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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 26, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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please joining you. thanks for being with us tonight, good night from new york kennedy: tonight that crashing sound you hear, yeah that obamacare, imploding under its own weight, new report on skyrocketing premiums and imin dwindling choices. and libertarian ticket now sinking in the polls, what does the johnson campaign need to stay above the magic 5%? a new candidate? are the russians gearing up for a nuclear war. some of putin a latest news are raising eyebrows, all right, jump in the bunker. >> it will all be over in two weeks.
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the election will be done. you have to wonder, if it has already been this dirty and exhausting, how much worse can it get? or video of her pulling vince foster trigger they will fall flat. rudy guliani insists that campaign has something up its wizard sleeve. >> a couple surprises left? >> october. >> early november in way we will campaign to get our message out maybe in a little bit of a different way. >> okay. kennedy: mm-hmm, you are going to cast a spell.
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donald continues to go after hillary. >> what we want to do is replenish -- >> such a nasty woman. kennedy: that makes me laugh every time. she sun leashing her attack dog elizabeth warren to needle trump. >> i got news for you donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. and nasty women have really had it with guys like you. nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. kennedy: she sounds like jimmy stewart had a stroke on helium?
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are you going to be that nasty when hillary clinton does not back you. >> maybe donald is right. maybe the system is rigged. his voters have sidelined themselves in anticipation for game day. conventional wisdom so far has been so wrong. both parties get a huge icy slap in the face with a least likely outcome, a donald trump presidency. i am kennedy. hell hath no fury like a nasty woman's scorn. >> hillary is way ahead in some cases, reason, as trump putse it. they are all skewed.
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claiming that polsters are sampling more democrats than republicans, and points to investor daily poll. it has donald and hillary clinton leg-locked 41% a piece, is it over or just getting warmed up? we ask tonight's party panel, julie banderas is back and better than ever. >> and nasty. kennedy: i like it. >> michael malice is here with a lovely lapel pin, and andy levy, welcome back. is this race over. >> yeah. >> yeah away over. i wanted there to be a electoral tie to make it more stupid. it is over. trump is the worst presidential candidate of my lifetime. i was alive for richard nixon. that is going to be a blood bath. at least with people like goldwater and mcgovern it
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did not get them anywhere but they were men of conviction, trump has no convict, just a blob whose only ideology is wanting people to think he is a strong powerful man, which he ain't. the question is how far over. kennedy: i think that trump has a purpose at this time in history. i have said before, i think he is a react to obama. i think that hillary clinton is an abho abhorrent candidate, she is morally flawed. >> i do too, she is second worse. >> talk about people with no principles, you talk about romney campaign, it looks like trump on track to have same electoral votes at romney, okay. what we're seeing a rise of tribalism, it does not matter what team red does or team
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blue does, people will vote for their own kind. moderates don't exist any more. kennedy: but independents do. >> they really don't. >> that is why i agree with andy, he -- >> i love it, whole point of this country was not to have the highway pa loy -- having a say, that is how it should be. >> how do we end up with hillary clinton as president. >> would you rather have trump. >> no. >> or gary johnson. >> no. kennedy: julie. >> gary might have a chance. kennedy: some of the polls. "new york times" called it most accurate poll of 2012. >> these were also polls when trump was winning were accurate. but now they are skewed. i have to say the office was the republican's election to be lost.
