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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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[laughter] can you believe it, donald trump speaking in grand rapids michigan. government source is tells fox that new emails from mrs. clinton have been found on the computer and they likely contain classified information. could these emails be part of the 33,000 she hadelet. we are lots to get through. let's quickly listen in to donald trump speaking on the podium.
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>> including shell, oil, natural gas and clean coal, we are going [cheers and applause] >> the obama-clinton war on coal is going to cost this state 50,000 jobs at least. you're still workers too, the steel workers are suffering. we are going to become -- we are going to become a rich nation again, but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into this country.
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hillary's immigration plan means generations of terrorism, extremism and radical extremism in our schools, communities and every other place right here in michigan and all throw the united states. when we win, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. and we will keep radical islamic terrorist the hell out of our country. trish: donald trump on key issues there. we heard him blasting hillary clinton and praising james comey's decision to reopen the state which rocked the political world over the weekend since it broke on friday and here we are eight days until the election. james comey said they have found emails pertinent to the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server, now donald trump is telling voters
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why mrs. clinton is not fit to be president. here he is there in grand rapids michigan just a short time ago. >> this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles but she has brought all of this on herself. trish: as we continue to watch trump in michigan, i want to go to blake berman who have been following developments on the fbi development. hey, blake. blake: earnest instead saying he would not defend nor would he criticize the director james comey but he did say that president obama does not believe comey has an alterior motive. >> the president doesn't seem that the fbi is trying to benefit one candidate or one
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political party. he's in a tough spot. blake: while earnest won't defend comey today the white house was back to do so back in july. donald trump is campaigning in michigan and keeping this, trish, front and center in the speech at one point he thanked anthony weiner and huma abedin and also throw credit to comey's way. >> it took a lot of guts. i really disagreed with him. i was not his fan, but i tell you what, what he did, he brought back his reputation. blake: for the latest, fbi has a warrant for weiner's computer, the meta data turned out positive hits for hillary's emails. how many emails might we be talking about and might they be classified.
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trish: wow, unbelievable turn of events. the race is tightening with days to go. check out the poll taken wednesday through saturday and it shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by one point. the same poll actually show mrs. clinton up by 12 points a week ago. keep in mind that this doesn't fully include all of the effects of the fbi issue, says again it was taken between wednesday and saturday. the news of the fbi investigation being reopened did not break until friday. friday afternoon. so what happens to her supporters in these battleground states, are they still going to be as entuesdayed in light of this as we continue to watch donald trump there and wait for hillary clinton to speak, i am joined for my campaign analysis ed rollins former pollster for bill clinton doug and former u.s. representative from ohio dennis. great to see all of you guys.
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doug, you have been a long-time supporter of hillary clinton and i was surprised to learn last night that you don't feel like you can support her anymore? >> i really reached the decision after a lot of thought and i think that we could be paralyze, constitutional crisis if secretary clinton is elected. to elect somebody who could potentially be under criminal investigation, investigation from the house puts us at risk. i'm not a trump -- my dear friend rollins is a republican, great american but republican. [laughter] >> i'm not here to endorse donald trump but i'm here to say for the seasons i said it i cannot vote for the secretary of state. trish: i was thinking about it over the weekend and one of the questions i had and you may agree, how on earth have we gotten to the point where we actually have someone who is being investigated by the fbi
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running for president and none of -- actually investigated twice. something that seems banana republic, something you read about in latin america papers as oppose to ed rollins in the united states of america and i question whether she has effectively really threatened the strength of democracy putting herself out there while under investigation. >> well, this is going to go on. my campaign i switched in 1972 for nixon and was a nixon appointee and spent the next years after having won 49 states and 61% of the vote and nothing investigations. the fundamental questions here. first of all, former congressman weiner doesn't have authorization to get classified documents. you don't get to share with your wife or whatever. it's on her as much as it is on him. second, they have no idea what's in the documents.
