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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 18, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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october 18, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head tomorrow might. clinton staying behind closed doors. on the campaign trail donald trump is ramping up claims of a rigged election. >> people that have died ten years ago are still voting, illegal immigrants are voting, so many cities are corrupt and voter is fraud and very, very common. >> it's a guy who is wining because he's a big bully and he's starting to wine. maria: the battle streamed live
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and what it means for the war on terror coming up. several airlines facing a computer outage preventing people from booking flights and changing reservations, we have the latest ahead. higher prices, no problem for netflix. huge jump in members, the stock is soaring this morning, that's certainly the one to watch on wall street. we will be hearing from goldman sachs johnson and jon -- johnson and johnson & johnson and in asia overnight stock higher there as well. shanghai composite and hack seng in hong kong is the best performers in asia as you see up one and a half per can he be
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the. bob dylan blowing in the wind, literally, giving up on trying to contact the singer after awarding the price for literature. where is bob dylan. all the stories and joining me to talk about dagen mcdowell and michael with us, and republican strategist tony. >> good morning. dagen: making bob dyla, in that much cooler. [laughter] more maria it's true, isn't it? dagen: love him but he's a wiredo. maria: jack keane is with us. martha ste wart with us in the studio and one of the internet.
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>> there's talk about rigged election. >> the media is trying to rig the election by giving creedance to false stories that have no validity.ty we run fair elections, i'm proud that speaker ryan and other republicans are saying, you're wrong. maria: joining me right now the daily beast reporter and washington examiner reporter, ladies, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. the trump campaign is blaming the media for playing into the rigged system. not all republicans are on board. paul ryan stepping back support and republican nominee suggesting that it is because ryan wants to run in 2020. is there any chance for the campaign to unit republicans over this -- over what's
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happening and overcome this rigged system. what do you think, betsy? >> it's unlikely. donald trump's allegations of voter fraud are not the thing that republicans are going to unify around. the reality is that trump has been going after ryan consistently in a way perplexing to a lot of dc political types. it's weird that trump is out for him. i think what's much more likely the party get rip intoed two ugly fashions regardless of who wins and this becomes a long-term problem. how to reconcile immigration like paul ryan.
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>> best say hit the nail on the head. there's going to be the division no matter what the results in the cycle is. donald trump has fueled that in the past few weeks. not only hear paul ryan saying there's talk about a rigged election chips away at democratic process. you have trump supporters senator marco rubio that this talk of a rigged election is nonsense and you also have secretaries of states in a number of key battleground states pushing back we don't have wide state fraud and he is really creating problems in the gop. maria: let's get to the story, the elephant in the room. the state department staffer asking the fbi if the classification on the emails on clinton private server can be changed? donald trump says this is worst than watergate.
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>> it's disappointing and you see that, what's the purpose of holding them after. you know we have 22 days. that's a long time. you would think you would hold hearings frankly immediately. this is serious stuff. this is watergate. maria: dagen mcdowell, how do you see it? putting the claims of the rigged election aside, people see something like this and just looks like there's more collusion and setting things up and just corruption? dagen: there's an editorial in the wall street, let's talk about the word rigged. who was using it before donald trump, bernie sanders, campaign finance who was talking about the rigged economy. elizabeth warren using rigged. this is the rigged system that gave rise to the likes of a donald trump and bernie sanders in the first place because this is the quid pro quo backdoor
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dealing going on in politics particularly when it deals with the clintons. i want to read one more thing to the editorial because it ties this to that. in 2014, democrats trying to keep the senate, trying to motivate minority voting turnout with ads explicit playing on their fears of intimidation, john kerry thanks that bush rigged ohio going back to when he was running against george w. bush in 2004. let's get it straight. the liberal media has got their pants in a knot about what donald trump has been saying and the left has been saying it for years. maria: what about this issue that the state department tried to get an fbi agent a job overseas for the promise of changing one of the classifications? >> when you look at watergate and you really understood what happened there it was the abuse of power in the competent -- executive branch. this is what we are seeing.
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even worse with the clinton state department. this is why it's such a big story that continues to get undermine. if donald trump wants to talk about a rigged system, that's fine. that's the argument of the left. donald trump has stolen a lot of the arguments from the left and used them against them. that's political communication. the issue he needs to make sure by calling it a rigged system he's not defusing his own party's enthusiasm. you almost give them the impression that you can't affect the outcome and people can affect the outcome and that's why he has to be able to reinforce that. >> the punch line here is we have evidence of tampering and the e-mail case, we have loretta lynch, doesn't seem to matter, does it? we can shout in the window about it. donald trump camp has to take that and turn that to winning strategy. short of saying the system is gone and how do you win the election in less than a month
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here, let's go. maria: what about that, betsy, gabi, weigh in here on this situation where the state department tries to do a quid pro quo with the fbi over the emails? >> i think it's important to remember with this that the quid pro quo was not successful. we know the state department official didn't get -- maria: even the effort is wrong. >> of course it's terrible -- troubling but it's important that it didn't pan out. even though it's flawed or conversations it happened on e-mail, it did work out in this case, however, of course, underlines the republican criticism of hillary clinton which is that the way she ran the state department and the culture there was sort of rotten, troubled. >> doesn't it make it worse than coming out on the heels of abc niece getting the emails through freedom of information law that shows that there was collusion
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with hillary clinton state department and bill clinton's family foundation when it cames to contract and the state department treated those differentl classified as friends of bill. it's not just one thing. i want to ask our journalist panel what they think about the fact that this is accumulation of hillary clinton coming from the state department when it comes from cover-ups and collusion. maria: how about that, gabby? >> it plays right into the message that donald trump conveyed all along about corruption just following the clintons and i think it was really savvy for his campaign last night to issue this 5-point
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plan that talks about rooting out corruption in washington. he outlined a number of proposals that were praised by never trump senators like ben who says that these have merits and could actually make a difference in eliminating some of the corruption not only with the clinton but other senior administration officials and people involved in the state department and elsewhere. maria: there's melania speaking out. so trump is facing criticism of making sexual advances toward women in leaked 2005 video with billy bush. melania spoke about the comments with fox and friends host. >> those words, they were offensive to me and they were inappropriate and he apologized. >> is it fair for the media to bring up bill clinton's past for donald trump to bring up bill clinton's past? >> well, if they bring my past, why not. >> so they're asking for it?
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>> they started from the beginning of the campaign putting my picture from modeling days a you want that to be the first lady. maria: billy bush now has been fired from nbc, thrown the trump campaign off track, what does trump need to do tomorrow night to set 21 days until the election, can he recover? >> he absolutely has to refocus the narrative on the campaign on the issues that he's good to talking about them. even on bill clinton's past, bring it back to trade and immigration. those are the issues that got him to the primary and those are the issues that helped him push him to a comfortable lead in ohio. that's what get his supporters excited. that's how he makes the case that he can be the force for strengthening the american economy if he becomes president. every time he starts talking about these issues that are sort of his signature topics, he
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somehow gets dye extracted, hillary clinton can mention something from his past and he goes down that road and runs after it like a shiny object. he has to be disciplined on it. that's not his strong suit. maria: it's true. he takes the bait. do you think he can he cover? dagen: he can if he has a good debate and follows up in that context, again, after the second debate he seemed to recover and starting attacking his own and going after the gop. >> trump said provocative things like she needs to go to jail. >> he makes great policy speeches if he focuses on the policies, there he will gain advantage. maria: we will leave it there.
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good to see you ladies, thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: fox business network is taking you live to the third presidential debate moderated by chris wallace, our special prime time coverage starts tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. join me for special coverage tomorrow night going into debate and mornings with maria live. join us we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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maria: welcome back, authorities
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giving the all clear in phoenix. cheryl casone with the details and headlines now, cheryl. cheryl: morning, maria, someone left a nonspecific threat at the voicemail at the headquarters yesterday afternoon. police scoward the building. we are not hearing more about that event. listen to this. this had fire-bombed the republican building and sprayed on the side of my building the nazi republicans, leave town or else. cheryl: police releasing 9/11 call from the attack on gop building. the release came yesterday. there's no arrest in that case. meanwhile, get this, democrats
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are building together to help rebuild the republican office. they have raised over $13,000 on the go fund me page to repair damage in that office. another headline this morning, headache for travelers, jet blue , suffering technical glitches. the outage has reportedly been resolved this morning, caused by problems by computer systems, that's a separate booking system that they used, international flights were not affected by that problem. and finally thanks to the gig economy, number of people holding multiple jobs eight-year high. according to bureau of labor statistics 7.8 million americans held more than one job in the month of september, that's 5% of the american workforce. this is coming as more job openings hit the market and wages still having multiple jobs means americans are working really hard and maybe not
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feeling so good about it. maria: wow, feels like that's an indication that people are struggling a lot. they have taken two jobs, dagen. dagen: just feel like that there'one place you could go. listen, some people like working multiple jobs, you get to do different things. it works with your schedule if you have children and the like but it is a sign of frustration. maria: more often than not because you need a couple of jobs. >> i keep hearing how wonderful the job's market is, unemployment below 5%. 5% isn't so bad, i keep hearing. the quality of jobs is not there. that's part of the issue there. people are not qualified to do certain things. it hasn't kept up. we need better job training and motivation to hire people. maria: they have to have the
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skill set that companies are meeting. some managers come on the show, they say we want to hire, we can't find people to put because there's no skills sets. there's a big skills gap. >> that's what we should talk about tomorrow night. it should be focused on job, education, that's what the topic should be. maria: entitlements, social security, that's one of chris wallace's topics. dagen: they're going to have to tap-dance around that because neither one of them is in favor of reforming. maria: investors bringing on netflix's success. stocks are soaring, we will tell you about it. a rocket takes off to makes delivery out of this world. more of the shipment of the international space station in two years. back in a minute.
