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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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reflection of investors sentiment, what is known, versus what is not known, selling on the unknown, what seemed like certain bet is now not so certain. with 11 days to go, everyone, and i mean everyone is at a loss. trish regan. to you. >> wow. quite a bit of news to get to right now. thank you so much, neil. the fbi doing what many believed they just couldn't do. they're reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone to the intelligence report. -- "the intelligence report." donald trump up in manchester, new hampshire, addressing bombshell news, moments ago. watch him here. >> the fbi has just sent a letter to congress informing them, that they have discovered new emails pertaining to the
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former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation. >> we will have, exclusive reaction from donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. but first, i want to go back to donald trump who is speaking right now in manchester, new hampshire, live. let's listen in. >> deal was signed it was defective deal, with us have 17% disadvantage. we've been working with defective deal for years. no politician ever went back to renegotiate it. we're going to get it done. campus wants to fireworksers or go to mexico and another company and they think they will ship products back into the united states, we will charge them a tax of 35%. [cheering]
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what you think of these companies, out there negotiating to leave here, to leave new hampshire. they leave pennsylvania. going to leave ohio. going to leave all of these places. all of our great places and great states. right now as we're talking, they're negotiating deals. mexico is the 8th wonder of the world in terms of new plants. a friend of mine builds plants. he is biggest. 8th wonder of the world what is happening in mexico. i tell this to people what about us. whether they have to pay attacks. because if will be strong border. with their products. you know what they're going to say? you say we're not going to move and stay. politicians. don't want to get, they're controlled by the people that
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give them their campaign, campaign contributions and probably other things. does anybody know what i mean by that? we will also stand up. we will become a rich nation again. [applause] to be a rich nation. we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton unleashed isis on to the world, and it is now spread into our country. there are right now, 1,000 open isis investigations across the united states. more than at anytime. massive number of syrian refugees, flowing into our country.
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trump administration, will suspend the syrian refugee program. [applause] to help them with safe havens and get other countries over there like the gulf states who have nothing but money. we have 20 trillion in debt. get them to pay. got to do their share. we'll lead it, they will pay. you know what? we can't let people into this country that we don't know about. we don't know. let me state this as clearly as i can. if i'm elected president, i am going to keep -- [shouting] when? we love new hampshire. i love this place. i love this place.
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[cheering] by the way, you know we're leading in florida? we're leading in all these places. the recent polls said, we're two down in new hampshire. you know what i said? i don't think so. i don't think so. these polls, these polls, these are called dirty polls. you know what that is? these are false -- i don't think so. she comes up here. she has four people it is like we have a wonderful crowd. i don't think so. i think we're winning new hampshire big. okay. so we'll change it boy, do you people have energy.
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you are great. well, let's face it. it's been a long time, right? it's been a long time. you've been waiting a long time for the right person. you do have energy. you know what's happening, a lot of these places -- >> trump! trump! trump! >> a lot of the different places reports are coming out. they hate to write it, you know, the dishonest media. but people -- by the way, great people. they're the worst. they are so dishonest. they is are so dishonest, folks. a lot of the reports in early voting states people are coming up that have never voted. these are great people, they
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have never seen anybody -- they never heard people say we are going to bring back your jobs, we are not going to let companies leave us and fire everybody and let the product pour into our country with no tax, no, just go ahead. leave, fire all the people, move to méxico, make the product. sell your air-conditioners carriers are leaving. they're probably about ready to change their mind, but, let your product come right in. no tax, no nothing. i mean, how stupid is this? how stupid? and i'm a free trader, fair trader but we have the wrong people represent us. these lines in florida are four lines long. they were never like that. they've never seen anything like this. in tennessee a great congressman said to me, i've never seen, we have never seen anything like it. people are coming out that haven't voted in years. people are coming out, literally
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that haven't voted in years and they're not polled and unless you voted in the election election they don't want to poll you. people are coming out that haven't voted in years, happening in texas. they haven't voted in years and people that have never even voted and yet they're great americans, they never saw somebody that they wanted to vote for and they are coming out and they've got the trump shirt, they've got the hat and buttons all over the place. now, who knows. they may have all of the trump stuff and you never know but maybe they're voting for crooked for hillary clinton but i don't think so, right, i don't think so. history has thought us that we don't think so. and, yes, on the border we will build a wall and méxico will pay for the wall. that will stop the drugs.
