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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 19, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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waiting on what happens tonight at the presidential debate. thanks for joining us this week. nicole: oil price downturn is coming to an end and seeing global demand improving, right now 51.05 the barrel. final debate is tonight. now mornings with maria starts right now. >> live from mgm las vegas, you're watching a special edition of mornings with maria. maria: good wednesday morning, welcome, i'm maria bartiromo. we are coming to you live this morning from the mgm grand hotel in las vegas, wednesday october 19th. here your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the set is stage, donald trump and hillary clinton facing off tonight in the final presidential debate comes fox
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poll clinton maintaining her lead. >> you're going to look back at this election and say, this is by far the most important vote you've ever cast for anyone or any time. >> i would invite mr. trump to stop whining and make his case to get votes. maria: we are taking a closer look of tonight's showdown. democrats allegedly highered agitators. republicans are fighting back. samsung exploding phone crisis maybe head today court now. how much it could cost the smartphone maker coming up. hurry up and wait. tesla now saying it would take more than a year for you to get model three in your driveway.
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that could be good news. list of sales forces target. twitter was not one of them. they walked away from that detail. they have the details in what they're looking for in terms of details. futures indicating the market. will open lower, fractional move, s&p and nasdaq showing fractional pressure this morning. earning season rolls on. we will bring you the numbers as soon as they hit tape. check out the action in europe this morning. stocks near the flat line. all the major averages down just about fraction to a quarter of a percent lower. in asia overnight mixed performances. new data out of china's economic growth story. gdp holding steady at 6.7%. 6.1%. strength in consumer spending. well, move over warren buffet,
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losing his spot as second richest american. we will tell you who is moving on up. all the stories coming up this morning. joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, former massachusetts senator scott brown and the host of "wall street week" anthony scaramucci. great to be with you guys here in vegas. dagen: how much to jump in the pool? [laughter] maria: they were people just going home at 3:00 a.m. [laughter] maria: we have a big show ahead. this is it. it's tonight. coming up this former former presidential candidate bill richards will be with us. now a trump supporter steve hill tone and outside adviser for president obama and robert wolf with us as well.
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a big show ahead as we have the analysis predebate. we have less than three weeks until election day now. candidates are gearing for one showdown tonight and blake berman is live in vegas with the preview of the big show tonight. blake: hi there, maria. a mile from you in the campus. hillary clinton and donald trump taking two very different approaches coming into this night. clinton has been off the campaign behind closed doors, she has been doing debate prep and her campaign defends it and she will be ready to answer any and all questions and potentially questions about the quid pro quo allegations within the state department, the debates get huge numbers and clinton is going to be prepared for tonight. at the start of the debate since then her polling numbers have increased. thus all of this debate prep.
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trump on the other hand has been on the campaign trail. made a couple of spots in colorado. he cast clinton strategy in a lircht light. take a listen here. >> sort of funny she's been doing this for 30 years now she has to do debate prep for five days. you know what the debate prep is, it's resting. it's lying downgoing to sleep. blake: speaking of trump he will have a unique visitor malik obama. half brother of president obama will be in attendance and trump does certainly have a big gap here to close at least in terms of closing, the latest fox news polling shows four-way race. he trails hillary clinton by 6 points, heads up, it is 1 points, so any way that you split this, maria, he's got some work to do. i will send it back to you over at the mgm grand. maria: he sure does. tonight -- this is it. he has to do well tonight.
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senator brown, let's talk about that. what's your take on tonight. what are you expecting? >> can he actually do it? >> provided we can get past last week where the first 15 minutes we are talking about everything but things that people care about, debt, deficit, foreign policy, immigration. i'm hoping they focus on the issues. if we take what donald trump has done put it over here and you take what hillary clinton has done and then if you look at policy, he wants to lower taxes, strengthen our border and she's the complete office, sanctuary cities and the like. that's what i'm hoping people focus on. maria: you know he has a good plan but he has a hard time xun caiting it. dagen: he gets off track. lack of practice because he was trying to wing it in the way he did the debates during the
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primaries which is very much his personality but he has to focus and get on message and i've said this repeated, who makes better decisions with your money? does the government make better decisions because hillary clinton wants to take more of your money and spend it for you or do you make better decisions with your money? it's that kind of messaging which i know his team is working on. the question is he listening and how does he execute tonight. anthony: they're lie to go each other and taking out catholics but do i give her credit for her strategy because her staying off campaign and getting away follow television camera has proven to be successful for her and successful in new york in 2000. she gets away from the camera and stops speaking.
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steams to work for her. maria: new one-minute ad using sound of hillary clinton from second presidential debate. i want to get your reaction. >> this is not an adder their time and not an ordinary election. i want to send a message to every boy and girl and, indeed, to entire world that america is great but we are great because we are good. we are going to lift each other up. we have to start getting the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top. >> i think it's white noise. sure, it's a great ad. it's a nice touchy feely, we have to join together. maria: a positive ad. positive tone.
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>> if you look at the messenger -- maria: the question that a lot of people are talking about this morning. how much of tonight does he need to be an attack dog and talk about what she's done wrong and how much does he need to show a positive tone like she's showing? dagen: i don't know if you can show much of a positive tone in the debate because he's there to challenge her, to challenge her on ideas, to challenge her on her record both as a politician and as an individual. it's very hard -- that's why -- ads are effective because you watch a lot of the hillary clinton ads and kicking back and watching the real housewives of orange county and some ads come
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on and you're like man, those kids are cute and that is effective and she's been doing that all along and no offense, anthony, lack of fundraising. anthony: breaking news. maria: operatives bragging about unsighting violence inside trump events. you remember inside trump events where you saw violence. watch this. >> okay. we have a whole team across the country that does that. >> initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. >> we have mentally-ill people. we pay. i have paid a few homeless guys to do crazy stuff.
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[laughter] maria: i was outraged by this. let's put aside that this is really dirty, dirty politics. you're actually putting people in harm's way. go wear a planned parenthood teacher and start fighting and the media will cover it. >> but this actually goes, you know, crosses that kind of natural line of things you're not supposed to do and it's clear now. something that trump said for a while that's rigged. it's part of the rigged system that he's talking. you have operatives that are unsighting, we have known about it and incited. once again it's just fox, a certain amount of groups that are talking about, the mainstream media is saying, it's all right. if it was the republicans doing this, if a republican blew up a democratic headquarter president
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obama will be giving a speech. anthony: there's ideological bigotry coming from the left. they do things like this that are unethical and classically un-american, maria. un-american approach to the election. and so it may not damage them, however, because it's a little bit too late and we are the only people covering it. you're covering, sean and bill o'reilly. dagen: you can certainly find it on twitter, but the thread through this is the -- what we really have seen in the last few months is the disdain of people faith, the disdain of people who are connected to trump, trump's message resinates with them and it's that kind of leadism and looking down their nose at the american people that is
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resinating with people. maria: that's deplorable. dagen: biggest question is will people get out to vote. anthony: huge. maria: remember the chicago rally that trump had to cancel because there was so much violence. they were bragging, we shut it down. >> it's un-american. they crossed that line, maria. i think there is a tremendous -- i've already voted. the absentee ballots are off the charts just in new hampshire. everywhere i go i was with a family, mixed-marriage family, the man said he's voting for trump and he was attacked relentlessly by the other members of the family but he stood his ground and the talking points that people had to the point where i was eating, i walked over and said, ma'am, with all due respect you're wrong on a, b and c and hopefully they changed their mind a little bit. maria: fox base is taking live
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to the third presidential debate tonight moderated by fox news chris wallace, special prime time coverage begins tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, join me for that special programming tonight and then catch our post debate analysis right here tomorrow morning from vegas. back in a minute healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. with new cabinets this wfrom this shop,house, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits
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down, walked away from the deal. twitter trolls were partly to blame. wall street journal reporting that months before sales force was considering a bid to acquire twitter, the companies mergers and acquisitions excluded the company. i want to bring kevin kelly right now in new york. kevin, good to see you, thanks for joining us. kevin: i'm missing out, i love vegas. maria: what do you this of this whole twitter story? kevin: i thought twitter should have been acquired, one of the reasons why is because they have a lack of direction, people didn't really see what was happening and how they were going to drive more revenue, improve the user experience and has remain that had way, one of the reasons why twitter wasn't on this leaked e-mail in their deck of acquisitions is because they were trying to digest the 26 billion-dollar deal for sales
