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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 19, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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say things about mr. trump. women she's winning with, but that may not be the winning issue. maria: we'll leave it there dagen vegas! . maria: and tune in tonight moderated by chris wallace. we begin at 6 p.m. eastern to join us here. "varney & company" begins now, here is stuart. stuart: you've got a long way, maria. well done. maria: thank you, stu. stuart: trump must dominate tonight. he is way down in the polls. a big debate win is his last best hope. good morning, everyone. all right. heading into the vegas showdown, trump is in attack mode. the election is rigged he says, hillary is crooked. his accusers are liars and that approach has not worked so far. look at this, the new fox poll and the real clear politics average, both show hillary with a better than six-point lead. battle ground state polls show
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her easily winning the electoral college and how about this? the bookies give her, hillary, an 87% chance of winning. there are, however, two bright spots for trump. in the fox poll, he still leads among independents and on the issues, he is considered best at fixing the economy. so, what will trump do tonight? keep up the attacks? election fraud, democrat, dirty tricks, benghazi, pro clinton media bias or switch to prosperity, growth and jobs, that indeed would be a switch, but it's his economy plan that will give him traction and hillary, she is he a said virtually nothing this week. she doesn't need to. she is winning. all right, how about the market? wall street supports hillary, corporations support hillary, technology supports hillary, but investors what they fear is a democrat clean sweep. white house senate and house. they do not want bernie sanders
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chairing the senate budget committee. 12 hours to the debate, but "varney & company" begins now. ♪ >> if i'm elected president, i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. i am proposing a term limit of six years for members of the house, and 12 years for members of the senate. >> there you go. that was donald trump yesterday. he's calling for sweeping reform in d.c. it's time to drain the swamp he said. more on that just ahead. and let's switch from politics, get to your money. there's going to be a higher open for stocks this morning ahead of the debate and we're going to be above 18-1, up about 30 odd points. how about oil? probably not playing much of a role in the financial market today, but it's at $51 per barrel.
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how about this? project veritas releasing undercover video, and democrats discussing how to commit voter fraud they say using a box to bring in registered voters is too conspicuous. they are buying cars at auction in order to bring voters to the polls undercover. it's going to shock you. 20 days until the election, hillary clinton is well ahead. a six point lead over trump and a new fox poll of likely voters. clinton was up seven last week. joining us now tom beven real clear politics. at this late stage, you've got some experience of polling and results. do you think he's got a chance at making a comeback? >> sure. i mean, there's still three weeks left. big debate tonight. obviously trump's real last chance to connect with the public, sort of in an
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unfiltered way and make the case that he has the temperament and judgment and experience to be president of the united states. still time, but certainly he is behind the eight-ball not only at the national level, but some swing states he's fallen behind in florida, in north carolina, you know, in nevada. so, those are states that he's going to have to win and you know, we'll see if he's able to make that up or not. stuart: it's kind of a long shot at this stage, come from way back behind. that's understood. how about races for the house and the senate. can the g.o.p. keep control of congress? >> i think the house they will. republicans will probably lose some seats in the house, but probably will retain control. the senate is an absolute coin toss. you look at the races, 50-50, within the margin of error and it depends how well, you know, donald trump does in some of the states, how big the turnout is among his voters and how
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many republicans can get ticket splitters, voters voting for hillary clinton at the top of the ticket and vote for pat toomey in pennsylvania or swing states. that's an important piece of the puzzle as well. now, trump was just a moment ago we heard him calling for term limits. does that play well to independents? the new fox poll shows trump with a 7 point lead with independents. does term limits play well to them? >> yeah, it certainly plays well to the republican base, but also independents. if you look at the approval rating of congress, it's in the toilet, it has been for a long, long time. and so, the idea to sort of throw the bums out or at least make them rotate the bums is something-- >> rotate the bums? can i use that expression? that's a pretty good one. last one, i'm making the judgment that trump's attack line, constant attack line, certainly the last three or four weeks have not worked. would you agree with that
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conclusion from your own polling results? >> i would agree with that. he's got to do more than attack, he's got to layout his vision for the country and why he's different from hillary clinton. why he would take the country in a different direction. and he simply has-- he's gotten caught up in coverage and firing back at hillary clinton and bill clinton and again, voters want to know what he's going to do, what his plans are to, as he says, make america great again. where is the beef, so to speak? he still has had a chance to make that case, but it's getting late in the game. stuart: tom, real clear politics, thanks. i've got more vandalism aimed at republicans. someone tossed two bricks through the window of an indiana campaign office. signs for trump and todd young were in the window and sthey broke it. and some vandalism against republicans going on.
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more from the latest fox news poll. a quarter of likely voters say the economy is the most important issue facing the country. 24% say that. half of likely voters think that trump will do a better job on the economy. he leads on that issue. joining us now, market watcher hawkins, lenore welcome back. >> thank you. stuart: i made the point the top of the last show, the last thing they want is a democrat clean sweep. >> if you get the house and senate swept in, then you're also going to have where roughly 40, say 40, 50% of the population are utterly outraged by the kind of legislation. stuart: you're going to get bernie sanders as the chair of the senate budget committee. a socialist who chairs the senate budget committee if there's a clean sweep.
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aren't they horrified with that? >> that's where we are with politics, a one size fits all. we have to agree on so much because the government is in so much of our lives. stuart: do you agree with that proposition, that what investors want, what the market wants is a split decision. >> yes. stuart: if hillary's going to win, okay, but balanced by the republicans staying with congress, split decision. >> it stabilizes everything. stuart: stabilizes everything. what do you think they think of a trump victory. >> investors are mostly frightened of that because we don't know what we're getting because you don't know from him what you're getting because he can change your position. stuart: he has pointed out on many occasions he's for cutting taxes and cutting regulation to grow the economy. surely investors like that. >> they like that, but they're not so excite abouted his look at anti-globalization. about his anti-free trade. that's going to be very harmful for a lot of the fortune 500 companies. stuart: you're laughing, liz liz: goldman sachs looks at half a dozen elections that
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were wave election where one party swept, the s&p 500 went down upwards of 4 percentage points when that happened and they're saying at goldman if the demes sweep three branches watch out for health care, for biotech and pharmaceuticals may want to have a he have in companies that do infrastructure spending. stuart: when ronald reagan won in 1980 the market went down. the dow was at 770 at one stage in the early days. and then it took off. >> yeah. stuart: because he grew the economy. and he come back-- >> he grew the economy, one of the things he did, he got the government out of the way and what we're seeing from both candidates is more of the government being involved and making decisions for you, not when it comes to taxes, but talking about anti-globalization with trump, that's where he's going to have a problem. >> last word. >> ronald reagan, compromise was not a dirty world. they were able to reach across the aisle, civility and--
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>> the hallmark of donald trump is negotiation. a lot of what he says is in negotiating position, compromise is down the road. proof is-- >> in the pudding, you know? >> you can stay with us. whoa, wait for this. shocking video out of mexico. the judge who presided over the el chapo drug case gunned down, there it is, gunned down by an assassin while jogging in the street in mexico city, outside of it. you see the judge running down the street, a man comes up behind him and shoots him in the head and the judge dies in the hospital. that just happened. in las vegas hours from now to be precise, 11 hours and 50 minutes. donald trump and clinton will take to the stage for the third and final presidential debate and they're each inviting special guests. hillary clinton's trotting out her billionaire supporters. mark cuban and meg whitman sitting in the audience fairly close to front i believe. and joining donald trump is
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patricia smith, mother of benghazi sean smith and president obama's half brother malik, an outspoken trump supporter. wait for it. and in middle east, they expect isis to use chemical weapons against forces in mosul. and if trump wins the race, he says he could see him meeting with vladimir putin, ambassador john bolton. what would he think about that? we'll find out because he's here. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here.
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(announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy. >> more than-- morgan stanley will move higher, a nice boost in the profit bottom line. a bomb -- bond trading before britain, the world was supposed to end.
