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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the market will close lower. dow is down 53 points ahead of apple's earnings. [closing bell rings] let me hand it to david asman and melissa francis for a jam-packed "after the bell." gang? david: stocks fading into the close. dow, s&p, and nasdaq all ending the day in the red. hello, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. we have you covered on all the big market movers but here is what else we have for you coming up this hour. apple on deck, the tech giant reporting results within the hour. can strong iphone sales prevent ple's first full-year revenue drop since 2001? we're going to bring you the numbers you need to know right when they come out. donald trump campaigning in front of a huge crowd in florida, now as new details from early voting shows, all this focus on sunshine state could be paying off for him. an october surprise coming from the white house, confirming what many have been warning all along
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and keeps happening. get ready to shell out a lot more for your obamacare. turns out it was a lie, david. david: just in time for the election we find this out. back to the markets. dow ending the day down about 50 points. home depot, 3m, caterpillar among biggest drags. trader scott shellady watching oil and gold from thlori rothmaf new york stock exchange. lori, apple, big day for apple. how are they trading ahead of the big report? reporter: david, one story after the bell afternoon and evening here, apple, what will it say about the iphone 7 sales? did it benefit from samsung disaster. shares are up about 1 1/2 of 1% over the last three months or so. shares are up about 22%. have a look at some other movers today. twitter shares down considerably after, expected, let me be clear, twitter expected to announce 300 layoffs that would be about 8% of its workforce. that will happen according to
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bloomberg ahead of its earnings report scheduled for thursday. shares off struggling off 4.25%. under armour reporting another disappointed quarter. slowing sales growth worst in six years. wall street punished the stock down 13% or five buck as share. under armour among other factors blaming bankruptcy of sports authority. sport authority was one of under armour's largest -- let me send back to you. largest customers. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you. scott, oil falling back underneath $50 a barrel. what is dragging on the barrel of oil today? >> number one thing obviously will be, we've seen more chatter. obviously russia and iraq involved about the opec deal falling apart. that started us off on a bad note. i can't say enough, we're flirting eight-week highs with this dollar. that will be another big driver. caterpillar and 3m coming out with outlook, economy still
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doesn't look that good. consumer confidence was not very good either. we're all seeing big contracts get back to these bigger levels. $50 in oil. a buck 75 in the 10-year, watch these things wind up waiting to see what happens after the election. melissa: scott, thank you for that. david: apple fourth quarter earnings are out this hour. one bright spot in the markets continues to be american technology as investors pile into microsoft, facebook and alphabet, one time google, all hitting lifetime highs earlier today before the market selloff. here to react jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund and fox news contributor, dan henninger of "the wall street journal." jonathan, has he can become a safe place to park your money? >> david, indeed, old saying that you never got fired for buying ibm. these big cap tech stocks are really they're the ibms of today. microsoft, facebook, the google, amazon, all either at or near all-time highs. you know, these companies are historically not overvalued. there is no speculative mania.
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they are the dominant companies truly driving the modern-day economist. no wonder are although the stock market seems in neutral these days, large cap stocks, the biggest are leading the way up. david: dan, i remember the crash of 2000 of the, the dot-com crash, you remember it as well. even those things are totally different these days, still apple is facing its biggest one-year drop in sales since the big dot-com crash. are we going there again or is there a possibility of that? >> i don't know whether we're going there again, david, you and jonathan raised interesting point about the presence of these stocks. alphabet, microsoft, facebook, second, third, fifth most highly capitalized stocks and hedge funds loaded up on the tech stocks. we know if you can monetize the digital economy you can get very big d the question is, does diverse anycation matter anymore? simply does it become a matter of holding these huge stocks like this?
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that has always been a recipe for nervousness in the market if you're holding a small portfolio. nobody can stay away from these big, huge, technology companies. melissa: donald trump talking about obamacare moments ago saying he will get rid of the law when he steps into office. listen. >> they said they had never seen polling booths so active in florida. i feel tremendously confident that we're going to win florida. melissa: fox business's peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest on this one. peter? reporter: melissa, health insurers are raising premiums on average 25% for the most popular benchmark plan for obamacare in 2017 according to new government estimates, more than triple the rate hikes last year. department of health and human services says insurers are raising premiums on 11 million customers in 38 states with obamacare marketplaces to bring revenues in line with costs. translation, more insurers are dropping out.
