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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it will take into account the new wikileaks developments. "making money" with charles payne is next. don't go away. [♪] charles: breaking news. brand-new fox news poll. hillary clinton leading donald trump by point in a four-way race. in a head-to-head matchup clinton lead trump by 7 points. trump did gain one point from where he was last week and he's within two points of where he was before the allegations of sexual miscop deduct surfaced. the final presidential debate is tomorrow night. but the war of words between president obama and donald trump
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in full force. >> he started whining before the game is even over. when things are going badly for you and you lose and you start blaming somebody else, then you don't have what it takes to be in the job. charles: trump didn't hit back at the president. he saved his ire for clinton. >> clinton and her cronies have sacrificed your security, our country's and family's safety as if it meant nothing at all to her. this truly is, and i said it, many times worse and watergate. and we are going to put an end to it on november 8. charles: trump doubling down saying he will get rid of corruption and drain the swamp. joining me now boris epstein, brad bowman and tammy bruce.
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tammy, president obama kind of popping off there, huh? >> this is a man, president obama, who after his defeats in some of the mid-terms said to some of his political supporters, it's not my fault, you let me down. he goes into european tours and blames americans for his problems and his failures. obama is someone who knows about projection and whining and blaming other people. this is a man's game, a game that need a steel spine. the democrats are used to republicans folding like cheap lawn chairs. in this case donald trump is not. what they are not used to is conversation and bluntness about what the media is doing. the problems at the polls. dead people are not just registered, but voting.
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illegal aliens registered and voting. there is an investigation into people whose names have been changing through the voter rolls. charles: there has always been a certain level of fraud. but marco rubio said that this has gone too far, it's bridge too far that whatever happens with the outcome will be the outcome and no one should question it. >> it's not about the outcome as much as the integrity of the election. i was on the mccain campaign in 2008 in nevada. the whole dallas starting lineup was registered to vote and they are not from nevada. we saw significant voter fraud from ohio and north carolina. in pennsylvania 700 instances of voter fraud over the last couple cycles. in north carolina you have seen illegal immigrants and non-citizens voting.
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there was an article in "washington post" that north carolina could have been swayed toward barack obama by non-citizens voting. and voter fraud is a huge problem in this country, but so is the media bias. charles: brad? >> i just heard a bunch of stuff that is in a completely different world from what we live in. over the past 10 years or a billion votes have been cast. there are no illegal immigrants who ever cast a vote. this is simply a red herring. >> how do you know that? >> it is a red herring and it's very dangerous for our democracy. we are americans and you are casting aspersions. charles: 31 out of a billion sounds -- we do know voter fraud exists. we do know that. to what degree and how it can
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sway a presidential election is what's up for debate. tammy, with we expect to the media, we saw 8% have donated to hillary clinton's campaign. but the point is, it's always been that way. do you see something different this time? i don't remember the media being friendly to mitt romney or mccain. >> i think the continues is, mr. mccain was surprised by how the media turned on him because he always had such a good relationship. but neither man took it to them. neither man answered the nature of what was occurring. donald trump is. charles: tammy, you are saying this is more from an idea lodge calkin dread spirit that the people in the media have with democrats to something more personal to something perhaps
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more determined rather than ideological? >> they recognize the problems the community have and what the nation has. they want the access. and this is really the question. which candidate is going to receive more stringent media attention, trump or hillary clinton. when we think about where the media is and who they are going to hold it to, it's not going to be mrs. clinton. this will be a benefit. donald trump will probably be the most transparent and best republican president ever just because of the pressure. >> what do you make of president obama getting into this today. it's interesting because initially he said he wasn't going to talk about it, then he went full bore right after donald trump. >> president obama should concentrate on governing this country and getting 3% gdp
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growth and making sure iran doesn't get nuclear weapons. but he's not doing any of those things. he's very busy campaigning for hillary clinton and acting like an amateur. george w bush did not do this in 2008. he act like a sincere outgoing president. >> donald trump did not -- george bush didn't do it because george bush had an approval rating hovering in the 25s. barack obama is the first president in modern american history to have such a high approval rating that he's actually out there. nobody has done it. >> what about ronald reagan? charles: president obama's approval ratings have drifted higher. when you ask people in this country, wrong track, right track. wrong track is north of 70%. that's his legacy. how dose campaign knowing 70% of
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the people watching him are upset with their daily lives. >> people aren't upset with barack obama. they are upset the system is rigged against them. unfortunately donald trump has not made the case to the american people that he's the one to solve those problems. that's why the republican party is about to have its mondale moment. this is the mondale moment where the party is threatened with being in the woods for a generation because of the damage. >> we are not worried at all. >> your candidate is a liar, she is a fraud, she is a criminal. you have a candidate who lied to the f.b.i., the american people, to congress. charles: let me bring tammy back in here. this is getting very heated and it's a heated election.