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we have to stop the drugs. remember my pledge to everybody but in particular to new hampshire because i know what you're going through with the drugs, incredible law enforcement, your police and your fire departments because i see where they're helping so much. believe me, they're not spoken about and how about where the shooting during fires, they are shooting at the firemen. this is a new phenomena. they are shooting the firemen going to fires fighting fires. we have a divided country and we are going to make our country love again. we are going to bring it like this room. capitalist america who have died in recent years would be alive today if not for the open border policies of this administration. there includes incredible americans. you heard that story. the men who killed her, arrived at the border, entered federal custody and then released into
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the united states community under the policies of this white house. he was released again and again after crime after crime and now is at large. sarah graduated from college just the day before with a 4.0 grade average top in her class. she was violently, violently killed. i know her parents. also among victims of obama-clinton open border, a 20-year-old convenient store clerk, he was murdered by and illegal gang member who had been released from federal custody and so many people said, please, please, please, don't release him. he's violent and she shot grant through the head.
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another victim who we've all read about and known about kate stanley, gun downed in the sanctuary city of san francisco by and illegal immigrant and this person was deported five previous times and now he's got a good lawyer and the case will go on and on and on. he's got a lawyer, i see them in court all of the time. the case will go on and on, shot in the back while standing with her father, great parents, great brother. then there's the case of 90-year-old earl who was brutally beaten and left to bleed to death in his home, the perpetrators were illegal immigrants with criminal records a mile long, but who did not meet the obama administration's priorities for removal, people begged that they be incarcerated or be moved out of the country
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but our again -- geniuses wouldn't listen. marilyn farris was sexually assaulted and killer arrested on multiple occasions but was never deported. people ask, please, please deport him. this is what happened. this is a crime wave that never ends. i can tell you it's thousands of cases like this. when i'm president, believe me, it will end. [cheers and applause] >> not only will the wall keep out the dangerous cartel and criminals but will also keep out the drugs and heroin poisoning. our youth is being poisoned before they get a chance. i have met plenty of people in new hampshire that are not our youth that have a tremendous
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problem and i want to tell you, we are going to work with people, we are going to set up programs, we are going to try everything we can to get them unaddicted. [cheers and applause] >> unaddicted. i said we would stop drugs from pouring into your community. i continue you will, you will be so proud of your president and your community. [cheers and applause] >> you will be so proud of it. i just want to say in closing, i just want to say in closing that we have an amazing movement going on, a movement like they've never seen before, a movement that hopefully won't be stopped. we have a movement that the biggest people in the world of the media, the biggest have said they've never seen anything like
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it before. every crowd, every auditorium, the other night we had a situation, we had thousands and thousands of people and i said to the fire marshal, isn't it possible to let more in. we had thousands of people in the massive field and many thousands outside of the gates they wouldn't let in. and i said, couldn't we let them in and they said, we can't. but there's no fire, we are outside. he said it's stampede, we are worried about a stampede and it's a stampede of love. it's not a stampede -- it's a stampede of love. there was so many people. they said, we have very strong security, guys, but mr. trump they are not nearly as strong as 45,000 people come charging. so i fully understood it. we have something going on that's so special. it's so special. we are going to reduce your taxes, we are going to simplify
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your taxes. we are going to make your businesses welcome in our country. thank you. >> trump! trump! trump! >> we are going to reduce the taxes for middle-income people, we call them the forgotten men and women. greaty simplify your returns. the only company i can think of that won't like us is h&r block. they are not going to like us too much but we will greatly simplify your taxes and your businesses we will take it from 35%, one of the highest in the world. just about the highest down to one of the low nest -- lowest in the world, 15%. we are getting rid of regulations that are killing small businesses and your big
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businesses. so we are going to have a very tax-friendly country again and it's going to mean jobs and expansion and new companies growing. we are going to create the border, we are going to stop the drugs, we are going to have people come into our country. we want people into our country but they have to come in legally. they have to come through a legal process. we want a lot of people to come in and they are going to come in but they will come legally and we will streamline the process. people are waiting ten years. we are going to streamline. we want people to come in but we want them to come in legally and we want merit, we want to take wonderful people that love our country, they want to get out and they want to do a great job. we want to have them also come in based on merit. [cheers and applause] >> a word you don't hear anymore. a word you don't hear anymore. it's too bad. we are also going to very importantly appoint justices to the supreme court.
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[cheers and applause] >> who you can be proud of and respect the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to save our second amendment, which is unbelievable. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to help big league on education. we are going to go with choice so important and we are going to terminate common core and bring education, local -- [cheers and applause] our military is depleted. we are going to rebuild our military. we are going to lead through strength. and hopefully we are not going to have to use military but i will say this, isil, we are getting rid of isis.
