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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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good evening, everybody. the clinton campaign is reeling from more controversy tonight. critics calling for the resignation of communications director jennifer palmieri. the issue, a leaked e-mail exchange from 2011 when center for american progress senior fellow john halpin mocked prominent media moguls for raising their children catholic writing, "it's an amazing bastardization of the faith. they must be attracted to the systematic and severely backwards gender relations."
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marpy responded, "i imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals." pal ma palmieri was asked about the controversy but claimed to have her other catholicism shifting the blame to russia. >> i'm a catholic. i don't recognize that e-mail that we saw. we're not going to fact check e-mails that were stolen, hacked in an effort to hurt the campaign. >> the clinton campaign has absolutely no evidence russia is behind the hacking of po testde e-mails but will do anything to change the direction of media focus, slowly becoming media focus. on this broadcast we won't
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permit that, of course. among my guests, peter schweizer and also here former reagan without director ed roland, and there is a lot to discuss tonight including donald trump once again denouncing house speaker paul ryan for betraying the party's voters and the nominee himself. trump says there's something sinister about it all. >> wouldn't you think that paul ryan would call and say, good going? in front of just about the largest audience for a second night debate in the histories of the country. so, you know, you'd think that they'd say, great going, don, let's go. let's beat this crook. she's a crook. let's beat her. we got to stop it. no. he doesn't do that. there's a whole deal going on -- i mean, you know, there's a whole deal going on we're going to figure it out. i always figure things out, but there's a whole sinister deal
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going on. >> top story, 1,200 wikileaks e-mails released today many with clinton with the mainstream media the in t"new york times" permitting the clinton campaign to pick what would be used in an article. e-mails campaign communications director palmieri on july 2015 to try to lobby for a batch of quotes saying, "these exchanges were pretty interesting. we'd love the option to use." he wrote, another example of "washington post" reporter giving john podesta and reassuring she was withholding information about podestas ethnically compromising links to mega donor tom stier, white house bureau chief juliette and writing in a march 2015 e-mail, this -- i just wanted to make
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sure john podesta had a heads up his name will be in a story concerning the white house's ethics policy which would run on monday. awfully considerate. don't you think? and top clinton aide, the strategy back in may of 2015 writing to an e-mail podesta and palmieri, can we survive not answering messages. quotes suicidal, but the democratic party essentially admits clinton's motors are ignorant. this released from democratic national committee members and i quote -- "she doesn't want the people knowing about her relationships on wall street. she wants to achieve consistency. and the best way to do that is to keep the people ignorant." i believe for 273 days she was imminently successful.
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270 days. the main stream liberal media ignored our next guest who has detailed ex-tessively the clinton cartel corruption. president of the president accountability institute and of the film based on his best-selling book. peter good to have you with us. never i would is a snesuspect i wildest dreams would you have expected three document dumps from wikileaks podesta and the e-mails? am i wrong? >> yes, exactly right, lou and great to be on with you. it's very surreal. of course when clinton cache came out last year as a book, a media campaign that the clintons embraced and we kind of had a sense what was going on, but now with the podesta e-mails we know what the strategy was. you talked about the
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collaborative efforts with the media. the e-mails reveal it's very clear. we have to find a friendly, sympathetic host, that would be george stephanopoulos and these are the two questions we want him to ask, and indeed, those are the two questions that georgeasked, after the fact there's an e-mail doing high fives basically say we got him to do our bidding. that's, i think, what's so troubling about these media e-mails. you know, some of the names you kind of expect. okay? you know which reporter is out there seem to be on the take. >> the "times," the "washington post," abc news, et cetera. >> some are surprising you didn't teept have a cozy relationship. we're not talking about sort of being collegial but sharing information -- >> which surprised you most? >> number one, we're going to do an interview but let you decide selectively what's going to
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happen. and number two the bureau chief of the "washington post" saying we're running this story on lobbying but don't worry. we're not going to talk about this case involving you. there's only a single line where we're discussing you. i mean, come on. you're supposed to speak truth to power. that's bowing before the throne. >> yeah, it is. it is so many things. peter, this is -- you wrote essentially about haiti. then in the most recent docs we learned in the days following the earthquake in haiti that killed more than 200,000, individuals identified as friends of bill given priorities. others shuffled off to a mainstream bureaucracy, a.i.d. and other add given privacy amongst those deceiting with the aftermath and, of course, through the clinton foundation. and the state department run by mrs. clinton. >> yeah. you're right, lou.
