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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 24, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: i know have you a class lawsuit, i hope people search about that, i hope none of our men and women give that money back, i hope that everyone fights back, they put their lives on the lines for american, i salute you for your service. >> thank you, charles. lou: 15 days, until the election, more clinton cartel corruption still uncovered, critics calling for fbi to explain itself. after "wall street journal" reported that a top clinton ally, virginia governor terry mccauliffe gave a half million in campaign contribution to the wife of an fbi official, not just any andrew mccabe was assigned to investigation of clinton e-mail scandal. he has since been promoted,
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now one of the leaders that reports to comey. they began donating huge sums of money. back in july of 2015. a spokesman for trump campaign, jason miller saed blasting the revelations, saying, the fact that this was allowed to occur, shows either out right negligent behavior by the fbi or a level of corruption that is beyond belief. >> the man who was investigate her from the fbi, his wife runs for office, they give her more than $675,000 to run, that just came out, they just figured it out. it is absolutely disgraceful.
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it is absolutely terrible. it is unbelievable how hillary clinton got away with the e-mail lie, the e-mail scam, the e-mail corruption, but now, at least we have a pretty good idea. >> trump will be holding a rally, this hour. in tampa, florida, we'll bring it to you when trump takes the stage. among my guests tonight, former reagan white house political director ed rollins, and michael goodwin, also first congressman to endorse donald trump congressman chris collins, former justice deputy official christian adams, the president of public interest legal foundation the group that file a complaining with federal election commission following release of under cover videos by conservative
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activist james o'keefe. with -- colluding to incite violent at the trump rallies. we'll have that video for you, coming up here this hour. our top story. 17th tranche of wikileak e-mails today released they focus on pay to play concerns. top clinton advisor cheryl mills, acknowledging that family foundation, needed to clean up glaring complex of interest in the overlapping nonprofit and for profit rolls of former president bill clinton. mills writing in december of 2011. currently the president, personally compensates person employees to preform duties that fallout side of the scope that perform the entity's
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mission. while also providing support for foundation activity. for which their services are billed to the foundation. it turning out, that former president was collecting a salary of $3.5 million a year from doug ban's global consulting firm, band also a clinton foundation advisor, and admitting in an e-mail that clinton had quote, 500 different conflicts of interest. also paid hillary clinton, aide huma abedin while she was working with clinton at u.s. state department, clinton campaign chairman, john podesta continues to blast the russians for the wikileaks release of his private emails, but it is podesta, not trump, who has interesting ties to russia. podesta joined the board of an energy start up back by
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russian government from 2011, until 2014. when he was serving as counselor to the president. president obama. joining us tonight, former reagan white house political director. great america pack tragedy straggist edrollins, and michael goodwin, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's start michael, this is a rupture in the fan rick that -- fabric that had been concealing much of the clinton corruption this is serious business. >> fbi case for example with terry mccoughive, governor -- mccauliffe governor of virginia he was being investigated by the fbi at very time he was giving $500,000 to the super pac and $200,000 from state democratic party he controlled. lou: the investigation into
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mccauliffe and campaign contribution in particular a chinese contributor who is a foreign national that started on may 23, of this year. and within two months of that, he was embroiled, if i may use that expect, supporting dr. jill mccabe, wife of the fbi official. >> money that he funneled to her was roughly one-third of all money she raised in that race. mccauliffe is very close to the clintons, he has provided mortgages to them to their house, many would call him their bag man on a number of issues. but the fbi to be so compromised even just the appearance, fbi fire arrogance could let it not take action. lou: you say arrogance, i am saying a different word, i believe out right, once, maybe
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an accident, twice is coincidence this is a culture of corruption at the top of the fbi,, make no mistake about it any official who would tolerate this conduct and these connects has sold out. >> particularly on issues of investigating public officials. you have to be pure as ceasar's wife if you are investigating. lou: that used to be the case. ceasar's wife has run of the place now. >> given they turned out this reinforced there was never's serious efforts in the first place. >> terry has been there, as you said, campaign chairman, their money guy. from day one. raised all their money. he put the mortgage down on their house. lou: he did. >> the thing that amazes me, spending a lot of my life in
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politics and government is lack of judgment on the parts of the official of fbi, he is now the number two guy. he was number 1 guy, he oversaw all of the fbi operations. >> oversight? this audience, as you know, you pea speak to them almost every night, they demand straight talk. let's talk about straight talk. >> this gentleman had responsibility for every fbi activity in washington d.c. area, which is a big job, now he has opinion promoted up. he is number two to comey. lou: there is another way to look at that. mccauliffe supported his wife's political ambitions, next thing you know he moves up to number two position, are you kidding me? this is corruption that is working two ways,
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simultaneously it is not pretty. >> he could be a logical successor to comey under a clinton administration. lou: i would think in a would be eager. >> comey said a few nasty things again hillary, he did not indict her, but he has to go. >> bad judgment all the way around. lou: your come on fact that poll latest cnn, has points between donald trump and hillary clinto clinton. this is starting to look very interesting, perhaps national liberal media has been a little bit premature in determining that the race is over. >> the race is not over until the voters get to vote, that is still two weeks from now, if the election were tomorrow she would win that is still
