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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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bringing in the zombies celebrating in mexico city where the prospect of president trump isn't something they are looking forward to but they are celebrating to what history in the making on fbn. we are the only financial channel doing that. that is how we rome. trish: we will be here all weekend long. hillary clinton, we will tell you about law enforcement telling sources at fox news fbi agents believe lots of new emails relating to hillary clinton were found on anthony weiner's computer. welcome to "the intelligence report". some of these emails were classified. liz: we are hearing the same thing. what the clinton campaign is
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saying is these duplicative emails or back up emails, we are hearing these are new emails, backup emails, the question is now, 33,000 emails on hillary rodham clinton's campaign erased, staffers close to her, whether they are on these laptop devices, whether any of those emails had classified information in them. trish: a lot of people say james comey shouldn't have opened this investigation because he doesn't know what is on anthony weiner's computer to which i challenged because if you are james comey you are not going to just open it if you assume they are talking about what you want to have for dinner.
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sources are telling us there is something there, what people are looking for, 33,000 emails that he bleach did that the away, you can't do that because if you have gone back and forth with someone else, they still exist. liz: should james comey have come forward and made the statement? should he have come or so ago and made the statements, what is the fbi dealing with behind the scenes. when james comey made the statement in july he said, quote, we assess hostile actors meaning foreign governments gained access to the commercial email accounts with whom secretary clinton had been in
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regular contact with. they emailed people with yahoo or gmail accounts which were hacked. the fbi, they are very concerned -- trish: john podesta said to her, basically knock it off with intelligence information but going back and forth. liz: she was no longer secretary of state, the chief of staff, warned john podesta in 2008 got to do a better job assessing this information. this is an ongoing concern. have former fbi anti-public of justice official talked about business? yes, it is a deep concern, the nation's secrets could have been hacked, that is their number one
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worry. trish: a sign the clinton campaign is getting nervous, these polls are narrowing significantly. she is getting nervous. more surrogates campaigning in states considered safe bets for democrats. african-american voters, who need to turn out in high numbers of clinton has any shot at winning which perhaps is why she is going after trump, very hard in this race. it is what she keeps doing over and over again. >> she spent the entire campaign offering a dog whistle, he tweets white supremacists and spreads racially tinged conspiracy theories. trish: if you caught clinton moments ago she said the same
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thing over again, it will be bad for women and everyone, we cannot allow this kind of change. will that influence people enough to get out and vote? the progressive radio host -- does this work? >> fears aays part of the campaign. i differ on who she's going to attract, that is not necessarily for african-americans or latinos the they are voting in 2012-28 numbers for suburban white women who do not want to be associated with the campaign that may or may not be associated with white supremacists, trying to convince people in the right companies in those suburban voters they shouldn't be with him because those voters are very concerned about electing somebody who may associate with david duke and the kkk.
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>> the distance himself firmly from that. i would ask do people -- don't they have something about voting for someone who could be indicted, might potentially be impeached if they are president? >> i would be very concerned about donald trump being impeached or indicted. he has admitted -- >> the fbi -- let me rephrase it loses in this news impacting the polls and isn't it going to connect voter turnout? >> absolutely it is impacting the polls and voter turnout. more of them have developed was whether that carries across the finish line we will learn on tuesday.
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>> do you think? let's go with chris's claim that black voters will turn out the same level of 2008-2012, so out of line, can't belve you said that. this is one of the biggest problems for the clinton campaign, turnout among african-americans, this may be the worst achilles heel particularly in states in urban centers, the trend lines, look at hillary clinton's own words, the things they can't lie about his where they are traveling to shows how desperate they are. >> president obama was saying you got to vote for her if you want to vote for me because this is my legacy and he's trying to get people excited because fundamentally she is not that
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exciting a candidate. and and they will not get out the vote because barack obama is not on this ballot. that is hillary clinton's biggest problem, this shrill grandmotherly women. >> nothing wrong with being a grandmother, nothing wrong with that. >> she is indeed. wikileaks releasing its 29th email belonging to john podesta. the site has leaked 47,000 emails shy of 50,000 before election day. the latest batch of emails show the heated exchange between colin powell and top clinton aide cheryl mills. apparently powell did not want his name associated with hillary clinton and her scandal in her
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campaign. we go to blake berman with more on this. >> an early warning from:powell, to a top hillary clinton aide. in 2015, cheryl mills received a email from an address from cp, cheryl, good talking to you, see link. you don't want to get me into this. that link was attached with a breitbart article showing a personal computer for government business, wasn't comparable because powell did not use a private server. earlier this summer powell griped about how the clinton team tried to pin her problem on
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him. a concern first voiced, this email shows, a year and a half earlier but powell came out last month and announced he is supporting and voting for hillary clinton. a separate email getting to this briefly shows top campaign aide was admitting to the campaign chairman john podesta that the number of donors to clinton's campaign was at one point publicly inflated after clinton's october 2015 benghazi testimony the clinton campaign said unsolicited donations have been pouring in after clinton testified. they hit 500,000 unique donors. turns out it is not 500 k but 4208 we are not going to correct it but not leaning into it.
