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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> they're horrible. trish: we'll continue monitoring it and see if she addresses it at all, but it's looking less and less likely at this point. i should point out the president was asked a bunch of questions as he was leaving the white house, he said nada. there is silence right now, we're not sure why. liz claman send it to you. liz: we've got more breaking news that just hit the tape. we have this just in from the associated press. a u.s. official is being quoted as saying that the newly discovered evidence related to the clinton e-mail scandal, the ones that forced the fbi to reopen the investigation did not come from her private server. they have come from a new so-called device from another government official. we still have no word exactly where they came from or what's in them. if there were a day to watch "countdown to the closing bell" today is the day. the markets have recovered from a pretty dramatic spasm lower
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when the news broke. the intersection of politics and wall street has never been more interlinked. at exactly 1:10 p.m. eastern, the markets fell off a cliff. six minutes after this hit the wires and the tape. the fbi reopening investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server due to this discovery of apparently new evidence in the scandal. so the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p all of the charts mimic each other. a big drop, almost a jaw-dropping drop right after 1:01 p.m. eastern. the dow dropped 154 points the moment the news broke. hillary clinton live in cedar rapids, iowa right now. speaking at this rally and will move onto a rally in the nouveau city market. we could see her do that, she has not yet done so. we are monitoring the speech. we will take you there the minute it appears she addresses
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it. so far, nothing. not so for donald trump who addressed a rally in manchester, new hampshire announcing the news to a fired-up crowd. mr. trump thanked the fbi for having the courage to right its wrong referring to fbi director james comey original decision in july not to pursue criminal charges against hillary clinton. what we decided to do because this is fast and furious, the news is breaking, put together a timeline regarding how this all unfolded, specifically 12:57 p.m. eastern, the twitter universe lit up as jason chaffetz tweeted this, fbi director just informed me the fbi learned of the existence of e-mails that appearing to pertinent to the investigation. case reopened. 1:02 p.m. eastern, fox obtained a copy of fbi director comey's
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letter to congress saying -- let me get to blake burman working the phones in washington, d.c. both campaigning scrambling to respond, so far the hillary camp has not responded. >> reporter: two different differences, hillary clinton came down the stairs of the airplane in iowa where she was campaigning, shadowed a couple of questions on the ground, a live picture of hillary clinton in iowa and no response. she opened up her address like any other stump speech, any other friday, no mention to the late breaking development with the fbi. we've been watching this, maybe she will end with it. if she didn't start with it slim pickings on that. donald trump did respond. we'll get to that in a second. four main points in the letter from the fbi director james comey to simplify this all as you did. first, he said in the letter
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new e-mails were found. second, he said they are assessing if they have classified info. third, it may or may not be significant and fourth no timetable whatsoever. here is his quote from paragraph number two, in connection with unrelated case, the fbi learned of existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation. i am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this today, and i agree that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. the big question we are all trying to find out is where did the e-mails come from? senior law enforcement official tells fox one official, the best that we have at this point says this is not because of wikileaks, not because of any other hack that might be out there. instead the e-mails were
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discovered in a different case that were deemed to be related to the investigation into secretary clinton's personal e-mail and that those e-mails are from a device, not her device but that of another government official. you mentioned donald trump, hillary clinton live, we are watching, donald trump just wrapped up an event, he called the initial decision a miscarriage of justice, but now he appears grateful to the fbi. listen here. >> i have respect for the fact that the fbi and the department of justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made. >> reporter: here you have, liz, trump bashing the fbi and the d.o.j. since mid-july for the decision they made not to go further with this with hillary clinton today saying i'm grateful, essentially thanks for doing that. clinton over the last couple
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months who said this is case shut, nothing to see here, move on, this is a presidential campaign, move forward. today so far, she is silent. liz: okay, but washington, d.c. is anything but silent. i'm sure there is so much chatter in the beltway. let's bring in republican john mica, do us a favor, tell us what have you learned in the last hour about this reopening of the fbi investigation and whom it might be related to? >> well, sort of blockbuster news that's unfolded since about 1:00 today. we were informed by the director, again, of the discovery from an unrelated case what may be pertinent information, you know, our investigation with the government reform and oversight committee disclosed thousands of e-mails that are missing,
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that were destroyed, some bleached. but the problem mrs. clinton has is there's a lot of e-mails out there, and it appears some of these have come to light, and they're pertinent to the investigation. unfortunately, once this investigation starts, and let me say that earlier this week, we had made a decision, the committee made a decision to go forward with additional hearings even after the election, regardless of the outcome. but, in fact. we now know that there is something else out there. but the problem you have is an investigation is open and we really can't get that information or those e-mails until they complete this review. liz: and we also must be not too breathless in all of this reporting and make sure to certainly stress that the fbi at this moment, and i'm holding a letter from james comey in my
