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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 3, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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we're camping out. i'm going to be here, i'll see you at 2:00 p.m. for "intel" saturday and sunday, and the network starts operation at 6:00 a.m. with maria and we're going right through to the end. in the meantime "like" my facebook page, tell me what you thought of today's show. that's it from d.c., liz, over to you. liz: we're bringing futons because we'll be here over the weekend. will she or won't she? hillary clinton expected at a rally in winterville, north carolina, she has yet to comment on the fox news story breaking regarding the year long investigation into the clinton foundation revealing interesting details. live to her speech on the campus of pitt community college to see if she tackle or dodges it with five days until election day. donald trump on his way to a rally in the tar heel state as well. he appeared in the critical swing state of florida eager to
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bring up the fbi investigation. donald trump claiming hillary clinton broke the law by putting the office of secretary of state up for sale. and in the last hour, the trump campaign working to close the gap with women voters by sending wife melania on the trail for the very first time. republican ed rollins and democrat robbed zimmen on all the drama unfolding plus whether the final appeal to female voters will strike voter gold with 50% of the electorate. on wall street investors pressing the pause button as oil swoons below $45 a barrel. five days to go before the presidential election, let's start the "countdown." . liz: okay, give you words here, uneasy, restless, nervous, just a few words to describe the markets right now. take a look, the s&p 500 down
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five points but again wrestling to end a bigger issue here. it's historic engine failed but right now just can't get it done. the broader index on track for eighth consecutive day of losses, something we haven't seen since the heist the financial crisis. not helping the case is facebook, one of the worst performers in the s&p 500. look at facebook right now tanking by 5.63%, looking to see lowest close in two months. after the social media giant warned of slowing ad growth for the coming year. one of the bright spots of the s&p 500, i like to bring the bright spot, fox business parent company, twenty-first century fox surging 7.25%, after posting 22% increase in profit. cable network revenue, that includes fox business everybody at $3.8 billion. and call it the inventory hangover, oil falling to six
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week lows after record build of 14+ million barrels of crude supply stumping investors. light sweet crude down 1.5% but more important is the bigger number here, $44.69. so below 45. gold retreating after two-session climb of nearly 3%. the yellow metal struggling to hold onto the $1300 an ounce level. we're at 1302. let's peek in at the rally in winterville. there is a difficult backdrop for her. the "wall street journal" report involving secret recordings of a suspect talking about the clinton foundation. now the substance of these recordings may be at the center of the latest fbi investigation into secretary clinton, but so far importanto stress the arrow's being aimed at the candidate have yet to hit hillary clinton's bull's-eye. everybody else around her swept into the wikileaks issue and the fbi issue, but it is important to note that
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everybody on the screen, from john podesta to cheryl mills to houma abedin are in the secretary's circle. will it be guilt by association? bring in a guy at the inner workings of the fbi, he is fbi assistant director ron hosko. have you and expert eye seen anything specific that las oos hillary clinton to any kind of crime? >> not as of today but we are seeing what seems to be a lot of smoke. and smoke is what very often predicates fbi investigations. when they investigate some of that smoke, they may see sparks, they may see fire or see a bit of fog, and so that's their job is to penetrate that smoke and find out what's behind it, but between the take that is in the fbi's possession on the laptops, the work
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related e-mails that we have heard about, the things coming out of wikileaks right now. the books, the comments about the intersection of power and influence, i think there's plenty here for the fbi to have predicated investigations and to be moving forward with all deliberate speed. liz: so we're using the arrow analogy, the arrows are flying, they haven't hit hillary specifically. get to the "wall street journal" report. there are recordings that supposedly came about from a separate corruption case unrelated but agents decided they wanted to pursue it and word is that higher-ups had said stand down. why normally do higher-ups say stand down or back off? >> you know, there are often legitimate differences of opinion in the predication for a case, or what sort of case the fbi may have. and i say legitimate because i think they are very legitimate differences of opinion and typically that means go back