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more people who are sicker are signing up. number of younger, healthier people to subsidize them are not. one state, arizona, premiums are more than doubling to about $400 a month for the benchmark silver plan. oklahoma, monthly premiums are jumping 69%. illinois up 43%. north carolina up 40%. increases are only single digits in just six states but one state, indiana is down 3% to, 229 a month. the administration premiums are still lower than what they would have been without obamacare. they said most obamacare marketplace customers won't have to pay much more out-of-pocket, their government subsidies, their tax credits will increase to cover much of extra costs. back in march the congressional budget office projected those subsidies would amount to $56 billion in 2017. those are paid by the government, by the taxpayers. with the announcement of 25%
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higher premiums, that means subsidies will rise by billions more. mandatory government spending will be likely being at thatted on to the budget deficit. melissa. melissa: peter, if i could add to that you have to be making under 4thousand dollars a year -- $47,000 a year to get subsidy. seven and eight million people will not qualify at first glance. if you're out there thinking this will not impact you, guess, it is. peter, thank you very much. >> you bet. melissa: turn to my panel, jonathan and dan are back with us. jonathan, let me start with you. i'm looking at plans in new york, one of the most popular plans, up 80%. new mexico 93%. these were all increases approved by president obama, who i went back and watched video again today, he said over and over again your family's premiums will drop $2500 per year, year after year, by that logic it would be free in no time. what a lie.
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>> everything they promised about obamacare turned out to be a lie. forget you can keep your doctors. literally everything, especially as you said the cost savings. this was pitched because the evil insurance companies were cleaning up blind. as you said even here in illinois we're seeing premiums go up 40 and 50%. that is nature of government-controlled marketplace. it has to fail, melissa and we're literally seeing obamacare fall apart in front of our eyes. melissa: absolutely. dan, i talk to so many people they go in, buy the plan, middle of some sort of treatment, gets canceled every single year and have to start over. even with huge increases approved by the president in one in five markets, you have only one choice which is not a choice. you have one option because the health care providers still, even with these increases are not making money because only sick people are signing up. how does this happen? >> well it happens because the basic liberal idea if you turned over a big program to a bureaucratic elite they would run it for you is collapsing
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before our eyes. this is nightmare and fiasco. trump is right to bring it up because someone has to be held politically accountable for this meltdown. the john said, forget about it you can keep your doctor. hey, there are people walking around out there desperate to find any doctor because they have been canceled from these plans. melissa: right. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been canceled. they have a sign up period next tuesday, will extend into next year. if you can not find a plan the government, uncle sam will assign you to a plan. melissa: oh, gosh. >> this is kind of meltdown we have stumbled into with this fiasco called obamacare. melissa: it is so true. jonathan, i talked to people who were excited, i have insurance for the first time. i didn't have it before. this is so wonderful. you were like, okay, at least it worked out for them. now those same people say, i bought this plan. i'm paying every month but no one will take it. no doctor i have ever been to in the past will accept this plan. so i'm paying for insurance that you can't use anywhere. >> sure.
