry it is dead obama keeps digging up corps waving around i i guess appropriate for halloween coming up but this nuclear -- this problem with iran deal, about isn't just you know ultimate path to nukes the problem the core problem is its paralyzed our foreign policy in middle east president obama will not do anything, that might jeopardize the deal runs wild. >> taunting us every which way what do you make of this yesterday we saw reports putin ordering all russian diplomats to bring russians home to
7:41 am
motherland russian citizens say this is a step towards war why bringing all people back telling up a diplomats come back home right now. >> two reasons one a master of psychological warfare, that is official on eve of war you call back diplomat families extra staff so it is the way putin trying to send a message i am really serious this time, but there is also a second reason. in the history of russia -- gone back-and-forth between western eyesers people want to embrace europe and slavophiles believe russia has designee russia has almost always been closed society in even 19th century had to have czar permission to go west to europe what putin is trying to do is create this waddled off russia democrats' kids others are rising generation of insiders he doesn't care if they listen to taylor swift doesn't want them listening to
7:42 am
western ideas about freedom trying to do a north korea wall off russia, this morning just this morning, putin signed a deal with syria for basically a permanent air base as well as naval base russian defense their pentagon rallying nuclear saber they know obama will back down every time, so -- >> further just punching the cage good to see you thanks so much, the point that you were making james obviously clinton-obama know putin fooled them perfect scapegoat to say in donald trump's pocket hacking us, and, you know, russia is the big story here with donald trump which is just a narrative that they created. >> obviously they want to change the subject from the content of e-mails to how they came to be public, but i think, there is also you are would going to see more focus maybe next few days on the clinton connections with
7:43 am
russia it is going to make it i think a tougher sell when people kaexam that to believe she is tough on reputein. >> the wikileaks. >> wikileaks, i mean, and, obviously, we already have seen her uranium deal should not call it her uranium deal it is backers of the clinton foundation why you rainium deal ended up with russia controlling so much of that -- >> she objected sale 25% of u.s. uranium around time how much given to clinic foundation. >> millions. >> much not disclosed broke promise to obama inings. >> chilly reception for pumpkin beer next, replacing with forever one looking to match couples for the long haul back in a minute.
7:44 am
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maria: welcome back, crooks figured out a new way to steel your personal information, they are using the irs to do it cheryl casone with the story, big story. cheryl: i tell you what maria another i felt riflts scam is hitting people's in-boxes a reporter for forbes says she received an e-mail noticing her of a refund of 7,000 dollars says she knew it was bogus irs doesn't send tax information via e-mail would never expect a refund of that size, officials say taxpayers should be on alert for scams like this one. we also have other headlines this morning, a scary and potentially crows incident at the london zoo last night a gorilla, escaped. focusing officials to lock down visitors in the cafeteria eye witnesses say gorilla
7:48 am
appeared agitated banningsed on wallace before it got out heavily armed officers called to help workers hunt down the animal the gorilla subdued by a gun recaptured there are no immediate reports of injuries, to the public. well so much for being the hot summer drink. sales of pum country spiced beer fall on decline in america because of overproduction, oversaturation hot temperatures pumpkin beer sales dropped nearly 10% in 2015 many decided to cut production this year, finally there is mcdonald's special sauce for big macs could be headed to stores near you listen to that may be for you, company applied for a trademark for mac as you see could open door to sell bottles of it earlier mcdonald's sold limited bach of bottled big mac in
7:49 am
australia -- excuse me was so popular the products reportedly sold out within months actually maria was interesting in australia people selling it on ebay it was going for hundreds of dollars above list price so popular. and trademark application, may cover three months for them. maria: thank you, cheryl about. dagen: jeets josie brown no raleigh north carolina delicious no pumpkin in it. >> i like pumpkin beer, but i do. >> all right. >> you need o to -- >> i need to get out that is true. >> all right sh-- i want a beer [laughter] >> that swiping start talking one getting rid of demon dating app feature we will tell you about hinge coming up. ♪ ♪
7:50 am
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♪ your love baby ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't know i don't know why can't get enough of your love snoelt ♪. >> can't get enough of your love there is a in love industry promising to escape dating apocalypse find real relationships not casual an app called hinge ditching swipe culture that means no more swipes to like to right to left hinge launched in 2013 more than 20 million dollars in funding app previously free but this week relaunched now will cost unifiers 7 dollars a month to attracting millennials interested in meeting full republicans founder ceo hinge, good to see
