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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> yes, this seems oddly eerie to 2015 where they talked about it and talked about it and talked about it, and ended up raising rates at the end of the year when maybe it wasn't best time looks like that will happen in' 16. [closing bell rings] liz: tim courtney. markets are down second week in a row. as we ring closing bell, happy anniversary to fox business. david: yeah. >> happy anniversary, lizzie. david: my partner, seven, eight years ago. cheryl: go to nine after tomorrow. david: time flies. cheryl: stocks heading into the weekend on a high note. all three major averages ending in the green. i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis is good to have you here. good to have you here. i'm david asman for "after the bell." this is happy friday. we have you covered on big market movers. this hour, another woman coming forward this afternoon accusing donald trump of inappropriate
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sexual conduct. who she is and how trump is responding. clinton camp new batch of emails, including efforts to help white house get emails tied to president obama. your tax dollars at waste by the taxman himself. $12 million mistake at irs will make you furious. shale shale we'll. cheryl, we'll not make you angry about the dow phil flynn at cme and lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. tough news for twitter. salesforce making it official but certainly not what twitter was looking for. >> not at all. it caused shares of twitter to really tank today.
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look at that, down more than 5%. salesforce what a relief to shareholders up 5%. ceo of salesforce mark benioff, said it was not right fit. before that he called it unpolished jewel. salesforce not interested in polishing twitter. look at the best performers to the up and to the downside on the dow jones industrial average. let me unpack that for you. the dow for the week down 1.6%. the dow slightly tipped into the green but faded back. the dow only gained about 40 points during the session. nasdaq the worst performer of the three benchmark indexes down 1 1/2%. apple that news early this week samsung galaxysmartphone being pulled. that is obviously good news for apple, best performer on the dow. worst performers, american express and cisco down 3 and 4% respectively.
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that is talk on the floor. send it back to you now. cheryl: lore i, thank you very much. phil, oil ending higher fourth week in a row. >> that way, especially consider the fact oil gone up withdrawdown in inventories this week and very, very strong dollar. you can't underestimate the historic impact of opec-non-opec agreement. that has given winds to the sails, especially the report being that the market is in balance basically on global viewpoint. we were talking about producing more than we actually consume on daily basis. that isn't happening anymore. that is very bullish are. that shows you trend in oil. look at gold. it has been really beat up. it eked out a gain today. this came basically as british pound of course got hammered this week down to 168-year low. dollar strong. bullish bets on dollar, strongest since february. have a great weekend. back to you.
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cheryl: you too, phil. thank you very much, sir. david: good news from banks this morning, helping the market rally today. wells fargo, jpmorgan, citigroup all reporting very high earnings, much higher than expected. profits giving hope to investors about third quarter earnings. remember there were five consecutive orders of declines. maybe there is turn around coming. here now to react is "barron's" senior editor jack hough. what gave me heart burn in the jpmorgan earnings. i commercial banking giving out loans, old-fashioned banking stuff is doing well. >> everything going well there. they have a lot of new takers for that super-duper credit card where they're giving away 100,000 miles, whatever it is. things are going well. the stock really didn't give you anything today on the good news. david: no. look it was down. by the way we should mention after all the great news the stock was down and wells fargo too.
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>> it trades at a pretty full price, not expensive but 1.3 times book. there are cheaper banks out there. people say it is priced in but look at goldman sachs and look at morgan stanley, they didn't report today. their shares got a pop. the reason because jpmorgan's revenue from trading revenue and people expect good news when their numbers come out. david: lindsey, what does this foretell if anything about what might happen in the earnings season coming up next week? >> certainly it was a good result for jpmorgan and bodes well for the banking industry in general but we can't forget expectations were very low for banks going into this quarter. seems like q2 is happening all over again here and all of them are beating and -- david: are we in a turnaround point? forgive me for rushing you, lindsey, okay maybe this earnings season we won't see a earnings recession as we have past five quarters?>> i don't tt during this quarter but once we
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get fourth quarter there will be a chance we see positive growth. david: thank you. cheryl: nobody is safe from elizabeth warren. the massachusetts senator calling on president obama to fire the current head of the sec mary jo white, saying her complete lack of disclosure is contrary to the purpose of the sec. jack, taking this to you. this obviously has a hidden motive here. she knows if she brings this up, of course the president will not do anything about it, but hillary clinton will have to respond. and it is almost like throwing her a pass but is there a touchdown involved here for clinton? >> i don't know. what is the sec supposed to do? look out for investors. wants new disclosures. how many polar bears did you hug this quarter? things that don't relate to stock returns or what will protect investors. i don't get it but -- cheryl: she wants what she wants. a lot of her lefty friend what they want the companies to do is disclose who they're giving political money to. >> not sure it is the role of sec though.
