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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 27, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> what a great show. dagen mcdowell, kevin, kat. dagen: go listen to merle haggard on guitar. >> i've never said guitar in my life. maria: stuart, over to you. stuart: the race is on. trump is closing the gap and get this, finally, hillary's scandals make the front page of the new york times. good morning, everyone. the new fox poll gifts hillary clinton only a 3 point lead. she was up by 6 just last week. dig deeper. trump has a widening lead among independents and stronger and more intense support all around. the poll was when trump was under constant attacken the trend is towards trump with 12 days to go. to hillary and the times front page story. the latest leaks show the
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clinton foundation to be a vast, muscle grubbing parcel. staffers knew it and chelsea clinton knew it and says her computer was bugged. big picture, the election has taken a turn again. trump is making a very late comeback and hillary's scandals no longer ignored. it's intense, isn't it? politics and money, oh, do we have a show for you? "varney & company" is about to begin. all right. let's get to the new fox poll results i was telling you about. slowing trump is closing the gap. hillary up by 3 in a four-way matchup. 44-41. that is within the statistical margin of error. she was up 6 last week and 7 the week before that. the trend is clearly to trump. now, look at this. independents are flocking to him, with that, very important group, he leads by 13 points.
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41-28. his numbers also improving albeit slightly with women and also improving among evangelicals. yes, it really is a race. now, that's politics. we'll get back to it shortly, i promise. look at your money, we're going to open a little higher on the market, 50 odd points up for the dow and if you're thinking of taking a flyer on twitter, you better tell you, it's still not bringing in that much money. revenue growth slowed, as they say. it wants to be sold, no buyers yet, but twitter will be at 18 this morning. tesla, whoa, they made money last quarter, first time in more than three years, how about they do that? let me tell you, by selling nearly 139 million dollars worth of clean car tax credits. tesla is a government-subsidized green car company. government motors by any other name. that's just me. apple is delaying shipment of
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the wearless head phones, they need time to get it right. unchanged today. amen so-- amazon, the most important report, these days amazon outrank even those of apple. that's my opinion. 828 at the moment. and politics, we love it. clinton's scandals finally getting up to her. new york times, donations to foundation vexed hillary clinton's aides. e-mails show front page top of the fold. and this from the wall street journal, front page on the latest leak, clinton foundation's fundraisers pressed donors to steer business to former president. fox news political analyst eboni k williams, i think the scandal is coming home to roost
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and it's hurting her. >> absolutely, she was up, and the margin of error. and the momentum doesn't seem to be with mrs. clinton, even though it's a rocky road. the clinton camp, this would look opticly, huma abedin said 2015, this is her mess she made and she knows it. cheryl mills suggesting that mrs. clinton remove herself from the board and ultimately she did not. a classic cast benefit analysis in the literal sense. hillary clinton decided the benefit fiscally was worth it. >> chelsea is saying in these leaked e-mail, accused bill clinton, her parents' aides of quote, taking significant sums of money from my parents personally and says that spyware was installed on her computer by an official within the foundation.
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>> sure, so this is what happens, stuart, when you incentivize, put people in rooms with billionaires and everyone's going to start looking out for themselves and that's what chelsea clinton is calling people out. stuart: it's influencing peddling. billions of dollars. >> from kings of countries at the very least have human rights issues. it's a problem and chelsea clinton was calling it out and i was pleasantly surprised to see her awareness, but a problem for her mother as she runs for the white house. stuart: the poll, hillary clinton is 3 points up trump is closing the gap. i think it's a whole new race. >> you and my mother both. this is still an electoral math. the natural numbers look good for him this morning, but he has to see how it plays out lectorally for him. stuart: let me show you, a video of the trump crowds here,
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show you what's going on herement trump has been barn storming through florida the last couple of days and that's not a particularly good picture of his crowds that he's drawing. i saw one of the jacksonville stadium taken from high up, where he was clearly bringing in tens of thousands of people, with others lined up trying to get in. so, i mean, that's the back drop, trump is barn storming through. and hillary is not. >> he save an electrifying speech in north carolina. stuart: and three or four in 0 e e-ohio and big crowds, here they come. he gave a speech, new urban renewal policy. >> we had students who sat next to us in class and they were terrible students, but they why phenomenal at fixing a car engine.
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they were phenomenal at fixing a television set. they can take it apart blindfolded. and i can't do that. and you can't do that, but they were phenomenal at fixing things. we don't do that anymore. remember, we used to have this great vocational education. they were talented, great. horrible students and they were great. they could take a motor, they can take an engine apart blindfolded and we have to bring that back. stuart: eboni, isn't that interesting, trade schools, could he nati-- vocationnal schools and do you think he was talking down to black folks when he was talking about that. >> he was speaking to folks, not talking down to blacks. i remember when there was vocational in charlotte high and the crowd has an appetite for. so many people told me throughout this campaign that when donald trump talks about policy, they actually like a lot of what they hear, their
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problem comes into place with some of the ammunition that donald trump has given them to reconsider. when he sticks to policy like this and he's disciplined and on message and talking ways the middle class or the lower working class in this country can pull themselves up out of poverty, he talks about prosperity and student. people like that. i remember trade schools. ashley: they are popular. germany has a very strong trade school system where you don't get out of school and not getting minimum wage jobs, electricians and mechanics, engineers, they pay well. >> plumber. ashley: plumber, doesn't matter, it's a successful program. stuart: i'm looking at the media, scanning the headlines and looking at broadcast tv news, i don't see that mentioned anywhere liz: or his detailed policy proposals he talked about in his speech. it was loaded with details. stuart: outside of fox i don't see that trade schools
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to turn it around liz: instead, free college tuition from hillary clinton. >> these are great things, but i've got to put the onus back on mr. trump. these policies are good. i'm not a supporter, but i like what he's talking about here and i would love to hear more and i would have loved to heard it 40, 60 days ago. stuart: has your mother not convinced you. she's watching-- >> let me tell you, my grandmother has dementia and thought she would go the way my mother did, she says i want to go for hillary clinton, she said get your own ride to the polls. stuart: what's her name? >> gloria. stuart: gloria, i hope you're watching. eboni, you're all right. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: let's do some baseball. chicago cubs evened the world series, they took game two, 5-1 beat the indians. cubs star pitcher jake ariota
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didn't give up a hit until that inning. and since 1945, it will be a raucous crowd. we have brand new wikileaks e-mai e-mails showing debby wasserman schultz on board the hillary clinton campaign month before she announced she was running. i'll deal with that. and delayed for air pods, the wireless ear phones, apple says they're not ready. they need more time. and the latest from italy after two earthquakes, 50 miles from the deadly earthquake in august. many buildings as you can see, severely damaged. to russia, conducting nuclear war drills for millions of its citizens. meanwhile, the u.s. and u.k. go
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>> here we go. we've got the latest on the wikileaks from the wikileaks. this latest one is about debby wasserman schultz getting on board with the clinton campaign? >> yes, it is, and what this shows overall, how the democratic national committee was being moved to get behind hillary before either she or bernie sanders had even announced they were going to run. it's an e-mail to cheryl mills. we're going to show you part of this. it gets in the weeds, we haven't worked this out. he wants debby on the same page, that's debby was wasserman schultz and the dnc at the time. and why he might be just to be debby and amy's idea and
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jennifer pal mary if she accepts the job isn't coming into a hostile situation. everybody is getting aligned on the same page to support hillary clinton, it was rigged against bernie sanders. rigged before either candidate announced they were getting their troops in line. and there's another one about hillary's server. is it? what have you got for us? >> july 2015. this is from the transition team to john podesta, do we actually know who told hillary she could use a private e-mail, and have they been drawn and quartered and the whole thing. why didn't they clean this up 18 months ago and wait so long? i know why, they want today get away with it and the former state department official e-mailed thomas friedman at the new york times, saying i have to say i'm troubled by what he read heillary did, it's coming together.
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stuart: let's go overseas, the u.s. and britain sending ground troops, jet tanks to eastern europe and hundreds of u.s. troops are going to norway. on the other side of the fence, russia, the satan 2, the russian nuclear weapon and say it can take out an area the size of texas. what's going on here? come in, lt. colonel ralph peters. that's the question, what's going on here? >> well, putin is running amok. he has been largely unchecked. and the token measures we're taking at this point will not check him either. stuart, i really feel that we are at the most dangerous point in our relationships with moscow since the cuban missile crisis in the kennedy administration. and there are worrisome differences now. the old soviet union was ruled by the polet bureau had who small checks and balances on them. putin is an authoritarian
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figure who does what they want. the old soviet military is much more powerful than putin's military, but putin is willing to use it and last but not least, in the height and depths of the cold war, we had real american leadership and unity. and today, we're absolutely without lead. stuart: the next president, whom solver whomso ever it is-- >> putin will get away with what he can. the next president needs to realize that vladimir putin defines himself with anti-american. he vicerally hates us and blames us for the destruction of his cherished soviet union. the old soviet union when he invaded hungary and czechoslovakia, they were trying to cling to what they
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had until the invasion of afghanistan, which didn't turn back well. putin is not only interested in clawback efforts, he's interested in conquest. this guy will never be america's friend no matter what we do. he is our enemy because he's chosen to do and he's leading a decaying state, but doing it brilliantly. stuart: you've got us worried. >> you should be worried. stuart: good to have you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: running out of time, but we will be back. are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need?