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>> and isis is expected to use chemical weapons in the strong hold of mosul. ashley: they do not have the ability to create high grade chemical weapons, they do, however, and have used mustard gas. it's in the shell fragments. they haven't used it recently, but the desperate last stand for the town they hold in mosul and they expect to do whatever they can to try to at least, scorched earth when they retreat, it's going to be a long battle, but they are capable of using chemical weapons. we know they're capable of anything, frankly. and must start gas is a concern. >> that's not the headline we want to read about. we don't want it, but it could be. >> meanwhile, donald trump says if he is elected, he will have a face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin before the inauguration, watch this. >> if i win on november 8th, i think i could see myself meeting with putin and meeting
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with russia prior to the start of the administration. i think it would be-- >> wow. maria: here is what president obama responded with, roll that tape. >> mr. trump's continued flattery of mr. putin and the degree to which he appears to model many of his policies and approaches to politics on mr. putin is unprecedented in american politics. maria: well, what. stuart: what exactly is the putin connection. who better to ask than john bolton. first of all, is it wise, is it normal for a winner of a presidential election before the inauguration to meet with a foreign leader? >> it would be very unusual in a public fashion, but obviously discussions go on, as they should, as the new president-elect goes into office. you have to do this in a
9:17 am
controlled environment so that the president elect is not makingment policy, that president obama has full authority until january 20th, but i think in the case of donald trump, it would be useful to meet with a number of foreign leaders. never forget what former secretary of george schultz said, don't underestimate the value of listening. stuart: what is the russian connection? what is the trump-putin relationship, what is it? >> i don't think they've ever met. i think what this stems from is trump saying he sees putin as a strong leader. and obama as a weak leader. who can disagree with that? good gracious. putin has a very weak hand which he's playing very well on behalf of his country. stuart: ambassador, then you've got the russians leaking this-- they're behind a lot of the hacking into the democrats thing which is to the advantage of donald trump. so the democrats say, he's got a relationship. the russians are helping donald trump. is there a grain of truth in that? >> i don't see that they've
9:18 am
produced any evidence for it and while i certainly haven't seen the evidence that has led the intelligence community to conclude it is the russians, i have to say i remain somewhat skeptical that they-- director james comey said they hacked into the home server and didn't leave beginninger prints. so the smart russian agencies can hack into, and the dumb russian agencies hack in and leave fingerprints. i don't see-- >> you can't have it both ways. is putin in trouble in his own country? >> i think that the russian economy is in trouble and i think that putin has problems with the oligarchs and he has a weak hand he's playing well. certainly influence in the ukraine and expanding russian influence dramatically throughout the middle east he's been able to say i can move russia forward despite these obstacles and i think he's held
9:19 am
onto substantial clout inside of russia. stuart: let's see what donald trump has to say about vlad tonight? can i call him vlad? >> sure. stuart: not right. explosive new information from veritas, and it shows democrats discussing how to commit voter fraud. we'll play it for you in full next. hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face.
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>> a bombshell from project veritas, another one. this time about voter fraud, and watch this as they discuss how to commit voter fraud. >> is there a car? >> and there's enough money. >> there's enough money you have to drive-- >> absolutely. >> absolutely, well, you can can't-- [inaudible]
9:24 am
>> can you believe that, oh, no, you can't bus them in for multiple voting that's obvious. we've got enough to buy them small cars and car their way in, can't tell that. ashley: it's not just disturbing, but said with casualty and easy to get around voter fraud. >> do we have voter fraud on this. ashley: we do, from the pew study. the first stat for you, 24 million, that's one of every eight voter registrations in the united states and no longer valid. and significantly inaccurate. 24 million. >> good lord. let's move on. more than 1.8 million dead people are listed as voters. stuart: so somebody could say that's a walk-in vote. ashley: that's almost 2 million people. 2.75 million people are
9:25 am
registered in more than one state. stuart: that means there's the potential for voter fraud there. ashley: yes. stuart: and it actually happened and-- >> vote in both places. stuart: vast potential. ashley: 51 million eligible u.s. citizen are not registered. that's 24% of the eligible population in this country are not registered. stuart: that's pew, very reputable. thank you. trouble for samsung, more of it, the first class, it's a first class action suit that's been levied, that's class action suit there. a chinese man says he was offered a bribe to keep quiet. your amazon story of the day, i like this one. filing a new patent for a tiny drone that follows police officers on the job. it's basically a flying body camera and we'll tell you how it works. the opening bell next.
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>> do you remember what you were doing 29 years ago today? i know exactly what i was doing. i was on tv reporting on the ongoing crash. yes, october 19th, 1987, 29 years ago today, the stock
9:30 am
market crashed. ronald reagan asked about it, he was president, he said it's a market break, but lou dobbs calling the word crash and it stuck and from there on out lou dobbs owned business news on television and that's the truth. there you go, it's 9:30 exactly. where are we going? what day is it? wednesday, all day, i believe, we're mostly in the green on the left-hand side of the screen. we're up 13 points for the dow in the very early going, a gain of .08%. s&p 500 up .08%. the nasdaq composite home of the technology stocks, is down .07%. i'll call this a fairly flat opening. the price of oil, $51 a barrel. new supply numbers 10:30 eastern today. now, intel, they say that improving pc demand boosted their profit, however, they took heavy restructuring charges, wall street doesn't
9:31 am
like that and it's a dow component and it's down 4%, that will affect the standing of the dow industrials. right, wednesday morning, who is with us. ashley is here, liz is here, scott shellady is here and hawkins and shah gilani make up the team. the last i think this-- here is my opinion, on the day of the last debate. the last thing the stock market wants is a clean sweep by the democrats. the oval office, the house and the senate. scott shellady, am i right or am i right? >> well, i think you're right. here we sit once again, seven years down the road, stuart, waiting for the second half recovery, where is this recovery? look what's happening to earnings. look at our gdp. look at the people we're putting back in the work force not making anything. this is going to be more of the same if we have hillary clinton and possibly worse with more regulation and higher taxes so i don't think the market can really afford to continue with four more years of it, but we'll wait and see what happens tonight. >> it seems to me the market is
9:32 am
expecting hillary clinton to win. she's got a wide lead at this point. so shah gilani, isn't that what the market wants? maybe a hillary victory, but the senate and the house remain republican? >> if the market wants a hillary victory, it's not showing in terms of going higher, it's going side ways. if she would expect that, if. if there was a clean sweep that would be the worst thing. i think hers would be tough and need to be fought, so-- >> lenore, at this point moment it looks like a split decision, hillary wins the white house and republicans take the senate and house, or keep it i should say. that's okay with the market? >> it's the best we can do with if we are going to get hillary in there, the best you can hope for. stuart: i've got to go back to this. if it's a trump victory, a problem for investors? >> investors are going to be concerned because he's more of
9:33 am
unknown. with hillary a long track record. with trump no track record and he shifted position quite a few times. stuart: let's have the rubber meet the road. you manage money of wealthy people, americans and europeans. >> yes. stuart: on november 9th if it's president trump, will you sell? [laughter] >> and that's-- >> thank you. stuart: and will you answer? scott, we heard that, the world heard you sighing when i said president trump on november the 9th. what's your problem? >> here is my problem is that you you know, we know where we're going if she gets elected and that's like taking a cyanide pill. at least we have a chance of something better happening with the other guy. this is a map. we can see the plane slowly crashing and with him i think maybe we could get out of this. you can tell where i lean on it, i can't stand after eight years, four more years. stuart: i'm with you, i
9:34 am
understand the big sigh so let's get back to lenore, on november 9th will you tell your rich clients to sell stocks if it's president trump? >> no, not then. i'll watch and see what he does. see what he does. i need a better look at his-- he was against minimum wage and for minimum wage within 24 hours so i'm a little concerned with the stability there, but i'm with you that we cannot take an economy that continues on the way it's been. yes, the stock market has done great. the s&p is up almost 200%. and we haven't gotten up to the long-term. stuart: hold on there's another person around the table who also manages the money of wealthy people. will you be selling, telling your clients to sell on november 9th if it's president trump? >> absolutely not. it's a battle between capitalism and socialism. and i lean with capitalism and that's the trump camp. stuart: that's a straight forward answer. >> ask america. stuart: scott, keep going, tell me more. >> here, ask america.
9:35 am
we just had news come out this week that said that 8 million more people are working a second job than they were eight years and and 300,000 more just in the last month. so, ask america what they think about what's happening so far over the last eight years and going forward if they want four more of eight years of the same? >> let me surmise like this, i just want to see the debate tonight about growing the economy and returning prosperity. i don't think it will be that, i think it will be personal insults one after the other, but i'd really like to see growth and prosperity at the top of the list. i'm sorry to disappoint you there, scott, and that's the state of relations right there. >> 100%. 100%. stuart: i'm with you. moving on, individual stocks, first off, amazon, this is interesting. they're filing a patent for a drone that follows police officers around. it sits on a cop's shoulder and takes off when they're trying to follow a suspect. have i got it right. ashley: you've got it.
9:36 am
a voice controlled unmanned aerial assistant, i call it a tiny drone. it sits on the microphone that they have there. and it takes off and can chase, if there are two suspects, the officer goes off one and the drone goes off the other. it's sci-fi stuff and other applications and the military can use it. if you don't remember where you parked, send up the tiny drone. stuart: it's tiny thing. we like it and that's your amazon story of the day. ashley: cool story. stuart: i've got a wal-mart story for you. they're into everything these days. look at this. they are launching, i should say, a free streaming service called vudu for movies. liz liz: and so you can stomach 30 seconds of ads before the video rolls, or during your movie, then you'd want this service. 100,000 titles.
9:37 am
taking on amazon which basically charges for prime video. i tell you something, this may be the way because wal-mart needs the punch to the bottom line, ad revenue. stuart: if they've got the platform, why not use it. everybody's streaming these days, aren't they. >> the challenge is that netflix is going to be facing, we don't zone any shares of netflix, but that company is going to place problems. if there are not a whole lot of hurdles to getting in there. >> i agree. stuart: scott shellady is on a roll. i heard that, what do you want to say now? >> i am exasperated, ask the people who are working two jobs when they have time to work films. and the reason they're working two jobs, they don't have money to pay for anything and they're going to want to do what wal-mart is doing. stuart: you're right. samsung faces its first consumer class action suit over the galaxy note 7. what's that? >> great scott shellady.
9:38 am
stuart: bring in note 7's filing, seeking unspecified damages, not only did the phones catch fire, but then these people had to wait weeks to get a replacement and they were charged by their carrier. and i think this is the first of many. and the chinese guy says they tried to bribe-- >> chinese guys, one note 7, they're going to get some video of this. next thing you know, two guys from samsung apparently turned up at his house and offered him a new phone even though he didn't have one and 900 bucks if they doesn't post the video. and samsung never did the recall there and saying that the chinese phones use different batteries and it wasn't true. >> samsung' market share dropped from 19% to 7% last quarter. stuart: over what time frame? >> three years. stuart: well, that's a big drop.
