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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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maria bartiromo. six days to go until election day. it is wednesday november 2nd, here your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. donald trump and hillary clinton going on the attack as they make their very final pitch to voters. >> john podesta, i tell you what, if he worked for me i would fire him so fast, he's such a nasty guy. like the apprentice, john, you're fired. >> if you know -- thinking about donald trump, first of all, stage an intervention. maria: trump is telling americans that they can change their votes after clinton shouting down a heckler. she lost it. a state in emergency in alabama after deadly pipeline exposures, now shortage of gasoline.
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expect longer for apple airpod. it was supposed to hit she feels last month and now may not get till next year. we will see if the feds open the door to interest rate increase come december. we will get that back 2:00 p.m. eastern. markets this morning looking lower. this is off of the worst levels of the morning, we are looking at a weaker tone. stocks across the board. major averages down. we also saw decline overnight in asia. nikkei average in japan almost down 2% setting the tone for the rest of the markets. the fall classic going to distance, the cubs winning big last night forcing world series to go to game seven.
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all the details coming up and joining me to talk about all of that dagen mcdowell, people's corporation founder chairman and ceo don is with us and pollster lee carter. >> good morning. maria: john, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. dagen: he has delivered fascinating insights from swing states. >> i am. great to be here. maria: coming up this morning former u.s. embassador, former democratic president and new mexico governor bill richardson, ceo is with us and former director of the defense intelligencey agency and senior adviser lieutenant general michael flynn, former mississippi governor, big show ahead. stay with us. coming up. less than a week away from election day and candidates are crisscrossing the country donald trump heads to florida while donald trump in nevada and arizona. yesterday clintoned ramped up rhetoric after protestor showed
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up with her rally that said hillary is a criminal, bill clinton is a rapist, watch. >> i am sick and tired of the negative dark, divisive division and behavior of people who support donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> so if you lived here or in michigan or pennsylvania or minnesota, those four places, you can change your vote to donald trump, we will make america great again. maria: bill clinton is also in the spotlight again. fbi released information relate today 2001 investigation of presidential pardon of last day in office. he pardoned hedge fund manager rich. rich was indicted, you remember, for tax invasion and wire fraud, fbi says it was released due to freedom of information act request. joining us right now radio talk show host for the boston herald,
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howie. >> thank you, maria. maria: what should both candidates be doing, do you think to get message to undecided still out there? >> well, i think hillary has to be a little less shrilled. donald trump is laying out the message and refusing to be dye extracted. he's reading off the teleprompter, he did a good job in pennsylvania. the polls look like it's a very tight race, you know better than me, maria, but the markets have been down ever since comey's letter was released last friday and continue this is way and gold is up and the peso is down. the wall street wanted hillary and it looks like they are skittish right now. best indication i can see. maria: they wanted, i guess, the certainty of a continuation of everything in place right now and so once that fbi, reopening
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of the investigation put it in perspective. give us your sense of the race right now? >> it's tightening up. people have been looking to say donald trump is a bad candidate, marco rubio would have done better, kasich would have done is better, that's not true. trump has tapped into that. i'm not surprise that had these races are tightening. i see trump whipping essentially that running before and find comfort in winning florida which i see he's poised to do and i think he's going to do well in north carolina. it'll be tight but the electorate has changed. obama changed the electorate with african american voters, significantly outvoting demographics, trump is engaged a lot of frustrated people and young voters who are democratic oriented are not voting and i
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think they are frustrated with the democratic party message and the wikileaks, the idea of donna brazile dropping questions to the debates before sanders is coming on -- maria: that was terrible. >> the game is rigged and so both party, both sides of the parties feel the game is rigged. i think it's a tight race and trump has a 50% chance now of winning the race. dagen: i will speak to the fox news decision desk because they have moved some states to toss-up, florida and nevada. florida and nevada to toss-up leading democratic and alaska leaning republican. that's one of the states that trump must win. it was a romney state, he's got to win that. the reason they did it is because hillary clinton has led in 21 of the last 23 polls
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listed by real clear politics in that very state. maria: wow. >> i do agree that the demographics that are being pulled are not representative of the people that are going to vote. we are going to see a lot of poll that is are wrong. >> i would agree with you. i don't think people are actually being candid with polls. i watched an interview the other day in colorado a latino voter was in line and they ask what you're voting for and he said he didn't know. he knew who he was voting for, he was voting for trump and he didn't want to say and be ridiculed as needy latino according to e-mail from wikileaks. howie, what do you think about that? attorney general lyn has met privately with clinton before and is she tipping scales again in this election?
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>> maria, i think loretta lynch lost her ability to intervene in this case when she met on the tarmac with bill clinton a few months ago. i think she understand. she said after that that she was going to allow comey to make the decision and now it's too late to go back, you can't butt that genie back in the bottle. it's up to james comey at this point. i think it's interesting that the fbi has apparently has the chips of people, double shifts trying to pour through these emails. i think this is big trouble for hillary clinton and i think she understands it. where is huma abedin, has anybody seen her in new york or anywhere else since the story broke on friday? maria: huma is in hiding. >> i don't think if they exonerated her monday, i don't think it's going to make a difference for now. i think that the reminder of what they've been doing and the fact that there's a lack of
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transparency here, i think that is going to turn voters off and already has, i don't see her coming back from that. maria: for a long time the race is about economy and it's just about people wanting an end to corruption. lee: absolutely. >> la times overnight poll came out and trump was up almost a point and hillary was down a point. 5 points now. trump has got a lead. lee: i would love to get your reaction to this is enthusiasm gap. we have seen since fbi reopened the case that hillary's enthusiasm numbers have dropped between 5 and 7% in just a few days while donald trump's in some polls have increased as much as 10%. this is creating a shift in how people feel about this whole election and one of the things we are hearing is that there's still more to come. what do you think of enthusiasm
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means to the election? >> i think trump supporters were down after the release of the access hollywood tape, very down. that's the impression i got from my callers, my radio show. and now they're enthused again and asking where can i get a trump yard sign. look at the crowds he's drawing everywhere. mike pence on my show yesterday and he seemed really juiced. i mean, he has to be, but, you know, hillary did not sound in a good mood yesterday as she responded to the heckler. i think she's got a problem and calling huma one of my staffers, wow, that was a bad sign. maria: that's true. i noticed that. >> she was in new york in 9/11, not true. maria: why did she say she was in new york when we know she was in washington? >> that's my point.
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why did she say on friday that comey only sent a letter to republicans in congress when everybody in america had seen the letter that was addressed to everybody, democrats and republicans aligning. she's not handling this pressure very well. maria: another lie. >> i think wheas happening is going to natural distincts which clintons are fighters and she needs to step up and be above the fray. she could have closed this out by staying back and staying on message and being above the fray. she's attacking the fbi director, she's attacking the senate leaders, she's now, you know, attack, you know, trump supporters, he's on the attack mode, the media too. dagen: they've gotten very dirty in the last day because they have gone back to donald trump and the woman. they are running an ad with the billy bush tame and has alicia machado and whether it works or
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not, question mark, but it is desperation that she's throwing mud late in the game. lee: she's so tired of -- dagen: somebody yelled bill is a rapist. >> today he's campaigning to jay z. have any heard the way he talks about women and used to be a drug dealer. maria: racism in the music as well. >> yes. and so that whose she's choosing to reach african-american voters with and they're complaining about donald trump's private conversation. as horrible as it was.