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>> i want to get back to those polls because it looks like a whole new election. hillary is up by 3 points in a four-way matchup. 44-41. that's within the statistical margin of error and by the way, she was leading by 6 points last week. look who is here. that's dr. ben carson. you've got a spring in your heel, when you see the fox polls? doctor? >> i don't put a lot of stake in the polls, historically presidential polls have been off. it's encouraging to see them moving. stuart: i know you're happy to see it. do you think that -- now, donald trump has stuck to the issues, certainly, for this week. he's not gone off on a tangent
9:23 am
attacking women. he's stuck to the issues and he's winning on the issues. . >> absolutely. stuart: you think he should now pivot a little bit and attack hillary clinton on her scandals? >> well, i don't think he should totally ignore that, but that shouldn't be the main focus. right now, he's got this wonderful gift that was given to him, you know, regarding the so-called affordable care act and he needs to be emphasizing what this means. you know, basically it's rob peter to pay paul scheme. we give health care to a group of people and we make it impossible for another group to get it. that doesn't make any sense, you know? it's supposed to be liberty and justice for all. these are issues he should be pounding on right now and he's going to. stuart: yesterday, i think it was in north carolina he talked about trade schools, vocational education, for inner city folks. do you approve of that? do you think he is that a good line of approach. >> it's an excellent line of approach because, you know, i was talking to a ceo of a
9:24 am
company not long ago, he said boy, if i could get a welder, just give me an apprentice welder we'd pay him extremely well. you can't find these people anymore, we're not teaching them. it's one of the areas na donald trump talks about. we have all of these people going into prisons and go in with little education and no skills and come out with little education and no skills. we could give them education and some skills and help them obtain a job, it would change the trajectory of their lives and cut down on recitivism rate and we need all of our people. do you think he can win? i know that's a loaded question for a man backing donald trump for nearly a year. it's not too late? >> my prediction is that he is going to win and because i don't believe that the american people are as simplistic as the news media and the politically elite think they are. they think they can pull a few strings and manipulate them and have them believe all kinds of things.
9:25 am
i just don't think they're quite that simple. stuart: dr. ben carson, we appreciate you being with us. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> always a pleasure, thank you. stuart: eboni williams you were listening to that, any comment. or did gloria phone you? >> she delighted, of course, and agreed with everything the doctor said. i want to support what the doctor said about vocational skills. i've seen what he's talking about, people going into the system with no skills and no skills. working people is important. stuart: wouldn't that be nice to see that elsewhere in the area other than fox it's nowhere. >> here is the thing, we know there's going to be bias stacked against donald trump that's baked into the cake as they like to say so he's got to kind of overcompensate for that. that would be my advice for the candidate. stuart: eboni and gloria, thank you. >> she's here in spirit. stuart: and a move, first off,
9:26 am
twitter, there's a big layoff coming around 18 bucks a share this morning, still looking for a buyer. tesla, a surprise profit, it's making money, but only with the lep of green tax credits. that will be up 10 bucks. the opening bell is next.
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>> now, we've got an interesting opening market today because the dow is going to go up about 40, but watch the s&p, the broader market indicator. that's going to go up strongly. we're looking for an eight point gain on the s&p. i digress, bang! we're off and running and i see green on the left-hand side of the screen. the dow opened up 41 points not a bad opening this thursday morning. where is oil? has that got anything to do with the market move. stuart: fractionally, i don't think it's a big influence at the moment. twitter, they're not bringing in much money, they're still cutting 9% of work force and gussying themselves up for maybe a sale. they are up 4% i'll call that a move. apple delaying the ear phones,
9:31 am
air pods. it's at 115 as of now. tesla, surprised wall street and made a profit, but only by selling for cash green tax credits. government motors. ashley: we made for it. stuart: i'm being pejorative. amazon reports profits after the bell. i think this is the most important earnings report of the whole lot. let's see how it transpires. who is with us. ashley, liz, larry at the exchange, dr barton here in new york. i'm going to start with tesla, yes, they did actually make some money, i think it's the first quarterly profit. spell it out, how did they do it liz: sold 139 million worth of tax pollution credit california asked for. stuart: for cash? liz: for cash. can i do a backup here? this is only the second time in 13 years they've booked a quarterly profit since it launched in 2003. so they have been doing a severe cash burn and they need
9:32 am
a lot of the tax subsidies to get the sales in the door. stuart: they've got to keep them flowing. what have you got? >> that wasn't the only accounting tweak they did. they pushed much of their capital expenditures and it's up triple where it was last year. they're doing some accounting tricks still shorts the stock. stuart: the market does not listen to us, me in particular. i've called bt barnum-- >> p.t. barnum on autopilot. stuart: you're a virtual reality guy-- >> i'm a tesla owner, i have the car. stuart: oh. >> so i love the car and to me the reason-- the reason the stock going-- although don't get me wrong, i like the tax break $7500 tax break on my taxes, but one thing i would say, people are betting on the autonomous of the future.
9:33 am
and all teslas from now have the hardware for fully autonomous cars. people are betting on that and on the model 3, will have the fully autonomous hardware and i think that's the reason the stock is going up. stuart: and larry levin is right, a virtual reality guy for heaven's sake. well done, larry, i don't think you've done convinced me. let's get to apple. they're going to introduce, we believe, new laptops and they're delaying the air pods and didn't give a reason and didn't give a new shipping date, but i think-- >> they were supposed to be available late this-- the air pods they're delaying, they're not saying when, you pointed out. the big event today the mac book pro, a reconfigured mac book pro, they want to be the premier laptop maker. it's not going to replace the
9:34 am
lost revenue of iphones, it's not going to do that, but in their minds reasserting themselves as the top laptop maker with the mac book pro. stuart: they've taken a back seat. >> 115, i like it down to 100 to buy again. i like it long-term and the reason the stock isn't down much. they haven't missed any new product introductions since the iphone 4, which was tweaked to the iphone 4, the white body. stuart: you wouldn't buy it at 115. >> no. stuart: larry levin, you own a tesla, do you own your shop on apple computers? >> a few of our programs use apple computers and you can't trade on an apple computer: apple has not added a touch screen. they've had the ipad forever, but they haven't added a touch screen. stuart: you are a font of information today larry levin.
9:35 am
pretty good, i must say. to twitter, please. >> thank you. stuart: you're welcome, larry. for weeks, we've been asking who is going to buy this thing. dr, first. anybody going to buy it? >> disney showed a little bit of interest yesterday and i think that's one of the reasons in addition to the-- that's why it's up. the layoffs, everybody likes when you're cutting cost especially if the business isn't doing well. somebody will buy, it's a matter of price. they're not going to get the price they want and draw this thing out. stuart: 12, that would be a price for somebody to buy them? >> i think somebody might look at them down at that level. stuart: it will never go down to 12 if somebody thinks they'll buy at 12. it will never get there. >> the an unvirtues thing. stuart: twitter, would you buy the stock? >> i love twitter, get my news on twitter. would i buy the stock?