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it can't get wrapped up before the election. the third is a big factor in campaign and we have been in lots of campaigns together. the last thing you want to do is debate in the e-mail and what's in them and what's not in them, finishing the campaign in a high note. this is not a high in and out and now comes down, no longer a question of national polls, now it's a question of states and what trump has to do to win, people say he can't win, he has to hold 24 state that is romney won last time. trish: can he hold those? >> i think he can. he has to worry about north carolina and utah. you have to win pennsylvania, ohio and florida which she's ahead -- trish: has early voting hurt him? >> plenty of votes in the end. this will e happens republicans and independents. with a candidate like mrs. clinton that 70% don't think she's honest it reinforces
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-- trish: harry ried has come out and said that this is just flat out wrong, it may be against law that james comey is way out of line bringing the issue up and addressing it with congress this late in the game. do you agree with that school of thought? >> well, i could speak for myself and my concern is that, however, legitimate this information may be to throw it into the mix in the closing dais of the proper role of the fbi. look, this information was not going to be suppressed. it was going to come out sooner or later, i agree with both ed and doug that this could affect the outcome of the election. there's just no question about it, but that's not the proper role to have fbi. i have seen this happen too many times where the fbi weighs in late with big foot, they did it in pennsylvania against
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connecticutman and frankly didn't work out too well. trish: they shouldn't be weighing this late in the game. >> right. trish: i would counter that as to say what the heck are you supposed to do? you learn that mainly people were actually lying under oath, maybe there were emails at were used on other devices that you had not yet seen and had brought to your attention, what do you do, sir? >> well, i think this there were rules established in the justice department that provided for a 60-day period where the department, the fbi isn't injecting himself into the election. mark my words. this is going to end up hurting the fbi as an institution. what's happening is they are going to be seen as injecting -- trish: as doug said, is it hurting the overall system? >> look, the system is upside down. both political parties are failing. the american people don't trust their government, they have
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reason not to, by the way. trish: i think that's all a fair criticism and frankly none of this helps when you have someone who is under investigation not once or twice running for president in days out, doug -- hang on, congressman. i want to get the other guests in here. >> we shouldn't be here. the system is in bad shape. my point was simply, we can't elect a president who as ed rollins said is under ongoing investigation, we can't do that. you use the word banana republic, you know who alsos uses that word? vladimir putin. his word somewhat tongue-in-cheek. i'm not so sure. specially when he's hacking our political parties.
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trish: this feels strangely worst. by the way, donald trump gave you a shout-out. can we play it for doug? >> doug is now totally withdrawing his support. he wrote an article, quote, i'm a democrat, i worked for bill clinton but i can't vote for hillary. i'm not convince that had we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and we all know that, consequences should secretary clinton win the election. trish: take it away with anything. god to have you here.
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thank you so much representative. our own charlie has been following story since the minute it broke on friday afternoon. he joins me with the latest details. wow, charlie, just when you think you've seen it all. >> i couldn't write the script better if i we wanted to sell a noafl on this. getting back to the notion that it's unprecedented to -- what comey did, demanding things, reopening the investigation right before the election, it sounds unprecedented unless you're old like me. i can remember when -- i was working in journalism when the special prosecutor came out and on the eve of 1992 election when george h.w. bush was catching occupy to bill clinton, indict former defense secretary and
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named george bush in the indictment. by the way after the election was over, it was thrown out of court. nothing happened either. trish: that's the concern? president obama could pardon her if she's actually iicted. >> my point is it's not unprecedented. let's get back to the issue at hand. anthony weiner, ex-husband of huma abiden, hillary clinton confidant, it was found because those emails were on anthony weiner's laptop. trish: do you think he might
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have tried himself in the investigation by turning this over? >> here is the thing, we understand from our law enforcement forces is he's opened to some sort of a deal if it goes in. now, what are they investigating him for? remember he was sexting underage girl. if you're sexting a 15-year-old all sorts of, you know, legal issues come involved particularly if the 15-year-old sent you a picture of her unclothed. trish: right. in other words, they had to go in to look at the computer and what do you know, they find all kinds of other things. >> he's facing a potentially big jail term if they bring a case and what the investigators are saying, they believe he's flippable. the attorney has called fox network and said no deal. people at the fbi say he can turn.