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lee: that was part of the problem. it's inconsistencies. what are you getting. maria: really good conversation. >> the guys on the loose whoever did it. it plays to donald trump's strength, law and order. once again. maria: it's true, harry. we are going to have the details on that coming up on the program. thank you very much for joining us. we appreciate it. stay tune to fox business all weekend, we've got special all-day coverage election day tuesday november 8th and post election day coverage, we are kicking it off early 5:00 a.m. eastern on wednesday when we have the results to have election on wednesday. omg. [laughter] maria: coming up fatal ambush on police in iowa, horrible stories, we will bring you the
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maria: welcome back, breaking news this morning, massive manhunt underway in iowa for the gunman who shot and killed two des moines police officers in apparent ambush. cheryl: investors don't have a
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lot to go off of right now, the officers were ambushed, the first officer respond today shots fired early this morning in the suburb of des moines, iowa while sitting alone in patrol car the gunman walked up and shot and killed. right now police are giving a briefing on the situation. we are trying to get more details for you. as of now they have not released the names of the fallen officers or details of the suspect. a search is underway. well, alabama's governor declaring a state of emergency in the wake of a deadly pipeline blast. investigators say a trackhoe hit the pipeline and ignited the gasoline that killed one worker injuring several more and sending thick black smoke in the sky. there's the pictures we can show you. blast shut down the pipeline which supplies gas to millions of drivers. gasoline we should say did shoot
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up on news of the explosion, tuesday the contract ended up up 4.6%, 1.48 a dollar, 1.46: at one point we should say it was the biggest internet move, colonial which owns pipeline, something to watch in markets. in philadelphia the transit strike into a second day about 4700 workers walked off the job yesterday after fail to go reach a new contract agreement. well, that strike shut down buses, trolleys and subway crippling the city, forced many commuters to bike, car pool, grab a cab. the southern transportation authority is ready to go back to the table before election day. officials have said certainly they're worried about that. finally, the cubs, well, they did it. they forced a game seven last night. chicago saved off elimination. they beat the indians 9-3 last
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night to overcome 3 game to 1 deficit. something else if you were awake for it. two teams have wait today combine 176 years to win a world series, maria, tonight the course is going to end for somebody. the average price of tonight is about $1,150 for a ticket. i mean, it's going to be incredible. >> that's all you want. seven games. maria: you want the excitement of the world series. great. thank you, cheryl. cheryl: you bet. maria: what you should expect on final meeting of election, we will hear from janet yellen about 2:00 p.m. today. apple's airpod could be up in the air a little longer. we have a lot of come, stay with us.
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maria: polls are tightening and investors are watching the federal reserve. we are waiting to see if the central bank will hint or suggest that the interest rates are moving higher at the december meeting. no expectations that rates will move higher today. joining me steven. fed earnings and overall growth stories are what markets are focused on. how much is it election related? >> a little bit in the last couple of days. the correction starting right now is with utility index breaking down. it's rallied a little bit but you had disappointing earnings on the industrial front, honeywell, some of the great companies that have revenues
6:24 am
aren't there and the costs are up. the fed is interesting on the ten years, the ten years has gone up 35 basis points it's done what the fed is going to do. the fed is going to go from 25 to 50. we've had the increase. that all combined is nerving the market and this will continue a couple more weeks. meanwhile remember yesterday in the journal the reason that he acquired, wants to merge baker hughes business, he's investing on recovery. you don't see that happening? >> no i don't. it may happen eventually. we have an earnings report card that we do on companies and it's really -- it's disappointing to see that industrials and autos and retail are not participating in this recovery the way they are supposed to. on the other side, the banks have continued to do better than
6:25 am
most people expected, so it's -- we are getting real mixed messages from the economy. there's deflationary aspects out there so we just think that after this correction will be over -- dagen: you see deflationary but highest level in two years and wages up 2.4% and the fed is going to move up one maybe more, inflation is stirring. >> there definitely is and you're seeing pockets of it. you take the various industries. oil you've had, come from one tenth down to 38. now rallying a little bit. lately it's coming down. maria: back to 45. >> we see that the long-term aspects that we are going to continue to have lower inflation. >> what do you think is behind
6:26 am
the economy that's stuck? neutral. >> business taxes are down 20%. >> tax revenue. >> revenue. >> basically what's happening is businesses aren't spending money and businesses expanding and you've seen retail vacancies and taking longer to rent -- maria: why regulation or hangover from the last financial crisis? why? >> there were optimism and people were pessimistic and the election has made people more pessimistic on whatever side were on. >> a lot of it is online in terms of luxury retailing in the last few years has taken off online and small store owners and even some of these major retailers, department stores in new york city, they can't afford the rents based on what they're able to sell. >> no, they are using the retail stores now as billboards and you're right, online has really taken over in terms of all aspects, electronics.
6:27 am
maria: and it's cheap. we have the job's number on friday and how would you be allocating money right now given that? >> well, i think the payroll number is going to be known event the thing to get through all the earnings and the earnings have been okay but not what people expect. i just think that the market right now has a couple of more weeks of a corrected period here and we probably will get down 3% on the year. that's another 4 to 5%. maria: wow. >> i think that you buy the good companies and the problem is you're getting a game of musical chairs right now and you're losing health care, you lost industrial, chevron had a good number but exxon had a terrible number. it's case-by-case. it's a very difficult period. most of really good clients are
6:28 am
not doing that well in the market and that tells you the market is unnerved not the clients. maria: do you see a performance, you know, can you predict if hillary how is the market or if trump win -- >> i don't want to say what my prediction i switched to republican to democrat under this year. under trump short-term it will go down. under hillary will probably stay flat to down a little bit. it's disappointing for everybody because we should probably have two better candidates, but i think the most important thing in the market is really earnings and buying good companies and congress will have a check and balance on the political people going forward, but i still focus mainly on earnings. maria: of course, that's going to drive market and you're expecting down market. steve, good to see you. be sure to tune in special
6:29 am
coverage on friday for job's report. it's friday beginning 8:00 a.m. eastern, join us for jobs in america this friday. still to come a step forward in the effort to retake mosul from isis as iraqi forces are intrlg the city what it means on the fight against terror? uber hitches a ride with gm. that's next, back in a minute
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maria: welcome back, happy wednesday, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo and it is wednesday november 2nd, your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. six days to go as the candidates make final push, new polls put donald trump slightly ahead. >> i was in the situation room when we brought osama bin laden to justice, i represented you secretary of state going to 112 countries negotiating with friend and foe aligning, i am ready to serve if you give me the great honor of being your president. >> with hillary clinton, we will get more of the same from the last seven and a half years, more taxes, more spending, more regulation and more obamacare. i mean, we can't trust hillary clinton with our health care anymore than we can trust her with classified information.
6:33 am
maria: as america waits so does the business world, top concern just days from election days. new e tails in search of mh370, new report that's giving insight into what happened to the doomed aircraft, final moments, we will have that for you. more trouble, why the company product may not be ready for the holiday season. that's a big problem for apple. it is another busy day on the earnings calendar this morning, we are waiting on alibaba, investors are watching the federal reserve decision later today. it's a two-day meeting and ends today. we are not expecting a rise in interest rates today but we are expecting some conversation, language about the december meeting that. will likely set the tone and the negative territory. euro zone also lower across the board. as you see dax down almost a
6:34 am
percent. weakness across the board this morning. are you having trouble getting beauty sleep, hillary clinton and donald trump maybe to blame. iraq special forces entering the outskirts of mosul and taking the television building rather, joining mel right now the u.s. embassador john bolton, em embassador, good to see you, first time iraqi troops have set in mosul, how significant is this, how would you characterize the fight? >> part of continuing advance, let's face it, this has a lot more to do with american air power pointing on isis in weeks than iraqi army and while we should certainly celebrate any defeat inflicted on isis or any force to make, this battle is far from over and when even the iraqi forces, which i think it's inevitable it will and defeat
6:35 am
for isis it will be victory for iran as baghdad government and shiite militia continue to advance. it's not strengthening the government we wanted to see after we overdrew baghdad, saddam hussein. that's not good news. maria: president obama spoke in columbus, ohio, he talked about trump's temperament in relation to nuclear weapons. i want you to hear what he said yesterday. embassador, i want to get your reaction. >> we can't afford to give the nuclear codes to somebody so erratic, hillary made a good point, a man who you can bait with a tweet is not something you trust with the nuclear weapons. maria: your take. >> same slander on other candidates before. i don't think it's making any impression certainly i wouldn't support trump if i had the slightest concern that he had
6:36 am
the stability to handle duties of commander in chief. we are now down to der separation levels of attack, i would rather see a much more extensive discussion of national security because i think it is going to be an issue over the next four years, whoever is elected president and i'm deeply concerned that four more years of obama's policies which is what we will get for hillary clinton will leave us in a deeper hole than it is now. lee: donald trump does better in national security when there's something active and right now hillary is doing better in the polls in national security. what -- how do was explain the difference between the two of them? >> well, i think hillary essentially is a clone of obama when it comes to national security, domestic policy while we are on the subject. there's a legend out there that somehow she will be tougher, stronger, an image courted by
