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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. fast moving and stunning developments on the campaign trail. two more women have stepped forward claiming the republican nominee sexually abused them. and trump is taking aim the hillary clinton. >> the largest share holder in the times is carlos slim. he comes from mexico. he has given many millions of dollars to the children tons and their initiative. the largest owners of the paper
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from mexico. reporters from the "new york times" are not journalists, they are corporate lobbyists for hillary clinton and carlos slim. charles: gina, it's not just carlos slim who is mexican of lebanese descent, but george soros we know. some people will call them globalists. folks looking for a one world kind of vision, a vision many people think barack obama shares with them and maybe hillary clinton as well. >> this shouldn't surprise us. we know hillary clinton told goldman sachs of wall street not to bother to what she says to the american people but listen to what she says to them because that's the truth.
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there is a different story for hillary for the voters and a different story for wall street. in the wikileaks it was disclosed she is 100% for wall street. all the wikileaks confirm the collusion we have known existed. i guess we have to give up our tinfoil hats. >> she is tight with all these people. and the relationships are so tangled. then you throw in middle eastern money, the one wikileaks that said saudi arabia and qatar admitted they were funding isis. then saudi arabia gets this massive contract and defense plans from us. qatar which gave a million dollars to bill clinton's efforts gets this massive contract. >> she opened herself up to this criticism.
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if you look at the saban foundation. this one is interesting. there are judicial watch emails where bill clinton was going to consult for him and state department lawyers looked at it and said this is a conflict of interest. this guy is involved in foreign policy. but they said it was a conflict of interest. clinton foundation turns around, takes millions of dollars from them. you have page hillary clinton speaking at the saban family foundation. they night was a conflict of interest and they chose to do it. they left themselves wide open with this line of attack because it's indefensible. charles: it feels like it goes well beyond money. if you want to line your pockets as a typical politician that's one thing. but if you buy into the ideological rhetoric of these folks you are saying you want to
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give up the sovereignty of america. we are saying we don't want brussels calling the shots for us. americans want to reject this kind of thing. there is a different debate, a healthy debate -- charles: do liberals think the constitution should supersede all of that stuff? >> absolutely. lib ra ralls understand the constitution is the supreme law of the land. if we sign on to a treaty it has to become law for it to rule american citizens. i want to address this notion about mr. slim, a 17% stake in the "new york times." this is destructive.
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rupert murdoch owns news corp. >> isn't carlos bringing jobs and money into the united states right now? charles: gina, there is a double standard or do you see a greater threat? it's not just carlos slim. some of the names we have mentioned here, particularly george soros whether it's break the british found or funding black lives matter in america. >> when the moguls decide they get to control our media and politics via a candidate that we have for president in the united states, that smacks everything that is inherently american. i think americans have to fight back against this and absolutely reject this collusion we basically have seen play out and
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proven at this point. >> donald trump was a mogul before he decided to intervene in politics. >> there is a difference between a businessman doing business for his investors and a politician personally lining her pockets to the tune of tens to 100s of millions of dollars from a foreign government, which by the way many are tied to, isis, and the terrorist movement that they stone women and throw gays off buildings. >> there is a conflict of interest but it's conspiracy theory and not helpful to suggest this a one-world conspiracy going on. if we want to talk about intervention from foreign governments. let's talk about how they are hacking through wikileaks.
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>> i'm not execution it. but the information that's there that's different than trying to influence what is supposed to be the free press this is understand american. there is a difference between a private businessman and politician personally profiting. charles: would you say the "new york times" coverage of this election has been fair? >> i think so. charles: on the day when the video comes out stanwicky leaks comes out. the "new york times" has covered this fairly across the board? >> many of the things coming out of wikileaks are misconstrued. charles: i'm note saying it's for you to assess. but the coverage is fair. >> char regard university did a study in the primaries and
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looked at the coverage. and the comparisons between donald trump and between her. on issues-based coverage he was 84% positive and she was 37% coverage. charles: i'm not talking about the primaries. >> more than 90% of harvard faculty has donated. it's upward of 9% has donated to hillary clinton. charles: what we are all seeing, we see with our own eyes. we toggle the channels and read the newspapers. this obviously a bias here. >> i think there is a bias on both sides. you have publications like breitbart that are clearly advocating for trump. the media has played a big role in this. i would say to the "new york times" credit i think they have been biased in some cases, but
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they were hard on clinton foundation corruption. they broke the uranium story. charles: you guys don't see any one world sort of connection? >> i just finished origins of totalitarianism and it talks about conspiracy theories become mass movements. charles: when you mention george soros my alarm goes off. maybe i need take off my tinfoil hat. a man who says he's a witness a man who says he's a witness comes to donald trump's defens impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash.