9:36 am
i don't know if i'd buy it down -- or up here. i don't think that disney would buy it, too much nasty stuff on twitter, hating and stuff like that. i don't think that disney would want to be involved in that and that's why they'll back away and because of that i think the stock will fall back down. stuart: oh, if ever i've seen a star larry levin, don't go away. and buffalo wild wings, solid numbers, it's a winner, a 5-- maybe a lot of people are going to get the wings to watch the election, i don't know. two more big names reporting this morning. nicole, please start with ford. go. nicole: let's take a look at ford. it's slightly to the down side. f-150 is still the absolutely best selling products. the big picture, the net income dropped in the third quarter by more than 50%. that's hurt and they see higher
9:37 am
recall costs and lower sales. and caused them to launch. they're going to tame down production in the near term in order to catch up with the inventory, but still a best seller for them. stocks at 11-72. stuart: tell me about ups. >> the revenue rose, they see the 2016 holiday quarter to be a record and they noted it's going to be two extra days between thanksgiving and knew years and it's relatively flat down a quarter of a percent. stuart: thank you, nicole, i wonder if ups ships for amazon? >> they were their biggest provider. stuart: that's not the amazon story of the day. this is. amazon reports profits by 4:00 eastern this afternoon. and morgan stanley survey found that amazon is not stealing costco's customers. what's that all about?hey don't mutually exclusive memberships, a lot of them have both which is interesting. there's a lot of other, i guess misconceptions that the survey
9:38 am
pointed out, that, well, for instance, that they do not have a younger than-- they're younger than perceived. the average age of a costco person member is 49 years old. amazon prime 44 1/2 years old. really interesting is the average annual salary is higher for that of a costco member. >> really. stuart: than amazon prime member. 92,850 to 82,800. stuart: you know what i do at costco? lunch. if you go around and get free samples of just about anything and time it right, you get lunch. ashley: no shame. stuart: stop laughing, larry, you know i'm cheap. >> costco is for small business owners. ashley: anybody that needs pallet loads of stuff. stuart: get to my theory that amazon's numbers are the most important of any reporting major corporations because that's the company that's in the news every single day and
9:39 am
the stock's gone to the moon. anybody want to take me on. amazon most important, yes or no? >> i think-- >> don't hedge. >> i think it's the most important announcement we're going to get this quarter. however, they're not going to give us one of the big numbers. they're already at the top of the page and no reason to tell us how many prime people we have or clothes they're selling and those two aces they hold up their sleeves. stuart: you're hedged. according to the latest fox news poll, hillary beats trump on foreign policy, immigration and terrorism, but trump beats hillary on the economy. all right? would you like a trump presidency, dr? >> well i think hedge-- presidency for the economy would be very good after he gets going. we've got to get over the tariff stuff. that's not going to be good for the economy, but the rest of the package would be. stuart: let's go to our resident genius, who is a trump supporter or trump voter. can you admit that publicly
9:40 am
when you live in chicago? >> i've early voted on monday and already voted for trump and i think he will be good for the economy eventually, every president will stumble, but i think he'll pick it up and be good for small business and business in general in this country. stuart: last word to ash. ashley: less taxes, less regulation, takes the leash-- takes the bad vines holding back in economy. once he get that going and feet upped the desk and going, the markets will take off. stuart: excellent the new star performing ashley webster. i want to thank everybody, larry, dr, thank you very much indeed both of you, appreciate that. where are we? 18-2 is where we are. the latest poll, trump closing the gap with hillary despite cons standpoint attacks from the media. pollster pat cavel next. the latest example of a
9:41 am
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>> there was a massive protest in venezuela, just look at it. dozens of people injured and a policeman was killed, update liz: a policeman was shot in the abdomen southwest of the capital, caracas. two other officers injured, unclear who shot them, an a massive protest, trying to recall the president of venezuela, the socialist president, and also friday, nationwide strike, is going to be called, they fired tear gas
9:45 am
and a number of protesters also wounded. >> that's a civil war, i'm prepared to use that expression, it's so bad. the situation is escalating. this is common in south america, you arrest people and you never see them again. so there's a failure of social-- >> the banner at the bottom of the screen, there's a failure. and we're 45 minutes into the session and we're up 20 points as we speak. 18-2 is holding. back to the race. there are 12 days to go, the fox poll shows hillary with only a three-point lead. 44-41. remember, please, she was up six last week and up seven the week before that. fox news contributor, pat is with us now. is this a whole new race or am i doing too far? >> this is the same race we have, it's just changing some. and i think for real.
9:46 am
that is a three-point margin with a seven-point party edge for the democrats which i think is still slightly too high, but even with that, if you look at internals, it seems to be moving toward trump. and i think that we're starting to see these latest numbers everywhere, starting to move toward trump some and away from her and i think the news that came out today and the driving news that's coming up now about the wikileaks, the fact that the new york times, the wall street journal have decided that, oh, the clinton foundation, it turns out to be a problem after all. and it's news everywhere, is going to help trump's argument. i think we're right now headed, look, donald trump's fully capable of screwing up anything as we've seen, but this race right now, it shows him closing the margin with women, to 10. if that's the case, he's really in the ball game here. stuart: wow. you know, pat, i don't know whether you can see, but we're
9:47 am
showing the trump crowds because they make an event with what trump stages. what a contrast with the event that hillary stages. the enthusiasm of the crowd and he's going to do it again today. he's barn storming through ohio today and i think this is having an impact on the public's perception of his candidacy. >> i hope it's because of the-- i would hope it's because of what he's saying, he's staying on message, trying to drive this to much more of a referendum choice. i keep saying, one thing, stuarting -- stuart, that we need to understand that dictates the close race is the attitudes of the country, whether the country is going in the right direction or wrong direction, 2-1 negative. it's 70% in decline and the country is not happy with the economy, or foreign policy and more importantly, over the
9:48 am
question of a third term overwhelmingly people want to go in a different direction. the problem has been the clintons and the media have been driving this election to make it a candidate choice election about donald trump. now, we're having an election a little bit that may involve the larger issue of corruption and how it influences. these last days we've never had an election in probably since 1980, at the end, where so much is in flux as it is in this election and that's my point i keep making. that's why the polls are so screwy. stuart: am i right in saying that right before the election in 1980, jimmy carter versus ronald reagan, carter held a lead, at this point, 12 days to go. carter was very much in the lead. is that accurate? >> well, we had moved into a lead which is why we wanted to stop the debate and why reagan agreed to debate, we were moving our way and we went into the debate ahead for the real statistically well ahead on
9:49 am
that tuesday which was, remember, seven days before the election, and be like next week comparatively. and then the race moved, it tightened. i was the one who had it accurately. i said it was 5 points down. it was tied on friday, 5 points down on saturday and 10 points down on sunday night-- monday night, excuse me, tied on saturday, 5 down on sunday, and 10 down on monday night and told the president that it was a sland slide. stuart: you were with the carter campaign, you told him the night before the election that he could not win. >> yes. stuart: what was his reaction? >> it's a long-- well, he was kind of. he was in an up mood and had been at the last rally and the problem was, what we were going to do the next morning and actually jody powell was supposed to tell him and he grabbed the phone out of his hand and talked to me. i told him what the situation was and he took it well and just said okay.
9:50 am
stuart: i just want to look at that parallel between november, october, november, 1980 and what we've got going on now. i think-- >> there you had two unpopular candidates and a lot of volatility and you had-- now, we have the hostage crisis going on, and we had tried everything in that campaign to make it about ronald reagan being too dangerous and events started taking it over. and that is maybe, you know, that is what works to trump's advantage. and that may be happening now. stuart: okay. hey, pat, thank you very much indeed for joining us. good historical parallel. we appreciate it. thank you very much, pat. where are we? we are up 20 points. look at the market, it's evenly divided ups and down and that's the dow 30 for you. how about this? double standard in the media, another one. one standard for hillary and another for trump. now, donald trump was roundly criticized for attending a hotel event. the opening of his own hotel, i've got that.
9:51 am
roundly criticized. hillary praised for taking time off for seeing the singer adele in concert. surveillance footage robbers stealing 200 pumpkins from a farm in new jersey. it was in the night and robbers emerged taking $3,000 worth of pumpkins and police of course are trying it find them and i hope to heavens that they get them. more varney in a moment. ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment.
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9:56 am
>> to people who say you're taking time out for swing states >> i say the following, you have been covering me for the last long time. i did yesterday eight stops and three major speeches and been doing this for weeks straight. i left there for an hour and a half, i'm going to north carolina right now and then florida, then up to new hampshire. for you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because hillary clinton does one stop and goes home and sleeps. and yet, you'll ask me that question. i think it's a very rude question. stuart: and the media, by the way, lapped uphillry attending the adele concert last night and hillary tweeted about that she said that was quite a birthday surprise, adele, loved the show last night. h. town hall editor, katie is with us. it's not a double standard, but
9:57 am
different styles of campaign. trump is beginning to win. >> i think so, hillary clinton needs to be question. we've got 12 days for the election. and 11 days in political time, she could blow it. her adele tweet and spending time at the concert shows she's a little out of touch and hanging out with celebrities and contrast that with donald trump who is working hard to open a business, another one, while he's also campaigning. and, yeah, i think they've been unfair to him. he went to north carolina, right after the ribbon cutting yesterday and shows he's an entrepreneur reminding why they like him and did the hard work on the ground. stuart: katie, forgive me, i'm going to cut you off and hold you into the next block. stay right there, please. >> okay. stuart: we'll have much more with katie in a moment and the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ (music playing)
9:58 am
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10:00 am
>> occasionally we offer campaign advice to donald trump. he has neither asked for it nor taken it as far as we can tell. the new fox poll shows him narrowing the gap. with 12 days to go a trump victory is out of the question. here is our advice. keep what you've been doing, the last few days, that's the time when he has stuck to winning issues. keep talking about failed obamacare. and it's hurting millions of people. you've got a plan. hillary will only double down on failure. keep your focus on growing the economy. you've got a plan that restores the middle class, hillary does not. >> keep talking to the black community. that's the group that suffered the most from decades of democrats city rule and massive cheap labor immigration. and attack the assorted money
10:01 am
grubbing of the clinton foundation and the corruption of the fbi and justice department. attack hillary say anything to get elected. ruinous border policy. attack on all front and do it with charm. you can do it, you don't have to breathe fire. you don't have to be personally harsh. people want to be comfortable with their president. a spoonful of sugar helps the med icine go down. one last piece of advice and regular viewers know, do not for any reason mention the women accusing you of aggression. it's helped you. it's helped you in the fox poll. just saying, it's 12 days, it's not over. ♪ >> all right. okay. i'm calming down. i really am. breaking news for you. first to the markets.
10:02 am
we've got a 21 point gain for the dow and not much going on there. look the a the dow 30 and it's individually split, i do believe. winners and losers. and lizzie, do you have the latest in mortgage rates for us. >> ticking down from 3.7 to 3.52 and record lows. still down from last year. stuart: you know, if we were saying this what, a few short years ago. we would-- this would be headline news. ashley: we wouldn't believe it. stuart: 3 1/2% on a 30-year fixed. are you kidding me? liz: what are you waiting for? >> the home builders aren't doing well. down again today. mortgage rate, 3.47 liz: that's because of the news yesterday. disappointing. stuart: 3 1/2%. i love it, i love it, got it. back to politics please. fox news poll. hillary up by only 3 points. and donald trump support among independents is truly surging.