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that was the whole differential. difference between health care and insurance. what is the value of paying now more, melissa, for insurance where you can't actually get health care services that you want and need. melissa: right. >> irony, this is so terribly mismanaged. it's a product essentially monopoly. the government is forcing us all to buy it. it is still falling apart. this is precursor to single-payer on its way that obama wanted from the get-go. melissa: that is the worst part. all of this was predictable. you just needed to be able to do math and the whole thing was a big lie from the start, guys. so upsetting. david: other than that it is great. melissa: right. makes me so upset, bureaucrats can't run a marketplace. i wish it was just that simple. i wish the election was mandate on that one point. melissa: and they lie. david: how much did apple benefit from samsung's big meltdown? we'll get that and more from apple this hour. melissa: did i mention they lied? i think so. new video from project veritas
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suggesting that hillary clinton ordered supporters to dress as donald duck to harass trump supporters. how it may have broken the law. david: i don't think disney is too happy. donald trump campaigning in front of a huge crowd. all the focus on sunshine state, just may be paying off. >> they said they had never seen polling booths so active in florida. i feel tremendously confident that we're going to win florida. i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... ...and could this happen again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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david: donald trump and hillary clinton hitting campaign trail in florida as the two candidates continue multiday stretch battling for voters in the key swing state. adam shapiro standing by in
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sanford, florida, where trump is currently holding a rally. adam? reporter: hi, david. he is addressing the thousands of people who have gathered here at the airport to hear his message. he also said that the polls are not accurate. in fact take a look. cnn poll came out saying nationally shows hillary clinton leading mr. trump by about five points, 49% to 44%. mr. trump says he is leading in key states such as florida, such as iowa, such as ohio, and now he is also talking about how the media is dishonest and not delivering the accurate message of his campaign. one thing that is happening behind the scenes, both campaigns, clinton and trump, lawyering up for election day, and postelection day just in case. back to you, david. david: stay on that shot for a second, adam, i see spillover. donald trump is always daring the cameras to turn around. your shot, go back to your shot
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of adam shapiro. reporter: can you see the shot? david: that is spillover from the rally, right? >> absolutely. just to let you know, we were on air about an hour before he started speaking. we pointed out just how large this crowd is. in excess of about 4,000 people. the first thing though he said when he got up here is that fox news lied and said it was a small crowd. not sure where he caught that. but you can see for yourself, we showed this shot about an hour ago and it is huge. david: that is a good shatter. adam shapiro, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: more emails coming out but was president obama on the in? what did he really know surrounding hillary clinton's private email server? plus the devastating story keeps getting worse as vets are being forced to repay their bonuses. the fallout on that is next. >> i would like for them to stop, or at least, california should shoulder some of the blame instead of putting it all on the backs of soldiers. you can run an errand.
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david: punishing our nation's heroes, the pentagon demanding thousands of veterans pay back reenlistment bonus they received 10 years ago feeling a lot of soldiers betrayed the government. take a listen. >> they turned their backs on me. they said oh, thank you for your time all those years away from your family and separate, multiple separations but, hey, the money is more important to us. david: pete hegseth, u.s. army veteran and fox news contributor. pete, susan hailey paid a huge price. she deapplied in afghanistan and her husband did and her son lost a leg in afghanistan. pay a quarter of her salary to pay back something she was promised seems insane. >> it is insane. all the money we spend in the government. all the waste that we have,
4:21 pm
misplaced priorities we decide 10 years later to rip money back from vets who signed on the dotted line to serve our country at a time of war for three to six years on a bonus they believed was to be paid to them forever. now we decide because of accounting error or someone did something wrong at top, we'll take money away from her and others that is why i think congress should react quickly. david: they say they will look at this. this is election year. they don't want to get caught red handed in this stuff. you pointed to the fact contractors screw up all the time with pentagon contracts. remember the $43 million gas station in afghanistan? >> sure. david: this is outrage. we never found out who was contracted for that work. we know the contractors never paid back a dime. but when it comes to vets who risked their lives for our country, some of them lose their lives, they have to pay back. >> that's right. there is a lot of waste, fraud and abuse. we hear it from politicians all the time.
4:22 pm
i've been to iraq and been to afghanistan. i have seen some. contracts. people are rarely held accountable on battlefield. when we uditer on the with the troops, they're pay back, not small amount, 10, 15, $20,000, recruiter looked them in the eye, if you sign on dotted line this is yours because we ask them to do dangerous job this is an outrage. this is misplaced priorities. we can save money elsewhere than from our individuals that -- david: these are not army recruiters in uniform. they are bureaucrats. they filled a quota. it is their mistake. not mistake of the vets, let me just play one thing though. >> you're right. david: let me play something from donald trump who spoke to this point earlier. play the tape. >> the corrupt system can also force brave national guardsmen from california to return the bonuses they were promised, something that would never happen under a trump
4:23 pm
administration. [booing] dap guarranty that wouldn't happen under his watch? >> well he can't but he can guarranty immediately he would rectify it. that his priorities would be such that the war fighter will benefit no matter what. whoever did it would get fired. civil is service law protect bureaucrats in dod, va, across our government, who fail. they're never held accountable. big guys, never. bureaucrats at top, never. it rolls downhill. it is culture of corruption that prevents real accountability where it needs to happen. instead the little guy is left holding the bag. no one can promise that won't happen but you can create a culture where you side with the little guy and what they have done as opposed thed to the corrupt system which is rigged to protect those at top. david: the little guys are a lot bigger than bureaucrats in my eyes and i know in yours as well. pete, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you. melissa: shares of pandora tumbling after hours, down over
4:24 pm
7%. they missed third quarter revenue. pandora reported a loss in line with estimates and reported a loss of 200,000 active listeners during the quarter. there you go. david: they didn't lose me. i'm still listening. meanwhile apple earnings is due out. what a decline in smartphone sales could mean for the tech giant's future. we'll bring you the latest numbers when they come out. melissa: donald duck versus donald trump? new video suggested that:children personally ordered supporters to disrupt trump rallies in costume. details coming up. >> initiating the conflict by having leading conversations with people who are naturally sigh cottic. >> we have mentally ill people that we pay to do [bleep] make no mistake.