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hand saying the fbi cannot assess whether the strl significant. however, i ask you because you are speaking with people inside the beltway. tuesday, there was a wikileaks dump, a reveal of a bunch of e-mails and within the e-mails one involving cheryl mills who is a clinton aide, a clinton insider, really an adviser within her inner circle where it appeared that she perhaps may have said that president obama was quite aware that there were e-mails being sent to and from hillary's server which was not secure and she said in one of the e-mails need to clean up president obama's answer on clinton's private server from a 2015 e-mail but it was released on tuesday. what does this say for your side of all of this on this movement of e-mails involving even perhaps a president, e-mail sent to a president where this must be secure and, of course, the pressure on the fbi to reopen the investigation
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due to this? >> well, let me say i've been on the committee longer than anyone else, and we try to hold people accountable whether they're republicans or democrats, and usually people get caught in the cover-up or trying to change the story as you may have described a few minutes ago, we had already made a decision to continue the investigation, get to the facts. now what's been disclosed today, we don't know. it will be up to the fbi to look at that. when that's finished, then we can look at that. but we have an orderly process that we follow. it's not a political process, and the hillary folks have gotten themselves into this situation and dragging it out, and now face the consequences of these disclosures coming to light just before the election. liz: well, again, we don't know if the cheryl mills e-mail was the one in question, but we know this because it was
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revealed in september. cheryl mills was granted partial immunity in this investigation. would you as a congressman moving forward, perhaps move to put forth a bill or some type of law that would not allow people to get this kind of immunity when there are so many questions, whether it's a republican or a democratic investigation? >> well, again, you don't want immunity abuse, but it does give you the opportunity to get more information to get to the bottom any of investigation, and we've seen people come and not come before our committee, taking the fifth amendment or not showing up. we've had to use our processes so under the law and the constitution, but again, you got to follow the law, you've got to follow a procedure. we have to respect now the investigation that's been reopened by the fbi and see what that tells us, and then continue our work.
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we're representing the american people, we're not representing the republicans, the democrats or any special party in this. our job is to get the whole truth and nothing but the truth. liz: you, as an incumbent, you've held your seat since 1993. no news break or flash here, there's a huge election coming up. how does something like this, in your opinion, perhaps affect the election overall? both downballot and presidential? >> it's a late october surprise. we had nothing to do with this, i can assure you, i'm sure people say that. but again the fbi uncovered significant, possibly, information and pertinent we know. they've disclosed to us that they've reopened the case, it's a serious matter. i've been through the clintons through whitewater, through travelgate, i've been through
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benghazi, they get themselves embroiled in the cases, they are stalling, the peel not answering questions, not even appearing, and some of the evidence will come out, whether it's our term in congress or later on. it will all be revealed. liz: congressman john mica, a busy day, we appreciate you taking time to join us. the market's trying to recover here. hillary clinton still speaking. we want to let you know, we are definitely monitoring this. but so far she has not discussed the newest developments that the fbi has reopened the once closed investigation. she is talking about everything from the iowa floods to the economy to minimum wage, but not so yet this dramatic development that have not just affected the news flow but markets as well. let me get to charlie gasparino in the newsroom. you were one of the first to report that james comey was coming under fire for not
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indicting hillary clinton after the first investigation. what are your sources saying now? >> he was coming under fire by staff people. this is one thing that fox business was among the first to report that there were people on the staff level of the fbi who believe that james comey had enough evidence to indict hillary clinton on some sort of charge, violation, regarding keeping the private e-mail server and receiving the classified documents over. if you look at what comey said when he decided not to indic law, we couldn't establish a high degree of intent, that's essentially what he said. the same people recently have been more vociferous that they thought comey rolled the dice on politics rather than doing his job, and, you know, we're still looking for bits and pieces here, the full story isn't out there. one of the leads that is coming out, i'm hearing it as well and everybody is getting it, this
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isn't wikileaks related. as bad as cheryl mills sounded, clean up the e-mails, clean up the mess when she was e-mailing podesta about the possibility that president obama got, received e-mails from hillary clinton from a private e-mail server though he said he never did. that sounds bad, sounds like obstruction. what they're leaking out of the government, that has nothing to do with it. i want to make one other point. liz: quick, we have breaking stuff. >> that doesn't mean wikileaks isn't playing a role. last thing the fbi wants to say is russian hackers forced their hand and made them reopen the investigation into hillary clinton. that's the last thing. liz: the r word, reopen. this is coming from top fox reporter jake gibson, senior law enforcement official is saying the term is nuanced, the investigation was never officially closed, charlie, but