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charles: two new trump accusers coming forward just hours ago. one, a former model who claims donald trump groped her in the 1990s in a nightclub, and a form contestant on the apprentice who claims he accosted her. >> he took me in an embrace and i tried to push him away. i pushed his chest to put space between us and i said come on, man, get real. he repeat my words "get real, with" and pushed his genitals on me. charles: he said i vaguely remember ms. zrvos as one of the
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many contestants on "the apprentice." she has continued to contact me for help asking that i visit her restaurant in california. let me start with you on this. they are sort of coming out of the woodwork here. obviously a lot of people are questioning the timing. it reminds me of the comesby thing. as more and more come out it feels more damning. but a man has come forward and he says he was on the airplane and remembers the whole thing. >> we have two things at play. the stuff mr. trump has said out in the public which is already
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damage and humiliating to women. all of these accusations. when you start hearing a trends it's compounding. in the case of women and voters. this is a time when we have to side with the side of humanity and women versus politics. i'm a conservative latina and i'm devastated by seeing what's happening and how this is damaging the republican brands. charles: you are not going to give him the benefit of the doubt? >> of course i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. but when i see role models like konld pleasa rice, carly fiorina, mia love, stepping out and abandoning him as a candidate it doesn't leave many options for us conservatives. charles: the people that abandon donald trump and looking like
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they are trying to have it both ways like with paul ryan, is that about the establishment not having the never or will to fight back like they never do or is it more about them how they feel about donald trump as a candidate? >> this is about them losing power. plain and simple. this came out of nowhere and single handedly disman manied the establishment gop and media. he has proven. in one campaign inside four years he has proven so many of the things so many of us knew were true and the gop never had the spinal code to step up and say. of course, they perceive him as a threat and the people who are going to exit stage right are going to be the establishment types. this doesn't phase anybody who understands what's going on here. we are going to worry about women and stands up for women.
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we should be wondering, where is the outrage for hillary to stand up for the. there is no prove of any of this, that's what's sickening. >> can you tell me how mia love is the republican establishment? you are talking about a black female congresswoman. charles: answer her questions and let jessica finish, please. >> inside politics it has pressure on high if you want to pass any of your bills. that's my points. charles: let me just read what this guy said. he's from england.
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he says that the accuser -- that he was on a plane and she was the one who was being flirtatious. he was present at all times. he's sitting in first class. he sees this going on. and it's not trump who makes sexual advances but there is woman who was being flirtatious. also saying she would have been okay if the fondling was on the upper part of her body. does she incriminate herself in any kinds of way? >> let's get back to the facts. there are stories, maybe some are true, maybe some are not. but the facts are the facts. mitt romney lost women by 11 points. so far trump is trailing at 33 points losing women. so there is a women problem that hit the party harder than ever. all of this whether it's noise
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charles: a new study reveals america's economic anxiety hitting an all-time high it, up 20% from last year alone. 20% say their financial situation is keeping them up at night. kevin, this is interesting. this used to be the kind of thing that we talked about three weeks, four weeks into an election.
6:23 pm
economic anxiety. this angst that so many feel about being able to keep up or send their kids to college. >> you have a situation where 62% of americans think the system is rigged for one group over another. when you look at both candidates there is more uncertainty. you know what you get with hillary clinton and that scares people. on the other side you don't know what you get with donald trump. but that also scares people. right now even deciding which candidate wins doesn't bring any clarity to this uncertainty most americans are feeling. charles: with donald trump's economic plan we are talking lower taxes and less regulations. he has tried articulate a way of reinvigorating america's economy. i'm sad that it's gotten away from this. i think people are in a bad place.