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saying they won't. >> i want to talk about these people said he couldn't do it, the media was writing him off as dead. obituaries were filed and here we are a few days out and he is within a point and a half of winning. the collective average among the polls. >> i'm not surprised, polls narrowly surprise they narrowed as much as they did but people come home to their partisan ways at the end of the day, stop voting for third-party candidate, top saying they are undecided. i do expect hillary clinton to win by three points, and win one red state, maybe georgia that has not gone for a democrat in a long time and lose ohio. we will see what happens. trish: do we have georgia that
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we can show people? it is not clear that she really will. what are your thoughts on the states we need to be most focused on to determine who will win this thing tuesday night florida, north carolina, ohio? >> really, you look beyond those and take a look at nevada and iowa, new hampshire very important in this race. trish: up there in new hampshire today campaigning. >> in new hampshire, his last stop on his entire campaign may be new hampshire and those electoral college votes could decide this election and donald trump if he gets nevada and iowa and new hampshire, has 270
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electoral college votes, virginia, pennsylvania or michigan. >> he too far behind in nevada to win nevada. trish: the early vote. knew about the whole fbi thing. >> a good thing for her. campaigns matter and this is donald trump's biggest problem. to pull out votes, she has the organization. she won the primary states, she won california based on that and nevada. trish: why didn't it hurt him in the primaries? >> if you look at the final polls in each of the primaries he won underperformance by 1.8%. >> take a look at where she is traveling. traveling on defense, very bad
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place the last weekend of the campaign. donald trump is going to blue states, travel schedule doesn't lie, shows you democrats and the clinton campaign desperate because of trend lines in these polls. trish: it will be close, we won't say it is over till it is over. >> going to lose it. trish: thank you. the polls are tightening not just nationally but in key battleground states. a path to victory, with the panel. and actual analysis of it for you. we are laying the whole thing out. you will find out which are the most easy possible path. if you have medicare
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trish: donald trump is closing the gap in national polling, opening new paths to victory. he has got to win florida to win the white house. take a look at that. it has been neck and neck with one pole had him ahead. early voting has surged. more than 5 million people, early voting numbers, republicans, a narrow edge. hillary's firewall of battleground states is gone thanks to trump taking the lead two points in new hampshire. connell mcshane has more on the path donald trump might have to 270 electoral votes. >> we have been hearing about this so-called firewall hillary clinton has in place, what if
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map set up, 284 electoral votes, it would put her over the 270 needed to win and other states that might be flipped back to the side of donald trump. when you talk firewall on the democrats it starts and ends in florida. if they go read trump is close to 200 and you have georgia above it. democrats think they might win in both states, now the trend supporting donald trump and have been for some time in florida. if he wins those he is up to 209 and moving. new hampshire has been in the news and in all the right reasons for donald trump, he is up in the polls. only four electoral votes but getting to 213 and he has been polling well in iowa and ohio. it gets him to 237. arizona, he needs to win, needs
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to keep that red. it leaves us with nevada. let's say it goes red. gets trump within striking distance, 254. when we watch the results tuesday night keep your eye on the east coast of the united states and watch pennsylvania's 20, north carolina's 15. of donald trump were to win pennsylvania and he has been doing better that would be enough to put him over the top. of pennsylvania is off the map, 254, he could pick up a victory in north carolina. this gets into the precipice at 269. this is a close race heading into the weekend with hillary clinton had a slight advantage in the electoral college, always has but donald trump is catching up and the firewall getting shaky. trish: it is a close race going into this weekend. we will be here all weekend long, 2:00 pm eastern on "the intelligence report". tonight i should point out we
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are releasing a fox news poll at 6:00 pm so you will get a better sense where things are and we will be watching it all weekend long live on foxbusiness. look at these pictures just coming in, trump headquarters in north carolina, vandalized today, second time a republican party office has been vandalized. remember earlier this month in hillsboro, north carolina was set on fire and they said it is trump supporters inciting violence. makes you wonder. reports today that paul ryan may step down as speaker of the house after this election. a major shakeup to the republican party and its leadership. doesn't need to happen? we have details on this story next.
