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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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lou: they can do it quietly now. eboni williams, mike gallagher, appreciate it. that's it for us. thank you for joining us. on cash" author peter schweizer among our guests tomorrow, good night from new york.. kennedy: tonight with five days to go, the race couldn't be tighter. a bunch of new polls show trump within striking distance but can he seal the deal? more headaches for hillary as she tries to make a final push across the finish line and indictments reported to the clinton foundation shenanigans are likely. judge janine shapiro takes the case, are you looking to vote for third-party candidates but have no idea which one is best to vote for? the green party's jill stein is here with her pitch and defense claims to vote for her is basically a vote for donald. all right, grab a helmet. about to get ugly. i know, this
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election feels interminable, almost done, appropriate to paraphrase talking heads and ask, how did we get here? hillary clinton began plotting a run in the 70s. the 1870s, fresh off her civil war victory, directly inspired by lincoln. you remember. she knew she wanted the top job and a beard so she got serious about running for president and huma, but there was just one problem. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. kennedy: so poor. oh, my god! nothing was going to keep her from the white house, not this guy -- and the home of the brave♪. >> i want to strangle myself with his guitar string. or this guy, i hardly remember him. >> he's not around right now. kennedy: he was smirking about killing a guy in nam.
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it was much tougher to throw this hot sack of socialism under the bus. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too! me too! >> no, they still want to hear about it, bernie. of course her biggest obstacle was this human pile driver. ♪. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists and some i assume are good people. kennedy: there he was talking about hillary supporters at his rallies, before he could bite off a piece of the white power suit. before he could become the republican nominee, donald trump had one low energy bastard at a time. >> jeb bush is a low energy person. >> please clap. >> lyin' ted, lyin' ted. >> you know what they say about men with small hands. >> oh! >> you can't trust them. >> don't worry about it, little
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marco. kennedy: little marco! all the candidates were imprisoned by donald's mojo squashing button holing. >> a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight and when they come out of prison, they're gay. kennedy: enough about criminal justice reform, on the bruising primary battle donald trump became the republican presidential nominee where he could finally take on -- >> crooked hillary clinton. she's the devil. he made a deal with the devil. >> crooked hillary clinton. >> trust fund. >> that term has really stuck. kennedy: yeah, these two battle hardened rich old white people went head-to-head in three explosive debates. >> rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet, no puppet. >> it's pretty clear. >> you're the puppet. i will release my tax returns against my lawyers' wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. their lives have been destroyed
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for doing one-fifth of what have you done. >> everything he said is absolutely false. kennedy: boy, now you have the most important choice you will ever make before the united states vaporizes. if you pick wrong, so what are you going to do? what's it going to be? will you -- >> stand and speak and vote your conscience? kennedy: or will you -- >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. kennedy: tough call. yeah, almost likely comes down to this. president tim kaine. he's as ordinary as he is underwhelming. god help us all. glad you're here. i'm kennedy. . kennedy: now we know how we got here, what kind of insanity can we expect in the next five days? and how do we escape?
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let's ask the party panel tonight. sandra smith, co-host of "outnumbered" on the fox news channel. she's joined by comedian joe devito and glorious pocket square, and glenn hall editor at the "wall street journal," and we're ready to tackle our last show before election day. >> wow. kennedy: so sandra, i want to go to you first. >> what an honor. kennedy: this is a big deal. >> it is. kennedy: joe biden would call this a big deal. [laughter] >> this is the party panel, i have to remind myself. kennedy: absolutely. you pointed out on the "outnumbered" couch there were six october surprises. we are now into november. it's the last five days of the race, do you think the next five days are mellow? >> no, there probably will be more surprises, and one big surprise might be just how many undecided voters there are and how many minds can be changed. latest polling shows 92, 93% have firmly decided on who they are voting for. i don't know.