7:54 am
you thank for joining us so when you talk about the swipe you really are referring to a tinder; right? >> yeah. >> -- something that a lot of apps now adopted following in footsteps. >> so he why do you think this is going to resonate looking long term. >> we asked our users, sort of where do you see apps including hinge tinder other ones basically zero to 10 zero being a hook-up experience 10 long-term republican they all fell between 2 and we asked what are you looking for 70% euros between 7 and 10 so like a whole a huge hole in the market for people wanting something serious they don't consider or e-harmony something they would use trying to create for next generation. >> why $7 a month. >> what we found the thing that differentiates a relationship service from sort of casual hook-up service is a
7:55 am
membership fee, it is essentially has everyone skin in the game actually looking for something more also frankly, because all other services are free if all you are looking for. >> i expect 7 spent 7 dollars on soup yesterday i don't know -- >> -- no, i am not any sights never have been -- >> how do people find you -- >> i guess they have to look for you on fox business. >> may be i will feet somebody on twitter a lot of good people on there, i don't know, i just never -- i have never -- >> not a believer of fibering love online. >> i am not not a lever in finding love on line i think about other things more so than love may be setting myself up. >> may be not tinder put out a feature picks best profile hotto hinge trying to steer away from those types of superficial elements eliminating swipe for like so
7:56 am
important to you the photo also so important? >> i mean we still, of course, use photos photos are important, but the similar flying a person down to playing card that you can toss to the left and right is pretty o experience most never click through to find out like, what the person is like on the other side, so we want to create experience where if you are interested in someone rather than flippantly toss them to the right you engage with them to, the way you would, ingraham or facebook. >> -- chemistry you can't know unless you meet online look cute then vibrate is not attractive. >> meet the person. >> i think that is the idea, is we don't expect you to -- to ask person there from sight a way to facilitate meeting figuring out whether that is going to stay -- >> i am astounded of number people met online and got married.
7:57 am
>> i know plenty of people yeah. >> what do you do -- >> i don't know, i will be okay fine. >> people do on the other hand when we asked users 80% use swiping apps never found even a single relationship from them. so that what is we're trying to solve. >> short term. >> yeah. >> good to see you. thank you so much, being part of that still to come your boss could get in the way of dream vacation a business owner making it possible to trade in unused vacation days back in a minute. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: happy friday good friday morning i am maria bartiromo welcome back friday october 14 top stories east coast, 25 days hillary clinton steps lead over donald trump in new fox news polls out there morning, but there are new concerns, after clinton did not answer 20 questions about her private e-mail server as part of a lawsuit. >> i can't belief that i am saying that -- a candidate for president of the united states has bragged about sexually assaulting women. >> i give a a peach about cup false accusations of the "crooked hillary clinton" campaign. and mainstream media which
8:01 am
they control and use quite viciously. >> very latest on race coming up a headache for traveling to tell you about a computer outrage delayed hundreds every flights the very latest on that glitch coming up, a new city questioning the value of mammograms he researchers say, the staple of women's health is now overrated. the winner of the second debate ken how cashing in on newfound celebrity coming up millennials not ready to cut financial cord startling numbers how many young people rely on parents for so much j.p. morgan third quarter earnings above expectations bank posted neither revenue 25.51 billion dollars, that was above consensus earnings 1.58 above consensus as a result, the stock higher in premarket dow component helping broader averages weighting to hear from citi
8:02 am
group and wells fargo outright now earnings beat citi group 1.24 versus 1.16 estimate on citi group wells fargo coming out better earnings, wells fargo waiting on numbers, we will get you those numbers, as soon as they hit the tape citi group beneath expectations the market right here expecting a higher opening for broader averages as you see dow jones industrial average to open up about 80 points we are pretty much near the highs of the morning, we will also get the latest reading on the september retail sales number coming out about 30 minutes we will bring that number to you we get michigan incent out we've got inflation data ppi, coming out as well, wells fargo also a beat 1.03 versus 1.01. wells fargo. see if wells fargo stock is trading higher as well numbers just coming outright now, and we want to look at european markets they are higher across the board as well, we had off beat reading on chinese inflation lifting markets there as well as asia markets
8:03 am