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great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. maria: big stage for tomorrow night tomorrow night meanwhile we are watching netflix stock surging, big earning speech and investors and now netflix to open 118 to 8 to 0.
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-- 190. would you buy into the stock? >> no. [laughter] >> this is going to be terrible. maria: really? >> two quarters in a row and made lame excuses which told me this was coming. the bar is lower. it's all about sentiments and people are positioned to fight against this and here we are. we have numbers better than low expectations. are they better year over year, no. market is coming to terms with that. they are seeing as call option of international sub growth just like u.s. help support growth here. the next phase is that. successful original content. people are excited about that. it's about expectations. yesterday, you know, the risk reward looked better than it did this morning frankly. that's what it comes down to. you look at the long-term, hey, growth is scarce, this might be the stock that people should think about. maria: what do we know about the
6:26 am
content coming, dagen? i cannot wait for house of cards to come back. do they have enough original content going forward? dagen: what's funn you pointed to stranger things, i can't get into that but i'm watching narcos. it's about pablo escobar and drug traffickers in latin america. they are having broad success internationally. a lot of the show is in spanish. a show like that that's been around that's been on netflix for a while and people still gravitate because of word of mouth. >> i'm definitely a narcos and netflix fan but how do they
6:27 am
compete, amazon prime does it, showtime. a lot of these other entities are getting into that netflix space. i wonder how it caps the ability to grow on the future. dagen: they are having to pay for for lower quality content. >> that bar is higher. it's still traditional players. does everybody keep unhooking. netflix and amazon and netflix comes with a couple of bombs that they paid for or amazon and there's going to be a problem. netflix keeps the pipeline going. we are talking about stranger things, house of cards, we haven't mentioned orange is the new black. maria: the company is projecting strong numbers in the fourth quarter. the guidance was pretty good as
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well. short break, your tax money wasted to study twitter #s, yes, twitter #s. the battle to retake mosul. how the war on terrorism is streaming live on facebook. back in a minute guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much.
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the mistay connected.elps us the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday october 18. top stories 6:30 a.m. on the
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east coast. election day three weeks away from today. voter registration ends today in eight states. many polls are open for early voting and some stations slammed with long lines already. we will show you coming up. plus the battle for mosul, the fight is being streamed live on the internet as the iraqi forces made progress against isis. the republican ticket weigh in on the battle. >> when hillary clinton was secretary of state she failed to negotiate an agreement with iraq. >> can you imagine the general, i really had a lot of -- you know what they are doing? they are spinning in the grave. surprise. you remember they used to call it the element of surprise. now the element of surprise is in four months we will be attacking mosul. maria: closer look on the war on terror coming up.
6:32 am
your tax dollars hard at work, controversy after the government dolled out a million dollars on social media. we will tell you about it. futures actually pointing to a pretty good gain this morning. 70 points in the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq stronger as well. we have netflix soaring this morning. in europe gains across the board as well as you see major averages up between wasn't and one and a half in the euro zone. in asia stocks higher there and the best performers up at one and a half percent a piece. bob dylan staying silent. well, the battle in mosul ongoing is 75 squire miles of territory regained by coalition forces yesterday. the fight also making its way to social media.
6:33 am
it is being streamed live on facebook. soldier holding flags wenting at gunshots and smoke can all be seen right there live. there's also audio commentary on the feed, however, it is only in arabic. i want to bring in retired four-star general general jack keane. this takes me back to when i first started seeing this, here we have it being streamed on internettened facebook, what are your thoughts? >> it's the reality of what we have in modern broadcast, that's for sure. certainly technology has been there for years to be able to transmit. viewers will find it that it doesn't have the action base scenes that you see in a hollywood movie, the longer you
6:34 am
look at it, these are real people and real bullets and lives at risk and some will obviously fall right in front of the viewing audience. maria: it's extraordinary to watch it happen as it happens. hawaii would you characterize day one to take back mosul? >> it's a good day. nine buildings taken by towns, three by iraqi army,army moved five miles into isis territory. this is phase one, maria, what they are trying to do circle the city. they are circling north, east and south and that's what's taking place in phase one and in phase two, decisive action and use iraqi army that we saw so successfully and they will also
6:35 am
bring in some sunni travel forces to participate in that assault in the inner city. what we don't know, maria, is whether isis will stay and fight in the city. what they have done is fight for a period of time and withdraw most of the forces, we also don't know how the people will react. most of them welcomed isis to be frank about it because they were so sick of the shiite government but over the last two years the tyranny of isis has had a major impact on them and the iraqi government is hoping they will support the iraqi assault and not support isis. that remains to be seen. maria: it's interesting because the people were initially welcoming isis, you have your enemy fighting with your friends' enemy. you have the turks and kurds working together. we know that they really -- they're on different sides.
6:36 am
>> well, much of the challenge of this, the military aspect will take weeks to unfold, given the man power and technology advantage that the iraqi army has clearly with u.s. advisers, mosul will be taken. the real challenge will be the divisions that exist in iraq among kurds, between kurds and iraqi government, between sunnis and shiites. this lack of political unity is a major issue and it needs to be resolved, the united states frankly are diplomatic effort has been weak by comparison to the u.s. military effort and much needs to be done to bring this country together or the results could actually be a civil war down the road here. maria: which is why we keep hearing that this is going to take a long time.
6:37 am
day one was successful but let's not have -- this is going to take some time. let me ask you about yemen, cease fire, three weeks while also killing 20 islamic state militants, what are you expecting following this cease fire. >> first of all, they'll be able to get human tar ape -- humanitarian aid there. nothing in comparison to the 500,000 dead that have been killed in the 5-year civil war certainly in syria here. but this is all about the iranians, maria, our government has not stepped up to acknowledge that. the iraniansrain and armed the houthiswho
6:38 am
who overthrew and that shooting has to be ordered by iranians. make no mistake about that. they are seeking domination of the middle east and we are not stepping up to acknowledge that reality. maria: russia inserted itself in the syria war. turkey is warning that the u.s. and russia could start the next world war if they cannot solve the conflict in syria. your thoughts on that warning? >> well, there's certainly potential for conflict between the united states and russia and the deals with russia's desire strategically to push out, they have always believed that that is the only way to protect mother russia. they are phobic about a frempleman who burned major city
6:39 am
and a german who came 30 miles from it in world war ii. they are preoccupied with it. so much of their activity is around russia establishing a strategic buffer. they are going to test us for sure in eastern europe and in particularly in the baltics, there is potential for conflict d that's the reality that we that is why i think the major lesson from the cold war is you have to have deterrence. it's one, the capabilities, they must be real and two you must have intent to use them. we don't have capabilities to use them. given the president we have no intent to use them and that invites the aggressiveness that you see russia unholding in eastern europe and the middle east. maria: very aggressive and schooling the u.s. in some ways. putin is not trying to influence the election and he says he
6:40 am
hopes relationships with the two countries will normalize. what do you think about the comments this morning. obviously he had to make a comment because one side keeps blaming him for trying to get involved in the u.s. election. >> well, i believe our government when we they say that the russians are involved. we have very good forensics when we receive a cyber attack. i think we got them. we know who did this. that's number one. number two, he interfered in if elections in eastern europe, so the pattern is already there. and reporting to sources, that's the intelligence agency in england that russia was involved in the brexit vote. so the fact that they're involved in u.s. elections certainly is very unique for us but not unique for them and russia pulls out all the tools to accomplish their national interest and their national
6:41 am
interest in the outcome of a u.s. election is obvious. they have picked a side and that's what's they're about here. it's outrageous that we tolerate it. we have done nothing yet. we are still talking about it. maria: why do you think they picked a side? is it because he hates and doesn't respect president obama and feels like hillary clinton is the extension of him? what's behind them picking a side? >> i don't really know because if you just look at it, obama has been the greatest gift to putin in these last eight years because he's been able to make territorial gains. he's been able to get back on the world stage again at the expense of u.s. national interest. he is a major player in the middle east. maria: obama doesn't do anything about it. that's true. >> has done nothing about it. so the perception that he has that maybe secretary clinton
6:42 am
would be different than that based on the relationship that he had with her when she was secretary of state, i don't know. and i don't think he knows much about mr. trump other than what his intelligence agents are getting or what he's getting out of the media. i can only speculate what's going on here as to why he's -- why he's chosen a side. maria: fascinating. >> the other side he does have an interest in is he desires to weaken people's respect and regard for the united states government, expose some of the weaknesses of the u.s. democracy on a world stage which he believes and weakness relationship that the united states has with its allies as they have less respect for the united states. maria: right. i guess he figures that makes russia that much more strong and poweringful. you know, if they lose respect for the u.s., they'll see russia as the tough guy around the world. general, good to see you as always. thank you so much.