9:39 am
the big board shows a gain of 30 points. and i've got to look at netflix, a huge gain yesterday holding that gain this morning, they were up about $19 a share yesterday and holding at $118 as of now. morgan stanley's profits boosted bolstered by the british decision to leave europe and that's up 1.6%. halliburton posted a profit helped by cost cuts and up 3%. nice bounce there. how about microsoft? here is a story, patriots head coach bill belichick says he can't take it anymore with the tablet, specifically the microsoft surface tablet that all nfl people have to use by contract. belichick says he's tossing it and he says he's going back to pen and paper, but you hate the patriots don't you? >> well, i have to say hands hats off to microsoft, anything that causes a problem for patriots i'm all for, i'm a
9:40 am
chargers fan. stuart: grub hub, a story about it and the stock is moving. fill us in, please. nicole: this is a story about technology and competition. grub hub, everybody use today call and order food. i did it, palace diner, and panda, and that's how i used to order in and then my kids get seamless, part of grub hub, greatest thing ever invented, but now competition. first it's technology and then it's competition because now we're hearing that facebook is going to be able to let its users order in from restaurants who use facebook and fandango movie tickets and grub hub down and facebook up. stuart: that competition thing. you know, this capitalism thing, it's just not fair. thanks, nicole, good stuff. i want to get to this. eric schmidt google's chair. leaked e-mails revealed he's
9:41 am
been working directly with the clinton campaign. ashley: every day we get revelations. schmidt according to the e-mails and lenore is exasperated liket-- >> it's become absurd. ashley: what's interesting about this, all this have was going on six months before hillary was announcedment they were pretty much laying the foundation and it's clear that schmidt through a company not named is on board and will do anything he can to help the clinton campaign. and don't forget that google, if you remember, was accused of slanting towards the hillary clinton favorably through search results, they were skewing search results to make hillary clinton look for favorable before these e-mails came out so clearly he was on board. stuart: no reason to buy or sell google stock on that basis. ashley: not at all. stuart: it shows that silicon valley, high-tech, in the tank, totally for the clinton campaign. last word to be exasperated. lenore hawkins.
9:42 am
leave it to that, the last word. scott shellady you want a last exasperated sigh, go for it, lad. >> well, i mean. [laughter] at the end of the day, it's one big-- it's like we don't have an ax to grind, i'll come down to go-- [sighing] eric schmidt how can that be new until maybe november the 8th and then let's get going with something. >> great show. let's check the big board, a st static gain. and donald trump out with a proposal term limits for congress, nice idea, but could it actually happen? ment judge napolitano on that one. and more on the undercover video exposing allegedly democrat fraud. we'll play that for you. ♪
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if you're medicare eligible, call now and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll. . stuart:. you know, it's leaking thick and fast and we have another leak from wikileaks and this is about bias about our competitors at cnbc. give me the news. >> john harwood as you know, who was a moderator during the g.o.p. primary, seen as being in the camp of the clintons, this is an example. an e-mail leaked from him.
9:47 am
john harwood cnbc to john poe des at that, the clinton campaign chair. the subject line is amazing and goes on to say that some people, ie reporters, think it's burning interview time with the people on her e-mails. why waste time talk to go hillary clinton about her e-mail scandal when she's going to be the president of the united states. stuart: so nice to hear that they're working hand in glove with them. i have a sense of exasperation, fortunately, we're winning. donald trump says if we're elected he'll push for congressional term limits. judge napolitano is with us. it will never happen, will it? >> i agree with you, the only two, first of all, only happen by a constitutional amendment and an amendment has to be ratified by three quarters of the state legislature. so, 37 of them. and how do they get the amendment? they get the amendment by one of two means, from the
9:48 am
congress, meaning both houses of congress would have to approve it by a two-thirds vote. so the sitting members of congress whose terms trump wants to limit, would have to vote in favor of that limitation by a two-thirds majority in each house, or two-thirds of the congress would have to call for a constitutional convention, only have this once in 1787, and you might remember the outcome because that's when we kicked the brits out. but remember-- . [laughter] >> oh, i remember it well. >> but seriously, that's even less likely to happen that congress would call for a constitutional convention and it would generate the proposed amendments. stuart: i'm not suggesting that i'm opposed to the idea, i'm simply saying it would take so long and complicated that it actually will not happen. >> theoretically, i think it's a terrific idea because it does limit the entrenched interests in washington and gives you a legislative branch of the government i think the framers intended, which is the constant
9:49 am
flow of fresh blood. stuart: exactly. >> they did not intend full-time members of congress. they intended part-time members of congress and now, of course, we have full-time members of congress there for generations. stuart: now, there's another aspect to what donald trump says is draining in the d.c. swamp, and that is he would delay the-- he would extend the time frame from when a congress person, a member of congress leaves congress and becomes a lobbyist. he doesn't want that revolving door. you leave congress, you become a lobbyist immediately. he wants a time frame. can he do that? >> he can't do that on his own, only with legislation and it's the same principle. are these folks going to limit their opportunity for a lucrative income by a voluntary vote. it's simply not going to happen. stuart: last one for you, the constitutional position of the press. it seems to me that somewhat some of our competitors are doing and some members of the press, it's not exactly unconstitutional and it flies in the face of the constitution. >> what do you mean? >> they're hand in glove with
9:50 am
one political campaign and they're not telling us. >> it's very, very dangerous for the press to be too close to the government. the whole idea of accountability in a democracy depends upon a free, open, and fearless press with no or very, very minimal special ties. look, there are a lot of people here that want donald trump to win, a lot of people at the other places that we compete with that want hillary clinton to win, but the day these places become extensions of the campaign is the day that the democracy is going to be defeated. stuart: precisely, judge. how right can you be? >> a rare-- on these subjects, i guess i will be back at 11:00. stuart: for sure, the whole show. check the big board, stable, what is it now, about 11 hours ago before the debate and we're still up 30 points. do or die for trump tonight, some say it's a last stand. it's the final debate. trump is in a very deep hole according to the polls. how does he get out of it.
9:51 am
up next, a frequent guest, charles smith, that is him. [laughter] >> wait, wait, before you laugh, listen to this, that man, with the hair, just sold his brand for $120 million. >> god love him. stuart: frequent guess. he's on next. >> you make a lot of money? >> so far so good. first class new york city, why not? i. stuart: what do you mean. >> on the airplane, i didn't sit in the back. stuart: good for you you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. ebecause the ultimate expression of power is control. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer.
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9:55 am
>> our next guest is the man with the hair. a famous guest on this program. he's been on the show before. today he's back with big news. the news is, constellation brands is acquiring charles smith wines for $120 million. from charles smith wines, charles smith is with us. welcome back. >> thank you so much, good to see you. stuart: 120 million dollars. >> yeah. stuart: okay. but this is a serious question. >> of course. stuart: you've sold out to a major corporation. >> sold. stuart: sold to a major corporation, but do you still control the wine making process? >> absolutely. i'm consulting in wine making for extended period of time for
9:56 am
constellation brands for charles smith. stuart: what do they pay 120 million for? >> a successful wine that people enjoy drinking. i'm a wine maker. stuart: you've won awards. >> and people are going to buy my wine and enjoy it and thankfully they do. stuart: 120 million. is that going to come to you in a lump sum? >> yeah, get one of those large checks. stuart: is it all yours? >> all mine. stuart: and started when. >> 1999, 300 cases of wine and chevy astro van. stuart: and you get 120 million. >> and then some. stuart: isn't america a wonderful place. >> a wonderful place. stuart: are you happy to pay massive amounts of tax on 120 million? >> nobody wants to pay a great deal of tax, but nice to contribute to the community. stuart: what tax will you pay? you won't pay income tax, oh, no, you'll pay capital gains tax. >> because it's business, 23% though.
9:57 am
stuart: whoop-de-doo, i wish i could pay $23% on my income. >> i wish i could. on my income probably pay 33%. stuart: you're in favor of a tax cut on individuals on their incomes, is that correct, ultra liberal long-haired guy? >> i'm fiscally conservative. stuart: fiscally conservative. you're one of us, all right. how much would that bottle of wine sell for? >> this is is my new project based on the periodic table, it's native fermented, barrel aged $15 a bottle. stuart: i've got to ask, what are you going to spend your money on first? the big thing that you're going to buy with $120 million. >> you lunch this afternoon. stuart: oh! . [laughter] >> that's it? >> i don't know. stuart: shake that hand because you're a success and a great to have you on the show. >> nice to see you. stuart: thank you very much. the presidential debate is 9:00
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> and here is the state of play 12 hours before the final presidential debate. actually, it will be 11 hours in advance of now. state of play. donald trump is in a deep hole. he dug it himself with a very big assist from the media. hillary clinton has established a strong lead in the polls. that lead has widened over the past three weeks. in that time, trump's locker room tape emerged, followed by accusations by other women and trump called them liars and he followed that up with vig last attacks on crooked hillary and says it's rigged. and polling station fraud, attack, attack, attack. will that be his strategy tonight.
