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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 28, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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the kid is making millions. there is a nice end to our 3-hour show, eight seconds left. neil cavuto wents the extra few seconds. it is yours. neil: you will be at home tonight watching the cubs/indians game? that is a 6 second video there. stuart: i will be in naples, florida watch the cubs game. neil: i want to confirm this. a lot more going on including the head of the big game tonight and the outrageous scalping going on. donald trump on a three state blitz, polls showing no matter where he goes he is narrowing this race. much depends on what you are
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looking at but some have seen dramatic differences in a span of days. what is going on here? connell: the most dramatic change, the washington post tracking poll, this poll had donald trump down by 12 points a week ago, but only a four point disadvantage for mister trump, hillary clinton 48, trump 44. what is going on? a couple things. number one trump is doing better lately among independent voters. we saw that on fox polling, 28-28 among independents, trump is doing better among republican voters, republicans coming back to trump. jason chafe at as an example saying i will vote for trump but after the access hollywood video, it is a busy mister trump in terms of campaign rally going to new hampshire and maine,
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trailing, and you can still get one alecto role vote in maine even if you lose the state and in iowa by this evening. mike pence will be in pennsylvania, still trailing by 5, north carolina is the tossup 8, on the other side, hillary clinton has a couple events today in iowa and sending surrogates to florida, tim kane in tallahassee, president obama with a stop in orlando. florida trending well for trump this weekend in previous weeks, going towards trump, folks know they can win florida, they can shut the door. two surrogates there. the challenge we talk about, trump, the trend this week,
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electoral votes are difficult. and in pennsylvania not expected to win. manchester, and one of those states, trump folks with the campaign schedule and hillary clinton relying more on surrogates. the best and brightest of the democratic party, michelle obama yesterday, barack obama today, not just florida. and hillary clinton when she had big times like that arguing on her behalf, the fallout, gop strategist, democratic strategist, dagan mcdowell rounding out the game. listening to you and maria bartiroma, the notion that a lot of people probably know who they are going to vote for.
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doesn't argue some could change their mind but we don't know that. we see these high undecided numbers. you are not buying that. >> simply because looking at the reason fox news poll donald trump is pulling 81% of the republican vote. hillary clinton 83% of the democratic vote, that is a better number than donald trump so you have a large percentage, diehard party voters decided who they will vote for. the surrogates in terms of hillary clinton using all these people she would be a stone cold moron if she didn't take advantage of them. and a connection to women that hillary clinton have not been able to manufacture, elizabeth warren, joe biden, never know what he is going to say and karl
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rove said this morning, and people in the trump hierarchy, asking if he is concerned about lack of surrogate and asked how bush did it in 2000. it is a worry for the trump campaign. neil: he doesn't have so many popular surrogates, even if he had big names, the former bush president, they don't have the popularity or the reach some of these others do. that is a problem for trump. >> it could be but i don't think the surrogates will make a difference. mrs. clinton has a very negative rating with the american people, majority of the american people do not trust her, using the high level surrogates as character witnesses. the president and the first lady and joe biden and bill clinton
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all over the country and trump going up in the polls as you reported. they make a difference only on the margin and this is headed for a close race. where we are now is those people who are undecided do not like either of the candidates, struggling to decide. when they say i am also for change, whoever is the status quo is where trump picked up votes and what he is doing this week. neil: sticking to issues and messages, and the affordable care act and premium hikes. and it is a matter of hours or days before he defaults and criticizes someone in authority. do you think he can go now 11
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days without doing that? >> absolutely not. when you think of surrogates trump doesn't have any credible surrogate republicans willing to stand up for him. neil: does it make a difference? >> you need to cover a tremendous amount of ground at this point during the eighth-inning of this game. neil: a guy with no surrogates, speaks out of turn almost constantly, is evening things up in the polls, and in surveys, hillary clinton melted substantially. are you worried? >> not at all, swing states matter, 270 electoral votes, i don't see the calculus in how trump can do it and the fact he doesn't have other people going out, in that case he is basically out there speaking to the same group of people.
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dagen: what works to his advantage, he m not have big names in nevada when he is in iowa or florida, he has a loyal following on social media, do not discount that. might be one person goes to a trump rally and goes online and connect with friends who might live in their state or not live in their state, dominates the facebook chatter. let me finish my sentence. i wasn't done yet. more twitter followers been hillary clinton and that won him the nomination and do not discount the impact his loyal followers have on social media. >> is there a period there? there is an echo chamber he is talking to, twitter followers, people come to these events, that is the echo chamber. what other surrogates can do,
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more well-known in other corners where they could bring in and bring in more voters. neil: the trump people like to use that as a breaking point, they freely admit as you point out -- >> there is no -- neil: i am on stage with michelle obama who is a rock star and a gifted speaker to say nothing of being very real on the stump, i am almost worried having a surrogate like that because she shows me up. >> trump doesn't want anyone showing him up. >> donald trump can dominate the news anytime he wants. the way this race is going it is better off if he is not dominating the news. dominating the news is clinton inc. and obamacare, that is the status quo, hillary clinton,
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that is what people don't like. neil: it is easy to play monday morning quarterback after the election but will the clinton people regret she wasn't out there more? her campaign schedule is running a two thirds the pace of donald trump's. you think that is something that could come back? it is a good one. she might regret she almost looks like she is running out the clock. >> she is playing to use the basketball reference, four corners offense. she doesn't want -- at the end of the day, this is a strategy i would use as well. she's not looking to win, she is looking not to use. neil: that is the way to do it. you think the mitt romney example after the example four years ago, is a reminder you can
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never take anything in the beginning. dagen: even her surrogates are taking it for a gimme. when president obama went on kimmel, he basically said to donald trump you are going to lose and she was feeling full of herself last week in terms of she saw herself being inaugurated in january. you need to be careful about that. better to put surrogates on stage instead of her beach she is still stiff and unlikable and doesn't know how to relate to a crowd very well. if someone does it better than her put them out there. >> trump is equally unlikable. when she is unlikable, it makes -- neil: there are a lot of unlikable people. >> they are both not liked by the voters. the tiebreaker is change versus
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status quo and that is why trump is picking up votes and he will continue to. neil: thank you very much. dagen: love you. neil: right back at you. donald trump, we are hearing from the wall street journal, $10 million of his own money to boost his presidential campaign. donald trump. hillary clinton has $100 million. more after this. you both have a perfect driving record.