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we are getting rid of isis. [cheers and applause] >> isis, we have no choice. by the way, not since medieval times has anyone seen chopping off of heads, burning in sands, not since -- not since medieval times. it all grew during the tenure of obama and hillary clinton. you know, she stands up and what she's going to do. it came out of the vacuum because we should have never gone to iraq, but once we did we should have gone out the right way and not the good way and the way they went out was so bad, so bad, including giving back mosul which now they are fighting to take back and it would have been nice the element of surprise. do we agree? does anybody not agree? the element of surprise. we don't use the element of surprise. we use the element of tell them
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everything we can possibly tell them, give them plenty of time to get ready and then attack and it turns out to be a lot tougher than they ever thought, but we are going to have a country that you're going to be proud of again. we are going to have a president that hopefully you will be proud of. i will work so hard for every community. [cheers and applause] >> i will be working hard for the african-american community and the hispanic community and we are going to have this divided nation together and i just want to say, we are going to make america strong again, we are going to make america, doesn't sound nice but we have no choice, wealthy again. but we are going to make america great again and i want to thank everybody in new hampshire, get out and vote, you're very
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special people, you are very, very special people. god bless you, get out and vote. thank you, new hampshire. trish: wow, what a reaction there from the crowd, of course, a lot of them were reacting to that news that the fbi is reopening the case into hillary clinton's e-mail server. he did go through a number of policies, the things he wants to get changed in america but you could feel the excitement really right through the tv screen and that was in part because supporters were excited by the news coming from the fbi. i want to go straight to kellyanne conway, trump's campaign manager with her reaction to all of this. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. trish: pretty amazing news. the trend is on your side. when you look at the polls, you see him closing the gap, the big question is can he continue to do so in the next 11 days, is it going to make it enough of a difference?
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a lot of people talk about an october surprise, is this it? is this the key to sending him to the white house? >> well, whatever fbi director comey and the fbi decided in reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's private server emails has nothing to do with our campaign no so far we learned about the news when everybody does and regardless of what he's doing, i think that we are just taking the case directly to the people as you just saw mr. trump do in man chester and two other state stops today. i think what the reopening does is it reminds everyone of a few things that there's not a -- there's not a great deal of transparency and accountability throughout hillary clinton's career including when she was secretary of state and including through the fbi investigation. i think this close to the election, trish, it suggests that there has to be something of significance. i do know from other reporting again reading from what you're reading and hearing what you're hearing that the particular emails are the content as to why
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he would reopen the investigation is unrelated to wikileaks or russia, it has to do with something else. maybe someone else's e-mail. trish: apparently another case going on simultaneously that led them to say now it's time. why now? why couldn't they have made sure they did their due diligence the first time around? >> there was tremendous public backlash and it wasn't only from republicans only. a lot of independents. this is what they don't like about washington and the rigged corrupt system when they feel they've got one set of rules and the other for the rest of us and you see the reports from general cartwright with five year's jail time and $250,000 for lying to the fbi one time and really in that case he was confirming information already reported by new york times reporters and he said he lie today try -- lied to
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try to protect national security. trish: you're talking about -- hang on kellyanne. you said something interesting and important. there's one set of rules for regular folks and a whole set of other rules for the clintons. with that thesis in mind, do you think they can wrap this up in 11 days? i mean, if she were to win and then suddenly the fbi comes forward and says, you know, that they're indicting her criminally indicting her, i don't know what happens then. it changes the entire game. >> well, i don't know what the fbi's timeline would be. generally speaking investigations like this take much longer than 11 days, but the specter of further problems for her legally will hang over her between now and election day. that's really the upshot. trish: how do you think she responds. he's going to be speaking in
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cedar rapids, iowa any minute now? how do you think she's going to respond to this? there's a live picture. she was supposed to be there at 2:15. i suppose she's scrambling with the aides to how to say to this. >> i would think so. i understand the quote was no idea, meaning we don't know why this was reopened or what iferción or evidence, maybe she will stick to that or ignore it. she's pretty good at ignores things that are important to the american people. this would be another example of that. this is already her biggest problem in closing the deal and becoming president of the united states. people have such a reluctance to say, good lord, how can i stand for change and disrupting the status quo and vote for hillary clinton who is an insider, queen of rigged corrupt system. you see in the last day or two, you see all this information about the team around them trying very hard to enrich bill