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they had announced of course the fbi's recommendation not to prosecute. >> that's semantics. let's be clear what the fbi does. the fbi investigates and decides whether to refer a criminal charge to the justice department, based on the evidence at hand. in essence, every fbi investigation is never closed. so when you get new information, you go out and you reopen it or you start looking again. you see what i'm saying? liz: of course. >> for the sake of our viewers, they are reopening this thing. they got new information and they're back at work on it based on the new information, because then you play into a weird semantical game. the fbi for all intents and purposes not investigating clinton based on the evidence at hand at the time. now it receives new evidence and goes back to work. fbi never really closes cases like this, it's just the way they work. liz: okay, so, so in essence, i
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know semantics, they certainly make it look like it's safely concluded when they refer not to prosecute, correct? >> but for those of us who care about the english language, they're reopening it, just so you know. [ laughter ] >> and guess what, the markets can't tell what's happening. the dow industrials down 10 point. the high of the session up 87. the second this news hit the tape at about 1:02, 1:05 eastern time, the markets took a dramatic dip down, recovered, can't make it to the earlier highs. the s&p same exact thing, low of the session for the s&p down 13. we're up 6. seen a 13-point swing there. the nasdaq down 37 at the lows of the session and now down 24. the markets hate this kind of
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surprise, some uncertainty, but guess what? what we do at fox business is try to keep people informed. bring in former fbi agent chad jenkins. you've been on the inside here. what are we missing? >> well, i tell you what, liz, i think what we need to look at is from the standpoint of what a bomb drop this is by director comey. we're not talking about a military standpoint, i had a former military hat. this isn't a 2.75 inch rocket. this is a 2000 pound j-dambomb on the 11th hour, the 11th day. it had to be something pretty significant that director comey was briefed on yesterday to go ahead and reopen this investigation. i know the previous guest was talking about closed or open cases. i can tell you the fbi does close cases, but this one appears from a director comey's letter to congress that it is
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reopened because of the significant information that was briefed yesterday. liz: it is a nuanced term, i just want to make sure we're getting our viewers the right information here? >> yeah, if there's no longer information to allow the fbi to continue an investigation, it's the civil duty of the fbi to go ahead and close that investigation. so once it's run its course and no more evidence to keep it open, of course the fbi closes the investigation. liz: there is no double jeopardy, just because we kind of closed it, we can reopen it. chad, in your heart of hearts, what do you think it is? just to reclarify for people who are just tuning in, this is brand-new evidence that has come not from hillary clinton's server but from a device of another government official -- sorry, tell me that, one second, chad, we've got breaking news.
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okay, we have this, the device is from former congressman anthony weiner. okay? this is coming from reuters? and the "new york times" that in investigating anthony weiner's sexting probe of all things, apparently we have discovered through the fbi and the inquiry that there have been some marked important pieces of information, i'm going to use the fbi's term, pertinent to the hillary clinton investigation. remember, anthony weiner was married. he is now separated from clinton's top aide huma abedin. don't know, i'm not going to try and triangulate and connect dots that we don't know can be connected. this is a brand-new development. it is saying the development is the new device they discovered information that was pertinent enough to reopen the probe into hillary clinton's server came
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from anthony weiner's device. what do you make of that one? >> i tell you, what can you expect from this investigation? i mean, the tentacles that sprout from this clinton e-mail investigation are just unrelentless. so now i wouldn't expect that anthony weiner would be the one involved. i was looking more at the joint chiefs of staff and seeing from that standpoint, but you know so many times as you do these, you know, these investigations, corruption investigations, i mean they do butt up against each other, you know, parallel investigations, and obviously, that was the case, we have tying back to the clinton e-mail investigation. liz: you know what, hillary clinton has just wrapped up her speech, chad, on that stage in iowa, cedar rapids specifically. absolutely no mention of this development. so far, not a single direct
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e-mail from hillary clinton that has been part of the wikileaks dumps, mostly john podesta. now the brand-new information coming in the last minute and a half, it is former congressman anthony weiner's device which the fbi was able to glean during a separate investigation, the information that prompted them to say we need to take a second look at this. where do you expect the investigation goes from here? >> well, you know, hats off to director comey for having the intestinal fortitude to see the significance of this, to get now the front. there's the multitude of areas in which this investigation can go, and it's going to be very difficult, the 11th hour, 11 days prior to the election to not just to conclusions and jump down the throats of the fbi. i know we're all going to want to do that, but the agents at
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hand who are doing these investigations, my goodness, they're consummate professionals and they will go where the evidence takes them, and we got to full heartedly believe they'll run it to the ground to seek justice for all of us, for all americans. liz: chad, i appreciate your expertise and this having been on the inside of the fbi. thank you so much. let's bring in democratic strategist steve murphy along with republican strategiest ned ryun on the latest details. steve, to you, the democrat here, now it appears that this device came -- the investigation came from the device of anthony weiner, the former congressman who had been married to huma abedin, hillary's top aide. none of this could be seen as a positive for the election which is now 11 days away? >> i wouldn't go that far. i think there is going to be total outrage among hillary clinton supporters. it's going to motivate them to go to the polls more.
