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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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macy's down 29% year-over-year. quickly before we run what happens in december? do you see the fed hiking rates, yes or no? >> we, we do see the fed hiking rates. good for financials, bad for utilities. bad for other things people are hiding out in. [closing bell rings] liz: his brandy win, 70 million in assets. here is the closing bell. david and melissa, pick it up here. david: thank you very much. stocks ending the day in the red as we await results from netflix. that should be out any moment. will we see a revenue miss for this media giant? i'm david asman. hi, everybody. melissa: i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." we'll get you details on netflix and big market movers but here is what else we have for you coming up this hour. brand new documents appear to show evidence of top state officials trying to influence the fbi in the hillary clinton email investigation. new details in what could be a quid pro quo. that is what they're calling it. the white house now responding to donald trump's accusations of
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a rigged election as the candidate continues to blast the media and some members of his own party. the battle to take back mosul. isis's last major strong hold in iraq, it is underway right now. the progress report is coming up. david: we have a lot to cover, first get you back to the markets. the dow ending the day down just about 52 points. mcdonald's, nike and home depot, the big losers today. phil flynn, price futures, fox business contributor watching action in oil and gold from the cme and lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ri, we have a big reporter coming out moments from now, netflix. reporter: we're waiting for netflix and couple more, ibm and united continental. i will bring you those, sorry, monday, my brain is all over the place, but hasbro did the earlier today. a big beat for hasbro. largely thanks to strong sales in girls toys.
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56-point% increase in toys targeted for girls. things like disney prince stepses still into that -- princesses, troll dolls. boy section shin. mattel, shares up half a percent true value, shares up 6%. just about 6%, just about 5 and three quarters of 1%. save a lot discount grocery chain, that is unit of supervalu, going to be sold to the private equity firm on next corp. that is $1.4 billion. melissa: thank you, lori. what is dragging oil lower, my friend. >> today was options expiration of the november contract. we had a lot of selling after traders last week, speculators put on their biggest bullish bet on crude oil since 2014. so there was a lot of people going long.
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there was a lot of focus on the $50 handle. the market went just below it right at the close. it was above it and below it. they ended it there. you roll to the december contract where volume will still start picking up. we're well above $50.74. not down nearly as much as november contract. so a lot of options playing as well. there is a lot of concern about geopolitical risk. increasing risk in yemen. very sensitive oil transportation area. missiles flying back and forth. traders are starting to focus on geopolitical risk. we had gold, actually fought its way out of the hole a little bit. a lot of funds are buying gold into the etfs despite a selloff in price. back to you. melissa: interesting, thank you, phil. david: markets and elections. is there any connection? recent survey conducted by ubs showing 30% of more than 2000 high net word individuals have already pulled their money out of the market as we get closer to the election but can emotions
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get in the way of smart investing? we have jason rotman, lido isle advisors and scott martin, foxx news contributor. scott, a lot of investors burned voting market, voting stocks the same way vote their ballots. is this going to happen again? >> david, it might, how the rhetoric out these days maybe hillary is better friend to wall street. donald trump may be a little more uncertain. david: do you believe that, scott? >> david, you know what i think? i think trump is better longer term truthfully for the markets an economy but i think short-term the market will react better to clinton presidency. i think you have two things at work.thinking about home investing in the month after the election foes by i would wait until after the election, maybe day or two or week after to get your stock -- david: jason what about any kind of mood, selling stocks or buying you wait until after the election? >> i think the current environment is honestly much, much bigger than the election it
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is much bigger than politics because what has driven the market since 2009 has been fed. david: the fed. >> everything comes back to the fed. david: that's true. >> the fed will raise interest rates or else they just risk losing all of their credibility, not even 99%, but all of it. so the fact that the fed will raise rates, economy slowing, earnings declining that is the stagnant market recipe there, scott, we never want to time markets. that is a losing strategy but the fact is the last time the fed raised just a little bit the market went down 10%. the fed will probably raise a little bit in december. should we wait until after that happens? >> you could. may have a buy be opportunity like you had in january and february earlier this year. jason brings up interesting point. don't forget, guys, donald trump one of his first orders of business to hack janet yellen around some of the other things she was doing inincludes raying rate. if he gets in you may have a new fed chairman or woman in january. think about interest rates
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portends to the stock market. may be better environment for stocks going forward in 2017. melissa: restaurants getting one-two punch by overexpansion and grocery store prices cheapest relative to restaurant that is, since the '80s. many chains like bob evans and ruby tuesdays are closing locations and other big names may follow suit. scott, let me ask you, is this about over expansion and food prices or just bad concepts? >> it is bad concepts, melissa, but also overexpansion as you mentioned. a lot of grocers had trouble, when you look at competitors, amazon getting into the grocery business as well. those are areas where consumers are putting a lot of dollars not in traditional spaces. melissa: jason, you see things like blue apron where they advertise like crazy. send you all ingredients, food and spices to make healthier meal at home. maybe this has to do with the people trying to eat more healthy way and knowing what is in their food and not wanting to