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2:20 pm
i'm going to choose the narcissist over the criminal. trish: so you're going to vote for him? >> who else am i going to vote for? trish: what took you so long? >> i've been saying in my twitter account what i have seen wrong in the campaign. at the end result he's running from someone who is untrust worthy and criminal and i wrote that before last friday. trish: that's right. remember we were going to talk to you on friday and then all of this news broke and it was donald trump press conference, to the rally and then, of course, to hillary clinton's rally where she fail today address this, she waited till later. you believe she's a criminal. what does this new investigation suggest to you?
2:21 pm
>> that she is a criminal. trish: reinforces that view? >> i'm sure she was caught by surprise, i'm sure huma abedin is absolutely floored. trish: let me jump in there. you think about -- she had to have known, huma abedin had to have known when her husband was suddenly in hot water for this horrible scandal with the sexting and the 15-year-old, that's serious stuff. she knew he was then under investigation. she had to have known they would confiscate devices and had to have known that she had gotten and pledged under oath that she had turned over everythi. >> remember, he gave all of those devices over without having a warrant served on him. he did that of his own accord. do you think he was cutting a deal or has cut a deal?
2:22 pm
trish: a lot of people are wondering that. he's trying to save himself from a jail time. he may end up sending his wife or ex-wife to jail instead. ultimately how do you think this affects those people that are really in the middle, michael? >> i think the people in the middle are just -- they are bewildered by all of this. they're worried about the direction of this country next january, whoever the leader of this country, everybody is concerned. everybody is worried. nobody is excited doing high-fives that wow, my person may get elected. they're going, oh, my god, my person may get elected, then what the hell do i do. trish: for voters in the middle, increasingly it looks like this election could go to donald trump and she was no one oh to
2:23 pm
thank but herself. >> absolutely correct. the one thing that she has going for her that donald trump doesn't have going for him is she has a ground game. he's put a lot of money into a ground game to get people to the polls to, in fact, vote but also on election day. trish: michael, so good to see you. interesting as always, i appreciate you being here. >> you got it. trish: democrats lashing at james comey for reopening investigation into hillary clinton's emails. senate minority leader is going so far that they actually broke the law, we got the fallout next this woman owns this house,
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2:27 pm
democratic leader harry reid accusing him of breaking the law. here is the quote from the letter. your actions no recent months have showed demonstrated double standard of sensitive information. my office is determined that these actions may violate the hash act and through your partisan actions you may have broken the law. the act is a 77--year-old law that limits certain political activities of federal employees and purpose to ensure that federal programs are administered in a nonpartisan fashion. so did the fbi director break the law, joining me right you cato senior institute, good to see you, thoughts? >> yeah, trish. can 2016 get any crazi if director comey is breaking the hatch out act he certainly was back in july when he announced recommendation of no prosecution of secretary clinton. look, harry reid is just blowing
2:28 pm
smoke and trying to confuse all of the issues. clearly whether through a combination of discontent at the fbi and the justice department in the last few months, it's combined with this weird development with anthony weiner's laptop of all thing, there clearly is more fire to the smoke. trish: ed rollins said something interesting, former campaign manager for ronald reagan, i've been through this, here is the deal, james comey is appointed by the president, in other words, presidential employee, employment, forgive me, as such, he is not subject to the hatch law. is that right? >> there are still certain types of restrictions. he's not a typical political appointee like in the top of the various cabinet departments. the fbi director is independent in certain respects and so
2:29 pm
they're different laws that apply to him. certainly this is not him going out campaigning or even so much as putting a bumper sticker in his car. there's nothing to do with what harry reid is talking about. what's interesting though, here is that secretary clinton, of course, has said let's just release all the emails and the american people can judge. trish: can she do that herself? why doesn't she? >> that she could do. the point is this is an ongoing fbi investigation and she knows very well that that's not going to be concluded before the election, so she can look like she's all about transparency while knowing that comey's hands are tied. trish: she would find a way to say, okay, here are the 33,000, here is what i took from public domain and here you go fbi, take a look at it, have at it, let's really have full transparency here but she's not willing to do that. >> she wiped them with a clothe.