3:23 pm
what director comey did is in complete violation of the department of justice rules. liz: what rules? what predicates the reason to reopen it? >> he can reopen it. the reason why hillary clinton didn't just speak about that is she hasn't been informed about that. he informed republican congressmen. he informed politicians on congressional hill he was reopening it. there is no precedent for that. it's absolutely prohibited! >> okay, so looking at this list of everybody on it. there are democrats on it too, dia dianne feinstein is on it, she's on her. brendan boyle from ylvania. >> when does congress have anything to do with criminal prosecutions or investigations? we have separation of powers in this country. liz: ned? >> i think the thing we can agree on regardless whether republican or democrat, this is obviously extremely extraordinary 11 days out from the election, the fbi director
3:24 pm
is reopening the case. part of me doesn't know what to say. i felt like i walked through the looking glass weeks ago and we have more revelations and finding this is anthony weiner's device and all the interesting things that are developing. i was prepared to talk about the wikileaks e-mails and now that the story is going to the extreme. liz: or miss finland, another accuser, miss finland said there would be inappropriate behavior she experienced on behalf of that. that is taking a back seat to something more substantive. sorry, back to steve for a minute. had the fbi first informed the clinton camp, wouldn't that start to look once again like too much insider behavior, the likes of which got loretta lynch into a lot of trouble when she sat and had a conversation with bill clinton? >> the standard operating procedure you is don't inform anybody of a criminal investigation from the fbi or
3:25 pm
anyplace else until you decided to target somebody, and then you inform their attorney, if you know they have an attorney. there's a process for this, and he's not -- comey is not following it at all! >> liz, the fact of the matter is regardless people screaming bloody murder about the process, the fact of the matter is now the story dominating the news cycle is that the democrat nominee is under fbi investigation. this is going to be a brutal 11 days for hillary clinton. i don't know how this is going to play out. it will motivate clinton supporters? diminish her vote among the independent voters? we don't know, she has to be hoping and praying there aren't big revelations coming from wikileaks. when you have above the fold "new york times" story about wikileaks finally. "washington post" with a front page story, now have you this with the fbi investigation. this is going to be a rough 11 days. people have started to vote. hillary has a better ground operation, this is going to be a fascinating 11 days, probably
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most in recent times. liz: wikileaks saying, quote, saving the best for last. we remind our viewers this is a presidential election, this is not a reality tv show. this is extremely serious, you have to believe there are e-mails that are held back as dry powder on behalf of the wikileaks founder julian assange. let's be clear this has nothing to do with wikileaks, it comes from huma abedin, her device and anthony weiner's device. >> that is one leak, that's from a news organization, we don't know anything other than the letter that director comey inappropriately sent to congress. liz: fox news confirmed it, so it's reuters, new york times and fox news. stand by. we have the producer jake gibson on the phone.
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and jake, you've been speaking to administration insiders, tell us what you learned in the last couple of minutes? >> so we know -- we've seen the letter obviously. senior law enforcement official tells me this is a separate investigation that they were looking into. this didn't come from wikileaks or any hack, they ran across a bunch of hillary clinton e-mails and they was a separate investigation. what i'm told, there are some emmails in there, they can't give us time frame when this will be concluded, meaning that we should expect this
3:28 pm
investigation will be open on election day. and the fbi and senior law enforcement officials are very well aware of the significance of doing this, this kind of october surprise ten days before a presidential election. so we know there's, we know there's a lot of emails. we know they're from anthony weiner's device. they say they didn't come from her server. we've gone through her personal server. all of those have been reviewed. that was closed up. that was sown up, when this other investigation, that came to the team that investigated hillary's personal server, hey, look we have emails. we think you should look at them. now that team has to go through all the same investigative team went through others, assess the classified information and assess what they have got here. >> jake, stand by. i want to bring in jack jenkins formerly of the fbi. what jake explained to us, what do you make of that, chad?
