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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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at. conner brewer decided not to follow his teammates and stand tall for the national anthem when it was played in support of his country. conner declined to be interviewed out of respect for his teammates and coaches. what a decent guy. >> on both fronts. >> "risk & reward" is now. >> you know, to just see grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [laughter] right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it. liz: mocked conservative catholics pandering to blacks back to generalizing trump supporters as angry white guys.
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wikileaks back with 11th data dump of hacked e-mails from hillary clinton's campaign. we have the details. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. will he respond to president obama calling him a whiner today? we will bring that to you live if he does. first, to the latest wikileaks developments. the clinton campaign in an exchange just earlier this year in march after hillary's deplorables comments, hillary clinton campaign staffer orin shore basically e-mailed about trump supporters. watch what he said in suggesting to prepare for the next clinton speech, talking about having a diverse crowd behind clinton, he e-mailed campaign manager john podesta and others on the team saying it would be a subtle yet powerful contrast to the angry white guy, usa chants at trump events when he spews on american hate talk.
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former gop presidential candidate is former governor mike huckabee, with me now. nice to see you, governor. >> thanks, liz. liz: what do you think of the clinton staffer basically referring to trump supporters as the angry white guys spewing hate talk? >> look, this is permeating the entire clinton campaign. there is such an unbelievable contempt toward everyone who is not the same kind of elitist snobs that the clintons are and that their inner circle are. that it ought to be a wake-up call to every american, that if you're not one of their wall street pals, if you're not in the elite group, if you're not one of the people who has your nose so high up in the air, a good rain would cause to you drown, you really are nothing but just dust under the feet of the clintons and the people that surround her. this election is about whether you want someone to lead this country who can't stand you.
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i can't imagine why a catholic, evangelical, hispanic, person of faith, why any person who is not college educated and even if they are college educated if they're not ivy league college educated and multibillionaires why anybody in those categories would vote for hillary clinton, it would amaze me. liz: governor, missing in this commentary going on about the e-mails is that we've studied history, people out there studied history. they work for us, we don't work for them, and there's real pain out there. and the sanders backers are saying the same thing. they're saying we're in economic pain. the trump supporters are saying we're in economic pain. the same anxiety that led to brexit, that led to spain possibly leaving the european union, all movements overseas. i'm not sure what it gets the clinton campaign calling trump supporters deplorable, irredeemable and angry white guys, i'm not sure what it does
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getting the electorate over to their side? >> they're just so arrogant, they don't think anybody cares. that's what i hope voters do on election day, give them a trip to the woodshed, they need to be told that you do work for us. we're sick and tired as americans of having you just thumb your nose at us and treat us like we're trash, that we're just not up to the standards that you are. there's a lot of people, and the talk about the pain that you mentioned, liz, i saw a clinton surrogate on one of the talk shows and he talked about how people in america are in pain, you know what? i was screaming at the tv and saying if people had been in pain for eight years, why on god's earth would they continue the pain they're in by giving hillary a chance to continue the policies that put them in pain? that makes no sense. >> the critics of donald trump saying how is always retaliating and going after enemies, how is that a
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governing modus operandi when you are attacking the gop people elected officials that you need to get your policies enacted? you can understand that anxiety about that, right? >> sure. look, i think donald trump needs to leave most of that alone and let the surrogates go do it. i think the gop, so-called leaders ought to step up and support donald trump because he's our nominee, that's the way this works, and i'm infuriated that those who consider themselves leaders that won't support our nominee, and i think it's going hurt them more than donald trump. liz: i hear what you're saying, governor. >> donald trump doesn't need to go after these guys. doesn't need to waste his time and get down on the level. needs to focus on the fact americans are hurting and sick of being treated like just plain dirt by the clintons and the people who surround them. liz: and the d.c. elite in the beltway echo chamber.