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trish: big news out of washington, the hill reporting if the republicans hold on to the house on tuesday paul ryan may step down. it would be a major shakeup in republican leadership ryan is denying the reports there are these rumors, fox news contributor carl hurt. what is the thinking, why would he step down if the gop is able to hold onto that? >> it is less important about the house race just because i think it is a near certainty the republicans will hold onto the house. the more important thing for him is what happens at the top of the ticket and he is in a bad situation either way.
2:26 pm
if donald trump wins, ryan is the loser because of the way he failed to support trump and distance himself from trump it is a bad situation but if donald trump loses he will be blamed by everybody for not helping and being part of the reason he lost. >> he could step down because of this no-win position he is in? >> the part that i find unrealistic is he will be the one that makes the choice. republican membership will make the choice and he faces a real -- he could face a real uphill battle in getting votes he needs to win speakership. trish: he was seen as the next generation, rising star, donald trump has single-handedly managed to change everything,
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regardless of whether or not he wins, as we keep pointing out it will be very close. he is within a point and a half but regardless what happens, there is change coming to the republan party. >> the thing about it is paul ryan and mitt romney and all these republicans missed these crucial issues donald trump has magnified and run this improbable spectacular campaign on and with huge support from grassroots republicans, these republicans missed all of it. trish: i was going to jump in. to continue your point. an extremely important one. donald trump has managed to make the republican party seem like a party of the middle class like reagan did. in recent history, recent years it is seen as elitist, the 1%, even the bushes struggled being
2:28 pm
seen as silver spoons, donald trump is up billionaire, has more money than any of them. >> more of a golden spoon kind of guy. trish: the average american in terms of hardships they face trying to make it every day, that is the mantra that needs to be taken forward. >> i would argue the real schism everyone is talking about is not donald trump's falls. the real schism is republican party establishment for decades have not been listening to their supporters. one other thing i was going to say that will be interesting to watch, paul ryan was on the ticket and it failed to win wisconsin. if a miracle occurs and donald trump comes close to winning wisconsin or actually wins wisconsin i think paul ryan's numbers, days will be numbered.
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trish: got to be feeling the heat. cnbc's john harwood caught again with the clinton campaign. he was given a private meeting with hillary clinton and is sending her campaign advice. this is someone, a completely unbiased report, we get the details on it next the pursuit of healthier.
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>> the chief washington correspondent over at cnbc you see him there. he was caught close up to the clinton campaign again. in an e-mail to clinton campaign .
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fresh than the factory liberal and then what happens is the people that chose the debate moderators were trying to scratch around the edges. the current system having neutral journalist has failed for everybody except for fox. and that is not a system that they want. >> very nice guy but clearly has a bias would you say he would be better off as a commentator. just come out and say it right. >> they openly said they shifted the news media organization toward making one candidate win and one when and one candidate lose.
2:36 pm
including several people i used to work with. i only point this out because i think in old-school journalism they tried to pretend that you didn't have a personal stake in all of it and you were rooting weren't rooting for one side over the other. it seems actively organizations that work for mislead pre- really are telling one candidate over the other. >> is his 100th birthday today. he very famously said the war was unwinnable. and he worked behind the scenes with democrats then. it is not new that the people in the field they have caught this fella twice in his
2:37 pm
situation where he's he is reaching out to the campaign in a way that it's borderline. >> it's not just him it's across the board. i saw instances in times where the clinton people through wikileaks were sure that they were to be good before they were even published. give the communications people from team clinton saying we are positive this will be a good story. they have located their friends amongst the media and they were only talking to their friends. >> most of the media are their friends. they can get story ideas out to the mob. it's amazing to see. i sometimes wonder how it is or why it is to be debated for another time. we are out of time this go-round. thank you so much.
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the intelligence report in our entire team here we are live this week. i will be right here on this set. we have a very big weekend coming up. the polls are narrowing. it looks as though it donald trump i got nobody thought have a shot to the world we have fair and balanced coverage. the other guys do not. has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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's the one trish: we have a rather lousy job out. at least for adding but it was less than expected. over and over again. three or 400 jobs a month. four-time jobs with benefits. we are still in no man's land. were barely up right now. it's time to avoid its first nine straight day losing streak. list take a look at crude oil by the way. the oil industry day of declines. the shares of cbs's surging.
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the business brief is brought to you by next.
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is the one he was introducing president obama today returning to the campaign trail. this time on behalf of hillary clinton as a democratic nominee tries to remake the previous success in ohio. i have to ask how on earth is hillary clinton go out there to be a champion for women. she's using a guy like jay-z is her surrogate. profanity galore, discussing lyrics. and every time i lead them i get up a little upset. he's been doing this for two decades. here is a song maybe we had one that is okay enough. it's called 99 problems.