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>> makes perfect sense, do a deep dive of all that information. sitting here, having formerly had a top secret security clearance both as special operations battalion officer and fbi agent. to think anthony weiner has classified information in his position that was obtained potentially through, you know the clinton email server, however that information but it is butting up into that investigation, it is just, where does it stop? i mean that is what we've got to do right now. that is what director comey is trying to do, get a litmus on this and thoroughly go through to see how catastrophic the damage it was obtained through the weiner investigation. liz: steve murphy, if you, if you put a lot of stock in, and it sound correct what our producer is saying, this will be an open investigation on
3:30 pm
election day and perhaps beyond. game this. i know you're on the hillary clinton side but really be honest with us here, whose mind does this change? donald trump is leading when it comes to i there are more than trump will get with republicans. liz: let me just say the "fox news poll" we had, just to be clear, four-way presidential vote preference among independents, trump has 41%. hillary clinton has 28%. i do know polls have been noisy. we put a lot of stock in the fox news polls. some have hillary ahead in different realms. to ned ryan. that includes every big issue
3:31 pm
except the economy. >> right. liz: so donald trump is still not leading in some of the things he has taken a stand on like foreign policy. >> coming down the homestretch, liz, this is again, i was tweeting always nice to see the october surprise to the other way. still remains to be seen how much it will impact the vote. democrats as steve said, democrats are not going to be swayed by this at all republicans not going to be swayed at all. what about independent voters? i'm thinking about hillary, might go to donald w early voting a lot of people have already started to cast their votes. we'll see what happens. the thing to think about, we think 40% of the american electorate will have voted before election day comes. this is interesting to see how it plays out, how much it will impact the vote -- i will say that. people think the wikileaks thing will stop on november 8th.
3:32 pm
i do not think it will stop. i think you have continue all drip. jason chaffetz says he has two years worth of information ready to go. i think this is going to be, if hillary does win it will be rough ride first couple years. liz: everybody should remember, you live by the sword, die by the sword. >> that's right. liz: as soon as wikileaks decides to turn on a dime they will go after a different party, not just the democrats. >> very true. liz: thanks, everybody, chad, jake, ned, steven. we appreciate it. news was fast and furious here. this is pretty extraordinary both for markets and politics but it is absolutely woven in between. look at dow jones industrials. right now the dow calmed down a bit, moving higher by 14 points after having plummeted and gyrated more than 100 points on the news which broke just shortly after 1:00 p.m. eastern that the fbi is back in the game in investigating hillary clinton's email scandal, having nothing to do with wikileaks.
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having do with former congressman anthony weiner's device that was taken by the fbi along with huma abedin's device. huma abedin, big clinton aide as well. when we come back, no doubt there will be more news breaking in this commercial break. we'll have that for you, plus the markets and everything else on the move. please stay with us. ♪ r with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare. recengrand prix race cars-benz made history when it sold for a record price of just under $30 million.
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>> i'm lori rothman on the floor of new york stock exchange with the stocks business brief. stocks are volatile on news that fbi is opening the hillary clinton email story gains and losses all afternoon since the news broke. xerox stock higher reaching settlement with private shareholder for the company to split into two businesses by year-end. copier maker reported bigger than expected decline in revenue
3:36 pm
but saw profits and expenses drop. goldman sachs will defend itself against activist investor bill ackman. with a 10% stake, act man's pershing square hedge fund became the company's second largest shareholder. >> tesla expected to unveil one of the biggest products to date, a new solar roofing system. much more ahead especially on the political front. let's get back to liz and countdown. these goofy glasses.
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liz: i promise we might have more breaking news during the commercial break, here it is. president obama heard about the latest news regarding fbi reopening investigation into hillary clinton's email server scandal via media reports. we're going to assume that is tv. he didn't say press. media, television, inclusive. the press is usually print. but he said media reports.
3:39 pm
this according to the white house. here is the exact quote. the white house says, first learned decision to probe additional clinton-related emails in media reports. again the very latest it appears it is information that was discovered on the device of congressman anthony weiner. he had been married but separated from top clinton aide huma abedin. it appears that donald trump was pretty prescient in his concerns that the investigation was pretty much over. he was telling "new york times," this is donald trump, this is from august, i only worry after huma abedin announced a separation from her husband anthony weiner, i worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing anthony weiner to such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told.
3:40 pm
it is just another cam compel of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. that was interview donald trump gave to "the new york times" after huma abedin separated from anthony weiner. you're looking at live picture, lisbon, maine. donald trump is expected to land there any moment to give a speech. he has already been in new hampshire today. he will head to iowa after this. he has addressed in his first speech earlier, the situation. he actually gave props to the fbi saying, that he was actually kind of. respectful of fbi, for having the courage to right the mistake it made. mistake being it had not recommended further prosecution into the hillary clinton email scandal. what does this mean for down ballot elections in the presidential election? early voting is underway in key battleground state of florida.