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think about it. if you think there's anything that's not going to be political or going to be crony, you would think it would be reconstruction after an earthquake. but the e-mails show extensively, abc news did a wonderful three-part investigation on this showing e-mail exchanges that contractors getting access in haiti. you know, being able to do projects. the e-mails were all about fob. not an sob, fob as in friend of bill. a friend of bill you got movement, access, contract. if you were not, you did not. the secretary big revelation in this investigation, by the way, sheryl mills, chief of staff, clinton confidant, pushed for and got more than $100 million in taxpayer money to build this factory in northern haiti for this southern korea's company. abc news revealed that its chief executive of that south korean company turns around and invests in a private company she is building called black ivy.
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if that is not corruption, i don't know what is. >> there is corruption, it's been documented by yourself, and others now, and wikileaks is providing, and i'd like to hear your judgment on this, wikileaks seems to be the most energized and effective and responsible agency and outlet that is respecting the traditional american right to know. frustrated by this -- this administration, the democratic -- the clinton cartel, whatever you want to call it, the mainstream media that will not maintain anything resembling and adversarial relationship with power. my god. to me at this very moment, it looks to me like the public's right to know has been utterly crushed. >> well, yeah. i mean, look. here's the way i view it, lou. i think you're exactly right. you know, look, are we concerned
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about hacking? absolutely we're concerned about hacking, and law enforcement needs to do their job -- >> by the way, i've got to say to you peter. i'm no longer one of those concerned about hacking. i want the american people to know every damn thing they can about any candidate running -- >> yes. >> and for president. i want to know what was going on. >> i know o. i agree completely, lou. the point i was making, that's a concern of law enforcement. the news media has never really been concerned how they received information. they've always said the information's there. we are going to let the american people know. a lot of them now are suddenly concerned about, oh, well, we're not sure that this information was obtained in the proper way. that's never been their concern. in the past. and that's not their role. not their role at all. >> how pitiful is it for the clinton campaign to say, oh, no, no, no. please. we think russia may have been involved in wikileaks in this hack. by the way, they don't know it,
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but they claim that is truth, and it is absolutely not. no intelligence figure or leader that i know of has said, they know for sure. there are suspicions. peter, to say that they -- that the information that we're all looking at that's being provided to the american public right now in the midst of this election isn't -- is somehow less important than the fact of who may have assisted in this acquisition, this is mindlessness. >> yeah. no, lou, this has been the standard approach of the clintons for 20 years. you can't deal with the message and the truth. you attack the messenger, and so the messenger now is wikileaks. so they're going to attack the messenger. they did the same thing with me. they didn't want to engage in the details even though we now now in the wikileaks, john podesta getting e-mails saying these are legitimate issues and concerns. their standard approach, attack the messenger and ignore the message and they're trying to do
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it yet again with wikileaks. >> peter, thanks so much for being with us. we appreciate it, as always. peter schweizer. >> thanks, lou. donald trump today talking border security at a rally in florida. he blasted mexican drug cartels that have been allowed to operate with impunity by both political parties of this country because of shared open border policy. >> we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country. think of your kids and your grandkids. we're going to stop it. and most of it's coming across the southern border, but i have a message for the drug dealers, for the gang members and the criminal cartels, your days are numbered. believe me. your days of numbered. >> think about that. when have you ever heard those words from an american president? from an american attorney general? you have not heard those words, because they haven't had the guts to say it.