in europe higher by three-quarters of 1%, to almost 2%, wells fargo, revenue is also -- getting numbers right now, we are going to bring them to you in asia modest gains in asian markets higher across the board, we want to look at bank earnings james freeman wells fargo also looking good we know the problems that wells west has been under, what they are facing stock higher this morning though on bret baier number -- better-than-expected numbers. >> political heat so heavy, the fundamentally the -- this scandal was not a huge financial problem for the bank. the cross of -- paying back the customers was basically not material is to i think we are seeing that, may be investors will take another look at this stock, and say, may be washington has overdone it a little bit here with the pylon given the problems of the bank. >> revenue was 22.3 billion
8:04 am
that was slightly better than the expectations, j.p. morgan number has that stock up. and, of course, as saying low interest rates a big problem for banks. dagen: low interest rates you look at other businesses banks are in, and in terms of of the health of the consumer in terms of of the loaneding that is going on -- lending going on profitable in credit card business making high risk loans to people, i think that is critically important think much better numbers can be if you get slightly better net interest margin next year. >> also beating expectations, really, not a bad quarter, for the banks j.p. morgan citi group wells fargo pnc beating expectations with third quarter earnings. >> they are beating expectations but those were low expectations coming in so we mentioned, how j.p. morgan did beat the estimate, but lower earnings than last year, we will see what some other ones when we get into details, but you are still seeing
8:05 am
generally that slow growth economy but, also, difficult time you mentioned interest rates, cost of regulation, this is this is a hard time to grow a banker in. >> when you look at trading activity health care biotechs as dagen told us early in terms of epf report the trouble has been there because of worry if hillary clinton entities a sweep if president house and nat goes to dems heavy regulation on companies worn if that is carrying over to financials as well. >> whole country will be different if it happens. >> you could see hit to equity markets if investors decide that you are getting a democratic house and democratic senate along with hillary clinton's president is that scenario plays out, very difficult to see how the markets stay at level they are. >> what is at stake regulation, supreme court. >> really, about growth. >> it is. >> regulation, you know, gun rights, of course, also.
8:06 am
>> regulations that hurt job creation, but broadly speaking, changes the fabric of the nation, in terms of greater -- if hillary clinton wins it is going to be a public auction for obamacare initially, fossil fuels getting completely crushed in this country higher taxes. >> see what that does to economy james we want do look at hillary clinton right now leading donald trump, in the latest fox news polls, 25 days left until election blake burman in washington right now blake, jump in here, you've got the very latest on where we stand. reporter: good morning, happy friday you are right 25 days to go down seven points that is hill for donald trump to climb according to latest fox news poll out yesterday survey of likely voters shows trump with only 38% support nationwide, trailing hillary clinton as you see there holding is it in mid 40s, yesterday, in ohio, trump absolutely blasted the "new york times," and what he calls the corporate media for its
8:07 am
reporting on wloim have accused him of groping trump saying media out to the electric clinton renude his claim his administration would look into prosecuting his opponent ied this had on clinton family listen. >> they will attack you. they will slander you they will seek to destroy your career, and your family. the clintons are criminals remember that they are criminals. reporter: clinton spent at a out fund-raising in california raising nearly 10 million dollars, yesterday, alone, she is also had disappearance for ellen degeneres show one fund-raiser clinton called latest accusing surrounding trump deplorable. >> i don't care if he goes after me i signed on for this but i will defend and stand up for every other person or every other group that he demeans insults. [cheers and applause] . >> maria clinton continues to fund raise in seattle and
8:08 am
featured speakers at private event trump as well will hold public rallies in north carolina. maria: thank you so much blake burman joining me now is fox news digital politics editor co-host of fox news channel i will tell you what chris stirewalt thanks for joining us i want to talk about house and senate races because of, of course, that is really critical, but first let's talk broadly speaking based on latest fox news polls, where do we stand in terms of this election from your standpoint can trump regain any traction? in the next 25 days? >> he doesn't seem to be trying to. he keeps going back to his base. he keeps with conspiracy theories misinformation, and denying the polls, and us against the world sort of summoning the original core group of supporters back together. it is -- what he did in the
8:09 am
