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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 28, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> such a great time. we ran out of time. michael johns, dagen mcdowell and lee carter, a great show. happy halloween, have a good weekend. >> the girls work on sunday. maria: stuart, take it away. stuart: are you done? don: yeah, we're done. we're talking. [laughter] >> i'll take it, thank you very much. now then, if you own amazon sock, you have every right to be mad at hell at the analysts and their expectations. good morning, everyone, the stock will be down 40 bucks, maybe more, why? because amazon's performance did not measure up to what wall street had expected. amazon spent big on warehouses, alexa, echo, expansion in india, cloud services and their very own delivery system. they want growth in every
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corner of their business. oh, we can't have that, they missed. so there's an analyst-inspired selloff in progress. now you know why we do not do expectations on this program. but we do a lot of of politics. leaks revealed bill clinton will take $116 million from his link to the charitable clinton foundation and the state department. the wall street journal calls the clintons grifters in chief. it's a sordid tale of money grubbing and influence peddling on full display for the public to see, not in the media, but here. and a better growth rate for the economy. varn "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ let's start with this, governor mike pence's campaign plane skidded off the runway at
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laguardia airport last night. nobody injured. a dramatic scene, it was a rainy night in new york city. governor pence spoke to fox and friends about it in the last hour. roll tape. >> we had about ten seconds of uncertainty at the end of that landing, but, just, so thankful. so thankful to our pilots and frankly, to the first responders. the plane had no sooner come to a stop that i felt we were surrounded by first responders. stuart: you know, ten seconds, as you're saying, ashley, ten seconds of uncertainty is a long time if you count it out. ashley: yes. stuart: obviously the n.t.s.b. is investigating the second runway at laguardia is back open as of this morning. let's get to sam on. the share price is going to be sharply lower at the opening bell. down, i think, about 40, $45. liz, give us the numbers liz: the operating expenses were up 29%, that's what wall street is looking at. even the revenues up by that amount. six straight quarters of profit coming in strong, they didn't like the expenses going up.
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what's happening, basically triple, more than triple the number of warehouses it's building. they built 23 warehouses in the last three months and been doing a big push into india and the alexa echo is a big deal. now you can get alexa echo on tablets, you can do it via command not just a speaker system. and since 1997. and son pl-- amazon plows money into the company and that's why the profit line takes a hit. stuart: that's what they do. churn it back in, that's what they do. ashley: investors got upset. when are we going to see the profits? they're seeing those. stuart: but not as much as analysts expected and down goes the stock. drives me nuts liz: you are absolutely right how the led the show, it's irritating that play, but shipping costs were up. and people are criticizing amazon for wanting to build out
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its own fleet delivery system, why not? they can control the cost. stuart: they want to grow in every corner of the business and the analysts take them down 40 bucks or more liz: might be a buying opportunity. stuart: and we're watching google, stronger profit and stronger sales. a stock buyback to the tune of $7 billion, its search, youtube, cloud business all of them doing well for alphabet, google. 830 almost this morning. baker hughes, they are for services to drillers. that stock is going up. ge is in talks to merge its own oil and gas business with the baker hughes operation, baker hughes will be up. look where stocks are opening up. we had a growth. we'll discuss that momentarily, 40 points up for the dow. and oil at 50 a barrel. the leading economic growth up
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2.9% in the third quarter, annualized at the 2.9% of growth. trump economic advisor, steve moore is with us. i bet that the clinton camp is going to be all over this, saying, told you, told you, this economy is doing okay. what say you? >> well, no, i don't agree with that at all. look, i was predicting 3% growth for the third quarter and number came in at 2.9. look at the previous three quarters before that, growing at about 1%, what that tells you, stuart, the last year of the u.s. economy is growing 1 1/2%, that's a horrible number, barely skating out of recession. you look at what's happened in the specifics of this report. you still have investment, which is still pretty lousy. over the last year or so, it's been down over the last year. one of the interesting things i saw in this report, stuart, was that actually residential investment actually fell. so that means the housing
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market is starting to soften again. stuart: i would expect, however, the clinton camp will be all over it. look, stronger than expected. >> of course. stuart: i would expect to see that. >> of course they will. by the way, it was stronger than expected. i think most economists said 2.5 to 3%. we got 2.9%, but again, look at this over the course of the last year. now, you're right. the headlines of all the newspapers because we know where the media is, you know the growth rate accelerates. 2.9%, this is now the 10th year in a row, stuart, the 10th year in a row, the last two bush years and first eight years of obama, that we have not had 3% growth in a single year. that's pretty bad. stuart: ten years of sub3% growth is lousy, quite frankly. that's lousy. steve, would you stay there for a second? i've got more for you later. >> of course. stuart: i've got to move onto the clinton foundation. new leaks, the pay for play revelations from wikileaks. lining the pockets of bill clinton. this is now a full-blown
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scandal, it's out in the open. just check out this headline from kim straws in today's wall street journal, calls the clintons the grifters in chief. talking about wealth any foundation donors buying access. katie is here, and we'll go into the details of this later, but in broad, general terms, i want to know if what's been revealed is illegal. is it? >> absolutely. at its very worst, we have a now long-running exposure through wikileaks and through the e-mails that we're reading that at the very worst you've got evidence of actual violations of federal statutes. we all know about the obstruction of evidence through the destruction of the e-mail servers. we also know that there could be pay to play bribery statutes that are in violation. at its very best though, in terms of the light most favorable to hillary clinton, stuart, what we have here is
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cheating the process and the american people. hillary clinton created a special status in the state department when doug ban from tenao strategy was there, called special government employee status. declan kelly, had that status so he could run this for-profit consulting business that had 11 clients give six to seven-figure sums to the clinton foundation. as you noted at the beginning of the show, stuart, bill clinton himself is going to be betting in excess of $100 million. it's unconscionable and it's illegal. stuart: okay, but we are not going to get any legal status before the election if not before the next six months. the price to be made has to be political not legal, do you agree with that? >> i agree with you, in that regard. if it's the political fallout it's the lack of hillary clinton, gaining, buying,
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grifts her way to the white house. you have to hope the statute of limitations on the particular statutes violated do not run prior to her being in office. but, obviously, a lot of the stuff dates back as far as 2011, per this memo, or 2001 when bill clinton started netting his money we have to be careful about the statute of limitations from a legal of standpoint. stuart: and hang on, katie, i have the talcum powder story for you. and news from apple, unveiled a new laptop, it has a touch screen tool bar at the top of the tool bar, you can do things that you can do from your touch screen on iphone. is this innovation from apple? [snoring] >> okay, is it a blockbuster? blow the gates off? no. stuart: thank you, ashley, thank you. ashley: sorry. [laughter]
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>> a 70 million dollar settlement for a woman who claimed talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer. question for our attorney, kat katie phang, do we need warnings? and we have this from nikki haley, she says she'll vote for trump. she says it's all about policy. she'll vote for him. let me show you what donald trump had to say about the scandals on hillary clinton. >> we should just cancel to the election and just give it to trump, right? what are we having? you can run an errand. (music playing)
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♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. >> do you own these stocks? you own goodyear tire and rubber? it's going down. they've cut their forecast down a couple of bucks there. how about exxonmobil? cost cuts partly offset, declining oil prices. it will open slightly lower.
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all right, and stocks, a lot more for you later. 11 days to go, donald trump continues barn storming and with three events today. new hampshire, maine and iowa, three key swing states and comes after yesterday's barn storming of ohio. and real clear politics has him up one point in ohio. hillary clinton, have to tell you this, one event in iowa and nothing planned for this weekend. by the way, tim kaine, his appearance tonight in florida has been canceled. another new revelation from wikileaks. this one showing clinton staffers admitting there was money being taken from foreign governments. ashley: yes, this is all about a proposed statement on the clinton foundation going back to february of 2015 and the initial line describing the foundation said that they've received support from individuals, organizations and governments from all over the world. john podesta looks at that and says, i don't think that's a
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very good thing to do. we need to do another line and said i would tighten the top to kick off how the foundation' work benefits millions, let's not get into talk about money from foreign governments getting into the foundation. stuart: that's it, cover it up. we don't want foreigners-- we want their money, but don't want to tell anybody where the money comes from exactly. and ed rollins, how are you doing? >> very good, thank you. stuart: and you're telling me the trend is towards trump? >> it's closing. you know, obviously what i would say today, is he going to win? possibly. maybe not probably, but possibly. stuart: really? in the possible column now. a couple of days you didn't say that. >> i didn't feel that a couple of days ago. he's campaigning aggressively. the new things on the clinton foundation are basically the story of the day. obviously there's no defense. in the defense she talked about 95% of the money from the
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foundation going to charity and 6%. stuart: one appearance today and-- >> nothing this weekend. stuart: and tim kaine drops his appearance in florida tonight. no reason given. i suspect because he can't get a crowd. >> could be, certainly didn't have a big crowd the other day. the reality, it's going to close, again, they've got lots of advantages and spent a lot of money and resources against trump, but the trump people are very strong ap supportive and we'll see where it turns out here. stuart: now, this poll from abc, five days ago, this poll said that hillary clinton was up by 12 points. that's a huge lead. >> right. stuart: today that same poll shows her up 4 points. that's it. her lead has been cut from 12 to 4, in what, five days? that's it? does that put any store by that? >> yes, i do. again, i think one of the best polls we have is our own poll, fox poll, they have it 3 points
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head to head and 5 points with everybody else in the race and that's a good poll. between 5 and 7 and closing to trump and closer to next week and we're still down 7 or 8, a hard time to get. but if you close in the next few days, these issues of the clinton foundation, how they spent money, misspent money, taking money from foreign governments, obviously has an impact. the story is now about her, not about him. stuart: i was thinking that story, the scandal story, it doesn't make the front page of the establishment media and doesn't make the broadcast news, however, i think it reaches a lot of people on-line. >> it does, because it's an outrageous story. the idea that you would take money from these countries that we're very familiar with who don't necessarily have our interest and people say why would saudi arabia give 25 million dollars? why would other countries give, you know, enormous sums of money? obviously they're trying to buy access. stuart: it just looks bad. gets 116 million dollar. that's fabulous wealth. >> that is. it's an incentive to run for
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president in the future to make money in the post. it's bad judgment and the key thing is, she's secretary of state, a person running for president for eight years, the mere fact that her and her team weren't watching this from the perspective of politics, bad judgment. stuart: grifters, that's not a word heard in england. and it's not a nice word. >> not a word that the wall street journal uses often. stuart: grifters in chief, describing bill and hillary clinton. >> not a good place to be. stuart: you love it, don't you? >> i love the game and love a good race. it's going to be a good race. stuart: to sum it up, it's possible for donald trump to win? >> it's possible. is it probable today? maybe not. but certainly possible. stuart: ed, thank you for being with us. >> my pleasure. stuart: thank you. now i've got to tell you about amazon again. this will probably be the stock of the day. not because it's going straight
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up as it used to, but because it's going straight down. it's going to be up about 40 bucks right at the opening bell. now, why is that? because the company did not meet analyst expectations. never mind how many people use never mind all of that. never mind how much money they are investing in growing in the future, forget it. it so happened that amazon missed, that's the word they used, missed expectations so down it goes. how would you feel if you're an amazon stockholder this morning? do you think that's legit and cheated maybe by this wall street crowd? i certainly would. all right, calm down, stu. we have this, a woman wins a $70 million settlement, claiming talcum powder gave her ovarian cancer. we'll deal with that one, too. the daughter of eric garner, a guy who died after a chokehold by new york city police officers, she's angry at the clinton campaign after what wikileaks revealed they said about her father.
