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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we thank you for joining us. good night from new me @cvpayne. here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening. explosive developments, six days until the election and dramatic new details revealed about the f.b.i. investigation into hillary clinton's email scandal. we'll have our top story in just moments. all of this comes as donald trump is gaining against hillary clinton in the most critical battleground states according to the real clear politics electoral map. trump's path to 270 electoral votes is now wide open. clinton's lead in the real clear politics legal early to vote has narrowed to 46 electoral votes.
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just last week she had 126-vote advantage. it's clear voters are fed up with the mounting evidence of corruption in the clinton cartel. critics slamming president obama as well for interfering in the f.b.i. investigation into clinton's email scandal. that interference taking place today as he broke his silence on the matter to condemn f.b.i. director james comey for reopening the investigation just days before the election. >> whether investigation -- we don't operate on innuendo and incomplete information, we don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. lou: that's not the only troubling aspect it's supposed to be an independent and transparent investigation.
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a new wikileaks email shows assistant attorney general peter kadzik who is involved in the justice department tipped off john podesta and the clinton campaign about actions taken by the justice department last year. donald trump campaigning in the battle ground state of florida today said it's time to put an end to all the clinton corruption. >> out today, wikileaks just came out with a new one, a rigged system with more collusion blois illegal between the department of justice, the clinton campaign and the state department. the emails show the assistant attorney general who is involved in the investigation has been feeding information directly to john podesta and the clinton campaign. she shouldn't be allowed to run. lou: chants of "drain the swamp"
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is exactly what trump promises to do. among my guests, ed rollins, former u.n. ambassador john bolton and political attorney republican leader charlie speez and randy evans. a lot to talk about including new concerns about voter fraud in florida. the state's republican party threatens a lawsuit after election officials opened tens of thousands of mail-in ballots before they were officially verified. we'll have much more on the legal maneuvers taking place in federal court. our top story, breaking new developments into the clinton email scandal and the clinton foundation. fox news learned from stwoa separate f.b.i. sources with
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intimate knowledge of the f.b.i. investigation telling bret baier that president obama has painted himself into a corner with his statement to "60 minutes" last october in which he said the clinton email scandal was not a national security issue. f.b.i. sources tell fox tonight the exact opposite is true. america's security was in danger. we are also learning tonight as a result of the immunity deals, limited immunity deals with top clinton aides, including cheryl this and heather samuelson, the justice department agreed they would destroy their laptops after a quote narrow review, end quote. we are assured, we are told those laptops were not destroyed, and have been retained by the f.b.i. they are being examined by the f.b.i. right now in washington, d.c. the email investigation has been
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run by the f.b.i.'s national security division. they are also going through anthony weiner's laptop and they have found new emails from hillary clinton's private server and they are not duplicates of ones seen before. sources say that we'll find out soon whether any of those new emails contain classified information and there is another piece of news tonight. investigators are now 99% sure that up to five foreign intelligence agencies -- agents were able to hack into the hillary clinton server. now we are learning it was almost a certainty. joining me ed rollins. good to have you with us. these are blockbuster revelations. >> having spent a big portion my life in government and the white house.
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i'm appalled by all of this. this reminds me of the nixon administration which i was a part of. this is even worse. the most important investigation was the clinton foundation. all these stories show the f.b.i. was handy capped and to a certain extent they have done -- there are good people there who tried to do the right thing. lou: we would not know this if it were not for wikileaks and the good agents of the f.b.i. who are standing tall. >> i agree totally. they are putting their careers at risk and they believe in justice and something is wrong and they are going to pursue it to the bitter end. i'm appalled by it. every time i read something i think it will get worse and it does get worse. lou: it got measurably worse today. loretta lynch as attorney general came from the eastern district of new york, that
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court, and we find out the prosecutors in that court have been slow -- slowing the investigation. beyond slowing it. they have put up hurdles and all but stopped investigating. >> i found it amazing, the whole concept of her meeting president clinton. nowhere in those stories was it that he points her as u.s. attorney to that eastern division which has always been an important one, and reappointed her. there was a friendship there. lou: to the point it's making here. because she was running that office, most of the agents, certainly the u.s. attorneys are all appointed by her. >> no question about it. >> it puts up the proposition that maybe that's the reason in part that hillary's campaign
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headquarters are in brooklyn. >> the way they move forward -- i was on the judicious selection panel. how an assistant prosecutor moves up the system. they are loyal to their boss. she is now the attorney general. anybody in the there today basically wants a career has to click their heels and salute her or they will pay a heavy price. she is clearly trying to block this thing. lou: and she is certainly not doing it without orders. the president himself after having stood up for james comey for a couple of days has changed course, altered his strategy and is attacking him and the validity, the foundation of the very versus gaightss that are being undertaken by the f.b.i. >> i'm shocked by it. but i'm get together point where nothing shocks me. it is a political justice department.