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try to pass legislation, try to get it through the courts if that is what you want to do. i don't think it is the job here. look, we say the senator from massachusetts is too liberal, i mean, yeah like saying they wear their hats too big in texas. tell me something i don't know. cheryl: interesting that she is going after mary jo white, independent, appointed by president obama. 12-page letter waste of time or does she have a point? >> she very clearly has an agenda here. this is political jockeying at its best. what does political contributions, disclosures of that, how does it help investor decide to invest in stock? i don't think it does anything. there is such a thing as too much disclosure what i think jack was just getting at. she wants global warming all these other things. there is just certain things you don't need to disclose to everybody. david: as jack pointed out you have to hug a polar bear to be sec chairman. >> two a quarter, two a quarter. david: this is nice work if you can get it. netflix reportedly paying chris
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rock $40 million for two, just two comedy specials. mark the comedian's return to stand-up after eight-year absence this. is a lot more than he was paid, one of his best years he made 42 million for the whole year. this is 42 million for two shows. he is worth it? >> content is king especially for these guys. there was bidding war between houla, hbo, amazon. this will continue to be theme for media and content providers going forward. hbo had the chris rock show. i don't know how they lost out on this. david: yeah. jack, return on investment, r oil. i, have they getting back their 40 million and plus? >> i'm still working through the numbers but by my math this is $750,000 per f-word for these specials. david: i didn't think of it that way. >> i'm sure it is good comedy but might be overpaying.
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david: jack, you always come up with a interesting way of looking at things. jack, lindsay, thank you very much. cheryl: are your ears okay. david: yeah, they're fine. cheryl: did jack offend you? david: i heard those words before. yes. cheryl: coming up obamacare is now in critical condition as more than one million people stand to lose their current health coverage next year. how this affects every american. david: everybody. more bombshells meanwhile rocking the clinton camp with new batch much emails released by wikileaks today, what we know now coming up. cheryl: another woman, coming forward this afternoon to accuse donald trump of inappropriate sexual conduct. this time a contestant from "the apprentice," season 5. we'll tell you what she said at news conference this afternoon and how donald trump is now responding. >> when i arrived, the security guard greeting me at the hotel. he walked with me to greet mr. trump. i assumed we were going to restaurant in the hotel. instead i was taken to a bungalow.
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cheryl: against the republican nominee. listen. >> asked me to sit next to him. i complied. he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. cheryl: sitting next to her attorney gloria all read, noel thick pour, gop fund-raiser and richard goodstein, democratic strategist. noelle, i will start with you, this is now by my count 11, i could be wrong and lost down,
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but does the am of women coming out hurt donald trump who remains defiant today? >> yes and know. you have to look at something. i have to be very careful how i criticize you know, any of the alleged victims as a woman because you don't want to seem like you're insensitive to it. but there is one thing i have got to tell you about this particular one that came out today. where is common sense? i'm not really criticizing her, i'm wondering if you felt like you were kissed inappropriately, or if anything went on, why would you then go to l.a., and go back into letting someone lead you into his hotel room where you see clothes on a bed? i mean where does common sense come in? so, you know you have to be very careful how you criticize. cheryl: you want to be careful to do -- you would be accused of that. be careful here. but at same time the amount of women, you also had kristin anderson, know well, that he touched her inappropriately and
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a lot of friends backed story up. these are multiple accounts, not just the most recent one? >> it is not great. it is horrible that we're having to distract take away from what is going on politically in the world to talk about this, but we have to address it. the best thing for anyone to do would be for the trump campaign to release detailed statement on why these allegations are totally false, and then get on with policy. cheryl: okay. richard, he is not doing that. he actually was in the middle after rally as some -- came out to give statement to the press. he went after carlos slim today, again reiterated his attacks against "the new york times." he seems to be almost deflecting this. is his good offense and defense? >> you know i feel sorry for people who have to defend donald trump around this. first, kellyanne conway just last week said that victims of sexual assault should be heard and supported and believed. and here, less than a week