6:37 am
her flax and the press but, i think, not revealed by the record or secretary of state where the biggest achievements if you want to use that word for the obama administration were begun, the nuclear deal with iran just to name the most agreg use failure, to me this is a -- this should be a discussion about whether you want four more years of obama's policies or you want something different. i think trump to peel everything else away, the central difference is that trump has commit today rebuild america's military which has been devastated by budget cuts over the last seven and a half years and undercuts our deterrent capability and the strength of our diplomacy. lee: so the current administration is saying that they think isis is weakening and they're defeating them. they are trying to say four more years is actually a good thing because they will win. >> they have waited two years to
6:38 am
go back into mosul and isis sophisticated and has recruited god knows how many more terrorists and increased influence in countries all over the region and prepared to filtrate people if the news closes. and i think it's a fundamental reflection that the president does not understand the opponent that we are facing. dagen: embassador, it's dagen mcdowell. i was in the room when we took down osama bin laden, does that resinate with the american people because that's the crutch that hillary clinton keeps leaning on when she's on the campaign trail? >> god, i hope not. i watched on tv, well, great. i don't think it goes very far but shows record that she knew how to change the tv channel to
6:39 am
the right one. maria: we also have active situations now. north korea reportedly preparing to launch intermediate range missile in the next 24 to 46 hours. what should the u.s. be doing here and what would a trump administration do in your view? >> well, i think fundamentally when you talk about nuclear proliferation whether it's the iran program, the north korea program and the arms race in the middle east we have seen developed of the past years the obama-clinton approach has failed. these countries are making progress day by day toward that deliverable nuclear weapon's capability and people are just not paying attention to it. in the case of north korea, the ultimate solution here is reunification of the peninsula. we should have been done it for the past 15 years, it really is a question whether you think
6:40 am
america's place in the world is strong american presence leads to peace and stability which, i think, is the reagan approach or whether like you obama you think america is really part of the problem. >> embassador, what would you recommend -- what would he do in the first six months and what do you recommend being done? >> i certainly recommend that on the day he takes the oath of office he announces nuclear deal with iran, he needs to make that clear that's really iran the principal threat. heeeds to follow through on the commitment to accelerate the destruction of isis and to do it is rapidly as possible and he needs to make it clear to our friends in the region, the oil-producing monarchies of the arabian peninsula and israel that we are not going to see a continued decline of american interest in the region. i think the whole middle east,
6:41 am
north africa from atlantic all the way to pakistan is disintegrating and i think the president can send political signals that will reassure our friends and remind adversaries we are still the strongest power of the world. maria: great analysis. embassador john bolton there. we all kick it off at 6:00 a.m. with special election coverage saturday and sunday 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. disappointing holiday season for apple, why airpods may not be under christmas tree this year? why trump and clinton could be to blame for sleep deprivation. that's next the pursuit of healthier.
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>> welcome back, take a look. markets expected to be down about 40 points at the opening trading at dow jones industrial average. it's uncertainty about the election. japan was down, that set the tone. the company posting better than expected revenue and scare reporting losses of 9 cents a share. still money losing but not as much. the stock down better than 15% year to date. microsoft this morning, the technology giant warning that russian linked hackers were behind attacked against security flaw. the microsoft is saying that has been linked to recent attacks on the u.s. political system.
6:46 am
shares of microsoft up 10% year to date. new details about the final moment of the miss, malaysian flight. cheryl: report from australian aviation officials the train was spiraling out of control before it crashed into the southern indian ocean two years ago that's according to analysts of the satellite communication, one aviation expert telling cn, in that rejects any theories that the pilot was flying the plane, remote part of ocean off of western of australia. still have not found the complete wreckage. you will have to wait longer to buy airpods. back in september were supposed to be available in october and reports that the company needs time to fix glitches so they won't be available till january,
6:47 am
so you will not get them for christmas. it allows uber drivers to rent vehicles through maven, weekly rental rate 179 bucks plus taxes and fees and this is a surprise move because gm is one of the biggest shareholders and lyft is only available in san francisco for now. here is a question for all of you, have you lost sleep over the election? well, if you're saying yes, you're not alone. according to the journal wearable devices that track sleep pattern, americans lost 4 minutes of night of the first presidential debate. debate night pronounced in eastern time zone states and in indiana, florida, south carolina, dc, they were sleeping at least ten minutes less on the first debate night than usual particularly in dc, so let's see, we have lost sleep, we probably lost a few facebook friends and blocked people on twitter because of the election. maria: there you go. the list goes on.
6:48 am
thanks, cheryl. small businesses dealing big concerns, stay with us. back in a moment
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6:51 am
maria: welcome back, unpredictability of this campaign and the campaign trail taking a toll on small business. a new study is finding that the uncertainty level of small
6:52 am
business owners reached a 42-year record high in october. the uncertainty is preventing small business owners from making decisions of hiring an investing ahead of job's report before election day. joining us right now juanita dugon. state of small business is, characterize it. >> americans are losing sleep over this election and that's particularly true among small business. the small business economic trend is coming out tomorrow and the uncertainty index is all-time high. it's the highest number we have seen since 1942 and it's directly related to this election. maria: why? >> well, because small business owners are always waiting to see what government is going to do to make it harder to do their jobs and normally in this survey when you asked are you going to invest, are you going to hire, are you going to buy inventory, they say yes or no, it's very
6:53 am
unusual for them to say i don't know and those people who are responding i don't know are off the charts now and it's clearly because they are worried about the actions of government, they do not know what's going to happen in this election. dagen: juanita, it's dagen mcdowell. it is a decline in entrepreneurship that has happened over decades literally. this number, the percentage of business that is are less than a year old is now in single digits when it used to be in double digits in the most recent year we had start -- businesses being start up at near record lows so it's something bigger than just kind of election anxiety. >> there's no question about that, and it's a very good question, we know that now the birth and death rate of businesses has flipped. there are more deaths than birth. that's a terrible sign for the economy and where is uncertainty index is where it is, nobody is going to make any business decisions, it'll paralyze the economy and that is, you're right, a structural issue with
6:54 am
the economy. when you consider small businesses, 97% of businesses in the united states have payroll, this is a deep concern and we see this being played out in this record high-number of uncertainty. >> juanita, it's don, one of the things that i'm a real estate developer, i started a small business that's now is a miz-size -- mid-size business. most small businesses pay income taxes at the individual level while a reduction of corporate tax rates would have a positive impact on larger businesses, smaller businesses feel the burden of any tax increase at the individual level. are you finding that taxes are dragging money that would be reinvested by small businesses and entrepreneurs back into their businesses and creating more jobs, is that being an issue that you see that's slowing things down?
6:55 am
>> that's exactly right. small business owners are most worried about increases in taxes, this ball and chain program that's been out of this administration for eight years and the increasing cost of obamacare. this is one of the reasons why nfib, our main concern in tax reform is to create a single benefit tax rate that would make sure that small businesses pay exactly the same rate as large corporations. right now you're right, they pay a higher rate. maria: this is a very important point and i'm trying to find the road to economic growth in hillary clinton's economic plan s there a road to growth because what she wants to do is raise taxes, that's going to hit small businesses, raise wages and build on obamacare? >> what happens is that the disproportionate burden on small businesses. most of the jobs created in the private sector by small businesses. i run a business and the unpredictability of the cost of
6:56 am
health care is astonishing. i got a 1099 of $6,000 because of my healthcare policy was considered a cadillac policy and i'm actually taxed for it. i couldn't believe it. the first time from, you know, payroll company that manages our payroll. maria: that's incredible. >> isn't it? maria: juanita it's small business for donald trump because he wants to lower taxes for small business? >> well, donald trump has adopted our plan for a single-business tax rate and we are excited about that. but at the same time he's also signaled that he would prefer a raise in the minimum wage, 12-dollar raise in the minimum wage would give us a job loss of 1.8 million jobs. maria: he said he wants to leave it up to the state? >> that is my understanding but his proposal was actually a little more vague about the way
6:57 am
he would do it and also signaled that he wants increase in paid leave, we had some concerns about the way he structured that so we are very excited about the small business tax rate and we want to make sure that that is one of the central features of tax reform in the next congress. maria: well, certainly it would move the need until economic growth. we know that. juanita, good to have you on the program. thanks so much. we will see you. shares rising this morning, company buying back earnings. we will be right back this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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maria: good wednesday morning everyone. thanks for joining this. the top stories 7:00 a.m. the presidential race turned on its have with less than a week to go. donald trump on the attack. we can just wish it away. and a lot of this and his supporters don't like to hear this. i think obama care is not can be her biggest problem. she really has no one else to blame but herself. a new concern over hacking as they have to the polls.