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lynch following the predecessor who is the most political southern general i ever saw. she is trying to keep. i think to a certain extent to the country. this is a critical time for us. we need if get the truth out before the election tuesday. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. i can't help but worry as the republican party of florida is preparing to file a lawsuit because of voter fraud in florida. a federal district court judge in new jersey intervened against the republican party and has ignored the fact that the dnc, the democrat i can national committee lost three of its top leaders, necessity had to resign in disgrace. and the interim director handed over to hillary clinton two questions in advance of the
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meeghts and dee baits. >> if you are going to cheat on debate questions, actual cheat on everything. >> the person gave that from cnn, one would think. or associated with cnn. donna brazile, and the third fern none other than hillary clinton herself. >> i'm more than prepared to stand up there. she took it twice bass part of her preparation. but just the character of the person i think is laid out here in the sense she did take it and she used it. >> ed rollins as always. thanks for being here. >> stay with us, we have a busy news hour. lots of break developments, and
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there is a race for the presidency under way. we are coming right back with the latest on that next. stay with us. wikileaks reveals the justice department serves as little more than a tool of the clinton-obama political machine. >> this is one of the saddest things that has happened top our country. lou: ambassador john bolton joins me next with the latest wikileaks allegations and the obama. obamafighting to save hillary's crumbling campaign. crumbling campaign. she is struggle something keep
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lou: investigators are now at the outset 99% sure that as many as five foreign intelligence agencies were able to hack into the clinton email server and did put national security in jeopardy. that according to f.b.i. sources. a direct contradiction of course of president obama's assertion to cbs news last october.
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we are going to have that for you here in just a moment as we are now joined by former u.s. ambassador to if the united nations. john bolton, also fox news contributor. john, this is absolutely stunning stuff. if it is not -- if there is any question before, if there were any question before, that this has not risen to the level of a watergate, i would have to think most of those doubts have been suspended. >> it's truly incredible. today has been a very important day. let's start with the business of 99% certain that foreign services hacked hillary's computer. i think that is the sort of evidence that demonstrates gross negligence which is all the statute requires when you have got proof of harm to national security interests. it ties into one thing comey
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said. it couldn't tell whether foreign services hacked hillary's computer but given the nature of the services involved, meaning they were so sophisticated they didn't leave cyber fingerprints behind. compare that to the hack of the dnc computer and john podesta's email which the obama administration is dead certain was the russians. lou: 17 agencies signed on to that. and all that demonstrates is the politicalization of this administration and frankly many of our intelligence agencies. >> this is called potentially a false flag operation that a foreign service would leave evidence behind pointing in the direction of the russians. the russian agency that hacked hillary's computer was the smart agency. but the ones that hacked hillary
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clinton's and john podesta's emails was the dumb agency. lou: right now the dumb people are the people in the national liberal media who have been buying this clap trap spiewfd by this administration and the clinton cartel for years. and there is a day of reckoning at hands. >> i think your analogy to watergate comes close to home with one exception. we have not yet had a saturday night massacre. this is how james comey who has botched this thing beyond imagination by limiting the investigation on the national security front, by holding the july press conference one thing after another. here is how he can recover. he should go to the president and say in effect, back me or sack me. in other words, let me f.b.i. agents conduct the investigation
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of the clinton foundation, let them reopen the investigation of the national security aspects, and leave them alone. if you don't trust me to be in charge of that investigation after what you said about me today, then fire me right now. lou: i would tender a koirnlts proposal if i may. that is that he's staying exactly where he is. commit to the american people, he's going to find out everything he can. and every one of his investigators can as expeditiously and surely as he can. his agents need to be protected because loretta lynch made it clear she'll roll over them without hesitation. it is clear that not only has the justice department police politicized, it has been outright corrupted. they will obstruct justice, and that's what they have done for a year whether it's the public
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corruption investigation into the clinton foundation or whether it is the email scandal itself. don't you agree? >> i will take it one level further. i think comey should say in a letter to the president thate intends to do what the justice department should do which is pursue justice without fear or favor and that includes look at the president's email to hillary clinton which he used a pseudonym to cover his identity. e used private email channels communicating with her private email channels. this investigation could go up to the top. if the president is dissatisfied with that. let him fire comey. that will tell us what the president's intention is. lou: the good news is he can't actually fire comey, his appointment. >> he can try. he can argue for cause and say comey behaved incompetently. let's have it out.