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>> this notion that the system is rigged is true. barack obama has been in there for 8 years with a free hand. and he's leaving people worse off than they have ever been. the problem with liberals, they don't want anybody else to be heard. the issue becomes barack obama has not done anything to solve the problem, he added to it and he destroyed lives. 3.7 million more women in poverty since he took office. >> boris, it felt to me that perhaps this is a calculated move on the part of president obama. particularly 24 hours ahead of the debates to while up donald trump. is the campaign prepared for his buttons to be pushed to get off message and derail the last opportunity to lay out his
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policies rather than personal contest with hillary clinton. >> we have seen a coordinated attack between the clinton campaign, and the white house. they will do anything they can. donald trump is focused on the message for the american people and national security. isis will continue to grow under hillary clinton and barack obama. charles: jarn brewer has been in a war of words, if you will, and she'll be next with her take straight from vegas. we'll be right back.
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charles: donald trump coming out swinging on the each of the final debate. trump is struggling in some of the extratraditional red states, including arizona. joining me is former arizona governor jan brewer. donald trump pointing to a rigged election before the votes are being counted. today president obama picked up on that and said donald trump is whining. >> i thought the comment was very con desending. every reatlanticked official
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knows you do not use your elected office to make political comments. for him to stand in front of the white house and make that statement was condescending and it was wrong. charles: but you were not surprised, were you? >> no, i was not surprised. charles: it takes me back to that confrontation you had with president obama on the tarmac. do you think that's the way to handle president obama and hillary clinton? >> unbeknownst to me i didn't know i had my hand in the air when i was talking to him. but he thinks everything he says is the right thing to say, and he says condescending things to people. he was wrong then and wrong now. we were talking about border security to him an never wanted any part of it.
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my son and i have both been at the ends of that figure. charles: many political observers and apolitical types, historians, say this could be dangerous rhetoric. if the election results aren't accepted and this isn't piped down, it's a threat to our republic. do you think that's going too far? is there some legitimacy to the concern? >> i know there has bern concern about voter fraud in several states. previous elections, the director of the state of arizona, we implemented everything that's possible. i do not believe there will be any media -- not media, but any election fraud in arizona. we have too many things implemented, and i stand by that. i believe the election could be rigged bit of media which we have seen exposed over and over
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again. it's quite obvious what they are trying to do. and it's unfortunate because people want to hear about the things donald trump is talking about like jobs and the economy and lowering taxes. >> have you ever seen this level of disdain for a presidential candidate by the mainstream media? we know they don't generally like the republican nominee. but this seems to be at a level i have never seen before. >> i have been voting for the presidential elections for the last 50 years so i have been through a few of them. i have never seen anything as biased as what we have observed in this election. it's a complete spin job on the public and it's unfair and it's wrong. but i have faith in the american people, and i think they have seen through it and we'll claim victory november 8. i truly believe that.
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charles: victory includes the state of arizona. hillary clinton doing extraordinarily well in your state right now. >> that's what i hear. you are about we are not going to take any votes for granted. we have a good ground game going and we'll turn out the vote. i think the polls are wrong. all along we know when donald trump started on this path, he was going this and he was losing that. all the pundits had their opinion. here he is today still standing up for the american people. when elected he will continue to stand up and support the people of the united states. unlike hillary clinton who has lied her way from the last 30 years to where she is today. and she is a deal maker. let me tell you. she is the one that wants to make a deal and line her pockets. charles: governor brewer, we got it, believe me. thank you very much.