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neil: you see what is happening? amazon stock since it announced disappointing earnings last
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night, to add insult to retail injury, forecasting so-so christmas season alarmed a lot of folks who remember amazon beefed up retiring before the holiday to north of 100,000, the fact that it disappointed and had disappointing news was a 1-numtwo punch. other retailers are attaching that downdraft as well. more on the wikileaks email drop they are building to a crescendo before election day, but what we have gotten up to now and thousands more than come through day by day, eye-popping development, peter barnes digging through the latest. >> my eyes are popping out. thanks to wikileaks we are learning how russian hackers broke into clinton campaign chair john podesta's email account, when email released
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today is from march, and podesta's gmail account, a link in the email and if they look at the email address, from, a well-known fishing email address was was podesta a fishing email? some news reports say yes. i want to report our fox news colleague is reporting on him and his former sister-in-law who happens to be a major campaign fundraiser for hillary clinton in 2012, to lobby for the company when hillary was secretary of state. on podesta was a senior advisor, states must approve sales of us military equipment to foreign countries. raytheon won 14 military sales
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contracts with $26 billion in the last few quarters of 2012, breakdown paid heather podesta $100,000 according to records. they don't see any laws, when asked about the circumstances state department spokesman said, quote, the only considerations factored into military sales programs, furtherance of foreign policy objectives of the us and not the lobby to influence that decision. sent james a short email saying i never lobbied the secretary or john podesta on this matter. neil: they knew who she was. thank you very much. chris bedford on what he makes. what do you have here? >> the only bombshell out of
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this email, people suspected how close certain members of the media where with hillary clinton's campaign, we have debate moderators coming up, and constantly communicating and being referred to as friendly media. now the stuff we know the clintons were corrupt and backstabbing and mad talking between them reinforcing it, no longer a right wing conspiracy, trump won't be able to hold his breath and rely on emails to push him over the edge though there are a couple instances where he could have. neil: i was talking to a liberal friend of mine who was saying that is the clintons, that is how they operate and accepting, the worst of these emails, still
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not trump. a lot of people know the clintons, suspect they are loose when it comes to keeping to the ethical letter of the law if not worse but they aren't getting any revelations that are stunning them, not changing their mind is what do you think of that? >> funny to see when reading through emails that people inside the organization, this looks bad, this doesn't look good. why are they accepting money for this and one of the big clinton pushbacks, nothing ever sticks to them. a right wing conspiracy, which they can't anymore. this is old news, at this point what difference does it make? that kind of defense. if she mentioned to the white house, this is old news, trying to relitigate and i already won,
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but most likely what we are going to see. neil: the cynicism is so rampant. people will either discount the word a candidate says or policy positions they take if they prove critical. we lower the bar. >> what would have to be uncovered, it has to be murder. neil: would have to use big instruments. i wonder, well put, well put much new foundation editor in chief. home depot's cofounders is be careful what you look for. a lot of people with her. liz warren was not even a running mate but will be very
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much like a copresident.
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neil: last year i was talking about rumored in pending deals at record levels, and you get confirmation, $248 million, that is a monthly record. and $39 billion qualcomm deal, and announce deals running at a record case. bernie marcus, the man who helped found home depot says senator liz warren will not be far behind if hillary clinton wins the white house. >> who employees people in america? i don't know where hillary comes
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from. or where elizabeth warren comes from because she will be the pseudo-president if hillary is elected. jobs are created by business, doesn't make a lot of sense. you see where clinton's head is and where the agenda is going. neil: elizabeth warren playing a vital role, checkmate to the white house in a clinton administration. welcome back. what do you make of that. >> it is what every businessman fears, people who run businesses on wall street. a lot of them support hillary. that is a quid pro quo, not ordinary for the clintons to do quid pro quo. she is out there campaigning hard. elizabeth warren is out there playing it very safe whether you believe it or not. i don't know if i believe it but
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the clintons do and she's making sure the base shows up. what does she get in return? there has got to be something. the rumor on wall street even among democrats is she will play a role in this administration. she might even, i find it hard to believe, people talk about her being treasury secretary. people freaking out. i tell you, let's say she is not treasury secretary, but a ranking member. neil: on outsider. charles: if republicans lose the senate, she's a ranking member of the banking committee, she can twist and turn the business community, hillary is going to give her a pound of flesh on something, chuck schumer would be the majority leader, under some pressure to give us something, sherrod brown is the
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ranking member, head of the banking committee. neil: not a friendly crowd. charles: would probably listen to her. neil: in or outside she would be powerful. charles: you will see her face on every magazine, if hillary wins. neil: the polls are narrowed and gone, to the point where a flip of the coin, we know a lot of them -- we found out donald trump wrote a $10 million check to the campaign. charles: why not write a $30 billion $50 billion, this guy allegedly has bucks to burn, is within striking distance, why not go and rip her apart right now with a major body in every battleground state and try to
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win it? that is the most perplexing thing that a guy who purports to be so rich -- neil: let's say he does have the money and is holding back. the other is he is hoping whatever he is done and working right now, not going too far off the subject, narrowing, doesn't need to spend. charles: money does matter. could you imagine if he is started pounding away, why are people leaving the clinton camp? why are her numbers going down? wikileaks is one thing, she is sleazy, but obamacare. i don't think people realize what democrats bought with obamacare. is going to devcon 3 levels. neil: i thought in florida it would resonate which it is. ironically we wanted this to be
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about issues, that issue. charles: look at how much you pay for healthcare and hillary clinton supported that, president obama, they are married essentially. you got to talk to him. neil: much more fun. charlie gasparino, great to see you back. by now you had seen this video about what happened to mike pence at laguardia airport. now he is departing new jersey, i thought it was going to nothing. and eastern airlines plane. i thought it went out of business and became trump airlines. anyway, glad he is boarding a plane, and i said don't. charles: i know who owns eastern, a former head of the
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new york mercantile exchange. neil: eastern is alive and well. charles: it is limited. is he going to florida? neil: i don't know. charles: that is the question. if he is going to florida, that is the main hub in miami. neil: he will make a florida -- and podesta. there you go. a lot more coming up. on this flight he is going to pennsylvania. charles: ten times in my head i predicted it. neil: he is going to pennsylvania in a plane that used to be and eastern airlines plane. i don't like the image that might foist on people. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy.
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(howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. . neil: all right. some interesting news concerning michelle obama. some perspective from her husband, president obama, saying in a radio interview a short time ago his wife will never run for office. he said that in the morning radio show but jumps at that. a couple times he has responded very, very quickly, a lot of people note she is more popular than he is. she is the most popular public figure right now in the united states. second, i believe, only to pope francis worldwide. maybe she runs for pope, i have no idea. president ruling out his wife
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is ever interested in being president of the united states. we'll see. meanwhile, looking at a trump rally that will commence shortly in new hampshire. i did get it wrong on pence and where you are a former bernie sanders backer, right? >> yes, yes. neil: i would imagine some of the e-mails that come to light what that campaign thought of clinton backers of sanders
12:37 pm
backers, not sanders himself, has confirmed your worst suspicions. >> it has, it really hurt me to read the wikileaks. to be honest, i'm not trying to be funny. i was emotional after the bernie sanders loss, the nomination, i was crying and so many of my fellow bernie sanders supporters were hurt and mistreated and dogged after that, and i knew as so many of my bernie sanders supporters, we all knew we could not vote for hillary clinton, and that's to date. i could not imagine casting my vote and reading this wikileaks and the pay-to-play and corruption and also too with wikileaks we learned something that hillary clinton was being groomed to be the next president come hell or high water and damn the american people. so it is so vitally important that we read and know that our vote on november 8 is just --
12:38 pm