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there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road.
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but there is one car that can conquer them all, the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. david: not an overstatement. one of the most important reports in the history for the largest company in the world is due out any moment. the party may be over for apple. we could actually see the first annual drop in revenue in 15 years for the company but strong iphone sales may come to the rescue. melissa: ashley webster, gary kaltbaum, clayton morris, carley shimkus, they're all joining us with reaction to the big headlines just as soon as they
4:29 pm
come out. david, this could be a defining moment for apple. we've seen them build and grow, build and grow. here we go. david: we should mention, this is their fourth quarter. this will be the reporting for the whole year. they would actually have to have revenue $20 billion greater than what is estimate, which is virtually impossible in order to avoid loss for the year. looks like first loss since the dot-com bubble, 2001, the first year they reported a loss for the whole yearp they're still making money. just not as quickly as they made it last year. melissa: this is company that traditionally sandbags. eye time. them for a long time, earnings per share falling 16% from a year ago. revenue down 9% from a year ago. one of the most important things you look for in the forecast,
4:30 pm
the current quarter, that looks for the christmas shopping season. david: it's a big amount. we should mention despite all the problems with samsung had, apple will be able to sell more iphone 7s as a result of that, that happened, september 9th was first recall samsung had. before the phones exploded on the planes. that happened in october. but that should reflect itself maybe in some, but just a couple of weeks of the quarter. so they didn't really have a chance to capitalize on samsung's failures. david: melissa: that is one of the things gary geir kaltbaum, that is 50% in the third quarter. they give to family, ipad, iphone, hearing how they're reaping that, gearing up for that. they would have to know. all the products are in the production cycle coming to market.
4:31 pm
not as a surprise to them. david: we have earnings released. and so far the market is taking it well. we expect ad 3 1/2% jump either way, either down or up, depending what the numbers show. i believe we have ashley webster with the numbers. >> we have one number. we're trying to get through revenue, on earnings per share that side of things, coming in at 1.67. the estimate was 1.65, so a beat there. iphone unit sales up 45 1/2 million. analysts looking for 45 million. so they didn't go under on those estimates but didn't go flying past it either. we don't really know what the iphone 7 has done. we're hoping this earnings report will give us a sense as we head into all important holiday shopping season as melissa was saying, guys. melissa: absolutely. 45.5 million iphone sales, that is a beat. looking for 45, not a huge beat. david: no. melissa: beat on earnings per
4:32 pm
share. only by two cents. they like to sandbag. i don't know. obviously market feeling pretty good what they heard so far. you're seeing a little bit of a jump. david: just came down. ashley do we have revenue numbers? >> looks like 46.9. i haven't had that confirmed in my ear. right on -- melissa: lightly shy. >> a hair, not a miss by any means. but certainly, that is not going to do anything less, so. melissa: seeing price there, just to your side, we're watching the price. >> it is going higher. tim cook saying quote, we up couldn't be more happy how it has been received, talking about iphone 7. 45 1/2 million. they were only on sale for last two weeks on this quarter. hard to get a handle on that. we're looking to see chinese numbers. david: look for chinese numbers. we'll go to gary kaltbaum. what is happening during this quarter we're in right now, which will be their first
4:33 pm
quarter, for 2017 the one we're in now, is an election. we have election coming. a lot of people are going to be affected by the as a results of the election. it might affect their spending habits. the iphone 7 didn't have spectacular reports on it. so might this, this quarter that we're in, even though it is a holiday quarter be somewhat of a dud for apple? >> look, potentially. look, the most important thing as i wrote, the following quarter is going to be very important. 50% more business than the previous. but i got to tell you, apple has been a professional at beating the number handily throughout the years. i'm actually surprised that they just met estimates here. it will be interesting to see -- david: they're actually below, should mention, gary. >> not that good? david: a tick below estimates. so go ahead. >> they have been great really guiding wall street throughout the years. throughout quarters they have lowered guidance in order to beat many times. this is quite surprising.
