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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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you got polls narrowing significantly, one out of pennsylvania showing hillary clinton is only four points ahead of donald trump right now. up 10 points last month. we're going to talk about all that in the context of the economy. peter, where the fed stands on rates, hey, peter. >> reporter: no change in rates as expected, trish. no change in rates. the fed keeps benchmark, fed funds rate at quarter to half percent, but the fed made slight changes in rate guidance to possibly tee up a quarter point hike at last meeting of the year in december in today's policy statement the fed said that the labor market continued to strengthen and the growth of the economic activity picked up from the modest pace seen in the first half of this year. job gains solid, inflation is expected to rise to 2% over the medium term as transitory effects of declines and energy prices dissipate. that is a change from statement in november when it said that
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it expected inflation to remain low in the near term. so it now apparently believes that the decline in energy prices is over and that it will start -- inflation will head to 2% target. the vote on today's policy statement to keep rates unchanged was 8-2. 2 dissents, trish? trish: thank you so much. everyone is wondering what it means for the future? joining me for analysis on today's fed decision and what it may mean for the future of the election. kimberly fox and chief strategist art hogan and senior strategist surrogate for donald trump, steve cortes. kimberly, i kept saying if janet yellen were to raise rates right now, wow, would she find herself in a bunch of hot water. we kind of expected nothing to
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happen. when do we think they're going to finally move? >> i kind of felt that nothing would happen at this point. i think they're baking in a price move in december, trish. i think they almost have to. when we were look at cpi approaching 2% or about there, you've got unemployment down to 5%. that's right there at their dual mandate. they kind of have to raise rates in december, and i think by about 25 basis points. trish: okay. steve, let's walk through a couple scenarios. however, if donald trump were to win, and i know you're in his camp and pushing for that. but if he wins, can't you imagine a situation where the fed feels almost as though they need to stay active because they're not necessarily sure what's going to happen. so thus, no interest rate hike. now hillary clinton wins, i would imagine the fed feels it needs to stay active, they're thinking gosh, they're going to continue, assuming she doesn't
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get the house and senate, same business as usual, so we need to stay accommodative. any way you slice, it kimberly is saying december. >> it's a bit of a fool's game, most people on wall street thought the fed would raise rates earlier this year. trish: even years ago. >> that's right. my guess is i think if you read the fed speeches and i don't take them at their word, i'm incredibly skepticalf the fed. trish: as you should be. >> yes, if you read the recent speeches, i think the fed is exasperated no one takes them seriously. markets don't seem to. people like me, journalists like you don't believe them, and i think they're exasperated enough they feel compelled to move. the reason they didn't do it this meeting and the prior one is they were too afraid of injecting themselves into the election. do i believe that. trish: art hogan, they have no one to thank but themselves
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everybody feeling their word means nothing. their word doesn't mean anything. they get up there and tell you we think we're going to move, as long as the data tells us we can move. you can slice it and dice it the same way, they don't move. >> the problem is the mandates, as we see they're close enough for the mandates to say it's time to move on. external things, likes brexit, the chinese currency manipulation in august of last year. trish: in other words, there's always a reason for a bunch of academics who think they can control the economy as opposed to the laws of actual economics being at play. market economics, wouldn't you agree? >> right. the other piece of the puzzle, we haven't seen fiscal policy changes. the weight of stimulating the economy is monetary policy for too long, i think if there is any sense that we can get a raise in december, move forward and have handoff for monetary
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policy to fiscal policy. regardless who wins talking about infrastructure buildup, that will be constructive if it's done the same way. trish: we're taking a look at federal reserve balance sheet which it has ballooned since the days of the lehman brothers issue, and sos really no signs of stopping. go ahead, art? oh, steve. >> just to take off my wall street hat and put on the political one for donald trump. if you can look at the balance sheet it would perfectly track the rise of populism here and around the world. central bank policy has been one of the primary drivers of wealth inequality. this is a wonderful economy if you are a owner of assets, if you made it and have real estate and stocks, this is fantastic. if you're a striver, a wage earner, you want to get into the 1%, this is a miserable economy for you, a punishing one.