6:18 am
force and they are really going after it and competing against microsoft but make no mistake, sales force has always been a serial acquirer and they typically use stock as currency and that's one of the reasons they lost out on link-in. this isn't surprising that twitter wasn't on here because it's a really expensive company to digest. people were talking about the valuation being around $20 billion and more expensive than linked-in, there was more value elsewhere than for sales force. it's a pretty interested leaked e-mail that's showing the inner workings of how companies were acquired but no real news because a lot of the companies that were in here were talked about being on the sales block. this wasn't a real story in regards to linked information
6:19 am
that wasn't already there. maria: do they have a plan to monetize the business? there's no advertising on twitter, what do you think? dagen: you were spot on why potentially sales force walked away. anthony: too much trolling on twitter that everyone is bashing the skull of these big -- people that are being followed. it's a disaster for them long-term. it's very hard for advertiser to put stuff on twitter. dagen: what is the value of the scores of people who spend their days calling me four-letter words. what do you want to tell them? teachers, they bash me from the right and left. that's why it's hard to monetize those answers. [laughter] >> you think the fcc gets involved, do investigation and see if it's coming out of
6:20 am
twitter, this group is looking at this group -- dagen: are you advocating government intervention. that's really conservative of you. anthony: a lot of this rumor mill starts on twitter or social media that is basically unfounded in the marketplace. >> it's too high. is there a number that, in fact, gets purchased. anthony: my personally, twitter is going to have a hard time. longer format, more than 140 characters and if you're going to be a troll on twitter, they need to have a troll inspector. maria: real quick on morgan stanley. stock is up 11%. anthony: they had a weak third quarter last year but the most important about this, maria, the reason earnings was so high, the rule is helping the banks, imagine that, there's no liquidity, they're making it up
6:21 am
on transaction costs. maria: all right, we will see what the numbers show. we will see you back at the ranch. kevin kelly in new york. we will take a short break a lot more to come as we preview debate live in las vegas. stay was afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. maria: welcome back to mgm grand in las vegas, nevada, we are live coming to you from vegas ahead of the final and third presidential debate. ecuador, temporarily cutting internet access to julian assange in london embassy over fear that is he was using it to
6:25 am
interfere with u.s. elections. cheryl: this move from ecuador came out of latest batch of john podesta emails were released by wikileaks. ecuador confirmed it cut off access and released a statement saying, quote, respect it is principle of nonintervention. the prim minister has come out in support of hillary clinton before that and the country did grant to asylum to assange over facing espionage charges and also faces sexual assault in sweden. tesla is set to make a mysterious big announcement today. the company plan today reveal new product and needed a few more days of refinement and comes after anybody with bad news with model 3, it's not
6:26 am
going to ship till mid 2018. a thousand preorders for the electric sedan. first models to roll out 2017. warren buffet no longer the richest guy in america. jeff bezos, amazon stock pushed bezos just pass buffet with 74 billion, buffet has $64.9 billion, maria and bill gates remains number one. a whopping $81 billion. what to do with all of that cash? back to you. maria: incredible. amazon is a monster. amazing what it's done for investors there, obvious jeff bezos. ecuador cutting off julian assange's internet access. they did so because they got a
6:27 am
call from john kerry, do we know that for sure? >> if he did first success when it comes to diplomatic relations. ecuador, they get aid from us and we have many in massachusetts, for example, there are murderers right now who we are they are in ecuador and ecuador will not honor extradition treaty to bring them back. maria: we give them all of this aid. if you get a call -- >> outrageous that john kerry tried to interfere. anthony: do you want the american government interfering with the government's power to interfere with the election. again, it's about being outside of the boundary lines to make something happen that they want to happen, maria. maria: wow, u.s. troops joining in the fight to retake mosul, more what it means on the war of terror. relief for yahoo after massive data breach that's sending stock higher this morning.
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6:31 am
on sin city this week. president obama getting one last jab and before the big night. >> mr. trump's continued flattery of mr. putin and the degree to which he appears to model many of his policies and approaches to politics on mr. putin is unprecedented in american politics. >> and just remember this, run this government, history will record that 2017 was the year that america lost, truly lost its independence. maria: we are breaking down what each candidate needs to concentrate on tonight before they hit the big stage. plus if, that they want to perform well they may draw inspiration from the past, what history has taught us from previous presidential debates.
6:32 am
also the battle for mosul, more than 100 u.s. troops help our iraqi allies drive out isis from mosul. headache from the galaxy 7 continues this morning for samsung. major legals cost the company could face coming up. then working hard or hardly working the staggering amount of hours americans put in at the office compared to other countries and markets this morning fractionally lower, take a look at futures indicating a market that is really flat on the session. as you see things have turned around in the last 15 minutes. dow industrial looking up 12 points, nasdaq down a fraction. earning season, of course, rolls on. morgan stanley set to report ahead of the opening bell. we will bring you the numbers, stocks are looking up ahead of that. in europe stocks are holding up. major indices this morning and we see they are fractionally lower on the session. in asia overnight mixed performances to tell you about. new data out of china on the
6:33 am
economy. gdp holding steady at 6.7%, strengthen consumer spending offsetting trade weakness. 6.7%. the battle for mosul continues this morning more than 100 u.s. troops moving forward. let's bring in iraq and afghanistan veteran and fox news contributor pete, thank you for joining us. what do you make out of the latest developments out of mosul? >> it's only day two. it's not going to be easy. it's going going to be blocked to blocked. ultimately the iraqis, they've had some capabilities but it's going to be capabilities on top of it that are chief accelerant. the big question of mosul is what's next and don't have what's next plan. even though you take the city doesn't mean you change the conditions on the ground. maria: you have the hundred u.s. crews and also the kurdish troops are together.
6:34 am
how does this play out when enemies are working together? >> sort of working together temporarily but the aftermath after the baghdad government which is dominated by iran and sunnis, a police force that are supposed to hold the city and the kurds and you have the turks as well who are training forces. nobody has decide who had is going to have the political power afterwards. many times over if you don't have plan afterwards, it's going to drag on. >> obviously, what i think is happening and what others and you referenced as well, the president is trying to get squared away before hillary gets into office. we would not be here, maria, let's not forget if we had not left a transition, training force there, reexecuted the status of agreement to blame it to president bush as hillary
6:35 am
tried to do is laughable and what obama was saying about putin and donald trump, the only question is because of reset with russia and failed policy in syria and it gave not only putin but china, isis and all the other terrorist groups basically the ability to say, you know what, the united states isn't going to do a thing. dagen: in terms there's a wall street journal editorial about president obama leaves office with five hot spots now and they point out in terms of dealing with russia and all the talk about the trump campaign and the hacks. what has the obama administration done to crack down on previous hacks by the russian government? even that country harboring edward snowden. >> nothing, dagen. maria: why would he feel empowerment to insert russia into the syria conflict in the beginning, just to begin with? they inserted themselves. >> they had a very clear strategic goal and we had a strategic drift. we had no -- we were unwilling
6:36 am
to make decisions, we didn't enforce read lines. the ironic part in iraq, there's 6,000 americans now, that's about the size of the force that we could have left behind and avoided this thing. dagen: this is long-time coming, a lot of the islamic state fighters which embassador bolton has pointed out, they are gone, they have moved onto other areas, they've moved on the yemen, libya, that's what happened. if the islamic state is weakened at this point in iraq is because -- maria: let's not forget guantanamo bay, this is one of the president wants as part of legacy that he close it down and another gitmo detainee has been released. 14 years of captivity, the man was never charged with a crime that he was detained. what's your reaction? >> they are trying to clear it out as quick as they can. he was a high-profile book.
6:37 am
he was terribly mistreated and what it's going to do continue to perpetuate the myth that it's a gullat. all they want to do is shut it down and in doing so they will take away a very effective tool. >> it is one of the best-run military facilities probably in the world and our men and women do work and if you go see how they're treated and to think that we are not going to have the ability if we capture somebody on the battlefield to actually bring them to a secure facility and get pursuant to the applicable laws any and all information is outrageous. they're either going to kill them in the battlefield. >> we are not getting -- >> give them to some other foreign government that really doesn't want them. they don't have the same rules of engagement as we do. i think it's a huge mistake and so does congress. maria: does gitmo come up tonight? third and final presidential debate taking place in vegas,
6:38 am
two candidates will focus on immigration and foreign hot spots. those were the two among topics that chris wallace put out there. president obama touched on why trump surprised him on foreign relations. >> mr. trump rarely surprises me these days. i'm much more surprised and troubled by the fact that you have republican officials who historically have been antirush aib and have attacked me for even engaging them diplomacyically and now supporting and in some cases echoing his positions. it's quite a reversal. >> are we safer today than eight years ago? hillary clinton was a part of them and supported them and always has a public and private position. we saw that on the iran deal.
