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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that's beyond the margin of error, this is a lot bigger than it had been before. obviously affected by events over the past week. >> i would caution, today is a day where there is a poll for everyone, whatever is out there, all over the place. so, there you go. risk and reward starts right now. now: a tied race, a dead heat in the final until the election. this as the 26th round of of clinton campaign wikileaks e-mails are out. we've got the latest details tonight and liz mcdonald is in for deirdre bolten. risk and reward. hillary making only two campaign sites. and they're going to work with a campaign blitz. seven surrogates in seven battle ground states racing at break-neck speeds to 16 campaign stops in hopes of of reversing the polls and turning the focus back to trump.
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we've got former president bill clinton, daughter chelsea clinton and even the wife of the vice-presidential nominee, tim kaine, and they're having three separate events during this hour alone and hillary's campaign making last minute ad buys, a six-figure push in colorado as her lead in that state drops and hillary changing the tenor of her ground game. critics now calling her out for taking the high road when the polls are going up and hitting the low road when the poll numbers going down. >> he goes low, we go high. he calls women ugly, disgusting, nasty, all the time. he calls women pigs. when they go low, we go high. he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women. when go low, we go high.
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>> he said she put on some weight and it made him angry so he called her miss piggy. called her miss housekeeping because she's a beautiful latina. >> when they go low, you go high. >> used to go back stage at his beauty pageants and he would barge in on women while they were getting dressed. >> you heard it, the motto was when they go low, we go high. and she brought back accuser alicia machado to her latest campaign. and aj, good to see you. hillary really going negative. >> she has to because the polls are going in mr. trump's favor and when the press says she's taking a negative turn now. she's been negative all year. so what we're seeing with alicia machado. this is a widely discredited individual and a judge in venezuela came out years ago
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and said she threatened to have him killed. this is not someone respected in the hispanic community and when hillary clinton speaks to her as a latino and remind me what it is you're doing for the hispanic community because it's only donald trump who by curbing legal immigration is going to help the working class latinos like my friends and family, hillary clinton is doing nothing for latinos. >> the media attacked donald trump and they treated him like a guy who-- an outsider, you know, not to be respected. they mocked him. they ridiculed him. made fun of him and the whole issue with women. we've heard from women saying, listen if a man does that to me, i'm going to go up to him and tell him knock it off, enough is enough and don't do it again. and i think that donald trump says, i apologize, i won't do it again and let's move on to policies, is that it? >> he apologized for what he said on the tape and the ridiculous stories that came out were debunked one by one and the facts didn't add up and we're focused on the issues and
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he's showing he's not behind what mitt romney was with women in 2012 and we hear this media narrative that donald trump is doing bad with women, the facts don't back that up. >> he's tightening there and they're calling the deplorable 2.0 comment and hear this hillary lashing out for trump supporters after a heckler called bill clinton a rapist. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous behavior of of people who support donald trump. >> called that people who support donald trump, right, aj? >> it's got to be hard being married to somebody and defending somebody who has been accused of rape. as newt gingrich said in the sister station, the only one
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who has been is bill clinton. >> and justice department official caught giving clinton chair john podesta when the state department would start releasing hillary clinton's e-mails, related to that private e-mail server. it happened in may 2015. peter castic, the assistant u.s. attorney general and e-mailed john podesta, heads up, there's a house judiciary committee oversite hearing today and the civil division will testify. likely to get questions on state department e-mails. also another filing in the freedom of information case went in last night that indicates there will be a wile before the state department posts the e-mails. then john podesta forwarded the e-mail to the inner circle of the clinton campaign and added, quote, additional chances for mischief. let's explain and back up, about mr. kadzik.