we have got to come out on behalf of the political outsider. our fellow american, donald j. trump who stood up to the mainstream media barrages, to allegations, to the corporate -- the corporations who have been making money off the backs of the american people. we have got to stand up as a nation and say no to corruption. you know, america, when we are strong, the rest of the world is safe, but right now because of our weakness, the rest of the world is shaking! we need a commander in chief, a president that's not part of the corruption in the white house to restore our good name and reputation to the rest of the world. >> you know, as mr. trump's national university vice chair, you have to make that kind of a pitch, and i guess it goes over well with some. >> it's from the heart. from the heart. neil: let me ask you this, when you hear donald trump
12:39 pm
addressing a number of minority groups and turn around and say what the hell have you got to lose, what do you make are that? >> when i hear what the hell have you got to lose? i hear in chicago the black bodies are piling up in the morgue, black men are going to the penitentiary instead of working jobs, no investment in our inner cities and communities, i believe he's talking to the 25% of african-americans living in abject poverty. they don't have anything to lose. they can only -- can't get worse than bodies piling up at the morgue and prison. what donald trump is saying is look, let me be your pre let me put jobs in the communities so black men can take care of their black women and get the government out of our homes! that's what donald trump is saying. i want to give that power back to the black family, instead of being separated by the government, let me put you back
12:40 pm
together, put your men back to work. that is the powerful dynamic statement that's resonating with black people. don't believe the hype. donald trump has black supporters all across the nation. many of them are afraid to speak up because they don't want to be called uncle tom and sell out. i've been called uncle tom and sellout because i don't want to vote for hillary clinton they know from my soul. quiet as cats, mr. cavuto, black people know from their souls that hillary clinton is not going to do anything to help the inner cities. if a black president for the last eight years didn't help his own city, which i what would make you think hillary clinton is going to come behind him and be the champion of black people? he didn't set the example for the inner cities for her to come behind and do something for our people. so i know how desperate and serious and important this
12:41 pm
election is to all americans. not just black america. and the wikileaks, i read something that scared me to death, and that was that the u.s. corp. has been choosing and selecting presidents since 1933, effectively saying our vote is not going to choose our president, that they've chosen hillary clinton. i want to serve notice on them. those electoral college votes better add up to the popular vote or we're going to have a problem come november 8. and so the american people are hurting. we're tired of being used and abused and favored less than illegal aliens and refugees. american citizens deserve first choice, first priority and that's what donald trump is saying. is he perfect? no. can he be crass? yes. but does he love america? yes. let's get behind the candidate who loves america and not the
12:42 pm
globalist hillary who cares about the world more than the united states. neil: have you ever thought about running for office? >> no, no desire, after seeing what donald trump has gone through, the abuse, have you remember to i'm the child of a murdered mother. i saw my mother murdered, stabbed 31 times to death. i lived in foster care and all kinds of stuff. i've been through enough in life. i have no desire to go through what donald trump is going through. it's wrong, it's hurtful and to know that our executive branch, our president that we trusted, our department of justice is quiet. our fbi is quiet, while the clinton foundation slush fund keeps going forward, but then you got that attorney general in new york who is so busy bugging donald trump. why aren't you bugging that clinton foundation, the pay-for-play dollars coming from the middle east to our country, buying and selling our nation already! they've already bought and sold the nation! the only people who can stop
12:43 pm
hillary clinton and this machine, this democratic machine that has sold the nation out is the american people. on november 8, the great equalizer is your vote. it's the millionaire and the poor man have the same power that day. use your vote to vote for the america first candidate, donald j. trump and mike pence. neil: all right, they got to put you out on the stump more, brunelle. thank you very much. >> it's from my matter and soul. i'm scared for our nation, i don't want to crime. i'm scared for our nation. no problem. neil: very good seeing you again. >> god bless you. neil: the latest numbers on the economy, that could hurt donald trump's argument that it's not growing enough. it's running about triple what he says it is. after this. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. >> reporter: i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. we have optimism on wall street today, the dow up 77. ipo today, the ticker symbol very appropriate is goth. a curb netholding, has moved to the upside, 4% right now and trading at $17.64.
12:46 pm
priced at $17. the name dedicated golfers know, titleist, putter, ingersoll-rand makes golf carts, golf clubs, callaway making golf apparel, they have eluded to the fact they want out of the business with nike and adidas, a good day for golf and ipo unlike yesterday where we saw the chinese company vpo was down 15%. today up arrows.
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. neil: 2.9%, almost 3%, that's how much the economy grew in the third quarter, that was stronger than expected. so average growth under president obama now for roughly eight years in office, about 1.8%, and donald trump said we are a lot more than that. since we are growing at three times the rate he says in stump speeches that we're going up 1% or so, does the latest news hurt that argument? to lending tree founder, great america pac pro chair. what do you think about the third quarter, i'm sure democrats can say look at that, look at that, we're going triple at what you say we are, donald trump? >> i think it's actually
12:49 pm
simple. first off 2.9% holds, that's great for the economy. however, after eight years -- if we can go at 2.9% with the overregulation and job-killing policies of this administration, it makes donald trump's 4% projection with much better policies seem a lot more reasonable than people thought. neil: that's interesting, you say look what we're capable of, if we just put our minds to it, right? >> if you take government out of the way, cost and benefit of government regulations, i spent half my day yesterday literally debating one sentence with chief accounting officer in 10 q where literally i said that's not accurate and she said that's the way we have to report it. wait a minute, the government is giving me a choice talking about need to be inaccurate to the reader? yeah, they are. neil: what was the statement? >> it was a very, very arcane
12:50 pm
thing about how you describe revenue growth and one of our businesses, which we've grown over 350% in just the last two years alone, but the fact that i'm debating words as opposed to running a business that's saving consumers money every single day is a tragedy for the economy. neil: do you think whether it's mr. trump or hillary clinton they're going to be in a world of hurt. a lot of people say the next president is a one-termer because of the financial house of cards fall. donald trump said the market is priced for perfection, low interest rates and the fed has propped us up and it can't do it anymore and cablyy, what do you think? >> i think we're ignoring the biggest problem, $20 trillion debt. i divided that by the number of people in america and comes out to $80,000 for every household, and basically hillary clinton is going to continue to add to that. donald trump's plan will be able to address it, i believe,
12:51 pm
we'll have faster economic growth and less regulation, and if we don't ultimately deal with that, we're going to be like greece. neil: very interesting. doug, very good having you. >> very good, thank you very much. neil: all right, doug lebda. donald trump said the voting process is rigged in this country. a lot of people dismiss that say it would be impossible to do. still, there are a number of issues concerning voting irregularities. we crunch them, you decide. did you know there's a way to save up to 95%
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. neil: all right, we're just learning that the clinton campaign is adding a stop in hillary clinton's campaign schedule, that would be arizona. a state safely going republican
12:55 pm
for a long, long time right now. a state where at least john mccain has moved to a double-digit lead over his democratic opponent, that's a relief to him, but a state where mitt romney won by ten points four years ago, john mccain won comfortably there four years prior. now it's in play. some of the recent poll numbers show it a statistical tie, a toss-up if you will. what is interesting in the surveys is fact that donald trump scores well among independents but more remarkably among minorities, among hispanics, to the point. hillary clinton has a 2-1 lead among hispanics which is not a surprise. democrats typically do, but 35% of hispanics in the state of arizona in one survey supported donald trump. which i'm sure for donald trump has to be 35% more than he thought he would get that. is something that could be at play in that state and at play nationally among those who say that only white men are voting for donald trump.
12:56 pm
the latest breakdown on the polls, arizona among them, is that he is far more popular among far more groups he's given credit for. he will be pouncing on that in manchester, new hampshire, a state he is running close to even in the polls. but all of the polls are coalesing at the same time. is this a normal tightening that we see in races, or could there be something else going on? what is odd is that in states where donald trump is giving up, he's not. in states that hillary clinton would be writing off, she's not. they're all looking at the same numbers. after this.
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. neil: all right, i know i hit you with a lot of polls as we're waiting to hear from donald trump in manchester, new hampshire. i want to show you the latest one that has him within four points. again, this is an abc poll. keeping track of how this is going.