4:34 pm
most important thing how it will react and how it will affect the suppliers as well as market. seriously is a gigantic bellwether. melissa: gary, you were talking about you want to hear what happens during the holiday shopping season. you want to see their estimates. what would be impressive to you, what are you expecting to hear on that front? >> if they don't up numbers are to the holiday, would not be very good news. we now have three quarters of down sales and down earnings in a stock market -- let me just say this if this wasn't apple the stock would be much, much lower, when you have decelerating numbers. if they have another quarter like that, especially the holiday quarter, easily the most important quarter of the year, that could be problematic. of course there is another phone coming out next year that will be really important. melissa: speaking of that, let's go back to ashley webster real quick. he has more color on the iphone. ashley. >> iphone revenue in this report down 13%.
4:35 pm
the revenue from greater china, which would include hong kong and taiwan as well, down 30%. a year ago it was up 99%. china continues to be a difficult sell for apple. they have got a lot of competition, a lot of cheaper, domestic manufacturers of smartphones. japanese revenue interestingly up 10%. but the general sense is, barely meeting, having to deal with dwindling iphone sales. no doubt about it. melissa: a problem. you wonder how much that is apple and how much is insight what is going on in the chinese economy. either way that is not good news. david: we should mention they were expecting revenue down 33%. melissa: for greater china. david: 30% is actually a little bit of a beat from what they were expecting. we should mention by the way, imac revenue is down 17%. mac sales are down. they rely more than 50% of the their sales with the iphone. iphone is clearly more important but for mac sales to be down so much is pretty
4:36 pm
significant. clayton morris is with us. you're the expert in devices. were they pegging anything on imacs? this is a big loss for imacs? >> remember, we'll see new imacs potentially two days. october 27th, apple is holding an event. these devices, very computer i'm using to talk to you right now through is a little long in the tooth. we've seen a lot of developers who have been itching to get hands on new mac pro. that is two years old. remember the cylinder that was released? a lot of developers are waiting to get their hands on new macs, macbook pros, laptops. they have been constrained on intel side with chip-sets. that will be interesting to watch going into the holiday quarter, announcement of new macks, new laptops. image, looks like came out of apple, touch-screen we could see on thirst at the event in cupertino. i'm focused on seeing watch sales in the holiday quarter as
4:37 pm
well. it was a big seller last year. now apple's revised message is really around fitness. if you saw commercial they released recently, there were 47 different shots in the commercial. 35 were focused on health. people swimming. people playing racquetball and deep breathing and yoga. will be interesting to see if they play in that pool. david: 2.5 million estimated to self iphones. if they come below that, it will hurt. melissa, stock is suffering as a result of some of these reports. melissa: absolutely. clayton, let me ask you, do you feel reboot in watches will work? this is one of the slots relatively disappointing? >> what apple does, right, they wait for other people to come out with technology and sit and hit a home run with it. they sit back to watch what people are doing in the tablet space and music player space. they came out with the ipod
4:38 pm
shortly after all the music players came out. with the watch they came out first with that they waited and saw how people were using it. this summer when they announced the new watch you saw a real refinement in the watch series. new message focused around fitness and wellness will be key. they saw feedback they got from users. they wanted to burn calories. wanted to track fitness and get simple notifications. didn't care about opening garage door so much with the iwatch. i like that kind of stuff but -- david: i want to tell you that the taxman cometh. in the case of the forecast for taxes for first quarter, taxes they are in, forecasting a 26% tax rate for the quarter we're in. they're looking to fairly high. remember the top tax rate is close to the 40%. with all of their deductions and everything they're looking to 2% rate. this may be a minor consideration when you're looking at an investor in all
4:39 pm
this but pretty important for apple. ashley you have other details. go ahead. >> i do. couple things. all important holiday season coming up for first quarter for apple. essentially now we're in that first quarter. revenue outlook is 76 to 78 billion. the estimate was 74.9. nice up tick in forecasted revenue which includes holiday season. gross margins also about 1% higher than expected. so those two pieces of information more positive certainly for apple but we're seeing the stock fall of a hours, gary, i have to ask you about the cash. people are fascinated about the cash hoard that apple has, i don't know what it is, 220 billion. we say cash, that is not right. that a lot is in bonds in minor investments, whatever. what are they actually going to do with all that cash?