2:30 pm
she wiped them with a clothe. trish: it just may happen to be that they are on anthony weiner's and huma abedin's home computer. >> yeah, yeah. we will see whether secretary clinton or anyone else this investigation will continue after the election whatever happens. trish: there are also report that is the clintons camp is advising hillary clinton to distance herself from huma who is obviously increasingly considered a liability in all of this. so good to see you, sir, appreciate it. >> good to see you, trish. trish: fresh bash of emails, in that batch there's evidence that democrat donna brazile leeked questions.
2:31 pm
we will get into that in just minute. >> and they said it wasn't even a close call and i think most people have decided a long time ago what they think about this, now what people are focused on is choosing the next president and commander in chief of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> and did any of you see the debates? well, i think it was important because i had a chance to talk about my 30 years of public service and my plans for our country and then people could weigh that against what my opponent has done and said. i am running against a man who says he doesn't understand why we can't use nuclear weapons.
2:32 pm
he actually said then why are we making them and he wants more countries to have nuclear weapons, japan, south carolina, even saudi arabia. imagine, imagine nuclear weapons smack in the middle, middle east and if you're telling yourself he'll surround himself with smart people who stop the crazy ideas, remember this, when he was asked who he consults on foreign policy, donald trump said he didn't need to consult because and i quote, i have a very good brain. [laughter] >> he says he knows more about isis than our generals do. no, he does not. [laughter] >> and, of course, the people donald trump has around him include includes whose activities are b reported to
2:33 pm
ties to russia, vladimir putin and putin's allies. so in these last days, let's not get dye extracted from the real choice in this election and the consequences for your future. [cheers and applause] >> i started saying last june, i believe, that donald trump has proven himself to be temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president and commander in chief . and i've got to tell you, i did not take any pleasure in saying that. i have known, i have known for years now people who ran for president, republicans and democrats and i had my differences with republicans and even with democrats, but i never doubted their fitness to serve. donald trump is different. that's a serious as it gets.
2:34 pm
so today, i want to talk about national security because when the election is over and people wake up on november 9th, we will have picked the person who will carry the responsibility for all of these weighty decisions and that should really convince anyone how high the stakes are in this election. i just want to focus on three of the -- trish: all right, hillary clinton taking the tactic that you can't vote for donald trump, you can't get dye extracted by this business going on with the fbi, my e-mail server because he's simply not that stable, he's that crazy and we can't allow a man like that to be in charge. reaction brad blakeman along with democratic strategist. the political tactic anyway along 1964 daisy commercial which actually they are coming up with a new version of and it's sort of like this guy is that bad and that crazy, you're
2:35 pm
going to wind up in some kind of world war iii if you elect him, don't do, will it work? >> i think it's a perfectly fair criticism. he's temperamentally erratic and the guy can wake up with a tweet in bostwana and bomb them. again, he's been known to be incredible erratic, i think it's perfectly reasonable tact to say, listen, we don't know what this guy will do with the nuclear codes. trish: in the other side, including people in the middle, what happens if we put her in the white house, if this kind of corruption could happen now, we don't know exactly what happened, so i will qualify that, but if it looks like this now, what's it going to look like then? >> look, we already know what the clintons are capable of. we have gone through the turmoil of impeachment of bill clinton, they lie, steal, they blame.