7:01 am
a manhunt is underway. in an apparent ambush. with the latest of elements coming up. luxury sports car is destroyed. we told you about that last week. the details coming up. investors are also waiting on the federal reserve. we will hear from them at 2:00 p.m. eastern today about interest rates. markets are under pressure this morning. just beat on revenue. take a look. were talking about the clients about a third of a%.
7:02 am
they take a swing at the indians. find out why coming up. with a look at some of the favorites i have. all of the stories are coming up this morning. great to see you. a lot to talk about this morning. i still want to get your take on north carolina we just got back. and i'm on ask a little bit york as well. michael flynn is with us. you don't want to miss a moment of this. with a big show this morning. we kick this hour off with the wiki leaks which is still causing trouble for the clinton campaign. it shows that the campaign chairman advising long-term aid cheryl mills to dump e-mails.
7:03 am
work and had to dump all of these e-mails. join us right now. former new mexico governor. good to see you. what do they mean. they're not looking good. what he was saying is release them to the public. this is a very political bureaucratic characterization. dump the bad news. get them out. he is a very ethical guy. when you have a problem get rid of it.
7:04 am
dump it all out. get all the bad news out. i think that's what he was saying. it's the same idea about writing books. i think clearly that they will dump it out. what do you see out of hillary clinton right now. here we are talking about e-mails, wikileaks closing arguments should be about the issues. about the economy. about national security. and i think this is where hillary clinton i want her to emphasize the last six days her vision of the country. her plans to economic growth. to deal with some of the obama care issues that have come up.
7:05 am
i think obama care is a plus. >> what is her vision do you think? i feel like it's very simple make america great again. what are her important tenets of her campaign. >> her for the vision feet vision is american families. about making sure the education is available to everybody. about fighting isis. about having a foreign-policy based on our ideals. that's what she wants to do. it is a new topic here. they have lost confidence in the system.
7:06 am
they would provide economic opportunity. every african-american in the united states of america strives for $15 an hour. they want the same access to the american dreams everybody else. the most loyal constituency is constantly overlooked. >> county balance at. >> despite my last name i am hispanic. my point is that hispanics and african-americans we care about is not just issues relating to affirmative actions. small business depends on
7:07 am
that. the individual small business owners pay taxes. what i have seen of our economic plan for small business is it's a reduction. what she is doing is manufacturing. how can we keep manufacturing jobs here. instead of them being shipped overseas what can we do to get those tax revenues from that overseas movement to fund infrastructure. in public and private partnerships. >> you mention african-americans that they are looking for upward mobility. when i can do find that on wall street because if you look at the fortune 500 companies are not run by
7:08 am
african americans or latinos. the party has neglected to take that message to the minority community of upward mobility. we want everybody to middle level to do well. the young people want access to the american dream which is deeply rooted in a capitalistic structure. how come the party can't meet us on that common ground. >> i think the emphasis as you know our community colleges. i think you have to start with that educational system. it's probably going to be a very high turnout for the democratic party. i think we have to address those economic issues as mainstream economic issues that allow the entrepreneur
7:09 am
the small business person to start a business. what you guys report every morning. we don't have anybody. i truly can't find it. it's just a different approach. that means lower taxes and lower wages. or do you do it from the bottom up. as a neck in the stifle their job. if you look at her plan. the income inequality issue is there. but if you look at the economic growth. i am a free trader. but free trade today is a bad
7:10 am
word in both parties. as technology that has caused some of the problems. we do find ways to keep manufacturing in the united states or jobs in the u.s. and she has a plan to do that. the plan is to take some of the revenue of that manufacturing that is overseas and give them incentives to keep the jobs here but also move some of those funds on the revenue in order to do something about the roads. our electricity grid. i was energy secretary. alice got pilloried when i said are grid was the third word grid. if you're trying to start a business. if you look at her plan she complicates the tax code even more.
7:11 am
there is more regulation that will be put into place when they look at it they want simplicity. i think she wants to do these things. i just think she hasn't 1990s solution to a 2020 and 2016 issue. we have not seen much of a trumpet. when you had trade war with china. that's just an economic plan. these can enact a bunch of penalties with china.
7:12 am
he wants a roll back regulations in texas. i see the exit either -- the equity there. -- the equity there. dating there's anything about hillary clinton's plan that you do differently. i am a free trader. that's 11 countries maybe stronger labor. find ways to deal with prevailing wages. i would've done a little differently.
7:13 am
can you believe how tight this races. polls at the end of every presidential election tighten. i'm encouraged i voted for hillary clinton four days ago in santa fe new mexico. big turnout. the early voting is favoring the democrats. that's why it can be cited in those nine battleground state
7:14 am
of 185 thoand dollar car destroyed in the wild street rate. arby's latest addition to its menu is more popular than expected. how quickly their venison sandwiches sold out.
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: two police officers ambushed and killed in iowa. >> were getting a few new details from this.
7:17 am
an officer was fatally shot where he was sitting in his patrol car just after 1:00 a.m. local time than 20 minutes later a second officer was attacked while sitting in his patrol car. they happen just 2 miles apart. >> twenty minutes after that officers were in the area to try to figure out what happened. one of our des moines officers found a des moines police officer seated in his vehicle he have also been shot. they're not ready to release any information about the subject but they are instructing all officers to patrol in pairs. >> a drag race in los angeles a sports car with hundred $85,000 was crashed into pieces. they show it on the sidewalk.
7:18 am
he was going 60 miles per hour on a 40 mile-per-hour street both drivers were taken to the hospital. very green vehicle. >> remember when i told you about the new venison sandwich tests. to offer the this special. a spokesman said hunter snapped up the sandwich in just five hours. they are gonna move it to atlanta later this week. it works out for arby's. you might see these in more arby's across the country. and finally with the start of the holiday shopping season just around the corner. let's look at what the shopping list is for shoplifters. people like to steal electronics, accessories cell phone cases.
7:19 am
it was a retail survey this morning. if you can still go for the iphone case. >> and there is a great article in the wall street journal today speaking of the holidays it's the same deals every year. at the same price. it's not anything new. hey if you bought that tv last lester it's the same price. i've seen arms get dislocated. i've seen arms get dislocated. they reported third-quarter results. just minutes ago. in the indians lose their scene in game six. after missing out on the first pitch on her.
7:20 am
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then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. statement earnings season in full swing. both profit and revenue coming in below. the stock is up. will start paying a dividend next year. what drove the quarter and the highlights. most of that was related to some older products. the good news is our growth the most important products all grew strong double digits.
7:24 am
you believe that's where the growth is gonna come from. that is our future. that is always that task. it gives us great confidence in our ability to keep going. having such a great growth. they are doing really great. tell me about the pipeline. as a pipeline that is being undervalued. >> i don't thing we get a lot of credit for our pipeline. this quarter we moved there. and displays three.
7:25 am
it could be a revolutionary new treatment for depression. we are expecting data on a new drug the first therapy for women. we finished that work. i could change the paradigm. we have some really big blockbusters in the pipeline in late stage testing. were really moving this pipeline. it could be on the market. you're talking about two years in total. generics. that's your life. those are a normal product cycle. you have a drug anywhere from
7:26 am
seven to ten years. absolutely. what we want to do is we want to be ahead of the product game. they go through hills and valleys. we built our portfolio much like you would a bond portfolio. we would have it two or three big ones replacing each one. not always get a workout. because of science. sometimes studies don't work. we are trying to innovate for patients. >> he tried to merge with pfizer. you were able to do that because of regular leaders pushing back. now you're expanding your buyback program. this is a big deal. this is what markets are reacting to this morning. what was behind the move.
7:27 am
we are expanding our buyback into a total of $15 billion. five, we've artie completed. we can take most of those shares out of that account immediately. i really fast way of getting. we're still looking at acquisitions. we believe our stock is fundamentally undervalued. so here is a great opportunity and a tough market for healthcare to go out and buy a lot of stock back. >> will 2017b a year of smaller fill in deals. the move we are making today. it's about 70 cents.