6:24 pm
when kevin brought up 62% of the people feel the system is rigged. you look deep in there and you can see where all the anger and animosity is coming from. >> 60% of trump supporters think the system is rigged for people who take entitlements while 60% of clinton supporters say it's rigs for white people. charles: so there is some -- >> you see those underlying anxieties. >> this is what i think spawned the bernie sanders, in part what donald trump has tapped into. so why then isn't this where we are going to decide the election on. >> people care about how their pocketbook feels and the economy feels to them. all they are seeing in the media are the scandals playing out for both candidates. it's doing such a disservice. we haven't had the opportunity to hear what their key points
6:25 pm
are and to have them be challenged by the media and by journalists so they can refine those points. trump has a pro-growth kind of plan. but if he's going to start a trade war the cost of that could outway the benefits of that pro-growth tax plan. charles: a lot of people are saying it's not about a trade war it's letting them know we want to have better trade policies with them. economically if you are looking at both presidential candidates and see this anxiety at all-time high. which candidate do you think has the best plan to help us? >> plan-wise. donald trump has the best plan. no question, you compare the plan, donald trump's is better for most of the american people. lower taxes and less regulation. they are still not completely clear hon what he's going to do
6:26 pm
and what the effect is going to be. because of that it still creates uncertainty. that's why we are not hearing the clarity. we are hearing more about scandals than economic solutions. charles: we know economic anxiety feeds into all these areas you alluded to earlier. can we get back to a place in this country where the tide lifts, everyone sort of feels better about these issues? >> it's an uphill battle. >> if you have a job and you are getting raises, your animosity starts to fade. >> 30% of the people think they are going to lose their job in six months. >> the recovery has been and lot slower than anyone predicted. developed countries all over the world are growing at an anemic pace. charles: someone better look out for them. thanks a lot.
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. charles: breaking news. another stunning wikileaks dump of e-mails from the clinton campaign. fox news chief national correspondent edhenrys hat
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latest from washington. >> reporter: good to see you, the e-mails trickling out. it's quick stream, i suppose. over 10,000 e-mails hacked from john podesta's e-mail account. the clinton campaign chairman. one that's particula striking today, john podesta writing to cheryl mills, another top clinton aide in 2015, quote, think we should hold e-mails to and from potus? meaning the president, that's the heart of the executive privilege. they may not care, but it seems like they will. what's interesting is that this came, this e-mail exchange just a few days before hillary clinton had the now infamous news conference in march of 2015 at the united nations where she laid out all kinds of things that have turned out to not be true about her devices and what she was using and whether or not there was classified information on the server, but at that news conference, she also declared that she had turned over all work-related e-mails.
6:32 pm
we learned from the state department, it turns out the president may have invoked executive privilege and held back e-mails between he and secretary of state. was it about benghazi? hot spots around the world? we may never know because eric schultz, the white house spokesman said this is a privilege that democratic and republican presidents have enjoyed for many, many years. executive privilege, and doesn't think the public will ever see the e-mails between clinton and the president, his former secretary of state, of course. and the other big issue, just looking forward is in the final days of the campaign. donald trump suggested, there may be more e-mails that hillary clinton claimed were personal and deleted and may never see those as well. charles: ed henry, thank you very much, appreciate it. this has more people asking a lot of questions. who knew what and when did they know it and what was bleached away? joining me gop strategist john burnet and democratic pollster
6:33 pm
jessica tarlov. john, the hits come over and over. this has implications of president obama who said he learned about all this private e-mail server stuff through the media, and then, how to position yourself for the election, particularly before hillary clinton was grilled by trey gowdy and others in congress. so what do you make of it? this should be one of the biggest stories in the country right now? >> it really should. it shows that hillary's team was in cahoots with the white house to cover everything up from the very beginning. it shows that the white house google exetives and so forth have a vested interest to make sure they put their bet, hillary clinton in the white house. charles: jessica, what would the marching orders today? >> i'm not a surrogate, i get no marching orders. i say too many awful things. charles: how does hillary clinton defend this? >> well, i don't think she has to defend this. this is executive privilege. when you look at anyone's