4:40 pm
>> i am surprised like with time warner -- david: maybe buy disney? >> interesting. but a company not growing anymore. british tobacco buying reynolds. their sales were down 11%. only way to grow is buy somebody else. i think eventually they take the cash to buy something. i don't know what it is. quarter on sales are flat year-over-year if they come in with them. that is really no gain year-over-year in the most important quarter. by the way my biggest issue with apple as a stock when you do 50 billion in sales and have a great knockout product it could have a importance to the stock price as far as growth is concerned. this company does 220 billion in sales, it is tough to get a product that sells so much that it really changes the trajectory how much growth company has. called law of large numbers in my world. that is where you get a stagnant
4:41 pm
stock. the stock is till down from year-and-a-half, two years. melissa: clayton mentioned it as well. they are holding a big event thursday. the company is expected to unveil new products. carley shimkus from fox news 24/7, outside the apple store. what are we expecting from this one? >> hello, melissa, apple is spending time on small screen, the iphone. the company wants to change that like you said, apple will host a big event this thursday at one p.m. eastern time. the expected topic of conversation as refreshed line of mac computers with the likely star of the show being a brand new macbook pro which hasn't been updated in four years. expect to see some pretty cool things, like brand new touch-screen toolbar to replace the function keys. a new usb port that will make
4:42 pm
transferring data little easier. expect it to be faster, thinner, and come in variety of colors,try tech at that that all consumers love -- trifecta. why is the event happening now? apple looks at iphone and mac as future of the laptop. we're seeing lackluster sails. it is pretty smart strategy for apple to dust off the old laptop, add new features just in time for holiday season. not to be outdone, microsoft is also hosting an event in new york city tomorrow and likely focus of their event will be a new windows 10 update and new surface device. melissa: carley, thank you for that. good information. we love it. >> thank you. david: by the way we talked about cash, apple cash, what are they doing with it? $9.3 billion spent on dividends and share repurchases to get the stock price up but it didn't work today.
4:43 pm
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melissa: breaking news right now. apple earnings out just momenting ago. the tech giant reporting it is first decline in annual revenue since 2001. they delivered iphone sales of 45 million in the fourth quarter. that is slightly above estimates. david: the stock is till down. scrambling to quote, clean this mess up. listen. >> did you know about hillary clinton's use of private email server? >> no. >> while she was secretary of state? >> no.
4:47 pm
david: new emails from wikileaks look like they dispute president's claim. blake burman in d.c. with very latest details. reporter: hi, there, david. emails show the initial concern about the hillary clinton email setup in immediate hours and concern of those eventually part of her campaign staff. start here with march 7th, 2015. that is five days after the initial "new york times" report that details clinton's email arrangement. president obama was asked this question here by cbs's bill plante. watch? >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an email system outside of the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> the same time everybody else learned it, through news reports. reporter: that response right there appeared to make some in the clinton campaign uneasy. campaign speechwriter emailed communications director general palmieri, following quoting.
4:48 pm
jen, you probably have more on this looks like the president found out hrc was using her personal email when he saw it in the news. that email was then forwarded to other top aides including cheryl mills who responded by simply writing, quote, we need to clean this up. he has emails from her. they do not say donald trump reacted to this moments ago in rally in florida, he feels the president is caught up in a big lie. >> here's another beauty. a break news story today provides one of the most shocking revelations to date. as you may remember, president obama claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of clinton's, hillary clinton's illegal email server. i have no knowledge of it, i don't know. this guy, he is as bad as she is. reporter: david, white house press secretary josh earnest was asked about this earlier today, he maintained that the president did not know clinton was using a
4:49 pm
private server. david, back to you. david: wow, looks like they haven't cleaned it up yet. blake, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: this is no laughing matter why hillary clinton may have found herself in new legal trouble, because of that duck. david: wow.