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later, here we are look. here's the problem. again i hate to use the bill cosby analogy but what we've got are many women, with actually a very similar pattern of behavior, all of whom spoke contemporaneously to friends and relatives bit, and nail in the coffin which would be case for cosby, if cosby was on tape bragging about the precise behavior, grabbing strangers by their crotch. that is, so that is what trump has done. so for him to do what noelle says, issue denial, nobody would believe that. if you took this case to a jury, nobody, nobody would believe donald trump in the face of his bragging about the exact behavior that these women are describing. cheryl: noelle, but today, donald trump, in that rally just before that press conference out in california, he said, everything is total fiction. all of this never happened. it never happened. he is continuing to deny. i mean, at this point, with 25
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days to go, i believe until the election, wouldn't it be better to come out and say look, and i'm sorry for past digressions, talk about issues, talk about economy, about jobs, about taxes, about regulation, wouldn't that be better strategy for the trump campaign, right now? >> yes, it would be a very better, well-received strategy right now. and you know, here is the difficult position. a lot of women, a lot of republican women, are finding themselves in a very strange conundrum. they're like, well, you know, am i supposed to vote for my gender or am i supposed to vote for the policies of the platform that i believe in? so it is putting us in a very strange conundrum we have to actually pick between voting to, you know, take up for our gender as a woman, or you know, voting for those beloved issues that we are passionate about which are lower taxes, and less government and education? cheryl: congressman marcia blackburn addressed that exact issue this week on fox business, at this point if you're woman
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and you're republican you will vote on your values or you will vote on issues that is the individual decision that women in this country on republican side are going to have to come to in the booth. noelle, richard, thank you very much to both of you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. david: meanwhile devastating and deadly floodwaters are still rising in parts of north carolina. this is nearly week, folks after the hurricane matthew hit. at least 22 people have been killed in the aftermath of the storm just in north carolina. governor pat mccrory says that the poorest of the poor are being hit the hardest. doesn't that always happen? urging people to donate to the state's disaster fund. of course hundreds and hundreds still devastated by what happened in haiti. cheryl: bermuda now trying to wake up today to more devastation. well, coming up we have a lot more to cover including this. nominees gearing up for the third and final presidential debates and fair and balanced. cheryl: we'll get, fair and balanced howard kurtz.
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he will tell us what to expect. donald trump continuing to slam "the new york times" and media and hillary clinton over assault accusations. he isn't backing down. >> our media is indeed sick and making our country sick. and we're going to stop it. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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yo commute, we got serious game. siriusxm. road happy. david: breaking news u.s. transportation service banning all samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones from airlines flight. kind of academic by now. we all know they're bad things, they blow up on the planes. passengers that travel with the phones will have them confiscated. they could face some fines. better watch out order goes into effect on saturday noon eastern time. cheryl: wow. well the latest "fox news poll" revealing some important indicators ahead of november 8th. in a four-way vote for presidential preference, hillary clinton is leading donald trump
4:23 pm
45-38. and when voters were asked if each nominee is qualified to be president, 68% said yes for clinton, 42% said yes for trump. when it comes to women, trump is losing ground since last week, down 12 points among women ages 45 and above. down 10 points among suburban women and six points among gop women. david: donald trump continuing to blast the media colluding with hillary clinton as he continues to defend the sexual assault allegations against him. listen. >> the corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement. reporters at "the new york times," they're not journalists, they're corporate lobbyists for carlos slim and hillary clinton t also comes at a time as wikileaks unveils horrible, horrible things about hillary clinton but they would rather talk about this. david: carlos slim of course is the mexican billionaire.