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and find more. build your case with the tools that you have at hand, and then we'll move to the next level. that happens commonly and often it forms a better case and more cohesive investigator/prosecutor team. if the difference here is that someone wants to protect or buffer hillary clinton from an investigation, that's an important distinction to make. now i'm being told there were important meetings at d.o.j. early this year, and that the fbi was not told to stand down but to go back and gather additional facts, not discontinue, not turn off the investigation and, in fact, i don't believe any investigations were turned off. liz: look, a good investigator does not reveal evidence until he or she has everything to present on the table. the best we can do is get from sources which fox news has been working on but experts like you and former u.s. attorneys, and i bring that up, governor
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william weld who is a rival of hillary clinton's, running on the libertarian ticket, he's a former brilliant u.s. attorney and in an interview with cnn, and he's told other outlets multiple time this issue, here's what he said recently -- again, bill weld was a very tough u.s. attorney. what do you make of that? >> you know, the opinions in this case about what jim comey did and when he did it are so divided. coming over here the other day, i opened the "washington post." here's an opinion piece by bill barr, respected former attorney general saying comey did the right thing and right next to it opinion from eric holder saying comey was wrong, and the gap between the two things was about this thin on the paper.
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that's the gap jim comey is trying to walk through at night in a hurricane. he's in a difficult position but confident he's doing the right things for what he believes are the right reasons and the fbi will grind forward towards the truth. liz: i need your gut reaction before we go. is there something there that we don't know yet? do you think things are held back from the american people? >> absolutely do. we are in election season there. are d.o.j. guidelines, so i think there are legitimate reasons to fly under the radar during an election season so as to not appear the influence. i think there is plenty under the surface, i think we're going to find there were intrusions into her network, huma abedin, mills and others, how sloppily they did their work and we're going to see the intersection between power and influence with the clinton
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foundation. liz: thank you so much, ron was former fbi assistant director. watch fox business' special election 2016 weekend programming this saturday and sunday. we have top-notch guests all day, the coverage begins at 6:00 a.m. i'll be here 3:00 p.m. eastern, both saturday and sunday. all the way through to 9:00 p.m. eastern and the news is fast developing, and with that regarding the election, plus the fed's nonmessage that it came out with yesterday, nonmove, uncertainty is prevailing for you the investor along with the traders, too. we're watching the s&p 500 at the moment. this is a one week picture, it's really struggled and cannot end historic lowing streak at the moment. right now the s&p is nearly flat it. may flip, who knows? it may end the eight-session losing streak. one stock firmly in the green trying help boost the s&p index higher, marathon oil. it's the top percentage gainer
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on the s&p 500, it's up a pretty significant 10.25%, standing at $14.10 after the oil exploration company reported better-than-expected quarterly results, is that energy name enough to get the s&p over to the flat line? let's get to the floor show. tim anderson at the nyse, the psychology is reflected best in my opinion, not the s&p but the volatility index, which if it closes up today, spiking 11% for the fear index, that would match the longest streak since they've been keeping records as i understand it. what are you looking at? >> well, i think that aside from oil being weak for the last seven or eight days which matches the decline in the s&p and consistent selling in ultrahigh-beta momentum stocks, google, amazon, today facebook, the market's holding in fairly well.
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you've got a couple of volatile days, but other than that, the declines have been very small. the transportation index has been holding 8,000. that's a little bit of a positive. though we do have, obviously, tremendous uncertainty built up toward the election next week. that's why you get a bump in the vix. liz: transportation index standing at 8,075. within that are the airlines, the choo-choos, the truckers, that is significant along with ups and fedex. ira, oh, god. >> take off that hat! take off that hat! go cubbies. yeah, yeah, okay, all right, let's do this, ira. i'm sorry, we're going to do. this next year, ira, next year. >> my hat's off to you! [laughter]. liz: our hat's off to you, go
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cubbies, they deserved it. let's get on what's happening with the bank of england. they juiced the european markets and certainly the pound sterling against the u.s. dollar because they said they're done, lowering rates, cutting rates, do you expect the fed does what it didn't do come december, that is tighten rates? >> i think they're going to tighten rates, are we at a watershed moment where a number of central bankers are going to say maybe that's enough. i'm not saying this rates have to go up but maybe share through with the easing process, and i think that's what we're looking at. i think the bank of england, i think the ecb would love to be able to do the same thing, i'm of the opinion as you look at bank after bank, they're backing away from the easing programs and backing away from them, that's the same as watching the u.s. if it raises rates take that edge and hurt our currency in a strange way because trade will be hurt down the road.
