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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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traps hillary clinton is available to avoid. she is professional "politico." melissa: that's for sure. david: watch for sure, carries through with maria and neil cavuto. we hope you join us. melissa: that does it for us. risk and rewarded starts now. >> i've been doing this for 30 years, why are you just thinking about this right now. >> i have feeling by end of the evening i will be blamed for everything. >> why not? >> why not. >> this is typical politician, all talk, no action. >> this man is man who called women pigs, dogs. >> this is locker room tack. i'm not proud of it. >> he needs to take responsibility for his actions rand words. >> the thing you need to apologize for the 33,000 emails that you deleted. if i win i will instruct my attorney general to get a
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special prosecutor, to look into your situation. >> it is just awfully good someone with the temperament of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> secretary clinton -- liz: new fox poll has donald trump down by six point in four-way race. less than three weeks before the election. could tonight's final presidential debate make all the difference? it starts in less than four hours with fox's very own chris wallace moderating. welcome to risk and -- "risk & reward." i'm liz macdonald. we have scott brown, sheriff david clarke, robin leach. connell mcshane is in vegas. he will bring the latest what is going on with the debate. connell? reporter: e-mac, good to see you, inside the media center, spin room, university of nevada las vegas. want to take you next door to
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the debate hall thomas and mack center. thomas&mack center >> they can put 18,000 people in the seats. only 1500. a cozy environment. once they are done, the night wraps up, they will come into here, media center/spin room. i will give you a set-up. i ask frank to do a little spinning himself. i known him a long time. he is quite the athlete.
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as he spins his camera right to left he won't fall down. all media around the world. stronger together, that is the hillary clinton camp. they set up to do interviews. the fact of the matter covering debates it will be free-for-all with people running around waiting to be doing interviews. all networks have various setups and they have a pen. great america great again, the donald trump camp. we're getting closer to the debate's beginning. as we count it down, we told you already, topics that will come up. chris wallace put out six of them from the economy to immigration to fitness to be president as he tries to keep things on course. we'll see how it goes. neither candidate showed up here to do a walk-through. not unusual for hillary clinton. never does. hasn't in the previous two debates. a bit unusual for donald trump. normally he comes to look at hall. this evening or this afternoon, he sent a few staffers over to stay back at hotel to continue with debate prep.
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liz, back to you in new york. liz: thank you, connell. as we mentioned trump is six points behind hillary clinton in the latest fox four-way poll. let's take it to the political power panel. trump great america pac co-chair, ed rollins, former democrat congressman of ohio, congressman dennis kucinich. good to have you both. >> thank you. liz: congressman what does donald trump need to do tonight to turn it around? >> peace has never been discussed in this election. he needs to lay markers down and take america in new direction in the world where there will be peace. we're in over 100 countries right now. the wars have been costing us trillions of dollars. secretary clinton has been involved as architect of some of them. i think he could go a long way starting to redirect support his way if he makes america's position in the world an issue. liz: ed, like your thoughts on this, look at latest fox poll. asks what the most important issue facing the country is.
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looks like 24% said the economy con and jobs that came in above terrorism. trump also leads in this area on people who trust to do better job on the economy. 44% said clinton while 50% said trump. what can donald trump do to capitalize on that lead? >> he needs to own the issues. those issues from his in the beginning. he got distracted during the course of campaign. he understands how to create jobs and he basically needs to talk about that, starting to night. second look, jump-start this campaign, stay on it for 2 1/2 weeks. talk only about the issues. the other thing he has to do, she is now in the poll, surprising she is being viewed by more people as the change agent. he is the change agent. he needs to get back on that agenda. liz: that is a good point. forgotten people out there upset about the d.c. elites, and they showed up at sanders rallies and donald trump rallies. congressman kucinich, what do you think of the debate guests?