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>> chevron made a profit after three straight quarters of losses. up be up a buck. royal caribbean higher profit for stronger demand for north
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american cruises. it's a cruise line, strong demand for americans cruising around north america and i'm trying to do the math here, roughly a 3, $4 gain on a $68 stock. ashley: 10% would be 6.80 so 6%. >> supposed to be no math on this program. ashley: apparently there is. stuart: i've got a headache. now this, a jury-- i can't believe this, a jury in st. louis awards a woman $70 million. she alleges in her lawsuit that years and years of using baby powder, talcum powder, caused her ovarian cancer. she's back, katie phang. what? 70 million dollars for talcum powder use? what's going on here? >> okay, so i thought texas everything was bigger in texas. i guess everything is bigger in
9:25 am
st. louis, including run away jury verdicts. $72 million. earlier this year in one jury trial, 50 million. a few months later in st. louis. there's a common denomnators and it's the fact that juries don't like johnson & johnson. they think if you're using powder by your genitals and apparently a woman that you have contracted or diagnosed with ovarian cancer. and these numbers are outrageous, this is the reason why they get tort reform, but look, there's no causal link according to johnson & johnson, they say the studies, they say the studies are biased. that people have to rely upon the memories of how they use the talcum powder and how oft often, afternoon scientific
9:26 am
links-- >> katie, you can use that word, i can't. thank you, katie. we'll be watching amazon and watching 40 odd dollars. in this, i say it's pure noncess. they're investigating in every corner of their business, they want to grow that company and wall street doesn't like it because they missed by a few cents of profit per share. we will be dealing with this and we'll be back. month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. so don't worry. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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ebecause the ultimate expression of power is control. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. see your lexus dealer.
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>> ten seconds until the opening bell. less than that nowment we're running up to the opening of trading this friday morning. we're probably going to go up, 30, maybe 40 points. it's now 9:30 eastern time. lots of green on the left-hand side of the screen. that means a preponderance of the dow 30 on the upside. ashley: wow. stuart: look at amazon, please. i say the wall street analysts are messing things up. this is a company that's investing heavily in their future and in growth. they're being punished for it. down 36 bucks at the opening bell this friday. who is with us on a friday morning before this lovely weekend? ashley webster, liz macdonald, scott shellady, jeff sica and steve moore. jeff, you're a money guy and do you agree with me the analysts
9:31 am
rigging this and-- i'm incensed about it. >> these are the same analysts-- this is how useless analysts are. the same analysts when amazon wasn't profitable, they couldn't buy enough of it. amazon made money six consecutive quarters. the fact is they're doing the absolute right thing right now. last year, they built 14 fulfillment centers, these are million square foot, 10 football field massive pieces of real estate. this year they've built 26. they're doubling on content and they're doing everything right and they need to do this and jeff bezos knows that. they need to do this in order to accomplish their goal, keep in mind, their goal is to be within 24 hours of 80% of the u.s. population. that's a lofty goal, but that's going to continue to make them profitable liz: it's kind of like what
9:32 am
dorothy parker said about economists. if you laid them end to end, they wouldn't reach a conclusion. dorothy parker. stuart: am i onto something, i think the analysts are messing things up and what say you? >> this is why people don't take their companies public number one. it's not like being a football coach. you have to win now, baby. you can't afford to have a three-year plan because you have to do everything upfront. that's why i think a lot of people are taking companies private. you can't run your company for the analyst, you have to run for the long run of the company. that's what they're doing. stuart: what do you say, steve moore. the companies invest for growth and get punished. i don't like it. >> i'm looking at the gdp numbers and one of the things that rose in the third quarter was consumer spending. where are they spending their money? on companies like amazon. so, i think the future is very bright for amazon.
9:33 am
i've always liked that company. i think the consumer is the backbone of the american economy. as long as incomes are rising. piatt way, i put it, liz, if you lay every analyst from end to end in the country, it would be a good thing. [laughter] >> let's move on to google. they did report stronger profits, better sales and give me some numbers, ash. ashley: they were up across the major categories. clicks were up 33%. ad revenue 36-- i'm sorry, 18%. it's all about mobile search and video. what's frustrating about alphabet, they don't break youtube. all they say is the rates continue to grow for youtube. where are the numbers? a good report overall. >> 80% of revenue they're getting from ad revenue. they have to begin to find other ways to generate income because this is too dependent
9:34 am
on the same stream of income. stuart: got it. this is something a little new from apple. this is the touch strip, okay? so, they've introduced an element of the touch screen onto the new laptop. give me more on this. >> and instead it's a touch strip. basically it's a strip above of the function keys and you can do things like answer facetime calls and use apple pay with your fingerprint to make purchases, delethe price point seeing correct me if i'm wrong, 1800 to $2800 for these devices. stuart: it's a touch screen. ashley: no, a strip, a strip on the keyboard-- >> that's my point, why not have a touch screen. stuart: what do you make of this? i don't think it's innovation. >> it's typical of apple, they're rolling out new versions of old products. it's a minor innovation. i don't think it's going to
9:35 am
make a dent in their diversification of revenue streams. new versions of old products is not going to work for them. stuart: are they innovating? scott shellady. >> no, i mean, here is what i think. you know? the touch strip is where the function keys are. now that you've made them invisible and i have to touch offing, it looks like google glass, i'm going to stay away liz: i want apple's version of echo alexa, the syria function for your home. stuart: you lost me liz: a device to do functions in your home like amazon's alexa. stuart: i don't see brand new technology for apple to innovate for the future. maybe i'm wrong, but i don't really see it. twitter, do you know they are killing vine. you may never have heard of it, but it's popular amongst millennials. it's a website you upload very
9:36 am
short videos, literally six-second videos. why would you get rid of something, kill it, when it's popular with millennials and it's twitter that's doing it? what's going on? >> i think they're killing it. the bottom line they're killing it because they've mismanaged this company. they've continued to spend money on what they shouldn't. if you look at what instagram has done and snapchat have done, they've found a way to integrate this type of innovation. twitter letting go of vine is a colassel mistake. if the management is wondering why they can't get acquired at this price it's because they made decisions like this. stuart: steve moore, as a newcomer to this question, why would anybody buy twitter, the capital city of abuse? >> my question is what message can you communicate in six seconds? i mean, i know we're a sound bite economy, but six seconds? that seems like a pretty compressed message. i'm surprised that that company has so much value. stuart: did you know that there
9:37 am
are vine stars? youngsters who do six second videos and make a large amount of money doing just that? they do, i've seen them. big deal in the works, general electric, in talks to buy oil services company baker hughes. give me the stock price, nicole. nicole: let's take a look. both the stocks to the upside. baker hughes is at a new annual high. , and it's one that a lot of people have in funds and 401(k)'s and the like. that's up 1.7%, it's 29.12. you have to call this a possibility of some sort of deal or partnership and this would be putting together the oil field services of ge with baker hughes and they focus on the other things that ge does oh, so well, including locomotives and the like. and distance themselves a little bit from oil. back to you. >> okay. we've got to get back to the
9:38 am
latest read on economic growth before the election. scott, 2.9% annualized growth in the third quarter. what do you make of it? >> well, the first thing that comes to mind, stuart, shame on us for being excited about that number. yes, it beat expectations, but those were the broader expectations. i know for a fact the street was whispering, looking for 3.3 to 3.6. didn't come close. and last three averages out 1 is.7% and we've given this economy free money and free gas and that's the best we could do? don't hold a flag there for this at anytime soon. this is still not good. >> amen to that. stuart: donald trump's response coming in to 2.9%. >> this is from the trump camp, the deputy policy director reacting to the gdp numbers, quoting them dismal. america can do better than this. has never recorded above 3% growth for any year of the obama presidency and lists out
9:39 am
facts about this economy. the number of people not taking part in the labor force, up to 14 million. labor force participation rate, the lowest since the early 1970's. he goes on to say that the trump economic plan will create at least 25 million jobs and 4% growth through taxes, trade, energy and reform. stuart: and it's steve moore who wrote that plan. give me input of that, steve moore? >> adding on how dismal this number is. looking deeper into the numbers. federal government spending was one of the contributors to quote, growth. i think that government spending is bad for the economy not good. private sector growth was weaker than this indicates. hillary wants to add several trillion dollars in federal government spending. we need private sector growth not government liz: if we didn't have government spending would we be in recession? >> i think we are in a recession. 1 1/2% growth, for americans,