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lou: i think in concert and cooperation, and full consideration. you and i put forward some ideas worth listening to at f.b.i. headquarters. ambassador john bolton, thank you. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, does the absence of a grand jury suggest the justice department and f.b.i. are not fully committed to a full investigation of the email scandal and clinton foundation. we would like to know what you think. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram@"lou dobbs tonight." the nasdaq down 48. volume on the big board highest in a few weeks. the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged while
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lou: a few thoughts on the clipperclip clinton cartel. and corruption. when they met aboard her aircraft. on 20th of june. they talked for more than a half hour, result as we learned from fbi director, no prosecution of hillary clinton, despite compelling evidence to support such prosecution. now we know so much more. about the close ties between the clinton campaign and obama white house, and politicized obama justice department.
11:28 pm
because of wikileaks, we have learned more about one particular doj official. one with a friendship with chairman of hillary clinton campaign, john podesta. assistant a g . e-mails podesta, a heads up in may, 2015, warning lawmakers might question witnesses about clinton's e-mails. that e-mail sent from kasic's private e-mail account, also notified that doj will cooperate in the re opened clinton probe. wrote we assure that you department will continue to work closely with fbi, and dedicate all necessary presources and -- resources and take appropriately as expeditiously as possible.
11:29 pm
we know that pure rank clap trap as well. we have now a year's evidence of slow going on the part of the justice department to impede the investigation of both o clinton foundation. and the clinton e-mail scandal. now, president obama breaking his silence, on the reopened investigation. >> we don't operate on incomely the information. on leaks. we operate based on concrete decisions that are made. lou: one concrete station was made at justice, perhaps higher. not to pursue the investigations. but the wikileaks e-mails reveal a close relationship between podesta and kasic. two men exchanging birthday messages, including dinner at podesta's home.
11:30 pm
kasic and podesta are pals that worked together, they went to school together, they are friends, there is nothing wrong with that writing, fantastic lawyer, kept me out of jail. kasic represented podesta back in 1998 over his role in helping monica lewinsky get a job at u.n. kasic also an attorney for mark rich. who was granted a pardon by then president bill clinton. in kasich a biography on the web site, he lead the effort to confirm loretta lynch. of corruption of judgment that is over womenned all of washington, a size able part of our public institutions. we have to en it, we have to reverse, and find the courage to take on the very real demons, that are controlling too much of our nation.
11:31 pm
in my opinion, donald trump is only one who can begin the long, difficult even wrenching work of draining the washington swamp. our quote of the evening, sacrifices we will have to make, if we're to restore wealth and opportunity we have allowed to be squandered by both parties, the lobbyists and those we electioned. the noble work to be done, if we're to save our nation, our values and generations of free americans from corruption that permiates all of washington. from theodore roosevelt, said. >> great thoughts peak t speak only to thoughtful mind, great actions speak to all mankind. let's pray we still have the freedom to act. we're coming right back. >> trump said that clinton cartel, and political saeb am will soon be over.
11:32 pm
>> with your vote you can beat the system. the rigged system. , deliver justice. lou: a federal judge is sides with dnc against the republicans and donald trump, and poll watchers. the system still rigged. we'll take up that important case, a lot more when leading republicans, charlie spease and randy evans here next. >> have you wondered what it is leak to surf high in the sky? we'll show you what it is like in this amazing video, coming up here next, we'll be right back, with gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary. and smart, like you! and i like that. i guess i am pretty smart.