6:39 am
she was for the deal and talking to wall street, maybe we bomb iran. >> let them talk and get them to focus on the issues. dagen, i think you were right talking about the fact that we need to focus on the issues, we need to start to get people out there and talk about the things that we care about that affect our country so dramatically. maria: it's not right for the american people. the american people care about jobs and national security. dagen: they do, one of the topics is fitness to be president. it's how you handle yourself and how you counterpunch. >> the question is will he do that honestly. he has a new phrase drain the swamp. you want that gone. i will be that change agent on
6:40 am
the big issues that matters to you. dagen: like being down south in recent months that's one of the things even people who haven't fully decide today vote for him, that is one of the major reason that is they would vote for him. basically they just fire all the bombs, really. [laughter] maria: that's what he needs to message out there that a vote for him is a vote to break the corruption and for the movement, not necessarily for the man. >> he's right on the issues, maria, but the way he's delivering it. he's had opportunities to hit it out of the park. last debate after everything that positively happens or negatively comes out of her, he never hit that is home run, that's the biggest frustration. dagen: hillary clinton is a much better boxer than anybody ever imagined. maria: she's prepared. dagen: came away from the second one, did she lose, you know, she won by not really --
6:41 am
>> hope she doesn't make any big mistakes. maria: kept him on defense or offense the whole night. good to see you. fox business network will be taking you live for the third presidential debate tonight moderated by chris wallace, special prime time coverage begins tonight, join me 6:00 p.m. eastern tonight as we navigate the analysis of pre and post debate analysis. we will be live tomorrow morning from vegas at 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. eastern. take a short break right now. samsung is getting hit legals. a new study that says that we work longer than our european counterparts. well, we knew that, we will tell you more about it. next
6:42 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back to the mgm grand in las vegas this morning. we come to you live ahead of the presidential showdown. markets are now turning higher. take a look at what we are looking at in terms of futures. earnings season driving the action. the dow jones industrial average looking better on the session up 12 points. we started the show so it was negative, we have seen a reversal there. a couple of names we are watching. under armour reaching a deal to provide uniforms in 2020. it will replace magestic athletic. the deal for nike which provides undershirt. the rise in page views, yahoo has struggled since reporting massive data breach.
6:46 am
this morning the stock is looking higher. a lawsuit has been filed against samsung over recall galaxy note 7. cheryl casone with the details now in new york. good morning to you, cheryl. cheryl: good morning, maria, the company botched the recall forcing them to pay monthly charges even though they couldn't use the phone. the suit is seeking reimbursement as well as class action status. samsung permanently ended sales of the note 7 smartphone less than two months after launch. samsung is getting more galaxy note 7 exchange booths in airports, this program which began in south korea in major australian airports and here in the united states including san francisco and lax. well, here is one reason you could be envious of the europeans lifestyle. a new study shows that europeans work 25% fewer hours than americans.
6:47 am
that works out to an extra hour a work a day for us. average americans work 26 hours a week by comparison, italians work 18 hours. and social security recipients are getting only a .3% increase in benefits next year. the cost of living adjustments adds up to increase of 4 bucks a month for an average recipient. adjustment can reflect more than 10 million people, one and five americans. the average monthly social security payment is $1,238 but for some seniors the small increase probably going to be wiped out because the increase in medicare part b premiums which are still out of control and those are headlines from new york, back to you in las vegas. maria: all right, cheryl. thank you. coming up donald trump spat with carly fiorina can tell us what we can expect in the final showdown with hillary clinton, we will tell you about it next
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maria: welcome to the mgm grand in las vegas, we are live this morning with just hours before the next and the third final presidential debate. it's been a long road down the campaign trail to get to this point, that's for sure. this morning we are taking a look back at some of the most memorable debate moments from along the way. joining us right now presidential historian, doug, doug, good to see you. >> good to see you, maria.
6:52 am
>> let's go back to 2008 when clinton was facing then senator barack obama. >> i did not mention his name. >> your husband did. >> well, i'm here and he's not. maria: doug, your thoughts there. are will-less sons donald trump can learn from president obama's debate performances in the last run? >> obama was brilliant or i should say he worked hard. he had three answers to the same question. if you play the tape back earlier hillary hit him with this once and he answered it well, she hit him a second time, he had to come back with a different answer and he did and it was better and she hit him a third time and he had a third answer. that's unusual. you have a stump speech where you repeat the same thing over and over bad deals with china, bad deals with iran, jobs, jobs,
6:53 am
but in a 90-minute debate you're going to have multiple answers to the same questions, same subjects. he was able to do that and that showed a great preparation. maria: yeah, it also showed a grasp of the issues. trump seems to do better when he sticks to trade like when he slammed the new york times article in support of tariff during fox business network primary debates. watch this. >> it's new york times. they're always wrong. [laughter] >> they were wrong. >> you never said it because they provided -- >> i would use -- they were asking me what to do about north korea. china, they don't like to tell us but they have total control just about of north korea. they can solve the problem of north korea if they wanted to but they taunt us, they say, well, we don't really have control, without china north korea doesn't even eat. china is ripping us on trade, they are devaluing currency and they're killing our companies.
6:54 am
maria: doug, your take away here. >> that's his stump speech and good at it and needs to keep doing it. you can't do it three times in 90-minute debate. that's what marco rubio tried to do and got himself in trouble. it can't be repetitive. that's the importance of barack obama of developing multiple answers to the same question or multiple paragraphs to the same topic and that takes work. maria: you know, often times trump stumbles when it comes to women and hillary knows. he mocked carly fiorina's looks. this is what happened when a moderator asked about those comments. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [applause] >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. [laughter] maria: do you think that moment
6:55 am
left a mark in trump's campaign. >> what could he do? he dealt his own hand of cards there and he had to do what he had to do. what i liked carly fiorina's understatement. that's powerful. barack obama used that too against romney when he talked about aircraft carriers and obama came back and said, well, you know, we have fewer horses too. that doesn't work in campaign speech but works in a debate. it allows the person in the audience to scramble the issues and come to their own conclusion. they end up with pride of authorship and pride of personal opinion and they come away a stronger supporter of you. i like the understatement of carly. i think it worked for her well in that occasion. maria: sure did. hillary clinton has done pretty well in the debates so far.
6:56 am
here is one big talker from the first one. watch this. >> and the kind of plan that donald has put forth would be trickled down economics, in fact, it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cuts for the top percent of the people in this country than we have ever had. i call it trumped up trickle down. [laughter] maria: your thoughts about that one? that one got an snl mention as well. >> yeah, reminds me of tyler two. sometimes phrases work in campaign. people remember them. i think hillary's good marathon runner and these debates are marathons, you can't practice them by running the five mile. you to run the whole marathon and she does well in that set. maria: thoughts? dagen: again, her strategy --
6:57 am
>> speechless. dagen: hillary's strategy changes from debate to debate. a lot of it is guess work of which donald trump they're goin, well, they will be overprepared. >> maria, i have done 21 races. there's no such thing as overpreparing as part of donald trump's problem. he did you want prepare enough. maria: you're a supporter. did you tell him that? does he know that? anthony: she does bait him very well. she knows what to say and he reacts off message. maria: doug, good to see you, sir. thank you so much. >> thank you, everybody. maria: we are live in vegas and we will be right back. stay with us healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
6:58 am
the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:00 am
maria: good morning. we are live at the mgm grand hotel. it is wednesday october 19. the top stories right now. the stage is set instance of the. clinton is maintaining her late above trump. questions are still surrounding her relationships with the fbi.
7:01 am
president obama is forced to defend them. see mac i think you have heard directly from both the fbi and the state department that the notion or the accounts that have been put out there are just not true. they want to try to rig the election and the polling booths and we had republicans take a look at philadelphia what's going on. if you talk about them they say bad thing about you. >> speaking of that nobody will be do more for the african-american citizens maria: wikileaks exposing who they considered. how they decided he made the cut.