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beverly says the undecided voter doesn't exist, i think there are people's minds persuaded at this moment and you are going to see until the last day, everybody is crunching the numbers, doing the math, you will change the channel when you do that. it's a tight race. it's anybody's win. kennedy: here's what i realized about the undecided voter. in the past, maybe the undecided voter didn't feel they have enough information. we are oversaturated, they are against someone, they are by and large voting against somebody and that's what makes it difficult for them. you think this is analogous to the world series? >> well, because the cubs won so just about anything is possible. kennedy: that's absolutely right. >> from the beginning, like you imagine a road race where they fired a gun and both contestants kept marching backward away from the wind. that is awful. i think if there a day the government thought about dumping pharmaceuticals into
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the water supply, it's november 9th. fluoride, smoke them if you got them. the last five days, so much fun to see hillary clinton sweating like that and her supporters don't get to see that because trump doesn't sweat because he's delusional. kennedy: like she came out of a soulcycle class out of a sauna. bret baier had a bunch of bomb shells i'm going to talk to judge janine in a little bit. do you think people are paying attention to the contents of the e-mails? how much do the details matter if we get more this weekend? >> now more than ever. seen a significant move in the polls since fbi director comey announced he was reopening -- not reopening but continuing to take another look at the e-mails after the weiner and huma abedin revelations came out. that was something front and center in the campaign they thought they pushed back in the background. it's still out there. kennedy: i have a feeling people on intuitive level like
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this just won't go away. >> that's what makes everybody so concerned about it. on top of that, republicans are pushing on that front saying, well, we're going to keep looking at this even if she's elected. might impeach if she's elected. trying to make the weakness front and center in the campaign. kennedy: like when grandpa comes home from rehab drunk. you think he's taking care of the problem but he still smells like gin. like pine needles. new poll show this race is crazy close nationally and swing states, according to today's "new york times" "cbs news" poll. gary johnson and jill stein trailing with 5 and 4 points respectively and a margin of error plus or minus 3, the thing is a tie. sandra, what do you make of the polls, especially in florida? just too close to call. >> clearly the trump camp is focusing on florida. we've seen him down there many days in the past week or so.
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down there again today in jacksonville giving a speech. 4.4 million early ballots were cast in the state of florida. showing strength for hillary clinton. if you're going to take the trend we are seeing there, it is in favor of hillary clinton. a lot of work to be done. i don't know, all three look at florida, ohio, pennsylvania, you know, everybody says he needs two of them to pull this off, and historically going back to 1960, no republicans had won without two of those, no president has won without those states. kennedy: take a look at florida numbers. we've got them for you. there they are. 46, 45 according to quinnipiac an close to call in that state, when you're embedded within the margin of error. florida again, though? man! >> all of those electoral votes are so essential to any path and it's a blocking state in a lot of ways for this. florida again, and you know.
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kennedy: like the henrik lundqvist of politics. >> ohio must be feeling a little envy this year because it's not necessarily, the path may go through ohio, but goes through florida first. kennedy: it does, and they had the convention, the cavaliers won. indians made it to the world series! >> almost. kennedy: so joe, do you think that people are going to be influenced by this national trend of tightening and will donald trump actually flip it, because she still essentially a point ahead in all of national polls but it's only in places like ohio and in some polls in florida where he has a slight lead as well. >> coming down to florida, craziest state. florida is a casserole of americana, have you old people, immigrants, rednecks and alligators, a ply a lot of heat and say why don't you pick our president for us? it's nutty.
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i think the tightening the polls not so much the undecided voters, people are seeing possible indictments for hillary. and how do we hedge our bets? >> and explanations have not been satisfactory, they haven't. now that we're hearing more about the clinton foundation and possible indictments, i doubt those come before election day, i don't have the answer, some of donald trump's old republican campaign trail foes, they're stumping for him in the twilight of the election. ted cruz and mitch mcconnell they don't care about no stinkin e-mails, they're on the trump train. is this sleazy deal make hedging their bets in the party panel returns to discuss. first up, got to get to judge janine with the fbi's probe into the clinton foundation and those indictments. some say now likely, what does this mean for the election and for the future of the republic? she's coming up. she's next. stay here.