debate, and he continues to do. i don't know how you have a -- with 25 days left to go, i don't know how this represents a viable general election strategy, when you see your numbers hymn rainling with suburban women who hold key to election. >> one thing the markets are focused on house and senate right now because gop struggling to unite democrats ramping up efforts to win back senate let's go through some races tlez how you see it. >> depends on how much damage trump wants to do to the party. right now, there is significant decoupling between trump and candidates, pennsylvania, pat toomey remarko rubio florida, kelley in new hampshire today out performing trudramatically if they scrape wrath of trump we had republicans poised to win a seat in nevada where congressman outperformed trump consistently right now republican peert has a good shot to retain the house or
8:10 am
the senate because remember the democrats need five seats if election held today i guess only about a net two, republicans in good position but don't know in sort of -- phase of the trump campaign how much damage he wants to inflict on the party. maria: dagen: i think -- >> the name of your show i tell you what. >> i tell you what. >> chris, but when you say that how much damage trump can do the wrath of trump what do you mean? what are you worried about in terms of these -- other candidates. >> i am not worried they are going to do whatever they are going to do, but i just i can't believe that i led a good enough life to deserve to cover election as insane as this. so as far as the republicans go, look, for trump, he likes to keep his core group together he has he has all enemies he says spood to his followers include he says international bankers bleeding
8:11 am
the country dry, hillary clinton, of course, the press, but also includes the republican leadership. and when he encourages his followers to hurt the republican party and punish them for disloyalty you wondered 5 points could make big difference in close senate races. >> people so fed up might not vote at all -- is that affecting, i really, really -- in terms of you know how senate races people might not want to vote, because they do support trump or people that don't spr trump might not vote. >> we have to remember the problem the problem republicans have this time 30 million people participated in the primary, if all of them go and vote, and all voted for trump, they would be 40 million votes short so, yes, the war faer between establishment libertarian conservative all 31 flavors of republicanism are interesting
8:12 am
can have effects at margin the problem the party is facing in the main right now for 40 million votes presidential nominee never bothered to talks. >> creates james freeman here from is it journal, looking at the polls especially the fox polls it seems to me that if donald trump did nothing fort next 25 days but talk about tax cuts and politically incorrect war on terror, he could still win this thing what do you think? >> well, i guess if frog had wings wouldn't bump its bottom when it went over the door -- >> you know you look at the polls, and you still have -- johnson out there people have to go somewhere. >> yeah -- the third party vote shrinks as we get towards election day, now the clinton people seem to think those are their votes but libertarians are national republican votes you see that vote moving? >> not -- i think we are getting down to sort of the bottom on this, he will give
8:13 am
back a couple points i expect gary johnson end up with 5% of the vote that is guy in polling in new mexico almost tied we see mcmullin approaching parity in utah basically, as republicans, what republicans want is for their voters to feel even if they don't want to supporter trump to feel conscientious about voting they want your likely voter core to go out and vote so they can return as many people to congress as they can. so that in at the conveniently of a hillary clinton presidency can block supreme court nomination block measures because if it turns into a rout then you then the republican party is not only in defeat and disarray but doesn't have a path back. >> just to be clear you don't think that is going to happen you are not looking for a -- a sweep. >> rate now if election held today trump would lose by margin dukakis to dole size republicans would hold senate lose in house and senate but
8:14 am
within tolerances of size of their majority. >> good to see you we will be watching, chris stirewalt. we'll be right back.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
canceled that glitch backed up lines at airports across the country, especially along the west coast. the problem forced agents at lax to issue paper tickets manually check passengers on a sheet of paper brought down united web site the app for several hours. well a new study, is questioning the value of regular mammograms concludes they catch some doled cancers save lives but also concludes that mammograms find many early cancer that are not destined to grow back health threat, the basically the author asserts many women get trements they don't need the report in new england journal of medicine the ongoing debate how often women should get mammograms a task force recommended over 50 screened every year that caused a lot of debate. another headlined uber, creating another buzz worthy promising, the company is
8:18 am
putting ken bone new face of uber select luxury option for the company as you know he was an internet sensation sunday night took part in second presidential debate town hall asking about energy policy, to point out some other favorites today, early this year uber used the company teamed up with hbo allowing some to take their seat on irron throne, i love that. >> coming to a slow near you speaking of shows netflix under fire, after a study finds the streaming platform only has get this 3 1e movies from imbb top 250 after more than 50% shows movies once online have been removed from