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who can't win against hillary clinton? the fact that she has been caught in so many lies issue 33,000 e-mails, my god. the trustworthy factor, the trust worthiness lack there of the her campaign and her as an elected official was none. you saw poll numbers, she was untrustworthy and fact he is going to lose to that is shocking, but maybe a slap on wrist to g.o.p. who did not put their ducks in a row. kennedy: both parties are in a shambles. >> she would have been an easy candidate to beat, should have been an easy candidate, i could have beat hillary clinton. >> she had a war shift, and media behind her, and george h.w. bush came off golf war win, bill clinton had no experience, and he pulled ahead also. kennedy: you have to factor ross perot into that elect. >> also a big difference between 1992 bill clinton and
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hillary clinton. kennedy: one of the biggest -- was also what obama benefits from. that is almost unknown. >> correct. >> we know so much about her. and every day there is something new. whether from an fbi 302, terry mccauliffe. >> they don't matter any more. >> it gets people to lose faith in politics, which is the goal of people who love freedom. kennedy: i think i could not agree more, but that is what donald trump offers. >> correct. kennedy: i disagree with many of his platforms and idea bus he has come in, unended both parties. >> i am all for you know the g.o.p. burn tot burning to the ground, trump is the wrong arsonist. kennedy: but he did it. only one, who is going to be
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the arsonist paul ryan. >> why? >> he did a horrible job. >> he did a great job. >> he is an arsonist. we have to go. kennedy: we have to take deep breaths of your laughing gas, coming up gary johnson, he needs to stay above 5% in polls for next two weeks, but the polls suggest he has his work cut out for him. what does gary really need to do. >> bad news for white house, obamacare costs shooting through the roof. what does that mean for disp for you and your family? start picking out your coffin,
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kennedy: mary jane might be the big winner on election day, 5 states voting to legalize recreational marijuana, polls suggest it could pass in california, arizona, massachusetts and maine, that would bring number of states to 9. that is rec creational. and washington d.c. weed still illegal on the federal level. that sets stage for a potential state right showdown. party panel is back. julie, michael and andy, michael with you. when libertarian talk about marijuana people assume they are a bunch of weed smokers
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who want legal drugs to party with their pants down. there is a broader issue. >> this issue of state right nulcasion, last time we this an argument like this was in '60s, with south failed to recognize civil right, now federal government repudiated on a state by say th state level, moderates are doing the repudiating that is great. to kind of break apart the know congressional control of 50 states. kennedy: marijuana is so widely misunderstood there is almost no research done on it. >> da -- dea has it as a schedule one. schedule two drugs include vicodin, and et cetera. which are a hell of a lot ho more powerful.
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>> and addictive. >> than pot but for some reason the stupid, study ed, da refuses to change the scheduling. kennedy: and president says he can't. >> and the alcohol lobbyists. >> and pharmaceutical companies. >> if you know someone that suffers from agent anxiety this is a much better approach than taking pills over-the-counter. kennedy: so many things, you know hopefully it pushes issue to where supreme court. >> with marijuana, right now medical marijuana is legal in 25 different states, it should be legal in every state. here is my issue with recreational marijuana, how are you going to stop people from getting behind the wheel. how do they test for it, i
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don't want my kids on the road, i don't want them repeating history could like their mom. >> don't learn how to drive. >> if you pull them over is there a test similar. kennedy: there is. they have testing in oregon and colorado. >> how much is too much. >> one joint, a puff of a joint? kennedy: it depends on a purpos purpose. like if you have 4 glasses of bourbon -- >> if you take just one puff of weed you become a serial killer. kennedy: then you bite someone a face-off, i read that. >> gary johnson was polling in double digits not long ago but now falling to 3%. and latest cnn, poll, they lose steam toward big day. can he get 5% on election day. and therefore have some of that federal matching money.
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what do you think? >> if there is one thing libertarians are go is getting federal matching money. i feel bad because matt welch is spinning in his grave. you realize the other candidate is the devil, and i have to hol hold my nose and vote for lesser of two evils. kennedy: thank you very much. >> i have lost faith in his running mate, i do think that, libertarian party has to do soul searching about its options. >> why? about what difference does it make. kennedy: come on hillary. >> this was always going to happen as you get closer to actual election people solidify behind two major parties, could libertarians have been slightly better with
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maybe a less goofy candidate. >> or someone who knew anything about anything? >> i don't know. >> almost like a comedy, a drama/comedy. you look at two candidates and gary johnson you are kidding. kennedy: if there were a year for machine too come forward, say -- for someone to come forward, this would have been it. >> there has to be, we learned there has to be a sweet spot, major party candidates are really bad but not really, really, really bad. what is hopping now is that -- happening now so many people think that trump is worst in the world other think that hillary is worst in the world. kennedy: people are voting against them. >> they won't vote third party . so libertarians missed that tweet -- sweet spot. and places like utah is hurting johnson.
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>> it is not places like utah, it is utah. >> maybe idaho. >> places like utah, that is what i said. kennedy: party panel returns in a little bit. we'll tell you what is driving campus republicans under ground. >> more bad news for obamacare. brian will join me to break it down. explain we're all going to explain we're all going to die!
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you took away my strongest ally -- my father. but you didn't know me. ♪ you never thought i'd fight back. you don't know me. but you will.
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♪ so it begins [ male announcer ] rated "m" for "mature." kennedy: obamacare is officially on life support, it makes me sick. critics say, do not resuscitate. after obama administration yesterday admitted that premiums for 2017 for many popular health plans are going up by average, 25%.