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clinton, making sure the clinton foundation, clinton inc was flushed with cash, how they would form a government and follow the money. i don't think reopening this investigation helps her. i want to make two other points about it. let's remind everybody that the fbi is not the rnc and certainly not the vast right-wing conspiracy. it is a government agency that refuse today prosecute, refuse today indict hillary clinton even while finding that she acted recklessly and carelessly on a number of occasions, did things she was not supposed to do. trish: in other words, that makes it much more complicated for her. >> that's right. people say we are --
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[laughter] trish: come on. a little bit when he went out to the stage there and greeted his supporters who were gleeful themselves. $10million is what he is contributing, he said, to his campaign now. he's writing himself a big check. what are you going to do with it? >> that's a lot of money. the best pieces of news today were the tightening in the polls as you pointed out which you have seen internally and mr. trump's generous con contribution and that will go to ad-buy program that we have in hand and will go into the swing states. hillary clinton has been advertising it seems like forever, destruction kind of ads. we are going to go out there and in closing arguments communicating with people directly through paid ads. i will say greatest assets is
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putting pence governor on the road. trish: why do you think she's not campaigning much this week? i don't believe she has any events. she has two and we are wading in cedar rapids today. do you think maybe she got a heads up that this was coming and wanted to scale back or is there's something scale going on? >> she doesn't campaign as much as we do. hers is much more conventional, get the billion dollars, flood the air waves, the clinton camp spent, i think, it was 24 focused groups and 13,000 interviews, two years before the election. she's always trying to find a voice for three decades, what's her core, how should she run. i'm not sure they have a plan b in place. trish, that's the untold story here. i'm not sure the clinton camp has a plan b in place if, in fact, polls continue to tightened.
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trish: well the polls are fascinating to watch. you are a former pollster yourself. >> current pollster. trish: when you look at how polls are conducted today, kellyanne versus eight years ago, a lot of people don't have landline phones today. it changed dramatically. donald trump keeps pointing out to dirty polls saying, none of these are really entirely accurate, how has the industry changed so much that in your view might favor him? >> a couple different things wrapped up in that question. one is our polls have a high number of cell phones and those that don't i think are maybe a little less reliable because of what she said, so many americans don't have landlines or really -- if they do have landlines tend to rely upon their cell phone, mobile devices quite a bit. but what donald trump is pointing out is something i have been talking about for months even though i have been attacked
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for doing it under cover trump voter. saying somehow that we are probably undercounting trump's support and the reason is, you know, some people don't admit that they are going to go against in the past. these are registered democrats, if you're a coal miner a union guy, private union guy in western pennsylvania and ohio and you voted democrat for most of your life and you like donald trump's message about renegotiating bad trade deals and creating 25 million jobs over ten years and you don't like hillary clinton promising to put the coal business out of work, you're going to go against political past. trish: you don't want to admit it. >> sorry? trish: you don't want to admit. >> it's not that it's a hush campaign. it's not that people are
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embarrassed. some people characterize as such. they are reluctant to tell people. trish: i meet a lot of different people through my travels from a lot of different walks a life and they'll ask me about the election, as soon as they figure out that, you know, i'm not one way or the other and i'm not going to judge them necessarily often times they actually really do like trump and they're going to support him and they're going to vote for him but they are reluctant to say that for fear that maybe i will come down on them for some reason. >> i think we are saying the same thing. internally, we have found a way to survey those voters that, i think, they're not being surveyed by everyone on the outside because -- folks are using listed sample a great deal. you're basically saying who voted for mitt romney and barack obama and who maybe registered
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independent or unaffiliated and how they lean in each of those elections, that would totally miss the culture political phenomenon that is donald trump and we have found a way internally. i would be happy to talk about it after the election to really find the undercover trump voters. it's not 10 or 15% in any of the states nationwide but it doesn't need to be. i don't think there are hidden hillary clinton voters. look at her ceiling. she has 46% ceiling in most places and statewide polls including states that president obama carried twice with well over 50% of the vote where we are now winning or within the margin of error. florida, ohio, certainly iowa and north carolina which president obama carried the first time. new hampshire and even colorado. we are looking at the polls where mr. trump -- where hillary clinton is way underperforming barack obama and the fbi investigation -- trish: not going to help.