4:50 pm
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david: breaking news. shares of apple down more than 2%, reporting third straight quarter of losses. adds up to first full year decline in 15 years. iphone revenue down 13%. we asked folks what their biggest frustrations with the new iphone were. here is the response. >> using a lot more battery. >> battery life, one of my biggest problems. >> i don't think they have been innovative enough as far as moving from one product to the next.
4:53 pm
>> constantly doing updates, and it's, sometimes it just doesn't work in general. >> i don't get reception everywhere. >> i couldn't do an android. still love my iphone. melissa: hmmm. interesting stuff. we love to hear what people are thinking. all right. clinton campaign latest controversy. democratic operative suggesting that hillary clinton personally ordered supporters to attend trump rallies dressed as that guy right there, donald duck, in costume. all right according to newly-released video from conservative group project veritas, take a listen to this. >> in the end it was the candidate, hillary clinton, that said that future president of the united states, have ducks on the ground. get ducks on the ground. melissa: hmmm. all right. here now, lisa booth, washington exam pinner contributor. -- "washington examiner." joe trippi, campaign consultant and fox news contributor.
4:54 pm
lisa, what is your take on the duck? >> the duck is funny. this kind of trolling happens in campaigns all the time. melissa: funny until they encourage to incite violence. i don't want to make light of this. >> no, no. melissa, that is exactly where i was getting to. that is not the issue. underlying issue is the fact of what that charges hillary clinton broke federal election law in coordinating with outside groups. that has also been charge with one of the first videos surfacing. , at least coordination with inciting of violence. as you know two individuals featured in the videos, were fired by democratic groups. robert creamer had been to the white house 342 times, met with the president 47 times. another guy, scott fogle, was also fired. the clinton campaign to my knowledge has not denied any wrongdoing when asked directly about the media.
4:55 pm
melissa: what about that, joe. that is the response, if they didn't do anything wrong, why blast and fire these guys? >> look, we don't even know if these, what, i don't even know what ducks on the ground means. i think -- melissa: if it didn't mean anything, they wouldn't have been summarily fired. >> no, they were, they were fired. i don't think hillary clinton had a whole lot to do with them being hired or fired. but, you know that is beside the point. melissa: why would he lie about that? not like a great idea to be proud of? not like he is bragging. he has no incentive in the video to sit there and lie saying hillary directed them to do this thing. why would he lie about that, joe? >> i'm not saying he is lying. i'm saying i don't know wh ducks on the ground means. i mean -- melissa: means send those ducks to the rallies so that they incite violence. he explains that in the video. >> well, i just think trying to tie this to hillary clinton
4:56 pm
directly is, like okay, i'm sure many people will believe it. melissa: okay. all right. we're leaving it there. we're out of time. crazy stuff. david: indeed. but it does have significance. time to say good-bye to an old friend. the hearts of "crackberrys" are breaking everywhere. ♪ when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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>> all right, so this is the last blackberry ever! the new model comes with a 5.5-inch screen, a touch screen keyboard and a price tag of $499. >> the device is loaded with security features including proprietary technology that prevents against cyberattacks and privacy violations, blackberry is focused on software instead of the new device. it goes to show, everything
5:00 pm
becomes obsolete. jeff bezos says it's going to happen with my company, amazon. >> the blackberry has the keyboard and that doesn't have it. >> thanks for being with us today, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> keep it going, folks, we're fighting a crooked establishment, and just about the biggest part of the crooked establishment are these people right back there with the phony cameras. [booing] a bunch of phony low-lifes. >> especially had enough of the collusion between the national media and hillary clinton's campaign. it's just amazing. some of the e-mails come out, you find out this guy is cnbc, harwood, after he moderated a debate he was communicating with hillary clinton's chairman of the campaign how he had been vindicating of tough questions


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