10:03 am
he leads in that group by 13 points, that's 41-28. we've got a new dial on trump. dials are voter reactions to the candidates and this one shows trump talking obamacare. remember, please, red line republicans, blue line democrats ap the yellow, focus on the yellow, independents. roll tape. >> everybody's going up like that. they gave a number of 25% average. they know that's not true. they wanted to try and get out of, you know, get in front. they know that's not true. it's much more. you're going to have 60, 70, 80, 90% increases in obamacare. we're going to repeal it and we're going to replace it and we're going to get you great, great health care at a fraction of the cost. stuart: lee carter does these dials, and she runs the whole show with those dials. that was quite a display of support from independents, wasn't it? >> it is. and we can really see the independents are tracking with
10:04 am
republicans. it resonates with those independent voters when donald trump focuses on the issues like obamacare. we can see as you were talking the last two days, he has done a great job hammering the right issues. that's what people hear from him. he cannot go off track. stuart: you've done the dials on a variety of subjects. and we saw that independents going with trump on that. do they go with trump on other issues when you run other dials? >> they go with trump on every single issue from economy to jobs, to immigration, national security. it's not necessarily coming out in conversation, but it definitely is coming out in their viceral, emotional reaction. where they do not track is when he starts getting involved in the petty, whether you're talking about the women, whether he's getting distracted or defending himself. he needs to stay on the office and talk about issues. when he does the independents track with him. when he goes off, he has trouble saying i'm not sure that i want
10:05 am
this kind of a personality, as our president. >> okay. i've got another dial, i don't know why i use that word. i think it's your word. another dial this one shows reaction to chris wallace asking clinton campaign manager about the fallout from the e-mail scandal. and again, red line republicans, blue line democrats, yellow line independents. roll that tape. >> what's particularly disturbing in this situation is that the intelligence community has now confirmed that john podesta e-mails and the e-mails were stolen about tby the russians. >> i'm talking about the 12 million from the king, and shows the line between private and public and hillary clinton and the clinton foundation. >> again, this is the discussion the russians want to be having, they stole this information, they're selectively leaking, i can't verify any of the information that you have there. we simply don't have enough time as a campaign.
10:06 am
>> i promise you, if these were not true you'd tell us. stuart: it looked to me like they were responding negatively to mook, and positively to chris wallace. >> i've got to say that all voters really appreciate chris wallace's questioning here and appreciate his moderating of the debate as well, but what is fascinating here, the hillary clinton campaign has made a decision that whenever the e-mails come up, pivot to russia. e-mail russia. it's not working and it's not working with independents and that's critical, but it's not even working with democrats. she herself was questioned. we dialed that and she pivoted to russia, same reaction as you saw here. it's more extreme because she did a poor job answering this and everybody, even democrat voters are saying, now what? this is not a good response. stuart: what your dials show is a heavily defensive democrat party at this moment. they are on defense. >> yes. stuart: and trump is on attack on issues and winning independents on issues when he
10:07 am
attacks on issues. >> that's right. stuart: longs he stays on the offense, he wins. as soon as he gets on his heels. he loses. now, his supporters and a lot of republicans will stay with him no matter what he's doing, but the independent voters, he needs those independent voters, he's got to stay on the offensive, he cannot react. stuart: can i do what you do for a living? because it's fascinating to see a reaction like that, it is. thanks for being with us. >> anytime. >> you cannot have my job. donald trump giving details on his big urban inner city plan. listen to him explain his tax incentive points. go. >> it also includes a massive middle class tax cut, tax savings account and child care tax deductions and credits in a total simplification of the tax code and propose tax holidays for inner city investment. a new tax incentive to get foreign companies to relocate in blighted american neighborhoods
10:08 am
and they will do that. it will be worthwhile. it's called incentive. stuart: and by the way, he's also been talking about vocational schools and trade schools for our inner cities. katie back with us again. i haven't seen almost any mention of this inner city plan that he outlined in great detail. i haven't seen it anywhere in the mainstream media, have you? >> not on the airwaves for sure. the reason is because donald trump is laying out a lot of good policies that debunk this idea that democrat policies throughout the year have taken african-americans out of poverty. the poverty rate-- or unemployment rate for young african-american men are triple that of white young men. the number one cause of death of 18 to 32-year-old young african-american men, homicide by gunshot wound, they're killing each other. donald trump is saying in north carolina where 22% of the voting population is african-american, i have a plan for you. it's a good economy with jobs, crime is going to go down and
10:09 am
get your communities safe again and school of choice so your children can grow up and have options rather than being locked into the labor union controlled schools that they've been locked into for 40 years. stuart: throughout the show, katie, i'm saying maybe this is a new ball game. it's certainly not over, this election. maybe there's reason for hope because the fox poll shows trump only down 3 points and down 6 last week. and tell me the truth, am i grasping at straws? >> i don't think you're grasping at straws, but you have to keep in mind he has to get to 270 in the electoral college. he has to win florida, there's a path he has to take to get to 270 despite what the polls may say. it's a long road ahead, but there's hope and things are turning around in his direction, if he sticks to the issues, it will be a closer race than it is today for sure. >> thank you for being with us today. we appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks, stuart. another day and more clinton scandals, this time, it makes
10:10 am
the front page of the new york times. 12 days to go to the election and we've got the story that's on the times front page. amazing. >> how is this? here is a story for you, in japan, there are more people who are over the age of 75 than children. how about that? we will explain why it matters in a moment.
10:11 am
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>> well, we've headed south this thursday morning. now down 18,190. the biotech company, celgene. they're going to do better in the future they say and
10:14 am
surprisingly good results from a cancer drug and celgene is up 6 1/2% to be precise, 104 on biotech. that's the company. celgene. wikileaks released more e-mails, means more trouble for the clintons. this time for the clinton foundation. liz, you've got a great story, wh liz: you're looking at doug on the screen next to bill clinton there. he basically arranged for 116 million dollars in personal business to bill clinton. that was as of 2011. so, 116 million in the form of speeches, outside consulting work and arranging for vacation and corporate jet travel for bill clinton. stuart: from the foundation? >> liz: yes it was connected to a the foundation. and an outside review because chelsea clinton was worried. and irs is looking at it and behest of 64 republicans who
10:15 am
said this is pay to play and could be nonprofit law violations here. stuart: 116 million dollars, to bill clinton from the foundation. all right. thank you. still on the clinton scandal, here is a headline for you, this is on the front page of the new york times. donations to foundat congressman chris collins is with us, republican from buffalo, upstate new york. are these scandals finally hitting home and hurting the clintons?extent that's almost unbelievable. instead of putting america first and i'm glad to hear there will be investigations. i have to expect some of these, quote, gifts that mr. clinton has gotten, i have to expect they probably haven't shown up on the tax return. but i believe that the public is paying attention.
10:16 am
hillary is not denying it, she's just saying i wish wikileaks would stop the dribs and drabs of these coming out daily, but i think we know they're going to-- she's not denying the authenticity. stuart: has it penetrated in your area. you're up for reelection, is it an issue where you are?
10:17 am
parties, saying it was rigged, it was fixed. i believe they're going to stay home. stuart: by the way, the front page of the new york post today says clinton cash machine, foundation firm did millions to bubba, inc. i think that's what you're talking about. it's penetrating. >> absolutely. stuart: it's not out of the news, it's now very much in the news. forgive me, congressman, i want to change the subject to something that's really very different. the opioid addiction mess. it's an epidemic, i believe it's hit your area and it's hit my area, i've got property in >> across america, it is an epidemic, i serve on the health and commerce, and doctors who
10:18 am
are prescribing opioids, they're trying to deal with the pain issue. and you go to the hospital, happy faces and how is your pain management. the hospitals are reimbursed. and doctors are overprescribing
10:19 am
forward and this is a problem that's not going away because these folks are addicted for life. stuart: chris collins, thank you for addressing that. thank you. back to the market. we're still basically flat. down eight points as we speak. i want to bring a demographic story for you. it's from japan. it's unbelievable. senior citizens that would be-- now, this specifically, people over the age of 75, outnumber the number of children, 14 and under, more people over 75, than 14 and under. japan has the most extreme demographics of any society in recorded human history and we're on it.