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i think it's one of the reasons that donald trump resonated, one of the reasons brexit happened and one of the reasons donald trump will win and break us out of the tepid cycle of the sluggish growth. trish: i wrote a piece on this for usa today two years ago saying the fed inadvertently was creating this thing they hate, income inequality. think about it, only those with assets, only those that can afford to take on these risks kimberly in this environment are the ones that are benefitting. >> yeah, absolutely, but you know, that's what the equity markets are for. they're to create wealth for investors. even blue collar can invest into 401(k)s and iras and they haven't been in the market as well. trish: that's what's misleading about the unemployment numbers it. all looks good in that unemployment rate is much lower than it historically has been. however, a lot of the jobs aren't full-time, they don't have benefits, paying lousy wages, so you want to think that more people should be and
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are invested in the stock market but the reality is your average person in america is not able to participate in this wealth creation, and art, let's not forget, for those saving money, living on a fixed income and dependent on interest for the income. they got nowhere to go. they can't put their money in the local cd at the bank, you're going to get nothing in return. pretty soon, you're going to be paying the banks to hold the money? >> right. you read my mind, that's the largest unintended consequence, you're forcing investors baby boomers retirees in the safe investment vehicles savings into a bank into things that are riskier. you are seeing the dividends and valuations that are far too high whether it's utilities or staples or telecoms and way too far out in the risk scale for the average retirement person. there is no savings and therefore that economic activity that would be the
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savers as consumers has disappeared. that's one of the conundrums that you face. trish: steve, he hit the nail on the head. this is why donald trump resonated with people. and there is the backlash against wall street and hillary clinton and her ties to wall street. go ahead. >> you mentioned academics and bureaucrats, that's an incredibly important point. they believe in central planning on the fiscal side, through regulation and massive taxation, they believe in it on the monetary side. these people on the federal reserve, they would like believe to the council of wise men and women when, in fact, these are academics who haven't had a payroll, haven't made actual loans, and so -- trish: and i talked to so many central bankers and fundamentally when you d down and you push and push and this is not on camera, this is off camera, they do fundamentally believe that they have the power to actually grow the economy, and i think the last eight years has proven
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that the fed just does that. kimberly, art, steve, great to have you here. back to politics, the race is tightening. donald trump barnstorming across florida today while hillary clinton is out west in nevada and arizona. want to go to blake burman following all of the polls and wow, what a difference a week makes. blake. >> reporter: that's right, there are polls all over the place on this day. many show donald trump holding court nationally and gaining ground in some states. start off with the abc news "washington post" tracking poll. trump and hillary clinton tied nationally at 46. when you take a look inside, it shows a potentially troubling number for clinton because more likely voters now view trump as more honest and trustworthy than clinton. you can see there that trump has an 8 point edge in that category. onto the state polls where pennsylvania has come back into focus in the last week. polls today from cnn and
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monmouth university both show clinton with a four point edge there but the "monmouth" poll has trump with a six point jump in that state in the last couple weeks' time. and over to nevada, cnn's reading there shows trump up six points in that state and that is an 8-point swing in the last couple weeks. notice a trend from trump, trish. he's reverted back to what we often saw in the primaries, imploring voters to get out to the polls at whatever the cost might be. listen to trump from earlier today. >> we have to close the deal. we have to close. get out and vote. november 8th, fine, better if you vote now. maybe you don't feel good on november 8th, you don't want to get out of bed. you gotta get up and vote. >> reporter: there is good news, trump is trying to put wisconsin in play. he was there earlier this week. while the marquette poll shows