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liz: yeah, s&p down 6 points, looks like it was awfully close to hitting the flat line. here are dow leaders. allen oil down 2% today. what's significant is it's below $45 a barrel. record increase in inventories yesterday. skepticism that opec will ever get a deal together, what else? >> well, the numbers that came out wednesday are the biggest numbers we've had since they've been keeping records. we have downside in the crude oil. looking to 42 to $42.50. i think we're going to get rhetoric from opec which is going to prop up the market come november. liz: apparently they have a document that outlines long-term strategy and we're hearing that the long-term strategy is, i don't know, a very official term. great to see all of you, congratulations ira. >> thank you! >> you bested the curse, finally. ira, allen, tim, thank you.
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programming reminder, tomorrow, 8:00 a.m. eastern, maria will bring you the october unemployment report. the expectation, 175,000 jobs, this is the last jobs report before election day. do you not want to miss it, 8:00 a.m. eastern. closing bell about 47 minutes away. up next, charlie gasparino working on exclusive story regarding the possible next treasury secretary. charlie breaks it next. and we're awaiting hillary clinton to take the stage at pitt community college in winterville, north carolina. we'll take you there live as soon as she comes out. will she address the breaking news items that came from fox news starting yesterday and the "wall street journal" overnight?
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his campaign finance chief seems to be pretty much slotted in as treasury secretary if he wins. here is the interesting thing. there will be more names. these are names i was able to get. function of what sources i had. new jersey governor chris christie at top of list for attorney general. rudy giuliani at the top of list of homeland security advisor. here is the catch on christie. trump campaign officials concede this to me, he is involved in a pretty messy deal, federal investigation and trial right now in new jersey involving "bridgegate." the closure of the george washington bridge as payback to one of his political opponents i believe the mayor of fort lee which is adjacent to the bridge. liz: yes. >> that trial is going on. christie hasn't been charged in the trial. his name is all over it. liz: he is not been charged.
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>> two men in charge are direct under legs of. liz: a woman is involved. >> he denied that. long and short of it is, if his name, donald has to win first, okay f he does win and christie's name keeps getting dragged through the mud, there is good likelihood he disnot get attorney general. sensitive and huge job. christie was federal prosecutor. appointed by president bush. considered a decent prosecutor. liz: tough one. >> tough one. qualified for the job. liz: went after ivanka's husband father. >> food point. considered very good at the job. if this at the same time carries over and politically unpalatable to get him through senate confirmation, there will be a chance of a flip between rudy giuliani. rudy giuliani will be the first choice from what i understand, to be attorney general.
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former mayor of new york. former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york which is the most important law enforcement position, particularly white-collar crimes and mob crimes in the country is the southern district covering manhattan, the bronx and every borough except for brooklyn and long island that is the eastern district. i believe westchester is covered too by the southern district. that is where they are. they are cobbling together a cabinet. ma knew chin, interesting choice. for donald trump to turn into a establishment guy -- i like minute knew chin. trump likes him. involved in economic policies. smart guy. measured guy. i think he would be excellent source. liz: a hollywood producer. produced the "american sniper" and lego movie. >> lego movie makes him perfect
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for the job. liz: smart producer. he has the midas touch in hollywood. >> he knows what he is doing. my view, personal opinion, every now and then we devolve into opinion. he would be better secretary of treasury than jack lew or geithner. liz: the mere fact the names are floated, psychology in the trump campaign -- >> it definitely changed. they understand up hill battle. a lot depends on african-american vote. does the clinton campaign get it out as much as through the obama campaigns did? and you know, flipping, you got to flip a couple blue states. you have to flip nevada. you have to definitely win florida, right? liz: florida is the key. >> got to win ohio. he has a tough road. because it's there, because it's possible, they are now put together a cabinet. those are the names i got. i tell you what i know. it's mnuchin, treasury secretary. really wants him. rudy as homeland security.