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>> you know what, you're right, she's a huge change-maker, that's just not going to happen. the undecided will break towards us and we will win. trish: you have 11 days to do it as a bystander fascinating to watch. thank you so much. good to have you kellyanne. >> thanks for having me. trish: i want to go judicial analysts judge andrew napolitano to the reaction of the fbi. . trish: wow, judge! >> certainly comes out of the blue as congressman chaffetz said when he got the letter. the research we've been able to do and the intel we've been able to gather in the past hour, trish, seems to be the following. apparently in an unrelated case because they had actually shut down on july 5, the investigation of mrs. clinton, so in an unrelated case, fbi
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agents came across evidence of the transfer of classified materials either to mrs. clinton or from mrs. clinton, and they felt duty bound to present this to direct or comey, notwithstanding the fact that he ordered the original investigation shut down and defended that order many times, including under oath before congress. whatever director comey saw caused him to look at them and say you know what? we've got to dig a little deeper does. this mean the criminal investigation on hillary clinton has been reopened? not necessarily. does it mean a grand jury is going to be convened and asked to look at this? not necessarily, but it does mean that the fbi agents who were reassigned on july 5 are back in this original assignment trying to decide if there is enough evidence to move forward.
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trish: all right, what does she do now in light of all of this? as kellyanne conway pointed out, it's challenging to say this is a vast right-wing conspiracy, this is the republican party is out to get me. this is the fbi. she's about to take to the stage in cedar rapids, iowa. we have a picture coming in. we are waiting on her there. the crowd is gathered and i'm sure they're holding her breath, wondering how she is going to defend herself, in this case, knowing what you've seen her do previously, judge, any thoughts how she will? >> i don't know what she's going to do and, of course, i'm not the person to give her political advice, but i would give her legal advice which is to dispatch david kendall, her very excellent lawyer who negotiated the unbelievable deal for her last time around to visit the fbi and say, okay, what is it? let's look at it, see if we can help you figure it out. let's see if we can explain it. in terms of what she probably
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will do, my prediction is she will either do nothing or say what she has been saying for the past year and a half which is disingenuous but saying it that she neither sent nor received classified material. trish: that's what the fbi is trying to figure out. not that that should matter, if you are sending classified information, it doesn't matter what your intent is. if you're doing that, you're compromising the security of the united states of america. >> i would suggest to you that the fbi saw e-mails that contained more grave, more serious national security information in them. they already know that she sent or received at least 20 e-mails with this type of information, and they concluded that her behavior was, quote, extremely careless but not reckless. what's the difference between extremely careless and not reckless? i don't know, that's a choice that the fbi made.
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the significance of reckless is, espionage is the very, very rare federal, criminal crime of criminal statute which says you can be prosecuted on the basis of recklessness, the government does not have to show intent. trish: let me jump in and ask you a question, what happens in terms of how long this investigation takes? can the president preemptively pardon her? >> yes. >> yes? >> i can't imagine doing that before election day, political repercussions would not be to her benefit. look, if donald trump is elected president in 11 days and the investigation is going on, the president could, of course, pardon her, yes. trish: now what if she's elected president, judge, and the investigation is still going on, and -- >> i'm sorry to tell you, if she's elected president, she can pardon herself. now there would be tremendous political consequences to that,
2:37 pm
perhaps even impeachment, but the pardon would be valid and she could not be prosecuted. if you want to ask me whether or not a grand jury could meet and indict between now and election day, nearly impossible. trish: okay, so not enough time. they got a lot more work to do. judge napolitano, thank you very much, great to have you here. >> any time, my dear friend. trish: for more analysis joined by democratic strategist harlan hill and syndicated radio host chris hahn along with charles hurts. good to have you all here. what's the excuse this time? >> i don't know that there's any excuse, and you know to answer your question what should she do when she goes out there. i say welcome the sunlight onto this, i don't think i did anything wrong, the american people should have a full accounting here. i think she will. i don't think the american people 11 days from now are going to change their mind, they're going to continue to
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vote for hillary clinton. trish: any idea what has taken so long, her plane arrived in cedar rapids awhile ago. >> when i worked for senator chuck schumer, we knew to add 45 minutes to any clinton arrival. this is nothing unusual and has nothing to do with this. trish: charles hurt, how does this affect people that were in the middle, weren't sure which way they were going to vote, maybe didn't like the idea of a clinton in the white house, they didn't like the idea of trump in the white house. will it change or sway any of those undecided voters? >> i think absolutely. here in the closing days, you could see a good number of people either not particularly fond of either candidate. i mean, this so fits perfectly into what everybody thinks about the clintons and what people don't like about the clintons, and i could absolutely see it having some impact. but that's offset by the fact that we've already had millions
2:39 pm
of people cast ballots before this happened, and that's what i find so amazing. trish: i agree with you. here we are, 11 days before the election, and i've been saying why couldn't they get this right the first time around. why did they go back and look again? >> exactly. and when you remember, go back to july 5th with the nonindictment of hillary clinton, it was the most scathing excoreiation of someone who is not guilty or being charged in any way that we've ever heard, and to think that whatever evidence they have uncovered now is so serious that they're going to reverse that decision, how bad must it be? what will we know? . trish: very good point, charles, and harlan this caters to the feelings the voters have about the system being entirely, thoroughly corrupt. they think this is big business
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and big politicians, and if your name is clinton can you get away with something regular folks don't. >> look it smacks of disbelief in the country not substantiated by facts through wikileaks and the investigations by the fbi. there are two classes of laws and the clintons get away with things normal americans would not. if you listen carefully, what you're hearing around the country is the sound of champagne put back on ice by the hillary clinton campaign and mainstream media. going into today, they thought this was locked up. if they're going to push this -- trish: she is looking at cabinet members, joe biden as secretary of state, is that presumptuous? >> absolutely subject of the federal criminal investigation. i believe this is unprecedented in american history for the leading candidate in the race for president of the united states, 11 days out, to be a subject of a federal investigation again of this magnitude. trish: chris, are you shocked? you're a hillary clinton supporter, but you got to be pretty shocked by this, right?