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he might be out of reach. trailing clinton by six points and just as importantly underperforming the republican senator up for election, back to you. trish: amazing to see how the strenned working to his benefit. see if it continues. blake, thank you so much. we're going to continue staying throughout the show with the political issues that are hitting folks hard right now. here's hillary clinton losing her cool. ripping into donald trump supporters at a rally in florida, calling his supporters' visions negative, dark, divisive and dangerous. are you scared? yikes! is this tightening race starting to get to her, and is it basically a basket of deplorables 2.0? former governor mike huckabee is going to join us with his thoughts next. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n,
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. >> the spread of political agendas into the justice department, there's never been a thing like this that has happened in our country's history, is one of the saddest things that has happened to our country, but with your votes, you can beat the system. the rigged system, and deliver justice. so show up early and vote. trish: that's donald trump urging his supporters to get out and vote. the election is six days away and the tightening race seems to be getting to hillary clinton. take a look at this. there's a rally that happened in florida. they've been running neck-and-neck in florida. she lost her cool, i'd say. at this rally. ripping into his supporters, watch. >> i am sick and tired of the
2:16 pm
negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump! >> this is in response to a heckler in the audience, and she really got angry. kind of sounds like her basket of deplorables smear. joining me former arkansas governor mike huckabee. what do you think? dark, dangerous, negative vision for america, is that what donald trump and you by the way, as his supporter have? >> first of all, there's a big piece of news that you got to make note of. hillary said and admitted that she's sick and tired, that's no way for a president to be. so there alone, reason not to vote for hillary. there's no doubt, trish, she's gotten punchy, she's irritable, she was screaming and yelling at the heckler, the heckler won the debate.
2:17 pm
doesn't matter what either party said. when a candidate is so distracted by a heckler that you begin to react negatively and not doing it with a sense of humor, you are just yelling at him, you absolutely lost it. trish: i guess donald trump learned that awhile ago, he says get them out. >> he stayed on message. by the way, i voted today and record early voting in the panhandle of florida where i am, and also it's interesting, this part of florida will probably vote, i'm going predict 80% or better for donald trump. it is so bright red that it looks like a fire engine convention in this part of the state. i have not seen a hillary sign, not seen a hillary sticker. donald trump is going to be in pensacola tonight, couple of hours from where i am, and he's going to carry this part of florida and i think he will win florida and the election. trish: north carolina, what about north carolina,
2:18 pm
pennsylvania, a couple we've got our eye on. he's narrowing the gap with her, but governor, they still look like an uphill battle others do you think that's going to change in the next few days? >> not too sure about pennsylvania. hillary may still take that. however, i think trump is going to win north carolina. a little instance. a friend of mine said he was passing out voter guides where people were standing in line to early vote there. was also a democrat lady passing out democrat voter guides. nobody would take her voter guide and finally said would anybody take my voter guide and leaned to my republican guide and said nobody wants my guides and she said and i really don't blame them. that is from the democrats. trish: wow. we have seen, governor, a huge gap in the enthusiasm between the left and the right, right now, is that a direct result of the second investigation into her e-mail server?
2:19 pm
>> i don't think it's all of that, i think it's death by a thousand cuts. people have come to realize, and the recent revelation solidified we can't trust hillary. this is a person who is so enveloped in corruption, confusion, collusion for people whom she has shaken down to get her money that enriches her family and the clinton foundation which enriches her. people look at that and say hillary has lived a life where she has lived by a totally different set of rules than the rest of us and holds everyone in contempt that are not like her. calls them deplorables, irredeemable, the catholics and evangelicals. trish: shame people into not voting for donald trump? if you're voting for donald trump, you're effectively voting for the evil empire. she hasn't used that word yet. that's sort of what it sounds like, governor.