6:34 pm
personal e-mails, they speak more casually than you would. cheryl mills and john podesta have known each other a long time. i don't think that's a smoking gun, i don't think any of them are. for them to say this is the biggest news story, we should talk about it, i'm happy to talk about it. charles: what don't you like, what bothered you? >> what bothered me. the catholics thing was a big deal and i don't think -- >> the southerners and the needy latinos. >> listen, when your candidate says -- no, no, the point is what i'm saying. he's losing latinos by potentially historic margins. >> i think you missed the point. >> miss piggy and -- >> you are missing the point. >> i'm not missing the point. charles: we're talking about wikileaks here, the revelations that have been made. >> needy latinos, it is not a big deal. charles: the issues have been made. >> like what? charles: you made the point. people are casual when it's a personal e-mail exchange and
6:35 pm
don't think the world will see it. john, maybe the world knows or thinks hillary clinton has two faces, a private and a public one. maybe now the world thinks that the administration knew saudi arabia and qatar were funding isis and nevertheless did business with them, and she took millions from them for the clinton foundation. maybe in the casual, personal e-mails, those things were discovered. >> you have the international relationships with these foreign leaders, when you have the banks in your back pocket. when you have -- charles: maybe it's the other way around. >> the media, except for fox, you know, in a tape for your campaign for you to win the most powerful seat in the world and if you do get, there you have control over supreme court picks. with all that power, you can begin to reshape and remold american values. >> whoever wins the white house is certainly going to have a -- >> have a couple. charles: have an impact on the country.
6:36 pm
>> even before she gets there. >> i think you guys are being really unfair. charles: no, no, we know that hillary clinton isn't known for being extra cautious. >> absolutely. charles: this is not being extra cautious. these are casual conversations. >> those are john podesta's e-mails, they're not hillary clinton's e-mails. charles: he is a proxy for hillary clinton. >> okay, guys. charles: outside of the risotto recipe, he's a proxy for hillary clinton. he's talking to cheryl mills. all the players are crisscrossing information. >> of course, that's how campaigns work, how people have the relationships. i'm not going full throttle defense, highlighting the catholic thing was particularly upsetting. needy latinos, talking about people that way, i don't think is a big issue. charles: what about knowing that isis, maybe saudi arabia and qatar -- >> maybe knowing or knowing? . charles: a lot of people knew. here's the point. if hillary clinton knew that isis was funded by saudi arabia
6:37 pm
and qatar, why does she have such a cozy relationship with them, why did she take money from them? >> did the e-mail say i know that saudi arabia and qatar. charles: yes. >> we have a slow drip here, we need a leak, we need all the e-mails to come out so we can see what's really going on. charles: might be just too many riches to be frank with you. so many that come out with you -- >> i can just ask a question? let's say we take all the blame for wikileaks, trustworthy numbers suck. charles: back to the polls. >> opening to a broader discussion, do you have problems with donald trump in the way he conducts business? the way he treats women? charles: i'm concerned where half the audience was angry because they felt it was too tough on donald trump. all i'm trying to say the wikileaks and judicial watch actions revealed something about the character of hillary clinton that is very, very worrisome. >> if i take that on board, in
6:38 pm
three weeks's time, we have an election, and people are going to go out and vote, and we're going to take the totality of these people. you're going to have wikileaks and sex assault charges. charles: leave it there. the stock market got a bounce today. they sent into losses for a second straight time. what you need to know to be prepared for next week. first, take a look at this video. a diver in a shark proof cage should be thanking lucky stars. he's in there with jessica. [ laughter ] >> i couldn't help it.
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6:40 pm
. charles: russian tv warning of nuclear war escalating not in america, is looking at perhaps taking
6:41 pm
6:42 pm
. charles: so the market held on by the tips of its fingernails today finishing fractionally higher. moral victory, once again conflicting economic data didn't help things. better-than-expected retail sales report up sharply from august, and sort of nullified by consumer sentiment read that came up a little short. the stronger-than-expected monthly retail sales, we saw autos, furniture, building, garden and sporting equipment. stocks related to those doing well also. on the weak side, the weakest areas for gasoline sales, of course, that makes sense. department stores, of course, does make sense also, and believe it or not, health and personal care. while the retail sales belie the tepid sentiment that we got.