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they both attended georgetown and dined together. what do you think, more conflicts of interest? can we expect that from-- >> and there's a firewall there. when they have their professional hats on. this just underscores mr. trump's message that we have to drain the swamp. the corruption in our government and system is getting out of control under president obama, it will quadruple under hillary clinton presidency, god forbid. we saw this with loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton in the back of an airplane with the spouse of someone who is under investigation. we see it with the clinton foundation's pay for play scheme. the clinton foundation taking money from seven foreign regimes while hillary clinton is secretary of state. we have to drain the swamp and kick the bums out. >> and built object the backs of u.s. taxpayers. >> on the backs of the little guy. >> who have a vested interest preserving their jobs making money off the backs of u.s. taxpayers. donald trump has been mocked and ridiculed and he says i want to take down this culture of corruption. watch this, new reports that the department of justice
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official peter kadzik previously donated to mrs. clinton. numbers coming in, a lot of money coming in between kadzik and the clinton campaign. what do you make of that. >> drain the swamp, every day with wikileaks coming out a different reason that mr. trump is vindicated in his message. i understand some viewers have policies they they don't like, but savales the american way and a binary choice here, it has to be donald trump. we can work out differences on policy later, but we need to clean out the corruption, we cannot allow the clinton crime syndicate as they call it to get back into the oval office. >> this is the issue, basically the media doesn't get it and the people who backed bernie sanders are just as mad. paid people to go into washington to give our jobs away and donald trump is saying in you have is enough. >> absolutely. >> thank you. and so much. i know fair and balanced, we did reach out to the clinton campaign to invite a staffer to come on the show and they,
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again, declined. we have a new poll showing the latest fbi investigation, it's a classified information on newly discovered e-mails, taking a toll on hillary clinton. donald trump now more trustworthy than hillary clinton. trump with 46%, to hillary's 38%. hillary dropping a big 7 points there. trump pressing the issue on the campaign trail. >> hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server, in a closet to shield her criminal activity. hillary is the one who engaged in a corrupt pay for play scheme at the state department. and now, there are five fbi probes into the clinton foundation. hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an insecure server putting the safety of the american people under threat. hillary is the one who lied to congress under oath, she lied about turning over her work related e-mails.
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she lied about sending classified information. and she lied about using only one device. >> let's take it to our political power panel, and we've got democratic strategist sasha burns and nice to have you both here. sar sasha, looks like the latest issues are hitry hillary hard. >> well, the race has definitely tightened. a lot of that has to do, liz, when you have two unpopular candidates with-- which we do in this campaign, really what you want to be is the candidate who is not being talked about, because the more the people learn about you in this kind of environment, the less they like you. so, for example, when trump was the one in the news, with all of his disgusting goings on. then his numbers were a lot lower. but at the end of the day, you know, the polls that matter, they may be tightening, but she still has the numbers, he doesn't and we'll come out on tuesday. >> there are now five separate
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cases probing hillary clinton's inner circle, here is donald trump calling on firing john podesta. we're not going to take that, sorry. basically, we're talking about five separate cases. what do you make of that? >> well, first, i've got a quick question for sasha, is she honest and trustworthy? >> more than trump, absolutely. >> i wondered if you were willing to be honest. >> i just said more than trump absolutely. >> no, no, when you have a fbi investigation that went for 16 months and the fbi director concluded that hillary clinton lied multiple times not just to us in the media, to the american people, but also to congress, you've got to know that she's-- >> you're making that up. >> absolutely, did she not say, did she say she used multiple devices or not? >> you're making that up. >> did she say i only use one device? did she say that? >> you are making that up. >> did she say that? it's a simple question, you can be honest.o, no.