3:41 pm
florida is currently leaning democrat but will today's news of the fbi reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's emails change voters minds? adam shapiro is live at a polling station right now talking to people casting their votes. what are they saying? reporter: yeah, we're in miami-dade county which tends to be more registered democrats than republicans but i'm going to share with you some discussions i had with people who had already cast their votes. one who was about to cast their vote once this news broke about the fbi. let's listen to two people who cast their vote. i asked them would this fbi news make a difference to you. here is what they told you. >> the way i see it, millions of us see it, donald trump is so flawed. he has labeled hillary clinton as crooked, a liar, when in fact i see him, i'm not only one, as the liar. >> it didn't change my opinion either way. much more fit to be president than donald trump. reporter: so those two voters
3:42 pm
already cast their ballot. but then i saw a woman who was on her way into the polling station. i asked her about the breaking news. here's what happened. the fib announced it is reopening its investigation of hillary clinton and the potential criminality of the emails and private server. does that impact how you might vote? >> yes. reporter: how so? >> i think i'm going to think about how i am -- reporter: you're troubled by this? >> a little bit. i want to know more about it. i want to be informed about it. reporter: you're about to go vote and fbi reopened its investigation? >> i'm going to think about my vote and not going to vote now. reporter: think about that liz. because, the numbers for people who are turning out throughout florida. i'm just going to do this in one very simple sentence. although it is tight in florida, republicans are actually winning the turnout race. they would like to point out the
3:43 pm
clinton campaign has a huge voter turnout mechanism and trump campaign does not. but when you look at counties of percentage of registered voters are turning out, republicans are winning in key counties 28% to 25% hoare in dade county and although heavily democratic county, republicans turning out in greater percentage. liz: 29 electoral vets. adam shapiro. thank you very much. i want to bring in steve murphy democratic strategist, and rob murphy, republican strategist. she has not responded to breaking news. she ignored shouted questions from reporters after she left and got on the plane in cedar rapids, iowa. i'm not sure she has got to the plane. her
3:44 pm
here earlier to inform her and her attorneys about anything related to this investigation before they send a letter to congress. so she, just like president obama, heard about this from the news media. she shouldn't make a comment until she knows what it is all about. liz: this letter, ned, this letter from the fbi, was actually sent to a bunch of members of congress. it was jason chaffetz who, the representative, who put it right out there on twitter. >> right. liz: steve may have a point here. is this really the way that you want to reveal this kind of crucial news, especially leading up to an election. >> i have to, i have to admit, this is rather extraordinary how this news has been breaking all of sudden, it appears when obama is saying he finding out on media, again clinton campaign saying they were on a plane with no wi-fi, didn't find out until they landed. this seems unusual. liz, the thing that needs to be discussed, people inside the fbi
3:45 pm
you have to know they were going back and forth and debating this, they understand impact this could have on presidential. the fact you know it was debated, discussed and finally decided today we'll reopen the investigation, regardless of the fact it is 11 days out, tells me there is something there, something they consider extraordinary they have to do this 11 days out. again do i think it is unusual? come on, we're talking 2016. everything is unusual. liz: chad, you have been on inside of the fbi. what is the protocol? don't you let subject of investigation know first? >> not necessarily, liz. i think with these extraordinary circumstances you have to go and look at the great lengths that director comey has made. i saw earlier the state department, they found out through basically the media. now, it would be very interesting to see if loretta lynch and department of justice, how far along they were read in on this, and if they had any warning. director comey is going at great
3:46 pm
lengths to keep this as insulated from any outside exposure and outside influence and you have to remember about the tarmac and loretta lynch meeting bill clinton, all those things playing into a factor. give credit where credit is due, director comey making the announcement the way he did. liz: folks, and extraordinary developing story moment by moment. it is changing. markets are being affected by this volatility index is moving higher by nearly 9%. and there is more news that is breaking right now. we do have a statement, at least from john podesta. peter barnes in washington, d.c. you have it in your hands? what does it say? reporter: yes i do. chairman of the hillary campaign. let me read it in full, four paragraphs. upon completing this investigation more than three months fbi director declared no reasonable prosecutor would ever move for word with a case like this and added it was not even a close call. in the months since donald trump and his republican allies
3:47 pm
baselessly second-guessing the fbi and in both public and private browbeating career officials there to revisit conclusion in desperate attempt to harm hillary clinton's presidential campaign. fbi director comey should immediately provide the american public more information than is contained in letter he sent to eight republican committee chairman. already we've seen characterizations that the fbi is reopening an investigation but comey words do not match that characterization. director comey letter refers to emails come to light in unrelated case but we have no ideas what those emails are. the director himself notes they may not even be significant. it is extraordinary that we would be seeing something like this just 11 days out from a presidential election. the director owes it to the american people to immediately provide the full details of what he is now examining. we are confident this will not produce any conclusions different from the one the fbi reached in july. liz?