4:24 pm
he is part owner of "the new york times." howie kurtz, "mediabuzz" host and fox news media analyst never had more to chew on than he does right now. i'll tell you, all about the media. i have to say, howie, every time we do a spot on the media and its collusion with the hillary clinton campaign, or at least perceived collusion, we get a big spike in ratings. so does everybody i talked to. there is a national disdain for the mainstream media, isn't there? >> oh, yeah. everybody hates us. it is easy to make us a whipping boy. but by the way there is no evidence that carlos slim, who yeses own as bunch of "new york times" stock has anything to do with editorial decisions at "new york times." fine for trump to criticize coverage of "new york times" and any other media organization. he is playing defense on dizzying allegations of accusing him of sexual misconduct reported by several outlets. david: they don't have to he collude. they think the same way about
4:25 pm
donald trump. you know they do. i don't know a single reporter at "new york times" and i know several of them will vote for donald trump. i'm no editorialist, and i don't think if carlos slim will have a vote either. timing of these accusations, clinton machine is good at rolling things out. alicia ma cloud dough, the whole miss universe thing. the "access hollywood" tape and of course during the debate that the immediately followed the "access hollywood" tape we had anderson cooper's question, no i didn't dot way i talk and see accusations about the ladies. do you see i anything suspicious about the timing? >> i don't see any evidence of coordination, because once the "access hollywood" tape came out, boasting what trump calls locker room talk, it was obvious question for anderson cooper to ask. look at two cases, former
4:26 pm
"people" magazine writer, first person account, "washington post" and woman that appeared with glorida allred, it is dizzying to keep up. it look likes october surprise, i don't see any evidence clinton campaign is involved. you can challenge women coming out now than years ago. david: wikileaks emails appeared to be collusion between the clinton campaign and members of the media. in fact even jake tapper from cnn came out and said it is very troubling the whole donna brazile thing. let's focus on what is coming up. we're days away from the final presidential debate, the first fair and balanced one and topics revealed. the debates will cover debt, entightment, immigration, economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots and fitness to be president. that is a lot to cover, howard. what are your thoughts? >> i have a prediction which is chris wallace will ask very aggressive questions of both candidates. now all the moderators get criticized in this hyper
4:27 pm
partisan era, i followed chris's career a long time, well before i was at fox and he is one of the best interviewers in the business. david: no doubt. >> has preparation all that. question how many policy questions he asks as candidates reprise their attacks on each other on policy matters in this third and final debate, will whatever question comes up about the sexual misconduct allegations will that end up dominating the news coverage that follows. because as we know -- david: forgive me, or dominating debate itself. i wonder if he asks a question about the economy, somehow either trump or clinton turn it into something about misbehaving? what do you think? >> candidates certainly can do that they're known for pivoting. boy i would like to see substantive discussion of issues for the american public. david: wouldn't i it be so nice and important. howie kurtz, have a great weekend. you will not want to miss the third and final and i say fair and balanced presidential debate. watch fox business. we have live coverage wednesday.
4:28 pm
starts at 6:00 p.m. i'm going to be there till 1:00. we'll have a long night. >> i just won't sleep. it will be great. careless move by the irs. how your taxpayer dollars paid for their mistake coming up. david: i love it. all right. plus another dramatic data dump from wikileaks. latest details on clinton email controversy. it keeps going on and on and on. that is coming next. >> there is a very different hillary clinton behind closed doors than there is in public.
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cheryl: more bombshells against hillary clinton. wikileaks out with a fresh batch of emails from the clinton controversy. fox business's blake burman is live in d.c. with the latest. blake? reporter: hi, there, cheryl. the latest wikileaks file show hillary clinton's campaign in the earliest days of email controversy discussing potentially not handing over some emails that would fall into the category of work-related. john podesta, who is clinton's campaign chairman and target of wikileaks, emailed top aides cheryl mills on march 4th, 2015, quoting here, think we should hold email to and from potus, meaning president of the obama. that is heart of his executive privilege. we could get them to ask for that. they may not care but seems like they will. the timing here is also important as the day before congressman trey gowdy issued a subpoena to make sure all of clinton's records would be preserved. the state department spokesman
4:33 pm
mark toner was asked about that email early this afternoon. listen here. >> correspondence with the president, i don't know if it is executive privilege but there was a concern that those emails not be made public. reporter: now separate email chain also shows in that same month which was weeks before clinton launched her campaign, she was reluctant in having her husband cancel a paid speech to morgan stanley. at one point her event all campaign manager robby mook wrote following in email. people would rightfully ask how we let it happen. i would suggest if she is determined to keep this speech, she talk with john, that being john podesta this is very big deal in my view. let me know if i can provide more information or otherwise be helpful. huma abedin writing, robbie raised with her again. we are good to can't sell if wjc is cool with it.