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go to sort of packaged concept? >> okay. so for me, healthy, check. knowing your ingredients, check. having food flown across the country in a box so i can eat it, no x. x. i don't like that idea. to keep it short and sweet i think main reason for the whole restaurant decline, one reason nobody is talking about is the constant increase in rents. melissa: okay. >> people are paying a lot more money. melissa: we have to cut you off there. hang on one second. netflix is coming out. david, go ahead. david: netflix out with third quarter results. cheryl casone has the results what does it say? >> many so of it. i want to go to the revenue, a slight beat on revenue. estimate was 2.28. so that is in line. the question mark is earnings per share. we're waiting on adjusted numbers. earnings per share was six cents. we're looking and still waiting as headlines are crossing right now on subscriber growth and churn rates for the company. we're expecting 2.3 net subs right now.
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we're trying to go through and pull numbers right now. we're watching the bid-ask on the stock as you can see right now. we're getting in revenue a slight gain. that is really not great. they needed to see stronger side on revenue issue. they're not getting that. a lot of concern about this number, they're in 50% of the u.s. homes. the u.s. is the problem according to analysts, guys. at this point because of price increases which are not just coming in from the last quarter but really kicking in this quarter, we don't expect this to be solid growth. we're looking for actual earnings per share number. as soon as we individual, we'll jump back in with you guys. melissa: cheryl, thank you so much. 2.3 million net subscribers. she will dive through the report and bring more as it comes. jason, give me reaction to that. the big problem with netflix, they have slowing subscriber growth in u.s. they're spending ton of money on expansion oversees. what is the net as revenue is coming in basically in line,
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slightly above? i think a lot of their best growth is behind them. when you get in that situation not a pretty picture for the stock. netflix is plus or minus around 100. i think they i can guarranty 15% in next six months at 85 but people buy it at those levels but i don't think it is a buy right here. melissa: scott what do you think. >> the stock is pretty higher after hours. i think sub numbers were okay. a lot of whispers i heard sub-growth would be worse than it was. some of the analysts talked about decreasing growth. international where netflix is growing. i don't know how their movie will end basically what the subscriber growth looks like in europe but looks pretty good. melissa: scott what subscriber growth number did you see? we were shooting for 2.3 million. i don't think we've seen the number. did you see it? >> no. but i'm telling you -- i saw it
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when i looked down, just over 2 million. melissa: okay. >> also were whispers it would be in million range. i think the stock dropped off. basically why jason was dropping to 85. melissa: we'll come back to more details coming on it. david. david: brand new documents appearing to show evidence of top state officials trying to influence the fbi in the hillary clinton email investigation. new details in what could be a quid pro quo. >> wikileaks is back up and running in just the past hour. what today's batch of 3,000 leaked emails includes and who julian assange now blames for cutting off his internet connection. david: the white house is responding to donald trump's accusations of a rigged election as the candidate continues to blast the media and some members of his own party. does trump have a point? our panel weighing in. >> we have seen these kind of suggestions in the past but anytime there has been an effort to actually conduct a study and
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melissa: netflix shares soaring after-hours following release of company's second quarter results. u.s. and international subscription ads beat expectations. go back to cheryl for more on the numbers. cheryl, what do you have? >> stock up more than 18 percent. forecast for the fourth quarter, look at international streaming forecast it is incredibly positive. earnings per share, 12-cent. we needed to verify that. that is double the estimate. the estimate was 6 cents. came in at 12 cents. add to that a slight beat for revenue this quarter and forecast for revenue next quart, you're seeing so much interest in the stock. international story, netflix just launched launched in janua0
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countries. the expectations from the analysts that would be a bumpy, not so great rollout. we would continue to see pressure there and we're not. looks like any pressure from that price increase from the last quarter for netflix on the subscribers seems to be opening out right now. net additions beating expectations, mostly again, it is international story, from outside of the united states. 3.57 million. looks like that international story, guys is better than what was expected and again, you're seeing that 2.23 million subs. nice quarter from netflix. that stock was up 20%. up about 18 1/2%. as you see on the screen. not getting into details, guys, they're also saying that a lot of subscribers that it avoided subscription prices lost rates but they're sticking with the company. that is interesting. they're going back to their original content. they're saying that original
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content really kept things in place and in motion at netflix. hot shows, are, you probably no this. "luke cage," "orange is the new black." narc cos, they spent $40 million on chris rock's new shows. that original content has got to pay off. they say it is. stocks jumping. melissa: cheryl, thanks so much for that. david? david: switch over to the granddaddy of the tech world. ibm expected to report 18th consecive quarter of declines. lori, do you have the nuers for us? does the losing streak continue? >> it is, david, but good news it was still top and bottom line better than analysts were expected. let me run through the numbers on earnings per share. we saw $3.29 versus wall street estimate of $3.23 per share on $19.2 billion in revenue.