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
>> we have turned south. and we're down 43. 18,155. buffalo wild wings, they're a winner. solid numbers. up 6 1/2%. maybe feeling a stock up for the election. a lot of wings eaten that night. now this. japan, most extreme demographics of any society in recorded human history. more people over age 75 than children 14 and under. more details. >> 16 million seniors, 15 million children under the age 14. extreme numbers, in fact, in the last three decades the population of seniors in japan has tripled, almost more than tripled while the number of
10:24 am
children has dropped by 40%. they're not having children. they're not getting married. this is putting tremendous strain on social services, their version, in you like, of social security. and the percentage of children as part of the bigger population is now below italy and germany and we know those two nations, it's just a 12.6% of overall population. the only hope that japan had recently is that more people are getting married. >> will that mean more children and back in line? you wonder why the economy is it in malaise. it's because so many people are retired. not part of the economy. stuart: how do you get out of recession when you've got a majority of people over 65. ashley: the overall population of the country dropped by a million. the only nation in the top 20 nations that's done that. it's interesting. >> sure is. we'll get back to that. two intelligence sources now say that president obama used the
10:25 am
blackberry that only allowed certain people to send him messages. among those people, then secretary of state hillary clinton from her private unsecured server. meaning the president's e-mails could have been read by the russians, the chinese or anybody else. is that not a massive security breach? >> the white house was hacked and the state department was hacked, starting in 2014. so courtesy of catherine herridge of fox news, she's now reporting according to intelligence officials that the president's high security blackberry had pre approved e-mail addresses, so did it approve clinton unsecured address previous to march of 2014 when he told 60 minutes he didn't know about it. stuart: e-mails were going from the president to hillary and through a private server which could have easily been hacked. everybody could hack it. >> again, we know that the white house is hacked. the state department was hacked
10:26 am
and dnc was hacked and clinton foundation was hacked. >> she knew it was unsecure because the president's phone to liz's point had to be altered to enunable unsecured e-mails. >> it's a question of judgment for hillary clinton and the president. all right, got it. let's go back to the market fast. we're down 35 points. and that's where we are at this moment. okay. and brand new round of polls are out. they say donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. it is a whole new race. the request he stands, 12 days to go. is it too late for trump? we'll be back. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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10:31 am
>> a whole new race after this. new fox poll, clinton only leads trump by three points. she led six last week and seven the week before. lisa booth is here. i say it has a race again. the question is, is this surge, not a surge but too late for trump to win? >> i don't know . i mean it's definitely a different than the the previous week and not just close the gap nationally but also in states like new hampshire and florida i believe he is within margin error new hampshire and recent mammoth poll that came out so we certainly see it at least trend income a positive direction for donald trump. is it truly i don't know.
10:32 am
his own campaign manager and data team conceded the fact they're behind now. does that mean he didn't have a chance to win, no, but she holds lead in this election. >> well there are other polls, usa today has hillary ten points ahead. the ap has hillary 12 points ahead. but if you look at those polls in detail, they're way, wildly over sampling democrats. so i'm not sure i really trust those polls. i think that fox poll is the gold standard. and three points ahead. would you agree with this, though? that the trend is clearly certainly in the fox poll and elsewhere that trend is towards donald trump? >> i think he's picking up momentum yeah where we saw that in fox national poll what he was able to do is -- increase his lead with independents much more significantly than last fox news poll. he also looks like he's you know consolidating republican are based and fox news poll which is exactly what he want it is to
10:33 am
do. and to your point you know i think there's also been some statewide polling like i mentioned in florida and new hampshire also show movement in his favor. so you know that's all positive news for donald trump, and pitd say as far as getting your basic excited about this race this is great news for donald trump to be able to talk about the fact this this race is not over. that it is not the blood bath that the mainstream media is saying that it is going to be. >> how do you explain this? as trend goes towards donald trump he's attacked more vigorously than ever in the media. having a very hard time in the media yet the trend strdz him. how do you explain this? >> you know, it is interesting because if you look at paid advertising from hillary clinton hillary clinton has spent at least as of last week when i looked at the numbers spent more than double amount of donald trump on radio, tv, and cable and then if you look at her ally, shupp pack and groups that
10:34 am
support her they have spent three times as much as donald trump and we know based off of research that has recently came out from the media research center that 91% of the news stories out there at least from cbs, abc and nbc have been negative about donald trump so that is sort of an interesting scenario in the sense that he's getting absolutely killed when it comes to paid advertising and also earned media you know but still has managed to at least have a race that looks like it is within with margin of error in battleground states and close nationally. >> okay. 20 seconds, if i say it's not too late, this became is a new game. am i grasping at straws? >> not at straws but see what happens next week. what we've seen in the election so far are pretty big swings so i think if he look like this next week or takes the lead fort
10:35 am
race tightens even more, you know then that's a whole different story that we're talking about. i think at this point 12 days out with we have to look at the polls as they come and try to gauge where donald trump looks like he may be in this election. >> remember lisa right before the election of 19 80 jimmy carter up before the election which was a landslide for ronald reagan just remember that. not grassping at straws good news for his supporter and they should be telling supporters that this race isn't over. stuart: indeed. lisa thank you for joining us i know you'll be back next week and see you then. thanks so very much. donald trump is calling for bank reform specifically he wants 21st century version of glass siegel that's the law that requires separation of commercial and investment banking.
10:36 am
roll that tape. >> policy of the clintons brought us the financial recession through lifting glass pushing sub prime lending and blocking reforms to fannie and freddie it's time for a 21st century and as part of that a priority on helping african-american businesses get the credit they need and encourage small business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty business into repayable but forgivable microloans. very simple but something so good. >> well we went into a lot of detail policy there. but the bottom line is that trump wants the old glass eagle updated for the 21st century. king in business chair. welcome back, brian. >> good to be here. stuart: have i got it right where you separate out investment banks that make their live by trading stuff is and
10:37 am
make loan and take in deposits that's what he wants. would it do any good? >> that's the old glass eagle if he wants the glassed eagle that's what you get but a 21st century nobody knows what that means. >> but to improve of the separation. >> doesn't do anything to address current issues. 2008 financial crisis almost nobody looks at that and says glassed eagle would have done anything about that. interested in glassed eagle is bernie sanders and elizabeth warren they want to see that backed but when elizabeth warren was asked she didn't say because it would do good really teff to problems in 2008 but symbolic. it is symbolic of the fact that we've moved away from regulation in the financial sector. i don't know if donald trump wants to be embracing that position. >> well if you did embrace that position, and i was an investor and i put my u money into the stock of an investment bank it is my risk risking that they trade successfully or not. i'm taking the risk. not the taxpayer. >> yep.
10:38 am
>> if you have the -- deposit of banks deposit taking bank and commercial bank and i invest in that again it is my risk. it's not the federal government's risk. isn't this something took said for that? >> investors right now who are investing in bank of america or jp moore they understand different sides of this business and diversified revenue strains and fine with that. but again we don't have any evidence to suggest somehow putting two activities together was what caused the financial crisis. you've got a lot of other issues there. he mentioned them in a speech by the way fannie mae and fannie mae and freddie freddie. that's his first step he wants to repeal dot frank but how do you reform it to do community banks again. all access to credit and talk about what we can do request dot frank. >> go back to tax cut and
10:39 am
regulatory cuts. >> obamacare should be talking about that in speeches. anyway a lot of talk about glassed eagle is like a throwback that has little to do with our current situation. >> first time that professor brenburg hasn't been widely in ifer pa of a trump policy. >> that's not true. >> i don't to give you a bad name. you have to go back to class. appreciate it. tesla, tesla. stay with us, surprise on wall street. because they made a profit. all right nicole. you're going to have to tell me how they did it. >> they stole for the tune of about $140 million. so you get $7500 tax credit if you use these plug-in electric type vehicles in the term. in the long-term that might be gone but big picture a surprise profit no one expected that. first profit in three years, record deliveries and here's the thing. last year they had production
10:40 am
delivery about 50,000 vehicles. and 2018 they expect 500,000. so my friends from the new ipo by the way. >> i was going to break in and say you have an audience right next to you there. nicole looks like -- >> they love "varney & company." stuart: let them stay . interesting stuff on tesla there thank you very much. u.s. military says two top al qaeda leaders were killed in northern afghanistan. blown up in a drone attack. they say it was the most significant attack against al qaeda in several years. no full details yet but we'll get them for you. market down 22 points again not much action in the overall market at this point and split roughly 50/50 winners and losers on the dow. more on fox news polls, donald trump gains more ground with evangelical voters and of utah -- well, dare i say the man
10:41 am
flip-flopped? he did. now he says he will vote for donald trump. full story after this.
10:42 am
>> remember "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern. here's what you missed last hour. here's a look at packed cadel on experiences with jimmy carter in 1980s. >> problem was when we were going to do the next morning and
10:43 am
jody supposed to tell him and grabbed a phone and talked to me so i told him the situation was. he took a while and he said okay. prchg he said just okay. >> i wanted to look at that parallel between november and october, november, 1980 on what we've got going on now. >> two unpopular candidates and a lot of volatility, and you had now we have the hostage crisis going on. but we had tried everything in that campaign to make it about ronldz reagan being too dangerous, and events started taking it over. and that is maybe, you know, that is what worked to trump's advantage.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> you know we keep droning on about twitter don't we never seems to go anywhere. it is numbers were better than -- [laughter] endorsement. >> true. come on. >> droning on -- >> 17 a share. not bring in much money. it wants to be sold no buyers yet and still at 17 a share. got it, right. donald trump keeping major support among one key group that will be evangelical. a new fox poll he leads by 57 points over hillary clinton. this is e syringe call 17 versus 74 come on in please robert first baptist dallas pastor and
10:46 am
e evangelical coming home within the party? >> i don't think they've left, they haven't left the porpt senior high important values. i said the greatest challenge you face this last week is not that they'll suddenly turn and start to support hillary clinton but play the conscience card and stay at home and not vote at all. this development with jason for example, is a good sign that in the final week the devote mormons will realize this is a choice between a pro-life and opposite views on all of those issues. frankly stuart i don't see how a conscientious christian can stay at home and not vote when choice is no obvious. >> let me get to that in a second but i want to put on the the screen what jason congressman said. he had originally said i won't vote for him and he said i will
10:47 am
not defend or endorse donald trump but i am voting for him. hillary rodham clinton is that bad. she's that bad for the usa. that's what jason said, again maybe this is an example of coming home come together for republican party but i want to the get to this. you said in good conscience you could not see how a devout christian could vote for hillary? >> yeah, absolutely. at the last debate you heard donald trump make the most impassioned plea for the pro-life position of any republican candidate in history. and i include romney mccain, either of the bushes, ronald reagan himself. and you know stuart for a christian to be able to see evil and stop evil and not do so that is inexcusable and million was children butchered in the woman every year to abortion and hillary clinton did not offer any restriction on abortion or
10:48 am
horrific practice are of partial birth abortion i don't see how any good christian ore under conscience could -- >> u could you make the same eargt that a devat christian could not vote for hillary clinton? >> yeah i think the religious liberty issue for example, as you know trump and i had had a meeting of religious leaders and talked the fact that people are losing their jobs, they're being forced into bankruptcying with schools are compromising beliefs all because on parking lot obama clinton assault on religious liberty another key issue for christian conservatives. >> they're coming home because donald trump has a 57 point lead among evangelicals. interesting discussion. thank you, sir. check that big board go nowhere.