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i said at the top of the show, the fbi is doing the unthinkable, everybody thought it's done, and whether you thought it was right or wrong, it's done, and now it's reopened all over again? >> you know, no campaign wants something like this thrown at them 11 days before election. i would be remiss to say this is a good thing, it disproves the point that harlan was making about a rigged system. if it was a rigged system downing the fbi would be releasing this today or wait three weeks and then release it. obviously, hillary clinton is getting a lot of scrutiny for the e-mail server, i think too much scrutiny but let's have it. >> chris -- >> and let the american people -- >> why didn't they resolve this first go-around. there was overwhelming issue, if you put aside the issue of the private e-mail server, on the destruction of evidence piece, it was clear. she got a subpoena from congress for entire e-mail archive and she was able to pick and choose which e-mails
2:42 pm
she decided to hand over and destroyed the rest. we now know there were work e-mails, material to that federal investigation that she destroyed. she destroyed evidence material to the federal investigation and the fbi knew it and decided not to take it to a grand jury! if we're talking about injustice in the system, there is a perfect example. >> instead of shouting about it, you would think she erased your e-mail server. here's the thing, harlan, the clintons have explaining to do about the e-mail server but i don't think the american people care that much about it. i think this is a great thing for the base for donald trump and might get republicans motivated to come out and vote for him and help him. trish: shouldn't you care, shouldn't you want to hold your lawmakers to a higher standard, chris? >> yes, trish, you should. but unfortunately for the republicans in america and in this election, they didn't nominate john kasich or marco rubio or plausible candidate. they nominated donald trump and
2:43 pm
they are stuck with donald trump. they're going to have to deal with that and live with the fact -- trish: i want to follow up on, that tonight follow up on that with charles. i heard republicans say that as well. for mainstream republicans that feel like we could have won this election, they have said to me, with anybody else. donald trump was the one guy that was basically going step in it over and over again. what i've wondered throughout all this, though, however, is i think that he was their only shot. their only chance at getting even close, and the reason for that is because he's brought in the disenfranchised voters, brought in the middle class, he's talked about trade, talked about economics in a way that the republican party in its traditional form refused to do, charles. >> the republicans would certainly be running a very different campaign if donald trump hadn't walked in and taken over the party, and that's obvious whether as you mentioned trade, immigration, all of the things, and i think
2:44 pm
it's a very valid point. he doesn't run a conventional campaign, it's safe to say that. but she endlessly creative, endless energy and sees things, he definitely understands how frustrated americans are. and i've always said throughout this election, in the final days of the campaign, if the campaign is about donald trump, hillary clinton wins and if it's about hillary clinton, donald trump wins. i we're in the last 11 days, i think the conversation is going to turn quite a bit and be about hillary clinton here. >> you never know. trish: if there's any other tapes lurking and you go back and read that whole thing again. i would wonder to a certain extent, harlan, if the american public is over that by now in that they have made this shift, if you would, back to the policy discussions regarding our economy, regarding international issues, regarding
2:45 pm
immigration, in a way that probably for him is important in the last final stretch? >> absolutely. i think the american people want a discussion of the substance. there are so many americans hurting out there financially, you look at all the news on obamacare, and donald trump is quick to capitalize on it. premiums are going through the roof. people are priced out of health insurance. so there are real issues that the american people want to discuss and as long as he's holding a light to that, he stands a great chance on election day. my concern, though, is that if we get dragged back down into discussion of the tapes, it does still have legs. hillary clinton we saw on wikileaks, sounds like they have nine hours of tape of donald trump from years ago. who knows what's in there and why they're holding onto it for so long. trish: why wouldn't they jet it out about now. it's getting darn close. who is that, chris? >> well, if they've got, it now would be a good time to release it to change the subject if i
2:46 pm
was them, i'd say let them have it! >> maybe they can play it on a big screen in cedar rapids, iowa. we are waiting on hillary clinton to see how she responds to the bombshell news from the fbi. james comey saying they are reopening the case into her e-mail server, and there she is, taking to the stage, giving lots of hugs, typically in the rally events what she does is thanks everyone. she pushes people to the downballot candidates, something that democrats praise her for. one anticipate she's going to do that again. let's listen in. >> beautiful day in cedar rapids! i am so excited and happy to be back here. i really think of iowa and especially all the communities that i've visited as the place that got my campaign started and gave me the chance as only