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christie as attorney general. unless something really more bad comes out on "bridgegate." then you see the two switches. who knows what christie gets. maybe gets nothing. liz: charlie gasparino, breaking it here. thank you very much. closing bell, 38 minutes away. disney leading the dow 30 thanks to string of hollywood hits. the mouse house announces a company record of $5.85 billion in global movie ticket sales through the beginning of november, powered by 2016 hits like "finding dory," "star wars," "zootopia." those three at the very top. disney a billion dollars shy of universal's all-time record of 6.9 billion in revenue. disney up 1 1/3%. a lot of you guys own that somewhere in your portfolio. up next, thinking of hollywood. a hollywood ending for the chicago cubbies. got to give it to them and share long suffering fans. they weren't the only winners.
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>> this will be a tough play. cubs win the world series! bryant makes the play! it's over! the cubs have finally won it all! liz: i noticed that you put the ball in his back pocket. fine, they did it. chicago cubbies won series first time since 1908. beating my cleveland indians by a whisker, 8-7.
3:29 pm
went all the way to 11th inning, game 7. what the delay. can't take it. woke up, that's what i saw, champagne wishes. cubbies fans celebrating into the wee hours. check out a crowd outside of wrigley field. they were hoisting the w flag. ratings are in. chicago cubs versus indians. that was the most watched world series game 7 since 2001. it drew approximately 40 million viewers making it one of the most watched world series games of all time spirit of being a gracious loser, five days to go where you vote for president, i will set an example for presidential candidates and voters out there. yes my side didn't win but i'm still proud of an happy for the cubbies. >> whatever. liz: that said, we was robbed. >> robbed! liz: we was robbed.
3:30 pm
rigged. the whole thing's rigged. >> whole thing. liz: congratulations, cubs. whatever. see you next year. closing bell, 31 minutes before we hear it ring. twitter's vine withered and gone. vine's founders resurrecting what appeared to be dead. get ready for the hype. lori rothman in today's tech minute. the trump campaign making a last pitch to women, asking melania trump to carry the load. robert zimmerman and ed rollins whether they can see trump and her as a first lady. "countdown" is come being right back. ♪
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>> i'm lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange with today's fox business tech minute.
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg promoting his video first vision to investors on the company's third quarter earnings call. he believes within five years video will rule over words and photos. he want facebook to lead the content drive that should bring in ad dollars. >> fitbit dropping to a new fifth two week low. instead of letting vine wither on the vine creating a new app, called hype. it has different shaped windows and smooth other media into the live stream. reaction to the street from potential next first lady, melania trump. ♪
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liz: we've got breaking news here. fox news has just revealed an updated electoral map. it has shifted in donald trump's favor. here's the map. hillary clinton now has 283 electoral votes. new hampshire has according to the fox news brain room, come out of hillary's column. it is now a toss-up. that is booed for four electoral votes. they have put ohio into donald trump's column from having been a toss-up to now leaning republican. this is the race as tightened to a complete dead heat. there is new "new york times/cbs" poll showing that the candidates are within the margin of error. three short weeks ago, same poll showed hillary clinton with a 11-point lead. i'm joined by member of democratic national committee of new york, hillary clinton fund-raiser, robert zimmerman, fox news political analyst and former principal white house advisor to president ronald reagan, ed rollins. robert, begin with you, let's be very clear, hillary has
3:37 pm
commanding lead. she is above 270 electoral votes. donald trump needs to ramp it up if he is able to overcome her, but this can't be comforting news to hillary clinton. >> let's also be very realistic, if donald trump won all toss upstates in your map he would still not reach 270 electoral votes in order to win presidency. obviously this is close election. liz as you know i was saying months ago this would be a close election. but what is significant to watch, whether it es the "cbs/new york times poll" has a slight lead of two or new "abc news/washington post" tracking poll that shows hillary clinton up by three and regained enthusiasm that she lost from last week, or for that matter shows her up by 6%, bottom line these polls are really not relevant to the analysis. you have to look at states electoral vote. donald trump has not only win every tossup state to be competitive he has to flip a couple of democratic states. i think hillary clinton has a strong ground game.