3:48 pm
liz: wow. and i look at all of this and you say, this story is far from over. let me go back to chad jenkins. chad, you're the former law enforcement guy. we're business news network. listen to this, the dow crossed unchanged line that shows extreme uncertainly, about 65 times but 5of those times since the news broke just after 1:00 p.m. eastern. here is the intraday picture. chad, where do you think this goes next? listen, somebody is chattering to the media. we somehow know that most likely, the new information that sparked reopening of investigation came from anthony weiner's device, former congressman who had been married to huma abedin. so these two have had their devices taken by the fbi and now we've discovered it from there. how many other devices is the fbi looking at best guess?
3:49 pm
>> oh, my godness, we were looking at 13 alone just for hillary clinton. so it is endless amount when you talk about today's day and age of technology and everything else. so, that would be a very difficult to put a number on the amount of devices that are looked at, but i mean from the from standpoint of all of these individuals now going to go ahead and be, you know, target enemy number one right now seems to be director comey if you're in hillary clinton's court. liz: to that end, i have a few seconds let with you, could james comey release specific emails, 11 days or between now and election day? is that likely to happen? >> i don't think that is likely to happen. the fbi will have to do a thorough analysis, i don't think that can be done in 11 days. liz: chad, thank you very much. chad jenkins, former fbi agent. ned, you were shaking your head, no way you see that happening, no release of emails? >> no, no. i don't think you will see any
3:50 pm
release of emails. mike pence called for it as well. i don't think you will see anything before election day. strap it on. liz: go ahead, ned. go ahead. >> we'll be in for very interesting next 11 days. not only with this ongoing investigation, but like you alluded to earlier, wikileaks says they have 15,000 more emails to release. you know they have got good stuff they think they will be releasing next 10, 11 days. >> steve, john podesta put out release, comment about it. what do you make of that? what jumps out at you. >> i completely support it. this smells of partisan politics totally. liz: hold on, why? getting it from two devices from the fbi. >> there is no constitutional precedent, whatsoever, for informing congress about an investigation made by the fbi. it is they shouldn't be informing anybody. >> don't you think this was debated and fbi, they knew the
3:51 pm
political ramifications of announcing something 11 days before the elections. they knew that this could be perceived as, guess what they did? they went ahead because they think there might be something there. so of course this was debated. they knew this was -- >> why did they tell everybody about it. this is not the way they operate. that is not the way they operate. liz: because the last time around with that meeting between the attorney general loretta lynch, and bill clinton, that really did not pass the smell test with lot of people. and fbi -- >> the investigation was done at that point. liz: had that bomb dropped on it, and they didn't escape the blast radius. this time around perhaps they want to go and get it out in fair and equitiably way they say. >> unconstitutional way. in completely unconstitutional way. congress has nothing to do with criminal investigations, period. liz: ned? >> i think it is kind of amusing we're kind of trying to argue
3:52 pm
about how this was happened. the fact of the matter it is out. i can't argue one way or the or the whether they should have released it differently. the fact of the matter is out. the news is out there. this will be dominating news cycle next at least couple days. >> whether politicians -- this is fact of the matter dis. liz: ned, does donald trump go after that and then risk having more people on his controversial side again, miss finland come out and said -- >> you don't that is going to happen? liz: you think he should stick what he is strong on, which is the economy? >> here is the fact of the matter liz, i'm assuming there will be more store voice -- stories, attacking donald trump, miss finland on something else. i was under assumption that will happen next 11 days. he should make a point of this. highlight once again to the american people, hillary clinton was cavalier with our national security, private emails, private server. who knows where this will end.
3:53 pm
the fact it was on anthony weiner's private device potentially, we don't know yet, classified information, we don't know where this will ultimately ind. i think he should make a point of it. >> that's right, you have a clue, don't have a clue which is why they should not have informed congress. >> he should talk about things he is going so do to better this country. liz: gentlemen, talk about the economy, link it to the markets. markets are extremely undecisive at this hour. larry shover at cme is standing by. larry, what did you see shortly after 1:00 p.m. eastern time after this news broke? larry is right next to me. that is how crazy this day has been. my apologies. i'm so focused on this camera. >> that's okay. liz: i didn't even realize it was you coming in. tell me what you noticed in the markets as you watched. >> lack of liquidity. people stopped trading. they stopped providing liquidity. there is so much uncertainty in
3:54 pm
asset classes and so much at stake right now, especially consensus really believes we'll see a clinton white house and senate and gop congress. and that might not happen now. who knows. liz: look at intraday. for the dow, it plummeted about 154 points as soon as news came out. if was extremely interesting how this was revealed. this letter i have sent to both congress and representatives, announced there was new information made it pertinent to the previously tabled shall we say hillary clinton server investigation by the fbi to reopen that. jason chaffetz as representative who tweeted it out. you started to see volatility spike. >> yes. liz: all three major indices drop. >> yes, yes. all of sudden, there was nothing that did well. that's the problem. so many people stopped trading. that is terrible for the market.