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that reportedly more than triple last increase. supporters claim that subsidies will help offset price hike. thank. but opponents say, too late. they call this obamacare scandal the big death spiral. as prices go up, more people drop out that means more people will die, and prices are going higher. all right, until it collapses, what should we do? we talk with brian brenburg. there are a lot of politicians on left who say don't worry. because, there are people whose premiums may go up who are insulated because of taxpayer subsidies. but does that not mean that taxpayers once again lose. >> it does. the tax payers will pay more
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over year, that is cold comfort for the rest of us, does not matter if you are in the exchange or out. everyone is paying more next year. kennedy, of course, we're already subsidizing the insurance companies who never had a hope of breaking even now they have to insure everyone there that federal mandate there is no way to god forbid turn a profit. >> we bailed out insurance companies now we're subsidizing people in the exchanges, and requiring people who are not in the exchange, you have to get in or we'll penalize you. this is built on subsidies and penalties not choices. there is no way this will be successful. >> force the round into the square hole or visa versa. >> right. kennedy: president in 2013 extolling virtues of obamacare, saying tha premiums have gone down, but
12:24 am
they are spiking. they only have one choice now. >> a 25% average increase, but some some states that is triple digit increases, other states that is on top of a bunch of ensurers just leaving the market. price increase would be more if they -- if more insurerrers were in the market, they are leaving they can't make money, they need higher prices. regulators say, you can't do that. increases would be higher, and networks narrow, losing our doctor, fewer choices for doctors, if be if we had a real choice that would bring prices back as well. kennedy: here is the problem we have seen this coming for a long time. when the legislation was crafted. you could already see this. logic dictates there was never a pool. great variable was young people that had to buy
12:25 am
insurance at a higher rate to support everyone else, they realize it was not worth their while, who has the plan to replace it? republicans or democrats? my fear democrats already with single payer system. >> they are, i think some are just licking their lips saying this is where we bring in public option federal government will provide insurance. >> what we need it something that not a top down solution. we need is a set' policies that create a real marketplace. real choice, real company tig, you know -- competition, the who people who say republicans don't have a plan, you don't neat a big top down plan. kennedy: do you need something like obamacare. >> no. kennedy: with a different name, this you park in the garage, and replace it. >> that is what created this problem do not replace that with another thing this will create the same problem. you need a set of policy that create a market. you need someone who is articulate that. there are things we should talk about.
12:26 am
healthy saving, and buying insurance across state lines, and high-risk pools, you need someone that understands, that have you hillary clinton, who wants public option, and you have donald trump who really seems i'm sorry he seems incapable of talking about this issue in an intelligence way that is why we're not get anything where with it. kennedy: brian for president in 2020. stay with me. >> maybe not time. kennedy: all right. thank you for coming by. >> goo good to see you. >> now i'm more depressed. coming up liz warren on the trail for hillary clinton z her campaign attack dog. grrr, if hillary wins, will warren and progressives turn on hillaryina? former white house press secretary dana to talk about that. and art of oval office deal and art of oval office deal making and deal breaking, all
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kennedy: elizabeth warren stoking progressive fires on the campaign trail for hillary clinton. >> i am listen to elizabeth go on all day, she gets you were his thin skin like nobody else. she exposed him for what he is. kennedy: oh, god. will they stay friendly and doe sale --s d docile or will it flow up in hillary's face, dana is here, she has a new book out today. how my best friend became america's dog. but first, you are a bush 43 white house press secretary, you have seep this process from inside out, you know how they make the sausage. if hillary wins, her first big move is back to center what
12:31 am
happens to her relationship with warren. >> we don't know if what is what she is going to do, there is a speculation that hillary really is a centrist, i don't know if that is true, i think she hassal wa always been a little bit left than bill clinton. and warren will be the thorn on her side. hillary if she were to win -- she has a interesting dance, and some decisions to make. kennedy: and a lot to answer e-, including goldman sachs speech transcript, do you think that warren read that and what hillary said, saying go ahead regulate yards, dodd frank is problematic that is warren's pet project, she loved that. >> i don't think that liz warren would have to wait for wikileaks to know about that hillary clinton. she withheld her endorsement for a while.
12:32 am
she is kingmaker or 89 make keep maker -- betwee queen maker, hillary clinton visit to get one thing to watch for it is boring, will be watch for who hillary clinton nominates for post. if she were to win an election, say for donald trump, who they put in post, that will send a big message, right now warren is in fight with the sec . kennedy: to you think that eliz be elizabeth will stay in senate. >> yes. but interesting if you are hillary clinton and you want presidency, do you want warren as a thorn in your sydor work with -- side, or do you want to work with her. and risk her not being loyal to you as a can b cabinet member.