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two more weeks, a lot can happen, she has a lot of advantages, with money, organization, what have you. but i still think he can't put him away. she had opportunities -- lou: don't sound like you are lamenting. >> i'm trying to be an analyst. i am trying to help him, and you know my sense is that a much closer race than people think. lou: it is becoming closer than. a lot of tea people talking double digits, think about news organization involved abc news, washington post for try crying out loud. >> you know, i had a thought today, i think that donald trump is missing something, he mentioned wikileak thing, he a tweet or his rally, it almost overwhelming now, how much amazing information is coming out of there, i think his campaign needs to do a better job of gathering --
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>> reading it. >> but having a wikileak of the day thing, they can't trust mainstream media that cover these, they need their own newsroom to cover this stuff. >> we're having a look inside of a campaign, and a unbelievable look inside of a culture of corruption. no one can say, now, that simply a political charge to talk about the clinton cartel's corruption, this is real, it is playing out in wikileaks' almost in real-time. >> you need to take your message, you can't make 500 of them or a thousand of them, take -- >> whole show, giving, if we may donald trump advice. >> i'm trying to do it, i can only do it here. lou: take your best shot. >> be 1 si consistent in your
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message next two weeks, hammer him on thi her on this issue. corruption is a big thing, people' change. lou: has been talking about a rigged system, and it is unfolding in everyone's face. >> drain the swamp. lou: even national liberal media is beginning to pick up, kudos to "wall street journal," for that piece of reporting, good on you. >> good on you ed, thank you. >> thank you. >> michael thank you. >> thank you. lou: good on you too. much more ahead, we're awaiting a trump rally, in tampa, florida, we're welcoming right back, no matter whether he shows up at that podium or not on time, we'll be back and joining him when he does. stay with us, a lot to cover here tonight. trump said phony poll numbers will not slowdown his campaign's momentum. >> polls that mean something
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have been accurate, we're leading by two. >> watch the polls, part of the crooked system. lou: congressman chris collins is joining me next to talk about trump's battle against the krupp obama administration and clinton cartel. >> later the man exposing widespread voter fraud is joining me, we're coming right back stay with us.
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lou: this scam pain is heating up, particularly since hillary clinton said it is over, she is working harder than she has. i am thinking it is not over. what do you think? donald trump on the campaign trail, saying that poll are rigged. there is new evidence today, that he is right, e-mail released by wikileaks, exposing a democratic playbook by which they organize their rigging of polls by over sampling certain demographics, one say, i also' to get your atlas vote to recommend over samples for our polling before we start in february so we can maximize what he get out our media polling. e-mail including guide with a poll rigging recommendations,
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how to book. suggesting over sample hispanics. use spanish language interviewing, over sample native american population. are you kidding me? donald trump talked about the very issue today. >> i actually think we're winning, they show these phony polls, they look at democrats, it is heavily weighted with democrats, then they put on a poll, where we're not winning, and everyone says they are not winning, it a heavily weighted poll with democrats like abc phony poll that just came out. lou: joining us, congressman chris collins, first member of congress to endorse donald trump, co-chair of campaign house leadership committee, great to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: i love this, these phony polls phony operators and clinton campaign, and their
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how-to book on over sampling. that is pretty unsophisticated, advice if you will or strategy. your reaction? >> you know, polls, really don't matter, what hat matters is -- >> a heck of a wind up there for you to tell me it does not matter. >> we need to remember brexit and vote one way that went another way. i will be a contrarian. i am not complaining about the phony poll, trump supporters are going to vote, make sure that hillary is not in office, they are voting, but i think there are some democrats who they don't like hillary, they just don't like donald a little bit more, if they think she is winning, they are not going to vote, this is a bad move on their part. the democrat turn out may be less, trump's turn out will be through the roof regardless. this may be a bad move by
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those people trying to set the stage for a big you know, big win by hillary clinton. that may be a bad move on their part. lou: if it -- if it does not suppress the trump turn out. >> it won't. lou: the suppress democratic hillary clinton stuff. the left wing media. i love this. trying to declare a victory, of the latest polls show, tracking polls, a dead heat. and new cnn orc poll, we're, you know we're talking about five points there. >> you know it comes down, we know the 6 battle ground states, ohio, north carolina, florida, nevada, iowa and new hampshire, perhaps pennsylvania. there are a couple of roads to victory, i think i indicated before, i am looking forward
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to going back to dc, november 14. and the look of shock on my democrat members' faces, my friends, and what was a smug look not long ago when we have senate, the house, the white house, we start to imminent donald trump's 100 day agenda rn ethics reform, and tax reform, in first 100 days, they are not going to do what to do with themselves. >> give speaker ryan's big hug and a kiss for me, will you? >> i sure will, lou. lou: i appreciate it. turn to wikileaks, "wall street journal" reporting today, going to this issue of terry mccauliffe of virginia. what he has pulled off with wife of number 2 official at fbi, can the investigation, in to clinton e-mail scandal. his own promotion.