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no. >> did she say that? >> the way you're putting that out there. she had-- the way you're putting it out there. >> it's simple. >> it's totally false. >> it's simple. >> not at all what comey said. >> tray gowdy put it out there. >> sasha shah, i want a respectful conversation with you, there's no need to lie. >> okay, the question, coming back, the question is how can hillary recover from this, sasha? it's pretty bad what's going on. the numbers are tightening for donald trump. >> once again, if you go to the battle ground states, basically what would have to happen is that trump won every single tossup that is and took a blue state. it's know the going to happen. everybody gets hysterical when the numbers get closer to each other, but she's still got the race. >> hold on, he is moving higher in the quinnipiac in ohio, if he gets pennsylvania and two or
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three states, nevada, nebraska, colorado, he's got a path to victory, i'm sorry, guys, we have to leave it there. we'll have more on the electoral college map for you an update later in the show and this power panel is coming back. we have a business alert for you, we've got shares of facebook and fox business parent company, 20th century fox both slightly in the red after market, after reporting quarterly earnings are out. ashley webster in the news room. >> both the companies posting pretty darn good numbers, no accounting for the fickle analysts, let's begin with facebook, why don't we. earnings per share coming in at 1.09, way above the estimate of 97 cents, revenue coming in just over $7 billion. that's up 56% year over year, and again, both sides of those equations, the eps crushed by facebook and they even have 1 billion users that were active on phones only.
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so, an ad revenue for mobile devices for facebook continues to do very well, 84%. all of the revenue came through the devices. let's look at 20th century fox, the parent company of fox business and oh, so much more, good numbers. the eps coming in that beat the estimate. revenue coming in at 6.51 billion and again, that's up 7%, beating the estimates overall. higher cable ad revenue helping the numbers for fox. higher affiliate fees and also total revenues up year over year. one thing that was mentioned on the conference call i was listening to, liz, from chief executive james murdoch, he said, look, fox does not have a quote, heightened appetite for m and a, mergers and acquisitions after the at&t-time warner deal and i thought that was interesting and fox, of course, is care i going the baseball world series, gone to game seven and they're excited about the game
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tonight and hope there's going to be lots of pitching changes because that means much more opportunities to run commercials. and also, fox biz better than the last quarter. overall. >> thank you, ashley, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> the first comments after the hillary e-mail fbi investigation was president obama coming to hillary's defense saying who hasn't made mistakes. but that's not what the president said a year ago. we have the tape. we also have former republican congressman and trump supporter dr. ben carson. he's here to react. that's next, don't go away. this man creates software, used by this bank,
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>> has she made mistakes? of course, so have i. there's nobody in the public arena over the course of 30 years that doesn't make something. but she is a fundamentally good and decent person who knows what she's doing and will be an outstanding president. liz: president obama weighing in after the fbi announced yet another investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. this time the devices used huma abedin and anthony weiner. he's calling it an honest
5:19 pm
mistake and vouching for her to the american voters. and it's a different tune from 60 minutes a year ago. listen to this. >> it's important for her to answer these questions to the satisfaction of the american public and they can make their own judgment. i can tell you that this is not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. liz: joining me now, former republican presidential candidate, trump supporter dr. ben carson. so good to have you on the show, sir. thank you for joining us. dr. carson, why do you think the president changed his tune about hillary's e-mail scandal over the past few weeks? >> because he's a politician. that's what politicians do. you know, the truth doesn't matter and you know, you can go back and find videos of him, you know, calling her the most corrupt person in the senate and on and on it goes, and then you can find one saying she's the most qualified person to be president. does that mean the more corrupt you are the more qualified you are? maybe by his definition.
5:20 pm
but it's so foolish. and the good thing about all of this is that it's so apparent that even a fool can see it. liz: yeah. >> you know, sometimes you need things to be incredibly apparent. over the last few weeks, there's been so much stuff coming out. one after another, that you'd have to be virtually blind not to see what's going on in terms of corruption with hillary clinton. liz: you know when president obama was asked about what he thought about fbi's james comey's letter to congress coming so close to the election. roll tape. >> i've made it very deliberate effort to make sure that i don't look like i'm meddling in what are supposed to be independent processes. we don't operate on innuendo, we don't operate on incomplete information and we don't operate on leaks. liz: leak, innuendo, incomplete information, does this sound like the president is taking a
5:21 pm
shot at the fbi investigation here? >> it does sound like that. it also sounds like he's forgotten about all the innuendos made about the guy operate other side. you know, if the american people really stop and think what kind of example do they want to put in front of their children. do you really want to take someone who has all of these criminal allegations and put them there? and the people who says it's a chance for us to have a woman for the first time. do you want the first woman to wind up being convicted of a crime and put in jail and maybe not have another one for a long time? there are millions of outstanding women. maybe one of those should be the first one. liz: mishandlingclassified information, an honest mistake? wow. an election bombshell, this time aimed at bill clinton. pay to play. this could be the very first pay to play charge leveled at the clinton side of the aisle.