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revenue for ibm had to come in below 19.28 billion to keep the record going and it did by a hair. 19 billion even was the forecast for ibm. it looks like shares, down about 1% in extended session in reaction to that. back to you. david: thanks, lori, appreciate it. more trouble for hillary clinton's campaign. the fbi releasing new documents from its investigation into the democratic nominee's server, they appear to show a alleged quid pro quo between senior state department official and bureau agents. fox news's catherine herridge standing by in d.c. with the details. catherine? reporter: thank you, david. the fbi records make clear in black and white, patrick kennedy, one of secretary clinton's trusted lieutenants, wanted to do a deal with the fbi over classification of clinton emails, something the agent starkly term ad quid pro quo. according to these documents just posted online this morning, kennedy and an fbi age sent
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discuss ad swap. the fbi would downgrade highly sensitive clinton email to unclassified and in return the bureau would get coveted slots for agents overseas and the documents read in part, quote, redacted, that is the fbi agent, indicated he had been contacted by patrick kennedy who asked his assistance in altering the email's classification in exchange for a quid pro quo. in a follow-up meeting with intelligence agency representatives the document shows kennedy was determined to shield the emails from public release. kennedy spent the next 15 minutes debating classification email and attempting to influence the fbi to change its rkings. at the state department today we asked whether an effort by a senior executive to change email classification is in keeping with the state department's high ethical standards? and what the state department said is that they dispute the characterization of the fbi agent. that in fact they got it wrong and they misunderstood the conversation with kennedy. we have now gone back to the
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fbi, to ask for an updated statement because the state department is suggesting the agents were incompetent, david. david: just a misunderstanding. that's all. melissa: wow. david: catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. melissa: bring in our panel. fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor and fox news contributor. emily shire is bustle political editor. fred, what do you think of what you just heard from catherine herridge? >> well, look it is pretty striking and there is every reason to believe, to not believe the state department for sure because we've seen this before. there have been efforts to work with the white house and president declared executive privilege on some documents which meant they weren't released and we have the state department doing this before, slow walking the release of documents and so on. so there is every reason to believe that there was a quid pro quo and i think what the fbi can be proud of is, the guy who would have had to go along with that, the fbi official, did not. melissa: no.
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and now, i mean he is going to end up being the fall guy, emily. they look at this, the fbi agent whose reaction in writing was this was a quid pro quo request and didn't do it. now they will say he is incompetent, he is lying. they're trying to take back his assessment. what do you think of that? >> i think it is critical not just the state department denied this account but the fbi itself. melissa: fbi is saying their own guy is lying about calling it a quid pro quo? >> they're calling it mischaracterization. we have to go by the agency as opposed to single account with the agency when looking for statements and take the fbi at its word. melissa: so, fred we have to go by the agency as whole to the person who was actually a part of the conversation, actual witness who is on the other end of the phone and who listened to it and received the proposal. that person is not right. that person is not to be trusted. but instead it should be the people who are recasting it after the fact. what do you think? >> i'm laughing at that because it is so absurd around it is
4:21 pm
obvious that the fbi is under pressure to not get involved with, in this huge flap here, accusing the state department of proposing a quid pro quo and so on and trying to get classified documents unclassified. oh, all, because they, if they're released and they're classified they showed that hillary clinton, these are documents that were -- >> are you implying the fbi is actively lying specifically and solely to protect hillary clinton. that would be a massive cover-up. melissa: it does seem to be the logical conclusion. seems like it would be easier rather than accusing guy was there and just reported conversation as he heard it, rather than torching him, it would make more sense to go after patrick kennedy to ice him out. that would be what i thought clinton group had done. patrick kennedy is acting on his own. we don't know why he offered bribe to guy from fbi and we distance ourselves.