1:00 pm
but this past weekend, and what was it melinda? it was like 10? 12 points. it was 12 points, that's a lot of points that have narrowed in less than a week. what does that mean and what is this telling you and is that an aberration or outlier, the poll by abc is not an outlier, donald trump's friend, co-founder, publisher. what do you think? >> i think we're definitely seeing a tightening. certainly you mentioned that abc-"washington post" poll, the fox poll showed a tightening, other polls that aren't showing as much of a tightening, if you look at average which is a good indicator where the trends are, trump's trailing by 4, 4 1/2 points it was over 5 a couple of days ago. i think he's closing the gap a little bit. a long road to hoe with ten
1:01 pm
days left but he's not completely out of it right now. neil: as you remind me, we shouldn't be looking at national polls as much as what's going on in the battleground states. obviously, to your point, hillary clinton is confident enough that she has a big enough electoral lead to focus on states that typically a democrat would not. arizona we're told, she's going to visit next week amid polls that show it's safe for republican state is a draw between the two. what do you make of that? is she getting ahead of herself here? protecting herself? what? >> interestingly, she was in north carolina, she spent a lot of time in north carolina. she was in new hampshire with elizabeth warren, rallying the base, that's not what you would -- that doesn't necessarily jibe with someone running up the score in the other states. neil: right. >> they are trying to protect what they currently got and they are spending money in the states. interesting, neil, because we have georgia is closer, texas
1:02 pm
closer than we've seen since carter. you mentioned arizona, but the battle is still the battle. it's florida, ohio, north carolina, trump has to win all three of those, and beyond that, he's got to win either pennsylvania or some combination of states to get him to 269, 270. neil: he can't afford to lose the georgias, the texases the carolinas. a lot of people go back to 1980 and mentioned the carter-reagan example where it blew out in the final days. any signs of that? i'm sure you are blitzkrieged by it. what do you look at to show a potential seismic shift? >> at this point, we have a different electorate, neil, we are evenly divided country, we have been since 2000. there aren't a lot of swing voters, hardly any undecided, hard to see how anybody unless
1:03 pm
the bottom falls out for trump or clinton because of the revelation of the final days of the campaign that sends fleeing the candidates in droves. i think it's relatively close. neil: we've never had two negative candidates like this, two candidates who have such high negatives. there is something unusual there, and i hear it from so many people who tell me whether they are supporting hillary clinton, whether they are supporting donald trump, they don't like their choices but they will grudgeingly vote for one over the other. how does that sort itself out when we see a phenomenon like that, that part is unprecedented? >> right, i don't know how it sorts out. we've never seen it. two candidates with 100% name id. majorities don't like or trust them, would prefer somebody else, and again, in an evenly divided country, unlike anything we've seen, and the way that they're dividing up the electorate among race and class and gender is more extreme than we've seen in the
1:04 pm
past, too. this is just an unprecedented election. i don't think anyone knows how this is going to work out with two weeks left. neil: real quickly before i get to my buddy charles payne here. shrinking the hillary clinton lead nationally or in the battleground states. if you're donald trump, 11 days enough to make up the ground? do you crunch numbers and say all right, in less than a week, if he's narrowed that by 8 or 9 points, do you hope that math continues, obviously, but can it? >> we don't know. i mean, again, the other sort of defining moment of this election defining moment of this selection whoever is under the spotlight suffers. clinton surround the spotlight with the wikileaks revelations. if that continues another ten days, it could be enough. there's no saying that's going to happen. we could see the spotlight shift back to donald trump and
1:05 pm
his numbers go back down. i don't think we know whether donald trump's momentum -- how much momentum he's got and whether he'll continue. we'll have to wait and see. neil: you know what i love about you, tom, not only that you are brilliant but you answer questions i don't know. it is nice to see, i don't know. which explains my life. tom, thank you very much. we don't know what will be the news catalyst, for example, in all of the talk about obamacare and high premiums, we get surprisingly good news on the economy, growth rate in the latest quarter, up 2.9%, almost 3%. that's pretty respectable, is it too wonky to help hillary clinton at this stage? charles payne on what the number could mean. what do you think? >> i'm her this week and talking the number up, the best number we've had in a couple years, i predicted this would happen. i had a feeling it would.
1:06 pm
what's interesting is she doesn't want to get too wonky with it, once you go into the details, it's not necessarily as illustrious as it might seem as hey, we just had the best quarter of growth in this country for two years but wasn't driven by consumers who are rather guarded. neil: again, it does show that, in a way it could help both candidates. first of all that we can grow at that rate, anymore, those days are gone. inventory buildups and all that stuff that guys like you focus on. it's 3%, almost 3%, and donald trump says surely we can add another point to that. >> he does. i've done a lot of the extensive work on this. i've noticed going back to 1980, doesn't matter how much the gdp is growing, as long as it grows from the year before. that does help hillary clinton out. neil: i'm not interrupting you there. we're just getting news, this could decide or certainly be a big factor in this election. the u.s. house oversight committee chairman is saying on
1:07 pm
twitter, the fbi is reopening the clinton e-mail investigation. so something changed and i don't know if the revelations that came through in the e-mails but that's a big deal. >> that's huge. that is huge. that could be the october surprise right there. neil: don't know what prompted this, it could be what's come through to wikileaks, but obviously, something that the fbi either didn't know before that has come to light now, but that's going to dominate news, i would imagine for the next few days. >> i can't imagine anything superseding that right now, in terms of news, on a national scale, particularly with all the criticism that comey has come under, as more and more of the leaks have come through,as more news has come through on the topic, that's a pretty big shot across the bough right there. neil: jason chaffetz, to that point, the fbi director just informed me, the fbi learned of
1:08 pm
the existence of e-mails pertinent to the investigation. nbc news reporting the fbi is indeed reopening its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the same hillary clinton that said the issue was put to bed. no criminal investigation or treatment would follow. this lays open the possibility that could very much happen. >> well, sure, it's an investigation, you never know what the outcome is going to be. let's not forget when comey announced the results, it felt leading up to him coming to the conclusion that there wasn't enough evidence, he laid out a convincing argument that there was enough to charge hillary clinton, so if there's more e-mails out there, if something has come to light, major revelation, it felt like it was razor thin before, certainly the guessing would be something official comes of it this time. in many people, it was never resolved satisfactorily. neil: charles has been quick to responding, u.s. house
1:09 pm
oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz said the fbi learned about e-mails pertinent to the clinton investigation and reopening said investigation, that is very, very big news, folks, it would seem to quash when the fbi director james comey put this issue presumably to bed a little more than a couple of months ago saying there was nothing there, they thoroughly investigated this and though hillary clinton acted sloppily, she did nothing that would appear to be illegal, and that there was no criminal intent. whether this means there was criminal intent is anyone's guess. as charles said investigation would ensue. it does mean that everything is open again and being investigated again. now politically, you look at this, charles, one of the things you always learn is that americans had a tough time getting their arms around this because it was just steeped in layered terms about e-mails that were leaked and what she and said did and when, all i
1:10 pm
think americans at home are going to realize is wait a minute, this issue isn't over with, right? >> that it's not resolved and that perhaps, perhaps the person that they could be electing into the white house has criminal -- official criminal baggage. you know the experts are going to nitpick over this all weekend long, but certainly the undecideds, you would feel this tips the scales for those undecided. neil: i'm looking at corner of the screen. it looks like amazon quote, the dow quote, that lost about 75 points in the seconds since i first revealed this. why would that be? why would the dow suddenly drop that much from where it had been? >> casual observers say the market is a reflection of hillary clinton. wall street is comfort with the clinton presidency. neil: it would be expected. >> right. she wouldn't rock the boat, engage in a trade war and the
1:11 pm
wall street profit center would be okay and, of course, i think this is a reflection of a giant question mark who's going to win november 8. neil: showing a point in the day when we got news of this. it was very, very quick. charles if i can indulge you to stay, you have to get ready for your show and so much else. go to charlie gasparino, why do you think the market is reacting as sharply as it did from a good gain to now fairly respectable loss. all this could be short-lived but what do you think has gone on here? >> trading off the headline. and the headline is not good for hillary clinton presidency, as charles payne just said, and the markets are more comfortable with her than donald trump. particularly on trade, they think the trade rhetoric could lead to a trade war out of donald trump, that is bad are if the market. i think it's short-term oriented. if you think -- if you had a crystal ball and you said donald trump's going to be elected, you buy on the dip, and you wait for those tax cuts
1:12 pm
and those regulations to be cut back, that is going to be good for the markets, good for the banking sector. no more elizabeth warren to worry about. if he gets elected the republicans take the house and the senate. you don't have to worry about elizabeth warren. that is a good reason to buy stocks. this is the sort of impulse that stability, clinton is more stabile than trump, we know where she's come from. we don't know a lot about -- neil: charles, i want to interrupt you, this is a letter sent by james comey, the fbi director sent out to all of the respective committee heads, including mr. chaffetz and ron johnson, the chairman of the committee on homeland security. i'll spare you all the details to say in that letter, he goes dear mr. chairman, in previous congressional testimony i refer to the fact the fbi completed its investigation of secretary clinton's personal e-mail
1:13 pm
server. due to recent developments i'm writing to supplement previous testimony in connection with unrelated case. the fbi learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. i'm writing to inform you the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday and agree that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to revive the e-mails to determine whether they have classified information. continuing, although the fbi cannot assess whether or not this material may be significant, and i cannot predict how long it will take us to complete the additional work, i believe it is important to update your committees about efforts in light of my previous testimony. what this is -- the fbi director comey is saying is i might have ended this and made my conclusions too soon. this related material that has come clearly from the wikileak developments is meaning he's going to reopen this. look into this.