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get your dot com domain at godaddy dot com. hey potus! lou: met to talk about paul ryan's future as speaker, members of caucus decided to talk about asking for a -- in house leadership in exchange for backing ryan for another term as speaker. i call that yellow dog politic, position would below on pecking order but first time a house freedom caucus member became a part of the leadership, that is leadership which that been fighting the peter'party's nominee. that is the leadership that is lined up with obama white house. the leadership that i believe is as inept as one can imagine. elections are consolidate
11:37 pm
slated for over in 15. -- november 15. joining me now charlie spease. >. both great americans, good to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: charlie, we start with this decision on part of district kmart judge -- a federal different cu district court judge in new jersey. monitoring to democrat, what is the heck was that? >> so this stems from a 1981 consent decree that democrats every 4 years. 35 years fresh. >> every 4 years they try to en tienen tim -- intimidate
11:38 pm
republicans from elect monitoring. >> what do you do with this guy? >> the facts are on the republican side. it does not apply to donald trump or to state parties, as long as republican national committee can show they were not involved, then. lou: it is good? >> i can't predict. lou: randy. is it good? >> everything is good, i talked with zonage john -- john, we walked through facts there is nothing to it, it is based on somebody they found in nevada who did not know what they were responding to, otherwise have you the cleanest rnc record ever, because an expiration date was set on this order. to expire late next we're, so,
11:39 pm
the net effect was, we on the rncsaid, don't come blows t close to the line, what so ever. there is nothing. lou: turn to what we're watching unfolded, charlie this has to concern you. we've learned from wikileaks, great report are of "wall street journal," and other sources, including fbi sources. that is one of most corrupt administrations since in my opinion, since nixon. that the clinton cartel is the most pervasive and corrupt to persist and survive overall most three decades. why would you or anyone else have risked putting her into the white house. what kind of sense of responsibility do you feel if she were to win? >> i agree with you, the problem is the obama justice department. department. eric holder to loretta lynch,
11:40 pm
trying to prejudge their friend hillary clinton that is unacceptable. lou: that is corrupt is it not? can those words flow from the lips of folks who live in the nation's swamp, of washington d.c., this is corruption, this is not american way. >> i think they are the most corrupt justice department in history, i have said that for a long time. lou: do we think it goes higher? >> at least unintentionally. >> your thoughts on this. clinton cartel, foundation, the operation. it is exhausting. it has gone unchecked for years, largely because over last 8 years of this
11:41 pm
administration, passivity if not compliesty. >> my grandmother had a great saying, saying a zebra can't change their stripes and here a clinton can't change their pattern of corruption. we'll have a pattern of corruption that just extended on and on. fact is that, it is like a cancer, corruption spreads. only way you can get rid of it, is to cut it out, you can't hope it will go away. it will shrink on its own. or it will not expand. you have seen it expand. it has expanded, rigging a primary, to rigging an fbi investigation, it will rig everything. that is what we're seeing. lou: do you agree with me, we would not be here if not for candidacy of donald trump who promised to drain the swamp, take on the establishment. because this corruption, this
11:42 pm
-- it seeps to both parties. animates them in some cases. >> i think that is perfect closing message for donald trump. i love the message, i hope he can stay with it, i think that clinton problem their corruption goes way earlier than donald trump. lou: i would hope so. i don't know what relationship they would have to donald trump. >> they were at -- >> for christ 's sake. >> if hell breaks loose and she wins, it is on your head, on romney's head, and all folks that took to position you just expressed, randy? >> well, i was going to say is that we have no reason, i would challenge clinton campaign to tell us something that they have done that was not corrupt, just pick one, something that you have done that was not corrupt. lou: we will wait for that, randy, we're going to break,
11:43 pm
making sure we're here for answer, randy and charlie thank you. >> thank you. lou: roll the video, what do you get, when you combine surfing, a zip line and parachutes? this is it. surf through the french mountain air, 2000 feet up, look at that crazy stuff, athletes, we have to tell you they are extreme zip across the mountains at 46 miles an hour on zip line before launching their parachute, they describe the work as, what dream are made of. dreaming. man. i would be screaming. up next, donald trump feeling confident about his chances in critical battle ground state tonight. >> we're up in iowa. we're up in north carolina. i think we're doing great in
11:44 pm
pennsylvania from what i hear. >> i'll talk about trump's rising fortunes with tony and katrina pearson here next. stay with us, we'll be right back. this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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lou: joining me now, trump
11:48 pm
campaign national spokeswoman katrina pierc pearson and republican campaign strategist tony sayag. part of the reason is what is happening in the battle ground states, those polls show a reversal of enthusiasm, a reversal of commitment to vote. and select of candidates. >> absolutely, two weeks ago on mainstream network they talked about polls, and writing off the trs trump campaign, i have been had to remind them, mr. gap has been able to close bigger gaps than this, people are going back to what they have always done, they look at the economy and healthcare. lou: which states are most impressive right now. >> movement in virginia, colorado, michigan, they are promising.