2:36 pm
look what hillary clinton just said to her audience. can you imagine what the middle east would be like if there were nuclear weapons within the middle east. well, hillary there are nuclear weapons in the middle east. your agreement with iran makes it almost inevitable that iran will have them soon. her own actions that have raised nuclear prelife ration that's -- proliferation and it's caused by incompetence and failure. trish: steve, you heard harry reid. do you gee with that line of thought? and if so -- >> they discovered new emails and need to see what's in there. if they are, i think it's perfectly fair given that he is insert himself in this side of
2:37 pm
the presidential campaign that they tell us what's on there as well. trish: you didn't answer the question. what's your feeling of james comey right now? >> listen, i'm not a lawyer, i think comey has fallen the political pressure. trish: what would you do, steve, if you were in james comey's shows, you are presented with new evidence which suggests your first investigation was not as thorough as it should have been? for goodness sake, he's damn if he does and damn if he doesn't. it doesn't help him to come out and admitted they missed all of this stuff. >> we don't know if there's evidence or not. they found anthony weiner's cell phone or tablet. trish: they found 650,000 emails many that came from >> maybe, we don't know. they said themselves -- blake,
2:38 pm
do you think james comey would have reopened this if he didn't have inclination that there was something there? >> no way, it would have to be a bomb shell that agents brought to him, sir, you have to act. there's no question in my mind now and i am a lawyer that james comey would not put his reputation on the line and that of his agents unless it was serious. aing that huma was t eye cloud of hillary. hillary destroyed her evidence on her government but huma was the ultimate back up. trish: hillary had to have known when anthony weiner gets arrested for this horrible situation in sexting scandal with a 15-year-old. they had to have known that they would confiscate his devices
2:39 pm
including his home computer and they would all be in trouble then. >> it's lying and cheating. trish: there's a lot of similarities between this and nixon. it is the crime and the cover-up, however, in this situation because it is absolutely unacceptable to be e-mailing classified material from your own private server. >> i agree. trish: we will be back with new revelations from wikileaks, we will see you here when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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trish: let's check out the markets. we have been trading in a fairly narrow range but really all over the place. we are back down to negative territory where we have been a few times before in today's session, general electric is merging with oil and gas business, baker hughes, new company, second largest oil-field services provider. we have another merger, $25 billion, the deal is going to create one of the largest communication providers for businesses. crude closing out 46.86 just a short time ago down nearly 4%. oil prices are falling and opec can reach a deal. all right, we are going to be right back with the very latest revelations from wikileaks. you can't make this stuff up
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2:44 pm
in other words, she was actually telling the hillary clinton's camp the actual questions that were going to be asked in that debate. moments ago releasing statement saying we are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned as it should be about her interactions with the clinton campaign. peter barnes joins me now with more and peter, basically this once again speaks to the closeness between democrats and the media. >> and this is this is what bernie sanders was worried about that the dnc would somehow helping hillary clinton secretly or otherwise and, you know, this e-mail as you said, trish, looks like donna brazile give a heads up ahead of the debate, when she was vice chair and commentator at the time, the e-mail purportedly to her to campaign john podesta on the fifth in flint, michigan with bernie sanders on cnn.
2:45 pm
the subject line reads one of the questions directed to hrc tomorrow from a woman with a rash, the text reads her family has lead poison and she will ask what if anything will hillary do as president to help the people of flint. three weeks ago on october 11th, brazile denied that she had leaked for another debate in march, a week later in columbus, ohio in a tweet today brazile referred reporters back to that denial for comment on this new e-mail today. there was another e-mail from wikileaks on the 12 million-dollar donation to the king of morocco to the clinton foundation that was contingent of hillary clinton attending an event in morocco. in february 15th after wall street journal about foreign donations, campaign manager podesta, this is why morocco would be a problem. more of this the first week
2:46 pm
she's out selling the story, after she announced her plans -- she was planning on that spring to announce her former presidency and did that april 2015. trish: unbelievable and the story keeps going. peter barnes, thank you very much. donald trump is blasting hillary clinton comparing her e-mail scandal compare today watergate. take a listen here. >> this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles but she has brought all of this on herself. trish: he might have read kt's column. fox news national security says the comparison of clinton's e-mail scandal is similar to richard nixon's watergate scandal. how so? >> richard nixon had tapes ultimately those tapes had to be released and lead to -- he had
2:47 pm
to resign the office. he was going to be impeached. hillary clinton learned the lesson, if richard had only destroyed the tapes they never would have gotten him. let me destroy my emails. how does she know that? she was on a committee in 1970's, she investigated richard nixon for impeachment. she learned the lesson to destroy the evidence. trish: destroy the evidence. i'm sorry go to jail for destroying the evidence. >> only if they catch you. now, here is the catch, she thought she had destroyed the evidence, right, she thought she destroyed the emails. oops, turns out they're not destroyed. they're, in fact, never going to be destroyed. trish: some of the 33,000 -- >> i think they're all there. >> most people don't realize it but you and i e-mail all of the time. there's an auto save function on most e-mail accounts my guess is they had the auto save function, otherwise how do you get 650,000 emails.