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donald trump just did. and, by the way, about 1.6 million pounds of drugs are seized at our border with mexico each year, and the majority of the methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, heroin that comes into this country crosses that border and somehow makes it in without being in anyway impeded. mexican and central american gangs, by the way, have also found operating -- been found operating in more than 200 of our cities and are contributing mightily to the rising death rate, murder rate, in this country. extraordinary. the courage of donald trump in uttering those words has not been matched. think of it. by a single president in the course of the last half century. we're coming right back. much more. stay with us. to me, this presidential election looks like it could be a darwinian moment in our political history. trump says there couldn't be a clearer choice for president.
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>> this election will determine whether we remain a free country in the truest sense of the word, or we become a corrupt banana republic. >> so ho will voters vote? will they accept four more meres of the bungling obama and the clinton cartel? ed rollins joins me next. and shackles are off. it's time to shine, with or without cowardly elites. talk about the mainstream media talk about the mainstream media and of course, what is success? talk about the mainstream media and of course, is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner
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indiana state police now investigating possible voter fraud registration fraud in 66 of the state's 92 counties. the investigation began in august focusing on the efforts of a liberal d.c. based mobilization group called patriot majority usa, and this appears to be just the beginning. in the state of virginia, a new study finding more than 1,000 illegal immigrants registered to vote between 2008 and 2012 as we reported to you last week. also in virginia, the fbi looking into at least 20 cases of voter applications using the names of dead people. that's right.
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dead people registering in virginia and the number has likely, it's much higher, in the neighborhood of 100 or so. illegal voters also uncovered in philadelphia. some 40 illegal immigrants voting in recent elections. that's the number we know of, and today another report of voter fraud in colorado concerning a dead voter. there have already been seven cases involving dead voters. this sounds so funny when i say that. that dead voters are causing trouble in colorado between 2009 and 2015. joining us now, former reagan white house political director, republican strategist, great american tax strategist, fox news contributor ed rollins. the supreme court has said there's not a problem here. there just hasn't been enough voter fraud to have an integrity in our registration and voting? >> the interesting thing is, as you put those states up there, when indiana first came up, indiana's not a place but --
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indiana's a very close race. a race that basically six years, seven years ago, voters voted the other way and it switched back. it's probably going to be close again. philadelphia obviously has a big impact on pennsylvania. very close again. colorado a swing state. what i'm impressed by is that they have a big master plan of where they need to add a few thousand votes everywhere and obviously -- >> do republicans have a big master plan what to do about it? donald trump has been saying to the so-called professional politicians, rnc, leader of the republican party, this deal is rigged? >> the bottom line is there's a lot of truth to that, and at the end of the day, i've said on this show, talked about it many times, we can't run campaigns from washington, d.c. you've got to run campaigns where the people are, and unfortunately, anybody that wants to be an operative in politics doesn't learn in sacramento what i did learning
7:21 pm
assembly races. go to d.c., work for the rnc, for the congal company. you don't know what's going on out there. >> the states don't even know. cover pence is talking about this investigation, we are closing within, under four weeks to a -- >> absolutely. >> presidential election, and people are talking about -- you know -- >> we don't know what voter fraud is. you'll see it when it comes close and i think in this election they'll be a lot of it. >> what's the republican party doing about it? can the republican party be more screwed up than it is? just out of curiosity? between you and me and no one else. >> i don't think so. basically a very troubled year and a troubled election. >> they blew 2008. they blew 2012. they have gotten into a, what looks to me to be a jamestown ritual where they want to commit the party to political suicide. this is madness, what paul ryan is doing. what rnc chairman reince priebus
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is letting him do. in full view, he is saying, we're going to destroy this candidate. we're going to give this election to one of the most -- to me, incredible candidates i've ever seen in hillary clinton, and the devil be damned, because he wants -- he wants to have a political opportunity. >> well what he wants is, he wants 218-plus republicans so he can be speaker and control that element of the government. i worked in both ends of pennsylvania. the white house and been with congressional committees. telling you, two different places. the republicans in the congress do not -- >> one place, the fact of the matter is a bunch of fools putting up with the biggest fool i've ever seen in the speaker's chair and that's saying something. >> end of the day, he's got to get 218 days to be reseated at speaker's to the members out there, all running their own thing and lived eight years with obama and would like somebody different, but first and foremost, taking care of them. the same way in the senate.