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. kennedy: all right last night on special report, fox news chief political anchor bret baier revealed the fbi investigation of the clinton foundation is a high priority, according to his sources. there is a significant chance there will be an indictment on pay-to-play charges and up to five foreign intelligence agencies hacked hillary clinton's private server. last time the fbi's investigation fizzled out. what's the difference now? and should bill or hillary or
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both of them be worried? judge janine shapiro host of justice with judge janine, talk about the indictments. >> okay, first of all, you cannot get an indictment until you have access to a grand jury, so all this talk about the fbi is going to get indictment is impossible. kennedy: they have not convened a grand jury. >> they cannot. in order to get a grand jury, loretta lynch who has done everything in her power to make sure she obstructs power to a grand jury and possible indictment they've got to get her permission. you can't call up and say i can get a grand jury on tuesday. kennedy: does this have to be a attorney general can, he go to a federal judge? >> no, he can't do that. i'm the d.a., i prosecute crime, you're a cop, you investigate crime. you tell me, you give me your reports and i decide whether i want to bring it into the system and prosecute. it's that simple. having said that, your tease
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should bill and hillary be worried? absolutely. what you've got now because of wikileaks, kennedy and because of the e-mails and because of the newspaper articles, we can dove tail all of this stuff where the campaign was doing thing, notified by the department of justice, notified by friends in the fbi. dumping this, you know, revealing that. withholding this. we now have what i've been saying. kennedy: destroying e-mails. >> destroying e-mails, destroying blackberries, i've said this for a year and a half. this is organized criminal enterprise, it is a rico, racketeer influenced corrupt organization and the crime family is the clintons. kennedy: will the clinton foundation element of this be the most damning? >> always been the most daming in my mind. the reason the personal server was set up was to protect their raising money. morocco, can i have five minutes with bill clinton,
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here's $12 million and what does the state department do for morocco? algeria, saudi arabia, they get the arm sales. this is the pay-to-play is outlandish. here's the problem, kennedy, the problem is you've got podesta communicating with people in the fbi and the d.o.j. have you cheryl mills, her attorney who got clinton foundation donors to invest in their own start-up company and getting favors from the foundation. this is -- these are pigs at the trough. this is huge. kennedy: well, we'll see if -- i've always said this is a future road map for other presidents how to get rich quick when you leave office. we'll see if president obama makes $100 million in his post presidency. >> here's the thing, if you leave office and want to make money, that's fine. if you leave office and use a spouse and her office to make more money and sell us and our national security secrets?
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which they say now everyone has tapped into. this is treason. kennedy: yeah, the lure of potential power from a future president and current secretary of state, it is totally unprecedented and we'll see how the whole thing shakes out and if loretta lynch continues to be that human shield. judge janine, thank you so much. always appreciate having you here. >> thank you. kennedy: lot of fire, lot of passion. love it! coming up, a vote for green party nominee jill stein a vote for donald trump? i will ask her. good doctor is
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. kennedy: welcome back, independent candidate week, green party candidate jill stein picked up huge endorsement from susan sarandon who is shattered hillary clinton nabbed the nomination
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away from socialist bernie sanders. democratic hopefuls are getting nervous about stein's impact on swing states saying in nevada and north carolina a vote for jill is just as good as a vote for donald trump is. she a spoiler? day three of third-party candidate week. let's ask jill herself, it's green party nominee dr. jill stein. welcome back. >> great to be with you. kennedy: let's talk about this a little bit. i'm surprised the mainstream media has taken an interesting authentic candidate like yourself, they were so obsessed with bernie sanders and you've got the embodiment of this new political tapestry and essentially ignored and you smothered your candidacy, what do you think about that? >> it speaks volumes they are a house of cards which is falling down. my campaign is a very inconvenient truth, that there is a politics of integrity out there. people have really had enough with these candidates from the very start, they were the most disliked and distrusted candidates in our history, and
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every day now there are more revelations about how both of them are, you know, walking, talking scandal machines, and people are clamoring for something else. 76% of voters wanted to have open debates, they wanted to know about these two other candidates who are their choices. the corporate media, the apologists for the democrats and republicans and the political pundits are doing everything they can to intimidate people into voting for the system and throwing them under the bus. kennedy: it's a commission, the commission on presidential debates should be ashamed of themselves. you agreed to come on the show and debate gary johnson, he would not agree to that. >> over and over. kennedy: i wanted to see you guys go head-to-head on some of the things you agree and disagree on. susan sarandon was a full throated bernie supporter, says she cannot vote for hillary because of the corruption. the fact that she is so against legalizing marijuana and that
12:24 am
she will not support a $15 minimum wage. >> and the warmongering. hillary brought us libya almost single handedly and she will lead the charge with a no-fly zone in syria and that basically amounts to a declaration of war against russia who is there under international law having been invited by the sitting government, like it or not, russia has the sanction of international law to be there. for us to declare a no-fly zone means get ready for war with russia. both of us have 2,000 nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. this is the most dangerous moment, according to the former president of the soviet union, mikail gorbachev who said this is the most dangerous nuclear moment. kennedy: we have to ask ourselves what happens when russia violates that no-fly zone? what would a president hillary clinton be prepared to do? now it's interesting because ron paul on msnbc and on this show talked about why libertarians would find your
12:25 am
candidacy attractive? and he talked about your stance on involvement in the middle east specifically, and foreign policy and also on civil liberties. there are plenty of areas where you and traditional libertarians diverge, but left-leaning libertarians could be most intrigued by your candidacy? >> absolutely. and we did have a forum with gary johnson on pbs and that's available on our website and social media, dr. jill stein or jill that's all he agreed to do. just this token of a debate. we were offered so many debates including here on fox, and i would challenge him now that my campaign is coming up in the polls, according to today's cbs new yorktimes poll, we're at 4%. >> gary is at 5. >> the american public deserves to know there are alternatives to this incredible scandalous corruption-ridden campaign that is being forced down our throats between donald trump and hillary clinton.