3:38 pm
i think she is in good position. liz: ed, can he do what robert zimmerman can do. robert is one of my dearest friend. wearing one of his ties. >> always great to be with you, ed. >> and has has smart analysis. this is dead-even race. bottom line we don't know where it will be on tuesday. either side can win. you have to concede that. trump had momentum this last week. he is moving and closing some of these states. it always been inside straight you have to draw to because advantage democrats have on electoral map. it is getting very, very close. trump can win this thing. liz: partly the shift comes, robert, no one can deny this, from escalating pieces of news regarding the fbi investigation, more wikileaks. right now, hillary clinton is about to take the stage in north carolina. eleanor holmes norton, the representative from that area, is speaking at very moment. she has yet to comment, meaning
3:39 pm
hillary has yet to really comment on all the news that even broke yesterday. will she? >> first of all she has commented on issue of the fbi. she has encouraged the fbi to release all the emails in question. i think it is important to remember that as far as wikileaks goes, to the credit of the clinton campaign, they're not going to empower vladmir putin and russia by allowing them to undermined our democracy by stealing emails, alteringnd . we'll focus on issues. that seems to be working in the polls. liz: but here's what else is working. donald trump's latest attack he is pushing if hillary clinton is elected, listen, there will be constitutional crisis. she will be mired in legal issues. and voters that like her, ed, millenials and women very much on her side can they be swayed? >> some can. reinforcing trump's republican base and women in the fold and independent voters.
3:40 pm
having lived through watergate, richard nixon won 49 states. 61% of the vote. spent incomes two years basically bogged down as part of his administration bogged down in these kind of crises. the thing hurt her, 70% of the country doesn't think she is honest this all reinforces that. that hurt her terribly. >> let's remember if i could point out, while donald trump is engaging in slander and speculation about hillary clinton we know for a fact come november donald trump is going to stand trial over fraud involving trump university. we also know that trump foundation is so caught up in corruption and crimes even donald trump publicly would not acknowledge that his foundation is following the law. that is reality. what trump presidency will involve, investigations into fraud over trump university. more crimes involving his foundation. liz: and yet, those, seem to certain people's ears as quote, old stories. they are legitimate certainly. all of these stories are legitimate. this isn't innuendo.
3:41 pm
this is fox news and "washington post" and investigations by the associated press. >> and issues. liz: both sides are coming through. >> my friend is very good on sound bites. liz: by the way there is president obama live in jacksonville, florida. he is out there campaigning. >> he is very good campaigner. he may help somewhat. at the end of the day here though, people who want change, vast majority of americans want change, trump is the change agent. if you vote for hillary get same old thing. plus all the controversy. liz: she is beating him on change in certain polls. >> some polls but he is beating her on honesty. that is what it may turn down. >> liz i would never play poker with ed rollins. he can draw inside straight. as far as donald trump is not drawing inside straight to win this. >> we'll certainly try. we'll certainly try. liz: you had your own troubles raising money in the past. >> it has come in dramatically past couple weeks. we raised more money than any other pac. we've done it dramatically last couple weeks.