10:01 am
if it is, growing the economy and prosperity will be lost in the election, endless personal attacks from both sides pull us away from what i think is the most important question, how do woo he restore the fortunes of of middle america. frankly i expect to be disappointed, the trump camp to continue the attacks. he must dominate the debates and attack mode. >> i expect hillary to clam up about open borders, tax and spend and collapsing obamacare, why go out on a limb when you're winning so clearly. i hope i'm wrong. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> obviously, more on the debate in a moment and first this, i've got new e-mails leaked out by wikileaks. they show even more bias at our direct competitor, cnbc.
10:02 am
john harwood, cnbc's chief washington correspondent sent this e-mail to hillary's campaign chair john podesta, the subject line amazing. and in the body of that e-mail, quote, that some people still think it's worth burning so much interview time with person most likely to be next president on her e-mails. amazing. that's the heading. you may remember that harwood moderated cnbc's widely panned republican debate. roll tape. >> let's be honest. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> no, not a comic book and it's not a very nicely asked question the way you say that. >> i talked to economic advisors who have served presidents of both parties. they said that you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms. >> then you have to get rid of larry kudlow who sits on your panel who is a great guy who came out the other day and said
10:03 am
i love trump's tax plan. stuart: that was a very good comeback by donald trump by the way. as we can see exposed the clear bias of john harwood. katie paf lich joins us now. i didn't realize the bias was so obvious, and our direct competitor was working so much hand in glove with one political campaign. i am shocked, frankly. that's the truth. >> i am actually not shocked, unfortunately. but i think that you have to take a look at what john harwood is saying here. he's perpetuating this myth that hillary's e-mail scandal is simply about e-mails. it was never about e-mails, it was the fact that she mishandled top secret information and put intelligence forces at risk in iraq for having an unsecure server. for a year and a half, their team is talking about e-mails,
10:04 am
but it's about national security and someone who wants to be the next president of the united states who mishandled that information on security should sit in the office. stuart: tonight is donald trump's last stand. he's way down in the polls and he's got to make a home run performance tonight. if he wants to win in november, i say he's got to stop attack, attack, attack and go with the issues and that's what almost everybody is saying. please, let's get to prosperity and growth. let's get to the issues. do you think he's going to take any notice of what people are saying? >> i would hope so. if he really wants to win. and let's not forget that he said if he did not win this election it would have been a waste of time. so i do think that he still wants to win and the debates are an opportunity outside of the political atmosphere of twitter and people who pay attention to it like i do, it's an opportunity for those who only tune in who go about their regular lives to hear what he has to say.
10:05 am
he has an opportunity to look into the camera and talk to the american people directly and say, your obamacare premiums have gone up 60%, i'm going to change that by doing x. you know, you feel unsafe as a result of this information in terms of isis works going to do-- >> you can attack on the issues. you can say, i've got a growth plan. you don't. you can say that. >> right. and i think he doesn't have to necessarily go down the line of attack. i think he can focus simply on what he will do as commander-in-chief to make people's lives better at their kitchen tables into the time at their homes in pennsylvania, ohio, indiana in kansas, in texas. in all of these places where regular americans are very concerned about what the cost of government is doing to their bottom line inside their homes and trump has an opportunity to look them in the eye tonight through a camera and say this is what i will do to you. i'm more qualified to do it and hillary doesn't have your best interest in mind.
10:06 am
stuart: thank you for joining us. >> yes, indeed. stuart: thank you. to the market, where are we on this day of the last debate? actually going nowhere. we're up 14 points, 18,176. we're going to show you netflix, a big jump yesterday and up again today reaching $120 per share. amazon, the story of the day is, they're working on a tiny drone to help police officers chase down suspects. okay? that's the news on the stock. 818 amazon. yahoo! posted a profit. remember, it's going to bought by verizon. $42 a share. intel, improving pc demand, nice boost to the profit line, but they took a heavy restructuring charge. wall street is not keen on that. it's down five points. intel is a dow stock and so that's over, affecting the whole market. don't forget oil, a read on the supply of oil coming up at 1:30 this morning, we're at $51 a barrel. now this, another video from
10:07 am
project veritas about voter fraud talking about busing people in to vote in swing states. roll that tape. >> it's the legality. >> you can prove-- a car is much harder to prove. >> if there's enough money. >> they kind of spelled it out. anything to add? >> well, listen, you would think the election system in this country is outdated and old? you're absolutely right.
10:08 am
pew did a research in this, it's a system plagued with errors and inefficiencies. let's bring you numbers to come back home. according to pew, 24 million people one of every 28 voter registrations in the u.s. are no longer valid or significantly inaccurate. more than 1.8 million dead people are listed as voters. so, you could use that name, go ahead and vote. approximately 2.75 million people, 2 and 34th million people are registered in more than one state. so, that outlines, i think, the possibility of voter fraud. stuart: it does indeed. liz liz: and some 2012, the bush administration looked at it and found only 86 cases of voter fraud out of 2 million cast. why? they say they catch it at the front end. yes, there are inaccuracies in the system and it's the follow through to whether or not people are actually committing voter fraud. that's are discrepancies and irregularities in the system
10:09 am
been whether they follow through and vote and commit voter fraud? multiple studies say, it's not as widespread as these numbers. stuart: we've got the tape saying how you doing. >> we're not saying hundreds of tens of millions are committing fraud, you can't say that. stuart: a special guest on the program. james karlstrom, former fbi assistant director, well-known on this program. welcome back. >> good morning. stuart: voter fraud, we have the tape of the democrats there showing how it's done. is it widespread? you must know about this. >> well, i -- you know, i think it is widespread. i think it's a lot wider than the bush administration figured o out, but it's only in places where, you know, that they have a chance of losing, the democrats i'm talking about. you know, in these key states where it's really close and, yeah, absolutely. the dead people are voting, illegal aliens and voting. why do you think democratic governors do not allow i.d. to vote?
10:10 am
i mean, what's the reason? well, the reason is, obvious what the reason is. they want these people to vote in these elections going one way or the other, 1% they're going to push it over the line. that's always happened in chicago, right? it's happened since i was a child. stuart: you tell me, i don't know, you tell me. >> it has and elsewhere. stuart: is it -- look, if you insist on voter i.d., the left says that suppresses the minority vote. is that accurate? >> i think that's nonsense. i mean, you're going to have an i.d. to get in the building, an i.d. to go on an airplane. an i.d. to check into a hotel. i think it's nonsense, you have to have an i.d. to get your welfare or your, you know, your card for the supermarket. i mean, it's nonsense. it's just an excuse that-- because the media is so corrupt, you know, none of this is ever factually presented to
10:11 am
people so they can't make logical decisions. stuart: a scathing article in the washington post about the e-mail scandal. they, washington post, spoke to a former fbi agent who says statement department undersecretary patrick kennedy asked him directly declassify e-mails and give you slots overseas. the fbi agent immediately said no. jam james, they say there's no quid pro quo. >> this is the guy, kennedy who refused the security requests for benghazi, this is that same guy, okay? and you know, i think, you know, i don't know enough about the actual deal, but it certainly looks like on paper, you know, something that's actually a federal crime. stuart: what do you make of james comey, the fbi director? we've had people on this program and i hate to use this expression, a dirty cop. where is james kallstrom going to put him?
10:12 am
>> he's let down the citizens in my view and thrown the agents under the bus. they had an investigation and from my view in the public arena and hundreds and hundreds of agents who talked to me about this, and ex-attorneys and ex-judges, there was a point in time when this investigation went into what i would call the sham, sham category, and i could talk for a half hour on why that is, no grand jury, no subpoenas, no cord orders. immunity to the co-conspirators, letting the co-conspirators in on the interview, crazy things the fbi never does. stuart: i'll get more on the revolt within the fbi. stay there, james. a burglary reported at the trump campaign office in san antonio. liz liz: 5:30 this morning, off duty security officer caught the guy. unclear if anything was taken. they are still investigating it right now in san antonio, texas.
10:13 am
this comes on the heels of death threats at the g.o.p. offices in utah for the state chairman there, basically bricks thrown through the window of the g.o.p. office ins indiana, a bomb threat in phoenix and fire bombing in g.o.p. in north carolina. this suspect could have been burglarizing other buildings. still developing story. stuart: got it, thanks, liz. this from wikileaks, they say secretary of state john kerry asked ecuador to cut off julian assanges internet connection so he could no longer leak e-mails from the clinton campaign. julian assange is staying at ecuadorean embassy. the case of el chapo. the judge has been killed. there's el chapo. there's video of the assassination of the judge. we'll show it to you later. golf legend greg norman is here ahead of the debate tonight. what does he want to hear from donald trump? well, he's next.