2:20 pm
>> and it's not a healthy way to get people to vote. it's an insult to people who say my family is voting for trump, they're not terrible people. hillary made them look dark and divisive and untrustworthy and everybody saying if there's anybody in the race untrustworthy, it's hillary. trish: my goodness, fascinating to watch and only more interesting from here. governor, good to have you, as always. governor huckabee. a fresh batch of e-mails from clinton's campaign chairman released today showing a shocking conflict. is it that shocking anymore? conflict of interest between the clinton campaign and the fbi. we've got the e-mails and the details next. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk
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. trish: new hacked e-mails from wikileaks reveal clinton campaign chairman john podesta, he was giving the clinton team a heads-up prior to a congressional hearing into the investigation into hillary's e-mails and now overseeing the fbi probe into top hillary aide huma abedin. talk about conflict of interest. fox news' ed henry is standing by with more on this. is it just that washington is so darn incestuous or is there something else going on here? >> reporter: might be something going on here. john podesta was repeated by him in 2008, he's a great lawyer, he kept me out of jail. there were ties going back a long way. you're right, this e-mail from
2:25 pm
2015 shows kadzik e-mailing john podesta and saying a hearing, the clinton e-mails are coming out. he's in a senior role at the justice department and, oh, by the way, another freedom of information act case involving clinton's e-mails, that is moving forward, a government filing and going to drag out when the clinton e-mails are released to the public. why is he giving that information? number two, kadzik didn't send it from justice department e-mail, he extent from gmail like he was trying to hide something. wikileaks says not so fast. the clinton foundation, there continues to pay-for-play allegations day after day, one crossed a short time ago we reviewed that ukrainian billionaire gave over $8 million to the clinton foundation, got a dinner at the state department and e-mail from 2015 saying he wants a face-to-face meeting with bill
2:26 pm
clinton he's getting frantic, why are we putting him off? there were a lot of stories about pay-to-play at the clinton foundation, but gives you a window number one if hillary clinton is elected, the people who have given millions of dollars and want to come to a clinton administration and cash in. number two, how many times have we heard the clinton administration talking about ukrainian ties to paul manafort and the fbi looking at that. it turns out bill and hillary clinton have ukrainian ties they don't want to talk about. trish: how much did the ukrainian billionaire give? >> my records show at least $8 million while hillary clinton was secretary of state. he could have given more in the last couple of years. while she was secretary of state, $8 million. trish: boggles my mind, if you know you're going to run for president, and she did, why do you expose yourself to this in the first place. ed henry, great to see you and .
2:27 pm
following the wikileaks stories for us. mary ann marsh and joel walsh. she knew, everybody knew she was going to run and had her eye on the prize, why allow yourself basically the exposure to all of this? why take $8 million from a ukrainian billionaire and then give him a state dinner? >> a couple things, trish, i don't think -- she made a final decision much later than most people believe, and can you believe that or not. trish: sure. not so fast. i have to believe -- no, no, no. that's not something you just wake up and decide to do. >> no, i'm just telling you given especially after this year, she weighed that clearly, do you want to go through all this. that was a very much later decision than you think. trish: i don't think so, i'm going let that one pass. >> there's no pass there.
2:28 pm
number two -- trish: you're saying she didn't know she was going to run, but that doesn't make it right either, right, mary ann, in other words, you are secretary of state. it's sleazy to allow a guy to donate $8 million to your family foundation and then agree to give him a face-to-face dinner! >> a couple things, the first i heard of the donation is just now with ed henry. i have no idea about that. what i do know is if i were the trump campaign and donald trump, i'd be far more concerned about the fact that there is an intelligence investigation into the trump campaign and their connection with the russians. that's a serious thing that going to go past this election, and don't underestimate just how serious that is. trish: yeah, but they cleared donald trump himself. >> nope. that's not true. trish: they did. we reported on that story yesterday. paul manafort is being investigated. he is the former campaign chairman.