12:33 am
kennedy: that is what obama did with hillary clinton, well, we need it talk about the book. it is fantastic. >> thank you. kennedy: let me tell but jasper, so many fon fond -- phenomenon ag pictures, you may be only new york time best selling author who had a painting of your dog, by a former president. george h.w. bush. >> for 43's birthday, i had this printed and framed and sent doubt, he said he got a kick out of it. they were done by a guy a met on social media on twitter. kennedy: a lot of them in the book, jasper on cover of time man magazine. >> this is a original picture, rand paul, year and a half ago was called most interesting man in politics. >> right. >> that is the picture that
12:34 am
came to me from the -- >> now republican nominee for president, he is jasper on the coach. out numbered there we go. >> there you go. >> classy. jazjasper golfing, a crowd favorit favorite. jasper likes to watch youtube videos of puppy playing. >> and aquariums. kennedy: so sweet. >> you are not supposed to baby sit your kids with a tv, and our dogs he loves a woof-woof video so much, a great distract, i am grateful to be on your show to talk about it. kennedy: it is a fun book. a follow-up to your bestseller with this, humor and life and heartache a as talk about your former dog. >> people had pets, many have had to go through the passing of a pet that grief never
12:35 am
ends, i hope that people remember there is a great way to have common ground, part is with our pets 68% of american household have pets. kennedy: you built a bridge with this took thank you, dana. >> thank you. kennedy: little jasper, okay. coming up, donald trump fans, walking on thin ice on college campus, panel returns to discuss the vitaryial facing i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant,
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kennedy: an article in today's washington post claims that membership college campus republicans are going silent. some have reportedly refused too endorse trump, and others, shocking trump 2016 has been reported as a hate crime. are millennials too sensitive? what the hell ever happened to universities being the beacon of free speech?
12:39 am
we know that time has long past. the party panel is back. so, is it being a trump supporter or a college republican that is -- >> a college republican. not easy to walk around campus, and not have people throwing stones as you. but as a trump republican, it is worse. trump making it that much harder, overall the whole college system is liberal. teachers jam liberal ideas down the vulnerable young. kennedy: communism is good. >> with a trump, then yes. kennedy: like when i welcome to college, i -- when i went to college, i cared about by gpa, but if i didn't care. if i just wanted to rabble rowdz, rouse, i would be most loudest trump supporter in world, because i know it would make my professors,
12:40 am
uncomfortable. >> i did that, i almost got one of my professors fired. you can read about that. this is been their goal for 100 years to train young mind to spread evangelicals progressivism and being raised -- in a household, i knew as a young age when people have power over you, they use that power to hurt you, the college kids are smart they know how system works. kennedy: that is so sad they have gene to below subserveient. >> that is progression. >> this nothing new, i welcome to college in 80, 1980s not 18. kennedy: look at my buggy. >> we had the same thing, i and others, we started an alternative news paper to camps that you was conservative/libertarian slash whatever, we got a lot of crap for it, you learn to put up with it or you revel in it or
12:41 am
ignore it some of the g.o.p. clubs refusing to endorse trump, i don't think that is because they are scared, i think it because they don't like trump. have you to split that out. kennedy: are you telling me he is hoot popula is -- he is not popular with young people. kennedy: i think he might not be. >> a editor said. yoga pant wearers, i struggle with my own physical diaity, as i age, i don't want to struggle with yours, this brought on an outcry. >> i think that women when protest about something like that, need to find something else po protest about, maybe equal pay, to sit there and argue you can't wearing some because a man told you note to, who cares, you take those
12:42 am
tight thighs or flabby thighs and put them in anything you want. >> yeah, i can't imagine caring enough about what some random dude thinks. >> what the hell is wrong, some idiot writes a letter and in stayed of saying you are a jerk. >> i wrote a letter, the free a nip il ill nipple movement,. >> there you go, thank you very much. >> apped andy, michael and julie. >> 3 love bugs. kennedy: russia. explaining what vladimir explaining what vladimir putinpite be doin
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>> we must be ready every day, all the time to do the right thing if the atomic bomb exploded. duck and cover! this family knows what to do. just as your own family should. kennedy: nothing protects better than -- we all know that. over in russia vladimir putin is getting rea ready for world war iii, we're told they have been moving nuclear missiles around just in case, a few weeks ago they held a civil defense drill, involving 40 million people. that coupled with reports that russians have been messing with our internet and maybe our election, things between usnd moscow have not been
12:47 am
this bad in decade. sleep tight mitt romney. fox news national security analyst and a member of national security add advise vie count for trump campaign, kt mcfa kt mcfarland should we be worried? >> as you point out, they are sailing russian ships through to mediterranean to get involved in middle east, they are also modernizing their nuclear weapons, including a huge new nuclear inte intercontinental ballistic missiles. kennedy: is it "show boating"? >> they are talking about this being new cold war, in putin a perspective, cold war was never over.