5:22 pm
an investigation into the bill clinton's 2001 pardon of marc rich, accused of tax fraud, racketeering, tax evasion, of selling oil to the iranian during the u.s. embassy hostage crisis in iran. we've got new heavily redacted documents, the fbi conducted a sweeping investigation into charges that the pardon, that bill clinton's pardon was actually a payoff for $1 million in donations to the democrat party, including $450,000 to the clinton library foundation and money going toward hillary clinton's senatal race in new york. we've got one fbi update march 29th, 2001, new york conducting a sensitive investigation concerning possible corruption surrounding the pardons granted by former u.s. president bill clinton. another memo dated february 15th of the same year reads it appears that rekwiert pard-- required pardon procedures were not followed.
5:23 pm
dr. carson, what do you think? we're having technical difficulties, getting dr. carson up. let me give you the lay of the land here. the marc rich disclosures pointed that that james comey was working this as a prosecutor and critical of the clinton pardon at the time. dr. carson we have you back, what do you think of the pardon of marc rich given that james comey had worked that case back then? >> well, you know, obviously we knew about that a long time ago and you know, people didn't seem terribly excited about it. now, the reason i think that people are more excited about it now is because it's piling on to all the other things that we've heard, and it's just confi confirmatory of the corruption that's been going on, really, for quite a long time. liz: dr. carson, thank you for your time. come back to the show. you're terrific. really love having you on. thanks again. >> thank you. liz: wikileaks uncovering more
5:24 pm
evidence of donna brazile coordinating with the clinton campaign. more e-mails. we have democrat john peebles telling fox there should be a government investigation into what was going on between cnn and donna brazile. we'll have the details next. don't go away. when it comes to healthcare,
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>> wikileaks uncovering even more evidence of donna brazile coordinating with the clinton campaign. those leaks came out. a cnn producer e-mailing to do a piece on the shake-up. hillary clinton lost badly to bernie sanders. what does she do? she tips off the clinton campaign and she tips off john podesta about the plans. this is what we're doing and podesta wrote back, we're pushing back on the story, the campaign is not in meltdown mode, it's not true.
5:28 pm
donna brazile wrote back, i pushed back hard on this on cnn and david axelrod. he's been a democrat operative and then podesta sending back for the tip-off. we have real estate billionaire suggests an investigation. >> this is more nan just a liberal slant to a he had to are -- this is more than a liberal slant to editorial process. wouldn't this be a matter that the fcc should be regulating or investigating? because this undermines our democracy to a degree and by the way, i'm a democrat. liz: you know, dare i say, that this is on the level of what the new york times had to 0 deal with with jason blair fabricating stories, janet cook fabricating stories at "the washington post." i'm not saying that cnn fabricated anything.
5:29 pm
i'm talking about credibility. they need an outside ethics panel, some entity to probe cnn and why aren't they doing that? are they afraid of of things being found out about the network? >> you know, it's just this whole situation, it's disheartening to me. i met donna brazile in a green room earlier this year and seemed like a nice lady, but these are troubling and they should be troubling to people like sasha, that it appeared to the democratic party rigged the election from bernie sanders, someone who seemingly has integrity. i don't see bernie sanders supporters standing by hillary clinton when they see they treated him like a joke, and played this thing from the beginning. i think this is a troubling sign on many levels in terms of what the media is willing to do and what political establishments are willing to do. liz: it calls into the question the credibility of future cnn debates and hillary clinton
5:30 pm
could be accused of cheating, she got the information ahead of time and what do you make of a democrat calling for an investigation know what donna brazile did at cnn? >> well, 0 on that, i think that's about as much as the hundreds and thousands of republicans talking about what should happen with trump. so, you know-- >> wait, we're talking about cheating involving-- we're talking about cheating involving-- >> and would a democrat says, that particular democrat. i think that cnn definitely has to do some sort of investigation because well, look, they have lewandowski on their pay roll while he's paid by trump. there's so much going on. >> they were already aware, everybody knew that. everybody knew cory was on the payroll and-- >> cnn has had sort of a strange situation going on this election. i don't really understand what they're doing over there. so, yes, they do need to do an investigation. liz: the final word. >> i think there needs to be oversight from an independent third party.