4:22 pm
to go after the fbi agent that he totally misunderstood. he is trained to investigate and understand what is going on around him. he is a fbi agent. he should know when he is being propositioned. if not an fbi agent, who would know better than that, emily, i give you last word. >> i think these allegations are completely, things we don't really need to question because we haven't sign the documents first-hand. you have to go to secure facility to see them in full. we're going off a lot of secondhand information at the moment. the secondhand information relies on calling completely into question a year-long investigation by the fbi doubting its director, doubting what its director said under congressional testimony because of one agent's notes. melissa: we'll leave it there, guys. thanks to both of you. david: don't worry, fred. we come back to you. more time with our panel coming up. meanwhile the race is tighting but polls are showing tale of two different races. we have new numbers for. >> donald trump calling the
4:23 pm
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are the ones that matter most to you. melissa: just over three weeks to the presidential election and race between donald trump and hillary clinton remains tight in critical battleground states. our own blake burman is in washington, d.c. with the latest. blake. reporter: hi, there, melissa, donald trump doesn't take to the campaign trail until a couple hours in wisconsin but he caught attention of many with a couple tweets he sent out. trump warning of large-scale voter fraud. now he tweeted out the following, quote, of course there is large-scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. why do republican leads deny what is going on?
4:27 pm
so naive. trump has been calling the election system rigged for month but his running mate mike pence who said yesterday he would absolutely accept the results of election clarified that large-scale voter fraud comment by saying the rigged election rests with the national media. >> truth is there is a lot of talk about rigged elections out there today. and i have no doubt the national media is trying to rig this election with their biased coverage in hillary clinton's favor. reporter: meantime there is a slew of polling out today and it shows trump trailing in many of the swing states. quinnepiac university has a poll out this afternoon with trump lagging behind hillary clinton eight, six and four points in colorado, pennsylvania and florida. as you wan see there, also tide in ohio. whereas a cnn poll has trump up one and two in north carolina and nevada, but trump up four in ohio. trump responded on twitter just a little while ago, writing
4:28 pm
quote, new polls are good because the meade yaw has deceived the -- media deceived public, putting women front and center with made up stories and lies and got caught. that is from trump this afternoon. melissa: oh, good, blake, i'm glad he brought relatively positive poll numbers back around to issue of women. really good campaigning there. blake, thank you. united airlines is out with its third quarter results. you can sense the sarcasm there, right? lori rothman out with the numbers. give them to me. >> pretty good report, top and bottom line beat. on 9.91 billion in revenue and 9.9 was the estimate. just a decline of 3.8% on revenue still better than expected albeit by a irha. this is the key thing. this is the reason i believe shares in united continental are up about 1%, a little shy, .8 of 1% in the extended session. they come in a little bit. the strategy for managing capacity growth.