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trump is bringing president obama's half-brother and mrs. clinton is picking billionaire mark cuban and also meg whitman to join her tonight at the debate. what do you make of this? >> sends a signal that says each of them are trying to stress that their support is little broader than it might appear to be. but, that is a sideshow. what happens on that stage is going to determine, could determine the outcome of the election. it is very important that chris wallace is there because he is one of the best in the business. he has the ability to push back if any of the candidates are giving baloney responses. and i think that this debate matters. six points trump's down could be made up in the that lee weeks easily. and so, he have to stay on message. if he gets starting to explain his sad record on sexual aggression or gets into disparage meant with her. that doesn't help him at all. she is very experienced on this she has leadership quality,
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government experience. he is going to have to do something that shows that he can, he can lead the country. liz: final word to ed rollins, ed, every election cycle that has been looked at, the last three weeks, the candidates who is going to win, usually move up about 3.4% page points on average. donald trump needs to do that and more tonight, right? >> this would be the biggest comeback in modern history if he comes back where he is today. i think he can. he has to get on those issues. can't underestimate. 2 million people voted absentee early voting. but 130 million people will vote. he has a long ways to go and needs to keep making sale. liz: thank you, ed rollins and congressman kucinich, appreciate your insights. we are final hours away from the historic debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. moderated by fox news's chris wallace. fox's pregame coverage will start sooner.
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right after us, maria bartiromo kicking off pregame coverage for fox business, followed by lou dobbs and neil cavuto with post-analysis. you don't want to miss that coverage. first they ridiculed conservative catholics and needled latinos and called trump supporters angry white guys. clinton's team is mocking hillary herself. senator scott brown reacting how the latest wikileaks affects final debate. don't go away.
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liz: in any other election year if this was going on it would
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ruin a campaign but in this election year, maid of tonight's debate, two huge wikileaks data drop. about the hillary clinton campaign. it is happening again before the tonight's debate. 12th batch of clinton insider email. no exception to campaign targets. first they ridiculed conservative catholics, then needy latinos, panner didded to african-americans. they called donald trump supporters quote, angry white guys. now clinton team is mocking hillary herself, even she doesn't know how liberal she is. leaked email exchange raises questions where hillary stands on the political spectrum. is she left or moderate? center for american progress and hillary advisor, asked clinton campaign chairman john podesta, why in the world hillary calls herself a moderate even though they spent all the time in the primaries that she is progressive. pose desis it says i pushed her on sunday night. she says she doesn't remember saying it.
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i'm not sure i believe her. i'm telling every reporter i know she is actually progress system that is the smallest of issues. worries me more she doesn't seem to know what planet we're living on in the moment. senator scott brown who endorsed donald trump. thank for joining us. what do you think about that? >> we live on planet earth. shows how sensitive lack of respect, elizabeth, to the american people and to different classes of people. shows how they actually like to divide people into categories. by dividing everybody you can have more say and make people actually fight more. and that gives them some strength. bottom line is, i'm not surprised. it's a question unfortunately that only fox and social media is covering it. everyone else is blowing it off. it is russians, they did it. doesn't matter who did it. the fact it is out there speaks for itself. liz: you're right, senator, sort of the story line out there
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there was somehow a hack. wikileaks is revealing this. that the emails are inauthentic, when we've seen the campaign not challenge the authenticity of these emails. let's talk about the next subject. former presidential candidate senator marco rubio, he is warning republicans not to look at these emails. what do you think? >> listen, i certainly respect, marco. he is like a younger brother to me when i served in the senate. he is going to take his own approach. i think he is trying to distance himself a little bit from the presidential race because he has very important senate race. it is critically important to have marco rubio in the united states senate to keep the senate and make sure chuck schumer doesn't become the majority leader. so i don't blame him. i don't fault him. he will do whatever he needs to do obviously to make sure he gets reelected. i agree with that. liz: there are more emails showing that certain members of the media seem to be in clinton's corner. more evidence a moderator at our competitor cnbc's debate was biased towards hillary. cnbc's john harwood to
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john podesta, the subject line read amazing. basically mr. harwood writes, some people still think it is worth burning so much intertime with person most likely to be the next president on her emails. in other words why waste your time talking to hillary clinton about her email scandal because she is going to be the next president? as reminder, let's look at john harwood, spoke to donald trump at last debate. roll it. >> let's be honest. [laughter]. is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> not a comic book. and not a very nicely-asked the question the way you say that. >> i talk to economic advisors who have served presidents of both parties. they said that you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing deficit as you would of flying away from that podium by flapping your arms. liz: senator, just to set this up for the viewer, prior to that comment from john harwood he had been emailing the clinton campaign talking about, possibly about clinton's performance in various states and various venues.