2:48 pm
trish: if you're hillary clinton having this bleach bit wipe your computers, why wouldn't you ask the same of your closest aide. >> only if you knew what you were talking about. these people may have used emails but they weren't careful about they were using emails. trish: here is my question, back when he first started getting investigated for this situation with the 15-year-old girl, shouldn't huma abedin been thinking at the time, wow, oh, gosh, that's our computer, our family computer, lord knows what's on it, i'm kind of thinking why she didn't get the computer and dump it in the middle of the ocean. >> destroy the evidence. trish: she didn't know -- >> they are stunned by this. here is the other problem. what is in those 650,000 emails. donations for the clinton foundation from the russian, for
2:49 pm
example. is there stuff there about quashing the fbi investigation. is there something there that says to the attorney general -- trish: do you think that james comey has some indication that it's sketchy enough that he needs to be doing this 11 days before the election. >> here is what i have been hearing from former fbi people, they were angry that comey did not recommend hillary clinton be indicted for the e-mail scandal in the first place and so they're leaving the fbi in droves, they are going to start leaking and once they leave they can talk about it. trish: under pressure because it was going to get out anyway. >> that's what brought nixon down. it was deep throat was his name, he was an fbi guy who was whispering in the ears of reporters. we are going to be right back
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2:54 pm
and subpoenas issued and the answer is yes. this is one of the challenges with the new discoveries that the fbi may find additional information that would cause them to indict her but between now and whatever that happens there's going to be an intervening election in which voters have to decide is she trust worthy as she and her husband self-dealt hundreds of millions of dollars to themselves directly and to the clinton foundation, have they sold out american security, were her actions so reckless that she shouldn't be elected. i reach that conclusion and didn't vote for her for that reason. trish: 33,000 emails that she deleted, do you think we will see some of those on the recovered computer there of anthony weiner? >> social security certainly possible that that copy will have more on it, you know, and we will see whether those are actually of significant value
2:55 pm
but, again, the voters know what they need to know which is that hillary clinton was so paranoid that she violated federal law by keeping private server and removing them. trish: they already knew that, this is new, however, you have the fbi opening a second investigation into hillary clinton. so it must be giving some voters a little bit of pause, maybe those in the middle saying, i was willing to excuse it the first time, do i excuse it the second time? >> that's one of the important things about revelation, voters are reminded that this is a long pattern of wrong doing by the clintons and this is just one more reminder that a life with the clintons was not easy, was not honest. it was not transparent and hillary clinton is clearly going to take america and her personal agenda in the wrong direction and there's only a week left until that. again, though, i represent over
2:56 pm
40,000 marines. none of them would get away with what she's done. trish: you can't destroy evidence. once an investigation begins, that's it. you know, there are people like the banker that ended up in hot water, massive trouble, i believe he went to jail over this because he was destroying evidence. you can't do it. congressman, you anticipate some hearings then? >> i suspect there will be more hearings. hopefully the hearings, though, are going to be about permanent changes in the law that make this more clearly defined as illegal. just a few months ago we expanded the freedom of information act. this president signed it. that's going to change the speed of discovery and that's important. trish: amazing. congressman, good to see you, thank you so much. we will be right back
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
trish: guess what, busy weekend. this weekend we hear -- here at
3:00 pm
fox will be here all weekend. along with the power house of guests line up as we count down to the presidential election. in the meantime you know the conversation doesn't end here. let me know what you thought of today's show or my twitter account. over to liz. liz: maybe our kids can get play together for play date while we are working. trish: yeah. liz: call it the home stretch hysteria, holding campaign events in this hour just a week and a day before election day. two remarkably different meafnlgs as the clinton campaign scandal dominates the headlines. now, we need to tell you that in ohio, hillary clinton just wrapped up moments ago. this on the campus of kent state university. she went on the offensive and even though her speech began about an hour and a half ago,


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