8:19 am
netflix lot of agreements seem are angry over shrinking line a after list decreased 12% from 2014 netflix the lost screaming that wiped out thousands titles you can see for rest gump back-to-the-future on netflix, if you are bored this weekend. >> not netflix don't have deals the movie companies are not going to do it. >> but half the card -- >> that is i can't wait for "house of cards." >> for rest gump one of the worst movies of all time enjoy it. >> i kept running and running up next j.p. morgan began names reporting what you need to know ahead of the bell bank stocks higher leading the market higher, ever been deepened a vacation day? millions lose paid time off every year one company is looking to help cash in on this, that is next. you both have a
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . maria: well back going to be good opening for a broader averages well off highs of the morning i should point out highs 91 points on dow jones industrial average, the market is looking up 67 right now, we had a host of quarterly earns reports from major banks j.p. morgan stock up after reporting a top and bottom line beat 1.58 a share revenue 25.5 billion dollars driven by investment bank stock higher, 1.24 revenue 17.8 billion dollars for property and revenue down from last year, still better than expected that stock higher wells fargo beat expectation, earnings 1.03 on revenue 22.3 billion dollars, and that stock is
8:24 am
also looking higher, james freeman from a "the wall street journal" with us this morning, better-than expected stocks this morning is to obviously setting the tone for markets your read on. >> it certainly earnings beats are good for trading, short term, stocks are going up, but you see that consent pattern wells j.p.m, citi not good comparison to previous year we have talked about the general poor growth economy talked about the interest rates, this is very much a government manipulated market interest rates pushed down close to zero held around the are world europe many places negative rates, obviously makes it very difficult but at the same time, that that monetary adventurism created bond issuance that is an area where banks made money last few years, but it is just not at the healthy bank sector or larger economy would you like to see, in a recovery. >> monetary adventurism he
8:25 am
speaks like he writes made my morning. >>. maria: wells fargo addressed the scandal, in its earnings report that is the unauthorized account of bank comloeting procedures to send confirmation e-mails within hour opening did he positives i have theing accounts diagon. dagen: . >> goody. >> i think we have seen that he report a bigger a public relations government relations problem than bank revenue and earnings problem, to this point. but just generally. >> reputation is everything. >> it is important i am no the going to say not but i think this is now a bigger than wells fargo problem it could hit all banks where, it is politicians basically did with that scandal succeed in turning it into a story that sales goals are evil, that pushing people to create more customer accounts, even most people did it right way, is sort of inherently bad i think this is another area where you
8:26 am
could see pressure on earnings going forward, where everybody is going to have to step back in retail consumer business and be less aggressive about trying to sell new products to existing customers. >> want the sell you everything they can a short break scandals aside when candidate is best to have your money. we are going to take a look at that when we come right back. what you need to know before you vote, stay with us. surance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. a combination of see products.. and customers.
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8:28 am
>> good friday morning,
8:29 am
everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. your top stories, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. both sides of the aisle focusing on this, hillary clinton questions about her e-mail server and donald trump height highlighting the economy. >> we're going to get our economy growing and growing fast. we want an agenda that really is represented by what three words? go ahead. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> together we fought our way back from the worst economic crisis since the great depression. our businesses have now turned job losses into 15 million new jo jobs. maria: meanwhile, small business is feeling anxious over this election. why the job creators say the race could affect hiring in a big way. verizon looking way out from
8:30 am
the yahoo! acquisition. yahoo!'s massive data breach could change the terms of the deal. >> j.p. morgan, wells fargo, pnc, citigroup, beating expectations. we're looking at the broader averages, 75 higher on the dow jones industrial average. we're waiting on the september reading of retail sales, that's going to be out in a seconding actually. calling for retail sales of 6/10 of 1%. up 6/10 of a percent on retail sales. european stocks are up higher across the board. that lifted markets there and in asia. in asia overnight markets were higher as you can see across the board. americans well-known for not using vacation days. now, one company is helping workers to capitalize on the unused days. and just crossing the tame. up 6/10 of a per, very much in line with expectations. and senior advisor and global founder, david malpass. great to see you.