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really appreciate it every time you come on the show. we have a special programming note for you. make sure you tune in to fox business tomorrow night for full coverage of the third and final presidential debate it's starting at:00 p.m. they will preview the final faceoff between donald trump and hillary clinton. after the debate we have an all-star panel. donald trump says it's time to clean up business in washington d.c. the relationship can nominee, he's actually going to drain the swamp, if you will and stop career politicians from becoming rich off their influence. like that idea? tweet me. we'll be right back. this woman owns this house,
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charles: donald trump laid out his plan to clean up washington, d.c. he would impose term limits as a recent poll shows 74% of those surveys says congress is doing a bad job. gabby, let me start with you. to me this is a slam dunk issue. i think congress is rated into one single digit area. i read yesterday where eric cantor makes $2 million a year. people are scratching their heads like how does this happen? >> this is one of the best things donald trump could have done when he's facing so many problems is tackle an issue that resonates with so many core supporters and americans across the country. if you look at this, this is the first time he has gone beyond criticizing the unethical behavior we have seen from
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officials and lawmakers to actually offer solutions to the problems. he tacked on earlier today to this five-point policy proposal where he said he would push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits. charles: if you thought career politicians didn't like donald trump before you are certainly going to be upset. consider this. issue a life-time ban against officials from lobbying foreign governments, wink, wink, clinton foundation. >> he wants to pass this legislation through congress. luckily for trump the votes of members in congress in the election count same as your vote and my vote. i agree this is a popular issue that will resonate with people
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on both sides of the aisle. it's wise and timely to pivot with a serious reform proposal and get away from the issues dogging his campaign. here not only does he highlight the policy changes but he can return to bragging about how he's an outsider and he will drain the swamp. charles: it does seem like a no-brainer from a political talking point. you spent time in d.c. this is possible. could you you get any congress to go through with this, essentially telling the members voting on this. when you leave here you wouldn't be able to peddle your influence. barack obama made many overtiewrs and nothing he ever put through. >> in an election where we have regular folks who will turn out to the polls and the nomination
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battle, they can apply the pressure it will require to pass. great policy makes greet politics. 8 -- makes great politics. support of congress is at an all-time low. trump is channeling anger at government. think of the position he puts hillary clinton in. how could she posably be credible on ethics reform? anthony weiner is available if she wants a chairman of a blue ribbon panel on ethics reform. charles: i wouldn't be surprised if it's brought up tomorrow that she may disagree. we do complain about congress and we throw the bums out. and how these guys become rich peddling their influence and connections. but we always vote them back in. we always vote our bums back in.
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is it possible that we say one thing as american voters but we are okay with it as long as our fund keep going back? >> i wouldn't say we are okay with it. americans are inclined to give individuals the benefit of the doubt. and in some cases you do see elected officials go to congress on either chamber and completely abandon everything they ran on. and they have been voted out. we saw that with eric can tour. that has happened. so i think the proposal donald trump tacked on to these ethics reform is important. the term limit it's receiving support among never trump members of congress. ben sachs came out and praised donald trump for going out on a limb and outlining the reforms.
6:28 pm
and turning it into actual policy proposals after criticizing the gop. charles: before we wrap this up, how much of a continues do you think this makes? you have got three weeks left. to your point it's a brilliant move and no one disagrows with that. how much do you think this will resonate? >> there is about 14% of voters who are leaning towards a third party candidate or say they are undecided or say they don't want to support trump or clinton. that's the group trump needs to focus on here. he's making a good effort at getting their attention. >> this policy will motivate voters. >> we all hate everybody else's elected official. charles: a new video shedding
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light behind the sains on the dark ops tied to subcontractors in washington, d.c. and the dnc. it's damning stuff. we'll be right back. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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charles: a new video from a
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group investigating the dnc. a former democratic open. >> tough is talk being his justification for potential voter fraud. watch this. >> it doesn't matter what the fricking legal and ethics people say. we need to win this [bleep]. charles: that was so damning and so straight to the point. how does hillary clinton and the democratic party justify what we heard? >> i don't think it's about justification. i think we have to consider the source. the source here has a lift -- certainly when you have a political operative who says something foolish, i don't think we need to necessarily make the very long leap that somehow the
6:34 pm
clinton campaign condones or supports any of that activity. to the extent that activity is actually true. i think what we have to consider is the select -- the selectivity of what may be in this content. we have got to go verify. whether this activity even took place. charles: the dnc released a statement on it. the practices described in the video by this temporary regional subcontractor do not any way comport with our longstanding policies on organizing events. no statements and sentiments represent the values we hold dear. boris? >> there are repercussions being reported on, obvious.