5:31 pm
you can't expect the unit to investigate themselves. liz: thank you so much. appreciate it. next up, we have another heartbreaking case of cops targeted for assassination. the suspect in two separate ambush style attacks, he killed two police officers. he's now in police custody. in a separate incident in another state, a suspect caught on tape attacking yet another police officer. trump national coalition vice chair and if you want this to stop, do not elect hillary clinton. >> it doesn't look like there was any interaction between the officers. however the coward is who shot them while they sat in their cars. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it.
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so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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>> saturday and sunday get ready for the election with our live weekend preview featuring fbn's can't miss morning and must-see mid day lineups and stay tuned for smart insights, including a special two hours, this only on fox business network. li liz:. >> in all appearances it looks just like these officers were ambushed. on the surface right now, we're just a few hours into this. it doesn't look like there's any interaction between these officers and whoever the coward is that shot them while they sat in their cars. that's the best we've got right now. definitely it's danger out there. there's somebody out there shooting police officers.
5:36 pm
we hope we find them before anybody else gets hurt. liz: the police overcome with emotion. it's a hardbreaking story. the manhunt for a suspected cop killer has ended. iowa police say that scott michael green, he shot two officers in separate ambush attacks while they sat in their patrol cars. with me now, trump national diversity vice chair. thank you for coming on the show. we're learning the suspect m a history of confrontations with police. he was jailed for resisting officers, who tried to pat him down. what is your reaction to him being on the streets? >> god bless you first and god bless america, first and foremost, send my condolences to the families of these police officers. you know, what's happening in our nation with the police, the morale in the police department, the animosity toward police in general when you only have really a few bad apples that are spoiling it. most of those officers are out
5:37 pm
there risking their lives every day to protect us and it's a deep cut to me as an american citizen to know that officers are not safe out there and that a person who has been so violent toward officers was-- was at large. >> you're right. you know, the chief of police say there's a clear and present danger to officers. and thank you for that. >> yes. liz: the shooting making its way on the presidential race, hillary clinton said, there's implicit bias in law enforcement and she just canceled her get out the vote event in des moines, iowa and this comes after she had campaigned with the mothers whose children were killed by police officers. hillary clinton had been talking up the racial divide. let's listen. >> we know we face the continuing challenge of systemic racism, called racism a basic problem of humanity, of
5:38 pm
democracy. those words ring true today. the issue of systemic racism has come up time and time again. and i felt compelled to address it directly. >> how do black voters feel about that? you know, systemic racism, implicit bias with law enforcement? what do the black voters think? >> you know, most black people-- most black people respect the police. you have, like i said, bad apples in every profession and you have police officers that do the wrong thing that are rogue, but i would say that most white people have a great respect for police officers when-- >> hillary clinton is saying there's systemic racism with police officers, that's what hillary clinton is saying. >> that's what hillary clinton does, she's a politician. she's trying to play to the emotions of people. she's trying to mislead people and she's trying to get a vote. she knows if a touchy sensitive situation with african-americans, especially when you have certain
5:39 pm
situations where there have been interactions between african-americans and police officers that were not good. african-americans died. and then you've had situations where white officers or police officers were killed as well. so, with hillary clinton, she's trying to get votes. she doesn't care about police officers. if she did, why would the fraternal police order be endorsing donald trump? they know that the environment, that police officers are working in in fear now have been created by this democratic party that did not protect our officers, that did not stand for officers and i'm talking about all the good officers, not the bad ones. liz: i love your reaction to this. we checked, the department of justice has launched an investigation into police shootings and people warranted, but we found virtually no doj investigations when it's in reverse. we don't see any recent doj probes into the shooting and assassinations of police
5:40 pm
officers, and cops being shot. what do you think of that? >> i think it's because they don't want it to appear that they favor police officers because again, the department of justice, we know now is very political. we know that loretta lynch has-- was obstructed, even hillary clinton being-- a grand jury being convened against hillary clinton. right now our department of justice is under a microscope for, you know, obstruction of justice, as well as being politicized as opposed to looking at it from the law, instead of taking care of the nation, they've been taking care of hillary clinton. liz: thank you so much for your time. i appreciate you coming on the show and please come back. >> thank you so much, god bless you and god bless with america. liz: you, too. wikileaks release 26 is now out. the e-mails on the clinton campaign, one exposing more clinton camp collusion with the secret context of the department of justice.