4:34 pm
just need a cool-down period. clinton on campaign trail has had very tough talk relating to wall street. podesta appears to throw shade julian assange's way. check out what he posted on twitter. a picture of himself with some food in the background, if you saw the picture, but i bet the lobster risotto is better than the food at ecuadorian embassy where assange is whod up. podesta trying to get the last laugh. they're releasing stuff for weeks. see how this goes. cheryl: that is kind of funny. blake, thank you very much. david: for the record, ecuadorian food is very good. let's bring in the political panel. noelle nikpour and richard goodstein. we saw the email between podesta and cheryl mills on potus and emails. this seems to contradict something president obama said he first heard about the clinton
4:35 pm
email server through press reports but, clearly he was using or sending to that server emails long before the press knew about it. >> you know, this is so true. these emails are so damning. i mean, give the attention to the trump sex scandal which is more titillating than you know, what is going on right now with the barrage of emails that wikileaks is producing, but if you really look into this, this is such a blatant, you know, ordeal of cover-up and delaying and protecting hillary rodham clinton. this is so on just and in plain sight we can all see. david: there is a pattern. when we see hundreds of one particular types of documents we look for pattens. there is a pattern. richard obviously the democrats are pointing a pattern of behavior now with trump and women. isn't there also, isn't it fair to say you see a the pattern of
4:36 pm
behavior of misinforming when it comes to emails, when it comes to the clinton foundation, when it comes to benghazi, saying sort of pattern of behavior? that certainly seems to be the case in all of the polls we see about her in trust? >> you know it is funny, for a second, on wikileaks, remember when snowden released through wikileaks vast amounts of material and he was reviled, wikileaks was reviled. now julian assange, he is at ecuadorian embassy escaping a rape charge is being lionized by donald trump. david: yeah. >> okay? very donald trump egging on the right to hack. david: richard. i got you, there is definitely double-standard there, again once the stuff is out there, don't you see a double-standard in a lot of what hillary clinton is saying? >> i was reading a "washington times" about the scandals that we're now being revealed. the first one was that donors to the clinton foundation are expecting something in return.
4:37 pm
go ask mike pence if we swear under oath that he has never thought there was a single donor who a house or governor's campaign of his -- david: doesn't make it right. that is the whole thing. establishment is corrupt. that is not -- >> that is not scandalous, every day tough. david: a lot of thing people are talking about down-party races and senate and house how those will work out. paul ryan spoke to that point. something a lot of people need to think about as whether the senate changes and what might happen as a result. play the tape and get your reaction. >> if we lose the senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of senate budget committee? a guy named bernie sanders. ever heard of him? this just tells you what we would deal in divided government if we lose control of the senate. david: well, a socialist controlling the budget for the united states senate. did you ever think you would see the day? >> you know what? that was the most powerful thing that paul ryan has ever said to
4:38 pm
make an appeal for people who get out and vote regardless of what you think of current situation. all you have to do is tell republicans the word, bernie sanders, socialist, the head of it all. i really think that he did one small thing. -- smart thing. i know he has gone against the party, but one thing i said bernie sanders will be in your face if you don't exercise the right to vote. david: one thing we can all agree on at least, i think richard would, no socialist has ever balance ad budget. >> i think you're probably on to something, david. i will say -- david: noelle, richard we have run out of time. thank you very much. noelle, richard, have a great weekend. cheryl? cheryl: i agree as well. stunning statement from hillary clinton regarding her private email server. the democratic nominee saying she quote, does not recall ordering emails to be permanently erased. according to newly-released testimony. gregg jarrett, fox news anchor and former defense attorney.