12:26 am
kennedy: let's talk about the clinton campaign and what they've done to bernie sanders. if i found out that someone was feeding questions to my opponent before a debate, i don't think i would go out and stump for them. do you think he sold out by going out and appealing to his supporters to vote for her? >> you know, in my view he's made incredible compromises to keep his peace with the democratic party. kennedy: why? what does he get out of that? he's been a politician for long enough. he can be a principled human being without giving into the establishment that he railed against. >> so two things, number one i think he's been in washington, d.c. too long and kind of sees things through the bipartisan lens, but is bipartisan tyranny to the most of the country. second there may be generational things going on here, and third, he's a team player, a man of his word, that's what he said he would do from the beginning. i respect his decision but as he himself said, this was a
12:27 am
movement and not a man and his movement at least those whose eyes are open are not going quietly into the dark night. what he showed us is you cannot have a revolutionary campaign inside of a counterrevolutionary party. that's why the greens are here. so many from the bernie campaign have come into our party. kennedy: i saw how excited they were to embrace you at the dnc in philadelphia. dr. jill stein, thank you so much for spending time with us. >> great to be with you. kennedy: see how everything pans out. >> it's not over. just begun. >> the five craziest days are upon us. >> don't throw your vote away, invest your vote in a real movement for a transformative future. kennedy: amen! coming up, it appears somebody is trying to peel away support from hillary clinton by tricking them into not voting
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kennedy: fake ads are circulating on twitter in what appears to be an attempt to fake hillary clinton's supporters to staying home on election day. it says stay home. you cannot vote by text. but not everybody knows that. who's buying the skull dugry? he joins me now. i think not only is this funny, i think this is forecasting 2020. i think people will be able to vote. >> and you should be able to order drinks. i should be able to text. can i make a point? this is like the end of animal house where they steered the parade into a blind alley. but i have been telling
12:32 am
people -- what are the greatest climaxes of any film. i have been telling people i'll vote for them for $2.95. and i'll show in 2020. >> you know ways so funny. peeling apples is such a chore. >> my apple peeler is so sharp you can slice a potato with it. kennedy: this voting shenanigans marketing campaign is geared towards millennials and they don't even vote. >> it's just supposed to get people off the track so they don't vote for hillary. it's wrong and immoral but i admire it. kennedy: the man at the center
12:33 am
of hillary's latest email headache is anthony weiner. he's in treatment for sex addiction. the feds found 650,000 emails from hillary clinton's server which were uncovered on anthony weiner's laptop during an investigation of his alleged sexting with a 15-year-old girl. >> he's going into rehab and he can't bring any electrical devices on him or in him. he's going to have to make do with wornout copies of teen vogue. he should portray himself as a victim. he should say i'm a victim of male rejection system or mrs. being ignored has drove him to
12:34 am
hit on high school girls because in high school he was ignored by girls. it will be a disorder in two years. kennedy: i'm waiting for dsm6. >> i like dsm5. >> it's better than a dan brown novel. >> actually it's good reading. kennedy: thank you, greg. >> you look lovely in white. >> and you in gray. thanks, gregg. i miss you already. >> i miss you, too.
12:35 am
kennedy: coming up, a lot of big-name republicans have been keeping their distance from donald.
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kennedy: welcome back. look whose comes crawling back after months much distancing themselves from donald trump. former trump arch nemesis ted cruz. ted vote your conscience stumped with the gop v.p. nominee. lyin' ted finally endorsed trump last month. and senate majority leader mitchell mcconnell said we need a new president, donald trump to be the most powerful republican in america.