9:40 am
that is a recession. come on, we should grow 4% for five years and get that with the trump plan. stuart: as steve pointed out earlier, never in the past ten years have we achieved 3% growth not in one single year, haven't got that. >> we're up 58 points on the dow industrials, very early going, 18-2. and mckesson down 25%. wow. more money coming in at expedia. sales up 33%. market likes it. 3% gain. higher sales, more members at linkedin, i think they're owned by microsoft. i think that deal went all the way through and that stock is dead flat, actually. profit reports from big names, exxon, chevron, mastercard, there's the stock market reaction. mastercard the mover there, up 2 1/2%. that's it, everybody, not a bad
9:41 am
open to the market this friday morning, jeff, scott, and steve, thank you very much indeed. we're up 50 points in the early going, 18,224. what's ahead for you, the daughter of this man in the video, eric garner, he died after a chokehold was applied by the new york city police. garner's name is mentioned in e-mails revealed by wikileaks and garner's daughter is not mile an hour with the clinton campaign. something different, two prevent guests on the program, matt and mercedes, they're married and joining us together to talk about clinton campaign and bashing catholics. we'll be back. ♪
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>> yet more from wikileaks, this one from liberal activist tanden to campaign chair podesta about israel and this was sent right after benjamin netanyahu addressed our congress. e-mack liz: the prime minister blasted the nuke deal in congress, the same day that he won a fourth term as prime minister, tanden said israel is depressing, the lesson that the wing-nuts are
9:46 am
ruthless and podesta replied, bad. stuart: the administration did not like that. and the same activist expressed unhappiness with the racial makeup of the clinton campaign's top brass. ashley: this is interesting, she says this is to john podesta, listen, i'm not the diversity police, but there is grumbling on the four white boys running the next presidential cycle so i recommend rolling out some people who look like the rest of america soon. podesta answers, really? don't you think i know that? and she respond by saying, look, i'm just pointing it out in case people are intimidating in making direct comments to hillaryland. it's gossipy, but interesting liz: they used the term hillaryland? >> yes. stuart: the stock of the day, amazon, wall street is punishing this country because
9:47 am
it's rolling its money back into the company hoping for future growth. you're looking at the biggest single day drop since february of this year. wikileaks, we're back to this, wikileaks revealed that the clinton campaign want today use the death of eric garner for their own political purposes. garner's daughter is mad as lel about it. i'm troubled by the revelation that you and this campaign actually discussed using eric garner, why would you want to use my dad. eric garner, was, good night way, was-- he died after a new york city police chokehold had been applied to him. it was a racial incident. and with us now is a former sanders' staffer who now supports trump. do you support trump in part because of this kind of thing, the racial use of people for hillary's campaign? >> well, you know, i've said many times that i don't support trump. i'm just anti-clinton.
9:48 am
you know, my thing that i wanted to basically discuss this morning, i spoke to erica, we can't explain, she -- this with the russians. and the campaign dismissed her concerns and sent a low level staffer after a debate and didn't talk about her concerns. i'm not sure tried to use her dad and other cases all of a sudden hillary clinton alleges to be concerned about. what has she done prior to the campaign, if she's so interested in gun violence, if she's so interested in, you know, racial justice and the racial issues that erica garner tried to point out. the bottom line, she supported bernie sanders and the clinton campaign didn't see her as someone to be valuable to push their gaeb. >> what's wrong with hillary's campaign. the economic policy, the foreign policy, domestic.
9:49 am
what's so wrong about it that makes you turn away from the left and maybe, i don't know whether you're going to support trump and vote for him or not, but turned away from hillary. what's really turned you 0 of-- off? when we talked about a rigged system, it's true. time and time again, african-americans have been used to the narrative and relations haven't been built. and on the republicans side as well. the main thing with the democrats, they're coming to the church and making big promises and claiming to have best interest and simply not provided the best interest of people of color, tired of-- >> i'm almost out of time. i want your reaction to this. donald trump says what have you got to lose? talking to the black community, vote for-- what have you got to lose by voting for me? what do you say to that statement from trump? >> i say that in reality, what do we have to lose? when you look at poverty still rising in the african-american community. i know people say there's a lot to lose because progress is on the ballot.
9:50 am
what is on the ballot is a bunch of lies as well. until we start exposing the truth like with the wikileaks dealing with people for what they say, and what oppose today what they said and do, we'll see the same thing within the african-american community. stuart: i'm sorry i got it wrong about you otherwise voting for donald trump, but i hear your voice saying you don't like hillary clinton. >> that's correct, thank you. stuart: donald trump making three stops, and three stops in different states today. he's barn storming and the clinton scandals are giving him momentum. more in a moment. plus, trump says isis wants hillary to win. we'll play you exactly what he said next.
9:51 am
9:52 am
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9:54 am
>> well, he just came out with it. donald trump says isis is dreaming of a hillary clinton presidency. watch this. >> isis is dreaming, isis is dreaming of her becoming president, that i can tell you. stuart: i guess he repeated the way-- isis is dreaming. ashley: of a hillary clinton presidency. stuart: look who is here, fox news contributor and foreign policy and security analyst, is that correct? >> yeah. stuart: jillian turner, that's
9:55 am
correct. >> you said it better. stuart: now, donald trump says isis is dreaming of a hillary clinton presidency. what do you make of that? >> presumably what he means is they're dreaming of her being president because she's going to be soft. she's not going to really-- >> do you agree with that? >> i don't actually. stuart: why not. >> my take on her foreign policy particularly on fighting terrorism globally is she's actually much more hawkish than president obama. she's one of the people at night in the situation room, the famous photos when they captured and killed usama bin laden. hen the president was equivocating. stuart: is that true? i didn't-- >> he has spoke been i can making the final decision which folks were pro and which were against and they weren't sure if he was in that compound in .
9:56 am
>> i feel good her as an anti-terrorism president. stuart: let me turn this around and surely would be true to say that the russians and isis and everybody else who had a rival and enemy, they do not want to see a donald trump presidency. >> because they don't know what he's going to do. >> they don't know what he's going to do, but fair to say he's going to be aggressive day one from his campaign. this is our national security number one priority is isis and i think he was right to do that. he hasn't put forward a plan, buts' made it very clear where his intentions are and i think from that perspective, of course, they don't want donald trump to be the president. you know, we might have a whole new ground war in new countries in the middle east. stuart: you're involved in this on a day-to-day basis. that's what you do. who do you think would be toughest on terror? >> well, it's--
9:57 am
toughest in terms of, you know, there's-- not to equivocate too much, but if we're talking military force, hillary clinton has already taken the option off the table and committed to not increasing troops on the ground in iraq or syria whereas donald trump has kept that option on the table. stuart: how about domestic surveillance of potential terrorists, how about immigration, not allowing in potential terrorists and extreme vetting. is trump stronger there than hillary? >> well, yes. trump comes out much more forcefully on these issues, but i actually, my personal take on it is that he's veered too far off base in terms of proposing to like temporarily ban all muslims back in the day before he clarified what he meant. those things are off the mark, but he's definitely tougher on those. stuart: thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: two frequent guests on the program are going to appear together today.
9:58 am
that would be mercedes and matt they're married and outfront defending against the attack on catholics from the clinton campaign revealed in the wikileaks. we'll be back.
9:59 am
10:00 am
gliewfort university government is for sale. the clintons are selling foreign centers are buying. and bill clinton takes in the money. how do we know this? leaked e-mails show a pat ton of big money influence pedaling highest level and enormous personal gain for bill clinton is there $1146 million. one example one many, a clinton fundraiser and hillary employee at the state department arranging a meeting between bill clinton an tom guy at uvs a big swiss bank. low and behold uvs and bill clinton gets a $2 million worth
10:01 am
just for a couple of speeches. ubs embroiled in a tax cheating investigation at that time. you sew the flow of influence in money? hillary's state department it a big bank to big donor to the foundation eventually money for bill. this is just one example there are many more. king of plork koa to show up that springs to mind what is being revealed vuption on a vask scale but we have to ask do we want this in the white house, again? 11 day tots election and the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. >> top -- as of right now the dow industrials are up 30 odd points but look at amazon please stoskt day it is way down $ lower.