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terry mccauliffe selecting his wife, back in februarying, when we learned of clinton scandal to be, to run for virginia senate. what -- what is your reaction to that level of cronyism and corruption? my god. >> i have been quoted as saying hillary clinton is a despicable human being, i stand by, that i would say, hillary's actions make president nixon look like a choir boy. we need to put this in context, she is the most corrupt person to ever hold office, run for office, and you know, i think, we have two weeks for american public, to register with them, this is a woman who cannot be honest on any subject. in this -- and is corrupt to the core. lou: what does that make james
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comey, director of fbi and their top echelon who permitted this kind of conflict of interest in this kind of play to -- pay to play. >> what does it say about president obama? he had one. lou: i got to go, what does it say about fbi? >> well, confirms that one after another, of president obama's, pointies are not -- appointees are not fit to hold office, appearance should be cause for removal of the top, one or two echelon they all knew what was going on, no one was raising their hand, it takes wikileaks ts tos to exposure fbi, this is something, that if you sawa tv you would say that is fix, but no, that is real. lou: thank you so much, good to have you with us. >> always good to be with you. lou: slo vote in our poll,
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question, do you think we'll ever uncover full extent of the clinton cartel's corruption? we'd like too hear from you, cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and like me on facebook and instagram. >> on wall street stocks rising after a wave of corporal deals -- corporate deals. volume on the big board 3.3 million shares, shares of time warren and at&t, falling after announcing their 85 billion merger. wall street not only one skeptical of merger. donald trump the first to say no to this deal. >> at&t is buying time warner, and thus cnn, a tea deal we will not approve in my
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administration, it is too much concentration of power in the hands of too few. lou: market reacting to all that. both stocks declining on the day. a merger in on-line brokerage business well received td ameritrade buying scott trade. consumers will be down to just one insurer. amazing. >> listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, clinton crony, terry mccauliffe at center of a new corruption scandal, how big it the web of corruption cover-ups? you will not believe what i'm
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lou: a few thoughts on national liberal media ignoring clinton cartel vast web of corruption in washington, d.c. we learn that top clinton ally, governor mccauliffe gave over 400,000 in campaign contribution to the wife of an fbi official who was among those who began leading investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. mccauliffe met with dr. jill mccabe. to encourage her to run for virginia state senate. the same month that the clinton e-mail scandal emerged. purely coincidence i am sure.
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mccauliffe authored infamous lincoln bedroom memo in 1995. a straight trade offering with us on house access to top donors. a quid puert quid pro -- that raised a lot of money. he launched an electric car company, before he was elected governor, that company was granted special access in securing visas byes federal government. and he received help from a firm run by tony rodham, hillary's brother to obtain foreign investors and visas, governor himself the subject of an fbi investigation, over campaign contributions, from a chinese be man.
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how about that, he gave $120,000 to mccauliffe a 2013 campaign, and he did not forget about the clinton foundation, two million to the founfoundation, 120 clinton foundation donors contributing more than 13 million dollars to governor mccauliffe a campaign, there is the clinton foundation again. purely coincident. a couldage, an acknowledge. and now he is now number two man at fbi reporting to james comey, purely coincidence. again. >> now our quote of the evening. >> ian fleming said, once is happen stance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action. incoming. we're coming right back. >> trump said we had enough of
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the rigged political system. the establishment and the clinton cartel. >> the fact that the washington establishment. has tried so hard to stop our campaign, is only more proof, that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime. lou: trump is battling clinton cartel, left wing media now vote or fraud, christian adams, who has been exposes vettevoter fraud janing me next. this thrillseeker suiting up for an amazing record-breaking video right after these messages, stay with us, we're coming right back. or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions?