2:47 pm
iowa does to talk with families about all the problems that keep you up at night, and boy, did i hear a lot about rising prescription drug costs and the costs of college and student debt and the quiet epidemic of addiction and mental health issues, the challenge of balancing family and work, all of those conversations in coffee shops and college campuses really put me on the path to understanding what it is your next president should do, and you invited me into your homes, your businesses, factory floors, so many places where people were working hard and thinking about the kind of future you wanted for yourself and your families, and so now with just 11 days
2:48 pm
left -- [cheers] we've got work to do! i want to thank cindy garlock for introducing me. as she told you, she's a retired teacher, she's one of our neighborhood team leaders, she and everyone working across the state are going to make sure that we win iowa! [cheers] i also am pleased to be joined here with a number of women leaders who are especially committed to making sure we have the kind of future that we need, and before i get to them, let me say a word about the recent flooding here in cedar rapids. you escaped another historic flood like the one you had eight years ago. thank heaven. trish: she almost had me, there she said before i get to that, let me say a word about -- and
2:49 pm
then went into the unfortunate flooding in cedar rapids. she's running through her thank-yous as we predicted. as we wait for her to get to the fbi issue, and we don't know that she will. she quite possibly may not address it at all. one would have thought that would have been the first thing out of your mouth as soon as you get to the platform to calm concerns people have in the audience. she did not do it. i want to go peter barnes who's got more on the fbi investigation as we continue to watch mrs. clinton there in cedar rapids. peter? >> reporter: trish, the latest is we have it now from multiple law enforcement sources telling fox news the reopening of this investigation has nothing to do with this dump of 35,000 or so e-mails by wikileaks in the last couple of weeks, and senior law enforcement official telling one of our colleagues at fox news that the e-mails in question that were discovered in a different case that were
2:50 pm
deemed pertinent to the investigation into secretary clinton's personal e-mail, the same investigative team on that first case that looked into the personal server needs to review these e-mails and assess them to see whether they contain classified material and importance to the original investigation. a source also telling fox news that we could deduce that it's numerous enough e-mails to where the fbi is not putting a time frame on the investigation. the e-mails did not come from the clinton server, according to this source. those have been reviewed. the e-mails came from a device, not one that hillary clinton had but that of another government official. trish, back to you. trish: so this is not wikileaks, is that the thinking here? >> not wikileaks. trish: it was another device, it was not hillary clinton's device, perhaps someone e-mailing back and forth with her? >> right, some other government
2:51 pm
official's device, and if you recall when director comey came out back in july, he talked about the fact that the fbi did find thousands of e-mails that the clinton, that hillary clinton had not turned over to the state department for review. trish: 43,000, right? that basically went bye-bye. >> yeah, the 30 some thousand. trish: maybe they are out there somewhere, and perhaps this is a backchannel way into the e-mails, if you're looking at the recipient of the e-mails or whoever she may have been corresponding with? >> reporter: that's correct, that's how the fbi said it found several thousand of the e-mails that she did not turn over that were supposedly deleted. it found millions of fragments of the e-mails in her original server, but it did find other e-mails on the devices of other government officials and that appears to be what is going on in this instance.
2:52 pm
trish: peter, do we have any idea what this other investigation actually was or is? >> reporter: all that director comey said is it was an unrelated case, there has been widespread speculation about whether or not the fbi is looking into the clinton foundation itself and any of these potential pay-for-play allegations, director comey was asked directly about that, i believe, in one of his appearances on capitol hill and he declined to comment on that. trish: all very interesting, peter barnes, thank you so much. i know you're continuing to get more information on the story and will continue to report all of this. i'm here on set with harlan hill as we continue to watch hillary clinton and wondering whether or not she's going to address this fbi issue. harlan, let's listen in and see whether or not we hear that. >> do that by voting, by showing up with the biggest turnout in history!