10:02 am
we've got more. i want numbers. back this up. >> the revenues were up nicely around 29% but so were operating cost at 29% what is going on there do they built 23 warehouses versus three in earlier part of of the year their shipping costs gone up more than 40% so they're pushing big time into india blowing out alexa money become into the company to grow. so yeah they disappointed analysts but that's what happens with amazon. >> back into the company to grow invest -- reinvests for future growth and because they didn't meet earnings per share expectations -- drives me nuts. >> mark came in fine. >> amazon shareholder i would be mad. other big names we're indeed
10:03 am
watching strong sales at google, and buying back $7 billion worth of stock. mobile ads did very well for google alphabet i should call them up $14 that's close to all time high at 831 oil service company. general electric talking to them about a possible deal between g.e. oil and gas operation and baker hues. look at apple rolled the a new laptop is what is called a touch strip on it. not exactly innovation and stock is ked flat 114. back to the clinton foundation in the scandals more instances of pay to play coming from those wikileaks leaks. jeff dewitt company officer. your campaign how is donald trump going to get this mess, the e-mail scandal, the wikileaks scandal. how is trump gong to get it out to the public because the establish media is not doing it for him.
10:04 am
>> well the good news is we have the rise of social media which is more prominent in this election than we've ever seen in previous elections. donald trump has about $13 million followers on twitter, millions more every other social media platform we use. so the nice thing is we have byes to get information directly to the public. but you're right. the mainstream media is ignoring not only ignoring the fact, but what kills me is is you look at the wikileaks and they've been letting hillary campaign vet stories and change stories before they come back. so it's fascinating to me some of the thingings that we're learning. stuart: you have 11 days left of the election media story is not going to change. have you got enough time left is there enough time left to keep the toward trump to win towards election day. i know you're going to tell me yes. >> pence is still even with the --
10:05 am
running off parking lot runway last night he's still doing five events today where we have a new play in form. back on ther a and on the country nothing is going to slow this campaign down so we're taking our message toker battle ground state. donald trump as well doing sometimes half a dozen events now in coming days per day. so we're teg our message tots people avoiding media my favorite thing is that clinton campaign calls their reality hillary land which is hilarious. hillary land they've already won but in the real world we will win this. >> i want to get your take on something that donald trump said yesterday in ohio. roll that tape and we'll get your reaction jeff, roll it. >> justing this to myself right now we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump right? >> what are are we having? >> is he making a joke there,
10:06 am
jeff is this -- >> because the crowd there seem to really like it. and i think i like it too. i think we go with it and i've been saying that over a year. >> no you don't not for one second do you want that. we want to beat her fair and scare is and we will if polls tightening we predicted weeks ago. out of line but no pollster wants to be that out of line come election did i and narrow l pos been oversampling democrats in so many polls but show us now with huge momentum and even in hillary land they were upset that polls got so wide because it could possibly suppress some of their turnout to everything seems to be swinging or way. >> well there's a trend towards trump in latest polls that's a fact. i have to cut it short and move on. but jeff dewitt 11 days left to go. check that big board barely showing gain at the moment pretty much flat a gain of four points.
10:07 am
but i want to return to the gdp story, the strect of strength of the economy, america economy grew at 2.9% sounds good. but managing director now he's an economist aren't you john? >> yes, i am unfortunately. >> not holding it against you. 6.9 annual growth. i think that clinton campaign will jump all over it and say we've got a recovery on our hands. do you believe that? >> i don't at all. i mean that number was swollen -- bit big gain and inventory and narrowing of the deficit if you take out that inventory and trade deficit growth comes back to the 1.4% that we have the previous quarter. so it didn't change at all. we're looking at domestic spending and final good and services. the economy still is very from the an by no means, is it
10:08 am
growing close to 3% on a sustainable basis. >> we have steve moore advisor to trump campaign on the show earlier tells us there's not been a single year in past ten years where america has achieved 3% growth below 3%. >> got to go back to 2005. you see 3% imroat. that's correct. i will add over the past ten years, the average annual rate of real gdp growth is the worst ten year performance since 1939 when the economy it shall >> yeah when it grew by 1% on average. is this primary reason that it is really, really slow growth of a many, many years. is that the primary reason for the pinching of the middle-class? the shrinking? >> there's no -- the opportunities people used to have in the past to go ahead and advance aren't there anymore. when you have growth, 3 to 4% that provides something some from middle-class that opening of the qoind window that allows
10:09 am
them to move up is not happening. >> not talking about the stock you don't do that kind of thing. but stock is down or there 38 lower. i say that company is being badly treated by the analysts. they're saying, more is say you missed expectations so we take it out even though they're investing heavily in their own company. >> i agree with you 100% they're their revenue are growing 25%. but it's a lot easier to cut cost than it is to grow revenues they're having success at growing revenue, focussen that. eventually they'll get control of cost. major widen and shareholders are very, very happy. capitol spending front add one more thing. recent data for a financial corporation it is stunning. over past year i think about 77% of capitol spending we could equate that to equity buyback and dividend.
10:10 am
ratio 77% years ago that average used to be about one-third that's how the has changed. >> but amazon is doing that opposite capital spending. >> that's how you grow companies and the economy. >> you can come back. >> you may not want to. he's good thank you very much john. he's good. >> the hillary clinton campaign referring to catholicism as backwards. a bast of the faith. catholics cannot possibly vote for hillary we'll deal with that. and michelle obama outcampaigning for hillary. showering her with praise. eight years ago michelle obama said hillary was unfit to run the white house. how's that for a reversal. we will play you the relevant soundbite from 2008. we will be become. you can run an errand.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
>> okay, kush net they mic titleist the golf club and cleats that's a golf stock that just opened right around the offering price for the ipo in other words it was pretty well priced 17 on a kush net. mike pence's plane last night skidded off the runway trying to land at laguardia airport rainy night. no injuries were reported. okay. donald trump appeared on ewtn that's the kalt lick news channel. he was speaking about the wikileaks e-mail that showed the clinton campaign really bashing catholics. watch this. >> frankly any catholic votes for hillary clinton you know i would say if i were a catholic i wouldn't be talking to them anymore. she's been terrible in what she
10:15 am
said and thoughts toward catholics and to e-advantage evangelical so why and almost anybody of faith but in particular because therm mentioned evangelical why vote and how could they vote for hillary clinton but that's her speaking believe me. >> two special guests who are appearing together today. matt an mercedes both republican strategist both conservative catholics, i believe -- both were on the core with donald trump and other catholics after that happened earlier. and i have to ask you, though, almost a personal question which i asked about the faith, did you take it personally? >> oh, absolutely four of our children go to catholic school, you know, our faith is very important, central to our lives, and what was very offensive was
10:16 am
the fact that wikileaks showed ep they were talking about planting this catholic spring, this revolution in the catholic church that would basically go after and undermine the tenant of our faith. it really was just mind boggling for me stuart because of the fact not only a personal attack on the left but pushing forward to ensure that the catholic church adjust to the government agenda to the left liberal agenda not to them basically being able to profess their faith freely in america. >> well matt, is there any evidence about what they said about catholicism had influence on rallying catholic vote for trump any evidence of that? >> so hard stuart. hard to find clues. the race is tightening. i can tell you that i have people coming up to me all of the time people who we go to church with and people who share our faith. brothers and sisters, who are
10:17 am
saying you know, i just feel like hillary clinton and her team are hostile not only to me. do may make fun of me but hostile to issues i care about. they want to use taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion even though a lot of us disagree on subject of abortion we shouldn't disagree on the fact that my taxpayer dollars shouldn't go to pay for it but on the supreme court she wants to put a left winger to be that deciding justice on the supreme court. donald trump has given us his conservative name so i actually think it is coming together as this race tightens. >> okay, now here's one for you. south carolina governor, nikki haley says she has decided that she's going to vote for trump ting that's a reversel here's her quote what had i will tell you this is no longer a choice for me on personalities because i'm not a fan of either one. what it is about is policy. is this the republican party coming together behind trumple at long last mercedes? >> i hope so stuart is.
10:18 am
i think that nikki haley has it right. i think that look, donald trump is -- has been a flawed candidate in many ways. we've seen, obviously, the alleged sexual allegations that have come out. you know problems that have happened with the campaign -- to the last several week but when you put agenda next to agenda. it is very clear for americans to decide how they want america to move forward. and for donald trump, his message is economic growth, natural security, ensuring that the right supreme court packs are made. you know, it is all this, the fact that he's able to work with congress to get these deals done, about american workers first. about making america first and negotiating these trade deals. i think stuart when you look at it side by side it is about agenda and when you look at hict and corrupt practices as she's been pushing forward as they're being revealed through wikileaks i have to tell you, you have to panic because of the fact that do we want to allow this
10:19 am
corruption, this coziness to continue to occur in the white house? >> matt i get the impression that clinton campaign is rung out the clock. hillary has one appearance today, nothing planned for the weekend. tim kaine is canceled an appearance tonight in it'll. canceled i don't know whether he can get a crowd or not but essentially their policy is run out the clock. is it going to work for them? >> sometimes we see this in sports where you barely kind of survive as second stick away. it is very dangerous for a couple of reasons. first reason is that polls are definitely tightening this race is get as close as we always knew it would. second of all, stewart she's running an issue list and agenda list campaign. if she were to get over the line in win this race what does she do the next day? she hasn't won on anything except the fact that she thinks donald trump is deplorable and christians are severely backwards and that's not an agenda for the country. i think it is very dangerous for
10:20 am
them from a political perspective and i look at donald trump campaign it looks like he's two and three times number of people who come crowds and number of eventses that she has. he has energy and he's running on issues that people care about. >> i believe you, you're married and you have five children is that correct? >> that's right. that's for some reason, mercy in in miami i want to come back home. >> i'm e e episcopalian. >> wow indeed. >> too old by now. [laughter] >> i'm leaving that alone. stuart: it was a pleasure great to see you together. >> thank you. stuart: you remember this trump star ace tayed request a pick ax it's been restored and a homeless man is defending it. that man is trump supporter guarding the star all night and all day. how about that? i know why liz is laughing here. >> no laughing because you're
10:21 am
funny just a crack. stuart: michelle obama once said that hillary clinton was unfit to run the white house because hillary couldn't run her own house. michelle obama u now showering hillary with affection. we will be back. [laughter] hey nicole. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common.