7:02 am
investors are warning of a major economic hit. markets this morning our mix. we're looking at a market that is very close to the flat line. the stocks are looking higher. we have new data at a china. the economic growth held steady at 6.7 percent. they compare 6.7% to the 1.4 percent. you know what everybody's talking about.
7:03 am
we will take a look at what is under the shell. former senior advisor. the final debate. you can sure get away with that in las vegas. see mccue can you can get away with a lot less. it's like walmart with neon and nakedness. >> we feel like we had been partying all night long. there's a sense of delirium.
7:04 am
thirty-two advisors. lesson three weeks until election day. they have a they've a preview of the big show tonight. just down the road from you here. they're taking two very different paths to the final debate tonight. clinton has been off of the campaign trail. getting ready for debate. and her campaign is defending her strategy for a few reasons. she will be prepared to answer any and all questions. they also point to the massive audiences that they draw.
7:05 am
if it's worked all along why change it leading up to tonight on the other hand donald trump has been out in front of the public yet again. yesterday he made a couple of different stops in the swing state of colorado. they put the clinton strategy in a much different light. new with the debate prep is its resting. lying down and going to sleep. he will have a unique visitor that being malika obama. the half-brother of president obama. no comment when asked about that. they show that donald trump has a lot of work to do in last 20 days. they have them down six to hillary clinton in a four-way race.
7:06 am
whatever weight you split this trumpet needs to certainly have a good performance here tonight. new developments in the allegations involving e-mails on the private server. they acknowledge that he offered to swap the favors with a state department official before he realized it concerned the classification of an e-mail regarding the benghazi attack. they both are speaking to the issue yesterday. some of the appearances as you say to them are based on actual events. >> fbi documents reveal just how deep the corruption goes. this is a felony corruption.
7:07 am
thank you so much for joining us. kennedy released a statement and he said this there was no quid pro quo. but doesn't this give the voters another reason to be skeptical of that conclusion with the government agencies this is the kind of stuff that people want an end too. i know patrick kennedy. this guy from the fbi career this is a common interchange but the fact is there was no quid pro quo. there was no two positions where they were ask for the iraq embassy. it didn't happen.
7:08 am
and i think it's basically saying he proposed it but he stopped when he realized that it involved some benghazi e-mails. it's much ado about nothing. why was there even a conversation taking place about hey we will give you an opportunity to put fbi agents overseas in places that you were not allowed to be in the past. why was it even a conversation about changing the classification in such a hot button issues. the reality is the time they're talking like that there was no issue. neither one knew what they were talking about. it didn't happen whatsoever. i've been in the government. agency say can you help me here it's very common.
7:09 am
these are two career, honest bureaucrats. the guy is clean as a whistle. i think they're making something out of nothing. when they ask about stefan she says 39 straight times that she can't recall anything and when we see her brilliant memory on the debate stage what you think of that. she's very will prepared for the debates. she ran away from everybody could she was so good.
7:10 am
you don't know whether you can remember everything. i don't think she's being evasive you do a very good job for her as a surrogate. seer get. not pain enough. this is just a small sliver they are outraged. it goes into the sustained campaign that they waged to get clinton off of the classification hook. again he asked the fbi to go away as marking the e-mail unclassified.
7:11 am
to continue to press his case. it's not a random phone call. you could say it doesn't exist but governor doesn't look good. this campaign has been the worst i have ever seen. i think it's really topping things off. over 14 years they said at of a billion votes cast maybe there's 31 that are questionable. he knows he is lost. they are inciting violence at trumpet rallies.
7:12 am
and then the whole country thinks it was trump people and it wasn't. you don't know that that necessarily has happened. there are bad apples everywhere. this is a very doubtful source. what's happening here is they are revealing a systematic pattern of behavior and corruption. it is the awarding of government contracts. that is just another small sliver it starts with the
7:13 am
electoral process. that's what people want. are they preparing more to be on the attack and in answer some of these issues around the talk of production. i'm not an insider so i don't know about debate preparations. i will say she's gonna talk about the future. that she protects working families. she doesn't want to get into this personal stuff. this is not a sideshow.
7:14 am
she stands for strong working families for economic development she stands for national security i think she's can have a more aggressive policy on syria she stands for a lot of issues. the american people care about right now she stands for making the affordable care act stronger and fixing some of the problems that exist. but she's prepared to be commander and chief. he's out there fluted -- flirting with putin and russia. we will be right back.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
we are coming to you live ahead of the third and final showdown. the mexican judge who presided over drug lord el chapo has been assassinated. >> good morning 37-year-old was shot in the head just outside of his home. the shooting captured by security camera. the footage shows at the assassin at running up behind the judge as he is jogging and shooting him in the back of the head. we of course are freezing at
7:18 am
that video. we should say he was -- if he was extradited to the u.s. he would face murder charges. so so obama care will cost a lot more money for a lot more folks. they have approved premiums. eight points higher. they even ask for it. the covered under the aca. the former red sox pitcher said he wants to challenge elizabeth warren. with maria take a listen. i'm clearly not the establishment. i think i have a firm graphs
7:19 am
of how it works. it's one of the reasons why we are in the position were in. people like her need to be gone. he will throw his hat into the ring if his wife approves of that idea. they were building a hundred million dollar factory in kansas.
7:20 am
to the leave the european union still sending shockwaves throughout the financial world. we will talk with a former advisor steve helton is with us. the hot new offer arriving just in time for the final presidential showdown. we will bring it to you next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> welcome back. we are live with just hours remaining. tremors in the financial world. they voted to exit the european union. it is warning that the
7:24 am
government at some point you change and you are for them. it has given the british government freedom over its own policies. what it does with that freedom is the real debate.
7:25 am
the worst predictions won't happen. there has been great relationship for economic and trade. this is not been a very good thing for great britain. the thing that happens is bad. the underlying picture is very positive. they have does not been met.
7:26 am
>> immigration and alto in terms of the strain on the country and gives them the ability to manage and control immigration. >> that was the biggest issue. it was all about whether the government and the people of that the shut out everybody but to say we don't want to import with our own economy. we do want to welcome entrepreneurs and all of the people you want to get the economy what movie. do you see seminaries -- similarities her.
7:27 am
do you believe the polls right now for example. two hillary clinton the hillary clinton is in the lead or do you think there is as quiet majority like there really was in the uk that will surprise everybody. >> whoever is behind says i don't believe the polls. there are group of people let's open up a policy and in brexit they finally saw a chance to make a big change but there were they were streamed into not speaking out. you are morally reprehensible. why is a left able to hijack this moral shaming argument. i think it is strong now
7:28 am
because you have such big issues at stake. and it happened with brexit and they see the threat here. >> we sat with barack obama. let me be clear. they are taking you live to the third presidential debate tonight. join us tonight for that life coverage. take a short break. the caught in the center of them under -- money laundering
7:29 am
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7:32 am
here is your top stories. the campaign going on the attack to last us for the next 15 years. we talked about the possibility of voter fraud. don't kid yourself voter fraud is real one a major voting block still a tossup.
7:33 am
lament at the airport it will be much busier in the next couple years and leonardo dicaprio looking and cooperating into a money laundering probe. we had been pretty close to the flatline. as you can see the markets are not too far from where they closed yesterday. unchanged at 21-32.the nasdaq i. it is really earnings driving activity. mostly lower as you see there. fractional moves. 's performances over night. we have new data at a china. they were holding steady at 6.7% of gdp.
7:34 am
preserving the most famous footwear. this is how you could repair the ruby red slippers. they remain ahead of them there leading tram by six points. take a look. not everybody is happy with these numbers. they told the crowd in colorado that he thinks the media is hiding all of the good polls. >> even though were doing pretty good in the polls i don't believe them anymore. i don't believe him. and if there's one or two bad ones that the only ones they show. were doing great. the man who has predicted the outcome of every presidential
7:35 am
election since 1984. thank you so much for joining us. my pleasure. the last time we spoke with you you thought he would win the presidency. have you changed your mind. i am not a hedger and i had been predicting elections for 30 years. but i have a big qualification this time. my keys to the white house system says this should be a changed election. the incumbent democrats who hold the white house should lose. and donald trump who is a history smashing precedent breaking candidate. the great majority of the american people believe he is not fit to serve his as president. we've never seen anything like that before.