10:49 am
down 11 points that's where we are. 18187. how about this video it is really annoying. this is a pumpkin robbery in new jersey. these made off with what -- 200 pumpkins from a family farm. kids for heaven's sake hope they catch him. judge napolitano has a question for combmy, what happened to the fbi, he'll tell ya. ♪
10:50 am
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10:53 am
woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. stuart: let's take a look at the big board for you market up 7 points on the dow. but we'll look at individual stocks let's take a look at the company called ziko express leading in china shares have started trading at the new york stocks exchange down 6%. but public can buy into that company. biotech raising its profit of revenue forecast for the years ago. higher demand for its flagship cancel drug that stock up nicely nearly 6%. to individual stocks winner and loser first loser ford profit gets hit by recall that stock down an surprise profit, though, elon msk tesla how about that? the stock up more than 4%. and take a look at comcast this is the biggest drag on the nasdaq right now down almost 3%
10:54 am
at 6078. check this weather map of the northeast first snowstorm of the year. say it isn't so. rain and wet snow moving into the areas not that big of a deal but yeah summer is officially over. now, this check out some surveillance video we've been talking about this from wayne, new jersey. thieves mean-spirited thieves overnight stealing 200 pump conditions from a family farm . the heist worth about $3,000 . now this video, a tiger attacking a trainer at a pensacola interstate fair in florida. the two yeertd bengal tiger named gandi dragging trainer across the cage for a kid show suffering cuts but no bites. thankfully everything was resolved. how's this for a headline democrats tack the senate that means that liz warren and bernie sanders presidency will explain it at the top of the hour.
10:55 am
and tszuj andrew napolitano and jam comey and says in shadow of the former self he will make his case about this. but first this dr. ben carson from last hour. >> u right now he's got this wonderful gift that was given to him called affordable care act and he needs to be emphasizing what this means. you know, basically it's a rob peter scheme. we give health care to a group of people and make it impossible for another group to get. that doesn't make any sense. you know supposed to be liberty and justice for all. these are issues he should be pounding on and he's going to. >> yesterday i think it was in north carolina he talked about trade school, vocational education for inner city folks. you approve of that. do you think that's a good line of approach? >> that's an excellent line of approach because you know i was talking to ceo of a company he said boy, if i could get a
10:56 am
welder give me an apprentice welder you can't find these people anymore. we aren't teaching them and one of the areas that donald trump has talked about. we have all of these people going into prisons an they go in with little education and no skill is and come out with with little education and no skill we could give them education and skills and obtain a job and cut down of the rate because we need to develop all of our people. >> do you think he can win i know that's a loaded we are if a man backing donald trump for at least a year. but -- is it not too late you say? >> my prediction is that he is going to win, and because i don't e believe that the american people are as simplistic as the news media and politically elite think they are. they think they can pull strings and manipulate them and believe all kinds of things i don't think they're quite that simple. new alert system
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stuart: ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the tale of two opposite campaign style, the barnstorming of donald trump, the defensive hillary clinton. we watched trump storm through florida. he will do it again today in ohio and keep it up with multiple appearances every day until the election, playing to massive crowds, there is a palpable sense of excitement, and stuck to winning issues, that is obamacare, the economy, prosperity. and old-fashioned bringing out the vote exciting appeal. hillary clinton's approach is different, she sits atop a massive political machine which has spent hundreds of millions on ads.
11:01 am
her public appearances are carefully crafted, stick to the script, does not give free ranging interviews, she goes to when a dell concert, accept a birthday cake on live tv and laughs it up with ellen the generous and the crowd she draws, smaller than trump's by a mile and far less enthusiastic. as the race enters its final days the contrasting styles are on full display and so is the polling trend, going towards the barnstorming trump. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. stuart: let's get at it. new foxhole shows trump, yes, he is closing the race. hillary up by three in a four way matchup, 44.1, it was 6 last week, 7 the week before. trump enjoys a large lead among
11:02 am
independents, important group, 13 point advantage, 41-28. monica crowley, online opinion editor and also dan hettinger, wall street editorial deputy editor and ashley and elizabeth. i say, maybe i am grasping at straws, maybe this is a whole new race. >> the new foxhole reflects what we are seeing another polls, donald trump is closing the national gap. we got to see if these numbers hold true and steady not just nationally but the key is the battleground states was if we see these trends holding true in key states, he has a fighting chance in november 8th. two numbers jumped out at me, the one you mentioned about the lead among independents, previously undecided voters breaking his way but the key number, other polling on this to see if it is a true number, he
11:03 am
took the gender gap, it had been 20%, fox news poll has it at 10 person. if that trend line continues, that is an astonishing development given the artillery level that donald trump in terms of women and allegations and so forth. the 10% is actually true not only does that narrow his gap at the historic gender gap over many decades. stuart: i thought i would get a little enthusiasm and got it. let's turn to the wall street journal's dan hettinger. am i grasping at straws if i say this is a whole new race? >> race is always tightening towards the end. i agree with monica. if those numbers start tightening in north carolina, new hampshire, pennsylvania, missouri, you are into a whole new ballgame and it depends what trump does in the final 12 days.
11:04 am
the race seems to be tightening because talking about issues like obamacare and taxes and black americans, charlotte, north carolina, i was struck in the column i wrote by this number deep in one of the wall street journal polls when they asked would you prefer a senate controlled by republicans who would serve as a block on hillary clinton or democratic senate to help her and act her agenda. by 13 points they prefer a republican senate. that suggests there is a tendency among voters to go with the republicans and that should slide to donald trump if in the last 12 days he can give them reasons. stuart: makes it easier. we have another issue. the clinton foundation scandals, that scandal made it onto the front page of the new york times, there is the headline, right up front, new york times,
11:05 am
donations to the foundation vexed hillary clinton's aids, the wall street journal got on board too, clinton foundation fundraisers press donors, business to former president. i could say scandal has finally penetrated the front page of the times and may have an impact. >> the wall street journal a big shout out because they have done extraordinary investigative work to the clinton foundation and the range of corruption. when it comes to the new york times they broke the original story march of last year she had this private and secure nongovernment server. after that they dropped the story because they realized how damaging it would be to her political ambition. the fact they are late in the game, we had so many breaking stories about the depths of sordid and cynicism and corruption from her, her husband, her foundation that the new york times hasn't covered, i give them props for doing it now but this is the bare minimum
11:06 am
that they have to do to be a credible news organization. stuart: you are all right. dan hettinger, your column today, you call it the one sanders presidency, you are talking what happens if the democrats do take the senate. why don't you spell it out for our viewers? >> elizabeth warren is barnstorming for hillary clinton and if you think she is out there just to get hillary clinton elected president you are diluted. she is barnstorming to ensure democratic senate in which case she and bernie sanders would essentially be copresidents, running the government from capitol hill. bernie sanders has made a deal that he will become chairman of the budget committee. elizabeth warren -- stuart: bernie sanders would become the chair of the senate budget committee, a socialist with his hand on the budget.