3:55 pm
as we know, markets want stalemate in washington. and maybe or maybe not we'll have that. liz: when rains it pours. >> yes. liz: we have situation at o'hare airport. there is disabled aircraft causing a runway to close. o'hare the busiest airport in the nation. >> yeah. liz: there was smoke many coming out of this of this american airlines jet. this is live picture of the tarmac at o'hare airport. this is coinciding with one of the busiest times in chicago, world series game 3 is tonight. 8:00 eastern. you're a chicago guy, what do you make about this? this is incident, all we know? >> i hope it is not an incident aside from mechanical failure. liz: fire has been extinct r --
3:56 pm
extinguished. >> i hope everybody is safe. liz: we look at that and look at markets, what should an investor do on day like this where there is incredible uncertainty and very fast news flow here? >> i think it is really important to stay away right now. wait until we have clarity on things. we should never be driven by any type of emotion whether good or bad but better at this point to stay away. liz: i want to flag our viewers. lou dobbs will work a lot of overtime tonight. we're announcing lou dobbs will do live coverage tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern for three hours, seven to 10:00 p.m. eastern, "lou dobbs tonight." you have toking gel between the world series and lou dobbs. ned, steve, you're still with us. steve, when you, you look at this race, it is incredibly tight in most polls and in most polls hillary clinton leads. we have to wait here at fox because fox business the polls every week. but our most recent poll she had
3:57 pm
that hillary clinton was still leading donald trump although within the margin of error. why so tight? something about this stuff, right? >> hillary clinton has a six point lead in the average of all polls, and i think that's much more indicative than any one single poll. but look, donald trump can not win unless he can break through to one of two groups, white college-educated women or people of color. he is getting killed with both. he needs to do better with both to win. i don't see that happening. liz: ned, this is live picture of lisbon maine. donald trump is expected to get up at the podium as soon as his plane lands. this will be his third speech of the day, sorry, second speech of the day. first one he referenced news has broken. we have more revelations and they do involve anthony weiner, all the reports fox confirmed it. anthony weep are's device, weiner's device, totally
3:58 pm
separate investigation. the investigation into sexting a 15-year-old girl. donald trump was worried about this in august. >> exactly. liz: that hillary clinton's top aide was married at time to anthony weiner and information might be compromised. >> that was quote from donald trump "new york times." interesting that was two months ago. today it zooms very real than what he said two points ago. trump going down the homestretch, he do need to be talking about this at same time, be disciplined talking about vision of the future. we expect attacks to come, whether police finland or whatever. hillary has to pray that nothing more damaging comes out of wikileaks. this reflects this is not national election this is battleground states. this will come down to eight or 10 states, my concern, my concern for months that hillary has a better ground operation.
3:59 pm
i see popular vote very close, and able to sneak by one or two points in these states it could be electoral landslide. liz: steve, doesn't she have to at some point respond to this, not just john podesta. >> she has absolute light to know what it is all about. the fbi should not inform congress and not inform her. totally wrong. liz: steve murphy, ned ryan, i want to thank you. as we come up against the closing bell. we're less than 35 seconds away from the start of the bell. larry shover, volatility index up about 6%. there is slight fear in this market dow has crossed flat line 60 times. >> this won't go away anytime soon as eggs isly we get leaks. i would be shape to get out of
4:00 pm
this market and reduce exposure until all this is solved, november 9th comes and goes we go from there. [closing bell rings] liz: good to see you, larry shover, thank you very there is closing bell on quite extraordinary session. david asman, melissa francis pick it up here "after the bell" on slightly lower close for this friday. guys. david: thank you. melissa: wow, what a day, right? stocks dropping initially on a bombshell from washington. that the fbi is reopening the case into new batch of hillary clinton's emails. what a day, david. i'm melissa francis. david: incredible, just when you think anything else would be too much, something spectacular happens. i'm david asman. glad you can join us. this is "after the bell." markets ending the day mixed. dow recovering a little bit. we'll have more on biggest movers. here is what else we have for you this afternoon. talk about an october surprise? this is it. congressman jason chaffetz alerting the nation this afternoon that the fbi has reopen


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