1:14 pm
expand this. now that would not mean he would conclude this before the election, but the pall would hang over the clinton campaign as he does go back to the presumed drawing board here. and charlie gasparino, that changes the complexion of this race like in a nanosecond. >> yeah, and that's why the market reacted like that. markets are good indicators short-term and this is not a good thing for hillary clinton. i will say, this and something i reported out on your show, neil. james comey came under tremendous internal criticism from the rank and file fbi people who wanted to bring charges against her. they didn't believe his nuanced approach at all, he couldn't find -- neil: almost a mutiny among some of them. by the way, james comey, we must stress, just reopening something doesn't mean the person is guilty of anything. >> of course not. neil: he's going onto say we're looking into the clinton-related e-mails, they
1:15 pm
may be significant, may be significant, but wouldn't talk about how long it would take the fbi to review them, but we know it won't be concluded in 11 days. >> but neil, let's be clear here, let's not downplay it. when the fbi opens a case, it doesn't do so because it has no evidence. it opens a case because it has reasonable suspicion. neil: that's what you got to find out. which e-mails? i want to bring peter barnes into this in washington. do you know what prompted this, what specific batch got their attention, peter? >> i do not, neil. we're of course trying to dig into that right now. as you mentioned, i think wikileaks released 35,000 e-mails from john podesta roughly, and, of course, there's a lot of material in there about the clinton foundation, about this e-mail controversy, how the campaign was trying to handle it, so
1:16 pm
anyway, but we're trying to find out. neil: yeah, one thing that has to come out is whether the e-mails in quest classified information, which one of the big defenses that hillary clinton raised at the time is at the time that she was either reading or corresponding, they were not classified or certainly marked in any way. later on, we learned some of them were with a c and back and forth whether that stood for classified or after the fact. but again, we got to stress and as you reported a lot, peter, there was nothing there for comey to say at the time that warranted severe action or criminal action or to recommend an indictment or have a grand jury do that. do we know about the time frame we're looking at here or anything like that? >> he said as you said in the letter, he cannot predict how long it will take to complete this additional work, but obviously, the timing of this, 11 days before the election is not good for the clinton campaign.
1:17 pm
of course, we're trying to get comment from the clinton campaign, and we do have donald trump who will be speaking shortly as i understand it, and will probably hear from him as well. we'll get you those comments as soon as we get them. >> neil? neil: yeah. >> let's not discount the fact there could be obstruction case. i know i'm leaping here. it's usually the cover-up, not the crime that gets you. what's odd about this is you would suspect that the fbi with all investigative resources and i covered a bunch of fbi investigations pretty thorough. they would have seen the e-mails that have just popped up. they should have seen them in the past, and why didn't they see them in the past? is it possible that there was some obstruction on the part of the clintons where wikileaks found something before the e-mails were destroyed? that now is catching the fbi's eyes? listen, we don't know, i'm speculating, but these cases often turn on obstruction as
1:18 pm
opposed to the direct crime. neil: we don't know, hang on, buddy. for those of you tuning in right now. the fbi director james comey telling congress in a letter he sent out to all key committee chairman that investigators have discovered new e-mails, he's not outlining which e-mails that are pertinent to the clinton probe and reopening that investigation, that doesn't necessarily mean this is going to lead to something of criminal recommendation or indictment or send such a recommendation to a grand jury to decide, but what it is saying is that what was thought to be a safely concluded case that did prompt a number of fbi investigators to almost mutiny because mr. comey's action not to take action. now, we're back to the drawing board and reexamining all this. we do not know the e-mails in question or what particularly got attention or whether there was something in that probe of leaks and e-mails that came through wikileaks.
1:19 pm
we know of the fellow who might know. congressman mark meadows joins us on the phone. congressman, what do you know? >> well, it's significant that director comey would take this type of step to actually add to his testimony, that was the letter that was sent out to committee chairman and it was indicative of another investigation that came across them, some evidence, that they believe needed further investigation and so as you mentioned just earlier, it's too early to tell where this will lead, but it is a significant development in terms of this potential, what i would say a block fest bluster kind of announcement at this particular venture because it was -- it was really a closed case, and it means that at least the probability of additional evidence that needs
1:20 pm
to be considered has been found, and so it's, it's caught a lot of us by surprise, a lot of people have said there's been pressure on director comey, but i can tell you that's not been the case. as much as many of us have been disappointed with the original conclusion to suggest that there was pressure to reopen it was not accurate. neil: could i ask you, this congressman. is it safe to assume that what prompted this and the new e-mails are coming from the trove of e-mails that have been leaked out to the public, the wikileaks. that was the source of it and either those of the fbi director comey himself got wind of them and said wait a minute, we didn't know about this at the time? >> well, it's not as much. just wikileaks, from what i can read in the letter, it had to do with other investigations that were ongoing, and certainly as you have e-mails
1:21 pm
going back and forth, we know that even from some of the people that have been granted immunity that there was at least another story that the fbi was not aware of when they concluded their original investigation. so it could potentially have been that. neil: well, the reason i question that, you are much more closer to this fire than i'll ever be, i'm not questioning you, but i am wondering because right after comey announced that he was not going to take further action or recommended it, opted not to take further action, he said in response to reporters and testifying to capitol hill, maybe to your committee, sir, there was nothing out there that would warrant coming back and reopening this. obviously something, something changed. we're also told that it is possible that some of those 33,000 e-mails that were missing from hillary clinton's server might have been refound or some of them might have
1:22 pm
popped up somewhere. we don't know. what we do know is that very quickly, donald trump who had a planned speech in manchester, new hampshire is going to address this at the start, but a lot of his people might be hoping that he not belabor this. let this just stew out there. but congressman, to that point, and the fact that this has now become and will become probably a defining issue in the next days of this campaign, what do you think happens? >> well, i think that the american people do not two standards, neil. you and i talked about this before. and if anything, i know for a lot of people it's going to restore their faith in the fbi there. was some real questions about the impartial nature of some of the investigations. as you've mentioned, there was real consternation with some of the people within the bureau themselves and the conclusion
1:23 pm
that were drawn, but this, when you have someone who is under fbi investigation as a nominee for the democratic party, it will be a factor on the hearts and minds of all americans as it should be, and the more that we read, the more we realize that there a whole lot that went on behind the scenes as it relates to the e-mails and the disappearance thereof, and that they weren't all just personal e-mails relating to yoga and birthday parties. neil: yeah, again, those of you at home listening to this, and congressman you've been a huge help stepping back, the fbi is reopening investigation into hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server. word of a fishing ploy involving a password e-mail sent to john podesta. of course, it was his e-mails that were cracked into and the
1:24 pm
correspondence between he and all these various hillary staffers. but that phishing concern over the fact the material might have been getting out to nefarious groups could have been a catalyst for this. also that in the exchange back and forth with clinton campaign officials back and forth to the white house. that too could be a new development that the fbi is looking into. i stress that we don't know. what we do know is this issue that was thought to be put to bed and a political relief for hillary clinton a little more than a couple months ago is back open on front burner right now. >> and neil? neil: yes, congressman, i'm sorry. >> and neil, one other option, as you frrl -- recall from director comey's original testimony, the big emphasis was placed on intent. so potentially these e-mails may show more of the intent to