12:39 am
do they really support donald trump or is this just politics as they angle to remain in his good graces should he win the white house? what was it? ted cruz his first time expecting on the trail for donald trump. a 15-minute speech and he doesn't even say his name. he talked about pence a lot, miss running mate. it doesn't hurt to see a guy like ted cruz come out and say this is the best choice. it doesn't hurt. kennedy: i think a lot of this is anti-hillary. people feel okay saying we just can't have sherwin. so is there no other choice for them? >> you see the tightening in the race. it's 1.7 point spread in the
12:40 am
real clear politics. you can't afford to be on the sidelines if it looks that real. if the games really on. also if it's that close, you want to get the voters out. maybe you can get the white house. look, hillary clinton has had so many surrogates out there from president obama to bernie sanders. there haven't been as until this final week. but this is the most. kennedy: we saw it between the two conventions. it's big name people in two parties. but here they are, crawling out of the swamps. and nothing excites young conservative voters like that. talk about waiting until the last minute. get on board here. are you not going to vote for your party's candidate? are you william weld? if you look at the current
12:41 am
trends in the way trump is bouncing back. if they can get is election moved to december, trump landslides. >> if it was this close and they didn't step out, they would take a lot of heat. last night the nation was paying attention to something they can finally feel good about amid the mess of this election, the chicago cubs won their first world series in 108 years. so sorry, cleveland, it was a valiant effort. the longest championship drought in american sports history. dramatic home runs. a rain delay, an extra inning. and of course cubs super fans, don't worry, you can spray people with bottles of champagne.
12:42 am
sandra: i can't believe this is actually happening. my far it, my brother, my nephews, they are going to be out at the parade which is happening tomorrow on friday starting at wrigley field going all the way into grant park. this is an amazing moment. i promised myself i would never wear a hat on the air. kennedy: i am glad you broke your promise. how later with your drunk friends texting you. >> the game lasted to almost 1r it was mostly family members. but it was an amazing moment. >> congratulations to all my friends in cleveland. i'm sorry. my wife and dad are from cleveland. kennedy: they got 7 runs, though. last word, joe. >> it feels different on the
12:43 am
streets of chicago where they have been gunning each other down with a sense of camaraderie for a change. if the cavs and calf and browns had won. kennedy: oh, good job. thank you so much for being here. glenn, joe and sandra. coming up. hillary clinton raking in the political cash for billionaires out pacing trump. can all that cash buy her the election. brian br a
12:44 am
12:45 am
12:46 am
kennedy: can hillary buy the 01 election?
12:47 am
is that happening? considering how close the race is, you better hope so. the avalanche of cash her campaign is spending may not be enough. she reportedly raised more than a billion dollars. trump is said to have raked in half that. they are still neck and turkey neck. so why isn't all the money spent on ads and stumping and her enormous staff working? isn't professor of economics at the king's college, brian been brerg. that's a massive treasure trove. a billion dollars. will she succeed? >> you don't know until election day if she'll succeed. but it's interesting a billion dollars can't buy an election, especially when you have got twice as much money as her opponent. it's interesting that this is a candidate who repeatedly says she is against the big money
12:48 am
interests. she is raising big money from the wealthiest people in the country. kennedy: you touched on something that's important. she says one her litmus test for a supreme court justice is turning over citizens united. couldn't you make the argument that she has benefited more from the citizens united supreme court decision than anyone else. >> this is what we should be talking about. there is no politician out there who is a bigger money politician than hillary clinton. she is raising money in the technology industries. th alternative finance industries. somebody who wants to talk about money and politics raising that much and earning that much money after leaving office, even while giving these speeches at a quarter million a pop. it's really lied kruls she would be making that argument.
12:49 am
kennedy: her net worth without her husband's alone is quarter million. >> talk about giving speeches to businesses. they are not inviting you there because they want to hear what you have to say. kennedy: she is the most screechy annoying speaker to ever hit the stump. i would pay her not to speak. >> this is the influence in politics. we can talk about the clinton foundation. it's important to be looking at that. but even beyond that. kennedy: if the clinton foundation didn't exist, it's so hypocritical. >> it many all over washington. the more you centralize power in washington, the more you will get this stuff. you can knock down the clinton foundation. money in washington matters and
12:50 am
you get politicians like hillary clinton. kennedy: it does not bode well for third-party candidates. how will they ever compete? >> going back to the original question. she raised a billion dollars and she is barely staying ahead donald trump. what i like is technology is change the game. trump has half as much money but he learned to use twitter and social media and rallies. you will actually have people getting their voice out there. i'm hopeful for third party candidates. kennedy: we don't know how it will end but we know there will be a massive dissection this entire campaign. someone had it right. >> we have to learn from that, because it can change the game in positive ways if we can understand what was going on. kennedy: professor brenberg.
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news channel all weekend long and i will be spiking up the prime time election coverage monday and tuesday on fbn. the following is a paid advertisement for time life. who are you? what are all these people doing in my living room? (laughter) (announcer) he was america's clown prince. i'll never drink any more. i'll never drink any less but i'll never drink any more. (laughter) (announcer) his heart was pure gold. if i knew you better, i'd just give you a real big kiss. -i'm george. -i'm alice. (laughter) (upbeat swinging music) ♪ (laughter) ♪ talk to each other. (raucous laughter)


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