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next topic, the state department coming to hillary's rescue. wikileaks accusing john kerry of trying to shut it down, saying kerry pressured ecuador into taking julian assange's internet away inside of the country's embassy in london where he has asylum. do you think the u.s. is involved at all here? >> i absolutely do. look, i don't buy anything that the state department says, they've been lying us to. they've lied to congress. tried to cover for hillary. they have zero credibility. whatever they say, it's like their word is dirt, why believe them? by the way, when the state department said there is no evidence that the fbi put pressure on the state department, that wasn't the accusation. the accusation was that patrick kennedy at the state department was putting pressure on the fbi and offering foreign post that would be opened up if they would change those classifications. a former fbi agent told me, and
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by the way, he is so angry and furious at the way the fbi is a political tool. he said this was a carrot on a stick because opening up the foreign posts is the plum assignment in the fbi. for patrick kennedy to try to lay that one out there and say give us some help here covering up for hillary and we'll open up slots so good folks can take a foreign assignment. it's outrageous. totally disgusting. liz: who knew we would be here at this point, right, sghr reportedly john kerry did meet with ecuadorian officials. what's happening with wikileaks, they released 12,000 out of a potential 50,000 e-mails out of the hillary clinton campaign. trying move to contingency plans to get the releases coming. but you bring up the quid pro quo allegations between the fbi and the state department. do you think what's going on with wikileaks cutting off the internet could be related to
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that or anything else? >> i think it's just because it's incredibly embarrassing. i find it interesting, the democrats say the russians hacked it or shouldn't be releasing this stuff. you know what they don't do? they never deny the validity of the e-mails. they've been caught red-handed saying horrible things about catholics and jews and evangelicals. again, just about everybody except themselves. even saying horrible things about bernie sanders and other democrats. these are contemptuous people and have no business being elected to high office. they need to be thrown out of where they are, and some of them, let me be blunt, some of them need to go jail for what they've done because you or i would certainly be headed to the slammer for some of the activities that these folks have engaged in. liz: governor mike huckabee, thank you so much for your time. good to have you. >> thank you. liz: new developments in the hundred pages of hillary clinton documents.
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just released in the fbi investigation into her private server shows possible evidence that classified information from clinton's server actually did indeed end up in the hands of bad actors. first take a look at the last debate where hillary adamantly said no one hacked her server. >> after a yearlong investigation, there is no evidence that anyone hacked the server i was using, and there is no evidence that anyone can point to at all anyone who says otherwise has no basis, that any classified material ended up in the wrong hands. liz: evidence may have surfaced. the fbi notes basically classified documents may have been hacked. an expert found sensitive excel spreadsheet file in romania in
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reference to the clinton ip server. in the names of suspected or known jihadists in libya. the fbi states -- judicial watch has been taking action to get more information on what's been going on with hillary's server. take this to our political power panel. republican strategist ford o'connell, democrat strategist richard fowler. do you think it contains secrets that may have ended up in the hands of a hacker in romania? >> i don't, and i think both the state department confirmed numerous times in their report that there was no security breach in her server. let's talk about the politics, we'll be removed if we don't talk about the politics. the truth of the matter is we have litigated her e-mails over
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and over again, there was an 11 hour capitol hill hearing. fbi director comey and his team said there is nothing that a prosecutor would charge for a crime. >> richard, richard, throughout this entire ordeal, she has been a pathological liar! >> hang on, let him finish, hang on, ford. >> what i would add is the american people have been well aware about the e-mail thanks to a republican smear, and the numbers are baking to the polls, and we're up 8 points. liz: richard, hang on. ford, numerous fbi agents, jim kallstrom led the fbi said they are flabbergasted that hillary was not charged. many fbi agents were astounded that the nation's secrets went through a private e-mail server. i talked to fortune 500 ceos, they cannot say they have no evidence they've been hacked. everybody has been hacked. for hillary clinton to continue
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to say that is baffling to them. go ahead, ford. >> she's been a pathological liar throughout the ordeal. first she said she never sent nor received classified information. false. she's breaking phones with hammers. the bottom line is judicial watch is alleging is true, she probably violated 18 usc which involves the mishandling of classified information. clinton is not going to apologize, the state department is covering for her. >> here we go. >> richard, you can prove anything i say to be false. >> one, the state department said there was no breach of her or server. liz: wait a minute, wait a minute, ford, ford, hang on, richard, stay with me. it's a different statement that was said, no evidence, that doesn't mean a hack did not occur. and for the information to be in a server in romania in fbi file, that raises red flags. richard, final word. we'll come to you, ford, in the next topic. >> there is no evidence, it did
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not happen. point-blank, period. ford can continue to blame the media as donald trump continues to do. that is not going to win him the election. hillary clinton was up 8 points in the most recent poll. >> i understand what you're saying. ford, the final word here, what do you make of the fact that the fbi is now releasing documents -- by the way, jim comey, fbi director said there seems to be evidence that, yes she was hacked. state department was hacked, democratic national committee was hacked, the clinton foundation was hacked. go ahead, ford. >> the fbi realizes the fix is in just because have you no evidence. >> yeah, a big fix, a big fix. >> integrity matters the most going forward. liz: i meant to say let him finish. you have been terrific. we're going to have you after the break. a new national fox poll released in a matter of moments, taking into account all of the wikileaks developments and will it be enough to turn things around for trump as the election is three weeks away.