7:23 pm
>> saying to the cartels, their days of numbered. we haven't had a president with that kind of guts in either party. haven't had an attorney general with that kind of guts. >> right. >> and we're putting up with rank. public corruption on the part of the democratic nominee. >> well, it's more than rank. i think as you look at these wikileaks, a very established political stham works 24 hours a day in the government, in addition to being outside of government. they had a master plan of how they would protect the mothership, hillary. you see it day in, day out. >> so far the national liberal media has not only compliant but complicit in -- >> we want to be in your good graces. clear the quotes. see if you can clear the quotes. >> the american people should tell the bunch, go to hell. >> they may. we'll see. >> they've got the opportunity, and we'll see what kind of mustard they've got. ed rollins, thanks for being here. up next, hillary clinton calls donald trump supporters a
7:24 pm
basket of deplorables. bill clinton now calling the base, well -- red necks. >> what i grew up in. you know, i'm basically your standard red neck. >> just how far does the clintons disdain for americans go? a few thoughts about that, next in my commentary. much more, straight ahead.
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a few thoughts on hillary's campaign of insults and sanctimonious hypocrisy. wikileaks revealing hillary told a group of bankers in 2014 she was far removed of the problems from the middle class and she, of course, is right. but the clintons are removed from not only our middle class but nearly all americans. the wikileaks e-mails make it clear she views them all with disdain. newly released e-mails reveal her campaign mocked bow
7:29 pm
conservative catholics and evangelicals. the religious bigotry of her campaign prompted immediate protests and trump's demand she apologize and hold her staff accountable. bill clinton, meanwhile, suggesting trump's base is made up of "what i grew up in." adding, "i'm basically your standard red neck." his comment came during a florida campaign event. so far no word of apology or even passing regret by the former president. it was only last month mrs. clinton said you could put half of trump supporters into a basket of deplorables and in recent weeks an audiorecording of the democratic nominee revealed she referred to sanders supporters as basement dwellers. but wikileaks's story defrauded to win the democratic nomination. bernie didn't mind, it seemed. he went to his lake house,
7:30 pm
thought about it and immediately started to campaign for hillary. that's the democratic way. right? donald trump today responded to the clinton campaign's assault on just about everyone but the elites of the clinton cartel and her donors, of course. >> these e-mails are just the latest evidence of the hatred that the clinton campaign has for everyday, faithful americans. crooked hillary -- thinks that you, you, all of you, are deplorable and totally irredeemable. i call you hard-working american patriots that together we are going to save this country. >> save the country. make america great again. put america first. donald trump has arrived at his time in history. and as for our country's sake, not a moment too soon. our quotation of the evening on all of you expecting a home run here, and wondering about the
7:31 pm
timing and when the opportunity will present itself. yogi barra had this to say about timing -- you don't have to swing hard to hit a home run. if you've got the timing, it will go. we'll be looking closely for the right time, and that home run. we're coming right back. trump slams congress and the fbi for their failure to prosecute hillary and the rest of the clinton cartel. >> there's never been a time like this in our country. i am so disappointed in congress. to allow a thing like this to go, and this is crime at the highest level. >> how much longer can clinton rationalize her lies, her cheating, her crooked ways? tony sayegh and mer sadee join me next, and a breathtaking spectacular view. the remarkable leap and journey
7:32 pm
in the video coming up next.