11:07 am
please continue. >> elizabeth warren is on the banking committee, most people who watch your program think she is the head of the senate banking committee because of what she did to wells fargo, she sent this letter demanding the resignation of securities and exchange chairman mary jo white because she doesn't do enough to attack the banks. if they win the senate she and sherrod brown, senator from ohio, running the budget committee and the progressives do not trust the clintons. that became clear in the 2008 primary when barack obama got the progressives together and defeated the clinton machine and wikileaks suggests there is bad blood between the clintons and the progressives and i think elizabeth warren and bernie sanders have in mind, they have a list of appointees they won't accept from hillary clinton if she becomes president. politico published a story september 6th call the hit list. stuart: hillary clinton has a
11:08 am
list and they left, already none of them, forget it. >> most of those people have to be confirmed by the senate and if they control the senate who are the two people standing in the way saying no, we won't taken, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. stuart: how close are the democrats to taking control of the senate? it is a long way away. >> what we have been sitting and talking about the race is tightening. all the senate races with the exception of ohio and maybe illinois are very tight. republicans cannot lose four senate races. to the extent trump performs in the last 12 days i think that can help the senators who are in tight races as people begin to focus on what would be the consequences of allowing the democrats to win the senate much less the presidency. there will be a lot of focus. stuart: thanks, stay with us, i want to get to the market, we areon't have much to
11:09 am
report, dead flat, two points up, oil still below $50 but only just, $.64 at $49.81, oil having no impact on stocks but look at tesla, they did make money in the last quarter. first time they have done that in three years. there is a catch. they sold $139 million of clean air, clean car tax credits. taxpayer money. that is what they did was up $80. apple, new laptops come out today but you have to wait a while, those of the two stories on apple, dead flat, $115 an air. amazon report their numbers after the closing bell, 4:00 eastern, i stayed is the most important earnings report of the season, that is the way amazon goes these days. all eyes on that stock, 4:00
11:10 am
this afternoon. google otherwise known as alphabet reporting after the bell today it is elevating self driving car project into a stand alone business. don't know what the market thinks of that but it is down $4. look at some of these people, billionaires, they support, strangely, donald trump. later this hour, one of them will be in our studios to take a close look at trump's economic plans which very few billionaires behind donald trump but those are they. trump barnstorming in ohio, three separate stocks, the same state where hillary clinton famously said she would put call miners out of business was we will take you to ohio but you got to listen to this. >> i am the only candidate who has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity, you think clean renewable energy is a key come into coal country because we are going to put a lot of
11:11 am
call miners and coal companies out of business. >> i am going to put the miners back to work, she said i am going to put the miners and the minds out of business and then she comes over and tries to explain her statement, that is a tough one to explain, wouldn't you say? we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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11:14 am
>> we are going to win north carolina. we are going to win florida. we are going to win florida, ohio, iowa, we are winning a lot of states. the media, what is going on over here? stuart: that is what the media is going to say. trump will barnstorming through ohio and springfield and geneva going there today. real clear politics, trump maintains a slightly in a four
11:15 am
way race in ohio. it is up one point, clear politics, ohio. congressman bill johnson is here, republican from ohio. let me get this right. are you winning? will you appear with him today? >> i will not be appearing with him today but i am willing to appear with him because it is so important the american people have that clear choice of a different direction on november 8th. i have been working through southeastern ohio and across the state to carry that message but i am more than happy to appear with mister trump. he represents the top of our ticket and it is the right thing to do. stuart: he is slightly ahead in the real clear politics poll. is that because of what donald trump has said about bringing manufacturing jobs back and restoring the coal industry? that is the issue putting him in front in ohio?
11:16 am
>> that is one of the big issues. you said it earlier in one of your comments, hillary clinton cannot walk back her comments that she will put call miners and coal companies out of business. people in eastern and southeastern ohio heard it, they believe it and what donald trump has said about energy policy and continuing to go after our natural resources, coal, oil and gas and the job creation those industries represent, manufacturing coming back, trade deals that put american workers in competitive advantage position absolutely those messages have been resonating with the hard-working people of the state of ohio. stuart: what about the issue of obamacare?
11:17 am
what happens to premiums in the state of ohio? >> they skyrocket. across the nation the administration acknowledged we will see a 25% increase in premiums and that is only average. some states will be much larger and there will be people in eastern and southeastern ohio in excess of 25%, i don't have to tell you in appalachia, the hardest hit areas of the obama administration, the unemployment above the national average in many places, these are people that cannot afford to pay more for their healthcare and let's not forget the other statistic, one in five consumers will only have one choice of insurer, looking at higher costs, less choice for the american people,
11:18 am
this is the disaster they predicted it was going to be and it is proven it is coming. stuart: thanks for joining us. always appreciate it. before we move on, that is snow in the forecast for much of upstate new york. the white patch you see on your screen is snow. this is still october. here it comes. this is donald trump taking heat for attending the ribbon-cutting of his new hotel in washington dc, a lot of media heat for that but hillary went to anne odell concert, we will deal with this juxtaposition, contrast, here is what trump had to say about it. >> hillary clinton goes to siena dell concert last night, isn't that nice? isn't that wonderful?
11:19 am
i did eight stops yesterday, three major rallies, 25, 15, thousands of people. upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
stuart: donald trump is
11:23 am
defending his campaign schedule. he was asked about his trip to the opening of the trump hotel in dc. here is what he said. >> i can't take one hour off to cut a ribbon of one of the great hotels of the world? i think i'm entitled. she does 1-stop because she has no energy, has nothing going, does one stop and nobody complains about that was no one complains when she goes to and a dell concert while i am making two speeches with massive crowds. stuart: he is learning, that was a brilliant pivot. >> he took one hour to do the ribbon cutting to demonstrate she has been a successful businessman, continues to be a successful businessman and the point was we opened this hotel early and under budget. stuart: that is a great plus. ashley: why can't the federal government say that? >> he made three or four stops in florida, not like he took the
11:24 am
day off. stuart: he did. we have new emails, the scandal continues, this is about hillary's server. have you gone through it? liz: the center for american progress, clinton's transition team, the campaign manager, we know who actually told hillary clinton she could use the private email server, has the present been drawn and quartered? stuart: which shows a lot of back lighting within the campaign and also they all knew she was using a private server. liz: how do you explain it? stuart: the big deal here is emails went from the president of the united states to hillary clinton through an unguarded private server. they could have been looking at -- >> the president of the united states new at the time, he lied
11:25 am
to the american people and that, by the way according to my theory, is the only reason mrs. clinton is the democratic nominee. if she were guilty so is he. >> we have to keep saying this was the white house was hacked in 2014, the state department was hacked, the dnc was hacked, the clinton foundation was hacked, postal service hacked, everybody was getting hacked, why does the president not know to email? stuart: leave it hanging on that one. there are very few billionaires who support donald trump. almost all of them support hillary. the ones on your screen support trump. one of them is our guest, next.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: the new appears in -- opinion piece on says the fbi have been corrupted by president obama and the administration. written by judge andrew napolitano.
11:30 am
this is strong stuff with you say the fbi investigation of hillary clinton was never going to go anywhere. was in fact sideways. judge napolitano: sideways is the phrase used by the person in charge of her investigation but he had a story in the fbi on the new york field office and the philadelphia field office, ran the washington dc field office, head of the national security branch about a strategic position as an fbi agent, risen through the ranks. he quit the investigation, resigned from the fbi, characterized the investigation as sideways was what does sideways mean in law enforcement? going nowhere by design. why did he come to that conclusion? fbi senior management and department of justice was not allowed to present any evidence to the grand jury. most people think the justice department and the fbi can
11:31 am
subpoena things from you. they cannot. they have to present evidence to a grand jury and the grand jury issued a subpoena. without a grand jury there is no subpoena. without a grand jury a federal judge will not take seriously any application for a search warrant with you have an investigation going nowhere, the fbi is toothless, not using any of the statutory and constitutional tools available to it and you have the decorated fbi agents saying this is sideways. stuart: right from the get-go the fix was in to put it colloquially. judge napolitano: now we learned we 10 days, 12 days before the election that president obama himself communicated with mrs. clinton, knowing it was going through a private server notwithstanding what he said. stuart: you put your finger on what i think is the biggest scandal of the lot, emails went from the president of the united states to the secretary of state, obama to clinton and vice
11:32 am
versa, and went through the unsecured private server. judge napolitano: judicial watch, the plaintiff in most of the freedom of information act cases learned about this and subpoenaed them guess what the white house said. they are classified. that means the president put classified material on a nonsecure server and knowingly did so. guess who would probably have been the first defense witness called in a case where the united states of america versus hillary rodham clinton had there been such a case? we call barack obama, the president of the united states. stuart: that won't happen. judge napolitano: somebody instructed somebody who instructed the fbi go sideways. stuart: i am reading into this, cut through the weeds here. it means the president of the united states could have had his
11:33 am
emails read by the russians because they were going through an unsecured server. judge napolitano: we have no evidence that mrs. clinton's servers were have to but we do know she shared a lot of confidential and secret material with her friend sid blumenthal whose emails were definitely hacked by foreign intelligence agents. stuart: one little path to get into a server. that is all it takes. how do you do it? we are not allowed to know about the emails which may have been read by the russians. they can see it, we can't. this is the president of the united states and his emails, that is a security breach of major proportions. judge napolitano: yes it is. probably just going to sit there, nothing will happen. there will be no case. stuart: you say there is no proof the server was hacked but anybody who knows anything about
11:34 am
hacking knows you get in and get out without anybody knowing. judge napolitano: there is no proof the server was hacked, that is based on the testimony of fbi director comey. stuart: where is it standing now? judge napolitano: he has a lot of fbi agents in the field to profoundly disagree with his handling of the case. that is a question you should ask me on january 21, 2017. who succeeds barack obama. stuart: i am looking forward in the event of a hillary clinton presidency, nothing happens period. no matter what. congress gets on it. judge napolitano: trump said if he gets elected i don't know what mrs. clinton will do to address this publicly. god only knows what communications there have been through a variety of intermediaries, probably barack obama. stuart: it is fascinating.