1:25 pm
eliminate e-mails or hide or handle classified information, and so if it speaks to that particular question then that will be very damning indeed, and i can't imagine any other scenario other than addressing the intent question that would have caused director comey to open back up this case. neil: well, and obviously, it's a matter of pride thing too, it's a director who was facing backlash from a lot of his lieutenants and worker bees and lot of fbi types who were angry at him for not going further and recommending tougher action. he had to swallow that up to open this all up again, so what do you know about that? >> and, well, i think that it actually makes for the argument that there is a much stronger case on what they may have discovered. any time that you make a
1:26 pm
definitive decision with as many public declarative statements that director comey has made, to go back on that would suggest that the evidence is very strong. neil: i didn't think of that, congressman, you wouldn't do that based on a few more e-mails that you want to add into an investigation. something would have had to come up to change your mind because, a, it's your pride at stake, it's your decision-making process that's at stake here, and obviously things have changed or new material has come to you of such importance, that you have to reopen, essentially a closed case, right? >> well, well said and i think that the next, you know, week or two will start to see a little bit more of this. unfortunately, i think the jury will be out long beyond november 8th. neil: i think you're right. >> and i don't know that we get much, much of a clear
1:27 pm
indication of what will or will not happen before american voters have to make their decision. neil: sir, i want to thank you very much. very good of you to take the time. we are getting more word from those in washington what they make of this here. we are keeping an eye on the political fallout from this. hillary clinton herself wasn't going to be too busy on the campaign trail today. she has a number of key surrogates no less than barack obama a day after michelle obama arguing on her behalf. they have to address this one way or another. bob goodlatte saying the fbi is going to reopen investigation of hillary clinton's use of private e-mail server quoting here, the fbi's decision to reopen investigation into secretary clinton reinforces what the house judiciary committee has been saying for months. the more we learn about secretary clinton's use of private e-mail server, the clearer it becomes she and associates committed wrongdoing and jeopardize national security. now that the fbi reopened the matter it must conduct the
1:28 pm
investigation with impartiality and thoroughness, the american people deserve no less and no one should be above the law. the question in this politically heated environment, how the candidates themselves will react to this? donald trump i told you in manchester, new hampshire, is expected and we're hearing this from carl cameron to address the matter in his opening remarks. how much he pounds it is anyone's guess. there are a number of advisers who will tell him let this stew out there, it is helping you regardless. charlie gasparino, it's a game-changer, at a minimum it's a game-changer. what do you think? >> think about what's been going on lately. talking about just a few minutes ago before this came out on your show that the polls have tightened in the sense that hillary clinton's numbers have gone down, trump stable at 42. hers are coming down nationally on two things, wikileaks and obamacare, right? obamacare premiums going up,
1:29 pm
wikileaks and the disclosures coming out. so this adds to that narrative that's been helping him and hurting her, and i think it adds in a major way. here's the interesting thing, neil, if you think the fix was in with comey and hillary clinton, which i believe james comey did something political. i know his -- the guys on the ground wanted to indict. if you think the fix is political or inpolitical in the future. he can't exonerate her over the next 11 days. he cannot do that. unless you want to lose all sorts of credibility, if he rushes out an exoneration before the election, he's insane. think about it, the specter of her being criminally charged stays in the campaign and will be discussed every day for the next 11 days. i think politically that has to hurt her because it's already hurting her on the wikileaks stuff. neil: coming through on that. for those of you tuning in, we are getting word that the fbi is reviewing evidence in the
1:30 pm
clinton server case tied to fresh e-mails. they are not saying what is in those e-mails or what got their attention. obviously, they can't be minor matters. to reopen an investigation, folks, you don't do that very lightly. charles payne with me here. that will be the big question, charles, what e-mails got their attention. were they the leaked variety or something else that came to their attention. we know from his testimony on capitol hill he was asked directly on this subject, but that there was nothing pending that would change their mind? >> although, i think representative meadows tried to point this out that they talked about another investigation. so it would seem something parallel some other investigation they found this new quote, unquote pertinent information and they're putting it out there. obviously, it will have a serious impact. i can't wait to see later on today what barack obama is going to say.
1:31 pm
you go back to the electoral map, neil, it's an interesting thing, north carolina, the dems have a pretty strong lead in early voting, and florida, they've been behind the curve. one of the reasons they've been behind the curve is early voting started on the weekday as opposed to the weekend. that's one of the reasons obama is there going into the weekend. i think on monday, when they start to count up all the votes for the weekend in florida that i'm almost ready to say we can call florida for donald trump. if that is the case, we may know already the impact on this because we know that the overall numbers have tightened, but the key major swing states still up for grabs big gem of them all is florida. neil: think about it. early voting, one risk of early voting things change. if you're okay with that. obviously this is a big change. >> there has been criticism about early voting, particularly as scandals and controversies in this particular election cycle,
1:32 pm
almost something new in the election cycle. neil: my buddies have been so nice to stay and stick with us. we believe this warrants it. we'll continue on fallout of this. i will continue with this 4:00 p.m. on "your world." we think important when we're live 10:00 to 12, entire two hours we'll be live covering all of this. this is very, very rare certainly in american history to see an fbi investigation that was supposedly open and shut and done, reopened here. not only as a matter of pride but what it says about the data and information the fbi already had in hand to say that we now have new stuff in hand that would warrant, at the very least our reopening it, our starting over again. i can not stress how big of a deal that is, whether you're on the right or the left. it is very, very unusual for the fbi to do something like this, let alone in the middle of a presidential contest. they tried to stay away from this, hence a lot of people
1:33 pm
saying why they didn't want to pursue anymore than they did a couple months ago because it would be landing them in the middle of a presidential contest. ironically that is what is going on. on phone with us, republican congressman ron desantis, oversight committee, judiciary committee member. sir, very good to have you. what is going on here? do we know what emails could be in question? what was changed, what was brought to light? >> no, we don't and the letter mentions a parallel investigation and i don't know if that was investigation related to hillary herself. remember, we on the house judiciary committee sent a criminal referral to director comey following his initial july testimony to congress because we asked him about her statements, false statements before congress which contradicted his factual findings. he said i didn't look at her testimony because you guys didn't refer it. we went and referred it.
1:34 pm
i don't know if that is involved or early emails hacked or leaked came out in other different investigations this is extraordinary step. clearly the bureau is under a lot of criticism how they handled the case. you look back at immunity agreements. very strange way to handle that with people like cheryl mills. how hillary was interviewed. there were a lot of things that didn't really hillary making states to the fbi, yeah, c for confidential, even though she is former u.s. senator, secretary of state, i didn't really know what it meant. most americans would not be able to get away with that director comey has come under a awful lot of criticism. neil: i didn't want to jump on you there. tim kaine, vice-presidential candidate, speaking to reporters. let's listen in. >> [inaudible]. more importantly came back. >> right. >> thank you for what you're doing. >> tell us how is it going?