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joining me former spokesperson for president george w. bush, republican strategist mercedes schlapp and also with me, republican campaign strategist tony sayegh, both fox news contributors. mercedes you were on the call this rng, you and matt both. i want to start if i may, a little peculiar but like to show you what your husband and our
7:36 pm
audience, what he had written as chairman of the a.c., of the american conservative union. he said this. hillary clinton tells us she likes to go high, but she and her campaign are as low as a snake's belly. if mrs. clinton does not fire these advisers immediately who expressed disdain for evangelicals and conservative catholics she will have no moral authority on the issue of prejudice in our society. i just want to compliment matt for using a little of the language of which i am comfortable. a little talk like that. but the snake's belly. when you can work that in, mercedes, you're doing good. we're not doing good in terms of holding her accountable. donald trump pointing out religious bigotry, the campaign is basically hunkering down. >> amazing to me. when i read the wikileaks e-mails i was personally offended as a conservative
7:37 pm
catholic they would call my belief backwards and talk about the bastardization of our faith and on top of that, catholics in alines for the common good. a funded group, their goal go into the catholic church and undermine the church and its teachings and try to steer catholics away from their faith. >> creating revolution in the catholic church. i mean what? the world? is there anything he isn't trying to tear to pieces? >> and the fact is that you have hillary clinton standing up there, lou, saying, we're stronger together. i'm so tolerant of all americans, and when all i'm hearing, all i'm reading is what when it's off the camera, her main staff, her comes director and high power individuals are pushing this leftist agenda, catholics and christians, if they do not wake up they are going to dominate and tell us what we can do in our catholic
7:38 pm
and christian schools, i don't want to hear it from conservatives, catholics or christians that didn't vote for donald trump and then we really can't do anything about it. our hands are tied. >> your thoughts? >> a call for catholics all over this country having seen these exposed e-mails that show disdain, lou, that the liberal left, the elites, academic, political class, has for organized religion. particularly those that have deep held beliefs in states like conservative catholic, evangelicals, and hillary was just invited to the most important catholic dinner in the country. if she does not fire jen palmieri and at least a shake-up, they should rescind that invitation. >> come to reality here, both of you. you know, debbie wasserman schultz was fired from the dnc because she was in collusion and defrauded a candidate for
7:39 pm
president by the name of senator bernie sanders, and betrayed all of his followers and i mean -- what happened? she was fired, and what campaign did she share in now? what campaign did she turn out? she's chairing the campaign for hillary, for crying out loud! >> you know what, lou, what really upsets me is the fact that the democrats stick together. bernie sanders, i mean, has been betrayed by the hillary campaign and yet he goes out there and speaks to her language. republicans, we eat each other alive. we don't stand by our candidates and -- >> do you know why? do you have a fiction you preserve and carry around that some of you are conservatives. the fact of the matter is, there's a small group of conservatives, real conservatives, in this gop, and the rest are like paul ryan. i mean, he wants to be a democrat, but he doesn't have the guts. you know? and you guys put up with people like paul ryan. you put up with mitch mcconnell. and if you guys don't start expressing some concern about
7:40 pm
the supporters, your is a povertiers, the voters who support donald trump. you guys have turned your -- your party has turned on the nominee the millions of people who supported him and what we're watching is an orgy, a, of just immense proportions that is celebrating the death of any kind of democratic process in the republican party, and point of fact, in the nation, because you have reduced this two-party system to one. the republicans, tony, are a bunch of chumps, seems to me. >> lou, look. for the most part, yes, there are high-level defections. paul ryan being as outspoken this past weekend was not helpful, particularly because donald trump did have a strong debate performance. you see some of that coming back. senator fisher from nebraska over the weekend withdrew her endorsement. now endorsing him again. senator thune, one mp the leaders in the senate now back