11:35 am
that kind of level i never thought we would get to this. judge napolitano: the will of law be damned. stuart: you came in specially for this because that is a fine article. thank you very much. donald trump, roughly a dozen billionaires supporting him, about 100 other billionaires who support hillary clinton but some trump billionaires are on your screen. one of them is with us right now, wilbur ross, trump economic advisor, you are still a billionaire. >> as of yesterday. stuart: are you getting good table that new york restaurants? why is it that all the other billionaires, a couple hundred of them, go for hillary clinton. why do they do that? i thought trump was supposed to be all for the rich. >> he is not all for the rich. he made clear he will do away
11:36 am
with favorable tax treatment which comes directly out of me and several other people you have on screen so silly to say he is pro-billionaire. the fact is a family, married couple, two children, $50,000 a year, get 30% tax reduction under trump. same family with $.75 also gets over 30% deduction. same family with $5 million gets a 1% deduction. stuart: you are saying that is the way to grow the economy, wilbur ross, billionaire, is for donald trump. >> i think he will spend it wisely. what i object to is paying more taxes and having it flitted away. stuart: you are a is this guy is what do you say about trump and trade? all conservatives, wealthy
11:37 am
people say to me that is one area where i have a problem, trade, 35% tariff in china. >> that is not what he said. what he said is if it turns out the chinese are manipulating their currency by 45% and if negotiations fail, it may become necessary to threaten them with a 45% tariff. a far cry from it is going to be a trade or, world war iii. stuart: in negotiating position. stuart: you do that kind of thing in business. >> we have done it to each other. stuart: are you hard-core like this? i am not asking but i ask this question. one criticism of the trump economic plan produces a big deficit and ads to the debt. >> it is not true. it is only true if you look at
11:38 am
it in isolation. what trump propose and we tried to explain to the tax policy center, integrated proposal, there are tax cuts, score them on a dynamic basis and there is a deficit 2 $.6 trillion or something like that is when you factor in regulatory relief of a couple hundred billion dollars, factor in the trade reducing the trade deficit and positive taxes for more earnings here and unleash energy it isn't. it is revenue neutral. stuart: a dynamic account. the other guys get static accounts. >> let's be clear what the difference is. static accounts takes account of tax. if all you do is reduce tax, the budget deficit increases. if all you do is raise tax which
11:39 am
is what mrs. clinton is proposing, it is positive revenue. that is great. the ones that do the economy, for example she is proposing $275 billion more taxes on business. that is 7.5% total business income, 1.5% of the total economy. tell me what that is going to do. stuart: you have done business face-to-face with donald trump, negotiated with him. how was it? >> we made a fair arrangement. stuart: have you done it frequently with donald trump? >> back in the bankruptcies of casinos, it is interesting. carl icahn and i were on the bondholder side of the equation, both supporting. we feel he handled himself in a very honorable fashion in the
11:40 am
bankruptcy which is not necessarily characteristic of the average debtor. stuart: that is fascinating. get that story out. wilbur ross, billionaire. one of the few to support trump. you like that label, of course you do. >> i like the idea i am supporting trump. stuart: thank you very much. check the big board. is going nowhere. we are down 6 points, all we got for you but i have this. ford's chief executive officer, mark fields, joined maria bartiroma this morning, she asked him about donald trump's plan to impose a 35% tax on american cars built outside the country that come into the country. we will tell you what mark fields said. we are looking at the surprise battleground state of utah. mike pence was just there. role that tape. >> don't buy it.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
possible yahoo deal in dow chemical revenue, 2% on the downside, boeing announced a deal for 14747 and the opportunity to buy more going forward. the biggest ever semiconductor deal, $39 billion groupon comes under serious pressure down 20% throughout the day, quarterly loss, living social and ipos, initial public offering, and the largest ipo of the year. that is under pressure as well. ♪ (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade.
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siriusxm. road happy. stuart: ford motor company stock not doing much, loaded down, 1.3%, executive chief executive officer mark fields joined maria, she asked about trump's the united states when s made they come back in. >> it is a hypothetical question and right now we are running business for the long-term. we look at the business environment on a continuous basis and if we see the business environment change we have to understand what that means for our business but it is a big hypothetical let's get through november 8th and see who wins and go from there. stuart: donald trump is not a friend of detroit. liz: no but michael moore in his movie trumpland said detroit has
11:46 am
never seen anyone become a presidential candidate stand up and say knock it off or i will tax you. you can talk about trade wars, that is an issue. he does say you will waste your vote if you vote for donald trump but gave an impassioned speech for why the working staff is voting for trump, dispossessed and demoralized. that is michael moore's term. the union leadership across the board, but leadership is for hillary clinton. when you talk to the rank-and-file union workers, the guys and women on the line in detroit were voting for donald from. stuart: he could win the mission. >> that is not a state if i am donald trump but it is possible. stuart: mike pence attempted a rally in salt lake city, utah, yesterday. you vote for a third party and
11:47 am
get hillary clinton elected president. >> don't buy it. don't be fooled. this race is on. we will drive all the way to the finish. stuart: david drucker, washington examiner senior correspondent would you have a piece out today, donald trump is in serious trouble in utah but this morning we hear jason chafe it's, republican utah has changed his mind and he will vote for donald trump. does this make any difference to the race in utah? >> donald trump still underperforming by leaps and bounds. in the high 30s to low 40s, and
11:48 am
donald trump was on track to win utah, the entrance here scrambled things and the same republican insiders steered away from thinking trump could lose utah in the summer because it is so republican, so conservative, and change the wind. stuart: the mormon church does not like what donald trump has been doing with women and saying about women and will not support donald trump's candidacy. enter another mormon as a proxy for the mormon church, the democrat will win the state of utah. >> the fact that utah is predominantly mormon is a factor in donald trump's problems in utah but not necessarily a church hierarchy problem.
11:49 am
mormons are very conservative. utah one of the most republican in the country. utah republicans prefer a more civil politics and also because of their faith differently on issues like immigration, and they also take big issues with the way trump talked about muslims because there is a history of persecution against mormons. i don't think it is a church thing but the utah republicans in which stems from their membership. stuart: even though there is a small number of electoral college votes in utah it is an important state in the scheme of things would would you say trump cannot win the presidency if he loses utah? >> if he loses what should be six guaranteed a left oral votes, makes it much more
11:50 am
difficult. we are two weeks out and what is significant is had to dispatch mike pence to urge republicans to come home. this is what you might do after the primary or the republican convention. two weeks out the most republican state in the nation, the broader problems he faces, not out of the race and still competitive in battleground states. stuart: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. look at a company called the t0 express. shares have started trading, the ipo earlier today, the biggest ipo of the year down 7%. amazon reports after the bell, that is very important. of all the earnings reports amazon is probably the most
11:51 am
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stuart: clinton campaign manager robbie move saying donald trump could win the election. role the tape. >> make no mistake, only 10%, donald trump could win this election. stuart: what is heup to? ashley: don't take this for granted, get out and vote and that is a problem for the clinton campaign. 12 points ahead, does not turn out, the point being go out and vote. stuart: also addressing the difference in enthusiasm levels. go to a trump rally, tends of thousands of people going crazy for the guy, hillary clinton, not that much enthusiasm. >> they are not going to turn that around with ashley is right. it is all about turn out because they have to get the obama
11:56 am
coalition to turn out and still have a couple weeks where they need money rolling in. fundraising. ashley: it won't fire anyone up. stuart: all morning long i have been saying foxhole shows donald trump only three points behind hillary, it was six weeks last week, the likeliest race, it is not over. am i grasping at straws? liz: know if you look at just the poll, the associated press polis 10 percentage points. 10 points up in usa today. stuart: heavily overpoll democrats in those two polls which am i or am i not grasping at straws? liz: it is a race, you are not. ashley: the electoral college makes me nervous was very far to get the big states to carry the
11:57 am
most of electoral college votes but in sports, you play the game, you never know, he is closing the gap. >> what matters is the momentum and the trend lines in the final two weeks going up to election day and right now the momentum is with donald trump. stuart: let's not forget 1980 with jimmy carter, ahead of ronald reagan the week before the election by 5 or 9 points. we will be back. to save up to 95% on your prescriptions? introducing blink health. blink has negotiated some of the lowest prices so you can get your same medication, at your same pharmacy, for a lower price. just go to, pay for your prescription, and pick up at your regular pharmacy. blink is accepted at nearly every pharmacy nationwide. go to and get $10 off your first purchase, promo code: tv.
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11:59 am
tree into donald trump barnstorming tour ohio today. he's got three or four appearances and i've got to bet that he'll be talking about obamacare in his demise. monica is writing about obamacare. what he say? >> my column talks about how president obama, nancy pelosi and harry reid and the left built into the system the collapse we see today in order to move us. i have all the quotes from tom harkin at the time. nancy pelosi saying nancy pelosi
12:00 pm
famous as a starter home to the progressive left. we are going to move to single payer over time. stuart: the quote we always used on "varney & company." affordable, portable, affordable . neil: i'm trying to think about a starter home would be like for you, stuart. does that fall on ears with you? it falls across multiple zip codes. >> is 900 square feet in san francisco and the know with valley area. i bought it for 60,000 bucks and it's now worth $850,000. what kind of investor in my. driven to do you still have it? >> now, i would regret to say i do not. neil: will follow up on that. we are focusing as you pointed


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