5:41 pm
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>> this investigation will continue whether she wins or not, but assuming she wins, and the investigation goes forward, and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the constitution, the house of representatives would engage in an impeachment trial, they would go to the senate and an impeachment proceedings and removal would take place. >> that was homeland security chair mike mccaul on fox news predicting what could happen, speculation, if hillary clinton eventually-- we don't know if it's going to happen, gets indicted by a grand jury over a private e-mail server, that's way down the road, may not happen. however, my next guest says
5:45 pm
there's a glaring double standard off hillary clinton's perceived mishandling of classified information, versus the consequences lower level enlisted personnel would get for the same. her navy sailor son just started a one year sentence in federal prison for leaking classified information, she's with me on the set. he's in prison for one year? >> yes. >> and you have a one-year-old granddaughter? >> i do. my son has a beautiful wife who stood by him through this and a beautiful one-year-old daughter. >> he was taking selfies on a nuclear sub and caught images behind and had it on his phone, is that what happened? >> the ones that they brought into the case, there was not-- he was not in the photo. so it was just pictures there was a area where there was a treadmill. she is were in the engine room, considered classified. and we talked about it before, may be people who haven't
5:46 pm
heard, this happened in 2009, there were no cell phone bans and many young men were reprimanded, reduction in rank and $560 fine. unfortunately, my son's cell phone went outside of the military area and was brought to the attention of the fbi when they became involved. and so, it became a federal civilian case be and so, he is presently serving one year in federal prison for that. >> so images on a phone, versus the handling of-- or perceived mishandling of classified information and her subordinates. what do you think of the double standard? >> the double standard is this, both are mishandling the information, if you read the statutes based on the law. having classified information on an unsecured device. my son had photos, hillary clinton had e-mails. there's no intent required for mishandling. what changed my son never transmitted and the judge
5:47 pm
clearly stated that my son never transmitted any of the photos and an e-mail is transmitted over and over. here we have not the actual thing on a device, but transmission of that. what concerns me is the double standard, she's not held to the same standard as every other average american patriot. where my son it is in prison, general cartwright and >> we have a wikileak showing a headsup to chair podesta, hearings and department of justice. >> did your family have the same justice department connections? >> no, absolutely, we don't. i mean, i think that's how many average americans have those connections. and the reality of it is that shouldn't matter, whether we have connections or not. there's laws in place in our country and they should be followed by everyone. we should all be held to the same standard.