2:53 pm
[cheers] more women voting, more young people voting, more people of color voting, more americans of every kind voting for a good, positive, unified vision of the future! [cheers] and i have to tell you, once again, iowa, you can make the difference. if all of you vote, if you get your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers to vote, we will make history on november the 8th, and i have to say that we're seeing some really promising signs of this. right now, more than 200 million americans have registered to vote. that is the biggest number in history. [cheers and applause] and of that 200 million, more than 50 million are young
2:54 pm
people, which is fabulous! [cheers] so people are turning out, and i want to give you something to vote for, not just against, because i want you to be part of helping us implement an agenda that's going to move our country forward. i started my career all those years ago fighting for kids and families. that's been the cause of my life. it will know the mission of my presidency. i will get up every single day in the white house saying what am i going to do to help every single person, and especially every child in this country, have the chance to live up to his or her god-given potential! [cheers and applause] now, i will admit to this, i am sometimes criticized for having too many policies.
2:55 pm
it's probably true. i have a plan for just about everything. [laughter] i even wrote a book with my wonderful running mate tim kaine called "stronger together," which has all of our ideas in it. and the other day it struck me, because i hear people making fun of me like all the policies and the plans and everything, and i said, you know, maybe this is a woman thing. we make lists, right? [applause] i love making lists and i love crossing things off! so -- [cheers and applause] i want you to imagine that together we're going to vote on november 8th for an agenda that will become a list that we will work onto implement, to improve your lives and make our country stronger and fairer and better in the future!
2:56 pm
[cheers] now, did any of you see the last debate? [cheers] oh, my goodness! well, i stood next to donald trump for 4 1/2 hours during those three debates. i think that proves once and for all i have the stamina to be president and commander in chief. [applause] and i have to tell you, he was always saying something they was finding, oh, boy, unacceptable, and i kept reminding myself. people say, how did you keep your composure? well, i practiced that a lot. [laughter] i had my team and the young man playing trump for me just insult me up and down. it was exhausting! i spent hours being insulted by my team and my friends, and boy, did it prepare me to stand
2:57 pm
there with the insulter known as donald trump, and so i kept thinking to myself that wonderful line that michelle obama delivered in our convention when she gave her speech, when they go low, we go high! [cheers and applause] now donald trump has gone low, but in that last debate, he said something that was truly horrifying. he refused to say he would respect the results of this election. [booing] i know. it has never been done before. you go and look back at debates and speeches, nobody running for president representing one of our two major parties has ever said that, and i have to say the first thing a president
2:58 pm
does on january 20 is to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. in our country, we have free and fair elections and a peaceful transfer of power. that is one of the great hallmarks of american democracy. [applause] and when you question the very institutions of our democracy going back to the founding of our country, you are attacking democracies. now we have seen donald trump attack so many different kinds of americans. he's attacked african-americans and latinos -- trish: kind of like the elephant in the room. i mean the fbi has reopened its case against hillary clinton with her e-mail server, and she hasn't said one word about it
2:59 pm
to her supporters there in cedar rapids, iowa. i'm joined on set by democratic strategist and donald trump supporter harlan hill. i anticipated that she might actually address it first, just to calm anybody's concerns and she could say, look, you know, i'm all for tranparencly and i have nothing to hide and don't worry about this. instead, she said nothing. is that telling? >> it is very telling. i think there are two ways to interpret this. if you look at wikileaks, there's a pattern of her underestimating the threat bad news. we've seen time and time again as we've read the wikileaks dumps, her advisers saying you need to respond to the news, act, get ahead of the news. and she has poor instincts, using john podesta's words not mine. or they're taking this news so seriously, they don't have a response to explain why their candidate is the subject of a federal investigation, so there are two ways to interpret this.
3:00 pm
trish: neither is good. >> they're horrible. trish: we'll continue monitoring it and see if she addresses it at all, but it's looking less and less likely at this point. i should point out the president was asked a bunch of questions as he was leaving the white house, he said nada. there is silence right now, we're not sure why. liz claman send it to you. liz: we've got more breaking news that just hit the tape. we have this just in from the associated press. a u.s. official is being quoted as saying that the newly discovered evidence related to the clinton e-mail scandal, the ones that forced the fbi to reopen the investigation did not come from her private server. they have come from a new so-called device from another government official. we still have no word exactly where they came from or what's in them. if there were a day to watch "countdown to the closing bell" today is the day. the markets have recovered from a pretty dramatic


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