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charles payne has results at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. democrats caused violence at trump rallies by paying money to leftist agitators. the homeless and the mentally ill to cause melee's, we'll show you more after this. >> we have mentally ill people that we [ bleep ], make no mistake. over the last 20 years, i've paid off a few homeless guys and taken them to dinner and made sure they had towels and put them in a program. like i've done that. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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. >> the term bird dogging, you put people in the line at the
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front so that when trump comes down the ropeline, they're the ones asking the question in front of the reporters because they're preplaced there. you have to start back with people two weeks ahead of time and train them it ask questions, you have to train them to bird dog. >> we have mentally ill people that we pay [ bleep ], i've paid off a few homeless guys to do crazy stuff. >> we need to win this [ bleep ]. liz: a video sting by conservative activist group project veritas shows the democrat consultant to the democratic national committee taking credit for instigating violence at several trump events during the election cycle. my political power panel is back, ford and richard. ford, one thing to go toe-to-toe in debate and say how is it making american great
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again when you personally attack people? what is this about hillary clinton hooking up as you allege with the wall street global breaking cabal to break down instigating violence and putting people in danger at the rallies. what do you make of that, ford? >> tells me that there's nolo to which the clinton campaign won't stoop to win an election, okay? these tactics are deplorable. the idea that you send operatives, people who are homeless and needy to incite violence, it is ridiculous. the one thing i will say is they might have violated campaign coordination federal laws. liz: richard, what do you make of this? >> project veritas has no journalistic integrity whatsoever. liz: you are attacking the messenger?
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>> talk about the facts. these are the same individuals that doctored the planned parenthood tapes, it has known, absolutely, positively no journalistic integrity. >> do you have any evidence that you believe that they -- >> they doctored the planned parenthood tape, it's the same group. >> i hear what you're saying we're not sure about the allegations and whether they are true or not. do you have any proof this tape is doctored? >> i have no idea. they are just as problematic as "tmz" or the national enquirer in my opinion. can you believe the false report if you want to, ford. >> this is a complex web between the clinton campaign, the dnc. >> not at all. >> have you set this up in such a complex way. >> let me tell. >> you this is why people hate politics because you guys keep fighting and stoop to nolo.
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>> this video is what stoops to the low. there is no integrity. liz: why? why is there no integrity there? >> they did it to planned parenthood where they doctored the tape. clearly doctored. this particular same group and the same individual was found for doctoring the tapes and now they're doing it again. we can't believe this. i don't throw them farther than i can throw an elephant, which isn't far. liz: this is shooting the messenger, we don't know if the tape was doctored at all. we played it for you. we have no evidence what richard is saying is true. i get what you're saying. another part of the video. the dnc consultant says republicans don't do this thing because they're more likely to pay by the rules. what do you make of, that ford? >> exactly the problem for the republican party. we play by the queens barry rules of campaign, and the democrats fighting like the ufc, i know that, because i've been a presidential campaign
5:22 pm
operative. >> so have i, and? >> have you brought out the brass knuckles and will cheat every which way to sunday, my guys are too moral to understand we have to win. liz: listen to what hillary clinton said it's donald trump that's being unfair and a bully. watch. >> teachers and parents are calling it the trump effect. bullying is up, people are feeling uneasy. kids are expressing their concerns. liz: okay, project veritas has that tape saying the dnc or people affiliated with it are paying individuals to incite chaos and anarchy, and hillary clinton saying there is a trump effect. richard, what do you think? is there a trump effect? >> i think there is a trump effect. you don't have to take my word for it. the montgomery county they have taken the election out of the curriculum. they are not talking about the election in the classrooms
5:23 pm
because of the rhetoric and the behavior that comes from donald trump. they're not the only person. civics teachers are not allowing students to watch the debate because they're afraid he's going to attack a woman and call her an eating machine. afraid they're going to put the same attack as megyn kelly. once again week see donald trump as nothing more than a misogynist, who speaks and deals in hate. he's a dealer of hate. liz: richard? >> i have heard whoppers in my day, to say donald trump is causing bullying. >> you can ask the people of montgomery county. >> this is -- you guys are perpetuating it. >> i'm not. go ask donald trump. liz: we will continue. next up week have another story for you. a mosul offensive to drive out isis launched, my next guest says watch the political play here.