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>> stocks are moving and what you should know about royal caribbean cruise line better demand for north american cruise a that flame is up 7 pblght. mastercard customers are spending more that stock hit a record high earlier today. two stocks in the news going up. hillary clinton campaigning in north carolina, with michelle obama. first lady . listen to what the first lady had to say about hillary. roll that tape. >> hillary clinton is my friend.
10:25 am
she has been a friend to me and barack and malia and sasha and bill and chelsea have been embracing and supportive from the very day my husband took the oath of office. i'm grateful for hillary for her leadership, for her courage, and for what she's going to do for this country. it was a love fest. really nice words. very different from what she had to say about hill rei in 2008 when she was running against barack obama. watch what she said then. >> one of the things the important aspects of this race is role modeling what good families should look like. and my view is that if you can't run your own house, you certainly can't run the white house. can't do it. >> my, how times change. ain't that true? >> that is true boy i was there i would ask the first lady and also hillary clinton have obamas ever invited clintons to the
10:26 am
white house for dinner. no probably not. i don't think they have. politics absolutely. >> does make politics look good. >> enemy yesterday is best friend today. politics believable no. people you know rolling their eyes, of course they are. makes great stuff for "varney & company." >> bill clinton said if you want a friend in washington get a dog. [laughter] >> moving swifltly along. video from north dakota professing the dakota pipe lionel riot gear 141 were arrested, but price tag on that pipeline is $4 billion. it will cross 4 states. i believe they're going to start work on it again. donald trump say it is that clintons are corrupt. that they use the clinton foundation to funnel millions it have dollars into bill clinton inc. weft story next.
10:27 am
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10:30 am
>> 10:30 eastern time, up 35 points on the dow industrials this morning. amazon that is the stock of the day pumping a to ton of money ik into the business. wall street doesn't like that because it missed its profit estimates. they've taken it down 4%. 35 dollars. let's look at some of the other big names we check all of the time. facebook, microsoft alfa bet that's google all of them beg name tech stocks up today.
10:31 am
back to the clinton foundation scajth. wikileaks showing more instances of pay to play. trump spoke about it at his recent rally. roll that tape. [inaudible] wikileaks releases the lines between the clinton foundation, the secretary of state office and clinton personal finances. they all get blurred. just today we read about clinton confident doug brand bragging that he had funneled tens of millions of dollars to bill clinton inc. through foundation donations paid speeches and consulting contracts. mr. banted called the arrangement unorthodox. the rest of us, call it outright corrupt. >> duffy fox news contributor joins us now. how does frump get the word out. because he's got golden material here with these scandals from wikileaks and hillary clinton not to mention obamacare.
10:32 am
how does he get it out when the media won't do it for us? >> he does what he's doing right now. he can get this information out unfiltered at his rallies. his rallies are covered by the press live because he's interesting. and that's something he has to his advantage and never covered on so regularly so he's got that. other thing he's got going for him is social media. all over the place online. >> absolutely. you know, i'm here in middle america people are talking about. i don't know if they're getting it necessarily from the news maybe if they're watching fox news. but they're getting it on their social media feeds an nay not understand understand who this guy is or cheryl mills but they understand clearly this is the kind of corruptions that going to follow hillary into the white house because this is
10:33 am
fundamentally she and bill are and it just confirms everything. we always thought about them. >> now do you think with u just 11 days to go i know you're -- you're a conservative, you're a republican. i think you're a trump sporter. >> yes. >> too too late? >> i'm voting for him. stuart: 11 days to go with with priceless material, i mean, is it too late? >> he has to be glinned if he has a drop like videos that dropped from entertainment tonight all of that he's going to -- nots going to be able to get it out but does what he's doing now and talks about it at every rally, every stop it's a social media -- if gets on to social media people will get this information and let me reare mind you her campaign sphears i can tell is about -- it is my turn. that's not exciting. so add the corruption to the lack of enthusiasm for her on the democrat side he has a shot
10:34 am
it's a long shot but he could full this outs. >> you're right about him barn storming three events in three different states today. it was heaven knows how many in hour yesterday and florida day before that. but hillary clinton has one events today and nothing on her schedule for the weekend and vice presidential candidate tim kaine canceled a meeting in florida because he maybe couldn't get a crowd but he canceled. [laughter] listen you've got to give him credit not all that fit but he's doing three sometimes four events day that's really kind of unpress deputied i think romney was doing two a day. so he's getting his message out. doing what he has to do but he has to remain discipline which had is always been a problem for him. >> well said rachel camp of duffy appreciate it as always. >> thank you. >> it is indeeds 11 days until the election.
10:35 am
in north carolina turned into a battleground state. we've got a new quinnipiac poll, hillary leads in north carolina by 4 points. 4743. come on in dallas wood house executive director. dallas, i thought north carolina was one of the most republican states in united states of america. what happened? >> well, you're just incorrect about that. you have to understand while north carolina went republican for the presidential race for many, many years,ed it in the governor, democrat legislatures until parking lot republicans finally took that over in 2010 and 2012. were very close competitive state as you know mr. obama won by 14,000 votes in 2008. mitt romney won by about 93,000 votes in 2012. i think we're headed to a similar result to dwef right 202
10:36 am
right now but close -- >> what do you got going right now that belies this poll where hillary is four points up? >> well, there's a couple of things we've seen polls all over the place but bairvegly our governor, senate race and presidential race been within major margin of error and in the rural area of north carolina where they have seen strong republican governess on the state leaflet u through a devastating hurricane through race riots, to fire bombing of within of our political offices. the governor has shown a strong stance there, and he's helping to live for republicans across the state right now incoming mr. trump. so i feel like we're in good shape but we're going to be very close. >> you're aware of it but nikki haley reversed herself. she said he doesn't like either candidate but she'll be voting donald trump.
10:37 am
i'm sure you're pleased to see this because it could be the republican party coming together around trumple opposed to breaking apart over him. what u do say is this >> polls in recent days you're seeing a coalescing maybe a little later -- than some of us like to see but it is coming together. you're getting now at least in our state in the range of a strong traditional, republican nominee and his support within his party and if we do that, we're going to be able to do this thing. >> sir welcome to the program. thank you for being with us. >> i love your program. >> you could have had another five minutes. [laughter] dallas thank you for joining us i like that. i do like that -- okay look at twitter. they have announced they are selling vine. never heard of this that's vine -- it is a six second videos -- put them out.
10:38 am
loom them. six seconds. apparently have been were very popular but being killed by twitter. they're killing this thing. they're shutting it down and guy who started vine is giving advice to other startups. >> use of our very upset sold vine to twitter for $30 million back in 2012. he just tweeted out simply, don't sell your company. very upset says it is being mismanaged and vine i can tell you from my kids they loved vine but amazing what you can get in six seconds. >> why kill it? >> cost cutting situation right now, and competition for snapchat and instagram shares, this stuff is funny. all over youtube stuff like this. six seconds all you get. [laughter] my attention span is about six seconds. is that where tree falls -- taken down tree ares in any time. wait for this.
10:39 am
oops. let's keep running -- this is going to wait for it. bong bong -- [laughter] on my mark marks, get set, go. okay. they're killing. newt gingrich is calling it largest scandal involve aring senior politician in the history of the united states, and donald trump says hillary clinton is low energy. [laughter] roll it. >> bill o'reilly asked he's had on tonight. he said who is more low energy? jeb bush or hillary clinton he just asked me that. what's the answer? thanks for doing this, dad.
10:40 am
so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
10:41 am
♪ >> remember, "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern and here's what you missed former last hour bernie sand -- [inaudible]
10:42 am
explaining why she's not voting for hillary clinton. >> all part of it the economic policy, foreign pols, all part, what's so wrong about it? that makes you turn away from the left and maybe i don't know >> if you're going to vote for trump but turned away from hillary. what's turned you off? >> well, i mean, when we talk about it being a rigged system it's true. time and time again african-americans have been usedded to fit narrative and relationships have not been built on the republican side as well. but my main issue withs in the is ire that coming to our church and making big promises they're the ones that are claiming to have our best interest and have simply not provided the best interest for people.
10:43 am
10:44 am
average ukraine yak hacker released e-mails from vladimir putin top aids. what did the leak snow? >> basically how best to destabilize ukraine, and it show it is that russia was at a microlevel in trying to back the separatist movement in the ukraine. the deputy chief of staff was hagged apparently and thousands of e-mails in the the entire outis look microsoft e-mail system was downloaded in the year of 2014 with thousands of e-mails on it and it shows controlling every it will of the separatist movement in the ukraine which rimmed country
10:45 am
apart and basically remember malaysia flight 290 -- [inaudible] killed there's evidence possibly that you know that russia, that something is back, separatist who shot the missile that shot that plane down. >> now there's a hack. all right. >> u.s. intelligence denying involvement. putin administration saying it is a sham. you know. stuart: couple of stocks in the news. where are they going? they cut the forecast and down 7% that's a buying drop. weak outis look too from drug distributor way down 10% drop $37 down. we are now at what 11 days to the election holly race by the looks of it seems that trump has momentum certainly from polls. does he have enough time that's the question. coming on nathan gops is here editor of the gonzalez political report. nathan, you are a political professional.