4:39 pm
she says she doesn't recall any of this. her attorney says she doesn't recall anything. >> right. cheryl: is that legally acceptable defense? >> i used to be a defense attorney and i would tell my client you will get in less trouble if you can't recall anything. you look like a complete idiot but you will get in less trouble and that seems to be how she was advised. here are the interrogatories, legal questions in a lawsuit about her email. 25 questions, very specific, 21 times she says, i don't recall. it is the sergeant schultz defense from hogan's heroes, i hear nothing, i see nothing. in her case, i don't remember anything. cheryl: credibility aside, her legal team, and hillary clinton objected to all or part of 18 of the 25 questions that were put to her by "judicial watch." here is what tom fenton, "judicial watch" president responded. he said, mrs. clinton's refusal to answer many questions in further straightforward manner
4:40 pm
reflects further disdain for rule of law. her attorney's response. here you go. secretary: ton does not being advised cautioned or warned. she us did not recall it was ever suggested to her. she does not recall participating in any communication conversation, meeting it was discussed use of or email account to conduct official state department business conflicted with or violated federal record-keeping laws. >> gee, nobody told me it was wrong. she doesn't remember warning from the state department about hacking? she doesn't remember her own warning to her fellow employees don't do it, even though she was secretly doing it. critically she doesn't remember anything about destroying her emails, who ordered it and you know how it happened, when it happened be where it happened. who did it. it is, if i were to submit, and i have answered 100 interrogatories on behalf of clients, if i came in there with this document i would get sanctioned by the judge. what do you bet judicial is
4:41 pm
going to ask for sanctions here? cheryl: you have looked through her responses over and over. >> right. cheryl: and you have got, you really kind -- >> i have a master list. cheryl: you have a list that shows and discredits her in a way. >> doesn't remember the email creation, discussions to use it, being told not to use it, warnings about hacking, telling anybody about it. she didn't tell anybody about it? informing the state department, the state department asking for access. preserving the emails. foia requests, requesting blackberries. she doesn't recall ever talking to bryan pagliano who got immunity in the case. i mean, it is mind-boggling. she barely remembers her name and her date of birth. i'm not sure she remembers being secretary of state, if you read these interrog tore answers. total amnesia. cheryl: gregg jarrett, former attorney. >> don't hold that against me.
4:42 pm
we have all sinned. cheryl: david? david: i glad he recovered from being a lawyer. fight for florida, poll showing a close race for the state, clinton holding slim 2-point lead for trump in head-to-head match up. that is within the margin of error. hillary clinton and donald trump fighting for crucial american vote in battle ground state. we sent adam shapiro to littlehe pulse of the voters. adam, what are people telling you? reporter: we're speaking to republicans who are trump supporters. note traditionally in little havana, we're in versailles they serve a strong cup of coffee like expresso but cuban coffee. they have strong opinions as well. in this part of florida, remember that 46% of the entire population of cubans in the united states live right here. they tend to vote republican. that is shifting slightly but look at video we shot today. there were protesters who were protesting in favor of donald trump against hillary
4:43 pm
clinton because they are furious with the obama administration normalizing relations with cuba. we spoke with older cuban-americans as why they were supporting mr. trump. here is what they told us. >> castro, castro would disappear if we have trump because he is very strong man. >> we have to change the government over there. and with hillary we're not going to be able to do that. >> everything is going to be worse if hillary goes to the white house, everything is going to be worse. worse. worse. worse. reporter: so these cuban-americans supporting mr. trump are also upset because as of monday, it was announced today, some of the trade embargo restrictions on cuban cigars and cuban rum, you will be able to bring into the united states as much cuban rum as you like, as many cuban cigars as you like, no limit, as long as it is for personal consumption. a lot of people think at least here, that the embargo should
4:44 pm
remain in place. one of the reasons they're voting for mr. trump. david: adam shapiro in little a hand have. cheryl: one of the biggest promises for obamacare is about to broken under, be broken under the health care law. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered,
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cheryl: now you can't even keep your obamacare plan. more than one million people are about to find out their health insurance plans will be removed from the program next year. that is according to a new report. fox business's jeff flock is in chicago with the latest unraveling of the health care law. jeff, what have you learned? reporter: starts right here in the president's home state of i will illinois, cheryl. according to illinois department of insurance they say 70,000 people alone in illinois are losing their new health care plan under obamacare. that is because5% of illinois counties will now have only one
4:48 pm
or two options going forward in the exchanges. seven counties will have only one option. not much of an option at all. bloomberg today surveyed all 50 states, found the same thing is true nationwide. 1.4 million people nationwide, they think will lose their obamacare plan coverage and have to find something else. this comes on heels of a standard & poor's report about obamacare, saying that there will be a significant slowdown in the number of people who will be enrolling this year. they think there could be as many as million fewer people enrolling this year but curiously enough, they don't think that is going to be enough to kill the president's signature health care law. they think that after the election, either it will be repealed and replaced or, perhaps improved. cheryl. cheryl: jeff flock, live out of chicago. jeff, thank you. david: coming up, bill clinton's million dollar present from a very dubious source. new disturbing details on one arab country's birthday gift to
4:49 pm
the former u.s. president while his wife was secretary of state. that is coming next.