6:43 am
>> good talking to you, maria. maria: general jack keane. special prime time coverage tomorrow 6:00 p.m. eastern. mornings with maria live tomorrow morning for preand post debate analysis. i hope you will join us live from las vegas. coming up bullies on twitter could have cost the company potential deal with buyers. the latest nobel prize winner for literature is no where to be found. bob dylan, what the academy is doing to track down dylan, next this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here,
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maria: welcome back, everybody. earnings have been largely better than expected. by the way we got ibm and ibm stock is trading down this morning, but many of the names that are reported earnings
6:47 am
particularly in the banking sect or trading up. more visa shares on the move. the company is announcing that the ceo is leaving. leaving the company leaving the four years, charles stepping down and says he cannot spend enough time in san francisco to do the job effectively. the company's headquarters are there but the family lives on the east coast. he will be replaced by alford kelly. new details this morning about disney decide today walk away and not move forward to acquire social media company. twitter trolls online harassment were among issues of the companies walking away. time is running out to register to vote in eight states. cheryl: residents have until today to register to vote. kansas, maine, maryland, minnesota, new jersey, wjzy --
6:48 am
west virginia and florida. well, early vote asking underway in georgia where there are big crowds and some very long lines, take a look at this video, people in several counties waiting hours to cast their ballot in one of the most bitterly fought presidential campaigns in recent history. the during the last presidential election nearly 2 million people in georgia voted before election day nearly half of all of the ballots cast. well, your tax dollars at work, the national institutes of health gave researchers at the university of utah more than $700,000 to study what foods are mentioned on twitter via hash tag, 80 million tweets were collected. if you want to know the food items are coffee and beer, the idea to make public health surveys easier, i guess.
6:49 am
well, the third time is the charm for the rocket, rocket manned ship launched successfully last night after two failed attempted. it's on the mission to deliver supplies to the international space station. reports pour envy of twitter from observers and washington, baltimore, new york even raleigh, north carolina. the launch expected to give a lift to virginia's commercial space industry. the nobel academy has a weird problem, they awarded the most prestigious prize to bob dylan but they can't find him. he has not answered any of the academy calls. they spoke with some of the collaborators who were nice enough but they would like to talk to him directly. the academy says they have given up on tracking him down. they are hoping he's going to show up in the ceremony in december in person to accept the price. maria: that is funny. that really is.
6:50 am
you said it right. it makes him that much cooler. dagen: exactly. don't go. >> have we mentioned the award is $927,000. that's not nothing. dagen: walking around money if you're bob dylan. maria: coming up disney characters are getting new roles, how dole is using elsa and oloof to eat healthier. back in a minute
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>> do you really want to punch your way out of this? this what do we do? >> we fight? maria: disney is bringing the favorite characters to most groceries before you. i spoke with nutritionist karen to know about how they're pushing kids to eat healthier. first of all, can disney characters can get kids to eat this stuff? >> absolutely. as all moms know, kids do as they see, not as they're told and it is fantastic that this huge company disney, which has a huge portfolios of characters and stories is teaming up with dole to promote healthy living. maria: how does that work? disney brand it first? >> this is a proven model because in the great depression there was a character called
6:55 am
popeye and he ate spinach. kids loved spinach. this is a proven model and i think the most important thing to remember is it has to be interacted and popeye ate the spinach and got stronger so if spider-man is eating a bowl of broccoli -- maria: it's all about marketing. cuties, let's talk about cuties for a second. 100million-pound boxes of mandarin last year. >> they called them cuties an fantastic commercials behind it. that's really a big message as a nutritionist and a mom. they saw the kids on the commercial eating cuties. it's a fantastic campaign.
6:56 am
i hope that other food companies will follow and other vegetables will follow. >> you need to schools to follow. they're not getting this kind of stuff at school. the numbers are alarming. over 35 million children in the united states are either obese or overweight. >> there's government policies in place and they're not working because i think what we are talking about, they're telling our kids, they are giving them paper, they are saying the words, there's obesity epidemic and nobody is doing anything about it specially big companies that have aggressive market towards unhealthy food. we know how that work. i can't take my 7-year-old to the super market, i do what i do and promote healthy living and it's a tough sell for me and so, of course, you know, for all moms out there and all schools, it's hard. maria: you have to stay at a perimeter.
6:57 am
do not go into aisles. >> i'm afraid. i don't want to get into arguments. maria: martha stewart teams up with snoop dogg. we will be back in a minute
6:58 am
denmark country and .. recently, a 1954 mercedes-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000.
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and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. and two good tuesday morning. i am maria bartiromo.
7:00 am
it is tuesday, october 18th. a bombshell report this morning waiting on the clinton campaign for the final debate. state department officials try to convince the fbi to declassify some of clinton's e-mails. donald trump went on the attack. >> it's disappointing when you see that and say what the purpose. this is serious stuff. this is watergate. maria: the latest on the race for the white house coming out. an ambush on police officers at a starbucks. the dramatic scene as the suspects gun jams. samsung helping galaxy note on her stern and found that the airport. the latest attempt to get devices out of people's hands and get these behind them. a slowdown in the auto sector. topping production of its s. 150 pickup truck spirit another busy
7:01 am
day on the earnings calendar checking markets expecting a higher opening today. dow jones industrial average of 68-point. other averages also higher. trading up on better-than-expected earnings in the wake of the third-quarter earnings season. in europe come again since he was the one to one and a quarter of a percent. in asia overnight performers in china and hong kong with the shanghai composite in hang seng up. vladimir putin, the new calendar bottle. the official calendar features. more of the pictures you want to see. joining me to talk about it, and taken the towel, rhino trading partner by no boss and republican strategist tony said. dagen: once in a blue moon you get a glimpse of what morning tv is like. this is my makeup bag. i was fixing my face.
7:02 am
without makeup, i look like under mayor putin. maria: a lot of stories to talk about this morning. michael burgess is that the spirit founder of martha stuart will join me in this studio and the cofounder of netscape, internet genius itself is a test this morning. the president of lincoln joining us as well. new developments surrounding hillary clinton's private server surface one day before the third residential debate in nevada. john roberts at the very latest. good morning to you. >> donald trump has been looking for a topic on which you can change of can change of subject away from the allegations dogging him for the past week now and you may find something to cap relies on tomorrow's final presidential debate at the university of nevada las vegas. it's this idea from the wikileaks latest dump that
7:03 am
patrick kennedy, the undersecretary of state at the state department may have offered to quit pro-quote to the fbi giving them some positions overseas in exchange for changing the classification of some of hillary clinton e-mails. donald trump went off on that last night in green bay, wisconsin. here's part of what he said. >> killer even got the questions and answers in an infinite major debate. how do you do that? and think of it. nobody made a big deal. she got the questions in advance to essentially a debate. can you imagine if donald trump got the questions in advance? they would reinvent the electric chair. reporter: i wasn't exactly what we were looking for, maria.
7:04 am
we were looking for donald trump's latest revelations constitute a crime and corruption at the highest level. this is as bad as watergate. he's also calling for republicans to launch an investigation into this right away in congress. in an interview with carl cameron wants that was critical of republicans for wanting to put it off. >> i think it's crazy what's going on. it's a criminal act, a crime and the republicans are going to hold hearings after the election. even hold those hearings before the election. this is a criminal act and its incredible they can do this and get away with it. >> this is an issue he may be able to get some traction on your front page news in "the new york times" and "washington post" today. in order to get to this issue tomorrow night at the debates he needs to have a very good answer about all of these allegations leveled out by all these women who claim he treated them inappropriately.
7:05 am
this campaign is working on it there for that. dagen: big story here. john roberts at the latest in las vegas trump is calling clinton's e-mail scandal worse than watergate. joining us now is congressman michael burgess. thank you for joining us. do you agree with trump on this? >> worse than watergate? we will see where it goes. and that's disturbing that stuff comes out. maria: do you think anything will be done about it -- and the people think well, all of these backroom dealings. he met chairman shea says that he's going to hold hearings. i don't know what the timeframe as during the investigation we came back for the committee came back and had a hearing in a sober. there's no reason it couldn't happen. the >> watergate was largely about abuse of power in the executive branch but it also introduced the phrase the cover-up is worse
7:06 am
than the crime. we see here and then data cover a period but they were covering up is certainly open to speculation. the new batch of e-mails reveals that could have been collusion between the state department and the fbi a list of quid pro quo offered. how much can come out in the next 22 days through correctional action versus wikileaks? >> that is concerning to me. you want the entire story to come out. we do have an election november eighth in that day is immobile. it's going to happen. what you really don't want to see as the revelations come out after election day than the consequences become very severe. maria: can anything be done about it once it comes out after election day? >> that would depend upon the actions of the current president. there are things that ford famously part pardoning nixon.