1:35 pm
>> good. going great. neil: he is not, i could see him -- who was the congresswoman, former congresswoman giffords shot. gun control where big issue they're campaigning. congressman, i apologize for interruption. there was a concern, i know many on your committee, yourself, even some fbi investigators, that comey had wrapped this up, tied it in a beaupre maturely. now, if we don't know what specifically been brought to their light or to their attention prompting this, do we know how long it will take to get to the bottom of it? >> no. and he said that that he wanted to let the congress know in interest of full disclosure, in terms of any timeframe when it was concluded, wait to see.
1:36 pm
if it is related to the initial clinton case, i would imagine there may potentially be emails that have the possibility of relating to this idea of her intent which is what he hung his hat on. why they didn't pursue charges in the first place. incidentally the attempt wasn't. maybe he read that into it. otherwise, i don't know he would take pretty extraordinary step. neil: house speaker paul ryan says hillary clinton should not receive classified briefings until the email investigation is fully resolved. that would be unprecedented for presidential candidate. two major ones continue to get briefings, i believe on a biweekly basis. that he is recommending she not because of this. do you agree with that? >> oh, i can tell you this, neil, if you go into the
1:37 pm
military and someone set up a parallel email system and allowed top secret special access on that server, their security clearance would be gone in new york minute. that is reality. if the american people know this and elect her president, she will be entitled to it effectively under the constitution as the chief executive. if it were anybody else she would not be entitled to a security clearance. that is just reality. neil: sir, thank thank you, very much. we're getting word from the donald trump campaign, including kellyanne conway tweeting out a great day in the campaign just got even bert. fbi reviewing emails in clinton probe. donald trump is going to be discussing this shortly, i think in new hampshire. is it manchester, new hampshire, guys? that is where he will be later on and later in maine. former prosecutor sue robinson. i have charles payne here, charles gasparino, charlie gasparino just to separate the
1:38 pm
two. but, sue ann robinson, help me with this, what you make of this? you're a good prosecutor. you know the law well. it is very unusual for the fbi to do something like this unless what? >> well, unless there is more and new information being revealed. i think they're investigating what is happening now with the wikileaks and that possibly is giving them more information into the hillary clinton email situation. i think the most important thing is to know that in may, the state department issued 84-page report on this issue. in september the fbi had their own 50-something page report. so this is an issue that is continuing, continuously investigated and has been continuously investigated over and over. pretty thoroughly. so i'm extremely curious to see what more information could be revealed after, you know, so long and so many deep investigations, what more is going to be revealed.
1:39 pm
i am as curious as everyone else. looks like if there is more information to be had, it should be given to the public so we can see what it is. neil: hillary clinton herself will have 2:15 p.m. rally eastern time, about 30 minutes or so from now in iowa. might be the first opportunity to address this. so you're looking at trump event in new hampshire, on the left of your screen and on the right, this iowa rally that will feature hillary clinton, but, i do want to go to donald trump. he is going to talk about this no doubt. this has changed the entire race here. where it ends up is anyone's guess. this is now the issue. donald trump. ♪ >> thank you. [cheering]
1:40 pm
thank you very much. we love new hampshire, i can tell you that. [shouting] i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. [cheering] the fbi -- [cheering] has just sent a letter to congress informing them that they have discovered new emails pertaining to the former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation. [cheering] [shouting]
1:41 pm
and they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct that threatens the security of the united states of america. [cheering] hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. we must not let her take her criminal scheme into the oval office. [cheering] i have great respect for the fact that the fbi and department of justice are now willing to
1:42 pm
have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. [cheering] this was a grave miscarriage of justice, that the american people fully understood, and it is everybody's hope that it is about to be corrected. [cheering] so that is a big announcement that i heard ten minutes ago, and i guess obviously most of you folks have heard about, and in all fairness, for all of the people that suffered for doing so much less, including recently
1:43 pm
four-star general james cartwright, general petraeus and many others, perhaps finally justice will be done. [cheering] with that being said, the rest of my speech is going to be so boring. should i even make the speech? we will talk about borders, right? we will talk about trade. we'll bring back our jobs, we'll strengthen our military. and let's get going, okay? [cheering] iii want to thank general flynn.
1:44 pm
a great general. thanks for being here. thank you very much. just before general flynn was going up, we heard this news, i said general, get up there and keep them busy. we want to deep guess what just happened here. thank you, general. 11 days we're going to win new hampshire. [cheering] the state of my first victory. and we are going to win back the white house. [cheering] 75% of the american people think our country is on the wrong track and we're going to fix it. we are going to get our country back on the right track, and very, very quickly. [cheering] real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. and that is big. [cheering] we can't forget how big a news
1:45 pm
that is, okay? we can't lose track. it's a disaster, just like everything else in this administration. it has just been announced that americans are going to experience another massive double-digit hike in obamacare premiums, including a 116% premium hike to our very good friends in the great state of arizona. [booing]. even bill clinton admitted obamacare is the craziest thing in the world where people wind up with their premiums doubled, and their coverage -- neil: we'll continue monitoring donald trump here but these are fast-moving developments here. again to let you know that the fbi and donald trump alluded to this at the outset of his remarks is reopening investigation into hillary clinton's use of private email server. we don't know what precipitated that development. we do know the state department itself was caught off-guard. spokesman saying it stands ready
1:46 pm
to cooperate with the fbi but that the decision to review these new emails that may be pertinent to clinton investigation, that they had no comment on. they declined comment on that, even speculating what those emails are. we do want to keep you abreast what is happening at corner of wall and broad. an up market quickly turned into a down market upon news this was going on here. and the fact that this could roil the campaign. remember wall street doesn't like uncertainty here. not say it is hillary clinton bastion, far from it. the expectation was this is hillary clinton's presidential race to lose, and that looks like it could happen given these developments, anyone's guess. charlie gasparino with us right now. charlie, we do know they want to reopen this. we do know it was based on a number of emails they didn't have handy or available at the
1:47 pm
time they concluded when they did. do we know what they are? >> well, i will tell you that one of my former u.s. attorney sources tells me this, this is what he is getting from his little circle of friends out there in law enforcement community is that this directly related to wikileaks email. now he says that what he's hearing it has to do with one of the emails from cheryl mills, former bill clinton and confidante. she was counsel to the president bill clinton and also, confidante of hillary clinton, working in the clinton foundation as well, where she says something to the effect of, we need to clean this up, sending this, sending an email to john podesta needing to clean up some emails about, about, dealings between the president, not being too articulate, working on the fly, between the president and hillary clinton.
1:48 pm
it is that notion they need to clean something up is what i understand has the fbi intrigued, when i told you before, it is always the cover-up or often the cover-up, not the crime, what law enforcement sources are saying this is obstruction case largely, at least that's what they're looking at. this notion of cleaning things up always gets people in trouble. i tell you frank quattrone, james comey put an investment bank are frank caught tone, tried to put him in jail, ruined his life, he was exonerated years later, because he endorsed a email that said by someone else we need to clean up files involving some investment banking deals that were under scrutiny. james comey wanted to put frank quattrone in jail for many years. like i said he was exonerated but not before being convicted and case overturned. this is a lot more than what frank quattrone did. this is people, this is cheryl mills, who is a lawyer saying we
1:49 pm
need to clean this up. neil: we do know in the letter, the letter that comey wrote to these various chairman of these committees who are affected here that this started with an unrelated case, his words, that learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the clinton investigation. >> right. neil: went on to say i agreed that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails, to determine whether they contain classified information, to your point. new things coming to light, as well as the importance to our investigation. now, what that means is, there is something that has come to their attention, charlie, that either is extremely careless, or worse, criminal. we can't discern. obviously can't be wrapped up anytime soon. >> no. neil: most of the lawyers that are being quoted is saying it would be hard to wrap that up in 11 days. that is all anyone talks about for next 11 days.