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4:53 pm
to remain indoors for their safety. david? david: well, among the details in the thousands of wikileaks data was this note about a gift to bill clinton. a qatar representative would like to see wjc, that is william clinton, william jefferson clinton for five minutes in new york city to present one million dollar check that qatar promised for wjc's birthday in 2011. now at the time this was written in 2012, mrs. clinton was still secretary of state, and qatar was actually funding terrorists including the early phase of isis. isn't there something very wrong with this picture? let's ask captain chuck nash, fox news military analyst. captain this has more red flags in it than anything i have ever seen! >> there are so many conflicts of interest with this foundation but that is on political side. people are looking at it, so far it appears the clintons are being held to a different standard on this but as far as
4:54 pm
funding terrorism goes, the other thing that is interesting about qatar is that, there was an arms dealer who was just let off the hook, the department of justice decided not to prosecute him, because evidently there were some missiles surface-to-air stinger missiles that were sent through qatar with the state department that had hillary as hands, fingerprints all over that deal. there is a lot going on in there. there is a lot of intrigue. and a million dollars for a five-minute hello, how are you, that is better than 700,000 for 20 minute state. david: at some point she said while working as secretary of state we would not take money from foreign government. so there is that. there is no question, by the way, we can put up a quote from one of the leading middle east experts in america, this is 2014, qatar still tolerates private fund-raising for al qaeda, isis and other radical organizations. so there is no question, this is a country that has individuals and people in government spending money on terrorism, and
4:55 pm
there was no ability of hillary clinton to stop it from doing that while her husband was getting a million bucks. it is so wrong. >> well there was a blind eye turned to that whole problem. here again, once you get into these conflicts of interest, where you have, what as you point out, david it, was brought up in the senate confirmation hearings when she was being confirmed for, to be secretary of state, and there was a deal with the white house that there would be an arms length distance but what she did was, she said, okay, i won't do it, but that doesn't preclude my staff from doing it. so have her loyal staffers so intertwined with the foundation it's a clear conflict of interest to everybody except the doj. david: finally, there is one thing that is really problematic about this. this is just when isis was beginning to get going, 2011, 2012, the same person who wrote the other piece talking about qatar being source of terrorism,
4:56 pm
the qatar government security guarantor washington more than any other party holds the key to inspiring a different kind of approach. that was written in 2014. she had two years to kind of turn qatar around and there was no, if there was an attempt it failed miserably to get them to stop funding terrorism. >> it failed miserably because there were other things going on. like i say, a blind eye was turned to that. they were donating big-time to the foundation. all of these conflict of interests are just bizarre except to the department of justice. they don't seem to find a problem with it. david: captain chuck nash, thank you, sir. good to he sue. appreciate you being here. >> you bet, david. cheryl: all right, your tax dollars not at work but this time it is the taxman wasting your money. ♪ what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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4:59 pm
. . >> an internal revenue scam, the irs spending $12 million
5:00 pm
for e-mail system that guess what, it couldn't use. >> unbelievable. this is your money, this is the organization that deals with your money. purchase was made without seeing if the service is technologically feasible. >> that's it for us. "risk & reward." liz: it's been a remorseless, embarrassing release of documents that in any other election year would ruin a campaign. this is the latest batch of wikileaks e-mails revealing a hillary clinton campaign in turmoil. at this point, january 2008, polling voters about president obama's potential weaknesses, including muslim connections. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. in 2008, hillary's campaign polling efforts were basically serving voters about then-senator barack obama's potential


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