6:43 pm
the fact of the matter is consumers never regained confidence since the stock market crashed in 2000. consider this, right now the dow jones industrial average is up 65% from october 2000 high, and this is after two massive crashes, but consumer sentiment is still down 18%. 16 years later. it's all about earnings and guidance next week, i'm not sure it's enough to get us out of the tight trading range we're seeing. the good news is the companies if they have a big miss would have preannounced already. today was the better-than-expected earnings. banks did well, they kept us level, but those numbers could have been a whole lot better. the banks are forced to hold the great reserves, that's one of the reasons they're making fewer loans. all the banks that reported finished modestly higher. alert you i've updated speci presidential report and take a look what i'm calling the
6:44 pm
brexit myth and the economic anxiety. want to learn what stocks to own no matter who wins the white house? of course my daily commentary. coming up, why the gop splinters in all-out civil war, speaker paul ryan is throwing a hail mary to hold onto the finish. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons.
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. >> if we lose the senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the senate budget committee? a guy named bernie sanders. ever heard of him? [laughter] this tells you what you would be dealing with in a divided government if we lose control of the senate. charles: speaker paul ryan
6:48 pm
throwing a hail mary making it clear the selection about a lot more than winning the white house. joining me gina loudon and gianno caldwell. i was watching twitter and got a couple dustups over paul ryan, grassroots republicans are offended and upset by his actions. all year long, but particularly in the last couple of weeks. has he foresaken donald trump, and if he has, is it legitimate he would do that under the guise of saving the senate? >> you know, i don't think he has, i wrote a piece in red alert politics saying donald trump divorce the gop and starts the party of trump. donald trump, that's what you saw on twitter where i mentioned he attacked paul ryan on a number of occasions and said he was unshackled which says he's ready to leave the party. that's okay. at this particular point, americans were polled show 49% of americans looking to have a democratically controlled congress.
6:49 pm
that's what they favor, that's up 7 points from mid-september. that's problematic on many levels. given the fact that mr. trump does not seem to want to work with the republicanparty, people like speaker ryan who defended him incident after incident, and donald trump being a wild bull that cannot be controlled and bumps into everything. it is particularly problematic things ew. gianno mentioned are grassroots republicans rejected. they don't want them to be business as usual, and i think i guess this process, donald trump has the right to claim the mantle of the republican party, doesn't he? >> i mean, i hate to ask the really obvious question here, charles. where exactly does the establishment think that the -- is it 14 million voters? the record number of voters that voted for mr. trump in the primary. where does the establishment
6:50 pm
think the people are going to go? do they think that after all they've done that those voters are not going to hold them accountable if mr. trump should lose? do they think they're going to meld back into the gop establishment way of life? no way. it will never happen. my prediction is, it will be an absolute civil war if mr. trump loses. they better hope he wins. charles: this is my question. >> gina, the 14 million people are they supporting mr. trump or support the entire republican ticket? i'm not sure about that. in addition to that fact, donald trump is himself divorcing himself from paul ryan. this isn't paul ryan saying anything negative about mr. trump and isn't saying anything negative about mr. trump. charles: gianno, when paul ryan had the conference call earlier in the week, isn't that something he could have gone behind closed doors, no matter how he felt? he put donald trump, the nominee, in awkward position
6:51 pm
several times throughout the process, you can see donald trump would be embarrassed by it, hurt by it, and, yes he might want to unshackle himself from the business as usual, go along and get along kind of thing that hasn't helped the republicans gain the white house in the last two elections. >> you know, dr. gina, if i may, to tweet somebody whom i definitely defended on this program and a number of programs. he sent a eet because paul ryan didn't call him to say congratulations on a job well done. we need true leadership and i believe donald trump was a leader. i believe he was a business professional. had the right ideas. i'm definitely anti-hillary clinton, i will never support or endorse her. stick to the issues, why hillary clinton needs to go to jail. instead of focusing on hillary clinton, people like newt gingrich and others said he needs to focus on that instead of talking about paul ryan and the party. that's what he should be doing.