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could be results in a win but for whom? it could translate for a win for hillary in november? we've got one of the 88 generals supporting donald trump. a highly decorated retired general tom mcinerney, he's next, don't go away. your car insurance policy is 22 pages long. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™ makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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. liz: could a win in mosul translate into a win for hillary clinton in november? donald trump says the mosul offensive to liberate it from isis, he says it is all about politics. >> they're doing that really in my opinion, because they want to have some kind of a little skirmish prior to the election. that's all it is. liz: my next guest says the administration is putting american lives at stake to get hillary elected, but the idea will back fire. that is a heavy charge. joining me is one of 88 generals supporting donald trump.
5:28 pm
he is retired lieutenant general tom mcinerney. is action in mosul, is it really a political move by president obama? >> well, it could have been done earlier, liz. you still have the same number of americans at risk by doing it, but i think we should have done it earlier. i have no problem having the iraqis do it. i have no problem with letting them escape the isis forces out through the back door, the western door to raqaa. that makes more sense, less people in defense of mosul. i think mosul will fall reasonably quick, and down by november 8th which can be a political victory but more political victory for president obama than hillary. she's responsible with being the architect of the middle east strategy for where it is today and why they own it. liz: isis has been there two years. point well taken, forces could
5:29 pm
have been in there sooner to root them out. now the question too, turn back to the campaign is whether donald trump will be a better commander in chief than hillary clinton. his critics say he likes to retaliate. he's too thin skinned, overreacts, and what if china takes action in the south china sea, how would donald trump react to that? >> that's what they said about ronald reagan and it has a certain value to it, but the fact is i think as president, he's going to be a very strong president. he's clearly going rebuild the military which economic plan does not allow. and we're at the lowest forces down at world war i levels, pre-world war ii. we need to rebuild our military, rebuild our economy, rebuild our industrial base. she does not plan to do that. i've examined her economic plan closely and what plans are.
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i think he will make an excellent commander in chief. liz: switch gears now, in a wikileaks e-mail clinton's aides talked about how she should deliver one of her most infamous sound bites from the benghazi hearing. remember this? >> with all due respect, the fact is we have four dead americans, was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk and decided they'd kill some americans? what different, at this point, does it make? liz: turns out that hillary outburst was the beginning was crafted by an outside pr firm. a campaign consultant. she's pretty well known in the democratic circles. mandy grunwald. she suggested e-mail hillary include phrases from book hard choices. i don't mind the backs of dead americans because we need moral outrage, the implication is that the gop was capitalizing on the backs of dead americans. campaign official jennifer
5:31 pm
palmieri decide against it. what do you make of this? >> very hypocritical, liz, enrages the people in the military and the retired people. she let the four people die and she is responsible for their murder. that's one of the charges against her along with espionage for her e-mails and obstruction of justice for destroying them. there are a list of them. but that is what really enrages the retired force even the active duty force. we left those four people behind, and it's become evident from the e-mail that it was a very calculated risk what she was doing and she knew what she was doing about it. liz: lieutenant general, thank you very much for your time and service to our country. appreciate you. come back again soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: chicago police department releasing shocking new video of one of their own under attack. a suspect punching and slamming a cop's head into the pavement,
5:32 pm
but she does not fight back. reason? she was afraid of the media slamming her for fighting back. a man in body armor basically an assault-style weapon. he tries to assassinate two cops in california. former new york police officer and secret service agent dan bongino says the administration's race-baiting, putting cops in handcuffs. that's next, don't go away. >> with the rifle, tried to ambush us at starbucks. hey, shoot him!
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. >> the chicago police department releasing dramatic new video of a female officer brutally attacked as she tried to handcuff a suspect. man grabs the officer's hair, punches and slams her head to the ground. fellow officers desperately tried to get the man off of her. >> all right, 10-4. >> let her go! let her go! [ bleep ].