7:07 am
dagen: talk about the ability of the republicans to hold the senate and house. we saw a market selloff last week when it looked like after all the recent issues with donald trump that the republicans could lose a significant number of seats even in your chamber. >> honestly i don't think that's going to happen. the house is going to remain in republican control. the senate has always been it? because of the number of seats republicans are defending. here's the bigger thing. i'll do everything i can on the house side to create the right kind of legislation for a national security, health care, tax policy. if you don't have a president at the end of pennsylvania avenue will he defend the policies all the work is for nothing. tried to resolve it over and over again in the obama
7:08 am
administration. there's a reason to believe that we have a divided government, nothing but done for four years. >> is not that nothing gets done, but it doesn't have the impact. 1.1% growth for i don't know how long. people want jobs. you don't get economic growth with the type of regulations coming out the federal agencies during this administration. that has to be reined in. >> would you want to see the trump can focus on tomorrow night? >> what i've said over and over again is issues come issues, policy policy. that's where you want to see the focus obviously for me a bit to see the focus on health care. obama carries a disaster and it's getting worse by the hour. bailey said the first step in recovery as you got to admit you have a problem. bill clinton did us a favor by telling us this was such a dreadful program.
7:09 am
maria: you were an ob/gyn. you and several doctors recently said obama carries about to collapse. >> it does look like it's teetering on the brink. the increase in the premiums come by counties across the country that have only one insurance opportunity. that's really not a choice. that's not competition. obama careless old. we've got to increase the amount of competition. but resents her? she's going to do a public auction. she's going to increase the federal subsidies in the exchanges. when has the best infusion of federal dollars created a lower cost for anything? >> people like medicare. older people love medicare even though it's bankrupt in about 12 years i think. >> this is the problem in
7:10 am
medicare to people paid into the system all their lives will tell you this is not a benefit. this is something i've created. >> although they take up more than they ever put in. >> that's right. the public auction -- the premium support top to bottom the house budget for several years really is the correct direction to go with medicare, medicaid, block grant to the states. all of these things again i would encourage her candidate donald trump to talk about because if you don't nothing else can happen. >> obama carries more like medicaid. though clinton's comments against obamacare. deliberate or accidental. >> i don't know, but what a gift. >> maybe he was just trying to tell supporters, don't worry. >> a crazy system.
7:11 am
i agree 100 or send. almost exactly two years ago, chuck schumer who will be the lead democrat in the senate next time said we focused on their own population. we did obamacare and we hurt the people we should have helped them to help the people who don't know. they made a very accurate. maria: he can make a revelation now because he didn't read the 3000 pages? how is it coming to that revelation now? >> you should've known it. many of us tried to talk about this. the town halls in 2009, how severe they were. 2000 people showed up in an august town hall in texas. don't mess up what we have but if you're going to do anything, help us with cost. we felt on both accounts. maria: good to see you.
7:12 am
congressman michael burgess. we'll take you live to the third and final presidential debate moderated by chris wallace. coverage begins tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. eastern. "mornings with maria" will be live tomorrow and thursday morning fix in eastern. we'll see if obamacare comes up in the discussion. police backfires outside of a starbucks in california. how the officers survived the assassination next. a preview of the official 2017 calendar. back in a minute. of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
7:13 am
prudential. bring your challenges.
7:14 am
7:15 am
tree into a coffee break for two california police officers on police officers almost turn deadly. cheryl casone with the story. >> police say officers write a starbucks in vallejo, california and the suspect adam powell a convicted felon. convicted felon. a maturing attempted to assassinate them. officers got a lucky break when the assault weapon malfunctioned. he then fled on foot as you can see here police chasing him. they shot him three times per the suspect in critical condition. lieutenant quoted as saying the event underscores the extreme danger the police officers face on a daily basis. sam's son has that company representatives exchanging the galaxy note seven smartphones to
7:16 am
australia's main airport. the company wants to help passengers unaware that the phone is banned from by because they can catch fire and explode. the u.s. flights last week boost the airport terminals swapped the phone out for another samsung device of the other passengers are waiting. macy is planning to open an hour earlier on thanksgiving day this year. they are bucking the trend if you will. they will open at 5:00 p.m. on thing giving with most of his stores closing at 2:00 a.m. and then reopen it fixing them on black friday. the company has been open on thanksgiving since 2013 but they remained open through the night. macy's has recently reported a fixed-rate dropped in quarterly sales. again, this is interesting because basically they will buck the trend and let their folks keep on shopping. the announcement showing many major retail chains with thick with the things giving opening.
7:17 am
companies are finding it is good pr to say i'm going to let my employees had the day off. if you don't have the sales, people go to amazon, is it worth it. >> it is good pr, but will you go shopping on thanksgiving? >> week on amazon? dagen: even buying household goods. >> this goodwill thing were stores aren't open on things giving. if you don't like it, don't go shop there. that's what it comes down to. they creat demand. people want to participate they
7:18 am
shouldn't. >> if your boss says you've got aware, you've got to work. maria: some people have to work. working in the hospitality industry for years, he worked on every single major holiday. maria: that's when they're busy. still ahead, police working together like never before to catch crooks. how new technologies keep emergency is connected to a criminal investigation. coming up, martha stuart and snoop dogg. the kinetic conversation with the iconic businesswomen about how she ended up on the show with a rapper. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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maria: welcome back. law enforcement agencies face
7:22 am
challenges when it comes to handling and sharing data. today a global information technology company announcing digital investigator. a new system will make it easier for agencies to fight crime by enabling them to share and analyze critical evidence while integrating social media and on citizens to provide info. joining us now is one person or a security solutions a former be a deputy assistant to for i.t. infrastructure. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> inks are having me. digital investigator at its heart is a browser-based application that allows officers to input keys related data so that they have the ability to manage their information and manage the intake can perform collaboration, tasking across the entirety starting with the
7:23 am
records management system to case management on the way over to the offender management should an individual be arrested. trade to sound like a simple thing, but as an admission of the agencies don't want to share them permission? the cs on one thing, fbi and impaired will this technology force them to share info? >> the technology we developed doesn't force anyone to share but that's a very good question you asked about yet via the cia sharing of her mission. after 9/11 the fbi was criticized for not sharing information and the assumption was there is no decide share. that may have been a little her. more important there is no methodology for sharing. the fbi was on a paper-based system. agents would conduct investigations in come back and put the information into a computer system that they reprint information is stored in a paper file. it's just about an possible to share paper files that bad.
7:24 am
one of the things i did while i was there his work on the sentinel program were digitized files files in case management systems so they can easily share them with cia. today outside of the process is a lot better. very streamlined and we share information very openly. the goal of digital investigators is to bring the same capability to agencies as well. dagen: bell, dagen mcdowell. it is only as effective as a broad outreach in terms of the number of police departments using it. what kind of penetration do you have so far? the mac one of the things we've done is with excellent penetration in the united kingdom and that's one of the race to bring this to the states now. in the u.k. 40 different police agencies use the system. one of the most prominent being the london metropolitan police department also known as scotland yard. over there it is called homes.
7:25 am
i thought that was very appropriate. the use of excessively for major cases. to tell you just how effect did this sense, i spoke with the head of the major case squad last week. i asked them what has been your ex is accusing homes? he explained in monday explained in my bitmap and 95% clearance rate on homicide. compare that to some of our big police departments where you take chicago, not cause them out intentionally, but chicago at last check had a 29% clearance rate. the states are 70% likely to not be held accountable whereas in london grew 95% likely to be captured if you commit a homicide. >> it sounds like there's a public component to your system in which a citizen can share her mission with law enforcement. how do you verify what people are putting into the database?
7:26 am
>> absolutely. but good. let me give you an example of why this is so. not long ago my daughter and i were walking around in new york city and we saw an accident, a horse carriage had hit a car. the worst is just fine. she started snapping pictures and started deciding which she was going to upload to face the period it occurred to me pretty much got an entire crime scene photo system right there in your phone if there is a methodology now to push data to the police department, they would have been information earlier. the latest crowd sourcing of her mission and citizens. the information we need to be by an officer. go back and checked to make sure the information is verifiable ,-com,-com ma that it is evidence material. that gives the police that much of a head start on investigation and perhaps the opportunity to have one more source of her
7:27 am
nation. maria: let me ask you before you go. you had the fbi that grid computing initiative, a proud soldier at the vi. what are your thoughts today given all this criticism about the handling of hillary clinton, the state department asking fbi to change the classification markings. any thoughts? >> yet, the fbi has been around the blog time. it's a bastion of society and will be so. the men and women of the fbi are dedicated to just assemble and beat an unbiased. the fbi has been around for years and that is really what we do. we pride ourselves on that. political winds that come and go. they may shift left and right. a ruthless commitment to the law. maria: we will live there. we appreciate it. whether it's cooking the perfect
7:28 am
thanksgiving dinner or watching a billion-dollar media empire, the not much martha stewart can't do. we'll talk about her new show with snoop dogg and how she's helping american businesses grow. latimer putin showing off his softer side. back in a minute.
7:29 am
7:30 am
maria: good tuesday morning. tuesday, separate teams.
