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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good night from new york. kennedy: brace yourself. we have new fox news polls. plus drama ain't over. more groping accusations against donald trump and more damaging clinton campaign emails. how low will it go? let's get ready to muck rake with dana perino. how are we supposed to get through the election, let alone this evening? this election is officially so gross. we thought it was a four-way race between two populist
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control freaks, a freedom loving and greeny but we have a spinoff of a sitcom. three's company. there is the three of them. a race between donald trump, hillary clinton. it's become the gropers. if you came and knocked on my dire would probably call the police. both campaigns sprinting in the race to the bottom as they sprain their fingers pointing to their opponents. and since we are so close to election day, i think we should employ the 70-30 rule. when there is less than 30 days left you should not believe 70% of what comes out of either campaign. democrats think trump is hitler
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and republicans think clinton is kim jong-un. now when a majority of focus is on buggery it's hard to have a rational conversation about freedom and debt service when they are talking about who is more likely to unsheath their privates to a group of school girls on a school bus tour. it's these two mainstream meatheads, how about they jam their tongues down the growth of some spreadsheets so they can finds out what's wrong with this country. i lost faith in politicians a long time ago. now i lost my patience with these political children wasting precious time with a disgusted
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nation. i'm kennedy. now a number of women have come forward accuse donald trump of touching them inappropriately. jessica leave said donald trump groped her and tried to put his hands up her skirt. today donald trump testified himself. >> these claims are fabricated. they are pure fiction and outright lies. we have substantial testified to dispute these lies. and it will be made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time very soon. kennedy: buzzfeed reports several con tastants in the miss teen pageant in 1997 donald trump deliberately walked into their dressing rooms while they were naked.
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camille * foster is here -- camille * foster is here. glad to have you all. on such a crazy night as if the election couldn't get any more tawdry. but brian, you are not shocked by any of it? >> when we nominated him, we shouldn't be surprised. what's really stinks is that this barrage is being piled on by nbc, and other outlets who have had this information for a long time. they are trying to influence the election which to me seems corrupt and sleazy. kennedy: in light of what was has come out in the last 24-36 hours. this is different than having a
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gross conversation on a bus. maybe when we are alone with a few friends, we said much, much worse. >> we have said awful things with the microphone turned off. if this is true, it would be uncomfortable. this is criminal activity. this is disgusting and disturbing if true. and the volume, the sheer volume of these accusations does make it difficult to believe there is no fire there. certainly there ought to be an investigation. everyone is entitled to that. this does not look very good it's clear the trump campaign is interested in wallowing in the mud for as long as humanly possible to give themselves a better chance of winning. kennedy: they said they had no
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recollection of donald trump doing just that. where do we go from here? this is worse than i think where we were at on sunday which i thought was pretty bad. does it go lower or do we actually rebound and start having a conversation about politics and economics. >> if you ask the american people we want it to rebound and go back to politics. but this is probably orchestrated from both sides. and it's almost like you look at it and go, okay, when do we let the tape out that we had. right before the debate. bring in the girls, wins an elderly woman, then let that marinate, then bring in the young child. we'll take you on a trajectory that will get farther down. they have 27 days to take us farther down.
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kennedy: i think to your point that's why the clinton team is planting a lot of this stuff at this particular time because these are serious accusations and you could say to one these accusers, why not say that when he announced for president. why wait until we are within this narrow threshold which means if it's that politically motivated it tend to carry less weight. for people who have truly been trauma tights or harmed, that's unfortunate. trump says he plans to fight fire with kerosene. according to reports the trump campaign will soon bring forward more women who says bill clinton assaulted them, among them what yothemjuanita broderick. it's more than scorched earth.