7:28 am
we really tried to balance or find the right balance point for these allocation decisions in the first goal we had is investing for growth. >> we saw all the pharmaceutical companies there was the expectation that the democrats would get a sweep. you put your own unofficial cap on drug prices. you have a contract. >> we adopted or formalized our social contact. it's really about balancing the need to invest in innovation. with responsible pricing and providing access to medicine. there is another component that talks education and manufacturing. but the main thing that were trying to say is that these
7:29 am
drug prices that we read about have to stop. we need responsible action. to make sure that drugs are priced appropriately. we are absolutely committed to doing our part. we need the self regulation. the last thing anyone wants is a government takeover. and frankly just doing the right thing. it's easy. as a business guy would you invest more creating more jobs under a 15% tax rate. looking at the tax plans of donald trump versus hillary clinton. i also want to know if lower taxes on a corporate level would actually change your
7:30 am
behavior. the best way to think about corporate tax is just the cost of doing business. there is nothing patriotic about paying taxes. must be clear the things that you call loopholes they aren't. there the tax code. an opportunity to lower your ear tax. you get to do more. so that you can invest that elsewhere. more money to invest. particularly for us in intubation and jobs in science. thank you so much.
7:31 am
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[aand i've never seen a rocketge ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to.'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at maria: welcome back and happy wednesday. thank you for being with us. it's wednesday november 2.
7:34 am
the final push is on. the new candidates are neck and neck. they want president obama he was on the attack. he is unqualified to be president. he is sentimentally unfit. take the word of a lot of republicans are receiving this before they decided that there was support. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. the new concerns over hacking. voters prepare to have to the polls. it's another busy day on their the earnings calendar. earnings and revenue came in better than expected. they're also there also raising the portal your guidance. investors are also waiting on
7:35 am
the federal deserve -- reserve decision later today. no rate increase expected today. futures are turning positive. the stocks are lower across the board. a quarter of a%. declines in asia as well tonight. the average is down. one and three-quarter% overnight. he is the key to cleveland winning. the cubs force a game seven. will type what he said. they are a damage control after the latest revelation. watch.
7:36 am
was they made mistakes. of course so had i. she is a fundamentally good and decent person sometimes in this culture hillary clinton is consistently treated differently than just about any other candidate i see out there. in general, good to see you. >> i'm a democrat. in the democrats are in tailspin. the selection is unlike any other election we've had with that so many scandals right up until the last possible minute
7:37 am
for major political party and you have the president who is struggling to try to come up with an nice things to say about hillary clinton. >> i can't believe he used the woman card. i don't think she's treated differently because she's a woman, do you? >> i think she has treated the way she is because of what she's done in her career in the national sedge. she is willing to play that card. i thought that was incredible. president obama joe biden. bernie sanders. the first lady. she has a lot more big name powerful surrogates than donald trump does. and in the last days it is critical that you have those surrogates in the states.
7:38 am
i think that's what the american public is actually sick of. i'm sitting here today because i've watched the life that lives inside the washington bubble and i'm telling you when you go out here and you go out to washington dc all these places i've met with him. people are so sick of the dishonesty in our federal government. i watched people crying in these audiences and you go up and talk to them and they said i'm tired of i can handle it anymore. the former cia director. he was found guilty of mishandling confidential
7:39 am
information. do you think they showed a double standard by not doing that with clinton. a very similar thing. they could face up to five years of the jail for a fraction of what we already know hillary clinton did and more to come. i think that the 33,000 organ to be dumped here before the election. the 650,000 that were disclosed recently by the fbi i believe the 33,000 are in there. you have an individual who is a pedophilia and he is using been involved in investigations. he's using this information as a get out of jail free card. you have espionage, extortion, blackmail all wrapped up into
7:40 am
the 650,000 and it's all because of the decision to use an unclassified server. the reit's and they reopened this investigation was to tell the country guess what folks 650,000 e-mails of the national security e-mails were found on the computer. that's all he wanted to say. that's all we need to know. with a guy who you could not trust. i'm telling you when you have something like this and hillary clinton from wikileaks know about this know about his background.
7:41 am
the average american has to live by the rules of law. and not following the rules. what is the solution. >> people didn't choose tim
7:42 am
kane. maria's point is right. there seems to be one standard is not just general betray petronius there are many others who have held responsible positions with the clearance and all this build business who are in jail. small fractions of what she has done. i can't even imagine her winning. in the greenroom were talking about this being such a different election because people do not want four years of scandal. they are tired of it. the polls better be open for a couple of days because it's can be so busy with people voting to get washington dc
7:43 am
out. what donald trump doesn't really like the phrase. it's gotten so bad. people in washington dc don't you want to say they work for the government. >> i made a decision because i saw things while i was in uniform and is very respectful of the constitutional responsibility and my loyalty to the chain of command. i will see things i saw our administration not being honest with the american public. so i got out i definitely didn't think into this political cesspool. the amount of dishonesty in
7:44 am
the amount of line that is going on at the highest levels of our government. >> we appreciate you being here. thank you so much. we will be right back. stay with us. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. staples offering a new perk to attract employees. they are now helping them pay off their student loans. those employees a hundred dollars a month for three years. staples does say it will spin -- expanded to other employees. they currently have a 74,000 workers. the repayment plan is can be used as a recruitment tool to help retain talent. >> instagram getting into the retail game. it's cannot rule out a feature allowing them to buy what they
7:48 am
see in a photo without leaving the. the target company said it won't get a cut from the sales. we will see what happens. apple introducing new mo g's just in time for the presidential election. this one kind of sums up how a lot of americans are feeling today. the 72 a mode is that they're releasing they have champagne glasses. we have the shrug. there's one with an avocado. then there's also bacon.
7:49 am
on air twos and it's can be happening. megan mccain credit for halsey sums up this entire election. she's got permission to shoot off fireworks. then they could just move it over to the east river. she can run it out to donald trump at half price. he loves a bargain. the indians a lost lost game six of the world series last night.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
maria: call it a comeback. they force a game at seven after a big win in cleveland last night. peace at progressive field in cleveland. what a game. >> not if you are a cleveland indians game last night. early on in the ballgame chicago cubs facing the
7:54 am
cleveland indians josh tomlin and chris bryant in the first inning. launches a home run. it was like 70 degrees last night. bryant finished the night for for five. the top three. addison russell. they make it seven-zero russell. in nearly injures it. anthony rizzo. two-one a shot. they have an amazing series. they beat them nine-three. the series is now tied three-three. what else could we ask for for these two teams that have been waiting for decades tonight will be at progressive field. kyle hendrix is can go for the
7:55 am
chicago cubs. a lot of people keep wondering whose can be throwing out the first pitch this tonight. a preventing me from throwing out the first pitch just saying. the ticket window did not even open until around 12:00.
7:56 am
they had been here since the third inning of last nights game. they tell me. a lot of people here are cubs fans. it came from chicago try to get a ticket from tonight. are paid to just try to get their tickets. it's good to be a lot to get into night. the college football playoff is finally out. if the season were over today it would be alabama against texas a&m. especially how much they paid to get in. twenty-four hours. coming up next made in america. how it stays evergreen. mornings with maria back in a moment. when it comes to healthcare,
7:57 am
seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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7:59 am
. maria: good wednesday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. we are glad you are with us wednesday, november 2 your top stories now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, barnstorming dovrn don hillary clinton crisscrossing the crunch fighting for votes going on the attack.
8:00 am
>> they say what is it about donald trump, i mean -- >> say donald trump just gets it. i mean -- i really believe that donald trump is given voice to the aspirations since no one in lifetime since ronald reagan. >> said our leaders are laughingstock of the world this is a man who thinks that he is better than president reagan, better than president obama, literally better than anybody i guess. >> latest on race to the white house straight ahead breaking news two cops shot and killed in iowa. a manhunt under way this morning, in an apparent ambush, we have very latest coming up, a state of emergency in alabama this morning after a deadly pipeline explosion, now there are concerns over gasoline shortage as a result what to expect have you fill up your tank coming up battles companies face problems
8:01 am
usually family ceos proclaim more ovn alibaba on the rise chinese retail giant reporting better-than-expected earnings more flock to the site we break down numbers tell you what it means for the economy, investors waiting on decision from federal reserve later today we will hear from the fed on interest rates as well as, whether or not we will see increase december no rate increase expected today at end two of-day meeting market selling pressure the market off lows of the morning down 20 points on dow jones industrial average. >> stocks lower across the board this is pretty much much steady has been about this decline throughout the morning down between half a percent and three quarters of one percent we saw declines in asia as well nikkei average in japan down 1 3/4 percent worst perform in asian washingtons creation of cool top celebrities jackets in usa.