8:31 am
first give me your take on the retail sales numbers, 6/10 of a percent. auto sales is dominating that, they were strong, but in july and august, retail sales were weak. i think the consumer is feeling the weakness of personal income. wages haven't been going up so there's not that much money to be spending within the economy. so it's an okay number. the bigger issue for the election, trump saying 4% growth. clinton is basically accepting the idea that the u.s. economy is only going to grow 2% for the next ten years. that to me is unacceptable as a way to run the economy. >> so we get the producer price index out up 3/10 of a percent for september. also a nonevent. this is more of the same. retail sales number? . the humdrum, slow growth, sluggish, whatever adjectives you want on it. and i guess we're headed toward the end of this recovery, i don't know, maybe. we just were never able to
8:32 am
break out into what i would call the american style economic growth. >> go through both plans for us and tell us if either of them helps break out of this malaise and growth. >> trump is proposing major change, so that means a tax cut and regulatory reform. energy reform so the u.s. can produce a lot more energy. the u.s. has one of the best resources of energy reserves in the world, the best, and could be producing a lot more. and then on trade reform, the policies that have been negotiated don't work for american workers. and so, the big changes are-- what cause 4% growth. clinton, on the other hand, is proposing and actually running on the idea of a big tax increase, of more regulation, and is accepting of slow growth. they're not challenging at all the-- right now, the cbo forecast is for 2% or below for the next ten years. meaning, define that as a malaise.
8:33 am
that's a really bad malaise and they aren't challenging that at all. they're saying, okay. that's the best we can do. >> i thought one of the best moments for donald trump on sunday night was when he was talking about his tax plan and taking america's corporate income tax among the worst in the world and highest in the industrialized world and making it among the most competitive. is he going to you can at that more about that on the trail now? maybe he is and i'm just not seeing it in the clips that get played, but is that going to be a focus? >> i see the whole transcripts. there's just not enough on growth in it. yesterday he did talk about 4% growth. 25 million jobs, and the three words, jobs, jobs, jobs, i think he could go on for 15 minutes, a half hour. his plan is really twice as good as clinton's. that's an under-- 2% growth versus 4% growth and you can say a lot better. there's room to talk about it. it would improve themes that
8:34 am
haven't been brought up yet. it improves the fiscal stance of the u.s. we've got a $20 trillion debt almost and so the only way to improve that is through faster growth and it also would improve the dollar. we could end up having the dollar be a trustworthy currency again, which it's not right now. >> one thing, you may have heard of these things in very many days. >> and that's the central problem. in terms of health care and obamacare, is trump talking enough about that? because when kelly anne conway signed on, your premiums are worse, out of pocket is higher, people are losing their providers and they have to make decisions this month about their health care next year. you have a lot of these insurance companies dropping out of state plans. but you have not heard enough about that. why not? >> yeah, for one-- i think-- on the campaign trail, at
8:35 am
rallies, and even in the advertising. and i expected, based on what kelly ann said and her polling of women, that's a hard core issue for women across the country and you haven't heard much of it out of the trump campaign. >> right, then all of these issues are good for women in that lots of women are moms whose children are having a hard time finding a job. so, if you had faster job growth, the importance of that is you bring up people from the bottom. obamacare, same way, it plays to suburban women. everybody's got this problem with health care. it's hard for him to develop. it's got to be done state by state, so if you're at a rally in pennsylvania, you know people are hurting based on health care, but it's got to be tailored to each state so there's a little bit of a block in doing that. dagen: quite frankly, bill clinton did a better job on the campaign trail bashing obamacare than trump has, even though their solution is a
8:36 am
public option. maria: he's not talking about the issues important to the american people enough. i recognize she's putting him on defense, and that's the issue. he's got to constantly come on stage and defend and explain. >> in the primaries, people were doing that and he was available to avoid it and going on offense. >> that pivot is important and in the debate it will be important if she attacks him. look you've been in office for 30 years look results on foreign policy, giant disaster and economic policy, giant disaster. small businesses, we're seeing the news are hurting all over. they can't find the workers they need. they can't get the loans that they need. and so they're just checking out, basically of the economy. and that, i think, is a direct result of bad policy. trump's policies are aimed specifically at having small businesses do a lot better. >> look at this poll. according to new fox news poll numbers, trump has a 5% advantage over clinton in the economy. so his message of an economic
8:37 am
plan of lowering taxes, rolling back regulations, tapping into energy, redoing trade deals that are not advantageous to america, it is resonating and yet, it probably could be resonating more if he would just talk more about it. >> think about the rally speeches. he's going to do two today, they're big and there's huge crowds. people want to hear what he has to say so it's almost a little like shelf space. there's so many things that he wants to convey in the speeches. one is defense of himself. one is an attack on hillary clinton so you run out of space and so the challenge here is to get enough space in those speeches to talk about this key issue. maria: let me ask you this real quick. what does the economy look like in the next four years if hillary clinton is president. >> so, she has said she's going to raise the capital gains tax rate, she's going to raise the estate tax rate. remember, capital gains, she's extending the holding period for long-term gains.