7:36 am
i talked about how he needed to move more to the mainstream because the generic republican could win this race he's done just the opposite and inflamed all of those issues that cause people to doubt him so much it's a kind of the kind of candidate we haven't seen in modern american political history. he has one more shot to listen to me and that's tonight. will it change your decision. i think what you see is what you get with donald trump. the harping on things like the election two thirds of the battleground states in the election administration and if he keeps on that instead of moving towards the mainstream
7:37 am
my huge qualification that the historical force of trump might overcome the should be a changed election. that's why it's the most fascinating election we really had in the modern history of the united states. it is wednesday morning november the ninth what are the polls looking like. the national percentage totals. >> i'm not much of a poll watcher but i do believe the late polls our pretty accurate. i think clinton has right now elite of about six or seven percentage points which is can be very difficult for trump to overcome and he cannot overcome it following the course he is following now. it will fire up his base but it wont expand the base. and he's done nothing to calm
7:38 am
the spheres unfortunately for him. hillary clinton also in terms of the amount of money that they're spending so close to the election they are worried about voter enthusiasm. they do not have the level of enthusiasm they did in 2012. you're absolutely right about that. that is a major factor. she has not been really able to inspire she's not been a truly big turnout.
7:39 am
she has many more offices she has more troops on the ground. even though they talk about representing the ordinary jane and jeff .-dot -- jane and john dough elements. what is behind your analysis. it's based on the historical system that was developed by looking and every election from 1860 to 1980. i developed a and 81 and the primary thesis as that elections are mostly judgments on the performance of the party holding the white house
7:40 am
if the white house party loses six or more they are predicted losers in right now the white house it's exactly six keys out against them. so based on historical patterns this should be a changed election. it should be winning this election but unfortunately for the republican they have gone onto the one candidate capable of snatching defeat. he so far out of the mainstream. does it help hillary clinton when president obama goes out and campaigns or hurts her. i don't think it helps or hurts particularly. i don't think it's turned in on that. normally i think it's all
7:41 am
about donald trump and you can see hillary clinton almost fading into the background as a deliberate strategy because she believes the more things focused on trump was a dozen women accusing him of groping. he's in the headlines she thinks she wins. wants. we will be speaking soon. >> they're taking it live it to the third presidential debate tonight. our special prime time coverage begins tonight. as we navigate the pre- analysis and then catch the post debate analysis. we will take a short break.
7:42 am
there is no place like the smithsonian. the story is coming up. stay with us. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:45 am
maria: welcome back to the mgm grand in las vegas. we are ahead of the in a presidential debate tonight. the details and headlines are now. they were obviously heading out to las vegas. they are offering a 30% discount on all flights originated in the united states we have to book your trip by the end of today just in time to watch the debate. when candidates go jetblue
7:46 am
goes lower. the good because listen to this next story. the number of travelers around the world seven-point 2 billion passengers. much of that is good to come from the asia pacific region. leonardo dicaprio is cooperating with authorities about stolen money that it was used to finance the wolf of wall street. in july 2012 more than a million dollars was taken out at the venetian casino and used to gamble with. at least a 3.5 billion have been stolen from that fund by people close to the prime minister.
7:47 am
and the smithsonian is looking for some help. they had launched a kickstarting campaign. the sparkly red slippers are one of the most popular attractions at the smithsonian's national museum of american history. it's actually off to a good start. they have contributive more than hundred 17 grand towards at 300,000 dollars total. that's your headlines here in new york. back to you in vegas. there is more coming up.
7:48 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:49 am
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7:51 am
maria: welcome back. we are coming to you live ahead of the final presidential showdown. they may not come out to the polls. 69.2 eligible voters. but voter enthusiasm for this group is just not there. the contributor lisa booth to talk more about it. what's going on with millenials right now. are they not excited and enthused to come out and vote. they don't feel inspired they did propel president obama to victory. and as a problem for hillary clinton because she's not resonated with them. i think for hillary clinton the biggest problem for her is the lack of authenticity.
7:52 am
it has been a problem for her. they came out for obama in 2008. my question is is it issue related meaning and that these are to 70-year-old candidates or is it related to the issues. you have to think about it also. they were getting 70% and he would have been the oldest president we would have ever had if we would hat -- if he would've won. i don't think it's an issue of age per se i think it's a fact that hillary clinton they don't feel like she is as authentic. he really hasn't done a whole lot. he has have i think a trip out there. i don't think he's done enough to try to connect to them it's also true about what he said. it's been confirmed on a daily
7:53 am
basis by all of these wikileaks they can see how it all works in the world of clinton which is calculating politicians no real clear convictions. other than what is convenient. that's it's been shown. the fact that this is a the candidate who literally says it has her private speeches there is another private hillary clinton. two different people depending on what audience. we talked to millenials on the university of nevada campus and they say the issues that are important to the american people they want to hear these issues tonight. listen to this i feel like
7:54 am
they don't hear too much about what he talks up. what is he most worried about. >> what do you hope to hear from the candidates tonight. >> fully answered questions. >> i think that they are not respected. i note the debate but the problem at this with this year's presidential candidate is that they are arguing who did more wrong and who did committed the most crimes. what are they gonna do for the country rather than just like bringing out the flaws. i think it shows the national
7:55 am
support at only 28% if they start attacking each other i hope tonight at the presidential debate i believe chris wallace will get them to focus on the issues it hasn't really been interested in the issues. you look at just the sheer coverage that even the audiotape that came out. they're not covering the wikileaks information. and yes we should be holding candidates accountable but both sides should be represented and there should be an equal judgment of both candidates. is it too late for that millenials. are they already checked out.
7:56 am
our are they even can show up to go vote. i just don't know. i think one thing that trump can do to win them over is to go back to the talk. the whole system that is a message that they very successfully put over. it's much more credible on that. when the conversation is on the issues he does better. it's been very good for that. if you can do that tonight and hillary clinton into the mud you are so right. he does so much better when he's talking about the issues and talking about trade in the economy and education that's
7:57 am
when he what he does better. when he allows hillary clinton to bring him in the mud that's were his poll numbers die. there's been studies that have shown that for every dollar that they pump into the system college tuition gets raised by $3 because it can be subsidized and paid for. we are live tonight for the third presidential debate. live right here back in a moment. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
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a sleep number store. . . >> noup announce live from the mgm grand las vegas for the final presidential debate you are watching a speciedition "mornings with maria." >> good wednesday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo wednesday, october 19 top storz right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the stage is set, donald trump and hillary clinton facing off in final presidential debate tonight, comes as new fox news poll show clinton maintaining lead over trump both sides of the aisle going on attack ahead of the big night. >> she has been doing this for 30 years now she has to do debate prep five days you know what debate prep is? it is resting, lying down, going to sleep. >> i think there is something rich about a guy who doesn't pay taxes, telling people who do pay taxes they should not be able to have a path to
8:01 am
citizenship. >> we are taking a closer look at key issues for tonight's showdown, plus a series of blockbuster videos to show you, one showing possible election fraud. now, heads are rolling within democratic party as a result, republicans fighting back could be smooth skies ahead for travelers, the government plan to protect you from costly airline fees, plus remaining against the machines nfl ledge order by many belichick refusing to use microsoft tablets on the field. >> markets look like this futures indicating a fractional move for the a major averages down up down dow jones industrial average up 10 points s&p nasdaq fractionally moving, in europe stocks float line as well, it is earnings season that really is driving the activity for a handful of names all major incident why isses lower a
8:02 am
quarter of a per pent in about asia overnight mixed performances gdp report out of china helped steady growth in china, 6.7%. strength in consumer spending offset weakness in trade, plus presidential pump up to answer you president and first lady blasting at gym we bring to you all those stories this morning to break it down gina joining us fox business network dagen mcdowell host of wall street week anthony scaramucci good morning. >> good to see you. >> here we are -- 4 a.m. -- >> in las vegas, you rested. >> i did. >> i didn't. >> were were you dagen. dagen: i i had ma it two hours no cursing, have not o fenced my mother so i am good. >> -- mother -- let's look in
8:03 am