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how do you feel about this latest reveal about john harwood? >> listen, i'm not surprised and i'm disgusted and the american people should be disgusted. when you look at various polling is the media being biased overwhelming yes. when trump talks about the election being rigged, this is perfect example of it. not only head of the dnc getting questions but you have these moderators who supposed to be fair and unbiased which is a joke, i know chris will do a great job by the way because he is actually fair and unbyersed. he is one of the best yesers in the business. shows people what trump is up again. not only never trump guys, his own party, super-pacs he is literally on an island. the fact he is so close, battling on an some of it rightly some other overwhelming. people are starting to have reverse effect, people are starting to feel a little bit sorry for him. you know what, with all this he is going through, he is still standing hard and working hard and i will vote for the guy.
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liz: senator, when people out there see this happening they feel like they don't have any voice in washington, d.c. whether they're going to trump rallies or sanders rallies. when they see emails exchanged with anyone in the campaign, feels like they have been iced out of the system even more and there are other john harwood emails. seems to be a pattern with him. there were emails that were being exchanged with the clinton campaign before he moderated that debate. so, is the, do you think this could be a reason why he is even made it as a moderator to that debate? >> yeah. i think he is sucking up obviously to get a job. we had similar situation with john kerry. one of the "boston globe" reporters, tell him stuff off the record, went to kerry after the election. working to suck up for a job in the administration. a lot of folks are. they are treading light. think it is over. you guess i everybody, shouldn't vote because the election is over. i was down 41 points couple days
5:18 pm
before the election, down by 14 points. won by five. if you want higher taxes, more regulations, sanctuary cities, looser borders, failed foreign policy vote for hillary clinton. if you want the opposite, vote for donald trump. get rid of what donald trump has done wrong. what hillary has done wrong, focus on issues. trump is heads over tails over hillary. liz: campaign officials on both sides have to consider pre-"brexit," pre-united kingdom leaving european union, polls say you know what? it is not going to happen. people who were for "brexit" called racist and being attacked. >> yeah. liz: so here is a question for you about these emails between cnbc's john harwood and clinton campaign. how does donald trump play it? what do you think his strategy should be? do you think he should bring any of this up at tonight's debate? >> i think he absolutely should. in point because a lot of people don't even know about it, because we're only ones covering
5:19 pm
it and social media as well. he needs to point out, when if gets into the whole thing about being rigged, what do you mean by that, donald? i mean just go right through the litany of everything that has been happening to point out what he means by it being rigged. does he mean there will be voter fraud? does he mean tampering with the boxes at election. he needs to be very, very clear on that. i think crystally, i'm sorry, very, very important to make crystal clear, apparent distinctions between the two candidates. focus on things that got him there, elizabeth. deficits taxes. liz: i hear what you're saying. doesn't seem to be outright media conspiracy, collusion between all media outlets against donald trump. >> of course not. liz: even kellyanne conway, she is dialing back. she doesn't think there is systemic voter fraud but these are issues that could come up at tonight's debate. senator scott brown. thank you for your time. >> thank you. liz: two democratic operatives lost their jobs after under cover video exposed massive
5:20 pm
voter fraud. now hillary clinton's campaign does not seem to be disputing veracity of those tapes. we've got sheriff david clarke. he says there is government fraud. so widespread, that american people, they're in uproar. he is going to explain. that is next. don't go away.