10:46 am
you you're not emotional guy on attacked to either side i consider you a professional down middle. so you tell us he's got momentum trump has got momentum does he have enough time still to win? >> i think secretary clinton still has an advantage in this race. you can look at it a couple of different ways if you look at the national polls she had about a 5 to 7 point advantage but is narrowing and that's a little bit of what you're talking about and i think some of that is republican, starting once again to consolidate some of the republican voters you remember after conventions hillary clinton had a large lead and that's slowly started to narrow because republicans started to come onboard. but after the first, second debate. access hollywood tape republicans some of them said i can't, i can't do this. but slowly he's starting to get republicans become and that's showing tightening of the race. electoral college as much more tiflt path and that's the path that matter when is we're talking about getting into the
10:47 am
white house. >> are you saying if you look at the electoral college map and we have one on the screen now is that virtually no hope for trump from the electoral college scoreboard is that what you're saying? >> not say there's no hope but path is difficult. i think we started this election cycle with four tossup states, ohio, florida, colorado and virginia. and over the last few weeks it's clear that hillary clinton has advantage in colorado and virginia. so donald trump has to make up for those votes somewhere. ting that biggest most natural place to go is maybe pea. pennsylvania but not led in a poll in pennsylvania, he's down by at least 5 i would say 7 points, and so, you know, the combination. it is not just that he needs momentum nationally but he has momentum in right states at the right time and it is difficult to see how he gets there. >> understand. we want your professional judgment and that's what we're looking for here. but ipts to bring one poll to your attention from abc five
10:48 am
days ago abc poll had hillary clinton up 12 points. today, that same poll has her up 4 points. you read anything into this had? is that a reliable poll or a republicans grasping at straws if they latch on to that poll? >> no i think that's a reliable poll and nbc wall street journal poll and you try to take in as much data as possible. but in that abc news poll when it was a 12 point margin donald trump was only getting 78% of republicans. i think now in most recent one getting 84 or 86%. so that's why it shall >> -- >> a trend, though, eight points in five days that's a strong trend. >> i mean that's a good trend for donald trump. it's just a question is can he expand beyond republican base. i mean, if he gets republicans then i think we're going to have a closer race than what we're seeing right now but he has to show an ability to expand beyond
10:49 am
into independents some democrats in those key states. >> all right that's the grim face of reality for republicans i guess you could call it but that's nathan gonzalez thanks for joining us we do appreciate it. >> thank you sir. >> wikileaks left activist wrote to podesta talking about the campaign brass. >> pod is it a did not look this e-mail but again with the initial statement from she said i'm not the diversity police. but there is grumbling on the four white boys running next presidential cycle so i recommend rolling out people who look like the rest of america too. to which he responded really don't you thinknd why that? she goes on to say look i'm pointing it out incase people are intimidated of making district comments to hillary land.
10:50 am
>> interesting thank you ashley. >> you are welcome. still ahead chris wallace here to talk about scandal piling up on hillary. what effect will it have on hillary chris is at the top of the next hour. next history in the making in chicago. the cubs are in the world series last time that happened no one involved in "varney & varney ane myself included in 1925 if you're asking. going to talk baseball in a moment. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man,
10:51 am
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> world series game three tonight, this is the first time a world series game has been played at wrigley field in chicago since all the wait back in 1945. that as you can imagine is driving up ticket prices jeff flock is on hallowed ground live on the field. jeff, how much is a can bees fanning will to pay to get a ticket? >> well, for these best seats and look where we are right here this is home plate right here if you want to sit behind home plate most favorable seats. stub hub tells us right now
10:55 am
$19,000 is high pest price that they've actually made made a sa. if cubs were to glinch at game five it would be most expensive scalp ticket in baseball -- not baseball history but sports history in the u.s. amazing. i want to give you a flavor of this ashley. take a look at this beautiful stadium you have even people on rooftops out there only one with rooftops where you can come and watch and basically peek over the wall and down on the field as you point out we have world series painted right here on the green turf. and right in front of the cubs dugout as i come around here i've gone phone where they call the bullpen, i've got replay phone. sometimes i think this would come in handy on varney program. you know if you -- see whether he's safe or out call somebody on replay phone, and see if stuart needs to take a hike or not. >> put your name down there jeff
10:56 am
flock why don't you back cleanup tonight. flock -- that will throw him for a loop. >> they're going to call the bullpen. >> yeah, come to come in like charlie sheen in major league. jeff flock you're doing what so many would love to do and great jeff flock thank you so much. fox news sunday chris wallace joining us at the to. house question to him. clinton foundation scandal is growing, but is it too late to make a difference for donald trump. but first listen to what newt gingrich said about scandal on hannity. roll it. >> this is the largest scandal affecting a if senior american politician. ting in the history of the united states in the end i don't think that majority of american people are going to put somebody who is a lie your and a crook in the white house.
10:57 am
10:58 am
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11:00 am
stuart: julian assange, the wikileaks guy, says he is saving the best till last. he is referring to the email leaks which have already damaged the clinton campaign. heaven only knows what might pop up next. what we've seen so far is however frankly shocking. in today's "wall street journal" columnist kim strassel calls the clintons, grifters in chief. now that is pretty strong stuff when applied to a former president and the leading candidate to be the next president. but face it, the leaks so far have detailed high level influence-peddling where big donors to the clinton foundation got access to the highest level of government and bill clinton was able to leverage that access for personal gain, big personal gain. $116 million. nobody likes mr. assange. nobody likes the release of personal information. it is blackmail on a grand scale. it is exercising influence on our election and nobody likes
11:01 am
that. but let's be clear, everyone is waiting for the best until last material. it will be widely read and it could influence the vote. what a mess. 11 days election. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> hillary clinton bleached and deleted 33,000 emails, lied to congress under oath, made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer and then told the fbi she couldn't remember 39 times. just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? [cheering] what are we even having it for? what are we having it for? her policies are so bad.
11:02 am
stuart: you heard it right there, trump telling supporters the race should be over because there will be scandals. i think he is kidding. however joining us chris wallace, the host host of "fox news sunday." chris, the scandals are breaking wide open. will they make a difference in the vote 11 days from now? >> we'll have to see. it is having an impact. good morning to you, stuart. latest fox poll shows all-time high or low depending how you want to call it in terms of rating in the fox poll as to people's view of clinton's honesty and trustworthy. 0% say they do in the view her that way. it is having an impact, steady leak from wikileaks of all these hacked emails. whether it is enough to turn the election we'll have to see. stuart: but it is a negative impact on hillary clinton as in suppressing the support for hillary clinton or raising doubts about hillary clinton so that not so many people will vote for her, not necessarily a plus for trump but just as a
11:03 am
negative for hillary, is that the way you see it? >> yeah, i think's true but honestly most of this election this fall has been negative impact. i mean, you know, in other words, i think that most, they're in race to lose votes rather than pick up votes. when you get something like the "access hollywood" tape, that is negative influence on trump. these wikileaks revelations what was going on. let me say i completely agree with you about the foundation. i think of all the stuff that has come out so far i think revelations about the clinton foundation and not only blurring but erasing of any lines between personal gain, charitable giving, public service, the erasing of any lines in and in all those areas is the real revelation so far, that has come out of wikileaks. stuart: it looks so bad. $116 million from connections and contacts and charitable foundation.
11:04 am
it just looks bad. i don't doubt that it is, i don't think it is illegal. i don't know know for a fact, but i don't think it is illegal. it is way it looks. >> memo from doug band written from a close personal aide to bill clinton. he calls it bill clinton incorporated. as you say, talking about the fact that on the one hand you had charitable giving to the foundation and on the other hand, picking up tens of millions of dollars, bill clinton, the family, getting gifts and vacations and we know separately that doug band is reaching out to people at the state department trying to get special access to hillary clinton that average people couldn't get. we have the case of a korean company that got a big u.s.
11:05 am
government grant of over $100 million to build factory in haiti, after the earthquake there, and they gave a huge donation to the foundation and then they put cheryl mills, who is hillary clinton's chief of staff at the state department, put her in business, gave big investment to put her in a private business. it is just blurring of all the lines. we had bob woodward, you know the man who along with carl bernstein broke watergate on our pan they last week and he was shaking his head he said the corrupt enterprise of clinton foundation. when you hear bob woodward saying something is corrupt you have to stand up and take note. stuart: you what could possibly be the best saved until last from julian assange. any comment? >> well i want to back up something you said. julian assange is unsavory character and while we read this and you have to take note of it because it's out there, the idea
11:06 am
that he and perhaps the russians are playing a role trying to affect our election is very troubling, and, you know, on the one hand you can read and report on these without missing the fact that julian assange is a bad guy. he is holed up and has been holed up for years in the he can dorian embassy because of the fact he is wanted on sexual assault charges back in sweden. he is same guy with wikileaks who put out hundreds of thousands of documents that endangered american soldiers and intelligence officials. so it's a, we obviously dealing with the fruits of the leaks that he is putting out there but it is kind of ugly fruit has julian assanged involve with it, bitter fright. stuart: nobody wants that influence or your election. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, sir. stuart: check out the big board. it's friday morning. we're 90 minutes into the session.
11:07 am
we're up 60 points. we got a reading on economic growth earlier this morning. third quarter growth annualized, what is it, ash, 2.9? >> 2.9%, yes, better than expected but -- stuart: what did trump say. >> this is good stuff. he calls it dismal. at least the trump campaign, the deputy policy director saying look, dismal growth any way you look at it. he goes on to say, points outgrowth hasn't risen above 3% for a full year in any of the obama presidency years. he says, look the trump economic plan would create 25 million jobs and 4% growth, so on. stuart: earlier we had john lonski on, the economist. he awith trump, it is. take out trade and how many they got on the shelves and you got 1.4% growth. ashley: it is very, very stagnant. been quick this for some quite some time.