3:42 pm
we basically met all of our goals. i think campaign itself basically met its goals. liz: listen, i can remember late summer, robert, we were showing a letter from the donald trump campaign saying, in essence we'll take 10 bucks. this is an emergency situation. doesn't fool like that right now. >> liz, let me ask you, if i remember, maybe i'm wrong, didn't he claim he would be self-funder because he is very rich? did he claim he would put $100 million into his campaign? those promises were a scam. much like his business and much like his rhetoric. liz: we have to end it there. the electoral map shifted now very slightly but by 18 here. ohio, 18. new hampshire four. and this is benefiting at least for the moment donald trump. however hillary clinton, still has more than 270 electoral votes which is what he needs. >> gambling sill legal. let's make another bet. you buy me pretty tie if trump wins. >> i buy you a tie for christmas every year, guaranteed.
3:43 pm
liz: both of you buy me chocolate. >> you're in. liz: i'm mediator here. >> up to the voters now. >> up to the voters. >> robert zimmerman, democratic strategist. fox news, political analyst. do not miss the best night election coverage in the business. we have live continuous coverage november 8th. that is the day, the night, beyond. from the polls opening to victory speeches. watch it all on fox business, fastest growing network in all of cable.
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liz: breaking news. hillary clinton has just taken the stage in winterville, north carolina. we're monitoring this to see if she makes any comments about anything from wikileaks to fbi investigations, or for that matter obamacare. open enrollment beginning this
3:48 pm
week for those depending on obamacare, but many windows are closing. in arizona specifically, there is now just one insurer left offering obamacare plans. premiums in the state are up more than 100% in come counties. it is hitting wallets of those that need affordable care the most. jeff flock is in talking about problematic obamacare has become for some people. reporter: it is, liz. comes at a terrible time. sign-up started this week in the middle of presidential campaign. hillary clinton by the wayas here yesterday, she is a big player here. she had a big rally here in arizona yesterday. but she doesn't do well when it comes to obamacare in the state. take a look at the national premium increases. this is by far the number one state for premium increases. you wonder, how did this happen? well, the premiums are going up so much now because they were so
3:49 pm
little when it started out. as recently as 2014, if you look at individual counties, there were between six and eight options in obamacare exchanges. now as you report, most counties have just one option in obamacare. no competition, no low prices. how did they get there? kind of overpromise, underpromise, overdeliver thing. look what market is expected to be for obamacare in the state. they promised it would be half a million people signing up. instead more like 200,000 signing up. in the underpromise, overdeliver, not in a good way way, costs, health care costs. insurers anticipated an increase of maybe 22% in health care costs because of obamacare. instead, because more sick people were in it, not enough young, healthy people in it, the cost increase was actually 250%. no way to make money in that. a lot of people went out of business. a lot of people pulled out. that's where we are as the
3:50 pm
campaign ticks down here in arizona. liz? liz: donald trump has said he wants to repeal it and replace it. again this has become a clarion call for many republicans who want to switch this. i would be remiss, jeff if i didn't say congratulations to your cubbies. >> fixed it, lizzie. reporter: oh, i wondered if you were even going to go there. rocky is still living, the get is dead. liz: rocky colavito and his curse still lives. can't begrudge them that. it is fabulous. >> couldn't make any harder, could we? liz: anymore cringeful. jeff, thank you very much. again, hillary clinton is still speaking in north carolina. we're watching it. we're monitoring it. we're also monitoring this, the closing bell, ten minutes away. still lots of red on the screen. oil below $45 a barrel. the dow is down 40 points. could this be a throwback thursday moment?
3:51 pm
s&p on the track for longest losing streak in eight years. that is way back to the financial crisis, folks. we're bringing in 30-year wall street veteran and former senior partner at goldman sachs peter kernen. he joins me how he sees the economy and much more. stay tuned.
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♪ liz: hold on to that double half cap latte happen sugar in the raw. starbucks tumbling to one-year low ahead of its earnings announcement. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange, standing by with a preview of earnses.