6:35 pm
democrats are so desperate to, i this election they will spin their way out of anything. even on the podesta emails. they are saying we have no way to verify. but we won't say that. it wasn't mr. podesta. it's pathetic. it's sad. own up to what happened. own up to the fact the democrats are playing dirty tricks and are trying to do anything they to be steal this election from mr. trump and the election. charles: the way he said it was in such a cavalier way. ways was sort of the modus operandi. he was articulating the modus operandi. >> what we have to consider here is this staffer saying something potentially very foolish that certainly has cost him his job and it has been condemned by the dnc. i think that's really the focus
6:36 pm
here. this is not the kind of dirty tricks that i think we have seen from other political parties in the past. but i think also it's more important to consider that right now the two biggest assets trying to help donald trump or julian assange and jameso keefe. i think desperation exists on the republican side of this race, not the democrats. charles: ford, let me ask you about the notion that the mainstream media not picking up on this video. there is another video not making the news. it won't be in "people" magazine or vanity fair or "the washington post." this is damning stuff. i think the american public would like to know about it. >> last week negative false accusations, mr. trump received 23 times the coverage than the real revelations about hillary
6:37 pm
clinton and the things she said about open borders and catholics, her position on tpp. now we have this information coming out from the f.b.i. i'm wondering what he will say about that. evidence direct evidence of quid pro quo to declassify hillary clinton's emails and. but blake the democrats don't have any answers. charles: i have breaking news. weak doer acknowledging it has temporarily restricted julian assange's communication access following the leaks of hillary clinton's emails. 237 market commentary is next, you don't want to miss it. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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charles: today all the sectors in the a & p500 were spinning their wheels. >> there is a time this year
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when that sector was up 20%. now up only 10%. i suspect as the major indecease break out to -- major indexes see new highs, they would be consumer discretionary names. they set the base today. harley sword from overseas. netflix up 20%. it feels like the earnings tide is beginning to turn. perhaps it will put the brakes on the slide after earnings topped out in 2014. intel beat on revenues but the stocks fell slightly. yahoo had a great earnings report. the stocks are up just a little bit. make sure you get my special presidential report with stocks
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going into the election and what stocks to tone no heart in who wins. coming up. the political and economic impact of immigration on this country. 63% of americans don't speak english when they go home. your insurance company
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for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. charles: immigration has been and hots issue. even legal immigrants are taking native borns could and should have.
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43.6 million immigrants living in the united states. that's 14% of the population. there are new reports on the impact. 65 million u.s. residents speak a foreign language at home. maybe that's why certain red states are now purple states, possibly on the verge of turning blue. charlie, i'll start with you. nevada and north carolina. florida and another one. it's interesting. because i think there is evidence out there that these immigrants, particularly those who don't speak english tends to speak democratic. >> that's true. in the first two debates this is an issue that hasn't been discussed very much. i would ventura guess they don't want her to talk about it.
6:48 pm
she cities for open borders. hillary clinton is going to talk about what her pollsters say will move the dial for her. it should be an interests case to trump, if she hasn't brought it up in the first two debates it's something she should target. this is an issue that cuts across party lines. sow i think it's something trump might be able to pick up moderate traditional reagan voters on into the debates tomorrow. charles: like in new jersey, in the construction business, there are so many people from brazil and other countries in the construction business. they do a great job. >> my grandfather used to be a cab driver. i have never met an american cab driver in your city. you see you it with declining wages where immigrants are going into slow skilled jobs.
6:49 pm
if you look to where me cannizations are -- mechanizations. it is important because hillary's immigration plan will december mate the incomes of low-skill americans. charles: silicon valley, of courts nobel prize wirnls out of 7, 6 were immigrants. ryan made the point they weren't from syria during the break. but is there a point particularly with legal immigration that you have to tread more carefully than when the conversation is about illegal immigrants? >> yes, and certainly trump ought to tread carefully. we do have a lot of voters in the united states who recognize immigration is a part of of
6:50 pm
their background. it touches on a variety of issues, economic issues. our healthcare system. how to manage a growing population when most our population growth is coming from immigration. but we ought to recognize and celebrate the diversity of our population and assets immigration brings in terms of boost our labor force and immigration. those are positive things. so walking that careful line discussing immigration reform is something that works for all americans. that's something mr. trump ought to try to do in the next debate and bring a sense of common sense to this debate. >> there are a lot of people out there who -- we talk about brexit all the time. i know brexit was focused on illegals and muslims and north africans. the crux of that was when they
6:51 pm
allowed eastern europeans to come in. they took a lot of jobs, jobs folks in the u.k. had all the time. there was a lot of resentment. >> most definitely and i think trump tapped into that in a certain extent. that explains his success inio rsh and why trump is probably going to win iowa. energizing the base and dividing first-time immigrants. trump is anti-illegal immigration. trump married an immigrant. donald trump is a son of an immigrant. that's the way he has been painted by the left. he's taking a stand against illegal immigration which has many effects on our society and culture. >> we had some to sit there and
6:52 pm
say, what's the 1st economy like -- what's the 1st century -- what's the 21st century economy like? charles: foreign hot spots among the topics in the final presidential debate. we'll go over the foreign hotpots and foreign policy that will help us deal with them once and for all.