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donald trump realizes he's losing grasp on the election. so he wants to do as much damage to her as he possibly can. so even if she is elected. she is so damaged she never rebound. >> perhaps that's part of the strategy. i suspect what's really happening is they think this is their only shot of making this whole thing work for them. i just don't think the odds are good that this works for them. it will be difficult for him to be down in the mudslinging it all over the place and not get corresponded more. i don't think it will work out that way. kennedy: you could make the argument all politic is the reaction. this reaction is something else. i think bernie sanders and donald trump, they were a reaction to a failed obama presidency. i think ken bone is the reaction
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to hillary clinton and donald trump. that's why i think people latched on to him. there was something about him and his sweet red sweater. >> i think both candidates are in up a state and to kmele's point, the character aassassinations could go on forever. okay, we get it. both of them are horribly flawed people, so who do we vote for? but for the majority getting these people will make a chase between clinton and trump. encourage people to think outside the box. if they can find another candidate, do it. but now we have to get back to the ideology. it will be which candidate has the courage. kennedy: what do we believe? >> here is why the strategy works better for hillary than it does for trump. he's not running against bill clinton.
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you can't connect the attacks from hillary to the victims and how she says all victims are to be believed. her history doesn't show that. she has been a political opportunist and destroyed everyone in her wake. kennedy: i think it's whether voter care about that and if that can be one of the many factors that influences people on election day. coming up, the party panel returns and news on how female voters are reacting to trump's audio. forker white house press secretary dana perino joins us
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kennedy: some new fox polls hot off the press. check this out. hillary clinton up by 7% against donald trump. 38% to 45%. female voters have her up by 19
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points. gary johnson gained a point from a few weeks ago. and hillary clinton has more of a lead than she did. she is up 5 points over trump. >> the movement is not particularly surprising. what ought to be surprising for anyone who cares about what independents think. to see gary fall so steeply in those polls. kennedy: this is with overall voters. likely voters. hillary clinton was at 44% to donald's 42%. now let's go to the independent voters. jill stein has leap frogged gary johnson among independents. trump was up 4 percentage points october 3-6. now gary is the one who has less voter support than jill stein.
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>> i think it's a shame and it reflects how weird this cycle is. >> is it because hillary is faltering and independents who lean to the left are look at their third party options? >> probably. independents across the country and even partisans across the country are not necessarily behaving as they would in a normal election. because pass south park said we nominated the turd sandwich and the giant "d" word. people are looking all over the ma'am from where they are going to go. johnson among independents was 21% a few weeks ago. kennedy: from september 27-29, he was just 8 points behind hillary clinton. so he lost a lot of support among independents. let's talk about women. the huge 19-point lead that hillary clinton has over donald trump. what do you make of that?
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>> that's difficult for me. i can see how it happens. i think you have to look at hillary clinton. as a woman, i feel like it's a wash. it's all junk. that's why i think you get such a rise if you are independents. they are opting out. they are saying i'm done with all of you. they will figure it out. it's bert to have someone of character. i get that that's a gut reaction. but you are not dating the president. i don't like it. but you are not look at him for that. you can just hope he has a little bit of dignity in office. look at the issues. kennedy: no heart in what the poll is. rasmussen and an "l.a. times" poll has trump up little bit. but there are people who say that trump supporters either won't answer the phone or won't
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answer honestly, especially if they are on the fence and leaning toward trump. >> i think it's possible. but what we have seen among independent voters who were giving trump a chance early on. the polls indicate that since they have gone to gary johnson or jill stein, i don't think has the same staying power. i just don't know. i'm sceptical of that. kennedy: the biggest swings are from the independents. that's such a crucial voting bloc. 2 points on that. >> trump exceed expectations with polls. so there was some truth to that. the secret trumper. but the fact he declined with independents is a bad sign. he temperatures the out of party
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candidate. kennedy: we'll see how much of a difference it makes since he threw the shackles off. some states are legalizing recreational and medicinal weed. the wikileaks dump shows how close hillary has been to wall street.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: needy latinos and
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southerners are two of the groups clinton supporters line consults at. they are deflecting questions and blaming russia. is all this going to blow over or stir up more trouble for secretary clinton? we'll get to dana perino. i'll tell you what, you are so busy. when election day comes i thought would exhale but you have a new book coming out. >> i do, but it's about a dog. kennedy: it's no surprise they are throwing around insults at people. but some of the grps they are targeting including putting needy latinos in the subject line of an email. >> having been a staffer at the justice department and the white
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house i wouldn't want my emails shown. none of us would wants that out there. the clinton campaign has tried hard to deflect attention and blame russia. kennedy: is that working? >> no, it's not work. kennedy: if you pose a question to any one of hillary clinton's communications people within. >> they respond by saying it's russia. i agree with them on substance. but on style points to, it's not work. same is true with the trump campaign. they want to blame the media for the women coming forward accusing donald trump for sexual assault in the past. they want to blame the media for that and that's not working either. you have to deal with the stories as they are. on the needy latino thing i think that's worse than at catholic one. a lot of people are upset about what they have written about catholics.