8:38 am
that is a giant negative for asset price the within the u.s. and the estate tax is hard. on the small business front, there's no relief proposed for the regulations and bank lending standards that would allow small businesses to get loans. what they're doing, small businesses are having going to this nonbank sector, which is really expensive and elitist if you think about it. >> how does she get away with constantly saying she's helping small business? she says that constantly? >> but that's-- so the federal government is so big, that they can claim that they're making lots of loans themselves. to me, it's-- you know, the 10th amendment of the constitution was that, if the federal government is not ex-poliplicitly allowed to do it should be reserved to the people and to the states and so
8:39 am
we've moved way away from that. where the federal government lends through the small businesses administration and the department of energy and department of education and fannie mae and freddie mac a part of the government on and on so they can claim that the federal government is taking care of the nanny state comes up that they're taking care of everybody in the country. it doesn't add up in the country. you can't run that without a profit motive. >> you look at those after the wake of the recession, more businesses closing than being started and that was a big change in america and we're still seeing it. it's the lack of new business creation. i should ask you, how much of that, how big of that is that in the problem we're looking at. >> it's giant. the best spot for new workers to get a job is in a new business and the formation is-- is basically half of what it used to be. so that means there's just not jobs for young people coming into the economy. trump gave a millennial speech yesterday and said that, that
8:40 am
my plan will be better for young people and he needs to say that more, i think. maria: we'll keep watching that. david malpass. as trump is looking at swing states of florida and large portion of cuban-american voters there. adam shapiro is live in miami, florida with the latest there. adam, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, maria. the key for a republican or a democrat in florida is the number of registered voters who are hispanic and that's been trending more democrat than republican. we're in the heart of miami's little havana. and people are lining up for cafe con leche. one of the things they were talking about is the e-mail leaked by wikileaks in which john podesta, the clinton campaign manager was urging hillary clinton to reach out to members of her husband's interesting says rico pena and
8:41 am
it was podesta's belief that they needed those endorsements now for hillary clinton. the e-mail was titled needy hispanics, one easy call. that did not go over so well and brings up what donald trump has said about hispanics in this campaign and when we spoke with different leaders in the hispanic community, they told us this would not go over welcome. carlos jimenez is the mayor of miami-dade county, 2.4 million people. he's not voting for trump. here is what he told us. >> one individual that-- and from immigration aspect, it's actually, you know, when you're insulting some hispanics, you know, it's going to have an impact. >> i met with him over a year ago and warned him and cautioned him to really think how he want today approach this community and rethink his strategy. he doubled down on that hate-filled rhetoric and i think now this is the day of his comeuppance and he's going to have to deal with it. >> and that man you just heard from is javier, the ceo of the
8:42 am
u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce, 4.4 million hispanic businesses in the united states they represent. and they've endorsed hillary clinton. you can see the hispanic vote, whether it's cuban, nicaraguar a nicaraguaen, venezuelan. it used to be if you were a cuban-american you would vote republican. there was a restaurant and kept a table with the american flag and cuban flag where he sat and that's how strong the community's ties are not only to that president, but the republican party and that's starting to chaffe. maria: still to come, yahoo!'s hack hurting more than the company's image. why it could have an impact on the deal with verizon. the winner of the second presidential debate, ken bone. how one question changed his life and his bank account. back in a minute. ♪
8:43 am
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>> welcome back. 45 minutes away from the opening bell. we're at the highs of the day again. the markets are higher given the fact we're seeing better than expected earnings. the banks higher cross the board on their third quarters. we're watching shares of yahoo! after verizon raised the red flag on the future of the 4.8 billion deal with yahoo!. verizon is leaving the door open to negotiate, after a material event and could affect the terms. the pricing dispute between unilever and tesco is over. british grocers yanked it off the shelves after there was a price increase. the company is raising prices in the u.k., following the plummet of the pound after the exit from the european union.
8:47 am
ken bone is in fame and is it worth it, the privacy. stuart: that's the price. ken bone a nice guy, but run head-on into the meanness of the modern electronic world. you know, he came on my show, and we had him on and we said, supposing you get some kind of endorsement deal and he said well, i'm going to give 10% of it to good causes like homeless people. okay. i thought he was a terrific guy. the world really loved him. loved his sweater, great midwestern guy. then he gets the uber deal, he's got an endorsement and immediately electronic media goes after it, he's a sellout they say and worse than that, go into his private life and put it all out there. what a disgrace, you know? i'm getting to the point i don't want to put anything in an e-mail.