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lou: we've got more on project veritas videos on clinton cartel corruption. and democratic party, we also will talk with christine adams about voter fraud, but first donald trump campaigning in florida according to -- well anyway, to latest poll, clinton has a five point lead nationally, 4. lead, in state of florida. let's go to him at the mid florida credit union in tampa. >> inner-cities, to african-american and hispanic communities. they failed them. they betrayed them.
7:38 pm
and they have abused them, he has abused the african-american community. she has abused the hispanic community. terrible. they want the vote, they get the vote, they do nothing, they say, see you in 4 years. just like when she ran for senate in new york, she said she was going to bring back jobs to upstate new york. we lost jobs, it is a disaster area. a disa disaster area, it is sad, she lied issue she lies more than any other human being, they deliver only more crime, property and joblessness, murders, just experienced their largest single year increase in the united states, in the last 45 years. mermore murders, than we've had in 45 years.
7:39 pm
lou: all of this that donald trump is talking about in tampa, joining us christian adams former u.s. department of justice attorney, served under both presidents bush and obama. let's go first to this explosion in violent crime in this country. how much of it do you atribute to a president who is antilaw enforcement? and who is supporting outrageous, ought yo outrageous organization like black lives matter. >> there is no question, they have been doing all they can to throttle policing, to get in the way of good police practices to advance a racial agenda, stopping people from doing their job, demonizing police officers, what do you expect after a while? crime goes up. lou: a different crime. that is voter fraud.
7:40 pm
break dune in th -- down in the system, pew research up to 24 million voter registrations, no longer valid or significantly inaccuracies. you have reported widespread voter fraud, in virginia and in pennsylvania. we're getting accounts from all over the country, what happens to fools who have beendt registration problems, when we see justice deputy put 30 million dollars behind a re registration drive, without careful vetting of whether or not they are naturalized or immigrants? >> lou, i was with justice department, in voting section, right after the obama inauguration, this administration shut down enforcement of provision of motor voter, require state to keep clean vote or rolls, it was in your face announced in
7:41 pm
front of the staff, now look. millions of people on the rolls, dead people on the rolls, who should not be. and you know left said, well, they don't vote, they do vote. we have case after case of bad registrations, turning in to votes. wendy rosen ran for congress, she was a democrat nominee in maryland, because she was registered in maryland and florida, she voted twice for president in 2012. nothing happened to her from the united states department of justice. even though it is a federal felony because she is a democrat. lou: i was going to say, i think i'm supposed to say, i'm shocked. more than 14% according to work washington post of noncitizens are registered to vote, in 2008, and 2010 samples, god only knows what is right now. how successful will be trump's cry out for thousands of poll
7:42 pm
watchers, observers, to make sure that this best they can, that is election is straight up? >> i'm not optimistic, because elections integrity is a january-february issue, a 365 day a year issue, watching the election is important but it is a tiny thing, most of those people don't know what to look for. if you have millions of ineligible voters. lou: then why has not republican parties, republican national committee taken steps to do this. >> a lot of reasons, in is -- >> all we have time for. >> there is an urban myth that rnc is restrained, because of a consents decree, which is this big that is a election day operation of a limited nature, there are all sorts of things that cannot be done they don't know how to play in that battle feel like the democrats do. lou: are they going to have a
7:43 pm
ground game. >> i'm going to tell you we'll have a problem. lou: thank you i appreciate it. >> all right, lou. >> appreciate it. >> roll video watch as russian dare devil, this one climbs over 25,000 feet to break a record, for the highest base jump ever. woe. that takes guts. to just think about it, he leaps from mount in china, 6th highest peak in all world, he spent thee years prepare -- 3 years preparing for this jump. my gosh. what a perk ta spectacular mountain, up next, pentagon says that iraqi forces have encountered what they describe heavy resistants on outskirts of mosul. that is right. islamic state is fighting back. we'll assesses fight with former pentagon official
7:44 pm
kt mcfarland, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> ieds, mines, booby trap. lou how do you feel when you hear people say it's okay as long as we don't have ground troops in this but the fact is we have special forces in this. sydney recall that 10,000 we have 5000. what makes me mad is if we are going to be there let's win. if you're going to be involved in the united states involved in the middle of all these different fighting groups be there with the purpose and have an idea for what happens next.