4:29 pm
let me give this really quick. narrowing forecast to 1.2 to 1.4% from 1.5%. in other words all the airline compare yes, sir have a glut in capacity. they're not earning as much per traveling passenger. by bringing in capacity they will make more money on passengers traveling with them. delta announced plans to do something similar last week. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you. david: get back to donald trump, speaking out about a rigged election but the white house is confident in the election system. take a listen. >> the president is very confident in the ability and honesty of election officials in both parties in states all across the country to insure that this upcoming national election is conducted freely and fairly. david: panel is back with us. fred, there are a lot of americans, one poll out today, saying 41% of the americans believe with donald trump that the election system is rigged against trump. so is that number going to grow or get smaller? >> well, i don't think it is
4:30 pm
going to grow. look, when he he says rigged, i'm not sure what he is referring to. he talks about fraud, well where is it? there is one thing, that is the mainstream media has jumped in wholly against donald trump and hillary could, donald trump said, she could walk down fifth avenue and shoot a few people and media couldn't cover it. so, look, i don't call that rigging an election. i call it media bias. david: yeah. >> these polls today were a little better for trump but florida is the one to watch, he is still down four. david: the talk about the rigged election, of course pence spinning it is primary about the way media works with the hillary campaign in order to try to win the election but emily, there was a huge story over the weekend, really big, important story for americans. the firebombing of the gop headquarters in north carolina. this was tremendous, yet you look at "new york times," you look at "washington post," i just went into their internet
4:31 pm
edition before i came onset, nothing about this. >> really? david: hold on a second, emily, if this, don't you think if this had been bombing, firebombing after hillary clinton campaign headquarters, it would have been on the front page? >> i mean i know that hillary clinton denounced it incredibly fast. david: but answer the question, if this had been a hillary clinton campaign headquarters. >> i think it is well-covered. to the point of rigging election, women coming forward with sexual assault allegations are part of some attempt to get hillary clinton into the white house, i don't think that is rigging. that really does tremendous disservice to women. david: you didn't answer the question. though. >> no, i do not. i do not actually think it would have been. no because i actually think it has been well-covered. i have been seeing it on fox news. i've been seeing it on cnn it should be well-covered. anything that hinders our democracy -- david: well it is not being well-covered at all fred. not on front cover of "new york times" or "washington post." "the hill" newspaper which is pretty middle. road came out with a piece,
4:32 pm
saying there is a media bias. they're not even trying to hide it anymore. they looked at all the stories were negative about trump compared to the stories that were negative about hillary on one day last week, thursday, very busy day. by 23 to 1 the stories were more negative to trump than clinton. in "the new york times" on the same day, by 11 to zero. there weren't any stories negative about clinton. that is when the whiskky leaks stuff came out. >> that is pretty much par for the course. you know, look i've covered presidential campaigns going back to 1976 and there has never been one like this. there has never been a candidate like trump. david: right. >> there has never been this kind of media bias against one candidate and in favor of the other. you could almost say those stock things you were talking about earlier, they treat hillary like netflix and trump is ibm. david: all right. i'm glad you brought in a market parallel. thank you very much, fred and emily appreciate it. melissa. melissa: we have breaking news.
4:33 pm
vis-a-vis yo charlie sharf is resigning. this is effective, that telling board of directors that he is unable to spend time in san francisco necessary to do the job. before that he was with jpmorgan here in new york city. the board unanimously voting to appoint current board member, alfred kelly, jr., to take his place. shares of visa down nearly 2% on the news. david: wikileaks continuing to reveal troubling information about hillary clinton and her campaign. a recent batch showing some ties to a group that may leave a lot of voters concerned. melissa: plus fight for mosul continuing as iraqi forces looking to drive isis out of the city.
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melissa: streaming company netflix soaring 19% after hours following a surge beat in net subscriber additions. they came in at 3.75 million. they had been looking for 2.3 million. a huge beat. that is big number. cheryl casone on the rest. >> it gets better, melissa, particularly international story. the stock is up 18.6, maybe 19%. to give you context, that is more than $8 billion of netflix. if you were ceo of disney and thinking about buying netflix, got more expensive, hate to tell you that one, after hours. they killed it. revenue 2.29 billion.
4:38 pm
international story, here is where they really surprised everybody. foreign ads, additional subscribers, international, non-u.s., the expectation was two million. it came in at 3.2 million. they're forecast for the fourth quarter, again jumping way ahead of the analysts. the 5.02 million total net subscribers for the fourth quarter again, that forecast is really big. china, we were wondering whether they would talk about starting own business in china. they are backing off that plan a little bit. for all the "stranger things "fans. i don't know what happened to barb. i'm looking for details. beyond that, numbers are good. melissa: cheryl, thank you. wikileaks pointing finger to ecuador for cutting founder julian assange internet access. we can confirm ecuador cut off the internet access 5:00 p.m. greenwich time shortly after publication of clinton's goldman sachs speeches.