2:44 pm
i don't even want to see anymore. he is a bleeping out the b word whole lot there. i think he is a poor choice for a role model. this is how you want to recruit women and minorities i guess fundamentally i have some problems with this. i shouldn't read the stuff. we can't say it on the air. i don't understand how to use a guy like this when you're a champion for women. hillary clinton as she portrays herself as a
2:45 pm
sacrament his church lady. i think people are starting to see through that. we seen this time and time again is political pandering. it really is puzzling because michelle obama just a couple of weeks ago was talking about how she was shaken to her core by all of the language that donald trump was using talking about and referring to women it was a same person who brought her daughters to a jay-z concert. now they're having them at one of their campaign events. just a little while ago another video dropped.
2:46 pm
date use the name jesus christ in a very derogatory manner. trying to motivate her base but at the same time i think we have to remember that this is a double standard and the mainstream media will not call her out on this hypocrisy. >> to throw them out there. and she ought to know better. i guess she just doesn't care. unless they accuse you of being selected. they went back and looked at all of his music. more than 50% of his songs include the word be. he's a using women verbally wi his music. this is discussing atep. it's disgusting to me that
2:47 pm
people buy it, listen to it and it's all reinforced. and hillary therefore is part of that. by bringing him on as a campaign surrogate in that way. if he had been wrapping those words instead of saying without with that be okay because that's exactly what they're doing. thank you so much. the number one issues for voters. today's job report more people dropping out of the workforce. they have just given up finding a job.inesses. so here he is looking at another lousy jobs report. will he capitalize on it, how much is this resonated with folks with just four days to go on. it's all coming up after this. ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way.
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trish: the economy is the number one issue for most voters. what is that ketamine. doubt hundred 61,000. it's far less that people were looking for. take a look at this. it's a trend that has been quite stuck there. the unemployment rate the number that shows how may people are actually working it dropped rather this is the labor force participation rate. the unemployment rate looks quite healthy over all but one of the reasons for that is because people have just dropped -- dropped out of the workforce altogether. 62.8 percent of people. as a lowest that is a lowest level that we have seen in decades. donald trump out there
2:52 pm
reminding voters that this is why we cannot afford another four years of the failed economic policies. here he is. >> nearly one in four people in the prime working years are not working. they want to work but they are not working. after eight years obama is the first president in modern history not to have a single year of 3% growth. for millions of americans it's an economic nightmare. >> joining me for more analysis. president and founder of american tax reform. you have a choice. which policy do you like better. we had lifted all of the taxes if we can't list or discuss all of them in the few minutes we have go look up high tax hillary .com.
2:53 pm
she wants to post on americans. she has a specific tax she has endorsed. for those especially that make less than $20,000 a year. she would be devastating to what is already a lousy economy. it starts and continues with obama. i don't know if we can do that. but it's very interesting to see. at levels that we haven't seen since the late 60s early 70s. david, i know you are a less regulation the better kind of guy. we had two choices. you've not been a donald trump fan but given the policy
2:54 pm
itself if you separate his personality where do you come out. >> you can't separate the character of the resident from the election. but leaving that aside. it is absolutely true. they are to it destroy global trade and to interfere with immigration and the supply of labor in this country. i think both of them are promising to be disastrous for the economy. and if you believe that donald trump is committed to supply-side tax cut in which you say if trump wins and it looks like it's more 5050 than one would have thought a couple months ago. there will be a republican senate and house.
2:55 pm
it is almost identical for those tax plans to be put together. and the other good thing about the trump campaign that i was very pleasantly surprised by is the quality and seriousness of the transition team the people doing revelatory reform are really good. there is some very good stuff. a lot less in the way of regulations. but whenis team th's been put together is actually working it through there is some real quality there. we will see real deregulation. it is impressive. does that bring you around at all. for 15 months donald trump that the only thing he cares about is disrupting global trade in deporting immigrants. they know that those are very
2:56 pm
bad policies for the economy. so sure david, what is your proposal on the income front. we should continue to have liberal immigration rules. we should make it easier for high skilled immigrants to come in this country. they don't had as good as a shot of getting them. >> this is a conversation i would love to have but had to pay a bill. thank you so much we will be right back.
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liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance trish: four days. that's it. hillary clinton and where they stand nationally at 6:00 p.m. tonight. today to foxbusiness.
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you are to find out the very latest fox results. we are life here tomorrow and sunday we are camping out. it is a big weekend i am going to be here 2:00 p.m. as normal 2:00 p.m. eastern i will see you here tomorrow at that time. liz: at this very moment democratic nominee hillary clinton is on her way to detroit michigan. mark cuban attacked they have hundred 61,000 jobs. and that was good enough to stop an epic market losing streak. dead in its trac


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