7:31 am
the presidential debate is tomorrow night. gearing up for their face-off in their running mate weighed in on preparations. >> i think the key to the debates and to the debate than how well she did the first two times as her demeanor. not only does she know the substance but she's got the look of a president. >> talked to my running mate this morning. he won that last debate against hillary clinton hands down. he focused as he did wednesday night. trams -- the ferguson of fact. new video the chicago police officer beaten up. she did not pull her weapon. fears of media scrutiny. she got it not. the opposite of colin cap kaepernick. once did want to honor country's
7:32 am
flag. ford motor has stopped production of its top-selling f. 150 pickup truck. what it means for the popular vehicle. johnson & johnson higher after profits and revenues beat analyst expectations. trading down it reported last night router market to a higher opening. the dow jones industrial average with a gain of about 80 points. that really set the tone. up 1%, 72 points higher and half better than 1%. the best performers when china and hong kong up 1.5% each. the russian president hitting stores. marred the pictures you want to see, not.
7:33 am
the chicago police department showing a man beating a female officer. cheryl casone. train for a take a look at this. 28 roman punching this female police officer and send her head against the pavement until she passed out. officers did not pull their weapons. the female officer after the attack was happened earlier this month. this man has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer and aggravated battery to a police officer. chicago police department released a video of her fatal police shootings continue. she feared for her life but she did not drop the gun because she didn't want her family for the department to go through the scrutiny on national news. for some business headlines coming from ford. too many cars in track so they are shutting down plants.
7:34 am
among the v best-selling business makers the f1 50. the plant that makes the truck will close for a week so the cells can catch up to inventory out there. the booming car market against the slowdown. we talked about this yesterday. wikileaks has confirmed that ecuador has blocked its founder someone from using the internet. the access to shut down shortly after e-mails that appear to be hillary clinton's goldman sachs. the group says that that debated a contingency plan. someone has been living from within four years. he fled there to avoid this thing over sexual assault charges admitting it was then. russian president vladimir putin trying to show his softer side. his 2017 calendar is out.
7:35 am
holding a very cute kitten. he still likes to maintain his strongman image. if you look at the other pictures they show him wearing camouflage. he's been a fighter jet, maria. vladimir putin coming -- now i know what i'm getting for christmas here in >> is there a shot of him on the horse with the shirt off? >> and not yet. let me look around. maria: thank you, cheryl. next up and down with martha stewart. how she's helping out american small businesses. back in a minute. ♪ this woman owns this house,
7:36 am
with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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7:38 am
maria: welcome back. martha stewart has been a business innovator for 50 years.
7:39 am
her american-made event honors the newest generation of small business owners and creative entrepreneurs who craft, design a cook and style the united states. martha stewart living -- good to see you. >> good to see you. gasparino excited about the american-made event advice is so important to bring together small business owners? >> in america we've lost a lot of their manufacturing capabilities we have had 10 they complain about taking them off shore. but there are many, many makers, innovators, doers creating new businesses that need encouragement. jessica alba who is our keynote speaker this year, on wet turf and task take company that was just offered a billion dollars for it in a very few years. how excellent and what an encouragement to so many makers all over the country. we are honoring ted makers this year from a berry grower in
7:40 am
california to the low-key fish company in seattle too sweet greens, a very, very successful young startup restaurant company here in a dork. what a fantastic group of young entrepreneurs. it's our fifth anniversary. we have great speakers. jim cramer will talk about his sonics ear and in new jersey. to jessica alba to our friend. we talk about the restaurant business in this whole business of being a famous chef. trade to it is important to meet these people because it actually gives other people the confidence that they can actually create some rain. >> that's what it's all about. it's all about encouraging the new, the upcoming, the entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of america. maria: the content changes. you just mentioned a coating
7:41 am
company. >> roll suoth. another company very successful in so helpful because girls who are interested in technology and want to get into technology companies, if they have the background to get a much better job, much higher pay. maria: that's why let this event. you bring together so many small business all the time. i wonder what you are hearing from all business owners and entrepreneurs about business today. >> all business is challenged, but all business can also be very encouraging. i think that they are finding it might be a little bit harder to raise money because there's more startups than you can imagine. but they want to do it and they find ways to do it. there are other companies encouraging by giving them all above, by giving startup money and so many venture capitalists
7:42 am
are looking carefully and they look at hundreds of thousands. maria: they want the next apple. what do they say about regulation? we talk about the regulatory moment >> i'm not an expert in the regulatory business, that they need to be encouraged to find an appropriate legal advice. there are ways to do that. and to bear with it because it is worth it. so much red tape. maria: this going on across the country. louisville, kentucky, new york city, seattle, yonkers, washington, dodgeville. tell me about your new cooking show with snoop dog. how did you get involved with a rapper.
7:43 am
first let's get a preview. ♪ maria: what a great video database. an unlikely combination. >> i'm not a good dancer. smith is a very accomplished musician of course. he is a very good dancer, a very good businessman and who ago, is actually pretty good cook. so this is a talk show with. it's not a competition show although we do have a fried chicken contest which i will not tell you who won not. we get an ingredient for each show. tension is already done. fun guys. seth rogan is one of our guests. with khalifa. i have to learn how to sail
7:44 am
their names. there is a lot of fun and it really is taking the cooking show genre to another level. good recipes you'll end up with a couple great recipes but also a fun talk in the amusement. a split personality kitchen. his is gold and purple and nine is great. he has called upon is that everybody of course once the gold appliances. nobody is making gold appliances. step on it. maria: this is a really good way to expand your audience. >> expended tremendous leg and gives me the opportunity to teach it much, much broader segment of america. he makes the best bacon.
7:45 am
he makes a really good fried chicken. he makes great pasta and he learned how to make pizza. starts on november 7, the day before election day. vh1. maria: great, we will look for that. martha and snoop dog, the video is phenomenal. >> we have a feed chickens left over for this weekend. make sure the public knows that. go to martha stewart/ and there's a few tickets left. it's definitely worth it if you were thinking of starting your own biz is or has started a new business in a device. maria: a lot of good ideas. >> we're talking about food kids on the panels. a fashion panel that posed an. we have some really great pictures. maria: love it. you are also expanding your cafés, watching macy's stores.
7:46 am
tell me about this cafés. >> we started our prototype at 601 west 26 treat in the lobby of our office building. 5000 employees in the building, way south of hudson yards. we didn't have coffee in the neighborhood so we started a café, martha stewart cafe. this is excellent coffee and a selection of really fine baked good from all the best best speakers at the dark. encouraging the entrepreneurial baker. maria: is the idea to get your products in there? >> we have martha coffee and we have our two new cafés we have a wonderful assortment of product and coffee is in cheese. maria: is talking to someone else about this. they said they make more money from selling products and going and eating their. then you can get them to the business. >> i can't wait.
7:47 am
it's a lot of fun to see addicts in. maria: tell me what you see out there in terms of business. >> this is a better year. if you have good affordable well-made product, it is selling. it is when it gets either too expensive or not well-made enough. the consumer is a very discriminating person and i really approve of that kind of discrimination and i don't think you should be spending too much for too little. the american consumer has finally figured that out. there's a lot of difficulty with overpriced goods. the bargain -- the good bargains to me are the well-made affordable products. maria: the consumer today has become really discerning. they know when they are getting a bargain. >> it's not a cheap target.
7:48 am
that's why home depot is doing so well. we have a lot of wonderful products at home depot, kitchens, holiday items, those are extremely well. you know how home depot was doing. maria: here we are talking about american-made. the biggest event. that got home and coming up, thanks giving anonymously the holidays, christmas. what are your big takeaways from this holidays? >> i love the holidays as you know. turkey, with the best thing happened thanksgiving. fine meal kit business you ordered last week for this week indicate your meals delivered but they are the ingredients that you could. we are offering a meal for 10, thanksgiving dinner for 10 at a very good price and all the ingredients are in a box.
7:49 am
you get the turkey, the makings for all your side. makings for apple pie and you cook. so you eliminate the horrible shopping around the holidays. and if you're not organized, you go looking for turkey on wednesday, they might all be gone. this way you get everything delivered to your door and you could just cook. if you're 20 for thanksgiving, buy two boxes. maria: what's your favorite recipe? >> my favorite is the turkey. maria: is there anything outside the box? >> i do everything for the twist. cranberry pie instead of cranberry sauce. i also have to cranberry sauce because you need that for sandwiches the next day. so i don't cranberry pie or cranberry tart. i do an apple meringue pie which is really good, all baked apples with a big fluffy meringue on top. maria: lots of good ideas. great to see you.
7:50 am
we'll be watching the big event this weekend. coming up, the cardinals soar past the jazz. we will have the highlights from new york's top law. concerns over cybersecurity after a wave of high publicity breaches. netscape founder jim clark this morning about how the average american can best protect themselves online. back in a moment. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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7:53 am
maria: welcome back pay monday night football by one team in one team in one players feel bad. sports reporter jerrod max at the highlights. >> don't expect to see a monday night football ratings spike from last night's blowout in arizona. second try for the arizona cardinals to david johnston looks like former olympic sprinter michael johnson
7:54 am
58 yards for the score. when a three touchdowns. the cardinals clobbered the jazz. five straight losses for new york paper checks have been been outscored by 69 points. check this out. arizona cardinals quarterback patrick peterson before last night's game on the field. he had to dress up as a t-max. the bucket challenge and they have to dress up. quarterbaquarterba ck carson palmer were a clown costume. cleveland indians trevor bauer became a bloody mess on the pitcher's mound last night. one week removed from a hotel room or bauer sliced on the propeller of a drone who is trying to fix. an injury that cut his finger to the second knuckle and taken out of the game. he pleaded with the trading
7:55 am
staff with a soldering iron or that they wouldn't do it. a homerun. they are one win away from advanced in the world series for the first time since 1997. by the way, before yesterday's game a superior court justice in ontario, canada dismissed a legal effort by douglas cardinal who wanted to buy the indians from using their team name. the lawyer argued you could not call a team that new york's jewish device it okay to call that the cleveland indians. and now to an act of heroism. courage, leadership, all of the above. college football player connor brewer in decatur, collaborative and not his own saturday. as his teammates stayed in the locker room during the national and done, burkett to the sideline to honor the american flag. we haven't seen much like this in sports.