11:08 am
the labor market is dysfunctional. it is in desperate need of a catalyst. stuart: i have a bee under my bonnet on this one, amazon, the stock is way, way down this morning. why is that? they missed, and i hate that word, they missed analyst expectations. they were spending huge own their own company, liz, investing in their own company but wall street doesn't like it. so the stock goes down. liz: good point. six straight quarterly profits, that is -- they had 252 million in profits in the third quarter. that is up from 9 last year. they don't like slipping cost. it is biggest drag on s&p 500 and nasdaq. it lost $20 billion in market value. and it is market value could slip below facebook if the trend holds and trading. they're building up fulfillment centers to get your goods shipped to you faster and
11:09 am
pushing into india as well. stuart: we don't use expectations on this show. we don't say beat or miss or expectations. we don't do that. liz: it's a fool's game. stuart: mike pence's campaign plane skidded off new york's la guard yaw airport. nobody was injured. dramatic scene. it was raining big time. however a shiny new plane for the pence campaign. look what it says, that is eastern airlines. we should point out that eastern airlines went out of business in 1991! pence is in pennsylvania this afternoon. he will be flying on that plane regardless. ashley: how old is it? stuart: i didn't ask. this man, the guy on your screen, his name is doug band. his name continues to come up with the wikileaks emails about pay-to-play at clinton foundation. who is he? what does he do? what has he done?
11:10 am
we'll get into that in a moment. listen to what newt gingrich said about the scandals last night. >> this is the largest scandal affecting a senior american politician i think in the history of the united states.
11:11 am
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11:13 am
stuart: who is doug band? he's on your screen right now. his name has surfaced in recent wikileak email dumps that reveal a pay-to-play scheme involving the clinton foundation. james rosen is the key man who has been following all of this. so i have the obvious question, james, who is doug band and in a nutshell, what's he been up to. reporter: doug band was an aide to president bill clinton in the white house. he then became more or less his chief aide once president clinton left the white house. he is, doug band is key officer at the clinton foundation. he is also the head of a firm, a consulting firm called, teneo, which turned out to be the very
11:14 am
firm also employing huma abedin when she was working for secretary of state clinton at the state department. so doug band is kind of a lynchpin with all of this and recently we've gotten in his own words as hacked by wikileaks extraordinary insights into his role drumming up money for the clinton foundation, drumming up money for bill clinton personally and of course for himself through his own firm, teneo. stuart: i'm told he created the bill clinton brand and he helped bring in this $116 million in personal income for former president bill clinton. is that accurate? reporter: more or less, yes. there is no question doug band was the key guy to get to if you wanted to get bill clinton give a speech or what have you. what's clear too though, doug band was very involved with huma abedin at the state department getting people on to secretary of state clinton's schedule and so forth. so he is the lynchpin in all of this and to a lot of dispassionate observers it is not a pretty picture.
11:15 am
stuart: then chelsea clinton, kind of upset about the role of doug band, sets a law firm on him. what's going on here, says chelsea? the law firm reported, and then doug band responded, i think was it 12-page memo which reveals all of this stuff? have i got the secrets right here? >> right. and the, sort of personal tension between doug band and chelsea clinton who in her own right was standing up for good governance of this foundation and wanting to see her father protected what she called hustling by doug band, the friction that ensued is extraordinary. that plays out in emails where doug band accuses chelsea being a spoiled brat. when she compliments him at one point, he writes in email the apple doesn't fall far. gives you a kiss on the cheek as she is stabbing you in the back and in the front. just extraordinary what we're learning from the wikileaks emails. stuart: it sure is. i know you're a strict reporter down the middle.
11:16 am
you're not an opinion guy but nonetheless i might just ask you for an opinion. typical "varney & company." reporter: you're so good to me, stuart. anytime. stuart: what a guy. i will role tape newt gingrich last night where he assesses the level of this scandal. roll that tape. >> this is the largest scandal affecting a senior american politician i think in the history of the united states. in the end i don't think the majority of american people are going to put somebody who is a liar and a crook in the white house. stuart: okay, opinion please. largest scandal in american political history involving a senior political figure, right or wrong? >> it has to depend on your definition of a scandal. i think u.s. policy towards syria has been scandalous, there are 500,000 deaths on ledger in the conflict. it is greatest stain on the west in this century. so who is responsible for that policy? so i think that probably the
11:17 am
email server is very bad scandal in the sense that this woman was entrusted with the nation's top secrets and she didn't handle them appropriately and tried to cover that up. whether worst in the terms of cost of a human life, i think that is probably debatable. stuart: okay. that best is yet to come quote, from julian assange about more wikileaks still to come before the election 11 days to go. what do you make of it, james? >> we'll have to wait and see. some people were skeptical when julian assange said releases he would engage in october would be pretty big and i think they turned out to be pretty big. the question whether in this political environment will matter. whether they will affect voters or anybody left persuadable. stuart: very good question, very good point. tell me the name of your book again. is it in sixth or seventh printing which is isn't. >> you're very kind. in its seventh printing. a torch kept lit. collection of eulogies for great
11:18 am
figures of the 20th century by great conservative icon william f. buckley who knew the people personally. you can sample eulogies for john f. kennedy, mlk and johnny carson. it's a great book. stuart: i love history. that makes it easy to read great history, james, any extra sales by this promotion commissionable to me. reporter: talk to doug band about that, okay? stuart: good. mr. rosen, thanks for being with us, sir, we appreciate it. reporter: thank you, stuart. stuart: the coast guard, wait until you hear this one, the goes card sized, now the script on prompter says two tons. i think that is wrong. i think it seized 20 tons of cocaine. can we check that, please? i believe it was 20 tons of cocaine. liz: from what? stuart: submarine smuggling operation off the coast of mexico. the coast guard got it.
11:19 am
they made a record 5.$6 billion worth of cocaine busts this calendar year. liz: submarine? stuart: -- worth 73 million. stuart: i was wrong. script got it right. two tons. ashley: that is a lot. stuart: early voting underway in florida. we have new numbers on that next. >> i think the opposite in florida, there are lines that are record lines. they never had anything like it, four blocks long to vote. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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11:23 am
stuart: early voting still going on in florida. now donald trump barnstormed through the state earlier this week. hillary attended a function. by the way you can't call that barnstorming. tim kaine canceled an appearance in florida tonight. maybe he couldn't get a crowd. there is adam shapiro. he is at an early polling station. adam, i want to know, is there any way of telling which way the early voting is going from where you are now? reporter: from where i am now, i have spoken to people. i spoke to one woman, absolute trump supporter and says she is supporting donald trump because
11:24 am
he is transparent. i talked to a person who wouldn't tell me who he was voting for but from his words sounded like hillary clinton. early voting numbers from the state of florida. this comes from the florida division of elections, stuart. republicans who have returned their ballots by mail, 731,297 dent them in. unaffiliated voters this is the key number. these people have not registered with either party. 258,227. those people recall, bloomberg poll shocked everybody because donald trump is leading in that poll. it was independents in that poll who are leaning towards trump. now, going to the polling stations, like one here in coral gables, early those, 439,779. unaffiliated voters, 1,894,234.
11:25 am
so the key stuart, will be unaffiliated voters. how they're leaning. bloomberg poll says they're leaning trump. stuart: i have a question. have you ever been to the villages? have you been to the villages. reporter: not been to the villages. a little young. north of orlando, that would definitely be trump country. that is the i-4 corridor and those counties tend to be more conservative, more republican. stuart: if you ever want to get mobbed by fox fans, go to the villages. great place. donald trump continues to barnstorm. he is holding three events today, new hampshire, maine and finishes up in iowa. three key swing states. how does the man get his energy? this comes after yesterday barnstorming through ohio. three events in that state. "real clear politics," average of polls has him up over one point in ohio. hillary clinton, we should mention, one event this afternoon in iowa. nothing planned for the weekend. michelle obama campaigning for
11:26 am
hillary clinton. okay, all in favor of hillary now. eight years ago, first lady or not first lady then, michelle obama said hillary was unfit to run the white house. we've got it all for you coming up next. (war drums beating) fight heartburn fast. with tums chewy delights. the mouthwatering soft chew that goes to work in seconds to conquer heartburn fast. tum tum tum tum. chewy delights. only from tums.
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>> the important aspect of this race is role modeling what good families should look like him. my view is if you can't run your own house you certainly can't run the white house, can't do it. stuart: michelle obama slamming hillary clinton in 2008 during the primary season. now listen to what the first lady is saying about hillary at a rally last night, a very different tune. roll it. >> hillary clinton is my friend. she has been a friend to me and
11:31 am
barack and amalia and sasha and bill and chelsea have been embracing and supportive from the day my husband took the oath of office. i am grateful for hillary, leadership and courage and what she is going to do for this country. stuart: leslie marshall is with us. is this how you do politics among leftists? >> this is how politics is among every politician. marco rubio -- marco rubio -- stuart: i don't recall any republican first lady turning on a dime from contempt to a love affair, do you? >> i haven't seen some of the first ladies out and about and as vocal for candidates as we have seen michelle obama in this election cycle but when we look at candidates like marco rubio or ted cruz who have done a 360,
11:32 am
complete turnaround with regard to donald trump, and it is not surprising michelle obama's husband was running against her and they formed a friendship when she was secretary of state and had a relationship, this is not surprising and this is politics as usual whether left or right. stuart: politics as usual on the left but that is another story. email dump reveals john podesta and robin luke were unaware of the size and scope of hillary's private email server. recent fox poll showed 67% of voters say hillary is not trustworthy. what is going on within the campaign the two top guys, john podesta and robin luke didn't know the size and scope of the email scandal. >> first of all because it
11:33 am
wasn't considered to be scandalous by the clintons and she wasn't sharing that with the staff and we would have seen more if they felt it that way and it is common for people at the top in every campaign not to share 100% with the campaign staff especially if you were at the level of clintons or trump. stuart: okay. what about the $116 million bill clinton has made personally through connections to the foundation and his wife who is secretary of state. it looks a little bad. >> a couple problems i have. when is i have a problem with wikileaks, julian assange, allegedly russia providing information. i would have more respect if they were dumping emails on both sides of the isle. stuart: do you deny the emails were written?