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the funny thing to me is those staffers talking about it are actually catholic. i'm a lutheran. lutherans can criticize lutherans. but what about people who have left the flock and have become super anti-catholic because they think they have all these perspective and life experience. i didn't file was particularly nuanced or respectful of faith. >> when you look at the sitting sisters of the poor which was the group they said they did not want to carry through on obamacare and the obama administration took them to court and it end up in the supreme court. there is something to be said for religious freedom. and i would submit to you that george w. bush had a great program, a faith-based initiative to try to out lights good faith-based programs that we know work for poverty
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alleviation and drug addiction and people coming out of incarceration. we knew the faith-based groups did a better job than the government. the first thing obama did when he came into office was eliminated the faith-based programs. kennedy: i agree the faith-base the groups have a higher rate of success. i think it's the government's job. but i think government should get out of the way so the groups can function more effectively. >> if the government is trying to do those program, they do terribly at it. if the money is going to be spent, i would rather they be spent by groups actually having success. kennedy: or lower people's taxes and allow them to keep their own money so they give to charitable organizations and alleviate some of these things. but you are right about that. also interesting.
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we don't necessarily think of jake tapper as the bastion of conservatism in the media. one clinton staffer called hick a dick durbin. >> the democrats have a strong dislike for jake tapper. kennedy: bill richardson was also on the media list. >> i would never want my emails to be out there and i feel uncomfortable talking about people's private information that was leaked. i think for trump people relishing this and they want so much for the media to focus on these wikileaks things, if the shoe were on the other foot i know it would be different. i'm not for hypocrisy. the funniest thing in the wikileaks thing was where they thought hillary clinton's
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private email server would and story that on lasted the weekend. kennedy: coming up. the unholy ahine alliance we ald from. if clinton wins the white house will she make an ally out of paul ryan? this man creates software, used by this bank,
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to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. kennedy: if you need any more proof washington, d.c. is the most ridiculous place on the planet.
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if hillary clinton wins her best friend in washington, d.c. can end up being not cheryl mills or huma abedin, but paul ryan. that is right. the most coul today corrupt demd paul ryan, they would be besties because they would need each other to get anything done. joining me, guy benson. welcome back. i think this is the most intriguing relationship we have seen since margaret thatcher and the queen. am i wrong? >> i would say this is a stretch. i read "the washington post" story. when you are a powerful republican in congress and there
8:32 am
is a democratic president, there will be interaction. but paul ryan and hillary clinton are ideologically he posed on a number of things. and they have political concerns. pauline not wanting to seem overly chummy by a woman reviled by almost everyone in the republican party, and hillary clinton worried about her left flank because she still has ptsd from 2008. kennedy: the same thing happened in 2016 when the young basement dwellers were feeling the bern. >> i can't concede the idea that hillary clinton is anything like ronald reagan. generally trusted. he's nothing like her. was nothing like she is now. but of course they are going to
8:33 am
have to work together on some things. that's how the system works. i'm not sure it will be her best buddy necessarily, paul ryan. because it's important what happens in the senate. that's going to be a close race. republicans have a narrow opportunity to hold their majority even with the whole firestorm around donald trump. but there is a 50-50 shot, chuck schumer is the new majority leader in the senate and he will probably be closer with hillary than paul ryan. kennedy: he can go after those sugary breakfast cereals he hates so much. if the democrats win the senate which they just might do it. should paul ryan if republicans hold on fast. should he be an obstructionist for the next four years if he wants to run for the presidency in 2020? the best move for paul ryan for now through her entire presidency is to drink heavily.