7:56 am
but a special moment in decatur, illinois. maria: i love this story. he's going against the grain. >> september 24th players feel for the abdomen to cause public outrage to the team got together and decided we don't want to do this the wrong way. they stayed in the locker room to honor america in their own way without having to be any potential players feeling. this kid went on his own. maria: that takes courage. dagen: god bless him. god bless anybody who has the guts to stand up for what you believe in. >> a football team as well. strength, toughness. i love to see where connor brewer will be 10, 15 years from now. >> what he put into the whole nfl ratings going down because of the actions of high profile players like kaepernick. >> that might weigh into it but oversaturation starts to bleed into it.
7:57 am
the nfl fined its tv contract, by every team is worth 2.34 billion. they were figuring we would become a society doing this all the time. we have so much to post about. to sit down and give nine-hour suicide in a fur coat all. maria: they were doing it for years. >> how much is just triplets officiating has to do with the? >> jeff triplett. whenever i hear that name, he's the guy with a flip a coin he didn't know what was heads and tails. >> otherwise known -- maria: good stuff this morning. coming up next, we are previewing the big event tomorrow night. the lincoln continental inside the 2017 model. back in a minute.
7:58 am
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legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. >> good tuesday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, october 18 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the candidates last stand donald trump and hillary clinton going to head head for the final time tomorrow night clinton staying behind closed doors until been a bombshell report shoes one aide in the state department tried to influence the fbi probe into her e-mail server, on campaign trail donald trump ramping up claims on a rigged election. >> citizens tend to favorite democrats obama won more than 80% vote of noncitizens we
8:01 am
don't wooant noncitizens voters. >> i am proud speaker ryan through spokesperson senator flake other republicans are standing up saying you are wrong we wrong fair elections. >> very latest in race to the white house xomg up wall mast helping the bottom line how retailer is benefiting from higher pay for workers lincoln continue continent aol to a showroom near you a look at 30 seats outside when we when he can out lincoln global markets rally earnings above expectations right smack-dab in the middle of earnings season third quarter driving prices dow jones industrial average expected to open up 100 nasdaq s&p 500 also stronger, the tone was set in europe take a look at gains across the board there we are going to see, european central bank meeting this week we've got the major afternoons up between 1 1/4 per diem and one and a thaird percent in a asia frirm tone toxin higher best china japan, i'm sorry china
8:02 am
hong kong, hang seng up 12 havd% chinese index shanghai up 1 1/2% as will be big day for roller coaster when after is unducked into rock 'n' roll hall of fame. >> details that could have you taking a interest i want to romania coming up join me to you took about it fox business network dagen mcdowell rino trading appearances michael block republican strategist tony great so faradayday great to see you need morning. >> we've got jim clark coming up cofounder net escape cofounder jim clark with us talking about security in the internet, this enthe president of lincoln kumar, is with us you don't want to miss a moment stuart varney will weigh in, of course, as well "varney & company" stay with us this hour trail heating up final day for voter registration in several states including battle grounded state florida donald trump doubling down on claim
8:03 am
election rigged to favor hillary clinton peter barnes with details at white house good morning to you. reporter: hey maria add on the ground fuel to fire documents, released from the fbi showing a senior state department official was trying to bargain with fbi, to change the classification of at least one hillary clinton's e-mails and this was while fbi was in the middle of investigation, of her use of a private server according to notes 302s one of clinton's close allies secretary of state undersecretary for management patrick kennedy wanted to make a deal with the fbi, if bureau agreed to downgrade the classification of one of clinton's e-mails he the state department could offer fbi an increase in the number of slots coveted slots veez for its agents calling it a quid pro quo, the agent wrote a kennedy quote advised exchange for marking e-mail
8:04 am
unclassified state to reciprocate allowing gi to place more agents in countries where are prerl forbidden ultimately fbi did not change classification no deal was made but the administration and clinton campaign are defending both fbi and state department saying they did nothing wrong. donald trump however seized on all of this called last night was constant calling for patrick kennedy to resign. >> fbi documents show under secretary of state -- for all classifications as part of a quid pro quo. in other words, a deal. this is felony corruption by any standard, undersecretary kennedy needs to resign. reporter: documents show the clinton had a very tense relationship with security guard so tens some senior agents sclanlt asking to be
8:05 am
reasigned. >> peter barnes at white house house trump not only one calling out issues about system being rigged bernie sanders jumped onboard watch this. >> the economy of the united states of america is in my view a rigged -- what does that mean what does that mean what it means is that you are living today in a nation which s more in being and welt inequality than any other major country on earth. >> joining us former real estating economic advisor former economic sr., advisor to jeb bush, martin feldstein good to see you i want your take on economy all of that you are so smart on that you will stuff but comments from sanders does it sprieurprise yo ul this talk everything rigged. >> doesn't make sense to me, and-certainly what sanders was saying about the economy being
8:06 am
rigged, more inequality he trees to travel to see what is happening in india see what is happening in mexico, so we are certainly not a nation of greet inkweelt compared to those places. maria: is part like when we get economic data on any number of numbers, the jobs numbers or gdp number a lot of people say that is not the right number unemployment for example they say 5% unemployment but other people say that is not right it is actually 9%, that also feeds into this idea that people are not getting the truth. >> well they get both numbers it is true that not everybody who wants a job has a job, on the other hand, unemployment rate of the level we have about 5%, we are already seeing inflation increasing operationally that is what limits the unemployment number. >> what do you think unemployment really is right now? is it 5%. >> i think we are full unemployment i think essentially full employment if we pushed economy harder yes
8:07 am
more people would get jobs, but the inflation rate would be increasing more and, of course, these very, very low interest rates are screwing up asset prices in a terrible way. >> martin what is behind this anemic growth that we have been sustaining for so long how much longer can country economy our size dynamism stain an average 2%. >> 1.4% last gdp right. >> yeah but the way we measure it really under states that is what happening not just recently but over the long haul, understates government statistic isstitions don't have a ray of dealing with quality improvement so don't take into account the fact that the products we buy the servicers we get, are getting better. they don't take into account new products that are coming onstream. , so we are really doing substantially comrert i don't
8:08 am
know by how much but substantially better than official numbers suggest we are creating a -- a very pessimistic view in public telling them there hasn't been much economic growth when reality is different. maria: than one to two percent. >> yes. maria: what is actually economic growth number of this country. >> i don't have a number. maria: better than 3%. >> could well be. if you took into account the new products that are coming along, the new services, the growth of those things, we would be talking a much higher number. maria: wow. >> marty you say full employment, so you say inflation starting to move up wages seem sagment may be a measurement issue based on what you are saying how do we get this productivity down a quid pro quo quarts down how do we get that higher. >> i wish i knew the answer to that. it certainly is true, that for the last few years, we've had unusually low productivity
8:09 am
growth unusually low income growth, and the economists a lot of economists are trying to figure that out come away scratching heads saying we just don't know what did it may be we will just bounce back, to the kind of numbers we've seen in the past. so -- that is just a fact there is nothing much -- i don't think there is much we can do about it we certainly can't get a in an driven boom in the way we have in certain other times. >> well if not is this a question of fiscal policy providing the right type of credit and motivation for employers? >> no. i are he peat i don't think we know why the productivity numbers have been low, recently last few years. they were unusually high knew yearsb that it is very hard thing to measure, if you break it down and you look not a total productivity but by individual industry, all over the lot. some are up a lot some are
8:10 am
down a lot. it -- i just don't know what to make of those kinds of numbers. maria: we've got to get your take on election and debate tomorrow night, donald trump and hillary clinton going to the debate, chris wallace has said entitlements are going to be one of the topics what do you want to hear from each candidate in terms of entitlements and debt. >> what i would like to hear what i expect to hear? what i would like to hear is face up to the fact that we have a large debt debt to gdp ratio has doubled in the last decade projected to move up substantially in the decade ahead. so nobody in this election is talking about policies, about those to rein that in similarly nobody is talking about dealing with growth of the entitlements, and if you don't deal with entitlements, you can't reiflorida in deficit. dagen: is it doomsday though because again, the candidates are not talking about it
8:11 am
hillary clinton wants to expand about medicare wants to make it available to younger people wants to expand the security. donald trump not talking about it. is that what it is going to take? being medicare the trust fund of runs off the money 12 years is congress going to sit around on hands, until that day comes, and then people are getting cents on dollar in terms of those of wefz. >> that is sort of what happens in 1983, we got right up to the crisis point and then they said okay, we will put some short term patches in place, and what is more importantly we will increase the retirement age from standard retirement age from 65 to 67. well, since then, average life expectation of people in mid 60s has increased by 3 years. so we go back do that same thing again, raise the standard retirement age let people retire earlier if they want with adjustment, but raise the standard retirement
8:12 am
age from 67 to 70, and look forward and say as life expectations continue to increase we have to modify those social security rules. >> note candidate wants to -- >> do you he you if i full unemployment i assume you think high interest rates from fed. >> i hope we are i have been hoping to three years. >> december, probably will but you know still going to be super, super low. if they move up by another quarter of a point, we're still under 1%. and in an economy thcore cpi rising more than 2% in economy full employment you don't want negative real interest rate what the fed is delivering. >> thank you so much martin feldstein we take you live to third presidential debate moderated by chris wallace special prime time coverage tomorrow night 6:00 a.m. eastern we are live from las
8:13 am
vegas tomorrow morning and thursday morning we hope you join us live, from las vegas. still to come, a subscriber growth pleading to surge, for netflix we are breaking down numbers is to be opening up 20%, price right for contestance historic milestone on beloved game show next. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ .
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8:16 am
maria: goldman sachs with numbers cheryl casone with details over to you. cheryl: banks this week showers of goldman sachs are higher in premarket, right now, after the banks third quarter profit jumped sharply from last year, revenue 8.2 billion dollars, that beat the estimate, goldman showing strength in results following a slow start to new -- obviously, as you can see moving up nicely in premarket let's take a look at netflix big win last night today this stock rallying nearly 20% after-hours adding largeer than expected number new subscribers third quarter made investors feel better about growth also picked up get this 3.6 million streaming subscribers ove two million subscriber estimate thanks in
8:17 am
part to new series strarnger things get down, as dagen mentioned. >> we've got breaking news roller coast rock 'n' roll hall of fame announcing for 2017 tupac shakur pro jam going on first on ballot for induction, this will be next year in rock 'n' roll hall of fame-gentlemanet jackson few more, yes stepping wolf jean by joan baez. >> remember industry officials are going to vote results going to be announceed in december then induction ceremony will be next april, and then take a look at this pep contestants on cbs "the price is right" making history with three-way tie. these three contestants different combinations one dollar at pair of spins on
8:18 am
game watch the clip. >> ♪ ♪. >> 65, for a dollar. 65 for a dollar -- >> [cheers and applause] . >> for a dollar. 50 for a dollar. [cheers and applause] . >> three wa three way ty three way ty, three-way tie. >> on group hug the first three-way tie in the show's history believe it or not, price is right is currently airing 45th season. plus maria, there is this. ♪ to my -- >> know you love halloween airbnb has a contest sleep in dracula's was nell
8:19 am
transylvania velvet line coffins as bed contestants have to post what they would say if they came face-to-face k count dracula. >> or face to face to fang. >> good one. >> one of the worst removes of all time, winona ryder, hold your nose kiana reeve psychological evaluations if they want to see -- >> crazy. maria: i chooould haven over floor. >> price is right was being run by debbie wasserman schultz yesterday [laughter] > a couple things. >> good one coming many walmart bet on employees paying off how company moved to increase wages led to a better shopping experience cybersecurity a face-lift literally selfies changinging the way info is protected that is next. ♪ you drive me crazy, ♪
8:20 am
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maria: welcome back, walmart having success in page out of the costco playbook deciding to invest 2. billion dollars in wage increases in training for workers, now translated into 16% pay increase, to 1369 per hour so far joining is right now to talk more about it fox news contributor host ceo gregg raburn great to see you. thank you for joining us what is what is your take on walmart raising prices a lot of debate about taking wages up so much, yet looks like actually helpful. >> i think it is the you have
8:24 am
to take long view to really appreciate where they are. you know. back in the day walmart had a lot of stock base compensation that is really how they originally grew as stock went up great for store managers stories about store managers became millionaires fine if stock going up works when stagnant that doesn't work companies like twitter are finding that out a lot of tech companies finding that out not very motivating slitting. >> waiting for stock to move. >> exactly i think part of what they are doing, is a pivot from what they have historically done the other piece at the end of the day it is good business, right i don't care what price point you are in the market doesn't matter whether costco is slightly different market than walmart, slightly -- coastco
8:25 am
more affluent customers base on average both segments are profoundly you have you can make money you have to reward employees incentive them motive them they are he doing probably right thing. >> you need to emphasis that the average full time employee at walmart makes 13.69 i think 13.69 an hour, part of the reason walmart did this to basically fight off unions fight for 15 campaign, that is pure the minimum wage purely funded by union o movement walmart trying to prevent themselves from unionized that is good business. >> unions interesting outside of public unions you know private unions continuing to down are yee contracting
8:26 am
skepticismism about what that does for employee base versus alternatives it is good business to make sure your employees don't have a reason to go organize, and then you know, get into that trap. hostess was great example of a company that amp, i was on amp board through first bankruptcy we had umpteen collective bargaining agreements a hard way to do business, and survive. >> let me ask you this question, is this not more validation to the idea that the free market actually does work? and that you can have good policy that you can view as may be even just if you gru raising wages that value if you allow free market to work without the impact of political arcs like unions. >> absolutely, and i am getting political on you for a second i know that is your area. >> from my perspective capital is like -- water than a
8:27 am
stream, right it is going to flow -- >> go as many are. >> you can put a rock in front of it take trump for example. you know, and notion that hey i am going to tax people so they can't leave i am going to bring stuff back. that is just -- nonsense. that is complete nonsense you today rock in the stream water is going around, and ultimately over the rock. right, because expect alism doesn't expect alism doesn't work free markets work will find a place to be profitable and it will find the place to support you know, good jobs, for example,, i mean so if capital gets locked up in a company like hostess, where you know, almost like a zombie company, at some stage there is no growth, there is no wage you know, improvement, it probably needs to be unlocked. sort of as we did there, and move then to a place that creates jobs creates stable
8:28 am
jobs and economic growth. as opposed to some fantasy i am going to make you stay right here. . >> you wondered if after the election business gets unleashed. >> i think -- i think it is -- one of the things that people don't really look at i don't think people talk about it is the entrepreneurial boom in this country right now. and it is because of the displacement of so many jobs displacement of middle class displacement of people because of people ready to retire can't, we have you know we talk about labor flack all the time but i mean those are real people. >> they they don't know what to do -- >> what i am -- seeing. >> good to see you. thank you so much for joining us greg raburn, protecting information online net escape cofounder jim clark says we need to look past the
8:29 am
password, then the open road sneak peek of the lincoln continental you want to check out with us on our plaza downstairs. back in a minute. er] i'm lindsee founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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8:32 am
tomorrow night in the final and third debate trump's wife mall melania defending her husband. >> this is no the the man that i know this is we could see always said if my husband said as well, for a successful businessman entrepreneur intainer so up of in life being in so many shows so many place, it is very hard to run for public office. and he did it anyway. >> very latest on race coming up any way you want it 2017 lincoln continental in showrooms, sea30 ways arranges driving wall street this
8:33 am
morning ibm, sock stock trading lower did report better-than-expected earnings but technology giant under pressure profit and revenue declined, from a year ago levels that stock is a dow component took wind out of some sails for the market pretty good rally the opening of trading despite, dow jones industrial average expected to open up about 100 points, we are one hour away from the opening bell, we've got gains across the board. also, this morning -- along with number of companies in banking essentialing reported better than expected earnings about, cpi out a moment ago rising 3/10 of 1% in september in line with expectations, compared to year ago prices off one and one half percent gains across the board take a look tone set in europe this morning we continue to see money moving into stocks, your zone up better than 1%, 1 1/2 puerto rico asia overnight higher as well china hong kong best shanghai composite hang
8:34 am
seng up 1 havd percent internet security major concern in wake of hak attacks compromising information companies government agencies turning to selfies to a solution, to authenticate euros protect against security breaches joining me jim clark known as internet genius the off the top of your head of command scape silicon graphics, good to have you on the program. >> thank you so much for joining us, so tell us where we are before i go into the rise in security breaches, and what has been going on in terms of worry over security who would you characterize what you have seen 20 years. >> recently there has been a state as you know of disruptions the dmclue e-mails tapped small businesses owners getting machines encrypted
8:35 am
couldn't do resist bit coin ransom massive password theft at companies like yahoo! seeing it a lot of different places if tend -- one way or the other points to adverbs i call it that we call password. >> you wrote op-ed on this interesting a long time ago, with last i would say 20, 30 years i might have asked you, where is the growth in internet you could say retail you could say cloudy, social media but now feels like growth in securing our data. >> yeah, ironically,back when we created netscape we inventdz mechanism oi allowing you not to use passwords used daily to a authenticate a web site a form of athenification a weak form but when we invented this protocol called transport layer security tls, mays you it open it was adopted as standard used
8:36 am
everywhere now, but this particular standard allows you to authenticate a user like you authenticate the -- the site or web site. >> how do you do that hackers are able to generate and penetrate rather passwords gain access to all kinds of sensitive information. that we have on the internet. is it like -- do you like put your eyes, fingers explain how this password -- not average. >> think of it as two different things one type of password gives access to device your phone, and then there is what i call a neither work password that gives you sez to a site. it is the network password that is the most --the biometric security in phone you don't want to use it for acss to site, because that requires that the site have a copy the passwords are deficient because amount to shared secret. you know there is no -- old joke a secret is something you
8:37 am
tell one person at a time, and thing about it this particular secret you don't want anyone to know the mechanism built into this -- tls that i mentioned already aallows to you use at a what is called public key certificate i will call it a certificate here. the certificate has been around for years to you a tent kate make sure you are connecting, connected to yahoo! any site you go to, has the certificate. and that certificate is issued by certification authority there is a complete infrastructure for dealing with that kind of issue, it is a kind of thing that you can share with everyone case it is signed digitally signed you a then indicateble irrevocable, a mechanism that i don't need to get in details it is going to be beyond everyone quickly but used today to athe hunt kate every web site you visit, all i am saying exact same mechanism could be used to
8:38 am
authenticate users, users need to be issues a certificate. then don't need a password the certificate gets shared with everyone, because it can't be altered can't be messed with if you mess with it no longer value inside do you think we will see adoption -- >> yes, i do, i think it is most wild used security it can in history, been with us 20 years, but just not being used to authenticate are users only to athen kate -- if you authenticate users infrastructure exists i think a natural i am doing it in my company. >> makes a lot of sense. >> what are we thinking about government fatalities entities russian government subpoenaed of hacking into systems potentially to influence system ci reportedly planning to retaliate what should government be doing about this.