3:55 pm
what is going on with starbucks? >> did you read ahead of the tape column in "the wall street journal." coffee is not winning recipe. backlash from the holiday cup, unity cup. ominous sign implied volatility, options market, reaction, anticipated once the earnings result will were released we'll see a 6% move in the stock price north or south. earnings up 27% from same quarter last year. 15% increase in revenue. struggles continue to be diversification and food sales to improve and get global sales also to enjoy a bump up as well. so we'll watch for that, as well as cbs. check out shares of cbs if you haven't already. we're looking for 11 1/2% jump in eps for the last quarter, for the media giant. cbs shares up 1% ahead of the report. you will want to focus on viacom as well.
3:56 pm
charlie has been talking about the possibility of a big push for the recombination with vie commodity. sumner redstone owns 80% of the voting shares in cbs and viacom. listen for any kind of news on that. liz:cbs gave me my first job in news, intern and production assistant as cbs in los angeles. s&p 500 is falling. on track for the lows of the session. is the crisis roiling it? is the election issue? bring in somebody that can talk both about those things. peter kernen, former partner at goldman sachs. you are a donald trump supporter. steer that charlie gasparino broke last hour that donald trump is starting to put names together for his possible cabinet if he were to win. peter minute new smyrna beach chin, former goldman sachs guy
3:57 pm
as treasury secretary. >> i do think that. he has grit intellect. he is like type o blood. you can pour him into any vessel. great for the nation if he was treasury secretary. everywhere he goes he creates success. that he is that kind of talent. liz: could see his signature on the front of a dollar bill? >> i would be happy to spend one of his dollar bills. liz: secretary mnuchin. markets seem to be spooked but you are not. why? >> gold is going up. gold miners doubled this year. everywhere you look, risk is up. this feels a lot like "brexit" did coming into it. "brexit" tumbled. anyone who bought really benefited afterwards. so i'm not saying trump is "brexit" but give the markets some time to adjust to the uncertainty. liz: there is bearishness.
3:58 pm
here is the volatility index. what is significant, folks about this, and we don't want to get into the weeds on some of these things, but when you see the fear index climb eight days straight, that would match the longest jump streak since they have been keeping records. what should people on wall street read into that? >> number one, there will be unbelievable punishment for any stock that you own that underperforms. if they don't meet their expectations they are going to get crushed. remember we used to have octobers that were exciting. till now october was month where you had crashes this is boring october. we had boring summer. all the volatility come in last couple weeks. a few days before the friday announcement. liz: do you see recession? let me throw that out at you. >> i feel very confident we won't have recession. signs of life in the economy are not robust but they're there. i think we're going to see some reaction to interest rate hikes, et cetera.
3:59 pm
i woo not be worried. manufacturing index and things are -- liz: we got first time jobless claims today, below 300,000. this is a number you want to see below 300,000. that is 87th week in a row. this is positive sign, is it not? >> there are positive signs. one thing i would say about the jobs report the most important ingredient is left out, and that is the market value of the job. one of the things we're doing is creating low-wage, entry level jobs replacing from great jobs. here is the dilemma. here is where i think the trump opportunity is. there are four million high-paying jobs open and available in this country that have not been filled. liz: we have skills gap. >> building that bridge, whoever leads our country has to build that bridge. liz: coming up to the closing bell. any issues you disagree with on donald trump? >> he is all wet on trade. we have to be export monster. we have to trade between china and india and these countries if
4:00 pm
we don't, give you example, general motors turned it around, they sold 2.2 million cars in china to turn it around. tough have great relations with china. [closing bell rings] liz: you think donald trump can trade his trade stance, would like him to. peter kernen, former goldman sachs partner. s&p 500 on pace for the 8th straight loss? there is the closing bell. david and melissa pick it up here on. david: looks looks like that's where we're going liz. major averages ending in the red for the 8th straight day. making it the longest losing streak for the s&p 500 since the financial crisis. hi, everybody, i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers. here what else we have for you this hour. as you know, five days before election day november surprises keep on coming. fbi and clinton foundation is just the latest wrinkle. how will this play out as the


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