2:29 pm
>> trish, trish, that's fox news reporting. trish: joe, representative walsh, you are dying to get in, what do you want to say. >> trish, hillary thinks she's untouchable. the woman lives according to different rules. why trump? why is donald trump on the verge of becoming president? because the american people are sick of this! john podesta is hillary's campaign chairman. one of his good friends, are you serious, is overseeing this latest e-mail investigation? my god, why is he even on the case? trish, they live according to different rules. and we are sick of it. trish: can you see even among the e-mails her staffers trying to clean up the mess after her. >> they know. trish: mena camden, one of her people made the comment to john podesta, sometimes bill and hillary clinton have the worst judgment. is this the case? i would argue this is bad
2:30 pm
judgment to be running the foundation and allow this murkiness to exist! >> first of all, it's the fbi that's overseeing the e-mail case right now, of huma abedin's e-mails and they've had them for weeks. so the fact that ed henry and everyone at fox can plow through thousands of wikileaks and the fbi can't get through huma abedin's e-mails before the election, pretty unbelievable. number one. that's a fact. they have hillary clinton's e-mails, they have huma's e-mails. >> hillary clinton should theoretically should have her e-mails, by the way, she did have the e-mails, she chose to bleachbit them all? >> they have them now, they've had humas for weeks. trish: 33,000 e-mails, do you think they're in there? >> plows through thousands of e-mails and reports on them, it's amazing that the fbi can't do that. >> trish, trish.
2:31 pm
trish: you say they have the 33,000 she deleteed? >> all i know is that they have the e-mails that are relevant to the investigation that the decision was rendered in june, july by comey that said there was no classified material, and it will be hard to get this done before the election. trish: they might have some of the 33,000. >> don't you think they should present that before the election? trish: shouldn't she have not deleted them? look, go ahead, congressman. >> no, trish, back to what mary ann said, it's not an issue of judgment, it's arrogance. this woman believes she's untouchable. the clintons have always believed they're untouchable. a clinton crony is overseeing the latest e-mail investigation. trish: i don't know how it happens, i really don't. look, anywhere else in the world, anybody else would be in serious trouble for deleting evidence because that's
2:32 pm
effectively what this seems to be. anybody else, and meanwhile, anybody else would think twice about who they were accepting money from if they had a in addition to which their spouse was secretary of state. i mean, there's got to be a chinese wall and unfortunately didn't seem to be enough of one here. that's what makes folks nervous. congressman walsh, mary ann, i'm going to see you in a little bit. don't go anywhere. >> okay. >> are you one of the 24 1/2 million americans who cast your vote? might you be suffering buyer's remorse? in four states you can switch your vote, you can do that. find out how people are taking advantage of this. that's next. the pursuit of healthier.
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trish: are you one of the 24 half-million americans have already cast your vote and you feel like you might want to change that boat because there has been some developments in the new cycle. for any democratic voter who has already cast their vote for hillary clinton and has buyers remorse in other words
2:37 pm
you want to change your vote wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. if you live here in michigan or pennsylvania or minnesota you can change your boat to donald trump. we will make america great again. trish: in these four states in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania and in minnesota voters can't recall their ballot and change their vote not once, not twice but three times. are a lot of people doing this. not very many people are doing this not many people have done this in the past. these laws have been around before and we've have some last-minute changes in public opinion on occasions.
2:38 pm
every vote counts. and we are seen those campaigns. we did see pretty significant turnout. did they cast votes. as they had pointed out. they are not great forecasting.
2:39 pm
one bad a sign for hillary clinton's they appear to have less african-americans turning out they will have that resolved in time for the election. if it's not resolved one would think the advantage in that case would go to trump because that's certainly a town that she is counting on. they cast a huge percentage of votes. if you can get there early in the morning.
2:40 pm
if you're trying to go to multiple polling places may be the strike would be a problem. it is certainly an interesting one. i guess that is a little bit of a public service message. the former governor has pointed out it could hurt the democrats. slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine. i'm working to boost linda's immune system to help protect her against you, shingles. zostavax is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults fifty years of age and older. zostavax does not protect everyone and cannot be used to treat shingles
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trish: the fed have their big interest rate decision today. nothing. the market was not being terribly effective. we're done about 28 to 40. before the interest rate announcement came out. here something is moving. gold hits a one-month high today. they are seeking some safe haven inductions. crude oil is closing down almost 3%. the more supply you get. after the bell we will have it. they are anticipating a 70% increase do two strong sales. these goofy glasses.