4:39 pm
wikileaks releasing this information just as the 10th batch of clinton campaign emails is coming out. david? david: well, new wikileaks of hillary clinton's emails revealing the clinton campaign discussing how to spin clinton's stand on tpp. campaign manager robby mook saying, quote, i wouldn't mention prior support for tpp. james freeman from "the wall street journal." list peak from the fiscal times joins us now. -- liz peek. we all knew she thought ttpp was gold standard. donald trump was correct pointing that out in the last debate but she said changes made at last minute about tpp -- this suggest changes were made she actually agreed with. that is why robby mook said maybe we shouldn't mention it? >> i don't think this new disclosure will affect her fund-raising,s that for sure. much of the business community just assumes she is not telling the truth now when she says i'm against these trade agreements. david: right.
4:40 pm
>> as far as voters, yeah, they might have a different view of this. david: well, liz, she talks in these wikileaks emails that were leaked, again she is speaking in front of a bank here, this is goldman sachs, so she is trying to speak nicely to the people paying her so much money to speak. at one point she says about regulations and financial industry, more thought has to be given to the process and transactions and regulations so we don't kill or maim what works. now do we really believe that she is anti-regulations? >> no. what we believe is that she enjoys earning $225,000 which she did for making that speech to goldman sachs audience. look, the reason that so many people on wall street, $49 million worth of money has flowed in from wall street to hillary clinton campaign, is because they know she is perfectly content with the status quo. the status quo includes dodd-frank, but perhaps a watered down version of dodd-frank.
4:41 pm
she has sort of hinted it is overly onerous and has prevented some lending. just one of many issues including tpp where bernie sanders pushed her very far left and she has basically had to meet his rhetoric in order to win over his supporters. david: james, she is not specific about what regulations she doesn't like. i mean that is the point. and nor, did the goldman sachs people press her on this i just have to believe because the big banks had such a big role in developing these regulations, these financial regulations, that benefited big banks as opposed to small banks that are getting squeezed right now, that they're perfectly comfortable as liz said with the status quo. >> i think beyond the issue once again seeing she is not telling the truth, giving one message in private when she is paid to say certain things, another message in public, i think average voter has to be depressed looking at the options here. she is basically saying we're going hard left to please the bernie sanders crowd, more government, more expensive
4:42 pm
finance, or, as suggested by these private conversations, i'm going to ask wall street what rules they want. you know, you're, you wish there was a private conversation she had with average voter saying don't worry, i'm going to allow a market and let people fail and we're not make you bail out banks again. david: i wouldn't hold my breath. >> i don't think we'll find that. david: by the way, i have to throw this back to melissa. melissa, she also said i would like to see more successful business people running for office. you think she was talking about donald trump? melissa: yeah. every successful business person in the country is desperate to run for office after this cycle. they feel like it's a great investment of their time and family. not. okay. driving isis out of mosul, the major operation to take back iraq's second largest city from the terror group. that is next. u.s. warships under attack in the red sea. who is responsible for the third attack this week? that's coming up. ♪ you can run an errand.
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melissa: major operation to take back mosul from the islamic state. the u.s.-led coalition is fighting to drive the terror group out of iraq's second largest city. as thousands of iraqi and kurdish forces move into position along the front lines. here now is chris harmer, institute for the study of war. he is the senior naval analyst. thanks for joining us. what do you think of this strategy and the battle that is going on right now? >> my friends in business tell me that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and there is analogy that strategic analysis until isis loses mosul they're still in charge of mosul. i expect they will lose the fight for mosul. i expect they will get kicked out. i expect this coalition will defeat isis for this specific battle. a year ago, 18 months ago this would be a big deal, a major development. today i see something less than a major development.
4:47 pm
into the inconsequential but also not determinative. what we're seeing process of isis de-escalating from a caliphate where they are in charge of governing territory and people, they're reverting back to terrorist organization. we've been fighting adied for 15 years. i expect in near future we'll fight isis as same terms we fight al qaeda as terrorist organization rather than governing entity. melissa: let me argue other side. >> sure. melissa: a lot of people a year ago said if we went after the heart of isis, the brain, epicenter, destroyed the caliphate that would be beginning of the end. that was the key and the thing they were accusing the president of not having the will to do. now that it looks like they're getting closer to that, suddenly it seems like it is not as big of a deal. why? >> well, it is not as big of a deal today, a year ago isis didn't want to give up their caliphate. a year ago isis wanted to be governing entity. today isis senior leadership realizes as governing entity in iraq their days are numbered.