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>> tonight the final presidential debate, moderated by chris wallace >> they even want to try and rig the election at the polling booths where so many cities are corrupt and voter fraud is all too common. and then they say, oh, there is no voter fraud in our country. if nothing else, people are going to be watching on
5:24 pm
november 8th. watch philadelphia. watch st. louis. watch chicago. liz: two democrat operatives have now lost their jobs after james o'keefe undercover video sting showing the two talking about the voter fraud and also inciting violence at trump rallies. and now hillary clinton's campaign, it seems to be admitting, you know this stuff could be true, saying quote, while project veritas has been known to offer misleading video out of context, some of the language and tactics referenced in the video are troubling, even as a theory or proposal never executed. we support the democrat national committee's appropriate action addressing this matter. i think there they were talking about inciting violence at rallies. a lot of democrats still dismissing that voter fraud exists. there is another undercover video coming out. unemployed scott, who was recently fired, i said there is
5:25 pm
no way voter fraud can be proven. watch this. >> well, okay, let's just say in sheerry, major investigation came up, major vote fraud that way, how would they prove it and who would they charge? are they going to charge each of the individuals? charge each individual with voter fraud? or are they going after the facilitator for conspiracy if they can prove? [inaudible]. one thing if all these people drive up in their personal cars. if there is a bus involved -- liz: joining me now, milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. let me back up about that inciting the violence comment. i think what the video shows they were planting people at trump rallies to basically sow dissent and cause disruptions. getting to the video about voter
5:26 pm
fraud, where do you come down on issue, sir? >> there is voter fraud. there is ample evidence of that. typical of the clinton campaign and clinton cartel to attack video and attack james o'keefe. they did that when bill clinton was accused of sexual impropriety, sexual assault against kathleen willey, against juanita broaddrick and others they went out to destroy their character as well. this stinks to high heaven. our government is corrupt. the corrupt nature affected all institutions in government coming out of the white house. how they use the irs to go after political adversaries. look at department of justice and miscarriage of justice handling the clinton secret server and destruction of evidence and lying as well. this is the nature of these people but the thing is, this should anger every american, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you're on because when government is corrupt, it loses its legitimacy.
5:27 pm
i don't want that to happen here in the united states. liz: you know, sheriff, study after study says there is no systemic, widespread voter fraud because the system is to decentralized. there is hundreds of different voting precincts. gao looked at it, said no voter fraud. brennan center for justice says no systemic voter fraud. secretary of state of ohio, he is voting for trump, he says there is no voter fraud. john kasich says no voter fraud, marco rubio. so the issue is there, you know, people who shouldn't be voting, we don't know how many there are, versus whether or not the whole system is rigged? i think many people would say the whole system is not rigged. what do you think? >> well, first of all, as you know, these elections are state by state. i don't know what they mean by no systemic. if it is happening in swing states of virginia, ohio, florida, north carolina, wisconsin, colorado, nevada, if it is happening in any one of those states, doesn't have to be systemic.
5:28 pm
it could be enough to swing the election. look, in situations like this i would usually call on the united states department of justice to step in and conduct an investigation. it is not enough to just fire some people. this is corrupt. this is criminal. so what i would demand, i can't call on the department of justice because they're corrupt as well. liz: i hear what you're saying. speculation doesn't make it so. we need to get to the bottom of it. i hear what you're saying. the other democrat operative in project veritas video who oversaw trump rally agitators, bob creamer, the husband of congresswoman jan schakowsky out of illinois. he reportedly visited the white house 342 times 2009. does that surprise you? >> not at all. you see what i mean? it is corrupt all throughout the system. but here is something else as well. we talk about voter fraud, john fund, "wall street journal," he wrote extensively, he wrote a book about the examples, example after example.
5:29 pm
people can be in denial what they want. look i'm not saying that the entire electoral process is corrupt, you know, 1 ounce of it is too many. liz: thank you very much, sheriff clarke. you're looking at live shot of trump's vice-presidential candidate, mike pence is arriving in vegas. he is coming out of the plane for tonight's debate. we'll bring it to you live, anything he says with comments before the debate. next up, wikileaks, state department quid pro quo, sexual accusers, all of that may be brought up in tonight's debate. my next guest says the media lost track of one major issue in the united states, illegal immigration. the problem of illegal immigration. my next guest of three mothers whose sons were killed because of illegal immigrants. they are in vegas to make sure this issue is not overlooked.