6:52 pm
>> right. i feel strongly that the gop is completely tone deaf to one simple fact. donald trump was probably never the ideal of every person out there voting. we get he's an outsider, he says things clumsily but everyone is willing to overlook, that the majority of republican primary voters were, because they were so completely disgusted with the gop establishment. mr. trump is a product of what paul ryan and his cronies created, and i don't know how in the world they could possibly dream winning those people. >> i do too. charles: we have leave it here. paul ryan has had a stiffer spine in fighting donald trump than perhaps fighting barack obama. >> great point, charles. >> thank you for having me. charles: america is scrambling in fight against isis in iraq and syria. now russia is sounding the alarm over the threat of a nuclear war.
6:53 pm
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. charles: rutgers tv warning a nuclear world war iii is on the horizon as tensions with the u.s. reach a boiling point over aleppo. president obama convening a national security council a few hours ago to evaluate the situation on the ground. joining me gunnery sergeant jessie jane duff. a lot of people, not just russia concerned about the next, where we go from here, the rhetoric has been such that, well, listen, we started with the red line. russians have no respect for president obama or john kerry. lavrov runs circles around them. putin thumbs his nose at them. we see a buildup of military presence, missiles, and yesterday of course royal air
6:57 pm
force was told may were going to carry air-to-air missiles to shoot down russian bombers. this does not seem like it has a happy ending? >> first of all, president obama is going to fight with nothing. let's be clear about that. he has done nothing on the front as far as making sure he can stabilize the middle east. he drew a red line as you mentioned and essentially giving a false message to the rebels we thought we were siding with. to rise up against assad. what did he do? he disappeared. they're trying to hold their own out there and we're realizing, probably going to lose the very moderate to join up with the more extremist islamists such as the version of al qaeda. the nusra front and syria. he has made russia furious. what he essentially has done is put severe sanctions against russia because of crimea. that's what this goes back, to and the russians are going to
6:58 pm
humiliate us all the way until he's out of this office. he's got 100 days left and all he's trying to do is keep his head above water so it doesn't cause complete collapse on his watch. charles: his head may be above water, we're seeing complete collapse of syria particularly in aleppo and other places. so what happens? i know the general mood in this country we should no longer be the sheriff of the world, but how do we handle situations like this? is it we keep the dictator we know rather than the instability we don't know? >> the reality is putin is not going to go anywhere. there are certain things we have to simply accept, and also assad, how far have we gotten with this, nowhere, we couldn't build relationships with russia. we have destroyed that. so now they're on assad's side. let's go back to russia. how do we fix this? russia's made it clear they don't trust hillary clinton. they think hillary clinton would cause a provocation to go to world war iii. she was the water bearer for
6:59 pm
president obama for four years, they're tired of her. don't trust her and she's trying to use this for political props. it's russia. it's russia. what you're telling us you don't know how to manage russia, you built such a detrimental relationship in the four years you were secretary of state. what we need is a clean slate. seriously people joke about donald trump liking putin? i don't think there's a like there. i think there's a respect. and they can start off with a clean path where we can negotiate, resolve the problems with crimea to have access to the open-water port. that port was under there since 1947, that was still under russia. the port had been there before ukraine was part of the u.n. we've got to build the relationship. charles: we'll talk about crimea, they have it as theirs, they have the port, but before -- >> but the sanctions, the sanctions have cut them off. charles: the sanctions, should we get rid of the sanctions then? >> you have to build a pathway
7:00 pm
so they will pull out of syria and stop working with iran. as long as you have sanctions, you are not building anyway. charles: you always bring great intelligent conversation. good evening, everybody. the clinton campaign is reeling from more controversy tonight. critics calling for the resignation of communications director jennifer palmieri. the issue, a leaked e-mail exchange from 2011 when center for american progress senior fellow john halpin mocked prominent media moguls for raising their children catholic writing, "it's an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted to the systematic and severely backwards gender


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