7:50 pm
lou: if you diagram the sentence is it's very simple. there's a subject, predicate and an object and we don't seem to have military leaders who understand the conference straightforward consisting to moves. >> and what is the objective, what is the goal and what is the goal of the doing it? ethologist the fog of war. lou: the fog of war or is it? it's got to do something with an election in two weeks. >> absolutely. let's make it look like we are doing something. lou: well, god bless our troops and god save them. from this. katie thank you very much appreciated. donald trump says hillary clinton's corruption knows no bounds. >> hillary clinton's -- oval office up for sale for what
7:51 pm
every country offers the highest price. that's what she does. lou: trump surrogate jeff dewitt and republican strategist wade carter join me next. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ look out honey... the highly advanced audi a4. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies... ♪ in this's record is very clear. when it comes to getting a domain name, or building an awesome website, there is no other candidate that's more affordable, or worthy of your hard earned trust. so c'mon america,
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lou: in our on line poll we asked last friday, do you trust the obama justice department and intelligence agencies to investigate honestly clinton
7:55 pm
corruption wikileaks documents? only 97% of you said no. folks if you're listening at the fbi who happened to be on the executive floor, give us a ring. find some honor, please. hillary clinton caught in a thickening web of lies two weeks ahead of election day. pa director comey exposing six of the major lies clinton told the american public regarding her personal e-mail server that she didn't send or receive any e-mails that were classified at the time that her attorneys quote went through every single e-mail that she turned over all of her work related e-mails, that she wanted to use a personal e-mail account for convenience and simplicity. the domain was permitted by law, regulation and the state department, that there were numerous safeguards against security breaches and no evidence of hacking all of which
7:56 pm
were straightforward lies just to refresh your memory as we look at more allegations and evidence of corruption for joining the political conditions expert partners lee carter treasure and a head of the trump campaign arizona jeffrey d way. thank you both for being here. we are now looking at an extraordinary level of crime. we have known what was going on with this cartel but we are talking about evidence. we are talking about the proof in front of the american people and we are looking at polls that say the most recent "cnn" rnc poll of five-point jim -- differential for clinton. >> there's a certain level of fatigue is going on with the e-mails the one thing -- lou deeming fatigue with the truth? >> is hard to decipher what's going on because we on because we are hearing dribs and drabs. one thing that donald trump's been so good isn't the entire process is pinpointing that thing that sticks in the calder
7:57 pm
crooked hillary clinton but we need to have are the wikileaks and something that he can hammer home over and over. lou: is a suggest of the trump campaign the trump campaign created some new sparrow and go just for wikileaks. i don't think it's a bad idea. >> i don't either. >> there's enough material to keep us in it for years is the problem. the level of corruption we are seeing is astonishing in to see it now we all wondered when james comey got up there and basic weight let hillary clinton off the hook for the things that get anywhere the rest of us thrown in jail and you see this now. the half a million dollars given by one of top clinton people out there longtime trend. lou: governor mccaul at. >> his wife's campaign basically as much money as her opponent raised to see that the ties and the money is why we call washington --
7:58 pm
lou: governor mccaul is actually selected her and talk her into it. >> there's just no stop to the corruption we are seeing over and over again. lou: the clinton campaign just on the evidence that's been presented by wikileaks it seems to me should be absolutely either under indictment or dismissed by the american people are right. >> you know i honestly think that you're so much information out there and so many levels to it that i think what has to happen is we need to make it simple for people and the to understand. we are talking about thousands of pages coming out.lou: again n exposed as saying the candidate wanted people to be quote unquote unaware and compliant. first americans gave up reading and now they have given up apparently listening and looking as well. how do you overcome this? >> there's just so much information i.
7:59 pm
i think you have to make it bite sized simple and repeatable. lou: how about educating these people and getting them involved in civics? >> what the american people expect his fairness of the system and what we are seeing now is we need to investigate our investigators which is exactly where we don't want to be. if you go back to the nixon days republicans had to get on board to make that happen. democrats are not getting on board to hold hillary accountable because they are all part of the system. lou: they are enmeshed in the culture of corruption that has been driven by this administration and the clinton cartel. lee carter thanks for being with us and jeffrey do it thank you. by the way are you guys going to win in arizona? has crazy polling out there. that's it rest in ip thank you for joining us. trump surrogate steve cortés among our guest here tomorrow night. much more. i know that you are breathless with anticipation. we will see tomorrow evening.
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thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: clinton ally virginia governor terry mcauliffe on the hot seat for giving a huge campaign donations to the wife of the fbi official who investigated hillary server scandal. the panel and judge napolitano weigh in but are gary johnson's poll numbers artificially low? the libertarian nominee has a lot more support than folks seem to suggest. alex winter is here to talk about on line -- in an age of wikileaks. hypocrisy i'm falling over but that's okay. hypocrisy and political relativism are the fruits of this election. what


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