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this man creates software, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. >> it is incredibly hard to be here and talk about my son. i expect for you twice to be
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somewhat respectful. i would really appreciate that. [shouting] if you have a question, you can get in line, otherwise please don't -- [shouting] >> ucla, pd good for you? >> oh. liz: group of ucla student interrupting sabine, durden her son was killed by illegal immigrant, her son, dominic. he was killed in 2012. an illegal immigrant hit him in his pickup truck. she was delivering a speech expressing her concerns about the dangers of open borders in the united states. my next guests are three mothers whose sons with killed by illegal immigrants. they are in vegas today, to make sure this immigration problem is not forgotten at tonight's debate. with me, laura wilkerson, her 18-year-old son josh was
5:35 pm
we having aness, her son ronald de silva, murdered in 2000 two. julie gold batch, mother of spencer gold batch, killed in 2015. they're all members of the organization, the remembrance project. you have endured a nightmare of suffering. no parent should ever have to endure. our heart go out to you. first to laura, what was your initial reaction after seeing those college students at ucla respond to sabine like that? >> well, the pain is just so, so much. it is incredible what we've been through. we just don't want it to happen to other parent. we, you know, donald trump has given us a voice and the remembrance project want to make sure there is something in place to take care of our families when we need it. time to put americans first. it is not sympathy thing. it is what is right to do. that is what we want to do. liz: you know, julie, the problem of illegal immigration, julie, seems like getting lost
5:36 pm
in the debate issues and discussion of what is going on in the media. looks like, julie, that illegal immigration surged about nearly a quarter, about 23% over last year. what is your fear about this getting lost in the fray? >> that other mothers will be, and fathers will be in the same situation that we're in. our sons were all murdered. it could have been prevented years ago. this open borders policy and hillary clinton wanting to have no borders at all is putting everyone's lives at risk. liz: agnes, you know, it looks like deportations a few years ago were spiking at 410,000 a year but they are now hitting a 10-year low, deportations of illegal immigrants. we don't have the final 2016 numbers. they have not been released yet, but looks like we may be headed for a fourth straight year, agnes, of declining removals of illegal immigrants. what are your thoughts about that? >> it enrages me.
5:37 pm
it should enrage every american citizen because our children would still be here today, our loved ones would still be here if our borders would have been secured, if the government would have taken care of americans first. liz: you know, laura, there is also concern, i mean, the three of you, and your families have endured is just horrific nightmare. again our hearts go out to you. laura, there is also concern about the potential for illegal immigrants voting. what are your thoughts on that? >> it is absurd they do not get a seat at table. they're not american citizen. that is exactly why hillary and obama's administration want them here is for a vote. they invite them here. give them welfare and help them navigate our system. they're not a part of our system. there is a plan in place. they need to come in the front door and become american citizen. then they can vote. liz: correct me, if i'm wrong, julie, agnes, you will be at tonight's debate. laura, you attended last debate.
5:38 pm
first to you, julie, what do you want to hear at tonight's debate, julie? >> all three of us will be at the debate tonight. liz: oh, okay. >> i want to hear mr. trump reaffirm his message to build a wall, secure the border in any way possible and get out criminal illegal aliens, illegal alien that murdered my son had been deported four times. he was a known gang member, assault, robbery. spent five years in federal prison and still he was walking the streets of houston and went on a shooting spree when he murdered my son. liz: thank you for telling us that. agnes, what happened to your son? >> my son was standing, talking to a friend, a gang from behind intended to shoot his friend in the back and hit my son in the arm and i want to make a comment, my family legally emigrated to the united states. we followed all the laws and rules to respect this country and everybody should be that. we should extremely vet
5:39 pm
everybody coming into this country. liz: laura, what happened to your son? >> joshua went to school one day and unbeknownst to me, a classmate asked him for ride home. we found out at trial his intent was to murder josh for his truck. he brutally beat him, crushed his face and voice box. beat him in the head with closet rod four times until it broke. strangled him over and over again. tortured him. tied him up like an animal, dropped him in a field and set him on fire. liz: words can't express your loss. thank you for sharing your story. really appreciate your time with us. thank you. both candidates announcing their invited guests ahead of tonight's debate. fox business coverage starting in matter of moments. donald trump inviting president obama's half-brother and trump supporter malik obama. mother who lost her son in benghazi patricia smith will be there. he invited the las vegas icon, wayne newton.