10:14 am
♪ this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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♪ ♪ luck be a lady tonight ♪ >> if i'm not mistaken, that's frank sinatra, him singing "luck be a lady" liz: that's "guys and dolls". stuart: and the debate is ten hours and change and they'll start the debate. you can see from the wide shot. you know who that is? do you know? surely you can recognize this man, greg norman, golf hall of famer. >> because i'm sitting next to you, stuart. stuart: works for me, greg. works for me. i know you know trump. i don't know whether you're a
10:18 am
supporter of him or not, i don't care, but i know you know him. what do you want to see him from at the debate tonight? >> dignity. stuart: what do you mean by that? >> i travel the world so much, stuart, i come out of mexico, asia and everybody is looking in, why isn't america, in are they not showing enough humidity the way they're conducting this deal. it's a poor reflection of what people are seeing inside of america now and to see the political play and getting down to the wrong level, quite honestly, doesn't-- is not doing america any favors. stuart: it's a race to the bottom. 20 days ago and we're still talking sex, lies, videotape and the e-mail scandal. we don't want to be there, but it's here we are. >> it's not a vote who is president, it's a down vote. and when you look at the u.s. now and i've lived here a long, long period of time, 35, 40
10:19 am
years. if you look at it, if america had a mandatory voting system, what would happen? you hear people saying i'm not going to vote. well if you're a citizen of the united states it's your responsibility to put the right person in there. if everybody voted you would have a better barometer. stuart: you're a business guy and entrepreneur. you've built an empire the last few years after you left golf. that's what you do. do you like trump's plan to grow the economy or hillary's plan. >> to be honest with you, i like trump's, and we have so much money off shore. and people getting 0%, and i see my golf courses as an indicator. we knew when the gsc was coming because it was in our bank accounts and where the money was going because people didn't want 0%. they wanted a return, 6%, 8%,
10:20 am
12%, and so now if you open it up, trump is going to allow that money to move around and you need money to move. i'm an entrepreneur. i've got a small business, i love my little small business, i've got wonderful people working for me across the board. stuart: it ain't small, greg. >> well, it's small compared to some of the big boys. stuart: you're a mogul. now, you've just changed the name of your company. it's now greg norman enterprises. >> right. stuart: and i read your stuff. you've got a vision for 200 years? get out of here. >>. [laughter] >> i've always believed in the brand. so if i have a great logo and greg norman company, i want it to live beyond my death. the only way to make it is it to establish the credibility of the logo so i had to rebrand the company. i was a sports marketing company when i was number one player in the world and people coming to me bums on the seat and tickets at the gate and sell tv ratings. now it's a different story. i want to be b to b. and i've developed a platform
10:21 am
and partnerships with verizon opening a whole new disruptive technology to the game of golf coming forward. all of these things, it covers business and sports and covers culture so when you look at these types of partnerships we have, it's a whole new world for me that's why i had to make the shift. stuart: who knew this man? i thought you were a golf guy? >> well, i was a golf guy and now i'm sitting here on your business show. stuart: gave it time here, i have to ask. can you shoot your age? >> depends on how many holes i've got to play. stuart: depends how old you are. >> i'm 60 he so i get close. stuart: do you? >> play off the tips if you move me up a tee. i can still make six birdies on the back nine the other day. stuart: did you really? >> yeah. stuart: you come back to show, too, put it there, lad. a great pleasure to have you on the show. all right. we'll be back in a moment. debate day, back one moment
10:22 am
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10:25 am
>> we were all told, we could keep our plan under obamacare. we were all told that health insurance would be affordable, remember nancy pelosi, affordable, affordable, affordable. well, jeff flock is with us and he's going to tell us why premiums are going up so much. and they are, why, jeff? >> regardless of how you feel about the affordable care act, stuart, clearly, it is not so affordable. usa today, a new analysis out today that found in eight states across the u.s., state regulators have actually approved a premium increase even higher than the insurance companies asked for. that's because they're afraid that the insurance companies haven't priced it high enough
10:26 am
to cover their cause and go out of business and torpedo obamacare. in eight states, a premium case higher than the insurers asked for, in new york, for example, one insurer up 80%. premiums up 83% for blue cross in new mexico. you know, the affordable care act sadly did not do a lot to reduce the cost of health care and that's causing the problem. stuart: thanks very much, jeff. james kallstrom former director of the fbi who is with us saying it's crushing the middle class. >> the co-pays, they're crushing, look at the tax will, not one voted for it. stuart: do you think. >> medicare from 123 to dividends 15% to 39.6. capital gains, 15% to 28%. and i mean, they're going to
10:27 am
crushing the guys with the 401(k). stuart: you sound almost as exasperated as the other guests on the show. >> i tell you, we're in a rough time right now, stuart, and the government at high level is totally corrupt in washington. i hate to say that, but it is. stuart: stay there, james. got a lot more from you shortly. we appreciate you coming up. thank you. and this is debate day, 18-2 is where we are. back again in a moment.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: dow jones up 54 points. how much oil we having supply, what is the number? ashley: 6.4 million barrels which should push oil hire.
10:31 am
stuart: scott shellady, we are down in the amount of -- >> we have done 25 to $.30 higher. i have an expo for the crude oil, it has risen 2.7, gasoline a big bill draws again, i would say this is pretty bullish, and it is 53 or 55 now. stuart: that would help the market. and that is what is happening, look at the big movers of the day. next thursday, the 27th expected to reveal a new line of mac computers, apple is unchanged
10:32 am
but new mac coming next week, starbucks announced the new ceo for the china business opening 5000 stores, 2021, stock is up nearly 2%. new fox poll, trump down especially among women. look at this, hillary clinton leads trump among women by 15 points, 52 to 37. sarah huckabee, trump senior advisor, i don't trump comes back with the women vote if he continues to attack his accusers as liars. >> donald trump is a fighter, doing extremely well in many sectors, we are a little bit behind but donald trump, this election comes down to one big thing, that is change versus the status quo. the big paul, 17% of americans
10:33 am
still want change in this race and in this country and donald trump is the ultimate change agent, the outsider versus the ultimate insider. put that on stage, we will see clearly, donald trump comes back in a couple weeks on november 8th. stuart: i want to ask about malika obama, president obama's half-brother, sitting in the audience tonight. what is with that? can you explain this move? >> absolutely. a great testament to why so many millions of americans are supporting donald trump. mister obama, the president's brother is an african-american immigrant, joined millions of americans who are frustrated and tired of the current policies of obama and hillary clinton. stuart: a little snarky to advise the president's half-brother who will vote for trump. kind of a distraction, isn't it?
10:34 am
>> don't know if it a distraction to focus on the absolute outrage so many millions of americans tired of the failed policies of obama and clinton, this is a great example of that. people are sick and tired of the status quo, tired of business as usual in washington and donald trump is anything but business as usual and this is another example of why so many people want him to be elected so he can change washington. stuart: if you are a senior advisor to the trump campaign are you going to tell him attack attack attack? is that the strategy you are advising? >> there are moments he has to attack. it is less about attacking and more about drawing a contrast between him and hillary clinton, hillary has 30 years of failed experience. she has been in government and has nothing to show for it and donald trump will do more in his thirst 30 days been hillary clinton has done in the last 30 years. it is important to talk about
10:35 am
that, if people want to call it an attack so be it but it has drawn contrast on issues like the supreme court conservative versus liberal, primarily outsider versus insider which is what this comes down to. stuart: 101/2 hours to the kickoff for the debate. always appreciate it. got to look at this, two videos in this race the war on cops, this is california, insider starbucks, ambushed by a man with an assault rifle. the police said the consulate deliberately targeted. the next video, in chicago, dashboard video shows a female cop being attacked and beaten after responding to an accident. she was too afraid of a back lash in the media to draw her gun. fbi guy is with us. this is a war on cops and the media is making it extremely difficult. >> the white house started this
10:36 am
and the drumbeat has not gone down and most of it based on phony premises, like the st. louis suburb, which was not factually correct and they never corrected that and they had those people in the white house, the black lives matter, of course black lives matter, all lives matter but this is outrageous what is going on with police. dislikes the police, dislikes the military, anyone who claims they are patriots and crazy what is going on. stuart: what is going on with police officers? >> morality is not good, when police officers are leaning forward, to solve these major problems, there is a wet blanket of political correctness, they are not quick to get out of their patrol car, in a good gu
10:37 am
10:38 am
this country. regardless of what he says his acts show he is not that person. this hollywood crowd talks like that. a lot of people talk like that but he doesn't do these things. i know his family from the time they were kids. look at his children. can you find a better family than he brought up? he is a smart guy, a businessman who will turn the country around. you women out there, if you want change vote for donald trump. put this other stuff aside.
10:39 am
stuart: you don't mince words, do you? >> no i don't. stuart: i can tell. appreciate it. your blood pressure is up, isn't it? i like a man -- >> democracy with passion. the constitution is at stake, this is serious business. people say why are you emotional? because the country is going down the tubes. our culture is going down the tubes. washington is full of liars and people that build their own little political fortresses. stuart: all right, thanks very much. a couple of individual stocks moving today. intel, better demand for pcs, they have a restructuring charge, they are down 5% and that is affecting the overall market. the undercover video showing democrats inciting violence against trump supporters, we will be back.
10:40 am
10:41 am
ashley: "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern and here's what you missed last hour, charles smith, winemaker. stuart: you sold out to a major corporation but do you still control the winemaking process? >> absolutely. i am consulting in winemaking for a significant time.
10:42 am
stuart: what if they paid $120 million? >> a successful wine brand people enjoy drinking. stuart: you have all kinds of awards. >> people that are going to buy my wine enjoy it, they do. stuart: is that a lump sum? >> really large checks. stuart: is at all yours? >> all mine. des-benz grand prix race car made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million. and now, another mercedes-benz makes history selling at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy,
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10:44 am
>> trump and pens, a whole team across the country. >> initiating the conflict, having leading conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. >> people we paid over the last 20 years, doing some crazy stuff. the reality is especially -- are you evening guys? union guys? they are rocking and rolling.