5:48 pm
liz: do you think this is why hillary's trustworthiness is dropping? donald trump is in the lead with 46% in terms of being more honest than hillary clinton? do you think this is maybe voters or catching on to stories like yours? >> well, i hope so. i'm hoping that the american public are recognizing the fact that this is blatantly out there. you can't hide this. maybe one or two things happening and then could say, well, maybe it's a publicity thing or a political thing. but over and over and over, e-mails, things have been exposed as to her lying. she's changed her story. first two debates she stated i made a mistake, she actually admitted she made a mistake by having the server in her home and doesn't have to be held accountable. i don't understand that and a lot of people are questioning that as well. liz: kathleen, thank you for your time. i know there's a facebook page if you want to say the name of it. >> please, thank you so much. first, please pray for my family. pray for all of us as we go forward in this fight. it's not just about chris, it's about everyone, every american patriot. our facebook site is
5:49 pm
americanpatriotsagainstdouble standards. liz: american patriots against double standards. thank you. give our best to your son. >> thank you. liz: we'll be thinking of you and thanks for coming on. we've got gasoline futures skyrocketing 15% after monday's explosion and fire at the colonial pipeline in alabama. one person dead and a half dozen injured. >> we've got a fire, looks to be a gas line explosion. cannot access-- >> now, this pipeline delivers about a third of the gas on the east coast, bringing the expectation that prices at the gas pump could start rising until the line reopens. after the fbi's new hillary e-mail investigation and pay to play allegations. donald trump now urging democrats who already voted to change their ballots if they've got buyers remorse.
5:50 pm
and washington freebie con managing editor, says that trump is surging in certain key stones. he's going to show which ones next.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyers remorse, wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. liz: after a fbi hillary clinton investigation into those e-mails, basically, classified information, possibly on anthony weiner's devices and also huma abedin, we've got donald trump reassuring early voters they can still change their minds if they want.
5:54 pm
take a look at this voting map. it shows the electoral college votes and where they're headed. less than a week away from the election, many battle ground states tightening for trump. my next guest says if national polls continue to narrow, more paths could open for trump what's the path to victory? >> as it stand now, the path is narrow. there's been a significant tightening in the polls, in states like north carolina, nevada. and states leaning towards hillary clinton and they're now pretty much toss-ups. the path is to win all three of the states and pick something off currently in hillary clinton's column. colorado comes up, wisconsin, that trump was discussing, a bit more of a stretch. but not impossible. that's the path that it stands now. if it narrows. >> pennsylvania, ohio, too. a state law looking to be passed in colorado i think
5:55 pm
amendment 69 basically about a single payer system to solve the obamacare problem. how is that going to play out. >> it's a significant thing and it illustrates something that i hope people keep in mind. there's a lot of important stuff on the ballots besides the presidential race. amendment 69 is essentially universal health care for colorado. it's singer payer and there are uninsured people even with the passage of obamacare. it would dwarf the current budget of colorado. liz: aaron, is the obamacare, basically the-- in collapse, is that helping donald trump in the swing states you just talked about? >> yes, of course. i mean, i think -- i think that it is. i think the clinton campaign, you know, in so many ways, faces the problem that it needs to keep its base motivated by staying close to supporters of president obama, so she can't really afford to create too
5:56 pm
much distance. she's closely associated with that law. liz: looks like arizona, colorado, maine and washington, they're going to vote on a higher minimum wage and looks like raising the base pay 40%, 60%. do you think that this will help donald trump in those states? >> well, that's harder to say, minimum wage proposals tend to do quite well at the ballot box and donald trump himself, you know, doesn't take necessarily a traditionally conservative line on things like this. he's a man that envisions the republican party to be more of a worker's party. and what initiatives that would have to his campaign. the fact is that they stand a good chance of succeeding in themselves. liz: aaron, thank you for your time. we'll be back after this short break. break. stay tuned.
5:57 pm
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shares of facebook down 7% post market after reporting third-quarter earnings. had a 56% jump in sales, concerns of a full year cost outweighing the results. charles payne, "making money" next. don't go away. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne, and we're just -- the finish line is six days away and donald trump trying to capitalize on momentum that began more than a week ago but a big lift from the fbi when they revived clinton e-mail probe. donald trump rallying supporters in florida. that is a must-win state for him, and warning that a clinton presidency, what it would look like. watch this. >> the work of government would grind to a halt if she were ever elected. she'll be in court for her entire tenure. and she'll be convicted.


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