12:48 am
they are back. why? i don't think that russian want to have war with u.s., but i think that putin wants to take advantage of situation, he see a weak lame duck president, and grab what he can, knowing there will be no react, payback for ha h what he thinks. he also has a domestic problem. their economy is headed in bad places. kennedy: gas is cheap now. >> it will never go up again. because of fracking, putin's one export oil and natural gas. kennedy: interesting russia is behind the antifracking campaign, not because they are environmentalists. >> they want price of i'll and natural gas to about up. kennedy: what happens with next president? let's say you are advising donald trump. why doesn't have vice president want donald trump to be president. >> i don't think he has anything to do with it.
12:49 am
>> if that logic holds, if moscow is funding assange wikileaks? >> i don't think -- i don't buy that premise, i think that russian have been hacking not just dnc, a talk with company that with rnc, they were hacking them. they have a plan for whoever wins, i think what they are trying to do, we can do this to you, we is scramble with your elections, we think you did that to us with ukraine. and by the way, shot across the bow, don't you think about messing with our elections, our russian elections, because we can take you down. >> joe biden had tough talkmosct cyber warfare is coming. >> we're in the middle of a cyber warfare. to me, what we should to with
12:50 am
russians, be nice to them in public, tell them they have done a great job in private hand around the throat, here is the negotiation. kennedy: interesting flip the script. >> flip is it. kennedy: we'll see if the next president does that, and is stronger and more of a faux for russia, that president has not done well. >> no. kennedy: thank you so much. >> thank you. kennedy: all right coming up, if you leave your wi-fi on, can it interfere with your dog's navigation aal implant.
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12:54 am
topic 1. >> with elect two weeks away nominees prepare with back up jobs in the event they don't make it, donald trump will work gift shop at his casino, and gare johnson position at pink bar pinkberry is secure. what about mrs. clinton how about a nurse for a girl had just had surgery on her face. >> how do you know it was hillary. her name tag said hillary clinton on it. >> oh, my god. mom. she had a horrible e-mail scandal. now, -- >> yeah. that is like 70% of country feels issue. why would hillary clinton
12:55 am
steal a chin? she has to keep siphoning body parts or she might look like this. is it sexist if i say that is an improvement? a compliment. i woke up a little horse, like a tinien to pony. >> you are pulle over on side of road issue you are jaw jacking with your buddy the truck driver, it rolls away from you, you know that? maybe you are this older feller from switzerland who had to chase town his car through speeding traffic like human frogger, look at that. cars past him 150 kilometer per hour, he is so lucky he
12:56 am
not get pummeled by the whizzing whips, and or drop dead from a massive coroner. that was so intense. another angle. -- that vehicle. there it is. just going through. lovely this time of year, topic 3. this one was sent in by, using #topicalstorm on twitter. how do i know portland, maine is a nice place to live? pause this their crazy police ac eakdz action this week. you are watching two officers arrest a man in a tree costume.
12:57 am
very slowly because, that truman was blocking traffic. this constitutes crime in portland, maine. as opposed to tit detroit, where they have a murdered-based economy. in oklahoma, the trees attack trac trackers. tractors. >> yeah. i'm sure that tree was making sweet love to that john deere. topic 4. also do you know who loves stuff, dogs, dogs love just about everything, but particularly drum solos. just look at him go, chasing his tail.
12:58 am
like he is dancing. but he gets so excited he just leaped with joy. that is sweet. what is worse than a drum circle? nothing. pets do enrich our lives, now, let's see what fun a cat gets into, when it hears music. >> yeah. a cat does [ bleep ] that is it, i said it. >> topic 5. >> here it is. my favorite political out of season, from texas. a reelect ad for travis county come mic -- commissioner boards everyone to death with his plans to fix coupe. >> most people leave their
12:59 am
work at office. >> we have three light rail cars. >> you could put 60 people on each car. >> you talk about maybe 300 people that are affected. >> there are million people in this community. >> that is .01 to 8 power in round it off at zero. >> please reelection gerald, please. >> i love train meat. go vote for gerald, twice. if the system is rigged might has well use it. thank you to everyone who sent in stories. thank you for watching the show. follow me on twitter and instagram. facebook. e-mail. tomorrow on this very show. fox news sunday anchor, great
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of of all chris wallace. i have libertarian wonder boy matt welch, and tom shah lou a for time life's video collection. (doorbell chiming) oh, hey, hi, dean. hey, hi there, uh... bob. (announcer) from the battlefield to the white house, from hollywood to the heartland, america's entertainer was bob hope. oh, this room, it's so dull and depressing tonight. if only there was some way to brighten it. oh, of course. (laughter) (announcer) he was a true patriot. (bob hope) this has been a great trip.


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