11:49 pm
lou: do you think he will win in those states. >> i think he could, i have said from day one he is going to win in november, i think he will win big. >> i think he is locked in ohio, florida, nevada, and it looks like north carolina right now. those were most important for him to do early as far as getting the momentum on his side, that is established. but between, where is hillary clinton going? they are going to michigan, to wisconsin. they are going to pennsylvania, rely abily democratic states for most of last 4 decades, because donald trump populous message in particular on the economic,s resonate in those states. lou: i am no clairvoyant, it looks to me, that people are just getting sick to death of the corruption that is revealed, whether it is wikileaks, "wall street journal," fbi. whatever it may be. all we see is more corruption,
11:50 pm
within the clinton cartel. that includes the foundation, and her state department, and her campaign now, and obama administration's justice department. this is now, a responsible question, not just a farr question to ask how high does it go in obama administration. lou: i think that is why you see president continuing to be out there, attaching himself to her, i think they go down today, we have a sittingu president who is actively campaigning for someone who is under criminal investigation. >> and this beyond e-mails now, we're now talking about public corruption, went clinton foundation, mr. trump called it in primaries, he called her crooked hillary. >> public corruption, and mishandles of classified information if she is found
11:51 pm
guilty, he is by law is disqualified for holding legal office. she could be disqualified from being president of the united states. lou: there is a high likelihood, she will be headed to federal court. court of public opinion righ right now is making it clear, they are tired of her corruption, the excuses and the lies, they are turns to guy who says drain the swamp. he does not add the word, i would have. >> a message he should stick to, two things happened in last week, one on powerful failure of obamacare, other, a character measure, hillary clinton fbi investigation reopened, and american people don't need to us tell them when to think about, that they know i lou: as i have said, about the trump candidacy, nice to hear a guy interested in the oval
11:52 pm
offers sayin office saying we and us, not i and me. >> america first. lou: like that ring. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, donald trump said the last thing this country need its a crooked president in the white house. pastor darrel scott will join me next, we take up the, of, is there a possibility we can rips corruption from our the midst. recover our capital? that would be nice, pastor darrel scott will join me next. at old dominion, we see freight... a combination of products and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service...
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lou: we asked in our online poll, do you believe donald trump is the on one who will actually drain the swamp. 96% of you said yes. joining me now the senior pastor darrell scott, great to have you here. we just shared with you and audience our highly scientific poll on the expected roll for donald trump. .you believe that he is now in a position to take this thing home on november 8? >> he's in a very good position. i joked with him recently. i said you have more lives than a cat.
11:57 pm
he's in a great position to bring this home. the american public has been educated in these last two weeks greater than at any other time in this campaign, the things donald trump has been saying are absolutely true. there is a lot of corruption coming out of the democratic party that infiltrated the highest level of government and america. lou: in part what donald trump has had the vision to take on, and to really criticize is the culture of corruption in washington, d.c. he hasn't given republicans any kind of break here at all. he means both parties, he means everyone when he talks about draining the swamp. and that is personally and probably for at least i'll speak for the folks i know, they think that's a grand idea. >> it is a great idea. donald trump is not at the end
11:58 pm
of anyone's string. we see from the wikileaks disclose hours how the clinton foundation is a cash cow. but donald trump can't be bought. you aren't going to pay him $5 million. it won't make a dent in this pocketbook. he doesn't owe anybody any favors. he can't be bought an won't be bought. as a result he can be honest and upright and forth right in his dealing in washington, d.c. once the swamp is drained there will be and lot of silt at the bottom of it. lou: it won't be an easy task, not even someone with donald trump's leadership and capabilities. it's going to take a lot of folks and he's been clear about that. it will require some sacrifice as well. i want to turn to you about the diversity of the base for donald trump and the degr to which you feel the outreach to
11:59 pm
minorities, african-americans, hispanics has been successful. we are six days away. >> i think it's been highly successful. there are a number of african-americans that -- out here -- i hear from a lot of them on the street. you saw the amount of inboxes and the messages i get from whraks and other minorities that say they are going to vote for donald trump because -- lou: give me a number. we are out of time. >> 25%. lou: accepted. pastor darrell scott. time for a few quick comments. shirley tweeted to us say the country may not agree ideologically but we should agree corruption in politics must go. that's it for us.
12:00 am
we thank you for joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: will the silent majority sweep donald trump into the white house? some suggest hillary clinton might be the one with the under cover support. if ed mcmullin wins utah he could be a possible spoiler and disrupt the election. bill weld said what? he had some interesting words about his feeling for hillary clinton. politics is a hell of a drug. as we have grown addicted to main lining election drama.


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