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he is here to talk about it next ♪ t supposed to mean?
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and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart. don't let that go to your head, gary. what's in your wallet? liz: we're hours away from tonight's third and final presidential debate. one. people invited by donald trump joins me now. with me, legendary performer, superstar great wayne newton. mr. newton, thanks for joining us. you've been a friend of donald trump for years so why do you endorse him? >> well i have been a friend of donald trump's for about 30 years and i endorse him because i really don't know of a person that loves america and americans as much as this man does. i have seen him in, practically every kind of situation imaginable and i have never seen any of the stuff that they are blaming him about now.
5:44 pm
he is an incredible businessman. he is an incredible negotiator. he is an incredible, caring human being. and if we ever needed those qualities in the white house, it is now. liz: you said you never seen donald trump be disrespectful to women, we have i think 10 women stepping forward making accusations against him? >> what do you make of that? >> what i make of that, anybody in the public eye and i've been public to a little -- subject to a little of that being in the public eye. there are going to be those people. i'm not discrediting what they say or say they're lying or anything like that, but i do know those of us in the public eye are sitting ducks for people that want to take advantage or maybe get ten minutes of fame. liz: what are issues most important to you tonight? what will you be watching for? >> i can tell you that the
5:45 pm
issues about america have to take precedence. the supreme court, housing, the jobs, america, we have to get back to what is important. and that is the american people. and, the sooner that candidates can do that, i believe that we will see a marked difference in, in the outcome of this election. liz: what do you think about the democrats planting protesters to incite chaos and anarchy at trump rallies? i'm referring to the james o'keefe basically videos with people on camera talking about that? what do you make of that? >> well i think it is terrible. number one, i think, pardon me, i believe that we as americans are adults, and we're going to vote, okay. and also, we don't have to demonize the other side.
5:46 pm
we don't have to get into that kind of problem in order to cause somebody to maybe not vote for that candidate. there is enough real issues out there, as dr. carson said, that train is going down the track and it could run oaf -- off. it could run off into a canyon. that is where we are. if we ever need ad donald trump, a man who could negotiate with foreign powers and bring things back home to america, in terms of those things that will truly benefit americans, it is now. liz: so we're hearing -- please correct me, mr. newton, thanks for joining us, we're hearing mr. trump may want to invite you to sing at his inauguration, is that true? >> well he had said that on stage one time. i'm not going to hold him too -- to it.