8:02 am
>> bruno mars, up town if you think smash hit under fire for copyright infringement. >> dagen mcdowell people corporation founder chairman ceo is with us, pollster lee carter great so, so faradayday awesome excited for segment a jacket i want vogue is writing about iconic tattoo brand. >> who doesn't love made in america. dagen: exactly talking -- come on. >> chance to talk about -- >> on this morning, nominees spending time in the sunshine state, hillary clinton was there yesterday, donald trump will crisscross the state today as nasty orlando with the very latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning we are on the i-4 corridor orlando part of that 40% of florida's population, is right here, and this is where donald trump
8:03 am
will be later this afternoon, because the 29 electoral college votes key what has been going on hillary clinton made swing through sunshine state yesterday, she was in fort lauderdale, addressing her sports and hitting one constant theme she is going on the attack against donald trump on treatment of women but also using his theme of make america great, trying to turn that against him here is what she said. >> i think we already are great. now i think we can be greater. [cheers and applause] . >> as you know, i am sick and tired of the divisive dangerous behavior of people who support donald trump. . reporter: donald trump in wisconsin yesterday talking about the fact that obamacare needs to be repealed in seam states with early voting you can change your vote here is what he told are supporters.
8:04 am
>> voters who have cast ballots for hillary clinton, and who are having a bad case of buyers remorse, in other words, you want to change your vote. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballots if you think you made a mistake a lot of stuff has come out since your vote. reporter: you cannot change your vote in florida, that is why early voting numbers so crucial for both candidates take a look what is happening, as of today. voting by mail republicans lead that race 74,000 ballots roughly republicans 909,299 return democrats 835,206 rrnz as far as polling stations, democrats lead that 56,000 roughly democrats have hope so up 946,202 republicans 889,655 now to some all up both
8:05 am
parties say they are witnessing registered people crossing party appliance, whether true or not no way to know until november 8, november 9 but key in all of this the unaffiliated voters more than 770,000 have cast ballots in florida. and the polls all indicate those voters are trending trump. back to you. maria: thanks so much we will watch that. adam shapiro before -- you are just back from north carolina what was your sense, major important swing state what was your sense in terms of people there. >> on the democratic side there has not been a lot of enthusiasm, in being if a, yesterday, when i landed the vice president plane air force 2 on runaway too he was campaigning, and charlotte trying to drive enthusiasm turnout kaine was there last week but there is not a lot of enthusiasm, i think in terms of what people are looking at they want to see change there is hotly contested
8:06 am
gubernatorial race incumbent governor in pulls driving you turnout i think a place where trump can bring that state back to the republican side. >> the do you remember a time candidate was a not headliner like she is introducing michelle obama introducing her surrogates not she is not the draw. >> that is very interesting thing i think that is indicative of the lack of enthusiasm that people are feeling about this election, and the possess missism feeling about this there cans and i think people are turned off by, both candidates too degree but odd that she is not making the closing argument herself. >> it would be utterly stone-cold stupidest for hillary clinton not to put michelle obama and real ingestion on campaign trail and president obama, 55% approval, lieutenant general talking about how upset people
8:07 am
are with status quo but president has high approval rating. >> i don't thinkwould get reelected today i think a tough race for him approval rating exiting different than when looking at governing next two years but the president has done overall, in many areas good job a scandal free administration and people are frustrated with the option they have in front of them that he looked much more attractive. >> the black vote the early voting not coming in they are not coming out? >> in florida particularly. >> the challenge not a lot of enthusiasm, and by the way, the la latino vote in florida a lot different now he is trump is competing for the latino vote in florida as well. >> bring in former sr., advisor to former british prime minister david cameron thank you for joining us polls showing trump and clinton tie neck and neck right now early voters are encouraged to change their vote what do you think polls will show if early voters take action what is your state of the race right
8:08 am
now from your standpoint. >> i think it shows something, really true about this race all along which is when trump is focused when he talks about the issue when he talks about his message of change, he does well. and i has been doing that more preenlt to your point about how hillary clinton handline amazing to me been scheming to get this job 30 years a week out from the big day, and what is she do yesterday wheeling out misuniverse to take personal attacks has got no positive message about the change that she wants to bring and how going to help people's lives it is all about attacked donald trump. >> i keep asking what is her vision what is her economic plan? i don't know. >> going to take him off message, that is -- with advertisement billy bush tape trying to make him -- to that. >> it is should be about bigger things than that i think that to his credit what trump was doing yesterday with
8:09 am
pence i thought a really excellent event focusing on obamacare something real that affects real people when he does that, he does better and i think that is why in this final stage, that the whole race seems to be much closer than anyone would have predicted a few weeks ago. >> let me ask you, we talked about how many -- donald trump and brexit what do you think the key to brexit success was that gives some indicator what is happening. >> i this i two really big points that we need to think about. one is underlying reasons that there are so many people who had disalu shunned fed up with the system and want some kind of really big disruptive change you saw with brexit here for many years a part if you look at income statistics half of all americans earn a less today than 16 years ago. maria: that is right. >> 8 years of bush, 8 years of obama, and that income is lower.
8:10 am
>> still -- >> fed up. >> thinking let's try this he seems like big change like that to brexit one sense, the other is, of course,, the moral shaming directed at brexit supporters if you support brexit you are a racist a bigot exactly same going on here what that means you've got a awful lot i think was secret brexit supporters wouldn't really say admit it. >> i think you are going to see a lot of secret trump supporters i hear that whole time. maria: me, too. >> that is why i think there is really close parallel you see it with markets look at polls, markets, insiders and those who kind of find you know the continuity of a clinton presidency reashowering know what is going to happen i.e., more of the same nervous when they think a big change coming. i think the candidate 70 that wins is first female president
8:11 am
of the united states one who is ready to lead immediately with all of her you know lengthies résumes secretary of state, her husband presiding over an economic expansion all of those would be optimistic messages, and i would think that would have changed the tone as opposed to being negative, and attacking the idea of change because seems like the similarity between brexit this election is change. >> not working -- >> let's have a radical change to, shape things up. >> i think that is i think radical is really important not just any old change like we really angry what is going on we have been let down by politicians all across the board we want to shake things up. maria: for sure, great to see you. >> great to be with you. >> we will have live coverage election day the morning after starting hour early wednesday 5:00 a.m. concern to break down results join us as we navigating what will have been an incredible night coming up, u.s. banks no longer banking
8:12 am
as much as mortgages when a new breed of lenders, taking their place, a new lawsuit claims there is something funky about uptown if you think, bruno mars smash hit under fire for copyright infrin infringement back in a minute. n, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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. maria: intense manhunt under way two officers killed in am bushes in iowa thedales. cheryl: good morning, maria police in iowa searching for a suspect after two officers found dead in their patrol
8:15 am
cars separately officer fatally shot after 1 a.m. local time 20 minutes later a second officer was attacked, the shootings happening two miles apart. >> there is danger if you are a police officer guise gunned down sitting in car doing nothing wrong so there is definitely danger out there somebody out there shooting police officers whee hope we find them before anybody else is hurt we definitively don't want public or community hurt. >> police being about instructing all officers patrol in pairs hoo a state of emergency after gas line explosion killed one injured several others shut down pipeline second time in less than two months to supply gasoline to millions across south leave shortages and price hikes the operator hopes to be back in business as early as this weekend, well, banks are no longer number
8:16 am
one, in issuing mortgage loans "wall street journal" says taking place are nonbank lenders, more willing to make riskier loans banks accounted less than half morning dollars third quarter more averse o to risk following housing meltdown. and bruno mars mark's monster hit up town if you think under fire for rip-off of 1980s song band filed a lawsuit for allegedly copying parts of 83 song called young girls they claim uptown funk is a dead-on copy in rhythm harm mi melody structures take listen here is up town if you think. >> that's -- ♪ ♪ got so pretty ♪ ♪ cheryl: listen to young girls. ♪
8:17 am
♪ ♪. >> okay the stakes will only have aing uptown if you think pruno mars' biggest song reported 100,000 dollars aweek a loan on spotify, band seeking unspecified damages in the process maria i am going with i think it is kind of close on this i got to say. maria: sounds similar. >> good story there we will follow that, adp mit wires add $147,000 jobs way below expectations smallest increase in jobs since may september reading revised higher from 154,000 to 20 ,000 look at markets here, down 25, we were already expecting a weaker showing from the markets, but these jobs numbers indicate once again, dagen, lee, don, that, the economy is not doing much, of course, a big number