10:45 am
>> every day. >> really? >> doesn't matter what the legal and ethics people say, we need to win this. stuart: the gentleman at the beginning, robert creamer visited the white house 340 times since the year 2009. that is what you were watching, the clip showing democrats trying to organize the incitement of violence and republican rallies. lieutenant colonel allen west is with us, national center for policy analysis. off the top, your reaction to that? >> the interim head of the dnc dismissed this by going after james o'keefe at not directing the issue of things that were
10:46 am
said. there was a concern because we saw what happened in chicago at the trump rally. we know the connections of mister creamer, a representative from illinois, and this is what people are upset about. >> i have a former fbi assistant director, he was emotional about supporting trump. i want your reaction to the videotape, this is a widespread conspiracy to subvert america. >> no question. you run all these thug organizations the go to these eventss and disrupt them and say stupid things and bring some people, some of whom are mentally deficient, do crazy things. it is part of a strategy along with dead people voting and the whole cobol of the national
10:47 am
media, for the young people, the soviet union, newspaper that said good things about the government. stuart: allen west, james carlton is saying america is at stake, the america we know and love is about to be changed politically from the inside. you agree with that? >> absolutely agree with that. if you ever read the book rules for radicals by following ski from chicago, barack obama is from chicago, hillary clinton was an understudy, you understand this is their playbook, this is what they use was what we are seeing in the united states of america is in institutionalization of criminal behavior, namely one government agency the american people can trust and believe is on that side of rule of law and justice. stuart: what happens if hillary clinton wins the presidency and democrats take the senate and
10:48 am
the house? change they will do away with the first amendment as we know it, free-speech will be gone, all these executive orders on hate speech, you have seen that, the attorney general said if you see something bad about a muslim we will come after you and the second amendment is gone, the country will be a small token of what it was. the things hillary clinton has done with the talks she documents on her server, this business of no intent is crazy. of course it is intentional to avoid the federal records laws but those documents, if those things were let go in world war 2 will make you were either executed or sent to leavenworth for the rest of your life and even later on you went to jail for a long time exposing top-secret codeword special access programs, nothing more sensitive than that.
10:49 am
she laid it out for everybody in the world. stuart: to get back from this, what should donald trump do tonight in the debate? >> he has a clear job delineation. when you talk about immigration he needs to draw the parallel between angela merkel and hillary clinton because hillary clinton wants to increase syrian refugees and we see what happened in europe, and you talk about supreme court, the importance of the supreme court, hillary clinton said she wants to reverse, erode the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens, need to talk about deficits, you know the situation for the economy, we cannot go on with one.4% gdp growth with china over 6% and most importantly the fitness, we have someone, criminal behavior and hillary clinton. this is not about the words donald trump has said. this is about the future of the
10:50 am
country. stuart: allen west, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we appreciate you being with us, strong stuff, strongly stated our if i can put it like that. we will come up on the third hour, check this out, a thief in broward county, florida, find out what he steals and how he did it and we will lower the temperature a bit and then get back to the debate tonight in vegas, make or break for trump. can he dig himself out of the hole he is in? we will be back. ♪
10:51 am
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ashley: startling surveillance footage out of florida was a man pulled up to a woman when she is pumping gas, creeps up to her suv, open the unlocked door, grabs her purse and quietly returns to his car and pulls way before the woman noticed anything going on. police are searching for a silver toyota camry and urging anyone with information to contact them and be aware of your surroundings. take a look at this, what is coming up at the top of the hour, look what we have, more
10:55 am
bias revealed, john harwood emailing clinton's campaign chairman wondering why so many reporters are asking questions about her emails. we speak to the deputy spokesperson of the state department, they deny print quote quote between state department and the fbi, trump's economic advisor on the one issue trump has to hammer home, can you guess what that is? john bolton on donald trump saying he would meet with vladimir putin if elected. stuart: is it wise? is it normal for the winner of the presidential election to meet with a foreign leader? >> is unusual, discussions go on as they should as the president-elect gets ready to take off, so nobody misunderstood the young president-elect is not making policy, president obama has full
10:56 am
authority. and donald trump, it would be useful with a number of foreign leaders, never forget what george shultz said, don't underestimate the value of listening. stuart: what is the russian connection? what is the trump/vladimir putin relationship? >> i don't think they ever met. what this stems from his trump saying he sees vladimir putin as a strong leader and obama as a weak leader. who can disagree with that? vladimir putin has a very weak hands which he is playing well on behalf of his country. stuart: then you have the russians leaking, they are behind a lot of hacking into the democrats to the advantage of donald trump, the democrats they the russians are helping donald trump. is there a grain of truth? >> they haven't produced
10:57 am
evidence and i haven't seen evidence that led the intelligence community to conclude it is the russians but i remain skeptical director james comey, they hacked into hillary's homebrewed server but did not leave fingerprints so despite russian agencies not leaving fingerprints, the dumb russian agencies hack into the dnc and leave fingerprints, that doesn't add up. the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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stuart: 11:00 eastern. all morning long of the message trump supporters listening to advise. almost all of them said please go back to the basic rest of your candidacy which is make america a great again. that means tell us about growing the economy. tell us about taxes and trade in regulation and energy. tell us about restoring middle america. one of the few bright spots for trumpet the polls as the economy. voters believe he's the best candidate to get us out of the economic doldrums.
11:01 am
it's a clear signal you win on the economy. he went on prosperity. overall there's got to say trump is down in the polls finished just 20 days to the vote. one thing for trump supporters to remember, brexit, i live in the european union. right before that though, the polls that the birds would stay pick the media try to shame voters calling them racists and bigots feared is not exactly the same situation trump finds himself in today? down in the polls and facing an all-out media attacks. guess why. the britain voted to leave anyway. how about that. it ain't over here yet. 10 hours to the debate. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. everybody knows that one
11:02 am
including me. in honor of tonight's presidential debate in vegas, now look at this. the latest fox news poll shows a quarter of likely voters believe the economy is the most important issue facing the country and half of likely voters say trump handles the economy better than hillary clinton. peter navarro is with us. he is one of donald trump's economic advisers. are you going to tell donald trump hammer away on the economy today question arc it is awful and that donald chaump will lower taxes, unleashed the energy sector, can't regulation and eliminate the trade deficit. i listen in to show all morning and it's driving me nuts. stuart: i drive you nuts? >> no, not you, but your guests. played with divided government
11:03 am
would be good for the markets to light as the market go up? the market goes up on profits. so how are you going to get growth out of the clinton plan which raises taxes, increases regulation from the keeps doing bad trade deals and sets the coal industry. if you want a stock market to hit 25,000 for the doubt, that is donald trump. trump's antitrade. he just wants bitter chills for the american people, the american worker and american corporation. stuart: i'm with you all the way. but what investors seem to be seen as a split decision would be good for the market. that would be hillary in the oval office that the republicans keep control of the senate and the house therefore she could not get many thing she wants do through a republican congress.
11:04 am
>> investors on a split decision in a look at what they've got now which is a market that only goes up because bond market investors can make any money because the economy is so low. nothing split about this. we need donald trump in the white house pushing a growth agenda so profits and corporations keep going up robustly again and corporations on americans will so the wages of american workers go up and that gives us prosperity. we don't have that now. after $10 trillion of stimulus in eight years. stuart: i don't think he wins the debate tonight by attack attack attack. you can attack hillary clinton on the basis of economic plan. >> chris wallace. the pat andersen cooper. there is a middle name i don't want to say on the air.
11:05 am
they don't know anything about policy, economic policy, financial markets. it is a café. it was weird. tonight will send a clear agenda, economy, immigration, health care. the candidates will stick to it. american voters will be better off and we will see a jump in the polls for donald trump because he went on every issue. name me one single issue or clinton trump said. >> though some tape of donald trump. he says quoting now he will drain the swamp. it's talking about washington d.c. drain the swamp and push for term limits if elected president. roll that tape. >> if i'm elected president i will push for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. i'm proposing a term limit of six years for members of the house and 12 years for members of the senate.
11:06 am
stuart: he's raised that just last night. that's nothing to do with prosperity and growing the middle class. >> i've been to those rallies. if you played the whole speech you would've seen him talking about the economy, immigration, getting rid of obamacare, helping our inner cities have these prosperity and jobs. taking that clip is fine. i'm telling you you that the trump administration will solve the single most important problem we have which is the economy and also get us back on track on national security. let's have some issues tonight. let's see if we can stay on track here. stuart: with a multimillionaire financier. i think is the pronunciation. as a pronunciation. it's a pioneering index fund investing. he says there is one reason to vote for trump and that is his tax policy. that is one multimillionaire. the guy on the screen right now. why haven't the rest come on board? most rich people will vote for hillary clinton.
11:07 am
>> this week when you have a cast on, we released 100 names of top business leaders that support donald trump. i know some of those personally. ryan o'shaughnessy and bill hickey are two great americans who created thousands of jobs here in america running steel companies and he runs revere copper found by paul revere. he's been fighting the chinese illegal subsidies for decades and he is supporting trump because he knows trump will keep jobs here, keep investing here and as to why some corporations don't want to support john, they're making money over there. they are not taking care of america. stuart: look at the big lord of 67 points. that puts about 18 to to 30. that's where we are. a story in the background. we've been covering it all week.