5:37 pm
liz: now that suspect was reportedly on the drug called pcp. the officer suffered a concussion and a neck injury. the department's superintendent said the reason the officer did not shoot the man is because, quote, she thought she was going to die, she knew she should shoot this guy but chose not to because she did not want her family or the police department to go through the scrutiny the next day on national news. with me now, former nypd officer and secret service agent dan bongino. sir, the suspect was charged with teamed murder. what was your reaction to the officer's reason for not pulling her gun? >> sadly, i wasn't surprised at all. i wish i were surprised and i could say that on your show, and i wasn't. i'm surprised we're not seeing more of. this the police officers and federal agents i maintain close contact with told me they feel like they're political pawns in
5:38 pm
a game they want no part of, liz, they did not sign up for this. they're out there doing their jobs, but this is critical. they're avoiding confrontations at all costs because they feel like the world's upside down. that rather than them being considered the good guys until proven guilt eeshg the police officers i'm talking about, they're automatically considered at fault due to political pressure and have to indemnify themselves to say later on. it's creating a complicating set of scenarios that is leading to the ferguson effect with the elevated crime rates. liz: dan, are you hearing this is happening across the country that officers are concerned action could be spread across national news the next day? >> yes, as a matter of fact, i heard a story from a former nypd partner of mine who i know very well, who said, he gave a great example. he said when i was in the gang unit in the past when we were on the street. if we pulled someone over for a seat belt crime and you're
5:39 pm
allowed to check the lungeable, grabable area if you suspect a weapon, the cops aren't doing that anymore. they're not checking, they're not checking the area they are constitutionally allowed to search because they don't city as worthwhile. they know they're going to become infamous youtube celebrities overnight. they said if we had political backing, it would be different, and not asking to do anything above and beyond duties. they want to do jobs but don't feel like they are backed. they feel like political leaders are cowardly and selling them out for cheap political points. >> unsung heroes and putting their lives on the line every day. could this put communities at risk, right, began? >> it already has. heather mcdonald is on your network and she does a ton of work on this. the odd thing about the ferguson effect, there is not a lot of evidence there is plague
5:40 pm
of use of force. it's not happening. what is happening is largely minority communities are seeing a dramatic spike in crime. liz, these people are good people and the neighbors are hurt by this, and it's a shame, a real shame. liz: a thousand fatalities in chicago year to date. looks like it's going to be a record year for that. dan bongino thank you very much for your time and thank you for your service to our country. the media hitting back at trump's accusations, they have a new report that journalists donated to hillary clinton's campaign, the ratio here, 27-1 when compared to trump. we'll show you the numbers after this. >> the election is rigged. >> it's a rigged system, it's a rigged election. >> this is a rigged system, folks.
5:41 pm
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5:44 pm
. >> a new report from the center of public integrity shows 96% of so-called journalistic supporters who gave presidential donations gave themselves, gave everything to crooked hillary clinton. can you believe it? [booing] >> they even want to try to rig the election. liz: a new report, american journalists handing hillary a lot of money versus donald trump, nearly $400,000 in donations to hillary clinton, just 14,000 for the republican nominee. journalists looking like they're favoring clinton, 27-1. power panel with me now, ford o'connell and richard fowler. ford, what do you make of this?
5:45 pm
>> media bias is no longer just a right-wing talk point. this report has proof. let's be honest, the mainstream media hillary clinton's strongest and most effective ally. forget the $400,000. when they look at wikileaks at only 1% versus 33 for the access hollywood sex tape, that's all i need to know, and the bottom line is they're affecting voters' opinions and it's a shame and calls into question of fair and free media and that should worry everyone. liz: rich, what do you think? >> i think it's absurd. who would ever support a candidate who thinks it's okay to grab women by the genitals, to call them eating machines, to talk about their menstruation cycles, i can go on and on and on, we're not making it up. >> richard, richard. >> trump said it himself. liz: let richard finish, go ahead, richard. >> donald trump is saying this himself, right? that's number one. and number two, none of the political journalists covering
5:46 pm
this campaign, not one political journalist covering this campaign has given money to hillary clinton or donald trump. liz: okay, ford, what rich is saying that the media is covering what donald trump says and for trump to say the media is rigged against him, the media is competitive, they don't act -- seems like they don't conspire to rig against anybody. >> i'm not saying this isn't newsworthy, access hollywood tape, i'm not saying you shouldn't cover it. when you're covering clinton stumbles at one tenth the rate of donald trump, that affects how people view it. >> ford, are we watching the same thing? liz: move onto the next one. more hillary clinton double speak, the democrat candidate talking tough about wall street in public, listen. >> we're going to keep the tough rules on wall street. donald wants to get rid of them. i want to make sure they work so wall street never wrecks main street again.