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yeah. well, we gotta hand it to fedex. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. trish: hillary clinton is adding a campaign stop in michigan. the have of the presidential election. suddenly pouring more money into michigan that were once considered safe bets. there's a tightening race with republican nominee donald trump. they are campaigning for hillary in the great lake state. he blasted hillary clinton over the fbi's investigation.
2:45 pm
here he is. >> she has brought the situation onto herself. she's got nobody to blame but herself. in a closet no one to blame but herself. i'm sure she's blaming the fbi. all in the final days before the election. all of which are states that voted democrat in 2008 and 2012. they are back with me and congressman is incredible i
2:46 pm
know you are forecasting this all along. we warned people not to count donald trump out. he continues to be one. the second investigation into the fbi. with the trend. increasingly congressman on his side. do you think he can win. she was trending down before commie came out on friday. i just keep thinking about this one word. enthusiasm. trump's trumps voters are enthusiastic. hillary has this great big a political machine designed to pick up people and drag them to the polls. trumps supporters don't need to be told.
2:47 pm
hillary supporters have to be begged to vote. i think in a close race that can make a difference. a number of states arizona. it's this race. there is a trump under vote out there. if he is within a port or two there are a lot of people that are not being measured by these polls who are get a jump out there because again people on trumps side are so enthusiastic and she doesn't have that. people keep citing carter and reagan. nobody thought reagan could do it.
2:48 pm
>> here is why. you look at the actual facts donald trump can only when the white house under two scenarios. that's one scenario. pennsylvania is gone. michigan he won't win. ohio he is up i won. i'm not sure about arizona narrow path. i just outlined the states that trump has to win. and he is behind in all of them. i think that tells you everything. the only reason they are going there there trying to shut the door on donald trump everywhere.
2:49 pm
the person that is not actually speaking to the pollsters. that's can get this can get out there and vote. my goodness. all along we had been proven wrong who is to say that this polling data is as accurate as mary and hope that is. marianne knows this. as the national poll comes down and tightens trump's path gets a robot wider. everyone of these battleground states becomes a dead heat in the is almost where we are now. the states follow the national number were almost in that territory right now. >> very quick i just wanna let our viewers know i will be here this weekend. i will be here 2:00 p.m. for a regular addition of the
2:50 pm
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trish: a small boston law firm is being accused of creating one of the largest straw owner schemes ever uncovered. the law firm to millions of dollars to many top democratic campaign including president obama hillary clinton and senator harry reid. now clinton is becoming the nation. as she should. they refuse the nearly $130 until investigators are in fact illegal. our own ashley webster is here. >> it doesn't look good. this is an earth. the same one that unearthed the story on the catholic priests. $1.6million donated to political committees democratic political
2:55 pm
committees between 2010 and 2014. this turns out that the tiny law firm. they were essentially really -- reimbursed for the donations through bonuses. it means someone uses someone else's money to make a political donation but does it in their own name. >> if these guys our partners in the law firm then theoretically it is all of their profits their money but there is a law that bans this type of thing after this kind of level. with the amount of dollars were talking. >> allows it.
2:56 pm
it is a scale of what's going on. and they release a document saying when the contribution was made you would think. they say we thought this was legal. it doesn't sound good in denmark. by the way congratulations to you and congratulations to me into the entire team here at foxbusiness enter all of my producers you saw the commercial that we just played. were killing the competition. thank you ashley. we will be right back.
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i will be here with the intelligence report and at our normal time 2:00 p.m. eastern so do make sure you turn in. it will be an interesting weekend. it's amazing to think about how time has just flown. with some breaking news here. we are learning exclusively of voter fraud allegations in a particular county in florida. at this hour. it comes as donald trump swings through the states. they're facing a constitutional crisis. in warning of the ramifications of our president. clinton for her part is on her


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