8:34 am
that's what i would do if i were him. if i said i have to do my job. i think you pick your spots. you want to do your job. american people elect to you go and accomplish things. so you find out where the areas of relative agreement where we might be able to get something done. kennedy: i'm drink heavily. a new york rangers mug. >> go, devils, hockey season starts. you have to draw a fine the sand. you can't just roll over. if the democrats take over the senate, the whole point of the republican house is to be a check on hillary clinton. kennedy: is there going to be gridlock in washington? >> yes, it's a perennial answer. kennedy: will the democrats take
8:35 am
the senate 60-40 the democrats win it back given the difficult climate at the top of the ticket. kennedy: both parties love to spend money, and that's the most important thing they have in common. and with that they can do a lot of dodge even though they appear to be opposed. thank you so as much, guy benson. we'll plow through viewer mail later in the show. later in the show. but the party panel returns.
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kennedy: put the gravity bong down. according to a new report there were more arrests last year in
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the u.s. for small amounts of pot than for all violent crime. 575,000 arrests for weed. 13% more for crime like murder, rape, arson and rape. that according to the aclu and human rights watch. this also about race and the economy. the party panel is back to tackle it. so there is a lot of disparity in arrests in the african-american community. kmele. they are 2 1/2 times more likely to be arrested for the exact same crime even though blacks and whites use marijuana at same rate. >> the "new york times" story acknowledges why. there are high crime areas in which a lot of african-americans live. and because of that police actions tends to be in these areas. police enforcement actions when they are trying to crack down on crime, they are look for petty
8:40 am
things we can snrok people up for. challenge of course is in 40 states in the union, i am snri having a small amount of a drug in personal using result if a felony charge. we are talking about disrupting people's lives in meaningful ways for something they are doing to themselves. it's like a failed war on drug in this country. a real failure on awful our parts is we are not so out of sorts about this that we are willing to do something about it. kennedy: when they are given the choice now, it's reached critical malls. there is medicinal or recreational pot. a woman spent time in jail because she continues afford the bail.
8:41 am
her daughter had to sell her tv at a pawnshop to get her mom out. then when she couldn't afford court costs there will be was bench warrant issues for her arrest. that's how people get in the system and it becomes impossible for them to get out. would they do this if she had a small bottle of gin from a liquor store? >> kmele would agree with this. it creates criminal histories for entire classifications of the population which makes the labor market manipulated and make its bad for employers and bad for prospective employees. even if you are scene jon anti-cop people. make it where you get a ticket and a fine instead of putting people in jail. >> it's enough to drive you to drink. if that'news wasn't enough. there could be a major bourbon
8:42 am
shortage within a few weeks. while there is still plenty of the sweet nectar in barrels, we still have some in the stock room. there won't be anybody pungt it in bottles and shipping it to stores. is scene outrage. i'm a bourbon fan. i love jim beam red tag. >> i know you know a lot more about the bourbon issue. this is what you need to do. i think this is pretty common, right? i don't like the. kennedy: their leadership said go ahead and sign this two-year agreement. but we are supposed to pay $100,000 a year? jim beam is going up to $4,500 a bottle? >> who knew jim beam had a
8:43 am
distillery in boston? that doesn't south sound right at all. i'll tell you, people in boston. they know good bourbon. they are good people. >> in a weird way my interests align with the union. i'm not in favor of labor strikes. go out and give that a shot. >> i'll try them both. have a bourbon buffet if i need to. but i'm only doing it for america. coming up within i'm going to coming up within i'm going to talk to
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kennedy: william f. buckley, jr. individuals presidents and served as the godfather of conservatism. he wrote eulogies and james rosen has come peopled them into a single volume. james rosen janes me now. you are a tremendous writer and you are an incredible editor. i know you meticulously went through buckley's archives to cull some of the most interesting eulogies. what a lost art that is, write something one's final -- >> a torch kept lit represents 50 of buckley's best eulogies. these are presidents of the united states.