8:18 am
on friday, estimates call for 175,000 jobs on friday this number weakesh than expected. >> thoughts? >> do you want to go? -- just going to say i am going to call out a guest earlier said friday jobs' report is going to be kind of doesn't matter doesn't matter not expecting anything spectacular it does matter because it is defining -- presidential election anything that sfaekz to weakness in this economy, we saw economy pick up recent quarter growing near 3% good news but anything the last minute that reinforces how people felt nine months ago about personal situation or last 8 years is significant in terms of how people live, if weaker than expected significantly weaker than expected on friday, that does have influence. >> we seek points that he reinforces what we believe whether higher than expected things a month ago we expect
8:19 am
today we are looking at job growth slowerer than expected jobs one of the most important things for americans this season. >> i think look americans don't need statistics to tell them the economy is grinding out. maria: true. >> and slow they are living it every day so a what happened here they have been having frustration, this environment of you know, kind of this new norm of dpriebd out small growth income further behind that is going to have impact on the election, and all these statistics are doing are validating that, you know, when we look at you know economic activity, validating what americans are feeling. and i think that will be felt at the polls on tuesday. >> you mentioned new york is one of those states tax revenue down people moving out because of tax story few opportunities, are you going to run for mayor. >> i am thinking about it this is every time i kind of get to a point where i say i love my business, got 22-year-old son working in the company, and i like what i am doing i got the
8:20 am
best job i could possibly have i see something else happen, and i see the city, getting further at risk, and here we are, again, where under this administration, 17,000 new jobs created by government only 1200 for cops the rest services business taxes down 20%. >> business tax revenue. >> business tax revenue down 20 scomroorz would you cut taxes. >> of course, because there is no -- way to sustain, this model of expanding taxes burdeni entrepreneurships is not sustainable the fact that you have no real opportunity for upper mobility for our minority communities here. you know that is. >> after thanksgiving. >> going to make a decision after thanksgiving if i were going to run would be january when i would announce. >> all right. good i wanted to get that out there just in case. >> jobs' report this friday kl
8:21 am
a.m. eastern special coverage join us for jobs in america we to look that about after adp number was weaker than expected. we'll be right back. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. industrial. >> another big day in earnings time warner, highlights big names before the bell company beating on both earnings and revenue also highlighting a day for media companies including our parent company 21st century fox, dagen tough believe advertising picked up
8:25 am
because of the political season advertising has shown a very similar story is to what o tier figures have shown. dagen: because of -- -- we can speak to this trump's early lack of advertising spending has actually been a drive for some of these media companies ad spending picked up the last month or so month of october, but in general going back to other elections overall spending by these campaigns, was lower, even with the massive amount of monday hillary clinton raised early are on. >> interesting too we have a new day in political advertising, not just television anymore there is online cheaper, and donald trump strategy not been to have microtargeted ads same with a way other candidates have spending down doesn't have monday in the -- but still, doing well, in polls that is happening amazing. >> i think that the companies are not advertising as much either because no won is tuning in the public is tuned
8:26 am
into the election cycle, also trump changed the model he has run a campaign based on errand media using his understanding of mass media how to market himself market his company and market his brand he has been doing for almost five decades. >> a change going on across immedia media slairp 7 billion phones out there ipads content changed to address as soon as he people can do short forms media bid changed as a result of streaming, digital, so showing up in earnings as well. >> -- last nine talking about people under 30 they know have no cable watch everything only totally transformative to advertising world how they consume. >> i don't have cable you can stream fox news fox business news movies you don't have to deal with you know, the -- the
8:27 am
proliferation of commercials and the cost. >> what are we going to do with are extra 300 dollars a month. maria: that is what it is open is on obamacare donald trump doubled down on fashionable health care act the creation of cool brand behind first motorcycle jacket from silver screen to our studios, investigating modern twist to the american classic. back in a moment.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
. maria: welcome back, he happy wednesday i am maria bartiromo thanks for joining us it is wednesday, november 2, yoush top stories 8:30 a.m. east coast, 6 days to go count down on candidates eyeing the swing states this morning, in a final push before voters head to the polls. >> like he is doing -- with his conspiracy theories with his insulting with this is demeaning and degrading millions of americans prove he should not be loud anywhere near the white house. >> can you imagine, if reince got question to debate gave them to me they found out? you know what it would be a double about electric chair front page "new york times" "washington post" hardly covered. >> obamacare under attack again as on enrollment begins donald trump promising to
8:31 am
close it for good slamming the exchanges and affordable care acting. >> airpods dlied markets selling pressure adp employment report hitting the wire, and about 15 minutes ago it was weaker-than-expected 147,000 private sector jobs in month of october lower than expectation called for 165,000 investors waiting on federal reserve decision later today we will see if fed signatures rates higher in december futures indicating a mixed open dow jones industrial average to open down 30 points as you see there look at averages across eurozone lower about across the boarding half a one percent and 3/4. >> knee tay in japan sluming, celebrities worn lefrtr leather jackets a century american made products in our studio, first donald trump and running mate mike pence using
8:32 am
start of open enrollment to slam obamacare in pennsylvania key swing state blake burman in washington taking a look at it. reporter: good morning to you, donald trump scribed president obama health care law a great political lie of the century, yesterday. and he did not stop there either. trump called the current health care law a catastrophic saying a system skyrocketing premiums his pitch in pennsylvania. ? if we don't repeal replace obamacare, we will destroy american health care forever. it is one of the single most important reasons we must win on november 8, we must win. >> that speech from trump came on first day of the law annual open enrollment period, in a joint appearance, mike pence laid out trump's plan saying his running mate would get rid of the individual mandate allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines make it easier to openly
8:33 am
health savings accounts keep a popular part of the president's program. >> donald trump and i will protect americans with preexisting conditions, so that they are not charged more or denied coverage just because they have been sick. so long as they pay premiums consistently. they will have coverage they need. >> maria trump long touted would he repeal replace obamacare many question how feasible might that be how easy to turn the current system that millions of americans rely on, trump said yesterday he would begin by convening a special session of congress back to you. maria: thank you so much blake burman the latest there want to bring in former mississippi governor rnc chairman haley barbour good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. maria: the premiums in mississippi obamacare premiums expected to rise about 25%? is that right? >> that would be national average i don't think it will
8:34 am
be less than that. >> so what is that snairesonati. >> obamacare very unpopular from a the beginning predicated on some things the american people were told simply weren't true using keep your doctor if you want to keep your plan if you want to both those things are just absolutely blait entallot ently save on premium president obama told us. it is not tax, yet when supreme loid to it come into effect said because it is a tax, so a the american people have plenty to be skeptical about including how it has gone the idea how do you pay for it? only about 11 1/2 million people are have benefited from obamacare according to the
8:35 am
what was put out this year by the administration itself. >> right. >> most of those people have health insurance before obamacare existed, they turned in health insurance because they wanted to get a subsidy, 86% all people who belong exchanges subsidy averages -- >> i said before the bottom line is in the president's first two years in office, he had both chambers could have done anything what did he choose to do right after fresh off a massive financial collapse in 2007 what does he choose to do? stick obamacare down everybody's throat instead of focusing on economic growth we needed to focus on economic growth in his first two years in office. >> there is no question, americans look back recognize that, and, by the way, americans at the time but this has been a dream of the left for generations. to have a government-run
8:36 am
health care system and obamacare is designed to lead to a government-run health care system, something hillary clinton proposed 1993-94 the democrat congress wouldn't even vote a on it. >> i think fastnating buyering failure than just increase in premiums we are seeing insurance companies can't forward to stay in it seeing freelanceers people trying to buy insurance premiums are going up, people are getting less coverage going to get a prescription both costs going up just a failure all the way around. >> well it is, the other thing that people overlook, 16 million people were added to the medicaid rolls as part of obamacare. i mean if they wanted to get to help the poorest people, people couldn't afford simpler to put people on medicaid in most states like mean medicaid is a very full vibrant system
8:37 am