there. mom text me. >> having fun this morning just say with us a lot to come this hour during the conversation, university of virginia center of politics director larry sabato going to tell us what his crystal balance is saying ahead of this inventory the host of "varney & company" going weigh in stooufrt stooufrt as well stay with us, first ahead of the stienl debate, new fox news polls show a clinton has 6-point lead ahead of donald trump, in a four-way presidential vote reference head-to-head match hillary clinton beneath trump by 7 points joining us 32 advisor ceo you out the advisor to president obama robert wolf great to see you. >> daying enput it on 32 red, always come up. >>. dagen: you are betting red not blue. >> really. >> pennsylvania 32 -- what can i say. >> okay. >> what is do you think the
8:04 am
status is can trumpull ahead before enforce 8. >> i hope to and i were together feels like one in five shot for him, but the a electoral map is very difficult for him who would have thought that she has a better chance to win arizona than he does new hampshire, a better chance for her to win texas than he does pennsylvania, and her to win georgia than virginia, today, in 21 days of lifetime today rather be her going into debate than him. >> you do think 21 days is a life time you think a lot can happen in the next under three weeks. >> i was a wall street trader most my life a day is a lifetime. >> orange county. >> we have been together you and i 04, 08, 12. >> i know it. >> sara pal h palin, 47% the la two weeks, obviously have not
8:05 am
been great for donald trump, and the polls are showing that, i know he now says he doesn't look at polls, but the polls are showing that. maria: antonio. >> robert you and i were with stuart stevens romney's old campaign advisor said a lot of people don't start thinking about election until halloween do you believe that if the case then what do you think is going to happen. >> well, you know the people thought they were bunning the definite as well i will leave it to that remember we always thought obama, two weeks before halloween we thought nine of 12 swing states were done because of his ground game, where he thought his graphics were coming out felt better way before halloween i respectfully disagree with stuart people don't know by halloween there will be millions of votes casted by then i think already a mill half votes plus today casted i would disagree that people are
8:06 am
not at 59% decided where they are voting. >> that was very different, this is the first african-american to take the highest office in the land. i don't think people see it the same, in terms of of the -- the magnitude of hillary being first woman. dagen: i've got northbounds to back that up from latest "the wall street journal" poll 65% he african-americans enumerate themselves highly interested in this election down 28 points from 2008 with younger americans 54% younger voters highly interested down 30 points, from the first year the -- the first election of president obama. >> incredible. >> it is clear this is not the same as '08, but that being said, i think we will still have within you know, 100, 125 million people, voting, we will get the same type of you know, type of electoral map we have o probably seen last few
8:07 am
times and today, you would just have to say that you know -- donald trump seems to have a feeling of about 40%. and that doesn't bode well for a general. >> interesting that she can't get above 50%; right? >> i mean that is -- >> i find it incredible that with all this -- >> they was 40? >> yeah. >> i don't think we need to hit 50 to win i wouldn't mind that. i mean. >> trump keeps doubling down on idea the election is rigged against thim yesterday president obama offered this rebuke i want to get your reaction listen to this. >> whenever things are going badly for you lose you start blaming somebody else? then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. because there are a lot of times things don't go our way. >> would i advise mr. trump stop whining try to make this is case to get votes. maria: your an outside
8:08 am
advisor surprised by bluntness? that is right answer watching video where they staged fights at trump rallies we are looking at situations where people are questioning why dead people voted? >> well maria, the way i view it i look at the packs, loyola university came out with a study looked over a billion votes they found 31 incidents, 31 over a a billion there is a better chance i walk out get hit by lightning with an fox vurs that tweeted me i hope you walk outside in the rain tomorrow. >> o my gosh -- >> -- a billion -- so let's be clear, you have two-thirds of the states run by republican governors, okay. the idea that we are talking about fraudulently activity is ridiculous okay? it is silly i agree incredible whiney no different than arguing about the mic after first debate. >> what about this video
8:09 am
robert spotlight on undercover video released by project veritas alleging top staffer committed election fraud listen to this. >> we did the exact same thing, we -- we manipulated the votes with money and access, not with -- it is very easy thing for republicans to say buzzing people in you know we have been busing people for 60 years not going to stop now. the way to do it. so i mean, i grew up with that -- idea, you know, they used to people in iowa -- if we need people -- >> this is very concerning obviously robert staffer caught on video fired from americans united for change there is another video basically he is training people to ininsight violence
8:10 am
figure out where trump is going to be hire people to insight violence it is democrats doing it does video prove claim election restricted. >> first time i saw video project veritas founder a could i o'keefe, a breitbart protége not getting into his conspiracy type theories journalismism reports he does people can watch decide whether fact or fix or whether a few pad apples on both sides my guess if you have 125 million people voting, there will be a few bad apples on both sides. >> did you tell dnc pays them to do that. >> honestly project veritas you should look it up look at the history, i will leave it that the. maria: yes robert his own words are. >> voter fraud don't you think
8:11 am
that is going to resonate with american people hearing the woerdz voter fraud coming from a clinton worker? >> no. because the guy doesn't work for clinton, and i think people talk there is a lot of people just go talk out there, they are not part of the campaign. >> the out lines chain of command explained how it does come from the top. >> i don't think hillary clinton knows this guy i don't think it comes from the top. >> how damaging do you think the video is. >> de minimis if anything. >> okay. >> a nonevent i think listen i think in the news media that i, there are people on the far left, there are people on far right. there is crazy stuff said all over videos on this show different videos another o show people talking about harassment one show groping on another show i hope when people go to the booth they vote for policy who is better for the economy who is better
8:12 am
on foreign policy who do they want to be the supreme court -- i don't think this is going to change anyone's vote. >> do you think hillary has to better define what she stands for robert? i mean -- trump has been very clear, make america great coming out with four point plan to get economy back, does hillary need to be more specific? >> no. i think i think her policy most people say it is overspecific, i mean it sis incredibly wonkish look at her economic plan versus trump one 38 points one is about four lines of rhetoric i and let disagree on specificity he has a slogan great, make machining grabbing hers is strong and together slogans are slogans. >> we will leave there it great to see you my friend. >> only four against won would have been fun altogether.
8:13 am
>> it is not four against one we are trying to get issues on the table so viewers can -- >> you all. >> whining, whining? >> vegas all for one, we are all in all for one in vegas. >> always 30 to one odds. >> what about blackjack i like that game better. >> -- stick to the issues. >> robert wolf joining us, fox business network tonight third presidential debate moderated by fox news chris wallace special prime time coverage 6:00 pm eastern we navigating predebate analysis for you tonight that will take us to main event 9 owner tomorrow postdebate analyze live from vegas the government wants to help save you money at airport new rolls will take flight if u.s. department of transportation gets its way ahead trump trail clinton in polls when it comes to women voters, we will talk about what he might do, to try to
8:14 am
won back that group. in the vegas debate. back in a moment ♪ viva, las vegas ♪
8:15 am
8:16 am
bussing. welcome back to mgm grand las vegas live ahead of the final presidential showdown, concerns riegz over potential use of chemical weapons by
8:17 am
isis cheryl in new york studios with details headlines now. cheryl: yeah maria u.s. officials say they expect isis to use chemical weapons have to in mosul iraqi kurdish focuses marched to the second largest city have been known to use mustard gas they say they could use sifrns as human shields may be children more than 100 u.s. troopshifting iraqi kurdish forces in that operation, department of transparence for airldz hired to rubbed fees when checked bags aring delayed this as regulations to provide passengers with information to compare perform of carriers the government requires airlines to rubbed seats for bags lost the rules require online agents to assure search results are neutral without favoring a certain airline,
8:18 am
and airlines delta giving its 60,000 flight attendants crew members wardrobe by famous fashion zine did away with blue and red in favor of purple passport plumb other forms in kroougz cardinals colors ground speed graphite they also most to employees if you are -- employees get forms next week full rollout early 2018. well, let's move to sports now patriots head coach bill belichick going to ol school on sidelines remember this picture showing him nonchalantlying a microsoft t -- slamming microsoft tablet to ground he says he is giving up on tablets not reliable using photographs to analyze the game, microsoft says other coaches players are happy using its tablet the nfl does have a deal with microsoft see
8:19 am
if it weighs into that one, we know how series president obama is about his exercise he runs shoots, now he is sharing favorite tunes for staying fit with wired magazine here is the top pick from his list, listen. >> ♪ ♪ okay, after on theres get me bodied by beyoncé listens to isley brothers simmon black-eyed pi. black-eyed peas bob marlie a well have aers sting works out a lot, by the way. >> i have to say that is one of my favorites the isley brothers good one there thank pu cheryl in new york, next up
8:20 am
ivanka trump breaks silence for the first time about her father's comments about women. >> gaze into larry sabato's crystal ball who he predicts will come out on top in this election, back in a moment. i've invested a lot in this game.