7:41 pm
supporting donald trump. >> john mccain, for crying out loud, asked donald trump for endorsement. gives it. first sound of gunfire -- mccain -- >> but -- >> doesn't matter, lou, because the people -- >> these are not principled people. >> the people, the populist movement started by donald trump, if you're to believe it's true and i happen to, i know you do as well, that is what is going to get donald trump elected president. not endorsement from people inside the beltway. >> you need utilinity of the pa to help propel donald trump and i find the fact that these conversations between the republican leadership and donald trump should have been held in private. they should have -- >> i'm told, i have to ask you to wrap up. we've got to go. way over. >> no. all i'm saying is that it's unfortunate. i'm very disappointed in the gop not rallying around donald trump. >> the real question is, what are you all going to do about it, mercedesese? >> lou, you're making me
7:42 pm
depressed in your commentary. >> you shouldn't be depressed by truth. the reality, supporters and voters watching and listening to you tonight are the ones to decide who is president. they don't have enough stuff, despite all the madness of the silly party that is, you know, on the -- >> they have 28 days to fix it, lou. >> how much? >> 28 days for the rnc to do the right thing. >> you have work to do. mercedes, thanks for being with us, tony you thank you. >> take care. roll the video. a new way to explore a ship wreck, watch a daredevil, one of them, leap off a cliff. this is not, again, a good idea. this is a thrill-seeker. this is a crazy person. maneuvers that lands on target just to the site of the wreck -- you suppose he's a republican? just curious. safe landing. that's the good news. safe landing. happy, happy ending. up next, the clinton
7:43 pm
campaign embroiled in scandal, but the national media doesn't seem to care. the clintons are just trying to shift the focus to where? russia. russia. no proof. but no problem. former pentagon official kt mcfarland joins me here next. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with yo liberty mutual insurance
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joining me now, form other pentagon official fox news national security analyst kt mcfarland also a member of trump's national security adviser committee. great to you have with us. start with vladimir putin who says that he no way, russia in no way, is interfering in any way with this election. do you believe him for a moment? >> no. i don't believe him and i don't think there's any reason to believe him. but what bothers me about the administration is the u.s. administration, when hillary clinton says, nothing to see here. move along. move along. nothing in wikileaks. the problem is, vladimir putin. what are they going to do about it? if putin is as the administration claims, the intelligence or security committee or hillary clinton says, what are we going to do if he is hacking into the political
7:48 pm
environment, if putin hacks into the u.s. voting system? nothing. >> kt, this administration didn't have the guts to say, who hacked into opm? the office of personnel management, 33 million names. they're data. presidents past, employees of the federal government. outrageous. they didn't have the guts to respond when china comes in and just walks through like it's a vineyard picking grapes. i mean, this is a passive administration. the democratic party is obviously corrupt. they are colluding in a presidential campaign among the white house, the justice department and the campaign itself. my god. and we're supposed to worry about russia helping wikileaks, which seems to be the only agency committed to the american public's right to know. right? >> well, yeah, and international relations is a shark tank. and if those countries that you just mentioned, the chinese and -- >> and kiss each other on the
7:49 pm
cheek and -- >> they of junkyard dogs, or sharks. what they do is smell blood in the water. they smell a cancer, a lame duck president, no drama obama. they know they can do whatever they want for the next couple of months, and face no consequence whatsoever. >> no -- i'm reminded of the old song as poker. look around the table and you don't see the chump, you better get up, because you're it, and we have been that quite some time and donald trump is pointing out almost daily. i'm at a loss to understand what this administration is doing. three war ships dispatched because of rockets fired against our ship. again, missiles fired by buti rebels from yemen. now defense secretary says we're going to get tough effectively. we'll decide on an appropriate response, but there will be one. good lord, kt. what are we doing here? >> here's the thing.