1:50 pm
>> politically, i'm giving you lyle, what i'm hearing from my law enforcement sources if i were to call some of my political sources which some of them are, listen, this will not go away in 11 days, donald trump could make a lot of hay. if you think fix was in before, james comey can't fix it now. i will say this people go to jail over obstruction. cheryl mills, we should point out is on the board of blackrock, a major money management firm. she is now, appears, if this is right, if these sources are right, i need to confirm this, but this is what law enforcement sources are saying that it involves one of her emails in this wikileak thing. that has reverberations, you know both financially, through the financial sector and financial markets and politically. this is a big story. neil: it is. hang in there. if we can, this is the fbi reopening an investigation but my friend charles payne was saying but the exact same investigation. this is part of a sidecar investigation that was going on,
1:51 pm
presumably not to have anything doing directly with this one, but something came to light in this sidecar investigation that prompted this. that is the best way i can explain it, because that is the best way i can describe it. but again, i'm no lawyer. james kallstrom, former fbi assistant director on the phone with us right now. james, what do you think it is? what caught their attention? what would prompt such a reversal? it is unusual to put it mildly? >> hi, neil, how are you doing? neil: fine. >> i don't know much other than the fact that i've been out-of-pocket but i understand comey wrote a letter to jason chaffetz, that right? neil: right. all the other respective committee chairman that he was reopening to this, something came to light, presumably emails came to light in separate investigation that brought us to this. whether that was prompted by wikileak material i don't know. no one knows but something happened. now you're a good investigator. what would prompt something like that? >> i think what happened is,
1:52 pm
these guys that run the fbi now came to the conclusion they look like absolute fools, you know. they have done a horrible job. they have thrown agents under the bus. they discredited the fbi's reputation. i can tell the people listening to you, not the fbi agents, believe me. it is two or three people at the top of the fib about that have, instead of standing up, if they were not going to ever impanel a grand jury, that means you don't conduct a criminal investigation. you don't have subpoena power warrants. that was apparent early on in this investigation. and you know, i would have liked to have seen, somebody with the integrity not to just conduct a, you know, an investigation that doesn't mean any of the criterias how the fbi operates. i want would -- neil: do you read any significance into the state department still trying to figure out what these emails pertain to and the fact that it is formally not been notified
1:53 pm
this is all going on? what do you make of that? >> you know, neil, i don't have all the information. i don't know because i've been traveling you know, i think it is just preponderance of shame and you know, the recent stuff that's come out in the last couple weeks is so, you know, it's so instructive as to the criminality, the broadness of the criminality, and the fact that you know, the fbi just, you know, whistled by the gray on this thing which they should have never done you know. if comey, if he had a change of heart, i suspect that you know, they never had a really bonafide investigation because the justice department wouldn't let them do it, but i don't know what has changed in that, in that realm, other than the fact that comey is very, very embarrassed i would think
1:54 pm
because professional and ethical, you know, experience is put at great risk here. so i suspect that is the major reason. neil: james, thank you very, very much. again, comey, who has not come out and spoken on this, just going from the letter, quoting james comey, the fbi director, he was only made aware we're told of this new material just yesterday. so imagine getting this stuff, it would be like getting these files here, director, we have these new files. we want you to see. it is up to him to reopen something. so he has the files. okay. fine. and he wants to read them, wants to go over them. and he said, and i quote, i agreed that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our own investigations. so you see that is a two-track type of thing. comey is looking whether new material is indeed classified
1:55 pm
material which would be a big no-no. hillary clinton claimed she was unaware that was the case, and whether there was new information that goes beyond whether it was classified. picture that. you're getting new files. they're dropping them on your deng. they're telling the director, you let us know what you want to do, sir. the next day he shoots out a letter to all committee chairman, here is what i'm going to do, i'm going to reopen it. this is great embarassment to him. something he thought he tied a knot on and conclude it. he swallowed some pride and reopened this. whatever you want to say about james comey this, is pride swallowing moment, saying i got to do this again. charles payne, so much to do. the state department was unaware of it until it is brought to their attention. they have no idea what is looked at. it is in early stages. donald trump is pouncing on this trump people are happy about this.
1:56 pm
we're still waiting to hear what hillary clinton has to say when she gets off the plane in iowa. i imagine it will change not only what hillary clinton says, but her surrogates say including president obama. but how does this change the playing field? >> well it changes it dramatically. again, part of the narrative will be too, how the mainstream media handles this. i'm checking out twitter. neil: good point. >> some are reluctant to say that the case is officially reopened. some are saying more of a fact saying there are new emails out there and he wants to see if they contain damaging or activity. so semantics. neil: reopen, the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps based on these emails. i guess you could parse that any way you want. >> that is exactly what's happening, right? of course folks 24 hours ago saying james comey was an exemplary law enforcement official who put away his gop bonefides, now saying this is
1:57 pm
work of a long-time republican. so that is going to play a role. it is obviously damaging. this is certainly the ultimate october surprise. only thing you have to wonder, how closely the clock is ticking. what happens, when we start to work down into really matters, that is electoral college map. some of these states it, feels like there are two only two or three that could really change quickly enough, maybe i'm wrong. neil: got only two or three point gap one thing. some is a 10-point gap. to change that many people's minds. assuming something comes to light that would warrant -- >> let's not forget. people have dealt with the email issue for a long, long time, at certain points hillary's numbers were higher than that. for it to be reopened for lack of a better word or to pure interpretation, for certain interpretation, suggests that there is something there, like this goes beyond just a smoking gun. neil: charlie gasparino, what do you think? you have some more for us? >> what is interesting here, i pulled up the cheryl mills email
1:58 pm
in question. it had to do, something about the president of the united states being informed that hillary clinton has a private email server and, and that email was sent to couple people within the clinton, clinton, sort of circle, jennifer palmieri, one of her press people in particular received it. there was email from cheryl mills to john podesta, meaning that she is sending to john podesta, we need to clean this up. he has emails from her. they do not say, interesting thing looks like they need to clean up whether she has been using a private email server and whether she's disclosing that properly to the president. i mean this is, got to read it. it is all -- neil: we can't stress enough. at its worse form, in its worse form, this would involve the former secretary of state if
1:59 pm
this, if this goes way into culpability, whether she went too far, even to conduct something that was criminal, that obviously fbi can't do on its own. it has to recommend that to a grand jury, the fact that comey didn't in the last pass-through, the fact that is even a possibility now -- >> watergate, my friend. neil: that's big deal. thank you, charles payne. want to thank you, bring you up-to-date, take this to my friend and colleague, trish regan the fbi is conducting a new investigation of emails on hillary clinton's private server. the dow immediately tanked on that news. more interesting, the dollar surged against the mexican peso. the peso often seen as proxy for donald trump an chances of winning this race. all of a sudden, investors south of the border and concluding this better for donald trump, worse for the peso. the dow industrials again reflection of investors sentiment, what is known, versus
2:00 pm
what is not known, selling on the unknown, what seemed like certain bet is now not so certain. with 11 days to go, everyone, and i mean everyone is at a loss. trish regan. to you. >> wow. quite a bit of news to get to right now. thank you so much, neil. the fbi doing what many believed they just couldn't do. they're reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. -- "the intelligence report." donald trump up in manchester, new hampshire, addressing bombshell news, moments ago. watch him here. >> the fbi has just sent a letter to congress informing them, that they have discovered new emails pertaining to


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