11:08 am
that is without $152 trillion worth of debt globally. way up from where it was a few years ago. a lot of people think it is a debt double. it's about to burst through the federal reserve doesn't have any tools in the tool kit to cope with this kind of thing. i want your word on that. a lot of people very concerned is a big market correction. it's on the way. you say what. >> i say is hillary finish or not i can think donald trump gets sent we are going to have 25,000 within a year or two of the administration. it's all about profits, earnings and growth. one can learn about his pension funds in this country not being able to earn a decent return and pay all of their people who are on those pensions. that's a big bubble for me. unless we get growth and
11:09 am
prosperity, it is going to be an implosion. it's the bob dylan lyric. this economy under clinton obama is dying. stuart: of 100% agree with you that growth is the prerequisite of prosperity in america. >> and getting that debt down. stuart: thank you for joining us. more from the project that release yet another undercover video. top democrats discussing how to commit voter fraud. using the bus to bring an unregistered voters is just too obvious. don't bring a bus. by a car at an auction and car drive them in. in key states. can you believe this? we will play the full tape later this hour. read along the bottom there. a new bombshell in hillary's e-mail scandal.
11:10 am
a former fbi agent says the state department patrick kennedy did asking to declassify certain e-mails. the state department's deputy spokesperson mark toner is going to join us moments from now to respond. a few months ago talking about transparency. >> i think we have some interest in the back. welcome. good to see you. this exercise transparency and democracy. [laughter] >> is that what it is?
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
>> fbi document to show under secretary of state patrick kennedy made the request or altering classification as part of a quaint brokaw. in other words a deal. this is felony corruption by any standard. undersecretary kennedy needs to
11:14 am
resign. stuart: you heard it clearly. donald trump wants mr. kennedy to resign. on what is alleged to be a quid pro quo. all scratched the fbi's back if you scratch the state departments. a recent article in the "washington post" quoted fbi agent on the case who admitted kennedy asked for favors. here's what the gauges that. he said ryan, pat kennedy, i need a favor. i said good. i need a favor. i need are people back in bag that. that was the deal. change the classification on e-mails and slots will open up overseas. the fbi agent turned it down. i said absolutely not. i can't help you and he took that it was fine. that's the exchange. joining us now, mark turner state department deputy spokesperson. good to have you with us. appreciate it.
11:15 am
let me start with this. i believe it is illegal to try to change a document when it's already been subpoenaed by a court of law and not so patrick kennedy of the state department wanted to do. i believe that's illegal, sir. >> let's take a step back here. end quote you are reading before going to me. there is no quid pro quo. i can't say emphatically enough. pat kennedy called the fbi and in fact he did talk about classification of this e-mail in question. that is something we didn't have been routinely throughout the process of releasing 55,000 pages of secretary could e-mails. >> that was a subpoenaed document. you can't change document subpoena by a court of law. >> with all due respect, these were for public release. we were trying to determine whether these e-mails needed to be upgraded.
11:16 am
the classification needed to be upgraded. we've done that with every one of these e-mails. in this case it was perfectly appropriate for him to ask what the rationale was behind the fbi's request. they had a conversation. they agreed to look at it, the fbi and what happened the fbi held his argument and the document was upgraded appropriately. then as you mentioned, they also had another conversation about fbi slots or positions at the embassy in bag that appeared as a separate conversation. i can't say that emphatically enough. stuart: is it okay to offer some name fbi slots as they're called. in return for something reclassifying documents. some people call that a bribe. >> not in this case beard that's when
11:17 am
stuart: very clearly make the point that not what pat kennedy did in any way shape or form. we take strong objection to that conference. in fact, the fbi itself issued a statement saying it was not the case. when it comes to issues of classification and we take this very serious he said the responsibility of the state department very seriously which is why pat wanted to understand the rationale. stuart: mr. turner, i do want to put up on our screen the exchange, the e-mail exchange which has now been leaked. can we get this up here? advice that in exchange for american that e-mail and classified state would reciprocate by allowing the fbi to place more agents in countries where they are presently forbidden. that seems like the outline of a deal. where am i going wrong on this? >> i'm not sure what e-mail
11:18 am
exchange are referring to. it might be referring to the 302. let's be very clear about that. those are summaries based on the recollection of individuals who may have had cursory knowledge of the conversation. stuart: is the fbi wrong in this case? >> i can't speak to the memory or the reason why some of these fbi agents may have remembered it differently. all i can speak to is the integrity of our undersecretary pat kennedy and the integrity of the state department and our role in this process of releasing secretary could e-mails. stuart: we do appreciate you being with us. very complex. would like to have you on the show. thank you, appreciate it. we got vandalism, more dead aim at republicans. somebody tossed two bricks to the window of an in vienna
11:19 am
campaign office with signs for donald trump and republican todd young in that window. they smashed the window. a gop office in north carolina was also firebombed last week and there have been other incidents as well. back to the new project undercover video showing top democrats discussing how to commit voter fraud flat out. we will play you the whole thing next. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands,
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11:23 am
stuart: another undercover video shows top democrat operatives discussing how to commit voter fraud on a national level. listen to this and watch the sunset is at the bottom of the screen just spelled it all out. roll tape. >> it's the legality. you can prove it's much harder to prove. there's enough money.
11:24 am
>> absolutely. >> most of them -- there's this thing called used-car option. [inaudible] traits i want to get into this a little bit more. liz, i want you to tell me about robert creamer is one of the people on the undercover video discussing voter fraud. >> jan czajkowski of illinois. he lost his job after the james o'keefe thing. he's one of two has lost his job. for the democrats to say this is an initiative that the two officials was shot. wait a second going on for years as an outright disgrace. that's what they say in the video.
11:25 am
true to what robert at the white house 340 times. transfer 342 since 2009. last visited june 2016. stuart: there is one other person. ashley: scott vogel was the national field for the american united for change. what's interesting, they push back or they say james o'keefe to one that did this undercover videos is a right wing blogger who added states to make it sound. i don't see how those had any. it seems to me they are saying these things in full complete sentence is. mr. cramer was fired and so is scott vogel. >> it should be front page news. liz: if they attacked the messenger right now. he says his twitter account was shut down, that he couldn't expose this via video on twitter. drink to your right. now this.
11:26 am
whereby a six bos says cnbc. are direct competitors. cheap washington chorus on the first cnbc sends an e-mail for clinton campaign manager john podesta mocking other reporters. they are wasting their time asking hillary about her e-mails. we are getting honest. now watch this. in my cutouts of economic advisers who served both parties. they said you have as much chance of cutting tax is about increasing the deficit as he was flying away from the podium is flapping her arms around. you have to get rid of larry kudlow who sits on your panel is a great guy who came out the other day and said i love trumps tax lien.
11:27 am
11:28 am
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11:31 am
tonight is because. that's the only association, just cities in which everything takes place. trump is down almost every single poll he is down and there are 20 days after the election it out. my next guest says trump needs to show his heart, show some remorse or it's all over. the person may not have michael goodwin, pulitzer prize-winning economist at "the new york post" used to be a strong supporter of donald trump. but now he's got a softening in this debate. >> i've never fully endorsed him and i have not committed to him, stuart. i do believe he has a great message for this country and i believe he's got away from it and i think there are so many doubts about him now that tonight is really the last big chance to address the fuller a nationwide audience. stuart: if he backs off, if he goes up there tonight and these kind of soft shows remorse for
11:32 am
some sort of apology. >> is going to have 90 minutes in lots of times to attack hillary clinton to remind viewers about wikileaks in the ei investigation. lots of time to do the issues as well. central to what he has to do tonight is humility. not so much remorse that humility is the show his heart and ask people for their vote. stuart: i'm sorry to interrupt you. that's what the audience is saying right now. humility, donald trump, are you kidding? >> could get peoples attention precisely because it would be different. you can keep pounding hillary clinton but there's diminishing returns from that. as he said he's been a deep deep hole probably 10, 11 million votes behind which is a six or seven votes at her present. you've got to do something to show people he's fit to be
11:33 am
commander-in-chief. >> you've written extensively on media bias and i've got another old. collusion between the clinton campaign and a leading journalist. john howard is the chief washington correspondent at the end. he sends an e-mail to john podesta, clinton's campaign manager mocking other reporters are wasting their time asking hillary about e-mails. here is the e-mail exposed a wikileaks. amazing that some people still think it's worth burning so much interview time with the person most likely to be next president on her e-mails. i didn't realize they were quite so handed gloves. >> john harwood i think has been a liberal ad a kid in the guise of a journalist for a long time. he also writes for "the new york times." he has been typical of the washington establishment, which is let's just keep the establishment wing.