5:47 pm
liz: another new report showing fortune 500 companies used clinton fund-raisers to get access to the state department. they gave a lot of money to the fund-raisers, big companies like microsoft, pfizer, exxonmobil, given between one million dollars and five million dollars to the clinton foundation. richard, the associated press also found this too that companies like blackstone gave a lot of money to the clinton foundation and did get access to the state department. what do you make of the new report? >> i think we have to talk about what kind of access they had. you can give to any foundation you would like. they have given the clinton foundation a five-star rating. liz: i hear what you're saying that, yes the clinton foundation seems to score well in charitable endeavors. we're talk about steve schwartzmann who runs blackstone, got helped with a visa at the state department after he gave a lot of money to it.
5:48 pm
>> the job of the state department. liz: all right, ford, what do you think of this report? >> i think what 181 clinton foundation donors lobby the state department, you have the potential for a quid pro quo. >> stop, it ford. you work in washington, you know it's not true. >> look, this is the point. this is something that should worry everyone, richard, you can run coverage. >> it's not running coverage. you are suffering from a case of amnesia. >> what's going to happen is when she is the 45th president of the united states, if she wins. >> she will. >> she'll have serious conflicts of interest and going to damage her as a president. liz: she will have just as much conflicts of interest as donald trump would. more cases of political terrorism. we told you about a north carolina gop office fire bombed. what's being described as a molotov cocktail. swastika and graffiti on a building next door. the gop headquarters in
5:49 pm
arizona, another in utah, receiving bomb threats. to the man whose office was firebombed dallas wood house joins me with his reaction. he doesn't know if this is a disturbing new trend. after this. >> someone has firebombed through the window, the republican party up here beside me and sprayed all over the side of my building, nazi republicans. when it comes to healthcare,
5:50 pm
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5:53 pm
terrorism. vice presidential candidate mike pence making it a point to stop by the scene. >> i wanted to come by to call attention to this cowardly attack on our supporters in north carolina and no less extent, an attack on the american political system. this was an act of political terrorism. liz: now we've got threats against two other gop headquarters, a bomb threat at gop office in arizona, another threat in utah. forcing those shops to close. executive director of the north carolina gop dallas woodhouse joins me now. do you fear a trend is growing here, dallas? >> i certainly hope not. what happened in our orange county satellite office over the weekend was really horrific. it has really shaken a lot of our volunteers, but we've seen a lot of coming together by
5:54 pm
republicans and democrats who reached out to us, and we certainly appreciate vice president candidate, he'll be vice president, mr. pence, coming by the site today and thanking our volunteers working around the clock to get their office up and running. you certainly hope this kind of thing doesn't spread. what happened in our area was not a threat, it wasn't throwing a beer bottle through a window. it was a violent act that could have very well killed people. liz: dallas, you know, hillary clinton condemning this, what you call horrific act and other democrats, too. you called the political terrorism, mike pence agrees, have you heard or seen anything like this happening before, and what is the status of the investigation into the suspect? >> yeah, i'm not going to talk to the investigation, we'll
5:55 pm
leave that to the police. i have not seen this before. our state headquarters in raleigh has been attacked a couple of times over the last decade. fairly minor incidents. we did have to seal up a window. this is the most vicious and violent, and what was most concerning about this, it had a direct threat, it said nazi republicans leave town or else. that's what prompted me to close many of our offices on sunday asking our other volunteer offices to close early so we could get security plans in place to get back open on monday. we are open, getting ready for early voting to start october 20th which is this thursday. liz: i said suspect, we don't know, there could be suspects. who do you think is making these threats? >> you know what? i think it is people who don't like republicans very much. liz: clearly.
5:56 pm
how is the recovery efforts for your office been going? >> our folks over in orange county are volunteers working around the clock. we brought in a mobile office to get them right back up and working and we are moving into new headquarters. we've had all kinds of volunteers showing up and cleaning up. it's been a great sign of unity, but at the same time, we should be talking to voters, not cleaning. liz: thank you very much for your time. donald trump is speak at a rally in the swing state of colorado, in grand junction, colorado. we have a national fox poll about to be released in a matter of moments. taking into account all the wikileaks developments. it will be enough to turn things around nationally for donald trump? we'll find out soon. don't go away.
5:57 pm
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6:00 pm
it will take into account the new wikileaks developments. "making money" with charles payne is next. don't go away. [♪] charles: breaking news. brand-new fox news poll. hillary clinton leading donald trump by point in a four-way race. in a head-to-head matchup clinton lead trump by 7 points. trump did gain one point from where he was last week and he's within two points of where he was before the allegations of sexual miscop deduct surfaced. the final presidential debate is tomorrow night. but the war of words between president obama and donald t


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