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. charles: more breaking news julian assange and wikileaks access. the government of ecuador restricts principle of intervention and internal affairs of the states. nor does it favor any
6:56 pm
particular candidate. according to ecuador has exercises to temporarily restrict access to private communications network within the embassy and the united kingdom. this temporary restriction does not prevent the wikileaks organization from carrying out journalistic activities. more on that later. foreign hot spots that will be one of the big topics in tomorrow night's presidential debate and take place amid the just launched fight to retake mosul from isis and aleppo and attacks we've seen in and around yemen. that's just for starters. joining us now fox news contributor gillian turner. thank you for joining us. let's start with the middle east. start with the push for mosul already we're hearing that the fight is a little tougher than they thought. are the iraqi forces up to it? >> look, we hope so, we're wrapping up the first day, 24 hours on the ground over there,
6:57 pm
harder to get into the city than i think the coalition anticipated. but the iraqis and the kurds together have about 100,000 fighters on the ground there, measuring up, stacking up against isis' 5,000 to 7,000, they're going to crush them. it's no question. it's a matter of how long it takes. everyone hopes it will take less than a few weeks but not sure yet. charles: and the idea a lot of people are worried about, we've got the overwhelming force, the shock and awe, if you will, what happens once the city is retaken and american forces pull back, maybe leave the country. are we sure they can hold it if isis returns? >> that is a smart question and one everybody should be asking when talking about this, one thing to go in and overwhelm with force, we did that in iraq, we did that in libya. the next question is what about post conflict peace. how do we win that? who's going to stabilize the city, who's going to stabilize
6:58 pm
the region? and that answer we don't have yet, we're going to need a robust american presence in there at that point in time starting a few weeks from now to hold the gains that are taken because a worst-case scenario is at some point in the future, isis is able to retake the city. charles: raqaa, aleppo and other towns that posed -- that we need to take action or completely suffer ties but seen the humanitarian carnage in aleppo. what's the right way to proceed there? >> the cease-fire that the syrians and the russian announced today is an abomination. we're looking at five years into the civil war in this country right now. almost half a million people have perished. most of them civilians. a lot of them children, and they have the gall to put an offer of eight hour halt to cessations of violence today. it's enraging. it's not even enough time for humanitarian aid organizations
6:59 pm
to get inside the city of aleppo at this point. so the entire thing is a sham. the best way forward here is really for the united states to -- we've pulled out, we're not talking to the russians about this anymore but to continue to put diplomatic pressure on them, behind the scenes to try and get them to do the right thing here. charles: china flexing muscles, man-made islands, a belligerent threat to the world, perhaps barking at arm's race in asia. how do you see it looking for the next president? >> i wouldn't be surprised to hear that raised by chris wallace or the candidates themselves. china is being bullish in the region. seen provocations in the south china sea. we have to deal with that issue. the next president has to come out with guns blazing, a plan to deal with that. if i was moderating the debate, it would be one of my foreign policy questions. we'll see, they'll only have 15 minutes.
7:00 pm
who knows if they'll get time for it. charles: gillian turner, thank you so much. >> if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money." it's a critical time and we're trying to cover all the bases. now, here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. we are coming to you live tonight from the mgm grand in las vegas, nevada, ahead of tomorrow's third and final presidential debate. i said tonight, here in las vegas it's a bright and sunny afternoon, and it is now exactly three weeks until the election and donald trump is working overtime to win. today, holding two rallies in colorado, and in a speech in colorado springs, the republican nominee took time to blast democrats and the mainstream liberal media for


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