11:34 am
>> i don't know if they were altered, don't know if we are seeing the full context. stuart: doug band did not write the 12 page report, $160 million. why wouldn't he say that? >> first of all, if speak to a source like wikileaks whether you are a clinton or not, you are giving them more validation and credibility. that is what the clintons -- there should be an investigation, the clinton foundation and if hillary is elected president i don't think she or bill should have anything to do with the foundation because she would be president and he would be first man and that would be a conflict of interest. stuart: do you like the way it looks? $116 million. do you like that?
11:35 am
>> i don't like the way it looks but i know the reality of how things work. stuart: the wall street journal, kim strauss, they are the grifters in chief. >> i don't agree with that. i do know it is common in charitable organizations or any organization, look at sports figures, somebody might say i will put a little more money in, that is very common. the clintons, i would like to have an investigation. stuart: thank you for joining us, thanks very much. donald trump continues to call the system rigged. media coverage is all negative against him. listen to this. >> look at the media, how horrible they are, falls they are how negative they are toward
11:36 am
me, 90% of the stories they write are negative even if it is a positive story they find a way to make it negative. stuart: it is actually 91%. i think it is 91. big number. joining us, media reporter from the hill. these scandals are blowing up, right, left and center, 11 days left to the election. will the media get the story out or suppress it? >> donald trump on saturday celebrating his 500 today on the campaign trail. with 11 days left, we haven't seen any equal coverage as far as negative trump or negative clinton, the answer is no. stuart: establishment media no, not going to get out there. >> two examples, i will make them quick as far as turning points i thought were very relevant to the topic we are
11:37 am
talking about. an editorial in time magazine says neutrality is not an option when it comes to donald trump and judgment day is coming to reporters that don't openly attack trump and kickdown his candidacy. and i expected some backlash from media reporters or journalists saying you are openly advocating advocacy instead of reporting, doing your job. second example, the editor in chief of the new york times, the paper of record, said he was willing to go to jail even if that meant legally obtaining donald trump's tax returns, that kind of influence, saying i will sacrifice my freedom for 5 years if i could take down a candidate. i waited for the back lash, never happened. good for him. stuart: i don't think they will be portrayed in the establishment media. it won't make it but what about
11:38 am
online? people choose online, the news they want. when you look at your facebook feed, you get what you want to see. the message could get out that way. >> every day since wikileaks went on the latest rampage as far as john podesta's emails, every day john podesta is trending. and it is becoming the equalizer against a media that main objective person with saline's left or on a seesaw with a pigeon on the other side so people can get their information from other places besides cnn, abc, nbc so perhaps that will make a difference as far as bringing some equality to coverage. stuart: should we be looking at, reading and using julian assange's wikileaks? we are after all letting him have an influence on our
11:39 am
election by reporting what he is leaking, it is scandalous stuff, revelatory in the extreme but coming from a guy who shouldn't be running a campaign. >> when you brought up with leslie a relevant point, if the clintons or that campaign said these are not authentic or spoke to what is being said in these emails and you say that is one thing but they keep saying the russians did and we can't trust the source but they never argue against the authenticity of those emails and that is why it is responsible to report them because otherwise they are saying is true, it is verbatim. stuart: i am a lot older than you but never seen anything, never seen anything like this before in my life, the total skewing of news coverage against one candidate.
11:40 am
>> neutrality is not an option. stuart: thanks for being with us, you will be back. check the big board holding steady, 11 days to the election and up 56 points. trump's star on the walk of fame attacked with a pickax, it has been restored and a homeless man is defending it, he is a trump supporter and has been guarding that thing all day and all night. world series game 3 is tonight, has been played at wrigley field in chicago, not been played at that field since 1945 lose no one on our staff was born when the last game was played. >> first time a world series will ever be broadcast with the cubs in it. stuart: we will be back. there's no one road out there.
11:41 am
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides, we are seeing stocks to the upside, dow jones industrial average up 56 points 18,225, better than expected report on the economy, passing expectations, the first half of
11:43 am
2016. chevron leading the way, it is refused in the oil services sector. that is a winner. and other names such as norwegian cruise and this is a -- and that is the parent of titleist's. that takes it back from what we saw yesterday, keep it here on fox business.
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> i will propose tax holidays for any city investment, and to relocate invited american neighborhoods. it is called incentive. stuart: he wants to bring back investment, including vocational schools. and the author of a book with a long title, liberalism. and welcome back. good to be back. i am sure you hear what donald trump proposes, the
11:46 am
african-american community. i particularly like trade schools. and this should be the new deal. the old deal. it wishes to defund 16 million school choice options for black kids. stuart: any indication trump's message to the black community is resonating, there will be black support? >> many people are frustrated, 20% feel the way i do and we are looking for answers and realize what we look for and ask for.
11:47 am
the trajectory continues to grow in coming years. stuart: another wikileaks revelation, the clinton campaign once to use the death of eric garner for their own political purposes. eric garner was the black man who died after a chokehold was applied by the new york city police. they wanted to use the incident. eric garner's daughter is mad as hell about it. this is her tweet. i am troubled by the revelation you and this campaign discussed using eric garner, why would you want to use my dad? what do you say about this? >> this is what socialists do, black and white socialists use for their purposes whether charlotte, ferguson, look at places these countries or cities are run by black policeman or
11:48 am
police chiefs and it doesn't matter. the agenda moving forward across the board, happening for a wild. watch what is happening to the black race. we don't have to have our country to go through the same process. stuart: are you ever invited to speak at the nation's universities? >> not universities, and to hear these and talk to these young men looking for ways of getting out of the groupthink, excited about the fact, what the success is all about. ignorance can never be with freedom and all americans should be at arms, we are not getting the right information to make a decision for ourselves, look at the fact that is not the american way, stand strong against it and do what is best for ourselves. stuart: give me the name of the
11:49 am
book again. >> liberalism, how to turn good men into whiners, weenies and wimps. we have never been wimpy, let's not start now. stuart: sounds better with an american accent. you come on back soon. love to see you again. stuart: next up we take you to chicago, game 3 of the world series tonight, last time the cubs were in the series no one involved in the program was alive. what are you laughing at? we will take you -- here is a little frank sinatra. ♪ ♪
11:50 am
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11:54 am
ratings, guarantee there will be people watching game 3 of the world series from chicago to watch the miserable football game between the jaguars and the titans on thursday night football. >> i think you are right. stuart: jeff flock is there. the script says he is standing on hallowed ground. what are you up to? jeff: people know the president -- get cubs tickets. look at these people. this is a line of people, rollcall in the ticket line, there are extra tickets out there. by all the way down the block, look at this. the purpose of getting 19,000 hours, can i get something there? they still got it, that is great. everyone in chicago knows him
11:55 am
but look at these people. they are hopeful to get there tickets tonight. $19,000 and they say the cubs get to game 6 or 5 in chicago and they could clinch it will be the most important scalp ticketing us sports history. stuart: you are reporting for foxbusiness, you are right there, do you go into the game tonight? jeff: i was on the field earlier but the answer is absolutely no. prudentials are very tight. i will be home watching on television. stuart: watch fox, good ratings for tonight. we will be back to you throughout the day because that is where you are stationed for the rest of the day and you will be watching tonight. we will see you again soon. i am not sure what we got for you after the break but we will be back.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
stuart: i figured out what we are going to do, we are going to show you some vine videos. what they specialize in is six second video clips. some of them are pretty funny. roll tape and we will discuss as we go along. >> catch this. stuart: for some reason that was funny. look at that. that wasn't so good. what is going on with this guy? painful. the cat. in six seconds it is up and out. i have a coupon. hope that didn't fall on somebody. watch this. what is that show? ashley: america's funniest home
11:59 am
videos. what is this? what was that? a snowbank. stuart: we thought that was intriguing and funny but fine is owned by twitter and twitter is taking it off. ashley: they paid $30 million for it in 2012 but the founder of vine says don't sell your company, he was happy about it, not happy with the way it worked out on twitter. what do you do in six seconds? snapchat entrance to graham have proven too tough a competition. what can you doing six seconds? liz: rip vine going to heaven, the most creative funniest things, to see these videos.
12:00 pm
stuart: i saw a vine star on tv. the kid is making millions. there is a nice end to our 3-hour show, eight seconds left. neil cavuto wents the extra few seconds. it is yours. neil: you will be at home tonight watching the cubs/indians game? that is a 6 second video there. stuart: i will be in naples, florida watch the cubs game. neil: i want to confirm this. a lot more going on including the head of the big game tonight and the outrageous scalping going on. donald trump on a three state blitz, polls showing no matter where he goes he is narrowing this race.


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