5:47 pm
if he becomes president he will be the president for all people and whoever becomes president will be president for all people. whether or not i sing at the inauguration, depends frankly whether mr. trump will be elected because i don't really anticipate a invitation from the other side. liz: wayne newton, thank you very much for your time. really appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. liz: ahead of tonight's debate, undercover video exposing democrats, basically planning to incite chaos like this at trump rallies. we'll see knit the video. my next guest was at a trump rally where a man tried to take a gun from a cop. that happened in las vegas back in june. former life-styles of the rich and famous host robin leach, he is questioning whether that guy was one of them. don't go away. >> we know the trump people. they will [bleep] out and security team will freak outand his supporters will [bleep]
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
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go long™. ♪ [shouting] [booing] liz: that man was accused of trying to take a gun from a cop at a trump rally. it was alleged assassination attempt. he was thought to be having issues, you know at the time my next guest witnessed the incident. ahead of tonight's debate undercover video exposing democrats plotting violence at trump rallies. let's take a listen to this. >> if you're there and protesting and you do these actions you will be attacked. >> oh, that is part of the process? getting reaction? >> the whole point of it, we know the trump people will take [bleep] out. security team will freak out and his supporters will [bleep]
5:52 pm
liz: with me now, former life-styles of the rich and famous, he is legendary robin leach. mr. leech, thanks so much for joining us. you seen this violence first-hand? tell us what happened. what did you see? >> well we saw the, rather emotionally, mentally troubled british refugee trying to wrestle the las vegas metro police department officer to the ground, to grab his gun. grabbed it and of course in the speed and efficiency of the las vegas police who are used to handling absolutely everything, there was a lady cop and male cop who immediately jumped the allege assailant and had him pinned with his arms behind his back, literally within 10 seconds of him trying to steal the gun. i don't think that that particular incident, that happened in the theater at the treasure island hotel was instay
5:53 pm
gated by the undercover, dark side democratic operatives who are a disgrace to humanity. i don't think they had anything at was like, way beyond the pale but, what has been exposed in the last 24 hours of the dirty tricks of dark side democratic operatives is absolutely disgusting. as if the, death by 1000 knives of "the new york times" and "washington post" and the nbc television network on donald trump isn't bad enough, you've got really orchestrated, beyond chicago dirty politics tricks, going against donald trump. this is not the way that elections should be in the country that is called freedom, america. liz: robin leach, let's get to the next topic, i would like your thoughts on this we have british-american actress sienna miller, adding to laundry list of celebrities threatening to the leave the united states in
5:54 pm
donald trump wins election. >> good, good. liz: reverend al sharpton, whoopi goldberg just to name a few. what do you say to that, rob bip? >> let them go. i mean i will chip in the ticket, to send them out of the country. this is so hypocritical. america is the greatest nation on the earth. and you have a man who is trying to make america great again after eight depressing years, with an administration that included hillary clinton doing nothing pour all of it. if these people want to leave, let them go. they will go to a place many, many times worse than the united states of america. let them go. liz: so you don't think any of them would leave if donald trump was elected? >> no. they say it now. because it sound like kitschy television sound bites but, whatever happens after the election, they will still be here making millions of dollars that they do in supporting stupid liberal causes. >> what are you expecting to see
5:55 pm
at tonight's debate? >> fireworks. i will be very disappointed if there aren't fireworks. i hope that mr. trump shows his true side, which is presidential side. i hope he speaks knowledgably about the economic state of this country and, that, he is the only person that can rescue it from the doldrums and put everybody back to work. i find it interesting, you know, that hillary clinton, who is going to speak on the economy, and job creation, is a person who hasn't created one job in her life except given money to people at the expense of taxpayers to those who won't work for a living. that is not creating jobs, is it? liz: robin, what are your thoughts about the donald trump you know? >> look, i have known donald for 30 odd years and he is, he is a bright, intelligent, fully capable man running this
5:56 pm
country. he is not the gentleman that has been portrayed in the billy bush tape fiasco. liz: okay. >> i have had experiences with him. he has never ever, never ever been improper in any way. liz: robin leach, thank you very much for your time, sir. really appreciate it. >> appreciate it. liz: take a look what oil prices did. jumped as much as 3%. u.s. crude hitting 15-month high after government reported surprisingly large drop in domestic inventories for the sixth week out of seven. brent crude settling at 52 bucks, hitting basically $53 during the day. look at national gas prices. hovering around $2.24 a gallon, on par from a year ago. looking to be momentous night. sticks with us. fox business coverage of debates is about to kick off. we'll tell you what is in store. so what else is new? how's your mother? umm..she's doing good.
5:57 pm
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liz: hours away from an historic debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. we have the pre-game coverage starting next. take it away, maria bartiromo. >> announcer: usual watching special coverage of election 2016 with maria bartiromo. [♪] maria: welcome to fox business network special coverage of the third and final presidential debate live in las vegas. chris wallace moderates tonight's faceoff. the topics will be debt, entitlements, fitness to be president, the economy and


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