11:34 am
there'll always suppose anybody who would upset the apple cart, too. john harwood benefits from barack obama, from liberal programs. that is his bread and butter. he wants to keep it going. he's an advocate pretending to be a journalist. stuart: i'm surprised that the extent of this interaction between leading elite journalists. that's an astonishing being embedded with the campaign which i've never seen before. >> what is striking is two things. first the guy from "politico" who raced to podesta sending his story over asking is it okay basically that they shouldn't be doing this. so he knows it's wrong but he does it anyway. secondly, we have not heard any news organizations disciplined or expressed anger at their employees behaving like acts, behaving like advocates for a
11:35 am
certain candidate. these organizations must be used to this good business he how they operate. stuart: michael, thank you for joining us. pleasure. now this. mark toner, state department deputy spokesperson on this program just moments ago addressed the allegation in a quaint or oppose state department and fbi. listen to this. >> to have a conversation. they agreed to look at it and what happened was the fbi held his argument and that document was upgraded appropriately. then as you mentioned, they also had another conversation about fbi slots or positions at the embassy in that. it was a separate conversation. i can't say that emphatically enough. drink a judge andrew napolitano is here. follow this sort of the way
11:36 am
through. no separate conversation. >> since i factor the other day and says this appears to be the author of a bribe and that statement that you and i discussed using the word ride sort of makes its way around her community. more information has come to us. the most important is the human being referred to in that e-mail as redact it. that is the fbi agent that pat kennedy called up on the phone. it was he, not secretary kennedy who suggested he didn't use the word quid pro quo. he calls up and said i made a deal. funny i need a deal, too. what kennedy suggested was not amenable to the fbi. i don't think it was bribery but i do think it was a serious problem and an unlawful act in this respect because of the timing. if this conversation had occurred before the e-mail in question had been unit,
11:37 am
received, collect it and characterized as evidence, it would've been an ordinary conversation between two agencies trying to decide what level of security that the document occurred. because it occurred after document and sabina had been received by the fbi was gathered as a criminal investigation, it absolutely cannot be tampered with in many respects. that tampering or that suggestion of tampering is the offer to commit the crime of altering evidence. the fbi look down at incentive not going to do it so it didn't happen. stuart: about 30 minutes ago, an hour ago, james calls drum, formerly deputy assistant at the fbi on the program became emotional. he says that trump loses and
11:38 am
hillary went to america is going down the tubes. he essentially said america's finish. say goodbye to the first amendment second amendment because we will be changed radically because of things like e-mail scandal. stuart: i smiled when you mentioned is it because i a soft spot in my heart because i was on the bench in the years he ran the fbi in new york city and we have many happy professional encounters together. i'm a big fan. i wish he were the head of the ei today. another career at this moment. i think what he meant was that mrs. clinton prevails, expect more damage to the con up to the rule of law, to the constitution meaning what is does. except the government pushing and pinching and maneuvering the constitution to try and get it to mean things it was never intended to mean and that is going to compound against personal liberty in favor of a government.
11:39 am
it is a fear that i share. stuart: expressed in very emotional terms by the way. >> is a great man, too. stuart: thanks for joining us as always. check the big board up 58, 60 points at this moment out by what's happening in oil. a big drop in the supply of oil to the price is up significantly. that helps docs. how about netflix. not a bad move today on the upside. again the three bucks, netflix now 121 per share. i'm going to get back to the bombshell video which shows democrat operatives paying people to incite violence that trump rallies. we are going to do with this in a moment. watch the more of it. >> if you are there in protesting, >> so that's part of the
11:40 am
process. >> we know people will freak out .
11:41 am
>> enzymes that in the fairfax business brief. 18,000 to 18. the s&p 500 up for. but not back up one point for the week. major averages up roughly half of 1%. will drive in market energy
11:42 am
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>> initiating the conflict by having conversations with people who are naturally psychotic. >> we have mentally ill people we pay. make no mistake. over the last 20 years i paid some homeless guys to do crazy stuff and i've also taken them to dinner. stuart: i don't know whether you're shocked by that. i certainly am because of the blatant. it shows clinton campaign people, democratic operatives inciting violence that trump debates. leslie marshall is with us.
11:45 am
it is so blatant, so obvious. will you condemn it? >> of course i would condemn violence. i'm a liberal. that makes me a pacifist. i condemn any violence for any purpose and especially for political gain whether it's from a democrat or republican. we have the freedom to our opinion to cast our ballot in which candidates who want. i do have a problem with who got these videos out. stuart: i absolutely do not care if you watch that video tape. you can clearly tell the sentence is from one to another. i will pay off mentally ill people and homeless people. i had done it and i've made them inside violence that trump rallies. it is spread out there. meanwhile, your candidate
11:46 am
hillary clinton is saying that strong people inciting violence. all the time it is her campaign doing it. lastly, that is outrageous and i think you know it and i think you should be on the front page of every newspaper and every news broadcast in america today and it not. >> you will be discussed in the debate. secretary clinton should answer for that. i do think some of the trump writer cuisine has contributed to the violence we've seen a trump rallies and the divisiveness that we've seen in the venture out that we've seen throughout the country they did not do this today. there is absolute is no excuse for any type of violent like i said was this commanded by our known by secretary clinton i would have a huge issue with. stuart: let me show you another example of elite journalists working for and with the clinton campaign.
11:47 am
talking about john harwood, cnbc guy. the e-mail to john podesta, here is the e-mail. i may have seen that some people still think it is worth earning so much interview time with persons most likely to be next president on her e-mails. leslie again, that is an elite journalists. cnbc, "new york times" writer working with the clinton campaign. nobody is saying this, but that is what came out of those leaks. that is outrageous, isn't it? >> i've said before i have a real problem when journalists are reporting the facts as they're opining the fact. on the talk show host an analyst who is paid to opine. there's a big difference there. i have a masters or broadcast journalists. a true journalist is supposed to report information and the people reading, listening or viewing it come to their own
11:48 am
conclusion. stuart: "politico" gave his report to john podesta goes through a come and make sure i'm right. by the way, don't tell anybody in doing this. podesta campaign manager for hillary clinton right hand side. this is so pervasive that there is some truth to the idea that essentially you could read the e-mail piece on the screen right now. this is so pervasive that it is destroying american journalism, isn't it? >> i hope it isn't destroying american journalism, but we've seen over the years if you look at certain is papers that are known to be red or blue and we definitely sure that when there endorsed and come out in the election cycle, that is proble >> is no problem with that was the weather that on the news side of things are not opposed to be doing that and they're certainly not supposed to be working with and for a political campaign. >> i don't disagree with you there. but i also had in his criticism
11:49 am
not only by the wrath they are not given enough time, not answering questions and doing interviews and press conferences so if secretary clinton were truly in bad and we wouldn't hear those complaints among voters and among the media. >> why should hillary clinton exposed herself, on her side. i think they are reputable journalists out there across the board. the apples that have not had the integrity of other journalists absolutely. i think there's a number of journalists out there. one of which we will see moderating the debate tonight that know what it means to be a journalist. >> i think it was on msnbc this morning. kellyanne conway, trump campaign
11:50 am
manager was asked how can you base your kid? do you think there's just a tad pejorative, leslie? >> i've heard a lot of that, but it's not just toward her in the trump campaign. i've seen a lot of things i've either been offended by. my jaw has been dropped in shock by considering this is a presidential election for the role of commander-in-chief leading a superpower nation leading the rest of the world and i see the name across the board. stuart: i'm glad you're on the show. you are kind of a punching bag for me i guess. >> not at all. i don't feel bruised at all. stuart: i'm going to show your miami beach. live look at florida's one of the biggest swing states in this election. we'll take you right there in a moment you put to the voters right you want to your tonight. more of this he asked.
11:51 am
i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. that is absolutely proved. >> my strongest asset by far is my temperament. >> of the want to start you can start to go ahead, donald! and the gentleman among those more about my visit. i went to them. >> we have a divided nation because people like her and believe me she can in her heart. >> something i said is. now she's blaming the lie late great abraham lincoln. honest abe never lied. run an er. (music playing)
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♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: the debate tonight the last chance for candidates to speak directly to the people, adam schapiro is in florida on the beach. beachgoers, what are they
11:56 am
saying? >> reporter: there are trump supporters, clinton supporters and people among them who are undecided. we asked a couple of them and here is what they told us. >> what does donald trump have to do to convince you to vote for him? >> a lot. he has to do a lot. at this point with all the damage that has been done with just him speaking, it is hard to think about voting for him. >> reporter: we spoke to a couple who is vacationing from new jersey and they are supporting donald trump. they think the election is rigged, in the mechanical aspects and the way the media covered more of donald trump's issues than hillary clinton. stuart: real fast. when you walk on the beach with a box microphone and everyone can tell you are a fox guy what
11:57 am
happens to you? adam: that crowd of young people were excited, they only speak spanish. they might be thinking fox sports. stuart: good one, you did well with that one. adam is there all day. more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: my opinion on the debate, donald trump has to hit a homerun is the only way he can win in november. he cannot hit the homerun with personal attacks on hillary clinton, he has to pound the table on prosperity. liz: he has to put the focus on hillary clinton, her policies, her tenure as secretary of state, the fact that wikileaks shows the state department, clinton foundation. ashley: hillary clinton will do everything she can to get under his skin so he will react, and
12:00 pm
it devolves into a shouting match, hope that is not the case. stuart: she is winning at this point, to step back and let him lose. liz: single digit double-digit lead, go after it. stuart: this time tomorrow we will find out what transpired, neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: we are 9 hours from the big debate, the pressure is on donald trump as the guy who got to overcome, that does not look good. there is a great deal of wiggle room in these numbers, we found out there are a lot of people undecided in this race, among some groups it is soft, that could mean a possible turn, means almost a perfect turn of eventss, like donald trump every step of the way, that at this stage, it is possible but pivotal. blake


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