8:39 am
>> the real problem you need to use this type of security. when you issue someone a certificate, they are able to you don't have a backdoor you don't have a trap door to get the information that they might encrypt using that, so the government gets needs to get out of the way let that happen, the government uses it, by the way, to give -- give employees government employees secure id card secure card to get them into places, and so i think the government really needs to let security happen. if you have a backdoor somebody else can use it. >> tell me about command scape more than ever before we are vulnerable on so many fronts not just computer is in front of us our washing machine lawn system. >> where do i think alarm -- it is commercial in home automation kind of product commercial home security, and it is essentially addresses
8:40 am
surveillance, unlocking doors opening things giving permission to people to open things turning lights on and off, adjusting heating under one umbrella with certificate it doesn't require someone enter a password they go to their site protocol automatic on internet, will take care of making sure the right person. >> i thought it was really interesting jim comey comes out said put a cover on your computer at home a cover, exercise bike whatever it is people can penetrate will try. >> there are so many ways that people can penetrate these days especially so-called home automati wireless devices product sold engine secure not even secure, no attempt at all. so we are in very early stages of that but it will come about that all of your data has to
8:41 am
be protected with this kind of mechanism passwords aren't the way to do it. >> is there any way to know for sure russia was doing hacking recently whether democratic national committee e-mails or trying to get involved in our election i know bad ashgs we have said a long time russia china do we know for sure? >> there is a truly a of bread crumbs from the same kind of places that left a trail of bred crumbs we know russia was involved circumstantial evidence points to them i am not in that business so i can't say, but -- i trust that people are saying the right things, this is not this isn't made up people don't make this up for political reasons. >> quick, you have been a genius in this space i want to ask where you see the big thing next is it securing this stuff why you created he -- >> security generally is certainly the big new thing you got to get out of passwords no question about that, the next big thing he
8:42 am
overly you think the they you are doing is a good i think that i am involved in -- the entire let's say entire security industry. i am not talking about cybersecurity i am talking about will building security and that sort of thing that industry has not been -- nothing new has happened in the last 15 years, 20 years, 25 years. >> long run. >> long time, so i think that there is going to be quite a revolution next 10 years general security space and cybersecurity overlaid on that, so that you don't have people being able to tap into digital home video cameras being able to abscond with camera and use it for services things like that, so we are going to see a lot of security. >> fascinating we so pressure your time. >> thank you. >> thank you so much jim clark joining us netflix putting a show on for investors stuart varney will weigh in on
8:43 am
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. maria: welcome back we are watching netflix stock up 20%, screami estrange giant racking to expectation lower had huge subscriber growth reporting earnin stuart varney joins us. >> i am afraid to say i've got egg all over my face this morning, i have to admit it maria. on the show yesterday when walking up to the earnings report, i was suggesting that maybe netflix is past its prime. maybe a has ben i wasn't making a forecast about stock trying to put company in perspective the streaming industry so i was suggesting maybe it is past its prime a thing of the past. how can i have been so totally and completely wrong? you may ask.
8:47 am
well i am going to do a maya culpa i was totally long netflix going to be today that is yesterday's close down on day after closing bell as you say maria, stung earnings report massive growth in subscribers look at that, we've got a a gun of what, 20% for the stock. when was the last time that a of that size went up 20% just apple facebook, amazon now netflix doing it i have to tell you maria i am very sorry, i was totally wrong in my perspective yesterday. if you still want to watch the show in 13 minutes. >> of course we want to watch a moment in time where actually did take market share, from some of the translates otradition addition altz. >> fair question. >> i didn't realize subscriber
8:48 am
growth will be so extreme, that shows would be so successful that they would budget six billion dollars for content just next year, i didn't see any of that coming obviously. >> there you go, see you i know you will talk more about it "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m. this morning, we'll be right back. >> dagen mcdowell look at stocks on move over to i. >> more stocks may be stuart will say imz for these i don't know shares of apple company reportedly making a move in effort to improve siri fired a professor from karn embassy mellon university as new director of a.i. research artificial intelligence research position is a first for apple. moving to amazon, the company looking to redid he fine family photo album amazon launching unlimited photo storage for family and friends family vault, the service free
8:49 am
for prime members can be shared up to 5 family members or friends, family comes with five gigabytes storage you can share more annoying notes of family on facebook with everyone start your engines from 30 different seat combos maria bartiromo taking you under the hood of fo's lincoln continental i do miss suicide doors though. we'll be right back. you both have a
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8:52 am
. maria: welcome back lynne corona continental evolved ford motorist turning ignition
8:53 am
on the president of lincoln thank you so much for joining at us car output is gorgeous i want to hear why it is so special. >> well -- >> this is part of the cars you say not my dpau's lincoln how long -- on the market. >> this car, is you know -- always stood for best lincoln has to offer, a very iconic name emotional for american public we want to bring it back, this fantastic price the whole car is designed around the experience you want to have with a car. >> tell me about that what do you mean experience with the car. >> we don't design technology for the sake of technology, anymore we are designing -- customers experience the car what should car do as approaching the car light up softly, it should -- you know welcome with you a welcome mat experience as you touch the door handle we know very unique door handle gentle touch you don't slam it out?
8:54 am
>> very smooth model faced early recall because of head lamp issue give update on safety compliance of this car. >> so the car is five star in terms of safety we did have issue on recall about 1900 -- 300 of them in customers hands playoffing whos lamps quickly as possibl >> where is growth for this carolyn conn sales in china nearly tripled do you look at growth as an american mainstay or do you look around the world for the next big for the company. >> two major markets for us in the united states and china, several other markets as well, as you mentioned we are growing very rapidly in china. and this particular car is very important to china and very important to the u.s. as well. >> let's see what -- what very, very smooth. >> very smooth. maria: one of the things we have been promoting the seat goes 30 different ways. >> that is right. >> can you show us. >> absolutely so -- >> can i get in.
8:55 am
>> it is code get in, see how comfortable you feel in this seat. >> there you go. >> wow. >> more than a twist just to sit on it keeps you warm in the winter cool in the summer, massage for long rides, independent extension so notice right leg is at a different angle that left one car can adjust support perfectly individually. >> okay, 30 different places in other words, if i come in my husband was in it earlier, i can put it on what -- push a button that is programmed to the way i want my seat. >> absolutely push a memory button yours is number one forms body perfectly. >> what are 29, 30 different places for the seat. >> not so much about number of ways it moves it is how perfectly it can set too fit your body so it is the upper seat that moves seat cushions move independently to provide
8:56 am
great experience to fit perfectly. >> and i should not slam it it will just -- >> go slowly. >> yes. >> beautiful car. >> yes. >> what are your expectations? >> well we expect to grab our fair share of the market in, this segment in the united states and tremendous growth in china. >> great, good to see you integratio congratulations we will be right back ♪ at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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♪ >> all right. final thoughts with me here and team upstairs. tony, what are you thinking about? >> let's see if the media covers the new revelations from wikileaks, pay to play, collusion from the state department and fbi made on the clinton statement department. maria: we'll be watching that. michael block? >> the core cpi, inflation came in weak this morning, that could help keep the fed on hold. and marty stein said they'd go september, i'd say know. maria: he did say that. dagen. dagen: read the wall street journal today. voter enthusiasm plunging among young people ap african-americans. that does not bode well for hillary clinton, there you go. maria: yeah, they're stressed out, dagen, by this election.
9:00 am
>> tuned out, unfortunately. but not the debate, we must tune in many to night. maria: we'll be there live tuesday and this yours-- thursday, that does it for us. >> three weeks from today, we vote. you would think that we would top with election coverage. no, instead of trump and clinton, we bring you netflix. good morning, everyone, look at this, please. stock of the day, netflix came through with a blockbuster financial report. who knew it would be so good? the -- going up nearly 20%. you rarely see that from that big a company. that's money, now politics. scandal focuses back on hillary clinton. the e-mail problem worse than


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