8:21 am
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8:23 am
. ♪ welcome back battle for the women vote fresh fox news polls show hillary clinton has a double-digit lead over donald trump when it comes to female voters in a four-way
8:24 am
race clinton has 17-point lead with 52% support compared to 35% for trump, or with women gary johnson jill stein 3%, 2% respectfully want to bring in boris epstein trump campaign senior advisor good to see you thanks to much being here. >> beautiful las vegas. >> beautiful las vegas chilly this morning women comprise 53% electorate must-win for voting bloc can donald trump do it. >> well you don't have to win the bloc, what you have to do you have to do well enough with women, that margin is smaller than margin to win, he is leading with men 20% consistently across polls in that poll doesn't worry me that much, you look across, what do women care about not a video from 11 years ago what they care about is national security economy, you look at states in iowa concerns the concerns go back, to jobs go to tpp we know hillary clinton
8:25 am
lied about her support for tpp. she does support it i am very confident that we will do well, with women enough to win this election l.a. times poll, by the way, difference with similar -- 10 points. >> i have to correct in fox news poll that you cited 17 up and down the lead for clinton -- trump has seven-point lead among men so there is a big -- >> i mean with -- >> i am citing that specific poll he has a long way to go, if what you are saying, he needs to win men by a larger percentage even larger percentage than she women represent a bigger part of the electorate. >> l.a. times poll the other way around look at cbs poll difference goes other way goes our way, so three weeks ago, right, what is it about delivering a message on national security the economy and draining the swamp that goes a long way on ethics breaking that --
8:26 am
>> know using term draining swamp what does that maintain taking out corruption. >> washington, d.c.,, it is a swamp built on a swamp has become a swamp of people there to make money not to serve american people that is lobbying special interests we know from wikileaks e-mail that clinton campaign is taking money from lobbyists for foreign governments, so mr. trump proposed a 5 point plan on ethics but, also, term limits that is draining the swamp. >> i want to get women's comments on this ivanka trump dagen as you know broke silence on father's lud remarks in state to magazine says my father's comments clearly inappropriate, and offensive i am glad he acknowledged this with immediate apology to my family and american people what impact do you think ivanka's remarks have attracting women. >> quite frankly she needs to be on the trail if really going to move women into the trump camp after that video
8:27 am
came out i mean this is a step but it needs to be bigger steps a multiple steps and that speaks to his wife as well, you just have not seen that. >> polls indicate that about 67% of voters actually don't think this tape is an issue. and i think when women get alone in that poll going to think are my children going to be safe are my children going to be able to get a job when they get out of college when you are in that booth with that ballot i think this issues that women care about are less -- not dplelt goes away less broken down by gender issue. >> i couldn't agree more look at history of this country, a lot of presidents set -- then apologized not a lot of presidents committed act bill clinton did still reelected so there trump tonight will be focusing on the points that machines are care about how they are getting jobs above 3% gdp growth in this country we haven't had in 8 years how are we going to tweet isdefeat isis.
8:28 am
>> they ought to pray some women have amnesia about that tape people on fence there are clearly women out there based on way polls swung after that vile. >> hillary clinton has not even given american people an answer to the wikileaks to o o'keefe tape foia not answering. >> i agree with you about all the problems with hillary clinton but when you tell somebody that you should be more upset about that and not be upset about that tape, i am just -- that is not connecting. >> i think this booth going the other way. >> what about tonight, the fact that hillary is bringing meg whitman to debate mark cuban two bill i don't know airz donald trump bringing
8:29 am
miss smith her -- >> that is a show mr. obama's president obama's family yes, and people disagree with policies and policy hillary clinton carried out that is a big -- >> half brother voting for trump. >> he is, i think angel moms also speak so much for hillary's corruption people have to remember he she sat there while people died american people faced with that, i think it will rhyme them about that national security thing but i think again, translates into women votes in the polls. >> hi hill said verbatim what does it make. >> what difference does it make. >> not only that -- she has taken multiple, tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments, that is -- to support isis how a woman
8:30 am
could vote for that, i don't understand, women in this country hillary profiting from them. >> it depends, is it resonating. >> that is all there, but is it resonating with people going to see tonight -- >> we will see -- >> that is a big one. >> coming up beat for major bank earnings report better-than-expected there is a chance florida could decide this election adam shapiro live on the ground with what voters think about candidates with 20 days before election day, back in a moment. who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at . >> announcer: live from the mgm grand las vegas to the final presidential debate once again here is maria bartiromo. maria: welcome back good wednesday morning everybody i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, october 19, your top stories now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. countdown on for the final presidential debate tonight, donald trump and hillary clinton will face off for the final time for election day, and trump is promising to make change in washington, democrats are on the defense, over the quid pro quo question in clinton's state department. >> going to be america first every single time that i can tell you we're going to end the government corruption, and we're going to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. . >> -- administration -- of the
8:34 am
fbi, investigation, that has concluded and found there i can't say not -- with any kind of -- >> we are looking at key issues for newt's debate, straight ahead. hurry up and wait, about those tesla saying it will take more than a year to get you a model three in your driveway that could be good for the automaker we tell you why eyeing opposition "the wall street journal" reports detailing a list of sales forces targets twitter not one we've got details why company walked away which company is looking to acquire now morgan stanley last of major banks to report earnings this morning earnings and revenue above expectations, results driven by rebound in trading, check the stock we are expecting a higher opening for morgan stanley shares this morning, broader markets not much movement futures indicating the broader market mixed dow jones industrial average picking up steam last half an hour at highs of the morning
8:35 am
dow expected to open up 30 points s&p nasdaq also, in positive territory. in europe, a stocks near flat line to look at european bourses this morning mostly as you see mixed fractional movers there too you saw a comeback works ft 100 and cac quarante in paris into positive territory now dax index down a fraction, in asia overnight mixed performances new data out of china gdp of china holding is it 6.7% economic growth strength in consumer spending offsetting weakness in trade out of china. >> there are 12 hours remaining until the final presidential debate, everyone is waiting we are continuing to count down, our own adam shapiro is live this morning, from miami beach, to see how voters are affecting the two candidates, good morning to you adam. reporter: good morning to you maria you know you can't help ignore fact right now sun drenched shores of this resort giveaway to pixelated hughes
8:36 am
as people watch hillary clinton and donald trump go at it at this debate we have been speaking to key people in both campaigns mayor miami beach on the clinton leadership council in florida as well as carlos true he jo a florida state representative hispanic cuban american on the hispanic leadership council for mr. trump both say when they analyze how both need responded they need to go on attack on weak points wikileaks here is what representative trujillo told us. >> once she blamed abraham lincoln, it was a movie lincoln who knows what creative answers she will come up with this week i can tell you one way won't respond will not say truth will no release e-mails hers never confirm. >> talk about what is your plan. >> specifically what is your plan, i mean i am going to beat the is to and so out of isis specifically donald how do you plan to do that let's see if we can get donald to answer a question.