4:48 pm
just not enough people willing to live under oppressive, brutal theocratic regime like isis. general mack art sure says every military disaster explained two words, too late. it is too late to defeat isis as organization. they're in process of more offing back into what they originally world, a terrorist organization. it is better they are a terrorist organization than government earning entity but they still have to be deal with. melissa: think want to time to declare victory before the election. do you agree with that theory or too jaded of an outlook. i can't wait for the election to be over, there are a lot of things happening we need to worry about. i don't see this as political constructive point. that is my two cents. melissa: chris, thank you. always so smart. we appreciate it. >> thank you. david: supporting trump in the classroom. why one professor is backing donald trump had to deal with a lot more than microaggressions
4:49 pm
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david: well if the media is biased against donald trump, imagine colleges and universities where political correctness has run amok. our next guest doesn't have to imagine. he is a professor at major university and he is openly in favor of donald trump. here now philosophy professor daniel bonavec from university of texas at austin. professor, first of all, it must be a pretty brave guy to admit in public on a university campus that you're for donald trump. any retribution against you for
4:53 pm
those views? >> so far, a few hostile emails but really not. of anything. the university of texas is a place that somewhat more balanced and has both students and faculty from a lot of different opinions and different places in the political spectrum. i'm probably safer saying things i say here than i would on most campuses. david: do you have tenure? >> yes i do. david: if you didn't have tenure would you be a little less open about your views? >> well, you know, i was pretty open about my views even before i got tenure but that was back as, a supporter of ronald reagan. david: yeah. times have changed. >> quite a while ago. david: times have changed. we have a poll to show how much things have changed. there was a recent poll done, liberals outnumber conservatives at universities 12 to one.
4:54 pm
i know your campus is a little more conservative? >> a little more. my department has people on left out numbering conservatives five to one. believe it or not that makes us one of the most conservative humanities departments in country. we have 15% conservatives. that is astounding nationally. the overall atmosphere at colleges and universities is amazingly far to left. we probably have more marxists than we have republicans. david: do you remind some of these liberals, liberal philosophy is supposed to be open minded? the definition of liberal is open-mindedness yet some of these liberals want to absolutely close down the discussion? >> well, that is definitely right. i have gotten a number of responses to my piece and some of them are quite hostile. one person just said you're an idiot professor, and so forth. one said you shouldn't be allowed to teach anywhere. but i have been encouraged quite a few people have written to me or talked to me, i disagree with your position about the election but i'm really glad that you
4:55 pm
felt free to talk about. i'm glad you focused on issues rather than insults we so often hear from both campaigns. david: we should mention, "the washington post" sought you out to write the article and put it on their editorial page, right? >> that's right. they contacted me. david: plaudits is one of the few cases, there is a little attempt at fair and balanced. finally what about students? do they face the same kind of opposition that you do on a campus, students for trump? >> in some ways i think they feel it much worse. it is not just that i have the protection of being tenured but a student really doesn't have anything around to protect them from faculty members who might be annoyed or from other students. very small minority on campus of people i think of as social justice waiors who are not numerous but they are loud and so most students really don't want to become targets of such people. just today in my class i was asking students, since we were discussing political philosophy,
4:56 pm
what they associated with right-wing and left-wing, the terms? initially nobody was willing to say anything. it was only have a few brave students spoke out, that others were willing to contribute. then they were willing to talk quite openly. there is barrier. david: a lot of people are afraid. i'm glad you're not afraid. thank you for being here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. david: absolutely. melissa: so is the election driving you nuts? the well, you aren't alone apparently. david: yes. melissa: one group is suffering a lot more than others and it might surprise you. month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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4:59 pm
>> if this election is stressing you out, you are not alone. one age group in particular. david: a lot of people might think it's young folks. it's people 71 and above.
5:00 pm
a possible source of their stress might be the implications on their children. these are the people who are most reliable. >> i have had so many older people say i can't believe this is the country being left to my kids. david: i'm worried about my kids. liz: first conservative catholics and needy latinos, now african-americans talked about in the most recent batch of emails. 3,000 new emails. we'll bring you the latest this hour. welcome to risk and reward. donald trump is about to speak in a rally in green bay, wisconsin. will he respond to the latest wikileaks emails? we'll bring you any latest developments. but first. the clinton campaign emails.


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