8:48 am
i don't use facebook anyway, i'm going back to letter writing because you could burn a letter and it really is a great deal more private than anything you put down electronically. i think what they're doing to ken bone is just bloody awful, that's what i think. >> why are they so mad about uber. geez, a chance to make some cash, good entrepreneur spirit, ken bone. stuart: isn't that an american thing to do. get out there and endorse a product. frankly, i love uber. it's just this invasion of the man's intimate private life and i'm not going to go into it, it. dagen: stuart, we could choose not to read any of it. we're not going to drank the hate. there you go. stuart: can i steal that line. dagen: with credit. i watch your show, so with credit, mr. varney. maria: we're going to be
8:49 am
watching you, stu, in ten minutes right after mornings with maria. americans gave up vacation days and now a company is coming back with hard cold cash. back in a minute. ♪
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8:53 am
and rob is chairman of pto exchange. >> thanks. maria: how does pto exchange work? >> we integrate with the accrual payroll of most companies and then we allow employees to utilize the unused benefit for exchange for goods, services or experiences and the policy is driven by the employer himself. >> i haven't taken a full week off in three, maybe four years except when i had 105 degree fever, people didn't want me around. but i have a really hard time taking time off. maria: would you like the idea of pto exchange? >> absolutely, i would love it. get something for it other than the wonderful experiences that i have at work. >> outside of the government, most companies don't actually let you have a cash value to the time you don't take, do they? how does this work? >> yeah, so, obviously, there's a lot of regulatory issues and
8:54 am
i think the first two years we spent having to learn those so we could build a platform and application that would actually serve as the enterprise, right? so there are rules of regulations and you have to abide by them. our platform allows you to do that, but the policy is actually set up by the employer. so, the employer could set up like our first customer, right? they actually, they do want their employees to take vacation so they actually-- the employee has to take two weeks, the first year and then has to have two weeks on the books and then anything over that, they can utilize to put into their 401(k) to put into their hsa or spend on a trip, like through our priceline relationship. maria: i like it. dagen: how many customers do you have now? >> so, currently, we have one. it's growing really rapidly. we actually just released about a week and a half ago, having this interview is actually,
8:55 am
it's been exciting for us this last week. we've had a ton of traction on our website. we have a number of hr consulting companies that we're in discussions with to take this to market for us. but we have seen such interest in what we're doing. >> how do you monetize this, how are you making money? >> yeah, so we make money simply, right? we charge a dollar for employee per month so it's a pepm model and then 3% per transaction. a simple, easy way to look at it and the 3% could actually be, you could actually put that out to the employee or the employer, depending how you'd like to drive that. maria: all right, we'll leave it there. rob, we'll be watching. rob whalen joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: final thoughts from our all-star panel. stay with us. ♪ when it comes to healthcare,
8:56 am
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8:59 am
>> if you're a trump supporter the best way to hurt trump is to attack women brutally with sexual undertones for criticizing trump. just a tip. >> we get it a lot. dagen: if you say anything remotely critical i get a lot of nasty four-letter words and i don't think that helps anybody, it only hurts your cause and that applies to everybody. maria: james. >> i'm just hoping he talks about economic growth the last 25 days here. it's his one area where he is clearly superior to hillary clinton and it's a-- this is really, you know, there are a lot of charges in this election and these candidates have a lot of flaws, but we're going to have to live with the economy that results for four or eight years, so hope people consider that. maria: that's certainly going to come up in the debate wednesday night. dagen: and don't drink the hate. i'll repeat my-- what i said to stuart varney, stuart was talking about digging up dirt on ken bone.
9:00 am
embrace somebody like that. he's a cult figure who came out of nowhere in his shiny happy red sweater. maria: it's amazing, whether it's ken bone or the attacks, we're losing sight of what you just said, what the economy and jobs and national security look like in the next four to eight years. >> and focus. maria: great, here is stuart and "varney & company," over to you. stuart: thank you very much. where is the policy debate? 25 days to the vote and it's all sex, lies and videotape, isn't it? good morning, everyone. to say this election has gone down into the dirt is an understatement. late developments for you. trump says allegations of sexual assault are totally and absolutely false, horrible lies. on videotape, this lady says he groped her with hands like an act octopus, made up stories, and never happen. he says he can prove it. calling the women liars.


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