7:50 pm
you know, president obama, secretary clinton and secretary kerry bet the ranch. they bet everything. gave iran everything they wanted. sanctions relief, money, gave them a pass to nuclear weapons in exchange they thought they were buying iran's friendship. what have they gotten? iran, taking american sailors prisoner. iran that takes american citizens hostage and now an irani proxy in effect an act of war against the united states. they're firing on u.s. warships. haven't hit any yet, but maybe will get lucky and hit something and then where are we? we could have an escalating conflict situation. >> imagine that? stupidity leading to tragedy. were that that ever happened before in history. pray that it doesn't. thank you, kt. thank you, kt. >> what is success? thank you, kt. >> is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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♪but above all this i wish you love♪ ♪and i will always love you, i..♪ quarterback for the 49ers this sunday. the move comes at nfl ratings are collapsing. the nfl, damage done by kaepernick's national anthem protest. the same nfl that was quick to suspend star patriots quarterback hall of famer tom braid e ov brady over silly nonsense called deflategate. the nfl, but mostly roger
7:55 pm
goodell and his little gang that seems to think the nfl, their agust leadership is bigger than the gaming bigger than their fans. it's an extraordinary moment. it will be interesting to see what the reaction is to kaepernick in the number one spot on the 49ers quarterback roster. in our online poll we asked, do you believe paul ryan's refusal to support the republican nominee should mean his expulsion from the republican party forthwith? 85% of you said, yes. i want your thoughts on something i tweeted today as well, if i may. my tweet said, friends and families all over say that there are no donald trump ads, no get off the boat contacts. what about you? are you seeing those signs? are you seeing ads for the nominee in your state? if you will, send us what your seeing and let us know, and are
7:56 pm
you volunteering -- i'd like to know if you're volunteering to a poll watcher november 8th. tweet in @loudobbs. joining me, forbes media chairman, steve forbes. great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. >> paul ryan, let me ask you, this is, i think, outrageous, what he is doing to donald trump, and to the millions of voters who supported him, and the republican party. should he be thrown out? >> they'll decide that after the election. the thing is, it's not doing trump a lot of damage. in fact, quite the opposite. trump scored well in the doneba sunday night. got after ryan today. got that out. the key thing going after hillary and tweets coming out. more and more damage. >> i want to talk about that. we can't keep up with it. we've got over 5,000 tweets since friday to go through. we're getting a lot of help. but i mean, this is -- it is a picture of absolute corruption. there is no line in the white
7:57 pm
house, the campaign, the justice department. my god! >> well, and this is where trump started to do it in the debate on sunday night. when he threw in that zinger about hillary, you've got 250 million dollars in effect to legally and secretary of state, why don't you use some of that money to finance your campaign? that was -- a very clever way, and if he pursues that line in the next debate, about the corruption, do we want four more years of this? four more years of clinton drama and focuses on his pro-tax cuts, cutting taxes for the american people, as he started to do in that second debate. i think you're going to see a change. >> yeah. i personally believe that -- i guess i'm echoing in large part what you're saying but would like to see him focus on the american people. the middle class. working men and women and their families. talk about true, true interest in them aligning the national interests, putting america first, and americans first. job creation, restoring
7:58 pm
prosperity for all americans. i actually think people are starting to understand. he means what he says. it's novel, and any candidate, for almost any office, certainly for president. >> and security, too. is america safer eight year s ago, safer than eight years ago? hillary clinton is not a status quo candidate. worse than the status quo. that's what he's got to hit what did you think of the performance of anderson cooper and martha raddi raddatz who wanted to participate? >> my tweet on sunday night, i awarded her the lester holt award. >> well it was very good and i thought donald trump, he stunned them as they sat there. and aleppo is lost. couldn't be more correct. it is absolutely devastated and destroyed. and this administration and this
7:59 pm
candidate who is a former secretary of state and a causal agent in the chain of events that led to this point, and they are responsible for 10 million people being displaced, homeless, and refugees, 1 million at least. >> well, and they also have an opening, since she bought it up in that debate, safe areas in syria, which the joint chiefs recommended to obama three years ago, four years ago. went about hur power in getting that. russia today is now putting in a more sophisticated air system. he's got an opening there. she's undermined national security. >> and -- i mean, it's frightful what we're seeing as a result. wikileaks. the public right to know honored first and foremost not by this administration nor the democratic candidates but by, by wikileaks. it's truly an extraordinary moment in american history. more to follow.
8:00 pm
>> yes, but no surprises about the pattern of behavior. >> thanks so much. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ca? minutes away. ♪ announcer: this is fox business network coverage of the second presidential debate. live from washington university in st. louis, here is neil cavuto. 1999 all right, bill clinton and chelsea clinton were briefed donald trump upped ante. if you were going to talk about what donald trump said 11 years ago he would bring out accusers said far worse about bill clinton. it added mightily what will go down on the stage three minutes from now. kennedy with me. lou dobbs with me. trish regan with me.


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