8:48 am
arts and letters, john lennon, johnny carson. you will find the conservative a from the grateful dead. there is a section for spies and statesmen. mlk, winston churchill, jackie onassis. kennedy: you also do your own summation of each chapter. and you talk about the relationship and some of the curious relationships i thought were between buckley and nixon and buckley and goldwater. let's talk about the nixon eulogy. this is one of the funniest things i found in your book. he got back to the house in california overlooking the pacific ocean and the white house line was still hooked up. he kept calling the white house. >> it was difficult for him to
8:49 am
make the transition in literally an hour. for a majority of buckley's time richard nixon was the man of the right but he wasn't really a conservative. kennedy: james rosen's latest book of william buckley's greatest writings. >> he said of nixon when he died, not many people can plunge whole generations of people into loneliness by their death. this art, music, sailing. buckley was an avid sail i are. kennedy: one of the most interesting parts of the book are the eulogies you found private citizens. friend of his. >> he uses his novelist gifts to conjure the depart and allow the
8:50 am
read tore savor these people the way he did. in some cases he was racked by grief. emotionally these are often devastating pieces of writing. kennedy: you are unparalleled in the world of news gathering, editing and writing. i hope everyone goes and buys this book. fans of death. fans of james rosen. >> you can get the audio version, e-book version and hard cover version. it made the "times" best seller list. >> men who push old ladies into the waive onrushing bus and men who push outladies outof the way of a bus should not be grouped together as the men who push old ladies around.
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crest hd. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá* i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. kennedy: when your werewolf gets off its leash, come to me and i'm rub its belly. this is the "topical storm." it seems there has been a revolving door of colonel sanders lately. the folks over at corporate saw that and decided they wanted more and tender nutlets hawk their cutlets. so they cast a hot nashville
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colonel to sell their ching. it's pete from madmen. how does he hold up in the snow white goatee? he looks like a girl. you know those things are born without beeks and wings. i mean song birds. topic number two. the story was sent to us by pete scott paul person using #topicalstorm. sure racoons are cute. but trust them at their own peril. they are little deviants. one guy tried to record a raccoon on his smart phone.
8:56 am
i would just write that thing off. seriously. the raccoon, too. the raccoon not only sold the phone and signed up for an extensive data fan, then downloaded illegal porn and sold the phone to a pawnshop. raccoons are thieves, i told you. i guess they are not all that bad. what's the best reward for a horse? is this topic number three? what's the best reward for a horse who has won a race and played the piano.
8:57 am
ice cream. watch. >> that's good. oh, yeah, that is good stuff, mama. kennedy: that's what the horse did in "animal house" before it had a heart attack and turned over and died. it appears the horse loves the ice cream, but he's also dealing with a pony brain freeze. watch what happened when i sent a bucket of ice cream to snuggles. what a devil noise. quit worrying, admiral snuggles is perfectly fine. if john gives me the ransom
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money by midnight tonight snuggles will stay that way. he will still have four legs -- three electrics. tom brady is such a lying wuss. as an avid trump supporter he had the opportunity to explain his political spirit animal. but he punted instead of tossing his pal donald trump a touchdown pass. >> how to you respond if your kids heard donald trump's's version of locker room talk. >> thank you, guys, have a good day. >> i wonder how his nazi wife mrs. hitler feels about the whole thing in her fake burka. topic number 5.
8:59 am
what is thursday night without viewer mail. it's terrible. so let the weirdness commence. mar tirks s asked, were you dropped on your head? jerry writes, you are too smart for most people to understand. like martis. when did you become a dummied yot? james is the latest in a long line of optical enthusiasts to ask, who makes your glasses? clare goldsmith and the frame is called renfro and the color is midnight. i think. but it's clara goldsmith. kennedy, mojo, you are so bad. i like it. i think mojo is yolo for dyslexic.
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thank you so much for watching the show tonight. email that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. [♪] >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm carr. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. jpmo


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