for our poor people, people can't afford health care but instead, they screwed up the whole private market just as you said, and really could have done it with medicaid. maria: so there is obamacare, and then there's corruption. interim dnc chairwoman donna brazile out as cnn about contributor fired after wikileaks revealed she sent two questions to the campaign did you recall primary debate jonathan kline with megyn kelly last night. >> i think cnn has come to conclusions they have that had because they have done investigation may not want to talk about all internal workings i can tell you nothing is taken more seriously within the walls of cnn both when i was there 6 years ago, and today, than issues around the integrity of the place, and they sweat a
8:38 am
comma in a report. >> donna brazile we had e-mail sent e-mails to john podesta, hillary clinton will be asked, about the flint, michigan crisis from woman with a rash hillary clinton will be asked about gun control the first question. >> gun control first question the second one was the -- flint water crisis. >> i want to raise my hand here. >> the thing to me is that -- how little coverage it got in the news media i am glad you had something on it last night, on fox, but the faction of the matter is the american people have shrugged about this because they already knew that most of the liberal media was totally for clinton against trump, and that -- this didn't come as a surprise to too many people the
8:39 am
political contributions media gives all money to clinton. >> a question for you, this is more than just a liberal slant to an editorial coverage, this is actually dealing with the integrity of our political process, and our debate process. that -- wouldn't this be a matter that the fcc should be regulating or investigating because this undermines our democracy to degree, by the way, i am a democrat so but i think the whole system sis predicated on fair play so what do you think should be done about this? because i don't think it can go unchecked and cnn firing her is that sufficient? >> i am going to be honest with you i don't know limits of the federal communication authority in this sort of thing for years and years we had sort of fair play prulz, that applied. how much this would that would
8:40 am
been about applicable to this it is exactly what you say, when donald trump made his point yesterday about if this were reince priebus giving information to donald trump would have been explosion in liberal media would blow your ear z off the fact it is not speaks voluminous. >> what is your thought on down ballot races for the senate you've got marco rubio, in florida, new hampshire, in pennsylvania and now replacing harry reidyour take. >> 8 races are very close within the margin of error in the senate, of course, republicans have a four seat majority they can lose three seats still have majority, a
8:41 am
fourth if kaine becomes vice president we lose the senate, if they win white house, but he the one thing about this race, these down ticket races senators knew from the start 24 republican seats up 10 democrats they were going to be under a lot of pressure run really good campaigns running ahead of trump almost every one of these 8 states, and trump is rising now in all of these states, i think we will probably keep the senate but it is really, really a lot of pressure and it is a credit to individual senators and candidates like joe, that they have run a race that they are able to make the race about themselves and their opponents not let it be overridden by what is going on nationally. >> good to see you, sir thank you. >> thank you, maria. >> governor barbour fox business network live this weekend all day weekend saturday and sunday starting 6:00 a.m. eastern special
8:42 am
coverage i hope you join us saturday and sunday live right here special coverage hillary clinton campaign rattled by controversies there have an week before election. >> and apple's air pods miss first release window now new rumors they might not make it out of the gate, until after christmas the new troubles for the company hotly anticipated ear bugs back in a minute. did you know there's a way to save up to 95%
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. maria: welcome back 45 minutes from opening bell for wednesday market under selling pressure take a look down 50 points now on dow jones industrial average, we did get adp report on jobs weaker-than-expected 147,000 new jobs created in october. versus estimate 165,000. the big number comes out the labor department on friday. we are watching alibaba beat a analystsing sxpgs on earnings and rn for its third quarter rn off staggering 55% year over year, the stock pointing to profit open take a look 104 and change we will see that open, apple you will have to wait longer to buy the company airpods, apple unveiled wireless earbuds in september supposed to be available in october, now, reports say the company needs extra time to fix glitches so they won't be available now until january. no christmas present there breaking news dump of wikileaks e-mail hitting table
8:47 am
totally more than 43,000 peter barnes sifting through reems we will get to him when we -- try to look what is in those, we have cannot 6 days until flex day clinton facing the reopening of the fbi investigation, in democratic nominee private server who is to bottom line for zoianxiety. >> joining me stuart snoourt. >> hillary clinton to blame for trouble she is no, it was her original decision to use her private server goes way back, she decided to do that, everything else flows from that it is her aides who are really putting her in jeopardy, for example, donna brazile feeding hillary questions so hillary could cheat in a cnn debate her campaign that is undermining her campaign forthwithed violence at trump rallies extraordinary her campaign offers went out to make illegal voting easy common place her campaign did that,
8:48 am
now to top it all off, we have anthony weiner sexting thing laptop may contain nation secrets because of hillary clinton private server a campaign preelg frankly hillary's own fault that is my point of view. >> that e-mail from john podesta saying we have to duf dump e-mail we had governor rieshardson on earlier i like him good guy he said what he meant we have to get them out into public. >> -- really? >> really? reminds me of bill clinton ma what is meaning of the word is is, i don't care about parsing word did you ever mean release or obliterate what is going on antonio weiner's the laptop may contain our nation's secrets because hillary clinton played fast and loose that is ridiculous. maria: totally ridiculous the
8:49 am
only reason i bring it up where are e-mail if they wanted to dump into public view they were erased notion to get to that to public makes no sense you have a lot more in 12 minutes we will see you to want of the hour 9 a.m. eastern "mornings with maria", 10 minutes' time from wild one to easy rider iconic jackets the company teaming up with the american made leather jackets a first look next. is ma, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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8:52 am
. maria: you have been taking care of yourselves you've been staying out too late at night. >> that is mine, take it off.
8:53 am
>> don't do that. >> that was hot coupler from 1953 film the wild one starring marlon brando wearing a leather jacket right now chief operating officer jason, good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> loving this jacket jacket in that film so recognizable teeming up with sailor jerry to give that classic jacket a modern twist congratulations to you. >> thank you very much, it is really great, our products 103 years now, our products tell a story historically inspired, and built to last a long time. and so we do best when we tell a story within the product so to work with the sailor jerry
8:54 am
great opportunity open roads, rum two things appreciated about america. >> that is the that is the new, limited edition right you did a peacoat last year sailor jerry was kind of first great american tattoo artist i am selling your clothes for you this is -- this jacket is the per perfecto jacket, and i am obsess with this brand because made in the united states, still. and these jackets, leather very reasonably priced. >> great grandfather started this. >> first foreign put a zipper in a jacket so we have been -- run by my family four generations now since 191 our factories in nnl all jackets are made any love it. >> 102 employs in u.s. explain the process to making jackets
8:55 am
why you choose to produce in america. >> there is a lot of -- everyone like this jacket has about 35 parts that are hand cut one piece at a time, by a leather cuter, 40 different sewing operations a long-term plan in 103 years we've got a long-term view, so we try to put money into the product itself we are trying to add a perceived value rather than making a a little bit of extra profit putting into marketing we are trying to put the money into the product, and we think that is the way to go for the long term. >> you've got two stores one in los angeles one here, but you are opening would more next year. >> opening more we have more out of u.s. americana made in america appreciated outside the u.s. and that is starting to happen here, and so with six stores in japan. >> in japan, wow. >> and the jackets are worn by stars like james dean ramons,
8:56 am
rihanna, kanye west, funny so appealing to celebrities it is cool. >> it is cool. >> it is such a classic look, all of the styles bomber jackets, and peacoats don't go out of style, but that is a strong statement. >> they are also built to last does that feel -- >> very sturdy i don't own a shot but i will be buying one later in the day may be right now, thank you for giving me a reason to wear leather at before 9:00 in the morning. >> very cool. >> i am -- >> leather jacket under my chair. >> price? >> it depends they run from around 700 to 1100, again made in u.s. made in jersey built to last very long time. >> we can see that feels very resilient, top quality. >> thank you jason. >> nice to see you joining us
8:57 am
there, coming up with final thoughts all-star panel don't go anywhere, back in a minute. ♪
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> welcome ack, final thoughts, lee carter. >> i think it's fascinating to watch hillary clinton. she's totally off message and totally reacting. when she's going off on donald trump and with anger. she's the one inciting violence and with women. she's got to get on message.
9:00 am
>> and anthony weiner upended the race and gave us bill deblasio and now he's up ended this. maria: and when you run. dagen: by american, go shot. maria: that looked hot on you. stuart varney begins now. stuart: thank you very much. the trump surge revs up. and he's pulling away. embattled hillary clinton loses her cool. and the tracking poll shows he's five points ahead. in "the washington post" poll, hillary clinton's rating for honesty is way down and among independents she's in freefall. and the polls today reflect the fbi's weekend bombshell that's bad news for hillary clinton and it shows. late last night she lost her temper with a heckler. earlier tried to shore up her


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