8:37 am
>> we're going to be watching the debate later tonight, at coral gables there is a lot of interest not only in this part of the state, but throughout florida 29 electoral votes this is key hillary clinton announcing she will be here on tuesday and wednesday next week, the president will be trying to rally support for her, tomorrow, here in dade county, of course, we do expect mr. trump to headlight his base that is i-4 corridor in central part of the state as well as northern florida, i mean a great many counties in this state have majority republican registered voter kunt b count this could be difficult to deliver depending whether you can resonate with these voters back to you. >> for sure thank you adam shapiro in miami beach this morning, for a while trump was win florida, right then it turned around gina how do you think voters are per ceasing candidates. >> key i know playing hard in
8:38 am
florida they want it, they the people in florida know it, of course, you have, mr. trump there spending a lot of time, with some of the retirees requirement villages playing well with cuban communities interesting to see, of course, there is a huge component there for hillary as well we know numbers growing. >> cuban population particularly in south florida is has traditionally been conservative but there has been huge growth in latino population particularly from puerto rico have been moving to florida, large, large pockets of the puerto rico population he is struggling with mightily. >> -- he surprises in florida. >> you think i surprises in florida. >> very tough time in pennsylvania, why, because very well liked in florida maria, so -- >> a lot of business there. >> it is tight but i think will break his way. >> the path to victory in electoral college karl rove point it out has to win all romney states includes north
8:39 am
carolina neck and neck with hillary rodham clinton in north carolina not sure thing he has to win on top of that, has to win florida ohio, iowa, and nevada, and that still doesn't get to 270, so he that is why pennsylvania is so critical. >> -- depending on the and our of the exposure we'll campaign, that could play a roll depends how much saturation in florida especially into those populations. >> problem with those that video just in general because when you watch it, it is as horrible as it is, you are watching someone who you don't know who it is you really have to pay paenattention to it. watch whole thing. >> in terms of impact of a video goes to base but in terms of moving a voter over from one from one corner to another -- >> catholic -- there is disparaging comments about
8:40 am
hispanics headlines unions mentally ill how this plays. >> most important debate how trump handles himself after the debate how do you conduct yourself. >> tweeting 3:00 a.m. >> second debate he went after the republicans. did that help him? no. >> really important points we will take a short break then next trump's last stand is it? stuart varney will weigh in why it is so important for the republican nominee to stay on message in tonight's final debate for him to have a shot back in a minute. ♪ ♪ it's all right, it's all right it's all right ♪ did you know there's a way to save up to 95%
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>> welcome back 45 minutes away from opening bell for a wednesday, markets looking higher right now really an, he story driving the markets we are expecting a gain of about 30 points, on dow jones industrial average, morgan stanley among ones to better better earnings tesla set to make a big announcement after two day delay in that announcement, comes after bad news for anyone with their eye on new model 3, if you have not preordered will not ship till mid 2018 bad news for drivers could be sign of strong demand for tesla sales force to watch before buzz of a possible bid for twitter, hit wall street "the wall street journal" report saying eyeing more than a dozen possible deals did not include twitter, tonight, of course, the third presidential debate live from las vegas, the last time these two candidates will go face-to-face before election day voters looking for candidates to talk about
8:45 am
the issues can trump and clinton stay on track else when it comes to the company joining me "varney & company" stuart varney to weigh in. >> i think a lot of people would like to see issues debated i think going to be disappointed i think that is a letdown for america, i expect donald trump to he wants to dominate this debate his last shot is it not at getting back into a leadership position. tonight is the night he's got to dout how do you dominate i guess attack personal stuff would be disappointing to me and a lot of people i this i the issue that i want to see debated is the growth of the economy, return to prosperity restore america's middle i don't think we will hear much about that newt it is going to be entertaining but i think an
8:46 am
exchiang of insults. >> chinese gross domestic product 6.7% compare to u.s. a week ago 1.4% economic growth, man on man is that the issue. >> underlying the whole thing the state of the country, is the shrinkage of america's middle class reflected in declining economy. surely regrowing the middle class returning to prosperity isn't that what we should be talking about tonight? but i don't think we will. that comparison gdp growth china -- leading this hands-down even if you believe or skeptical in numbers they are expanding we're really not that should be an issue tonight, again i don't think it will be. >> stuart how many voters do you think are out there, that are swayable by a debate like the one we're going to see tonight. >> i don't know. i can't answer your question, i really don't know, the
8:47 am
undecided column i don't know how big it is i don't know whether a lot of people are in decided or not. i simply don't know the answer to your question. but you know look. trump is in a hole, i think he is in a hole of his own digging and i think he has a long way to go to get it out i am not sure he can do it. >> i am going to push back i think we are going to hear about issues tonight stu i think that is what american people are desperate for, and i think they know it obviously there is a lot of mud to go around to throw, there will be a fair amount of that, but if we don't hear that economic growth and job creation, and national security america is going to be mad at both. >> moderator chris wallace is going to direct it that area you have seen the list of subjects going to ask about pushing towards issues quite obviously, in retrospect i guess trump could be aggressive attack on issue of prosperity turn around say you
8:48 am
don't have a growth plan, i've got a growth plan that is a think a mode of sorts i would like to see that let's pray for that shall we let's pray. >> we will see you less than 15 minutes on "varney & company." >> i will be there. >> thank you so much we will be there too "varney & company" begins every day 9:00 a.m. eastern after morning mornings join stuart next 15 minutes coming up boost for morgan stanley we will break down the bank earnings report just out this morning, tell you what is setting the tone for markets back in a moment. ♪ ♪ guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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8:51 am
. maria: we have breaking news right now want to bring to your recollection wikileaks
8:52 am
just releasing more podesta e-mails peter barnes sorting through dump of e-mails we will bring the headlines as they come in, on that breaking news right now, markets this morning looking higher u.s. futures indicating highe opening in 30 minutes from now, we are looking at this market being driven by earnings, morgan stanley reporting better-than-expected earnings report third quarter earnings 81 cents a share revenue 8.9 billion dollars, kevin kelly with us from new york banks have been pretty much better-than-expected across the board. >> done very well especially in light of trade volumes those can be atribute tutdz to british referendum investors need to be conscientious if they think these continue going forward each bank i is defrltd different. >> you have morgan stanley has positioned themselves to take
8:53 am
over, more of a welt management role each have a different style, but what is important to note if weigh look at goldman sachs, trading volume they had 2 billion dollars worth of profit from it if you look precrisis that trading profit in the same unit was 9 billion dollars, so it is people need to be very concerned about investing in the banks going forward especially because focused on cost-cutting expanding in operations and compliance does not drive revenue. >> yeah i guess still in cost-cutting mode what else you looking at they morning what other earnings are you watching? >> well so this week we're going to have some technology names come out as well, microsoft is one that i am circling around they are doing very well, in the cloud they are dividend player growing seeing a lot of investors overlast couple months position in technology taking it above the 20% level in s&p 500 so technology will dictate
8:54 am
market movers going forward we have had banks help s stabilize markets keep at this level next lowing up, up to technology names in stocks. >> putting your portfolio together for 2017 is it big component financials because of what you are seeing in fundamentals? no one of the ways i am looking at financials going into exchanges if you like trading volumes seeing what is happening there look at cboe, i.c., owns new york stock exchange go to those names they benefit more from trading volume you can have exposure to financials would i say away from large money center banks start looking at some regionals johnson & johnson hit on earnings yesterday could be got a entrance growing fraurl business dividend means top brand names that can grow. >> dividend names put technology names in there right recently you are seeing
8:55 am
companies begin to pay dividends and you said tech is area because of earnings. >> think what tech companies can do grow does dividends do share buybacks as well as m&a in a sweet spot especially in this low-interest rate environment and not trading absurd evaluations people are concerned about in this type market. >> good to see you -- >> thanks for having me. >> kevin kelly. we'll be right back with final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ diets
8:56 am
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... ♪ >> welcome back. the final thoughts from our all-star panel this morning.
8:59 am
antho anthony scaramucci. >> and mr. trump has two kill shots, one is the wikileaks and laying out the plan for the economic growth. if he does that, i think he could help himself. maria: gina. >> i think he has to focus on the clinton scandals and build this, where it can be in america's mind and i also think he needs to focus more on the economy where his strength is and the new fox news poll last night that's what it said and that's where his strength is and the number one issue with the american voters. maria: you guys have been saying this for a year. we'll see if he can do it. dagen: and the follow-up. it's going to be on him to follow up whatever success in tonight's debate and hammer those points home in the days after. don't take the bait. you know that hillary clinton's going to be laying traps tonightment don't take it tonight and certainly don't take it in the days to come. you've seen that after both the last debates. maria: what happens now? we get through the final deba debate. and if you've got less than three weeks, two and a half weeks left and then what? >> i think it's going to be a slug fest until the end and one thing about i am had. -- him. he's going to stay there. he she may rest-- >> it will be interesting to bring more people coming out to
9:00 am
say things about mr. trump. women she's winning with, but that may not be the winning issue. maria: we'll leave it there dagen vegas! . maria: and tune in tonight moderated by chris wallace. we begin at 6 p.m. eastern to join us here. "varney & company" begins now, here is stuart. stuart: you've got a long way, maria. well done. maria: thank you, stu. stuart: trump must dominate tonight. he is way down in the polls. a big debate win is his last best hope. good morning, everyone. all right. heading into the vegas showdown, trump is in attack mode. the election is rigged he says, hillary is crooked. his accusers are liars and that approach has not worked so far. look at this, the new fox poll and the real clear politics average, both show hillary with a better than six-point lead. battle ground state


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